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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2020-12-31 01:05:18

12/17/2020 ISSUE 51


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MY TAKE Financing is a challenge for riverfront project No Thanksgiving
spike seen here in

Even at double the size,
Vero will feel like Vero

A few months back, while he PHOTO: BRENDA AHEARN By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
was serving out the last months of [email protected]
his final term as the island’s county By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer tainment complex on the city’s for the prime riverfront property.
commissioner, I asked Bob Solari [email protected] power plant and sewer plant Instead, they envision it as a hub The feared post-Thanksgiving
how much our seaside community sites – unless the city holds the of commercial and recreational spike in new COVID-19 infections
could grow and still retain its small- Developers have told Vero note on the project itself. activity, a gathering place for lo- has not shown itself in Indian River
town charm. Beach it might take three to five cals and visitors alike, and even County as numbers stayed nearly
years for the retail and hospital- Residential multifamily de- a destination of historic signifi- the same as the previous week.
He responded by saying he be- ity market to rebound enough to velopments are what the market cance that gives Vero Beach the
lieved the county’s current pop- secure financing on a major ho- wants now, they say. But that’s Countywide, 285 positive coro-
ulation of approximately 160,000 tel, dining, shopping and enter- not the vision city leaders have CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 navirus test results were reported
could more than double – to a in the seven days leading up to
whopping 350,000 – and Vero LAWNWOOD REGIONAL PLANS $100M EXPANSION Monday press time, versus 276
would still feel like Vero. cases the previous week, push-
ing the daily case average up just
I thought about that conversa- slightly from 39 to 40 cases per
tion last week, when the County day. By comparison, Indian River
Commission unanimously ap- County’s peak this summer topped
proved the rezoning of 78 acres on out at 55 cases per day, or 375 cases
41st Street, between Indian River in our worst week.
Boulevard and U.S. 1, to allow a
planned, 624-unit development Twenty-two people were hos-
that will include single-family pitalized for complications of
homes and duplexes. COVID-19 over the past week
– the same number as in the pre-
To no one’s surprise, the meet- vious week – and 19 people were
ing prompted objections from res- currently hospitalized at Monday
idents of nearby Lily’s Cay, where press time. One third of the coun-
homeowners are concerned a ty’s 30 staffed intensive-care beds
neighboring development of that are available.

CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 Five people succumbed to
COVID-19 in the past week, this
INSIDE By George Andreassi | Staff Writer grim statistic also tracking the
same as the previous week, with
NEWS 1-4 ARTS B1 Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital’s the cumulative number of peo-
large for-profit competitor to the south, ple who have died locally totaling
HEALTH 5 GAMES B11 Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort 147 as of Monday’s reporting, 74
Pierce, is embarking on a major modern- of those deaths being long-term
PETS B10 CALENDAR B14 ization. care facility residents. Of Florida’s
deaths, 38 percent have been nurs-
REAL ESTATE 11 Hospital giant HCA Inc., of Nashville, ing home and assisted-living com-
plans to start work in early 2021 on a munity residents.
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 92,500-square-foot expansion of Lawn-
For circulation or where to pick up wood including the addition of a new Florida surpassed 20,000 to-
your issue call: 772-226-7925 emergency department, increasing the size tal reported dead due to the virus
of the hospital by about 30 percent. on Monday, as the United States
© 2020 Vero Beach 32963 Media LLC. All rights reserved. The final public hearing was set for next Monday topped 300,000.
The start date is contingent on the Fort after city commissioners voted unanimously on
Pierce City Commission approving HCA’s proposed Dec. 7 to approve the project during the first hear- This week’s launch of the new
rezoning and the site plan for the 22.36-acre hospi- Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will
tal campus at 1700 S. 23rd St. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

2 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

RIVERFRONT PROJECT The fourth and fifth goals focus on the de- velopment at Three Corners. We discussed City staff reported to the committee that
velopment being pedestrian oriented “with the master concept plans prepared by the Vero already has an abundance of park land,
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 complementary retail and restaurants on City’s Consultant, DPZ CoDesign, and their much more than the State of Florida’s min-
the waterfront,” and to “Enhance the exist- thoughts on the feasibility of different as- imum requirement, and that city taxpayers
thriving riverfront district it now lacks. ing harbor and shoreline to accommodate a pects or concepts presented in the plans,” spend upwards of $2 million annually to
Marina projects are also doable right now, variety of leisure and recreation watercraft.” Jeffries said. maintain and staff recreation facilities.

developers said. The city was planning to The last three goals put a priority on With the city looking at the possibility of a Falls has strongly expressed his desire for
only provide day docks at the Big Blue site, “sustainable development” practices and multiyear time lag before ground is broken whatever is built on the site to be “revenue
however, in part because a $20 million ma- environmentally friendly landscaping, re- on a hotel, shops or restaurants, Council- neutral,” meaning that commercial lease
rina revamp is already in progress across the specting the community’s character, and woman Honey Minuse, Steering Committee payments or other income would, worst
river at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina. educating visitors about the Indian River La- Member Dr. Richard Baker and members case, cover the city’s cost for maintenance
goon and Vero’s history. of the public have urged the city council to of the surrounding green space. Dedicating
With that information on hand and an open up the old power plant site to the pub- the site to a park would be a recurring cost
April deadline to finalize the riverfront mas- Former mayor Harry Howle, who serves lic now so locals can enjoy the undeveloped to Vero taxpayers with little to no associat-
ter plan city residents will vote on next No- on the steering committee, said the group riverfront greenspace while the planning ed income.
vember, Vero’s Three Corners Steering Com- needs to keep the goals handy and read process plugs along.
mittee has set some concrete goals for its them out loud at the beginning of each The fate of Vero’s defunct Big Blue power
progress and is in search of developers who committee meeting to make sure they stay A drawback to this idea, from the view- plant is still the biggest question mark – will
can bring money to the table and make the on task. “We only have one opportunity to point of those advocating robust commer- the building be saved and transformed into
plan a reality sooner rather than latter. do this right,” Howle said. cial development at the site, is that – should an iconic hotel? Or will it be dismantled and
it take the expected “three to five years” salvaged for scrap metal? That largely de-
The steering committee’s eight goals for Planning and Development Director to successfully develop the property – the pends upon whether a willing and able de-
a development with something to suit ev- Jason Jeffries and City Manager Monte community might grow accustomed to us- veloper emerges very soon.
eryone’s tastes and interests start off with Falls met with a representative of Kessler ing the open area as a “park” and want to
“Pursue the best and highest use of the Collection real estate group in September, keep it as park land. Nearly all the switching equipment has
public property that is financially sustain- Jeffries said. been removed from the plant, and Florida
able for the City.” Power & Light is finishing the decommis-
Kessler developed the $375 million mixed- sioning of the adjacent substation, which
Other goals include, “Create an unique use project called The Plant Riverside in Sa- FPL replaced with a modern, storm-hard-
destination that complements the City’s vannah, Georgia, which turned an old power ened substation on the west side of Indian
existing commercial centers with a sense of plant into a JW Marriott hotel that anchors a River Boulevard.
place with a diverse and complementary mix 675,000-square-foot entertainment district
of park, cultural, commercial, and possibly with shops, galleries, restaurants and clubs. If the steering committee can recom-
residential land uses,” and to “Ensure public “We also met with Kearney Group, Conkling mend a master plan to the Vero Beach City
access to the waterfront that is inclusive to & Lewis, Audubon Group, Duke Hospitality, Council by April, the city could formalize a
the entire Vero Beach community with ded- and Frank Bodami,“ Jeffries said. referendum to send to Supervisor of Elec-
icated public spaces, walkable pedestrian tions Leslie Swan by the August deadline to
promenades, and connectivity to existing “I would characterize the meetings as in- appear on the November municipal elec-
multi-modal transportation system.” formative. The developers gave us a devel- tion ballot. 
opment perspective on the feasibility of de-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 17, 2020 3

LAWNWOOD EXPANSION 1977 and underwent multimillion addi- 7-Eleven eyed near Indian River Estates
tions and/or renovations in 1998, 2001,
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 2005, 2010 and 2017. By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer ing hasn’t yet been scheduled.
[email protected] Once the county announces the hearing,
ing. Permit applications have been sub- Competition between Lawnwood and
mitted to the city Building Department for Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospi- John Rockhill said he doesn’t know how Rockhill said, the association’s board will
the project’s first phase, records show. It tal flared up a year ago when Lawnwood his Indian River Estates neighbors will re- notify residents. He said county officials can
will add 32 beds to the hospital. opened the first freestanding emergen- act this week when they learn the county is expect to receive questions and probably
cy room in Indian River County on U.S. 1 reviewing plans for a 7-Eleven convenience some opposition.
Phase 1 entails the construction of near Oslo Road. store and gas station – with as many as 16
a three-story medical tower, including pumps – to be built at the corner of State “I’m sure we’ll discuss it as a board, now
build-out of the first two floors. The third The Fort Pierce hospital worked out a Road 60 and 74th Avenue, near the south- that everyone will know what’s going on,”
floor of the tower will be built out in Phase deal with Indian River County emergency east corner of the retirement community. Rockhill said. “We’ll certainly put the word
2 and an emergency room will be con- management officials whereby anyone liv- out when the public hearing is set. We’ll have
structed on the north side of the hospital ing south of 8th Street who called 911 for a But Rockhill, president of the Indian River to see how this thing progresses.
complex. lower-level medical emergency would au- Estates East Residents Association, is sure
tomatically be taken to the Lawnwood ER. he’ll be hearing from some of them. “Obviously, a 7-Eleven and gas station
Phases 3 through 5 will add two more aren’t what we would want in that location,
floors to the medical tower and include Indian River County Hospital District “There’s been a little bit of conversation, with all the lighting and the noise,” he added.
construction of a parking structure. officials bristled at that and convinced the but most people here aren’t aware of what’s “There’s a commercial building across State
county to undo the deal, leaving it up to happening there,” Rockhill said. “I’d say only Road 60, but it’s not intrusive. If the 7-Eleven
Lawnwood Regional Medical Center patients to decide if they want to go to the 10 percent or so have heard anything about goes in, it’ll potentially have a direct impact
currently is 305,187 square feet, records new ER or to the ER at Cleveland Clinic’s it, but they’ll find out when they pick up the on a number of villas on the south side of
show. The hospital was originally built in hospital.  paper this week. our community, near the entrance.

NO COVID-19 SPIKE for 43 percent of the total new infections “Once they do, I expect there will be some “Our entrance is only about a quar-
on Monday, higher than the 30 percent of concern,” he added. “It’s not the most pleas- ter-mile from the intersection.”
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 cases for age 34 and younger one week ago, ant thing to have as our neighbor.”
and the 38 percent of total cases overall for Much of Indian River Estates would not
hopefully slow that rising death toll. younger people. According to the site plan application be noticeably impacted, Rockhill said, and
The age group that makes up the largest filed Nov. 2, the 3-acre parcel is owned by he suggested some of the community’s 800
It’s too soon to tell if this will become a sig- Buildex Inc., a Vero Beach-based company residents might welcome the convenience
percentage of Indian River County hos- nificant trend as the Christmas school holi- that lists George Beuttell as its president. of having a 7-Eleven convenience store and
pitalizations is the 75 to 84 age group, but days approach next week and families weigh The developer is Blackfin Partners Invest- gas station so close to home.
with advances in therapeutics and greater the risks of traveling and getting together for ments Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens.
knowledge about COVID-19 disease, that large, multigenerational celebrations, with Sweeney said advanced lighting technol-
group’s outcomes are far better than the 85- the desire to maintain family traditions and The plan for a 4,650-square-foot store ogy should minimize any intrusion into the
plus group. visit loved ones balanced against increased and gas station has received a preliminary community and that a convenience store
risk of infection.  review, said Ryan Sweeney, the county’s and gas station are not incompatible with
People age 34 and younger accounted chief of current development. A public hear- other developments along State Road 60. 

4 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE As an example, Matson noted the lack Clearly, the same theory applies to the density and small-town feel,” Matson said.
of opposition to the County Commission’s western parts of the county’s urban services “It’s nice to think all that land that’s vacant
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 approval in January 2019 of a rezoning of area – particularly along the 58th Avenue right now will remain that way, but that’s
413 acres, north of 53rd Street, for a new corridor, where a string of residential devel- probably not going to happen.
size would create a surge in traffic and im- eco-friendly subdivision of nearly 900 sin- opments are under construction and new
pact their quality of life. gle-family and multi-family homes at Grand single-family homes are selling at a rate not “The property designated for develop-
Harbor. seen in 15 years. ment in the urban services area is probably
Such opposition has become, in recent going to be developed, eventually, but that’s
years, almost automatic whenever anyone He compared that response to what he I’m familiar with these developments why we have a Comprehensive Plan.”
wants to build a large residential community described as a “full-blown panic” when the because I just moved into one of them. My
east of U.S. 1, especially along Indian River commission approved plans for The Palms mid-county community is so new, in fact, The intent of that comprehensive land-
Boulevard and its connecting roadways. of Vero Beach apartment complex, which that delivery people and cable-television use plan is to prevent the urban sprawl seen
opened in 2004 at the intersection of 12th technicians can’t find it on their GPS devices. in so many other coastal Florida communi-
“Really, it depends on where you are east Street and Indian River Boulevard. ties and protect our quality of life, even as
of U.S. 1,” said Phil Matson, the county’s di- And, based on what I’m hearing from the the county continues to grow, Matson said.
rector of community development. “The farther you are from the urban core, county’s Building Division, more of these de- He added that the plan has undergone only
the less people seem to care,” Matson said, velopments are coming. minor changes to the urban services area in
“If you go up into the streets numbered referring to the stretch of land that runs from the years since it was adopted in 1985.
in the 60s – say, The Antilles area – it doesn’t 4th Street to 53rd Street, “and that’s because “Everybody who moves in has concerns
draw much attention, but that’s because it’s there’s less visibility.” about the pace of growth, because most of The urban services area – where the coun-
not in the urban core. It’s not as visible.” them moved here for the lower population ty provides water, sewer, and other services
– lies mainly east of I-95. In addition, it is a bit
of a patchwork east of the interstate.

South of State Road 60, the boundary runs
mostly along 58th Avenue. North of State
Road 60, it runs along 66th Avenue until 49th
Street, where it jogs east to one-half mile west
of 58th Avenue and continues to Sebastian.

There’s also a mile-wide corridor that runs
along State Road 60 to just west of I-95 and
includes Vero Outlets.

In addition to preventing sprawl, the
Comprehensive Plan also designates one-
third of the county’s land as “environmen-
tally protected or in a conservation district,”
Matson said, adding that the grid-system
of our roadways enhances traffic flow and
35-foot building-height restriction reduces
crowding in the beaches areas.

“All of these things have coalesced and
regulated growth in a way that allows us
to maintain our quality of life,” he said. “As
much as we’ve seen this community grow,
we haven’t seen the degradation you find
in other communities in Florida. That’s be-
cause we have a balanced plan.”

Which brings me back to my conversa-
tion with Solari about the county’s ability to
grow wisely, even gracefully. Where did that
350,000 number come from?

Turns out, that’s what the county’s popu-
lation would be if all of the existing vacant
land within the urban services area was de-
veloped to the limits allowed under the cur-
rent Comprehensive Plan.

Matson, however, doesn’t believe we’ll
get there – not in the next 25 years, anyway.
Instead, he leans toward the projection pub-
lished by the Bureau of Economic and Busi-
ness Research at the University of Florida.

According to the bureau’s forecast, the
county’s population will hit 180,000 in 2030
and surpass 200,000 by 2045.

It was fitting that Matson, when giving a
presentation to our county commissioners
in November, chose to borrow some wisdom
from the late, great American philosopher,
Yogi Berra, telling them:

 “The future ain’t what it used to be.”
 “If you don’t know where you’re going,

you’ll end up someplace else.”

 “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too

You can’t argue with No. 1 and 2, and we’ll

eventually find out about No. 3 – but proba-
bly not anytime soon. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 17, 2020 5

Treating hormonal issues so kids can have ‘normal childhood’

By Kerry Firth | Correspondent does a parent turn to get answers? a shot and live a normal life” she said. “But
The first stop would be to see your child’s instead, I heard campers taking bets on
Dr. Miladys Palau-Collazo the only pe- when they thought they’d lose a leg or go
diatric endocrinologist between the Palm pediatrician, who would in turn refer you to blind. I realized that they had a very small
Beaches and Melbourne. She opened her a pediatric endocrinologist specializing in view of what their future would look like.
practice in Port St. Lucie in July 2020 after treating children with endocrine and met- That’s when I decided to go into pediatric
having worked at a hospital in Palm Beach abolic conditions from birth through ado- endocrinology so I could help these chil-
Gardens for seven years. “I treated a lot of lescence – someone like Dr. Palau-Collazo. dren and their parents understand that
patients from the Port St. Lucie area while with the right medication and diet, they
I was in Palm Beach Gardens and realized As a medical student at the University can have a normal life without worrying
that there was no doctor on the Treasure of Puerto Rico/Medical Science, Dr. Pa- about such catastrophic things.”
Coast specializing in hormonal imbal- lau-Collazo attended a diabetes summer
ances in children, so I wanted to fill that camp where she quickly became aware of A native of Puerto Rico, Palau-Collazo
void,” explained Dr. Palau-Collazo. “Chil- the obstacles a diabetic child faces.
dren dealing with thyroid issues, puberty “I naively thought that they could take
disorders, obesity, diabetes and genetic
Dr. Miladys Palau-Collazo. PHOTO: BRENDA AHEARN disorders feel so isolated and confused

that it affects their social life. My goal is
to diagnose and control the problem so
they can have a normal childhood.”

As children grow, hormonal imbal-
ances can affect their growth and sexu-
al development, which in turn has dra-

matic effects on their physical and
emotional well-being. Imagine hav-
ing your 6-year-old child show signs
of early puberty and how confusing
it would be for them to understand
what is happening and why they are
different from their peers. Where




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reduced fee plans. X-rays non-transferable.

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The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to
refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other
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within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted
fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.

1225 US HWY 1, VERO BEACH, FL 32960

6 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5 by mistake and stops making insulin – a enough to be responsible for administer- problems with sugar and if we don’t fix it,
hormone that regulates the movement of ing their own medication.” the child will develop type 2 diabetes,” said
completed her pediatric residency at New sugar into your cells. Dr. Palau-Collazo.
York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cor- Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the
nell Medical Center in New York City and Generally, there is no family history for body does not use insulin well or produce Childhood obesity can lead to diabetes,
her fellowship in pediatric endocrinology this type of diabetes. Warning signs are enough insulin, and cannot keep blood high blood pressure and high cholester-
at Yale-New Haven Hospital/Yale School of excessive drinking, urination, abdominal sugar at a normal level. Often there is a ol. Currently, 20 percent of children are
Medicine in Connecticut. pain and vomiting. Type 1 diabetes cannot family history with this type of diabetes. considered obese, mainly because of poor
be prevented or cured, and the patient will diet and overeating. “I’ve seen children
About 25 percent of Dr. Palau-Collazo’s have to monitor their blood sugar often, “Type 2 diabetes used to be known as as young as 1 or 2 who are obese,” Dr. Pa-
patients come in with diabetes issues, count their carbohydrates and give insulin adult-onset diabetes, but today more chil- lau-Collazo said. “I don’t put kids on a strict
a chronic health condition that affects accordingly via an injection or through an dren are being diagnosed with the disorder, diet but instead subscribe to portion con-
how the body turns food into energy. It insulin pump. probably due to the rise in childhood obe- trol. Eating in moderation is the key. A sim-
occurs when blood sugar is too high and sity,” according to Mayo Clinic. “There’s no ple rule of thumb is to make the servings
the body either does not make enough “I’ve had patients as young as 10 give cure for type 2 diabetes, but losing weight, of rice and pasta the size of your fist and
insulin or cannot use the insulin it makes themselves their own injections but most eating well and exercising can help man- servings of protein the size of your hand.
as well as it should to turn the blood glu- of the time the parent needs to be in- age the disease. If diet and exercise aren’t Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, limit sodas
cose into energy. volved in the process,” Dr. Palau-Collazo enough to manage your blood sugar well, and juices, and get plenty of exercise.”
said. “My own opinion is that if they ar- you may also need diabetes medications or
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune en’t old enough to drive, they aren’t old insulin therapy.” An imbalance of other hormones in chil-
condition where the body attacks itself dren can lead to problems with growth and
“I’ve had patients as young as 8 with type development, metabolism, reproduction
2 diabetes,” said Dr. Palau-Collazo. “But, and sexual characteristics. “I’ve seen chil-
typically, this occurs in adulthood. Unfor- dren as young as 5 already in puberty,” said
tunately, type 2 is aggressive and research Dr. Palau-Collazo. “We can medicate to
has shown that if it is not treated the patient arrest the process and once they are older,
will need insulin within two years of onset. at a more acceptable age, we can stop the
We want to prevent that from happening, medication so they can continue to prog-
so the earlier the diagnosis the better. We ress at a normal rate. This allows them to
can change things around through healthy be little kids for a while longer.”
diet and exercise.”
According to Dr. Palau-Collazo, the av-
One of the hallmark signs of insulin re- erage age of puberty in girls is 10 ½ to 11 ½
sistance which causes people to develop and for boys it’s 11 ½ to 12 ½. Early puberty
type 2 is acanthosis nigricans, or a darken- is identified in girls before the age of 8 and
ing of the skin in body folds and creases like boys before the age of 9.
under the arms and around the neck and
groin areas. “Parents think it’s dirt, but it’s “For puberty and growth issues I ad-
actually the body telling us that it is having

8 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

No joke! Laughing is seriously good for mind and body

By Janet M. Gibson As I found when writing “An Intro-
The Washington Post duction to the Psychology of Humor,”
researchers now appreciate laughter’s
Amusement and pleasant surprises – power to enhance physical and mental
and the laughter they can trigger – add well-being.
texture to the fabric of daily life.
People begin laughing in infancy, when
Those giggles and guffaws can seem it helps develop muscles and upper body
like just silly throwaways. But laughter, strength. Laughter is not just breathing. It
in response to funny events, actually relies on complex combinations of facial
takes a lot of work, because it activates muscles, often involving movement of the
many areas of the brain: areas that con- eyes, head and shoulders.
trol motor, emotional, cognitive and so-
cial processing. Laughter – doing it or observing it –

‘... the more laughter

experienced, the loweractivates multiple regions of the

brain: the motor cortex, which

controls muscles; the frontal lobe, the reported stress.’
which helps you understand con-

text; and the limbic system, which

modulates positive emotions.

Turning all these circuits on strengthens sure of social intelligence and working

neural connections and helps a healthy memory resources.

brain coordinate its activity. Laughter, like humor, typically sparks

By activating the neural pathways of from recognizing the incongruities or

emotions like joy and mirth, laughter can absurdities of a situation. You need to

improve your mood and make your phys- mentally resolve the surprising behavior

ical and emotional response to stress less or event – otherwise you won’t laugh; you

intense. For example, laughing may help might just be confused instead. Inferring

control brain levels of the neurotrans- the intentions of others and taking their

mitter serotonin, similar to what antide- perspective can enhance the intensity of

pressants do. By minimizing your brain’s the laughter and amusement you feel.

responses to threats, it limits the release To “get” a joke or humorous situation,

of neurotransmitters and hormones like you need to be able to see the lighter side

cortisol that can wear down your cardio- of things. You must believe that other pos-

vascular, metabolic and immune sys- sibilities besides the literal exist – think

tems over time. Laughter’s kind of like an about being amused by comic strips with

antidote to stress, which weakens these talking animals, such as those found in

systems and increases vulnerability to “The Far Side.”

diseases. Many cognitive and social skills work

A good sense of humor and the laugh- together to help you monitor when and

ter that follows depend on an ample mea- why laughter occurs during conversa-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 17, 2020 9

tions. You don’t even need to hear a laugh Laughter in response to amusement is
to be able to laugh. Deaf signers punctu- a healthy coping mechanism. When you
ate their signed sentences with laughter, laugh, you take yourself or the situation
much like emoticons in written text. less seriously and may feel empowered
to problem-solve. For example, psychol-
Laughter creates bonds and increases ogists measured the frequency and in-
intimacy with others. Linguist Don Nilsen tensity of 41 people’s laughter over two
points out that chuckles and belly laughs weeks, along with their ratings of physical
seldom happen when alone, supporting and mental stress. They found that the
their strong social role. Beginning early more laughter experienced, the lower the
in life, infants’ laughter is an external sign reported stress. Whether the instances of
of pleasure that helps strengthen bonds laughter were strong, medium or weak in
with caregivers. intensity didn’t matter.

Later, it’s an external sign of sharing Maybe you want to grab some of these
an appreciation of the situation. For ex- benefits for yourself – can you force laugh-
ample, public speakers and comedians ter to work for you?
try to get a laugh to make audiences feel
psychologically closer to them, to create Many therapists advocate using humor
intimacy. and laughter to help clients build trust
and improve work environments; a re-
By practicing a little laughter each day, view of five different studies found that
you can enhance social skills that may measures of wellbeing did increase after
not come naturally to you. When you laughter interventions. Sometimes called
laugh in response to humor, you share homeplay instead of homework, these in-
your feelings with others and learn from terventions take the form of daily humor
risks that your response will be accept- activities – surrounding yourself with
ed/shared/enjoyed by others and not be funny people, watching a comedy that
rejected/ignored/disliked. makes you laugh or writing down three
funny things that happened today.
In studies, psychologists have found
that men with Type A personality char- You can practice laughing even when
acteristics, including competitiveness alone. Intentionally take a perspective
and time urgency, tend to laugh more, that appreciates the funny side of events.
while women with those traits laugh less. Laughing yoga is a technique of using
Both sexes laugh more with others than breathing muscles to achieve the posi-
when alone. tive physical responses of natural laugh-
ing with forced laughter (ha-ha, hee-hee,
Positive psychology researchers study ho-ho).
how people can live meaningful lives
and thrive. Laughter produces positive Researchers today certainly aren’t
emotions that lead to this kind of flour- laughing off its value, but a good deal of
ishing. These feelings – like amusement, the research on laughter’s influence on
happiness, mirth and joy – build resilien- mental and physical health is based on
cy and increase creative thinking. They self-report measures. More psychologi-
increase subjective well-being and life cal experimentation around laughter or
satisfaction. Researchers find that these the contexts in which it occurs will like-
positive emotions experienced with hu- ly support the importance of laughing
mor and laughter correlate with appreci- throughout your day, and maybe even
ating the meaning of life and help older suggest more ways to intentionally har-
adults hold a benign view of difficulties ness its benefits. 
they’ve faced over a lifetime.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 conditions and treats each one with pro-
fessionalism and compassion.
minister a bone-age X-ray on the left hand
which tells me how old the body thinks it “I always try to educate the parents,
is. Just as science teaches you that in or- because treating a child is very different
der to know how old a tree is you have to from treating an adult,” she explained.
cut the trunk and measure the rings, in “What works in adults won’t necessari-
order to know how old our body thinks it ly work in children and they require in-
is we need to look at the bone X-ray,” she dividualized care and treatment. Their
explained. “If the patient is growing too treatment becomes a family effort, so ev-
quickly or going into puberty too early, eryone needs to be involved.”
their bones are going to look older than
their chronological age. Dr. Palau-Collazo said the best advice
she can give to parents is to keep up with
“If a child’s growth is stunted, the bones the scheduled pediatrician appointments
will look younger than their age.” By com- because the earlier a problem is detected,
paring the bone X-ray to an atlas that shows the earlier it can be addressed. Be your
the bone at different ages, she can figure child’s best advocate. Ask questions. Seek
out a diagnosis and treatment. advice. Knowledge is power and you as a
parent have the power to help your child.
Children can also be diagnosed with ge-
netic disorders caused by a change in the Dr. Palau-Collazo can be contacted at
DNA frequency away from the normal se- the Pediatric Endocrine Metabolic Center of
quence. They can be caused by a mutation Florida located at 9401 SW Discovery Way,
in one or multiple genes, environmental STE 102, Port St. Lucie. The phone number is
factors or by damage to the chromosomes. 772-834-7362. 
Dr. Palau-Collazo sees a full spectrum of

10 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR


By Fred Cicetti | Columnist should ingest 1,200 milligrams of calci-
um daily.
Question: I’m a 64-year-old woman who is
lactose intolerant. Do you think this will put People of northern European descent are
me at risk for osteoporosis? less likely to be lactose intolerant. However,
about 75 percent of adult African Ameri-
Between 30 million and 50 million cans and Native Americans are considered
Americans are lactose intolerant, which to be lactose intolerant. And 90 percent of
means they have trouble digesting dairy Asian-Americans are lactose intolerant.
products. Lactose intolerance usually is not
dangerous. There are three types of lactose intoler-
Lactase is an enzyme made in the small
intestine. You need lactase to digest lactose, Primary. This is caused by aging. The
the sugar in milk. People who are lactose body produces large amounts of lactase
intolerant don’t make enough lactase; after during early childhood when milk is the
consuming lactose, they suffer from bloat- primary source of nutrition. Usually, lac-
ing, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea. tase production drops when you become
These symptoms usually begin a half-hour less reliant on milk. This gradual decline
to two hours after ingesting lactose. may cause symptoms of lactose intoler-
Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a dis-
ease characterized by low bone mass and Secondary. This type occurs when lac-
structural deterioration of bone tissue. tase production decreases after an illness,
This condition creates an increased risk surgery or injury to your small intestine.
of fractures. This form of the condition may last weeks
and be completely reversible. However,
Osteoporosis is a major public health long-term illness can make it permanent.
threat for 44 million Americans; about 68
percent of them are women. One out of ev- Congenital. You can be born with lactose
ery two women and one in four men over 50 intolerance, but it happens rarely. Infants
will have an osteoporosis-related fracture with congenital lactose intolerance can’t
in their lifetime. tolerate their mothers’ breast milk.

A major risk factor for developing os- Don’t self-diagnose lactose intolerance.
teoporosis is insufficient calcium intake. If you have symptoms, see a doctor. The
Dairy products are significant sources of symptoms could be caused by something
calcium. It’s easy to assume that someone else. There are tests to determine if you are
who is lactose intolerant might be more lactose intolerant.
likely suffer from osteoporosis. However,
research into the influence of lactose in- Most people with lactose intolerance
tolerance upon osteoporosis has produced can take some milk products. They may
mixed findings. be able to increase their tolerance to
dairy products by gradually introducing
People who are lactose intolerant just them into their diets. However, most su-
have to be especially vigilant about con- permarkets carry lactose-reduced or lac-
suming enough calcium to maintain bone tose-free products.
health. You can maintain a diet rich in
calcium by eating broccoli, leafy greens, You can manage your lactose intolerance
canned salmon, almonds, oranges, cer- with lactase enzyme tablets; you can take
tain kinds of tofu and soy milk, and calci- them just before you eat. These tablets help
um-fortified breads and juices. In addition, many people.
there are supplements you can take to meet
your daily requirements of calcium and Probiotics are living organisms in your
other nutrients. intestines that help maintain a healthy di-
gestive system. Probiotics are available as
Those between the ages of 51 and 70 active cultures in some yogurts and as sup-
plements in capsule form. These may also
help your body digest lactose. 

Exclusive Grand Harbor home
features wide, green vistas

1535 En Sol Terrace at Sunset Trace in Grand Harbor: 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 1,857-square-foot courtyard home
offered for $375,000 by Patty Valdes of Alex MacWilliam Real Estate: 772-473-8810

12 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Exclusive Grand Harbor home features wide, green vistas

By Samantha Rohlfing Baita | Staff Writer
[email protected]

Situated in an exclusive enclave of
four attached homes, surrounded by vast
stretches of green fairway, graceful palms
and beautifully landscaped lawns, the
impeccably maintained, one-owner res-
idence at 1535 En Sol Terrace in Grand
Harbor is the perfect choice for golfers and

With pale, warm exteriors and red tile lounging, alfresco dining and entertaining. on the south/living room side. Handsome, houses a wet bar with a wine cooler and
roofs, the community exudes an easy, Past a broad archway, you find yourself honey-hued wood cabinets accommodate a the same good-looking countertop and
Mediterranean ambiance and offers a re- lunch counter, double sink, dishwasher, elec- cabinetry as the kitchen. With a smile, the
laxed, outdoor lifestyle. Here, you can step in an entrance vestibule that leads into tric cooktop, oven and built-in microwave. homeowner said her husband was sold on
off your screened back porch onto the first the light-filled interior of the 3-bedroom, the home the minute he laid eyes on the
hole of the Pete Dye golf course and new 3-bath 1,857-square-foot courtyard home. A full wall of additional cabinets along wine cooler.
million-dollar practice range. And you’re The open design, featuring abundant wide the opposite wall includes another long
only a brief, pleasant walk away from windows and sliders, high ceilings and counter with computer hook-up, side-by- At the front of the home, the two-bay
Grand Harbor’s picturesque marina. white/neutral palette, imparts a bright, side fridge and lots of additional storage. garage connects to a hallway, which runs
airy feeling, as well as beautiful water and A high, clean, two-level ceiling design and along the interior/east wall and opens into
From the wide, diagonally tiled drive- fairway vistas. recessed lighting contribute a sleek, so- one of the guest bedrooms, a full bath-
way, a sidewalk leads to the covered entry phisticated vibe. room and, through a pair of archways, the
porch, with its carriage light and low gar- Through double French doors, a sun- kitchen and the living room.
den wall. Step through the front entry onto ny breakfast nook/dining area sits within a The spacious living room flows seam-
a covered walkway opening into the walled wide bay, looking out onto the garden and lessly from the kitchen/dining area, with This guest bedroom offers a bi-fold door
garden courtyard, where earth-colored deck. a slider wall that opens onto the 8-foot by closet and adjacent bathroom with show-
pavers curve gracefully along a roomy 21-foot covered, screened patio, creating er, both of which open to the garden court-
garden section, leaving plenty of room for Adjacent is the open kitchen, its three-sid- another spacious, flexible entertaining yard. The garage, too, opens out to the cov-
ed, two-level counter configuration artisti- venue. A lighted alcove in the living room ered front entrance walkway.
cally curving around a pair of white columns
Across the walkway from the garage,

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 17, 2020 13

and wrapped around the front planter, is vanity glows with cream colored cabinetry FEATURES FOR 1535 EN SOL TERRACE
a charming guest suite. In the bedroom, a and countertop, and a tall mirror extends
wide double window with venetian blinds wall to wall, with a gold panel of round Neighborhood: Sunset Trace neighborhood in Grand Harbor
offers a view of the sunny, walled court- bulbs extending across the top. There is Year built: 2002
yard and garden, and there is a bi-fold a big, luxurious soaking tub and, beneath Construction: CBS
door closet. The bathroom, with its white a beautiful, high-enough-for-privacy ca-
wood vanity and creamy countertop, fea- thedral window, is a big, inviting marble Home size: 1,857 square feet
tures a roomy, glass-door shower. It too shower, with gold-framed glass front. For Bedrooms: 3
opens out on the courtyard. maximum flexibility, the master bath also Bathrooms: 3
accesses the entrance vestibule.
For complete privacy, the master suite Additional features: Attached home, 2-bay garage; security
occupies the opposite, southwest corner of The homeowner says that she and her includes entry card/fob, staffed gate, security patrol, smoke
the house. Here, the color, from soft carpet- husband have lived in and loved their detector; front door faces north; carpet and tile flooring; split
ed floor to soaring ceiling, is the palest of Grand Harbor home for 15 years and adds bedroom plan; laundry room; wet bar; pantry; golf course
neutrals, the better to appreciate the beau- that “Grand Harbor is a grand place.”
tiful designs of the corner windows – along view; screened porch; patio; HOA fee includes cable TV,
the south side, facing the green expanse Very conveniently located to desti- grounds maintenance, pest control, reserve fund
of the golf course, is a wide, three-window nations both on the island and on the Listing agency: Alex MacWilliam Real Estate
section topped with a long, gently arched mainland, Grand Harbor is a short drive Listing agent: Patty Valdes, 772-473-8810
sunburst transom window. Facing it, on away from the mainland art district and Listing price: $375,000 (recently reduced)
the west side, a pair of tall, shaded win- downtown galleries and restaurants; and
dows flank the bed, each punctuated with only a few minutes from Vero’s charming
a square window near ceiling level, with a island village with its shops, restaurants,
long horizontal window between. pubs and resorts, as well as Riverside
Park, home of the nationally-known River-
A white fan extends from the ceiling, side Theatre (Equity); the renowned Vero
providing a pleasant vertical contrast. Beach Museum of Art; Memorial Island;
Along the little hall to the master bath is a numerous craft and boat shows and oth-
pair of roomy walk-in closets. er events throughout the year. There’s also
an exercise trail, boat launch and adjacent
The master bath is a beauty, with light waterfront dog park. 
tan floor tiles and light walls. The two-sink

14 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



Real estate activity slowed a bit on the mainland last week, but there were still a respectable 34
transactions of single-family residences and lots reported (most shown below).
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home at 455 Sap-
phire Way SW – first listed in October for $629,900 – sold for the asking price on Dec. 7.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Chip Landers of Berkshire Hathaway Florida.
Representing the buyer was agent Gerald P. Irwin III of the Corcoran Group.


VERO BEACH 455 SAPPHIRE WAY SW 10/19/2020 $629,900 12/7/2020 $600,000
VERO BEACH 4351 2ND SQ SW 9/11/2020 $615,000 12/9/2020 $385,000
VERO BEACH 2553 SAINT LUCIA CIR 8/6/2020 $392,872 12/8/2020 $385,000
VERO BEACH 6250 PADINGTON PL 9/24/2020 $399,900 12/10/2020 $370,500
VERO BEACH 3908 58TH CIR 11/7/2020 $369,500 12/8/2020 $370,015
VERO BEACH 2551 SAINT LUCIA CIR 6/17/2020 $370,015 12/8/2020 $370,000
VERO BEACH 4885 55TH ST 10/27/2020 $364,900 12/11/2020 $370,000
SEBASTIAN 706 CONCHA DR 10/26/2020 $365,000 12/11/2020 $349,900
VERO BEACH 4840 66TH PL 11/5/2020 $349,900 12/11/2020 $320,000
VERO BEACH 6710 49TH CT 10/16/2020 $324,000 12/9/2020 $314,000
VERO BEACH 5541 51ST AVE 7/24/2020 $365,000 12/10/2020 $305,000
VERO BEACH 425 21ST CT 10/28/2020 $309,000 12/9/2020 $294,000
VERO BEACH 4437 56TH LN 10/13/2020 $299,900 12/9/2020 $290,000
VERO BEACH 451 11TH SQ SW 10/2/2020 $300,000 12/11/2020 $265,000
VERO BEACH 306 MONACO PL 11/4/2020 $275,000 12/10/2020 $238,000
SEBASTIAN 107 CARLISLE WAY 9/3/2020 $249,900 12/11/2020 $237,645
VERO BEACH 2539 CROWNED EAGLE CIR 7/17/2020 $242,645 12/7/2020 $230,000
VERO BEACH 1330 10TH MNR 10/21/2020 $239,000 12/11/2020 $215,000
SEBASTIAN 1024 LANDSDOWNE DR 9/23/2020 $224,900 12/11/2020 $205,000
VERO BEACH 1675 20TH ST SW 10/27/2020 $209,900 12/7/2020 $189,900
VERO BEACH 741 16TH AVE 10/25/2020 $189,900 12/11/2020 $180,000
VERO BEACH 3616 2ND PL 11/3/2020 $175,000 12/8/2020 $177,500
VERO BEACH 1630 42ND SQ UNIT#102 10/7/2020 $179,500 12/10/2020 $168,900
VERO BEACH 5750 58TH CT 11/1/2020 $170,000 12/11/2020 $155,000
VERO BEACH 830 LAKE ORCHID CIR UNIT#208 11/6/2020 $155,000 12/7/2020 $155,000
VERO BEACH 1820 49TH AVE 10/7/2020 $159,900 12/8/2020 $152,500
VERO BEACH 400 18TH ST. UNIT#J7 6/27/2020 $159,900 12/7/2020 $145,000
VERO BEACH 1113 35TH AVE SW 9/23/2020 $160,000 12/11/2020

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 17, 2020 15


4351 2nd Sq SW, Vero Beach 2553 Saint Lucia Cir, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 9/11/2020 Listing Date: 8/6/2020
Original Price: $615,000 Original Price: $392,872
Sold: 12/9/2020 Sold: 12/8/2020
Selling Price: $600,000 Selling Price: $385,000
Listing Agent: Tara Ellis Listing Agent: Liz Boley

Selling Agent: Robert Slack LLC Selling Agent: D R Horton Realty

Kathleen Davila Mike Boyd

Integrity Pro Realty Inc Coldwell Banker Paradise

6250 Paddington Pl, Vero Beach 3908 58th Cir, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 9/24/2020 Listing Date: 11/7/2020
Original Price: $399,900 Original Price: $369,500
Sold: 12/10/2020 Sold: 12/8/2020
Selling Price: $385,000 Selling Price: $370,500
Listing Agent: Michelle Clarke Listing Agent: Sherry Carrigan

Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise

James Namvar Ashley Lombardo

Weichert, REALTORS Hallmark Keller Williams Realty

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 17, 2020 B1



By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent

1 Get on board for the horse
and carriage rides at the Hol-
iday Happenings at Vero Beach
Outlets. The rides are free and run
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. this Satur-
day, Dec. 19, weather permitting.
They are sponsored by Belgian
Acres. The line for the horse and
carriage rides starts near the Wil-
liam Sonoma outlet store. You can
also enjoy some Holiday Windows:
‘The Nutcracker,” “A Charlie Brown
Christmas,” “Moana” and “Legally
Blonde Jr.,” which were created by a
couple of great area arts providers
– Riverside Theatre and Ballet Vero
Beach. Those windows are near the
Coach outlet store. And as long as
you’re there, and probably picking
up a few last-minute goodies, be
sure to stop by the Guest Services
Center and enjoy a complimentary
hot beverage. Guest Services Cen-
ter is next to the Michael Kors out-
let store. The Vero Beach Outlets
is at 1824 94th Drive, Vero Beach
(west of I-95). Hours are 11 a.m. to
6 p.m., but many stores have differ-
ent hours due to the pandemic. Call

2 It’s a “Cowboy Christmas”
this Saturday, Dec. 19 at
LaPorte Farms.
Visitors can en-
joy pony rides,


B2 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE



When the coronavirus put a halt to in-per- Anders Southerland as the Cavalier and Indian River. whole community for free. Are you in?”
son productions, Ballet Vero Beach found Katherine Eppink as the Sugar Plum Fairy, “We always wanted to highlight the fragil- Without missing a beat, Grudens replied,
a way to not just think outside the box, but along with other dancers from the production.
outside the theater – filming and offering ity of the lagoon; that’s where it takes place,” “Absolutely.”
free viewings of a condensed version of their PHOTOS: KAILA JONES says Schnell. He recalls saying to Ken, “This After explaining that they would a need
original holiday production, “Nutcracker on is going to sound crazy, but I want to do it as
the Indian River.” they were already on a trajectory to do more a film outside, and I want to offer it to the property with a large enough clearing to set
of the same. up a dance floor and space for their cam-
A local take on the famed Nutcracker, this
ballet takes place in 1919. It follows young His next call was to Ken Grudens, ex-
Marie Stahlbaum on a trip to Vero Beach ecutive director of the Indian River Land
to spend the holidays with her Uncle Dros- Trust, which has been a partner since the
selmeyer and is replete with the flora and conceptualization of Nutcracker on the
fauna of the Indian River Lagoon.

Adam Schnell, artistic director/CEO of
Ballet Vero Beach, says the filming concept
began forming when the impossibility of
large assemblages of dancers and audiences
became clear.

Schnell says he spoke to his filmmaker,
Lance Glenn, who has filmed numerous
BVB rehearsal footages and shots, saying,
“Let’s figure it out.”

“He’s been around dance so long that
even though he’s not a dancer, he has such
an eye for bringing out what choreographers
want and how dancers want to be filmed,”
says Schnell. He adds that in April, when
they released their season finale on film,

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE December 17, 2020 B3

Gina Marie Saxton as Marie and in this pandemic,” says Schnell. “I said, our
Camilo A. Rodriguez as Uncle Drosselmeyer. community needs this.
We need to be able to
era crew, Grudens and his staff determined and all that sort of stuff – because they saw Miranda Montes de Oca. celebrate how amaz-
that the newly acquired Hoffmann property the potential to be able to promote what the ing our community is,
would fit the bill. Land Trust is doing.” dream but this is not going to
happen.” how resilient we are, how
“He took me out there and what I love After discussions with Linda Downey, beautiful it is – and I want it
about that property is we could shoot from BVB board chair, and Kelly Ward, a found- That part of the dream came true to be for free.”
all sides. So, then the wheels started turn- ing board member, about a place to repre- when Historical Society board mem- After some internal num-
ing,” says Schnell. Grudens suggested the sent Marie’s home, Ward contacted the In- ber Al Smith said yes. bers crunching, they set a
Oyster Bar Marsh Conservation Area and dian River County Historical Society about modest goal and instituted
the Toni Robinson Waterfront Trail as op- using the Hallstrom House, the majestic “So, we had our locations and then a Nutcracker Partners Cam-
tions for additional scenes. home built 1909 by Swedish immigrant really, from there, I knew I wanted it paign, asking donors to give
Axel Hallstrom. to be free. I just thought that it could $1,000 to be credited in the film,
“So that all came together very quickly be one of the very few bright spots and to help ensure Ballet Vero Beach
with Ken. They were incredibly generous “I thought with the pandemic, there is would not only survive the pandemic
and basically split the cost of improving the no way they’re going to let us in there. but thrive.
Hoffmann property – mowing and leveling Just every step of the way I thought, it’s a “People got it, people understood
that they were basically giving us
$1,000 to make magic and to be
able to offer that magic for free,”
said Schnell. The campaign
more than doubled their goal.
TV 30, a local fledgling
broadcast station, donated
three showings, and they knew they
could air the production on the BVB
website, but Schnell wanted to “think
“PBS has always been a childhood
dream of mine; it used to be the only
place to see the arts on television,” says
Schnell. “I grew up thinking that it was
the be all and end all.”


B4 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 Daniel White. Adam Schnell overlooking the writing on props in Spanish.
dancers at the Hoffmann property. The cast included 16 professional danc-
He approached the Cornelia T. Bailey placed it, but the water had gone under the ers: Camilo Rodriguez, BVB ballet master,
Foundation, which had provided a grant tarp and sucked into the hardboard cover Naughty Manatee resident professionals Anders Southerland
toward their student matinee program, and and completely warped it,” says Schnell. Eva Guerra. and Katherine Eppink, and 13 from their
they made a connection with South Florida “She and I spent all Sunday, between the sister company, Dimensions Dance Theater
PBS, who said they were interested. rainstorms, pulling off the hardboard cover “The clouds parted and by the end of that of Miami. Gina Marie Saxton returned as a
and trying to paint the plywood, so at least week, we had a rough cut. It was everything guest artist to play Marie, and Eva Guerra,
“This had to have been late July, early Au- it looked like something.” we thought we wanted it to be,” says Schnell. daughter of the artistic director at Dimen-
gust, and I wasn’t planning on filming until sions, returned as the ‘naughty manatee.’
November, because that’s when it gets cool Fortunately, Monday was sunny, and The film is a half-hour condensed ver- The other 12 children, fewer than normal
and stops raining around here in a typical they were able to film everything in two sion of the production, which PBS rec- for safety and the time frame, included eight
year,” Schnell recalls. and a half days. ommended. It includes a small portion from the Riverside Theatre dance education
of the first act to set things up, and all the program, and, in keeping with their com-
When PBS said they needed the final cut second act dances except the Waltz of the munity engagement initiatives, four from
by mid-October, everything was thrown Flowers (too many dancers to keep every- the Homeless Children’s Foundation of IRC.
into high gear. one safe). They even made a version, with “Really, thank goodness for the Histor-
ical Society and the Land Trust. It looks
“It just exploded with this goal of possibly spectacular. It is exactly what I wanted it
getting on PBS,” says Schnell, still amazed to be. It’s just been an amazing experience
that despite a few hiccups they were able to start to finish,” says Schnell. “I don’t know
get it done so quickly. if it’s the pessimist in me or if it’s the world
as we currently know it, but it was this little
Emily Luongo, assistant technical di- idea in the middle of the summer, and now
rector at Riverside Theatre, constructed a all of a sudden it’s happening.”
40-foot-square sprung floor for the dancers, He is particularly pleased that the film
which he says was made by making plywood has the broadcast potential to reach view-
pallets with a hardboard cover that was ers from Key West to Indian River County.
painted to blend in with the surroundings. “That’s crazy to me! They have an audience
of over 6 million people.”
Luongo built and placed the floor on the Nutcracker on the Indian River will be
Hoffmann property Thursday and Friday, available for viewing from Dec. 22 through
anticipating the start of filming on Monday. Jan. 6. Visit for a com-
plete schedule of free broadcasts and stream-
“She went out there and she’s sending me ing options. 
pics and it looks great,” Schnell recalls. His
excitement turned to dread when torrential
rains Saturday turned the entire area be-
neath the floor into a lake.

“I mean, if you had told me it was the
great flood, I would have believed it. It
wasn’t floating, because of the way we

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE December 17, 2020 B5

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 along with them. Directed by Dr. Jacob Sunday, Dec. 20 at For more Joshua Evers, guitarist Ryan Dillahay and
Craig, it begins 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17 at information, call 772-567-4341. a group of area gifted music students. The
visiting reindeer, hayrides, face painting, Another program begins 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19 at
food and more. Be sure to visit LaPorte’s virtual concert is First Baptist Church of 4 For a live in-person holiday treat, the First Presbyterian Church, 520 Royal
“Winter Wonderland” with more than Vero Beach’s 51st annual presentation of head to “A Jazzin’ Christmas” at First Palm Blvd., Vero Beach. Admission is a sug-
80,000 sparkling lights. You can do some “Handel’s Messiah.” That one is directed Presbyterian Church of Vero Beach. This gested donation of $10. Call 772-562-9088
last-minute shopping. The big event, by Dr. Michael Carter and accompanied lively concert stars pianist Jacob Craig, sax- or 772-538-1181 or visit
though, will be the arrival of Santa Claus, on organ by Dr. Ray Adams. It begins 3 p.m. ophonist Gavin Martelloti, percussionist
who will ride in on horseback at 5 p.m. 5 Get ready for all those holiday cook-
“Cowboy Christmas” runs 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. ies by participating in the “Run Run
at LaPorte Farms, 7700 129th Street, Se- Santa 1 Mile” race for both runners and
bastian. There will be a shuttle bus to take walkers. It begins 7:30 a.m. Sunday, Dec.
you from the parking lot to the 5-acre farm 20 in Pocahontas Park. Upon registering,
estate. Admission is a $1 donation at the you will receive a Florida style Santa Suit
gate. Please wear a mask and practice so- – a pullover top, shorts, beard, hat and
cial distancing. Call 772-633-0813 or visit belt. “So everybody is wearing their Santa suit,” said race director Brittany Steufert.
“It’s pretty fun to watch and be a part of.”
3 Of course, the holidays also bring Don’t be surprised if you see the Grinch
some great music. The problem, tra- running alongside you. Registration costs
ditionally, has been that you may want to $40, which will benefit the Indian River
sing along with the music, loud and proud. County Healthy Start Babies and Beyond
Too often, all that enthusiasm is met with program. Santa suits must be worn. Each
the “stink eye” from other audience mem- participant receives a finisher medal,
bers. Well, this year, thanks to the pan- which will be in the shape of a glittery
demic, you get the chance to let loose with snowflake. Moreover, participants will
those impulses when a couple of holiday receive a Santa To-Go treat after finishing
concerts go “virtual.” First up is a virtual the race. Raffle prizes will be announced
concert featuring the Senior Resource As- through a raffle board. If you break the
sociation’s Silver Tones. Called “Let There record (5:01 for men and 5:46 for women),
Be Peace,” the virtual holiday concert in- you’ll get a $100 prize. Pocahontas Park
cludes uplifting holiday songs, such as “O is at 2140 14th Ave., Vero Beach. Race day
Come, All Ye Faithful,” “Have Yourself a registration starts 6:30 a.m. For more in-
Merry Little Christmas,” “A Merry Christ- formation, visit or call
mas Wish” and “Let There Be Peace on 321-412-1830. 
Earth.” So print out the music and sing


B6 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Zagat Rated We would like to thank our loyal clientele for
2013 - 2020 all of your support during the summer as we
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2020 offered lunch and the mercantile.

As the season approaches we are pleased to
announce our return to regular business hours
serving dinner every night starting in October at 5 PM.

Online ordering and the Tides-to-go
are available for your convenience.
The Tides staff are COVID-19 certified and
all social distancing measures remain in effect.
Proud recipient of 2020 Trip Advisor
Traveler’s Choice Award placing us in the

Go to for
our specials and online ordering.

(772) 234-3966

3103 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL


5:30 - 10 pm

@ the wave


a la carte
steak menu


daily Earlybird taco wednesday thursday sunday
Happy hour dinner tuesday steak night paella night brunch

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 17, 2020 B7

own home prepared family style by The BRUNCH
BeOanTchhe side Wave's Executive Chef, Armando Galeas.
A few reservations are still
Now Offering Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza Pick-up on Christmas Eve and reheat on available. Space is limited.
“The Best Authentic Cannelloni in Vero Beach” Christmas Day or pick-up on Christmas,
hot and ready to serve! CALL 772.410.0100
Check out our menu online CHRISTMAS DINNER
& follow us on Facebook 4 - 6 PEOPLE | $175

1006 Easter Lily Lane, Vero Beach

Established in 1981 Where the Locals Go for Pizza

Serving Dinner Happy HourNigNhet(wBlyarB5Oa-nrl6yM:)3e0npum!
Mon - Sat from 5pm
(772) 226-7870

PrimeSteaaSnkedsa,FfCorehosodhps Di5nENin-ai5ggrl:hMy3t0lypemnu VDeroowBn ewan

2023 14th Avenue

B8 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Where Vero goes Chef
for a little piece Chet Perrotti

of Ireland! ChOrisPtmEaNs Eve


Let Us Host your Holiday Party Let Us Cater your Holiday Party or Dinner
Lunch or Dinner Lunch or Dinner

Private Room available Dine with Us or We’ll
- seating up to 50 people Bring the Party to YOU!

2019 14th Ave OPEN Tues-Sun 11:30 AM to Close
(772) 217-2183 NFL Package
Daily Dinner Specials

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 17, 2020 B9



Large Shrimp Poached with a hint of Chardonnay Cocktail Sauce

Brussel sprouts and bacon, Mashed Yukon potato

Carrot cake finished with a lemony buttercream frosting. - $29.95 per meal

Scalloped au gratin potatoes, roasted vegetables

Moist dark gingerbread cake with a rosemary & spice cranberry chutney. - $21.95 per meal

Ginger-Carrot Soup And Root Vegetable Mac n Cheese

Vegan blueberry-lemon cheesecake - $19.95 per meal


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Monday-Saturday: 11-2

1620 BOULEVARD VILLAGE LANE Dinner, Mon.-Thurs.: 5-8:30
VERO BEACH, FL 32967 • (772) 778-4200
Friday: 4:30-8:30
Saturday: 11:30-2:30




AND DESSERTS 1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 Follow Us

OPEN FOR LUNCH FROM 11:30 ON TUES. & FRI. I OPEN FOR DINNER TUES. - SUN. AT 4 P.M. • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available
56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

“IT’S Happy Holidays from
HUGE” American Bar and Grill




Buffalo Burger


B10 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz is thankful Teddy and Luna have a loving home

Hi Dog Buddies! t i me s-r owd y-but-a l w ay s-lov i ng Luna. Teddy.
Forever Famly.”
This week’s innerview was one of those asked Jess if PHOTOS: KAILA JONES
times when I realize just how FORT-chun- He turned to Luna, whose eyes she’d foster Luna while waiting for
nut I am. I mean, my entire life I’ve been were big as saucers. She looked a Forever Famly, and Jess agreed to. HOW- shun Anxiety: I freak
safe an happy an loved. Not to mention ready to FLEA. “It’s totally OK, EVER, when Jess got a call that a permanent out when I get left alone, which narrows
the snacks. kiddo,” Teddy said kindly. “Bon- home had been found for Luna, she was like, my field of puh-ten-shull Forever Famlies
zo’s one of the Good Guys.” ‘Wait! What?’ She totally didn’t wanna lose considerably. See, when I’m left alone I,
This week, I was honored to innerview Luna. THEN, buh-leeve it or not, just a week well, I tend to HOWL. Majorly. So this famly
Teddy an Luna Montegut, rescue pooch- Luna took a couple of hesitant before Adoption Day, Luna got bit by a BEE is perfect for me. I NEVER haff to be alone.
es from the Humane Society. Luna’s story steps toward me an spoke softly. and went into SHOCK, cuzza bein’ allergic. An everybody gets along. I was already pret-
made me wanna go snuggle with Grandma “I never had any pooches or hu- Jess took care of her till she was All Better an ty well-mannered. An smart. An, here’s the
an Grandpa an let ’em know how much I mans be nice to me. This is so ree-lized there was No Way she was sayin’ Cool Kibbles part. I totally love Humans an
’pree-she-ate ’em, an that I NEVER take my wonderful, sometimes I think goodbye to Luna. So, that’s how Luna became I’m very good-natured and easy-going. So
evening dish of yoghurt for granite. I’m dreamin’.” a Foster Failure and got her Forever Famly.” I’m learning to be a Comfort Dog. Mom’s
in charge of an assisted living place for hu-
Me an my assistant were greeted by a “But you’re not,” I told her “I can’t imagine a better one,” I declared. mans, an I go to work with her an visit the
frenly, bouncy cluster of canines, all differ- gently. “You’re gonna be warm Luna spoke up again. “I didn’t even humans who live there. They talk to me an
ent shapes, sizes an mixtures, mostly black an safe an loved for the entire know what being happy was till I got here. give me liddle pats. An they smile. Mom
coats, with some other colors mixed in. The rest of your life, Luna.” I turned to Ted- Now I’m ackshully learning how to PLAY an says they love me, an I totally love them
largest of the group, a Lab-mixture, fol- dy, wiping my eyes a liddle. “Great fam- be a puppy, which I never got to do. I nev- back. I am one lucky pooch.”
lowed by the rest of the troupe, came up for ly!” I exclaimed. “May I assume you’re the er even barked before I came here. I was “You an me both, Teddy,” I said, as I head-
Wag-an-Sniffs. Spokespooch?” too scared. I’m glad I don’t remember a lot ed home.
from back then. But one day I was playin’
“Well, come right on in, Bonz. I’m Ted- “Absolutely! Get that notebook ready. an alluva sudden there was this Noise. It Till next time,
dy Montegut. This is our Mom Erin an our It’ll mostly be about Luna. An some about startled me. Then I ree-lized – it was ME. I
human sis Jess. These two silly pooches are me, of course. She has a Very Druh-MAA- had BARKED! Grandma an Mama Jess were The Bonz
my sisters Pixie, a Labradoodle, an Harley, a tick tail.” cryin cuz they were so happy I’d found my
Dach-waa-waa.” voice. Mama Jess sometimes calls me Tig- Don’t Be Shy
Everybody except Enola settled down, an ger cuz I like to bounce.”
In the midst of the bouncy wagfest, I no- Teddy began. “You have such a wonderful story,” I told We are always looking for pets
ticed a tiny gray tabby kitten had joined us, Luna sincerely. “So, what’s yours, Teddy?” with interesting stories.
jumpin’ an playin’ like she had no idea how “My Mom and Jess really buh-leeve in “I got adopted cuz Jess wanted a fren for
liddle she was an how big everybody else helpin’ Pets Less Fortunate. Jess fosters Luna. See, I have this terrible Sep-uh-RAY- To set up an interview, email
was. It appeared she considered herself just frequently. I think she knows Almost Ev- [email protected].
one of the pooches. As rowdy as they were, erything about us pets. I mean, it’s uh-
she was right in there with ’em. I could see MAY-zing. Anyway, she volunteers AN fos-
the dogs were inconspicuously takin’ care ters for the Humane Society, which is how
not to accidently smush her. Teddy noticed she heard about poor liddle Luna, who was
me lookin’ at the kitten in amazement. uh-BAN-dunned on the side of the road by
some Very, Very Bad Humans an rescued by
“That liddle furball is Enola. Nobody can Animal Control, thank Lassie. She was in
convince her she’s a cat. We don’t even try terrible shape, totally terrified, injured real
anymore. And, over there …” Teddy pointed bad, almost bought the doghouse. She was
to a small, sturdy, very pretty, silver/gray- rushed to the vet an hadda have emergen-
an-white pit bulldog peeping timidly out cy surgery. She got all sewed up an went to
from the far side of the couch, eyeing me live at the Humane Society. Finally, she was
with equal parts curiosity an anxiety. ready to find a Forever Famly.”

“That’s Luna. She got here in August, just As Teddy told the tail, Luna ventured
a month before me. She’s a sweet pupster, from behind the couch to timidly check out
still learnin’ how to trust and understand me an my assistant, an get reassuring words
this is her Forever Home an we are her some- an pats from Jess.

Teddy continued. “The Humane Society

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES December 17, 2020 B11

643 52 KQJ87
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 10 9 5 3 2 874 J6
6 Q J 10 9 K732
“‘It’s the oldest rule in the book,’ said the King. 9852 A Q J 10 K4

“‘Then it ought to be Number One,’ said Alice.” SOUTH
A 10 9
Lewis Carroll wrote that in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” and it ought to be at the AKQ
beginning of all bridge books. The more counting you do, the better you will play. If you A854
can count only one thing on any given deal, make it high-card points. In a suit contract, it 763
would be great to track trumps too, but points are often more important.
Dealer: East; Vulnerable: Both
Here is a textbook example. How should South plan the play in three no-trump after
West leads a low spade in answer to his partner’s opening bid? The Bidding:

South was not wild about overcalling one no-trump without two solid spade stoppers, SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
but it gave the best description of his hand. A good partner would have held the spade 1 NT Pass 3 NT 1 Spades
jack. All Pass LEAD:
3 Spades
When you lead partner’s suit and you did not raise, lead low from length, high from
shortness (unless you have the ace, when you lead that card; or you have touching
honors, when you start with the top toucher).

South has six top tricks: one spade, three hearts, one diamond and one club. He can
get the extra tricks by taking a winning finesse in one of the minors — but which one?

Declarer can see 10 points on the board and 17 in his hand. That leaves only 13 for the
opponents, but East had enough to open the bidding. The club finesse must have no
chance of working, but the diamond finesse is a certainty.

After taking a trick with his spade ace, South should play a club to the ace, then take
the diamond finesse three times to make his contract.


Hardware Store & Lumber Yard FOREIGN & DOMESTIC
63 years Family Owned & Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171 •


PHONE: (772) 299-5900 I SPADASAUTO.COM
9010 16TH PL., VERO BEACH 32966 (NEAR I-95)

B12 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Wait in line (5) 1 Like Her Majesty? (7)
4 Stiff paper (4) 2 Inns here (anag.) (8)
7 Poultry (4) 3 Avoid; slip one’s mind (5)
8 Fearless (8) 4 Caution; keeping (4)
9 Lively (9) 5 Elevate (5)
10 Wager (3) 6 Not as hard (6)
12 Young swan (6) 11 Board game (8)
14 Scam (6) 13 Bicycle for two (6)
16 Lion, e.g. (3) 15 Precious stone (7)
18 Not embarrassed (9) 17 Die down (5)
21 Type of pepper (8) 19 Small carnivore (5)
22 Male pig (4) 20 Enticement (4)
23 Amount owed (4)
24 Part of a tyre (5)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES December 17, 2020 B13

ACROSS 79 Embassy sights 27 Smell and then some The Washington Post
81 Transcend ending 30 Out of one’s slumber
1 Provoke 82 Finch or Hawke 31 Filled out a questionnaire FIRST CROSSWORD ON THE MOON By Merl Reagle
5 Random House founder 84 Meditation technique 36 Devon diapers
9 Mister Roberts extra 85 Word said twice in a 38 Honor-card combo, in bridge
12 Madrid museum 40 Persuade
17 Bulwer-Lytton heroine Mamet title 44 Oklahoma athlete
18 Capital of South Australia 86 “That’s ___ know” 45 Former Spanish coin
20 On ___ (fleeing) 88 Famed stick wielder 46 Canine classic
21 Deal with a defamer 89 Moon vehicle acronym 48 Org. with wealthy
23 Fighting unit 91 Sum again
24 Ishtar’s other name 92 Mistake of a sort ministers
25 Holiday quaff 95 Farrow and Hamm 49 Newspaper publisher’s article
26 It may go cold 98 ___ Arbor
28 Big inits. in paperback 99 After 6, in ads approval
101 Tennis star who won 51 Chicago cable station
publishing 54 Belief that “things
29 Wellington dweller the 1988 U.S. Open
32 Homorist Bombeck 104 Racine of Body Heat or represent ideas”
33 Trivial Pursuit game 55 Theater need: abbr.
Ravine of Fatal Instinct 57 ___ of absence
piece 105 Vaquero’s rope
34 Percolate 107 Cow or horse home? 58 Call Me Madam madam
35 Corn syrup, e.g. 108 Free sample sign 60 Country Music
109 Trousers feature
37 Controversial boonies blast, 111 Laborious learning Hall of Famer Whisperin’ ___
briefly 114 Libeled Lady star Jean 61 Noble House author
115 “Drove my Chevy 64 Ransacked
39 Old covert org. to ___ ...” 66 Schnozz or Motor follower
41 Singer Jarreau and others 116 Dress designer Wang 67 Acronym on a police jacket
42 H.H. Munro’s pseudonym 117 Daily Planet reporter 70 Noggin scan, briefly
43 Micro___abrasion 118 “Aw, keep ___ 73 Hero of sorts
44 It offers a healing feeling 77 Nail alternative
47 Return of the Jedi shirt on” 80 “___ Fort Knox”
119 Declares 82 Gallery events
creatures 120 Irish island group 83 1984’s The Bounty, for
49 Extremely softly,
in mus. DOWN example
50 Winner of four gold 85 Nonspecialized
1 Galileo was one
medals in 1936 2 Crowd pleaser 87 Final
52 Hefty ref. 3 Knockout combo 88 Involving bones
4 Laverne’s TV last name
53 Do the same as 5 Magna ___ 90 Athena’s Roman
54 Set pieces? 6 Fords that failed counterpart
56 Cracker’s name? 7 Fam. member
8 Winter warmers 91 Hacienda’s cousin
59 Honey lover, to 9 Sandra Dee or Sally Field title 93 Causing less sweat
role 94 “Town Without Pity”
60 “See ya” 10 Poetic paean singer
61 Treatment center
62 Ms. Kidman 11 Ernie’s Muppet pal 96 Swooning fan,
63 Actress Pola 12 Unfaithful, in a way for example
13 Normally: abbr.
65 Certain strainers 14 Chutzpah author 97 Lady of Spain
68 Less experienced 15 Arp’s art movement 100 Opinion
69 French star 16 Scramble alternative 102 Does dock work
19 Some terminals 103 Aired again
71 Steamed-milk orders 20 Tonsorial touch-up 106 14 Down, for ex.
72 Halloween buy 22 Menacing words 110 Maugham’s Cakes and ___
74 Intro to the Walrus 23 Latino quarter? 112 Baseball stats
75 Old-fashioned fundraiser 113 Gardner in The Killers, 1946
76 Steer clear of
77 On the down side?
78 Dam proj.

The Telegraph Established 18 Years in Indian River County

(772) 562-2288 |
3920 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach FL 32960

B14 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING exhibition thru Jan. 3 and Chul Hyun Ahn: New Bricks exhibition thru April 25. 19 Cowboy Christmas, 3 to 7 p.m. at
Light thru April 30. LaPorte Farms. 772-633-0813
Check with organizations directly for First Friday Gallery Strolls in Downtown Vero
COVID-19 updates/cancelations. McKee Botanical Garden: Holi-DAYS, 10 a.m. Beach Arts District, monthly from 5 to 8 p.m. 19 A Jazzin’ Christmas presented by Have
to 3 p.m. (excluding Mondays) thru Dec. 23, with Piano will Duel, 4 p.m. at First Pres-
Vero Beach Museum of Art: Avery to Warhol holiday-themed activities, performances and Art in the Park Fine Arts & Crafts Shows, 10 byterian Church, featuring pianist Jacob Craig,
Santa; and Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects LEGO a.m. to 4 p.m. at Humiston Park, Jan. 10 & 31, saxophonist Gavin Martellotti, percussionist
Feb. 14 & 28, March 28 and April 11. Verobe- Joshua Evers, guitarist Ryan Dillahay, along with gifted local music students. $10 donation sug-
gested. 772-538-1181
Holiday Happenings at Vero Beach Outlets,
with Riverside Theatre Holiday Windows (space 20 Run Run Santa 1 Mile, 7:30 a.m. from
C120), and complimentary Horse & Carriage Pocahontas Park, with ALL participants,
Rides, 1:30 to 3:30 Saturdays thru Dec. 19. walker and runners alike, dressed in provided Flor-
ida-style Santa suits; all finishers receive a snow-
Meet & Greet tours of Pelican Island National Wild- flake medal. 321-412-1830
life Refuge, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays thru Dec. 19.
20 Handel’s Messiah online perfor-
DECEMBER mance, 3 p.m., with inspirational
choral pieces only sung choir members from
17 Senior Resource Association and Silver First Baptist Church of Vero Beach directed by
Tones present Let There be Peace, a Dr. Michael Carter and accompanied by Dr. Ray
virtual concert at 7 p.m., with a performance of Adams on organ. Live streamed at
holiday songs directed by Dr. Jacob Craig. Click on 772-567-4341
events tab at
30 Classic Albums Live performs Fleet-
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN wood Mac’s Greatest Hits, presented
in December 10, 2020 Edition 1 MUST 1 MICROORGANISM by Live from Vero Beach, 7 p.m. at the Emerson
3 ASHY 2 SAMBA Center; doors open at 6 p.m. $30 to $85. Mu-
6 ODE 4 SOFFIT or 800-595-4849.
13 TAP 8 VAMOOSE 2 Army vs. Navy: The Battle for Dominance,
15 ROBUST 11 OAF 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Fellsmere hosted by Do
18 FINGER 14 PILGRIM You Give a Ruck to benefit United Against Pov-
19 EAR 16 BOUNCER erty (with funds and nonperishable foods), with
21 AGUE 17 TAR contestants starting with a ruck march, followed
22 RINGPULL 20 RITUAL by the ‘Army Air Assault Obstacle Course,’ ‘Ma-
25 INCOMMUNICADO 23 USAGE rine Endurance Obstacle Course,’ ‘Stress Fire’
26 MAR 24 SMUG and another ruck march. Open to the public for
27 GOLF viewing & competing.

Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13 Crossword Page B14 (INDUSTRIOUS RESOLUTIONS)


ARE you turning 65 or new to Medicare? PAUL’S GUNS CAREGIVER/HOUSEKEEPER
ARE you looking to review Medicare Choices for 2021. WE BUY GUNS
$$$$ OR TRADE This is a live-out position work,from Tuesday
I can help you with over 10+years of to Friday. $750 weekly Childcare and Light
experience, the dedication and honesty of a GET YOUR CONCEALED housekeeping Must be able to interact with
CARRY PERMIT children Speak English, and non smoker.
specializes in Medicare choices. $50.00 6PM THURSDAYS MUST HAVE REFERENCES AND BE RESPONSIBLE
If interested you can reach Miss Grace at
[email protected]
772-766-1558 772-581-0640 9090 N. US HWY 1 Sebastian, FL

Rose Mary M - F 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am-2pm • Closed Sun.

A+ Insurance
Solutions and
Treasure Coast
Insurance Sources

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR December 17, 2020 B15

8 to March 7 - Right of Way: The Highway- 10 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra an abridged version of The Sleeping Beauty, 23 to May 2 - Vero Beach Museum of Art
men, exhibition at A. E. Backus Museum presents Broadways to Hollywood, 7:30 p.m. Fri.; 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Sat., plus Fam- presents Poetry of Nature: Hudson
and Gallery. 772-465-0630 music of the stage and screen, 3 p.m. at the ily Friendly performance of The Sleeping Prin- River School Landscapes from the New York
Emerson Center. 772-778-5249 cess, 2 p.m. Sun. at VBHS PAC. 772-905-2651 Historical Society. 772-231-0707
9 Bark in the Park to benefit the Humane So-
ciety of Vero Beach & Indian River County, 15-17 Ballet Vero Beach presents 17 Atlantic Classical Orchestra and Vero 25 Vero Beach Lecture Series presents
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Riverside Park, with Disc Ballet: Bold and Beautiful, Beach Museum of Art Chamber Music historian Karen E. Quinn on Glori-
Connected K9 and Frisbee dog shows, Sheriff’s featuring German Dances, by choreographer Series present Game of Paris, with virtuoso vi- ous Marvels of the Land: The Hudson River
Dept. k( demos, lure and dog agility courses, Samuel Kurkjian, a comical take on Flames of olin and cello pieces, 3 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231- School, 4:30 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231-0707 x
food and beer trucks. Free; face masks please. Paris, and the debut of The Sleeping Princess, 0707 x 136 123

CALL 772.410.0077


B16 December 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

Click to View FlipBook Version