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05/10/2018 ISSUE 19


Dining reviews. P29 House of the week. P34 Students’ ‘Show’ time!

First bites: Wicked Pineapple, Wave hello to this masterpiece Artistic talents on display. Page 12
and Mima’s Cafe and Tea Bar. built by local surfing legend.


NECESSARY TO STOP eye moratorium
BULLYING IN SCHOOL on septic tanks

STORY BY LISA ZAHNER COMMUNITY EDITOR Jan Mills plays with her dog Bear at Canova Beach in Indian Harbour Beach, Brevard County’s only dog-friendly beach. On all other areas of STORY BY HENRY A. STEPHENS CORRESPONDENT
[email protected] the county’s 72-mile shoreline, dogs – even when on a leash – are illegal. The issue continues to be a contentious one. Story, Page 4. [email protected]

Working in the news busi- A WITNESS TO HISTORY Slowly, carefully, Keith Wess-
ness can be pretty grim, but ner’s crew with Harbor Septic
last week I was blessed to take Evans was up close and personal with H-bomb testing LLC guided the 1,050-gallon,
part in events that definitely heavy-duty plastic septic tank
made up for all the bad news. STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER went to work. into a pit they dug at a new
[email protected] The resulting book, “A Tenth home.
On Thursday morning, I
was honored to participate in A secret diary written by In- of a Second to Live: A Test Pi- “This is a conventional
three National Day of Prayer dialantic experimental test pi- lot’s Account of Top Secret U.S. tank,” Wessner said last week.
lot Norvin “Bud” Evans, 93, was H-Bomb Testing,” gives readers “It’s essentially an empty tank
COMMENTARY kept in a safety deposit box for a rare personal glimpse into the with a baffle wall inside it.”
50 years. It details how a Mel- nearly impossible missions. He
ceremonies in Indialantic, bourne-based avionics system was a player in a key era of the The wall will separate the
Indian Harbour Beach and placed him right over seven of Cold War when second-genera- solids from the liquids – once
Satellite Beach and it was the 17 nuclear bomb tests in the tion hydrogen bombs were be- the homeowners move in and
great to see strangers and South Pacific during Operation ing developed using the Pacific start flushing toilets, emptying
neighbors come together to Redwing in 1956. proving grounds. sinks and running the washer
pray for America. – and let the liquids flow out
With the details of the pro- Evans had earlier been tem- into a 667-square-foot drain
But the highlight of the gram recently declassified, Ev- porarily stationed at Patrick Air field on the lot, he said.
week was covering an anti- ans pulled out the diary and
bullying speech at Ocean CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 And it will last maybe 100
Breeze Elementary School. years and shouldn’t cause any
Using his department’s for- problem to the environment,
feiture funds, Indian Harbour considering the Indian River
Beach Police Chief David But-
ler brought in former WWE CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
wrestler and 24-year Brevard
resident Chris Hollyfield to Base water tested,
deemed no danger
Fourth-grader Rani Leppo and former WWE [email protected]

wrestler Chris Hollyfield. PHOTO: JULIAN LEEK Norvin ‘Bud’ Evans. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD Potentially contaminated
water at 15 sites identified on
Patrick Air Force Base and at
the Cape Canaveral Air Force
Station caused by fire-sup-
pression does not put per-
sonnel at risk, according to
government reports.


ADVERTISING: 772-559-4187 | CIRCULATION: 772-226-7925 The wheel deal

NEWS 1-6 DINING 29 PEOPLE 7-10 MelBeach cyclist’s cross-Florida
ARTS 11-14 GAMES 21-23 PETS 20 fundraising trek was the ride
BOOKS 19 HEALTH 25-28 REAL ESTATE 33-40 of a lifetime. PAGE 8


2 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


SEPTIC TANK MORATORIUM As commissioners hunt projects to The commission was expected treatment before letting it flow out.
help clean the lagoon, some residents Tuesday to consider a moratorium County Attorney Eden Bentley, cit-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 have pointed to the county Health on first reading. It won’t become fi-
Department continuing to issue per- nal, however, until second reading on ing recent studies, said the enhanced
Lagoon is several blocks away. mits for septic tanks. May 22. types of septic tanks can remove 65
But the Brevard County Commis- percent of the wastewater’s nitrogen
And Commissioner Jim Barfield, “We’ve got to take positive steps to before releasing it.
sion is concerned about thousands of Merritt Island, took that concern prevent new septic tanks” in at least
of older, concrete septic tanks much a step further by suggesting a mora- the most critical areas, within 50 me- County Health Department figures
closer to the lagoon, leaching their torium on new septic tanks until staff ters of the lagoon, Barfield said April show it currently permits about 2,400
liquids into the groundwater. And members could write new regulations 24. “The best way is to pause now.” aerobic treatment units. Similar fig-
heavy rains push that waste water to limit them. ures for conventional septic tanks
into the already polluted waterway. But commissioners aren’t block- aren’t available, but experts say there
Studies show leaching septic tanks ing all new septic tanks. Homeown- could be up to 100,000 tanks in the
The nitrogen and phosphorous in added almost 19 percent of the la- ers who don’t have sewer systems county.
the wastewater nourish algae, which goon’s nitrogen load. The largest nearby can still opt for aerobic septic
blooms and blocks sunlight from source, existing muck on the lagoon systems, a newer model of septic tank And unlike conventional tanks,
seagrass and suffocates fish and oth- bottom, contributed 42.5 percent. that gives the wastewater an initial aerobic tanks contain electric pumps
er underwater life. and other features that must be main-

Harbor Septic LLC owner Keith Wessner watches over a septic tank installation in Brevard County. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD

WATER SAMPLES TESTED sites at Cape Canaveral and 10 sites at
Patrick for review, including fire train-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 ing areas, crash sites and other areas
where AFFF was used.
Data released by the U.S. Air Force
on May 1 states that water samples AFCEC then conducted site inspec-
passed tests conducted in 2017. tions of those area to verify if AFFF
was released and if it poses a risk to
The contaminants in question drinking water supplies. The site in-
(PFOS and PFOA) are synthetic fluo- spection included groundwater sam-
rinated organic compounds used in pling; however, groundwater is not
many industrial and consumer prod- used as a drinking water resource on
ucts, including Aqueous Film Form- the barrier islands at those locations.
ing Foam, or AFFF. The foam has been All drinking water comes from main-
used by civilian aviation, industry land sources miles away from the
and the military services since the bases.
1970s to extinguish petroleum fires at
military and civilian airports, includ- “To date, the Air Force has not
ing on the two local bases. identified any drinking water source
at risk from contamination due to
In 2016, the Environmental Protec- military firefighting activities” on the
tion Agency set a health advisory level two bases, said Lori O’Donley, chief of
of 70 parts per trillion for PFOS/PFOA media engagement, 45th Space Wing,
in drinking water. Parick Air Force Base.

The Air Force report notes that the Changes made as a result of the
compounds have been linked in stud- overall issue with the foam include
ies to developmental delays in chil- that both bases in 2016 replaced the
dren, decreased fertility and cancer, problem formula AFFF in their fire
among other health problems. crash rescue trucks with a new for-
mula that contains no PFOS and only
In turn, although the contaminants trace amounts of PFOA. Firefighters
are so far unregulated by EPA, the Air also have stringent procedures for use
Force started working toward identi- of the new foam, treating any uncon-
fying releases of the foam, investigat- tained releases of AFFF as if it were a
ing and responding to drinking water hazardous-material spill and requir-
contamination, and working to pre- ing immediate cleanup.
vent future contamination.
PFOS and PFOA are man-made
Locally, the Air Force Civil Engineer chemicals which can be used to make
Center reviewed base-wide records items heat- or water-resistant. 
during a preliminary assessment
completed in 2017 to identify five

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 3


tained and inspected each year. sioner John Tobia, whose district Wessner said the moratorium, while an aerobic unit can go for
On April 24, commissioners agreed includes the South Beaches area, dis- meanwhile, won’t hurt his business. $10,000 to $12,000 in addition to the
sented. Customers won’t be prevented from yearly maintenance costs of a few
in a 4-1 vote on Barfield’s motion to buying new tanks. They’ll just be lim- hundred dollars.
advertise a moratorium on conven- Bentley said customers who have ited to the more expensive ones.
tional septic tanks along the lagoon paid already for a new conventional “They’re (county) steering business
for five months, or until county staff- septic tank will be grandfathered in He estimated a conventional tank to me,” and to other aerobic-system
ers write new regulations. Commis- under the moratorium. costs between $6,000 and $8,000, installers, he said. 

4 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Dogs on the beach? For many, it’s a bone of contention ‘BUD’ EVANS

[email protected] Supporters of dogs on the beach-
Force base to test the precursor to to-
Brevard County’s 72-mile shore- es say thousands of responsible pet day’s Global Positioning System (GPS),
line only has one 700-foot dog- owners should not be punished for which at the time was accurate enough
friendly stretch of beach, a county- those with misdeeds. Opponents to get his jet within 0.1 second of the
operated park located at Canova fear dog attacks, liability issues and detonation of the bomb. The idea was
Beach Park near Indian Harbour fecal contamination. to subject the aircraft, and pilot, to the
Beach. maximum amount of heat and shock
Satellite Beach Police recently an- wave.
Everywhere else, if you see a dog nounced a crackdown after receiv-
loose or being walked on the beach, ing multiple complaints of dogs on An Air Force test pilot for 38 years,
even on a leash, it’s illegal. Like it or the beach. Among those calling for Evans served in World War II, Korea
more enforcement is city resident and Vietnam, logging 15,000 hours in
Jeff Chestine, who appeared before 203 aircraft types.
the City Council in April to com-
plain about the cleanliness aspect He said he wrote and kept the Red-
and constant contact with dogs off wing diaries first as a way to deal with
leash at the beach. boredom on the mission and also be-
cause he did not keep diaries during
Like Chestine, police cite not just his previous service in Korea.
the illegal location, but also a bla-
tant lack of responsibility in not The Redwing program tested vulner-
picking up the dog’s waste and al- abilities of a variety of aircraft by flying
lowing off-leash pooches to run up them in formation over the blasts, in-
on children and otherwise exhibit cluding a B-52 (lead), B-66s (flanking),
aggressive behavior. a B-47 (following), F-84s (flanking) and
an F-101A (in trail).
It is a violation of county code for
dogs to be on the beach. Satellite Evans flew a Republic F-84F, at the
Beach patrol officers can issue tick- time the sturdiest aircraft in the Air
ets for violations. Force inventory, as the closet pilot to
the seven nuclear explosions.
The only exception is for service
dogs. But identifying your dog as a He described the sensation as sitting
service dog if it isn’t one is an abuse in a straight-back chair without legs
of a privilege afforded to trained suspended 15 feet above a hardwood
and certified service dogs, and may floor before being dropped straight
result in additional tickets, serious down. “It hurt like hell, it was a hor-
fines and a court appearance. rible jolt,’’ he recalled.

The Brevard County Commission His account from the diary as he
initially opened the 9.1-acre beach headed out one morning: “Following
park with three dune crossovers my last-minute briefing, I lifted off
at Canova Beach in February 2012 into the black sky. It was always about
as a one-year trial program, and it as lonely a time as I have ever spent.
has been extremely successful, said About 10 minutes later, I closed my
county spokesman Don Walker. protective hood and continued flying
on instruments to the test site …’’
All dogs must be on a leash and
must wear tags showing their cur- On his final Redwing test flight over
rent license and vaccinations. There Bikini Atoll, the bomb exceeded its pre-
is no cost to use the dog beach park, dicted yield by a significant amount,
but owners must pick up after their breaking his airplane’s right wing spar
pets. (internal support) in two places. On
the plus side, Evans said that particu-
“We don’t have a traffic counter lar test provided the test engineers
out there so we really don’t know with the maximum possible data and
how much it’s used, but we have negated the need for more testing.
many requests for other beach dog
parks to be opened but so far it’s the Because of the overall classification
only one. If people follow the rules, of the Redwing tests, Evans was never
everyone is happy. In this case, allowed to see the data gathered from
self-policing has proved workable,’’ any of his missions.
Walker said.
He addressed what it was like to
Various failed attempts at estab- serve on classified missions in the pro-
lishing dog beaches include sev- logue. He and other pilots and crew
eral in the 1990s; in 2015 there was “did their job with full knowledge that
a proposal for 1.2 miles from the they would never receive credit or rec-
southern boundary of Cocoa Beach ognition for their sacrifices if they sur-
to the northern boundary of Patrick vived the task.’’
Air Force Base where leashed dogs
would have been permitted from Through his unlikely long life and the
sunrise until 10 a.m., and from 5 contents of the notebook, Evans said he
p.m. until sunset.  is in a small way giving those men their

Following his Air Force career, Evans
continued as a test pilot for major air-
craft companies including Republic,
Piper and Northrop. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 5


COMMENTARY harm. That student has not returned on friends’ pages. When sixth-graders of the investigation remain confiden-
to Ocean Breeze, but he is not the only graduate, notable faces will be missing. tial, and no charges were filed, so the
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 pupil who left the school. Several af- public will probably never know what
fected by the incident have transferred, None of this had to happen. really happened.
share his inspiring story. or opted for virtual school or home- As the story unfolded, parents and
Ocean Breeze is still healing from a schooling. Their absence is felt as the students close to the situation said Of course, students are told that bul-
year comes to a close, with photos in the whole thing spiraled out of control lying is unacceptable, and that bully-
March incident in which a sixth-grader the yearbook of kids not there to sign because the student was bullied and, ing carries serious consequences, but
claimed to have a “kill list” in his head in turn, became a bully himself. Details
of students and teachers he wanted to CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

6 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


COMMENTARY Bullies hung Hollyfield from motivational speaker, serving up

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5 garment hooks in the gym. He straight talk about bullying to kids

apparently that deterrent didn’t work. was shunned and isolated. He at thousands of schools.
So Chief Butler and Principal Laurie
Hering tackled the problem by educat- was physically hurt. He was His message in a nutshell: It’s
ing kids about how bullying hurts.
verbally taunted. Plenty of kids more than OK to be different. Re-
Hollyfield, a former Delaura Middle
School student, knows what it’s like to looked on but did nothing to spect yourself, love your neighbor,
be bullied. He was born with a form of
genetic dwarfism. At 50 years old, he stop the bullying. treat others the way you want to
stands at 4 feet, 4 inches high.
Painful as this experience be treated. Don’t be afraid to speak
In school, he was 3-feet-something
tall. There was no one at school who was – especially since Hollyfield up if you are being bullied. Don’t
looked like him. He was not chosen
when kids picked teams for sports. was a military kid and changed be a bystander, say or do some-

schools often – he not only thing to stop the bullies. Dressed

survived, but thrived. These Chris Hollyfield with Ocean Breeze Safety Patrol students. PHOTO: JULIAN LEEK in a Phillies baseball jersey and

challenges forged Hollyfield into a backwards ball cap, Hollyfield

a super-confident and gregari- with celebrities like The Rock and John delivered that message with style,

ous guy. After excelling on the high Cena. Hollyfield used that success to humor, a lot of heart and a good help-

school wrestling team, he wrestled launch himself into his next role as a ing of swag. He won the kids over, big

time. They lined up to get a high five,

or an autograph. They mugged for the

cameras. The energy was palpable.

After school I asked my son what

he thought. As always, his insight was


“It was good for all the kids who are

being bullied,” he said. “But I don’t

think it will make any difference to the


What will make a difference to the

bullies? My son said principals need to

“bring back the paddle.”

Out of the mouths of babes. Short

of bringing back the paddle, I asked,

what can be done?

“It needs to not just be one day. It

needs to be every day,” he said. He’s

right, you know.

Stopping bullies and making kids

feel safe at school is not a check box

that we can say we’ve addressed once,

or 10 times, or 100 times and feel like

it’s been handled. I think what he

meant is that bullying needs to be

nipped in the bud each and every time

a child is bullied. Kids need to feel the

consequences the first time, and every

time, they fail to respect fellow stu-

dents and teachers .

But schools cannot accomplish this

discipline alone. And police don’t get

involved until things have gone off the


Parents are the first line of defense.

Parents raise bullies and send them to

school. Parents raise spoiled, entitled

kids. Parents raise kids who don’t think

the rules apply to them. Parents also

raise kids who have been abused,

neglected and traumatized, and those

kids can turn their bottled-up anger

and hurt against others.

Ocean Breeze now has uniformed

officers and locked gates. State law

makes this the standard. Hundreds of

millions of your tax dollars will pay for

security measures. But it’s what goes

on within the gates, in the classrooms

and on the playground that will deter-

mine whether Ocean Breeze heals. It’s

also what goes outside those gates in

homes and at dinner tables.

Hollyfield’s message hit the mark. It’s

a great start, but it needs to be driven

home every day. 

Kevin, Dara and Kavanagh Oliver.

Cyclist’s statewide
fundraising trek
was ride of a lifetime

8 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Cyclist’s statewide fundraising trek was ride of a lifetime

STORY BY JAN WESNER CHILDS CORRESPONDENT Oliver, his wife and their two kids “You mean your motorcycle?” PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER
[email protected] had moved back up to New York to Oliver planned the trip to take
be with his mother during her battle ple as he rode across the Sunshine
Melbourne Beach resident Kevin with cancer. They returned to Mel- three to four days. But he did the State.
Oliver is used to riding his motor- bourne Beach after her death last bulk of it – more than 100 miles
cycle, often with his buddies from year. from Fort Myers to Okeechobee – in “I went into this little diner in
the American Legion. one day. Okeechobee … and the waitress,
In the meantime, Oliver and the Phyllis, asked what I was doing,”
But a 12-speed bicycle named Legion riders cleared three acres “He was amazing,” Dara said after he recalled. “She told the people
Slow Joe, on a 170-mile coast-to- of land adjacent to the cemetery, the ride. “He did a ton of research. behind me, they got up, shook my
coast trek across Florida? Not so and are almost done with other He reached out to somebody that hand and they never told me, but
much. improvements. They just needed a was on Lance Armstrong’s biking they paid my bill.”
little more money. team and got some tires from him.”
Oliver and Slow Joe recently com- The waitress then rejected his
pleted the ride to raise money for the Oliver, 52 and a pilot for South- Not just any tires, either. They tip and instead gave him a dona-
expansion of a veterans cemetery in west Airlines, said he came up with were red, white and blue. tion for 4Them. Meanwhile, Dara
Oliver’s hometown in upstate New the bike ride idea one day when Oliver had stopped at a trophy shop
York, and to create a scholarship pedaling Slow Joe to a friend’s house Oliver’s dad, Wilfred, was a WWII she spotted just outside of Fort My-
fund in his mother’s name. two miles away, past the Publix and Navy veteran, and later served in ers, because she thought it would
along A1A in Melbourne Beach. the Air Force in both Korea and be cool to present her husband with
Oliver dubbed the project 4Them, Vietnam a medal at the end of his ride. The
and quickly gained a following on He told Dara. She recalls saying, shop owner gave her an engraved
Facebook. “I remember him getting off the trophy for him.
airplane from Vietnam when I was
“I was hoping to raise $1,500, that a little kid,” Oliver said. “Complete strangers who I had
was my goal, and now we’re over never met me before found out what
$6,000,” Oliver said a couple of days His mom, MaryAnn, was a teach- I was doing and did all that right in
after his ride from Fort Myers to er and long-time American legion that moment,” Kevin Oliver said.
Melbourne Beach. volunteer. In the end, she was bur-
ied with Wilfred at Sackets Harbor He wasn’t alone on the last leg
Along the way, he also got two Military Cemetery, thanks to the of the trip. The Olivers’ 17-year-old
flat tires within a few miles of each expansion project led by her son. son, Kavanagh, joined his dad for
other, a free lunch in Okeechobee, the last 20 miles or so. Along the
and a trophy donated by a shop Of the $6,000 raised on the bike way so did several members of the
where Oliver’s wife, Dara, randomly ride, Oliver said $3,000 will go to American Legion Riders from Vero
stopped as she drove her car ahead complete the cemetery project. Vol- Beach Post 39. As he neared his per-
of him. unteers have already doubled its sonal finish line at Coppola’s Bar
size. and Grille, a Brevard County fire
Oliver had been working with the truck escorted him into the parking
local American Legion Post 1757 The rest will go to a $500 annual lot.
since 2016 to expand the Sackets scholarship in his mother’s name,
Harbor Military Cemetery in up- to be given to a recipient who ex- “I’m very humbled. It’s hard to
state New York where his father, a emplifies the spirit of community kind of tell you how humbled I am,”
veteran of three wars, was service. Oliver said. “I had an idea, just a
whim, and people got on board.” 
laid to rest in 1995. Oliver said he was amazed by the
The cemetery was nearing capac- outpouring of support from peo-
ity and would soon be closed to fu-
ture burials. What’s more, Oliver’s
mother was diagnosed with ter-
minal cancer and died in 2017, but
couldn’t be interred with her hus-
band due to lack of space.
“It was so small they were always
afraid they were going to run out of
room quickly,” Oliver said.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 9


Jeff Parsons and Doyle Haywood.

Linda Haywood, Joanne Parsons and Jaye Saultz.


Boozefighters motorcycle club members Rainman, Zipit, Woof, Nobody and Pirate.

30 Years of Experience Delivering Design Excellence
Global Sourcing of Unique Furnishings and Artifacts

5920 S. Hwy A1A, Suite 201, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
305-665-2494 

Jane Slick with Donna and Tim Roberts.

10 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Founders Day fete honors heritage, embraces future

Space Coast Corvette show.

Gemini School cheerleaders.

Abram Miller won for capturing the largest fish, a 12-inch trout. PHOTOS: JULIAN LEEK Native tribes, Spanish explor-
ers, rugged pioneers and pine-
Feeling like you paid too apples. Fishing and surfing, laid-
much in taxes this year? back living, charming historic
buildings and the spirit of volun-
Contact your financial advisor today teerism. It’s all part of the heri-
to learn about investing strategies tage of Melbourne Beach that
that could benefit you. town residents and folks from
all over the barrier island honor
Cameron B Mitchell Colleen J Mitchell each May, and on Saturday huge
Financial Advisor Financial Advisor Member SIPC crowds came out to join in the
Melbourne Beach Founders Day
600 W Eau Gallie Blvd 7370 Cabot Ct festivities, which ran from the
Melbourne, FL 32935 Suite 102 morning until the street party
321-425-6493 Viera, FL 32940 closed down at 10 p.m. But as
321-254-5202 much as Founders Day is about
the past, it’s also about the town’s
future, its young people, whose
talents are highlighted and cele-
brated throughout the festival. 


Community Editor Advertising Director We are here to provide Brevard barrier President and Publisher
Lisa Zahner, 772-584-9121 Judy Davis, 772-633-1115 island readers with the most comprehen- Milton R. Benjamin, 772-559-4187
[email protected] [email protected] sive news coverage of Melbourne Beach, [email protected]
Indialantic, Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite
Staff Reporter Advertising Account Executives Beach, and South Merritt Island. Creative Director
George White, 321-795-3835 Will Gardner, 407-361-2150 For our advertising partners, we pledge Dan Alexander, 772-539-2700
[email protected] to provide the most complete consulta- [email protected]
Columnists tive and marketing programs possible for
Pam Harbaugh, 321-794-3691 the best return on your investment. Corporate Editor
Jan Wesner Childs, 941-725-0970 Steven M. Thomas, 772-453-1196
Michelle Cannon Epting 407-579-4853 [email protected]

12 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Kids’ creative talents inspire at School Board Art Show


Blue and green jellyfish dance above Left: Maya Graham “Best of Show” winner in the middle school category. Right: Kathleen Burgess, second-place winner. PHOTOS BY JULIAN LEEK
the sea floor, their purple tentacles dan-
gling below them like long strips of con- ocean and plastic bottles. a jellyfish.” part of a quality art program,” said
fetti. “I found the board to use and that Maya was influenced by the artwork Bridget Geiger, who oversees visual arts
and theater programs for Brevard Pub-
Nearby, a wreath hangs from the ceil- inspired me to do the whole dark sea of glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, whom lic Schools. “It’s kind of a form of advo-
ing, made of “found” materials and rep- colors,” she said. “The bottom of the her art teacher, Jessica Sodano, taught cacy for the program, an assessment, it
resenting the four seasons. bottle was just a real good shape for about in class.

There’s also gorgeous paintings of
wild animals, including alligators and
sea turtles. There’s a watercolor portrait
of a young woman with wavy blue hair,
and a fantasy ceramic tree house.

This is the 38th annual Brevard
School Board Art Show, held at the dis-
trict offices in Viera last month.

The show featured some 400 works
from artists in kindergarten through
12th grade.

The jellyfish sculpture, entitled
“Deep Sea Thoughts,” was the work of
Hoover Middle School seventh-grader
Maya Graham. She was awarded the
top honor “Best of Show” in the middle
school category.

Maya said the project was created
from recycled materials, including the
matt board she used to represent the

“She showed us a video of his sea gets people talking about it.”
theme and a whole room that had glass, Kathleen Burgess, a junior at Satel-
and it kind of looked like the ocean
floor,” Maya said. lite High School, won second place in
the 3D art category for her unique four-
Sodano, her teacher, said Maya ran season wreath sculpture called “The
with the theme. Wonders.”

“She’s very meticulous about her col- “I wanted to really put myself out
or and her shades,” Sodano said. “She is there with something you wouldn’t
really good.” normally see,” Burgess said.

The annual art show is sponsored by Burgess collected all the supplies,
the school board to give outstanding including real leaves, and crafted the
art students a chance to showcase their flowers from polymer clay. She hopes
best work. Each art teacher in Brevard to have a career as a digital media artist,
County was allowed to submit four but in the meantime is immersing her-
pieces from their school. self in art classes and projects.

“Exhibiting art work is an essential “I’m really interested in trying to

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 13


dominate all art subjects,” she said. able to create and invent and produce
While schools across the country work that is aesthetically pleasing
and inviting. It applies to all academ-
have cut art programs in recent years, ics across the board.”
Brevard has an art teacher in every
school but one. Geiger said that school, Moreover, Geiger added, art class can
Kennedy Middle, should be getting an be an outlet for a student who just needs
art teacher next year. to express themselves.

Geiger said visual arts aren’t just for “Just the act of creating the art for the
students who want to be artists – as- artist is very therapeutic for the artist
piring engineers can spark a knack for themselves,” she said. 
design by taking an art class, for ex-
ample, and mathematicians can use
balance and sculpture in art to hone
their skills at calculating out patterns.

“The visual arts are key to develop-
ing that design thinking and it also
is critical for developing self con-
cept and collaboration.” Geiger said.
“It’s problem solving, it’s innovation.
You’re developing those skills to be

14 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Coming Up: Revel at Riverview with Concert in the Park

STORY BY SAMANTHA BAITA STAFF WRITER production ran a total of 42 years and
[email protected] 17,162 performances, making it, to
this day, the world’s longest-running
1 Join the enthusiastic crowd that’ll musical. Even if you’ve never seen
be gathering at Sebastian’s River- this delightful, allegorical show, you
are sure to be familiar with at least
view Park next Friday, May 18, toting one of its songs, the wistful and beau-
tiful “Try to Remember.” With book
blankets and lawn chairs, for the Se- by Harvey Schmidt and lyrics by Tom
Jones, “The Fantasticks,” according
bastian River Area Chamber of Com- to IMDb, is the tale of two teens, Lu-
isa and Matt, who live on neighboring
merce/City of Sebastian Concert in the farms and are carefully hiding their
romance from their feuding fathers.
Park series 2018 season finale. A peren- What they don’t know is that their
dads are actually good friends and
nial favorite, the Bobby Owens Band have hatched a plan, with the aid of
a mystical, roving side-show and its
will end the season on a high note, with mysterious ring master, to get the
lovebirds down the aisle. But – be
a nice mix of country, blues and oldies. careful what you wish for because “to
bring these families together, they
This season marks the 19th year Con- must first be torn apart.” The show
has played throughout the U.S. and
certs in the Park have been rockin’ Riv- in 67 foreign countries, and about
250 new productions still run on re-
erview, bringing local musical talent to gional, community and high school
stages each year. (The original inves-
the city’s beautiful riverfront. Over the tors have earned 240 times their orig-

years, the event has grown to include

a free raffle with giveaways from local

businesses, all sorts of food – dogs, BB,

Italian ice and popcorn – and even ac-

tual balloon animals. There is always a

friendly local police presence as well.

Admission (and the gentle river breez-

es) is free. Concert time, 5:30 p.m. to 8

p.m. 772-589-5969.

2 Opening May 10 at the Vero 2 Coming to Vero Beach Theatre Guild starting May 10.
Beach Theatre Guild: “The Fan-
inal investments.) At the helm of the
tasticks.” The original off-Broadway VBTG production is award-winning
actor/director Clara McCarthy. Show
times: Thursdays, 7 p.m.; Fridays, 8
p.m.; Saturday, May 12, 2 p.m.; Satur-
day, May 19, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; Sun-
days, 2 p.m. Tickets: $15 to $30. 772-

3 If you love jazz, you’ll have a terrif-
ic time this Monday evening at the

Henegar Center. You’ll get an earful of

great jazz – “Legends of Jazz, Jazz Greats 4 Bill Nye May 12 at Dr. Phillips
Center Walt Disney Theatre.
Showcase” – presented by the excellent

young musicians of Melbourne and

Satellite high schools. While they’re on

stage entertaining you, you’ll be in the translates complex issues” to easily di-
gestible bites for audiences of all ages, to
audience supporting them. A cool win/ help them “engage with and hopefully)
improve our world.” Show time is 8 p.m.
win. Each under its own music direc- Tickets start at $49.50. 844-513-2014.

tor, the Melbourne High Jazz Band will

perform Count Basie, and the Satel-

lite High Jazz Band will play Duke El-

lington. Also on the program, saxman 5 Guess what the Historic Cocoa
Village Playhouse is doing next
Dan Wilborn with his Dan Wilborn Jazz

Quartet will add some Dave Brubeck. Thursday, May 17, to celebrate the

The jazz gets hot at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are 10th anniversary of the 2008 smash hit

adults, $23; students, $18. 321-723-8698. flick “Mamma Mia!” They’re going to

screen the entire movie, and the audi-

4 He doesn’t just play one on TV. Bill ence gets to sing along with Meryl and
Nye really is the Science Guy and
Amanda and Pierce and Christine and

he’s coming to the Dr. Phillips Center the rest – every single fabulous ABBA

Walt Disney Theatre this Saturday, May song, from “I Have a Dream” to “Water-

12, as part of the OUC Speakers series. loo.” And they’re having a ’70s costume

Nye, who wears engineer, comedian, contest, as well. So, get your ABBA on,

author, inventor and Emmy-winner dress up and join what promises to be a

hats, is a true Renaissance Man, who fun-, music- and laughter-filled night.

always charms audiences, show promo Doors open at 7 p.m. The 109-minute

says, by bringing his love of science and movie starts at 7:30 p.m. Reserved seat

flair for comedy to bear as he “deftly tickets are $15 to $18. 321-636-5050. 

16 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE



The Palace of Westminster, with its cinematic Big The work is scheduled to begin in 2025, with the
Ben clock, set beside the River Thames, is a survivor hope that, sometime in the early 2030s, Parliament
– of epic fire, German bombs, sulfuric smog and bad will return to its home. Exact dates are fuzzy, because
plumbing. the restorers say they won’t really know what they’re
dealing with until they start ripping things apart.
An eccentric masterwork of Victorian genius, its
dual chambers for lords and commoners are the Those who love the building all reach for the same
living, breathing heart of constitutional monarchy, metaphor: They describe Westminster as a living en-
the home of Parliament, and one of the most photo- tity, which has reached a ripe old age and desperately
graphed buildings in the world. needs a lifesaving operation.

But Westminster is a wreck, its caretakers say. Or else.
The palace is not falling down. Not at all. Its bones, The Washington Post wrangled an invitation to
the superstructure, are solid enough, and carrying tour the guts of Westminster – guided by Tom Healey,
on, in British fashion, even if its dermis of Yorkshire director of the restoration and renewal program, and
limestone is spotty. Robert Stewart, lead engineer for the same.
Rather, Westminster is rotting from the inside, its Our journey began when we stepped into an ag-
water and waste pipes sclerotic, its ventilation shafts ing retrofitted elevator the size of an upright coffin
congested, its neural networks – the communication, to descend to the Dickensian depths.
electric, fire systems – nearly shot. “Watch your heads!” Healey called upon entering
And so earlier this year, after a decade of delay, study the dank catacombs. Here, even a short man walks
and debate, British lawmakers approved one of the the claustrophobic corridors bent over.
most ambitious restoration projects of the modern age, “Best not to touch that,” Stewart advised as we
a $5 billion scheme that would see the entire Parliament reached toward a dodgy coil of cable, as thick as a
– the lawmakers, clerks, staff, guards, journalists, bar- gorilla’s arm. Maintenance workers carrying bags of
tenders, everybody – decamp to nearby buildings for tools and balancing cups of tea passed by, muttering,
six years while a massive refurbishment is undertaken. “pardon, pardon.”
It’s like redoing your kitchen – times a million. Floors above our heads, in the spectacular legisla-
Or imagine the U.S. Congress emptying out of the tive halls, central lobby, gardens and grand rooms,
Capitol to reconvene at . . . the Smithsonian National Westminster is a dusty jewel, a stage set. But a keen
Air and Space Museum? eye can spot the symptoms of decrepitude.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 17


and 1,100 rooms, probably more, and almost three boxes with plastic bags. There were odors. Moist
miles of passageways. things. Miles of confused wire.

The palace sees thousands of staff and lawmakers The engineers confessed that there had been so
a day pass through and a million visitors a year. The many ad hoc repairs and workarounds over the
kitchens serve up to 3,000 meals a day in the old- past half-century that no one was sure what went
school dining rooms, another 2,500 in the modern where.
cafeteria, and untold cups of tea.
“We can have an educated guess,” said Stewart,
There are eight bars. pointing at a mass of water, electric, Internet and
The palace is alive. phone lines.
“Westminster does feel like a living presence, an
organic machine for making legislation,” said Caro- “But a phone line to where?” He arched an eye-
line Shenton, the former director of the Parliamen- brow.
tary Archives and author of “Mr. Barry’s War,” the
story of rebuilding of the palace after the 1834 fire. Say what you will, the original engineers did
“This is a body that does stuff,” she said. many things right. Today’s Westminster still rests
But its current state, she told The Post, is “a legacy upon its 1840s massive raft of hand-mixed concrete
of generations of neglect,” by all previous govern- 13 feet deep. When you are in the basements, just a
ments and departments. “Instead of ever removing few feet away are the mudbanks and flood tides of
the obsolete, they just added to it,” Shenton said. the Thames.
It’s in the basements where the truth lies.
We saw a bewildering maze of custom-bent “So we are underwater,” Stewart said.
pipe and postwar landlines that dated to Winston But the complex was built for a different era – with
Churchill’s time. Someone had covered junction 600 coal fireplaces, now all replaced by steam heat-
The roofs leak, badly – sometimes there are buck- The Westminster of the mid-1800s was a mar-
ets to catch the weepy drip in the Lords chamber. vel of its day, employing cutting-edge technol-
Moths are nibbling at Augustus Pugin’s wallpaper, ogy – such as air-conditioning, which never quite
mice scurrying across the encaustic tiles, and bad worked, freezing everyone in winter, stifling them
humors rising from the bowels below, where an in summer.
1880s sewage ejector plays the role of Sisyphus, “All the building’s systems – all the pipes and wires,
condemned to spend its eternity trying to keep up the power, the ventilation, the air-conditioning, wa-
with the flushing loos above. ter drainage, fire systems, data, security systems –
all of those systems which were retrofitted into Vic-
Which are failing, by the way, occasionally cata- torian ventilation points are now really beyond the
strophically. end of their usable life,” Healey said.
He mentioned the palace was also an asbestos pit.
One of the classic complaints came from Ben And a disaster for people with disabilities, Stewart
Bradshaw, a member of Parliament for the Labour added.
Party, who tweeted, “Urine seems to be pouring Healey said Westminster was the “best example of
through the ceiling into my Commons office for the Victorian Gothic architecture in the world,” which
second day running!” now has the highest energy bills in England.
“We have thousands and thousands of bronze win-
The original medieval palace mostly burned down dows, none of which closes. It’s a terrible waste of
in 1834, a conflagration set by two workers ordered to heat,” he said.
burn tally sticks – short wooden pegs used to account Repairs have been delayed for years – because the
for taxes owed and paid. Awestruck mobs gathered in Parliament did not want to pay for them, and also
the streets and hired river boats on the Thames to la- because of the potential disruption.
ment – and to cheer on – the great fire. “You can’t do anything that’s too noisy when Par-
liament is sitting, so there is always an imperative to
The competition to create a purpose-built home do everything in short time frames. You need a new
for Parliament was awarded to the architect Charles bit of plumbing? Somebody has to come down here
Barry, with construction contracted to steam-pow- and fit it in over the weekend. You need to replace a
ered railroad builders, who began in 1840, finished boiler? It has to be done over summer recess,” Healey
in 1870 – only 26 years overdue with a tripling of the said.
budget. Studies and committee reports over the past de-
cade warned that major renovations are at least 40
The Westminster complex covers eight acres, 17 years overdue.
football fields, and has more than 125 staircases The inquiries revealed dozens of incidents that
could have led to catastrophe.
Today, fire crews wander the premises 24 hours
a day, seven days a week. There were a half-dozen
minor but worrying blazes last year, and hundreds
of toilet failures, and a crack in a main sewage pipe.
A few years back, Damian Green, a Conservative
Party lawmaker, said it would be an exaggeration
to describe Westminster as a “death trap” but not
“a wild exaggeration.”
The engineers point out postwar sewage and wa-
ter pipes running above 1960s electric lines above
1970s phone lines above more modern Internet
“We can’t fix it as fast as it falls apart,” Healey said.
“The Palace of Westminster is 150 years old, and ev-
ery building has a kind of life cycle.”
“It’s time,” he said. 

NUTRITION, PART II as fructose) and processed sugars (such as high- Eating or drinking too much added sugar can lead
fructose corn syrup) to processed foods and drinks. to health problems including tooth decay, obe-
THE DANGERS OF ADDED SUGAR sity, difficulty controlling type 2 diabetes, higher
In the U.S., the average man consumes 335 calo- triglyceride levels, lower high-density lipoprotein
One of the most significant changes the U.S. Food ries (about 21 teaspoons) of added sugar each day. (HDL, also called “good”) cholesterol levels, and
and Drug Administration (FDA) is mandating to The average woman consumes 239 calories (about heart disease.
be included in nutrition labels is the addition 15 teaspoons) of added sugar each day. Added
of a category called “added sugar.” The average sugar provides little to no nutritional value, but it Also, if you fill up on foods or drinks that contain
American consumes 13 percent of his or her total does serve many uses in food processing. added sugar, you are less likely to eat and drink
calories from added sugar; the goal is 10 percent. healthy options. Studies have shown that the
ADDED SUGAR CAN more sugary drinks people drink, the less milk
But what exactly is added sugar?  Improve the flavor, color, or texture of foods they drink. Milk provides calcium, protein, and vi-
and drinks tamins that help your body function well. Sugary
Let’s begin with an explanation of naturally  Keep jellies and jams from spoiling drinks provide many calories from sugar and little
occurring sugar.  Help fermentation in breads and alcohol to no nutritional value.
 Keep baked goods fresh longer
NATURALLY OCCURING SUGAR While most calories you eat or drink are used to
Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that provides calo- THE MAIN SOURCES OF ADDED SUGAR IN meet your body’s nutrient needs, added sugars
ries for your body to use as energy. Sugar has no THE U.S. ARE provide “empty calories.” A small amount of emp-
other nutritional value. Naturally occurring sugar  Sugary drinks (for example, soft drinks, sports ty calories in your diet is okay, but you may gain
is the sugar found in whole, unprocessed foods, drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks) weight if you consume too many empty calories.
such as milk, fruit, vegetables and some grains.  Candy
One of the most common natural sugars is fruc-  Cakes To find out the recommended daily limit for emp-
tose, which is found in fruit. Another common  Cookies ty calories for your age and gender, go to the U.S.
natural sugar is lactose, which is found in milk.  Pies and cobblers Department of Agriculture’s website: ChooseMy-
 Sweet rolls, pastries, and doughnuts 
WHAT IS ADDED SUGAR?  Dairy desserts
Added sugar is sugar that is added to processed Your comments and suggestions for future topics are
foods and drinks while they are being made. Food WHY SHOULD WE LIMIT ADDED SUGAR IN OUR always welcome. Email us at [email protected].
manufacturers may add both natural sugars (such DIET?
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Claude Gassian’s cover ality traits: ego and successful, singing in to wonder why.
photograph of Paul Simon the propulsive pursuit of his art. He England, where he was Simon’s comments about his own
does more than identify the learned early from his competitive received as a talented
subject of Robert Hilburn’s father, a successful bandleader, who newcomer. lyrics, many of which are printed in
new biography. It suggests told him that “music was something full throughout the book, are infor-
how we should read it. By to be treated with respect.” The he said/he mative, but explaining the intrica-
photographing Simon full- said history of Simon cies of poetic creation seems to elude
faced but shadowed, serious As a teenager navigating New York’s and Garfunkel’s half- him. Perhaps, “Four in the morning/
and pulsing with importance, dicey music business, Simon made century collabora- crapped out/ yawning” is explanation
Gassian rejects the rougher, friends with Carole King, another teen tion is well known, enough. It’s a great line.
often louche images he’s cre- songwriter, was paid to sing on demo and Hilburn supplies
ated of other rock icons. In- records and was savvy enough to en- enough examples of Simon does discuss his exploration
stead, the photograph of Simon sure that he retained total publishing their kvetching to of cultural rhythms from Africa and
reminds us of the portraits by rights to his own songs. In the early South America and how these new
John Singer Sargent, who paint- 1960s, while in college, Simon played wear down any read- sounds made him rethink his song-
ed the societal titans of the late folk music in Greenwich Village clubs, er. It’s the songs that writing. He was vilified for not cred-
19th century society. but he was more comfortable, and matter, beginning iting other musicians, and in 1985
with their mega- he refused to honor a U.N. boycott
Hilburn could hardly discour- hit, “The Sound of against performing in South Africa
age such a comparison, given Silence.” First re- while working on his album “Grace-
that his thorough, balanced and corded in 1964, by land.” He believes that no one should
insistently chronological biogra- the beginning of tell an artist what he can or cannot do,
phy, “Paul Simon: The Life,” re- or whom he can work with.
minds us how titanic this musi- 1966 it was No. 1
cian is. in America. By his History has been on Simon’s side,
mid-20s, Simon and today his contribution to modern
Simon didn’t start out a titan. was a million- culture is indisputable. The London
He began his career singing in a aire with many Times has called Simon “the godfa-
duo named for two cartoon char- productive years ther of world music.” Those who dis-
acters, Tom & Jerry. Art Garfunkel, ahead of him. agree can take pleasure knowing that
who Simon befriended in sixth Simon’s 1998 Broadway musical, “The
grade, was Tom. By 1964, they had Hilburn is not Capeman,” shut down after 68 perfor-
renamed themselves Simon and an exciting writ- mances, and only lasted that long be-
Garfunkel, and within a few years er, though Simon cause Simon insisted. Despite that fi-
they had become a musical sensa- chose him as his asco, the musical, albeit much edited,
tion, selling millions of records and biographer. In- was reprised in 2010, at the Delacorte
touring widely. They went on to win stead of feeling Theater in Central Park.
multiple Grammys over their long but suspenseful, this
fragmented career. As a solo perform- version of Simon’s life story seems in- Whether we prefer Simon full-faced
er, Simon’s awards are even more eye- evitable, and reading the long history or shadowed, he certainly can write
popping: more Grammys, the Johnny of his career never quite zings as it great songs. We’ll have to wait and
Mercer Award from the Songwriters should, despite his many accomplish- see if he ever writes another now that
Hall of Fame, a Kennedy Center Honor ments. Simon is widely quoted in the he’s announced his Farewell Tour. But
and the first Gershwin Prize for Popu- book. He hates being short, some- titans seldom stop, so why would Si-
lar Song. Simon has also lectured at times gets depressed and loves his mon? Silence does not become him.
colleges and befriended famous in- family, but when he does take us into He’s always liked the sound of his own
tellectuals and artists, including phi- the shadows, he reveals nothing unex- voice, as do millions of others. 
losopher Peter Singer, painter Chuck pected or particularly dark. Not much
Close, Nobelist Derek Walcott and Pu- drug use, though beginning in 1994 PAUL SIMON
litzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman. he started using ayahuasca, a South The Life
American hallucinogenic. He views
These awards and associations sub- his time with Garfunkel as “merely the By Robert Hilburn
stantiate Simon’s most visible person- first stage of his career,” yet it’s a stage Simon and Schuster. 439 pp. $30
he habitually repeats. Readers are apt
Review by Sibbie O’Sullivan
The Washington Post


1. The Fallen BY DAVID BALDACCI 1. A Higher Loyalty 1. The Fates Divide
presents 2. Shoot First BY STUART WOODS
BY MATTHEW SULLIVAN 2. Cold War Navy Seal 2. Little Monsters
Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the
Soviet Empire 4. Before We Were Yours BY JAMES M. HAWES & BY KARA THOMAS
William Morrow and Co. BY LISA WINGATE 3. Dog Man and Cat Kid
3. Assume the Worst
Saturday, May 19th at 1 pm 5. The Woman in the Window BY DAV PILKEY
BY A.J. FINN 4. Hello Universe
4. Killers of the Flower Moon
5. Turtles All the Way Down
5. I've Been Thinking

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20 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonzo says Boo-Boo is one special poocheroo

Hi Dog Buddies! Boo paused an sniffed. “Then Mom

Boo-Boo Seguin is definitely a mix, got worse. She was real worried about
but of what it’s hard to say. He looks
like he was put together by a commit- me, an asked the same nurse if she’d
tee that didn’t discuss it first, but don’t
get me wrong, he’s super cool lookin.’ please take me if anything happened
(In fact, I’m thinkin’ of getting’ some
hair gel and tryin’ a mohawk myself.) to her. Well, Bonz, here’s the part that’s

Boo-Boo greeted me an my Assis- amazin’ to me, even now: The nurse
tant very puh-lightly, innerduced us
to his Mom an Dad, Kim an Jim, an got never told Mom how much trouble I’d
us situated.
been. She told Mom not to worry, that
His coat was mostly brown an black
brindle, very on-trend. His feet an face she’d do it.
had longer kinda curly grayish, white-
ish fur, sticking up in all directions. “My Mom went to Heaven pretty
An then there was the beard, an the
eyebrows. soon after that.

I guess I was staring, cuz Boo-Boo “I’m ashamed to say, I kept hidin’
said, smiling, “Yeah, I know. I have
Andy Rooney eyebrows. I don’t have a from everybody, and just being a
clue who he is, but Mom an Dad’s frens
think it’s hilarious. The mohawk’s poop for a long time. The nurse tried
natch-rull. At the dog park, they say I
look like a mix between a tiger and a real hard to find a good home for me
VERY brave Schnauzer.”
but who’d want a dog that was scared
We laughed.
“Dog,” I thought to myself, “I’m glad of everything an hid under stuff an
he has a sense of humor.”
“Boo-Boo”, I said, “you are one Su- didn’t eat an was gloomy all the
per Cool Poocheroo.”
“About that name,” he said. “Boo- time? The nurse’s huzz-bun even set
Boo’s my given name, but Mom an
Dad call me Boo-Man, Boo-Cephus, a 30-day deadline before I hadda go
Boo-Man-Chu, and Mom calls me her
Boo-Buddy. But you know what, Bonz, to a shelter.”
between us, how ’bout just call me
Boo.” “So, how’d you finally find this
“Works for me, Boo.”
“I think I’m about 10,” he began. Boo-Boo.PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD wonderful forever family, Boo?” I
“But there’s a lot I don’t remember, so
that’s just a guess. Anyway, I grew up rier on the asked.
in Georgia, an my first human (no way porch, an let me out once a day to
I’d call her Mom) wasn’t that fond of Do My Duty. “This is my favorite part, Bonz.
dogs. She kept me in a liddle cat car- “One day a neighbor lady came
by when I was out on my daily potty My Forever Family had been there
break. She saw how weak an wobbly I
was, an asked my human if she could all along.”
have me. Thank Lassie, she said OK,
so my second human was my ackshull nurse said she He’d been sittin’ on the couch
Mom. She loved me to pieces, an was
so nice an kind.” would take care of me the weekend leanin’ against his Mom. “See, my
“Awww,” I said, writing like mad.
“We were so happy for a coupla Mom was away. Mom’s a nurse.” She patted his furry
years, but then Mom got sick. Re-
ally bad sick. She hadda go to the “Well, Bonz, I hafta admit, after my head. An, Woof! it hit me. His MOM
hos-piddle a lot, an she hadda nurse,
but she wasn’t getting better. When bad start, then getting’ rescued by was THE nurse. I put my notebook
Mom’s human daughter hadda liddle
baby human, Mom wanted to go see my wonderful Mom, who I’d stuck to down.
them before it was Too Late. Mom’s
like glue, when she left, I thought I’d “Even though I was a big mess, they

never see her again. So, when I got didn’t abandon me.” He gave his Mom

to the nurse’s house, I was scared to a liddle slurp. “The 30 days passed, an

bits. I didn’t know these humans. Or turned into weeks, then months, an,

their two dogs. I just sat by the door an one day, it’s like the sun came back

cried like a puppy.” out. Now I try to be the Best, Most

“Oh, Boo.” I wiped my nose with my Lovin’ Pooch Ever. When Mom an

paw. Boo continued. Dad retired, we all moved down here,

“NOW I know they were helpin’ to Sebastian, an we’re havin’ the Best

me, but back THEN, I just wanted my Time Ever! I love hangin’ out in the

Mom. So, when they let me out to pot- yard with ‘the Boys,’ Bowser an Nemo.

ty, I made a break for it. I shimmied up I go kayaking, an for walks with Dad,

the 5-foot fence and took off. I HAD to an we TRA-vel all over the country in

find her. The nurse chased me, but I our MODERhome. Turns out, this is

was too fast. Just not fast enough to the best thing that could have hap-

catch Mom. I searched for hours but pened to me, Bonz.”

finally, I had to give up. I was hungry Heading home, I was thinkin’ about

and tired, so I found my way back to the last thing Boo said to me, an how

the nurse’s house. (Mom always said I wise an true it is: “Change is always

have “street smarts.”) scary, but you have to give new people

“The rest of the weekend was awful. (an pooches) a chance.” 

I kept tryin’ to run away, even though

-The Bonzthe nurse an her huzz-bun were only

bein’ nice to me. Finally, when my
Mom got back, I couldn’t stop givin’
her kisses.”

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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 21


A Q 10 7 6 4 2 3 J8
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist ?4 A J 10 ?9653
10 8 Q9764 AJ52
Barbara Seagram and David Bird published “Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand” in 95 J642 87
2009. Now Jonathan Shute has written two teacher’s manuals to go with that book,
“Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand — Teacher’s Manual for Part 1/Part 2” (all Master SOUTH
Point Press). The teacher uses Shute’s book, and the pupils buy the original. Each book K95
contains six two-hour classes aimed at intermediate or slightly weaker players. The K72
deals are excellent. K3
A K Q 10 3
In this deal, how should South plan the play in three no-trump after West leads his
fourth-highest spade, and declarer takes East’s jack with his king? Dealer: West; Vulnerable: Neither

West has a textbook pre-emptive opening bid (although he would prefer a singleton The Bidding:
somewhere). South, assuming his partner has 6 or 7 points, gambles on three no-trump.
Of course, if you or I had been sitting West, we would have led the diamond 10 and 3 NT 3 Spades Pass Pass
defeated the contract by four tricks. Pass Pass Pass LEAD:
7 Spades
South starts with eight top tricks: one spade (the first trick), two hearts and five clubs.
He does not have time to play a diamond, because the defenders will take that trick
and run the spades. (There is no reason to assume that West has an eight-card suit.)
Instead, declarer must take three heart tricks, which involves finding the queen.

It is not guaranteed, but South should use the “empty spaces” principle. West has
seven spades and two clubs, so only four spaces for the heart queen. In contrast, East
has only two spades and two clubs; therefore, he has nine spaces for the heart queen. It
is more than 2-to-1 in favor of finessing through East.

22 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

The Telegraph ACROSS DOWN
1 Software item (3) 2 Zodiac sign (8)
3 Lift (5) 2 Heroic knights (8)
6 Very important (3) 3 Quota (6)
8 Not yet burning (5) 4 Without success (2,4)
9 Win (7) 5 Surpass (6)
10 Listings magazine (5,5) 6 Have information (4)
12 Canine (3) 7 Toy (2-2)
15 Forearm bone (4) 11 Scatter (3)
17 Cautious (4) 13 Fuel (8)
18 Mineral spring (3) 14 TV detective (8)
22 Canoeing manoeuvre (6,4) 16 Large primate (3)
25 Dishevelled (7) 19 Sci-fi author (6)
26 Pickpocket (5) 20 Resentful (6)
27 Be in debt (3) 21 Elbow, push (6)
28 Enthusiasm (5) 23 Greek liqueur (4)
29 Female sheep (3) 24 Scottish island (4)

RETIREMENT PLANNING Member FINRA/SIPC. Established 1947. How to do Sudoku:
JUSTIN R. APAKIAN Fill in the grid so the
Securities offered through National Securities Corporation, Sr. Financial Advisor numbers one through
member FINRA/SIPC Indialantic Resident nine appear just once
in every column, row
Advisory services offered through National Asset Management, Direct: and three-by-three
An SEC registered investment advisor 561-392-6899 square.
Stocks, Bonds,
Tax Free Municipal, ETF’s,
Mutual Funds, Insurance,

Annuities, REIT’s,
Portfolio Management,
529 College Planning, etc.

Main Office located at:
2424 N. Federal Highway

Suite 400
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

The Telegraph

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 23


ACROSS eyes on 5 Early computer 72 University of The Washington Post
1 Give it a chance? 73 Keeps on keepin’ 6 Skewered, as in Maine city
6 Will Rogers prop
11 Sporty autos on a skit 73 Tortilla dough?
15 Garbage barge 74 The ___ Were 7 Holy vessels 77 Poet Doolittle
19 Diner actress 75 Bit of pier gear 8 Reggae relative 78 Separate, as
21 Ill-tempered sort 76 Big event on 9 Have orchestra
22 Sighing remark onion layers
23 Greatest campus seats, e.g. 79 Russian ballet
78 Director Sydney 10 Available, as
American Hero 80 Free, in a way company
star 82 Kid’s car game beer 81 Tenuous
24 Puccini piece 83 Thrill 11 Actress in The 84 When the credits
25 Greek house 87 Indian metropolis
26 Field covers 88 Undiluted, as Group rolled,
27 One type of 12 Taj Mahal site in old movie
knowledge liquor 13 Interrogate theaters
29 Moves a little 89 Loamy deposit 14 Home of the 85 Popular dog food
30 Southern st. 91 Away from the 86 Golf gadget
33 Bird word Calypso 90 River to the
34 Austrian wind 15 What No. 1 Moselle
mountains, to an 92 Actor Werner 94 Org. that looks
Austrian 93 Prized flower indicates, pencil- for
35 Goofballs 95 Mud-bath center wise undocumented
37 Gore’s guy- 96 Species of wheat 16 The Dead Zone folks
turned-gal 98 Brain, in Spain star 97 Ishi was the last
39 “Untrue!” 99 Horne and Olin 17 One of Dwight’s of his
41 AAA offering 101 “___ live, not general 100 Crude abode
43 Gregory colleagues 102 Electrical genius
McDonald’s vice versa” (diet 18 Sprays Nikola
freewheeling motto) 20 Word after land 104 Iditarod vehicles
reporter 103 Ancient art? or robber 106 Competed
46 Heston epic 105 A real keno state: 28 Dream 107 Singer Fitzgerald
48 TV T-man abbr. phenomena 109 Second opinion?
49 Like Hunan food 106 Ricochets 29 The sun, to some 110 ___ time (never)
51 London dining 108 One listening 30 Closing words 111 Grass, to
district 110 Make ___ (get 31 The Carol Giuseppe
52 Jacket popular in rich) Burnett Show’s 113 Mr. Masterson
the 1960s 112 “Nasty” of tennis Mr. Handsome 115 Name from
53 Type in 113 Underwrite 32 Pulitzer poet who Cambodia’s past
55 Cockney 114 Quiller wrote 116 Attained
greeting Memorandum Conquistador 117 Ethyl or methyl
56 Demitasse of actress 34 Secy. to the secy. ending
discord 119 Klensch of 36 “The Very 118 Like some
57 Eddied fashion Thought ___” pencils
59 When Aïda dies 120 Throb 38 FedEx charge
62 Abbr. in 121 Dapper crooner 40 Binary 2 A DOG’S LIFE By Merl Reagle
Murphy-Nolte of 42 Steals
movies Saturday Night 44 Director-star of
63 Have ___ Live fame (and silent comedies
(enjoy oneself) commercials, 45 ___-totsy
64 Snubbed too) 47 Most boring
67 “Can ___ on 122 Willy Wonka’s 50 Dirt ball
you?” creator 54 Doctorow book
(secret-teller’s 123 Ring wins, briefly 58 Chicago trains
query) 124 Apportion 60 Greek letters
69 Boarding areas 125 Full up 61 Romance hero of
70 More succulent DOWN Orlando Furioso
71 Finnish lake 1 Sermon seat 64 Kirghiz
72 Feasts one’s 2 Actor Wallach grasslands
3 Completely 65 One of President
4 Early ax or early Reagan’s press
European secretaries
66 “Just what ___
68 Sans sunshine
71 ___ Jima

The Telegraph

24 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Divorced dad struggles to make play dates for daughter

BY CAROLYN HAX play-date difficulties will become available to you.
Washington Post You can talk to your ex about why setting up play

Dear Carolyn: dates is awkward, for one thing, and learn which
I’m a divorced dad and have moms are easiest to deal with, who might feel un-
my daughter, 9, every other week. comfortable with just a dad home and why, etc.
I try to schedule play dates for
her and am met with hesitation. Plus, open civility between you would give the
It seems like her mom can easily people on her “side” the go-ahead to be nicer to
schedule them. you.
I usually have to talk to the moms to schedule
things. Is there anything I can do to show I am a If you’re part of the reason there’s no sitting to-
well-intentioned dad? Maybe the hesitation is that gether and small talk, then decide now to let it go.
their daughters would be with me and no mother Stop holding out for whatever you’re holding out
figure, or it’s weird for the moms to talk to someone for, forgive what you’ve refused to forgive, accept
who isn’t the mom, or maybe I’m the weird one? what your anger or pride hasn’t let you accept.
My ex and I do not get along. If we are in the
school together, we will not sit together or even ex- If she’s the one making civility impossible, then
change small talk. Does this put other moms off as all you can do is be friendly and approachable and
well? keep doing what’s best for your daughter. Time
Any insight would be great. I want my daughter and kindness are powerful in combination.
to be able to spend time with friends.
And even if they fail you, time alone will do its
work. A 9-year-old is not far from becoming the
quarterback of her own social life; eventually she’ll
age out of this problem herself.

– Single Dad good friends with your ex and they have a view of Re: Play dates: Worrying about play dates while
the divorce, and of you, that is quite negative – and you and your child’s mother are so uncivil to each
That’s because the hesitation you’re reading on that negativity could be entirely fair, entirely un- other that you won’t even acknowledge each other
these moms could be anything from unfair and fair or a mix of both. at school events is rearranging deck chairs on the
outrageous bias against a single dad to a reason- Titanic. It’s tragic for a 9-year-old to be in the mid-
able discomfort with something you did or said. If you want a master key to all of it, then that lies dle of that. Pour your energy into fixing that prob-
It could even be that these moms are happy to ar- in your relationship with your ex. If you and she lem. 
range play dates, but you’re so uncomfortable that can find a way to get along, then a lot of problems
the conversations get awkward. Or they could be for your daughter go away – axiomatic when par- – Anonymous
ents divorce – and specifically the “why” of your

Road ‘show’: Mobile high-tech
scanners draw raves

26 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Road ‘show’: Mobile high-tech scanners draw raves

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER Esham, vice president of radiation scanner inside.
[email protected] oncology and radiology for Florida Two or three days later, another “big
Cancer Specialists, is responsible for
When it comes to learning about imaging at the nearly 100 statewide of- rig” hauls it away, but in the meantime,
“something big” in the world of fices of Florida Cancer Specialists, and local physicians like Drs. Hugo Davila,
potentially lifesaving for putting those services on the road. Raul Storey and Noor Merchant have
medical scans – full access to some of the newest scan-
Once each week, a large tractor ning technology available to diagnose
specifically, trailer has been delivering a new – their patients.
positron emis-
sion tomography (PET scans) only 1 year old – Siemens mCT According to Esham, FCS already has
and computed tomography (CT scans) 20 PET/CT scanner three such mobile scan labs statewide
– the person to ask is Jeff Esham. right to the and he proudly revealed they have just
added a fourth in order to, as he puts it,
backyard of Florida Cancer Special- “bring the newest technologies to com-
ists’ Vero Beach offices at 3730 7th Ter- munities [like Vero] even faster.”
race. The tractor departs after deliv-
ery, leaving the special trailer with the If the sheer logistics of moving so-
phisticated imaging equipment here
and there all across the state doesn’t
impress you, maybe the capabilities of
that equipment will.

Well-known Vero urologist Dr. Da-
vila says the mCT 20’s scans are “one
of the most useful tests for finding and
looking at a tumor in the kidney. It can
provide precise information about the
size, shape and location of a tumor. It is
also useful in checking to see if a cancer
has spread to nearby lymph nodes or to
organs and tissues outside the kidney.

“With our CT scans,” Davila con-

Experience the fusion of
traditional values and

modern dentistry.

Collins & Montz Dr. Hugo Davila and nuclear
PET/CT Tech Jerry Reid.
At Collins & Montz, DMD,
we will focus on improving every
aspect of your smile for optimal
appearance, function, and
comfort through our general
family dentistry, and restorative
procedures such as dental
implants. Our comprehensive
range of services and dedication
of quality set us apart. Call today
to schedule your appointment.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 27

With our CT scans YOUR HEALTH in PET scanning is low and is called a
‘tracer dose.’ The tracer dose is about
we can do 3D the same amount of radiation as three
chest X-ray series.”
reconstruction of the
By contrast, magnetic resonance
imaging to identify imaging, or MRIs, use no radiation,
Medical News Today says, but “while
important structures an MRI scan shows how part of the
before surgery. body looks, a PET scan can reveal how
it is functioning.”
– Dr. Hugo Davila
For a truly effective diagnosis, that
tinues, “we can do 3D reconstruction can make a big difference.
of the imaging to identify important
structures before surgery (robotic radi- Dr. Hugo Davila is with Florida Can-
cal nephrectomy or partial nephrecto- cer Specialists and Florida Healthcare
my). This allows me to review the anat- Specialists at 3730 7th Terrace, Suite
omy and discuss the surgical steps with 101 in Vero Beach. The phone number is
my team” well in advance of surgery. 772-581-0528. 

As the Center for Diagnostic Imaging
explains, combined PET/CT scanners
use modern imaging techniques along
with sophisticated computer technol-
ogy to produce 360-degree, cross-sec-
tional views of the body, its bones, soft
tissue and even its individual blood
vessels – all at the same time.

Perhaps more importantly, radilogy- says these scanners can “eval-
uate your organ and tissue functions
and by identifying body changes at the
cellular level, they can detect the early
onset of disease before it is evident on
other imaging tests.”

Of course, it is certainly reasonable
to ask how Florida’s heat and humidity
might affect these high-tech scanners,
but Esham says simply “it doesn’t.”

After all, he says, each air-conditioned
unit is also equipped with its own back-
up generator as well as an industrial
chairlift to provide easy access to pa-
tients in wheelchairs as well as fully am-
bulatory patients.

The “bore” or “donut hole” into
which patients slide while the scan is
being done is quite large. It’s not nearly
“as tight a fit” as most older scanners,
Esham says.

He couldn’t be much happier with
the response this particular scanner
has gotten from Vero Beach patients.

In fact, if the number of scans and
the patient reactions continue the way
they’re going now, Esham hints that
FCS’s Vero office may soon have its
own, permanent PET/CT system while
the mobile version sets out on the road
again to other parts of the state.

And if keeping an eye on Medicare’s
pocketbook interests you, Esham claims
his “fleet” of mobile PET/CT scanners
can be 17 percent less expensive for
Medicare than in-hospital scans.

It should be noted that PET/CT scans
do expose patients to higher amounts
of radiation than a standard X-ray, but
the University of California Irvine re-
ports “the amount of radiation used

28 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


The Healthy Senior

There are many causes of –
and cures for – leaky bladders

COLUMN BY FRED CICETTI COLUMNIST the urethra, a tube that carries urine
out of the body. At the same time,
Q. I’m having a devil of time control- muscles surrounding the urethra re-
ling my bladder. Any suggestions? lax and let the urine pass. If the blad-
der muscles contract or the muscles
About 10 percent of men and wom- surrounding the urethra relax without
en over the age of 65 have trouble warning, the result is incontinence.
with bladder control, a condition
officially known as urinary inconti- Short-term incontinence is caused
nence. Women suffer from this more by infections, constipation and some
than men. medicines. If the problem persists,
it might be caused by weak bladder
During urination, muscles in the muscles, overactive bladder muscles,
bladder contract, forcing urine into blockage from an enlarged prostate

or damage to nerves that control the nary incontinence; the best method
bladder from diseases such as multi- to use is determined by the type of
ple sclerosis or Parkinson’s. problem.

In most cases, urinary incontinence You can train your bladder with ex-
can be treated and controlled, if not ercises and biofeedback. You can also
cured. chart your urination and then empty
your bladder before you might leak.
If you are having bladder control
problems, go to your doctor. Doctors Your doctor has other tools he can
see this problem all the time, so there use. There are urethral plugs and vag-
is no need to be embarrassed. inal inserts for women with stress in-
continence. There are medicines that
Your doctor may do a number of relax muscles, helping the bladder to
tests on your urine, blood and blad- empty more fully during urination.
der. You may be asked to keep a daily Other medications tighten muscles in
chart about your urination. the bladder and urethra to cut down
There are several different types of
urinary incontinence. Surgery can improve or cure incon-
tinence if it is caused by a problem
• If urine leaks when you sneeze, such as a change in the position of
cough, laugh or put pressure on the the bladder or blockage due to an en-
bladder in other ways, you have “stress larged prostate. Common surgery for
incontinence.” stress incontinence involves pulling
the bladder up and securing it. When
• When you can’t hold urine, you stress incontinence is serious, the sur-
have “urge incontinence.” geon may use a wide sling. This holds
up the bladder and narrows the ure-
• When small amounts of urine leak thra to prevent leakage.
from a bladder that is always full, you
have “overflow incontinence.” Even if treatment is 100-percent suc-
cessful, management of incontinence
• Many older people who have nor- can help you feel more relaxed and
mal bladder control, but have diffi- comfortable about the problem. 
culty getting to the bathroom in time,
have “functional incontinence.”

There are many ways to treat uri-

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 29


First Bites: Mima’s Café and Tea Bar/Wicked Pineapple

Wicked Pineapple
Acai Bowl.

Pineapple Lemon Slush. Nitro Cascade.


REVIEW BY LISA ZAHNER STAFF WRITER Mima’s Milk Tea. Thai Milk Tea. the atmosphere laid-back. The service
[email protected] was very friendly and it’s genuinely a
to be fresh, the service friendly and thing that is in-between a smoothie and family business with teenagers training,
It’s great to see so many family- prices reasonable. a sorbet, covered with layers of yummy learning the ropes, and all the recipes.
owned eateries and cafes opening up fresh fruit sliced into bite-size pieces.
on Brevard’s South Barrier Island, and Mima’s is not a generic, franchise op- Each bowl is a slightly different com- One gentle suggestion we’d make to
we enlisted some friends last week to eration and, to their credit, the owners bination of flavors and textures, but all both places is that, if they want to get
check out two of them for a First Bites are working on creating an authentic three that we tried were excellent. My more of the before-school and before-
(and Sips) review. coffee house vibe, and to build a cadre Pink Pitaya bowl ($10.25) was packed work trade, the speed of the service has
of musicians, artists and other cre- with flavor and loaded with berries, ba- got to be more, well, speedy and con-
We discovered Mima’s Café and Tea atives to infuse a true sense of commu- nana and granola – and drizzled with sistent so customers know that they’ll
Bar, located in a brand-new strip mall nity surrounding the place. The young honey. Our friend’s Bonzai bowl ($9.95), be able to get in and out in 5 minutes
on A1A in Indialantic about a month man behind the counter encouraged a slight variation that incorporates spi- or less. Based upon the service we ex-
ago, and it’s quite a nice departure me to come in and camp out there with rulina and almond milk into the mix, perienced at both places, I wouldn’t
from the typical chain coffee shop. my work, as he said they want people to making an aqua-blue colored base for chance stopping in if we were on our
The atmosphere is welcoming and feel comfortable making Mima’s their the fruit, was also very tasty and packed way to school, or if I didn’t have 10 to
there’s plenty of space to set up your office away from the home or office. with fresh fruit. 15 minutes to wait for our order.
computer and work on their free Wi-
Fi. In our two visits there, the coffee Last Saturday we joined some The kids both had a pineapple lem- We encourage you to send feedback to
drinks have been delicious, served hot friends at the Wicked Pineapple on onade slush ($4.25) and the moms en- [email protected].
and made to order, and their boba teas A1A for our first visit after they recom- joyed a fresh-press lemonade ($3.25)
are a winner as well, according to the mended it. One of my Boy Scout mom and a Grom-a-chino Mocha ($4.25). We The reviewer is a Brevard resident who
rave reviews from our friends who fre- friends had been literally dragged sampled the baked goods and the large dines anonymously at restaurants at the
quent Mima’s. We found the pastries there by her teen-age daughter who chocolate chip cookie ($1.50) and the expense of this newspaper. 
is hooked on Wicked Pineapple’s acai lemon cupcake ($3) were both freshly
RESTAURANT HOURS bowls, and now we understand why. baked and delicious. The décor at the RESTAURANT HOURS
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mon-Sat Wicked Pineapple is bright, cheery and 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tues-Sun,
8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday My son ordered the Wicked Pineapple
bowl ($9.95), which was a base of some- Closed Monday
1400 N. Hwy A1A,
1296 Hwy A1A,
Indialantic Satellite Beach
(321) 372-1098 PHONE

30 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Krug’s Vintage Grande Cuvée is an in-demand champagne

STORY BY VICTORIA MOORE simple it’s hard to believe it could have certain none would ever have made that 2010 vintage – was released
The Telegraph made so much difference to the desir- particular comparison). and to mark its launch I was
ability of this iconic champagne. In a invited to a very special tast-
As worldwide stocks of Krug Grande word, it was information. Of course, the reality is quite differ- ing of Krug Grande Cuvée
Cuvée are currently in such short sup- ent. A new blend of a non-vintage brand champagne.
ply that brand manager Jack Dundas is For many champagne nuts, the draw- is made every year, and as that blend
spending much of his time negotiating back of non-vintage champagne is not is ‘based on,’ as the jargon goes, wines What did I learn about
with different markets to take less of it, that the wine fails to be from a single from the most recent harvest, inevitably Grande Cuvée? That the
it’s hard to remember that only a few year. True champagne aficionados have there are fluctuations in flavor, even if a different editions all bore
years ago this giant among champagnes huge respect for the artistry of a multi- certain signature always comes through. the recognizable and ma-
had almost the opposite problem. vintage wine, and the complexity that jestic hallmarks of Krug,
more mature wines bring to a blend. The There have always been some dissent- but that, yes they do in-
“It was hard to sell,” says Tom Hudson, problem is that when they buy a bottle, ers, such as Champagne Jacquesson, deed all taste very dif-
director of Farr Vintners. “Vintage Krug they have no idea what’s really inside it. which has long labeled each new blend ferent and, it will come
we could sell until the cows came home. with a number and explains that it is, as no surprise to hear,
The Grande Cuvée? The price was high, For ages, many champagne houses simply, “The best expression – the best do reflect the vintage on
the fact that it was a multi-vintage blend pretended this was not an issue, claim- wine – we are able to produce.” which they are based.
was a complicated message for a wine ing their non-vintage wines were near-
merchant to present. It was tricky.” identical from one year to the next (like Krug began to address the issue in We tasted the following editions (the
factory-produced vodka, though I am 2011, when it launched Krug ID, label- vintage on which they are based is in
What changed was something so ing each bottle of Grande Cuvée with parenthesis): 166 (2010); 165 (2009); 164
a string of six digits. The first digit tells (2008); 163 (2007) in magnum; 159 (2003);
Fine Dining, Elevated you the quarter, and the second and 158 (2002); 157 (2001); 156 (2000).
third the year, in which the champagne
Exciting Innovative Cuisine was disgorged. The two great champagne vintages
Award Winning Wine List of the decade 2000-2010 were 2002 and
Tap the whole string into the Krug 2008 and the two wines based on these
Unparalleled Service website and you can find out more detail years were indeed absolute stand-outs.
about this astonishingly intricate and
Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated complex wine. For instance, 213035 is a Edition 158 (58 percent of the wine is
blend of 142 different wines, the oldest from 2002) had a creamy elegance and
Zagat Rated from 1990 and the youngest from 2006. grace, carrying itself with poise and a
2013 - 2017 sense of calm that is typical of 2002. It
From 2016, all bottles of Krug Grande also had an impressive freshness.
Wine Spectator Award (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days Cuvée have been labeled as editions.
2002 – 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL Each time the maison creates a new Edition 164 (composed around wines
blend of Grande Cuvée it effectively from 2008 which make up 62 percent of
Melo’s RIitsatoliraannote makes a new edition, and as Krug Grande the blend) announced itself as an out-
Cuvée has been made every single year standing champagne from the very
since 1843, the edition numbers are now first sniff. The brilliance here is all in
in the high 160s. the structure – this is a spectacular
wine with confident architecture, bal-
Krug says that as a result of these two ance and focus.
initiatives, demand for the Grande Cu-
vée has “spiraled.” It has also created a Here’s the good news for those who
secondary market for the wines, particu- wish they had some – Krug will make a
larly amongst collectors who like to, well, release of magnums of Edition 164 in
collect each edition. June this year, so put yourself on the list
as these are sure to fly out quickly. 
Last week Edition 169 – based on the

Open Mother’s Day

12pm to 9pm

ComFpolrimalel nMtaortyhDeresssert
Make Your Reservations Early

W10W00WEA.SMT EeAlUosGIAtaLLlIiEaBnLRVeDs-tIaNuDIrAaNnHt.AcRoBmOU-R3B2EA1C-H7,7F3L-332593575
Serving Brevard Since 1988

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 31


Join us for


Multiple Locations!

Melbourne/Suntree 321.428.4145 Vero Beach 772.257.6039
4840 N Wickham Rd 1226 US Highway 1
Melbourne, FL 32940 Vero Beach, FL 32960

Downtown Melbourne 321.802.4587 Palm Bay/West Melbourne 321.821.4897
1511 S Harbor City Blvd 4480 Hollywood Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
West Melbourne, FL 32904


Buy Any Buy Any Bagels
Egg Sandwich, Lunch Sandwich, Sat & Sun Only

Get the 2nd Get the 2nd add a tub of shmear
Egg Sandwich Lunch Sandwich for only $2.99

FREE FREE Good for a dozen bagels for $7. Valid Saturday and Sunday Only.
Includes bagels only. Additional charge for gourmet bagels. Limit
Good for any egg sandwich. Limit one coupon per person. Valid Good for Any Lunch Sandwich- Limit one coupon per person. Valid one coupon per person. Valid at participating Einstein Bros.®
at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot locations only. This offer cannot be combined with other special
be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not offers or promotions and is not valid for catering, past purchases
valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction or orders. No reproduction allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one
allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes cent. Applicable taxes paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah
paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. Restaurant Group, Inc. Expires: 12/31/18
Expires: 12/31/18 Expires: 12/31/18

32 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Please send calendar information nesswomen. Speaker will be Sharise Deimeke on
at least two weeks prior to your the topic “Jump Start Your Health and Change
Your Life.” Admission is $10, prese-lected en-
event to trees are $11 including a beverage. To RSVP call
[email protected]

ONGOING 18 Satellite Beach Police Athletic League
Third Friday Food Truck Fest, 5 to 9
Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the parking lot of the D.R. Schechter Rec-
p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park reation Center. Food trucks, local vendors and
Kidz Korner.
Beach Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. Tues-
days at Oceanside Pizza, 300 Ocean Ave. #6, 19 Yellow Dog Cafe Love Our Lagoon
Melbourne Beach. Foodie & Wine Tasting Fundraiser to
benefit the Marine Resources Council, 2 to 5
MAY May 12 | Mother’s Day Tea at the Rossetter House Museum p.m. Each $60 ticket includes complimentary
food and delectable wine tastings, live Car-ibbe-
10 The Melbourne Community Orchestra Courtyard and Concert at 7 p.m. at Satellite als. South Brevard Coin Club. (321)428-5850. an steel drum music, artisan rain barrel auction,
presents a tribute to the ladies, when Beach Performing Arts Center. Tickets cost $10 preview of the first ever interactive Indian River
they perform a concert celebrating music com- and include dinner, dessert, coffee and admis- 15 New Neighbors of South Brevard Lagoon Health Update and showcase of MRC
posed by or about women. Wine, Women & sion to concert. For tickets, call (321) 652-4913. Beaches will hold it’s monthly meeting programs to help save the lagoon! For event de-
Song will be presented at 7:30 PM on Wednes- and luncheon at the Hilton Oceanside. Mem- tails and tickets visit
day and Thursday at the Melbourne Auditorium 12 Mother’s Day Tea, 1 to 3 p.m. at the bers $19, non-members $22. Reservations re-
at 625 Hibiscus Boulevard, 32901. Admission is Rossetter House Museum in the Eau quired. Call Phyllis (321) 777-9370 20 Thirteenth Annual Genesis House Golf
free. The 50-member group conducted by Mark Gallie Arts District. Tickets $20 per person. Call Tournament, 7:00 am Registration 8:00
Nelson is the Orchestra in Residence for the City (321) 254-9855 for reservations and tickets. 15 Free lecture on Brain Health and Re- am Shotgun Start at the Duran Golf Club, 7032
of Melbourne. Call 321-285-6724 or visit www. siliency through the Transcendental Stadium Parkway, Melbourne, FL. Hole sponsors for more information or to 12 Delta Sigma Theta sorority alumni Red Meditation technique, learn about the evi- and event sponsorships availa-ble. Contact Kris-
sign up for concert alerts. & White Ball, 6 p.m. at The Tides Club dence-based technique which dissolves stress ten Snyder at 321-288-4754.
at Patrick Air Force Base, to benefit scholarships and gives us access to brain power, mental acu-
11 New Neighbors of South Brevard and programs. Formal/semi-formal attire. Tick- ity, and rejuvenating rest, 6 p.m. at the Cocoa 22 Free health lecture on Transcendental
Beaches will hold its monthly new ets $50 per person. Contact Ava Guy (609)284- Beach Library, 550 N Brevard Ave. To RSVP call Meditation for Health: Heart, Brain, and
member coffee. For information on joining the 0391 or Clara Jackson (321)698-6866. (772) 480-0047. Happiness. Learn ways to lower blood pressure
club and/or attending the coffee, contact Toni and avert cognitive decline naturally. Hear about
Hanussey at [email protected] 13 Second Sunday Coin Stamp and Col- 16 Premier Women’s Network Luncheon, research on Transcendental showing that effort-
lectible Show 9:30 to 3 p.m. at the 11:30 to 1:30 at Red Ginger restaurant less transcending is key to brain-heart health and
11 Satellite High School Mother’s Day Din- Azan Shrine Center, 1591 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. at the Melbourne Square Mall. 1700 W. New Ha- longevity, 6 p.m. at the Melbourne Beach Library,
ner and Concert, Seating at 5:30 p.m., Free Admission. Buy, sell, trade and free apprais- ven Ave. Mix and mingle with like-minded busi- 324 Ocean Ave. To RSVP call (772) 480-0047.
Dinner at 6 p.m. in the Satellite High School
27 Sixth Annual Mike Oliveri Invitational Golf
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Classic at Aquarina Golf & Beach Club.
in May 3, 2018 Edition 1 GRAN 2 RAIN
4 AIRY 3 NUANCE 30 US-TOO Prostate Cancer Support
8 BRED 4 ANCHOR Group meets from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m.
9 CIGARCASE 5 RESCUE the last Wednesday of the month at the Mel-
11 CALVES 6 PROVINCES bourne Public Library, 540 E. Fee Avenue. Call
13 OCTOPUS 7 ADDS Vanita Gagliani at (321)432-5573 for details.
20 FRIEND 14 TEARING 6-7 Melbourne Municipal Band “En-
22 INFANTS 17 CODE core!” Concert by 80-member band,
23 INSANE 19 SNEEZE 6:30 p.m., doors open at 5:30 p.m. at the Mel-
25 GENTLEMAN 20 FACTOR bourne Auditorium. Free, tickets not required.
26 EARS 21 ITSELF Call 321-724-0555 or go to www.melbournemu-

Sudoku Page 2426 Sudoku PPaaggee2437 CrosswordPPaage 4262 Crossword Paggee 2437 (B MOVIES)


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach out to customers for your service or small business targeting the
Siding & Soffit South Brevard barrier island communitites. This is the only directory mailed each week into homes in 32951, Indialantic,
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s Indian Harbour and Satellite Beach. Contact Will Gardner, 407-361-2150 [email protected].


[email protected] CGC 1524354

321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Wave hello to home
built by celebrity surfer

2780 N. Riverside Drive in Indialantic: 4-bedroom, 3-full-bath and 2-half-bath, 4,200-square-foot
waterfront home with pool and dock offered for $2.1 million by Treasure Coast Sotheby’s
agent Tina Murphy: 321-960-1308

34 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Wave hello to home built
by celebrity surfer

Please call today! STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER 2015, he still resides in Satellite Beach.
[email protected] The two-story home on a one-acre
Susan Williammee
You can’t get more ‘coastal’ that waterfront lot has a long list of high-
321-795-4860Melbourne Beach Real Estate Specialist the four-bedroom, 4,200-square-foot end touches that reflect Hobgood’s
West Indies/Key West-style home coastal style and form a tapestry of
[email protected] built in 2007 by local surfing legend comfortable living areas overlooking
The best of everything... CJ Hobgood at 2780 Riverside Dr. in the Indian River. There are 12-foot
Indialantic. ceilings and custom shelf systems
and cabinetry throughout the home,
Hobgood, a 1997 Satellite High including in the butler’s pantry with
School graduate, grew up surfing lo- wine refrigerator and icemaker.
cal waters and went on to become a
World Surf League star. He was the The home has a casual vibe with
Association of Surfing Profession- well-blended subtle pastels on walls
als Rookie of the Year in 1999, and in contrasting against 100-year-old dark
2001 he won the WSL World Champi- reclaimed barn wood floors.
onship. Active in surfing from 1999 to
The master bedroom, which takes

7677 Kiawah Way ~ Ocean view perfection in Aquarina
Learn more at

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. 436 Fifth Ave. Indialantic, FL 32903

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 35



Year built: 2007
Builder: Dave Charroux of

Charroux Homebuilder
Style: British West Indies/Key West
Construction: Concrete block reinforced

with rebar and poured concrete
Lot size: .98 acre

Home size: 4,200 square feet under air
Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3 full baths and 2 half-baths
Pool: Solar-heated swimming pool

View: Wide Indian River Lagoon vistas
Additional features: Two gas fireplaces,
gourmet kitchen with high-end appli-
ances, butler’s pantry with wine fridge
and ice maker, 500-square-foot area above
two-car garage designed to be finished out
as a guest suite with separate entrance,
sand beach on Indian River, dock made
with EverGrain decking, speaker system
throughout house and exterior, summer
kitchen with half-bath, covered back porch
with electric screens, Recycled Chicago

brick paving
Listing agency: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s

International Realty
Listing agent: Tina Murphy, 321-960-1308

Listing price: $2.1 million

36 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


up the top floor, has a master bath- Hobgood’s original design was a back and the covered porch below while with beach entry, a sandy beach on
room suite featuring a large soak- porch with electric screens. They looking like part of the original de- the Indian River Lagoon, and a dock
ing tub, multi-head walk-in shower, called in original builder David Char- sign. made with EverGrain decking.
changing area and large walk-in roux of Indialantic to tackle the job
closet. and the addition expands the living Exterior features include extensive There is a 500-square-foot area
space both on the balcony level above use of recycled Chicago bricks for pa- above the two-car garage designed to
The home’s eat-in kitchen is loaded tios and paving, a solar-heated pool be finished out as a guest suite with
with high-end appliances, including separate entrance or by connecting
Wolf double ovens, Subzero refrig- with the existing home at the second
erator with a cabinet-panel front, and f loor.
soapstone countertops.
The home sits on an acre of flat
Sellers Michele and Rudy Graf, who land on the shore of the Indian River
bought the home from Hobgood, are with magnificent views throughout
downsizing to another beachside the home from private balconies.
home. They loved the see-through
gas fireplace that separates the for- Listing agent Tina Murphy said the
mal living room from the gourmet excitement about the home, besides
kitchen in the Riverside home, and the celebrity factor of being Hobgood’s
a second gas fireplace in the master custom creation, is that it presents
bedroom. such an appealing blend of attractive
architecture and outdoor recreation
“We immediately liked the house in an ideal waterfront location that is
because it had that coastal/Key West both private and close to all the barri-
look and was so well done. The mill- er island has to offer in terms of shop-
work compares with the best we saw ping, dining and activities.
in New Jersey,’’ said Michele Graf.
The home is being offered for $2.1
The Grafs’ only major upgrade to million. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 37


Options for getting out of an inherited investment property

STORY BY ILYCE GLINK AND SAMUEL J. TAMKIN Here’s how it works: The seller con- building can be exchanged for a farm mean it’s going to be hard for you to
WASHINGTON POST veys the property to a buyer, and all the so long as both are used for investment sell the investment. But there are some
proceeds from the sale get parked with purposes. Any taxes that would have types of real estate investments that
Q: I have inherited a one-third inter- a company that handles 1031 exchang- been owed at the time of the sale are are traded, and a seller is more easily
est in a property that is part of a 1031 es. At that point, the seller has 45 days to deferred as long as the 1031 exchange able to sell the investments.
exchange. The total value of the property designate a new property to buy and the is open. Once the property is sold, any
is being split between three heirs and is new property purchase price must be deferred tax would have to be paid. However, this particular invest-
worth about $150,000. equal or higher than the property sold. ment may not be able to be downsized
Once a new property is identified, the Given what you describe, it seems (meaning, you get rid of your share,
Is there any way I can cash out my closing of that new property must oc- that your dad sold off an old property but the other owners stay in the invest-
portion? The lump sum would be better cur no later than 180 days following the and invested the proceeds in a new ment). The way your father owned his
than the small monthly payout, since it closing or settlement of the old prop- real estate investment. But the new in- investment is the key. If you want to
is being distributed three ways. I believe erty. When it comes to real estate, any vestment isn’t quite what we described sell your one-third interest, you and
my dad held the exchange right for ap- type of investment real estate can be above. Your dad probably purchased the other owners might be required to
proximately two years before his passing. exchanged for another investment real an interest in a piece of real estate that sell the entire investment. On the other
I cannot find information on selling the estate property. So, a four-unit rental is owned in common with other inves- hand, you might be able to have the
rights or anyone else inheriting a prop- tors. These are often referred to as a TIC other owners buy you out without sell-
erty that is part of a 1031 exchange to investment or a tenant-in-common in- ing the entire property.
compare or discuss circumstances. vestment. And there are other invest-
ment options that may have allowed The 1031 exchange should have in-
A: This is a more complicated ques- your dad to become less involved in formation on what is possible regarding
tion than you may realize, so let’s step real estate while his money was still in what fees you’ll have to pay to either sell
back and explain the concepts. A 1031 real estate. your share or liquidate the investment
exchange (also known as a Starker or sell to your co-owners. Be sure to ask
Trust or a like-kind exchange) is a pro- Now that you want to sell, there are what happens if you liquidate now or
cess generally used in investment real some steps you can take to figure out wait until the investment “matures.”
estate transactions. When the owner of how to get out of the investment your Do your research, and make sure you
a property wants to sell his or her cur- dad made. Call the company and deter- understand the short-term and long-
rent property but does not want to pay mine how you exit the investment. Fre- term ramifications, not to mention the
federal income taxes at that time, the quently, real estate investments of this effect any sort of sale will have on your
owner can set up a 1031 exchange at the type can be very illiquid. That would federal and state income taxes. 
time of the sale.

Eva McMillan 3375 Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach

• Luxury Beachside & Waterfront Specialist $1,800,000
• Multi-Million Dollar Producer
• Multilingual International Top Producer Exquisite OCEANFRONT QUADRUPLEX on 0.63 acres in the
• Fluent in 6 languages heart of Melbourne Beach. Total privacy surrounded by a wildlife
preserve, 127 feet of ocean frontage, tastefully remodeled in 2018.

call: 321-327-6761
text: 772-584-0412
[email protected]

220 Glengarry Ave, Melbourne Beach 8875 Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach

$525,000 Sold at $1,800,000

Riverfront masterpiece 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths half a Spectacular 5 bed 5 bath oceanfront residence on
duplex is the perfect paradise for those who value 1.08 acres with 130 ocean frontage.
luxury encompassed in exquisite privacy.

38 Thursday, May 10, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: April 27 to May 3

It was a strong week for the real estate market in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903 and 32937. Satellite Beach
led the way with 14 sales, closely followed by Indialantic with 12. Melbourne Beach reported 5 sales and
Indian Harbour Beach had 3.
The featured sale of the week was of a home in Melbourne Beach. The residence at 1910 Cedar Lane was
listed on Nov. 20, 2017, for $479,000. The asking price was subsequently reduced to $427,000. The sale
closed April 30 for $423,000.
Both the seller and the purchaser in the transaction were represented by Gibbs Baum and Gregory
Zimmerman of Treasure Coast Sotheby’s.



SEABREEZE SUBD 159 SEAVIEW ST 2/23/2018 $465,000 $450,000 5/3/2018 $385,000
SOUTH SHORES PHASE 1 5582 BEACH ELDER WAY 2/13/2018 $399,900 $399,900 5/2/2018 $375,000
WILCOX MELBOURNE BEA 410 4TH AVE 12/13/2017 $399,900 $389,900 5/1/2018


OCEANSIDE ESTATES 3879 POSEIDON WAY 4/10/2018 $493,000 $493,000 4/27/2018 $490,000
INDIALANTIC BY SEA 130 MELBOURNE AVE 1/23/2018 $489,900 $474,900 4/27/2018 $479,900
RIVER SHORES EAST 507 ROYSTONIA PALM DR 2/3/2018 $419,000 $415,000 4/30/2018 $410,000


LANSING ISLAND PH5 340 LANSING ISLAND DR 5/1/2018 $1,196,400 $1,196,400 5/1/2018 $1,196,400
TORTOISE ISLAND PH 1 630 TORTOISE WAY 1/20/2018 $730,000 $730,000 5/1/2018 $700,000
NONE 685 GRANT CT 1/2/2018 $695,000 $675,000 4/30/2018 $600,000

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, May 10, 2018 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: South Shores Phase 1, Address: 5582 Beach Elder Way Subdivision: Egret Trace Condo, Address: 260 Aquarina Blvd

Listing Date: 2/13/2018 Listing Date: 3/19/2018
Original Price: $399,900 Original Price: $275,000
Recent Price: $399,900 Recent Price: $275,000
Sold: 5/2/2018 Sold: 5/3/2018
Selling Price: $385,000 Selling Price: $275,000
Listing Agent: Sarah & Alan Munkacsy Listing Agent: David Settgast

Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Laura Dowling Roy Elizabeth Morris

Premier Properties Real Estate Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Subdivision: Bar Harbor Colony, Address: 181 Diane Cir Subdivision: Lansing Island Ph5, Address: 340 Lansing Island Dr

Listing Date: 3/16/2018 Listing Date: 5/1/2018
Original Price: $249,900 Original Price: $1,196,400
Recent Price: $249,900 Recent Price: $1,196,400
Sold: 4/30/2018 Sold: 5/1/2018
Selling Price: $249,900 Selling Price: $1,196,400
Listing Agent: Kevin Hill Listing Agent: Crystal Canina

Selling Agent: RE/MAX Alternative Realty Selling Agent: FLA Properties

Maria Allaire Crystal Canina

Vanderveer Properties FLA Properties





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