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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2018-04-05 14:15:46

04/05/2018 ISSUE 14


A flood of info. P6 New stage stars. P12 Pine and dandy!

Homeowners urged to review Truth be told, the South Beach
updated FEMA maps. Players nailed their debut.

THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2018 | VOLUME 03, ISSUE 14 Barrier Island Center
has eco-Easter. Page 8
Sunrise with Seychelle ... | NEWSSTAND PRICE $1.00
School Board, citing safety, OK’s
Professional standup paddler Seychelle Webster, who $185K annually for armored cars
lives feet from the ocean in the South Beaches, is up at
sunrise and on the water most mornings to hone her STORY BY JAN WESNER CHILDS CORRESPONDENT sure at the board’s March 27 Armored & ATM Services, Inc.
skills for elite competition. See story, Page 10.  meeting. After 40 minutes of “There are so many other
Amid concerns about find- discussion, funding for the
ing money for school security, armored car contract was ap- things that we could spend
Brevard Public Schools will pay proved by 3-2 vote. Susin and money on besides an armored
$185,060 a year for an armored board member Andy Ziegler car,” Susin told the board.
car to transport deposits from voted against it.
schools to banks. Specifically, Susin contends
The three-year contract, that the $185,060 per year for
School Board member Matt with a total cost of $555,180, the contract could help pay for
Susin tried unsuccessfully to was awarded to Mid Florida state-mandated upgrades to
postpone a vote on the mea-

In wake of sewage
fiasco, county puts
$12M into updates


Brevard County utilities officials Smoke testing on residential streets in Satellite Beach. PHOTO: BENJAMIN THACKER
hope a $12 million series of up-
dates to the South Beaches’ sewer STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER
system will prevent a repeat of last [email protected]
fall, when they released 22 million
gallons of treated sewage into the When it comes to important utility testing begin-
Indian River Lagoon as Hurricane ning in Satellite Beach neighborhoods, “smoke” com-
Irma overwhelmed the system. ing from private sewer lines for which homeowners
are responsible might mean money going down the
County commissioners on March drain in terms of the type of water intrusion which
20 ratified an agreement with the contributed to massive floods in 2017.
state Department of Environmen-
tal Protection to complete most of The good news is that it is not real smoke, and there
the updates by April 2019 or face is help on the way to assist homeowners to pay for
fines of $14,237 plus $100 for each
day they’re late – or up to $10,000 a CONTINUED ON PAGE 6
day if the DEP has to take the coun-
ty to court.

County Manager Frank Abbate
said the county is already conduct-
ing the three specified updates:


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NEWS 1-6 DINING 30 PEOPLE 7-10 Dining review: Experience the
ARTS 11-14 GAMES 21-23 PETS 24 late-night vibe at MASA in
CALENDAR 32 INSIGHT 15-24 Indian Harbour Beach. PAGE 30


2 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Activist sees ‘progress’ on Mid-Reach sand dispute

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER Beach city councils. reef and smother it. and monitor the quality of the sand; to
[email protected] He noted significant progress, in- “We are starting to see real progress,’’ “end the current the current policy of
widening the beach and burying the
Undaunted after coming up empty- cluding reaching 10,000 signatures on said Fleming, who has organized two reef”; and to incorporate “more educa-
handed in a quest to halt the dump- a petition, a resolution by the Satellite protests on the beach and has, along tion and projection of the reef in city
ing of what he calls “muddy sand” on Beach City Council asking the state to with supporters, spoken out at govern- activities.’’
beaches bordering the Mid-Reach buy beach properties for conservation ment meeting after government meet-
near shore reef, activist Matt Fleming and, what Fleming considers his big- ing for nearly a year until somebody Disputing Fleming’s claim that the
says his effort has been a success de- gest victory, that the county has discon- finally listened. sand being used is muddy in a March
spite the failure to pass several local tinued use of a sand mine that wasn’t 27 presentation to the Indian Harbour
regulations Fleming wanted from the meeting standards. The fear is that the Now he takes the protest in new di- Beach City Council was Mike McGarry,
Satellite Beach and Indian Harbour fine silt in the sand will cover the living rections, including a new website for with the Brevard County Natural Re-
the betterment and preservation of sources Department, and sand expert
near-short reefs in the area. Dr. Kevin Bodge with Olsen Associates,
The trucks with mined sand which
prompted the protest are no longer on McGarry said the negative reaction to
the Mid-Reach beach with the project the latest replenishment project – with
now 95 percent complete except for a dump trucks on the beach and its ini-
few sea oats left to plant along the re- tially dark mined sand – is understand-
nourished dunes. The sand in ques- able. However, he contended that the
tion now is mixed with other sand and sand met grain size criteria in most tests.
bleached by the sun. Once the sand is spread around and al-
lowed to bleach in the sun and sea oats
Objectively, a quick stroll along the are added, the result is an “engineered
beach demonstrates that the shoreline dune” with very much the same proper-
is looking a lot more like the color and ties as a natural dune.
texture locals are accustomed to as it
blends with the incoming tide. Also, the Another point addressed in the pre-
steep drop-offs, chewed-up dunes and sentation involved the upcoming larger
boardwalks or staircases that plunge replenishment project in the Mid-Reach
into nowhere are back on solid footing said to be approved for the addition of
with the new influx of sand. 630,000 cubic yards of sand. McGarry
explained that the permit was for that
The project may nearly be over, but amount based on a 2004-like worst-
Fleming says the issues it brought up case scenario. Actual project needs will
prompted a new wave of awareness fit a “template” of the natural beach and
about the near-shore reefs. A wish list only use the amount of sand required to
of activists’ proposed regulations re- match the template up to a maximum
mains. of 630,000 cubic yards.

The failed Save the Mid-Reach reso-
lutions included: to independently test

SEWER SYSTEM UPDATES missioners) has already approved,”
County Commissioner John Tobia

 Replacing the North Riverside Tobia, of Palm Bay, represents the

Drive force main, a 3.5-mile pipe commission’s District 3, which in-

from East Eau Gallie Boulevard south cludes the South Beaches area.

to Oakland Avenue in Indialantic. The “The agreements call for additional

county has until Dec. 31,

2020, for this job, the prici-

est one of the three, at an es-

timated $10 million.

 Rehabilitating the South

Beaches sewage-collection

system. The job, estimated

at $1.9 million, started on

Oct. 22, 2017, and must be

finished by April 30, 2019.

 Assessing the leaks

in the existing residential Working on pipes on South Patrick Drive. PHOTO: BENJAMIN THACKER

pipes, using a smoke-like

vapor, and presenting the findings oversight, which we welcome,” he

and recommendations to the com- added.

mission and the DEP. The project, es- And the DEP’s consent order allows

timated at $185,000, has started with- the county to avoid paying fines for

in the city of Satellite Beach and has late completion by undertaking addi-

until April 30, 2019, to be complete. tional projects. Those jobs, however,

“The projects in this agreement would need to be approved first by

are the same ones the board (of com- the DEP. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 3


The near-shore reef will have sand “armoring” their land against erosion of more shoreline along the mid-reach Fleming said Save the Mid-Reach
added near the shore in the project, with sea walls, an environmentally un- area is the only sure-fire way to protect is preparing to incorporate as a non-
but the amount is far less than previous friendly method allowed if the proper- the reef. Where the funding to do that profit, to launch a website called Bre-
beach re-nourishment projects in Co- ty is in imminent danger. The general would come from, however, is unclear, vard’s Barrier Island Reef, and to host
coa Beach. consensus of activists, environmental as the existing amount of protected, a March for Our Ocean event as part
experts and some city and county of- environmentally sensitive lands has of a national effort to raise awareness
The larger debate at the workshop ficials at the workshop was that the been recently challenged in county about the global threats of offshore
centered on beach re-nourishment government purchase for conservation budget talks. drilling and plastics pollution. 
as an alternative to property owners

4 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Walk of the town: New sidewalks on busy A1A stretch ARMORED CARS

[email protected] portation resurfacing project to be
complete in July, there was a side- out,’’ Barker said. school security, including more school
Residents living on the east side walk gap and dirt path left behind Another reason for the change is resource officers and security cameras.
of the intersection of State Road on the east side of SR A1A in the He wanted the vote postponed until
A1A and Pineda Causeway finally space formerly used as a north- that bicycles are now permitted to the school district knows exactly how
have long-awaited, continuous bound through lane. travel the Pineda Causeway, which much money those measures will cost.
sidewalks which will allow them to required the removal of through
walk safely along A1A to a nearby Coming to the eastside resi- lanes for safety reasons in crossing The upgrades were part of a sweep-
Patrick Air Force Base beach ac- dents’ aid was Barker and District SR A1A, said Georganna Gillette, ing state school safety plan enacted in
cess. 4 Brevard County Commissioner transportation program manager the wake of the Feb. 14 shooting at Mar-
Curt Smith. for the Space Coast Transportation jory Stoneman Douglas High School in
“Now people on the east side Planning Organization. Broward County.
of State Road A1A will not have to “We basically said, ‘there has to
cross the street to walk down the be a way to get this done without Adding sidewalk connections Brevard Schools Superintendent
street,’’ said Satellite Beach City taking out half of (the condos’) on the east side of A1A was impor- Desmond Blackburn, meanwhile,
Manager Courtney Barker. parking lot. With all of the intel- tant to provide a space for people pointed out that armored car drivers
ligence in this agency, you all can to walk and bike to the beach, and are armed with visible guns. Blackburn
While sidewalk construction and figure it out.’ So they figured it therefore will have a positive im- implied that could add a “layer of secu-
upgrades are part of the current SR pact on public health and quality rity” during a school threat.
of life, she said. 
“I don’t know what the responsibili-
ties would be in the event there was
an active shooter on a campus at the
same time one of our armed, armored
car personnel are going in,” Blackburn
said. “I don’t know when that will hap-
pen, but I certainly don’t want to be in
a position to reduce layers of security.”

In an interview after the meeting,
Susin called Blackburn’s assertion “ri-

Blackburn was recently appointed
by Gov. Rick Scott to the Marjory Stone-
man Douglas High School Public Safe-
ty Commission. He is the only school
superintendent on the commission.

Several members of the audience,
including a number of students who
had come to the meeting to share their
opinions about armed teachers and
school security, laughed at Blackburn’s

Susin’s points were met several times
with applause from the audience.

“Every time an armored car pulls
up to the district or to your school, the
teacher’s going to look and say, ‘The
reason I don’t have what I need in my
classroom is because of that armored
car,’” Susin said at the meeting.

“I’m just scared we’re not going to
have enough money for SROs.”

The armored car will travel between
schools and banks, shuttling daily de-


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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 5


posits from cafeterias, after-school being spent on such trips. per year allocated for the armored car after-school childcare and could not be
childcare centers, clubs, athletic teams Blackburn said those deposits total contract would be available for other used for anything else.
and other sources. uses if the contract was not approved.
more than $30 million per year. Blackburn replied that $70,000 of the Blackburn said he couldn’t provide
Currently, bookkeepers and other “I do want to end, totally end, the money is coming from the district’s op- more details because “it requires me
school employees individually take de- erating budget, and could be used for to discuss information regarding what
posits to the bank, causing concerns responsibility of staff members trans- other expenses. He said the rest of the we’ve been discussing in closed-door
about their safety, the potential for em- porting cash,” Blackburn said. money comes from food services and security meetings regarding how much
bezzlement, and the amount of time of an increase SROs will cause.” 
School Board member Misty Belford
questioned whether the entire $185,060

6 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER called Special Flood Hazard Areas – be- members understand what insurance rick Drive area that flooded during Hur-
[email protected] cause revised flood elevations can im- options are available to them,” he said. ricane Irma in 2017, said Satellite Beach
pact annual flood insurance premiums. Development Director John Stone, the
Newly-updated Federal Emergency The next step is a 90-day Appeal and city’s flood plain administrator.
Management Agency (FEMA) Flood In- Thanks to more sophisticated map- Comments about the preliminary flood
surance Rate Maps (FIRM) could mean ping technologies and better data, risk data. Once all appeals and com- “We get people who are on top of the
costly flood insurance will be required FEMA can now more accurately depict ments are addressed, a Letter of Final situation and are proactive and want to
for some areas of Satellite Beach once what today’s risks look like for each Determination will be issued. Final know. There are others who have their
considered high and dry. community, said FEMA spokesman FIRMs are expected in the summer of heads in the sand and don’t take action
Danon Lucas. 2019. on the process until long after the new
It’s important for homeowners to maps are final. If they wait and a lender
know if they have been affected by a “Knowing where and when map The changes in flood zones are most takes out insurance for them, it will be
change in the maps to a flood zone – changes occur will help community likely for homeowners in the South Pat- more expensive,’’ said Brevard Coun-
ty’s Flood Plain Administrator Frank
Skarvelis. “The premiums could liter-
ally go to the moon.”

To view the preliminary Flood In-
surance Rate Maps (FIRMs) online at
FEMA’s Map Service Center visit the Web
site 



those repairs. Information from the
county smoke tests should give a clear-
er picture of the volume of intrusion,
especially in the older neighborhoods,
to help in planning to correct the over-
all system.

To give residents an understanding of
the other problems that contributed to
the 2017 floods, water, sewer and storm
water utility providers will present in-
formation about each system and fu-
ture upgrades at a workshop to be held
this past Tuesday at the Satellite Beach
Civic Center, 565 Cassia Blvd.

In addition to the presentation on the
smoke tests, the county was to give in-
formation on other ongoing infrastruc-
ture upgrades, the City of Melbourne
was to share information regarding the
water system which supplies water to
Satellite Beach, and the City of Satel-
lite Beach was to present information
regarding recent updates to its storm-
water Master Plan, including future up-
grades to the stormwater system.

“It’s just to help educate the residents
on who the provider is for each utility
and what improvements are coming
up. We’re trying to clear up misconcep-
tions and teach them about each util-
ity,’’ said Satellite Beach City Manager
Courtney Barker.

The smoke will be blown into a man-
hole and will be visible exiting from the
vent stacks on houses or holes in the
ground. This smoke is not actual smoke
and is non-toxic, non-staining, odor-
less, white and/or gray in color, and
creates no fire hazard. The results of the
smoke testing will be used to develop
an incentive program designed to fi-
nancially assist homeowners in replac-
ing their drain pipes, Barker said. 

Pine is dandy at
Barrier Island Center’s

8 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Pine is dandy at Barrier Island Center’s eco-Easter

[email protected]
Cindi and Shalle Graham with Shifu the Chinese Crested. her daughter Shalee, 12, and Shifu,
Under a sky that promised rain their Chinese crested, walked along
but thankfully never delivered, a inside the center and on the grounds the beachside boardwalk with an
blond-headed brother and sister of the BIC, both beachside and along orange metal basket brimming with
raced along the boardwalk at the the looped trail across S.R. A1A that pine cones.
Barrier Island Center, hoping to fill leads to the Indian River Lagoon.
their baskets with brightly colored “My mom told me about it this
Easter … pine cones? More than 300 people from up morning. We went last year so we
and down the coast and across the usually go every year,” the Surfside
Of the dozens of private and pub- causeways were on board for a holi- Elementary student said.
lic Easter egg hunts conducted this day activity sprinkled with educa-
past weekend, the annual one at the tion and a chance to explore natural “We moved here from Utah. She
education facility in the Archie Carr Florida. loves the beach and she’s very into
Refuge stands out for its thoughtful the environment,” her mother said.
consideration of the environment. Young visitors could meet the
“Easter Turtle,” who wandered On the lagoon trail populated by
It’s what they do, of course, but around the sanctuary and helped orange butterflies and wildflowers,
hosting an eco-friendly take on a out as needed. Under the green fur a group stopped for a moment to
traditional event is a golden op- was Cori McWilliams, 14, daughter show off their basket of pine cones.
portunity to put the preaching into of Celeste McWilliams and a full- Sophie Divietro, 4, had no trouble
practice. time Florida Virtual School student. filling her basket and now wants her
candy. Sophie is here from Maryland
“It’s such a nice event for the Cindi Graham of Satellite Beach, with her parents, Jeff and Marla Di-
kids and it’s different with the pine vietro, as they visit her grandfather,
cones. We are getting that message Bruce Corsino of Aquarina.
to even the little ones about envi-
ronmental protection,” said Celeste “It’s awesome here, so beautiful.
McWilliams, a naturalist at the cen- It’s a nice little walk,” Marla Divietro
ter and host of the daylong Saturday said.
As caretakers of a fragile envi-
“By doing pine cones, we are ronment, the staff sees the impact
eliminating the possibility of hav- plastics have on wildlife. From en-
ing plastic eggs left behind. We are tanglement in nets to starvation
environmentally friendly,” McWil- due to ingesting debris, animals
liams said. are impacted individually and spe-
cies wide. So the concern is real and
“Our volunteers were gracious the center’s emphasis on education
enough to paint and hide them. I means even Easter egg hunts offer
know we have at least 500,” she said, lessons to be learned.
adding that they would hide them
again and again until the end of the “It’s that twist on the traditional
Eco-Egg Hunt later in the day. plastic eggs. We don’t want to have
plastics out there. I actually found a
She said there was no limit to how pine cone from last year on the trail
many pine cones kids could pick three months ago. It couldn’t have
up, but that many parents cut them been 6 feet from the water,” McWil-
off at the overflowing-basket level. liams said. 
Once satisfied with their haul, fami-
lies come back into the sanctuary to
trade the pine cones for candies and
BIC-themed trinkets.

Volunteers hid the colorful cones

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 9


Cori McWilliams, volunteer egg-hider. Whitney Duemmel, Dave Henderson with
Brian, Addison and Brent Duemmel

10 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


EXCLUSIVE It takes Seychelle of an effort
OFFERS ON to be an elite standup paddler

COTTAGES! [email protected]

Three powerful strokes with the
paddle and Seychelle is past the shore-
break, gliding toward the horizon. With
a couple of back paddles, the board nos-
es around and she is facing the beach,
awaiting direction. Behind her, the sky
is stratified by color: Dark blue where it
touches the ocean, giving way to purple,
then orange, yellow, pale blue and then

There has never been a better time to join the back to dark blue where it is still night. Seychelle Webster and Oscar. PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER
vibrant community at The Brennity at Melbourne! Sunrise is just moments away and a half
moon of intense red-orange sky marks the world on flat water and endurance.
For a limited time The Brennity at Melbourne its debut spot. On long-distance paddles, I’m untouch-
is offering special incentives when you move able. But when we got into the ocean, I
into one of our beautiful rental cottages. Professional standup paddler Sey- was just lost for how to deal with the
chelle Webster is meeting two visitors waves. How do I DO this? I never surfed.
Call today to schedule a tour and 30 minutes before sunrise on the cold- So that’s why I moved up here. If I want
select the cottage you like best! est morning in weeks for a discussion to be the best, I have to be an all-around
and demonstration of what has become athlete and paddler. I have to be able to
COTTAGES • INDEPENDENT LIVING her life’s passion. paddle not only on flat water but in the
ASSISTED LIVING • MEMORY CARE ocean, in the waves, surfing.
She lives feet from the ocean in Bre-
321.253.7440 vard County’s South Beaches, south of Soon Seychelle will embark on a glob-
Aquarina, and spends most days on the al tour of competitions in a season that water honing skills for elite competi- runs through October, culminating in
tion. As a yoga instructor and personal the crowning of a world champion. This
7300 Watersong Lane | Melbourne, FL 32940 trainer, she’s already at peak physical is her third season as a professional and
condition. she is currently ranked eighth in the
AL 11595 world.
The Guinness World Record holder
for distance standup paddle (SUP) goes “The first stop is exciting but I’m not
by her first name only professionally. going. It’s in Tahiti. I’m skipping Tahiti
because it was a last-minute addition
“I think my first name is unique, it’s and I make my budgets for my travel
part of my identity and my brand,” she season pretty early on. It just didn’t fit
said after putting up her board. She sits in. I leave for North Carolina on April
in one of two chairs on a deck overlook- 17. I go to Key West the weekend after
ing the ocean. Her Brittany spaniel, and then Japan in May, then Maryland,
Oscar, brings her a tennis ball which Southern California, France, Germany,
she duly throws onto the beach to be re- Oregon, Portugal, Holland, back to Cali-
trieved and thrown, endlessly. fornia, then Tennessee, then to Brazil to
finish the season.”
Seychelle is a 30-year-old originally
hailing from Key Largo who is married In terms of competition, she says the
to paramedic Will Webster. She said he Quiksilver Waterman Carolina Cup in
is finishing fire academy and soon will Wrightsville Beach, N.C., is more excit-
be a firefighter-paramedic. ing than Tahiti.

“My parents live here in Melbourne For beachsiders interested in SUP, a
Beach. Part of the reason why we moved group meets at 6 p.m. Wednesdays at
here was because they bought a house Oars and Paddles Park in Indian Har-
up here. I came up to visit and I just fell bour Beach.
in love with the beach. So I moved up
from the Keys just last year,” she said. Fans can follow her on Instagram and
Facebook, both at SeychelleSUP. 
“In the Keys we have all flat water. I
became one of the fastest paddlers in

12 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Truth be told, South Beach Players nail their debut

STORY BY ANTHEA MANAYON Correspondent Joanne Pralle, Laura Rankin and Peg Rizzo.

“It’s not the dream whip that counts – PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN THACKER
it’s the peach in the pie.”
Donna Roberts and
– Tammy Sue, ‘Lives of the Great Wait- Jeannine Mjoseth.

The heart of theater (or the peach in
its pie) is the truth. The most well-loved
shows are those that expose the vital
ingredients of the human experience
through a form that resonates with all:
stories. The South Beach Players, a lo-
cal troupe of passionate truth-tellers,
came together for the first time on
stage to lay bare the stories of beach-
side Florida in their sold-out, two-play
inaugural performance of “Lives of the
Great Waitresses” by Nina Shengold
and “Three Tables” by Dan Remmes at
Coppola’s Bar and Grille at the Historic
Sebastian Beach Inn.

Shengold intensively crafts uniquely
individual characters in “Lives of the
Great Waitresses,” a play of monologues
by four waitresses of “uncommon Zen
wisdom” set in a grease joint diner. The
lineup includes an indoctrinated food
believer (Kay), a flustered southern flirt
(Tammie Sue), a food service veteran

with a cigarette-coarse Jewish accent understated performance as Yetta, a
(Yetta), and a young dreamer with a classic old-timer waitress type who
penchant for existentialism (Melissa). has worked in the food industry for
“too long.” She is mostly seated, im-
In “Three Tables,” Remmes juxtapos- pressively, for the entire performance
es real-life situations and relationship as she criticizes the younger waitress-
dynamics with simple ease. It is set in es, interweaving her monologue with
an upscale restaurant nesting stories that of Jordan Reed’s character Me-
of three different pairs on simultane- lissa, who, also true to her character’s
ous dates: a fifth wedding anniversary profession and generational struggle,
tense with romance (Mandy and Paul), juggles between anxiously philosoph-
a casual discussion of divorce (Barbara ical and cute.
and Michael), and an insightful first
meeting of seniors connected by the In the second play, Tatyana Wein-
Internet (Doris and Todd). stein and Mark McConnell play the
couple Mandy and Paul, respectively,
Peg Rizzo stuns with her perfected as the introductory story to the piece.
mannerisms and delivery through her

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 13


Left to right, cast of “Three Tables”: Clark Semmes and Laurel Cox; Ernest DiSantis and Noreen Williams; Mark McConnell and Tatyana Weinstein.

founder Donna Roberts) actors, includ- ground and foreground.
ing Shelly Kinner in a cameo role as the The lighting by Josh Baker and Da-
waitress, stay consistently in character
even when not in the spotlight, invok- ryl Williams for “Three Tables” is exe-
ing a theatrical endurance that is both cuted with great timing between each
impressive and entertaining. transition. The play also made use of
strategically placed microphones for
The stage for “Lives of the Great the actors, which provided slightly
Waitresses,” designed by Jeannine more surround-style amplification
Mjoseth, director and one-half of the than the first play.
South Beach Players’ founders, is sim-
ple yet effective in its use and place- Nevertheless, the stories ultimately
ment of one central table representing shine through with their truths. Along
a dining table yet also a bar or counter with the collaboration of local talents
for the various scenes, as well as a few and the vision of introducing theatre to
chrome chairs and end tables which the community, they are the centerfold
reflect the lights throughout the back- of triumph for the South Beach Players’
debut performance. 

Peg Rizzo in “Lives of the Great Waitresses.”

The underlying tension between them nest DiSantis respectively play char-
is palpable from the very beginning, acters Doris and Todd meeting for the
even as “lovey-dovey” as they are first time through the Internet, it is re-
trading wedding anniversary gifts, vealed that she is an attorney (a “law-
and is carried out smoothly through- yer,” according to him), and that he is
out their performance. a therapist (a “shrink,” according to
her), both offering opposing views for
Laurel Cox as Barbara does not miss the first few moments, with Williams
a single line as she demands that her taking the negative perspective while
husband Michael, played by Clark DiSantis spews more optimism. Their
Semmes, sign their divorce papers. discussion progresses into an amus-
Semmes is cool and humorous and ing joint commentary on the status of
sincere, turning the volume down on love and relationships, becoming like
Cox’s defensiveness, as she ultimately “the chorus,” in the context of classical
succumbs to him. Greek drama. The “Three Tables” (di-
rected by the South Beach Players’ co-
As the spotlight turns to the third
table where Noreen Williams and Er-

14 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Coming Up: Foosaner’s French
Film Fest will be fabuleux

1 French Film Festival starting April 11.

STORY BY SAMANTHA BAITA STAFF WRITER “Visages Villages,” they’ll all be shown
[email protected] in the Foosaner’s Harris Community
Auditorium. In case you’re wondering,
1 Where’s that beret? C’est une fete! yes, there will be popcorn. Admission
While it won’t quite be April in to each film is $5. Festival passes are
Actual Staged Homes available, $15 for museum members;
Paris, April in Eau Gallie will certainly $20 for non-members. 321-674-8916.
be evocative of the City of Light for two
Coastal Interior &
the Gunter Real Estate Group weeks, starting this Friday, when the
of Salt Water Realty of Brevard
Just Unveiled an Innovative Staging Alliance! 6th Annual French Film Festival opens

Differentiate your home in a competitive housing market by having in and around FIT’s Foosaner Art Mu- 2 Hold on to that baguette: More
your home professionally staged. Properties listed with the Gunter French music and je ne sais quoi
Group include professional staging by Coastal Interior at ZERO seum, with a free showing of “Visages
COST to you. Staged homes standout compared to neighboring
properties. Let the Gunter Group help make your home standout. Villages” (Faces Places). According to come to the Melbourne Auditorium
According to the National Association of Realtors, not only do
staged homes sell faster than homes not staged, they also sell for more IMDb, this award-winning 2017 docu- this Wednesday and Thursday, as the
money. Most people decide if they want to “walk through” based on
pictures online because 90% of potential home buyers search online mentary by Agnes Varda, 89, one of the Melbourne Municipal Band performs
first. Professional home staging is an important step in attracting
buyers because STAGING SELLS HOMES. luminaries of France’s New Wave cine- their own “April in Paris” concert. This

Call Mark Gunter at (321) 345-1464 ma era, and professional photographer band had been bringing free concerts

to schedule an appointment to discuss how he can and muralist JR, 33, follows the pair to the community since 1965, and a full
sell your home fast and for top dollar!
on a special art project. They travel third of its 80-plus members are profes-

around France in a specially equipped sional musicians. The French-themed

box truck, photographing people in concert will include such beloved se-

mostly rural settings, and creating gi- lections as Debussy’s “Claire de Lune,”

gantic mural pictures to “honor and Gershwin’s “An American in Paris” and

celebrate” the people, communities Saint-Saens’ “Pas Redouble.” Conduc-

and places. On the journey, per Wiki- tor Staci Cleveland shares that with

pedia, “the old cinematic veteran and this concert, the band honors one of

the young artistic idealist” develop its own on his 90th birthday, saxman

an unlikely, tender friendship as they extraordinaire Charlie Almeida, who

share their views of the world. “Vis- “started playing in junior high and

ages Villages” was nominated for the hasn’t stopped since.” Almeida played

Academy Award for Best Documen- with the U.S. Air Force Band “Airmen of

tary Feature at the 90th annual Oscars, Note” during the Korean War, and later

and won the 2017 Golden Eye Award at continued his musical career in the

Cannes, among several others. Open- U.S. Army. He also recorded with the

ing day, says festival promo, will in- Baltimore and National Symphonies,

clude “April in Paris,” starting at 6 p.m.: and performed at the National Theater,

an outdoor “celebration of French cul- Kennedy Center, Ford Theater and oth-

ture and cuisine,” with the arts-centic ers, joining the MMB in 1983. At this

Eau Gallie Square transformed into a week’s concert, Almeida will perform

Parisian Street festival, with live music, a solo and serve as guest conductor

and French vendors and food sellers. for a march he composed. During the

Other films to be screened at the fes- concert’s “Brevard’s Brightest Stars”

tival are: Wednesday, April 11, 7 p.m., segment, local student vocalist Shan-

“L’Avenir” (Things to Come); Satur- non Reid will perform. “Charlie’s Small

day, April 14, 2 p.m.: “Avril et le monde Jazz Ensemble” will kick up the dust

truqué” (April and the Extraordinary pre-concert. Admission is free and you

World); Wednesday, April 18, 7 p.m., won’t even need a ticket. Doors open at

“Marguerite”; and Saturday, April 21, 6:30 p.m. Concert begins at 7:30 p.m.

2 p.m., “Fatima.” With the exception of 321-724-0555. 

16 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE



One day last June, scammers from around the They think of themselves as kin to the surfers-slash- moting a service that sells fake Facebook accounts.
world gathered for a conference at a renovated 19th bank-robbers of the 1991 movie Point Break, just more Granted anonymity, affiliates were happy to detail
century train station in Berlin. It was a Davos for digi- materialistic, jetting from nightclub to Lamborghini
tal hucksters. race while staying a step ahead of the authorities. One their tricks. They told me that Facebook had revolu-
San Diego crew took in $179 million before getting tionized scamming. The company built tools with its
All the most popular hustles were there: miracle diet busted last year by the Federal Trade Commission for trove of user data that made it the go-to platform for
pills, instant muscle builders, brain boosters, male violating three laws governing online conduct. big brands. Affiliates hijacked them.
enhancers. The “You Won an iPhone” companies had
display booths, and the “Your Computer May Be In- The Berlin conference was hosted by an online fo- Facebook’s targeting algorithm is so powerful, they
fected” folks sent salesmen. Russia was represented by rum called Stack That Money, but a newcomer could said, they don’t need to identify suckers themselves
the promoters of a black-mask face peel, and Canada be forgiven for wondering if it was somehow spon- – Facebook does it automatically. And they boasted
made a showing with bot-infested dating sites. sored by Facebook Inc. Saleswomen from the compa- that Russia’s dezinformatsiya agents were using tac-
ny held court onstage, introducing speakers and mod- tics their community had pioneered.
They’d come to mingle with thousands of affiliate erating panel discussions. After the show, Facebook
marketers – middlemen who buy online ad space in representatives flew to Ibiza on a plane rented by Stack When I asked who was at the heart of this game,
bulk, run their campaigns, and earn commissions for That Money to party with some of the top affiliates. someone who could explain how the pieces fit togeth-
each sale they generate. er, the affiliates kept nominating the same person. He
It was hard to believe that Facebook would cozy was a Pole who’d started out as an affiliate himself, they
Affiliates promote some legitimate businesses, up to disreputable advertisers in mid-2017 as it was said, before creating a software program called Volu-
such as Inc. and EBay Inc., but they’re under intense scrutiny from lawmakers and the me- um – an indispensable tool they all use to track their
also behind many of the shady and misleading ads dia over revelations that Russian trolls had used the campaigns, defeat the ad networks’ token defenses,
that pollute Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest platform to influence the 2016 presidential election. and make their fortunes. His name was Robert Gryn.
of the internet. Officially, the Berlin conference was for aboveboard
marketing, but the attendees I spoke to dropped that Gryn strutted into Station Berlin like a celebrity,
The top affiliates – virtually all of them young pretense after the mildest questioning. Some even wearing a trim gray suit, a shiny gold watch, and gold-
men – assemble a few times a year to learn the latest walked around wearing hats that said “farmin’,” pro- rimmed mirrored sunglasses. He was trailed by a per-
schemes and trade tips about gaming the rules set by sonal videographer, and men he didn’t recognize ran
social networks and search platforms. up to him for bro hugs.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 17


Only a few years ago, Gryn was just another user edge there that some of their best clients were affili- had real winners, but entrants had to agree to be
posting on StackThat Money. Now, at 31, he’s one of the ates who used deception. Still, the sources said, sales- billed a few zlotys ($1 or so) a week. It brought in more
wealthiest men in Poland, with a net worth estimated people were instructed to push them to spend more, money than Gryn was earning at Elephant Orchestra,
by Forbes at $180 million. On Instagram, he posts pic- and the rep who handled the dirtiest accounts had a and he quit to do affiliate marketing full time. In 2012,
tures of himself flying on private jets, spearfishing, quota of tens of millions of dollars per quarter. (He left when he was 24, his revenue hit $1 million.
flexing his abs, and thinking deep thoughts. Facebook last year.)
The next year his broker flew him to Las Vegas to
When I introduced myself in Berlin, Gryn suggest- “We are deeply committed to enforcement against celebrate with other affiliates. Gryn felt awkward and
ed we decamp to a nearby bar. malicious advertisers and protection of people’s data,” shy, but he knew he wanted more. “It was absolute
David Fischer, Facebook’s vice president for business decadence,” he said. “I just wanted to ride that wave.”
Gryn estimated that users of his tracking software and marketing partnerships, said in a statement. “We
place $400 million worth of ads a year on Facebook require all employees to follow our code of conduct Also in 2013, Gryn bought out Codewise, a web de-
and an additional $1.3 billion elsewhere. (He later and act in the best interest of both people and adver- velopment company in Krakow he’d hired to create
showed me reports that roughly support those fig- tisers on Facebook.” a campaign-tracking tool. The software had modest
ures.) It’s not just affiliates who think Gryn is at the but supremely useful features, such as tracking cam-
pinnacle of the industry. In June, just before the I caught up with Gryn a second time in January in paigns on multiple platforms – Facebook, Google,
conference, Facebook’s newly installed executive in Santa Monica, Calif. He’d moved from Krakow to a Twitter, etc. – in one place and altering content based
charge of fighting shady ads, Rob Leathern, had in- $20,000-a-month beachfront apartment two months on a user’s country.
vited him to the company’s London office to explain earlier and had already embraced the lifestyle, with a
the latest affiliate tricks. collection of flat-brimmed hats, a bike for riding on Gryn branded it Voluum and began offering it to
the boardwalk, and a ketogenic diet that forbade eat- other affiliates. On the first day of sales, 1,000 custom-
The basic process isn’t complicated. For example: A ing outside a single four-hour window. ers signed up, at a minimum of $99 a month. (Gryn
maker of bogus diet pills wants to sell them for $100 a said some clients now pay thousands of dollars a year,
month and doesn’t care how it’s done. The pill vendor Gryn employs 88 programmers nine time zones based on usage.)
approaches a broker, called an affiliate network, and away in Poland, and when I visited, he’d fulfilled his
offers to pay a $60 commission per sign-up. management responsibilities by 9 a.m. as usual. Voluum is intended for ad tracking and targeting,
not trickery, Gryn said. Dishonest affiliates could ap-
The network spreads the word to affiliates, who de- He said he’d grown up among Poland’s elite, the son ply other software to the same ends. “We’re not in the
sign ads and pay to place them on Facebook and other of a mobile phone executive, but he was depressed as business of policing the internet,” he said. “If we ban
places in hopes of earning the commissions. The af- a child, and when he was older, he had to be taught people from Voluum, they’d be doing the same thing
filiate takes a risk, paying to run ads without knowing how to smile. Nothing he learned in school excited somewhere else the next day. At least we consolidate
if they’ll work, but if a small percentage of the people him. He paid even less attention in college and grad- the bad apples in one place.”
who see them become buyers, the profits can be huge. uate school, though he obtained a master’s in mar-
keting. His real education came on the internet. As affiliate marketing boomed, so did Codewise.
Affiliates once had to guess what kind of person Revenue reached $39 million in 2015, according to a
might fall for their unsophisticated cons, targeting ads Around 2009, Gryn moved to Prague to intern at a statement Gryn provided me. Google banned Volu-
by age, geography, or interests. Now Facebook does company called Elephant Orchestra, which special- um over cloaking concerns, but that didn’t derail the
that for them. The social network tracks who clicks ized in selling ads on misspelled domain names such company – Facebook was where the action was. In
on the ad and who buys the pills, then starts targeting as The company’s customers were af- January 2016, Gryn met with American investment
others whom its algorithm thinks are likely to buy. filiates. bankers who told him they could get $200 million
or more for Codewise, which he owns outright. He
Affiliates describe watching their ad campaigns Soon, Gryn discovered Stack That Money and oth- turned them down.
lose money for a few days as Facebook gathers data er forums where they posted about their millions.
through trial and error, then seeing the sales take off Once Gryn realized that what the affiliates were do- Gryn hired a public-relations agency and devel-
exponentially. “They go out and find the morons for ing wasn’t hard, the possibilities excited him so much oped an online persona in keeping with his newfound
me,” I was told by an affiliate who sells deceptively that he sometimes couldn’t sleep. “It’s like striking wealth. For his 30th birthday, he rented a villa in Ibiza,
priced skin-care creams with fake endorsements gold,” he said. “You almost panic.” hired 15 “pool girls” as entertainment, and flew in
from Chelsea Clinton. eight of his friends on a private jet.
Gryn found the affiliates at a moment when they
Facebook has recently put more resources into were discovering social media. They’d begun apply- When he got back to Poland, he rented a giant bill-
weeding out scams. But for years, even as the com- ing tricks on Facebook that had been invented by board in Krakow and put up an ad with his face and
pany’s total ad revenue reached into the billions, it email spammers, who’d in turn borrowed the tactics the message “Don’t Be a Corporate Slave. Join Po-
assigned few engineers to the matter. The company of fax spammers in the 1980s and ’90s. land’s Fastest Growing Startup.” In February 2017,
hired a few dozen reviewers to look over ads that users Forbes put him on the cover of its Polish edition, nam-
or algorithms had flagged as questionable and ban Fake personal endorsements and news reports are ing him the country’s 57th-richest man. He started
accounts that broke the rules. But affiliates evaded still the most effective tricks. Dr. Oz, the Shark Tank getting recognized around Krakow and receiving fan
them using a subterfuge they call “cloaking.” It was judges, and Fixer Upper co-host Joanna Gaines are mail from young people inspired by his story.
easy, especially if you were running Voluum. among the most popular imprimaturs, though Eagle
favored Kim Kardashian. After she complained to Inevitably, there was a backlash. So Gryn went to
Gryn’s software allows affiliates to tailor the content TMZ that her name was being used without permis- Phuket, Thailand, cleared his mind by training as
they deliver according to a number of factors, including sion to promote colon cleanses, he bragged on an af- a Muay Thai fighter for three weeks, and decided to
the location or IP address associated with a user. The filiate forum in 2009 that the ads were his. move to California, where he’d fit in better. “In Poland,
feature is useful for ad targeting – for example, showing people can’t stomach success,” he said.
Spanish speakers a message in their native language. The latest products include Enhance Mind IQ –
But it’s also a simple matter to identify the addresses or Elon’s Smart Pills, as they were called in a recent Sitting on a bench on the Santa Monica pier after a
of Facebook’s ad reviewers and program campaigns to Facebook ad falsely suggesting that the Tesla Inc. ride on the Ferris wheel, I asked Gryn about the eth-
show them, and only them, harmless content. co-founder had talked them up on 60 Minutes. The ics of affiliate marketing. He said he’d stopped doing it
checkout page says the pills are free, though buyers himself, because he started to get handwritten com-
Those who were caught and banned found that this must still submit a credit card number. Online reviews plaints from people who’d entered his iPhone sweep-
was only a minor setback – they just opened new Face- are full of victims complaining of the subsequent re- stakes and couldn’t figure out how to cancel the recur-
book accounts under different names. Some affiliates curring $89-a-month charges. ring charges.
would buy clean profiles from “farmers,” spending as
much as $1,000 per. Others would rent accounts from Other affiliates use deceptive pictures to sell junky “I had no idea that this is what it’s doing to people,”
strangers or cut deals with underhanded advertising watches, dresses, and flashlights from Chinese fac- he said. “As an affiliate marketer, you just look at the
agencies to find other solutions. tories. Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran says she fre- numbers. You don’t see the faces. You don’t see the
quently fields complaints from people duped by skin- people that you’re potentially financially hurting. It
Affiliates say Facebook has sent mixed signals over cream ads on Facebook featuring her face. Two of her just sucks money out of the poorest people.”
the years. Their accounts would get banned, but com- own sisters fell for the scam, Corcoran told me. “I send
pany salespeople would also come to their meetups out so many cease-and-desist letters,” she said. “But But affiliates, he continued, aren’t really to blame.
and parties and encourage them to buy more ads. it’s very hard to track down the source.” They’re just taking advantage of opportunities creat-
ed by large corporations in a capitalistic system built
Two former Facebook employees who worked in Around 2011, Gryn started running a “Free iPhone” around persuading people to buy things they don’t
the Toronto sales office said it was common knowl- offer in Poland. It was his breakthrough. The lottery need. 

SLEEPLESS IN … PART I time spent in REM (dream) sleep lengthens, time in stage 3 non-
REM (deep sleep) shortens.
What Happens When You Sleep?
One-third of your life is spent sleeping. While you might think it’s a
time when your brain shuts off and your body simply rests, there’s a Sleep needs vary from person to person. Most adults need at least
lot more going on. Vital tasks are being carried out. Your brain is hard seven to eight hours of sleep each night. When healthy adults are
at work forming pathways to help you learn and create memories and given unlimited opportunity to sleep, they sleep on average be-
new insights. Your body is busy growing, repairing and restoring cells. tween eight and eight-and-a-half hours a night.

TWO TYPES OF SLEEP As people get older, the pattern of sleep changes, especially the
amount of time spent in deep sleep. If your sleep is frequently
The two basic types of sleep are rapid eye movement (REM) sleep interrupted or cut short, you may not be getting enough of both
and non-REM sleep. Sleep begins with non-REM sleep. non-REM sleep and REM sleep. You need both to sustain physical,
mental and emotional health.
 Non-REM Sleep
The three stages of non-REM sleep are: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resourc-
o Stage 1 You sleep lightly and awaken easily by noises or other
disturbances. Eyes move slowly, muscles relax. Heart es, sleep needs change throughout the life cycle:
and breathing rates begin to slow.
o Stage 2 About half your night is spent in non-REM stage 2 Newborns………………………... Between 16 and 18 hours a day
sleep. Brain waves slow down with occasional bursts
of rapid waves. Preschool children……………. 11 to 12 hours per day
o Stage 3 “Deep sleep,” essential to making you feel rested and
energetic during the day, occurs. Brain waves become School age children………….. At least 10 hours each night
even slower and the brain produces extremely slow
waves, called Delta waves, almost exclusively. Teenagers………………………… Between 9 and 10 hours, although most
 REM Sleep
REM sleep begins about an hour to an hour-and-a-half after falling get 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep due to early
asleep. Eyes move rapidly in different directions behind closed eyelids.
Breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow. Heart rate and morning start times at many high schools
blood pressure increase. The brain may revisit scenes from the day
and mix them randomly. REM sleep stimulates the brain to learn and Adults………………………………. 7 to 9 hours each night
make memories. Dreaming typically occurs during REM sleep.
Seniors…………………………….. Most need 7 to 8 hours a night
Sleep stages repeat themselves continuously while you sleep. As

For more information, visit:
National Center on Sleep Disorders Research
American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

Your comments and suggestions for future topics are always welcome.
Email us at [email protected].

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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 19


Eric Hazan’s ney sparks ques- the Left Bank, including the Latin ysis of gentrification. Hazan reminds
“A Walk Through Paris” is about, sim- tions: For example, Quarter, embedded in the interna- us of the ways Paris has always been
ply, a walk through Paris. But Paris he wonders, why tional imagination of Paris as a center a battleground of class conflict; he of-
being Paris, a walk through its streets choose one route of intellectual life, full of arthouse cin- fers wide-ranging historical examples
is anything but simple – or ordinary. over another? At emas, independent book shops and, in of the gutting of formerly working-
Here Hazan, who has spent his entire other moments, May 1968, civil unrest. Hazan, whose class neighborhoods and emphasizes
life in the City of Light, offers a per- personal prefer- previous books include “A People’s His- popular insurrections throughout the
spective – “a radical exploration” – that ences lead him on tory of the French Revolution,” finds city’s history. For Hazan, it is no coin-
is both personal and historical, draw- this neighborhood sadly transformed. cidence that many of the areas of the
ing on his experiences as a student, more convoluted He writes of no longer feeling at home city most resistant to gentrification
surgeon, social critic and publisher of detours. Travers- here, after high rents drove the work- are also areas with a strong revolu-
leftist books. ing the ile de la ing class away and boutique shops re- tionary tradition.
cité, he avoids placed many of the independent book-
Hazan sets out from Ivry, in the the principal stores of the 6th arrondissement. Similarly, in the final pages, Hazan
southeast of the city, to Saint-Denis routes, as one considers the historical continuities
in north. As he travels, memories rise would pass by Most Parisians agree, however, that of other forms of oppression and resis-
“to the surface street by street, even the prefecture the pulse and energy of the contem- tance, elucidating the points of con-
very distant fragments of the past on porary city lie north of the river on the vergence between anti-Semitism and
the border of forgetfulness.” His jour- de police, “a sor- Right Bank. It’s twice as populous and Islamophobia. In tracing a continuity
ry perspective,” contains, as Hazan notes, “pockets of of resistance and its presence within
and the other popular resistance that are slow and the contradictions of the contempo-
would proceed difficult to suppress.” Walking from rary city, Hazan makes a compelling
through the rue Châtalet in the center to La Chapelle argument that “the people have not
d’Arcole, lined in the north, Hazan seems pleasantly lost the battle of Paris.”
with tourist surprised to find that many neigh-
shops full of “I borhoods remain working-class and The walk is neatly bookended by
multicultural. In this regard, Paris has visits to bookshops, beginning at the
Love Paris” T- fortunately seen nothing like the scale Envie de lire in Ivry and finishing at
shirts – a scene of gentrification and rent increases in- the Folies d’Encre at Saint-Denis. Both
that’s “hardly flicted on cities like London and New stores have essential roles in the life
more attrac- York in recent decades. Here Hazan is of their neighborhoods, beyond con-
tive.” interested in spaces of contradiction in sumption of books: as meeting places,
the city center, where an imposing ar- and social centers of discussion and
Still, what chitectural grandeur exists in tension political debate. This book similarly
emerges from with the everyday lives of the people – brings the solitary act of reading and
this book is a where, he explains, there is a contrast the social experience of urban life
profound affection for the city, often “between the nobility of the stone and into constant dialogue. Passages from
expressed in endearingly idiosyn- the quite plebeian activities.” Balzac, Baudelaire and André Breton
cratic terms. On the rue Hautefeuille, come to mind at different street cor-
where Charles Baudelaire was born, Hazan’s perspective is refreshing: ners, verbal illuminations reflecting
Hazan observes a hanging turret on Though he is an uncompromising the ambience of a particular locale. In
the corner of a small cul-de-sac. Dat- critic of the destructive effects of gen- these enlightened pages, Hazan deft-
ing from the 16th century, this conical trification, he also rejects the illusory ly guides the reader through a Paris
trunk is made of a knot-work series in comforts of nostalgia. To those who where history and literature animate
decreasing diameter, “each ring bear- romanticize and wish for the return of the lived experience of the present. 
ing a different decoration – a master- the Trente Glorieuses, a period of post-
piece of masonry.” Hazan lists several war economic boom in France, Hazan A WALK THROUGH PARIS
other locations in the city where these argues that in fact the Gaullist years A Radical Exploration
turrets can be found, referring to the were “actually ones of conformity and
architectural structures as “friends of boredom on the one hand, and of war By Eric Hazan. Translated by David Fernbach
mine”; sometimes, he writes, he even and police brutality on the other.” Verso. 208 pp. $22.95
makes a detour just for a chance to
greet them. A similar perspective guides his anal- Review by Eugene Brennan
The first part of the walk traverses The Washington Post


1. Before We Were Yours 1. Red Notice 1. The Science of Breakable
BEFORE YOU DIE 2. Beneath a Scarlet Sky 2. Secret Empires 3. Wrinkle in Time

World's Greatest Destinations
3. Little Fires Everywhere 3. I've Been Thinking 4. Uni the Unicorn and the Dream
Thursday, April 12th at 6 pm Come True
4. The Light We Lost 4. Last Hope Island
5. Samantha Spinner and the

5. The Escape Artist 5. Educated BY RUSSELL GINNS


OLIVIA deBELLE BYRD 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |



A Novel

Mercer University Press

Wednesday, April 11th at 4 pm

20 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz quickly jibes with Jake (from State Farm)

Hi Dog Buddies! to swim, but I’d rather float around

I admit, this week, I needed a on my mat. I also love drivin’ in the
buncha clee-nexes when I was in-
nerviewing AN writing my column. car, with the wind in my ears, tastin’
It’s about one of the handsome-est
liddle poocheroos I’ve ever met: Jake the air.
(from State Farm) Graves Thomas.
He’s a long-haired, mini-dachshund “But I don’t just play. My family job
with the coolest pattern on his face,
an a terrific personality. I mean, this is to bark an alarm when there’s a
pooch has got it Goin’ ON!
knock or noise or something like that.
He graciously invited me an my as-
sistant in an, following the Wag-an- But here’s my biggest job, Mr. Bonzo:
Sniff, innerduced us to his Mom, Ka-
tie (his Dad, Matthew, was workin’). See, when my first Dad went to Heav-

“Follow me,” he said, heading into en, my Grampa Joe and Gramma Car-
the livin’ room with this Totally Cool
Kibbles strut, like he was All That, ole made the Jimmy Graves Foun-DA-
Anna Bag of Pupperoni.
shun, to always remember my Dad,
I inconspicuously fluffed my ruff.
“I’ve gotta say, Jake, you look like who was really great at lotsa sports,
you’re ready for Westminster. Who’s
your groomer?” espeshully FOOTball. An I’M foun-

“Thank you, Mr. Bonzo. I do have DA-shun Spokespooch. We’ve hadda
one, but for this innerview, Mom gave
me a bath, blow-dry an comb-out. It lotta free events for kids, a concert,
feels great! So, should I tell you my
story now?” an even a football camp, with a Very

“Absolutely. Take your time.” I Famous Football Person, who won
opened my notebook.
this Big Trophy. I can’t remember
“I guess you can tell, I’m a pure-
bred. But I’m not a SNOBnose or any- what the trophy’s called, but he was a
thing. AN, even though lotsa dachs-
hunds are STUBB-earn, I’m not. Mom really nice human an he hadda funny
an Dad taught me to be puh-LIGHT. I
have lotsa frens: pooches an humans. name – Flutie.

“I don’t know if you knew, but this “Anyway, our foundation bought
is ackshully my second famly. I’ve
been here a liddle over a year.” ballfields right by the high school,

“I didn’t know.” which the cow-nee was gonna sell.
“Yep. My original name was Jake
Graves. My first Dad, Jimmy, was My Dad ackshully played on ’em. We
young, 15 in people years, an I was a
pupster, too. My Dad was real POP- have what my Grampa Joe calls a Vi-
ular, an he loved sports! We had the
BEST time! Then, in December 2016, sion for it: a track (that’s a kinda road,
everything changed. Alluva sudden,
different humans were takin’ care where humans run an sometimes
of me. They were frens and famly,
an they were real kind. But my Dad jump over stuff), an parking an a
wasn’t there. Then I found out he
hadda boat accident an went to Heav- building.”
“Woof. Jake. I’m so sorry.” I wiped Jake showed me DRAWings. It’s
my paw across my eyes.
“I know you lost your Mom, Mr. PAWsome.
Bonzo, so you unnerstand.”
I put my paw on his paw, an we Jake. “It’s gonna be a place for the whole
sat there for a liddle while, not sa-
yin’ anything, just havin’ our own PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD co-MMUNIDDY, called the Jimmy
Finally he said, “I wondered if I’d is Grampa Joe (he’s my buddy). An Graves Sports Complex,” Jake contin-
haffta go away, but I DIDN’T. I was he has a Business Partner, Matthew.
a Very Lucky Dog. See, my Dad’s dad (I already knew him an Katie pretty ued. “Grampa Joe talked to a Consult-
well.) An they aDOPted me, Thank
Lassie. They’re teachin’ me stuff, too. ing Firm an a Construction Person, an
Like how to do ‘PAW.’ See!”
he says we’re gonna have a Capiddle
Up went his fluffy liddle paw. “Cool
Dog Biscuits, Jake!” Cam-PAIN. I don’t unnerstand what

“I KNOW! I have the Potty Thing any of that means, but Grampa Joe
down, too. If I hafta GO, I sit on the
couch or by the door with my ears “It’s a package stuffed full of pooch says hopefully the track’ll be ready
perked to get Mom an Dad’s atten-
tion. Then I give ’em The Look.” toys an treats. It’s Cool Kibbles!” for kids to use when their school

“We all know how important THAT “No Woof!” starts in 2020. (That’s 14 years in dog,
is. By the way, how did you get that
cool name – Jake (from State Farm)?” “Mom says I’m a liddle lazy. I think but only 2 in people.) All I know is I’m

He laughed and stood up. “Because I’m Laid Back. Sometimes, to get me gonna be the Best Spokespooch Ever,
– see – it looks like I’m wearin’ khakis.
You know, like that guy on TV.” to play catch, Mom has to lure me for my first Dad.”

It was true, all four legs were kha- with squeaky toys. Snugglin’ with Heading home, I was thinking
ki color. “That’s paw-LARRY-us! So,
what’s life like now? Any favorite Mom an Dad’s probly my favorite about my Mom, an Jake’s Dad, an how
toys, for example?”
thing. Sometimes, when Dad wakes much pooches an their people enrich
“There’s this thing I get in the mail
every month called A Bark Box!” up, there I am, nose-to-nose, with my each other’s lives, in lotsa ways.

“Whatsa a Bark Box?” head on the pillow. I’m a Burrower, And wonderin’ who I should talk to

too. It’s ju-NEDDIC. I burrow under about getting’ on that Bark Box list. 

the covers, or under the furniture

-The Bonzto hide bones an stuff. When Dad’s

in the pool, he pretends he’s In Dis-
tress, so I jump onto my floaty mat
and go SAVE him. When I reach him,

I just jump on his head. I know how

Don’t be shy!
We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up
an interview, please email [email protected].

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 21


J 10 5 2 9876 Q4
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 10 873 QJ6
K 10 8 3 6 AQJ94
Richard Thompson, one of the greatest-ever guitarists, wrote a song called “The Hots KQ64 A 10 9 7 2 J85
for the Smarts” that, sadly, has never been released on an album. But Augie Boehm’s
latest book, “Bridge Smarts” (HNB Publishing), made me think of it. SOUTH
Boehm, who often takes part in duplicates with inexperienced clients, offers insights into AK9542
key aspects of playing better — hand evaluation and defense being at the top of the list. 752
The opening lead on this deal would be easy for an expert, but missed by many less-
experienced players. Look at the West hand and the auction. What should he lead Dealer: East; Vulnerable: Neither
against four hearts?
The Bidding:
West’s negative double showed exactly four spades and six-plus points. His three-
diamond rebid was game-invitational. But the strange action was South’s jump to four SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST
hearts. One moment, he passed over two hearts; the next, he jumped to game after no 1 Diamonds
further encouragement from partner. What is the explanation? 1 Hearts Dbl. 2 Hearts Pass OPENING
Pass 3 Diamonds Pass Pass
Assuming South is a competent player, he must have length and weakness in diamonds. 4 Hearts Pass Pass Pass LEAD:
After West bid three diamonds, South knew that his partner had a singleton or a void ??
and he could ruff his diamond losers on the board.

To cut down those ruffs, West must lead his trump. (Note that dummy rates to have only
three hearts. With four and a diamond shortage, he would have bid three hearts over
three diamonds.)

Then East must play his part, leading another round of hearts when in with a high
diamond. South will lose one spade, one heart and two diamonds.

22 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

1 Moo (3) 2 Spiky flower (5)
3 Firearm (3) 2 Fighter (7)
5 Soft cap (5) 3 Seabird (4)
8 Danger (5) 4 Small child (6)
9 Model of excellence (7) 5 Outdoor grill (8)
10 Apprehend (4) 6 Majestic (5)
11 Wake-up call (8) 7 Leather works (7)
13 Consortium (6) 12 Tranquilliser (8)
14 Champagne, e.g. (6) 13 Framework (7)
17 Confederation (8) 15 Floating (7)
19 Raucous cry (4) 16 Plan (6)
22 Dawn (7) 18 Spear (5)
23 Courage (5) 20 Giant (5)
24 Blockade (5) 21 Outbuilding (4)
25 Finish (3)
The Telegraph 26 Metal container (3)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 23


ACROSS Attraction DOWN 60 Inits. for a king The Washington Post
77 Large family of or queen
1 Natural 1 Gives birth to LEAVE US OUT OF THIS! By Merl Reagle
environment offspring 2 Japanese airline 62 It’ll never fly?
78 Arctic bird 3 Ball club? 65 Behave
8 Bit, whit or mite 80 Trompe l’___ 4 “___ be expected” 67 Vassarette
11 Jigsaw success 83 Casual cafes 5 ___ avail
14 ___-Magnon 85 Cocky comment 6 Baldwin and product
17 France of Paris 87 Do the voice for 70 Slot machine
18 Traveler at 20,000 89 TV oldie, others
7 The Last Picture symbol
leagues Just the Ten ___ 72 Word bit meaning
19 Cholesterol 90 Word before Show state
8 ___-weensy “city”
hotbeds Canada 9 Big name in 73 A little weight
20 Transgresses or France 75 Testifier’s
21 1968 Alda-Burstyn 92 A limerick’s is appliances
AABBA 10 Cartoon Mountie invocation
comedy 94 ’60s battleground 76 Do nothing at a
23 Columbia 95 Money mach. Dudley
96 Funny Fannie 11 Circumnavigator bakery?
metaphor 99 Like crazy 79 Gus or Madeline
24 Louis the Great’s 100 Gran or Cray in 80 days 81 With Al, an airline
ending 12 “___ got it!” 82 Racing city
father 101 Lost intentionally 13 Busch Gardens 83 Junk, for one
25 James Jones 104 He’s the “Velvet 84 “Bubbles” of the
Fog” city
novel 105 Norse goddess 14 1989 Woody Allen opera
27 Advantages who ruled the 86 Actress Daly
29 Crusader Carrie abode of the dead movie 88 Design all over
32 FICA payout 106 Hatch out of Utah 15 Warner Bros.
33 Miniseries, 108 Chef protectors again
110 Actress Daniels or cartoons 91 Back-stabber
perhaps Neuwirth 16 Neur finish 93 Italian architect
34 Of tails 112 Street name 18 Big Apple sch.
35 Blood of the gods 115 Botanist Gray and 20 Ooze Paolo who built
37 Like some TVs others 22 Camera stand Arcosanti in
116 Waiting for 26 Sodium Arizona
and toilets Godot? 97 Asian desert
39 Sports event 117 Certain Hispanic/ hydroxide, briefly 98 Formula or urn
Latino 28 Dish soap or unit preceder
played on a 120 Mt. Rushmore’s 102 Emmy-winning
team’s own field st. of light soap star Slezak
41 Barely traceable 121 Robin’s sitcom 29 John who was 103 Beat everybody
air co-star 105 Crimes of the
element 123 Wicked Witch of poetry editor of Heart penner
43 Boar’s Head the West’s last The Saturday 107 Loud malcontent
beverage words Review, 1956-72 109 Highland?
44 Banker-turned- 127 Cuzco citizen, 30 On ___ Day ... 111 Ritchie Valens hit,
poet once 31 Percy Faith “La ___”
47 The U of Burma 128 Tuna ___ smash 113 The Lone Eagle,
49 WWII hero provençale of 1960 familiarly
50 Ringmaster? 129 Help, as Bonnie 34 Rapids transit 114 Famed Fibber
51 The sexes and Clyde 36 Coty of France 116 Egyptian goddess
54 Luau goo 130 Film composer 38 Element stat. 117 Aluminum-tree
55 Radiate Georges 40 Orthodontist’s time
56 Before-the-dawn 131 Sault ___ Marie challenge 118 Try: abbr.
adjective 132 Old records 42 They’re meshy 119 “It was ___ big
58 Actress Van 133 Thumbs down 45 Caboose’s place mistake!”
Devere 134 In December, 46 Bury 122 Majestic peak
61 Foes as a sale 48 Tuneful Turner 124 Anger
63 Heavy metal 52 Hourly, to 125 Canterbury tale
64 Break fluid? Leonardo teller
66 Bitingly ironic 53 Bay of Bengal 126 High school equiv.
68 Not quite right island group that test
69 Wild bunch sounds like an
71 Iodine’s cousin alloy
74 German 55 Key of Brahms’s
conjunction Symphony No. 4
75 Like a movie 57 Family with a
berry farm
59 Confederacy
backer, slangily

Vero Pool

The Telegraph

24 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Staying sane by keeping others’ pain at arm’s length

BY CAROLYN HAX ciate when you’re not one of them. As I hope they
Washington Post will do with renewed fervor when the order of their
world is restored.
Dear Carolyn:
3. Where things do linger, it’s good to look into
Like other people who provide the reasons for that a bit, even if it means just to do
some paying forward of kindness locally. Is there
services to those in trouble, do you a reason something feels personal? Do I have this
problem, too, or am I creating it for someone else?
ever feel burned out? If you don’t, Is it time to rethink this completely?

congratulations, but what do you I also recognize and feel grateful every day for
my enormous privilege — in who I am, where I was
advise to keep it at bay?. born, how I was educated, who I have in my life,
what I do for a living and even how I control my
– Burnout workload. The ability to remain at arm’s length from
the troubles I work with is a form of privilege, too. I
Burnout: Sure, I’m susceptible. about it a few minutes later and get on with some- think of first responders and military and medical
I do a few things: I take the vacation time I’m giv- thing joyous or even just ordinary in your life. None personnel and social workers often, and what they
en. (Not all of it yet, but I’ve gotten better.) I also try of us can afford to live and die by others’ suffering, see. And teachers, too – first responders of a differ-
to space it out over regular intervals so I don’t get nor are we built for it. At least most of us aren’t. One ent sort. My pain exposure is orders of magnitude
too worn. I make sure that when I quit for the day, way to be respectful of those in trouble is to appre- … softer.
I really quit – no nighttime email surfing, for exam-
ple, unless it’s a specific circumstance that will soon I’ve added a new strategy recently to my san-
pass, like digging out after a week off. I set goals for ity maintenance plan: putting my phone away. My
the day and end my day when I reach them. That friend and news networks are a gift, but so is the
means sometimes I’m still plugging away after typi- simplicity of limiting my thoughts and attention to
cal business hours, but it also means that some- the room I’m actually in.
times I’m done early and have a few hours of after-
noon to myself. Thanks for asking. Political chaos, a series of cli-
I also keep a few things in mind as I read letters mate disasters, the shocking-that-it’s-not-shocking
from people in pain: violence we routinely witness and the communica-
1. Things resolve or pass, often without our hav- tions revolution that puts all this in our pockets –
ing to do anything. these make emotional burnout widely relevant, not
2. Pain is inevitable. I may read about yours and just to those in trouble-oriented professions. We
feel pain in sympathy, but I’ve had my agonies as need all the energy and focus we’ve got. 
well, and it was OK that you didn’t feel mine with me
– or at least were able to sympathize but then forget

Thermography: A new tool
against breast cancer

26 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Thermography: A new tool against breast cancer

STORY BY MICHELLE CANNON EPTING CORRESPONDENT Chris and Kristen Berry of Space Coast Thermography give a presentation. PHOTOS BY GORDON RADFORD the patient a better chance of survival
and allows for smaller lifestyle changes
Breast cancer remains one of the most high-resolution images indicate differ- information to a patient before a tumor and treatments to obtain better overall
feared diagnoses that a woman (or man) ences in pre-cancerous and cancerous becomes invasive. Most traditional tests results. If detected in the earliest stages,
can receive. At this time, the difference abnormal tissue as compared to normal look anatomically for a tumor that has breast cancer survival rates are ninety-
in survival often comes with earlier de- healthy tissue. Thermography may also already formed, but thermography de- five percent.
tection and treatment. While the only detect hormone imbalances, an impor- tects functional heat patterns that may
true diagnostic tool for breast cancer re- tant cancer marker. indicate changes occurring with the One local facility offering thermog-
mains a biopsy, the list of screening tools early development of a tumor too small raphy is Space Coast Thermography. Its
has expanded to include self-exams, All of this allows for early detection to be seen with other imaging. This gives founders, Chris and Kristen Barry, are
physician exams, mammograms, ultra- of breast cancer and may offer unique both International Academy of Clini-
sounds, MRIs, and now thermography. cal Thermology (IACT) certified clini-
cal thermographic technicians (CTTs).
Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Chris has twenty years of healthcare
Administration (FDA) in 1982 as an ad- experience. Kristen Barry is a licensed
junct breast imaging procedure, ther- clinical psychologist, seven-year breast
mography uses digital medical infrared cancer survivor, and founder of the local
imaging technology to scan the upper Melbourne chapter of Healing Strong,
five millimeters of the skin’s surface for a national nonprofit support group for
thermal markers emitted from the skin. cancer survivors.
The images are similar to fingerprints,
each being unique to the person. The Space Coast Thermography follows
technologist and doctors will look for strict protocols for thermography, from
symmetry in the area and either conti- pre-exam instructions to precise exam
nuity or changes over time. The images procedures. They also use the most ad-
produced by highly sensitive cameras vanced thermography camera in Bre-
and computers map temperature varia- vard County in terms of resolution and
tions, which can show the metabolic calibration. In a few minutes, five to
activity and vascular circulation pat- seven images are taken with no contact
terns of a newly forming tumor. The between the camera and patient. These
images are checked by the thermologist,

Experience the fusion of
traditional values and

modern dentistry.

Collins & Montz


At Collins & Montz, DMD,
we will focus on improving every
aspect of your smile for optimal
appearance, function, and
comfort through our general
family dentistry, and restorative
procedures such as dental
implants. Our comprehensive
range of services and dedication
of quality set us apart. Call today
to schedule your appointment.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 27


and they are then sent to the physician the risk of the cancer developing further. and thyroid $225, and it costs an extra research. This is the 21st century, and
for grading. The grade determines if (P. Haehnel, M.D., M. Gautherie, Ph.D. $50 per body area to add breast imaging now we have choices.”
further testing or repeat imaging will be et al; Long-Term Assessment of Breast
ordered. Cancer Risk by Thermal Imaging. In: A resident of Viera and breast cancer Breast cancer may be scary, but
Biomedical Thermology, 1980; 279-301.) survivor, Treva Seals has had thermog- knowledge is power. In the fight against
Space Coast Thermography sends all raphy performed eight times. She ex- cancer, women (and all patients) must
of their patients’ images to Dr. William Unlike more traditional screening plains her positive experience with the be proactive, vigilant, and act as their
Amalu, a leader in field of thermography. tools, thermography is not always cov- procedure: “It is painless, noninvasive, own advocates. No matter what options
Dr. Amalu has over 25 years of experi- ered by most insurance. FSA and HSA and I highly recommend it.” She prefers one decides to use, it is important to be
ence in the field and is a board member programs cover it. There are grants the modality because it is free of radia- aware that options do exist, and one op-
of the IACT, teaches physicians and lec- available through the United Breast tion and “can find something in your tion is thermography.
tures around the world on the technol- Cancer Foundation at the beginning of body long before other scanning.”
ogy, and acts as medical director of the the month. It must be applied for before Kristen Barry, Ph.D., CTT and Chris
International Association of Certified screening, is not income-based, and is Carolyn Baldwin is also a cancer sur- Barry, CCT, at Space Coast Thermogra-
Thermographers. Dr. Amalu’s phone not given in a set amount. For more in- vivor and former medical professional. phy, LLC is located at 7125 Turner Rd.,
number is included on every patient re- formation visit “Once you have cancer, your effort in life Suite 101, Melbourne, FL 32955; phone
port from Space Coast Thermography, screening/. At Space Coast Thermogra- is to never have cancer again. I have had number 321-574-9014. For more infor-
so a patient can communicate directly phy, breast imaging costs $175, breast it done twice so far, and I’m glad for the mation go to www.spacecoastthermog-
with the provider interpreting their re- option. My advice to women is to do your 

According to Kristen Barry, “thermog-
raphy potentially offers a safe noninva-
sive screening option with no radiation,
compression, or touching of the breasts.
Contact is forbidden because it increases
the amount of surface heat on the skin.
Unlike mammograms, accurate read-
ings can be obtained on large, dense, en-
hanced and fibrocystic breasts, as well
as women who are pregnant, lactating,
on hormone therapy, and former surgi-
cal patients.”

She continues, “while it does not serve
as a substitute for mammograms and
other modalities, it is a tool that could
find evidence of cancer five to seven
years before other tools. Tumors are not
palpable by exam until they are approxi-
mately one centimeter in diameter, at
which point 25 percent of them may have
spread. The number of cells doubles ev-
ery 90 days, and growth can be slow,
which means it may take years to see a
tumor on mammogram.”

Chris Barry explained that thermog-
raphy might also help diagnose wom-
en who are not recommended to have
mammograms. For example, mammo-
grams are not currently recommended
for women under age 40, but approxi-
mately 15 percent of breast cancers oc-
cur in women under age 45. These can-
cers in younger patients tend to be more
aggressive with lower survival rates.
Baseline thermography is recommend-
ed at age 20. The guidelines then suggest
scan every three years to age 30, then an-
nually after age 30.

Additionally, 75 percent of women
diagnosed with breast cancer have no
family history of the disease, so they
may go unscreened as well. Studies show
that a women is 10 times more likely to
have breast cancer if she has an abnor-
mal thermograph than if she has a first
order relative with the disease. This
could make persistent abnormal ther-
mographic results the most important
high-risk marker for breast cancer de-
velopment. By detecting a growing can-
cer in the earliest stages, a patient can
schedule early rechecks, make lifestyle
changes, and use other tools to reduce

28 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Venomous fish pose greater danger than sharks

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER Florida’s waters are rife with venom- presence.” That’s important because Dr. Peter Marzano.
[email protected] ous sea creatures, according to Marzano. “startling or stepping on a stingray,”
according to the Post, “can trigger its PHOTO BY DENISE RITCHIE
With the return of warm weather, From stingrays to scorpion fish to self-defense mechanism. In many
local beaches are about to get crowded lionfish to stonefish to stinging jelly- species, that’s a [a strike from] a nas- North Carolina and as far north Long
– and, sometimes, downright danger- fish, being a victim of what Marzano ty, serrated, venom-injecting tail.” Island, New York, in waters as shallow
ous, according to Dr. Peter Marzano, a calls “marine envenomation” can be a as 1 foot and as deep as 300 feet.
hospitalist with the Indian River Med- painful and sometimes life-threaten- Some 1,500 people are speared by
ical Center. ing experience. those stingray tails in Florida each Finally, Florida has its fair share of
year. jellyfish – though the most feared and
But he says it’s not sharks people Let’s start with stingrays. As a Wash- best known isn’t a jellyfish at all. The
should worry about. He knows firsthand ington Post “Health and Science” advi- The National Center for Emer- Portuguese man-of-war, according to
there are scarier – albeit smaller – crea- sory reports, signs posted along some gency Care Information bluntly the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
tures in Florida’s waters. Florida beaches and estuaries advis- describes the result as “immedi- Administration, “is actually a species of
ing waders to do the “stingray shuffle” ate, local, intense pain, edema of siphonophore.”
Marzano, who says he “grew up in instead of normal foot-up, foot-down soft tissue and a variable amount
Fort Lauderdale and Melbourne,” has walking in shallow water is “not a ploy of bleeding. The pain peaks after 30 Back in mid-February, hundreds of
been “on the water” all his life and to make tourists look silly.” to 60 minutes, may radiate centrally these creatures washed up onto south
is still a competitive surfer, is about and can last up to 48 hours.” Florida beaches. As the Sun-Sentinal
as blasé as possible when it comes to “Shuffling carefully, one foot at a reported, “in Delray Beach, most of
sharks. time,” says the Post, “creates gentle Marzano, who – when on dry the 358 minor medical incidents on
vibrations that alert stingrays to your land – has also served as the spring the beach so far this month have been
“Sharks are not going to hurt you,” training team doctor for major league Portuguese man-of-war stings.”
he calmly states. “They’re not out to baseball’s Washington Nationals, is
get you.” On those rare occasions when quick to add, “We have plenty of sting- According to National Geographic,
a shark does bite a human, Marzano rays here. The one everyone steps on “a man-of-war sting is excruciatingly
claims, it’s almost always a case of here is the Atlantic stingray. painful, but rarely deadly. But beware
“mistaken identity.” – even dead man-of-wars washed up
“They spend a lot of their juvenile on shore can deliver a sting.”
Venomous fish, on the other hand, time in the Indian River and again
are something the doctor says he al- there’s venom in the barb,” Marzano Scared? That’s not what Marzano
ways keeps on eye out for, whether he’s continues. “You get two issues with wants.
catching a wave here, or in Hawaii, or that. You’ve got the puncture wound,
off the shores of South Africa. usually in the lower extremities, and What he does want is for people to
then you have the toxin – it’s a neuro know what’s out there and how to best
toxin,” meaning it attacks the body’s cope with any marine envenomation
nervous system. that might come their way.

Next on Marzano’s list of marine en- Websites for organizations such as the
venomation culprits are the scorpion American Academy of Underwater Sci-
fish, the lionfish and the stonefish. ences, NIH and NOAH are an excellent
Two of the three are “illegal aliens,” or place to start. 
invasive species. The least venomous
is the scorpion fish, which is indig-
enous to Florida.

The National Institutes of Health
claims “stonefish are one of the most
venomous fish in the world with po-
tential fatal local and systemic toxic-
ity effects to human.” Even if treated
promptly, recovery from a jab of a
stonefish barb or quill “usually takes
about 24 to 48 hours.”

Originally native to the waters off
Australia, the stonefish can now be
found throughout Florida waters and
the Caribbean.

Lionfish also are native to the South
Pacific and Indian oceans but have
been introduced to this area. Their
range appears to be spreading. They
have been reported from Florida to

30 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


First Bites: Outstanding MASA is true blue Mexican

REVIEW BY LISA ZAHNER STAFF WRITER Tres Tacos. Chicharron. Quesadilla.
[email protected] Citrus Marinated
PHOTOS BY GORDON RADFORD amount of spice. My Triple Berry Mar-
We were skeptical that South Brevard’s garita ($7 with Cuervo Gold) was tasty, as Tuna Ceviche.
barrier island needed yet another Mexi- Chimmiri Hanger Steak. was my son’s virgin strawberry daiquiri.
can eating and drinking establishment, RESTAURANT HOURS
but MASA Taqueria Y Cantina is a unique – the house (mild) salsa, a chunky pico de Prices: 11:00 am- 2:00 am Daily
addition to the island dining scene. gallo, and finally, my favorite, the roasted MASA costs a few dollars more than
MASA is also open until 2 a.m. nightly – jalapeño verde salsa. We also tried the the island’s other Mexican restaurants. BEVERAGES
long after almost everything Beachside queso ($6) which is rich and creamy but Our dinner, with appetizers and one al- Full Bar
has closed. The hospitality bar crowd, not like your typical flat, white cheese coholic beverage totaled $66 with tip, but
swing-shift workers and those still young dip. It tastes like really good homemade it was a good value for the quality of the ADDRESS
enough to stay out past midnight (yawn!) macaroni and cheese – which is exactly food served. 445 E Eau Gallie Blvd
will appreciate what I can imagine will what I made at home with my cup of Indian Harbour Beach
be a laid-back late-night vibe at MASA. leftover queso. For entries I ordered the We encourage you to send feedback to
Ensalada Bowl ($7) with Barbacoa, or [email protected]. PHONE
Headline News: short-rib beef off the bone ($5) which (321) 610-1462
Good, fresh Mexican food does not was superb, and my son ordered the Ar- The reviewer is a Brevard resident who
have to be a major “cheat meal” for those roz Bowl ($7) with marinated, shredded dines anonymously at restaurants at the
of us trying to eat healthy. At MASA, you chicken breast ($5) which was moist and expense of this newspaper. 
can get flavorful, nutritious Mexican flavorful and a well-balanced dish in
cuisine that is satisfying without be- terms of color, texture and just the right
ing greasy, covered in melted cheese or
served with a side of retried beans. In-
stead, you’ll crisp fresh greens, steamed
rice, black beans, freshly made salsas
and expertly prepared meats.
Look and Feel:
Don’t look for any sombreros or tacky
Mexican ponchos here. MASA’s theme
is subdued and classy earth tones and
black, with a design motif based upon
floral-decorated skull images from the
Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead
celebration. The covered outdoor seat-
ing area is an ideal spot to meet friends
for drinks and small plates. The thick
palm-tree barrier that’s been planted all
around the patio area gives MASA the
feel tropical beach resort.
Every new restaurant staff has a
learning curve, and we had heard that
MASA’s crew got a bit jammed up the
first few nights during the soft opening,
so we specifically went on a Wednesday
for an early dinner and were immedi-
ately seated and quickly served. The
staff is friendly and one of the manag-
ers even apologized for having to move
some tables around after a furniture
delivery arrived. That delivery added
large, round 8-tops to the dining room
to accommodate larger groups.
Food and Drink:
It caused quite a stir when MASA an-
nounced on its marquee and via social
media that chips & salsa would not be
free, but that they would be the best chips
& salsa you’ve ever had. The chips are
homemade of blue corn, ground onsite
and they are pretty yummy. I would sug-
gest the Duo Trio chips starter ($9) which
comes with traditional crispy (blue) tor-
tilla chips, plus totopos or chewy blue
chips, which are thicker and a bit bubbly.
You’ll either love them or you won’t.
We thought the richer chips balanced
nicely with the acidity of the three salsas

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 31


Fine Dining, Elevated Melo’s RIitsatoliraannote

Exciting Innovative Cuisine ALL-YMOUUS-CSAELNS-EAT
Award Winning Wine List
Every Thursday
Unparalleled Service
Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated
Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL W10W00WEA.SMT EeAlUosGIAtaLLlIiEaBnLRVeDs-tIaNuDIrAaNnHt.AcRoBmOU-R3B2EA1C-H7,7F3L-332593575
Wine Spectator Award Serving Brevard Since 1988
2002 – 2017

Join us for


Multiple Locations!

Melbourne/Suntree 321.428.4145 Vero Beach 772.257.6039
4840 N Wickham Rd 1226 US Highway 1
Melbourne, FL 32940 Vero Beach, FL 32960

Downtown Melbourne 321.802.4587 Palm Bay/West Melbourne 321.821.4897
1511 S Harbor City Blvd 4480 Hollywood Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
West Melbourne, FL 32904


Buy Any Buy Any Bagels
Egg Sandwich, Lunch Sandwich, Sat & Sun Only

Get the 2nd Get the 2nd add a tub of shmear
Egg Sandwich Lunch Sandwich for only $2.99

FREE FREE Good for a dozen bagels for $7. Valid Saturday and Sunday Only.
Includes bagels only. Additional charge for gourmet bagels. Limit
Good for any egg sandwich. Limit one coupon per person. Valid Good for Any Lunch Sandwich- Limit one coupon per person. Valid one coupon per person. Valid at participating Einstein Bros.®
at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot locations only. This offer cannot be combined with other special
be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not offers or promotions and is not valid for catering, past purchases
valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction or orders. No reproduction allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one
allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes cent. Applicable taxes paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah
paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. Restaurant Group, Inc. Expires: 12/31/18
Expires: 12/31/18 Expires: 12/31/18

32 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Please send calendar information APRIL 6 Eau Gallie Arts District Eighth Annual April 8 The Three Sopranos of Florida will trace
at least two weeks prior to your in Paris event in Eau Gallie Square. French the history of folk music in America at Riv-
6 Eats & Beats at the Beach family food truck food and café, beer, wine and champagne, mu- erside Presbyterian Church in Cocoa Beach when
event to festival, 5 to 10 p.m. at Nance Park, Indialan- sic, children’s activities, and more. Foosaner Art they present, Land That We Love: A tribute to
[email protected] tic, hosted jointly by the Town of Melbourne Beach Museum/FIT will kick off their annual French the pioneering spirit of America at 3:30 p.m. The
and the Town of Indialantic with a portion of the Film Festival with the showing of “Faces, Plac- concert will cover music from America’s early
ONGOING proceeds benefiting the Sebastian Inlet Chapter es” about a street artist. This street festival colonial period through the era of westward ex-
of the Surfrider Foundation. Ten food and dessert runs from 6-9 pm and the movie begins at 9 pansion and into the folk revival of the mid-20th
Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4 trucks, live music by Billy Chapman Band, Long Dog- pm and is free and open to the public. Special century. Performed at 3400 N. Atlantic Avenue
p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park gers’ beer firetruck, Hoover Junior High kicks off the performances by the Brevard Ballet and French (A1A) as part of the 2017-18 Dr. Vernon Boush-
event at 5 p.m., Locked InSide scavenger hunt in the themed street characters, fun for all ages. ell Concert Series. Free tickets available at www.
Beach Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. Tues- park, superheroes and princesses, fire trucks, police
days at Oceanside Pizza, 300 Ocean Ave. #6, cars, rescue boats and beach ATV on display. Raffle
Melbourne Beach. of a Bob’s Bicycles bike. Pedicabs to help with park- 6 The Adagio Sax Quartet (ASQ), a select 8-15 Annual Space Coast Pro Tennis
ing. Free admission. ensemble of the Melbourne Municipal Classic, a premier women’s ten-
Band will perform at 7:00 pm at the First Friday nis event at Kiwi Tennis Club in Indian Harbour
Fellowship Concert at the Highland Avenue Fel- Beach.
lowship Church, 1591 Highland Ave, Eau Gallie,
Florida. The concert is free. A free-will donation 11-12 April in Paris Vie de France
will be taken. Call the MMB at 321-339-7705, or concert by the Melbourne
the Highland Avenue Fellowship Church at 254- Municipal Band, 7:30 to 9 p.m. Wednesday and
6363. Thursday at the Melbourbe Auditorium. Tickets
7 Hook Kids on Fishing, 9 to 11 a.m. by
Anglers for Conservation at the Satellite 12 Girls Night Out: French Twist, a French-
Beach Public Library, 751 Jamaica Ave. inspired evening of food, wine and din-
ing, 6 to 8 p.m. in the galleries of the Foosaner
7 Free Medicare Seminar by Kim Adkinson- Art Museum in the Eau Gallie Arts District. Tick-
Cowles at 9:30 a.m. in the Community ets cost $30 to $45 and are available at 64823.
Room at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church,
discussing Medicare Advantage plans, Supple-
ment plans and Rx plans. As well as enrollment 14 Tank America Grand Opening, 10
periods and opportunities to change your cover- a.m. to noon, at 9150 Ellis Road, Mel-
age throughout the year. All are welcome. bourne, with a chance to seen a FV433 Abbot
tank up close, plus Laser Tag, BBQ and a raffle for
Call or text 321-305-2554 for more informa- prizes.

8 Second Sunday Coin Stamp and Collect- 14 Nailed it! DIY Studio Grand Opening
ible Show 9:30 to 3 p.m. at the Azan Shrine open house, 463 N. Harbor City Blvd,
Center, 1591 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. Free Admission. Melbourne. Free food, giveaways, raffles and
Buy, sell, trade and free appraisals. South Bre- crafts for kids. Call (321)255-0117 or go to www.
vard Coin Club. (321)428-5850.

Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN 20 Satellite Beach Police Athletic League
in March 29, 2018 Edition 1 DRAW 2 RAMBLER Third Friday Food Truck Fest, 5 to 9 p.m.
4 POLITE 3 WOOL in the parking lot of the D.R. Schechter Recreation
9 POMPOUS 4 POSTER Center. Food trucks, local vendors and Kidz Korner.
11 COLD 6 TIARA 21 Dining in the Dark to benefit the Cen-
12 HERITAGE 7 SPECTACULAR ter for the Visually Impaired, 5:30 p.m.
14 AFRAID 8 METEOROLOGY at the Hilton Rialto Place. Enjoy a cocktail recep-
15 GEYSER 13 DIAMANTE tion and silent auction, plus a gourmet dinner
18 UNCOMMON 16 STAMINA served in complete darkness by local local law
20 FALL 17 COSMOS enforcement officers (using night-vision goggles)
22 ALIGN 19 CHIPS to learn how it feels to be visually impaired. Tick-
23 MEETING 21 PETS ets cost $100 and can be purchased at www.cvi-

Sudoku Page 266 Sudoku PPaaggee 2677 CrosswordPPaage 626 Crossword Page 267 (THE BOTHERS OF INVENTION)


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach
Siding & Soffit out to customers for your service or small business
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s targeting the South Brevard barrier island communitites.
This is the only directory mailed each week into
CLAY COOK Car Ports homes in 32951, Indialantic, Indian Harbour and

[email protected] CGC 1524354 Satellite Beach. Contact Will Gardner, 407-361-2150
[email protected].
321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Custom MelBeach home
loaded with conveniences

113 Sea Grape Road, Melbourne Beach: 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 3,710-square-foot pool house with guest quarters
offered for $729,000 by Coldwell Banker Paradise broker-associate Jim Warburton: 321-795-1885

34 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Custom MelBeach home loaded with conveniences

STORY BY BRENDA EGGERT BRADER CORRESPONDENT ing left enter the great room with room that runs the length of the back
kitchen, living and dining rooms, fea- of the home. The Florida room bar
A quaint road in Melbourne Beach turing two large skylights. area, with refrigerator, provides a
leads to a custom home tucked into a large seating area for entertaining
large lot surrounded with dense veg- The living room, accented with guests. Sliders from the Florida room
etation and trees in a quiet neighbor- a large fireplace with electric in- open to the screened pool deck.
hood. The deep front yard, with long sert, features surround-sound ceil-
paver driveway, leads to the lovely ing speakers – which also are found Many extras make this the kitchen
private home set back from the road. throughout the home. A huge area, of your dreams. Not only does it have
the room holds a massive sectional granite countertops, stainless steel
Built in 1989 and for sale by the sofa. The dining room, across from appliances and cherry cupboards,
original owner, the house offers an the living area, seats eight with plen- but a built-in Jenn-Air oven and cook-
abundant selection of conveniences ty of space for china buffet and other top is part of the large center island.
for family and friends. A west wing furniture pieces. The cooktop is part grill and part
one-bedroom apartment has a sepa- burners with an extra appliance to
rate entrance, its own air condition- Double sets of sliders provide a switch the grill back to burners sim-
ing unit and backyard deck allowing fabulous view of the free-form solar- ply by unplugging one element and
for privacy as a mother-in-law suite or heated swimming pool and give ac- making an exchange.
a vacation rental. cess to the tropical-themed Florida

The 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom,
3,700-square-foot home is listed for
$729,000 with Coldwell Banker Para-
dise broker-associate Jim Warburton.

Enter the main home through a
small foyer with storage closet. Turn-



Open Sunday, April 8th from 12pm to 4pm

Chic Modern Styling
Dramatic Ocean Views
Chef’s Gourmet Kitchen
Marble Kitchen & Baths
Brizo Fixtures
10’ Ceilings w Crown
6” Baseboards
Heated Black Pool & Spa
Travertine Pool Deck
Summer Kitchen
Over 2900 sq ft
3 car “plus” garage
Beach, golf, tennis, river!

PLEASE JOIN US! 7677 Kiawah Way, Melb Bch

Susan Williammee


[email protected]

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. 436 Fifth Ave. Indialantic, FL 32903

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 35



There is a peninsula for extra prep- A trash compactor and instant hot awash with bright Florida sunshine Year built: 1989
aration space, a banquette eat-in water spigot on the sink add conve- due to the placement of windows and Architecture:
breakfast nook, and a built-in desk nience. skylights. Wood frame/stucco
for budgeting and computer work. Lot size: 19,602 square feet
The great room and kitchen are The hallway leading to the bed- Home size: 3,710 square feet
Bedrooms: 4 with guest wing
Bathrooms: 3 with guest wing
Additional features: Great room
sky lights, electric fireplace, sur-
round sound, solar heated pool,
impact-resistant-windows and
doors, Florida room with wet
bar, central vacuum, security
system, guest apartment with
private entrance;
Listing agency:
Coldwell Banker Paradise
Listing agent: Jim Warburton,
broker associate, 321-795-1885;
[email protected]
Listing price: $729,000

36 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


rooms provides additional closet stor- area with tiled shower with glass leads from the laundry to a covered apartment gives access to the pool
age. The all-tile guest bathroom has a doors, commode room with pocket paver walkway to the backyard, pool and backyard.
shower with glass doors and features a door, a jetted bathtub with view of and guest apartment.
single sink vanity. The guest bedrooms the pool and backyard, cedar walk-in Ocean beach access is across State
all accommodate queen-sized beds. closet with plenty of additional shelv- The apartment features a great Road A1A, a short walk up the road
ing units and drawer space. The van- room in a smaller scale with front from the home. Grocery shopping
The master bedroom with sur- ity has raised double sinks on glass entrance from the driveway. The and restaurants are nearby with oth-
round sound speakers offers room countertops. kitchen features stainless appliances, er amenities in Melbourne Beach.
for a king-size bed and large area for large pantry, side-by-side refrigerator
reading or relaxing or working out. Near the hallway is a large laundry and a large table to seat six. The kitch- “The owner is selling because she
French doors open from this area to room with abundant storage cup- en flows into the living room space has moved to another community,”
the Florida room and pool access. boards and full sink with access to that has access to the bedroom and said Warburton. To see the home,
the double-car garage. A second door single bath. A deck in the rear of the contact him at 321-795-1885 or James.
A master bathroom offers a huge [email protected]. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 37


Mortgage shopping can save you tens of thousands

STORY BY KENNETH R. HARNEY WASHINGTON POST When the Consumer Financial Pro- able to borrowers often is higher than Another online platform that al-
tection Bureau surveyed 5,000 recent half a percentage point – and may lows lenders to make competing of-
It’s one of the weirder documented home purchasers several years ago in even be increasing. fers, Zillow Mortgage, conducted
facts about home-buying in Ameri- the first national study of its type, it a data analysis exclusively for this
ca: Surprising numbers of consum- found that fully 47 percent of buyers Lending Tree, an online network column that showed the median
ers don’t bother to shop for mortgage didn’t even “seriously consider” more with 342 mortgage companies com- high-low APR spread in offers on its
money, even though they could save than one lender; 77 percent applied to peting for home buyers’ business, network of hundreds of lenders and
tens of thousands of dollars through only one. found that the median spread be- brokers to be even wider: just under
lower interest payments by doing so. tween annual percentage rate (APR) seven-tenths of a percentage point
CFPB researchers also found that quotes to individual borrowers for on a 30-year fixed loan with 20 per-
People search incessantly online rate-quote variations among compet- each loan request on its platform was cent down.
to find the best deals on hotel rooms, ing lenders for the same prime bor- six-tenths of a percentage point dur-
kitchen appliances, furniture, cloth- rower – with a high credit score, a 20 ing the week ending March 11. That Erin Lantz, vice president of mort-
ing and tons of other stuff. Or they percent down payment, seeking the was up by more than a tenth of a per- gages at Zillow Group, says home
drive out of their way for the lowest same mortgage amount – frequently centage point from a year ago. buyers’ willingness to forgo shopping
price on gas. But for some reason, vary by half of one percentage point. among multiple lenders “is a head
many go limp when it’s time to make That may not sound like much, but What that means is that you as a scratcher.” A “fear bar” may be part
a really high-dollar purchase – a home the bigger the loan and the longer it potential applicant, presenting the of the problem, Lantz believes. There
mortgage, often the biggest expendi- continues, the heftier the dollar sav- identical characteristics to each com- “are a lot of numbers, a lot of terms
ture of their lives. ings for borrowers who shop and nail peting lender – same credit score, that are foreign” in mortgages, she
down the best-priced money. same loan amount, same everything – says, which for some buyers can be in-
Maybe they’re shell-shocked from would probably see a high-low spread timidating.
the home-search process. Maybe they Even on a $200,000, 30-year fixed- of nearly six-tenths of a percentage
assume that lenders quote roughly the rate loan, choosing a lender quoting point in quoted APRs. (The APR mea- Although there are other online
same rates and fees, so why bother? a 4.5 percent rate, compared with sures the cost of the loan when fees shopping platforms, Lending Tree
Maybe their real estate agents whis- a lender who’ll do the loan at 4 per- are added into the quoted interest and Zillow are major players, easy to
pered in their ears that their broker- cent, can cost you $3,500 in the first rate, thereby giving a fuller picture of use and free.
age enjoys a special relationship with a 60 months alone. Compare that with the true cost per year.) In the case of a
particular lender – in fact, they’re part- saving a few bucks filling up on gas. $300,000, 30-year fixed rate mortgage, Bottom line: Don’t go limp. Get ac-
ners, sharing profits generated from that spread translates into $26,780 tive, shop for your mortgage mon-
clients – and will give them the best New studies suggest that the spread over the life of the loan. ey, and save a bunch when it really
deal around, guaranteed. Uh-huh. between high and low quotes avail- counts. 

38 Thursday, April 5, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: March 23 to March 29

The real estate market had a banner week in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903, and 32937. Melbourne Beach
led the way with 15 sales, followed by Satellite Beach with 8, Indialantic with 7 and Indian Harbour Beach
with 4.
It was a particularly good week for David Settgast of Treasure Coast Sotheby’s, who represented the seller,
the buyer, or both in five transactions.
His top sale of the week was of an oceanfront condo in Melbourne Beach. Unit 302 of the Saltaire at 3135
South Highway A1A was placed on the market Dec. 1 for $795,000. The price was subsequently reduced to
$775,000. The sale closed March 23 for $700,000.



RIVER COLONY WEST SE 400 RIVERSIDE DR 2/11/2018 $999,900 $999,900 3/27/2018 $670,000
NONE 8055 S HIGHWAY A1A 12/31/2017 $699,000 $699,000 3/26/2018 $600,000
BREAKERS CONDO P3 2207 ATLANTIC ST 825 11/17/2017 $625,000 $615,000 3/23/2018


CLOISTERS PHASE 1 T 525 NEWPORT DR 11/20/2017 $609,000 $585,000 3/28/2018 $570,000
OCEANSIDE ESTATES 3920 POSEIDON WAY 10/13/2017 $565,000 $559,990 3/23/2018 $565,000
CORAL PALM CONDO 2875 N HIGHWAY A1A 203 2/5/2018 $549,000 $549,900 3/23/2018 $549,900


EAU GALLIE BY THE SE 648 OCEAN ST 3/23/2017 $1,335,000 $1,200,000 3/29/2018 $1,180,000
MOORINGS SUBD THE 471 PORT ROYAL BLVD 2/17/2018 $639,900 $639,900 3/28/2018 $639,900
MONTECITO PHASE 1B 285 POINT LOBOS DR 2/23/2018 $489,900 $489,900 3/23/2018 $475,000

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, April 5, 2018 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Sterling HS Mlbrn P3, Address: 6309 S Highway A1A 341 Subdivision: Treetop Village Cond, Address: 6310 Treetop Dr

Listing Date: 9/5/2017 Listing Date: 10/3/2017
Original Price: Original Price: $215,000
Recent Price: $495,000 Recent Price: $195,000
Sold: Sold: 3/27/2018
Selling Price: $489,000 Selling Price: $185,000
Listing Agent: Listing Agent: Gibbs Baum
Selling Agent: Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl
Andrea Callaghan
Carola Mayerhoeffer
& Renee Winkler Adair Real Estate Services LLC

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Carola Mayerhoeffer
& Renee Winkler

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Subdivision: River Colony West SE, Address: 400 Riverside Dr Subdivision: Eau Gallie by The SE, Address: 648 Ocean St

Listing Date: 2/11/2018 Listing Date: 3/23/2017
Original Price: $999,900 Original Price: $1,335,000
Recent Price: $999,900 Recent Price: $1,200,000
Sold: 3/27/2018 Sold: 3/29/2018
Selling Price: $950,000 Selling Price: $1,180,000
Listing Agent: Thomas Holt Listing Agent: DeWayne Carpenter
& Kirk Kessel
Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise Selling Agent:
Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc
Thomas Donnelly
Amy Kalman
RE/MAX Alternative Realty
Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc





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