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01/24/2020 ISSUE 04


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STEPS’ NEEDED TO making major
IMPROVE SCHOOLS Lagoon waterfront saved from development changes to ER

By Federico Martinez | Staff Writer By Steven M. Thomas | Staff Writer River Land Trust. Hoffmann property, completes By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer
[email protected] The nonprofit, which was what is now a two-mile stretch [email protected]
Superintendent David Moore of shoreline – extending from
told a standing-room-only crowd All island residents who care founded in 1990 to help save the main relief canal south of the For Holly Owen, wait times can’t
at a townhall meeting last week about protecting the wide green McKee Botanical Gardens, scored bridge to Oak Harbor – that will wait. Owen, who took over man-
that the school district’s current vista along the western shore its biggest triumph in recent years be preserved in its natural state for aging the emergency department
way of operating isn’t working, and of the lagoon that we see when on Friday, when it closed on the the foreseeable future. at Cleveland Clinic Indian River
vowed changes are on the way. coming over the top of the Bar- purchase of a 65-acre parcel just Hospital last fall as part of her role
ber Bridge got a late Christmas north of the Barber Bridge. “This is the most visible and as director of critical care services,
Those changes include bet- present last week from the Indian immediately went to work devising
ter management of the district’s The land, long known as the CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 a plan to shave critical minutes off
finances and holding school ad- ED wait times while also improving
ministrators and teachers more patient privacy and quality of care.
accountable for student academic
success, Moore said. The changes, expected to be
complete by the end of January, will
Moore delivered his bluntly add 20 patient beds or treatment
worded message to more than 150 chairs to the current 44, streamlin-
school employees and residents ing the workflow and reducing pa-
who attended a Jan. 16 townhall tient wait times.
meeting at the J.A. Thompson Ad-
ministrative Center. Improved care and comfort are
also part of the plan.
“Our current plan is not work-
ing,” Moore said. “Bold, coura- A paramedic will now greet pa-
geous steps must be taken to im- tients at the front entrance to iden-
prove the district. tify symptoms of urgent concern.
And at registration and discharge,
“I’m going to be questioning our clerks with portable tablets and
current efforts and outcomes, the printers will come to the patient
effectiveness of our current leader- instead of the other way around,
ship. It’s not a matter of can things sparing patients the effort of stand-
change. They will change.” ing in line while shaving more min-



NEWS 1-5 PETS 12 Community Church bids farewell to Revs. Baggott

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer the spiritual leaders of one of Vero’s
For circulation or where to pick up [email protected] most prominent churches, are head-
your issue call: 772-226-7925 ed back to Minneapolis to be close to
More than 1,000 smiling faces – and their 13 children and grandchildren –
PHOTO: KAILA JONES fistfuls of tissues – reflected the mixed a group that filled a long row of seats
emotions of the congregation as the at Sunday’s service.
Revs. Bob and Casey Baggott deliv-
ered a final message Sunday to wor- The Baggotts’ farewell was deliv-
shipers at Community Church, where ered in the church’s main sanctuary,
the couple has served for 16 years. against a backdrop of the spectacu-

The Baggotts, who shared duties as CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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2 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

REVS. BAGGOTT her sermon, and had to leave her shoes be- “He helped us form the organization.’” a busload of others on nine “pilgrimages” to
hind when she realized they were stuck to For three years, the group met for tutoring other countries, including China, South Afri-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 the tacky floor. ca and Ireland, studying the practice of reli-
at the church. It now involves 70 kids and 75 gion in each nation.
lar Lively-Fulcher pipe organ. The sanctu- “I was forced to do my meditation in my volunteers who tutor one-on-one. By raising
ary required extensive renovation when the stocking feet,” she recalled. grades and increasing team skills, 30 kids in “They are our family of choice,” said Tom
organ was installed and the Baggotts led the the group have made it onto their schools’ Richards.
successful effort to raise $13 million for the And then there was the time Bob had to basketball teams. A couple of dozen mem-
instrument and construction. get a temporary tooth, and it shot out of his bers of the mission came to the Baggotts’ “It was a wonderful way to send off the
mouth mid-sermon; Casey did an imperson- farewell service. Baggotts,” said tenor section leader Kent
The organ, played by director of music ation of him lisping through the story of “Je- Ahern. “We poured our hearts into it.”
Andrew Galuska, accompanied the Chancel thus and Ithaiah.” “These boys have come to church with
choir, alternating with the church’s own brass me year after year. Even some who have For Sean Sexton, the Baggotts’ departure
section and pop band – Bob Baggott is a tal- After the funny stories, things turned se- graduated and are in college are close to comes too soon, and not only for spiritual
ented guitarist and singer who sometimes rious, as the couple offered comfort to the Bob. He’s going to stay on our board from reasons. Though he and wife Sharon have
performed with the C-2 band, as it’s called. congregation, letting them know there would afar, but I’m really going to miss him,” said been involved with Community Church for
be help from above as they moved on. de Schouwer. years, including a monthly noon-time poet-
The Baggotts, teary-eyed themselves as ry-and-organ music series started last year,
they scanned the crowd, basked in the ev- “I feel a bit of a fraud standing up here and Sharon Richards, who serves as clerk of they had never seen the Baggotts socially –
ident admiration of their flock as the busi- having you clap and appreciate us because the church, called Community Church “our until last week.
ness end of the service was dispensed with the wonder of Community Church is due to home away from home. She and husband
– readings by the Revs. Elizabeth Johnson, you. You’re the church,” said Casey. Tom are both deacons and Tom spoke at the “We had them over Tuesday night for the
Holly Adams, David Johnson, and Raymond farewell service. first time in 16 years,” said Sexton. “We had
Hargrove, the regional minister of the Florida “They married us,” said a tearful Mollie the most wonderful time, and we wondered,
Conference of the United Church of Christ, Rogers as she exited the church, wiping her Several years ago, Sharon Richards was why did we not spend more time together?
of which Community Church is part. eyes as she recalled the wedding five years approached by Casey Baggott to start a “call It’s like going to the ocean for 20 years and
ago to husband Jack. to care” ministry to assist the clergy with not going swimming. We realized how much
Then, after a 30-second thunderous people who “wanted somebody to listen, we really like each other. You don’t necessar-
standing ovation that included at least one “They were difference-makers,” said Jack and who wanted a visit one-on-one” on a ily have to like your minister, but we do. We
wolf whistle, the Baggotts pulled two chairs Rogers. “They made a difference in every- regular basis in their homes, sometimes for adore them.”
together and settled in to tell a series of body’s life that came close to them. That six months or more.
self-deprecating bloopers. room was jammed. How can a couple make The Sextons and the rest may get their sec-
such an impact? We’re going to really miss “She trained us for over two years. There ond chance to socialize with the much-ad-
Bob told of giving his first sermon with the them.” are five of us now, and we just added two mired couple. But not for a year, at least.
microphone set for his 6-foot-3 predecessor, more.” Richards said of Casey.
the late Rev. Bill Nigh, and feeling like “the Cathy de Schouwer recalled the day In keeping with a tradition of many
Munchkin minister from Minnesota.” Casey that she, along with Antoine Jennings, ap- “The ministry has served from 70 to 80 churches, the Baggotts will not return to Vero
told of the remedy – an elevated platform proached Bob Baggott with their idea of a people, many of them elderly and alone, in for a year, so that the congregation can ad-
built within the pulpit – and how she stepped youth mentoring group, Crossroads Mission, grief or ill health – even counseling them as just to and connect with a new minister. For
onto the freshly-varnished surface, delivered that would combine basketball coaching their lives were ending, as happened several now, that person is the Rev. Anna Copeland,
and academic tutoring. times recently.” who will serve on an interim basis while the
church seeks a full-time minister. 
“Bob said, ‘I love it. Here’s $10,000. What- The Richards have joined the Baggotts and
ever you need, you got it.’” de Schouwer said.



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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS January 24, 2020 3

LAGOON WATERFRONT prime waterfront land south of the Fairlane
Harbor mobile home community – paying a
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 total of $3 million for the two parcels.

impactful acquisition we have made along With the purchase, the Land Trust now
the lagoon,” Land Trust board chairman owns 300 contiguous acres north of the Bar-
Chuck Cramb said. “The property embod- ber Bridge – the entire shoreline from the
ies the Land Trust’s ... [goal of] preserving southern edge of the Hoffmann property
habitat, protecting scenic waterfront and up to 45th Street, just south of Oak Harbor,
providing public access to the benefit of fu- except for two small parcels totaling three
ture generations.” quarters of an acre.

The importance of the purchase was South of the Hoffman property, the
heightened because “the land was poised green belt is extended by 114 acres of coun-
for development,” according to Land Trust ty-owned land that flanks the Barber Bridge.
executive director Ken Grudens. “The own- County officials say that while that tract is
ers gave up some of their land when Indi- not officially designated as conservation
an River Boulevard was built and as part of land – which would require creating a con-
their deal with the county, the county built a servation management and maintenance
road and a substantial bridge providing ac- plan – the county has no plans to develop it.
cess to the property that would make it easy
to develop the upland portion. All but nine of the 114 acres are wetlands,
which would make it nearly impossible
“If that pivotal parcel had been devel- to develop in the current permitting envi-
oped for commercial or residential use, it ronment even if there was a desire to build
something, according to the county Com-
would have changed the character of the munity Development Department.
shoreline forever and detracted from the
sense of Vero Beach as an oasis that people Purchase of the Hoffmann parcels comes
want to preserve,” Grudens said. on top of another substantial acquisition
by the Land Trust. On Dec. 31 the nonprofit
The property was owned for many years closed on a 30-acre track near Wabasso that
by Paul and Camille Hoffmann, prominent stretches from U.S. 1 to the Indian River La-
residential developers and world-renowned goon, with a quarter mile of water frontage.
art collectors from Illinois who later moved
to Stuart. After Paul Hoffmann died in 1998, The Indian River Land Trust was founded
Camille Hoffmann maintained ownership in 1990 to help save McKee Botanical Gar-
of the land. dens, a 10-year, $10-million project. Fol-
lowing that successful effort, the Trust was
Grudens says the Land Trust began instrumental in preserving 2,000 acres of
talking with Camille Hoffmann about buy- agricultural land from development.
ing the property in 2010, “as soon as we
turned our attention to preserving the la- In 2004, it led the effort to pass a $50-mil-
goon shoreline,” but the conversations pe- lion land and water protection bond issue
tered out. referendum that was approved by 67 per-
cent of voters, enabling the county to pur-
When Camille Hoffman passed away in chase properties for conservation.
Stuart at the age of 90 in 2017, the Land Trust
restarted talks about buying the property When the real estate recession hit in
with one of the Hoffmanns’ granddaughters 2008, and land prices crashed, the group
who was named executor of the estate. turned its attention to buying acreage along
the lagoon.
“She was really excited about the idea of
the land being put into conversation,” says Since that time, the Land Trust has ac-
Ann Taylor, the Land Trust’s director of mar- quired nearly 1,200 acres and 12 miles of
keting and philanthropy. lagoon shoreline for conservation purpos-
es, including the keystone purchase of the
Despite that excitement, talks dragged Hoffmann property last week.
out for two and a half years – mainly due to
the complexity of settling the far-flung Hoff- Taylor said the Hoffmann purchase
mann estate – until last week, when the deal would not have been possible without the
finally went through, rewarding a decade of help of real estate attorney Michael O’Haire,
patience and persistence by the Land Trust. a Land Trust director emeritus who helped
handle the deal, and certain donors who
On Friday, the nonprofit organization pledged money specifically for the Hoff-
closed on 100 acres of land owned by the mann land.
Hoffmann estate – the key 65-acre parcel
north of the bridge and another 35 acres of Camille Hoffmann was a pioneering fe-
male attorney in Illinois in the 1950s – the
second woman to work in the Illinois State’s
Attorney Office, according to her obituary
in the Chicago Tribune. She later became a
major residential developer in Illinois and
was named “one of the top 10 collectors of
contemporary art in the 1990s.”

Art Magazine included her and her
husband, Paul Hoffmann, who served as
chairman of the board of the Chicago Art
Institute, on its list of the world’s 200 most
important art collectors. The Hoffmanns
also were notable philanthropists, donating
to museums, hospitals and animal rescue
organizations. 

4 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

CLEVELAND CLINIC ER these poor nurses are having to hunt around rapid-fire renovation to include private pa- concierged through the whole process.”
to find their patients,” Owen says. “Under tient bays, leaving only a narrow corridor of According to Cleveland Clinic Indian Riv-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 the new system, that nurse or physician will chairs for visitors and family.
know who’s in their section.” er’s data analysis, the ED had around 65,000
utes off the dreaded ED ordeal. “A waiting room is not where we want to patient visits in 2018 and 2019. That’s a sub-
“It’s going to be drastically different,” says That system is already used in the section care for our patients,” said Owen, who has stantial increase from 2015 when Owen first
reserved for the sickest emergency patients, made a point of dropping by the waiting area started at the hospital, she said. Since that
Owen, fanning the pages of a daily checklist the ring of rooms built in 2004 that are be- multiple times a day to reinforce her com- time, the ED has undergone a series of staff-
that evolved out of multiple meetings over hind double doors and down a corridor from mitment to change. ing changes, at times contracting with work-
the past month. “We’ve had work groups what is now the public waiting room. Less force providers for physicians and mid-level
with physicians, registration, techs, para- acute cases are relegated to a small wait- As the ED is reconfigured, the registra- managers. Currently it is under contract with
medics – everybody – so we can streamline ing area behind the registration windows, a tion windows at the rear are being eliminat- Envision, a national company.
the times and make the experience an excel- cramped space where nurses and med techs ed, doing away with a process Owen called
lent one while still giving quality care.” weave among a maze of patients seated side- “somewhat dysfunctional.” Dr. Brian Wiley is Envision’s director of
by-side with a range of maladies. On difficult emergency services at Indian River. A veter-
In the new setup, nurses will be assigned days the area becomes a crucible of misery “Going forward, full check-in will be done an of 12 hospital emergency departments, he
patients in specific beds, as opposed to that Owen calls unacceptable. not at a window but in the private bay or started in Vero in February 2018.
keeping track of them as they move from one room. People don’t want to be directed to
process to another. By the end of this month, the ED space a window, they want to see a person,” said “We came in because they were having a
will be unrecognizable, reconfigured in a Owen. lot of issues with the ED,” said Wiley. “Within
“Right now, everybody’s everywhere and that first year, we made a lot of substantial
“We will come to you. You’re pretty much improvements with our turnaround times,
quality and patient satisfaction. Now we’ve
hit an impasse and we’re going through
more changes which includes increasing our
bed capacity. We can’t increase the physical
plant, but we can increase the number of
spots we have.”

Wiley called Owen “a driving force” in im-
proving the emergency department.

“With Holly coming on board, we’ve re-
ally pushed to make that area more patient

Envision currently has three years left on
a five-year contract, though the staffing ar-
rangement is subject to periodic review.

“We have evaluation periods within that
[five-year period] so we can give them a 90-
day notice [if the hospital wants to make a
change],” said Cleveland Clinic Indian Riv-
er chief operating officer Dr. Ralph Turner.
“Right now, we are in that evaluation phase.
We are evaluating constantly to determine if
we keep them or bring in another contractor
or do it ourselves.”

Elsewhere in the Cleveland Clinic Flori-
da system, Martin Health hospitals contract
with another company, Team Health, to staff
ED physicians; Weston uses Cleveland Clin-
ic-employed physicians.

At Indian River, many of the 18 ED phy-
sicians worked at the hospital prior to En-
vision, when the hospital employed its own
doctors and before that, used a different con-
tractor. The changes in the emergency de-
partment began in concept in April, when a
Cleveland Clinic Florida team arrived in Vero
from the Weston headquarters to take a hard
look at Indian River’s ED.

With its 65,000 patients each year, Indian
River’s emergency department is considered
“very high” volume, according to the Center
for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Lawn-
wood Regional Medical Center’s volume is
also considered very high, while Sebastian
River Medical Center’s volumes are consid-
ered average.

Despite the much higher volumes, both
Indian River and Lawnwood had lower me-
dian wait times than Sebastian River for
patients who ended up admitted to the hos-
pital. But wait times for patients sent home
were longer at Indian River: 166 minutes as
compared to 123 at Lawnwood and 127 at
Sebastian River. Those figures were from
2018, the latest available from CMS. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS January 24, 2020 5

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Vero council ‘blindsided’ by airport funding problem


Moore, who took over as superintendent By Nicole Rodriguez | Staff Writer that dynamic.” to 2017, according to city documents.
on Dec. 2, noted several immediate chang- The Vero Beach City Council was blind- That kind of growth normally would be
es need to be made to improve the district’s When Elite Airways arrived in Vero four
chances of success. The first step is to make years ago, the city was so excited by the sided by the news of the financial booby a good thing for the company and the city,
sure school employees have clearly defined resumption of commercial air service it trap, Vice Mayor Laura Moss said. “I was but in this case it triggered a crisis when
roles and understand what is expected of appears to have never considered how un- surprised because you think to yourself, the city was notified by the Florida Depart-
them. likely it was that passenger growth would ‘Well, everybody must have known, in- ment of Transportation in December that
offset a future loss of state funding for Vero cluding Elite.’” the airport will be reclassified from a gen-
To do this, Moore is working on a new or- Beach airport projects. eral aviation airport to a commercial air-
ganizational chart that is expected to shake A unanimous airport commission ear- port because it boarded more than 10,000
up several key areas, including the district’s But city officials now belatedly say it lier this month recommended forcing passengers for the first time.
Human Relations office, which was plagued would take at least 200,000 passengers de- out the Maine-based airline and allowing
with problems under the prior superinten- parting from the Vero airport annually to it ample time to make a final departure If it goes into effect, the new classifica-
dent. He’s expected to share the proposed offset the loss of $1 million a year in state from the airport because of the financial tion will cost the city as much as $1 million
new chart with School Board members later airport funding that kicks in when com- strain the company will create for the city per year in lost state grant revenue for air-
this month. mercial flights board more than 10,000 later this year. The city council, which will port projects included in the municipali-
passengers. The number boarding Elite make the final decision, was expected to ty’s five-year plan, Falls said.
Moore has already taken steps to make flights here in 2018: just over 11,000. take up the issue at its Jan. 21 meeting.
sure the entire school district staff commits When an airport is designated as gen-
to complying with a long-standing federal “From talking to the previous city man- Elite has been a big hit in Vero since it eral aviation, the state typically covers 80
desegregation order aimed at reducing racial ager, the understanding that I have gleaned launched regular passenger service to percent of the cost for large projects, while
inequity in the district. from it was that the city anticipated that Newark, N.J., and other destinations in the city is responsible for 20 percent. Un-
the growth from Elite – and possibly oth- 2015, and the airline’s passenger count and der the new designation, the cost split
He recently announced that school ad- er airlines that might come in – would get revenue have steadily increased from year would be 50/50.
ministrators’ annual job performance evalu- to the point that would make this viable,” to year.
ations will take into account how well their City Manager Monte Falls said. “It’s just The new designation could deplete the
departments or schools have progressed or unfortunate that the growth hasn’t been Elite boarded 11,084 passengers in Vero airport’s current fund balance of $3.5 mil-
failed to progress in meeting desegregation in 2018 – a 21.7 percent increase compared lion in a few years, city officials said. 
goals of improving African-American stu-
dent achievement and hiring more black The district also needs to provide more els have remained stagnant in recent years. to evaluate key areas in an effort to solve the
staff members. training and resources to help teachers bet- Another concern is the district’s general fund problems he identified.
ter do their jobs, Moore said. has continued to shrink during the past four
That success or lack of success will be years. Those committees will consist of school
publicly discussed monthly at board meet- Moore said one of his primary concerns employees and residents who will report di-
ings, and prominently displayed on the dis- is that student academic achievement lev- Moore plans to form advisory committees rectly to Moore. 
trict’s website, Moore said.

6 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Repair that valve! This heart issue is serious but fixable

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer but he’s highly knowledgeable about the four
[email protected] valves of the heart – the mitral, the tricuspid,
the pulmonary and the aortic – and that’s a
If your auto dealership or mechanic tells good thing since problems in these delicate
you that your car needs a ‘valve job,’ you’re valves require an expert hand to repair.
probably in for a pricey repair bill.
Symptoms of heart valve disease in-
If your cardiologist tells you your heart clude shortness of breath and/or difficulty
valves aren’t functioning properly, you catching your breath; weakness or dizzi-
could well be in for something even more ness; discomfort in your chest; palpita-
expensive – and much more complex. tions; swelling of your ankles, feet or abdo-
men; and rapid weight gain, according to
Just ask Cleveland Clinic Indian River
Hospital cardiologist Dr. Alan Rosenbaum.
Rosenbaum probably can’t help with the
24 to 32 valves in the average V8 car engine,

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer
[email protected]

Dr. Alan Rosenbaum.


8 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 “Generally we focus on the aortic

If you have some of those symptoms and and mitral valves because those
find that you have a heart valve problem, you
have plenty of company. are the valves that are the most

Today, an estimated 30 million people important in terms of getting
worldwide have heart valve disease – most
of them age 65 or older. blood flow to the rest of our heart.” is building a dam in this river. The beaver
is laying sticks down in the riverbed and
Here in the U.S. 5 million people a year are – Dr. Alan Rosenbaum everything is fine. There’s normal river
diagnosed with heart valve disease. flow. And then one day the beaver lays
At least that’s they do when they’re work- that one stick down on the dam and sud-
As the National Heart, Lung and Blood ing properly. denly there’s a lake effect on the upstream
Institute points out, human heart valves are side of the dam and a trickle effect on the
made of strong yet quite thin flaps of tissue “Normally functioning valves,” says downstream side of the dam. Well, that’s
called leaflets or cusps. Johns Hopkins Medicine, “ensure that exactly what happens in aortic stenosis.”
blood flows with proper force in the proper
These leaflets open to let blood move for- direction at the proper time but in valvular For the record, Rosenbaum is also quick to
ward through your heart during the first half heart disease, the valves become too nar- note that calcification of arteries and valves
of a heartbeat and then close tight to keep row and hardened (stenotic) to open fully can’t be blamed on the milk you added to
blood from flowing backward during the or they are unable to close completely.” your breakfast cereal yesterday morning.
second half of that heartbeat.
“Generally,” says the genial Rosenbaum, “This has nothing to do with the calcium
“we focus on the aortic and mitral valves be- in our diets,” Rosenbaum explains. “That’s
cause those are the valves that are the most a very common question that patients ask:
important in terms of getting blood flow to Should I cut down on the calcium that I take
the rest of our heart. in? And the answer is no.”

“If you have a regurgitant mitral valve, The good news is that most heart valve
that means the mitral valve is not working disease can be effectively treated – often
properly and it’s allowing blood to flow in an without surgery. And if a valve replacement
inappropriate direction during the contrac- procedure should be called for, the Cleve-
tion phase of the cardiac cycle. That valve land Clinic Indian River Hospital’s Welsh
should be closed, and all of the blood should Heart Center is a national leader in heart
be going out the aortic valve, but with mitral valve replacement procedures.
regurgitation blood is flowing backwards
during” the contraction phase of the cardiac “I would talk to your doctor if you notice
cycle, reentering the left atrium. anything unusual,” says Rosenbaum in a re-
assuring tone. “If you know you have a mild
“In terms of stenosis, this is a gradual de- valvular problem and you notice any new
generation of the valve due to calcification. symptoms [including shortness of breath
[As we age], calcium deposits end up in our with exertion, arrhythmias or maybe some
arteries and our arterial walls and in the chest discomfort or swelling in the legs] you
ventricular walls as well as on the valves. A should mention these to your doctor so that
large proportion of the stenotic valves we see we can get working on seeing if your valvu-
are probably aortic stenosis.” lar heart disease has progressed.”

If your eyes are staring to glaze over, Dr. Alan Rosenbaum is a cardiologist with
Rosenbaum is quick to offer a simpler ex- the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital. He
planation. has offices in Vero Beach at 3450 11th Court in
the hospital’s Health & Wellness Building and
“Let’s say you have a river and a beaver in Sebastian at 801 Wellness Way, Suite 203.
The phone number is 772-778-8687. 

Is The One-Stop Location
for All of Your Medical Services
Call for an appointment: 772-567-6340

We are proud to announce the addition of Andrea Kaupas, DO to the
Primary Care of the Treasure Coast family. Dr. Kaupas specializes in caring

for families through chronic diseases, acute illnesses and preventative
care. She also cares for patients with acute injuries.
We offer the following on-site services

CLIA Certified Lab • Bone Density Testing • ACR Certified Ultrasound
X-Ray • Hearing Center • ICAEL Certified

1265 36TH STREET, VERO BEACH, FL 32960

Erol Atamer, MD • Fredrick Baker, MD • Hal Brown, MD • Andrea Kaupas, DO • Collin Kitchell, MD • Richard Penly, MD
Joshua Shipley, MD • Gary Silverman, MD • Arthur Splendoria, MD • Guy Ulrich, MD • Andre Vendryes, MD • Samuel Watkins, MD

Debora Baxa, PA • Laura Hanke, ARNP • Meredith Kitchell, MMS, PA-C • Richard Miller, PA-C


Nancy Baker, MD • Christina Namvar, DO • Mark Sultzman, PA-C, PharmD

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH January 24, 2020 9

5 indoor cycling myths that deserve to be shattered

By Pam Moore resistance and leg speed.”
The Washington Post Nothing enhances your overall comfort

When I started teaching indoor cy- and reduces your risk of injury like a prop-
cling in the early 2000s, my playlists, er bike fit. Arrive early for your first class so
mostly composed of songs I downloaded your instructor can help adjust your bike.
from Napster, were on CDs. While I’m Once your settings are dialed in, jot them
thrilled that technology has advanced down in your phone or snap a photo to
(Spotify! Smartphones!), sadly, the myths avoid going back to square one at your next
surrounding cycling class remain un- workout.
Myth 5. You need special shoes for cy-
Myth 1. Indoor cycling class is only for cling class
hardcore athletes
While wearing bike shoes that clip di-
Indoor cycling is, in fact, the perfect rectly into the pedals allows you to transfer
workout for beginners. It’s non-impact, re- your effort more efficiently to the bike, it’s
quires little to no hand-eye coordination, absolutely not a requirement. There’s noth-
and lets you go at your own pace. ing wrong with wearing sneakers, espe-
cially if you have yet to make cycling class
“Indoor cycling is actually one of the a habit. The stiffer the sole, the better. “Cy-
best activities for exercisers of all shapes, cling shoes are not a prerequisite for a great
sizes and fitness levels,” says national workout,” says Fable.
award-winning fitness instructor Shannon
Fable. Each bike has a resistance dial that That said, you’ll get a lot more out of
you can easily and quickly adjust to make your workout with cycling shoes. Their
your workout “infinitely harder or infinite- extremely stiff soles facilitate an efficient
ly easier,” depending on your fitness and/or power transfer from your foot to the ped-
energy levels. als. That stiffness also protects your feet
from injuries such as plantar fasciitis, ac-
Because all ability levels are welcome, cording to Michael. Fable recommends
explains Marisa Michael, certified cycling investing in cycling shoes if you plan to
instructor and author of “Bike Shorts: Your attend classes consistently two to three
Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling,” you times a week. 
get to experience camaraderie with peo-
ple you wouldn’t necessarily ride with motivating for some, it can be a major turn-
outdoors. It’s true; my Monday lunchtime off for others.
class regulars have included a former
Olympian, a rabbi, a retired aerobics in- Fable recommends taking the leader
structor and a new mom. board “with a grain of salt.” Many leader
boards measure heart rate or power out-
Myth 2. The workout is designed to leave put (wattage) to determine your place, but
you exhausted these metrics alone aren’t always mean-
ingful. “Just because you can get your
Your instructor should create a class heart rate higher than the person next
that allows you to vary your effort, includ- to you does not mean that you are ‘win-
ing easy spinning between hard intervals. ning.’”
Working at your maximum capacity for the
entire class is a recipe for burnout. Also, power measurements may be mis-
leading if they fail to consider your size. Fa-
“Getting a good workout is not depen- ble gives the example of a 115-pound wom-
dent on being breathless the entire time,” an versus a 215-pound man. “Regardless of
Fable says. “Each drill should have a clear her effort level or fitness level, she’ll very
goal (what you will be doing), feeling (what rarely overpower a 215-pound man due
you should be feeling) and time (how long to muscle mass … If you determined the
it will last).” leader board based on power-to-mass ratio,
she’d be in the fight.”
Once you’re clear on these three as-
pects, you can use the resistance dial to Myth 4. It’s a pain in the butt (and the
achieve your desired effort level. If you’re back and knees)
concerned about keeping up, let your in-
structor know beforehand. If the instruc- It’s normal to leave your first few class-
tor doesn’t suggest modifications, such as es with a sore derriere, but that should
shortening hard efforts or dialing back the subside after three to five classes, ac-
intensity, there’s nothing wrong with do- cording to Fable. At that point, coming to
ing so on your own. class a minimum of once a week is usually
enough to keep the discomfort at bay.
Myth 3. You’re competing against the
rest of the class That said, most regulars invest in pad-
ded bike shorts to maximize comfort. A
Your biggest competition is yourself – if gel seat cover can also be a quick fix. If all
you choose to compete at all. To measure else fails, you can always pedal out of the
your own progress, note whether your met- saddle. “Please don’t let an instructor tell
rics (such as heart rate, distance, speed and you standing is the ‘advanced’ move and
wattage) are changing and whether you feel only to do it if you’re comfortable,” Fable
the workout is getting easier. warns. “It’s actually a perfectly safe move
and easy for anyone to do with the right
What if your studio uses a leader board?
This technology displays every rider’s stats
for the whole class to see. While it can be

10 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR


By Fred Cicetti | Columnist Not all older people notice the reality shoes: • Consider thick soles to cushion your
that their feet have been getting bigger. A • The uppers on shoes should be made feet if you have to walk on hard pavement.
Q. Over the years, I’ve been buying larg- study of senior patients at a U.S. Depart- This is an important consideration if you
er shoes. Could it be that my feet are getting ment of Veterans Affairs hospital found of a soft material that can match the shape are visiting countries such as Italy, which
bigger, or is it that I’ve gradually begun to that three quarters of them were wearing of your foot. has many cobblestone streets.
prefer shoes with more room in them? shoes that were too small.
• Leather shoes reduce the possibility of • Opt for low heels. They are more com-
Feet do get bigger over decades of Properly fitted shoes are important to skin irritations. fortable and safer.
pounding. Some people over the age of 40 the health of your feet. The following are
can gain half a shoe size every 10 years. I some pointers to remember when buying • If you buy new shoes with leather soles, * The best time to measure your feet is
know my feet are larger than they used to rough up the surfaces before walking, es- at the end of the day when your feet are
be. I’ve gone from a 10 ½ shoe when I was pecially on carpet. largest.
a young adult, to a 12 in my geezer years.
• Most of us have one foot that is larg-
The foot is a complicated machine. It er than the other, so fit your shoe to your
contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more larger foot.
than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments.
• Don’t select shoes by the size marked
Feet flatten out because the supporting inside the shoe but by how the shoe fits
tendons and ligaments lose their elastic- your foot.
ity. As the tendon along the length of the
sole elongates, the arch lowers. This con- • When fitting shoes, make sure there is
dition contributes to bunions, which are about a half-inch extra space for your lon-
inflamed swellings of the small fluid-filled gest toe when you are standing.
sacs on the first joints of the big toes.
• Make sure the ball of your foot fits
Another reason feet enlarge is that the comfortably into the widest part of the
force of your weight thins the fat pads shoe.
cushioning the bottom of the feet. The loss
of padding can cause corns and calluses, • Your heel should fit comfortably in the
which are protective layers of compacted, shoe with a minimum amount of slipping.
dead skin cells. Thinner pads also lead to The shoes should not ride up and down on
soreness. your heel when you walk.

• Walk in the shoes to make sure they fit
and feel right. Then take them home and
spend some time walking on carpet to
make sure the fit is a good one. 

Own a slice of ‘heaven’ with
this Indian River Farms home

6350 37th St. in Indian River Farms: 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2,388-square-foot home
offered for $535,000 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services listing agent Michelle Clarke: 772-231-1270

12 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Own a slice of ‘heaven’ with this Indian River Farms home

By Debbie Carson | Staff Writer The Simses bought the house about 15 space under the stairs was converted to
[email protected] years ago and raised their two sons here, storage space for David’s CD collection
both of whom who are now off to college and a private space for Chelle. Buster pre-
Stepping into the Sims house in Indian and starting their own lives. fers to slumber on the sofa or on any of the
River Farms feels like taking a step back doggie beds tucked around the house.
into history. The two-story country cottage The front door opens into the main liv-
offers a glimpse into what life must have ing space, a large family room at the base Beyond the living room is the formal din-
been like in the mid-1930s – though it has of the stairs that lead to the second floor. ing room, which connects to the large eat-in
plenty of updates, including two air condi- kitchen. The kitchen features a bar along the
tioning systems. What might have otherwise been dead

The 2,388-square-foot house sits on a FEATURES FOR 6350 37TH ST.
nearly 5-acre fenced lot on 37th Street, just
east of 66th Avenue. It has the feel of be- Neighborhood: Indian River Farms
ing in the middle of nowhere yet is just a Lot size: 4.96 acres • Size: 2,388 square feet
couple-minute drive to city amenities – in- Construction: Wood frame with HardiePlank siding
cluding shopping and dining. Year built: 1935 • Bedrooms: 3 • Bathrooms: 2
Additional features: Nearly 5-acre fenced lot with historic
“It’s heaven, isn’t it?” David Sims said while country cottage built in 1935; solid Southern Pine wood floors;
surveying the property as his two big pooch- unique architectural angles; ground floor master with 2 bed-
es – Maggie and Buster – sniffed around. rooms on second floor; deep pond; lush landscaping; split 3-car
garage with extra space; country feel with city amenities nearby.
While the size of the land drew David to Listing agency: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
the property, Michelle Sims was drawn to Listing agent: Michelle Clark, 772-231-1270
the history and look of the house.
Listing price: $535,000
“It reminded me of the Waltons’ home,”
Chelle Sims said, referring to the beloved TV
show. When she saw original Southern Flor-
ida pine floors throughout and the unique
angles on the second floor, she was in love.

Only the flooring at the entry and adja-
cent sitting space have been redone with
new wood – still locally sourced Southern
Pine from a “kit house,” David said. “It was
cool to get.”


Looking for a safe, great and affordable 55+ community
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Look no further, Beach Cove Sebastian has all this and
more. Voted "Best of Sebastian" for 6 years in a row, this
land-leased over 55 community is Florida's best kept
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"Green" eco-friendly and hurricane resistant. Best part -
it's a place where neighbors are friends!

New model home featuring an
open floor plan, 2 bedrooms,
den, 2 baths and a spacious
Florida porch. Why wait until
the snow flies to enjoy this
amazing home located in
“paradise”. Only $159,000!
TO ONLY $148,000!

This beautiful model home
features spacious living with
cathedral ceilings throughout.
Upgrades include vinyl plank
flooring. 2 bedrooms, den, 2
baths and a full front Florida

porch. Only $124,900!

TO ONLY $121,900!

(772) 581-0080 • 6200 99th Street • Sebastian, Florida 32958


Live Everyday In Paradise — You’ve Earned It!

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E January 24, 2020 13

sink, making for a comfortable conversing the boys could perfect their cannonball tech- tentedly in the pond for a while. There outside” and they’d be gone for hours.
space when hosting gatherings. The eat-in nique and cool off in the heat of summer. have also been hawks from time to time, “I couldn’t think of a better place to live
space looks out onto the expansive yard, and ducks when the hawks weren’t in the
while also serving as a staging area for laun- Being on such a large lot in the coun- neighborhood. at the time,” she added.
dry. The washer and dryer remain hidden try, they were often treated to the sights Listing agent Michelle Clarke is hosting
behind closet doors near the kitchen. of wildlife, including a bobcat, flying “It was great for the kids growing up,”
squirrels, and even otters – who lived con- Chelle said. All she’d have to do is say “go an open house from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on
Off the entry, across from the living Sunday, Jan. 26. 
room, is the master bedroom. The bath-
room has been remodeled and expanded
to give occupants more room to maneuver.

Just down the hall from the bath is the
walk-in master closet and the bedroom.
The interior wall is lined with built-ins
made of pecky cypress, a type of lumber
known for its elongated holes and unique
texture caused by a fungus.

“The house has so much character,”
said listing agent Michelle Clarke, of Berk-
shire Hathaway Home Services. The house

remains true to its original construction
with the addition of a two-car garage on
one side of the house and a one-car ga-
rage added on the other side. A back pa-
tio, where the eat-in area of the kitchen
stands, was added. “Privacy is key,” Clarke
said, noting that the house feels miles
away from the hustle and bustle of the
city, but is “still so close to reality.”

David said he feels conflicted about selling
the house, explaining that he loves the size of
the property – but without the boys at home,
it’s just too big. He also wants to move to the
Gainesville area, where both his boys are.

“It’s been fun living here,” he said, and
Chelle agreed. They often hosted back-
yard barbecues. The boys and their friends
spent their days outside, building forts,
competing in a host of ball games, playing
tag, even camping of the property.

The deep pond served as a place where

14 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



An uptick in mainland real estate activity last week saw 33 single-family residences and lots
change hands (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom courtyard
pool home at 2135 Falls Circle – first listed in October 2018 for $550,000 – sold on Jan. 14 for
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Mike Thorpe of ONE Sotheby’s International
Realty. Representing the buyer was agent Patty Valdes of Alex MacWilliam, Inc.


VERO BEACH 2135 FALLS CIR 10/3/2018 $550,000 1/14/2020 $502,500
VERO BEACH 7245 18TH ST 9/16/2019 $565,000 1/15/2020 $441,000
VERO BEACH 4395 2ND CIR 11/24/2019 $449,000 1/14/2020 $435,000
VERO BEACH 4823 ASHLEY LAKES CIR 9/23/2019 $440,000 1/17/2020 $410,000
SEBASTIAN 5964 RIVER RUN DR UNIT#5964 2/16/2018 $425,000 1/15/2020 $398,000
VERO BEACH 7619 S VILLAGE SQ 7/1/2019 $432,900 1/13/2020 $369,000
SEBASTIAN 1001 GENESEE AVE 11/4/2019 $389,900 1/15/2020 $325,000
VERO BEACH 4465 11TH PL SW 10/23/2019 $329,900 1/14/2020 $290,000
VERO BEACH 6057 RIDGE LAKE CIR 6/18/2019 $330,000 1/17/2020 $285,000
VERO BEACH 504 10TH CT 11/21/2019 $289,900 1/15/2020 $285,000
SEBASTIAN 585 JOY HAVEN DR 11/22/2019 $290,000 1/15/2020 $258,000
SEBASTIAN 24 SUNSET DR 4/28/2019 $289,000 1/13/2020 $249,000
VERO BEACH 2985 59TH AVE 7/25/2019 $349,000 1/15/2020 $236,000
SEBASTIAN 683 COLLIER LAKE CIR 3/8/2019 $250,000 1/14/2020

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E January 24, 2020 15


7245 18th St, Vero Beach 4395 2nd Cir, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 9/16/2019 Listing Date: 11/24/2019
Original Price: $565,000 Original Price: $449,000
Sold: 1/15/2020 Sold: 1/14/2020
Selling Price: $502,500 Selling Price: $441,000
Listing Agent: Kelly Fischer Listing Agent: T.P. Kennedy

Selling Agent: ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty Selling Agent: Proctor Kennedy Properties LLC

Kelly Fischer T.P. Kennedy

ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty Proctor Kennedy Properties LLC

4823 Ashley Lakes Cir, Vero Beach 5964 River Run Dr Unit #5964, Sebastian

Listing Date: 9/23/2019 Listing Date: 2/16/2018
Original Price: $440,000 Original Price: $425,000
Sold: 1/17/2020 Sold: 1/15/2020
Selling Price: $435,000 Selling Price: $410,000
Listing Agent: Cheryl Burge Listing Agent: Troy Westover

Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.

Jim Fisher Troy Westover

Keller Williams Realty Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.

Vitalia at Tradition Final
Phase of New Homes


Why wait to enjoy the resort-inspired lifestyle you’ve always
wanted? The amenities at Vitalia at Tradition are ready now and
absolutely fabulous. Escape big city congestion and find your
fun in the sun for less in Port St. Lucie, FL today.

The Vitalia Advantage

Natural beauty and a vacation-themed
ambiance are just the beginning. Walk,
bike or cruise in your golf cart. It’s all in
the neighborhood. We’ll meet you at the
Tiki Hut!

• Lakefront Captiva Club with state-of-
the-art social, recreational and fitness

• Sparkling heated pool
• Extra-large putting green
• Tennis, pickleball and Bocce courts
• Event lawn + fire pits
The final phase of homes remain.
Homesites are situated close to the
clubhouse. Call 877-889-7055 now to
schedule your personal viewing.

Act fast for the best selection. | 877-889-7055

All information (including, but not limited to prices, views, availability, school assignments and ratings, incentives, floor plans, elevations, site plans,
features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists’ renderings and community development
plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change, availability or delay without notice. Any community improvements, recreational features and
amenities described are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change and under no obligation to be completed. Maps and plans
are not to scale, are not intended to show specific detailing and all dimensions are approximate. Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and
options. Community Association or other fees may be required. This communication is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any
jurisdiction and in such cases our communications may be limited by the laws of your state. Please see a Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager
or Internet Home Consultant for details and visit for additional disclaimers. For NJ prospective buyers: This advertisement is
a solicitation for the sale of homes in Vitalia at Tradition: N.J. Reg. No. 13-04-0002. For our NY prospective buyers: THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS
ARE IN AN OFFERING PLAN AVAILABLE FROM THE SPONSOR. FILE NO. H130003. For our Age Qualified Communities only: At least one resident
of household must be 55 or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55 in limited circumstances. For minimum
age requirements for permanent residents in a specific community, please see Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager for complete details. Taylor
Morrison of Florida, Inc. CBC1257462; Royal Oak Homes, LLC CBC035126; Avatar Properties, Inc., d/b/a AV Homes CBC1254089.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH January 24, 2020 B1


Coming Up Clyde Butcher’s ‘Aquatic Preserves’
captivates at ELC PAGE B2
By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent

Music lovers will feel like they’ve
stepped into heaven this week.
You’ve got quite the selection – from
classical to jazz to pops.

1 It starts this Friday, Jan. 24,
with the sound and fury of
the Siberian State Symphony Or-
chestra performing a Rachmani-
noff concerto performed by the
award-winning Yury Favorin.
One of those awards came from
the Van Cliburn Competition. OK,
that’s pretty impressive. Maestro
Vladimir Lande conducts. Also on
the program are electrifying works
by Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky.
Tickets are $90. The concert be-
gins 7:30 p.m. at the Community
Church of Vero Beach, 1901 23rd St.
Call 772-778-1070 or visit IRSym-

2 Catch your breath this Sun-
day, Jan. 26, with some exqui-
site chamber music presented by


B2 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Clyde Butcher’s ‘Aquatic Preserves’ captivates at ELC

By Kerry Firth | Correspondent PHOTOS: KAILA JONES
[email protected]

Often referred to as Florida’s Ansel Ad-
ams, Clyde Butcher is legendary for his
ability to capture the essence of Florida
landscapes with his large-scale, black-and-
white photography. Butcher’s works also
highlight the spiritual side of nature from
some of its more remote locations.

A lesser-known collection of his photo-
graphs, “Florida Aquatic Preserves,” is on
display through Feb. 28 at the Environmen-
tal Learning Center.

Butcher had donated the collection of
29 photos, taken in the aquatic preserves
that dot the Florida coastline, to the De-
partment of Environmental Protection
many years ago, where it remained hid-
den away in storage. It was only recently
recovered for display.

“We are so fortunate to have been loaned
this exhibit,” says Barbara Schlitt Ford, ELC
executive director.

It was during an eco-talk presentation at
the ELC by Emily Dark of the Florida DEP of-
fice of Reliance and Coastal Protection, that
Dark mentioned the rediscovered photos.

“Afterwards, I asked her if we might be
able to acquire them to show at our cam-
pus, since it aligned perfectly with our mis-

MusicWorks and Paris Productions




The Emerson Center · 1590 27th Avenue, Vero Beach

Doors Open at 6 pm, Seating at 6:30 pm

Tickets: (800) 595-4849

PRESENTING SPONSORS: Cindy O’Dare & Fenia Hiaasen

NON-PROFIT PARTNER: VNA and Hospice Foundation


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE January 24, 2020 B3

sion to educate, inspire and empower all the finest of which have been set aside for The collection on display is a visual island protruding from the sea is shown in
people to be active stewards of the environ- protection under the Aquatic Preserve Act journey through those preserves, from the sharp contrast to the dense jungle canopy
ment and their own well-being,” says Ford. enacted in 1975. This has ensured that the twisted cypress trees of the Wekiva River, of an Everglades swamp. And Butcher has
She said yes, and now they are here. This is aesthetic, biological and scientific values of to the windswept beaches of Cayo Costa captured a mirror reflection of clouds on
the first time these photos have ever been these coastal landscapes will provide wild- and the swaying grasses beneath the crys- Charlotte Harbor with such perfection that
displayed in this area.” life habitats, as well as recreational and cul- tal-clear waters of Rainbow Springs. it is possible to hang the photograph upside
tural values for many generations. down and it will still look the same.
Florida is home to 41 aquatic preserves, The stark solitude of a lone mangrove
From the sandy dunes of St. Joseph Bay
to the untamed wilderness of the Sebastian
River Buffer Preserve, Butcher’s photos en-
capsulate the unique diversity and gran-
deur of Florida’s indigenous landscape.

The collection is captivating in its size
and magnitude, easily illustrating the


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B4 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 where the aquatic preserves are,” Butcher
explains in a telephone interview from his
reason Butcher is ranked as one of the home in Venice, on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
foremost landscape photographers in
America today. “These are protected watersheds, and as
aesthetically beautiful as they are, they are
Like all of his work, the photos are shot scientifically crucial to the preservation of
in a large camera format to capture the clean water. We all have to do more to pre-
enormity of the scenes. Butcher prefers to serve our environment.
use the largest film possible to portray the
entirety of the vista and to enable viewers “If Florida is to survive in the future, we
to feel as if they are walking into the scene. have to be careful about how much devel-
opment we allow on the water’s edge, where
An avid conservationist, Butcher feels it destroys our estuaries. But this is not just a
compelled to educate the public through Florida issue. The world is round, and what
his documentaries and photography. He everyone in every country is doing makes a
selected the 29 photos of the ‘Living Wa- worldwide impact. Unless we look at the big
ters’ exhibit to complement a PBS film picture and what everyone is doing in every
series he had completed on the fragility of part of the world, we are going to lose our
Florida’s ecosystems. precious resources.”

“So many people have no idea what and

Although trained in architectural de- Today, with the Myakka River State Park
sign, it was during a visit to an Ansel Adams almost in his backyard, Butcher continues
photography exhibit at Yosemite National to spend his days capturing the beauty of
Park with wife Niki, that Butcher first dis- the vast expanse of unspoiled wetlands,
covered his true calling. He initially began prairies and hammocks.
selling his black-and-white photographs at
art festivals, and later founded Eye Encoun- The “Florida Aquatic Preserves” exhib-
ter, selling his works to department stores it, on display through the end of February,
as wall décor. is included in the cost of admission to the
ELC. For more information, visit Discov-
When the stress of what developed into 
a multimillion-dollar business became
too much, he sold it and moved his fam-
ily to Florida. There, a whole new world
– one filled with swamps and backwaters –
opened up to him.

Butcher sets about capturing moments
in time, often sitting for hours or days at a
time until nature dictates the right instant
to shoot. Portraying that precise moment
when light, shadows and landscape com-
bine in perfect harmony is his legacy.

“It’s all about patience and persistence,”
says Butcher. “I do a lot of thinking while I’m
waiting for the perfect light. Nature is where
I find solace in this ever-changing world.”

The primeval beauty of the Everglades is
so extraordinary that Butcher once said the
he has sometimes been asked what country
he had been in when he took the photos.
That helped reinforce to him the impor-
tance of educating the populace about Flor-
ida’s diverse native habitat.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE January 24, 2020 B5

4 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra at Vero Beach High School Performing Arts Center this Sunday.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 7 Live theater will also help fill up your 772-562-8300 or visit VeroBeachTheatre-
schedule. Both Riverside Theatre and Riverside Theatre, meanwhile,
the Atlantic Classical Orchestra. Small mu- 5 The Annual Big Band Jazz Concert will the Vero Beach Theatre Guild have shows on has on its mainstage a truly delightful musi-
sical ensembles will perform lovely works showcase jazz bands from Vero Beach their boards right now, and they’re certain- cal, “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” It’s peppy,
by Debussy, Takemitzu, Piazzolla and Por- High School and those from Oslo, Gifford ly designed to entertain. “Always a Brides- fun and wonderfully choreographed. Tick-
ter. Tickets are $35 and are sold out, but and Storm Grove middle schools. It begins maid” runs through this Sunday at the Vero ets start at $35. For just pure fun and wacky
there’s always a chance you can score a 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 27, at the Vero Beach Beach Theatre Guild, 2020 San Juan Ave. comedy, consider “The 39 Steps,” which just
ticket if you go there in person. The cham- High School Performing Arts Center, 1707 This comedy is so popular, its three play- opened and runs through Feb. 9 in River-
ber music concert begins 3 p.m. at the Vero 16th St. Call 772-564-5537 or visit IndianRiv- wrights could almost retire … almost. It side’s smaller Waxlax Stage. Tickets for that
Beach Museum of Art, 3001 Riverside Dr. You can also email VBH- revolves, in part, around four women who are $65. There are student discounts. Riv-
Call 772-460-0851 or visit AtlanticClassi- [email protected]. have been friends since high school and erside is at 3250 Riverside Dr. Call 772-231- promised to be at each of their weddings. 6990 or visit
6 Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits will No matter how many. The show performs
3 There’s more: Mix music with art in this perform 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 23, Friday, Jan. 24, 8 Riverside Theatre for Kids will hold au-
Sunday evening at the First Presbyte- the Emerson Center, 1590 27th Ave., Vero and 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, ditions 4 p.m. this Friday for its “Beat
rian Church of Vero Beach, 520 Royal Palm Beach. Tickets start at $40. Call 800-595- Jan. 26. Tickets range from $15 to $30. Call Bugs JV” theater program. There is no cost
Blvd. A special art exhibit opens 5 p.m. The 4849 or visit to audition. However, there is a cost, $250,
concert begins 6 p.m. Admission is a suggest- to attend the program, if invited to do so. For
ed donation of $10. Call 772-562-9088. 6 Peter Noone at Emerson Center more information, call the theater’s educa-
Wednesday. tion office at 772-234-0852.
4 For something decidedly different,
take in the “Hooray for Hollywood” 9 The Holy Cross Catholic Church will
concert when the Space Coast Symphony present its first ever art exhibition this
Orchestra performs movie music live with weekend. There will be a wide range of artists
film clips. Music includes compositions as well as a wide range of art styles. To get an
from “Indiana Jones,” “The Magnificent idea of the art on view, visit HolyCrossVeroBe-
Seven,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Titanic” and click onto the “Parish Activities”
and much, much more. The concert be- menu. The opening reception is scheduled
gins 3 p.m. this Sunday at Vero Beach High for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Friday. The show runs
School Performing Arts Center, 1707 16th through Sunday, Jan. 26. The church is at 500
St. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at Iris Lane, Vero Beach. Call 772-231-0671. 
the door. Call 855-252-7276 or visit Space-


1. Naked Came the Florida 1. The Blue Zones Kitchens 1. Dog Man: Fetch-22

2. Hunter Killer 2. The Lost Continent (Wings of
2. Tell Me a Story
3. The Dutch House
BY ANN PATCHETT 4. The Winter Army
4. Wrecking Ball (Diary of a
5. A Minute to Midnight
5. Sam Houston & the Alamo 5. The Serious Goose
JOSEPH FINDER 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |
presents DEAR MARY
HOUSE ON FIRE Letters Home from the 10th
Mountain Division 1944-1945
A Novel
Dutton Books Mon., January 27th at 4 pm

Fri., January 24th at 5 pm

B6 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

‘Art by the Sea’ attracts waves of appreciative aficionados

Pamela Coker with Mary and Greg Ingerson. Sherry Haaland, Judy Rixom and Fran Devitt. Charles Kaune took top honors
at the 32nd annual Art by the Sea
Exhibition, presented by the Vero
Beach Art Club last weekend at
the Vero Beach Museum of Art, re-
ceiving the Mary Mazur Award for
Best of Show for his pastel work,
‘Portrait Study for Ali.’ Each of 222
artists, members of the Art Club,
the museum or both, exhibited
one original piece, with awards
determined by an independent
judge. Artists donate a percentage
of sales from the show to support
the club’s educational outreach
programs, scholarships to high
school seniors and art supplies to
budding artists in elementary and
middle schools. 

Becky and Charlie Kaune. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE Marian Gremillot, Gerry Earley and Jean Mabee. Don and Liz Brasher.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING January 24, 2020 B7

The Tides: Premier restaurant continues to raise the bar

By Tina Rondeau | Columnist On a vis- times each night to make sure we were en- Pan Seared Potato Crusted Grouper.
[email protected] it with friends joying our dishes.
a couple of weeks PHOTOS: KAILA JONES
Over the course of two decades, we’ve earlier, our appetizers con- Dinner for two with a modest bottle of
seen a number of good restaurants come sisted of the lobster bisque ($14 wine, if you have dessert, will run approx- Calamari.
and go. and superb), the fried cala- imately $160 to $180 before tip.
mari ($16), ceviche ($17) The Tides is Vero’s
They appear on the Vero restaurant and crab cakes ($18). This venerable restaurant best restaurant.
scene, explode in popularity like a dining For entrées, we en- on Cardinal Drive has been a I welcome your comments, and encour-
supernova, then fade or vanish entirely. joyed the salmon beachside dining favorite for many age you to send feedback to me at Tina@Ver-
($30), swordfish
But one restaurant just keeps getting bet- ($38 and always years. After two decades, it is The reviewer dines anonymously at
ter, year after year. And as it approaches its excellent here), time to say it flat out: restaurants at the expense of Vero Beach
20th anniversary in April, The Tides has be- grouper ($38 and 32963. 
come the brightest star in the Vero dining ditto) and penne
constellation. pasta ($22).

The stellar force that holds it there is While the dish-
chef/owner Leanne Kelleher, who six nights es at The Tides are
a week is in the kitchen, making sure that consistently wonderful,
her restaurant – every night – is at the top much of this restaurant’s
of its game. success has to do with making
patrons feel like family.
While some of her Floridian and New
American dishes have been on the menu for On both recent visits, we were well
years, chef Kelleher is constantly tweaking taken care of by a very personable serv-
their preparation, bringing exciting new er, Marc, and über-host Claudia Arens,
tastes and textures to her many fans.
who directs the dining room staff,
An example can be found in one of my dropped by our ta-
husband’s favorite dishes, the fresh pom- ble several

When my husband first fell in love with
it at The Tides some years back, the fresh
pompano filets were egg washed and pan
sautéed, served with a lobster beurre blanc
sauce and topped with roasted corn relish.
A wonderful, simple preparation.

On our most recent visit last week, how-
ever, my husband’s pompano ($36) was
almond crusted, served over a butternut
squash ginger sauce, and topped by roasted
tomatoes. A very successful updating.

But I get ahead of myself. For appetizers
on last week’s visit, my husband decided to
start with the sea scallops ($18), and I went
for the mussels ($18).

While the perfectly seared sea scallops
were delicious, the heaping bowl of mussels
brought to the table was
positively decadent.
Steamed in garlic,
white wine and
butter, the

mussels Swordfish. Hours:
were tender Nightly from 4:30 p.m.
and juicy – and the
sauce was to-die-for. Beverages: Full Bar

My halibut entrée was also Address:
excellent, lightly sautéed, served over 3103 Cardinal Drive
roasted red bliss potatoes with a lemon dill
sauce, and finished with an olive relish and Phone: 772-234-3966
a couple of crispy bay scallops.

B8 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | WINE

Try something new: Explore lesser-known wines and regions

Chateau Montelena.

By Dave McIntyre Carruades de Lafite, has ridden the coat- by single-vineyard bottlings from Garys’ towns in Tuscany. Montepulciano is not to
The Washington Post tails of the winery’s first growth wine into Vineyard and Rosella’s Vineyard, will be confused with the grape of that name
the triple digits, costing nearly $250 a bot- give you a good view of Central Califor- grown in the province of Abruzzo.)
Looking to up your wine game with- tle for futures of the 2018 vintage. nia terroir.
out draining your bank account? The Sauvignon blanc fans know Sancerre as
benchmark classic wines – Bordeaux first But Domaine de Chevalier, a grand For Oregon pinot, my favorite wineries the preeminent appellation for the grape
growths, Burgundy’s grands crus, Italy’s cru producer in Bordeaux’s Graves Pes- are too numerous to list. Brooks Winery, in France’s Loire Valley. Several other ap-
top barolos and “super Tuscans,” Napa’s sac-Leognan appellation costing about Domaine Drouhin, Eyrie and J. Christopher pellations, including Quincy and Pouil-
cult cabernets – are priced in the strato- $80, produces a second wine called L’Esprit make a good start. Look for a Willamette ly-Fuissé, offer great value for less. And
sphere. de Chevalier for about $30 and a delightful Valley appellation wine, then explore wines wines labeled with the wider appellation,
red wine called La Petite Lune that costs from the valley’s sub-appellations, such as Touraine, can be delicious for about half
You need to have a fortune, or be fortunate about $15. These would be a great start on Eola-Amity Hills, Dundee Hills and Yam- the price of most from Sancerre.
enough to have a rich and generous wine an exploration of the wines of Bordeaux. hill-Carlton.
mentor, to experience these wines. Even the (Chevalier makes great white wines, too.) My third strategy for value is to look
top wines from other areas can set you back This approach works slightly different- for producers from famous regions who
a pretty penny. Second, focus on appellations, starting ly with imported wines. Brunello di Mon- have branched out with vineyards in less
from a larger region and working your way talcino may be the ultimate expression of famous areas. Chablis producer Famille
But there are ways to experience the char- to smaller districts. Want to explore Napa Tuscan sangiovese, but it starts around Brocard makes an outstanding chardon-
acter, and even a sense of the thrill these cabernet sauvignon? Chateau Montelena, $50 a bottle and can range into the triple nay from just outside the boundaries of
wines can give, without defaulting on your a venerable estate, makes a Napa Valley digits for top wines. Look for its sibling, Chablis, carrying the rather plain desig-
mortgage. Here are three strategies that will cabernet that sells for about $50. The es- Rosso di Montalcino, at about $30. nation of Vin de France. Even after a price
require some time and research, and cer- tate cabernet, from the winery’s vineyards hike from recent U.S. tariffs, it’s still a bar-
tainly your attention, with a modest invest- near Calistoga in northern Napa Valley, Rossos are usually made from grapes gain at $15.
ment – but not a fortune. costs up to three times that. grown on younger vines, and they are not
aged as long as brunellos. But they are These wines may not stand out on a re-
First, look for second labels of the great Pinot noir is notable for expressing the often delicious, packing a lot of value for tail shelf amid the pretty labels with vari-
wines. Barrels of wine that don’t make the flavor of the place where it’s grown, and their price. And once you explore rosso di ous critters. Investing in a good wine ref-
cut for the top cuvée are still delicious, winemakers love exploring these nuanc- Montalcino, branch out to rosso di Mon- erence, such as the “World Atlas of Wine,”
and they often get blended into a “second es. Siduri winery makes a wide variety of tepulciano, the younger version of vino will aid your research. But your best ally is
label.” pinots from California and Oregon. Its nobile di Montepulciano. (Montalcino and an independent wine retailer. They’ve al-
Santa Lucia Highlands wine, followed Montepulciano are both traditional hill ready done the hard work. 
Admittedly, they can still be pricey.
Chateau Lafite Rothschild’s second wine,

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING January 24, 2020 B9

Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

Complementary bottle of house wine with two entrées between 5:00pm & 5:45pm

Zagat Rated A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant
2013 - 2017
Wine Spectator Award The Best Food In South County!
2002 – 2017
(772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days 2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Vero Beach Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL On the NW corner of Oslo & 27th Ave
A few doors east of Winn Dixie
reservations strongly suggested

Mon -Sat from 5pm 2EaErlny55NrD-%eig5Coh:i3nffht0ilenypgm!
(772) 226-7870

PrimeDSrSytee-Aaagkfoseod&d faFveoAarvtiutaernisnzfgarroem Wmoev’evde!

2023 14th Ave.
Downtown Vero

B10 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

experience the costa vibe...

daily happy hour mojito monday rhythm & waves

1/2 off appetizers $8 specialty mojitos fri & sat | 8 - 11 pm
$4 draft beer live entertainment
$5 house wine taco tuesday $10 speciality martinis
$5 house wine & $4 draft beer
$6 house cocktails $6 margaritas light bites & sweets
$4 tacos
4 - 6 pm

early-bird dinner wednesday steak night sunday brunch

sunday - thursday a la carte a la carte brunch menu
5 - 6 PM specialty steak menu 11:30 am - 3 pm
endless cocktails
two courses thursday paella night $18 mimosas
$20 per person $22 bloody marys
selection of paella dishes

call 772.410.0100 for more information or visit 

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm TUESDAY - THURSDAY
Excellence 4 - 5:30PM


enu Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market SALADS, PASTA, VEAL,
Special • available from 5pm-6pm AND DESSERTS
$16 Entrees
Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees
Hours TUE - FRI
BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Mon. - Sat. 5pm - 9pm
SAT & SUN 4-9
772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •
56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING January 24, 2020 B11




Tues.-Sat. 11:30 AM- 9 PM
Sunday 4 - 8 • Closed Mondays WEDNESDAY

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 MAINE•LO•B•STE•R NIGHT
ALL U CAN EAT • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available TUES - FISH FRY

B12 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz sings praises of Sam and his pet siblings

Foster Failure, anna Total Daddy’s “I can relate to that,” I mumbled,
Grrrl; an Tebow, he’s a Lab. His full
Hi Dog Buddies! name is Woodrow Augustus Te- bein’ a bread fan myself.
bow Odom (cuz Daddy likes that
Sam Odom’s a good-lookin’ pooch: a football guy). So, where should I “She doesn’t get tubby, though,” Sam
mix who looks like he got the best parts of start?”
a Collie, some Heeler thrown in, a dash of continued, “cuz she LOVES Fetch. She
Pointer, an even a Papillon (cuzza his big “Tell as much of your past as
beautiful, budderfly-wing ears). But Sam you wanna share, an what life’s like can fetch till she falls over in a heap.
almost didn’t make it past his puppyhood, now, stuff like that.”
an he’s still very timid. “Then there’s Tebow, our goofy,
Sam stepped into a little nap-
When Sam’s door opened, there were pad on the floor next to the liddle ram-BUNK-shush liddle brother, he’s
two pooches on the padio, paws on the grrrl, did that Turning-in-Circles
sliders, waggin’ and woofin’ to beat the Thing, plopped down, an began. 2. He was born on Christmas, just af-
band. A lady anna liddle grrrl greeted us;
peeping around from behind ’em was this “My puppyhood’s a ter we moved from Mississippi. Mom-
long-leggedy pooch, lookin’ like he was liddle blurry. I was born
ready to flee at any second (till the liddle in Mississippi, which is my helped our neighbor duh-liver his
grrrl kneeled down and started givin’ him somewhere up that way.”
pats). I knew it was Sam. (He pointed.) “I remem- litter: 5 grrrls an Tebow. He was last
ber me an another puppy
“Good afternoon,” I said, sotto voce. runnin’ in the streets, to- Sam to appear, an Mommy couldn’t resist.
“I’m Bonzo, an this is my assistant. We are tally lost. (There’s a really To tell the truth, I pretty much
so happy you could make time for an in- bad Stray Problem in Mis- raised those two. Even though
nerview. You must be Sam.” sissippi.) Then somebody
grabbed me an tied me to a stop sign. I I’m a low-key, inside sorta pooch,
He looked at me timidly. Then at the lid- don’t know how long I was there but some
dle grrrl. Then back at me. Then at the lady. humans were throwin’ stuff at me as they I am the Alpha. Just don’t tell Sis-
After they assured him I was OK, Sam ap- drove by. I was very scared.”
proached for the wag-an-sniff, an inspect- ter.” He grinned.
ed my assistant’s shoes. “Oh, for Lassie’s Sake, Sam,” I said. I was
uh-PALLED. How can humans DO that “My lips are sealed,” I assured
“I am. Please don’t be offended. Even stuff?
though I’m 7 now, I am still very app-ree- him.
HEN-sive about new humans. Or fellow “Well,” Sam continued. “I didn’t know
pets. It’s cuzza some Unfortunate Events it, but a nice lady had heard about my sit- Natalie rose, exited, then re-
when I was a pupster. Here, let’s go sit chew-A-shun and came to get me. By then
down.” I had got loose from the stop sign, but me PHOTOS: KAILA JONES turned with something that re-
an my fren were Totally Freaked Out, cuz sembled a furry white Twinky on
As we passed the patio doors, he turned our experience with humans so far had not
an addressed the still waggin’ an woof- been good. To say the least. So, when the already another animal …” her shoulder. “This is Faith Paris Odum,”
in’ duo, in a Very Large, Not-Timid voice, lady tried to catch us, we took off an hid in
“Hey! Pooches! Knock it off!” the woods. She tried this several times an Sam was innerupted when, from behind Sam said. “She’s a HAM-ster. She doesn’t
finally I was too pooped to outrun her.
They both immediately did. a chair, there appeared a big, fluffy gold cat, speak much Dog.”
“Well, that’s interesting,” I thought to “I thought I was Toast for sure, but the
myself. lady wasn’t mean. She was the first kind who said, “That would be me! I’m Buddy, Faith Paris had teensy pink ears and
“This is my Mommy, Emily, an my Dad- human I ever met. She took care of me an
dy, Wayne. An this (the liddle grrrl) is my put me on something called Pet Finder: I King of the House. I taught this Silly Pooch bright black eyes, which were currently
BFF Natalie. We unnerstand each other don’t understand zackly what that is, but
cuz we went through similar stuff, so we’re that’s when my life Totally Changed, cuz everything he knows, including who’s boss. gazing at me, unblinking. Un-versed as I
both rescues, inna way. Those two goof- that’s how Mommy an Daddy found me an
balls on the padio are Sister, she’s a pit mix became my Forever Famly. That’s Buddy with two D’s, by the way.” And was in Hamster Etiquette, I mustered my

“When I got to my new home, there was with that, he disappeared behind the sofa. I most un-scary voice. “It’s a pleasure to

made more notes. (Two D’s.) meet you, Miss Faith Paris.”

“Sister came next,” Sam continued. “She She scrunched up against Natalie. “I be-

was gonna go to Maine in a Very Big Truck ing pleece to meeting you. You are know-

with Pet Finders, but her adoption fell ing I be a famly member, not a leetle snack,

through, lucky for all of us. She an Buddy is it so?”

are Besties. Ever since she was a puppy, “Yes, Miss Faith Paris. Absolutely. Rest

they’ve been tumblin’ around an chasin’ assured.”

each other. She’s also a Major Foodie; cake, Sam an his famly were so intresting, I

cinnamon rolls, she can even open ca- couldn’t buh-leeve an hour had passed.

bi-nuts if there’s bread in ’em.” Heading home I was thinking about how

all those different sorts of people an ani-

DON’T BE SHY mals were havin’ such a fun life, sharin’ an
helpin’ each other. An about cake.

We are always looking for pets Till next time,
with interesting stories.
The Bonz
To set up an interview, email
[email protected].

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES January 24, 2020 B13



By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist A42

Charles Buxton, a 19th century English brewer, philanthropist, writer and member of AJ763
parliament, said, “Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The
winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul.” WEST A4
A successful bridge player has ability and zeal. Whether declarer or a defender, he counts Q J 10 9
winners, losers and high-card points. In today’s deal, for example, how should South plan the 10 8 2 Q 10 6
play in seven clubs after West leads the heart queen? 73
That North hand was nearly too strong for a 15-17 no-trump because of its five-card suit,
three aces and one king. (That ace-king number is typical for a two-no-trump opening.) Q954
South, giving due credit to his long suit, used two doses of Gerber before signing off in
seven clubs. 962

Usually in a trump contract, you first count losers. However, in a grand slam you cannot SOUTH
afford any, so you should tally winners. Here, declarer starts with 12: two spades, two
hearts, two diamonds and six clubs. From where may the extra winner come? A74

South must establish a third diamond trick, either because the queen falls in one or two K63
rounds, or by finding the suit splitting 4-3.
Declarer carefully takes the first trick with his heart king, to retain the ace as a vital dummy
entry. He cashes the club king and diamond king, then plays a trump to dummy’s ace. After K Q J 10 8 5
a diamond ruff, a third round of trumps, a spade to dummy’s king, a second diamond ruff and
a heart to the ace, South cashes the diamond ace and jack, on which he discards his two Dealer: North; Vulnerable: East-West
remaining major-suit cards.
The Bidding:

1 NT Pass
4 Clubs Pass 4 NT Pass LEAD:
5 Clubs Pass 5 Hearts Pass Q Hearts
7 Clubs Pass Pass Pass

B14 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Deer (3) 1 Prices (5)
3 Fellow (3) 2 Blow up (7)
5 Propelled with oars (5) 3 Fail to hit (4)
8 Sorts (5) 4 Tended (6)
9 Let go (7) 5 Relative (8)
10 See (4) 6 Interlace (5)
11 Fidgety (8) 7 Clothed (7)
13 Unlocked (6) 12 Speed (8)
14 Linked (6) 13 Was against (7)
17 Private (8) 15 Anxious (7)
19 Liberate (4) 16 Ape (6)
22 More ridiculous (7) 18 Reigned (5)
23 Wear away (5) 20 Foe (5)
24 Father (5) 21 Extremely (4))
25 Attempt (3)
The Telegraph 26 Speak (3)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES January 24, 2020 B15

ACROSS (anagram 51 “Based on ___ story” The Washington Post
1 Slangy feeling of A BEER) 52 Ibsen’s Peer
5 Grande et al. 101 The temporal, for one 53 Landed THANKS, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL By Merl Reagle
9 Choose 104 Wally of cookies 58 Nary a soul
12 Andre of tennis 107 Surgeon’s question? 59 A Musketeer
18 Some grunge 109 Univ. near Phoenix 60 Former Mets
19 See 82 Down 110 Travel agcy.?
20 Most popular author 113 ___ mater or Jets home
115 Lowest point 61 Hirsute
among plastic surgeons? 116 Last step in the beauty 62 Bitter, old-style
22 Had a full day as a plastic process? 65 Hook’s head crook
122 What your surgeon’s doing 66 Aspersions
surgeon? this weekend? 67 West Indies people for
25 Cartoon skunk 123 Ill-tempered one
26 Granny gobbler 124 Petroleum giant, once whom a sea is named
27 Half the parents 125 Eschews diners 68 Domestic carrier’s former
28 One-hit wonder Harper 126 Actress Susan
29 Wrinkles? 127 Charles II’s Nell name
33 Do a lawn chore 128 Attaches patches 69 Japanese gateway
35 Saucy 71 ___-dead gorgeous
36 Less Than Zero author DOWN 72 Fifth Bible bk.
37 Swarm 1 Blade Runner runner? 75 Ice in the water
39 Sags 2 SEP or Roth item 76 Touch the clouds
43 Somewhat 3 “If you ___ he 79 Additionally
44 What repeat surgeries can 80 Heidi’s habitat
will come” 82 With 19 Across, rush
do? (Field of Dreams) 83 Video-game name
50 Sinbad’s bird 4 Four-wheel flops 84 Great sorrow
51 Turkish official 5 Hamster or squirrel 85 Meeter with Carter and
54 Video-game fan, often 6 Seven days from now
55 Tai ___ 7 Shell find Begin
56 Tokyo Rose’s real name, 8 Put away, as luggage 87 Aquarius, for one
9 “___ mio” 88 WWI’s Battle of ___
___ Toguri d’Aquino 10 Smoked, as a cigar 92 120 Down about-face
57 Specific beautification 11 Prop for a pro 93 Spanish aunt
12 Square footage 94 Palmer, to pals
request? 13 Yaks 95 Astronauts’ ordeal
61 Possesses 14 Part of ANC: abbr. 96 Aaron Spelling’s Place
62 The Riviera’s Côte d’___ 15 Took things the wrong way? 99 Flashy male’s less flashy
63 With 105 Down, the study of 16 Planter
17 Map-within-a-map mate
birds 21 Sweaty place 100 Johnson’s middle name
64 It’s got the tower 23 It means on or over 101 Mental slip
66 On a ___ from 1 to 10 24 Highway rescue 102 City near Kobe
67 With 70 Across, undergo 29 Soul mate? 103 “I don’t ___” (skeptic’s retort)
30 Bend the ___ (drink) 105 See 63 Across
liposuction? 31 She met a talking caterpillar 106 Dallas sch.
70 See 67 Across 32 Understand 108 June 6, 1944 VIP
73 Together 34 Actress Joanne 110 The King ___
74 Louts 35 With 42 Down, a Greek 111 One mo’ time
77 Faux pas, to Francois movie genre? 112 “We don’t even own ___ set”
78 Roast beef preference 38 Stimulant, on the street 114 Excited
79 Other half of the parents 40 Killer whale 117 Elected folks
81 How to get beautiful eyes? 41 Folksinger Phil 118 Concealed
86 A Shakespearean Richard 42 See 35 Down 119 The Time Machine auth.
87 Completely 45 Emulate Tom 120 Compass dir.
88 Perfectly 46 Sammy’s ___ Can 121 Sister of Helios and Selene
89 DJIA units: abbr. 47 Native Indian ruler
90 ___-la (anagram of MAINZ)
91 How to keep your physique 48 Back-of-the-mouth doodad
49 ) or (: abbr.
from bottoming out?
96 Hotel employee
97 Loch legend
98 Get ready, as for surgery
100 Kentucky college town

The Telegraph CARPET ONE Creative Floors & Home has more for your
CREATIVE FLOORS entire home from the floor up! With Flooring,
Tile, Cabinets and even vacuum cleaners!

1137 Old Dixie Hwy • Vero Beach

B16 January 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING McKee Botanical Garden: Ocean Sole Africa 23 Diamonds in the Rough fundraiser to 25 Grand Opening of celebration of United
Exhibition thru May 31. benefit Camp Haven, 6 p.m. at Grand Against Poverty’s New UP Center, 9:30
Riverside Theatre: Thoroughly Modern Millie Harbor Club, with dinner and entertainment by a.m. with 10 a.m. ribbon cutting and 10:30 a.m.
on the Stark Stage thru Jan. 26; The 39 Steps on King of the Hill Tennis Tournaments: 6 p.m. Bobby & the Blisters. $195. 772-999-3625 to 1 p.m. community celebration. 772-770-0740
the Waxlax Stage thru Feb. 9 Tuesdays thru Feb. 4 at the Boulevard; and Feb.
11 to March 3 at the Moorings. 24 Indian River Symphonic Association 25 Indian River County Regional Science & En-
Vero Beach Theatre Guild: Always a Brides- presents the Siberian State Symphony gineeringFair hostedbyEducationFounda-
maid thru Jan. 26 JANUARY Orchestra, featuring pianist Yury Favorin, 7:30 tion of IRC at Gifford Middle School. 772-564-0034
p.m. at Community Church of VB. 772-778-1070
25 Transforming Landscapes for a Sus-
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN tainable Future Conference, 8 a.m. to
in January 17, 2019 Edition 1 STEEP 1 TRAVAIL 5 p.m. at the Emerson Center hosted by Pelican
4 ATLAS 3 EJECT Island Audubon, with learned speakers, native
10 LEAVE 5 TRAIPSE plant sales and informational booths. $25 ad-
11 ABALONE 6 ALONE vance; $35 at door.
13 PIECE 8 CARRY 25 Ship to Shore Cruise Party, 5:30 p.m. at Oak
14 BELLOW 9 CELEBRATION HarborClub,tobenefitGiffordYouthAchieve-
16 JESTER 15 OVATION ment Center educational programs, with cocktails, din-
19 SALSA 17 THISTLE ner, dancing and entertainment. 772-794-1005
23 EXAMINE 20 LEASH 26 Atlantic Classical Orchestra and Vero
24 PATIO 22 PUPIL Beach Museum of Art Chamber Mu-
25 SHINE sic Series present Impressions and Expressions,
26 FLEET featuring Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola and
Harp, 3 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231-0707 x 136
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Time to Clean Your Carpets/Furniture? IRC MOVERS

Three Reasons to Call Mitch Maxfield: Affordable Moving and Packing....We sell moving supplies!

QUALITY: My “2-step system” removes even tough ground-in dirt. All work guaranteed. Local Moving or Long Distance to any city in Florida
SERVICE: I, personally, will clean your carpets and furniture.
PRICE: Two (2) Rooms (any size)...$77, 6’ Sofa or 2 Chairs...$66 We move pianos, safes, hot tubs and more
Florida Licensed and Insured
Maxfield Carpet Cleaning • 772-538-0213
5300 N. A1A, Vero Beach • SINCE 1979 [email protected] • 772-646-5637

Owner Joe Miller WE BUY GUNS
Home of the HAND WASH If you have an estate, or collection of antique or
modern guns for sale - no collection is too large or
$39.95 & WAX SPECIAL too small. Contact us and we will make an offer.



FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY 772-581-0640 9090 N. US HWY 1 Sebastian, FL

Voted #1 Hand Car Wash in Indian River County for Years! M - F 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am-2pm • Closed Sun.

Paint Correction • Headlight Restoration
Gift Certificates Available

643 SW 27th Ave. • Vero Beach • 772-696-1201

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