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12/06/2019 ISSUE 49


A9 B4 B5‘Cirquesco’ maximus!
Lyric’s high-flying entertainment
‘Show’ us the money Home (run) for holidays

Styx gig could make city $25K ‘Rudolph’ musical at the Sunrise


Generally favorable FIU planning on
‘Leapfrog’ grades $4.5M upgrade
for 3 area hospitals for Torrey Pines

[email protected] [email protected]
Recycling deal means
All three major hospitals in St. revenue for St. Lucie Florida International Univer-
Lucie County received above-aver- sity anticipates investing $4.5
age grades from a nonprofit orga- BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer agreement last month for St. Luc- PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN million to upgrade Torrey Pines
nization that reviews hospital data [email protected] ie County to process Indian Riv- Institute for Molecular Studies af-
and passes such judgments. er County’s recycling materials administrative fee, records show. ter taking over the high-tech lab-
St. Lucie County could earn at its solid waste facility at 6120 But Indian River won’t pay any oratory in western Port St. Lucie
Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hos- modest amounts of revenue by Glades Cut-off Road, Fort Pierce. early next year.
pital improved by a letter grade, taking in 20,000 tons per year of fees to St. Lucie County, records
now a “B”; while HCA’s St. Lucie recyclable materials from Indian St. Lucie has agreed to split show. St. Lucie will only collect Two newly hired researchers
Medical Center retained its “A” the proceeds of the sales of the a fee when the average market just moved into the lab to con-
grade. Lawnwood Regional, also River County. recyclable materials 50-50 with value of a recyclable material ex- duct research related to Alzhei-
owned by HCA, dropped a grade – Both county commis- Indian River, after charging an ceeds the fee amount. The fee is mer’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases,
slipping from an “A” to a “B.” $75 per ton for single-stream re- said Andres Gil, FIU’s vice presi-
sions approved a 6-year dent for research and economic
While all three hospitals received CONTINUED ON PAGE A4 development.
high marks for leadership and staff
cooperation, each were docked for Several other researchers were
communications issues. recruited during Cleveland Clinic
Florida’s Research and Innova-
According to the Leapfrog tion Symposium on Nov. 21 and
Group, which puts out its Hospi- 22 that attracted 100 scientists
tal Safety Grade in the spring and from around the world, Gil said.
fall each year, the hospitals scored
poorly on metrics that included FIU and Cleveland Clinic Insti-
the following: tute for Research, the new tenant
of the old Vaccine & Gene Thera-
• Communication with nurses py Institute Florida building, are
• Communication with doctors teaming up to hire several hun-
• Communication about dis- dred researchers in the next de-
Neither spokesperson repre- CONTINUED ON PAGE A6
senting Cleveland Clinic Tra-
dition nor HCA’s St. Lucie GOBBLING UP Historical Society details plan
County hospitals directly THE GROUND! to operate ‘Peacock’ buildings
addressed the critique.
“Cleveland Clinic Marc Cohen dresses BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer Peacock House and Hunting Lodge.
Martin Health works for the occasion as he [email protected]
diligently to pro- PHOTO: GEORGE ANDREASSI
vide high-quality care runs in the annual Port St. Lucie’s 102-year-old Peacock house
at each of our hospi- Turkey Trot at Tradition would be restored and outfitted with static dis- be renovated and operated as a museum and li-
tals,” said Scott Samples 5K on Thanksgiving Day. plays from the city’s pioneer era to educate peo- brary, featuring historic artifacts, memorabilia,
via email to the St. Lucie Proceeds went to HANDS ple about local history, under a plan submitted educational kiosks, community rooms and of-
Voice. “We are focused as an of St. Lucie County.  to the city.
organization on patient safe- CONTINUED ON PAGE A6
ty, and continuously measure PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN The 67-year-old Peacock hunting lodge would


IN THIS ISSUE ‘On Broadway’: Take
a musical stroll with
LOCAL NEWS A1-A9 Nicky Wood. Page B2




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HOSPITAL GRADES lack of specially trained doctor care for ICU gas bubbles in the blood, patient falls and the hospital scored poorly for hand washing
patients, receiving a score of 5 while the best injuries, and even hand washing. – receiving a 48 out of 60. The average per-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 hospitals earned 100. forming hospital score was 56.97.
“We are continually looking for ways to
quality metrics to identify opportunities to St. Lucie Medical, though, received per- elevate our patients’ experience and our It was also noted in the report that Tradi-
enhance our care.” fect marks on a number of metrics, includ- overall quality through our hand hygiene tion did not score well for surgical wounds
ing the lack of MRSA infections, air/gas bub- policies, emphasis on positive patient en- splitting open, patient falls and injuries,
Tiffany Woods, spokesperson for HCA’s bles in the blood, and the lack of dangerous gagement and focus on implementing pro- MRSA infections, dangerous bed sores, and
Lawnwood and St. Lucie hospitals, said objects being left in patients’ bodies. The cedures to enhance patient safety,” Woods serious breathing problems.
they “strive to offer high-level care that our hospital also received a perfect score for said, addressing both St. Lucie Medical and
community can depend on now and in the hand washing. Lawnwood’s scores. “Our commitment to “Over the years we have put in place nu-
future.” meeting the needs of our patients and vis- merous continuous improvement programs
Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and itors, providing an explanation of the per- that have helped us make progress in many
St. Lucie Medical Center has consistent- Heart Institute scored poorly on other met- sonalized level of care they can expect in our areas measured by Leapfrog,” Samples said.
ly been an A or B grade hospital. The latest rics, according to the Leapfrog report. facilities is what continues to shape our pa- “We will continue to focus on those pro-
ranking was generally positive but did note tient focused culture.” grams to ensure we are providing high-qual-
some additional struggles beyond com- Such issues included dangerous objects ity care for the communities we serve.”
munication. The hospital scored poorly for being left in patients’ bodies, blood infec- And while Cleveland Clinic Tradition also
serious breathing problems – the best per- tions, MRSA infections, and the develop- nabbed perfect scores for the lack of danger- To review the Leapfrog Group’s hospital
forming hospital’s score was a 1.83 while St. ment of dangerous blood clots, the report ous objects being left inside patients as well safety grades in more depth, visit www.Hos-
Lucie’s was 12.32. Another concern was the states. The hospital, however, scored per- as the lack of air or gas bubbles in the blood, 
fectly on matters including the lack of air or


Foes pack council meeting to protest Planned Parenthood relocation

BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer protests would move to Port St. Lucie with sion-making that will be done by
[email protected] the Planned Parenthood clinic.
the City Council on this item. It’s
More than 200 anti-abortion activists “You’ve seen the protesters holding
packed the Port St. Lucie City Council signs along U.S. 1 near the mall,” said all ministerial.”
Chambers to protest the relocation of Sue Chess, executive director of Care Net
Planned Parenthood to a medical office Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast. “We’re going to listen, but we’re
near St. Lucie Medical Center from a strip “Those protesters will now be across from
mall in Stuart. Port St. Lucie hospital.” not going to be in a position to

Planned Parenthood plans to reopen But Mayor Greg Oravec said the council help or directly intervene,” Ora-
its health center on Jan. 22 at 1696 SE Hill- lacked the authority to stop Planned Par-
moor Drive, Port St. Lucie, after closing its enthood from moving its health center vec said. “We cannot provide you
facility at 1322 NW Federal Hwy., Emerald into a medical office building.
Plaza, on Jan. 14, the group’s website says. with the outcome so many people
“As a result of the laws in effect in Port
The health center offers abortion ser- St. Lucie and the state and the country, the have signed up to ask for.”
vices, birth control, HIV testing, morn- use will not even come to the City Council
ing-after pill emergency contraception, for approval,” Oravec told the crowd. Oravec encouraged the crowd
pregnancy testing and services, STD test-
ing and treatment, and other health care. “It is a medical use going into a medi- to lobby their federal and state
cal office building and the only thing that
Several speakers at the Nov. 25 City is required is an occupancy and zoning lawmakers to change the laws re-
Council meeting emotionally decried form and the paying of an occupational
abortion and said their anti-abortion tax,” Oravec said. “So, there is no deci- garding abortion.

Planned Parenthood did not Packed City Council chamber on Nov. 25. PHOTO: GEORGE ANDREASSI

respond to telephone and email

messages inquiring about the reasons for “While I’m disheartened to hear of the

moving the Treasure Coast office and the council’s inability to stop Planned Par-

reaction to the Nov. 25 protest. enthood,” Sanders said, “I do stand by

Willow Sanders, a city resident, told the the fact many communities have ousted

council the opposition to Planned Parent- Planned Parenthood and we will stand

hood would continue. strong until that happens in ours.” 

RECYCLING ARRANGEMENT PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN materials per year to St. Lucie’s facility, re-
cords show. That’s expected to cost nearly
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 $300,000. The contract between Indian Riv-
er and St. Lucie will automatically renew for
cyclables – such as newspapers, bottles and an additional 5-year term, records show. Ei-
cans – and $10 per ton for old corrugated ther county may terminate the agreement
cardboard, records show. without cause by providing 180 days prior
The corrugated cardboard may generate
a small amount of income for the two coun- Indian River’s Solid Waste Disposal Dis-
ties, records show. trict started sending recyclable materials to
St. Lucie’s facility on Aug. 21 after a storm
But the average market value of sin- on Aug. 12 damaged the roof at Tropical Re-
gle-stream recyclables is not expected to cycling, 1450 Bell Ave., Fort Pierce.
exceed $75 per ton.
Tropical Recycling initially indicted it
“At this time, recycling has a very small would be unable to process and transfer
profit margin over operating costs,” said recyclables for at least four weeks, records
Rebecca Olson, St. Lucie County Utilities show. But Fort Pierce condemned the
marketing and quality control coordinator. building on Oct. 9, leaving the company
unable to resume operations.
“That being said, this is a huge win for
both counties and our local environment,” Indian River had been doing business
Olson said. “Accepting Indian River Coun- with Tropical Recycling since July 2015, re-
ty’s recyclables ensures those materials stay cords show.
out of the landfills, extending landfill life in
both counties.” Their contract was set to expire Aug. 31,
2020, but was terminated on Nov. 19 by mu-
Indian River’s only expense will for tual agreement. 
trucking almost 20,000 tons of recyclable


FIU IN TORREY PINES on Dec. 5 on an acquisition agreement
and merger plan with TPIMS, university
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 records show.

cade at the twin labs in the Tradition Cen- FIU will deem the 86,000-square-foot
ter for Innovation. lab a Special Purpose Center focusing on
research into Alzheimer’s, aging, osteopo-
“At some point, this will represent 15 to rosis, arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes and
20 percent of our research enterprise,” Gil breast cancer, among other maladies.
told the Port St. Lucie City Council Mon-
day. “I predict there will be other buildings As part of the transaction, FIU would
in the future related to what’s going on.” assume TPIMS’s ground lease with Port St.
Lucie for the 8.7-acre campus at 11350 SE
But Gil declined to speculate when they Village Parkway.
would be built.
The Port St. Lucie City Council voted
“We’re going to be focusing on infec- unanimously Monday (Dec. 2) to sign off
tious diseases, cancer and neuroscience, on the deal between FIU and TPIMS.
particularly Alzheimer’s,” Gil said.
Built in 2008, the campus has a market
The FIU Board of Trustees was to vote value of $11.6 million, records show.

FIU will pay $10 per year in rent, records
show. FIU will also reimburse the city for
paying off $95,846 in special assessments
on the campus.

The lab will be used for biomedical re-
search, including research involving small
animals, carcinogens, bacteria, viruses,
stem cells, radioisotopes and BLA-3 level
pathogens, the amended lease says.

In addition to research, FIU will use
the lab for undergraduate, graduate and
post-graduate education, records show.
FIU may also sublease space to businesses
and nonprofits.

FIU began leasing space in TPIMS in
March and has been reviewing the insti-
tute’s library of intellectual property and
other assets, including employees, records
show. “Basically, we’re operating Torrey
Pines through leasing the space,” Gil said.
“As far as I’m concerned, we are already
working on it. We are recruiting faculty.”

The premises will no longer be the cor-
porate headquarters of TPIMS, records
show. Vaxine Pty Ltd, an Australian biotech
company, is partnering with Cleveland
Clinic Institute for Research.

Researchers based in one lab will be
able to use core facilities in the other lab,
Gil said after the council vote.

“Generally speaking, the old VGTI build-
ing is more biological in nature and the
Torrey Pines building is more chemistry in
nature,” Gil said. 



fices. The Port St. Lucie Historical Society
would staff the buildings with volunteers
and partner with other groups to provide
additional features and events.

The Historical Society also proposed
holding fundraisers and soliciting dona-
tions to help pay for operations, displays
and educational materials, according to
the business plan.

“Our history might be fairly new right
now, but someday we’ll have a lot of histo-
ry to talk about,” Historical Society Chair-
woman Patricia Christensen, a former
mayor, told the City Council on Nov. 25.

“We have been very interested in be-


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IN LOVING MEMORY ANTONIO CANALES-QUIJANO, 85 working as a ball boy for the University of
Port St. Lucie Delaware on both the football and base-
JOANNE GEIGER, 82 St. Lucie; step-sons, Bob Geiger (Eve- ball fields, and playing varsity football
St. Lucie West lyn Sullivan) of Miami Springs, Fla., and Antonio Canales-Quijano, 85, passed for his high school team. He played the
Jim Geiger (Liz Geiger) of Magnolia, N.J.; away peacefully on Nov. 25 in Port St. Lucie. drums, loved music, and was usually the
Joanne Geiger, 82, of St. Lucie West in and beloved grandchildren, Caitlin Perez He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on first one out on a dance floor.
Port St. Luce, died on Nov. 28. Joanne was (Victor Perez) of Stuart, Fla.; Nicole Mac- March 29, 1934, and moved to Port St. Lucie
born in Lincolnton, N.C., on April 3, 1937, Namee of Asheville, N.C., and Will Geiger in 2000, coming from Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Bruce, who was known to his friends as
to Dock and Gola Norman. and Sarah Geiger of Magnolia, N.J. “Dog,” worked for the City of Port St. Luc-
Antonio enjoyed playing chess and be- ie for 34 years. He worked in both the En-
She was raised in Asheville, N.C., until TERESA BRYANT, 55 ing outside gardening. He had a passion gineering and Public Works departments.
her senior year in high school, when the Port St. Lucie for music and loved jazz as well as danc-
family moved to Atlanta. Upon gradua- ing and playing different instruments. Bruce enjoyed anything sports related,
tion from high school, Joanne attended Teresa “Terri” Bryant, 55, of Port St. especially both professional and college
Stetson University in Deland, Fla., where Lucie passed away Nov. 25 surrounded by Survivors include his loving wife of 62 football (Go Canes!). His favorite teams,
she met the man who became the father her family. Terri was born Feb. 1, 1964, in years, Norma; son, Glenn (Micheraie) Ca- however, were the ones his children were
of her children. Rockledge, Fla., to the late Billy and Irma nales of San Antonio; five grandchildren; playing on. He was their biggest fan on
Cook. and three great-grandchildren. both the baseball and softball fields.
Joanne was a stay-at-home mom until You could always find him in the stands
her children were older and she began a Terri came to Port St. Lucie in 2001 af- BRUCE PRATT, 62 cheering and whistling while watching
career in insurance. ter reuniting with her high school sweet- Port St. Lucie his son on the pitchers mound or his
heart, Ernest Bryant; they were married daughter at third base.
Joanne met the love of her life, Charles by the end of the year on Dec. 29, 2001. Bruce Pratt, 62, of Port St. Lucie passed
William “Bill” Geiger, and the two mar- away at Kindred Hospital on Nov. 27. He leaves behind his loving wife of 25
ried in 1985. The couple moved to St. She was a devoted and loved member He was born in Lancaster, Pa., and was years, Anne Pratt; children, Bruce Ed-
Petersburg, Fla., until 1998, when they of Lighthouse Baptist Church and was raised in Newark, Del. He moved with his ward Pratt and Jessica Anne Pratt; sister,
moved to Port St. Lucie, to be closer to considered a mother to many. parents from Delaware to Florida in 1979. Susan (Terry) Vance; sisters-in-law, Gaye
their children and grandchildren. Pratt, Peggy Chonko, Betty Podzorski
She is survived by her loving and In Delaware, Bruce developed his pas- and Susan (John) Stoddard; and nieces,
She is survived by her husband, Bill; dedicated husband of 17 years, Ernest sion for sports, playing Little League, nephews and many dear friends.
sister, Sue Holland (Jack Holland) of “Ernie” Bryant; children, Josh, Jennifer,
Grayson, Ga.; son, David Florence (Judy Shane and Chris; stepchildren, Evelyn COPS SEEK INFO ON SWAN PARK SHOOTING
Crest) of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; daugh- and Edward; adopted daughter, Jackie;
ters, Carol Florence and Karen MacNa- 10 grandchildren; brother, Danny; and BY DEBBIE CARSON | Staff Writer ered inside a garage at one of the homes pri-
mee of Port St. Lucie; step-daughter, many loving nieces and nephews. [email protected] or to the shooting. Police did not identify the
Linda Courtney (Jim Courtney) of Port address of the garage.
Several homeowners in Swan Park report-
ed hearing gun shots on SW Prado Avenue The vehicle owner went on to tell inves-
the evening of Friday, Nov. 29. Port St. Lucie tigators that a male stepped outside the ga-
police are now searching for an unknown rage to meet with another unknown person
number of suspects who might have been “to sell ‘dime bags,’” according to the report
involved. police released.

No injuries were reported. Nor did any Immediately following the alleged trans-
home have reported damage. action, gunshots rang out, the owner said.

Police recovered nine shell casings in the Due to the active nature of the investiga-
600 block of SW Prado Avenue and noted an tion, the Port St. Lucie Police Department is
unoccupied vehicle had two bullet holes. not releasing further information. Howev-
Residents in the neighborhood described er, it is seeking any information the public
hearing at least five gunshots but none might have regarding the incident.
could provide suspect information.
Those with information are encouraged
One homeowner told investigators he to contact Detective D’Angelo by calling
saw an unknown black car speeding down 772-344-4077, the Port St. Lucie Police De-
the street immediately following the gunfire. partment at 772-871-5000, or remain anony-
mous by calling Treasure Coast Crime Stop-
The owner of the car that was shot told pers at 800-273-TIPS. 
police that a group of young men were gath-

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BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer City Council on Nov. 25. Food and bev- with “Fire on the Mountain,” featuring the residents. “That will definitely promote this
[email protected] erage sales would increase the city’s profits Charlie Daniels and Marshall Tucker bands. series among the residents,” said City Coun-
on the show, but are difficult to predict. cilman John Carvelli.
Port St. Lucie expects to earn a $25,000 The concert series will go on hiatus for
profit on the Styx concert on Feb. 2 on the The Civic Center’s concert tickets are less the off-season and return on Nov. 14 with Councilwoman Stephanie Morgan said
Civic Center grounds in the first of a four- expensive than nearby venues, such as the the Little River Band, McCarthy said. Anoth- she expects the Styx concert to attract fans
show series. Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce and the Coral er show will be scheduled for September or from beyond the Treasure Coast.
Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. October.
“We feel like it’s going to sell out,” Civic “This is not going to be just for Port St.
Center Director Linda McCarthy said. “Styx Ocean and Field Global, of Vero Beach, is The City Council voted unanimously to Lucie,” Morgan said. “There’s going to be
is selling out around the country. Right now, coproducing the concerts with the city and approve the contract with Styx. The council people from Vero, Okeechobee, Palm Beach,
they’re a pretty hot band. This is a good way splitting the profits 50-50. also voted unanimously to direct staff to for- Miami, Tampa. There are going to be people
to kick off the concert series.” A sellout would mulate a promotion plan that would include coming from a lot of places to see Styx. This
generate $25,000 in profit, McCarthy told the After the meeting, McCarthy said the next giving away as many as 200 tickets to city is a great band to start it off with.” 
Civic Center concert will be on March 20

PSL police ID suspect in robbery of Popeye’s Chicken

The Port St. Lucie Police Department of a structure, grand theft, prevent/ of chicken batter, and a tray of chicken. Rodney King Frazier.
has identified a man believed to have obstruct extinguishment of a fire, and The agency did not release how it
burglarized the Popeye’s Chicken on criminal mischief. In all, the bond for
Port St. Lucie Boulevard in September. the charges amounts to $28,500. came to identify Frazier as the suspect
They are now searching for the suspect. in the burglary.
According to police, Frazier burglar-
Police identified Rodney King Fra- ized the Popeye’s Chicken on Monday, Anyone with information regarding
zier, 27, as a suspect in the burglary of Sept. 2 shortly before noon. During Frazier’s whereabouts is encouraged
the Popeye’s Chicken located at 190 SW the incident, police say Frazier spray to contact Detective R. Rodriguez by
Port St. Lucie Blvd. Frazier is wanted painted the security camera lens and calling 772-873-6524 or remain anon-
on several warrants issued on a vari- then proceeded to steal cash from the ymous and call Treasure Coast Crime
ety of charges that include burglary register, multiple cases of chicken, bags Stoppers 800-273-TIPS (8477). 


HISTORIC BUILDINGS the St. Lucie River, south of the Botani- Vice Mayor Shannon Martin and City ments. I think we can do a low-impact
cal Gardens. Other features include the Councilwoman Stephanie Morgan also commercial venture without tearing the
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A6 Riverwalk Boardwalk extension, a water- said they support turning both build- place apart.”
front restaurant, an amphitheater and a ings over to the Historical Society with-
ing the operator of the two houses so we river-themed playground. out transforming one into a restaurant or Carvelli and Mayor Greg Oravec also
could have a museum and an education shop because that would compromise its said they doubt a static historical display
center – a place where community resi- City Councilwoman Jolien Caraballo historical value. “We’ve got to move for- would draw many people to the proposed
dents and visitors can come and learn said she supported the Historical Society ward on this and let them take it and run museum.
about the city,” Christensen said. operating both buildings without con- with it,” Morgan said.
verting one to a commercial use, such as Oravec voted for the partnership, de-
The City Council voted 4-1 to partner a bakery, coffee shop or ice cream parlor. But City Councilman John Carvelli, spite his misgivings
with the Historical Society to revitalize who dissented, suggested the centu-
the two old buildings the city relocated to “These houses were always intended ry-old house could be restored and a “What I’ve learned personally, from
Westmoreland Riverfront Park. to be historic and providing history to the request for proposals could be issued to working with Delray Beach and other
city,” Caraballo said. establish a business in the newer hunting communities in Florida, is static displays
The council also authorized city offi- lodge building. do not generate attendance or any real
cials to negotiate an agreement with the “It’s no secret; I’ve been a fighter for activity,” Oravec said. “It ends up being
Historical Society to operate the “Port St. the history of the city. I want to see this “I’m not going to support it unless one dead space and they reprogram it.”
Lucie Historic Village and Museum,” in- move forward.” of them is a business,” Carvelli said.
cluding the two buildings. “But if the council wants to pursue the
Commercializing one of the buildings “The buildout on the interiors of these idea of a static display in the second build-
The historic village is part of a desti- would hinder the city’s efforts to obtain museums is very expensive. These have ing,” Oravec quipped, “I hope that you
nation park the city is developing along state historical preservation grants, Cara- shown to be money pits for local govern- rent it out for parties for people that want
ballo said. to go to a 1917 party.”  Hurt in a Car Wreck?

Se Habla Espanol Villafranco & Garcia
Call Your Hometown Injury Attorneys
10570 South US Highway 1, Suite 203, Port St. Lucie


‘See’ change? New macular degeneration drug gets OK

BY TOM LLOYD | Staff Writer the American Society of Retina Special- Dr. Robert Reinauer. proved drug that New Vision helped test.
ists when it says “although there is no As Reinauer explains, “the blood ves-
Four words no one wants to hear from cure for this disease, early detection and PHOTO: KAILA JONES
their eye doctor are: “You have macular proper care can ensure good vision for sels from wet macular degeneration
degeneration.” years to come.” are new blood vessels. They require the
VEGF molecule to grow.
Why? If AMD is left untreated, on the other
Because macular degeneration is the hand, you will lose your sight. But these new blood vessels are not
leading cause of vision loss in adults age strong. They’re not like the ones that we
60 and older worldwide and, according And, as the population ages, the rates were born with [and haven’t] had time to
to the National Eye Institute, “an esti- of AMD are set to soar. really develop and so they break down
mated 15 million Americans have some and they bleed more easily and that’s
form of age-related macular degenera- The Bright Focus Foundation says the what creates the swelling in the back of
tion or AMD.” current figure of 15 million mentioned the eye [in wet AMD].”
AMD comes in – or can evolve into – above will climb to nearly 22 million in
two separate variations: dry AMD and the U.S. by 2050. Worldwide, the num- Anti-VEGF drugs prevent those vessels
wet AMD. bers are worse: 196 million cases are pro- from growing and then bursting and, in
As the Mayo Clinic points out, dry jected globally by 2020 and that number the process, can help preserve your vi-
macular degeneration is much more will likely climb to 288 million cases by sion longer.
common and less severe than wet mac- 2040.
ular degeneration, but Mayo also warns “Unfortunately, I cannot say there’s a
that the wet type always begins as the dry “One of the most challenging things,” cure,” Reinauer admits. “There is no cure
type. says Reinauer, “is that when we have a at this time. But what I can say is ‘Look,
So, the earlier any form of AMD can [dry] macular degeneration patient, we I know this isn’t a cure, but 90 percent
be detected and treated, the better the follow them closely and we try to re- of people who get these injections will
chance of keeping at least some of your duce the chance of it converting to wet maintain their vision longer.’
vision. macular degeneration, because with wet
Dr. Robert (Rob) Reinauer, a fellow- macular degeneration, you’ll lose vi- “Not only could you say 90 percent
ship-trained surgical and medical retina sion much more quickly. When you have would keep their vision,” Reinauer con-
expert at Vero Beach’s New Vision Eye bleeding in the back of the eye, that’s tinues, “but with treatments, you can
Center, is keenly aware that prompt de- what wet macular degeneration is.” also say that 30 to 40 percent would ac-
tection and treatment of AMD is essen- tually have improvement in their vision.”
tial and he wholeheartedly agrees with There is, however, at least some good
news on AMD in the form of “anti-VEGF” Two of these anti-VEGF drugs are Re-
or anti-vascular endothelial growth generon’s “Eylea” and Roche Pharmaceu-
factor drugs – including one newly ap- tical’s “Lucentis.” According to ongoing
studies, they have helped preserve vision



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for at least seven years and possibly longer. seen that with Eylea” – the next step jections of one of the above drugs along It’s your vision. Preserve and protect it
In October, the U.S. Food and Drug might be switching to Beovu. with monthly monitoring of the disease. with regular eye exams.

Administration approved another drug: But even with the approval of Beovu, In some cases – if patients have no Dr. Robert Reinauer is a fellow-
Novartis’ “Beovu.” which gives doctors another weapon in fluid buildup – that once-monthly in- ship-trained surgical and medical reti-
their battle with MDA, fighting the dis- jection schedule may be pushed back to na expert with New Vision Eye Center at
Reinauer is hopeful the new drug will ease is still a tough row to hoe for pa- two, four, six or as many as 12 months 1055 37th Place in Vero Beach. The phone
help patients. “What I foresee,” he says, tients. between injections, depending on the number is 772-257-8700. 
“is for a patient who doesn’t respond amount of fluid buildup in the eye.
to one of the other medications – we’ve Typically it means getting monthly in-




Come by and be our guest.

Open House

Saturday, December 7th • 1:00-3:00 pm

An engaging lifestyle awaits you filled with outstanding dining and unsurpassed personal care
in an environment purposefully designed to enliven the senses and instill well-being.

Call Today To Arrange Your Personal Tour!

Watercrest St. Lucie West
279 NW California Blvd.
Port St Lucie, FL 34986

[email protected]
Assisted Living Facility #13134




Q. I watched a man fall unconscious
on the sidewalk. A woman rushed up and
started to do CPR on him and, later, I heard
she may have saved his life. It made me
sign up for a CPR course. You should tell
your readers to take one of these courses.


If you would like to learn CPR, con- determine if defibrillation is needed, Medicine offers a free public service that Pump hard and fast at the rate of at least
tact the American Heart Association at then deliver a shock. There are training explains CPR. Go to: http://depts.wash- 100/minute, faster than once per second. Another CPR programs available that teach both CPR
resource is the American Red Cross at and operating AEDs. These portable de- BLOW. Tilt the head back and lift the Or, you can try a lo- fibrillators are available in many public There are useful illustrated guides and chin. Pinch nose and cover the mouth
cal hospital. places such as shopping malls, airports online videos on this website. The follow- with yours and blow until you see the
and stadiums. ing is from one of these guides: chest rise. Give 2 breaths. Each breath
Here’s a troubling fact that is a mo- should take 1 second.
tivation to take a course: About 80 per- To learn CPR properly, take an accred- CALL. Check the victim for unrespon-
cent of cardiac arrests happen at home ited first-aid training course that includes siveness. If the person is not responsive CONTINUE WITH 30 PUMPS AND 2
near family members who often do not CPR and how to use an AED. and not breathing or not breathing nor- BREATHS UNTIL HELP ARRIVES. NOTE:
know CPR. mally, call 911 and return to the victim. In This ratio is the same for one-person and
There is no substitute for taking a most locations the emergency dispatcher two-person CPR. In two-person CPR the
CPR, which stands for cardiopulmo- course from a trained instructor, but it is can assist you with CPR instruction. person pumping the chest stops while the
nary resuscitation, employs chest com- helpful to understand the basics of CPR, other gives mouth-to-mouth breathing.
pression and mouth-to-mouth breath- and there are many good sources of in- PUMP. If the victim is still not breath-
ing to treat cardiac arrest, heart attack, formation. ing normally, coughing or moving, be- There is also a hands-only version of
drowning and electrocution. CPR can gin chest compressions. Push down in CPR. You can learn this at: http://www.
keep some blood flowing to the brain The University of Washington School of the center of the chest 2 inches 30 times. 
and heart during an emergency.

Maintaining blood flow can prevent
brain injury and save a life. The brain suf-
fers irreparable damage in a few minutes
if it doesn’t get oxygenated blood. An un-
aided victim of cardiac arrest will die in 5
to 10 minutes.

The most common cause of sud-
den cardiac arrest is an abnormal heart
rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF),
which can be treated with a shock from a
defibrillator. Defibrillation is not effective
for all forms of cardiac arrest.

There are devices called automated
external defibrillators (AEDs) that are
about the size of a laptop computer.
AEDs analyze the victim’s heart rhythm,

60M Americans suffer from heartburn at least once a month

The burning pain of acid indigestion – commonly geal reflux disease (GERD) – that warrants seeing a doc-
called heartburn – affects an estimated 60 million Amer- tor to ward off damage to the esophagus. But occasional
icans at least once a month and 15 million people daily, bouts of heartburn are common, and while they can last
according to the American College of Gastroenterology. for several hours, they usually are manageable with life-
style changes (such as avoiding triggering foods, raising
Most people experience the chest discomfort of heart- the head of your bed and not lying down for two to three
burn (which, despite its nickname, does not affect the hours after eating) and over-the-counter medications.
heart) after eating or when they lie down or bend over. It
results from acid reflux – stomach acid that backs up into One popular heartburn medication, Zantac (or ranit-
the esophagus, which is the tube that carries food from idine, in generic form) has been voluntarily recalled and
your mouth to your stomach. pulled from drugstore shelves because of the presence
of a potentially cancer-causing chemical, but the Food
For some people, a bitter or acidic taste in their throat and Drug Administration says its testing has shown that
or mouth is an added heartburn symptom. Numerous the heartburn medications Pepcid, Tagamet, Nexium,
foods and drinks have been linked to heartburn, but Prevacid and Prilosec do not contain the chemical.
the specific trigger varies from person to person – spicy
foods, citrus fruit or tomato products for some, chocolate One additional caution: If chest pain and pressure are
or peppermint, fatty foods or alcohol for others. ever severe, seek medical help right away; the pain could
be a symptom of a heart attack, not heartburn. 
Experiencing heartburn more than twice a week could
indicate a more serious condition – called gastroesopha- ­– THE WASHINGTON POST

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Dreaming of a New Bath or Kitchen? PUT TEAM





Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today! NEW LISTING! NEW LISTING!

Touching up a room or giving it a whole new look, we have everything you need to 7428 Laurels Place 7680 Wyldwood Way
remodel your home — design, functionality and a higher level of professionalism. Plus
Incredible custom private courtyard pool home Wonderful 3 BR, 2 BA, 2 CG home sits on a
the convenience of finding it all in one place. From cabinets, countertops, flooring, features golf and lake view, 4 BRs & 4.5 BAs beautiful private lot at the end of a cul-de-sac.
fixtures, sinks, hardware, paint & more, we offer a one-stop remodeling experience. which includes 1 BR & 1 BA in guest house. Open floor plan & split bedrooms. Updated
Home also boasts an office and a den, both kitchen & bathrooms, vaulted ceilings & metal
It’s our job, but we never forget that it’s your home. with built in’s. Amazing 4.5 CG which can hold
roof. Must see! $425,000
Serving the Treasure Coast up to 5 cars & a golf cart. $998,000
& North Palm Beach County 7001 Maidstone Drive
areas since 1987 Beautiful & Private “Fairview Model” on
corner lot with Preserve View. Hosts 2 BRs,
2 BAs, Den, 2 CG & Screen enclosed lanai.
Beautiful Open kitchen offers stainless steel
appliances, breakfast bar & granite counter

tops. $315,000

Stuart 772.288.6255 Jupiter 561.459.1004 K E L L E R W I L L I A M S Call AnnMarie Today!
6118 SE Federal Highway 2151 S. Alt. A1A, Suite 900 R E A LT Y 954-675-2804 (Cell)
Stuart, FL 34997 Jupiter, FL 33477
(South of Cove Rd. in the Tropical Smoothie Plaza) (South of Indiantown Rd. in the Three Palms Center) P ORT ST. LUCI E 772-236-5700 (office) [email protected] •
9700 Reserve Blvd. St. Lucie West
Each office independently owned and operated


Moira Rekus - Broker Associate ALSO SPECIALIZING IN [email protected]


PGA VILLAGE $725,000 TRADITION $234,900 PGA VILLAGE $360,000 PGA VILLAGE $729,000 PORT ST. LUCIE $304,900

This beautiful updated home features 4 bd, 4.5 baths & 3 cg. Interior Large corner 2 story townhouse in heart of Tradition. 1st floor Lovely well maintained 3 bedroom home HOME ON 1/3 ACRE
features include fire place with built-ins; gourmet kitchen w/bar, center features kitchen w/42” cabinets & Corian counter tops, half bath, plus den with 4 baths (Cabana bath off Master Popular Mercedes Home 4 floor plan includes
island, SS appliances including gas range, plenty of storage & breakfast kitchen, living room, dining room & master suite. 2nd floor has 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 car garage home + Office. kitchen, living room, dining room and family
2 bedrooms, loft & second bath. Added plus is this townhouse is Bedroom) and 2 car garage. This home Large screened in lanai with pool, spa and outdoor
nook; dining, living, & family rooms + den/office. Exterior boasts in walking distance to Tradition Square, restaurant and shops! features tile on the diagonal, central vac, and kitchen. Upgrades include custom molding, built room. Large screened lanai features pool,
circular driveway, screened lanai, outdoor kitchen & plenty of room for above ground hot tub & covered patio.
entertaining on 1 acre. RX-10580278 7687 Charleston Way RX-10578439 10479 SW West Park Avenue screened in pool. Close to Island Club. ins, tile on the diagonal, central vac, plantation RX-10576575 4445 SW Gagnon Rd
Rx-10539031 9000 Champions Way shutters, gourmet kitchen, and much much more.

RX-10553676 9416 Scarborough Ct.

PGA VILLAGE $189,900 CASCADES $229,999 CASTLE PINES $192,000 PGA VILLAGE $182,900 PGA VILLAGE $189,900

UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACT 2 bSeEdrCooOm,N2.5DbaFthGLs,OOfulLlOyFfRurVnCiIshEOedWN; hDighOcofWfereIdTceHiling 2 bedSroEoCmOs, N2 bDathFgLoOlfOvilRla.TSUideRANfKeaEtuYresClaOrgNeDbeOdroom, 22bNedroDomT,F2AbLatOhNtuCOrnkEeRygToClfOvOilla.PNJuGsDtbArOingG/yoWuOrgoALlfFcLlubKCs. ISLiNdUeAGBfeatDureIslSarg-e

FIRST FLOOR CONDO WITH BACK ON MARKET WITH NEW UPGRADES and screened balcony. HOA fees include lovely Castle master bath, great room, kitchen & balcony. Side B features bedroom, master bath, great room, kitchen & balcony. Side B functions as an efficiency
2 beGdrOooLmF, 2AbaNthDturLnkAeyKgEolfVviIllEa wWithSgolf Pines resort like pool and spa as well as PGA Village Island separate entrance, w/ large bedroom, bath, kitchenette & with separate entrance, large bedroom, bath, kitchenette & screened balcony. HOA fee
Immaculate 2bd, 2bth + 2CG home. Large Great Rm Club with fitness center, pool and many other amenities. screened balcony. HOA includes access to PGA Village includes access to the PGA Village Island Club w/pool, fitness center and many other
and lake views. Side A features master bedroom, w/ cathedral ceilings and new wood-look porcelain tile. Island Club with pool, fitness center, basketball, tennis, etc.
bath, great room & kitchen. Side B is an Master BDRM features 2 walk-in closets. Newer Trane RX-10574616 8224 Mulligan Circle 2921 amenities. RX-10574587 10031 Perfect Drive 76
A/C and screened lanai w/ garden view. Kitchen remodel RX-10574619 9989 Perfect Drive 100
efficiency with bedroom, bath & kitchenette. to include new layout, cabinets & quartz countertops.
RX-10577757 9901 Perfect Drive 117
RX-10515771 451 NW Lismore

VTiosditay! HERON - $269,900

55+ L I F E S T Y L E 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Den, Great Room
1,716 a/c sq. ft.
BIMINI - $341,900
3 Bedrooms, Den/Optional 4th Bedroom, 3 Baths, Great Room
200sThe Mid 2,358 a/c sq. ft.

CAROLINE - $378,900

2 Bedrooms, Den/Opt. 3rd Bedroom, 2.5 Baths, Great Room
2,580 a/c sq. ft.

Valencia Cay at Riverland offers the best in 55+ living, and it could all be yours from only CARLYLE - $465,900
the $200s! Enjoy Valencia Cay’s beautiful 34,000-square-foot Clubhouse with resort-style
amenities on over 5 acres, and Riverland’s incredible 4,000-acre master plan featuring 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, Great Room, Club Room
dedicated greenways, city parks, shopping, services and so much more. Come see our 3,108 a/c sq. ft.
gorgeous new homes, with impressive luxury features, such as impact resistant windows,
granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, all standard at Valencia Cay. Visit today
and see how you can have it all at this incredible value.

10735 SW Matisse Lane
Port St. Lucie, FL 34987

I-95 to Tradition Parkway (exit 118),

West to Village Parkway Drive.

Turn left on Village Parkway Drive.

Turn right on SW Discovery Way,

then left on SW Community Blvd.

Valencia Cay will be on your right.

14 Decorated Models Open Daily 9am - 5pm Font: Century Gothic
VC Type Color: 100/71/10/47
(772) 226-9000 AT Riverland Type: 100/71/10/47


BROKERS WELCOME: Broker must accompany client during client’s initial visit to this community. Both the client and Broker must execute the Developer’s Registration Form on the initial visit. Broker mdiumsetnaslsioonesx,emcuatteertihaelsDaenvdelaovpaeirl’asbBilritoykearrePasrutbicjiepcattitoLDLonOicagAhGrghakrnOetegeeermrMoBeBrnAllustu.RueVbeKasil:itennintucLLtiioaoongCgabooyy::aS18te0R0ll0ie/vr/2ew7r5lai1t/nh/5do1/ui00st /nb4oeti7nicge.dAevllerliogphetds and sold by Riverland Associates I, LLLP,
Valencia Cay is designed for residents aged 55 & older, and is intended to meet the exemption under the Federal Fair Housing Act. Plans, pricing, specifications, features, amenities, designs, reserved. ©2019 10300-008 11-8-19

Find excellent upgrades
in this PGA Verano ‘jewel’

16982 SW Ambrose Way in PGA Verano: 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1,932-square-foot home
offered for $419,900 by Isabelle Pollock, 772-713-3221 of Lang Realty

NOW SEEKING TOP Real Estate. Redefined
To join our team
The Real Estate Leader
Call John Falkenhagen:

Serving The Treasure Coast
Call the leading sales specialists at Lang Realty. (772) 467-1299

800-682-5551 |


Find excellent upgrades in this PGA Verano ‘jewel’

BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Columnist volume ceilings, and it has the designer living room (24 feet by 19 feet) with those
[email protected] touches like crown molding and custom lake views. The den (13-by-12) could easily
light fixtures and fans that discriminating serve as an office, exercise room or crafts
This week we’re back in PGA Verano, homeowners want. The living spaces have room.
which is a nice place to be. It’s also a good elegant tile floors and the bedrooms have
opportunity to remember that the House of wood-look laminate; both enhance their The luxurious master suite also overlooks
the Week is not based on size, although large spaces in different ways. the lake and has access to the lanai. Consid-
homes can certainly qualify. It may be dif- er going outside with morning coffee and
ficult to define the House of the Week, but The large, open kitchen is the heart of just enjoying the sunrise over the lake. The
you know one when you see it. the home and is a gourmet’s delight. It has master bedroom is an impressive 14-by-17,
upgraded white cabinetry with soft-close and is part of a suite that includes a spa-like
The house at 16982 SW Ambrose Way features, beautiful darker granite counter- bath with upgraded vanities, large, walk-in
is such a house. Situated on a lovely, quiet tops and a tile backsplash that make for an shower and a huge custom closet. I have
street, it has gorgeous lake views from the elegant, upscale look. Stainless-steel appli- been noticing that while some of the homes
front and back. The front door is surround- ances, under-cabinet lighting and a huge have one master closet, they really are huge
ed by brick and nestled under an archway. walk-in pantry with custom shelving make and have organizing features that inspire
Inside, the house is light and bright, with this a place where you’ll love to spend time, closet envy. The second bedroom is 13-by-
especially as it is adjacent to the spacious 11 and there is a second full both.

Lisa Nikki
Crovato Crovato

Realtor Realtor


Aluminum Structure Fence Division
Division • Repairs
• Wood
• Repairs • Chain Link
• Re-Screen • Aluminum/PVC
• Aluminum Roofs • Aluminum
• Screen Rooms Railing
561.818.1918 • Concrete PSL#15203 PSL#15234

1850 SW FOUNTAINVIEW BLVD. • SUITE 200 Jason Newman 772.801.4083
ST. LUCIE WEST (Past Bob Evans)
[email protected]

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Outside, you have a covered and screened FEATURES FOR 16982 SW AMBROSE WAY Isabelle Pollock, agent for Lang Real-
patio (25-by-12) and room for a pool, should ty, said that this house, with the popular
you wish to add one. I tend to look at patios Neighborhood: PGA Verano “Lago” floor plan, is perfect inside and out.
with lake views as the perfect places to sit Year built: 2015 • Construction: CBS
with a book and cold beverage and just re- Square footage: 1,932 sq. ft. • Total square footage: 2,732 “This model house in Verano has count-
lax. Your guests will also enjoy being able to less upgrades and lake views from the front
sit inside and out and enjoy the view. Bedrooms: 2 • Bathrooms: 2 and back,” she said. “Special features in-
Flooring: laminate, tile clude crown molding throughout, designer
Verano has a host of amenities, including light fixtures and fans, a phantom screen
indoor and outdoor pools, activities, clubs, Security: manned gate, owner security system at the front door and plantation shutters.
golfing and tennis, a game room, exercise Additional features: lake views, drapes, impact glass, planta- The house is tucked away on a quiet street,
room and library. You can enjoy the ameni- tion shutters, new washer and dryer in 2018, builder’s war- so you have the opportunity to own one of
ties and meet your friends and neighbors or ranty, phantom screen at front door, whole house gutters and the most popular floor plans on a premier
retreat to your private oasis and relax. The lot location with stunning views. It’s a true
choice is yours. garage storage racks jewel.” 

Community amenities: basketball, biking and jogging, billiards,
clubhouse, exercise room, game room, golf course, indoor and

outdoor pools, library, pickleball, sauna, spa/hot tub, tennis

Listing brokerage: Lang Realty
Listing agent: Isabelle Pollock, 772-713-3221

Listing price: $419,900

This Week’s


KINGS ISLE – Isle of Granada

228 NW Zanzibar Place


The only Estate home available in the Isle of Granada! This open & bright 3BR, 2BA, 2CG home
is situated on one of the best locations with a walking trail leading to the clubhouse. Sit on your front
porch and enjoy a tropical garden view, or maybe you prefer watching the sunrise on the huge secluded
lanai in the back with your morning coffee. This home has had only one owner and has been well taken

care of. The whole house and garage have been freshly painted. Whether you prefer pickle ball or
crocheting, there is a club at Kings Isle waiting for you! Or you may want to just relax at the pool or
man-made beach at the clubhouse. This is one of the most active adult communities in the heart of
St. Lucie West, close to restaurants, shopping, hospitals and I-95. RX-10581924 $310,000



[email protected]

Marlene Medina




The final week of November saw 17 transactions of single-family residences and lots in the Tra-
dition and St. Lucie West real estate market (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was the home at 8060 Kiawah Trace. First listed in May for $639,000,
this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom residence sold for $612,000 on Nov. 25.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Melinda P Cann of Cann Realty. Represent-
ing the buyer was agent Jenny Massey Lewis of Keller Williams Realty of Port St. Lucie.

PORT SAINT LUCIE 8060 KIAWAH TRACE 5/30/2019 $639,000 11/25/2019 $400,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 9776 SW NUOVA WAY 8/1/2019 $429,000 11/25/2019 $365,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 8028 LINKS WAY WAY 9/24/2019 $399,900 11/25/2019 $320,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 12551 SW SILVERWOOD AVENUE 7/30/2019 $330,000 11/26/2019 $315,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 11271 SW LAKE PARK DRIVE 9/6/2019 $324,900 11/25/2019 $307,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 422 SW BLUE SPRINGS COURT 10/24/2019 $314,900 11/25/2019 $306,500
PORT SAINT LUCIE 12305 ARABELLA DRIVE 7/30/2019 $310,890 11/26/2019 $251,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10375 SW INDIAN LILAC TRAIL 10/22/2019 $259,900 11/25/2019 $243,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10665 SW HARTWICK DRIVE 4/26/2019 $249,900 11/26/2019 $225,850
PORT SAINT LUCIE 1553 NW AMHERST DRIVE 7/19/2019 $249,900 11/25/2019 $220,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 510 SW INDIAN KEY DRIVE 6/26/2019 $239,000 11/26/2019 $219,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10487 SW WEST LAWN BOULEVARD 6/19/2019 $225,000 11/26/2019 $210,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 8141 CARNOUSTIE PLACE 4/2/2019 $222,500 11/26/2019


461 Jacqueline Way SW • Vero Beach Cross Creek Lake Estates • 952 Yearling Trail, Sebastian

Lake Sapphire, Vero Beach - The Tradewinds offers a very open Cross Creek Lake Eastates, Sebastian - This classic home features 3
plan with high volume ceilings, cabana bath, large walk-in pantry, bedroom, 3 bath with a den/office open floor-plan. Includes white upgraded
split bedrooms, and patio door from the master bedroom. This home wood kitchen cabinets, SS kitchen appliances & granite counter top. Floor tiled
includes pool with water feature, screen enclosure and travertine pavers throughout. Den/office enclosed with double-French doors. Impact windows
on patio and pool decking area. Additional highlights include, porcelain & sliders to outside covered lanai, side-load garage with large work area. Call
tile throughout, quartz countertops, 36” natural gas cooktop, wall
oven including convection & microwave, crown molding, LED under- Doris 561-568-4848 for more information and showing.
cabinet lighting, vented stainless hood and double full lite entry doors.
MOVE-IN READY NOW • $389,355
MOVE-IN READY NOW! • $575,935

772.521.0954 • GHOHOMES.COM 561.568.4848 • GHOHOMES.COM

To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE December 6, 2019 19


9776 SW Nuova Way, Port Saint Lucie 8028 Links Way, Port Saint Lucie

Listing Date: 8/1/2019 Listing Date: 9/24/2019
Original Price: $429,000 Original Price: $399,900
Sold: 11/25/2019 Sold: 11/25/2019
Selling Price: $400,000 Selling Price: $365,000
Listing Agent: Elise Danielian Listing Agent: Walter Panfil

Selling Agent: Lang Realty Selling Agent: Lang Realty

Elise Danielian Kay Rodriguez

Lang Realty Lang Realty

12551 SW Silverwood Avenue, Port Saint Lucie 11271 SW Lake Park Drive, Port Saint Lucie

Listing Date: 7/30/2019 Listing Date: 9/6/2019
Original Price: $330,000 Original Price: $324,900
Sold: 11/26/2019 Sold: 11/25/2019
Selling Price: $320,000 Selling Price: $315,000
Listing Agent: Angela Geller Listing Agent: Elise Danielian

Selling Agent: Oceanside Realty Partners LLC Selling Agent: Lang Realty

Michael Geletka Rita Mesquita

Capital Realty SFL RE/MAX Advisors


Mortgage rates bounce slightly higher to close out month

BY KATHY ORTON | The Washington Post sides expressing some optimism in recent drive prices up. According to the Standard tion in the number of homes for sale,” said
days.” & Poor Case-Shiller Index, home prices rose George Ratiu, senior economist with Real-
After sinking to their lowest level in six 3.2 percent nationally. “For many buyers, the fall hous-
weeks, mortgage rates rebounded a bit be- Lower mortgage rates are not the only ing market provides several challenges
fore Thanksgiving. thing lifting the housing market. The lat- “Home prices continued on an upward and opportunities. While lower financing
est economic data have also buoyed it. trajectory, spurred by a further contrac- costs and a rising number of new homes
According to the latest data released last Housing starts were up nearly 4 percent in are welcome signs in a market parched for
Wednesday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year October, which is the second-best show- inventory, prices are still climbing and the
fixed-rate average ticked up to 3.68 percent ing since May of last year. Permits were up number of existing houses in the afford-
with an average 0.5 point. (Points are fees more than 5 percent. able price range is down by double-digits.”
paid to a lender equal to 1 percent of the
loan amount and are in addition to the in- Strong employment numbers and low Meanwhile, refinances pushed mort-
terest rate.) It was 3.66 percent a week ago mortgage rates are giving builders confi- gage applications higher. According to
and 4.81 percent a year ago. dence. Although home builder sentiment the latest data from the Mortgage Bank-
ticked down a bit this month, it was still ers Association, the market composite
The 15-year fixed-rate average was un- the second-best showing of the year. More index – a measure of total loan applica-
changed at 3.15 percent with an average 0.5 housing should show up next year, which tion volume – increased 1.5 percent from
point. It was 4.25 percent a year ago. The could alleviate the supply problem in the a week earlier. The refinance index rose 4
five-year adjustable rate average increased market. percent, while the purchase index edged
to 3.43 percent with an average 0.3 point. It down 1 percent.
was 3.39 percent a week ago and 4.12 per- “The continued growth in single-fam-
cent a year ago. ily home building, and permits for future The refinance share of mortgage activity
construction, should make consumers who accounted for 62 percent of all applications.
“Mortgage rates held mostly steady are considering buying confident that they
in the lead-up to the long Thanksgiving will have a solid choice of homes,” said Bill “Mortgage applications increased 1.5
weekend,” said Matthew Speakman, a Banfield, Quicken Loans executive vice percent last week, as a 4.2 percent jump
Zillow economist. “Rates have spent the president of capital markets. “This is an im- in refinances offset a small decline in pur-
better part of November retreating from portant report for future home buyers since chase activity,” said Bob Broeksmit, MBA
October’s increases. While they remain one of the largest deterrents to entering the president and chief executive. “Borrowers
above September’s 2019 lows, rates have market right now is the lack of robust hous- continue to respond strongly to rates be-
not returned to the 4 percent range last ing options.” ing below 4 percent. With only a month
seen in the spring, which appeared likely left in the year, total mortgage origina-
just a few weeks ago. Doubts surround- Sales of existing homes were also up last tions volume is on pace to be at its high-
ing the U.S.-China trade talks are keep- month, increasing nearly 2 percent. How- est level since 2007.” 
ing rates in check for now, despite both ever, the lack of inventory continues to

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More Pictures and Information



10227 SW Visconti Way 1716 SW Mockingbird Drive

MODEL Bellacerra SQ. FT. 2733 MODEL Custom Built SQ. FT. 2326
3 3.5 3 2


• Golf Course Home on the 7th Wanamaker • Used Only as a Winter Home • Newer Kitchen Appliances 2018 • Re Surfaced Pool & Spa
• Popular Bellacerra Model w/ many upgrades • Beautiful Kitchen & Living Area • Newer Air Conditioner 2018 • On 16th Green of The Trails Golf Course
• Located in The Front of PGA Verano • All Impact Glass • Some Impact Glass & Accordion Shutters • Newer Gas Water Heater 2017

Barely lived in Verano golf course home within walking distance of the Social Club & Fitness Center. This home is located Fabulous home with many upgrades on a mature landscaped private lot in gated community. This home has been well
on the 7th hole of the Wanamaker golf course and close to the front entrance. The owners have added crown molding, maintained and has a great open floor plan. Incredible views from the great room with stacking slider doors that create an
fans and custom lighting throughout the home. In the kitchen you’ll find upgraded white cabinets with beautiful granite and expansive view of the beautiful backyard. You’ll enjoy the summer kitchen with built in grill, refrigerator and sink for backyard
glass backsplash. The great room has a coffered ceiling with sliding door overlooking the golf course. Each large guest pool parties. Call for a showing! Offered at $399,990
bedroom has a private bathroom. The den is perfect for a second TV room or home office. Offered at $559,000

9535 Avenel Lane

MODEL Mid Ocean SQ. FT. 1732 MODEL Giordana SQ. FT. 1600
3 2 2 2


• Golf Course Home on Legacy #4 • Newer Washer & Dryer • Circular Drive • Large Covered Back Patio w/Screen Enclosure
• Granite & Stainless Kitchen • Crown Molding • Large Lot Overlooking Lake • Hot Tub Conveys with Sale
• Epoxied Garage Floor • Light & Bright Open Floor Plan • Located in The Front of PGA Verano • All Impact Glass

Lovely golf course home sitting on the 4th hole of the Legacy golf course. This home is in the golf community of PGA Fabulous home on a premium home site with expansive Lake views. Prepare to be impressed as you enter the great room
Village surrounded by 4 golf courses, lush landscaping, shopping and more. You’ll find high ceilings and a great open floor with high volume ceiling, open concept and grand outdoor views. The large covered outdoor patio space is great for
plan with great natural light throughout the home. This home has stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and crown entertaining. This home is beautifully updated with a clean modern look. Offered at $339,000
molding. The home site is located on a private the dead end street with mature landscaping in the front and back. The
garage floor has been epoxied and a newer washer and dryer were purchased within 2 years. Offered at $309,000 PGA VERANO



4108 Cinnamon Tree Circle BATHS 17068 SW Ambrose Way
2 2
DINING • Light Bright Open Concept
• Granite Counter tops and glass black splash
• Centrally Located • New Stainless-Steel Appliances
• Large Fenced Patio
• Newly Renovated

Recently renovated villa with new tile floors, counter tops, back splash, and appliances. In front of the villa is a large fenced 8060 Kiawah Trace
in patio great for entertaining. The community also has a clubhouse and pool. Cinnamon Tree is in the heart of Jensen
Beach, close to the beaches, Stuart and all the great shopping. No age restrictions here and low HOA fees. This villa will
make the perfect winter get-a-way or year-round home. Offered at $149,900

Information is believed to be correct but not warranted. Personally verify all information before relying on said information.

Elise Danielian Ingrid Hewitt TOP PRODUCING
772-418-2992 772-203-7800 TEAM
[email protected]
[email protected] “Put the power of three

to work for you!”

Isabelle Pollock

[email protected]



PLAN IN PGA VILLAGE! IN VERANO! Meticulously maintained “Collina” floor plan. 4BR, 3.5BA, SGophOisticLatedF& e&leganWt homAe oTn arEguaRbly thVe beIstElotWin allSof V!e!rano. This 3 BR +DEN/3BA/3CG
This 3BR+Den/2.5BA/2CG home features golf & water views. Stunning 3BR+Den/4.5BA/2CG home with numerous upgrades t/o. Impact 2.5CG home features elegant finishes T/O, a chef’s dream ‘Biella’ floor plan will CAPTIVATE you! Beautiful wood flooring, crown molding & custom
Recently updated WHITE KITCHEN w/ QUARTZ counters, glass windows & doors! Spacious, bright kitchen with soft close features, light kitchen w/butler’s pantry, beautifully upgraded master-suite woodwork t/o. Upgraded light fixtures & ceiling fans, Hunter Douglas blinds. Gourmet kitchen
stainless appliances, 42” wood cabinetry, chef’s island, spacious cabinetry, granite counter tops & stainless steel appliances! Wood-look tile t/o with frameless glass shower. The expanded & screened has white 42’ level 5 cabinetry, Bianco Carrera Quartz counters, GE profile SS appliances, under
pantry and undermount sink. Plantation shutters, tile throughout, the main living areas, custom wood work & built-ins, crown molding, upgraded lanai is a wonderful spot to relax & enjoy the views. cabinet lighting & breakfast nook! Master Suite features 3 walk-in closets, luxurious en-suite
beautiful views and oversized lanai. Call today to view! light fixtures, and so much more. Cabana bathroom off the family room! Call RX-10544165 10143 SW Visconti Way w/ claw foot tub, frameless glass shower, separate vanities w/ marble tops & designer lighting.
RX-10578926 9306 Briarcliff Trace today to view! RX-10579128 17000 SW Sapri Way RX-10556917 10114 SW Nuova Way

FORT PIERCE $986,000 PGA VERANO $659,900 PGA VILLAGE $649,900 PALM CITY $355,000


CONVENIENT LOCATION – GORGEOUS LAKE VIEW FLOORPAN W/ AMAZING GOLF VIEWS!! Fantastic Palm City location! Enjoy wide water access without the
Custom built 6BD/5.5BA/3CG pool home with This ‘Bellacerra’ floor plan has 3BR, PLUS Den, On one of the most desirable streets in PGA Village - This 3BR+DEN/4.5BA/2CG home won’t waterfront price. 4BR/3BA/2CG home is completely renovated. Recent
something for everyone. IMPACT GLASS windows, 3.5BA, 3CG, and beautiful finishes throughout, Chef’s disappoint! Special features incl. wood & tile floors t/o main living areas & master, spacious bdrms (all upgrades incl. NEW METAL ROOF in ‘19, IMPACT GLASS windows
LED lighting, sauna, game room and more!2 in-law/ kitchen, the lanai is an entertainer’s dream with en-suite), coffered ceiling and more! Custom built-ins in living room & den! Gourmet kitchen with 42’ and accordion shutters, septic redone in ‘18, new gutters in ‘19, newer
guest suites - perfect for multi-generational living. Salt summer kitchen, stunning heated pool & spa, picture wood cabinetry, under cabinet lighting, SS appliances, granite countertops and oversized butcher block AC and fenced yard. Tile t/o the home, beautiful white-washed brick
water pool area with built-in water slide, rock waterfall, frame screen design allows to maximize the views. center island! Spacious master suite has extra cabana bath feature!!! Enjoy sweeping golf views from fireplace, updated bths, french doors leading to the screened lanai. The
hot tub and more. Call today! RX-10565581 20090 SW Matera Way your screened pool & spa.RX-10501967 8821 Bally Bunion Road kitchen features granite counters, stainless appliances, wood cabinetry
RX-10567598 6201 Oleander Ave and center island. RX-10558496 1399 SW Ibis Street

PGA VILLAGE $324,900 PGA VILLAGE $224,900 PGA VILLAGE $369,000 VERONA LAKES $215,000

Well cared for 2BR PLUS den, 2BA pool home READY VILLA IN VERONA LAKES
BEAUTIFUL LAKE VIEW HOME IN TORREY PINES – MOVE-IN READY! is A MUST SEE! Open great room design with Lennar built villa completed in 2018! Plenty of space for everyone with
DESIRABLE GREENBRIER SUBDIVISION Recently updated 2BR, 2BA, 2CG ‘Andover’ floor plan vaulted ceilings, spacious kitchen with SS appls, 3BR/2BA/1CG. Features include tile through main living areas, fresh interior
“MidOcean” floor plan with 2BR+Den and 2.5 BA. Special on corner lot. This light & bright home features an Corian counters. Spacious master suite features paint, front load washer & dryer and upgraded window treatments. Open
features include BRAND NEW STAINLESS KITCHEN oversized living room, spacious kitchen w/granite, oversized walk-in closets and large spa-like kitchen w/ granite counters, ss appliances, glass tile backsplash & 42” cabinetry.
APPLIANCES, tile t/o entire house, fresh interior paint, phantom Bosch stainless appliances, subway tile backsplash, ensuite. Screened lanai with pool & spa. Walking distance to the amenities, including future clubhouse. Call today!
screen door, newer WH, crown molding and large extended & screened & covered patio can be accessed from the RX-10531569 9024 Short Chip Circle RX-10574933 10139 W Villa Circle
screened lanai. RX-10542719 7655 Greenbrier Cir. living room or master-bedroom
RX-10563979 7071 Torrey Pines Circle

TRADITION $249,000 JENSEN BEACH $219,900 PGA VERANO $419,900 VERANO $264,900

Bright and cheery 4BR, 2BA, 2CG home features INCLUDED! RIVER CLUB
high ceilings, tile flooring throughout living areas B–eHauItDifuDllEy NcarGedEfMor!and updated 2BR, 2BA MODEL PERFECT LAGO ON PRACTICALLY NEW & SHOWS LIKE A MODEL!
kitchen with wood cabinetry including 42” uppers, condo, tile flooring throughout, granite in EXCEPTIONAL LOT IN VERANO! Beautiful 2BR+Den/2BA/2CG villa in Verano with lake views. Built in 2018 with
granite counters, SS appls, screened porch. kitchen, new vanities, frameless shower, 2BR + Den, 2BA, 2CG home w/ lake view front & back. Stunning white IMPACT GLASS windows & doors. Kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances, granite
RX-10531808 11447 SW Glengarry Court IMPACT windows, close distance to river kitchen w/ upgraded cabinetry, granite counters & ss appliances. Spa-like counters, under cabinet lighting, soft close cabinetry and spacious pantry. Master
RX-10543635 1600 NE Dixie Hwy, 10-207 master suite w/ access to screened lanai. Other features include IMPACT suite overlooks lake and has an upgraded bathroom with frame-less glass shower
GLASS windows & doors, elegant tile, custom closets, upgraded vanities, and granite topped vanity. Carefree living in a resort style community!
plantation shutters and more. Call today to view this special home! RX-10567095 21033 SW Modena Way
RX-10574369 16982 SW Ambrose Way

Agent Exclusives


Kay Rodriguez When you are looking for the best, give us a ring! Chris Rodriguez

Call Kay Rodriguez @ 772-486-2126

WE [email protected]

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Five bedroom all en-suites +office with tons of Custom estate home with impact glass on an acre

luxury upgrades including Turkish marble floors. cul-de-sac. Luxury begins with the foyer that opens

Living Room w/wet bar, fireplace, coffered ceiling, to the formal living & dining rooms. Gourmet kitchen

double tray & crown molding. Kitchen has granite boast custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances,

counters, snack bar, island & stainless steel granite counters, double ovens & farmhouse sink.

appliances. Bi-Fold French doors lead out the Entertain on your gorgeous lanai with pool/spa/

screened covered lanai w/summer kitchen, huge RX-10555281 8323 Calumet Ct. sauna & Tiki Hut kitchen that has beer on tap, wine RX-10537759 7679 Wyldwood Way

fenced yard and open air pool/spa. fridge, bun warmers & a professional BBQ.

PVGILALAGE $799,000 VPEGRAANO $689,000

Beautiful former model has tons of upgrades. This 3
Beautiful custom home on half acre lot located bedrooms all en-suite + den/office, 4.5 baths home is
spectacular with impact glass, travertine tile, crown
in a private cul-de-sac. This 4 bedroom 3.5 baths molding, surround sound and designer wood work.
Spacious kitchen has granite counters, snack bar &
with 3 car garage has it all. Gleaming marble opens to family room. Master Suite is complete with
TWO master baths. Spectacular screened covered
floors in common areas, along with designer
lanai with summer kitchen, pool/spa and lake views. RX-10579735 9884 Torriente Lane
crown molding & wood work trims gives this

home that touch of elegance. Spectacular

outdoor entertaining space with summer kitchen, RX-10565966 10120 Bay Tree Ct.

pool, spa and expansive views.

8305 Holley Tree Trail, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986


golf cart, tile on diagonal in al common areas, spacious eat-in kitchen, covered & decorated 2BR, 2BA PLUS den/office w/built-ins home has upgrades throughout, kitchen w/ Charming 2BR, 2BA, PLUS den, 1CG townhome with premium lake view, tile screened lanai w/pool & spa overlooks the golf course. Al bedrooms are en-
screened lanai, beautifuly landscaped yard w/plenty of room for a pool quartz counters, SS appls, wine cooler, crown molding, extended screened lanai overlooks lake. flooring Throughout. New A/C 2017, covered screened-in and open paver patios suites. Kitchen w/granite, SS appls, island w/butcher block. Newer A/C
Kay Rodriguez 772-486-2126; Chris Rodriguez 772-828-9963 Linda MacCormack 772-812-0469 Sara Sloan 772-618-3474; Jim Insinga 772-233-2500 Isabele Polock 772-713-3221; Elise Danielian 772-418-2992
RX-10495219 $375,000 RX-10575241 $334,900 RX-10571684 $205,000 RX-10556955 $649,900


GOLF VIEWS, SECURITY AND LOW HOA Expansive golf views from most every POOL HOME – LAKE & GOLF VIEWS Beautiful 2BR, 2BA PLUS Office/Den OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 12/8 1-3 / 10121 WILD QUAIL LAUDERDALE’ MODEL, LAKE VIEW This gorgeous 2BR, 2.5BA PLUS Den
room in this charming 3BR, 2.5BA home close to everything. Large living areas to enjoy home with gorgeous free form pool, open & bright floor plan, kitchen w/spacious Fuly furnished 2BR. 2ba PLUS den/office home, Corian counters in kitchen, new refrigera- home w/tile floors throughout, French doors into the den, kitchen w/SS appls,
entertaining. Split bedroom plan, freshly painted inside & out, new landscaping. island, granite, SS appls, covered patio, screened lanai tor, great location close to community pool and backs up to the 16th hole of the Legacy. granite, gas range, huge cook’s island, large screened lanai.
Linda Hart 772-595-2822 Pam Misiano 772-224-9691 Charmaine Hickey 954-404-0996 Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807
RX-10571658 $289,900 RX-10566306 $419,990 RX-10544437 REDUCED! $244,900 RX-10577991 $348,500


Active 55 plus community. 1BR, 1BA 2nd floor unit has al tile throughout, serene Popular “Fairview” model featuring 2BR, PLUS den, 2BA, tile throughout living 5.5BA, 3CG pool home with something for everyone. IMPACT windows, sauna, game-room, 2 dise come together! This 3BR/3BA en-suites, 2.5CG home is located on over 142’ of St.
preserve views from your back patio. This is being sold TURNKEY areas, kitchen with granite, SS appls, screened patio, situated on a pie shaped lot in-law/guest suites, salt-water pool w/built-in slide, rock waterfal, Spa + so much more! Luce River waterfront w/dock. Chef’s kitchen, screened lanai w/heated pool & spa.
Michele Agrusa 772- 263- 6131 DIANE GAULT 772-342-7455 Elise Danielian 772-418-2992; Ingrid Hewitt 772-203-7800 Valerie Juno 772-214-9404; Mary-Lynn Ninesling 772-370-6466
RX-10520018 REDUCED! $69,900 RX-10572634 $274,900 RX-10567598 $986,000 RX-10578124 $469,000


Beautiful 3BR, 2BA, 2CG home, tile throughout, wet bar, accordion & plantation den, 3CG home, eat-in kitchen w/granite, SS appls, Butler’s pantry, covered ly finishes throughout, kitchen w/granite, gas appls, b’fast nook, tile on diagonal & features Golf & Water views. Recently updated white kitchen w/quartz counters, SS
shutters, SS appls, screened lanai w/pool, golf views of the PGA Ryder course. paver patio overlooking the Wannamaker Golf course. crown molding throughout, perfect backyard w/pool. appls, Chef’s island, Plantation shutters, tile T/O, beautiful views & oversized lanai.
Valerie Juno 772-214-9404; MaryLynn Ninesling 772-370-6466 Becca Layne 772-224-6994 Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807 Isabele Polock 772-713-3221; Elise Danielian 772-418-2992
RX-10579493 $389,000 RX-10576993 $549,900 RX-10577385 $325,000 RX-10578926 $529,900


READY TO CALL HOME! 2BR, 2BA PLUS den, 2CG home features an eat-in STUNNING WATER & TRIPLE FAIRWAY VIEWS! This gorgeous home has SHOWS LIKE A MODEL HOME – POOL; GOLF VIEW A true 3BR, 3BA, ex- UPGRADES THROUGHOUT Beautiful 4BR, 3BA home, kitchen w/granite
kitchen w/granite, breakfast bar, SS appls, including a gas stove, screened extensive upgrades with 4 bedroom suites, kitchen with new granite, SS appls panded 2+CG garage home, gorgeous, sweeping golf course view, formal family & dining counters, SS appls, gas cooktop w/double ovens, Impact windows & doors
covered lanai, IMPACT glass & security system. inc. GAS range, screened lanai w/stunning pool, whole house generator. rooms, granite in kitchen, Fuly Furnished, Turnkey & ready for immediate occupancy thru-out, tile roof, screened patio, New A/C, whole
Kay Rodriguez 772-486-2126; Chris Rodriguez 772-828-9963 Diane Gault 772-342-7455 Linda MacCormack 772-812-0469 Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807
RX-10570082 $263,900 RX-10565019 $599,900 RX-10573175 $449,900 RX-10574102 $345,000

Port St. Lucie Office | 8305 Holley Tree Trail, Port St. Lucie, FL. 34986 | 772.467.1299

fun, food SECTION

Coming Up! UP FOR
Carter Erickson, 2, meets Santa Claus during the Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway at the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Infinity Club in Fort Pierce last Tuesday. PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN

1 A Lyric Christmas tradi-
tion: “Every year,” says
this show’s promo, “Stuart has
a white Christmas – make that
“A Peter White Christmas.” This
Friday, Dec. 13, the guitarist,
singer and songwriter returns to
the Lyric Theatre stage in Stuart
with a few close pals, the perfect
choice for a warm and music-full
holiday show. According to the
Lyric, the musician who would
become synonymous with jazz
and Christmas grew up in Luton,
north of London. “When I was a
kid,” he shares, “Christmas was
a big part of my life. My father
taught me the recorder, and we
played Christmas music he ar-
ranged, door-to-door.” This year,
White’s posse consists of Euge
Groove, real name Steve Grove,
returning to the Lyric with his
“magic saxophone artistry”; Vin-
cent Ingala, 20-something “with
matinee idol looks, and already
the top of the contemporary jazz
charts, a musical wizard who
plays tenor sax, piano, drums,
guitar, bass and lead vocals; and
“sultry and soulful young singer



$50 CGIAFRTDWhere trust is a Family Tradition. ‘ON BROADWAY’: NICKY WOOD’S
OFF $400 or More.
Offer valid through 12/31/19. [email protected]
Not valid with other offers or promotions.
There’s no business like show business,
Some Exclusions may apply. at least when the very talented Nicky Wood
takes the stage.
$100 GCAIFRTDWhere trust is a FamilyTradition.
The versatile Mr. Wood and his real-life
OFF $750 or More. partner, Michelle Spreadbury, will present
“On Broadway: Then and Now” at Stuart’s
Offer valid through 12/31/19. Barn Theatre Dec. 27-Dec. 29 in a fund-
Not valid with other offers or promotions. raiser for the theater.

Some Exclusions may apply. In a show taken from his own life expe-
rience, Wood and Spreadbury play a young
$500 GCAIFRTDWhere trust is a FamilyTradition. couple often separated by the demands of
their careers, him as a writer-director and
OFF $4000 or More. her as a dancer. They have a chance to star
in a musical together that opens in a week,
Offer valid through 12/31/19. but unbeknownst to the theater, Wood
Not valid with other offers or promotions. hasn’t written a word. (True story. I will ab-
solutely sign an affidavit that this has real-
Some Exclusions may apply. ly happened.)

Anyway, in search of the story, the two
hit the Big Apple as they race through
time to meet the brightest stars and hear
the most memorable much. With works
from Cohan, Gershwin, Porter and Ber-
lin to Rodgers and Hammerstein, Ste-
phen Sondheim and Bob Fosse, all the
way through “Wicked,” “Jersey Boys” and
“Mamma Mia,” the show takes shape as

Where trust is a Family Tradition.

94¢Watch Battery*
+ Tax

Excludes Vicence. With this ad.
Expires 12/31/19

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Walmart Plaza GAS W

906 SW St Lucie West Blvd. Cashmere West St. Lucie Blvd. Barn Theatre favorite Nicky Wood
Port St. Lucie 34986 Bayshore Blvd. returns there Dec. 27-29 with a new
show, “On Broadway: Then and Now,”
featuring his real-life leading lady,


To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | ARTS December 6, 2019 3

the couple deals with themes like passion, Wood said that the show was fun to cre- •(CC•u•aPr•bDtisDeciedrikelniin-AveUgve-apIrilnyable)
power, fame and temptation. ate, but also cathartic, as he followed the
struggles of many of the musical theater ITALIAN RISTORANTE
I recently spoke to Wood from Chicago, greats.
where the show has been staged. The fol- FAST, FRESH DELIVERY!
lowing day, he and Spreadbury were going “It’s the struggle of the unknown and the
to Carthage College in Wisconsin, where uncertainty and making ends meet,” he $15 MINIMUM LIMITED AREA. CURBSIDE PICKUP AVAILABLE.
it would also be presented. First, he ex- said. “It’s about trying to produce art while
plained that he was in Chicago in part be- trying to survive.” FREE LARGE FAMILY PACK
cause Spreadbury is from there. CHEESE PIZZA
The show takes place in a hotel room $26.99
“We have done more long distance than and as the two write the show, it comes to Buy one large 3-topping pizza,
not,” he said. “If we’re in the same country, life. get a large regular cheese pizza
we’re going to be in the same state. Having FREE (Save $14.99)
a show at the Barn in December means we “It’s high-speed,” Wood said. “It covers 2 LARGE 16” CHEESE PIZZAS
get to trade snowmen for sandcastles for 101 years of songs, stars and stories. We NOT VALID ON GOURMET PIZZA
Christmas.” breeze through some musicals in a medley 2 SIDE SALADS ANY 2 LITRENot valid
and other shows are longer. There’s a good
Wood is still with Norwegian Cruise taste of ‘42nd Street,’ “Anything Goes,’ and Valid at Port
Lines and spent the past cruise season in ‘A Chorus Line.’ As the choreographer and Pick-Up or Delivery Only
France, Italy and Spain. He and Spreadbury director, it’s so exciting. There are so many with any other oofnfley.rM, duisstcporeusnetn,tscpouepcoianlwohrecnoourdpeorinng. .
are trying to book something together. styles to choose from. This is the first time St. Lucie Location
my co-star has been my collaborator. I love SODA (Save $10.76)ONE COUPON PER ORDER. Offer expires 12/31/19
“Norwegian takes three-quarters of collaborating, but I am (usually) chief cook FREE BOTTLE OF SAL’S PICKUP OR DELIVERY ONLY
the year but I always have chunks of time and bottle washer. Private Label Wine Not valid with any other offer, discount, special or coupon.
off,” he said. “Port St. Lucie has been With Purchase of 2 Dinner Entrees One coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering.
my home base because my mom and “We’re sharing. It’s a total team. We’re Choice of Pino Grigio or Valid at: Port St. Lucie Location Only. Expires 12/31/19
dad live there. I came straight to Chica- sharing responsibility straight down the $5 OFF
go from Spain. I knew I wanted to do a line. It’s a weird feeling and a very nice Sangiovese (Save $23.99) $25 or more
show at the Barn. Anytime I get a chance feeling. I think it will produce a slightly Dine in only 4Pm-Close
to come home for Christmas, I do a show. different product. We balance each other.
I had recently done a show that Chris and I’m the actor-singer first and the danc- Not valid with any other offer, discount, special or coupon.
Jeanette (Mazzella, of the Barn Theatre) er second. She’s a dancer. My greatest Valid at Port St. Lucie Location only. ONE COUPON
had come to see and they loved it. I can strengths are her weaknesses and vice
never take the easy road. I was in Mar- versa. The show will have more dance PER COUPLE. Offer expires 12/31/19
seilles and Michelle was in New York City. than any other Nicky Wood show. She’s
She had to do all of New York in one day. kept me on my toes.” $10 OFFFREE EARLY
That was my inspiration. We’re often sep- DINNER
arated, and we get to do a show togeth- (He said it. Send pun complaints to
er for the first time and it’s (almost) the Nicky Wood.) Buy One Early Dinner and Two Beverages,
opening and there’s no script.” Receive 2nd Early Dinner of Equal or Lesser $50 or more
“If you think you’ve seen my Broadway Value. FREE (up to $12.99) NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER,
The two finally got to the same city (New shows, this blows everything out of the DISCOUNT, SPECIAL OR COUPON.
York, of course) and locked themselves in a water. Something I never have is time. The Dine in only 3PM-6PM SHARP!
hotel room for 20 hours. I know what you most time I’ve ever had to put into show
may be thinking, but they created a show. creation and rehearsal is five days. This Not valid with any other offer, discount, special or coupon.
time, I’ll have almost two weeks before we Valid at Port St. Lucie Location only. ONE COUPON One coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering.
Wood describes himself as a “musical open. I feel like I’m getting ready to craft a PER COUPLE. Offer expires 12/31/19 Valid at: Port St. Lucie Location Only. Expires 12/31/19
theater history nerd.” work of art and that’s a nice feeling.”
Visit our website for full menu and on-line ordering! •
“Between IRSC and the University of Sometimes it pays to get a room.
Central Florida, I’ve taken seven or eight 772-281-2658
semesters in theater history,” he said. The Barn Theatre, 2400 SE Ocean Blvd., TOWN CENTER AT ST. LUCIE WEST
“That’s the subject I’d want to teach. This Stuart, presents Nicky Wood’s “On Broadway: 1707 NW ST. LUCIE W BLVD, SUITE 148 • PORT ST. LUCIE
show offers me a chance to nerd out on my Then and Now,” Dec. 27-29. Call 772-287-
favorite thing in the whole world.” 4884 or visit 

COMING UP based on an unfinished Charles Dickens Tickets: start at $62. 561-575-2223. baseball mascot, pooper-scooper ... and
novel of the same name that was written charm school grad. Julie Scoggins is all
CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 by Rupert Holmes, who took home Tonys 3 An already, always spirited week- that and, says Riverside, “one of the funni-
for Best Book of a Musical and Best Orig- end happening, Riverside Theatre’s est comics (male or female) on the circuit
and composer Lindsey Webster,” who inal Score; the show scored a total of five Live in the Loop cranks up the merry and today.” At one point, the well-travelled
has already scored two No. 1’s on the Tonys out of 11 noms, including Best Mu- the festive lights this month with “Holiday Scoggins found herself working in the Vir-
Contemporary Jazz Chart, the first vo- sical and Best Performance by a Leading Lights and Rock n’ Live Music,” paired gin Islands, as a salesperson for Frito Lay.
calist to do that since Sade. This holiday Actor in a Musical. The plot, according to this weekend, Dec. 6-7, with the Comedy “Imagine that!” says she. “Selling Dor-
show is sure to be filled to the brim with the Maltz promo: In the small village of Zone. Outside, “In the Loop,” the Bobby itos where half of the people smoke pot!
good friends, good cheer, and good mu- Cloisterham, England, “the young and Owens Band brings Friday’s free live mu- Talk about yer ‘market niche’!” Opening
sic. Times: 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Tickets: charming Edwin Drood has been mys- sic, serving a heaping holiday helping of for Scoggins will be Queens, N.Y., native
$42. 772-286-7827. teriously murdered.” Created as a show classic rock. Saturday’s musicmeisters Doug Almeida, a retired kick boxer and
within a show, this terrific musical invit- are the Casey Raines Band, kicking the corporate presenter for, says his bio, “one
2 Who has committed murder most ed you, the audience members, to decide dust up with country and classic rock. of the largest financial planning firms in
foul? There are seven suspects. But the ending by “voting on the killer’s iden- Both bands will throw in some holiday the country.” His ability to turn dull-as-
which one has blood on his or her hands? tity, from among the highly suspicious, faves as well. As always, two full bars and dirt insurance presentations into comic
Not even the Maltz Jupiter Theatre (where hilarious group of potential perps.” The a (great) grill offer all sorts of food and art led him to become a kick-booty comic
the hilarious whodunit, “The Mystery show runs through Dec. 19. Curtain: bev choices. (Don’t BYO.) Inside, a pair hit. Showtimes: Comedy Zone, 7:30 p.m.
of Edwin Drood,” is currently playing) Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 7:30 p.m.; of stand-up comics will make sure you and 9:30 p.m.; Live in the Loop, 6 p.m. to
knows. According to Wikipedia, “The Wednesdays, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Satur- make your weekly laugh goal: Picture a 9:30 p.m. Tickets: Comedy Zone, start at
Mystery of Edwin Drood” is a musical days, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; Sundays, 2 p.m. 6-foot-2 southern ex-trucker, cab driver,


Height of entertainment
coming to the Lyric ...

‘Cirquesco’ maximus!

BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer clowns or bearded ladies. It is, he said, very that would appeal to the intellectual side
[email protected] family-friendly. and brought it into the adult world.”

Kevin Black was a dancer who decided “The main character leads you through Still, Black wants the audiences to un-
that being on stage was not what he loved. the show,” he said. “He’s a modern-day derstand that the show is completely fam-
His heart was behind-the-scenes, direct- emcee. He finds a mirror and makes things ily friendly. Many youngsters are studying
ing, producing, choreographing, costum- come to life. That’s the Cirque du Soleil dance, aerial and silks and they’ll have the
ing and doing set design. He worked for mystical element.” opportunity to see how professionals per-
several years at Norwegian Cruise Lines, form these challenging arts.
developing and producing shows for on- In addition to the emcee, the show in-
board entertainment. In 1992, he settled cludes two vocalists, four dancers and sev- Black said that the Lyric is an ideal ven-
in Florida and began Kevin Black Produc- eral specialty acts including contortion- ue because of its intimacy.
tions to provide entertainment to cruise ists, aerial flyers and hula hoops.
lines, resorts and theaters. His shows, “I love the history and I love the old the-
“Dance D’Amour” and “Dance Your Pants “There are 14 different segments,” Black aters that have been renovated,” he said.
Off,” were popular at the Lyric Theatre and said. “The vocalists add atmosphere and “The acoustics are great and I love the
this year he is bringing “Cirquesco,” a trib- more of a live element to the show.” décor. I love the quaint charm and histor-
ute to dance, the aerial arts and the circus ical value. It’s important to keep that alive.
to the Stuart venue on Jan. 9. Also adding to the atmosphere is state- Yogi get a very intimate performance and
of-the-art lighting, costuming and a there’s not a bad seat. In these smaller ven-
Black spoke recently about the show. soundtrack that features everything from ues, you feel more connected with the au-
“It’s Cirque du Soleil meets Liza Minnelli the Argentinian tango to French burlesque. dience and you take the journey together.
German cabaret,” he said. “The set design It’s nice for the audience and it’s nice for
is ornate as if in a cabaret and nightclub, “It’s Cirque du Soleil meets ‘Moulin the people on stage.”
and it has an intimate cabaret feel to it.” Rouge,’” Black said.
While Black noted that there are circus The Lyric Theatre, 59 SW Flagler Ave.,
elements to the show, he said there are no “Before Cirque du Soleil, the circus Stuart, presents “Cirquesco” Jan. 9. Call 772-
theme was thought to appeal only to 286-7827 or visit 
younger audiences. It was all about fun
and clowns and silliness in three rings.
Cirque du Soleil made circus a form of art

COMING UP along and around 14th Avenue fling open list. Also, now, the First Friday Gallery
their doors with a warm welcome and a Stroll includes complimentary transport
CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 wealth of wonderful art. As always, down- – a six-passenger shuttle courtesy of Golf
town’s restaurants, shops and pubs will Carts of Vero. It’ll be running a continuous
$16; Loop, free. Riverside Theatre is located be open, so you can stroll, grab a bite and loop to Gallery 14, Artists Guild Gallery,
at 3250 Riverside Park Dr., Vero Beach. 772- a brew, and just absorb all that holiday Tiger Lily Art Studios and Gallery, Flame-
410-0470. spirit at your leisure. Gallery 14’s “Strokes tree Clay Art Gallery, the Other Half Gal-
of Genius: An Artists’ Invitational” is but lery, Raw Space, MSVB Studios, Gallery of
4 The artsy, laid-back vibe of Down- one of the exciting exhibits awaiting you. Hope, Florida Highwayman Landscape
town Vero Beach’s First Friday Gal- Amongst all the wonderful art, there’s a Art and Highwayman Gallery. Hours:
lery Stroll will have a special holiday feel- good chance you’ll discover a treasure Stroll – 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.; shuttle – 5 p.m. to
ing this Friday, Dec. 6, when the galleries just right for someone on your Christmas 9 p.m. 

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Sunrise’s ‘Rudolph’ musical: Home (run) for the holidays

BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer adolescent, where you feel that something or a part
[email protected]
of you is not the same as everyone else,” she said.
For more than 50 years, the animated television
classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” has been “What’s different is what makes us unique. It could
a favorite holiday tradition. Now Rudolph, Hermey,
Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snow Mon- not be more relevant. With social media, if they don’t
ster come to life in the musical stage adaptation
of the beloved telecast in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed fit the mold, people feel bad. The role is such a won-
Reindeer: The Musical” at Fort Pierce’s Sunrise The-
atre on Dec. 22. derful journey, from feeling I’m not good enough to

Bella Hicks plays Rudolph. She went into the au- growing into a person who uses the things they used
ditions seeking a role in the ensemble, but got a call-
back for the lead. She thinks a background in the cir- to think were wrong about them and use them to
cus may have helped.
their advantage and everyone else’s. People need that
“I did aerial work,” she said. “My brother was a per-
former and had the aerial silks in one of his shows. I story today. How can we nurture young people to feel
was 7 and climbed up. I got lessons from a man who
had been in Cirque du Soleil and he formed his own good about themselves?”
circus. I performed in it for five years.”
Hicks went to college and majored in geology. She
Now she gets to fly again and it’s a thrill, but the
thrill is also in being associated with such a beloved show. quickly decided that was not for her and ended up as

“It’s a phenomenon,” she said. “Everyone knows and a theater major in Los Angeles. Theater had always
loves Rudolph. It’s that special and iconic. I get to see the
reactions. There was a little girl in full reindeer attire. It was been a love. “It was ‘The Lion King’ for me,” she said.
so cool. It’s a magical story and is still relevant and affects
people across generations. There are so few stories that have “It was magic. I hope kids will have the same experi-
the same effect.”
ence. It’s such a positive story and I’m so thankful to
Hicks said that the goal was to bring the story to life.
“Our wonderful director and voice coaches and chore- be a part of it.”
ographers are trying to bring the television specials to life,
with the voices as close as we can. When you’re sitting in the The role is a physical one and Hicks has been
PHOTO COURTESY OF CHARACTER ARTS working on her leaps and jumps.

theater, it’s the movie coming to life. The costumes are so “I’ve watched so many videos of the tours,” she said. “I’ve

incredible and detailed. They look like the Claymation pup- studied my dog. He’s a Yorkshire terrier and looks like he’s

pets. … We try to stick close to the story because it’s special. a baby Rudolph. He was my inspiration. I’ve seen how he

There are a few minor adjustments to make it work on stage. moves his body.”

We want people to go, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Some of the choreogra- Hicks describes the character of Rudolph as “young at

phy is exactly from the special and we bring even the small- heart” and “endlessly vivacious.” It’s easy to think that they

est details to life. We want them to have a ‘How did they do cast the role exactly right.

that?’ moment.”

The effervescent Hicks knows that the story is about more “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical” comes to

than a reindeer and his friends. the Sunrise Theatre, 117 S. Second St., Fort Pierce, Dec. 22 at 3

“I get to tap into what every person goes through as an p.m. Call 772-461-4775 or visit 

S U N R I S E T H E A T R E The Best Entertainment on the Treasure Coast


rudolph the red-nosed reindeer: The National ballet theatre of The Righteous brothers Jack Hanna’s into the wild live
the Musical odessa presents: the nutcracker With bill medley & Bucky Heard Thursday, january 23rd @ 7PM
thursday, deceMBER 26th @ 7PM Saturday, January 11th @ 8pm
SunDAY, december 22ND @ 3PM A fascinating experience that
A fun holiday Classic a spectacular performance of a Classic soul pioneers brings wildlife to you
Reimagined on stage! traditional holiday classic

For a Complete List of 117 South 2nd St. Follow us! * Additional shows will
Shows, Visit Us Online Box office M-F 10am-2pm Historic Downtown be added throughout
772.461.4775. the season.
Fort Pierce


Hall brings gift of Christmas magic to Sunlight

BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent Whitt. “It’s the kind of comedy that Comienzo, next year. John Granada,

Christmas cheer is right around the both kids and adults appreciate.” who’s been studying ministry in At-
corner. Literally.
This is a return visit to Sunlight for lanta, is working on starting the new
Sunlight Community Church will host
its annual holiday show, “The Magic of Hall. He did the church’s 2016 Christ- church program now.
Christmas,” this Saturday, Dec. 7.
mas show. The next year illusionist “He’s raising up the core team right
“Each year we try to do a family-friendly
Christmas show to serve the community,” team Brett and Labrina Myers per- now,” Whitt said.
said Bill Whitt, associate pastor. “We know
people are looking for fun things to do this formed Sunlight’s Christmas show. Sunlight has a 730-seat auditori-
time of year.”
Last year Improv 321 took the stage. um it opened in 2014. Before then, it
“The Magic of Christmas” will be at 5
p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The church is at 477 SW Sunlight has offered all the shows could seat about 200. Whitt said the
Cashmere Blvd. in St. Lucie West.
free of charge. church is consistently filling up on
“The performer, his name is Jared Hall,”
Whitt said. “He’s performed with all the “Because it’s free, there’s no re- Sunday mornings.
biggest names in Christian music.”
served seating,” Whitt said. “People “Our average attendance we just
Hall is an illusionist, comedian and up-
lifting speaker who has done shows with are advised to show up at least half calculated at 600, 700,” he said.
such well-known contemporary Chris-
tian artists as Chris Tomlin and the News- an hour early.” But, Sunlight isn’t as much in the
boys, the band featured in the 2014 movie
“God’s Not Dead” and its sequels. The church will also have its annu- business of getting folks into its St.

“He makes people float,” Whitt said. al Christmas Eve candlelight services Lucie West campus as it is in starting
“He does the straight-jacket escape. He
does card tricks.” on Tuesday, Dec. 24, also at 5 p.m. other churches in the area.

And he does about 120 shows a year. and 7:30 p.m. “It’s an outreach to the “We want to plant churches,” Whitt
Hall is all about using stage illusions for
inspiring people with uplifting, Christian community,” Whitt said. “Everybody said. “Per capita, the Treasure Coast
is welcomed. We have different per- has fewer churches than almost any
“He’s really good with kids,” remarked
formers, readings, videos. I think the place in the nation.”

best part is hearing 700 voices come Sunlight is a member of the Chris-

together and sing Christmas carols.” tian Reformed Church of North

The minister has a favorite. Illusionist Jared Hall will perform at Sunlight. PHOTO COURTESY OF JARED HALL America. The regular services are

“Seeing 700 people lift up candles at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sundays.

and sing ‘Silent Night’ – it’s one of the big of dress,” Whitt said. “Everybody is wel- Additionally, Sunlight has “Community

highlights of our year.” comed and everybody fits in.” Groups” that meet throughout the week

This is a come-as-you-are kind of Whitt said the church has had a good at the church.

church whether its “The Magic of Christ- 2019 and is looking forward to 2020. The

mas” or the candlelight services. church is in the process of launching a More about the church is at www.sun-

“We have people who wear any level Spanish-language congregation, Nuevo 

Join Us For Worship!

Tradition Worship Center at the
Tradition Town Hall

• Sunday Service at 10am
• Wednesday Night Service at 7pm
• Thursday Morning Healing Service at 9am

We have Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry,
Women’s Ministry, and much more!

We are a Spirit-Filled, Word and Faith church.
We believe that salvation is through

Jesus Christ alone through the atonement
and forgiveness He extended to us
on the cross.

Call us for more information:


To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | ARTS December 6, 2019 7

BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer home from their honeymoon to a top- November 22 - December 29, 2019
[email protected] floor, walk-up apartment in a brownstone
in New York. Corrie is the optimist, able to OPENING RECEPTION
“Barefoot in the Park” is such early Neil overlook the apartment’s deficiencies that Friday, December 6, 6-8 pm
Simon that it’s easy to forget that it is Neil include a hole in the skylight, various leaks Free for Members, $20 Not-Yet Members
Simon. It ran on Broadway for 1, 530 per- and no bath tub. Paul, a lawyer, is a little
formances and was Simon’s longest-run- more buttoned up. They also have a visit
ning hit, aide no doubt, by the presence from Corie’s mother, Mrs. Banks, who be-
of Robert Redford, Elizabeth Ashley and comes friends with their eccentric neigh-
director Mike Nichols, who won a Tony. It’s bor, Mr. Velsaco.
also a charming comedy that stands on its
own merits. “I like the characters, because even if
they don’t make wonderful choices, they’re
Indian River State College students will delightful and they learn from their mis-
present “Barefoot in the Park” Jan. 9-11 and takes,” Moberg said. “It’s a love story.”
I spoke with David Moberg, director of the
performing and visual arts department, The director said that his actors were
about why he chose this play. delightful, as well. The cast includes Emil-
ia Karrh as Corie, Matthew Duncombe as
“Of all the Neil Simon plays, I think it’s Paul, Shannon Tsunoda as Corie’s mother,
one of my faves,” he said. “This one seems John Stallings as Mr. Velasco, Terry Stover
fun and realistic. It’s light-hearted and it as the telephone repairman, and Emman-
uel Murray as the delivery man.
Indian River State College theater students SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE - SATURDAY & SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7-8 • FREE ADMISSION
Moberg noted that “Barefoot” and
“Grease,” which will be presented at the 500 N. INdIaN RIveR dRIve, FoRt PIeRce, FL. 34950
end of February, are already attracting 772.465.0630 • BackusMuseuM.oRg
sales. Both are feel-good shows; “Grease,”
work on the sets for the upcoming production of of course, is a phenomenon and “Barefoot”
is about young love, lots of energy and lit-
“Barefoot in the Park.” PHOTO COURTESY OF IRSC tle fights between a couple trying to get to
know each other after they get married.
checks all the boxes. Selfishly, the biggest HEALTH, GIFT
box is that I really like the show. I did it a IRSC’s impresario also wanted to remind & CRAFT FAIR
while ago and my memory is that it was readers about the dance program, and sev-
fun and satisfying for the audiences, the eral programs coming up. Sunday, December 15th 2pm-6pm
actors and the director. I remember enjoy-
ing working on it. I’m having the same kind “Jocelyn (Perez, the new dance instruc- Temple Beth El Israel
of experience now.” tor) is entertainment-oriented,” he said.
“They’re presenting ‘Art in Motion,’ Jan. 551 SW Bethany Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
Moberg said that part of the enjoyment 30-31 and Feb. 1. I’ve watched rehearsals. If TEL: (772) 336-2424
comes from liking the characters, which people came and saw it, they’d say, ‘That’s
doesn’t always happen with Simon. Corie so cool.’” Health Care Professionals, Vendors,
and Paul Blatter are newlyweds who come Food Trucks & More!
Indian River State College, 3209 Virginia
Ave., Fort Pierce, presents the Neil Simon WIN GRAND PRIZE - 50% of Raffle*
comedy, “Barefoot in the Park,” Jan. 9-11. Tickets Sold OR One of our Many Prizes!!
Call 1-800-220-9915. 
* Net proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
The Braford & Rooster in the Garden Are now taking
bookings for the 2019 Holiday Party Season

Whether you’re hosting a small family St. Lucie
gathering, or a large corporate event, we have County
plenty of options for you. Every step of the Canine
booking is customizable to suit your needs. Demonstration
With our dry aged local beef & extensive wine
selection, you’ll be sure to give your guests KID ZONE

a night to remember. Will be present

100 S 2nd St. Fort Pierce
FL 34950

[email protected]


Chicken Sandwich
Crispy or Grilled

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Electronic versions of With Full Liquor Bar
this coupon are not
accepted. 5 OFFOUR GIFT $ 00
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N.W. Corner of 2nd St. & Orange Ave. 772.302.3866

SUN - THURS • 10:30am - 10pm • FRI & SAT • 10:30am - 11pm

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Santa is welcomed by Paisley Bartz at the
Holiday Lights event last Saturday in Tra-
dition. At right, Mrs. Claus is entertained
by Caleb and Teri Greco. Below, the Port
St. Lucie Police Athletic League drumline
performed. 



This amazing K-9 earns Bonz’s SEAL of approval

cated the man). I call him Hooman. He’s a “The SEALS use a lotta
U.S. Navy SEAL. An this is Elaine, she’s in
charge of museum PR.” Malinois. We’re more por-

Hi Dog Buddies! “I can’t wait to hear all about you an table than German Shep-
your job. An how come you don’t have a
This week, I innerviewed a pooch with a last name?” herds: we can ride on our
Very Serious Job. He’s a member of a team
of seals an, when I first heard about that, “I do. But me an Hooman are Active partners’ shoulders, get in
I was, like, Wait! What? Aren’t those the Military, an lots of SEAL assign-mutts are
funny-looking animals with flippers that Super Secret, so we don’t dis-CLOSE that an outta small spaces, are
live around the water? stuff. Except for my first name.”
Super Excellent at agility, an
Then I Googled. Finn’s team is human “Woof.” I was impressed. “So, how’d you
and pooch, an you hafta spell it all in big get into this line of work?” very stable. We’re polite an
ledders, cuz it stands for Sea, Air an Land.
SEALS is a Special Ops force for the Navy. “It’s all I’ve ever known, Mr. Bonzo. Me frenly with good humans. But
Did you know that? I didn’t know that. an my brothers and sisters were born at
Baden K-9 in Canada. Not to brag, but with bad guys, we instantly
The innerview was at the National us Baden dogs are elite, highly trained
Navy UDT-SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce canines: we start school as liddle puppies, become fearless, ferocious
and, woof! is that uh-MAY-zing! Me an my and we still train every day. When the Navy
assistant were shown to a special innerv- or law enforcement need a K-9, they go warriors. Since 9/11, we’ve
iew room: there was a lady, anna man in a to Baden. Me an Hooman started being
uniform, an this good-looking poocheroo. partners when I was 5 months old.” lost numerous brave fellow
He was a Malinois; looked a lot like a Ger-
man Shepherd but smaller. He hadda Cool “I think I unnerstand. I felt that way K-9s in combat. I’m SO proud
Kibbles uniform vest on, one side had a about my Mom,” I said, wiping my nose
silhouette of a K-9, an the other side hadda with my paw. “What sorta stuff are you of my brothers an sisters in
American flag and an eagle holding an trained to do?”
anchor anna kinda pointy-looking fork. the military, law enforcement
“I’m a fully trained Warrior Dog,” Finn
“Good morning, Mr. Bonzo. Come on in. said, in a not-bragging-at-all way. “Swim- and as companions to vet-uh-
I’m Finn. This is my partner (Finn indi- ming, jumping outta planes, infiltratin,’
taking down bad guys, sniffin’ out explo- runs. K-9 teams work together
sives an IEDs. I‘m also flu-unt in German.”
like we were just one pooch or
I shook my head. What a dog!
human. We know our partner

can protect us just the same

as we can protect them.

“My assign-mutt here or

out in the community is to

educate an enlighten the pub-

lic about the SEAL museum

mission, an how important Finn.

K-9s are to it. Hey, wanna take

a tour? C’mon!”

He and Hooman led the way into the “It’s a very strict diet. All raw. Chicken.
Veggies. An tripe. I’m crazy for tripe. Part
display area. There were lots of grown-ups of the training for me an Hooman is a fast
every couple weeks, cuz you can’t eat in
and liddle kids lookin’ around. Everybody the field, or 24 hours before a flight. It isn’t
bad for us or anything.”
wanted to talk to Finn and pat him.
Note to self. Google tripe.
“S’cuse me for a sec,” Finn said. He an “Do you sleep with Hooman?”
“The first night after I moved in with
Hooman greeted the group; Finn hopped Hooman, he slept on the floor with me cuz
I was still mostly a pupster and everything
onto a bench, looking Crispy Dog Biscuits was New an Un-fuh-MILL-yer. Now, I sleep
in my own bed.”
and ready for a photo op. Several times during the innerview,
Hooman’d come over an give Finn some
Elaine showed me an my assistant some pats an ear-rubs and say soft words. An
Finn never took his eyes off Hooman for
Super Cool Kibbles Navy stuff. You pooch- more than a second. Obviously, although
Finn was very CORE-jull, Hooman was No.
es should totally check it out, ’specially the 1, an there weren’t any other numbers.
Heading home, I was still in awe thinkin’
gigantic helly-copter called a Blackhawk. about the things K-9s like Finn can do, an
how important they are to the humans
PROVIDING EXCELLENCE SINCE 1986 I’ve never seen ANYthing like it. I pick- who work to keep the rest of us safe. When
I got home, I Googled “tripe.” I wish I
A FULL SERVICE VETERINARIAN CLINIC shured Finn in his combat gear jumpin’ hadn’t.
We at Kelly’s Animal Hospital are the
one-stop practice for all your best friend’s needs: out of it with Hooman, on a Super Secret Till next time,

Assign-mutt. The Bonz

Later, I asked Finn about that eagle and DON’T BE SHY!
We are always looking for pets
• Computerized state of the art facility, fork-thingy on his vest. with interesting stories. To set
with 4 large exam rooms
“That’s the official SEAL insignia. We up an interview, email
• Digital radiography [email protected].
• Acupuncture wear it proudly. It’s called a TRI-dent and
• Affordable vaccine packages available
• Wellness plans from all stages of life it means we’ve made it through SEAL train-

for dogs & cats. ing, which most human and dog trainees
• Fully stocked pharmacy
• In house laboratory which allows us don’t. You earn your trident every day.”

to do most blood- work in house I was getting more an more impressed.
and have results in 30 minutes
“Whaddya do for fun, you know, to chill

out?” I wondered.

Patrick A. Kelly, D.V.M. “I don’t DO chill-out. I’m a working dog.

I always hafta have a TASK. But Hooman

makes TRAINING fun. He calls it positive

reinforcement. Like, for scent training, he

hides a sock an I sniff it out. I especially

Extended Grooming Hours - Mon, like water training. I’m a Florida pooch,
Tues, Wed & Fri - until 3:00 pm
after all. We train every day.”

“Um (I was almost afraid to ask), any

772.336.8111 150 NW CENTRAL PARK PLAZA toys?”
“Are you kidding?”
visit our website @
Hours: Monday 7:30-8:00 • Tuesday 7:30-8:00 • Wednesday 7:30-8:00
• Thursday 7:30-5:30 • Friday 7:30-8:00 • Saturday 8:00-4:00 • Sunday - Closed “Seriously?”

“Whaddya you eat?”

To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | COMMUNITY December 6, 2019 11

Volunteers lead Thanksgiving drive

About 30 community volunteers gathered last Saturday at St.

Peter’s Lutheran Church, Fort Pierce, to assemble and distribute

Thanksgiving baskets to 100 local families, including those served

by Communities Connected for Kids’ foster-care and protective ser-

vices system.

The project, now

in its 8th year, is a

labor of love for a St.

Lucie County attor-

ney, who wishes to

remain anonymous.

“People needed

it, and we had the

resources,” she said,

surrounded in the

church hall by busy

volunteers and walls Sheila and Robert Pina at turkey giveaway. DOGGIE DAY FAIR
of turkeys and Idaho


The Albert Wilson Foundation and Publix contributes to the proj- Oscar, left, enjoys snacks at Ginger’s Pet Food
Pantry booth with Tonya Wismer at the St. Lucie
ect, and CCKids staff members Sheila Pina and Shearon Demps Farmers Market recently, while Debbie Capella
and her dog Copper, a chihuahua/pug mix,
identify and organize families who need a little help putting food on participate in the pet parade. The event also
included dog adoptions from Paws Fur Recovery.
the Thanksgiving table.  ­– CONTRIBUTED


Voices for Children collecting toys for kids who need them most

BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent details of children it represents in depen- dency cases there are social workers and critical thinking and writing. Guardians
dency cases, so can’t give donors specific attorneys representing the state’s interests. have to write reports that go to judges. Ni-
Voices for Children Okeechobee & the gift suggestions from children’s requests. There are attorneys representing the par- gro said specific skills – such as speaking
Treasure Coast is in the Santa business Nigro said a lot of donors think about the ents’ interests. The guardians represent the different languages – are handy to the pro-
again this year, and interested people can elementary-school ages. He urged donors children. gram. There is one specific type of volun-
help out. to also consider toddlers and teenagers. teer the Guardian ad Litem program needs.
“That’s usually underrepresented,” he said. Guardian ad Litem means a guardian
Voices for Children is a not-for-profit for purposes of legal proceedings. Program “We really need more men,” Nigro said.
created to support the 19th Judicial Circle’s There is a way to help guardians get spe- volunteers visit with the children they rep- “We need more male volunteers. Only
Guardian ad Litem program. cific items children requested. Give cash. resent and try to ascertain what they want about 25 percent of our volunteer base
and articulate it to the court for them. is male, but 50 percent of our clients are
“We’re a child advocacy program,” said “Anyone who wants to make a cash do- That’s often hard. Many have little to no male.”
Paul Nigro, the circuit director for the nation can through Voices for Children at ability to talk due to age and other factors.
Guardian ad Litem program. “We advo- the website (www.voicesforchildrenotc. There are now 385 volunteer guardians
cate for the best interest of children who’ve org),” Nigro explained. Nigro said there are two presents all the in the 19th circuit.
been neglected and abused and are in- children need. One is more program vol-
volved in the dependency court system.” In addition to cash going to requested unteers. The other thing local children need is
items, it can go to specialized toys for spe- homes. “We do need guardians, but we
Dependency court is the civil court sys- cial-needs children. It can also go to other “While we’re appointed to 850, there are also need foster homes,” Nigro said. “You
tem that handles cases when the state in- uses for children assigned guardians as well. around 1,100 (children) under court super- can do both.”
tervenes on children’s behalf due to strong- “Our non-profit funds any kids who wants vision,” he said.
ly suspected or established danger from to try athletics, arts, music,” Nigro said. Although foster parents are not allowed
neglect or abuse. That most often means “There are a lot of kids who come into to act as the guardians for children in their
the courts have ruled to remove children Most of the children represented by the the system we’re appointed to, but we don’t homes. Information about becoming a fos-
from their parents’ care and they’re resid- Guardian ad Litem program are in foster have volunteers to give them, so they’re ter parent is at the Guardian ad Litem’s of-
ing with other family members or foster homes or with family members other than represented by staff.” fice in St. Lucie West.
homes. their parents. The state’s first aim is even-
tual reunification of those children with Guardian ad Litem volunteers, of course, More about the program is at www.
Voices for Children is collecting toys for their parents through case plans. In depen- need to love children. They also need to 
local children in state-supervised care. Do- have some background with computers,
nors can take unopened, unwrapped toys Crossword Page B14 (SPREADING THE WORDS)
and other gifts to the Guardian ad Litem’s Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
office – 584 NW University Blvd., Suite 600, in November 29, 2019 Edition 1 PROBABILITY 1 ROMANCE
St. Lucie West. The office will accept the 9 ADMIT 3 BATHE
items during its regular hours – weekdays 10 MAGNATE 4 BEMUSE
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – until Friday, Dec. 13. 11 TUNNELS 5 LUGGAGE
Voices of Children has a large holiday list. 12 ALLOT 6 TRAIL
“Right now we’re appointed to, ballpark, 15 BEATEN 8 DESTINATION
850 children,” Nigro said. 18 PLAZA 14 CHAMBER
The state’s 19th judicial circuit covers In- 22 TREMBLE 17 ASCENT
dian River, Martin and Okeechobee coun- 23 PHOTO 19 ALERT
ties along with St. Lucie. The largest num- 24 STORYTELLER 21 PUPIL
ber of children in its dependency cases are
in St. Lucie County. The guardian program Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13
can’t release any potentially identifying



1 Pig (3) 1 Position (4)
3 Labour (4) 2 Dress in (4)
5 Trounce (4) 3 Financial hub (4,6)
8 Asian nation (8) 4 High repute (6)
10 Animal tooth (4) 6 Choral work (8)
11 Corn spike (3) 7 Got there (anag.) (8)
13 German sub (1-4) 9 Custom (5)
14 Closely bound (5-4) 12 Shocking (10)
16 Consumed (3) 14 Palpable (8)
17 Frozen water (3) 15 Produce (8)
19 Make effort (9) 18 Eros (5)
21 Waterfowl (5) 20 Ordained cleric (6)
22 Brooch (3) 22 Agreement (4)
24 Rhythm (4) 23 -- and tidy (4)
25 Special honour (8)
The Telegraph 26 Oversized jug (4)
27 Responsibility (4)
28 Small child (3)

JAzzJAMS Hostbeyd How to do Sudoku:
JAZZ MUSICIANS come on down and SIT IN!
Fill in the grid so the
eveRy TUeSdAy! eveRy oTheR numbers one through
nine appear just once
BLA Ck BoxSUNRISe TheATRe’S WedNeSdAy! in every column, row
117 S. Second Street, Ft. pierce and three-by-three
7pm-10pm BGopAoTRRAT SdNT. LeIUCCNIeASL square.

Full Bar Available • $8 Cover $7 (Members) 2410 Westmoreland Blvd., pSL

JeFF RUpeRT 6:30pm-9:30pm
$7 Cover • $6 (Members)
featured on IT Up!

Jan 14, 2020 • $12


returning on

Feb. 11, 2020 • $14

Fdo-The BIG Swingin’ Band Jazz, Crafts, and Art

Downtown Ft. Pierce along the Indian River waterfront
Every Saturday 8 am - 1 pm (rain or shine)
(772) 812-4588

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 772.460.JAZZ (5299) The Telegraph
Tuesday, February 25, 2020 [email protected]

visit for more details!! Please visit to
donatE, any amount will help, Thank you!

Ft. Pierce Jazz & Blues Society is a Florida 501(c)3 non-for-profit corporation.

To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | GAMES December 6, 2019 13

ACROSS 83 Pepper and Oz boat The Washington Post
86 “Mayday!” (about a 37 Communicate with Marlee
1 Photographer Adams MAYDAY! MAYDAY! By Merl Reagle
6 Perfectly thrown basketball carpenter?) Matlin
11 Use your brand? 90 ___ dixit 39 Crude carrier
15 “For ___ a jolly ...” 91 Therapy prog. 42 Tycho Brahe, e.g.
18 Black tea 93 Mattress support 43 Throws water on
19 Actor Tony Lo___ 94 Kid___ 44 Turn signal, e.g.
20 Admiral Zumwalt 45 Competes
21 Raggedy doll (Sat. morning TV) 51 “Mayday!” (about mattress
22 “Mayday!” (about a 95 Belgian painter of the bizarre
96 Old warning fabric?)
baseball triple play?) 98 Comment after a long day 53 Mag income, partly
24 Slangy dollar 101 Men with myrrh 54 Uses a 10 Down
25 Effort 102 “Mayday!” (about Tyrone 55 Avis, to Hertz
26 Part of UNLV 56 ___-deucy
27 Red team walking off the set?) 58 “Mayday!” (about a
28 “Mayday!” (about a hoagie 104 ___: The Hunter from the
Graduation Day fitting?)
joint?) Future 59 A Gershwin
31 Karmann ___ 105 Pizazz 60 Nod off
33 Copied illegally 108 My ___, Vietnam 62 ___ farewell
34 Panicky 109 Plenty 63 Point near the nadir
35 Vault line 110 “Mayday!” (about certain 65 Pref. with adroit or adjusted
37 Lamentable 66 Jeff Lynne’s grp.
38 Southern cooking staple Sunday crosswords?) 67 Hawk’s holders
40 Old announcer 113 Space agcy. abroad 68 Macaw genus
41 Diatribe 114 Shadow 70 ___ Morgana
42 “Mayday!” (about a critic’s 115 Jong and others 71 Ran, in a way
116 Utah range 75 Ex-president who appeared
opinion of a new diner?) 117 Bears’ home
46 Nov. scores 118 A.A. Fair’s real first name on an episode of Dynasty
47 “That ___ hay” 119 Al of pasta fame? 76 ___ many words
48 The time of your life 120 Nigerian city 77 Bambi, for one
49 Snake eye? 79 Walk
50 Actress Virna DOWN 80 Hit the sack
52 Actress Carroll 1 Genesis victim 81 Joan of Arc, e.g.
54 Bloomer-to-be 2 PBS series 83 Spoke like some Southerners
55 The Eloi, for one 3 “Mayday!” (about a birthday 84 Put out
57 Landers, to Van Buren 85 Of GBS
61 Eliot’s carpenter girl and cake?) 87 Start of a carol
62 St. Peter’s (in the Vatican) 4 Poet’s word 88 Seductress
5 Stockpiles 89 Chew the scenery
and others 6 Caesar of ’50s TV 92 Exist
64 Weapons against disease 7 Fall by the ___ 95 Amount of gossip
65 Canasta actions 8 “A stranger ___ midst” 97 Grinder of a sort
67 “Mayday!” (about a blanket 9 Tanks for the drink? 99 “If ___ king ...”
10 Something to slave over 100 Take back the title
hog?) 11 Left the Union 101 Holstein hello
68 “They call it ___” (start of 12 “First Lady of Song” 103 Crop rotation concern
13 Beloved, 104 “Certainly”
“Suspicious Minds”) 106 Divider’s word
69 Plant that sounds like a in Barcelona 107 Green veggies
14 Cartland works 111 Norma ___
greeting 15 Terse negative review 112 Soccer star Hamm
70 Dissolves 16 Livid
71 Cracker cheese 17 Ex-host Tom et al. New Client Specials
72 Certain bass note 19 Go at it with gloves
73 Drinks for mates 23 Brazilian reptilian “Your Full Stressed?
74 Part of an Israeli city 29 Editor’s order Service Salon”
75 Soft and limp 30 Yonder Jane
78 Bruce Lee role on TV’s 32 “Mayday!” (about what to do

Green Hornet when a tape breaks?)
80 Popeye, e.g. 33 Top with blacktop
81 Larry smacker 35 Mortarboard wearer
82 Xanadu tenant 36 Heyerdahl’s second papyrus


Color, Cut & Relaxation Sold Here!
Accent Foils................. $80
Keratin Special............ $99 50Custom Color & $ 00
Olaplex Rebonding Cut (includes Style)
Treatment..................... $35 Reg. $7500
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Hair Tape-In Extensions
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Please present this ad for special pricing

The Telegraph Waxing & Nail Services Available

Jennifer - 260.5301

1006 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd. Bridge Plaza
• Port St. Lucie

Salon - 398.8300




By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist Q975

This is an interesting comment about a potential partner: The wrong one will find you in 96
peace and leave you in pieces, but the right one will find you in pieces and lead you to
peace. WEST 72
At the bridge table, if you do not keep your peace at the right moment, you could leave your 63
partnership’s score in pieces. Q8752 4
J 10 9 5 4
Look at today’s North hand. Partner opens one spade, and West passes. Do you agree with AKJ82
the four-spade response? After that, East doubles, South passes, and West advances with
five diamonds. What about North’s five-spade rebid? K J 10 4

I do not mind North’s “weak freak” raise to four spades. He would normally have had a Q63
singleton or void, but a slam was unlikely, and he might have silenced the opponents when
they should have been in the auction. SOUTH

Here, East had enough to double. Then West should have advanced with four no-trump to J 10 9 8 7 3
ask his partner to pick a minor.
10 4
Finally, North should have passed over five diamonds because his hand was full of losers. If
he had, South would have doubled five diamonds, and North-South could have been plus A3
500, taking the spade ace, the diamond ace, the club ace-king and a club ruff in the North
hand. That would have been better than making four spades. AK8

How did five spades get on? Dealer: South; Vulnerable: Neither

Any lead was going to defeat that. At the table, West chose the heart six. East won with The Bidding:
his jack, cashed the ace and continued with the heart eight, which West ruffed with the
1 Spades Pass 4 Spades Dbl.
Pass 5 Diamonds 5 Spades All Pass LEAD:
6 Hearts

isItaS1lui0naandmaDytaoDye2pc.m8 Purchase your tickets by Dec. 15, 2019 for a chance to WIN $2,500 CASH!
Italian Music - VALUED AT $279,000 OR
Barbara & Valerio $125,000 IN CASH

Authentic Neopolitan Pizza Testa Rossa / Italian Inspired order tickets by phone* or online 2ND PRIZE A TRIP FOR TWO TO THE
Free Raffle / Zeppoles & Cooking Demo
Town Place 1855 SW Fountainview, behind Bob Evans. 954-290-4559 www.YMCA Easter

Holiday Sunday Funday on Dec.15 Southern Comfort

Santa Visits at 1pm & Holiday Choir Marijuana Clinic

540 NW University Blvd., # 202
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986


[email protected]

Now Scheduling Appointments in Fort Pierce

To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | SPORTS December 6, 2019 15


You can make a great swing and con- be positioned parallel ‘ONE’ OF THE BEST!
tact the ball beautifully, but it will all be to your target line, just
for naught if you are not aimed at your like a set of railroad PGA Golf Club member Tim Grady
target properly. Let’s identify and give tracks. The target line came up aces recently, scoring a hole-
the “Kures” for proper aiming: is one rail line and the By Kevin Perkins in-one on the Ryder course’s 12th hole.
body line is the other He used a 5-hybrid club on the 138-
There are five lines which you must rail line. yard hole. Congrats, Tim! 
be aware of:
5. The Ball Position Line: This is the Coming Attractions
1. Target Line: This is an imaginary fifth line, which again is an imaginary To Tradition Town Hall
line drawn from slightly behind the ball line pictured by your mind and drawn
and to the flagstick or intended target. from your ball, forming a right angle December 13th
This line is used to position your club- with your body line. Generally, the ball
face directly at your target. Enhance position line will point slightly forward THE RAT PACK NOW
the target line by using an intermediate to the middle of your stance for a sand Tickets Only $25.00 - 8 pm Showtime
target, which is a distinctive mark that wedge, and off your inside left heel for
lies on the line no further away than a the driver, and points in between de- December 31st
club length in front of the ball. pending on the club selection.
2. Ball Line. In driving and putting or In conclusion, be very specific in see- Comedian Phil Tag & Friends - New Year’s Eve Show
if you are playing preferred lies; with a ing your target line. This allows you to
sharpie pen you can highlight the line set the clubface, body and ball position January 20th
on the ball and position the line on your lines properly and eliminate aiming as
ball parallel to your target line. a possible cause of shots being struck Sarge - Hotter Than Ever!!
off line.
3. Clubhead Lines. The “sight line” February 20th
lines are different for woods and irons. Kevin Perkins is a PGA Master Profes-
The sight lines for irons are the two ver- sional and operates his Golf Academy at Comedian Tammy Pescatelli
tical lines positioned just outside the 76 Golf World in Stuart. Kevin has au-
sweet spot on the clubface. The sight thored the golf instructional book Golf For Tickets, Contact 772.985.4097
line for most woods is the design on top Everyone, published by Hunter Text-
of the wood, usually an arrow or the books. Kevin may be reached at 561-301- 10799 SW Civic Lane, Port St. Lucie
name of the club manufacture. 3783, email: [email protected], or visit Email: [email protected]
his website at www.kevinperkinsgolfa-
4. The Body Line: This is used to po-  Visit our website at:
sition your feet, knees, hips, forearms,
shoulders and eyes. The body line must


Single $1250 .00 + tax Family $1650 .00 + tax

9 Hole Facility Weekly Men’s & Ladies
Designed by
Join our Ladies Golf Association
“Joe Lee”
Take lessons from PGA/LPGA
Professional, Kathy Cassese

Island Dunes
Country Club
772-229-27398735 S Ocean Country Club • Jensen Beach
Located on Hutchinson Island, 3 miles south of the Power Plant


Michael R. Repoli, CPA, EA “Your Airport Connection from the Treasure Coast”.

Our directory gives small business people eager to INCOME TAXES. ROOT CANAL. ONE AIRPORT DRIVE
provide services to the community an opportunity
Fortunately, we can help with the Transportation To/From PBIA and Fort Lauderdale Airport
to make themselves known to our readers at an more painful of the two. from the Treasure Coast . . . less expensive than Uber
affordable cost. This is the only service directory and Lyft. Advanced Booking Recommended.
mailed each week. If you would like your service to Call: 772-878-3703 FAX: 772-343-7287 •
appear in our directory, please call 772-370-7983. One-Way Rates Start at $35 Airport Pick up and delivery rates available

Depending upon your location 772-621-2699
*$35 rate is from Hobe Sound

Vitalia at Tradition Final
Phase of New Homes


Why wait to enjoy the resort-inspired lifestyle you’ve always
wanted? The amenities at Vitalia at Tradition are ready now and
absolutely fabulous. Escape big city congestion and find your
fun in the sun for less in Port St. Lucie, FL today.

The Vitalia Advantage

Natural beauty and a vacation-themed
ambiance are just the beginning. Walk,
bike or cruise in your golf cart. It’s all in
the neighborhood. We’ll meet you at the
Tiki Hut!

• Lakefront Captiva Club with state-of-
the-art social, recreational and fitness

• Sparkling heated pool
• Extra-large putting green
• Tennis, pickleball and Bocce courts
• Event lawn + fire pits
The final phase of homes remain.
Homesites are situated close to the
clubhouse. Call 877-889-7055 now to
schedule your personal viewing.

Act fast for the best selection. | 877-889-7055

All information (including, but not limited to prices, views, availability, school assignments and ratings, incentives, floor plans, elevations, site plans,
features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists’ renderings and community development
plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change, availability or delay without notice. Any community improvements, recreational features and
amenities described are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change and under no obligation to be completed. Maps and plans
are not to scale, are not intended to show specific detailing and all dimensions are approximate. Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and
options. Community Association or other fees may be required. This communication is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any
jurisdiction and in such cases our communications may be limited by the laws of your state. Please see a Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager
or Internet Home Consultant for details and visit for additional disclaimers. For NJ prospective buyers: This advertisement is
a solicitation for the sale of homes in Vitalia at Tradition: N.J. Reg. No. 13-04-0002. For our NY prospective buyers: THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS
ARE IN AN OFFERING PLAN AVAILABLE FROM THE SPONSOR. FILE NO. H130003. For our Age Qualified Communities only: At least one resident
of household must be 55 or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55 in limited circumstances. For minimum
age requirements for permanent residents in a specific community, please see Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager for complete details. Taylor
Morrison of Florida, Inc. CBC1257462; Royal Oak Homes, LLC CBC035126; Avatar Properties, Inc., d/b/a AV Homes CBC1254089.

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