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12/29/2017 ISSUE 52


December 29, 2017 | Volume 4, Issue 52 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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Polish-American Club Two car guys, each with an amazing collection Heaton trial for
members lose another mortgage fraud
battle, but war goes on set for Feb. 20

By Beth Walton | Staff Writer By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
[email protected]
Members of the Polish-Amer-
ican Social Club lost another Ron Rosner and Gordon Stewart: Two John’s Island residents Attorneys for Vero Beach Ho-
court battle Tuesday in an on- with a passion for classic and exotic cars. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD tel and Spa developer George
going fight to regain control of Heaton and his co-defendants
an estimated $1.25 million in Neither Ron Rosner nor Gor- MY TAKE They also shared similar busi- have been granted an extra two
assets once set aside to promote don Stewart could recall exactly ness backgrounds – and a fasci- weeks to finish analyzing bank
the culture and heritage of the when they met for the first time, BY RAY MCNULTY nating hobby. records in preparation for a Feb.
Eastern European nation. but the two car guys were fairly 20 trial on felony mortgage fraud
certain it was on a golf course. longtime residents of the sea- “We both owned car dealer- charges.
But, that doesn’t mean the side community and both are ships and we both were car col-
war over the property on “I would guess it was 10 years avid golfers. In fact, Rosner and lectors, so, along with our love A federal judge allowed the ex-
U.S. 1 near 39th Avenue ago,” Stewart said. Stewart teamed to win the club’s for golf, we had a lot in com- tra time because the prosecutor
is over. Despite years of member-member tournament mon,” Rosner said. “That’s prob- requested it jointly with the de-
combat, no white flag of Said Rosner: “I’m pretty sure it in 2014. ably why we hit it off right away.” fense – not because the U.S. At-
surrender is in sight was at John’s Island.” torney’s Office was unprepared
CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 for trial, but due to a serious ill-
Factions remain split Which makes sense: Both are ness in a key attorney’s family.
over the club Board of Di-
rectors’ 2015 decision to broad- Instead of starting the trial on
en its mission by dissolving the Feb. 5 as scheduled, both sides
old club and forming a spinoff are due to appear in court in West
group, the Vero Beach Social Palm Beach for a status confer-
Club, without the consent of its ence on Feb. 14, with the expec-
members. tation of starting jury selection
on Feb. 20 before U.S. District
Some say that’s just what Court Judge Robin Rosenberg.
was needed to keep attendance
high, but others argue the move In mid-December, Heaton’s
was done in bad faith to push


NEWS 1-8 PETS 14
HEALTH 9 GAMES B12 By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer
CALENDAR B16 [email protected]
B1 By the time a “for sale or lease”
ARTS sign goes up, it’s usually clear who
owns the property. But in the case
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 of Indian River Medical Center,
For circulation or where to pick up ownership isn’t so obvious.
your issue call: 772-226-7925
As the officials currently looking
© 2016 Vero Beach 32963 Media LLC. All rights reserved. for a healthcare partner know only
too well, the hospital has ties to
at least three entities, any or all of
which could have some stake in a
deal. Just who owns what is murky


2 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

POLISH-AMERICAN CLUB felt expanding the mission would grow It would defy logic, reason and com- ners brought in around $92,000 in 2015,
the club. mon sense to have bylaws that do not according to tax filings. That year, the
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 allow a board to spend more than $500 nonprofit claimed over $500,000 in net
The situation got so tense by 2015 that without the approval of its members, but assets.
out the Poles and their commitment to the Board of Directors formed a new allow that same board to “give away” all
elevating their culture. corporation, the Vero Beach Social Club. of the corporation’s real and personal But, membership was dropping. It
Without a vote by the membership, all of property without a vote, Walker writes in went from some 750 participants in 2007
Judge Paul Kanarek denied the dissi- the Polish-American Social Club’s assets his motion for summary judgment. to just 325 by 2015. Between 2014 and
dent members’ request to find the board’s were transferred to the new nonprofit 2015 alone, revenue fell nearly $40,000.
disposition of assets and dissolution of and the Polish-American Social Club of But, the situation is not that simple, One group trying to grow the club
the Polish-American Social Club unau- Vero Beach was dissolved. countered attorneys for the board. The thought expanding cultural offerings
thorized last week, saying their argument bylaws are not clear and therefore, a would attract more members.
was legally insufficient. If approved, the Lawyers for the ‘Old Guard’ allege the jury, not a judge, should determine fact.
move could have restored the original board schemed to seize the property and The question is not whether the proper- Overtime, polka dances turned into
club and acknowledged its claim to the dissolve the club in manner that was un- ty was transferred, and the original club salsa night, and the perogies and potato
property. fair. They say the board violated its own dissolved; the question is whether those pancakes were replaced by meat loaf and
bylaws, statutory and fiduciary duties. actions were permissible, argued lawyer lasagna. A newsletter soon boasted, “You
“I think this is an issue the court could The move, they claim, constituted civil Lynn Hampton on behalf of the govern- don’t have to be Polish to join this club.”
rule on as a matter of law,” the judge said conspiracy and unjust enrichment. ing body.
to the crowded courtroom, denying the Polish members picketed the club,
motion without prejudice, meaning the The group now wants the judge to re- The bylaws also say business affairs rules tightened and a turf war over the
members can bring the issue up again. store the Polish-American Social Club’s are overseen by the board. “How far does direction of the club and its property en-
Contract disputes that aren’t deemed standing, return the property and enter a each [rule] go?” she asked. “The bylaws sued. There were allegations of financial
ambiguous can be decided by the court, judgment for damages. are subject to multiple interpretations.” mismanagement and public arguments
he said. so tense that law-enforcement was rou-
No one is challenging that the board Hampton said her clients sought legal tinely called.
Kanarek told the members’ attorneys unilaterally transferred the property and counsel before transferring the assets
to obtain more evidence. One affida- dissolved the club, argued attorney Casey and dissolving the Polish-American So- Then, the ‘Old Guard’ took its argu-
vit isn’t sufficient to find the board’s ac- Walker for the dissident members in the cial Club. ment to court. The members filed a civil
tions void, he said. A signed statement Vero Beach courthouse “There has been complaint against the board in October
of someone’s best knowledge and belief not even a hint of a whisper that there is a They had the authority and duty to in- 2015, Hampton writes in her objection
might not hold up on appeal the same dispute over that,” he said. terpret the statues in a reasonable man- to summary judgment. One month later
way hardened facts do. ner, which they did, she said. “It wasn’t an an amended complaint was dismissed. In
Because there is no dispute over the action taken lightly.” May 2016 a second amended complaint
It was around September 2013 when facts, members are entitled to summary was drafted and the case was ordered to
disputes arose over the direction of the judgment, Walker continued. The Pol- The Polish-American Social Club of mediation, she said.
Polish-American Social Club of Vero ish-American Social Club’s bylaws are Vero beach was founded in 1981 by Pol-
Beach. Members calling themselves the clear the board’s work is “subject to the ish-American citizens to promote Polish Board members anticipated a settle-
‘Old Guard’ wanted to keep Polish culture approval of the regular membership,” he culture and customs along the Treasure ment this year, but by October, the ‘Old
at the forefront of activities, while others said. This includes any expenditures over Coast. Revenue from membership dues Guard’ demanded the case go back in
$500. and social events like dances and din- front of judge. 



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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 29, 2017 3

HOSPITAL: WHO OWNS WHAT for-profit or not-for-profit,” Gatto point- explained it to the hospital board of di- Not only was there confusion on the
ed out to the board. rectors, the trouble begins if “the whole part of top officials about who owns the
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 shebang” is sold. cancer center, there is still some uncer-
The difficulty would arise “if the part- tainty as to whether Vero Radiology and
enough that two officials at first gave two ner decided they wanted to own all the “If the assets that are leased by IRMC the Wellness Center revert to the District
different answers as to who owns the assets, including the District assets,” in- continued to be leased [by the new hos- when the hospital’s lease expires in 2034.
hospital’s cancer center. stead of continuing to lease them from pital entity] and the assets that are owned After District trustee Allen Jones exam-
the District, according to hospital con- by IRMC were purchased, then if you ined the issue closely along with hospital
They eventually agreed: the Scul- sultant Barry Sagraves of Juniper Advi- carefully structure the transaction, you board chairman Wayne Hockmeyer last
ly-Welsh Cancer Center belongs to coun- sory. In that case, “they would definitely can avoid the 50-50 split and a lot of the year, they agreed those properties likely
ty taxpayers. need a referendum,” Sagraves said, not- parade of horribles,” said Gatto. would revert to District ownership.
ing that an outright sale would mean it
The guardian of those properties is the would take longer to complete the trans- That gives new urgency to the issue of But with four hospital systems com-
Indian River County Hospital District, action. asset ownership. peting to take over IRMC, it seems doubt-
which indisputably owns – on behalf of ful the IRMC lease will ever see its natural
taxpayers – the hospital’s brick-and-mor- Gatto advocates a “hybrid” deal with In the 32 years since the Indian Riv- expiration.
tar main campus and the land it sits on, the various entities that are involved er County Hospital District first leased
plus the Behavioral Health Center across that would include a new partner buying its hospital to a management company, All four have asked for an amended
the street. some assets and leasing others. As Gatto lines have blurred around which entity lease in their initial proposals. 
owns what buildings and businesses.
The District leases all that property to
IRMC, a separate management corpora-
tion that runs the hospital.

IRMC has some ownership claims too,
however. In 1996, it formed a real estate
investment arm, Health Systems of In-
dian River Inc., a nonprofit corporation
with a board of directors that mirrors
the hospital’s board. Along with own-
ing land by the hospital campus, Health
Systems bought Vero Radiology, built the
new Health and Wellness Center and is
part-owner of medical office space in Se-

And then there’s the third entity, Indian
River Medical Center Foundation, which
among other capital projects raised $100
million to build the hospital’s much-her-
alded heart and cancer centers, both now
part of the District’s campus and leased
to IRMC. While the foundation techni-
cally doesn’t own property, it could be
reimbursed a portion of those donations
if it doesn’t approve of the new hospital

Indian River County also could have
a claim on sale proceeds. A relatively re-
cent state law caught Hospital District
officials by surprise last year when they
discovered it provides for counties to get
half of the proceeds from the sale of a
District-owned hospital. Those proceeds
would be paid out not for healthcare di-
rectly, as the taxes the District collects
are, but for new healthcare related busi-
ness ventures.

An attorney for the hospital, Jon Gatto,
who specializes in public hospital leases,
warned the IRMC board in a November
meeting that if any deal with a partner in
the months ahead isn’t precisely struc-
tured, the 50-50 split could be triggered
and a public referendum could be re-
quired to approve the sale.

Such a vote is spelled out in the legisla-
ture’s special act that formed the Hospital

“Prior to any decision to sell all or sub-
stantially all of the facilities which make
up Indian River Memorial Hospital, the
district shall cause a referendum to be
held at which the electors of Indian Riv-
er County shall have the opportunity to
express their approval or disapproval of
the proposed sale,” states the special act.

And that’s “no matter if your partner is

4 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Grand Harbor members: ‘A lot of good things underway’

By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer mino said. “Whether the developer follows Residents also shared concerns about sent nearly 550 active golf members, to the
[email protected] through or not, we’ll see. But, generally staff turnover that had seen the departures community’s Massachusetts-based devel-
speaking, I think people are feeling more of longtime tennis director Christophe oper, Bayswater Development LLC, to ex-
The holiday season isn’t the only reason positive now.” Delavaut, golf-club personnel and chefs. press “dismay and disappointment” over
Grand Harbor Golf and Beach Club resi- the decision to cease improvements to the
dents and members are feeling a bit more That wasn’t the case six months ago, when Some residents, including Gammino, club’s Harbor Course and suspend plans to
cheer these days. frustrated residents were publicly grum- were so upset that they voiced their criti- expand the adjacent practice facility.
bling about Grand Harbor’s management, cisms to Vero Beach 32963, which chroni-
They’re also optimistic about the chang- citing the cancellation of a wildly popular, cled their complaints in a front-page story In the letter sent to Bayswater presi-
es they’ve seen recently throughout the summer-reciprocal agreement with local in June. dent Joseph Colasuonno and copied to
country-club community on the main- clubs, the halting of golf-course improve- the club’s general manager, Jason Frand-
land’s waterfront. ments and the failure to follow through on The news story quoted a May 25 letter sen, the associations questioned manage-
other promised community enhancements. written by the presidents of Grand Har- ment’s actions, which they said “suggest
“There are a lot of good things under- bor’s four golf associations, which repre- that the developer is uncaring, unreliable
way,” Grand Harbor resident John Gam- and unresponsive to the concerns of mem-
bers who already have invested consider-
able resources in Grand Harbor.”

It appears Bayswaters executives – as
well as Icahn Enterprises, billionaire Carl
Icahn’s New York-based conglomerate,
which owns the Cape Cod real estate com-
pany – got the message.

“A combination of things happened that
led the powers-that-be to realize there
were some unhappy campers down here,”
Grand Harbor resident Doug Sweeny said.
“Maybe it was the letter. Maybe it was the
newspaper article. Somehow, word got to
Icahn’s headquarters in New York.”

And things began to change.
Frandsen sent a letter to Grand Harbor
members in September, informing them
that the summer reciprocal agreements
with other Vero Beach-area clubs would
be reinstated, the increase in annual dues
would not be as large as projected and
work would resume on the promised golf-
course improvements and clubhouse en-
In October, residents were happy to see
workers refurbishing the golf-cart bridg-
es, expanding the golf club’s practice area,
redecorating the main clubhouse, reno-
vating the beach club and enhancing the
fitness center.
With work already completed on the
new tees on the Harbor Course, both of
Grand Harbor’s golf courses are now fully
available for play. The new and improved
practice area is expected to open soon.
In addition, the club has hired a new
food-and-beverage manager and new
“If you took a snapshot five or six
months ago, you’d see people frustrated
and unhappy and grumbling,” Sweeny
said. “Now, you’d see something consid-
erably different. People are more upbeat.
They’re seeing things change, and they’re
encouraged by it.”
Perhaps the greatest cause for optimism
is an apparent change in management’s
“There seems to be a willingness to get
member input,” Sweeny said, “and if the
people in New York have a better under-
standing of Grand Harbor, that’s a win-win
for everyone involved.”


6 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

GRAND HARBOR office last week. However, both Sweeny
and Gammino said they believe the surg-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 ing national economy and booming local
real-estate market contributed as much
Last month, in fact, Colasuonno and to Grand Harbor management’s change
Frandsen met with an ad hoc committee of heart as did the members’ public com-
of 36 Grand Harbor residents to discuss a plaints.
“Vision 2020” project to address the mem-
bers’ needs and wants. Sweeny said Bayswater wants to build
another 240 homes on the property – spe-
Sweeny, the committee’s chairman, said cifically in The Reserve, River Village and
the focus group assembled a prioritized list The Falls sections of the community.
of improvements, additions and expan-
sions members would like management to “If you look at some of the high-end
address during the next three years. homes being built in Vero, they’ve got
plenty of room to build and a good reason
“Just as we were finishing up that work, to invest in the development,” Gammino
the Icahn group created a new executive said.
position – president of club operations for
both Grand Harbor and The Club at New “This is fertile ground.”
Seabury on Cape Cod,” Sweeny said. “And Gammino said Bayswater is scheduled
they didn’t just create the position, they to transfer ownership of the club to the
filled it with a proven, high-powered tal- members in December 2020, but he be-
ent. lieves that date could be pushed back if the
community isn’t fully developed.
“The guy has very strong credentials.” In the meantime, he said, Grand Harbor
The guy is Chris Card, who spent the residents are feeling good about the trends
past two years as the general manager and they see.
chief operating officer at BallenIsles Coun- “We’re in transition,” Gammino said.
try Club in Palm Beach Gardens. From “I’m not sure what we’re transitioning into,
2009 to 2012, Card was the golf club gen- but it’s a totally different picture than it
eral manager and golf director at Trump was last summer. Some positive things are
Turnberry in Scotland. happening, so I’m optimistic – cautiously
“He knows what he’s doing,” Swee- optimistic.”
ny said, “and he knows what needs to be And for good reason.
done.” “I don’t want to be naïve,” Sweeny said,
Frandsen, who could not be reached “but the fact that Icahn has put such an
for comment for the story in June, did not impressive guy in charge of the clubs is a
return multiple phone messages left at his good sign.” 


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Expires 01-31-18

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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 29, 2017 7

GEORGE HEATON the banks’ loan decision-making due dili- Hurricane Impact Doors
gence – or lack thereof – presumably with & Impact Glass,
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 the hope that members of the jury blame We Have It All!
the financial collapse of 2008 and 2009 on
attorney said he had recently received widespread fast-and-loose banking prac-
documents the defense had been trying tices.
to obtain from Orion Bank and from the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation An objection filed by the prosecution
and needed time to determine if and how on Nov. 30, claiming that the defense
those records might be useful. lacked specificity as to what a bank-
ing expert witness named John Kovar-
Heaton, who developed the hotel with ik might testify to, stated, “The general
business partners, is accused of not ac- tone of this purported expert’s testimony
curately reporting millions of dollars in strongly suggests an improper attempt to
buyers’ incentives that he is said to have use the imprimatur of an expert to blame
refunded to buyers after the real estate the mortgage lending industry, and dis-
closings on the condos, using different tract the jury from focusing on the intent
bank accounts and a West Palm Beach law of the defendants.
firm to handle those “cash to close” pay-
backs. “As the Court knows from previous lit-
igation in this case, the defense plans to
Those reports, allegedly made on fed- attack victim Orion Bank by attempting to
eral forms, characterized the cash provid- introduce ‘evidence that the subject loans
ed by Heaton as part of the buyers’ own would have been given without regard to
downpayments, thereby inflating how any alleged false statement or material
much buyers had at risk. omission.’”

Charging documents say four different As the trial date approaches, the court
banks relied upon allegedly false infor- has set deadlines for attorneys to submit
mation when making up to nine sepa- final witness lists and proposed questions
rate mortgage decisions. Heaton’s closing to pose to prospective jurors. Former cli-
agent and his former bookkeeper are also ents of two of the defense attorneys are set
charged with conspiracy and fraud and, if to testify, so the court had to address with
convicted, each faces up to 30-year prison those attorneys how that would play out
sentences and millions in fines and res- in open court.
titution to the banks for losses incurred
over the past decade. The attorneys assured the judge they
had a plan to handle the potential conflict
Court documents say Heaton may try of interest, while protecting client confi-
to shift the blame off of himself and onto dentiality. 

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8 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Ron Rosner, left, and Gordon Stewart. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD

MY TAKE Rosner, a New York City native, sells tiple states – their specialty motorsports Rosner Chevrolet in Melbourne and is a
primarily high-end, vintage and exotic businesses are a labor of love. “For Ron and partner in a Hyundai dealership in Greens-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 imports, such as low-mileage luxury ve- I,” Stewart said, “it’s as much a hobby as a burg, Pa.
hicles made by Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, business.”
Even now, with Rosner and Stewart both BMW, Jaguar and Lexus, as well as rare, “I’ve been in the car business for 47
operating specialty dealerships in Vero investment-grade cars from manufactur- But it is a business. years, and I’ve always appreciated very rare
Beach, they see themselves as friends, not ers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Motor City Classic Cars occupies a state- cars,” said Rosner.
as competitors in selling cars in their col- Aston-Martin, Rolls Royce and Bentley. “If of-the-art, 16,400-square-foot showroom
lections. “If anything,” Stewart said, “I’d say someone contacts him and is looking for located at 4910 42nd Place, off 41st Street Among the classics for sale in his show-
we complement each other.” something that’s not in his bailiwick, he between 43rd and 58th avenues, where room are a 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
sends them to me,” Stewart said, “and I do Stewart stores a 50-car inventory worth III Mulliner Drophead convertible coupe
And, really, they do. the same for him.” more than $3 million. – one of only 12 in the world – and a 2005
Stewart, born and raised in the Detroit His collection features cars and trucks Ford Thunderbird, the last year of that nos-
suburb of Grosse Pointe, sells primarily Said Rosner: “It’s all very amicable. We’ve ranging from a 1929 LaSalle 328 convert- talgic line.
American-made, fully-restored classics, even bought cars from each other.” ible coup to a 2015 Corvette Z06 3LZ and
specializing in muscle cars, especially from includes Chevy Camaros and Chevelles, The cars in Rosner’s fleet range in price
the 1960s and ‘70s, along with Chevrolet That’s what collectors do. Pontiac GTOs, a Ford Thunderbird and from $20,000 to $900,000, and he expects to
Corvettes from the 1950s through the cur- And though Rosner and Stewart spent Mustang, and Corvette models dating back bring in some worth $1 million.
rent decade. most of their adult lives as car salesmen – to 1958.
both owned new-car dealerships in mul- “I’ve been in the car business all my life,” Like Stewart, Rosner sells his cars na-
said Stewart, 72, who still owns three Chevy tionally and internationally, relying almost
dealerships – in Tampa and Orange Park in solely on the internet to connect with po-
Florida, and in Garden City, Michigan – and tential buyers. “It’s an internet-driven busi-
a Toyota dealership in Hoover, Alabama. ness,” Stewart said. “These aren’t impulse
“That’s how I developed a fondness for cars, buys. People spend a lot of time researching
particularly American classics. what they want.”
“I’ve been collecting cars for about 30
years.” Al Shahamat, Rosner’s hand-picked and
Having lived in Vero Beach since 1994, he personally trained general manager, said
brought Motor City Classic Cars here two the dealership acquires much of its inven-
years ago. tory from collectors, either through sales
Rosner moved Rosner Motorsports from or trades, so the cars have low mileage and
Virginia to Vero Beach two months ago, set- have been well cared for.
ting up shop at a made-over, 30,000-square-
foot warehouse near the Vero Beach Re- “We’ll eventually get to 80 or 100 cars,
gional Airport, on Flight Safety Drive, across and we’ll be doing more than selling them,”
Aviation Boulevard from the entrance to Shahamat said. “Eventually, we will offer
Historic Dodgertown. concierge service, where we’ll provide pick-
“I had the Motorsports operation in up and transportation of the vehicles in an
Fredericksburg, but since I spend seven enclosed truck, perform the service need-
months of the year in Vero Beach, I decid- ed, then return the vehicle.
ed we should move it here,” said Rosner, 70,
who grew up in Queens, New York, moved “We also plan to offer storage, financing,
here in 2003 and has lived at John’s Island leasing and consignment sales,” he add-
for the past 11 years. ed. “And we also buy and trade cars. What
“We closed on the warehouse in August, we’re doing is different from anything else
got our dealership license from the state in around here.”
October and we’re open for business.”
He estimated the value of his 50-car col- Certainly, that’s different from what is
lection at more than $7 million. offered by Motor City Classic Cars, which
Like Stewart, Rosner said he developed doesn’t offer servicing. Instead, Stewart
his love for cars while selling them – first as builds his inventory with cars that don’t re-
a salesman, then as the general manager quire any type of restoration.
of a dealership, and finally as the owner of
more than a dozen dealerships. “We don’t do restoration or servicing,”
Rosner still has stakes in two: He owns Stewart said.

“We deal with only restored vehicles.
Those are hard to find. There are a lot of
cars out there, but not many that are fully
restored. I’m a collector and a dealer, so ev-
erything is for sale. But I buy only cars I’d
like to keep.”

Collecting cars is, after all, his hobby –
along with golf. 



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to the advertisement for the free discounted fee, or reduced
fee service, examination, or treatment. D0150, D0210

A10 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

‘Shing’ its praises: New vaccine is ultra-effective

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer Dr. Brenda Field with Michele Batiste.
[email protected]
When the FDA approved GlaxoSmith-
Kline’s new Shingrix vaccine for shingles
last month, it also took the extraordinary
step of recommending it replace the exist-
ing Zostavax shingles vaccine.

A tsunami of good press promptly followed.
The New York Times quoted Dr. Rafael
Harpaz, a veteran shingles researcher at
the Centers for Disease Control, as saying
“this really is a sea change” in the preven-
tion of shingles, and Dr. William Schaffner,
a preventive disease specialist at the Van-
derbilt University School of Medicine, who
claimed “this vaccine has spectacular ini-
tial protection rates in every age group. The
immune system of a 70- or 80 year-old re-
sponds as if the person were only 25 or 30.”
The Washington Post added, “Shingrix
is 97 percent effective against shingles
for those 50 to 59 years old, compared to
about 70 percent for Zostavax, data show.
For those in their 60s, the new vaccine is 97
percent effective, compared to 64 percent
for Zostavax. For those in their 70s, Shin-
grix is 91 percent effective, compared to
about 41 percent for Zostavax.”
Not to be outdone, the Times then ran an-
other article a few days later with the head-

line: “No excuses, people: get the new shin- plaining, “How much capital I’m going to ex-
gles vaccine.” pend trying to push my patients into the new
shingles vaccine remains to be seen depend-
“I think it may turn out to be a great vac- ing on how the data comes out. I’ll expend a
cine,” says Dr. Brenda Field at Barefoot Bay lot of capital trying to push them to get their
Internal Medicine and the Steward Health flu and pneumonia shots, because those are
Group at Sebastian River Medical Cen- killers. Shingles is not a killer – though it may
ter Field. She tempers her enthusiasm by make you wish you were [dead].”
adding, “I think it boils down to a little bit
about how cautious you are about adopting And then there’s the local chatter factor.
early things and how much risk you per- As Field candidly explains, “If it turns
sonally feel you are at for shingles. out that the first 50 people here in Barefoot
Bay get the [new] shots and then feel really
“I think if the immunity [from Shringrix] crappy for three or four days, then it’s not
holds up so that maybe we can vaccinate going to be well adopted. And it doesn’t
people once or twice in their senior years – really matter what the commercials say.
like from say 60 and up – I think that would Word of mouth is going to trump that.”
be fabulous,” but, as of now, that is still an So what, exactly, is shingles?
Ever the pragmatist, Field continues by ex-

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A12 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH


CONTINUED FROM PAGE A10 sion) of the varicella-zoster virus, anyone By Maria Canfield | Correspondent gut and it’s been known for a long time that
receiving it must have an immune system having diversity among these bacteria has
It is an outbreak of the varicella-zoster that’s working well. Research from the UK has added to the many health benefits. Samantha Lynch, MS,
virus that causes chicken pox. The virus well-known list of benefits provided by ome- RDN, LDN, a registered dietitian and nutri-
can lay dormant inside the nerve tissue of Even with the old Zostavax, says Field, “I ga-3s: more bacterial diversity in the gut. tionist with a private practice in Vero Beach,
the spinal cord or brain for decades before don’t even think about vaccinating my 90+ says, “In addition to helping with the absorp-
re-activating itself and causing an outbreak year olds with it because the chance that We have nearly 40 trillion bacteria in our
of shingles – which means anyone who has they’re going to have enough of an immune Samantha Lynch.
ever had chicken pox can develop shingles. response to be helpful to them is very low,”
and she doesn’t want to “open the door” for PHOTO BY DENISE RITCHIE
While rarely life-threatening, shingles the problems that could pose.
can pack a powerful, painful punch with
rashes, skin blistering and infections, In the end, some enthusiasm for Shin-
nerve damage, vision loss and even inflam- grix does surface as Field concludes by say-
mation of the brain along with facial paral- ing, “I do think it’s very exciting. I think if
ysis and balance problems. we actually have a better shingles vaccine
that will be a wonderful thing. I’ll get my
The Mayo clinic reports that “shingles is information together for my patients and
most common in people older than 50 and help them make their own best choices and
that risk increases with age. Some experts go from there. Hopefully I can say [the new
estimate that half the people 80 and older vaccine] is wonderful thing that lives up to
will have shingles.” the promise it has.”

While Field – and the CDC – are quick to Dr. Brenda Field is with the Sebastian Riv-
point out there are several antiviral medi- er Medical Center and the Steward Health
cations now available to help treat shingles Group. Her office is at Barefoot Bay Internal
after it flares up, Shingrix is the first new Medicine, 8000 Ron Beatty Blvd., Suite A-3
vaccine approved by the FDA for prevent- in Barefoot Bay. The phone number is 772-
ing it in more than a decade. 664-1388. 

But, since it’s a live (but weakened ver-

NOopwen It’s a date.

AL 13068 Join us for a lunch that
you will remember.

Call with an opening on
your calendar.


Assisted Living & Memory Care

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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 29, 2017 A13

tion and digestion of food and keeping our lar food sources or omega-3 supplements that
immune system strong, having diversified are appropriate for your specific situation.
gut bacteria lowers the risk of diabetes, obe-
sity, and inflammatory bowel disease.” Lynch says, “The UK study had a number
of strengths, including its large size and the
Omega-3s are essential fatty acids with a number of data points it evaluated. It had
wide range of health benefits. They are not some limitations, however – the researchers
produced by the body; the only way to get relied on self-reported food questionnaires
them is from dietary sources. A diet rich in for dietary omega-3 intake, and there were
omega-3s lowers “bad” cholesterol and re- no males in the study.” She adds, “I am very
duces blood pressure and triglycerides – re- interested in seeing the results of additional
ducing the risk of heart disease and improv- studies, as the gut microbiome plays such an
ing overall cardiovascular health. important part in preventing disease and in
our overall health.”
Studies have suggested that omega-3s can
also reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthri- Samantha Lynch’s office is located at 4445
tis, improve bone strength, protect against Hwy A1A, Suite 239, in Vero Beach. She can
age-related cognitive decline and dementia, also be reached via her website: www.saman-
and reduce inflammation.  

And now researchers from the Universi-

I am very interested in seeing the results of

additional studies, as the gut microbiome

plays such an important part in preventing

disease and in our overall health.

– Samantha Lynch

ty of Nottingham’s School of Medicine and The study was published in the journal
King’s College London have found an associ- Scientific Reports.
ation between omega-3 intake and the diver-
sity of gut bacteria. One of the best sources of omega-3s are
oily-fleshed, cold water fish such as wild
In a test group of 876 middle-aged and Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel, cod,
senior women, the research team set out to haddock, trout, whitefish, herring, tinned
study the link between blood levels of ome- sardines and canned light tuna. There are
ga-3 and the diversity of gut bacteria. Lead also non-fish sources of omega 3s; walnuts
researcher Dr. Ana Valdes summarized the are by far richest source (at least among
findings by saying that high blood levels of foods that are household names; chia seeds
omega-3 “were strongly associated with the and flaxseeds are also high in omega-3s).
diversity and number of species of healthy
bacteria in the gut. There are also widely-available omega-3
supplements, about which Lynch sounds a
“Our study is the largest to date to examine note of caution: “Before popping an ome-
the relationship between omega-3 fatty acids ga-3 supplement, talk to your doctor or con-
and the composition of the gut microbiome.” tact a registered dietitian who can review
your medical history and the medications
The team also found that high levels of and supplements you are taking. There are
omega-3 were associated with high levels of possible interactions between omega-3 sup-
NCG, a compound that has been shown to plements and certain medications, such as
reduce oxidative stress in the gut. (Oxidative anticoagulants, which must be avoided.” She
stress is a complicated topic; suffice it to say adds that a healthcare professional will be
to that it can cause cells to prematurely age able to provide a recommendation of particu-
and become dysfunctional.)

A14 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz says Milo and Morgan are a coupla cuties

Hi Dog Buddies! bag, shakin’ cuz of bein’ nervous) an we Milo and Morgan, the King Charles Spaniels. PHOTO BY MITCH KLOORFAIN
were bookin’ though the airport to catch “I KNOW. They think we
I had a fun yap with a coupla Cavalier King the plane to Florida.”
Charles Spaniels this week, Milo Niemczyk can’t spell. Isn’t that hi-LARRY-us? So we “Do you have those
(NIM-zick) an his (step) sister Morgan, both “Woof!” I exclaimed. “That’s a lotta ex-
with those totally adorable, puppy-sweet citement!” go along with it. We pretend we don’t know big, long kennel names nobody ever uses?”
King Charles faces an frenly dispositions.
Milo’s 2, and he was born in Ireland, then “Totes! I was seein new stuff, hearin’ what W-A-L-K means. We just remain calm.” “Yes, we do,” said Morgan. “Milo’s is
went to a kennel in Georgia, so I was won- new sounds, smellin’ new smells. I finally
derin’ if he’d be like, “Top o’ the morning,’ fell asleep an pretty much napped ’til we Me an Milo an Morgan laughed behind Durramore Bailey’s Surprise an mine’s
ya’ll.” But he spoke just plain ol’ dog, no ac- got to my Forever Home. I was still shaky,
cent or anything. and hopin’ my new Dad an big sister our paws. “I think a lotta us do that,” I said. Morgan Louise of Cossa Creek. I ackshully
would like me. WELL we got to the house,
After the Wag-an-Sniff, we got all com- an Mom set me down. The instant I spot- “Things go much smoother when humans came with an in-STRUCK-shun book!
ftubble, an Milo introduced me to his Mom ted Morgan I was like, ‘OH, WOW! This is
an Dad, Carolyn an Leo. “Happy to met you GREAT!’ She looked like my Mom an all think they’re in charge.” “Woof! Fancy! Any pooch pals?”
all,” I said. “So, Milo, do you remember any- my brothers and sisters an cousins. And
thing about Ireland?” I knew I was HOME!! They nodded. “My Bestie’s Frankie,” Milo said. “He’s a

“Not really, Mr. Bonzo. I was only a liddle “Morgan wanted to be sure I unnerstood “Since you’re Spaniels, I assume you chihuahua mix. We were puppies together.
furball. I do remember seein’ lotsa fluffy that she owns the house, an that was Total-
funny-lookin’ white animals on the ride to ly Cool Kibbles with me. She’s the BEST! She swim?” “An one time, up in Asheville, North Ca-
the airport. I thought they were some kinda taught me everything I know.”
dogs, but I found out they were cheeps.” “Oh, Milo, you gotta tell Mr. Bonzo about ro-LINE-uh, we met this real frenly duck.
Morgan chimed in. “Yes I did. We bond-
“Cheeps? Oh, right! I gotcha.” ed right away. He was a fun liddle pupster. your swimming pool adventure,” Morgan She was wearin’ a shirt an sneakers, just like
“Anyway, Mom an Dad have always been He’s a smarty, but mostly I hadda protect
a Spaniel Family. Springers like you, an him from himself. He’s curious about EV- said. her human Dad. Didn’t catch her name. We
Brittanys. ERYthing!”
“They had Oscar, Nelson an Brutus. Then, “It’s kinda embarrassing, but here goes: don’t speak much Duck.”
when they were low on spaniels, they decid- “Mom bought me a buncha toys an I ate
ed to get a smaller size so it could fly in the ’em!” Milo declared happily. “But that was my first full day here, I was lookin’ at every- Heading home, I was thinking about all
human section. They had Morgan already when I was liddle. NOW I’m much more neat
so they were checkin’ out puppy pickshurs and tidy. When we go outside, I wait patient- thing, checkin’ stuff out, real excited. So I the cool poocheroos I’ve met who are fren-
online. See, even though we were official- ly in my crate (we love our crates) ’til Mom
ly hunting dogs, us Cavalier King Charleses an Morgan are ready. An I always Do My see this kinda shiny big thing, an it looked ly with other species. Like cats. Or Milo an
are SO CUTE that, a long time ago, Royal Doodie in the Same Spot.
Humans made us pets, ’specially the fancy like it’d be a nice place for runnin’ around. Morgan and the Duck. Or that puffin who
ladies, an they had PORtrutts painted with “We do leash walks, of course, but, Dog!
us in their LAPS. I love to run! Dad says that’s my spaniel in- So I jumped. Well, first thing I know, I’m all decided to have fish for playmates instead
“Anyway, Mom an Dad picked ME! So stinks coming out. An we both can’t wait to
Mom got up at 4 a.m. an flew to Atlanta, go to PetSmart. Talk about Dog Frenly!” wet and coughin.’ It was like this big water of lunch. I think we’re on to something.
cuz I was in Lula, Georgia, an planes don’t
go there. The kennel lady was gonna bring “We sniff everything an take classes an bowl. So I starting franickly movin’ my legs.
me to the airport, then her an Mom were get groomed there,” Morgan interjected.
gonna do a Hand-off. Of me. It was rainin,’ “We don’t really like gettin’ groomed, but we Mom said, ‘’Oh, look, Milo’s not doing a Dog The BonzTill next time,
an me an the kennel lady were late, so Mom look FABULOUS when we’re done!” Paddle, he’s doing an Australian Crawl. He
grabbed me (she was wearing those funny instinctively knows what to do in the water
lady shoes called heels an I was in liddle Milo lowered his voice and leaned toward
me. “Wanna know somethin’ funny? When cuz he’s a Spaniel.’ But Dad said, ‘NO WAY, he Don’t Be Shy
Mom an Dad are talkin’ about goin’ out or jumped in cuz he thought it was a solid sur-
goin’ for a walk an they don’t want us to get face. He didn’t have a CLUE.’ Dad was right. We are always looking for pets
excited, they spell W-A-L-K or O-U-T or G-O.” I was Totally Freaked Out and was just tryin’ with interesting stories.
to get my soggy caboose outta there. Never
“I’ve heard a lotta humans do that,” I went near that pool, or any pool, ever again. I To set up an interview, email
don’t care if I AM a Spaniel.” [email protected].

Michael Creek property sold
to Gainesville developer

16 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Michael Creek property sold to Gainesville developer

By Steven M. Thomas | Staff Writer moribund Michael Creek property at the
[email protected] eastern end of the Wabasso Bridge and has
crews onsite, cleaning up the property and
A new, 60-home riverfront subdivision dredging the channel between the shore-
is coming to the island, with construction line and Intracoastal Waterway.
starting this spring or summer, according
to Treasure Coast Sotheby’s broker Mi- Trematerra plans to build a 21 slip ma-
chael Thorpe. rina, along with parks and a clubhouse
complex that was part of the original
Gainesville builder and developer Pe- subdivision design created by Ironwood
ter Trematerra paid $6 million for the long

Properties and approved by the county a popularity on the island in the past several
decade ago. years, which incorporates elements of mod-
ernism without going full-on Miami Vice. He
Once the site is spruced up, finished lots thinks the homes will sell to a mix of fulltime
will be sold to an authorized builder or residents and second home buyers attracted
builders for prices ranging from $200,000 by the resort-town location and nearby cul-
to $500,000, with home sites on the river tural and recreational amenities.
fetching the highest prices.
“There are 1,000 newly-retired ba-
Houses are expected to range from by-boomers moving to Florida every day,
2,000 to 3,500 square feet in size and sell so we think the buyers will be there,” says
for $600,000 to about $1.3 million. Treasure Coast Sotheby’s broker associate
Janyne Kenworthy, who brought the build-
“We have had a lot of inquiries from ing opportunity to Trematerra’s attention
people wanting to buy a single lot and and represented him in the purchase.
build a home, but that is not the plan,”
says Thorpe, who sold the 31-acre tract Subdivision infrastructure, including
to the original developer in 2006 and has roads, sewers and a central lake, has been
been shopping it around for the hedge in place since 2008, but no homes were
fund that ended up with it after the real es- ever built.
tate downturn. “Peter Trematerra is look-
ing for a highly-qualified builder to put on Cary Glickstein, owner of Delray
their community developer hat and build Beach-based Ironwood Properties, ac-
homes with consistent quality and archi- quired the land in two parcels in 2006,
tectural style.” at the height of the housing boom. He
bought 28 acres from the Lier family, de-
The architecture will be determined by scendants of island citrus pioneer A.B.
the builder, but Thorpe expects something Michael, for $16 million, and then paid
in the “transitional” style that has gained

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 29, 2017 17


another $1.6 million for an adjacent 2.8- thought he could buck the down market with Ryan and Melissa Weaver, Agency Owners
acre parcel. a well-designed community of luxury homes, Ryan Weaver Insurance Inc. is a locally owned
but reality eventually sunk in. He put the and operated independent agency. Located in the
Thereafter he spent another $3 million development on hold and later lost it to his CenterState Bank Building, just off of Miracle Mile
or so on fill and infrastructure, for a total lender, who in turn sold it to the hedge fund. and across from Classic Car Wash in Vero Beach.
investment of more than $20 million.
“Cary Glickstein is a brilliant developer Serving Vero Beach for over 10 years!
As late as the fall of 2008, Glickstein still but even Superman could not have stood All lines of commercial or personal insurance available.
up to what was happening at that time,”
Thorpe says.

Considering Glickstein’s investment,
the $6 million sale price stands out as a
striking bargain.

Thorpe says since the sale of Michael
Club, other developers have been call-
ing him asking if he has any other similar
properties in hand.

“They all want it now, since they heard
the sale price,” he says. “But there is noth-
ing else like it available.”

Thorpe says there also has been strong
interest from builders who want to be in-
volved with the project.

“We are meeting with quality builders
now, looking for the right fit and financial
arrangements,” he says. “If the developer
doesn’t find someone that meets his re-
quirements, he has said he will build it out
himself.” 

Contact any one of our professional agents for a quote!

855 21st Street – CenterState Bank Building
2nd Floor – Vero Beach

(772) 567-4930

[email protected]

18 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



Another superbly strong week on the mainland real estate market saw 51 single-family residences
and lots sell from Dec. 18-22 (some shown below).
The top sale of the week in Vero Beach was the home at 5815 Glen Eagle Lane. First listed in May
for $575,000, this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom residence sold for $525,000 on Dec. 20.
In Sebastian, the top sale of the week was the house at 12825 83rd Avenue. First listed in Sep-
tember for $399,000, the 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 1,906-square-foot abode fetched $350,000 on
Dec. 19.


VERO BEACH 5815 GLEN EAGLE LANE 5/4/2017 $575,000 12/20/2017 $500,000
VERO BEACH 2401 VICTORY BOULEVARD 11/6/2017 $550,000 12/20/2017 $486,647
VERO BEACH 1335 LILYS CAY CIRCLE 3/27/2017 $468,060 12/21/2017 $470,000
VERO BEACH 1625 SAINT DAVIDS LANE 11/3/2017 $495,000 12/18/2017 $405,000
VERO BEACH 5385 ANTIGUA CIRCLE 6/13/2017 $439,900 12/21/2017 $380,000
VERO BEACH 5640 RIVERBOAT CIRCLE SW 11/2/2017 $380,000 12/21/2017 $380,000
VERO BEACH 5688 RIVERBOAT CIRCLE 10/16/2017 $390,000 12/18/2017 $372,500
VERO BEACH 4763 S NEWPORT ISLAND DRIVE #4B 8/21/2017 $410,000 12/18/2017 $355,000
VERO BEACH 1105 BUCKHEAD DRIVE SW 6/13/2017 $400,000 12/18/2017 $350,000
VERO BEACH 4820 66TH PLACE 6/1/2017 $379,000 12/20/2017 $350,000
SEBASTIAN 12825 83RD AVENUE 9/18/2017 $399,000 12/19/2017 $330,000
VERO BEACH 5850 VENETTO WAY 10/31/2017 $349,000 12/20/2017 $320,000
VERO BEACH 834 41ST COURT 11/17/2017 $329,000 12/19/2017 $307,500
VERO BEACH 6459 55TH SQUARE 10/26/2017 $315,000 12/20/2017 $305,000
VERO BEACH 4695 ASHLEY LAKE CIRCLE 11/14/2017 $309,000 12/21/2017 $300,000
VERO BEACH 5085 HARMONY CIRCLE UNIT#201 9/22/2017 $305,000 12/22/2017 $297,000
VERO BEACH 5963 RIDGE LAKE CIRCLE 7/20/2017 $304,500 12/22/2017 $293,000
SEBASTIAN 1367 COWNIE LANE 12/1/2017 $319,900 12/19/2017 $275,000
VERO BEACH 390 21ST COURT SW 4/26/2017 $305,000 12/22/2017 $264,900
SEBASTIAN 661 DOCTOR AVENUE 11/21/2017 $266,600 12/20/2017 $252,500
SEBASTIAN 467 PONOKA STREET 9/2/2017 $269,900 12/20/2017 $251,500
VERO BEACH 1820 TARPON LANE UNIT#E203 6/29/2017 $269,000 12/19/2017 $244,500
VERO BEACH 820 FOX TRAIL 11/7/2017 $249,900 12/19/2017 $229,000
VERO BEACH 390 10TH STREET SW 10/31/2017 $229,000 12/20/2017 $229,000
SEBASTIAN 561 CAVERN TERRACE 4/3/2017 $249,900 12/21/2017 $210,000
SEBASTIAN 108 MELTON AVENUE 6/27/2017 $235,000 12/20/2017 $207,500
VERO BEACH 595 E POINTE COURT 9/29/2017 $209,000 12/21/2017 $205,000
VERO BEACH 2275 55TH SQUARE 9/22/2017 $219,000 12/19/2017 $199,990
SEBASTIAN 698 LAYPORT DRIVE 10/26/2017 $204,900 12/18/2017 $195,000
VERO BEACH 307 VERSAILLES LANE UNIT#307 5/12/2017 $219,950 12/21/2017 $187,500
SEBASTIAN 1110 PERSIAN LANE 10/24/2017 $197,500 12/19/2017 $185,000
SEBASTIAN 825 GRANDIN AVENUE 9/29/2017 $197,500 12/20/2017 $184,000
VERO BEACH 370 VISTA COURT 8/7/2017 $199,900 12/18/2017 $167,000
SEBASTIAN 1782 MISTLETOE STREET 11/12/2017 $169,000 12/19/2017 $159,000
SEBASTIAN 103 DUNCAN STREET 4/5/2017 $181,000 12/21/2017 $141,000
VERO BEACH 6481 51ST AVENUE 9/25/2017 $169,900 12/21/2017 $140,000
VERO BEACH 2502 57TH CIRCLE UNIT#2502 10/20/2017 $145,900 12/18/2017 $140,000
SEBASTIAN 268 FLEMING STREET 12/8/2017 $165,000 12/20/2017

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 29, 2017 19


2401 Victory Boulevard, Vero Beach 1335 Lilys Cay Circle, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 11/6/2017 Listing Date: 3/27/2017
Original Price: $550,000 Original Price: $468,060
Sold: 12/20/2017 Sold: 12/21/2017
Selling Price: $500,000 Selling Price: $486,647
Listing Agent: Steven Rennick Listing Agent: Shane Reynolds

Selling Agent: Rennick Real Estate Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Phyllis Horner Kim Small

David Walsh & Associates RE The Small Realty Group LLC

1625 Saint Davids Lane, Vero Beach 5385 Antigua Circle, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 11/3/2017 Listing Date: 6/13/2017
Original Price: $495,000 Original Price: $439,900
Sold: 12/18/2017 Sold: 12/21/2017
Selling Price: $470,000 Selling Price: $405,000
Listing Agent: Wendy Eckert Listing Agent: Linda Irvine

Selling Agent: Alex MacWilliam Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.

Wendy Eckert E.L. Billero

Alex MacWilliam Billero & Billero

199$ 3DAYS



Coming Up! Abstract abounds in artist’s
‘Soulful Search’ exhibit

By SAMANTHA BAITA | Staff Writer
[email protected]

1 Opening this Tuesday on
Riverside Theatre’s Stark
Stage is “Million Dollar Quartet,”
a Tony Award-winning musical
about that memorable, serendip-
itous night, Dec. 4, 1956, when
four musical giants – Johnny
Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee
Lewis and Carl Perkins – found
themselves jamming in an im-
promptu studio session at Sam
Phillip’s Sun Studios in Memphis.
Although the four music legends
didn’t know it at the time, the ses-
sion was being taped – preserving
for all time the four in their prime
and some of the best music of the
era. Show times: 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m.,
8 p.m. through Jan. 21. Tickets,
$35 to $90.

2 It’s a big weekend for ballet,
with Ballet Vero Beach’s
all-new, all-original “The Nut-
cracker on the Indian River”


B2 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Abstract abounds in artist’s ‘Soulful Search’ exhibit

By Ellen Fischer | Columnist creatively prepare him for inspiration for the man in him by painting en plein air.
[email protected] his new vocation as an ab- painting he does “But I never was able to get into painting
stract painter. today in the great
In the brief space of five years, Regan museums he visit- until I stopped working,” he says, adding
Kenyon’s second career as an abstract “I’ve always loved ab- ed on his travels. that if you want to get good at it, painting
painter has developed by leaps and bounds. stract painting,” Kenyon requires a generous amount of unstruc-
Starting off with baby steps in a beginner’s says, with an emphasis on Close to home tured time.
class at the Vero Museum of Art School in the word “always.” in Princeton, the
2012 and striding off with an award from Museum of Mod- Regan Kenyon wanted to be good at
the A.E. Backus Museum’s “Best of the His job, which required him to travel as ern Art in New painting.
Best” show earlier this year, Regan is now much as 150 days a year, took him across York City (MoMA)
ready to go the distance with his first solo the U.S., Europe and Asia. He says he found was a favorite After the Kenyons moved into their early
exhibition at the Center for Spiritual Care. haunt. There he Peter Moore-designed home in 2011 (fond-
Opening on Jan. 5 with a public reception, would commune ly described by Regan as “two Vermont
“The Art of Regan: A Soulful Search” will for hours with the work of his Abstract Ex- covered bridges with a Florida cracker
be on view through Jan. 29. pressionists heroes Jackson Pollack, Wil- house in between,”) a year elapsed before
lem de Kooning and Franz Kline. he found himself in a studio class at the
The exhibition’s curator, Warren Obluck, “The thing that amazes me about them Vero Beach Museum of Art School. Taught
notes that ringing in 2018 with Regan Ken- is that to truly appreciate one of their by Regina Stark, the class focused on ab-
yon’s paintings “is part of our new empha- paintings – I find this also happens with stract painting.
sis at the Center on providing opportuni- Monet’s waterlilies – you have to get up
ties for lesser-known promising artists, as very close to it, to find out what they were It was she who convinced Kenyon to put
well as for more established figures.” actually doing, the process they used in one of his first paintings into the museum
painting the work.” school’s student exhibition. In that unti-
While Kenyon may be a new arrival to As for process, Kenyon notes that many tled work, brushy shapes in primary col-
Vero’s art scene, he began gathering inspi- people think that expressionistic abstract ors are positioned amid a stream of warm
ration for his art long before now. Kenyon painting is the result of a happy – or not white and pale blue currents that cascade
and his wife Mary moved to Vero Beach in so happy – collision between a frenzied, from top to the bottom of the vertical com-
2011 after he retired as president of Sec- paint-splattering artist and an unsuspect- position. The canvas is not completely cov-
ondary School Admission Test Board, an ing canvas. ered by the flow; Regan left a thin, white-
educational testing service based in Princ- “It’s not happenstance,” Kenyon insists. primed margin around the composition’s
eton, New Jersey. Little did he know then “It’s deliberate, but it’s not overthought.” edges.
that his 27 years with the company would Before his retirement Kenyon tried his
hand at painting with a beginner’s set of The device of a white border to separate
oil paints and a portable easel. An avid the artist’s painted reality and the objec-
fly-fisherman, Kenyon intended to indulge tive world around it is one that Kenyon has
both his creative side and the outdoors- used often. Sometimes he will mask out
the borders with tape before he begins to
paint, but he has been known to paint a
white border around a composition that
he previously had pushed to the canvas’s

Kenyon graduated from his beginning
class with Stark to an advanced class
taught by Deborah Gooch. Kenyon says
he admired Gooch’s own contemporary
abstract work so much that he hesitated to
bring his neophyte’s skills into her class.

After he “got up enough nerve” to study
under her, Kenyon worked with Gooch in
her museum class for about a year. During
that time he met Tim Sanchez, a well-known
Vero painter and good friend of Gooch who
would drop in on her classes to say hello.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE December 29, 2017 B3

Regan Kenyon. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD “Everybody knew him, and I didn’t,” he aqua background. On that background are
recalls. various shapes in orange, blue, buff and
green in a variety of textures. That variety
Two and two came together when Ken- is a result of the contrasting techniques
yon realized that Sanchez was the creator Kenyon used including dry brush, Pol-
of the painting he had admired when it lack-inspired airborne skeins, and drawn-
was on display (a recent permanent col- on colors pressed right from the tube.
lection acquisition) in the art museum’s
Holmen Hall. Kenyon’s other direction involves
painting by accretion. Starting with an
One of Kenyon’s finest moments as a initial layer of spontaneously applied
new painter came during that class, when colors, Kenyon begins a process of judi-
Sanchez mistook several of his paintings ciously adding to, and subtracting from,
for an experimental series by Gooch. Set different parts of the composition until
to rights by Gooch, Sanchez became an it reaches its final state. Kenyon’s dense-
appreciative mentor to Kenyon. ly composed, 36-inch by 36-inch painting
“The Other Side” was formed in this way,
When Gooch left the museum art achieving seven distinct stages before it
school to establish her independent ate- was finished.
lier, Kenyon followed. He was one of the
first of Gooch’s protégés to paint with her “This is a real heavy painting – it’s oil
and Sanchez during the studio’s inaugural enamel,” says Kenyon.
A blank canvas starts out with a billion
Sanchez’s best advice to him: “You’ve possibilities, of which Kenyon may explore
got to paint more often – paint all the a handful of during the course of its devel-
time.” opment into a finished painting. How does
he know when he has arrived at the right
Kenyon chuckles. solution? He compares it to his favorite
“When I would have difficulty he’d say, sport.
just paint through it. Just paint.”
That is exactly what Kenyon did. Among “If you fly fish, you have to watch that fly
the roomful of paintings in his solo show land on the water, and you have to follow it.
you might discern two distinct directions You have to watch and be ready when the
in his art. One of these tendencies is to fish comes up and pulls it,” he says. “You
paint quickly and surely, creating bright can’t be thinking about anything else.”
and airy compositions he refers to as his
“amorphous” works. Among these can- The Center for Spiritual Care is located at
vases are “Mountain Temple,” a 30-inch 1550 24th Street in Vero Beach, Florida. The
by 48-inch painting with an atmospheric Jan. 5 reception is from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 


Furniture • Home Décor • Art
Glass • Jewelry • Gifts & MUCH MORE!

We Take Consignments
& Buy Estates!

Store is over 7,500 Sq. Ft.
Come See Us!

Amazing Selections! Best Prices!
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VN 1 Coupon Per Customer.
Expires 1/11/18

644 Old Dixie Hwy SW
(Between 4th St. & Oslo)
Blue Heron Plaza, Vero Beach

10AM to 5PM

B4 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

COMING UP 5 New Year’s Eve celebrations. 7 “Salute to Vienna.” tional stroke-of-12 champagne toast.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 for all ages. This event typically draws a chair, enjoy the reggae beat and watch 6 Next Friday, Jan. 5, is the first
crowd, but don’t let that deter you. Visi- evening darken into night, between the monthly Main Street Vero Beach
premiering Friday night at tors, I’ve observed, seem instinctively to Indian River lagoon and the Atlantic. Gallery Stroll of 2018, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. All
8 p.m. and playing again respect the natural surroundings, lower- You can even grab a bite and a beverage: along and around 14th Avenue, between
Saturday at 2 p.m. It fea- ing voices, moving carefully. McKee Bo- BG’s Surfside Grill and Adventures has 19th Street and 23rd Street, galleries
tures a professional cast of tanical Garden invites you to “celebrate pop, water, snacks, burgers and dogs. and some businesses open their doors
23 as well as 50 local kids. the incoming year in peace and harmo- Music starts at 7 p.m. Concert admis- in welcome, with a casual, lively recep-
That’s at the Vero Beach ny, surrounded by sights and sounds of sion is free with park entry fee. tion vibe. You can stroll at your leisure,
High School Performing nature.” Nights of Lights hours are 6 p.m. enjoying the wide range of new art work,
Arts Center. And at West to 7:30 p.m. with standard admission: 5 Two very familiar entities in Vero and the artsy ambiance. Among the gal-
Palm’s Kravis Center, Mi- adults, $12; seniors, $11; children 3-12, Beach – the Heritage Center (on leries: Flametree Clay Art Gallery, Island
ami City Ballet is show- $8; children under 3, free. 14th Avenue) and the Landsharks Band Images, MSVB Studios, Highwaymen
ing off its newly designed – will come together for a major, mu- Gallery, Artists Guild Gallery; Florida
costumes and scenery in 4 The popular Sebastian Inlet State sic-filled New Year’s Eve celebration. Highwaymen – Ray McClendon, Gallery
the Balanchine version of Park Night Sounds concert series The Landsharks are the primo Jimmy 14, Tiger Lily, Diossy Gallery, The Oth-
“The Nutcracker.” For Ve- continues this Saturday, with the band Buffett tribute band, and they’ll have er Half Gallery and RawSpace Gallery.
ro’s landmark production, go to ballet- Alize, its final concert of 2017. After their laid-back island vibe going on all A convenient addition to the monthly or call the box office at getting audiences moving to a reggae night. A cash bar will be set up on the strolls is the Treasure Coast Trolley, a
772-564-5537. For more on Miami City beat for years, Alize has cranked it up a patio, and you can rock your socks off vintage-style vehicle that picks up pas-
Ballet’s “Nutcracker,” go to notch, re-inventing itself with some new all the way to next year. There will even sengers at the city parking lot at 12th
band members. You’ll hear island, Soca be, no surprise, a Parrothead costume Court and 20th Street, and runs a con-
In our story last week about (aka the Soul Of Calypso), Top 40, funk, contest entitled “Changes in Latitudes, tinuous loop along 14th Avenue to 18th
Ballet Vero Beach, we confused the soft rock and a dash of county. The con- Changes in Attitudes,” which, come to Street and Old Dixie with several stops
weekends that its “Nutcracker on cert takes place at Coconut Point pavil- think of it, might be a good toast for the along the way. It’s handicap accessible,
the Indian River” is being staged. It ions, on the south side of Sebastian Inlet new year. Tickets are $50 to $80, and with room for two wheelchairs.
is actually premiering this Friday at Bridge. Just bring your favorite folding include some foodstuffs and the tradi-
8 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. at the 7 The Kravis in West Palm will pres-
Vero Beach High School Performing ent the brilliant, music-filled “Sa-
Arts Center. lute to Vienna” New Year’s Eve concert,
with the Strauss Symphony of America,
Also, we misquoted artistic conducted by Matthias Fletzberger of
director Adam Schnell regarding Vienna. A West Palm Beach tradition for
his organization’s application for 22 years, the Dreyfoos Hall will again
an Impact 100 grant. Ballet Vero be filled with “the spirited romance
Beach was the first professional arts of operetta, the glamour of ballroom
organization to be named a finalist dance, and the delicate beauty of bal-
in that competition. Our apologies let.” A feast for the eyes and the ears,
for the error. this brilliant and colorful cultural cele-
bration will certainly have you swaying
3 McKee Botanical Garden’s annu- to the music. With gorgeous costumes
al Nights of Lights, this Thursday, and charming vignettes, Viennese sing-
Friday and Saturday, should absolutely ers Iva Schell, soprano, and Michael
be on your holiday to-do list. McKee is Heim, tenor; Europaballett St. Pölten of
always a blood pressure-reducing oasis Austria; and a full orchestra will per-
of calm and natural beauty and, during form beloved Strauss waltzes and oper-
the Christmas season, creatively-placed etta favorites. It is, promises the show
lighting and holiday elements trans- promo, “a toast to life itself.” So, let’s
form it into a place of wonder and magic party like it’s 1899! Show time is 8 p.m.
Tickets from $29. 


1. The Rooster Bar 1. Leonardo da Vinci 1. The Mermaid BY JAN BRETT
BY JOHN GRISHAM BY WALTER ISAACSON 3. The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy

2. End Game 2. Endurance BY SCOTT KELLY Kid Book 12) BY JEFF KINNEY
3. Make Your Bed 4. The Night Before Christmas
3. The Cuban Affair
4. Grant BY RON CHERNOW 5. Why Christmas Trees Aren't

4. Column of Fire BY RODY L. JOHNSON


5. Manhattan Beach


ROBERT CRAIS BRAD TAYLOR 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

presents presents


An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel A Pike Logan Thriller

G.P. Putnam's Son/Penguin Random House Dutton Books/Penguin Random House

Saturday, January 13th at 3 pm Sunday, January 14th at 3 pm

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 29, 2017 B5

The Wave at Costa d’Este: Something for every taste

By TIna Rondeau | Columnist Ahi Tuna Tartare. Guava Barbeque Glazed Coffee-Rubbed Black
[email protected] Scottish Salmon. Angus Skirt Steak.
Just in time for the season, Costa d’Es- I would also be remiss if I did not men- Seared Diver
te has unveiled a new menu for The Wave claimed four of the seven. tion the paella at Costa d’Este – a staple Scallops.
Kitchen & Bar – and it may be the best mix On that evening, for entrées I ordered of this restaurant, and a favorite of mine, Roasted Baby Red
yet of American, Cuban and Latin dishes since it opened nine years ago. There are & Golden Beets.
for Gloria Estefan’s attractive hotel on Ve- the seafood linguine ($35) and my hus- many kinds of paella, and the versions
ro’s beach. band chose the Cuban roasted pork ($21). currently being featured at The Wave are Hours:
the creation of the current executive chef, 5:30 pm to 10 pm nightly
On our most recent visit, our party of three My squid-ink linguine was topped Honduran-born Armando Galeas. Suffice
started by sharing two plates of The Wave’s with clams, mussels, shrimp, white fish, it to say it is the best around. Beverages: Full Bar
plantain cups. On one plate, three of these calamari and Spanish chorizo, in a saf- Address:
crispy little cups made from fried plantains fron tomato broth. The squid ink added With fresh seafood, excellent steaks, in-
were stuffed with ropa vieja – the tasty shred- salty notes to dramatic, jet-black Vene- teresting Cuban dishes and the best paella 3244 Ocean Drive,
ded beef that is one of the national dishes of tian pasta. While the chorizo took a bit in town, The Wave is one of our favorite is- Vero Beach
Cuba. On the other, the bite-sized plantain away from the ocean-y taste, this was an land restaurants. Phone:
cups were filled with baby shrimp. Both were excellent dish.
accompanied by a tasty Creole sauce. I welcome your comments, and encour- 772-410-0100
The Cuban roasted pork – aka lechon age you to send feedback to me at tina@ver-
Then for salads, I ordered the avocado asado – was a massive helping of shredded
salad ($15), my husband chose the roasted roasted pork topped with grilled onions,
baby red and golden beets ($14), and our and served again with those tasty black The reviewer dines anonymously at restau-
companion went for a classic Caesar ($13). beans and rice. The pork was very flavorful. rants at the expense of Vero Beach 32963. 

My salad – a stack of avocado mixed For dessert, we shared a dish of smooth
with tomato, red onion, cucumber and a mocha chocolate. Yummy.
cilantro-lime vinaigrette – was a simple
dish that showcased the avocados, and
the vinaigrette gave it a bright taste. My
husband’s salad was a thing of beauty,
with the sliced beets set among arugu-
la, heirloom tomatoes and balls of pista-
chio-crusted goat cheese, all dressed with
a walnut vinaigrette.

One of the things I most like about The
Wave is it has something for every mem-
ber of your party. On this evening, I was
thinking seafood, and there were four
different local fish to choose from. I was
tempted by the tripletail – a delicious fish
that you don’t see on menus too often –
but finally opted for the redfish.

My husband was craving steak, and from
five choices, he decided to go with the dry-
aged New York strip ($40). Our companion
was thinking Cuban, and she chose the pollo
a la plancha – pan-seared herb marinated
chicken breast ($21) from the Estefan Kitch-
en menu.

The entrées turned out to be exactly
what each of us was looking for. My red-
fish, perfectly cooked, could not have
been fresher, and was served over a very
interesting beet-infused risotto with pick-
led beets on the side.

My husband’s steak was brought to the
table sizzling on a red-hot stone, and was
accompanied at his request by yucca fries
as a substitute for mashed potatoes. A bit
of American-Cuban mix-and-match. And
our companion’s flavorful Cuban chick-
en was served with delicious black beans,
white rice and plantains.

On a previous visit, we sampled one of
The Wave’s new appetizers – the New Or-
leans-style barbeque shrimp ($15). This
dish consisted of seven lovely shrimp, pre-
pared with amber beer, Worcestershire,
lemon and rosemary, and accompanied
by a biscuit. These were so good that I

B6 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2017

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant

The Best Food In South County!

reservations strongly suggested

2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
Vero Beach

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 29, 2017 B7

B8 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

New Year’s Eve Cajun Event Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Serving 6:00 to 10:00 PM Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Party Favors and Bubbly Provided Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
As You are Seated at Your Table, Your Server Will Offer a Complimentary Beverage Warm-Up $2 Off Martini Tuesdays
of Jeremiah Weed. Of Course, Your Favorite Cocktail Can Also be Ordered Dine in & Take Out
from The Bar at Happy Hour Prices All Night Long. Lunch

As Your Service Begins, Select a Starter from Our Proven Happy-Hour Appetizer List. Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm
Your Server Will Offer Breads and a Choice of Our Famous Bean and Kale Soup,
Our Crab Bisque, or A Cool House Salad and Dressing. Dinner

WOW!! Surf and Turf $60 Per Person Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

SURF - One Whole Snow Crab Leg With Shrimp and 713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)
Potatoes Drizzled in Garlic Butter and Cajun Spice. Phone:770-0835|Fax:770-0831

TURF - Generous Six-Ounce Beef Filet Medallion to Order;
Sided With Hot Roasted Bacon Brussel Sprouts.

Items From Our Main Menu are Always Available

89 Royal Palm Pointe l 772-617-6359
Regular Menu Available
Reservations Suggested

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 29, 2017 B9

ACveariltaifbiGclaeifttes OPEN SUNDAYS

Holiday Parties and WEDNESDAY
Platters Available! MAIN LOBSTER NIGHT

Salads, Pasta, Veal, HAPPY HOUR
Chicken, Subs, 4PM-6PM DAILY

Housemade Desserts ••••
Lunch and Dinner ALL U CAN EAT

Tues. - Fri. 11:30 - 9:00 GIFT CERTIFICATES & TUES - FISH FRY
Closed Monday Lunch & Dinner Open:
Delivery by Tues.- Sat. 11:30am - Close•Sun. 4pm - Close
772.770.0977 •
56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160
Like us on Facebook!

B10 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 29, 2017 B11

Freshly Made • Organic Breakfast Sandwiches │ Deluxe Burgers │ Chicken Sandwhiches
Vegan • Gluten Free Classic Reubens │ Giant BLTs │ Salads

917 Azalea Lane │ Corner of Azalea Lane and Cardinal Drive │ 772.231.4790
Quinoa Bowl Flavors: Caprese, Greek, Mexi,
Mediterranean, Pad Thai & More!

Steel Cut Oatmeal: Available from 7am

With toppings from fresh fruit to seeds & nuts

Protein Shakes, Frozen Yogurt & Fine Candies

5240 US Hwy 1 & 53rd Street • Vero Beach, FL 32967
(Next to Orange Theory Fitness) • Phone: (772) 562-0037

Open from 7am daily to 9pm • Gift Cards Available

B12 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Pudding sauce (7) 1 Sweets, chocolates etc (13)
5 Trails (5) 2 Glow (5)
8 Tacks (5) 3 Non-attendance (7)
9 Watch (7) 4 Scribble (6)
10 Infinite (7) 5 Spaghetti, orzo etc (5)
11 Justification (5) 6 Neeps (7)
12 Permit (6) 7 Requirement (13)
14 Breakfast food (6) 13 Traditional (7)
17 Pontificate (5) 15 Futile (7)
19 Immobility (7) 16 Female foxes (6)
21 Nature (7) 18 Max __; Dadaist (5)
22 Boredom (5) 20 Type of Japanese poem (5)
23 Type of boat (5)
24 Keep going (7)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES December 29, 2017 B13

ACROSS Texas 16 Lower in fat or Forget
1 Sunset, for one 65 Fall mo. calories 72 Bullets, etc.
6 Boaters and 66 Low point 75 Last word in the
69 ? 17 ?
bowlers 72 Favorable votes 19 Paradises, of a pease porridge
10 Actress Dawber 73 Neither follower rhyme
13 Luminous ring 74 Newspaper for sort 76 Phones
14 Ore veins 21 Deceiver 77 Sky streaker
15 Frank’s second bright people? 23 With “plasm,” 78 Igloos and yurts
75 Melville opus 80 Actor Harry of
wife 76 Pre-1917 ruler seance stuff Tales of the
16 ? 77 County N of San 24 Greek letter Texas Rangers
18 Word after 25 Like a house ___ (anagram of U R
Francisco 26 The Mennonites, LATE)
United or 79 ? 81 Fasten again
American 82 Secure again, e.g. 82 Quaid or Travis
19 Like the taste 28 Robert of The 83 Prefix meaning
of some as a door “skin”
toothpastes 83 Luis on Sesame Man from 84 Young Jetson
20 Ashton Tate U.N.C.L.E. 88 Johnson of
computer Street, Emilio 29 Resident of a Laugh-In
software ___ (anagram of west Arizona city 89 What some cons
21 “Out of” opposite OLD-AGED) 31 Fork over are
22 It was Freud’s 85 Shade tree 32 Reconstruction 91 Investigative arm
idea 86 On guy of Congress:
23 Explorer Leif 87 Mr. Root or Mr. 35 Cartoon rooster, abbr.
25 “___ as I can Yale Foghorn ___ 92 Noah’s vessel
figure ...” 88 Maker of Macs 36 East Indian 93 Chairman, once
27 ? 90 Name for the evergreen 94 CIA predecessor
30 Kin of a mania devil (anagram of
31 Agreement 91 ? MISCHA) The Washington Post
33 “Self” starter? 95 Buck’s mate 37 Elect. day
34 The summer ___ 96 Knight-time 39 Seed, of a sort FUNNY FOLKS By Merl Reagle
(on or about protection 40 Akbar the Great,
June 21) 97 Singer Sheena ___-ud-Din
38 Lawyers’ org. 98 Time line Muhammad
39 Japanese features: abbr. 41 Christmas song
wrestling 99 “That’s 44 Older folks
40 ? agreeable” 47 Heating fuel
42 “Certainly” 100 Kentucky Derby 48 Sugar ending
43 Golfers’ grp. flowers 49 ___ in the bucket
44 Took a pew 50 Montana’s
45 Liquid butter of DOWN nickname
India 1 Do a tedious post 51 ___-so
46 1960s dancing (what’s-his-
49 ? office job name)
52 Coat infesters 2 Supper supporter 52 Worries
53 Alabama rival 3 Sitter on le trône 53 Likely
56 “You’re locked 4 Pilgrim’s stop 54 Infamous Geller
___ with no 5 Englander’s 55 Cheeky
windows or 57 ___ twice
doors ...” (start of ending for (seldom)
many a mystery encyclo 60 Old TV game
puzzle) 6 “In what way?” show, Who ___
57 Ultimatum words 7 Sell mates? Trust?
58 Famed D.C. 8 It’s steeped in 62 Simon Templar,
bookstore, tradition the ___
Politics & ___ 9 I.D. often needed 63 Stringbean Olive
59 ? on invoices: abbr. 66 Contact-cleaner
61 Knight’s contest 10 Indian who’s ingredient
62 Nothin’ special always in hock? 67 Jungle snake
64 Ms. Richards of 11 Embodiment 68 “Baby, it’s co-o-
12 La Guardia was old
one outside”
13 Indian craft 70 Get exactly right
14 A new ___ life 71 To forget, to Guy


$110000 Single + tax $150000 Family + tax

9 Hole Facility Weekly Men’s & Ladies
Designed by

“Joe Lee” Join our Ladies Golf Association

Take lessons from PGA/LPGA

Professional, Kathy Cassese

The Telegraph Open For Lunch Wednesday - Saturday

11:30 am - 2:00 pm
229-2739Island Dunes
Country Club
8735 S Ocean Country Club • Jensen Beach

Located on Hutchinson Island, 3 miles south of the Power Plant (Closed Mondays)

B14 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES

Alan Bennett, an English playwright and actor, said, “We started trying to set up a small WEST K74 EAST
anarchist community, but people wouldn’t obey the rules.” A Q 10 8 7 2 QJ92 43
10 6 5 Q J 10 8 AQJ32
The defenders have a much harder job than declarer. To try to balance the books, the 83 10 5
defenders make the opening lead. Often that can make a difference of one trick, but 63 SOUTH K754
occasionally the number is surprisingly high. KJ9
Look only at the West hand. You open two spades, a weak two-bid. After two passes, AK764
South balances with two no-trump, and North raises to three no-trump. What would you A92
Dealer: West; Vulnerable: Neither
We all know about fourth-highest from the longest and strongest, and that might work
well, if partner has two spades, gets in before declarer has taken nine tricks and pushes The Bidding:
his remaining spade through declarer’s holding.
Here, though, it is a disaster. South wins with his low spade, plays a diamond to the 2 NT 2 Spades Pass Pass
board, takes two club finesses and collects the first nine tricks via one spade, five Pass 3 NT All Pass LEAD:
diamonds and three clubs. ??

Now let’s go back and have West deduce that dummy does not have four or more
hearts, because he made no attempt to uncover a heart fit. If West leads the heart five,
how many tricks can East-West take?

A heart to the jack, a spade to the nine and 10, a heart through and a second spade at
trick seven give the defenders five hearts and six spades for down seven!

Finally, note that if East were in four hearts, after South leads the diamond ace, North
should signal with his queen. Then South continues with a low diamond for the killing
club-queen shift.

GOLF Memberships
For the 2017 -2018 Season

New Memberships Now Available!

Ages 40 & under 50% discount on dues
Ages 41 to 50 25% discount on dues

Golf Memberships Starting at $1,800.00
Seasonal Memberships Available Now!

Includes Full Golf Country Club Privileges
Golf, Tennis, Pool, Social, Green Fees

Five Day Advance Tee Time Booking Advantage
Golf Shop Member Discounts • FSGA Handicap, Tournaments

Golf Club Storage and Lockers • Member Charge Privileges

Call Mike Yurigan, General Manager and Head Golf Professional
(772) 466-4000 Ext. 213 for details and inquire about other available memberships

Check out our facilities at

Weddings and Events Please call 772-466-4000 ext. 211


BEFORE 11:30 AFTER 11:30

35 30$
+tax $ +tax

Includes: Cart and Green Fees Mike Yurigan
General Manager

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR December 29, 2017 B15

ONGOING 11 Emerson Center’s Humanities Series
presents rancher Sean Sexton on Lo-
Vero Beach Museum of Art - DeWitt Boutelle cal Legends: The Sexton Family, as part of the
after Thomas Cole: The Voyage of Life thru Jan. Treasure Coast History Festival, 7 p.m. at Emer-
7 and Masters of American Photography thru son Center. Free. 772-778-5249
Jan. 14.
12 Sebastian River Area Chamber of
Riverside Theatre - Holiday Nights, 6 to 9:30 Commerce Concerts in the Park pres-
p.m. weekends thru Dec. 30 w/free live music. ents Penny Creek Band, 5:30 to 8 p.m. at River-
view Park. Free. 772-589-5969

DECEMBER 12 Live from Vero Beach presents jazz,
folk singers Livingston Taylor and Karla
28-30 Nights of Lights at McKee, Bonoff, 7 p.m. at Emerson Center. 772-234-4412
6 to 7:30 p.m. at McKee
Botanical Garden - celebrate incoming year in December 28 - January 1 | Skydive Invasion at Skydive Sebastian. 12 Indian River Symphonic Association
peace and harmony surrounded by sights and presents the Royal Philharmonic Or-
sounds of nature. Standard admission. 772- by post-race festivities to benefit Education 7 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra pres- chestra featuring, Pinchas Zukerman, conduc-
794-0601 Foundation of IRC. 772-569-7364 ents Best of Broadway, 3 p.m. at Emerson tor & soloist, performing Mozart’s Violin Con-
Center. $20; free 18 and under. 855-252-7276 certo No. 5 in A Major, 7:30 p.m. at Vero Beach
28 To Jan. 1 - Skydive Invasion at Sky- 2-21 Riverside Theatre presents Community Church. 772 778-1070
dive Sebastian, with multiple aircraft, Million Dollar Quartet, a Tony 7-20 Quail Valley Charity Cup events
world-class diving, beach jumps and Island Par- Award-winning musical about a jam session – 1/7 Tower Shoot at Blackwater 13 Murder Mystery Road Rally, 10 a.m.
ty. with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash Creek Ranch; 1/8 & 10 Bridge; 1/13 5K Walk/Run, to 3 p.m. to benefit Treasure Coast
and Carl Perkins on the Stark Stage. 772-231- Kids’ 1-Mile Fun Run, and Car Show, Craft Beer & Community Health – leave from TCCH parking
29|30 Ballet Vero Beach presents 6990 Dine Around; 1/15 Gourmet Wine & Guest Chef lot and accumulate clues along a rally route to
world premiere of Nut- Dinner; 1/17-20 Tennis Tournament; 1/18 In-Home solve the baffling crime. $125. 772-571-1986
cracker on the Indian River, a new Indian River 6 Golf Tournament at Bent Pine Golf Club to Wine Dinners; 1/19 & 20 Golf Tournaments; 1/20
twist on the beloved classic, 8 p.m. Fri. and 2 benefit Women’s Refuge, 11:30 a.m. lunch Grand Gala, all to benefit local charities focusing on 13 Environmental Learning Center Fund-
p.m. Sun. at VBHS PAC. 772-564-5537 and 1 p.m. tee time, followed by awards cere- children and education. Limited participation in all raising Gala, 5 p.m. at Oak Harbor Club-
mony. $125; $475/foursome. 772-770-4424 but 5K & Fun Run. 772-492-2020 house celebrating 30th anniversary with cocktails,
30 Alize showcased at Sebastian Inlet dinner, auctions and dancing.
State Park Night Sounds concert se- 7 Beachside Half-Marathon and 5K Walk/ 8 Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation Charity
ries, 7 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. Free Run, 6:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. at Riverside Golf Tournament, 7:30 a.m. registration and 14 Vero Beach Opera presents Madama
with park entry fee. 772-388-2750 Park to benefit IRC Healthy Start Coalition. 772- breakfast, 8:45 a.m. shotgun start followed by 1 Butterfly, with international cast, or-
563-9118 p.m. awards luncheon. $500. 231-330-3984 chestra and English supertitles, 3 p.m. at VBHS
31 Hippy New Year-themed New Year’s PAC. $30 - $100. 772-564-5537
Ball, 5 p.m. to midnight at north side
of Indian River Mall, celebrating 50th anniversa- 14 Seed to Sea: Secret Supper, 6 p.m. at
ry of ‘Summer of Love’ with local singers, trib- McKee Botanical Garden to benefit its
ute Beatles band, Liverpool Live, midnight ball
drop and fireworks, with proceeds to benefit Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
Treasure Coast Players. Free admission; food in December 22, 2017 Edition 1 CHEDDAR 1 CHRISTMASTIME
and game tickets available for purchase. 520- 5 CLOTH 2 ERROR
460-4670 8 RURAL 3 DILEMMA
31 New Year’s Eve Dance, 9:30 p.m. at 10 SHRIMPS 5 CLASS
the Heritage Center, with music by the 11 SHORE 6 OUTCOME
Landsharks, food from 14 Bones, and Parrot Head 12 MISLAY 7 HORSECHESTNUT
costume contest. $50 & $75. 772-770-2263 14 SPEECH 13 SINCERE

1 Run Vero’s Resolution Run 5K, 10 a.m. Sudoku Page B12 Sudoku Page B13 Crossword Page B12 Crossword Page B13 (PALINDROMANIA)
New Year’s Day at Riverside Park followed


Our directory gives small business people eager to provide services to the community an opportunity to make themselves known to our readers at an affordable cost.
This is the only business directory mailed each week during season. If you would like your business to appear in our directory, please call 772-633-0753.



Protect Your Rights-No Recovery No Fee
Free Consultations

Concierge Legal Services – We make house calls
Real Estate Closings-Title Insurance
Wills-Probate-Business Law

(772) 589 5500

TBheefohrireinygouofdaeclaiadwneyd,eear xsispkeaurniseintmocpepo.rrCotavliinedtnedt eyreocsiuspiwoonnitshtihbfalreteesfohwrorucioltdtsetnnooiftnsbfoueritmbaaatstiesodentstaloeblmeolueytnoto.nuradqvuearltiifsiceamtieonntss.

B16 December 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

Children’s Garden – secret multi-course, wine- Beach Park to help provide mammograms for
paired dinner; location and chef a secret. $250. women in need. 772-360-7009
20 Bark in the Park, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at
15 International Lecture Series presents Riverside Park to benefit Humane So-
Robert Mankoff, I Only Read it for the ciety of Vero Beach and Indian River County -
Cartoons: An Insiders Cartoon History of The dog parade, Frisbee dogs, Sherriff’s K-9’s, lure
New Yorker, 4:30 p.m. at Vero Beach Museum and agility courses and vendors to benefit Hu-
of Art. 772-231-0707 mane Society of VB & IRC. Free. 772-567-2044

15 Tenth Anniversary Vero’s Top Chef January 20 & 21 | Sebastian Riverfront Fine Art and Music Festival. 20 ELC EcoTalks Speaker Series: Fascinat-
Challenge Qualifier, 6 p.m. at Bent ing World of Bats, 11 a.m. at Environ-
Pine Golf Club to benefit Hope for Family Cen- Schoolhouse, with great food, carnival rides, drigues in three dances, including a world pre- mental Learning Center.
ter. 772-567-5537 x326 vendor booths and live entertainment, 4 to 11 mier set to music by local composer Paul Gay,
p.m. Thurs. & Fri.; 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sat. and 11 8 p.m. Fri. and 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sat. at VBHS 20|21 Sebastian Riverfront Fine
16 To February 4 - Riverside Theatre a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun. Performing Arts Center. 772-564-5537 Art and Music Festival, 10
presents The Mystery of Edwin Drood, a.m. to 5 p.m. along the waterfront by Riverview
an interactive musical based on the unfinished 19|20 Conference on Transform- 19-21 30th annual Art by the Sea Park, with 100+ artists, craftsmen and musicians
novel by Charles Dickens on the Waxlax Stage. ing Landscapes for a Sus- - judged exhibition and sale showcasing their talents.
772-231-6990 tainable Future hosted by Pelican Island Audu- by Vero Beach Art Club and Vero Beach Museum
bon Society, 6 p.m. Fri. and 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. of Art members, opening reception 5 to 8 p.m. 20 To June 3 - Vero Beach Museum of Art
16 To February 20 - King of the Hill Tennis Sat. at Emerson Center. $25/$35. 772-567-3520 Fri., continues 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. and till 4 - Paul Outerbridge: New Color Photo-
Tournament to benefit Youth Guid- p.m. Sun. at VBMA. Free. graphs from Mexico and California, 1948-1955.
ance Mentoring & Activities Program, 6 p.m. 19|20 Ballet Vero Beach presents 772-231-0707
Tuesdays at The Moorings Yacht & Country All Rodrigues, showcas- 20 Margo Donadio Memorial/Fire Girls
Club. $8. 772-979-5582 ing Ballet Master/Principal Dancer Camilo Ro- 5K Run/Walk, 7:30 a.m. at South 22 Have A Heart; Play Bridge For The
Children, 8 a.m. at Vero Beach Coun-
18 Atlantic Classical Orchestra performs try Club - party, duplicate or men’s Swiss games
Bernstein Serenade and Beethoven followed by lunch to benefit Children’s Home
Symphony No. 9 joined by Treasure Coast choirs Society. $90. 772-344-4020 x 224
and Palm Beach Opera soloists, 7:30 p.m. at
Community Church. 772-460-0850 22 Riverside Theatre’s Distinguished Lec-
turer Series presents U.S. Secretary of
18-21 Fellsmere Frog Leg Festi- Defense Ash Carter, 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Stark
val on grounds of Historic Stage and simulcast in Waxlax. 772-231-6990




BRAND #7166 MSRP $19,950 # 8014 MSRP $22,560

$16,403* $19,254*
Power doors, mirrors, and windows, steering Equipped with: A/C, Automatic Transmission,
wheel radio controls, fog lights, Bluetooth, Power Windows & Locks, 7 Airbag System, Keyless
6.1” touch panel digital HD Radio, premium Entry, USB Port,140 Watt CD MP3, Fuse hands free
alloy wheels, back up camera link system with Bluetooth





4dr Red, Clean Inside and Out 4D Hatchback 36,000 Miles Sapphire Blue 17,000 Miles 4DWagon 2.5I Auto 4D SUV FWD 70,000 Miles

$6,950 $8,750 $9,600 $11,850 $13,200

2.0 FWD CVT 1,500 Miles. Extra Clean, Fully Loaded Fully Loaded,One Owner.12,000 Mi. V8 4WD 42,597 Miles. Clean Car Fax.V6 Twin Turbo

$16,980 $22,500 $24,750 $36,900 $40,875

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


*plus tax, tag, title, destination, and $349 Dealer fee. Price includes all factory rebates, cash back, and dealer discounts. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Not responsible for typographical errors. Offers Expire 12/31/17.
$500 Holiday discount is in addition to any factory rebates you may qualify for. Must take vehicle delivery by 12/31/17. Only valid on new Mitsubishi models. Not valid on any used cars or trucks of any make or model.

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