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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2020-02-08 18:35:58

02/07/2020 ISSUE 06


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Increased access to D’Agresta billed
treatment needed school district
for teen depression over $2.4 million

By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer By Federico Martinez | Staff Writer
[email protected]

In Vero Beach, one set of parents School District Attorney Su-

wants to tell the world about their zanne D’Agresta may have priced

son if it helps prevent another sui- herself out of a job.

cide. Two weeks ago, the 17-year- The Orlando-based lawyer, who

old senior at Vero High took his has held the school district job for

own life. more than a decade, is already on

Now his mother, who has been thin ice with the School Board af-

hospitalized six times with bipolar ter submitting a rogue desegrega-

disorder, is struggling again. Help- tion report to a federal judge that

ing others look for signs of depres- aroused the ire of the judge, School

sion may help her make sense of Board members and the district’s

what has happened, she says. new superintendent.

“If my baby can save one other But it may be her billable hours

child, then I’m going to talk about that end her career in Indian

it,” said Carolyn Pierre, the mom of River County, where the School

the boy. Holding up a photo of her Board is considering options for

son smiling broadly, she said, “This A slide shown by Andres Duany of his plan for development of part of the old Vero Beach power plant site. PHOTO OF ARTIST’S RENDITION replacing her.

is what depression looks like.” MY Could this vision become Vero’s Centennial Place? A review of records shows
In Sebastian, another set of TAKE D’Agresta charged the school dis-
By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer worthy of the name Centennial Place; it was not trict more than $2.4 million in legal
parents has told virtually no one [email protected] your grandfather’s notion of an old-fashioned Vero fees and travel expenses over the
outside their family what they past seven years, at the same time
went through on New Year’s she raked in cash working for other
Day when their child attempt-

ed suicide. But a month later, The standing ovation Andres Duany received park that would be called Three Corners. districts around the state.

their 14-year-old daughter, pursu- Friday night from the 300 people gathered at Vero The world-renowned, Miami-based architect In addition, the local school

ing what she sees as a fresh start, is Beach’s First Presbyterian Church was well-de- and urban planner’s vision for the waterfront par- district had to cough up another

CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 served – a rousing “Bravo!” for the nearly two-hour cel that now contains the city’s shuttered “Big Blue” $2 million during the same period

presentation of his comprehensive plan for trans- power plant and active water-sewage treatment fa- to pay outside law firms D’Agresta

INSIDE forming 38 acres of city-owned, lagoon-front prop- cility was impressive – in fact, close to spectacular. hired to help her fight lawsuits and
perform other legal work, accord-
erty into something special. For those who didn’t attend Friday night’s meet-

NEWS 1-7 PETS 12 This was a creative, dynamic waterfront design CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ing to school district financial re-
HEALTH 8 GAMES B13 Brian Barefoot plans to run CONTINUED ON PAGE 7
ARTS Harry Howle ponders entering

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 for seat on the School Board race for County Commission
For circulation or where to pick up
your issue call: 772-226-7925

By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
[email protected] [email protected]

© 2019 Vero Beach 32963 Media LLC. All rights reserved. Former Indian River Shores Mayor Brian Brian Barefoot. Just three months since stepping down from Harry Howle.
Barefoot said he’s running for the county School the Vero Beach City Council following the suc-
Board to support Superintendent David Moore’s cessful conclusion of the Vero electric sale, Harry
reform efforts and to bring transparency and Howle is feeling the urge to run for office again
greater accountability back to the local school – this time for the District 5 County Commission


2 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE boating and a boutique hotel will need to “If I came back in a month, I’d be correct- surrounded by “workforce housing apart-
mobilize and support Duany’s vision in ing factual mistakes spread mostly on the In- ments” near the boulevard, Duany said,
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 the face of almost certain opposition from ternet, where people can say what they want adding that those rental units would sit atop
those who would love nothing better than without fear of corrections,” he added. “From offices or other commercial space.
ing, Duany’s plan for the power-plant site to “build” an empty field with a couple of what I’ve seen in Facebook posts, there’s al-
on the north side of the Alma Lee Loy/17th benches on the land and call it a park. ready a lot of misinformation being spread. “Normally, in most places, the challenge
Street Bridge includes: three restaurants; a But anyone who wasn’t at the presentation is how do you make everything fit,” Duany
waterfront boardwalk and walking paths “The final plan won’t be submitted un- doesn’t know what they’re talking about.” said. “You have to choose what to include
throughout the property, which would con- til the city officials take what we’re recom- and what to leave out, because there’s not
tain a small lake; Youth Sailing Foundation mending and decide which elements they That’s why, Duany said, he wants his team enough space for everything. That’s not a
headquarters; boat docks; wedding chapel; want to include,” Duany said. to deliver its final recommendation to the problem here; there’s plenty of room. Our
beach volleyball courts, skateboard park and city officials sooner rather than later. challenge was: How do we make it fit coher-
playground area; and small retail buildings. “They may decide to take out some things, ently? But that’s what we do.”
and they may decide to add some things. The design team’s post-charrette report
“Big Blue” would be converted into a land- is due no later than March 13, followed by Something Duany and his team wanted
mark conference center that would contain a “The plan I recommended has all the ele- a draft report – with revisions and updates, their plan to accommodate and appeal to all
great hall with meeting rooms, as well as a bar ments, based on the input my team received including further input from the city’s Three segments of the local populace, but especial-
and rooftop dining. A 140-room hotel – with from the public at the charrettes and via the Corners Steering Committee and city staff – ly to younger people in hopes that more of
lagoon views and a swimming pool – would Internet,” he added. “But the plan I present- due no later than April 17. them will be drawn to the Vero Beach com-
be built adjacent to the existing structure. ed Friday night isn’t necessarily what will be munity. In fact, he openly speaks of the plan’s
voted on. Changes can be made.” The team’s final report and presentation “bias” toward nightlife and weekend activi-
“If you haven’t toured the plant, you might to the City Council is scheduled for May 5. ties, even though young adults didn’t attend
think it’s not very attractive from the out- Changes almost certainly will be made: the charrettes in great numbers.
side,” Duany said, “but it’s magnificent in- Politics will infect the process, affordabili- “We have six weeks to file our post-char-
side and offers tremendous potential.” ty will be a factor, and who manages all the rette report with the city,” he said, “but I want “It’s not about the number of people who
plan’s components is anyone’s guess. it done in two weeks, which would move the show up,” Duany said. “If we get 40 older
“Andres was given an enormous amount process along and also keep it from dragging people and three younger people, we give
of data to digest, and he found a way to It wasn’t surprising, then, to hear Duany into the election season.” their input the same weight.
consolidate just about all of it,” Vero Beach say the “mortality rate” for such projects de-
Mayor Tony Young said. “Looking at the total signed by his company is nearly 70 percent, The power plant site hosted only part of “It’s not a vote. It’s an inquiry. So as long
package, I don’t think anybody could be un- primarily because not everyone agrees on Duany’s vision. as we get a representative sample – and we
happy with what he came up with.” the best use of the property and opponents did – we evaluate them all on their merits.”
always surface to attack perceived flaws. On the water-sewage treatment facility
Despite the mayor’s enthusiasm, it is a site south of the bridge – the city hopes to According to Young, the city’s Steering
key point to know that what we see on pa- “The highest point of acceptance is the move the smelly operation off the lagoon Committee received 7,000-plus responses
per now isn’t necessarily what we’ll get. The night it’s presented, because everyone there within five years – Duany’s plan includes a to its website and
designs and drawings Duany presented were knows what’s in the plan and why,” Duany “glamping” (glamorous camping) area, a more than 1,000 people took city-provided
not etched in stone and some modifications said. “But our society has become so adver- small canal for launching kayaks and repur- tours of the Big Blue plant and property.
will be made. sarial – social media sites like Facebook have posing the two existing cement tanks into
become so toxic – there’s a tendency for the buildings used for arts and entertainment He credits Duany for sifting through the
Those who like the idea of dining and negative to emerge and kill these kinds of activities. input and producing a plan that, if imple-
plans. mented, will give Vero Beach the active, at-
There would also be plenty of green space,

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS February 7, 2020 3

tractive riverfront gathering place the com- BRIAN BAREFOOT tremes. “We have pockets of extreme pov- setts, including seven years as President,”
munity so sorely lacks. erty and we have a lot of wealth. School Howle said. “Mr. Barefoot certainly has a
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 choice is all about taking kids who have proven resume that makes him extreme-
Every town and city along the coast from the least opportunities and giving them the ly qualified for a position on Indian River
Stuart to Cocoa has a beautiful riverfront system. “The kids are getting shortchanged, best shot you can,” Barefoot said. County School Board.”
shopping, dining and entertainment district and the taxpayers are not getting a good
that gives locals wonderful recreational op- return on their investment,” Barefoot said Local residents might know Barefoot Before taking the helm at Babson, Bare-
tions and attracts visitors who spend money over the weekend. from his role in the fight to sell Vero elec- foot served as executive vice president
and sometimes buy real estate and become tric, or in his capacity as vice chairman of and director of investment banking for
part of the community. Barefoot said he’s met with Moore and the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospi- PaineWebber Inc. and as CEO of the sub-
said he’s convinced the new top man at the tal Foundation. But unless they happened sidiary PaineWebber International. In the
But in Vero Beach you can drive the length school district is “clearly the best candidate to have children enrolled at St. Edward’s 25 years prior to that, Barefoot worked his
of Indian River Boulevard without ever if you want someone who is going to shake School during his seven years on the board way up the ranks of Merrill Lynch & Co., re-
catching a glimpse of the river. things up.” But Moore needs School Board of trustees, they might not know of Bare- tiring as senior vice president and manag-
members with the knowledge, the skills and foot’s breadth of experience in education or ing director.
“The City Council wanted to be able to the fortitude to back him up, Barefoot said. that he was a key figure in the Pirate Fund
walk away from a planning endeavor and be that helped rejuvenate the finances of the Over the past 50 years Barefoot has vol-
able to say we listened to the public,” Young If Moore’s ambitious reform agenda county’s most prestigious private school. unteered on boards of numerous public
said. “In that regard, we exceeded expecta- meets with an obstructionist School Board and private schools, educational com-
tion. We’ve had a stream of people provid- that is ill-equipped to steer the district Barefoot’s credentials in academia ac- missions, education-focused nonprofit
ing input, and with all the competing ideas, through a needed process of change, that tually go back decades, to 1996 when he organizations, as well as on the corporate
this thing could have gone off the rails in a attitude will trickle down to administra- became a trustee of Babson College. In board for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massa-
lot of different ways. But it didn’t. Andres un- tors and teachers. Moore’s plans could get 2001 became president of the Boston-area chusetts. “I applaud the five women on the
derstood the dynamics of Vero Beach, with bogged down in bureaucracy. “That would school with a combined budget of nearly School Board,” Barefoot said, adding that
all the rival interests, and he has presented be a huge missed opportunity,” Barefoot $250 million plus a $300 million endow- the current members work hard and are
a conceptual plan that is, by and large, har- said. ment fund. probably very well intentioned, “But from
monious.” what I can see, not one of them has any fi-
“School districts have a lot of different Former Vero mayor Harry Howle, who nancial or management experience or real
Duany said he doesn’t know how much constituents – you have the students and worked with Barefoot on the Vero electric leadership experience.”
of the plan he presented Friday night will be the parents, and the taxpayers are also con- issue and saw his leadership and skills, and
embraced by City Council members as the stituents,” Barefoot said. “You need total how widely respected Barefoot is locally With regard to incumbent District 5
process continues and influential members transparency. Your constituents need to and in Tallahassee, said: “Brian Barefoot School Board member Tiffany Justice, who
of the community voice their preferences. have complete confidence in what you’re has proven himself to be an asset to our Barefoot would be running against if she
doing.” community.” seeks re-election, he said he had a sit-down
But he remains cautiously optimistic. meeting with her but has no idea if she
“It’s a very rich, up-to-date plan and, if Barefoot said he’s a big advocate for “He is a successful past mayor of Indian plans to seek another term.
it’s adopted, I certainly would look forward school choice and for charter schools and River Shores as well as a successful finan-
to visiting as it becomes a reality, because hopes to help make Moore’s goals in the cial advisor and entrepreneur. Mr Barefoot As of press time, Justice had not filed pa-
that property has so much potential,” Duany area of school choice come to fruition has years of experience on the board of perwork to run in 2020, according to the
said. “But will that happen? I don’t really have because Indian River County is full of ex- trustees at Babson College in Massachu-
a pulse yet.”  CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

4 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

BRIAN BAREFOOT he began recruiting Barefoot to run for the schools, but I have heard people concerned TEEN DEPRESSION
District 5 seat after serving on the school about how the money is spent,” Auwaerter
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 district’s audit committee and seeing the said. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
dire need for strong leaders with business
Supervisor of Elections online elections expertise on that board. “They might not have children or grand- ready to share her experience to try to help
database. Anticipating that he’ll have an children in school in Indian River County, others, passing on the encouragement she
opponent and be involved in debates and “Brian brings a fresh perspective to but at some point in their lives, our resi- got in a mental health hospital and the hope
candidate forums, Barefoot has been meet- what’s occurring at the school district, and dents have sent their kids to private schools she is finding in continued therapy.
ing with numerous people involved in the he brings his experience at Babson [Col- or to good public schools and they see the
school district and gaining knowledge and lege] and other nonprofits,” Auwaerter importance of it.” “I never talked to anyone about how I felt
perspective. said. “He is very intelligent and he ran the because I didn’t think anyone would under-
meetings very well as mayor of Indian River Auwaerter said island taxpayers under- stand or be able to help me,” the eighth-grad-
“I’m no expert, but I’m a fast learner,” Shores. He brings the combination of ed- stand that having a high-quality school sys- er said.
he said. “I am not spending my time going ucational experience, financial experience tem is integral to a robust local economy
over the past to point out anyone’s mis- and business experience to the table that and to a better quality of life and that they After keeping things “bottled up inside”
takes. The past is the past. My focus is on you just don’t have there now.” are willing to pay for quality and results. and nearly giving up, she wants to encourage
moving forward. “ “Brian Barefoot running for School Board anyone else whose problems seem hopeless
“I’ve never heard anyone in the Shores will get Indian River Shores residents en- to speak out and get help as she has.
Shores Vice Mayor Bob Auwaerter said complain about the taxes they pay for the gaged in School Board issues,” he said. 
“Being in the stability facility with other
kids that were going through the same thing
made me realize I’m not the only one. We
all shared our stories with one another and
were each other’s rocks.”

The rate of youth hospitalizations for
mental health issues is remarkably high in
Indian River County – though, thankfully, the
suicide rate is low.

For children under 18, the hospitalization
rate is twice that of the state as a whole and
the third highest among Florida counties af-
ter Volusia and Flagler.

In 2018, Indian River’s rate of child men-
tal health hospitalizations neared its highest
level in 20 years, topped only by a spike from
2012 to 2014.

At Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital’s
Behavioral Health Center, pediatric inpatient
admissions for mental health issues were up
27 percent in 2019 compared to 2017.

Attempting to deal with the problem of
fearful, depressed or otherwise distraught
children, the Indian River School District
has added several social workers, as well as a
mental health services coordinator. Recently
hired superintendent Dr. David Moore and
Dr. Sharon Packard, head of school mental
health services, have voiced a goal of having
a psychologist on staff at every school in the

The school district has also allowed in
an outside agency to conduct a depression
awareness and violence prevention pro-
gram that is currently being expanded in the
schools. In just four days of therapists pre-
senting the curriculum to 13- and 14-year-
olds at Vero High’s Freshman Learning
Center, 37 students sought additional coun-
seling, stipulating that they wanted it within
a day or a week.

The hope is increased availability of men-
tal health treatment, at low or no cost, will
get at-risk kids who previously felt they had
nowhere to turn to come forward and seek

The Mental Health Association therapists
conducting the anti-suicide and anti-vio-
lence program in schools say besides helping
students, an intergenerational benefit be-
came apparent last year when the program
was first presented: Children were encourag-
ing their parents to get treatment.

The nonprofit agency is ramping up its
search for philanthropic dollars to cover
the cost of expanding the program to more
children. Dr. Nick Coppola, a family practice

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS February 7, 2020 5

doctor who is head of the MHA, feels the Vero gets reprieve on loss of airport grant funding
surge of students stepping up for care is a
sign that kids trust his therapists after seeing By Nicole Rodriguez | Staff Writer until 2023, as long as there is no change at 50/50, McDermott added. FDOT sup-
them in schools last year. to airport projects already adopted in its plemented aviation projects are adopted
City and airport officials breathed a work program. The policy decision keeps in three-year cycles, while other projects,
Whether that need is presenting itself sigh of relief last week when the Florida $11.7 million in FDOT funding for future such as road work, are adopted in five-
because of awareness efforts, or because of Department of Transportation told Vero it projects already included in the city’s cap- year plans, McDermott said.
stress caused by school shootings, tragedies would delay cuts to grant funding for the ital improvement plan at the 80/20 level.
in the news and incidents like last month’s Vero Beach airport for three years, instead News of airport reclassification and
death of a student as well another in 2019, of reducing its support this year as previ- Other airport projects planned by the reduced grant funding triggered a crisis
the surge serves as a clarion call for increased ously expected. city but not already included in FDOT’s atmosphere in city hall last month as the
access to treatment for adolescent depres- work program can be delayed while Vero Airport Commission voted to kick Elite
sion. “My prayer has always been that nei- The agency late last year notified the tries to get the legislature to change the out of the airport to save the grant fund-
ther of my boys would ever have any mental city that Vero Beach Regional Airport will law that mandates the cut in grant fund- ing and Elite CEO John Pearsall said he
issues. Depression is a painful, lonely, miser- be reclassified from a general aviation air- ing, City Manager Monte Falls said Mon- was stunned by the prospect of losing the
able disease,” said Carolyn Pierre, mother of port to a commercial airport effective this day. company’s Vero routes.
the boy who died in January. July. The change was triggered when Elite
Airways, the airport’s only commercial “Staff will continue to work with local In the face of public outcry in favor of
As for the eighth-grade girl who nearly airline, boarded more than 10,000 pas- legislators to permanently change the keeping Elite airborne here, the City Coun-
gave up, she wants to encourage anyone else sengers for the first time in 2018, reduc- law to allow small commercial service cil countermanded the Airport Commis-
whose problems seem hopeless to speak out ing the airport’s eligibility for state grant airports like ours to provide scheduled sion and voted to renew the airline’s lease
and get help as she has. funding. airline service without the potential grant at the airport while city staff scrambled to
penalty,” Falls said in an email. come up with ways to make up for the $1
The girl said in a text to Vero News that she When an airport is designated as gen- million annual loss in revenue.
and others in the facility “prayed for one an- eral aviation, the state usually covers 80 FDOT was able to grant the Vero Beach
other and gave advice to each other.” percent of the cost for large projects, while a three-year extension for a very specific Now, the city has more time to consid-
the city is responsible for 20 percent. Un- reason, state officials said. er solutions, which include reprioritizing
“I was so glad to see them go home and der the new commercial designation, the airport projects, lobbying to change legis-
say how they were going to get help and fo- cost split would be 50/50. “The adopted work program right now lation that sets the reclassification thresh-
cus on themselves.” includes projects for the next three years old, hiking property taxes in the city and
Vero Beach officials said last month the at a commitment of 80/20 funding, so the seeking help from the county.
As her treatment moves from in-patient reclassification could cost the city up to department agreed to honor that com-
to out-patient therapy – she is starting with $1 million annually for airport projects in mitment,” said Laurie McDermott, FDOT The popular Maine-based airline has
a therapist at Treasure Coast Community the city’s five-year plan. District 4’s aviation coordinator. offered flights from Vero to Newark N.J.,
Health – the 14-year-old says her bond with Portland and other destinations since
her mother “has grown tremendously.” Now, though, FDOT has decided the re- Any new projects proposed by Vero 2015. 
duction in grant funding can be delayed Beach Regional Airport would be funded
“People understand and want to help,”
she says. “Now that I’m out, I feel closer with
my parents and my brothers. I feel like I can
truly be myself around them. I don’t feel
alone anymore.” 

6 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

County tourism director files HARRY HOWLE ran for council with the goal of getting the
complaint of being drugged Vero electric deal over the finish line, Howle
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 and Moss – already a declared candidate to
By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer did not take,” Guttridge said. replace Solari – diverged on a host of other
[email protected] When asked why McNeal delayed filing seat being vacated by Bob Solari. important issues while they served togeth-
His motivation: Solari, Howle said, is er. Howle believes he can beat Moss in a
The county’s tourism director, accused the drink-spiking complaint for more than a countywide race, provided his conservative
of battery on a police officer, has filed a month, Guttridge said, “There are a lot of rea- leaving enormous shoes to fill and right base gets behind him.
complaint with the Vero Beach Police De- sons why you wait. You’re making an accusa- now, he doesn’t like the way the Republican
partment saying she was drugged in a local tion, and you really don’t know exactly what primary race is shaping up. “Over the next few days I will continue
bar while out with friends prior to a 3 a.m. happened.” to weigh support for a Harry Howle County
Dec. 22 incident at IHOP on U.S. 1 that “I’ve been in discussions with trusted ad- Commission race,” he said.
landed her in jail. Guttridge said he would not release visors and supporters for a few weeks. Look-
his copy of the police report, or the drug ing at the current field, I’m not convinced The race has already attracted two oth-
Vero Police Capt. Matt Monaco had told test results, even though revealing those anyone gets close enough to Commissioner er candidates besides Moss: Indian River
Vero News on Jan. 27 that 40-year-old Alli- details might lend more credence to Mc- Solari’s level of dedication to limited gov- Shores Vice Mayor Bob Auwaerter and lo-
son McNeal had not filed a complaint with Neal’s defense. “The complaint is being ernment for my liking,” Howle said. cal real estate appraiser Stephen Boyle. As
his agency, but three days later revised that investigated. We wouldn’t want to do any- of the last reporting cycle, Auwaerter leads
statement. “I just found out that McNeal did thing to compromise that investigation,” By the end of the week, Howle said he will in fundraising with more than $30,000.
file a report with us on the 23rd. The report Guttridge said. decide whether to file papers to run. Boyle has more than $12,000 in his war
was delayed showing up in our system,” Mo- chest and Moss has raised $4,100 so far.
naco said in an email on Jan. 30. McNeal for the past nine years served Howle ran for Vero Beach City Council in Howle would need to play catch up the
as tourism director for the Indian River 2015 to beat back what he saw as the city next few months in terms of fundraising.
Details of the complaint, such as which County Chamber of Commerce, where she running amok under Dick Winger and his Plus, he would need to overcome the fact
drug was used and the name of the bar, are was reportedly suspended after her arrest cohorts in the “Keep Vero Vero” crowd. Now that Solari has already thrown his support
not yet available. “We are unable to release and release from jail on bond. Howle thinks he sees that same element, behind Auwaerter and donated $500 to Au-
the report at this time since it is an active with the same group of supporters, creeping waerter’s campaign.
investigation,” Monaco said. Police were called to the IHOP by a restau- into the race for Solari’s seat.
rant employee in response to a disturbance Howle moved to Vero Beach in 1989, at-
McNeal’s defense attorney Bobby Gut- and McNeal was removed from the building “I believe in . . . [Solari’s] mission, and I tending St. Edward’s School and graduating
tridge says his client was the victim of and warned not to go back. After struggling want his legacy to endure future commis- from Vero Beach High School. After earn-
a serious crime while out with friends, with police in the IHOP parking lot, McNeal sions. For that reason, I am strongly consid- ing his bachelor’s degree in political sci-
which led to her run-in with the police was charged with battery on Vero Beach Po- ering a run,” Howle said. ence from Florida State University in 2000,
and arrest. “We do have test results show- lice Officer Kassandra Ayala, plus resisting Howle embarked upon a 20-year career in
ing an illegal drug in her system that she arrest with violence and trespassing.  “Ronald Reagan said that freedom is nev- the insurance business. He is a partner at
er more than one generation away from ex- Gottzmann Insurance Group, Specialty Risk
tinction; this is why I can’t stand idly by and Management. He and wife Heather live in
watch liberalism infect the current positive the historic McAnsh Park neighborhood of
direction of our county,” Howle said. Vero Beach. 

Keeping current Vero Beach City Council
member Laura Moss out of Solari’s seat is a
special motivator for Howle. Though both

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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS February 7, 2020 7

D’AGRESTA BILLS $2.4M the board two years ago,” Zorc said. “It’s past
time to look at this.”
“It’s nothing personal,” Board Vice-Chair-
cords. D’Agresta receives a $264,000 annual woman Mara Schiff told D’Agresta during a
retainer fee, paid in monthly installments, Jan. 14 work session. “We need to make a de-
that covers 30 hours of legal work per week. cision sooner, rather than later.”
Along with that income, she’s also received
money each year for “additional work per- Board member Jacqueline Rosario said as
formed,” beyond 30 hours a week. elected officials, the board must look at ways
to cut costs without harming the quality of
In her most lucrative years, she took in education provided to students.
around $400,000 in retainer fees and “over-
time” pay. During the 2013-14 school year, “We have been elected to be the voice of
the district paid her a total of $406,927.65 our constituents and be good stewards,” Ro-
for legal fees and expenses. She collected sario said during the January work session.”
$393,624.26 in 2016-17.
D’Agresta, who’s contract expires in
Expenses for her travel to Vero Beach, in- March, has not made any public statement
cluded in the totals above, typically range in response to the board’s concerns and did
between $10,000 and $15,000 per year, ac- not respond to requests for comment.
cording to financial records.
The district’s largest legal bill came during
During her long tenure with the Indian the tenure of former superintendent Mark
River School District, the School Board has Rendell, when it paid $775,000 to the law
never sought competing bids from other firm of Husch Blackwell, which fought a los-
lawyers to perform the district’s legal work. ing battle to get the district out from under a
52-year-old federal desegregation order.
Recently, however, board members have
expressed concern over D’Agresta’s legal D’Agresta, who selected Husch Blackwell
missteps and hefty fees and begun consid- for the job, was paid an additional $400,000
ering options to replace her, either by taking for working with the firm on the case, raising
bids from other outside lawyers or hiring an the total cost to $1,175,000, according to dis-
in-house attorney. trict records.

School Board Chairman Laura Zorc said In addition to her work for Indian River
she has long been unhappy about how much County School District, D’Agresta has been
the district is paying D’Agresta. She’s also performing legal work for Brevard, Polk and
been concerned that the board has never Sarasota school districts during the past
sought bids from other firms since D’Agresta three years, school administrators in those
was hired in 2009. “I brought [the issue] to districts confirmed. The amount D’Agresta
has been paid by those districts was not im-
mediately available. 



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8 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Can HPV vaccine Gardasil 9 be used to cure skin cancer?

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer vaccine being used for treatment is Gar-
[email protected] dasil 9. But pump the brakes on this a bit.

Can an existing vaccine approved for an- So far, it is not settled science that Gar-

other purpose be used to cure one or more dasil 9 cures squamous cell carcinomas or

types of skin cancer, including squamous cell basal cell carcinomas.

carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas? While NIH does say “mounting evidence

Dr. Tim Ioannides of Treasure Coast Der- suggests that HPV [a virus with subtypes

matology thinks it can and he says there are that cause diseases in humans ranging

many other physicians, including Dr. Anna from common warts to cervical cancer]

J. Nichols of the Department of Dermatolo- is involved in the pathogenesis of certain

gy and Cutaneous Surgery at the University squamous cell carcinomas,” it does not en-

of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, who dorse the use of the HPV vaccine in treating

agree with him. those cancers.

If what Ioannides and Nichols postulate in The use of the FDA-approved Garda-

true, it could be huge news, since “squamous sil 9 for squamous cell tumors is

cell carcinoma is the second most common an “off-label” use, and more

form of skin cancer and its incidence is in- research – including clin-

creasing,” according to the National Insti- ical trials with good

tutes of Health. outcomes – is needed

According to Ioannides, “there is three to before Gardasil 9 be-

four times as much skin cancer now as when comes the treatment

I graduated from medical school about 20 of choice for these

years ago, and it seems this isn’t just being skin cancers.

caused by sun -- because people aren’t get- But Ioannides

ting that much more sun. believes he is on the

“I’m sort of a numbers guy,” Ioannides right track.

continues, “and it looked like an infectious One of the papers

disease curve to me, like there was an infec- he and his associ-

tion that was propagated [that is causing the ates published in

increase in skin cancer]. If it was an infec- JAMA Dermatology Dr. Tim Ioannides.

tion, what was causing that infection?” CONTINUED ON PAGE 10 PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE
Nichols and loannides,
along with eight other re- ‘There is three to four
searchers, looked into what OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE

that infection might be and times as much skin Bunions • Hammertoes
have had two papers pub- cancer now as ... 20 Corns • Ingrown • Fungal
lished in the Journal of the years ago, and it seems
American Medical Associ- Warts • Calluses • Heel
ation Dermatology so far Arthritis & Diabetic
Custom Orthotics
(more are in the pipeline) in this isn’t just being & Diabetic Shoes
which they identify the infec-
Same Day
tion, discuss treatment with caused by the sun.’ Appointments
an existing vaccine, and cite
some seemingly impressive & SURGICAL FOOT

– Dr. Tim Ioannidestreatment results. SPECIALIST PODIATRIST

According to the pub- 772-567-0111 I KALISHFOOTCARE.COM

lished papers, the skin can- VERO BEACH I 1285 36TH ST I SUITE 203

cers named above may be caused by the

human papillomavirus, or HPV, and the

Is The One-Stop Location
for All of Your Medical Services
Call for an appointment: 772-567-6340

We are proud to announce the addition of Andrea Kaupas, DO to the
Primary Care of the Treasure Coast family. Dr. Kaupas specializes in caring

for families through chronic diseases, acute illnesses and preventative
care. She also cares for patients with acute injuries.
We offer the following on-site services

CLIA Certified Lab • Bone Density Testing • ACR Certified Ultrasound
X-Ray • Hearing Center • ICAEL Certified

1265 36TH STREET, VERO BEACH, FL 32960

Erol Atamer, MD • Fredrick Baker, MD • Hal Brown, MD • Andrea Kaupas, DO • Collin Kitchell, MD • Richard Penly, MD
Joshua Shipley, MD • Gary Silverman, MD • Arthur Splendoria, MD • Guy Ulrich, MD • Andre Vendryes, MD • Samuel Watkins, MD

Debora Baxa, PA • Laura Hanke, ARNP • Meredith Kitchell, MMS, PA-C • Richard Miller, PA-C


Nancy Baker, MD • Christina Namvar, DO • Mark Sultzman, PA-C, PharmD

10 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 adds, “One of the questions we are asked CLEARLY, VAPING CAN KILL – BUT
is, how does it work? And we have to say, NO ONE IS SURE EXACTLY WHY
cites a 97-year-old woman “whose right leg really, we don’t know.”
was covered with squamous cell tumors.” By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer Dr. Andrei Yankovich.
The tumors went away after she was treated If you suffer from squamous cell carci- [email protected]
with Gardasil 9. noma or basal cell carcinoma, talk to your PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE
oncologist before seeking the “off-label” One of the most talked about – yet least
Ioannides also tried the drug on his fa- use of any medication or vaccine. understood – emergency lung problems Medicine article from October 2019 that
ther-in-law, “who was having some skin in the U.S. today seems to be directly tied reports 20 percent of high school students
cancers and we had some good effects.” Dr. Tim Ioannides is with Treasure Coast to something that didn’t even exist just 20 have tried vaping, often using products
Dermatology. He has offices at 801 Wellness years ago. with fruit- or bubble gum-flavored liquids.
“Then with appropriate consents,” he Way, Suite 103 in Sebastian as well as other
continues, “I talked to some patients who Treasure Coast locations. The phone num- Vaping. Flavored vaping liquid was recent-
were having lot of skin cancers – and I have ber in Sebastian is 772-388-1740. Dr. Andrei Yankovich, a pulmonolo- ly banned by the FDA, but black-market
hundreds of patients who’ve had more than gist at Riverside Pulmonary and Internal manufacturers continue to produce the
20 or 30 skin cancers – and said, ‘look, this Dr. Anna Nichols, lead author of the Medicine and Steward Health Care in Se- products.
might work, do you want to try it?’ JAMA Dermatology studies, is with the De- bastian, knows more about the impact of
partment of Dermatology and Cutaneous vaping than most any layperson but even Meanwhile e-cigarettes aren’t just used
“We gave them the vaccine and I no- Surgery at the University of Miami’s Miller he admits that no one can identify with as a nicotine or fruit-flavor delivery system
ticed that tumors were regressing on a lot School of Medicine. The phone number is certainty the precise cause of the current anymore.
of them. Probably about 70 percent.” 1-305-243-6704.  crisis.
What crisis? Instead, they have become a popular
That said, Ioannides pauses briefly and According to the New York Times, the delivery system for THC, the psychoactive
Centers for Disease Control and a range of component of the marijuana plant.
state health agencies reported more than
2,600 vaping-related lung injury cases in The CDC reports that 82 percent of the
August 2019 that were so severe they re- lung patients hospitalized after vaping re-
quired hospitalization. ported using THC-containing products.
Of those 2,600-plus cases in a single
month, at least 59 resulted in death. That number makes it seem as if THC
Figuring out why vaping is killing peo- is the chief culprit in the outbreak of
ple is complicated, in part because there lung infections, but Yankovich says there
are so many chemicals involved and be- is much that’s still unknown about the
cause vaping products are produced via cause of the crisis.
unregulated manufacturing processes.
Vaping involves using a device – usual- “It could be related to cannabinoids,” he
ly called an e-cigarette or vape pen – that says, but quickly adds “it could be related
electronically heats up a small amount to nicotine. It could be also related to some
of liquid, turning it into a vapor that can of the oils used as additives [in vaping
be inhaled. Most vaping liquids are sold compounds], including vitamin E acetate.”
in cartridges, pods or custom containers
with propylene glycol and glycerol, as well Vitamin E acetate, a substance com-
as assorted flavor additives that create the monly found in topical skin care products,
vapor to be inhaled. showed up in the lungs of 94 percent of
THC and other drugs are included in the EVALI patients surveyed in the CDC’s in-
vapor-producing liquid in some cases. vestigation, and Yankovich says the sub-
Yale Medicine says the mysterious lung stance is “the leading candidate, in my
illnesses the CDC is investigating have opinion, but it’s really hard to say exactly
been dubbed “EVALI,” an acronym for
“e-cigarette or vaping product use-asso-
ciated lung injury.” Most of these severe
and sometimes-fatal lung infections have
occurred in otherwise healthy individuals.
“As more details emerged, doctors and
researchers discovered that all these pa-
tients shared at least one common risk:
All reported they had recently used e-cig-
arette or vaping products,” according to
Yale Medicine.
The irony here is that vaping products
were initially promoted as a “healthier
way” for cigarette smokers to get the nico-
tine they craved.
Yankovich knows that story well. “I still
have patients,” he says with just a hint of an
accent from his native Belarus, “who come
in and say, ‘Oh, I’m trying to quit smoking.
That’s why I’m doing vapes.’ But I am try-
ing to convince them not to do that.”
What sparks an angrier reaction from
Yankovich is a New England Journal of

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH February 7, 2020 11

what the cause is now.” port buying their supplies from what the commercial sources such as recreational That could save you a trip to the ER. And
The CDC says the most recent laboratory CDC calls “informal sources” – meaning and/or medical dispensaries or vape or possibly save your life.
friends, street dealers or by going online smoke shops and stores.
data show that vitamin E acetate is “close- instead of going through licensed dispen- Dr. Andrei Yankovich is with Riverside
ly associated” with EVALI but, as of now, saries. If you vape – or ever have – and start to Pulmonary and Internal Medicine and the
it cannot say it is the actual root cause of experience any kind of breathing prob- Steward Health Group. His offices are at
these pulmonary emergencies and deaths. Indeed, only 16 percent of patients with lems, consult your primary care physi- 12920 U.S. 1, Suite A in Sebastian where the
these lung infections reported acquiring cian or a pulmonologist like Yankovich phone number is 772-388-8323. 
That’s in no small part because about their vaping products exclusively from immediately.
80 percent of vaping product users re-

12 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR

Effective treatments to get rid of varicose veins

By Fred Cicetti | Columnist

Q. My mother had varicose veins in her There are many options available to treat Before trying a variety of procedures, you “endoscopic vein surgery” may be used. In
legs and now I’m getting them. She put up them. The first step in dealing with vari- can wear compression stockings that squeeze this procedure, the surgeon inserts a tiny
with them. I don’t want to. So how do I get cose veins is to get them examined by your the legs and help the veins move blood. They video camera to help in the removal of the
rid of them? doctor and get personal advice about how are available at most pharmacies. If these veins with incisions.
to deal with your condition. don’t work, your doctor may recommend one
Varicose veins are twisted and enlarged of the following: Varicose veins can’t be prevented, but
veins that bulge in legs, but they can appear there are steps you can take to reduce the
in other places. Varicose veins are more com- • Lasers can make varicose and spider chances of getting them. Here are some
mon in legs because veins from the groin to veins vanish. pointers:
the ankles endure the most pressure of any
veins in the body. • Injections can close the veins and • Walking improves the circulation in
make them fade away. This is called your legs.
Varicose veins affect half of people over the “sclerotherapy.”
age 50. Women get varicose veins more often • Losing weight reduces pressure on veins.
than men. Spider veins, which are named for • Heat is used to destroy varicose veins. A • Low-heel shoes and flats exercise your
the spider webs they resemble, are like vari- catheter is inserted in a large varicose vein. calves.
cose veins, but they’re smaller. Hemorrhoids The tip of the catheter is heated and then • Tight clothes restrict circulation.
are anal varicose veins. withdrawn. • Lying with your legs up improves cir-
Aging is a major cause of varicose veins. • Catheters can also be used with radiofre- • Sitting, especially with crossed legs,
As we get older, our veins stretch and the quency or lasers to close veins. or standing for a long time cuts down on
valves in them weaken. These valves keep circulation.
the blood flowing toward the heart. If the • The veins can be removed with incisions. • Eating foods low in salt and high in fiber
valves malfunction, blood backs up in the This is called “vein stripping.” is beneficial. Salt leads to water retention
veins and engorges them. and swelling. Not consuming enough fiber
• Small varicose veins can be taken out leads to constipation, which can contribute
Varicose veins are blue because the with little punctures of the skin. Surgical to varicose veins. 
blood in them needs oxygen, which it gets hooks remove the veins. This is called “am-
when it returns to the heart and is pumped bulatory phlebectomy.”
through the lungs.
• In advanced cases of varicose veins,
These bulging veins can be painful, but,
for many, they are just ugly nuisances.

Custom Indian River Club
home is conveniently located

753 Hampton Woods Lane SW in Indian River Club: 2-bedroom, 3-bath, 2,006-square-foot home
offered for $374,500 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services listing agent Peggy Hewett: 772-321-4282

14 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Custom Indian River Club home is conveniently located

By Debbie Carson | Staff Writer
[email protected]

For the past decade, Canadian snow-
birds Dianne and Thom Hubert have
flocked to their custom-built Indian Riv-
er Club home in winter. They fell in love
with the community at first sight – online
– bought their lot a 4-minute walk from the
clubhouse and tasked Croom Construc-
tion with building them a two-bedroom,
three-bath, 2,006-square-foot house in the
golf club community.

“We’ve really enjoyed it here,” Dianne

said. “We never regretted our decision.”
The Huberts have mixed feelings about

moving back to Canada full time – they’re
ready to scale back on their property hold-
ings, but don’t really want to give up their
Florida home.

“I’m torn,” she said. “I want to sell, but
I don’t.”

Years earlier, they lived in Vista Royale,
spending three years there, but went back
to Canada for two decades. When it was
time, again, to find a Florida home, they
chose Indian River Club due to its website.

“We loved the design,” Thom said of the
community. It being a golf community was
a huge plus, and its proximity to the island,

shopping, dining and all the other ameni-
ties Vero Beach has to offer didn’t hurt.

“We didn’t spend a lot of time looking,”
Thom said of their buying decision 10
years ago.

Because they have only lived in the
house for about four or five months a
year, it still feels brand new, though very

The brick-paver lanai is a tropical par-
adise, lush with large botanicals and an-
chored with a water feature in the center.
The space is equally suited for intimate
dinners al fresco and large luncheons.

“It’s such a treat,” Dianne said of having
visitors come and dine in the courtyard.
There are no lanais and courtyards in Can-
ada – too cold and too much snow.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 7, 2020 15

The cabana serves as a bunkhouse/ to be converted into a child’s nursery if and allow mom and dad to get some “We call it the Flamingo Room,” Dianne
den/man cave – depending on what the needed. much-needed rest. said, noting the flamingo pillows on the
Huberts need it for in the moment. Grand- twin beds in the room.
kids coming for a visit? Bunkhouse. Quiet She made that discovery some years On the other side of the house, past the
place for reading while the house is busy ago when her grandchildren were born kitchen, is the family room, the hall bath Original plans for the house called for
with activity? Den. Thom needs a respite – they offered to take the little one and the second bedroom. a typical bedroom window in the cham-
from the group of ladies who have come to
visit Dianne? Man cave.

The house comes furnished, including
sleeper-sofas in the cabana and the family

Stepping through the “front” door to the
main house, you enter the kitchen – a wide
open white-on-white space punctuated
with lovely green-colored Corian counters.
The peninsula has an eat-at bar top that
provides a comfortable place to entertain
guests while the host prepares the finish-
ing touches to the meal.

Beyond the kitchen is the living/din-
ing room combo that opens out onto the
screened golfer’s porch. The porch pro-

vides a view of the first hole and is directly
across from the ninth.

“Even on a rainy day, it’s a gorgeous
view,” Dianne said, one that often includes
the sight of local sandhill cranes.

Immediately off the porch is the mas-
ter suite, which features his and her
bathrooms connected by a walk-through
glass-enclosed shower.

Dianne noted that hers is the bigger of
the two and includes a soaker tub she has
thoroughly enjoyed. Thom’s bathroom is a
bit smaller. Instead of a soaker tub, he has a
walk-in closet as well as a “homeowner’s cup-
board” – a closet that is secured with a lock.

Dianne’s walk-in closet, again larg-
er than Thom’s, has a transom window
for natural lighting, and is large enough

16 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

ber, but the Huberts wouldn’t have that. time they are away and it’s becoming a
Instead, they had a glass slider installed, burden.
providing immediate access to the room
from the courtyard. Thom noted that Instead, they plan to return from time to
when company comes to visit, suitcases time – perhaps renting as needed.
are quickly whisked into the room without
having to be wheeled through the house. “Vero kind of got into our hearts,” Di-
anne said. 
Beyond the guest room is the mud/
laundry room that leads to the two-car ga-
rage. Dianne noted the garage would have
been slightly bigger had they not adjusted
the size of the guest bedroom, with Croom
making it larger than on the original plans.

“If we could linger longer,” Dianne said,
wistfully. Alas, under Canadian residency
rules, they must be mindful of how much


Neighborhood: Indian River Club • Lot size: 0.17 acres
Construction: Concrete block and stucco

Year built: 1998 • Builder: Croom Construction
Size: 2,006 square feet • Bedrooms: 2 • Bathrooms: 3
Additional features: Turn-key courtyard-style home with ex-
pansive lanai; short walk to golf course, pool and clubhouse;
courtyard cabana den or home office/studio; furnished; new
roof and newer appliances including A/C; rescreened lanai and

golfers porch; spacious 2-car garage.
Listing agency: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Listing agent: Peggy Hewett, 772-321-4282
Listing price: $374,500


Looking for a safe, great and affordable 55+ community
with a Key West-like feel just minutes away from
the beautiful Sebastian Inlet? Make friends, enjoy
maintenance-free living with amenities, such as a pool
and clubhouse, and live within walking distance to
shopping centers at Beach Cove Sebastian!
Look no further, Beach Cove Sebastian has all this and
more. Voted "Best of Sebastian" for 6 years in a row, this
land-leased over 55 community is Florida's best kept
secret for retirees wanting affordable living! All homes are
"Green" eco-friendly and hurricane resistant. Best part -
it's a place where neighbors are friends!

New model home featuring an
open floor plan, 2 bedrooms,
den, 2 baths and a spacious
Florida porch. Why wait until
the snow flies to enjoy this
amazing home located in
“paradise”. Only $159,000!
TO ONLY $148,000!

This beautiful model home
features spacious living with
cathedral ceilings throughout.
Upgrades include vinyl plank
flooring. 2 bedrooms, den, 2
baths and a full front Florida

porch. Only $124,900!

TO ONLY $121,900!

(772) 581-0080 • 6200 99th Street • Sebastian, Florida 32958


Live Everyday In Paradise — You’ve Earned It!

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 7, 2020 17

Former pet shop on U.S. 1 slated to become an adult arcade

By Debbie Carson | Staff Writer PHOTO BY KAILA JONES non-conformities are “grandfathered” in. the building is left as is – aside from cos-
[email protected] That means Lin’s Arcade can remodel the metic changes, such as exterior painting –
The property, which includes a interior of the building and continue to there would be no need to bring the prop-
The former Cindi’s Pet Center at the 5,200-square-foot building with a panda use it with the county’s blessing, but the erty up to current building codes.
corner of U.S. 1 and 8th Street has been mural painted on it, is zoned General Com- exterior cannot be changed without be-
leased by a partnership that plans to re- mercial and John McCoy, chief of commu- ing brought up to code. The county property appraiser’s of-
develop it as an adult arcade. Other cor- nity development at the county, said the fice values the corner lot and building
ners of the busy intersection are occupied project is an allowable use for the site. Doc- The building encroaches on the 25-foot at $361,500. According to’s
by an animal hospital, a Speedway gas uments highlight that while the use is dif- setback from 8th Street required under listing for the property, the proposed
station and an office complex. ferent from the former pet shop, the overall current code. It also encroaches on the lease price is $10 per square foot. Moss
intensity of the site is expected to be less. rear setback for the site. did not reveal the actual lease rate se-
According to county records, the work- cured for Lin’s Arcade.
ing title for the project is “Lin’s Arcade” – The building, which county records say McCoy noted the property also has a
the applicant listed on the file is Jinquan was constructed in 1950 and renovated in continuous curb cut along U.S. 1, anoth- Some people object to arcades as a
“Edison” Lin. 1985, is no longer up to current develop- er non-conformity. Under current rules, type of gambling establishment and
ment standards. there would be a 24-foot ingress/egress there has been controversy about their
The .44-acre property, located at 721 on U.S. 1 and landscaping. But he said if legality and whether county or state laws
U.S. 1, between the highway and the Flor- “There are several non-conformi- govern them, but McCoy said it is not
ida East Coast Railway train tracks, is be- ties on the site,” McCoy said – but the for the county development department
ing leased through Billy Moss, of Lambert to judge what businesses should move
Commercial Real Estate. where or try to tip the scales in one way or
another as long as they fit within zoning
Moss initially spoke with Vero News requirements.
and confirmed the site would be convert-
ed into an arcade by an outfit well-versed “The use is allowed,” he said of the
in such projects up north. planned arcade. However, he said, in his
opinion, future development on the site
“They know what they’re doing,” Moss might be better served if the former pet
said in January. The group is involved in store property were consolidated with ad-
other businesses around the county, he jacent properties. Doing so would allow
added, but declined to specify which ones for larger development to serve the area
or their type. – giving it “better elbow room.”

On a subsequent call, Moss said the “It is an awkward site,” McCoy said. 
principals were not yet ready to discuss
the project in detail.

18 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A total of 28 transactions of single-family residences and lots were reported on the mainland real
estate market last week (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom home at 1365 Saint
Catherine’s Circle – first listed in December for $547,500 – sold for the asking price on Jan. 30.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Jim Knapp of Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Representing
the buyer was agent Kieran Hickey of Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.


VERO BEACH 1365 SAINT CATHERINES CIR 12/2/2019 $547,500 1/30/2020 $452,000
VERO BEACH 386 33RD AVE SW 12/11/2019 $450,000 1/27/2020 $395,000
VERO BEACH 325 40TH CT SW 10/21/2019 $424,900 1/30/2020 $375,000
VERO BEACH 1701 VICTORIA CIR 12/10/2018 $412,000 1/30/2020 $362,500
VERO BEACH 1225 ANSLEY AVE SW 1/6/2020 $377,000 1/27/2020 $350,000
VERO BEACH 5785 GLEN EAGLE LN 6/1/2019 $439,000 1/31/2020 $345,000
SEBASTIAN 788 GOSSAMER WING WAY 11/15/2019 $355,000 1/27/2020 $301,500
SEBASTIAN 1294 SEBASTIAN LAKES DR 10/28/2019 $319,950 1/30/2020 $296,900
SEBASTIAN 957 OSWEGO AVE 11/5/2019 $299,900 1/27/2020 $276,000
SEBASTIAN 155 PORT ROYAL CT 11/19/2019 $285,900 1/30/2020 $255,000
VERO BEACH 1246 TAN OAK PL 9/22/2019 $279,900 1/31/2020 $250,000
VERO BEACH 4783 WOOD DUCK CIR 9/25/2019 $290,000 1/31/2020 $245,000
VERO BEACH 5035 HARMONY CIR UNIT#303 11/11/2019 $259,000 1/28/2020 $230,000
SEBASTIAN 114 LARCHMONT TER 1/3/2020 $245,000 1/27/2020

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 7, 2020 19


386 33rd Ave SW, Vero Beach 325 40th Ct SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 12/11/2019 Listing Date: 10/21/2019
Original Price: $450,000 Original Price: $424,900
Sold: 1/27/2020 Sold: 1/30/2020
Selling Price: $452,000 Selling Price: $395,000
Listing Agent: Ashley Fletcher Listing Agent: Rebecca Durando

Selling Agent: Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC Selling Agent: RE/MAX Crown Realty

Iga Luther Kevin Howard

Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC Keller Williams Realty

1701 Victoria Cir, Vero Beach 1225 Ansley Ave SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 12/10/2018 Listing Date: 1/6/2020
Original Price: $412,000 Original Price: $377,000
Sold: 1/30/2020 Sold: 1/27/2020
Selling Price: $375,000 Selling Price: $362,500
Listing Agent: Diane DeFrancisci Listing Agent: Eddie Branigan

Selling Agent: Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Selling Agent: ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

Martin Carder Rosanne Moler

Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.

Vitalia at Tradition Final
Phase of New Homes


Why wait to enjoy the resort-inspired lifestyle you’ve always
wanted? The amenities at Vitalia at Tradition are ready now and
absolutely fabulous. Escape big city congestion and find your
fun in the sun for less in Port St. Lucie, FL today.

The Vitalia Advantage

Natural beauty and a vacation-themed
ambiance are just the beginning. Walk,
bike or cruise in your golf cart. It’s all in
the neighborhood. We’ll meet you at the
Tiki Hut!

• Lakefront Captiva Club with state-of-
the-art social, recreational and fitness

• Sparkling heated pool
• Extra-large putting green
• Tennis, pickleball and Bocce courts
• Event lawn + fire pits
The final phase of homes remain.
Homesites are situated close to the
clubhouse. Call 877-889-7055 now to
schedule your personal viewing.

Act fast for the best selection. | 877-889-7055

All information (including, but not limited to prices, views, availability, school assignments and ratings, incentives, floor plans, elevations, site plans,
features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists’ renderings and community development
plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change, availability or delay without notice. Any community improvements, recreational features and
amenities described are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change and under no obligation to be completed. Maps and plans
are not to scale, are not intended to show specific detailing and all dimensions are approximate. Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and
options. Community Association or other fees may be required. This communication is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any
jurisdiction and in such cases our communications may be limited by the laws of your state. Please see a Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager
or Internet Home Consultant for details and visit for additional disclaimers. For NJ prospective buyers: This advertisement is
a solicitation for the sale of homes in Vitalia at Tradition: N.J. Reg. No. 13-04-0002. For our NY prospective buyers: THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS
ARE IN AN OFFERING PLAN AVAILABLE FROM THE SPONSOR. FILE NO. H130003. For our Age Qualified Communities only: At least one resident
of household must be 55 or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55 in limited circumstances. For minimum
age requirements for permanent residents in a specific community, please see Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager for complete details. Taylor
Morrison of Florida, Inc. CBC1257462; Royal Oak Homes, LLC CBC035126; Avatar Properties, Inc., d/b/a AV Homes CBC1254089.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH February 7, 2020 B1


Coming Up Art-felt emotion at PAGE B2
Vero museum’s veterans program

By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent
[email protected]

Valentine’s Day is still a week away,
but you can start the romance ear-
ly by taking in some of the exciting
and romantic offerings of the cul-
tural community.

1 The top of the list goes to
the “Sinatra Valentine Pops
Concert” featuring acclaimed vo-
calist Michael Andrew perform-
ing with the Brevard Symphony


1 Michael Andrew, Friday, Adam Schnell.
at Community Church.

B2 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Art-felt emotion at Vero museum’s veterans program

By Kerry Firth | Correspondent Plans for the mural.
[email protected]
Veterans have been known to be as pro-
tective of their innermost feelings as they
were courageous on the battlefields, where
they often faced death for the love of their
country. That stoicism was instilled during
military training, where they were taught
how to suppress fear and emotion in the
face of adversity and danger.

But while those traits may have served
them well in military service, suppressed
emotions have also been known to stifle
happiness in civilian life. In an effort to
give veterans a way to deal with repressed
emotions, the Vero Beach Museum of Art
recently began offering a program de-
signed especially for them, providing an
outlet for artistic expression in a congenial

The Veterans Program is being offered
through a collaborative partnership be-
tween the museum and the Veterans Coun-
cil of Indian River County. It is being of-
fered free of charge thanks to a donation by
members of The Circle, a funding group of
VBMA members who contribute to the mu-
seum’s outreach programs.

“We were looking for new ways to serve

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE February 7, 2020 B3

Tom Little, Terry Treat and Joe Gomez.

Dawn Miller. The multi-faceted program incorporates ters that spell out the word PEACE. Aric Attas.
many different art forms, introducing vet- Portrayed inside the letter ‘P’ are the
our community and do our job better, when erans to creative ways of interpreting and “It was an incredible experience,” said
the professional development team asked expressing themselves through art, while words, “We the People,” the start of the retired U.S. Army Maj. Terry Treat. “The
what we were doing for veterans,” said So- also connecting them to one another. Constitution. The ‘E’ depicts a soldier hold- first few sessions were really brainstorm-
phie Wood, VBMA director of marketing. ing dog tags, standing in front of a head- ing and trying to formulate what we want-
The first of three five-week class sessions stone to pay tribute to a fallen soldier. The ed our mural to convey. Cat Faust, the art-
“We interviewed all of the veterans on was held last fall. Its focus was to design and letter ‘A’ has the portion of the Great Seal ist who worked us, sketched out several
our staff and overwhelmingly found a paint a PEACE mural, which was unveiled of the United States displaying the eagle drafts before we settled on the design we
need,” said Wood. “That’s when we contact- just before Veterans Day and now graces and the colors of the flag. The ‘C’ depicts a liked. In the end, she had it all sectioned off
ed the Veterans Council and started work- the courtyard wall south of the museum. man, woman and child saluting within a
ing on a program.” Roughly 20 veterans, from varying military background of camouflage colors. The final CONTINUED ON PAGE B4
branches and wars, participated in the cre- ‘E’ displays the Silver Star Medal, an award
ation of the mural. presented for “gallantry in action against
an enemy of the United States.” A white
Against an American Flag backdrop, dove, the symbol of peace, graces the upper
symbols of honor representing service to right-hand corner of that ‘E.’
country are depicted inside each of the let-



C Rlosing eCeption Friday, February 14, 6-8pm Members Free | Not-Yet Members $20

500 North Indian River Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
772-465-0630 •

B4 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 commemorative pamphlet entitled ‘From at the museum Tuesday evenings from 6 during the first class. “Some think that we
These Things – Poems from the Veterans p.m. to 8:30 p.m. through Feb. 4. Veterans, need to travel to an exotic place, or stage the
so all we had to do was paint by numbers. Community’ was published by the VBMA regardless of their photography experi- perfect setting for the desired photo, but in
We had so much fun and we’ve made some as a keepsake. ence, are welcome to join in on the classes reality, some of the accidental photos are
new friends. at any time, but must inform the museum the best and most creative.”
The current session, ‘Through the Eyes ahead of time.
At the unveiling and dedication ceremo- of a Veteran,’ encourages observation and Attas presented a slide show showing the
ny last fall, some of the veterans also read interpretations of surroundings through “Photography is all about being in the evolution of his own photography, explain-
heartfelt poetry they had written about the camera lens. These classes are held moment,” explained instructor Aric Attas ing how he evolved from snapshots to creat-
their upbringing and favorite memories. A

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE February 7, 2020 B5

ing his own reality with digital composites CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 6 11th Annual Motor Car Exhibition at McKee Botanical Garden this Saturday.
and layering.
Orchestra. Andrew has made a solid Distinguished Lecturer Series will present 7 Best Cars from Forty Different Manu-
As a two-time cancer survivor, Attas said national reputation for excellence in the prize-winning author Heather MacDon- facturers,” and will include a 107-year
he found solace and healing through pho- swing and Sinatra songbooks. And the ald, who wrote “The Diversity Delusion,” at range of cars from a 1913 Buick all the way
tography. BSO, led by Maestro Christopher Con- 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Tickets to the lecture are to a 2020 Lamborghini. The cars come from
fessore, always brings wonderful exu- $100, but are sold out. However, you can get all over the world. You’ll also get an up-
“I created some ethereal photos with berance to a pops concert. The concert on a waiting list. The lectures have become close look at a 1966 Corvette, a 1957 Lotus
camera movement and lighting and I was is brought to Vero Beach by the Indian so popular that they are held in the large LeMans and a 1958 Lister Jaguar. And just
able to focus on these and meditate through River Symphonic Association. It begins Stark Stage auditorium and also simulcast in to clear the automotive palate, take a stroll
painful radiation and chemotherapy,” he at 7:30 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 7, at the the Waxlax Stage auditorium. Call 772-231- through the Garden’s whimsical “Ocean
said. “I’m now involved with a program that Community Church of Vero Beach, 1901 6990 or visit Sole Africa Flip-the-Flop Sculpture Exhi-
integrates art therapy into cancer treat- 23rd St. Single tickets are $65. Call 772- bition,” which comprises sculptures made
ments. Creative expression has tremendous 778-1070 or visit 5 The Sebastian Art Studio Tour offers up from flip-flops. The Garden café will be
healing power.” a self-guided exploration of the studios open, so stay a while. Admission is $15 gen-
2 Set the stage for romance and help of 10 artists, all working in a variety of media. eral, $13 seniors and youth and $10 chil-
Over the course of the session, students others at the same time at the “Heal- You can browse through new works, meet dren 2 to 12 years. Members and children
will learn various exposure and developing ing Hearts Exchange Dinner and Dance” the artists and perhaps pick up a treasure under 2 are free. McKee Botanical Garden is
techniques and hopefully discover their Saturday evening. Presented by the Ex- or two. The event runs 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this at 350 U.S. 1, Vero Beach. Call 772-794-0601
own creative vision and energy. change Club of the Treasure Coast, the din- Saturday, Feb. 8, in various galleries. You can or visit
ner features a bounteous buffet of seafood, begin at the studio of Sheila Lougheed and
The third session, ‘Exhibition Explora- carved prime rib and carved pork loin. Suze Lavender, 166 Dickens Ave., Sebastian. 8 Continue that interest in nature by at-
tions and Studio Interpretations,’ will be There’s also a cash bar. Tickets are $125, From there, you can head west or north. For tending the next in the Emerson Cen-
held Thursday evenings from March 19 to with funds helping local child abuse pre- a detailed map, visit http://sebastianartstu- ter’s Florida Humanity Series when Vicky
April 16. In addition to discussions on inter- vention programs. It begins 6:30 p.m. Feb. Machado speaks on “Sacred Waters: Explor-
preting the works of artists in the current 8 at the Indian River Club, 800 Carolina ing the Protection of Florida’s Fluid Land-
VBMA exhibitions, veterans will make their Circle, SW Vero Beach. Call 772-584-1087 6 Tickle those yearnings for “The Good scapes.” The talk will focus on environmen-
own creations in a studio setting. A variety or visit Old Days” at the McKee Botanical tal issues related to Florida’s springs and the
of mixed mediums including watercolor, Garden’s 11th Annual Motor Car Exhibi- Everglades. It begins 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11,
clay, acrylics and collage will be supplied 3 Plan ahead for two concerts next Thurs- tion 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, Feb. 8. at the Emerson Center, 1590 27th Avenue,
for their individual projects. day, Feb. 13. The Vero Beach Museum The show is designed to bring in rare and Vero Beach. Free admission. Call 772-778-
of Art presents quartet jazz with percussionist outstanding cars. This year’s theme is “The 5249 or visit 
“This program is therapeutic,” explained Fred Goodnight and pianist Mike Telesman-
Dawn Miller, VBMS Art for Health’s Sake ick, outdoors from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Bring your
Program Manager. “It’s not about teach- own chair, and some money because there
ing them how to mix paints or create a pot. will be cash bars and food concessions. Rain
It’s all about the process. It doesn’t matter or moonlight. The museum is at 3001 River-
if they do a masterpiece or draw a stick fig- side Park Dr., Vero Beach. Call 772-231-0707
ure. It’s about tapping into their emotion or visit The Indian River
and sharing their experiences with other Symphonic association presents the Russian
veterans.” State Symphony Orchestra with pianist Po-
lina Osetinskaya, 7:30 p.m. at Community
Miller said that it quickly became appar- Church of VB. Call 772-778-1070.
ent during the first session that there was a
unique connection among veterans. 4 Here’s a nice dichotomy to dust off the
gray matter: Exploring multicultur-
“Through the process of creating art, our alism one day and questioning it the next.
participants shared feelings and experienc- The Kane Center will present “Multicultural-
es with other veterans that they wouldn’t ism in Music” 2 p.m. this Sunday, Feb. 9, at
share with civilians. This a safe place to talk 900 SE Salerno Road, Stuart; tickets are $10,
and the creative process opens up commu- call 772-223-7800 or visit
nication.” On Monday, Feb. 10, the Riverside Theatre

An exhibition of the photography and
the studio art creations will be held at some
point in the spring.

For more information contact Dawn Mill-
er at 772-321-0707 ext. 155. 


LINCOLN CHILD 1. All the Ways We Said 1. Bubble in the Sun 1. Pout-Pout Fish: Special

A Pendergast Novel LAUREN WILLIG & KAREN WHITE 2. A Very Stable Genius & DAN HANNA

Grand Central Publishing 2. Finding Mrs. Ford BY PHILIP RUCKER & 2. The Lost Continent (Wings of
Fri., February 7th at 6 pm BY DEBORAH GOODRICH ROYCE
3. Cat Tale BY CRAIG PITTMAN 3. Love from the Cryaons
3. House on Fire 4. Florida Birds Exposed
4. Wrecking Ball (Diary of a
4. American Dirt 5. Every Day Spirit Wimpy Kid #14) BY JEFF KINNEY

(Dog Man #8) BY DAV PILKEY
JILL SANTOPOLO 5. Little Lovely Things

392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

Penguin Random House

Fri., February 7th at 3 pm

B6 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Oohs and aahs for sweet new Toffey Rowing Center

Mayor Tony Young with Sheila and George Marshall. PHOTOS: KAILA JONES

Chris Ryan and Shotsi Lajoie. Lindy and John Kastendiek. Jay and Linda Knoll with Gus Hancock. Supporters of Vero Beach Rowing
Jim and Sally Toffey. were given a first peek at the non-
profit’s brand-new Toffey Rowing
Center at a Donor Appreciation
Reception last Tuesday afternoon.
The graceful 14,736-square-foot,
two-story building has ground-
floor boat and equipment storage
space, while the second floor con-
tains a large central room opening
to the John and Lindy Kastendiek
veranda, offices, restrooms with
lockers and showers, and a kitch-
en. “It’s been 10 years since we
did our first presentation to the
City Council. And here we are in
this beautiful location.” said Chris
Ryan, campaign co-chair with
Shotsi Lajoie, adding that they are
just shy of their $2.5 million goal.
For more information, visit ver- 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 7, 2020 B7

Maison Martinique: An encouraging dining experience

By Tina Rondeau | Columnist Rack of Lamb. each would run close to $300 before tax
[email protected] and tip.
In recent years, Maison Martinique, the Given the ups and downs of recent
onetime premier island dining spot, has Macadamia years, we are reluctant to get too excited
gone through a half dozen executive chefs – Crusted Mahi. based on one dinner. But our first expe-
some pretty good, some not so much. rience with Chef Pam was highly encour-
Surf and Turf. aging. Hopefully, Maison Martinique is
There was no consistency here in either back on track.
food or service. On occasion, you might the oven led us
have a very good dining experience; oth- to share a baked I welcome your comments, and encourage
er times, the only remembrance you took brownie sundae you to send feedback to me at tina@verobe-
away of this classy restaurant’s glory days with vanilla gelato
was the stiff check. ($10). Yummy.
The reviewer dines anonymously at restau-
In its latest comeback attempt, Maison We concluded the rants at the expense of Vero Beach 32963. 
Martinique has turned to a female chef, evening with espresso
Pam Kubis. ($2.25) and decaf ($2.50). Diver Scallops.
Dinner for four with a cou-
While we are reluctant to tell you that all ple of glasses of nice wine Brownie. Maison
is now well, what we can say is a dinner for Prime Rib. Martinique
four last Saturday night produced an eve-
ning of food and service that rivaled the era Hours:
of the late chef Yannick Martin. Tuesday through Saturday,

Arriving for our reservation at 7:45, we 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
were seated in the larger of Maison Mart-
inique’s dining areas, the Bamboo Room, Beverages: Full Bar
which was about two-thirds full.
An excellent server, Leslie, quickly took 1601 South Ocean Drive
our drink orders, and brought a basket of
extremely tasty bread. Phone: 772-231-7299

For starters on this evening, one of our
companions and I decided to share an or-
der of mussels ($16); my husband went for
the sea scallops ($13); our other companion
ordered a small Caesar salad ($6).

My husband’s two jumbo scallops were
gorgeous, smoked and grilled to perfection,
wrapped in Applewood bacon, and served
with a cucumber salsa tossed in a sweet
chili sauce. An excellent start.

As for the mussels, there were two
steamed mussel appetizers on the menu
– the regular Maison Martinique prepara-
tion, and a chef’s special served in a sweet
marinara sauce. We went with the original
– tasty small, tender bivalves steamed in a
white wine, lemon butter and garlic broth.
I lost no time in asking for more bread to
mop up every last drop.

Then for entrées, I ordered the shrimp
and scallop scampi ($30); my husband opt-
ed for the roasted duck ($32); one of our
companions chose grilled swordfish ($32);
and the other settled on the blackened
salmon ($32).

My jumbo shrimp and scallops were sau-
téed in a garlic butter sauce, served over lin-
guine. A great dish. The other two seafood
dishes were equally successful, the extra
thick cut of swordfish perfectly grilled and
the very nice piece of salmon served with
black beans and rice.

My husband initially regretted missing
out on the swordfish, but quickly forgot it
when he tasted the roasted duck. Basted
with a sweet wine, herb and garlic glaze,
the crispy skin was extremely tasty and the
juicy breast and leg were very tender and

While we were full by dessert time, re-
ports of a fresh brownie just emerging from

B8 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | WINE


By Dave McIntyre ing chateaus in the St. Estèphe appellation, And if you’re really not into Valentine’s value. Port lovers may want to splurge on a
The Washington Post which sports a heart on its label. And Al- Day, there’s always the Prisoner. top-of-the-line vintage port from either 2016
sace’s Hugel winery makes a pinot blanc or 2017, a rare back-to-back of outstanding
Don’t judge a book by its cover or a wine called Cuvée les Amours. Your retailer can point you to other wines vintages.
by its label. Except when it makes perfect that – however tangentially – have a Valen-
sense to do just that – such as on Valentine’s tine’s Day theme or reference in their name A caveat: These young vintage ports will
Day. The wine itself must be good, of course, or label. Here are some other consider- be massive and powerful, so decant them
or the value of the label will be lost. But the ations to keep in mind while planning your an hour or two before dinner and pair with
right wine name can help brighten the mood wine list: a rich dessert. Or splurge on a bottle now
even before the first sip. and tuck it away to enjoy in 20 years when
Pinot noir seems to make people relax celebrating an anniversary or entertaining
Bubbles set the stage for any celebration, and savor the good life, and with the right a distant memory of Valentine’s Day past.
of course. Why not toast your loved one with lighting, the wine seems to suspend a gem in
a Spanish cava called Biutiful? The brut bot- your glass. Roserock from Drouhin Oregon For a lighter finish, try moscato d’Asti,
tling is delicious, and features 20 percent is exceptional and, well, roses. the classic inspiration for the sweet mos-
chardonnay in the blend, giving the wine catos that were trendy several years ago.
more richness than the traditional Spanish Bordeaux grapes, such as cabernet sauvi- A good moscato d’Asti should set you back
grapes usually do. This wine has excellent gnon, merlot, malbec and petit verdot, seem only about $25 or less. It will give you a
distribution and availability, and at $14, it more cerebral. Old World syrah, nebbiolo great balance of acidity and sweetness,
won’t stretch your budget. and sangiovese are earthy rewards for a with palate-cleansing bubbles and low
good day’s work, while their New World ver- alcohol. And don’t rule it out with dark
Biutiful also makes a nice rosé. If you’re sions suggest a cozy, pampering bed-and- chocolate.
celebrating a long-lasting relationship, try breakfast escape.
a pink bubbly called Tradition, from South Another excellent dessert option –
Africa’s Villiera winery. This one is harder to You can always skip wine for dessert, or one I’ve recommended several Februar-
find, but at $26 it’s worth seeking out for its finish what you had with your main course. ies now – is brachetto, the fizzy, slightly
champagne-like complexity. And rosé, be- But remember: Bottles do not have to be fin- sweet red from northern Italy. You’ll want
cause, well, roses. ished the night they are opened. And this is a to ask your retailer to point one out to you,
special occasion, after all. probably in a low-traffic corner of the
Hopeless romantics can dial up Dean store, but these can be delightful codas to
Martin on Spotify and twist the screw top For pairing with most chocolate desserts, your romantic meal. 
off a bottle of Amore Assoluto, a juicy, de- I love late-bottled vintage port. These usual-
lightful Italian red wine from Italy’s north, ly cost about $20 to $30, providing excellent
near Venice, with a shiny red heart domi-
nating the label. At $13, it’s cheaper than a
ticket on Alitalia.

Fans of Beaujolais should look for wines
from Saint-Amour, the northernmost cru
appellation in that region. While season-
ally appropriate, these are unfortunately
hard to find because the village is tiny
and the wines are not as sought after as
those from other Beaujolais villages. The
bottling from Georges Duboeuf, who re-
cently passed away, is probably the easi-
est to find.

Bordeaux lovers with deep pockets know
to look for Calon-Segur, one of the lead-

experience the costa vibe...

daily happy hour mojito monday rhythm & waves

1/2 off appetizers $8 specialty mojitos fri & sat | 8 - 11 pm
$4 draft beer live entertainment
$5 house wine taco tuesday $10 speciality martinis
$5 house wine & $4 draft beer
$6 house cocktails $6 margaritas light bites & sweets
$4 tacos
4 - 6 pm sunday brunch
wednesday steak night
early-bird dinner a la carte brunch menu
a la carte 11:30 am - 3 pm
sunday - thursday specialty steak menu endless cocktails
5 - 6 PM $18 mimosas
thursday paella night $22 bloody marys
two courses
$20 per person selection of paella dishes

call 772.410.0100 for more information or visit 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 7, 2020 B9

Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2017

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

Complementary bottle of house wine with two entrées between 5:00pm & 5:45pm

A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant

The Best Food In South County!

2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Vero Beach Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
On the NW corner of Oslo & 27th Ave
A few doors east of Winn Dixie
reservations strongly suggested

B10 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Mon -Sat from 5pm 2EaErlny55NrD-%eig5Coh:i3nffht0ilenypgm!
(772) 226-7870

PrimeDSrSytee-Aaagkfoseod&d faFveoAarvtiutaernisnzfgarroem Wmoev’evde!

2023 14th Ave.
Downtown Vero

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 7, 2020 B11

4 - 5:30PM






SAT & SUN 4-9

56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram




Tues.-Sat. 11:30 AM- 9 PM
Sunday 4 - 8 • Closed Mondays WEDNESDAY

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 MAINE•LO•B•STE•R NIGHT
ALL U CAN EAT • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available TUES - FISH FRY

B12 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonzo’s buds Fiona and Charley ‘show’ and tell

Hi Dog Buddies! and couches. After intros, We all sat down an na for a while till Jay could pick her up, an
I opened my notebook. Mommy was still lookin’ for a BIG dog,
This week I got to go to a big THEE-utter when Joan said Things Weren’t Workin’
at VBHS to innerview Fiona an Charley Wig- “I can’t wait to hear how you all met. An out with me. So Mommy said, ‘What the
gins, who work there with their Mommy, what it’s like workin’ in a real THEE-utter.” Woof, I guess it was meant to be,’ an she
who’s IN CHARGE. Wa-ay Cool Kibbles. ’dopted me, even though I was the oppo-
“Well,” Fee began, “back when I was just 9 site of a BIG dog. Now we all three have
It’s called the PAC, which means months old in human an temporarily resid- play dates whenever Jay and Harley come
Puh-forming Arts Center, an we went in ing at the Humane Society, an Charley wasn’t to visit. We’re also pooch pals with Coo-
the Employees entrance, right to where all per, a Beagle, an Mommy’s frens Tiffany
the excitin’ back-stage stuff happens. We Charley an Wendy’s pooch Jonah, a lab/border
walked past lumber, set pieces, an some collie.”
IN-stru-mutts, then down this long hallway Cool Canine. We rode that scoot-
with a shiny floor. My toenails were real “What’s your typical day like?”
clickity. We heard a bunch more clickitys er everywhere. People were always “Charley’s a total Princess,” said Fio-
and then, from the far end, a coupla little na. “So-o boring, loungin’ on the carput,
fluffballs came zooming up to greet us. snappin’ pickshurs like we were lookin’ at stuff. Me, I’m a Tomboy. I could
play fetch 24/7. We usually come to work
Following a 3-pooch wag-an-sniff, the PHOTO: KAILA JONES Fiona suh-LEH-bruddies.” an assist Mommy an Miss Doreen (the Snack
slightly larger, darker pooch said, “Hi, “Shut the doghouse door!” I ex- Queen.)
Bonz! WELL-come! I’m Charley! My coat’s “We ’specially love hangin’ out with the
usually not so long an fluffy, but we didn’t claimed. Puh-forming Arts kids. They’re Cool Kibbles!
have time to see our groomer, Miss Steph- But when they’re rehearsin’, we stay outta the
anie, before the innerview.” “Ever since Charley came along, way, an we NEVER howl when they’re prac-
ticin’ music. We LIKE music, specially the
Charley was a curly-haired gold-an-white even born yet (I’m 8 an she’s just 4), Mommy we don’t do it anymore, cuz Mommy PYAH-no.”
shihtzu with fluffy ears, amazin’ waterfall tail “MY favrite’s trombones!” Charley ex-
an intense ice-blue eyes, the kind that look had just lost Mitzi, a mini-dashchund she’d can’t carry two pooches. But that’s OK cuz I claimed, “even though I found out they’re
right through you. not really bones. The theatre’s So Excitin’! We
had for 17 years. Like lotsa humans do, she got my own SIS-ter.” BOTH wanna be inna show! Harley played
“No worries, ladies,” I said. “You both look Bruiser Woods in ‘Legally Blonde’ in Tampa.
great!” was thinking she didn’t want another dog “I’ll take it from here,” said Charley, wag- NEVER stops talkin’ about it!”
“We’re learnin’ to swim,” Fiona added.
The slightly smaller pooch also had curly ever. But her frens knew a dog could help ging her waterfall tail an shakin her fluffy “We have orange life jackets! Mommy carries
gold fur, a liddle lighter. They both had about us into the pool, one under each arm. Then
the same amount of Wiggle. her feel much better. ‘YOU GOTTSA GETTA ears. “So, Dr. Dan (our vet) hadda a patient we dog paddle around. All that plus leash
walks an runnin’ in our yard gets us pretty
“Thanks, Mr. Bonzo! I’m Fiona! Call me DOG!’ they said, an took her to the Humane who was gonna have puppies, an her human pooped. We sleep with Mommy, of course,
Fee! I’m a terrier mix. We’re both rescues. My snugglin’ with our stuffies: mine’s Hedgie, a
original name was, get this, Chiquita! Can Society to browse. I was in the first cage, right didn’t wanna keep ’em. So Dr. Dan was fin- hedgehog. Charley has his giraffe, Raffi. We
you buh-LEEVE it?” fall asleep lookin’ forward to what’s next.”
up front, lookin’ adorable. But she just wan- din’ ’em homes. Mommy’s fren Joan, who Headin’ home, I was in a happy mood
“Like the BANANA?” I asked. thinkin’ about Fiona an Charley. An thinkin’
“Yup. Me an Mommy both said, ‘I don’t dered right past me.” works in the box office, told Mommy, who’d I could maybe be inna show someday. I can
THINK so!’ So Mommy re-named me for see myself as RinTinTin. Or Lassie. Ackshully,
a lady on that TV show called, um, oh poo! “Woof! I can’t imagine that,” I commented. been lookin’ for a BIG dog for us, an they I’d probly have a better shot at playin’ Goofy.
What was it, Charley?”
“Burn Notice, Fee. Burn Notice!” Charley “I KNOW, right? In a gloomy voice, Mom- came to check us out. Joan got me for her The Bonz
rolled her eyes like she’d reminded Fiona of
that A LOT! “Come’on an meet our Mommy, my said, ‘I don’t see anything.’” daughter, an Mommy got my sister Harley
Karen Wiggins.”
We went clickin’ down the hall to a real big “Her frens pointed to me an said, ‘What for her son Jay, who lives in that big Mouse
room with a high ceiling an a coupla chairs
about THIS one?’” town.

“Mommy came back to my cage an, the “Harley was staying with Mommy an Fio-

instant she ackshully SAW me, BOOM, that

was IT! She took me home that very day. An DON’T BE SHY
right away I started havin’ the Best Life Ever!”

“Like what?” I asked. We are always looking for pets
“Well, for example, Mommy had this red with interesting stories.
scooter an she ackshully bought a red an
black pooch carrier: she wore it like back- To set up an interview, email

pack but on the front. I fit in it perfect! She [email protected].
even got me a pair of Doggles! I was One

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES February 7, 2020 B13

K 9843 J52
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 965 K Q J 10 832
J 10 9 4 AK7 863
Horace Walpole, an 18th-century English novelist, said, “In all science error precedes the A K Q J 10 52 9764
truth, and it is better it should go first than last.”
In bridge, when a player makes an error, he hopes to learn from it and get it right next time. A Q 10 7 6
We are looking at advancing partner’s takeout double. Too many of my students make a A74
simple bid in a suit whatever their point-count and expect partner to be psychic. Q52
Look at the South hand. West opens one club, North doubles, and East passes — what
should South do? Dealer: West; Vulnerable: Both

A simple bid in a suit (here, one spade) shows 0-8 points, and a single jump (to two spades) The Bidding:
promises 9-11 points. So, does it follow that with 12-14 points, South would bid three
?? 1 Clubs Dbl. Pass
Of course not! With 12 points or more, South cue-bids two clubs. This is totally artificial. LEAD:
Afterward, each player shows suits, and with luck a good fit will be found. Here, North rebids A Clubs
two hearts, South bids two spades (or now jumps to three spades), and North raises to four

West cashes two top clubs, then shifts to a heart. What happens after that?

Declarer must try to avoid two trump losers. Since West is highly likely to have the spade
king, South should start by cashing his spade ace. When the king drops, declarer can bring
home an overtrick. However, if neither the king nor the jack appears, declarer crosses to
dummy with a diamond and plays a spade toward his queen. No guesswork is needed.

What would a jump to three spades after partner’s double show? Tune in next time.

B14 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


The Telegraph ACROSS DOWN
1 Trick, deceive (3) 1 Young crew member? (5,3)
3 Item of furniture (5) 2 Make sane (anag.) (8)
6 Pull along (3) 3 Wild canine (6)
8 Uneven (5) 4 Owns up to (6)
9 Measure of explosive power (7) 5 Win back (6)
10 As cars in a jam (4,2,4) 6 Ballet skirt (4)
12 Old horse (3) 7 Need (4)
15 Trees (4) 11 Rule (3)
17 Small bird (4) 13 Smiling broadly (8)
18 Listening organ (3) 14 Not interrupted (8)
22 ‘Unputdownable’book (4-6) 16 Juice (3)
25 Drink; friendly (7) 19 Salad vegetable (6)
26 Dense (5) 20 Put into use (6)
27 Unusual (3) 21 Clothes fastener (6)
28 Composer (5) 23 Repeated sound (4)
29 Alcoholic drink (3) 24 Very dry (4)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES February 7, 2020 B15

ACROSS 92 “___ to that!” 40 Simon’s ___ Blues The Washington Post
1 Rapids transit 94 With 31 Across, what 44 Vu lead-in
6 1950s dance Ygdrasil was, mythically 46 Author Sinclair CLICK! By Merl Reagle
9 Twin Peaks star’s 47 Zero people
first name 95 Comment about a pool-table
13 Runner used in place of a cushion? 48 Guys with cameras
49 Sufficient, old-style
wheel 101 Triangle type 50 ___ center
17 Love 103 Run into
18 Passion 104 Buildable sites 53 Smart outfit
19 Gripping surface 105 Oklahoma city named for a 57 Happy words
20 Part of FYEO 60 Musical key
21 Ranch cutbacks? Tennyson character 62 Clean hard
24 Liver, in France 106 Deliver from sin 63 Catherine or Maureen
25 Love god 107 The Godfather actor James
26 Scraps 109 Walk in the park 64 Some Like It Hot star
27 Intentions 67 Africa’s Burkina ___
28 Truly disturbed 113 Breaks off 68 “To strive, ___, to find, and
29 Ski-lift support 114 “Later, Rex, later ... not to yield” (Tennyson)
31 See 94 Across 70 Copies
32 Second tries, shot-wise down, boy,” for example? 72 Laid out
35 What fake mustaches tend 118 Light feeling 77 -oholic opener
119 [email protected] messages 78 Mar. honoree
to do? 120 Intro to sad news
39 Minder of Swee’Pea 121 Perfect Strangers cousin 81 “___ the Romans ...”
40 ___ cheese 122 Finishes a cake 82 Low on the sightseeing
41 Place for gloss 123 See 106 Down scale
42 Pro’s con? 124 Course hope
43 Road sign, ___-turn 125 Dunkable sweets 84 Element that’s also a verb
44 MIV halved 85 Sticky subject?
45 Political event that’s all talk, DOWN 86 Adj. for a judge
1 Type of cabbage
talk, talk? 2 Jewish month 87 President who became
51 Docking helper 3 Sleeping toy Chief Justice
52 8-yr.-old’s school 4 Grain bristles
54 Soda 5 Author Follett 93 Get wrong, aurally
55 Encyclopedist Diderot 6 Weight 96 Italian instruments
56 Ordinal ending 7 Blockheads
58 Limón or Martí 8 Middle East grp. 97 Novelist Shute
59 Drink to excess 9 Seinfeld’s neighbor 98 “Hey, I’ve ___ there”
61 All Saints Day mo. 10 Longings 99 Some Norwegian kings
62 Reddish brown 11 Stripling 100 Letter feature
65 Impulse passer 12 They pass sentences: abbr. 102 Tips, as a ship
66 Theme of this puzzle 13 Bulgarian capital 106 With 123 Across,
69 Vicinity 14 What some superstitious a film saga
71 Like King George III, 107 A soft drink
tennis players do? 108 Love from ___
eventually 15 Friend’s admission 110 Doing zip
73 On the ___ (at large)
74 Apple-preparing woman? 16 It can change your shirts 111 Cartoon clown
75 It really lights up a room 18 Phantom swordsman 112 Sponsorship
76 ___ with the same brush 19 President of South Vietnam, 113 Mr. Whitney
77 Brass tacks 114 Seat for the masses?
79 Big place in California 1967-75 115 Mia in Pulp Fiction
80 Wile E. Coyote’s supplier 22 Something to shoot for 116 The Cumberland, e.g.
81 “Give me some credit!” 23 Card game 117 A cable channel
83 Site of a slugger’s 28 Film composer Max

signature? 30 Lose focus
88 Greek isle off Turkey 31 Used a keyboard
89 Direct-dial start 32 Indian princess
90 Alice’s Restaurant guy 33 Plasm preceder
91 Purloined Letter writer 34 Slimy slowpoke
35 Skillet problem in a greasy

36 Slangy failure
37 Fish feature
38 Jackie in The Hustler

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CREATIVE FLOORS entire home from the floor up! With Flooring,
Tile, Cabinets and even vacuum cleaners!

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B16 February 7, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING 6 Live from Vero Beach presents singer/ 7 Rhythm on the River Concert series at 8 Run Vero Race Series Cupcake 2-Mile, 8
songwriter Joan Osborne, 7 p.m. at the Riverview Park presented by Sebastian a.m. from A.W. Young Park, with free Kids
Riverside Theatre: The 39 Steps on the Waxlax Emerson Center. $30 to $95. 800-595-4849 Chamber of Commerce, 5:30 to 8 p.m., with Run and post-race festivities. 772-643-7010
Stage thru Feb. 9 and Lost in Yonkers on the Ladies of Soul at 6:45 p.m. Free.
Stark Stage thru Feb. 23. 7 Indian River Symphonic Association pres- 8 Sebastian Art Studio Tour, a free self-guid-
ents the Brevard Symphony Orchestra’s 8 Motor Car Exhibition featuring ‘The Best ed 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. tour of 10 artists’ stu-
FEBRUARY Sinatra Valentine Pops Concert, with vocal- Cars from 40 Different Manufacturers,’ 10 dios in a variety of mediums. Sebastianartstu-
ist Michael Andrew, 7:30 p.m. at Community a.m. to 3 p.m. at McKee Botanical Garden. Stan-
Church of VB. 772-778-1070 dard admission. 772-794-0601
8 Oceanside Business Assoc. Sunset Sat-
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Crossword Page B14 - I, GLUTEUS (THE SEQUEL) urday Night Concert, 6 to 9 p.m. on
in January 31, 2019 Edition 1 PAY 1 PAPERBACKS Ocean Drive t Humiston Park featuring 21
3 PER 2 YEARDOT Hearts, 1 Beat, with Rhythm & Soul Dance,
5 WAIT 3 POET food vendors, beer and wine. Free. 772-410-
10 RODE 6 ISAAC 8 Valentine Ball to benefit United Against
11 MYTHICAL 9 BLEARYEYED Poverty, 6 p.m. at Oak Harbor Club, an el-
13 ANTICS 12 OCCASION egant evening of cocktails, dinner, dancing and
14 ASTHMA 15 HAUNTED auctions. $250. 772-770-0704
19 PUNY 18 ORIEL 8 Healing Hearts through Exchange Dinner
21 AIRILY 20 ANEW and Dance hosted by the Exchange Club
22 NATTY of the Treasure Coast, 6:30 p.m. at the Indian
23 PLAN River Club to fund local child abuse prevention
24 PEW programs. $125. 772-584-1087
25 DAD

Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13


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