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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2021-11-03 12:46:27

10/21/2021 ISSUE 42


October 21, 2021 | Volume 8, Issue 42 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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Shooting at Vero Hospital accused
apartment leads to of erasing treatment
arrest of teachers info after 30 days

By George Andreassi | Staff Writer PHOTO: KAILA JONES By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer
[email protected]
Public school parents through- First new Brightline train rolls through downtown Vero
out Indian River County must be Cleveland Clinic Indian River
wondering about the after-hours By George Andreassi | Staff Writer coaches in the middle, it was Mobility North America facto- Hospital is accused of stalling again
conduct of their children’s educa- the first of five newly built train- ry in Sacramento to the Florida on still more evidence in a major
tors after two young, newly hired A new Brightline high-speed sets Brightline is transporting to East Coast Railway tracks run- malpractice case involving a moth-
teachers were arrested in connec- passenger train rolled through South Florida in anticipation of ning along the Florida Atlantic er of five, Toshuua Hughes, who
tion with a shooting at an apart- downtown Vero Beach without extending high-speed passen- coast, Mitzner said. never woke up from anesthesia
ment complex following a night fanfare about 8 p.m., last Friday, ger service from South Florida after a hysterectomy and remains
of drinking. traveling about 40 mph en route to Orlando in early 2023, said Brightline is upgrading the unresponsive four years later.
to a maintenance yard in West spokeswoman Katie Mitzner. FECR tracks between West Palm
The suspected triggerman, Palm Beach. Beach and Cocoa and building The filing for a motion of civil
Darius Tyonne Cohen, 26, a gym The train traveled more than new tracks between Cocoa and contempt and request for sanc-
teacher at Indian River Acade- Consisting of a locomotive 3,000 miles from the Siemens tions comes after the plaintiffs’ at-
my, was being held in the coun- on each end and four luxury CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 torneys learned that the underlying
ty jail in lieu of $750,000 bail on data of the electronic health record
one count of attempted murder, module where physicians enter the
sheriff’s records show. He has also majority of their notes on patients
been fired, school officials said. was set to erase after 30 days.

The victim was shot one time The module’s data also did not
in the back near his apartment automatically flow into an au-
at the Preserve at Oslo, but is ex- dit database that could be easily
pected to make a full recovery, searched to reveal, among other
Sheriff Eric Flowers said Monday things, any changes, additions or
during a news conference. deletions. All other modules by the
same company have that capabil-
“When we spoke to Mr. Cohen, ity, according to a Sept. 29 depo-
he admitted to the shooting,” Flow- sition of the hospital’s IT director,
ers said. “His story goes a little dif- Brian Myszkowski.
ferently than the victim’s story and
The scheduled metadata dis-
CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 appearance – which may have
been in place as far back as 2012,
INSIDE if not earlier – is still occurring to-
day, Myszkowski said. That means
NEWS 1-5 ARTS B1 Vero Beach Lifeguard Association while a final report on a patient
president Erik Toomsoo laid off can be viewed, the underlying
HEALTH 6 GAMES B9 data – including any changes that
By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer were made, when they were made
PETS 14 CALENDAR B12 [email protected] and who made them – does not
show up after 30 days.
REAL ESTATE 15 Vero Beach Lifeguard Association president Erik
Toomsoo, who rose to the rank of assistant captain and Cleveland Clinic Indian Riv-
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 served as a training officer during his nine years on the er did not respond to questions
For circulation or where to pick up city’s beaches, was laid off last week. about the data issues, and said
your issue call: 772-226-7925 only that it “remains committed to
City administrators say Toomsoo’s non-union po- providing high-quality, safe care to
sition was eliminated as part of a restructuring of the Erik Toomsoo. the community we serve.”
lifeguard staff. Toomsoo said he was targeted for the
PHOTO BY KAILA JONES “This case was brought almost
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2 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

HOSPITAL ACCUSED changes to them – that were automatically asked for data on all patients seen by a par- That plan was in an email that took more
overwritten. That purge would have come ticular provider on a given date – the anes- than three years for the hospital to provide
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 30 days after Toshuua Hughes, then 42 and thesiologist was their example. to Hughes’ attorneys, despite repeated de-
just coming out of a routine hysterecto- mands for such evidence.
a year before Indian River Medical Center my, suffered a catastrophic post-operative Ullian asked Myszkowski how IT would
joined the Cleveland Clinic health system,” deprivation of oxygen. She remains in a per- respond if hospital president Dr. Greg While Cleveland Clinic Indian River was
spokesman Scott Samples said. “Because sistent vegetative state, cared for in a spe- Rosencrance wanted to learn if a doctor was apparently stonewalling on discovery ef-
there is currently litigation, Cleveland Clinic cialized Sarasota nursing home. altering records. forts, the hospital’s malpractice insurance
Indian River Hospital cannot comment on company was simultaneously suing the
specifics related to the case.” Myszkowski said as far as he knew, since Myszkowski said they would put together hospital over the Hughes case in federal
the time the module was first put in place, a list of patients assigned to that doctor, and court.
At the time of the incident, the hospital no one had realized it wasn’t moving data to Rosencrance could examine each individu-
was locally run and not part of Cleveland the audit database where it could be audit- al medical record for alterations. He added According to Hughes’ attorneys, the doc-
Clinic, which took over in January 2019. ed like the other modules. that he himself had dealt with a similar sce- uments produced in that case revealed a
nario in that manner. strategy of admitting liability in hopes of
Myszkowski confirmed an email state- But in his deposition, he vacillated on going to arbitration and thereby avoiding
ment of June Hoffman, the hospital’s lawyer whether a recoverable “audit trail” of chang- For Carter and Ullian, it took hiring an producing evidence.
in the Toshuua Hughes case, that the hospi- es exists. “I believe there is a full audit trail IT forensic examiner to find that Hughes’
tal had only recently learned of the failure to that exists, but not necessarily in a specif- records had been altered to reflect that she But the plaintiffs opted to go to trial in-
copy audit data from the physician hub over ic database for this specific report written went without oxygen for a much shorter pe- stead, and the flow of evidence has been
to the audit database. against it,” he said. riod than actually was the case. In addition, constricted, to say the least.
records showed that a Code Blue was called
Yet the software situation, which Hughes’ But when Ullian pressed him on why that for Hughes, but a nurse’s handwritten time- In the latest action calling for the judge to
attorneys believe may be in violation of state trail wasn’t already in his hands, Myszkows- line showed no such emergency signal ever hold the hospital in civil contempt as well
and federal laws, appears to be no different ki seemed to draw a blank. occurred. as order further sanctions, attorneys say the
today than it was in the summer of 2017. hospital has not complied with an April 29
“Why can’t I get a report that shows addi- The year-long delay in producing critical court order on discovery issues.
In the same email, Hoffman said, “IRMC tions, modifications and deletions?” asked evidence requested by the plaintiffs caused
contacted Allscripts (the hospital’s EHR Ullian. “Is the data there and you just don’t Circuit Judge Janet Croom to add punitive In an August filing, plaintiffs’ attorneys
software company at the time) for assis- have the tool to pull it, or is the data not damages in the case. That ruling, in April of said they believe the 30-day overwrite pol-
tance in building a program to generate the there?” this year, came on top of a ruling in August icy “– if true – represents gross non-compli-
requested report on a per health care pro- 2020 to lift Florida’s medical malpractice ance of federal law.” They expressed par-
vider basis without success.” “I don’t know,” Myszkowski said. caps on awards. ticular dismay over the fact that the routine
“Who is working on that problem right deletion came despite the specter of legal
In fact, offers by the hospital’s software now?” asked Ullian. Those two moves, added to the costs of action.
company to give a quote to create such a “So we are – I don’t know if anyone is caring for Hughes for her lifetime, could put
tool were “ignored” by the hospital, accord- working on that problem right now,” an- a possible award into the realm of $100 mil- “The fact that IRMC would allow this
ing to Hughes’ attorneys, David Carter and swered Myszkowski. lion, according to attorney Carter. overwrite in the face of a known catastroph-
Dane Ullian. The hospital also said it has no way of ic outcome and ‘potentially compensable
providing Hughes’ attorneys with audit data Within weeks of the incident, a hospi- event’” – the attorneys were quoting a hos-
Such a tool might help recreate key ele- by medical provider. Carter and Ullian have tal leader circulated a plan to avoid future pital internal communication – “is an issue
ments of physicians notes – specifically, any scenarios like the one involving Hughes. plaintiffs must be able to explore.” 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS October 21, 2021 3

LIFEGUARD day morning two-hour training sessions. “Luckily,” Toomsoo said, “the City Council telephone interview last Friday with Vero
“We haven’t done any substantial training rejected the recommendation.” News, saying Toomsoo’s disciplinary record
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 and off-the-beach conduct was not consid-
since he got here,” Toomsoo said of O’Con- Regarding the loss of his job, Toomsoo ered when they made the decision to elimi-
layoff because he was an out-front advocate nell, who was hired last year to replace the said he began receiving written warnings nate the assistant captain’s position.
for the city’s lifeguards and their working now-retired Rob Slezak. “He said our training for not following the chain of command and
conditions, and too vocal a critic of “waste, was adequate.” official reprimands shortly after O’Connell “Not at all,” Manus said.
fraud and poor judgment” in the Recreation took charge of the Recreation Department. Falls said he asked department heads
Department. O’Connell also sought to eliminate the during the budget process to identify staff
extended hours of beach protection, de- He said Falls and O’Connell “planned” his positions that could be eliminated or re-
“This wasn’t related to my work perfor- scribing them in an April 28 memo to City layoff when they adjusted the budget, adding structured, and O’Connell recommended
mance,” Toomsoo said. “They got rid of me Manager Monte Falls as a “costly and ineffi- that they could’ve simply fired him because restructuring the lifeguard squad to accom-
because they wanted to shut me up. They’ll cient use of city resources” that “resulted in he was an at-will employee, not a union modate scheduling that would put more life-
get rid of anyone who raises issues and asks little added benefit to the city or our beach lifeguard. “But they knew if they fired me, I guards on the beaches.
questions they don’t want to answer.” patrons” and “caused additional stress on would have filed a whistleblower lawsuit, so Manus said Toomsoo, as an assistant
our lifeguarding crew …” they laid me off,” Toomsoo said. “And there’s captain, held a non-union supervisory posi-
It was Toomsoo, 53, who led the campaign nothing I can do about it.” tion, which was a factor in the restructuring
to extend the hours of lifeguard protection Toomsoo said city lifeguards performed
at South Beach, Humiston and Jaycee parks four rescues – all involving children – during Falls and city Human Resources Director CONTINUED ON PAGE 4
until 7 p.m. from Memorial Day through La- the extended hours this past summer. Gabrielle Manus denied the allegation in a
bor Day, convincing the City Council in 2019
to spend up to $25,000 to cover the extra two
hours. He also has been urging the city to
equip lifeguards at each of its beaches with
an ATV. Currently, there are only two, but one
is in need of replacement, or at least repair.

In addition, Toomsoo publishes the VB-
LA’s monthly “Beach Report,” which provides
an array of statistics on the city’s beaches, in-
cluding attendance, weather conditions and
lifeguard activity.

One of Toomsoo’s complaints was Rec-
reation Director Jim O’Connell’s decision
to strip him of his duties as the lifeguard
squad’s training officer, eliminating the Tues-



Orlando International Airport to handle the
high-speed passenger trains.

Construction on the 170-mile extension
is 60 percent complete and on schedule to
wrap up by the end of 2022, Mitzner said.
The project employs about 1,300 construc-
tion workers daily.

Brightline plans to zip 32 passenger trains
through Indian River County at speeds of up
to 110 mph as part of a 3-hour, 15-minute
trip between South Florida and Orlando In-
ternational Airport. FECR currently runs 10
to 20 freight trains per day along its tracks at
speeds of 40 mph to 60 mph.

Brightline plans to resume service be-
tween Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West
Palm Beach in November, Mitzner said. Ser-
vice was suspended in March 2020 because
of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brightline expects to finish building new
passenger stations in Aventura and Boca Ra-
ton in late 2022, Mitzner said. The company
also wants to extend service from Orlando to
Disney Springs and Tampa. Officials in Stu-
art, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Cocoa have
expressed interest in hosting a passenger
station, but Brightline officials have said a
decision would depend on ridership studies
conducted several years after service starts
between South Florida and Orlando.

City, county, state and Brightline engi-
neers are in the process of reviewing con-
struction drawings for the improvements at
the crossings. 

4 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

LIFEGUARD supervisory positions, Manus said, so the the opportunity to be placed on a “recall list,” the beach, which was needed. The last six to
new lieutenant will not have any authority to which would have made him a candidate nine weeks, we’ve been struggling to put life-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 set policy or take disciplinary action. for any city positions that became available guards on the beach.”
during the next year.
of the lifeguard squad. “He’s there to oversee the lifeguards in the Last month, Humiston Park Beach was
“Erik couldn’t be placed in the lifeguards’ absence of the captain,” she said. Manus said Toomsoo wasn’t immediately closed to bathers for five days because there
eligible to apply for the new lieutenant’s po- weren’t enough lifeguards available.
daily rotation because, under our agreement Toomsoo said the lieutenant’s position sition because, under the city’s agreement
with the union, a non-union employee may was not offered to him – the memo inform- with the union, the job must be posted for According to O’Connell, the lifeguard
not take work away from a union member,” ing him that he was being laid off stated union members for 10 days before it can be squad was left shorthanded by COVID-relat-
Manus explained. “So the only way a captain there were no vacant, non-union positions made available to non-union applicants. ed illnesses, scheduled vacations and other
or assistant captain can be put into the rota- available for someone with his qualifications sick days.
tion is as a fill-in, if there’s no union member – and he probably would not have accepted, “Erik had every opportunity to be placed
available.” anyway. on layoff status, but he elected not to do so,” At full strength, the squad should have
Falls said. “If a lifeguard job became avail- nine full-time lifeguards and at least eight
With Toomsoo’s departure, the city will “There’s just so much vitriol with the way able, we’d post it internally on our job board part-timers.
replace him with a lieutenant’s position they came after me,” said Toomsoo, who de- and union employees get priority.
manned by a union member. fiantly challenged the legitimacy of the disci- Manus said Toomsoo, a United States
plinary actions taken against him. “But jobs come open all the time,” he add- Lifesaving Association Medal of Valor recipi-
Union members are not permitted to hold ed, “and lifeguard positions are among the ent who launched the fundraising campaign
However, Falls said Toomsoo was offered jobs that come open quite often.” to build a “House of Refuge” lifeguard tower
and headquarters at Humiston, was a “very
Toomsoo’s annual salary was $46,000, and competent, very talented lifeguard.”
the new position – including benefits – will
save the city about $8,000. Manus said the Toomsoo, who owned and operated sev-
layoff was not a cost-cutting measure. eral health clubs in New Jersey before sell-
ing them in 2010 and moving to Vero Beach,
“We make decisions based on the posi- said he could retire – or he might run for City
tion, not the person, and what’s best for the Council.
city,” Manus said. “This restructuring en-
ables us to put another full-time lifeguard on “It’s certainly something I’m considering,”
he said. “A lot of people know who I am.” 

Jake & pals wow ’em at ‘Flamingo’ fundraiser

Jake Owen was welcomed home by coming songwriter showcase events at
adoring fans during a jam-packed week- Waldo’s, Vero Beach Hotel and Spa and
end titled ‘The Flamingo’ to benefit the Riverside Café.
Jake Owen Foundation, which supports
local youth nonprofit organizations and For more information, visit JakeOwen-
the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 
in Memphis.
The main event was a sold-
out Flamingo Jam concert,
held Saturday, Oct. 9 at the Cor-
porate Air hangar at the Vero
Beach Regional Airport. Never
one to disappoint his home-
town fans, Owen brought along
nine of his singer/songwriter
friends to wow the audience.

Owen has supported the
Vero Beach community phil-
anthropically since 2006, soon
after releasing his debut studio
album, “Startin’ with Me.” The
nonprofit Jake Owen Founda-
tion was established in 2010 to
offer support to children’s-re-
lated charities on a national
and local level. “The founda-
tion has given away over $3.5
million in the past decade,”
said Jake’s twin brother, Jarrod
Owen, who serves as president
of the foundation.

The Flamingo weekend had
kicked off with a cocktail re-
ception at the Quail Valley Riv-
er Club for players who would
be participating the next day
in the Flamingo Golf Classic
at the Quail Valley Golf Club.
The weekend also included a
Flamingo Fishing Tournament,
and gave the stage to up-and-

From left, Jarrod, Mitzi, Steve and Jake Owen with Erica Hartlein. PHOTOS BY KAILA JONES

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS October 21, 2021 5

TEACHERS ARRESTED getting into the bed,’” Flowers said. “‘When I toppers hotline with the names and address athletes at Moore Haven High School in
got out of bed I encountered another man in of the suspects. Glades County. Cohen went on to play col-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 my apartment and we got into a scuffle. The lege football in Connecticut and Iowa. Last
next thing I know, I’m getting shot at.’” Detective Philip Daugherty said the se- year he taught middle school science in
what the video shows, but he did admit it.” curity video shows the victim running for Moore Haven and Hallback had previous-
Cohen was about to start teaching his first Cohen and Hallback left the scene without his life. “What we know is, there is a scuf- ly been employed by Florida International
calling 911, Flowers said. fle and on video, you can see the gentle- University.
period class Oct. 14 when an assistant prin- man who lives in the house running away
cipal summoned him to the office to meet “At any point they could have stopped and on video and Mr. Cohen is chasing after Both passed their required drug tests and
with law enforcement officers, school district called 911,” Flowers said. “They could have him,” Daugherty said. “Just after they get off background checks, School Superintendent
spokeswoman Cristen Maddux said Monday. said, ‘We’re in the wrong apartment.’ They screen, we hear four shots ring out and our David Moore said Monday during the news
could have stopped. They didn’t. They fled victim is shot in the back. He continues to conference. “This is the first incident they
“He had no idea why he was going to the and they didn’t involve law enforcement in run until he finds a friendly apartment that had, but unfortunately, it was a very serious
office,” Maddux said. “There were no kids in any way.” lets him inside and calls 911.” incident. Unfortunately, they made some
the office or clinic. They took him out from really bad decisions.” Since Cohen and Hall-
there.” The victim called 911 and detectives Database searches indicate Cohen and back had not passed their 90-day probation-
obtained videotape of the two men from Hallback have no criminal history, Daugh- ary period, Moore said he was able to imme-
Cohen had been out on leave the first the apartment complex’s security camera, erty said. Archived prep football records diately terminate their employment. 
three days of last week following the shoot- Flowers said. After the video was published show that both Cohen and Hallback were
ing shortly after 4 a.m., Sunday, Oct. 10, Mad- on social media, tipsters called the Crimes-
dux said.

Detectives were awaiting the result of bal-
listics tests on a handgun found in a house at
9325 107th Ave. that Cohen shares with two
other teachers to determine if it was the fire-
arm used in the shooting, Flowers said.

Law enforcement officials are consider-
ing filing an additional charge against Akkua
Jamel Hallback, 26, a gym teacher at Sebas-
tian Elementary School, who was with Co-
hen the night of the shooting. Hallback was
released on $15,000 bond Oct. 14 after being
charged with drug possession, sheriff’s re-
cords show. He has also been fired.

Detectives searching the house at 9325
107th Ave. found a bag with 10 Adderall pills
in a backpack in Hallback’s bedroom, Sher-
iff’s records show. A search of Florida’s phar-
macies and prescription dispensing data-
base indicated Hallback lacked the required
prescription for the drug.

Cohen and Hallback’s bizarre misadven-
ture started with a night of drinking and
moved to a tryst in a woman’s apartment
before breaking bad as a result of an urgent
need to go to the bathroom, backtracking
to the wrong apartment and getting into a
fight with the renter. “Friday morning (Oct.
15), when staff brought this story to me, I just
didn’t believe it. It didn’t even sound real,”
Flowers said. “It didn’t even sound real that
two PE teachers were involved in shooting
this man in an apartment complex. I still
can’t believe that it’s real.

“They were out at two of our local estab-
lishments in Vero Beach known for drink-
ing,” Flowers said. “Mr. Hallback had met a
young lady and they decided he wanted to go
back. So they traveled in his red Challenger
to her apartment that was off of Oslo Road.

“He went inside with this young lady,”
Flowers said. “Mr. Cohen waited outside the
apartment while Mr. Hallback was inside.
A couple of hours go by. At some point, Mr.
Hallback came back out and got Mr. Cohen.

“Mr. Cohen had to use the restroom,”
Flowers said. “So they went to go back into
the apartment that he had been in with
this young lady. Except they went into the
wrong apartment. Mr. Cohen went into the
restroom, he needed to use the restroom.
Mr. Hallback got back into the bed he
thought was the young lady’s bed. It was
actually the couple’s bed.

“Our victim in this case says: ‘All I know is,
I was in my apartment, I woke up to a man

6 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Infectious disease specialist advises: Get the flu shot

By Kerry Firth | Correspondent ‘Getting the shot doesn’t always
mean you won’t get the flu,
Amid the push for increased COVID-19
vaccination to halt the pandemic, U.S. health but if you do get it will be less
experts are urging people not to forget to get severe and it lowers the risk of
their yearly flu shot.
hospitalization and death.’
While it’s true flu cases dropped to historic
lows during the COVID-19 pandemic due to – Dr. Kruti Yagnik
masks and social distancing, with schools
and businesses fully reopened and fewer seven days after first becoming sick and chil-
people wearing masks the flu could make a dren can spread it for even longer.
big comeback.
Flu symptoms come on suddenly with
“The best way to protect against the flu fever, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, head-
is to get the vaccine,” said Dr. Kruti Yagnik, aches, coughing and fatigue. It can last a few
an infectious disease doctor with Cleveland days or a couple of weeks; in rare cases it can
Clinic Indian River Hospital. “Last year the lead to inflammation of the brain, respira-
flu season wasn’t bad at all because people tory kidney failure and even death. Experts
were masking and social distancing due to agree that getting a vaccine is the most effec-
COVID. Because immunity wanes over time tive way to prevent the onset of flu.
and last year was a very mild season, we need
to prepare ourselves for something that could The Centers for Disease Control and Pre-
be quite severe.” vention recommends an annual flu vaccine
for everyone starting at age 6 months, in-
Influenza (the flu) is a respiratory ill- cluding pregnant women. It is also recom-
ness that spreads easily from person to per- mended to get the vaccine before the end of
son through coughing, sneezing and even October, as most cases of the flu occur in the
talking. It sometimes takes up to four days cooler months of November, December and
after infection before you notice symptoms, January. It takes about two weeks to devel-
which means you could be spreading the flu op antibodies so you’ll want to be protected
to those around you before you realize you
are sick. Adults can spread the flu for up to

$79 COSMETIC DENTISTRY Dr. Kruti Yagnik.

*Not in combination with any other offer. Offer
good for new patients only and cleaning in absence
of periodontal disease. Xrays are non transferable.

(D0150) (D1110) (D0210) (D0330)

Call 772-562-5051

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for
payment for any other services, examination, or treatment that is preformed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding
to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH October 21, 2021 7

prior to its peak and the holiday gatherings A quadrivalent nasal spray is approved any side effects like a sore arm, fatigue or fe- wash your hands frequently, and if you have
where it can spread quickly. for use in non-pregnant individuals, 2 years ver. It would be good to know which vaccine received a prescription for antiviral medica-
through 49 years old. And older adults (65 or caused the reaction.” tion to fight the flu, take is as directed by your
“The flu changes every year, and the year- older) have the option to receive a high-dose healthcare provider. And of course, continue
ly vaccine is based on the flu strains that in- vaccine specifically formulated with more If you do get the flu, it’s best to see your pri- to mask up as it’s been proven to be effective
ternational experts think will be most prev- antigens for better protection against the flu. mary care or urgent care doctor right away. in the prevention of flu and COVID.
alent,” said Dr. Yagnik. “They look at the flu Some of the symptoms of COVID and the flu
that is circulating and tailor the vaccine to Flu shots do not contain a live virus and overlap but a lab test can pinpoint which vi- Dr. Kruti Yagnik received her medical ed-
cover those strains.” are either inactivated or recombinant (con- rus you have and what the right treatment for ucation at Nova Southeastern College of Os-
taining no virus at all), so you cannot get you will be. teopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, her
Flu seasons occur at separate times in the flu from the vaccine. The shots are ad- internship and residency in Internal Medi-
each hemisphere. Typically, the flu season ministered in the upper arm. The nasal An at-home COVID test can also rule out cine at Shands at the University of Florida,
lasts from April to September in the Southern spray flu vaccine contains live-attenuated COVID. It’s sometimes hard to differentiate a and her fellowship in Infectious Diseases
Hemisphere and from October to May in the (weakened) influenza virus. Your doctor or common cold from the flu, but flu generally and Geographic Medicine at the University
Northern Hemisphere. pharmacists can help you determine which has a fever whereas a cold will manifest with of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Her
vaccine is best for you. nasal congestion. In any case, get lots of rest office is in the Health and Wellness Build-
Decisions on the composition of the flu and drink lots of fluids. ing at Cleveland Clinic, Suite 203, 3450 11th
vaccines are made months in advance so “The flu vaccine has an efficacy of 50- Court in Vero Beach. To schedule an ap-
that the vaccine can be produced and avail- to-80 percent,” Dr. Yagnik told Vero Beach In addition to the flu vaccine, there are a pointment, call 772-794-5631. 
able in time for the season. Since flu viruses 32963. “Getting the shot doesn’t always few other things you can do to protect your
are always changing, different strains can mean you won’t get the flu, but if you do get family. Limit your contact with sick people,
circulate in different areas of the world at it will be less severe and it lowers the risk of
various times of the year. As a result, sep- hospitalization and death.
arate recommendations are made for the
flu vaccines produced in Northern and “Anyone with an egg allergy should
Southern hemispheres based on the data tell their administrator because there are
available at the time vaccine composition some egg products in the vaccine. [ How-
recommendations are made. ever], there also are two completely egg-
free options available so you can still get
The flu vaccines for each hemisphere are vaccinated safely.”
optimized to protect against the flu virus
that research indicates will circulate during Dr. Yagnik emphasized the need to receive
the upcoming flu season in each hemisphere. both the COVID and flu vaccines.

According to the CDC, all flu vaccines “They are two completely different vi-
in the U.S. will be quadrivalent, designed ruses and need two completely different
to protect against four different flu viruses vaccines. You can get them both together
including two influenza A viruses and two and it doesn’t change the efficacy, but some
influenza B viruses. Different vaccines are people prefer to wait a few days or weeks in
approved for different age groups. between the vaccinations in case there are

8 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR


By Kerry Firth | Correspondent

Q. Are there different
forms of urinary inconti-

There are several types This form of cancer is more likely among
of urinary incontinence: people on a diet high in fat, protein, calo-
ries, alcohol, and both red and white meat.
• If urine leaks when you Low-fat, high-fiber diets seem better for
sneeze, cough, laugh or put the colon.
pressure on the bladder in
other ways, you have stress Ulcerative colitis is a condition in which
incontinence. there is a chronic break in the lining of the
colon. Having this condition increases a
• When you can’t hold person’s chance of developing colorectal
urine, you have urge in- cancer.
Q. Fair skin runs in my family, so we are
• When small amounts all vigilant about checking for dangerous
of urine leak from a blad- moles. But older people tend to have lots of
der that is always full, you little things growing on their skin. What are
have overflow inconti- some of the harmless growths?
The following are some common and
• Many seniors who have benign growths you may find on your
normal bladder control but body:
have difficulty getting to the bathroom in
time have functional incontinence. Keratoses: Seborrheic keratoses are
brown or black raised spots, or wart-like
There are many ways to treat urinary growths that appear to be stuck to the
incontinence. You can train your bladder skin. Actinic keratoses are thick, warty,
with exercises and biofeedback. You can rough, reddish growths. While these are
also chart your urination and then empty harmless, they may be a precursor to skin
your bladder before you might leak. cancer.

Your doctor has other tools he can use. Liver spots: The official name for liv-
There are urethral plugs and vaginal in- er or age spots is “lentigines” from the
serts for women with stress incontinence. Latin for “lentil.” These are flat, brown
For men, there are medicines that relax with rounded edges and are larger than
muscles, helping the bladder to empty freckles.
more fully during urination. Others tight-
en muscles in the bladder and urethra to Cherry angiomas: These are small,
cut down leakage. bright-red raised bumps created by di-
lated blood vessels. They occur in more
Surgery can improve or cure inconti- than 85 percent of seniors, usually on the
nence if it is caused by a problem such as trunk.
a change in the position of the bladder or
blockage due to an enlarged prostate. Skin tags: These are bits of skin that
project outward. They may be smooth
Q. Who is at risk of getting colon cancer? or irregular, flesh colored or more deep-
ly pigmented. They can either be raised
Colorectal cancer – cancer of the colon above the surrounding skin or have a stalk
or rectum – is the second leading cause of so that the tag hangs from the skin. 
death from cancer in the United States.
Early detection of colon cancer is espe-
cially important because, if it is found in
its early stages, it can be cured nine out of
10 times.

The chances of getting it increase with
age. But other risk factors include polyps,
your history, diet and whether you’ve had
ulcerative colitis.

Polyps are benign growths on the inner
wall of the colon and rectum. Not all pol-
yps become cancerous, but nearly all co-
lon cancers start as polyps.

Colorectal cancer seems to run in fam-
ilies. And someone who has already had
colorectal cancer may develop this dis-
ease a second time. So greater vigilance
is a good idea if you or your relatives have
had it.

10 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Why you may taste blood sometimes when working out

By Allyson Chiu
The Washington Post

Most people are familiar with the signs the off-putting taste every so often while ex- byproduct of the intensity of training.” cous membranes of your nose and throat are
of an intense workout. You’re breathless and ercising. “The good news is that it tends not Although this sensation has not been irritated, said Timothy Miller, a sports med-
sweaty. Your heart is pounding. Your muscles to be something that people should be over- icine physician and orthopedic surgeon at
are burning. But what if you start detecting a ly concerned about, because it tends to be a extensively researched, experts said, there Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Cen-
distinctive taste in your mouth: blood? temporary phenomenon,” Bryant said. “And are several scientific theories that could ex- ter. This irritation can come from being sick
unless it’s associated with other more trou- plain the taste, which often occurs without and blowing your nose frequently or from
You’re not imagining it, experts say. Tast- bling symptoms, it’s really more of a nuisance any visible blood. working out at higher altitudes or in environ-
ing blood during or after vigorous physical
exercise is a rare but generally benign phe- One of the simplest reasons is that the mu-
nomenon. And it’s often simply “your body
telling you that, ‘You’re probably doing a little
bit more than what I’m ready to handle,’” said
Cedric X. Bryant, president and chief science
officer of the American Council on Exercise.

Reports of people noticing the bloody or
metallic taste in their mouths have largely
been anecdotal, with some experts noting
that it appears to be more common among
endurance athletes, such as distance run-
ners, triathletes and cyclists. “There’s no
pause in what they do,” said Jeffrey Luc-
chino, director of sports nutrition for the
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Sports Medicine. “It’s continuous, and
that’s when things get more compromised
in the body.”

But Lucchino and other experts empha-
sized you shouldn’t panic if you experience

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH October 21, 2021 11

ments with dry or cold air. When exercising, they did in their training, Robinson said.
the effort exerted on top of the existing irrita- Your baseline fitness level could also play
tion might cause the mucous membranes to
“bleed just ever so slightly,” Miller said. a role in whether you experience the taste,
Miller said. It may occur more often in people
“That blood can leak down into the back who are just starting to work out or those who
of your throat, eventually touching your taste have suddenly dialed up the intensity of their
buds on your tongue,” he said. training, he said.

Another possible cause is oral hygiene, Among more seasoned athletes, Miller
Lucchino said. Old or loose dental fillings said, “their cardiopulmonary systems are
or tooth decay are also known to produce a likely already essentially pre-trained to not
metallic taste. have this condition take place unless they hit
the intensity button for a workout or two a lit-
The “most popular theory” involves the tle more than even they were ready for.”
heart and the lungs, said James Robinson, a
sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Noticing the taste once or twice in the
Special Surgery in New York. During intense early weeks of a new or adjusted workout
exercise, the heart can become overworked, regimen usually isn’t cause for concern,
which may lead to some fluid buildup in the Miller said. As you get used to the exertion,
small air sacs of the lungs, known as pulmo- you should expect to experience the sensa-
nary edema, a condition commonly connect- tion less often.
ed to heart problems.
“If it’s doing the opposite, it’s getting
In this case, experts believe that the pres- more frequent or more often or more in-
sure on the lungs could cause some of the red tense,” Robinson said, “that’s a little bit
blood cells in lung tissue to “escape into the more concerning.”
airway,” Robinson said. Red blood cells con-
tain hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that Experts recommend being assessed by
gives blood its metallic taste. a health-care provider if the taste becomes
more pronounced or occurs alongside other
“Exercise-induced pulmonary edema” symptoms, such as chest pain and shortness
has been documented in research, but Rob- of breath. There’s a chance the taste could be
inson said a proven connection between a sign of a more serious underlying condition,
that phenomenon and the bloody taste has such as blood pressure or cardiac problems,
not been established. And although pul- or autoimmune issues, Miller said.
monary edema is “usually a pretty scary
phrase,” Miller said, “there’s a very low or You should also seek medical attention “if
very mild amount of that that takes place you are experiencing blood coming out of
just from increasing intensity and effort your mouth or coming out of your nasal pas-
during a workout. sage during every single workout every time
you push yourself,” Lucchino said.
“It’s not enough to cause heart failure or
anything like that,” he added, but it may be If you’ve been sedentary and have never
“enough to make some of those air sacs leak a done regular, intense exercise, Miller sug-
little bit of blood.” gested getting a physical exam before start-
ing a workout program. It’s also important,
Tasting blood during or after a workout is he said, to help keep your mucous mem-
generally associated with exercise intensity branes moist by staying hydrated.
and duration as well as certain environmen-
tal conditions, Robinson said. The reason Although the bloody or metallic taste is
some experts think it may occur more in en- associated with a hard workout, touting the
durance athletes, such as distance runners, sensation as a badge of honor is “misguid-
“is because of the length of the exercise,” he ed,” Bryant said. “If you’re giving yourself
said. Other workouts, such as weight train- an appropriate dose of exercise for your lev-
ing, can give people more opportunities to el of conditioning, this isn’t something you
rest and recover. should experience.”

It’s possible that some people running Robinson agreed. Because this metallic
in the upcoming Chicago and Boston mar- taste could be a sign that you’re overworking
athons will notice this taste because they your body, he said, “if anything, you should
will be pushing themselves harder than probably back off a little bit and not try to
reach that point.” 

Diagnostic Sleep Medicine Center

1485 37th Street, Suite 111, Vero Beach, FL

Phone: (772) 226-6855
Fax: (772) 226-6854 Phillip A. Nye, MD, FASA

12 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Want to try acupuncture? Here’s how to pick a provider

By Kevin Brasler specialized needle placements restore the device that generates low electric currents); tioners. In surveys, acupuncturists are rec-
The Washington Post balance of yin and yang by reducing disrup- and community acupuncture (where several ommended about 93 percent of the time,
tions along the meridians, improving the patients receive simultaneous treatment). which is comparable to the average ratings
Back pain. Headaches. Allergies. Arthri- flow of qi and promoting healing. we get for massage therapists, physical ther-
tis. Anxiety. Morning sickness. Acupuncture Although the medical community recog- apists and physicians.
practitioners claim their centuries-old ap- Western medical practitioners, who once nizes acupuncture as a treatment to alleviate
proach can successfully treat dozens of med- viewed acupuncture with skepticism, have pain and treat a range of symptoms and dis- Western medicine proposes several the-
ical problems such as these – with few side started embracing the practice, though they eases, findings from clinical studies aimed at ories about why the practice might lessen
effects or risk of complications. usually attribute its power to stimulation of measuring its effectiveness are inconclusive. pain, which is the most common reason pa-
the body’s own healing processes rather than Some skeptics still argue that benefits derive tients undergo acupuncture. One premise: It
But is acupuncture legit? And how can to the flow of energy in the body. from a placebo effect. releases the body’s own painkillers, or endor-
having someone prod your body with skinny phins. This theory is supported by research
needles relieve aches, pains or horrible hay Like many alternative medical proce- The vast majority of people who undergo that indicates that needle insertion prompts
fever? Here’s a roundup of what we do and dures, acupuncture is also subject to trends, acupuncture treatments believe them to be the flow of adenosine, a chemical that reduc-
don’t know about acupuncture, as well as tips which include acupuncture facials; deep or effective. Various surveys of acupuncture es inflammation. Another hypothesis, the
for finding a good provider. dry acupuncture (which typically seeks to patients report high efficacy rates and over- gate control theory of pain, argues that the
stimulate muscles by attaching needles to a whelmingly favorable feedback on practi- body shuts down pain receptors in response
Acupuncture is a treatment that stim- to acupuncture’s needling.
ulates various body points by penetrating
the skin with thin metal needles. The ap- But it’s difficult to test what’s happening.
proach draws on more than 2,000 years of In double-blind studies, the gold standard for
traditional Chinese medicine, and it was testing effectiveness of drugs or treatments,
adopted – and adapted – in Japan, Korea neither participants nor experimenters know
and other Asian countries. which group is getting which treatment. Typ-
ically, one group receives the conventional
In traditional Chinese medicine, ail- drug or treatment while another group re-
ments are described in terms of an excess of ceives a placebo. The problem is that there
or deficiency in yin or yang, opposite forces are no good placebo substitutes for acupunc-
that ideally balance each other. Energy, or ture; when testers use sham needles, patients
qi (pronounced “chee” in Chinese), flows typically know they aren’t really being poked.
through the meridians or pathways of the
body, which connect via acupuncture points Another problem in assessing acupunc-
that relate to internal organs. Acupuncture’s ture (and many other medical treatments)




CALL NOW! 564-2454

780 US 1, SUITE 200

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH October 21, 2021 13

is that ailments often simply resolve them- found that acupuncture was a better alterna- of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA), which puncture? If you are talking with the office
selves. Back pain, Bell’s palsy or insomnia tive than morphine for acute pain: 92 percent means that person: is a medical school of a physician or chiropractor, don’t simply
may go away during a course of acupuncture of patients receiving acupuncture reported graduate; has finished at least 300 hours assume that your acupuncture treatment
treatment, but these problems might also a reduction in pain, while 78 percent of the of acupuncture education in an ABMA-ap- will be performed by the physician or chi-
have healed or disappeared without acu- group that received morphine experienced a proved education program; has passed an ropractor.
puncture – or medication or surgery. reduction. In addition, acupuncture – unlike exam; and has completed at least two years
morphine – led to no unpleasant side effects of medical acupuncture clinical experience • How long has the acupuncturist been in
The National Institutes of Health’s website and has no risk of addiction. with a case history of no less than 500 med- practice?
concludes: “The effects of acupuncture on ical acupuncture treatments.
the brain and body and how best to measure Unlike many medical treatments and • What training, licensing and certifica-
them are only beginning to be understood.” drugs, there’s little harm in trying acupunc- Alternatively, consider a physician who is tions does the acupuncturist have?
ture. When properly performed, it involves a member of the American Academy of Med-
Although acupuncture is mostly accepted very few risks and virtually no negative side ical Acupuncture, which means that person • Does the acupuncturist have expe-
by healthcare providers and insurance com- effects. As the National Institutes of Health’s has completed at least 220 hours of formal rience treating your type of condition or
panies as a legitimate medical treatment, “Consensus Statement” argued decades ago, acupuncture training. problem? If so, what is the typical course of
there’s not complete agreement. For exam- when acupuncture started to become more treatment? How many treatments are need-
ple, in 2016, the United Kingdom’s National widespread in the United States: If the acupuncturist is not a physician, ed, and how often?
Institute for Health and Care Excellence re- check for certification by the National Cer-
versed some of its recommendations to the “One of the advantages of acupuncture is tification Commission for Acupuncture and • What techniques does the acupuncturist
National Health Service for using acupunc- that the incidence of adverse effects is sub- Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), which means use? Some acupuncturists use a wide range
ture to treat low back pain. stantially lower than that of many drugs or that person has earned a three-year master’s of complementary techniques, such as tui na
other accepted medical procedures used for degree or a combination of an apprentice- massage, moxibustion and cupping; others
Many U.S. healthcare providers see acu- the same conditions. As an example, muscu- ship with at least two academic years of for- use just one approach.
puncture as a tool to battle the country’s loskeletal conditions, such as fibromyalgia, mal education. The apprenticeship route re-
opioid epidemic, which was partly brought myofascial pain, and tennis elbow, or epicon- quires at least 500 treatments within the past • Is the treatment covered by your health
about by increased but legal prescriptions dylitis, are conditions for which acupuncture five years or 5,000 for a career. There’s also insurance plan? Do you need a referral from
of painkillers. may be beneficial. These painful conditions an exam. NCCAOM-certified acupuncturists your physician?
are often treated with, among other things, can add “Dipl. Ac.” after their names.
In 2017, the American College of Physi- anti-inflammatory medications (aspirin, • How much will it cost?
cians released a recommendation to use ibuprofen, etc.) or with steroid injections. Talk with friends about their acupuncture Because there are many qualified acu-
acupuncture as one of the first treatments Both medical interventions have a potential experiences. At, you’ll find puncturists, and because other consumers
for low back pain, and the Joint Commis- for deleterious side effects but are still widely reviews from area patients who were sur- tend to be especially satisfied with them, pay
sion, an independent nonprofit that accred- used and are considered acceptable treat- veyed. You might also get recommendations attention to prices. Checkbook’s undercover
its health-care organizations and programs, ments. The evidence supporting these ther- from your doctor. shoppers called a sample of area acupunc-
includes acupuncture as one of several apies is no better than that for acupuncture.” turists for their fees for private treatment
non-pharmacologic and non-opioid strate- When you are ready to pick a provider, of arthritic knee pain. They were quoted
gies for managing pain. When choosing an acupuncturist, look contact the acupuncturists you are con- prices ranging from $60 to $400 or more for
for certification by the American Board sidering and ask: an initial private session. Prices for commu-
A study published in a 2016 issue of the nity acupuncture were typically far lower,
American Journal of Emergency Medicine • Who at the practice performs acu- ranging from $25 to $65 for an initial session
among practices who offered it. 

14 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz meets sweet, silly sisters Mandy and Athena

Dad saw our pickshur “I know! Right? Anyway,

Hi Dog Buddies! in the pay-per an chose these days I can’t go like I

Mandy an Athena LaBaff are rescue one of us (who wasn’t used to. But I still do Short
pooches with short, shiny gold coats an very
puhlite, frenly doganalities. They’re also me), and made an ap- Spurts. An Athena’s a great
adopted sisters: Mandy’s 14, an Athena’s a
still-puppyish 2 anna haff. pointment to meet my liddle sis: keeps me active.

They greeted me an my assistant, coming adorable littermate in She CAN be a pain in the
right up for Wag-an-Sniffs. Mandy intro-
duced herself an her sister, “an this is our The Fur. kazoo, like when she runs
Mom, Stephanie. Our Dad, Tom, is workin’.
Our human brother Jeremy’s 24; an our sis- “WELL, the whole right over me to get out-
ter Bridgett’s 22. It’s a pleasure meetin’ you
In The Fur Mr. Bonzo.” time they were fillin’ side. I, however, am the

“My pleasure, Miss Mandy,” I replied. out paypers and talking Undisputed Boss of Din-
Athena was the larger of the two; Mandy,
at 14 in human, was Gettin’ Up There, an with the Humane Soci- ner.”
was a bit slimmer.
Their Mom sat inna recliner with her legs ety people, before they “That’s true!” Athena
stretched out, an Athena hopped onto her
lap an got all comf-tubble, front paws an brought the pupper stretched and rearranged
nose on her Mom’s knees, tail on her shoul-
der, paws sorta hangin’ over. It was huh-lar- out, there was this loud herself into a curl. “I
Mandy smiled. “Athena considers herself Bark! Bark! Barkin’ from Mandy & Athena sometimes pretend I’m a
a Lap Dog. A 60-pound Lap Dog. She’s a lo- Lioness. Like in the ‘Lion
vin,’ playful Liddle Sister, but I can’t always somewhere in the back, King.’ Then I stalk Dad.
keep up with her these days.”
“She’s a sturdy grrrl, all right,” I agreed. nonstop barkety, barkety, PHOTO: KAILA JONES He understands cuz he
“So, Miss Mandy, how did you find your For- barkety barkin’. Mom was
ever Famly.”
“Many years ago, when Mom an Dad’s like, ‘Yikes, you don’t sup- drew lotsa liddle pick-
Doberman, Lex Luther, got to be 91 in Dog,
he hadda go to Dog Heaven. It took a long pose that’s OUR Pupper.’” Bonz, I did my BEST to be as Wonderful an shurs for that movie. An others, too. He a
time for Mom an Dad to be ready to have
another pet. About 2 years later Jeremy, who Mandy pawsed and I took a wild guess Lovable as POSS-ible. An it WORKED! After good draw-er an storyteller.”
was only 10, and Bridgett, who was 8, were
REALLY ready for another dog. So, every what was coming next. a few months, like Mom says, I wasn’t going “Err, you know a lioness is a cat, right?”
Sunday morning, Jeremy, Bridgett an Dad
would look in the Sunday pay-per for pick- “Sure enough,” she continued, “it WAS anywhere. I have The Best Famly.” “Of course, silly. But this is the Post-Spe-
shurs of Humane Society pooches hopin’ for
Forever Homes. my adorable littermate, an he didn’t stop “What’s Day-to-Day life like?” cies Era and we can, you know, learn from
“Me an my litter had been abandoned, res-
cued, an, Thank Lassie, taken to the Humane barkin’ even when the Humane Society hu- “I was always very outdoorsy,” Man- each other. Anyway, Lionesses are Totally
Society. We’d been all checked out an spiffed
up an, this one Sunday, Jeremy, Bridgett an man gently carried him back to our litter. dy said. “Sorta picked up the torch from Cool Kibbles. So miss-TEARY-us.”

Then she picked ME up! Woof, was I ex- Lex, I guess. I loved kayakin’, hikin’, camp- “Do you like to travel?”

cited. A liddle nervous, but mostly excited. in’ and SWIMMIN’! One time, up in New “Absolutely!” said Mandy.

Well, Mr. Bonzo, it was uh-MAY-zing! The York, I was chasin’ a deer all over the hills, “Ridin’ in the car’s The Best!” added Ath-

minute Mom and Dad an Jeremy an Bridgett an tumble-bounced all the way down this ena.

looked at liddle me, I was like, ‘Oh, there you steep hill an freaked Mom an Dad out. But “Our favrite ad-VEN-chur is going to the

are. I’ve been waiting for you an I didn’t even I popped right back up. We ran till we were drive-through at Starbucks with Mom and

ree-lize it.’ I could tell they felt the same way both pooped, an Jeremy finally grabbed Dad and gettin’ a Puppa-chino! Totally Paw-

cuz they picked me up an cuddled me and I me. I usta go to the dog park every day. But, some,” said Mandy.

felt warm, an safe an happy. Me an Jeremy right at first, cuzza not havin’ Early Parental “What’s a Puppa-chino?”

an Bridgett grew up together.” Support, I didn’t learn how to do Dog Stuff. I “It’s a liddle cup of whipped cream,” ex-

I wiped my eyes with my paw, an man- didn’t even know how to bury bones. I’d stuff plained Athena.

aged to say, “That is a Crispy Biscuits story, ’em in the sofa pillows or blankets. Ackshul- Heading home, I was thinkin’ about the

Miss Mandy. So tell me how Athena joined ly, I still do. The dirt is just so, well, dirty.” two pooch sisters, one who buries bones in

the family.” “Makes sense,” I commented. pillows, one who sometimes feels like a cat.

Athena, who’d been off-an-on snoozing, Both charming, loving, happy pooches. An I

lifted her head. “I’ll tell this part,” she said. DON’T BE SHY was also thinkin’ how I could get grampa to
take me to Starbucks drive-through for my
“Bridgett’s fren told her my owners couldn’t

keep me anymore an asked if I could stay We are always looking for pets own Puppa-chino.

with her famly ‘Only Onna Temp-purr-rary with interesting stories.

Basis.’ Dad was re-LUCK-tent cuz he was To set up an interview, email The Bonz
[email protected]
more of a small dog person, an also a one-

dog person. But he finally agreed, but only

till I got a Forever Home. Full disclosure, Mr.

Experience Grand Harbor’s
beauty in spacious
waterfront condo

4866 S. Harbor Drive, #302, in River Village at Grand Harbor: 3-bedroom, 3-bath 3,394-square-foot, riverfront condo
offered for $1,440,000 by Patty Valdes of Alex MacWilliam Real Estate: 772-473-8810

16 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Experience Grand Harbor’s beauty in spacious waterfront condo

By Samantha Rohlfing Baita | Staff Writer geous “rotunda” with a circular tray ceiling most every room via wide windows and of the home’s several large, woven-blade
[email protected] in a splendid red. glass sliders. fans keeps the air moving. After dark, ta-
ble lamps and recessed lighting add a cozy
The condo at 4866 S. Harbor Dr., #302, This stunning first-impression entry is The hallway from the foyer leads to the evening ambiance.
in Grand Harbor’s River Village is a direct open to a broad hallway into the spacious open-concept kitchen and dining room,
riverfront beauty, where, from your large heart of the home – the Grand Room/ then, through a wall-to-wall archway, into Near the kitchen is a convenient tech
covered balcony, you can take in the Flor- kitchen/dining room – and you’ll quickly the aptly named Grand Room with its center/desk area, across from which is the
ida sunrise, watch boats cruising north see that this exceptional residence with its breathtaking sweep of glass wall, extend- spacious laundry room, with lots of white
and south along the Intracoastal Water- light-filled open design and wide balcony ing across the north and east sides to re- cabinetry, above and below, a sink, plenty
way, and see dolphins play with seabirds will be terrific for entertaining. veal a wonderful riverine panorama. of countertop space and excellent lighting.

skimming the water near them. Additionally, this home comes fur- The large covered balcony curves along The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with gener-
A flight of stairs takes you to the front nished: The well-chosen, beautifully de- both sides, inviting you to enjoy the constant ous stretches of mottled gray/black/green
tailed pieces are casually elegant and so- breezes. Looking along the green, palm-lined granite counter space and beautiful warm
balcony and front door of this huge condo; phisticated, with clean lines, warm wood shore to the left you’ll find another fun feature wood cabinetry finished with crown mold-
or take your private elevator to the impres- tones and neutral cushions, creating a of this unique location: Just off your balcony ing. A double sink sits within a four-window
sive entry foyer, featuring luscious fuchsia comfortable, welcoming interior that is the 14th hole of Grand Harbor’s signature bay, where the river view will make sink-re-
walls, white ceiling and ceramic tile floor. perfectly complements the glorious nat- Joe Lee-designed River Course. (This Audu- lated chores much more pleasant. Just to
From here, through a white interior door, ural surroundings that can be seen from bon Society-sanctioned golf course uses no the right is the dishwasher.
you’ll find yourself in a second foyer: a gor- pesticides in its maintenance.)
On the opposite wall is a built-in dou-
You’ll also find that your very own bal- ble oven, the smooth-top electric cook-
cony is The Perfect Spot from which to top, built-in microwave and side-by-side
watch rocket launches at Cape Canaveral. fridge. The island offers additional counter
and storage space, and there are plenty of
The dining area, where guests can enjoy conveniently positioned electrical outlets
the view though a trio of wide windows to with recessed lighting above.
the north and east, features a lovely, long,
wood table with woven-back seating for The larger of the two guest suites (14
eight, with an elegant host chair at each feet, 4 inches by 14 feet, 8 inches), locat-
end, three chairs on one side, and a three- ed off the foyer, opens to a balcony shared
seat bench on the other. The dark wood is with the second guest bedroom. This flex-
a stylish contrast to the cream upholstery. ible space could easily be used as a den or
A tan area carpet defines the dining space. office. It is handy to a full bathroom just
across the hall that also serves as a powder
The stylish, inviting Grand Room pro- room. The bathroom is a stylish standout,
vides an abundance of comfy couches and with glass walk-in shower and an accent
chairs with front row seating from which wall of graceful green palms on a rich red
to enjoy the river’s ever-changing beauty. A background, delightful in contrast with
long wall cabinet unit with large-screen TV white fixtures, tile and vanity.
serves as an entertainment center, and one

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E October 21, 2021 17

The second guest suite has a walk-in ceiling and recessed lighting complete
closet, private bathroom with tub show- the space.
er, and sliders to the balcony, which can
accommodate a chaise or a little table River Village has its own lap pool and
and chair. clubhouse with full kitchen and card/TV
room – think Super Bowl get-together –
A cool and beautiful retreat where you in addition to an impressive array of club
can relax, unwind and escape the tensions amenities available with membership.
of the day, the owners suite occupies most
of the home’s west side. The bedroom is a Grand Harbor is only a short drive across
gorgeous 13-foot-8-by-23 inner sanctum, the Indian River from Vero’s charming Vil-
accessing the large covered balcony and lage by the Sea with its uncrowded beaches
the splendid view. You have only to lift your on the blue Atlantic. You’ll discover many
head from the pillow to catch the sunrise. fine restaurants, pubs, boutiques, salons
and resorts in the renowned enclave. Also
Once you are up, you can indulge your on the island are a nationally recognized
bare feet with the wool/sisal carpeting, sip art museum, a fine professional (Equity)
your coffee on the balcony with morning theater, Riverside Park with fairs and festi-
breezes washing over you, or enjoy a glass vals, a large dog park, the city marina and
of wine as evening paints the water and several additional country clubs. 
the sky. This haven offers two walk-in clos-
ets, one large, the other very large.

And then there’s the owner’s bathroom,
all in whites and neutrals The star here
is the oval, jetted soaking tub, within its
curved white surround, glowing against a
striking glass block wall. On the opposite
side of the wall is the indulgent walk-in
shower, no door or curtain required.

Just to the left of the tub is a curved
dressing table with a lovely wood-and-
wicker, cushioned chair. The long, pale
tan, granite-topped vanity has a wall-to-
wall, ceiling-to-countertop mirror above
it. On the opposite wall is a smaller vanity.
This wonderful bathroom also has a w/c
with bidet and two linen closets. A tray

4866 S. HARBOR DR., #302

River Village at Grand Harbor

Year built: 2002
Construction: CBS
Home size: 3,394 square feet

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Views: Golf course and river
Additional features: 2-bay
garage w/10’ X 12’ air-con-
ditioned storage; central
vac; storm shutters; private
elevator/private foyer; sold
furnished; community pool;
bike/jogging/nature trails
Listing agency:
Alex MacWilliam Real Estate
Listing agent:
Patty Valdes, 772-373-8810
Listing price: $1,440,000

18 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A modest week for real estate sales on the mainland saw a mere 29 transactions of single-family
residences and lots reported (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom residence at
4255 4th Place – first listed in August for $850,000 – sold for $780,000 on Oct. 12.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Jackie Ripple of One Sotheby’s International
Realty. Representing the buyer was agent Eddie Branigan of One Sotheby’s International Realty.


VERO BEACH 4255 4TH PL 8/27/2021 $850,000 10/12/2021 $535,000
VERO BEACH 2385 LAKE IBIS LN SW 8/31/2021 $535,000 10/12/2021 $473,000
VERO BEACH 5973 BUTTONWOOD SQ 7/16/2021 $489,000 10/15/2021 $465,000
VERO BEACH 3337 BURLINGTON PL SW 7/7/2021 $499,000 10/12/2021 $400,000
VERO BEACH 2230 81ST TER 9/9/2021 $370,000 10/12/2021 $373,000
VERO BEACH 6447 55TH SQ 9/14/2021 $358,000 10/14/2021 $305,000
SEBASTIAN 410 ASH ST 8/30/2021 $289,000 10/12/2021 $305,000
VERO BEACH 680 14TH AVE 9/24/2021 $299,000 10/15/2021 $289,900
VERO BEACH 1846 21ST PL SW 4/20/2021 $289,900 10/15/2021 $285,000
VERO BEACH 506 38TH AVE 9/7/2021 $279,900 10/12/2021 $283,000
VERO BEACH 3125 3RD ST 8/15/2021 $283,000 10/12/2021 $275,000
SEBASTIAN 127 MABRY ST 9/10/2021 $260,000 10/14/2021 $262,000
VERO BEACH 6365 OXFORD CIR UNIT#103C 8/30/2021 $255,000 10/12/2021 $259,900
VERO BEACH 7628 15TH ST 8/16/2021 $259,900 10/15/2021 $254,900
VERO BEACH 5085 HARMONY CIR UNIT#102 7/12/2021 $254,900 10/15/2021 $250,000
VERO BEACH 1210 2ND ST 8/24/2021 $255,000 10/12/2021 $247,000
VERO BEACH 1921 WESTHAMPTON CT 9/16/2021 $247,000 10/14/2021 $245,000
SEBASTIAN 102 INDIAN AVE 8/18/2021 $244,000 10/12/2021 $245,000
VERO BEACH 520 7TH SQ UNIT#104 7/20/2021 $250,000 10/15/2021 $242,000
SEBASTIAN 813 FLORALAND AVE 9/24/2021 $248,000 10/12/2021 $211,000
VERO BEACH 740 1ST PL SW 8/19/2021 $235,000 10/14/2021 $199,500
VERO BEACH 1914 WESTMINSTER CIR UNIT#13-3 9/23/2021 $199,500 10/13/2021 $185,000
VERO BEACH 420 12TH ST SW 7/29/2021 $185,000 10/12/2021 $185,000
VERO BEACH 1581 4TH CT 9/13/2021 $220,000 10/15/2021 $168,500
VERO BEACH 13 PLANTATION DR UNIT#104 6/22/2021 $168,500 10/14/2021 $155,000
VERO BEACH 97 SPRING LAKE DR UNIT#102 9/9/2021 $159,900 10/12/2021 $154,000
VERO BEACH 753 5TH PL SW 8/3/2021 $159,900 10/12/2021 $127,500
VERO BEACH 76 ROYAL OAK DR UNIT#101 6/23/2021 $120,000 10/11/2021

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E October 21, 2021 19


2385 Lake Ibis Ln SW, Vero Beach 5973 Buttonwood Sq, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 8/31/2021 Listing Date: 7/16/2021
Original Price: $535,000 Original Price: $489,000
Sold: 10/12/2021 Sold: 10/15/2021
Selling Price: $535,000 Selling Price: $473,000
Listing Agent: Eva McMillan Listing Agent: Melinda McKee

Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. Selling Agent: McKee Realty

NOT PROVIDED Scott Oberlink

NOT PROVIDED ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

3337 Burlington Pl SW, Vero Beach 2230 81st Ter, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 7/7/2021 Listing Date: 9/9/2021
Original Price: $499,000 Original Price: $370,000
Sold: 10/12/2021 Sold: 10/12/2021
Selling Price: $465,000 Selling Price: $400,000
Listing Agent: April Okun Listing Agent: Christopher Nolan Jr

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: RE/MAX Associated Realty

Kathryn Worth NOT PROVIDED

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. NOT PROVIDED

Established 18 Years in Indian River County

(772) 562-2288 |
3920 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach FL 32960

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH October 21, 2021 B1


Coming Up THAT’S ALL … FOLK!

By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent

1 Get out and enjoy the gen-
tler weather at LaPorte
Farms Fall Festival this Saturday.
In case you’ve never been to this
popular spot, LaPorte Farms is a
5-acre family farm that welcomes
the public to enjoy nature, inter-
act with animals, go fishing, take
advantage of some great photo
ops and just basically have some
down-home fun. Its annual Fall
Festival serves up pony rides, a
mechanical bull, face painting
and hayrides. Arrive hungry be-
cause there will also be hamburg-
ers, hot dogs, popcorn, cotton
candy and more for sale. The Fall
Festival runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this
Saturday, Oct. 23. LaPorte Farms
is at 7700 129th St., Sebastian.
Call 772-633-0813 or visit LaPorte-

2 Get ready to loosen your
belts: It’s the Treasure
Coast Bacon Festival, which
takes place this weekend at Riv-
erside Park in Vero Beach. The
festival is designed for the un-
apologetic bacon lover and for
Keto-dieters everywhere. There
will be thick-cut, deep-fried and
chocolate-covered bacon. There
will be bacon-wrapped scallops
and bacon-wrapped pickles. And
if all that isn’t enough to raise
your cholesterol, then check out
the bacon mac ’n cheese dish-
es. There will also be libations
(perhaps Bakon Vodka?) for sale,
interactive bacon games, live
entertainment, a Kids Fun Zone,
vendors and more to make this a
most tasty event. The Bacon Fes-
tival runs 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sat-
urday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sun-


B2 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

That’s all … folk! Museum celebrates all-American genre


Artmaking is in our genes, even in the Founders, Travelers, Seekers and Phi- PHOTOS: KAILA JONES
United States, the country whose no-non- losophers. The exhibition includes objects
sense, self-sufficient mindset has reigned for that speak to American ideals of nation- The peo-
as long as our country has been a country. hood, freedom, community, imagina- ple in it are
Far from being an impediment, our pioneer tion, opportunity and legacy. dressed to the
attitude encouraged our uniquely American, nines in late-18th century fashion. Moth-
self-taught art forms made by, and for, regu- The artists represented er wears a turban with a spray of feathers
lar folks. An exhibition on display at the Vero lived from the early days of erupting from its top; the little girl at her
Beach Museum of Art through Jan. 2, 2022, the republic to our own knee sports a green top hat with an artifi-
pays homage to this artform. times. They are male cial flower, her orange shoes matching her
and female; young, mid- elegant, full-length gown. A boy, accompa-
American Perspectives: Stories from the nied by his dogs, is shown carrying a little
American Folk Art Museum Collection is a bird to the group. He wears a blue coat and
traveling exhibition that originated at that ruffled shirt, and his stockings are of silk.
New York City museum. It is touring into Sally competed her picture with a trompe
2023 through the auspices of Art Bridges, a l’oeil curtain that frames the top and sides
foundation that partners with museums to of the scene, as though it were a stage set
bring shows to a wider public. on which the curtain has just risen.

American Perspectives was originally Gevalt noted the importance of such a
assembled by independent curator Stacy C. needlework creation to a girl’s prospects
Hollander from the Folk Art Museum’s col- for her role in society as a woman of cul-
lection and mounted in its galleries from
February 2020 to January 2021. The exhibi-
tion was curated for travel by the museum’s
curator Emelie Gevalt, who presented the
VBMA’s members’ opening lecture earlier
this month via Zoom.

Gevalt noted that the 80 artworks in
the show are organized into four sections:

dle-aged, and el-
derly; Black and white, en-
slaved and free; immigrant and
Indigenous. In short, the exhibition strives
to include all variety of persons who helped
to build, and comment upon the building, of
the country as we know it today.
Gevalt led a virtual tour of the exhibition’s
highlights, as well as those she deemed her
personal favorites.
The first object she spoke on was a 1794
needlework picture embroidered in silk
thread on a 17- by 20-inch piece of silk fab-
ric, which features a mother with her chil-
dren in a fanciful landscape. The maker of
the picture was 12-year-old Sally Hatha-
way, whose family lived in New York City
and Massachusetts, and were well-to-do,
or aspired in that direction.





[email protected]  1964 14th Avenue
772.217.2161 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE October 21, 2021 B3

ture and grace, who nevertheless knows his life, he was wealthy enough to own six artwork shouts the word “FREEDOM” sev- dress and sips a cup of tea. Like the woman
her way around the practical matter of a additional chests, which would have held en times, spelled out in letters of dark blue in Sally Hathaway’s needlework picture,
needle and thread. Sally’s subject matter valuable belongings and textiles. fabric against the quilt’s fiery background Quijano Torres’ figure is an idealized woman
presages the life that her mother no doubt of red; the whole punctuated with white of leisure. Her boy, standing at her right, and
envisioned for her – that of a mother and The story of early America was not all accent squares. Among the exhibit’s mar- daughter, seated at her left, wear summery
wife whose husband is off somewhere, wealth realized and reinvention accom- vels, Telfair’s quilt is notable for its dazzling white outfits with white shoes and socks.
amassing the family’s wealth. plished. A jug by master potter David Drake combination of craft, graphic design and Unlike the absent father in Hathaway’s
bears testimony to this. The utilitarian ob- message. This object will simply not allow scene, “Memories of the Veteran” includes
A painted wood blanket chest is the old- ject, created in 1853 in Edgefield County, you to ignore it. a head and shoulders portrait of the miss-
est object on display. Emblazoned with the S.C., bears the cursive inscription “Dave.” ing father in uniform, hanging on the wall
name of its owner, a Schoharie Valley, N.Y., As an enslaved man, Drake’s habit of signing As well it should not. In the 1960s, Telfair directly above his wife’s head. He, no doubt,
farmer named Jacob Kniskern, the chest his work was exceedingly rare for the time, was fired from her job as a cafeteria worker is the founder of the comfortably furnished,
may have been made for him by his brother, said Gevalt. In antebellum America, it was when her white employers found out that middle-class parlor in which his family sits.
Johannes. The date on the chest, 1778, was against the law in many southern localities she, as a Black woman, had registered to vote,
an eventful year for Jacob. A Continental to teach enslaved people to read and write. and was part of an organized effort to regis- Memories of childhood will also be re-
Army soldier, he was taken prisoner by Brit- Yet Drake managed not only to sign and date ter other African Americans to do the same. called by an elaborately carved and painted
ish forces and held in Canada. After escap- his work, he sometimes also inscribed Bible carousel horse by Marcus Illions, dubbed
ing, Jacob returned home to find his farm verses or rhyming couplets on his vessels. Born in 1958 in New York City to Puerto “the Michelangelo of carousel carvers” by
and community burned to the ground. The Rican parents, Nick Quijano Torres, like the New York Times. Born about 1870 in the
chest survived the war, and In 2016, a VBMA exhibition, “David “Grandma Moses” (aka Ann Mary Robert- Russian Empire or in England, Illions began
so did Jacob, who rebuilt Drake, Potter and Poet,” appeared in the son, also represented in this exhibition), is a his career building circus wagons. By his
his farm when the war Schumann Gallery and was reviewed by memory painter, who recalls in his work the teens he was documented as being in En-
was won. By the end of imagery and people of his childhood. In- gland, where he embarked on his specialty of
Vero Beach 32963. That exhibition was stead of Moses’ New England country snow carousel horses. He immigrated to the U.S.
organized by the VBMA, which promot- scenes, where sleighbells jingle and boys in 1888, where he carved horses and other
ed it as the “first major museum of pot- fight snowball battles, Quijano Torres’ visu- animals for a Coney Island carousel man-
tery by the enslaved African potter known al memories are densely packed portrayals ufacturer. Illions opened his own carousel
as ‘Dave’” since a 1998 survey exhibition of the people that populated his neighbor- company in 1909.
curated by Jay Williams for the University hoods – first in New York and, after the age
of South Carolina’s McKissick Museum. of 13, in Puerto Rico, where he completed The horse in the current exhibition is fit
his degrees in architecture and environ- for a prince or princess. The galloping white
Thirty-one of Drake’s large vessels and mental design. steed with gilded mane and green, blue and
storage jars, complete with inscribed gold caparison is just the thing to ride merri-
verses, were on display in that mem- In this show, his “Memories of the Veter- ly upon into the holidays.
orable exhibition. an” is a tiny, 6.25-inch-square painting that
depicts a woman with two children, a boy Your seasonal guests will love this
A more recent Freedom Quilt, and girl, dressed in their best clothes. Seat- show, and so will you, no matter how often
stitched in 1983 by Jessie B. Telfair of Par- ed indoors on a sofa, Mother wears a green you visit. 
rott, Ga., honors the civil rights movement
of the mid-20th century. The 74- by 86-inch

B4 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 Frightening 4K run on Saturday evening. away of a $500 gift card. The event also tration fee. The race begins 6 p.m. Satur-
The run fun includes a best Halloween has a free Kids Run. Advanced registra- day, Oct. 23, at Indian River State College,
day at 3258 Riverside Park Dr. Admission costume contest for adults and a separate tion costs $30 and runs through Thursday, 6155 College Lane, Vero Beach. You can
is free; the food is available for purchase. costume contest for kids. There will be Oct. 21. It costs $35 the day of the race. register online at, then
For more information, visit Treasure- Halloween trick-or-treat bags to all who Kids registration is $15 in advance and $20 search for Frightening 4K in Vero Beach finish the 4K, along with other Hallow- the day of the race. If you don’t want the and click on that, then click onto Race Info
een-themed awards and a random give- T-shirt, you can deduct $5 from the regis- at the top. 
3 You might want to prepare for all
that bacon by taking part in the

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING October 21, 2021 B5

Fine Dining, Elevated
Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Expanded outdoor dining in The Café.
To go and limited delivery available.
Proud recipient of Trip Advisor’s
Traveler’s Choice Award placing us in

“The Top 10% of restaurants worldwide”.

Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966 • • Open 7 Days
2013 - 2020 3103 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2020 Reservations Highly Recommended • Proper Attire Appreciated

Summer Hours: Happy HourNigNhet(wBlyarB5Oa-nrl6yM:)3e0npum!
Tues - Sat from 5pm
(772) 226-7870

PrimeSteSa&kpseI,tcaSialeilaatnfieosod Di5nENin-ai5ggrl:hMy3t0lypemnu Down wn
Vero Bea

2023 14th Avenue

B6 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING


fresh seafood craft cocktails

and fantastic wines while r

overlooking the ocean

beachfront seating

3500 ocean drive, vero beach | @heatonsverobeach |

$6 House WIne
$7 House Cocktails

4 - 6 pm

@ the wave & Cabana Bar


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING October 21, 2021 B7



Soon to Open on Mondays
NOW Accepting

Thanksgiving Reservations


OPEN See our full
event schedule on
Costume Contest- CA$H Prizes
OR DELIVERY for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place
Drink Specials • Bacardi Girls
GRUBHUB Live Band - Collins & Co.

ONLINE ORDERING WITH Where Vero goes for a little piece of Ireland!
2019 14th Ave  (772) 217-2183 


56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

B8 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING


Now Offering Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza IN VERO Too!
“The Best Authentic
American Burger
Cannelloni in Vero Beach”

1006 Easter Lily Lane, Vero Beach
Hours: Sun-Thurs:11am-9 pm
Fri-Sat:11am-10 pm

Established in 1981 Where the Locals Go for Pizza







1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 Follow Us • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES October 21, 2021 B9



By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist A96

In “Through the Looking Glass”, Lewis Carroll wrote a song for the White Knight that AJ54
includes the couplet, “Or madly squeeze a right-hand foot / Into a left-hand shoe.”
Many bridge players feel that way about squeeze plays; that they work only when in an
expert’s hand. But sometimes one will occur inexorably, without declarer having to do WEST EAST
anything more than cash winners and watch the one specific card. 754
832 10 9 8 6 3 2
How does that apply in this seven-heart deal after West leads the diamond king? K Q 10
J 10 9 8 7
South’s two-heart rebid promised a six-card or longer suit. So North jumped straight
into Roman Key Card Blackwood to learn that his partner had the club ace and heart 9863
king-queen. With many chances for a 13th winner, North plunged into seven hearts.
When the dummy came down, South saw that he had only 12 tricks: two spades, six
hearts, one diamond and three clubs. But maybe clubs were 3-3; or if West had at SOUTH
least four clubs, he would be the victim of a madly squeeze!
South won with dummy’s diamond ace, drew trumps, played off the top spades,
crossed to his hand with a club and cashed the rest of his trumps, just keeping an eye K Q J 10 5 4
open for the diamond queen.
With four cards left, dummy had the diamond jack and three clubs. South held one
heart, one diamond and two clubs. West retained the diamond queen and three clubs. A43
But what could he discard on the last heart? He was squeezed. When he threw a
club, declarer discarded dummy’s diamond jack, then ran the clubs. Dealer: South; Vulnerable: East-West

The Bidding:

1 Hearts Pass 2 Clubs Pass
2 Hearts Pass 4 NT Pass LEAD:
5 Spades Pass 7 Hearts All Pass K Diamonds

B10 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Illuminates (6) 1 Find (6)
4 Interrogative pronoun (5) 2 Musical group (7)
8 Funny (5) 3 Idle (4,4)
9 Writers (7) 4 Scottish inventor (4)
10 Rebuke (4,3) 5 See 15 Across (2,3)
11 Part of foot (4) 6 Hurry (6)
12 Curve (3) 7 Israeli port (5)
14 Joint (4) 13 Personal
15 & 5 Down Rare golfing
achievement(4) 16 Sleep-inducing song (7)
18 Floor covering (3) 17 Three-legged support (6)
21 OT book (4) 19 Magnificence (5)
23 Siren (7) 20 Beer barrel (6)
25 Wild cat (7) 22 Doctrine (5)
26 Quick meal (5) 24 Persian ruler (4)
27 Jettison (5)
The Telegraph 28 sRavine (6)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES October 21, 2021 B11

ACROSS 97 Longtime San Francisco 46 How models dress The Washington Post
1 Top-secret org. columnist Herb 47 Wonderland drink
4 Some court victories 48 “Why oh why” follower NINE PEOPLE By Merl Reagle
8 Shows up 98 Well contents 50 Biting quality
13 Drawn like ___ to a flame 99 Lovable Bert 51 1970 World’s
18 “The list goes on” 100 Michele’s High School
20 A Dog of Flanders author Fair city
21 Palmer and Petrie Reunion friend 52 Too ___ (overboard)
23 Creator of the Hardy Boys 101 “Brrrrr!” 55 Written word
25 Total 103 Andy’s predecessor 56 Long dress
26 Go to black 104 Robert III, e.g. 58 Roof feature
27 “Fizzical” relief 105 ’70s rock orch. 59 CEO’s other hat, often
28 Author of Games for the 106 Sub locator 60 Vamp Theda
108 Room, to Rodriguez 61 Financial page abbr.
Superintelligent 110 Everyday verb 62 Stand by Me star
30 Tic-tac-toe row 111 Gasoline Alley character 64 Davis of The Brady Bunch
31 Bootlegger buster 113 Pretty Woman guy 65 Do-it-yourself buys
33 A pre-Zeus biggie 116 Lock together 66 Language of India
35 Impersonal you 118 New ___, Conn. 69 “Love Train” singers, 1973
36 Result of a sedimental 120 Jazz cornetist, 71 Traps, as freshness
73 Suit for 99 Across
journey 1903-31 76 A P.O. alternative
37 Initially a big name in 123 Son of Sheen 78 Prestigious prize
124 Composer Bruckner 82 Paul McCartney’s title
movie studios 125 Absorbed 84 Eats like a T. Rex
38 Family fireside 126 Put on a pedestal 86 Partner of Rodgers
127 “Uh” sound indicator 87 Slightly twisted
41 Casserole candidates 128 Jag 88 Approve, as a university
42 Surrender 129 Chester White’s home 89 China chief, once
43 “The mouth that roared” 90 Patois relatives
44 Mal or plan ending DOWN 91 It has the “to do” pile
45 Chihuahua, por ejemplo 1 Actress Hildegarde 92 Jaguar model
48 Bible verb 2 Stifle, in a way 93 ___-Lorraine
49 Jemima Puddleduck’s 3 Prof’s life 94 It’s knot art
4 Wall St. offering: abbr. 95 Darn this
creator 5 Lengthy fish 96 Lowlifes, of a sort
52 Card game 6 22 Down in a recession 100 Try your granny again
53 Nuclear org., once 7 Driving hazard? 102 Amahl’s night visitors
54 “I ___ Little Prayer” 8 Fish delivery? 106 The ___ Sense
55 31 Across, e.g. 9 Message board, 107 Western classic, The ___
57 Theater co.
60 Swallow building of a sort Incident
63 S.Z. of Casablanca 10 Mingle 109 Ed and Leon
66 Part of 4-H 11 Esau’s land 111 Felucca feature
67 Bluto, for one 12 Redd Foxx’s real name 112 Important mineral
68 Felipé’s friend 13 Karras and North 114 Casino city
70 Mötley Crüe’s bass 14 Tailless cat 115 Therefore
15 Ump’s cry 117 Ecstasy star
player 16 Alice’s neighbor 119 ___ carte
72 Amo 17 Pinter and Ramis 121 Bambi’s aunt
74 Give a lot of gas? 19 Chem. endings
75 Post-coup crew 22 Musical group (in the book)
77 Submitted 24 Crosswalk blinker 122 Gamble
79 Don Juan’s mom 29 Fascinated by
80 Log splitter 32 Split a banana split, e.g.
81 Cop alerts 34 ___ of the town
82 Herring’s cousin 36 Operation souvenir
83 Some rio nuggets 37 Legendary fairy queen
85 Actor John ___-Davies 39 Stoltz and Clapton
87 Lifeboat co-star 40 ___-en-Provence, France
93 Oscar bestower: abbr. 41 Canoe need
95 Blackmun and


The Telegraph

B12 October 21, 2021 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING 23 Frightening 4K, 6 p.m. from Indian Riv- desserts by local chefs, and a live auction. $200. 30 Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s Hallo-Queen, 7
er State College Campus, with adult 772-466-8535 p.m. at Walking Tree Brewery present-
Check with organizations directly for up- and kids Halloween costumes, trick or treat bags ed by Vero Pride, based off of “The Rocky Horror
dates/cancellations. to finishers and free kids run to benefit Indian 28 Brews & Bites Beer Tasting, 6 p.m. at Picture Show,” with costume contest at 9 p.m. ad
River Elite Track Club. Walking Tree Brewery to benefit Schol- Hallo-Queen Drag Show at 10 p.m. $10 donation
arship Foundation of IRC, with 5 flights of beer to Vero Pride supports IRC LGBTQ+ community.
Vero Beach Museum of Art: Martin Puryear, 23|24 Treasure Coast Bacon Fes- samplings and heavy hors d’oeuvres by 14 Bones
Printmaker; American Perspectives, Stories tival, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. BBQ. $40 pp/$75 for two. 772-569-9869 NOVEMBER
from the American Folk Art Museum Collection, Sat., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sun. at Riverside Park.
both through Jan. 2. 772-231-0707 29 Free movie and Trunk or Treat, 6 p.m. 4 Empty Bowls-Full Hearts Soup Bowl to
23|30 Buggy Bunch Pumpkin to 9 p.m. at IRC Intergenerational Cen- benefit the Samaritan Center, 9 a.m. to
40th annual Best of the Best Juried Exhibi- Patch Family Fun Day, 10 ter, with ‘The Goonies’ at 7:15 p.m. hosted by 5 p.m. at the Heritage Center, featuring some
tion at A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery, thru Nov. a.m. to 7 p.m. at Church of Christ, with games, Vero Christian Church and IRC Parks & Recre- 1,200 hand-crafted bowls made by local potters.
12. hayrides, pumpkins and children’s activities. ation Dept. 772 226-1789 Suggested $15 minimum donation per bowl. $10 per chance to win handmade soup tureens.
Terror on Main Street Haunted House host- 30 Four Person Golf Scramble hosted by 772-770-3039
ed by GFWC Sebastian River Junior Women’s 24 H.A.L.O. Howls, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Executive Roundtable of IRC and IR
Club, 7:30 p.m. Oct. 21-23 and Oct. 28-31, 1036 Indian River Shores Public Safety, with School District, 8 a.m. at Sandridge Golf Club to 4 National Philanthropy Day, hosted by the
Main St. $10. haunted house at the firehouse, costume con- benefit Kids at Hope and Executive Roundtable. Association of Fundraising Professionals to
test, children’s activities, vendors and adoptable $110 includes play and lunch. Executiveroundta- recognize the contributions of individuals and
Riverside Theatre: Weekly Friday &. Satur- dogs from H.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue. businesses to charitable organizations, 11:30 a.m.
day Comedy Zone, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the at Quail Valley River Club. $75. 772-299-7449
Waxlax Stage ($20), and Live on the Loop 24 The Great Duck Derby Race, noon 30 Boogie Board Bash & Soft-Top Show-
concerts, 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (free; tickets re- to 4 p.m. at Capt. Hiram’s to benefit down, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Mulligan’s 4 Vero Beach High School Jazz Band Concert,
quired). 772-231-6990 Treasure Coast Community Health medical and Beach House, with four boogie age divisions and 7 p.m. at VBHS PAC. 772-564-5537
dental programs for the under insured and unin- two divisions for soft-top showdowns. Treasure-
First Friday Gallery Strolls in Downtown Vero sured, with some 7,500 “adopted” rubber ducks 5|6 Muster and Music Festival at the
Beach Arts District, monthly from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ($5 per duck) dropped into the lagoon, with cash Navy SEAL Museum, with 6 p.m.
prizes to the first three ducks to make it to shore. 30 Halloween Car Parade hosted by Vero Fri. membership dinner and a full day of activi-
OCTOBER Beach Recreation Dept., 9:30 a.m. line- ties Sat.: 8 a.m. Muster 5K Beach Challenge; 11
up at Riverside Theatre for 10 a.m. parade along a.m. Muster Ceremony, tactical demo and K9
23 Fall Festival, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 25 Chocolate, Champagne & Chefs, 6 p.m. Beachland Blvd. to Sexton Plaza. Costume con- tactical display; and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. live music.
LaPorte Farms, with pony rides, me- at Quail Valley River Club to benefit Big test at line-up with awards at Sexton. No entry
chanical bull, hayrides, children’s activities, and Brothers Big Sisters and honor the Jake Owen fee, no political organizations. 772-231-4787 or
visits with critters. Foundation, with dinner, decadent chocolate for parade application. 5-7 Sebastian Clambake at Riverview
Park, a weekend of clams and enter-
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Crossword Page B14 (BACK IT UP 2) tainment to benefit local charities supported by
in October 14, 2021 Edition 1 HEIGHT 2 ELITE Sebastian Clambake Foundation. 772-473-3836
8 MILL 4 TRADE 6 Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show, 10 a.m. to
9 AQUARIUM 5 AGREE 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, featur-
10 REBATE 6 EDUCATE ing roughly 70 vehicles. Suggested $5 donation to
11 PREFAB 7 JUMPER benefit FPC Men’s Charity Fund. Advance vehicle
12 CATASTROPHE 12 CAPSIZE registration $15; $20 event day. 772-226-7911
17 CIRCLE 14 PARSLEY 6 Gifford Youth Orchestra Annual Concert, 2
19 VICTORIA 16 OFTEN p.m. at the Gifford Community Center, with
20 LOAD 17 CLASS a special composition dedicated to the Peace
21 TERN 18 LEAVE Initiative sponsored by local Rotary Clubs. Free;
22 STYLES donations appreciated to support student tuition
scholarships and instruments. 772-213-3007
Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13


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