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08/16/2018 ISSUE 33


Ready for a ‘fight.’ P6 Let’s have a look. P26 Life’s a Beach Bash!

Fire agencies take full advantage Exciting LASIK eye surgery Reggae
of ‘hands-on’ training opportunity. advances are coming into focus. positivity
reigns at




draws heat for

[email protected]

A first-day photo at Gemini; Ocean Breeze teachers Ashley Holloway and Brittany Smith prepare their classroom; kids arrive at Surfside Elementary. PHOTOS: JULIAN LEEK, GORDON RADFORD, BENJAMIN THACKER The Brevard County Com-
mission’s rare foray into na-
STORY BY JAN WESNER CHILDS CORRESPONDENT sweeping administrative changes tary got a personal introduction to tional politics last month has
across several schools, a new regional new principal Shelley Michaud as she incurred the wrath of numer-
From nervous kindergartners cu- busing program for those who go to visited classrooms on Friday and min- ous residents, some accusing
rious about school lunch to seniors school outside their assigned zone, gled all over the busy campus, while Commissioner John Tobia of
embarking on their final year, Brevard plus new school resource officers and Satellite High’s new principal, Bobby failing to vet a source labeled a
County students returned to school increased security. Pruett, also greeted the day with gusto. “hate group” before accepting
Friday. its statistics on the taxpayer-
Students at Ocean Breeze Elemen- CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 funded costs of immigration.
Beachside students were met with
“A minimal amount of re-
search would have revealed
that (the Federation for Amer-
ican Immigration Reform) is
categorized as a hate group
by the Southern Poverty Law


Addressing concerns, ‘Mel Beach Mamas’ deliver the goods
state angles for input

school with new clothes,
The Florida Fish and Wildlife new shoes, new school sup-
plies and stories of family
Conservation Commission (FWC) vacations – their only worry
being buckling down to their
is developing new regulations studies. But for some other
kids across the bridge, sum-
when it comes to shore-based mer means the loss of cafeteria
breakfast and lunch, and Au-
shark fishing and they want your gust means trying to be a “nor-
mal” kid, despite being home-
input. less, or falling on hard times. found out about a summer
program called Camp Hope
The FWC is hosting a series of Derek Ziade of Indialantic pulls up a 7-foot Spinner Shark. PHOTO: DEREK ZIADE A Facebook network of at University Park Elementary
10 public workshops across the Melbourne Beach mothers, School that provides meals
dubbed “Mel Beach Mamas,” and activities to these kids.
state where citizens can share their thoughts concern and comments about current shark They found out food for Camp
Hope campers would be in
and ideas on the future management of sharks. fishing regulations – or lack thereof. Among
One will take place at 6 p.m. on Aug. 27 at the the concerned is Melbourne Beach Mayor Jim

Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place. Simmons. “It’s common sense; responsible

The move was made in response to public CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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NEWS 1-6 DINING 28 PEOPLE 7-10 Little Lattitudes Tropic Shop
ARTS 11-14 GAMES 21-23 PETS 20 is epicenter of Brevard County’s
BOOKS 19 HEALTH 25-27 REAL ESTATE 31-40 thriving drum culture. PAGE 12


2 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Wave Gliders represent sea change for scientific research

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER in a test for Johns Hopkins University vest all the energy they need to “swim” Wave Glider. PHOTO: LIQUID ROBOTICS INC.
[email protected] Applied Physics Lab. Wave Gliders are about two knots an hour using only the
increasingly used in real-time moni- environment. The propulsion comes ers, two of which were twice caught by
Slow-moving but highly useful at sea toring for both at-sea launches and from the vertical motion of waves con- Hurricane Matthew while on a local
and strong enough to ride out a hur- related downrange areas. The Depart- verted mechanically into forward pro- DASO mission.
ricane, Wave Gliders are multiplying ment of Defense has successfully inte- pulsion through a series of wings on the
off the Space Coast, proving especially grated wave gliders into the Demon- submerged portion, located about 25 Hurricane Matthew ran over theWave
useful monitoring at-sea missile launch stration and Shakedown Operations feet below the float. A small electric mo- Gliders and they headed out. They sur-
tests and providing platforms for a vari- (DASO) (for at-sea submarine test tor in the aft end of the submerged por- vived, got through the strong currents
ety of scientific research. launches) on both coasts, including tion assists the Wave Glider if becalmed of the Gulf Stream, went to the launch
from Port Canaveral. with no waves or needing more power area, and did the mission as Hurricane
A recent notice to mariners was sent for strong currents. Matthew headed back out to sea.
out for a Wave Glider, due back in the Invented in 2007, wave gliders har-
area July 15, that had been involved About the size of a stand-up paddle “They started swimming back home
board, three solar panels feed lithium and it ran over them a second time. They
ion battery packs housed within the survived it again and made it home
hull of the surface float. The float con- through the mission so when I say they
tains a small buoy that is ejected from are robust and reliable, they really are.
the aft end of the float to ease recovery They’re kind of an unprecedented way
of the system. to go to sea,” Jagoe said.

Incorporated in December 2007, Liq- At present, the largest market for
uid Robotics Inc. in 2016 was acquired Wave Gliders is with the DOD, including
by the Boeing Company. range operations, anti-submarine war-
fare, reconnaissance, intelligence and
“The beauty of harvesting energy
from the environment is that it gives us
an unparalleled and unique persistence
at sea on mission,’’ said Don Jagoe,
a retired Navy captain who has been
with Liquid Robotics, headquartered in
Sunnyvale, Calif., for six years.

Jagoe shared an amazing example of
the indestructible nature of Wave Glid-

SHARK FISHING ties should be given the right to create
their own regulations within their com-

shark fishers know not to fish among Indialantic Mayor Dave Berkman
swimmers,” Simmons said in an ad- shares many of Simmons’ concerns.
dress to the FWC at an April meeting. The town council there has taken steps
“The problem is not education; the to create a shark fishing ordinance and
problem is with an irresponsible mi- Berkman plans to attend the upcoming
nority who refuse to respect the right of FWC workshop in Melbourne.
others to use our beaches safely.”
Derek Ziade of Indialantic started
He insists it’s not the responsible shark fishing by accident. “I used to fish
shark fisherman causing an issue, like off the beach for whatever would bite,
his son-in-law, who takes part occa- but one day as I was pulling in a blue
sionally in the sport; instead, it’s the ir- fish, a shark took hold of it in about 2
responsible anglers who chum the wa- feet of water and ran with it, then came
ters with blood without regard for who back seconds later to try and get the rest
is nearby. of it,” Ziade said. “I loved the thrill, so I
started going out at least four times a
“I have witnessed shark fishers week hail, rain or snow.”
come and set their blood baits among
the already present swimmers and Since that time, Ziade says he has
surfers,” Simmons said. “Since 2014, caught many sharks, some up to 7 feet
FWC has conducted these workshops, long, but always released them.
but nothing has changed; the irre-
sponsible still behave irresponsibly “I always made sure swimmers were
and dangerously.” far away from me only due to the dan-
ger of the shark jumping and spinning,
While not advocating a ban on shark never to bite,” Ziade said.
fishing, Simmons doesn’t think the
FWC’s suggestion to impose additional “I have not shark fished in about
educational requirements is enough. three years, but I feel some people think
Instead, he proposes reasonable rules it’s OK to kill sharks. I don’t believe in
that include a prohibition on chum- that at all.”
ming/blood baiting in the ocean with-
in 600 yards of shore, and designated There have been 144 confirmed un-
shark fishing areas, marked with signs. provoked shark attacks – including one
fatality – in Brevard County since 1882,
Short of that, he believes municipali- according to the International Shark At-
tack File at the University of Florida. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 3


surveillance, the kind of things where As for the future: “As a company we selves to station and swim themselves still 50 miles a day. Because there is
you want a persistent presence at sea have a strong vision of networks at sea, home.” And fleets of Wave Gliders could essentially no cost to the transporta-
but without the cost and overhead of what we call the Digital Ocean; the abil- work in concert with satellites for de- tion, you’re trading time for distance.
manned personnel on a ship. ity to gather data in areas that it never tailed weather forecasts, he said. We don’t need to go as fast as typically
has been gathered before. Two weeks at you would want with a ship. For a very
Also large in oil and gas exploration, sea can seem like a long time. We’re able No matter the use or location of the low cost we can cover a lot of ground if
and monitoring around oil rigs, there to go out and park it and be out there mission, Wave Gliders are not going to you have the extra time to spend getting
are about 50 Wave Gliders doing science for six months. They can deploy them- get there fast. there,’’ Jagoe said. 
experiments worldwide, he said.
“If you think about it, two knots is

4 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Ocean Breeze Elementary School kindergarten teacher Kristy Reesh gets ready for the first day of school. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD new bus drivers misunderstanding
their route directions,” Reed said.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 “The other may have been due to
inadequate planning of travel time
“Everything is going fantastic,” between stops, but we’re still investi-
Pruett said just after lunchtime. gating. Unfortunately, late buses are
common in every district on the first
“We had a lot of turnover this year, day of school.”
a lot of new staff, new administration.
It was a great first day.” Reed said the district received
about 40 calls from parents regard-
He said all buses ran on time, and ing regional busing, mostly seeking
much of the staff’s attention was clarification on the location of their
turned to helping students new to the student’s bus stop.
school this year.
Some 2,238 students are signed up
While beachside buses reported no for regional busing, which shuttles
problems, there were a few glitches kids from central pick-up and drop-
with regional busing. Brevard Public off locations to magnet and choice
Schools spokesman Matt Reed said programs around the county. The
six regional buses were late, with next window to sign up for regional
three of them arriving at their final busing will be Sept. 1.
destinations 30 minutes or more after
school started. Some parents were also confused

“Two of those three were due to

DACA OPPOSITION nationwide – often called “Dream- Tobia aide Billy Prasad said he tried emails before the July 10 vote, but a
ers” – have been protected from de- without success to find independent larger amount afterward. “If people
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 portation and given work permits figures from federal and state gov- cared so much, why did they wait
for renewable two-year periods. But ernment agencies. until we voted?” she asked. “They’re
Center,” Melbourne Beach resident DACA doesn’t provide a path for citi- a day late and a dollar short.”
Mitchell Roffer wrote in a July 20 zenship. But Roffer and other emailers said
email to Tobia. Tobia and his colleagues should While Tobia’s colleagues support-
In his resolution, Tobia cited fig- have researched FAIR before accept- ed him July 10, none was enthusi-
“I can promise you that you did ures from the Washing- astic. Isnardi, for example, said she
NOT represent me or the many peo- ton, D.C.-based FAIR. ing its numbers. didn’t see how a Brevard County res-
ple in your district who are educated The nonprofit reported The Montgomery, Ala.- olution would sway Bondi.
about this problem (and) whom I $4,919 as the average cost
have already communicated with,” Florida taxpayers bear to based Southern Poverty “But both the Democrats and Re-
Roffer added. provide healthcare, un- Law Center, which bills publicans in Congress have failed to
employment benefits and itself as fighting for civil fix immigration,” she said.
Tobia, of Palm Bay, did not re- law enforcement for each rights and against dis-
spond to requests for comment. He illegal immigrant. crimination, has listed Roffer accused Tobia, who po-
represents a district that includes FAIR as an anti-immi- litically backtracked to the County
parts of the barrier island from Mel- And statewide, FAIR grant “hate group.” Commission in 2016 after being
bourne Beach south to the Sebas- calculated, such immi- term-limited in the Florida House of
tian Inlet. grants have racked up John Tobia. “But the SPLC is also Representatives, of taking his eye off
$6.3 billion in public a partisan group,” said local issues.
Commissioners, all Republican, costs. commission Vice Chair-
on July 10 voted 5-0 on Tobia’s mo- woman Kristine Isnardi, “It seems that you are position-
tion to ask Florida Attorney General In his resolution, Tobia said, many who voted for Tobia’s resolution. ing yourself for another position at
Pam Bondi to join a multi-state fed- of those costs are passed down to Isnardi, also of Palm Bay, repre- the state and federal levels with the
eral lawsuit, led by Texas, seeking to Brevard County taxpayers. But he sents a district that includes the In- Republican Party,” Roffer told Tobia,
overturn DACA, the Deferred Action didn’t have any county-level figures. dialantic area of the barrier island. “and not spending enough time and
for Childhood Arrivals policy. Tobia said FAIR didn’t break its sta- She said she would have opposed effort to educate yourself on how to
tistics down that finely. Tobia’s resolution if it recommended fix the infrastructure in the county,
Under the 2012 policy, which deporting the children of illegal im- especially the ancient water and
former President Barack Obama, In fact, FAIR’s numbers are often migrants. wastewater treatment plants and
a Democrat, created by executive cited by other organizations. And Isnardi said she got a trickle of sewage system.” 
order, some 700,000 young adults


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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 5


as to why the first day of school was new class of kindergartners Friday, first day of school. students registered so far.
not an early-release day. Early-release with the school’s resident chicken Gemini Elementary’s first- through “It’s amazing,” Julian said. “We’re so
days were changed to Fridays this and roosters even coming out to say
year, but the new policy didn’t take hello. sixth-graders started school Friday, happy to have our kids back.”
effect until the first full of week of as did their new school resource
school. Kindergartners start on a stag- officer. Kindergartners started on Correspondent Benjamin Thacker
gered schedule, so some had to wait Wednesday. Principal Jennifer Julian and Staff Writer Lisa Zahner contrib-
Surfside Elementary welcomed a until this week to experience their said Friday that the school had 467 uted to this report. 

6 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly




STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER as a hoagie shop and later moved to the fire train- Training exercises included cutting into the
[email protected] ing location at 1896 South Patrick Dr., Indian Har- roof system, the breaching of interior walls, forc-
bour Beach. The business, which had its last day ible entering of doors, communications with
The former Doubles Beachside Restaurant in June 28, is in the process of moving into a smaller command, compelling the Fire Department Con-
Indian Harbour Beach, set to be torn down, be- version at the former Peg Leg’s restaurant site nection (FDC) to activate the sprinkler system
came a busy live-fire training site with several at the southwest corner of State Road A1A and in the building, and techniques on how to shut
agencies using the 15,000 square feet under roof Desoto Parkway. down water flow from a broken sprinkler head.
to simulate conditions they would face in a real
structure fire in an older commercial building. “Other fire departments enjoy this kind of The 25-member Indian Harbour Beach depart-
training because they do not have to fake or walk ment consists solely of volunteers, with Station
The relatively small Indian Harbour Beach through an exercise. They can have real hands-on 56 the only fire station in the city limits.
Volunteer Fire Department hosted the six-hour training to improve their communications dur-
training on Aug. 4, working alongside Melbourne ing an active scene, practice their skills and tech- It is somewhat rare for the small department
Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Satellite Beach niques, and go over their safety procedure when to host training, which happens when the city’s
Fire Department, Brevard County Fire Rescue working a real calls,” said Indian Harbour Beach Building Department and Fire Marshal give a
Station 63, and five station crews from Melbourne Fire Chief Todd Scaldo. heads-up on a possible training site. Most oppor-
Fire Department. Neighboring agencies are rou- tunities involve residential structures.
tinely called in to provide mutual aid and must During the training a smoke machine and
work cooperatively to extinguish large fires. smoke candles filled the whole structure with ar- “What made this training so attractive to us
tificial smoke to make it seem more realistic. and other agencies was the hands-on, live train-
Doubles Beachside Restaurant debuted in 1983 ing,’’ Scaldo said. 

CAMP HOPE drop-off and asked if we could dig in of them don’t have access to daycare,” donations from the Melbourne Beach
our closets for art supplies, water play Warren said. Being unable to provide moms. We were able to accomplish so
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 stuff, games, etc. to bring the following is something the Melbourne Beach much more within the camp this past
Friday.” Eirkis wrote to the group. moms wanted to change immediately. summer with the help of the moms,”
short supply in July. They networked. Jordan said.
They collected. They packed, and they Finally, the moms found out the Each week, Camp Hope attributes
delivered. Camp Hope kids lacked basic neces- a specific educational and enriching Most of the 30 to 35 who attend the
sities to start school. Again, the Mama theme for the kids to focus on and camp each week have not experienced
Then organizer Jessica Eirkis found Machine went into full gear, and they learn about, and directors work to little trips to enriching places before.
out from Camp Director Nesta Jor- delivered. plan a field trip that goes along with
dan that the kids had even greater ba- that week’s theme. An environmental “I am thankful for our generous com-
sic needs. Eirkis created a post in the During the school year, Camp Hope theme was paired with a day at Bre- munity,” said mom Julie Simms-Peake
group detailing the need for clothing Executive Director Drew Warren said vard Zoo. after making that first food delivery
donations. most kids are pretty much taken care for July. “I felt that when we left Camp
of in aftercare programs or other af- Without the contributions and help Hope today that they have a great start
When the camp staff shared their terschool activities, but during school of the Melbourne Beach moms, most for the month.”
desire to make the final week of camp breaks, parents are at a loss. “We no- of these endeavors would not be able
a memorable one for these kids, the ticed that there was a real problem with to happen because funds would be Camp Hope is a program of Hope of
Melbourne Beach Moms rounded up kids during out-of-school times where funneled into basic needs. “We were Brevard, an ecumenical faith-based or-
and collected what was needed. “They if they are a low-income family, a lot extremely appreciative of all of the ganization serving Brevard’s homeless
will be good on food after this Friday’s families since 2005. 

Anticipation grows
for Floridana Tropicals’
plant sale P. 10

8 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Beach Bash captures ‘Pulse’ of reggae positivity

Ben Brinkley, Ally Reyes, Kelsea Anies and Tanner Arebalo. Jeff and Tracey Buck, Drew Provo and Casey Cambacher.

Reannon Sumpter and Brittany Peters. Lance and Thanha Liebman.
Brody and Erikson Jaquays.
STORY BY BENJAMIN THACKER CORRESPONDENT lyrics and human rights platform, and made their way on stage just be-
[email protected] was the first non-Jamaican act to fore 9, the crowd energy had reached
win a Grammy for best reggae al- a critical mass.
Every once in a while, the stars bum (“Babylon the Bandit,” 1986),
align and something spectacular and continues with their message of Drummer Wayne Clarke counted
happens here on the Space Coast. positivity. off the beat and … BOOM! the place
exploded into a swarming sea of
I mean, I guess you could say we In the days leading up to the bash, dancing, smiling friends and fellow
are known for astronomical events it was clear that anticipation was humans.
in the true sense of the word – think mounting. Everyone in town (and
Apollo, NASA, SpaceX – but for music beyond) seemed to be looking for- The entire park appeared to writhe
fans and fun-loving locals, the Long ward to the show, and some won- in unison, pulsating organically to
Doggers Beach Bash, featuring reg- dered if the venue would hold such the danceable beats and bass lines,
gae greats Steel Pulse, was equally a big crowd. under palm trees that seemed to
monumental. sway along in the balmy evening
Thankfully, the site of the former breeze.
After a hugely successful first run Indialantic Casino, built in 1924,
last summer, the folks at the popu- proved to be just the right size for Running through classic hits like
lar local restaurant chain upped the the event, with space for food trucks “Roller Skates,” “Prodigal Son,” “Taxi
ante with a second installment of left over. Driver,” “Handsworth Revolution”
their (hopefully) annual Summer and many more, the band of retiree-
Beach Bash at Nance Park in Indial- But unlike the segregated condi- aged all-stars delivered a solid dose
antic. tions in the early days of Indialan- of musical therapy for almost two
tic, Nance Park was fully integrated hours straight, seemingly unfazed
The bash, offered up as a way of Saturday night, with people from all by age or hot weather.
saying thanks to the community walks of life rubbing shoulders and
that supports them, grew in size and sharing in the positive vibes. It was a show to remember, with a
magnitude for Long Doggers this much-needed message of peace and
year with the booking of the leg- The evening started out with a DJ unity – the perfect way to wrap up
endary roots reggae band from the set by event emcees Kulcha Shok, the summer.
inner-city Handsworth district of followed by opening acts Kash’d Out
Birmingham, England. and Iya Terra, with performances by So the next time you’re at Long Dog-
fire dancers in between. gers, please be sure to thank them for
Steel Pulse, formed in 1975 and Beach Bash, and let them know you’d
known for their politically charged When Steel Pulse was introduced like to see another one next year. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 9


David Hines and Steel Pulse. PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER

Bridget Bobb and Cici Yun. Cody and Tanner with kids Hudson and Harper.

Grant Lewis, Heather Healy, Mark Quavillon and Xeny Lopez.

10 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Anticipation grows for Floridana Tropicals’ plant sale


STORY BY BENJAMIN THACKER CORRESPONDENT ing plants as a hobby since moving er, “but not the labor!” shrimp and other leftover items he
[email protected] onto the property in 1970, and Glover A percentage of the proceeds ben- picks up from local bait shops.
eagerly joined him.
The early-morning sun seeped efits different local charities each year; Beyond that lies the greenhouse and
through the live oak canopy, illumi- Together they manage the roughly this year it will go to the near-by Bar- primary nursery area, full to the brim
nating patches of colorful plantings two-acre property and hobby nurs- rier Island Center, the Sea Turtle Con- with natives like necklace pod, gumbo
around the front of the house as I rang ery as a team. Glover primarily enjoys servancy and the Environmentally En- limbo, fire bush, elderberry and but-
the hanging bell and waited. cultivating and propagating wildflow- dangered Lands Pro-gram. tonwood, to name a few.
ers and edibles, while Williams spe-
It was easily 10 degrees cooler un- cializes in crotons and other exotics. As the sun rose higher in the sky, Altogether over 50 species of plants
der the trees in Floridana Beach at 7:30 They share in weeding and fertilizing more and more of the understory will be available for sale, many of
a.m. than it was in Satellite Beach 30 responsibilities, and Williams handles plants around the property began to which can also be seen in mature form
minutes prior, but it was warming up repairs and engineering projects. catch the light, popping out vibrantly throughout the garden.
fast. against the dappled shadows.
They were preparing for their yearly The property backs up to state con-
Beth Glover and her husband, Coddy garden tour and plant sale, coming up Bromeliads in full bloom, crotons servation land, giving it a charming
Williams, of Floridana Tropicals came on Aug. 18, and the place was looking of all colors and a menagerie of mixed rural feel, uncommon on most of the
to the door to welcome me, and we set spectacular. natives filled in every square inch of barrier island, but perfectly fitting for a
off on a tour of their expansive garden ground space, while vines and hang- backyard beachside oasis.
and backyard nursery. Glover says they typically see about ing plants adorned the massive oaks
200-300 people at the event each year, that loom overhead. The Floridana Tropicals Garden Tour
The two were surfer sweethearts at which runs from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Plant Sale will take place Aug. 18
Mel High back in the 1960s, then went and they go through quite a bit of in- A beautiful series of ponds and water from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 6630 Flori-
their separate ways, only to reunite ventory. “We make enough money to features flows through the backyard, dana Ave., Melbourne Beach. For more
and marry in ’95. pay for fertilizer and pots,” joked Glov- and is home to Williams’ pet fish – information, please call 321-726-0800
some over 40 years old. He feeds them or 321-403-0481. 
Williams had been growing and sell-

Brevard County’s thriving
drum culture is hard to beat

12 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Brevard County’s thriving drum culture is hard to beat

Africa, as the ‘drum of a thousand
Pat. Boom. Boom. Pat. voices,’ and tonight, we are all speak-
Pat. Pat. Boom. Boom. Pat. ing the same language,” he says with
The rhythm and sound permeate a laugh.
every square inch of Little Lattitudes
Tropic Shop as Ian Monroe moves his It is a language that has gotten loud-
hands skillfully over the smooth raw- er in Brevard County over the last few
hide skin of the djembe drum. years.
His eyes slowly close as he gets lost
in the rhythm, only to open as the Drum jams, drum circles and drum-
tempo quickens. ming workshops have picked up mo-
He looks around at the other drum- mentum as more people are drawn to
mers situated on and around the stage finding their own emotional and mu-
-- some strangers, a few amateur play- sical rhythms away from the stresses
ers, but most of them untrained -- and of modern-day life.
nods his head to the beat.
His lips curl slightly into a satisfied “There is something very power-
smile. ful and healing in the ability to beat
“There is nothing better than this,” a drum,” says Anthony Darmana, a
Monroe says, wiping the sweat from longtime drummer and drum circle
his brow during a brief break from the facilitator in Melbourne.
First Friday Drum Jam at the tropic
shop, located in the heart of the his- “It doesn’t matter if you are trained
toric Eau Gallie Arts District. or experiencing it for the first time;
“The djembe is referred to in Mali, whether you are alone or in a group,
people connect to the sound and
rhythm of the drums.”

Darmana, a Pennsylvania native
who has lived in Brevard for over 20
years, has been drumming since 1994

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 13

ARTS & THEATREDavid Pastorius, Nathan

Nicholas and Rich Petroff.

Jason Viray and
Xavier Lawson.

when he met drummer Eric “Free- ‘... drumming is such a personal djembe when he was 8 years old.
dom” Sandgren at a bonfire during a thing that each individual will “I truly believe drumming kept me
church retreat.
find their own rhythm.’ out of a lot of trouble. Drums saved my
Darmana was familiar with drum life,” he says.
performances from his days as a jazz - Ian Monroe
musician in high school, where he Monroe has studied both African and
played the trombone and guitar. Jimmy Buffett song, is a hybrid art gal- “It’s very therapeutic.” Latin American drumming techniques.
lery, crafts workshop, florist and cof- Such musicians as Monroe, profes- He travels about 6-10 times a year, shar-
But hearing Sandgren play was dif- feehouse. sional drummer Mamoudou Konate ing his knowledge and passion.
ferent. Simbo and bass player David Pastorius
Abstract paintings from local artists have conducted musical workshops. “Most drum circles play African
“It moved me and struck something cover the wall behind a wooden stage Simbo, originally from Burkina Faso rhythms, and some will incorporate
deep inside of me. Since then, I’ve seen in the northeast corner of the shop. in West Africa, grew up the son of gri- Native American or Latin American
the same reaction with other people. I Musical instruments, including differ- ots or storytellers who regularly used rhythms in there, too. We play those,
see the joy people experience in con- ent types of drums, pepper the stage. drums, song and dance to relay stories but with a different vibe. It’s called the
necting with the beat and rhythm,” he of their ancestors. ‘Florida funk’ because it’s just a little
says. Djembes are situated in front of the He has been drumming since he was different,” he says.
stage while dozens of them hang from 7 years old and now can play 100 differ-
Darmana says a drumming com- the shop’s ceiling. ent rhythms in one straight sitting. “But then, drumming is such a per-
munity has been in Brevard County “There is a drumming language for sonal thing that each individual will
since at least the early 1990s. However, “We built the stage in December every village in Africa. You pick up the find their own rhythm,” Monroe adds.
the group’s voice diminished in the 2016 because we wanted the music to rhythms as you travel from place to
mid-’90s after Sandgren left the area. go with the art,” Clark explains. place,” he says. Pastorius also grew up in Melbourne
“We use drum playing for every- but fell in love with the bass guitar
“But by 1999, the local community The shop is bursting with color: thing in Africa, from announcing a when he was age 15.
drum circle restarted at the former gold, deep magenta and purple floral new baby has been born to weddings.
Green House Restaurant, at what is in large pots are situated throughout Drumming is like a medicine for me. Although his late uncle, Jaco Pas-
now the Mainstreet Pub in Downtown the space along with artwork and You can’t help but feel lighter, happi- torius, is a legendary jazz bassist who
Melbourne,” he says. crafts. They contrast with the earthy er,” Simbo adds. played with the Weather Report in the
tones of wooden shelves and tables. After living in Melbourne for over a late 1970s and worked with Joni Mitch-
Darmana, whose drum of choice is year, Simbo now is back in New York ell and Pat Metheny, David admits not
the djembe, sponsors drum circles on “Literally, every space in Little Lat- City where he is recording his first solo knowing what the bass was until a high
local beaches and participates in cir- titudes doubles for something else. I album. His drumming already can be school friend of his started slapping the
cles at the Lagoon House and Pelican just want people to come in and be heard on the albums of several African Red Hot Chili Peppers’ version of Stevie
Beach Park. open to a cool artistic, creative vibe,” and European musicians. Wonder’s “Higher Ground” on one.
she says. “I plan to come back to visit Mel-
He and his wife, Lisa, own The Love bourne, but I am also hoping to create David Pastorius now regularly
Hut gift, music and clothing store in “Our music is almost 99 percent a band and tour once the album is fin- brings his bass guitar to drum jam ses-
Downtown Melbourne. Drum circles from local artists. Our drum jams are ished,” he says. sions at Little Latitudes. He also con-
and beginner djembe classes are regu- certainly impromptu, but our work- Monroe, an arborist by day who ducts bass workshops there when not
larly offered there, including a class at shops also feature original music by grew up in the Eau Gallie area, has playing with his band, Local 518, or
6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22. the instructors as well as the basic. I been drumming for about 25 years. He with 1970s rocker Pat Travers. He once
believe we’re making music and teach- also discovered his passion for drums spent two years touring with a rap art-
“At any given time in Brevard, there ing music,” Clark adds. at a young age, being drawn to them ist, but is now in the process of record-
are about 10 drum circles doing some during a religious festival when he was ing a solo album.
type activity,” he says. And it is drawing people in. around age 6.
Clark says students in the work- He mother bought him his first “Brevard County, for being a smaller
Including drum jams and work- shops come from all walks of life and area, has a disproportionate amount
shops at Little Lattitudes, where Mon- are of all ages. of musical talent here,” Pastorius says.
roe has taught classes. “We get many people from the
beachside and as far away as Cocoa. “The drumming scene has been
“I popped into Little Lattitudes People come for different reasons, but around for a while, but it’s definitely
about 18 months during a drum jam,” once they are here, they tend to find getting bigger now.”
Monroe says. “I came in, jammed and unity in drumming,” she adds.
kind of never left.” And that is just fine with Monroe,
who finishes his break and goes back
“It is hard to leave a spot that has a on stage to riff a few more songs with
true passion for music and creativity,” his fellow newfound drummers.
he adds.
“I play from the soul. I hope that is
Providing a space to spark and nur- what everybody does when they beat a
ture creativity has always been a mis- drum, let the drum speak for you.
sion of Little Lattitudes, says owner
Marcie Hascall Clark. “The more drummers, the better.
We can be a community and commu-
The shop, with a name inspired by nicate as one.” 
a lyrical reference to the tropics in a

14 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Coming Up: Hot Pink will rock you with Queen hits

King Center stage this Saturday. Clas-
1 By popular demand, Hot Pink sic Albums Live performs across North
returns to the Historic Cocoa Vil- America and is known for recreating
classic albums, live on stage, note for
lage Playhouse this weekend with the note, cut for cut, promising absolutely
no “gimmickry and cheesy imperson-
unforgettable music of Queen. (All ations,” but rather, according to the
company’s founder Craig Martin, rely-
together now … “Scaramouch, Scara- ing solely on the music, performed by
“the world’s best musicians.” Expect
mouch, will you do the fandango”) such unforgettable cuts as “Back in the
U.S.S.R.,” “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” “Dear
This Cocoa-based, five-man rock band Prudence,” “While My Guitar Gently
Weeps” and the rest. Show time: 8 p.m.
plays original stuff as well as ’60’s, ’70s Tickets: start at $29.75. 321-242-2219.

and ’80s covers. But their Queen show

is what really rocks the house. The last

time Hot Pink brought the music of

Freddie Mercury’s band to this venue

– last January – tickets sold out in a

hot second. So make your move. Show

times: Friday and Saturday, 7:30 p.m.; 1 Hot Pink at Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse this weekend.

Sunday, 2 p.m. 321-636-5050. 4 Space Coast Jazz aficionados and
musicians always have a place

2 The considerable talents of 60 Bre- and woodwind ensembles in an af- dents during the school year to nurture to go for a dose of their favorite music:
vard music educators will be in the ternoon and an evening show. Advent young talent and promote appreciation
organist Betty Jo Couch will perform of the arts. This exciting musical revue Heidi’s Jazz in downtown Cocoa Beach.
on the impressive American-made allows them to be appreciated as artists
spotlight this Sunday, Aug. 19, in “Mel- Schleuter pipe organ (36 ranks and in their own right.” Bravo. Show times: Steve Kirsner and Friends are playing
2,196 pipes). Expect to hear music from 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Admission: free. 321-
odies and Masterpieces,” the kick-off diverse genres, by composers such as 426-9378. Fridays, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., on sax and vo-
Respighi, Bloch, Nelson and Ewazen.
program in Advent Lutheran Church’s Couch notes, “These highly trained mu- cals. Moving you smoothly through the
sic educators work tirelessly with stu-
fifth season presenting its free Concert evening, it’s Valerie Gillespie, vocals

Series. It promises to be an exceptional and sax, 8:30 p.m. to midnight. Sat-

event, with the talents of teachers from urday, catch Hella Ayelet Gal with the

public and private schools and studios 3 Doing what it does best, the Clas- Ron Teixeira Trio, 8 p.m. to the stroke of
sic Albums Live Tour will perform
combining in a brass choir, and string midnight. 321-783-4559. 

Eva McMillan 1 Eighth Ave Apt. 1305, Indialantic • LISTED $950,000

• Luxury Beachside & Waterfront Specialist Astonishing Direct Oceanfront condo with breathtaking ocean views. This
• Multi-Million Dollar Producer Luxurious & highly desirable South/East corner unit on level three was built in
• Multilingual International Top Producer 2006 & its located Downtown of Indialantic. Spacious & the largest unit out of
• Fluent in 6 languages 9 different floor plans at the Magnolia Key Condo offers 3 bed, 3 baths, living,
dining & family room, 3,036 sq.feet under air.
call: 321-327-6761
text: 772-584-0412
[email protected]

1101 Atlantic St, Melbourne Beach 251 Ocean Ridge Dr, 216 The Road To Waterford Bay,
Melbourne Beach • LISTED $750,000 Melbourne Beach • LISTED $1,050,000
LISTED $1,050,000
Breathtaking river views from this conve- Direct RIVERFRONT and only steps to the
Superior Oceanfront parcel!!! One of the most niently located direct riverfront residence OCEAN with deeded beach access. Unique
prime and highly desirable location in the heart with private dock, River views. This two story opportunity to own a spectacular Riverfront
of Melbourne Beach. 110’ of direct Ocean front- 3 bed 2 bath private pool home is located in Estate located on approx. half an acre in a
age and ocean views from almost every room. the gated community of Ocean Ridge. Your gated subdivision of Waterford Bay in Mel-
Build your dream home with a pool/spa on this private dock on the river offers boat mooring bourne Beach. This extremely well built and
oversized 0.57 acres or just keep the current / , fishing and water sports. It is a 4-6ft draft at spacious concrete block 5,312 sq. feet, 5 bed 6
layout of 1,971 sq. feet, 2 bed, office/den, 3 full the end of the dock. bath residence.
bath, 3 car garage.

16 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE


was supposed to be a million miles nity back in 2000 as its top priority. Unlike the Hubble Space Telescope, Thomas Young, a former NASA of-
from Earth by now, peering deep into The U.S. aerospace industry, which the Webb cannot be repaired in space. ficial who chaired the review board,
the universe and back in time to when It will be placed more than four times is adamant that the project should
stars were first assembling into galax- is dealing with a wave of retirements, farther from Earth than the moon. go forward, but with greater care:
ies. But its launch is still years and bil- needs to prove to national leaders that “There’s got to be an all-out effort to
lions of dollars away, and mission suc- it remains as competent as when it put Many young scientists have been try to find any additional embedded
cess depends on many delicate things people on the moon. The same compa- counting on the Webb for research es- problems.”
going exactly right. The telescope un- nies that build civilian space telescopes sential to advancing their careers. But
fortunately has some screws loose. also build spy satellites. Earlier this year, they also understand that it has to be Northrop Grumman, one of the U.S.
a classified Defense Department satel- done right. government’s largest contractors, has
And washers. And nuts. lite code-named Zuma was lost after it expressed confidence that it can present
Technicians discovered that rogue failed to separate from a rocket boost- “We know once this thing goes into NASA with an operational telescope.
screws fell off during a test this spring. er. That satellite was built by Northrop space, we can’t fix it,” saidVictoria Scow-
This was among several forehead- Grumman, the Webb telescope’s prima- croft, an astrophysicist at the Univer- “Mission success is the cornerstone
smacking errors and design flaws ry contractor. sity of Bath in Britain. “We would much of everything we do. Getting it right is
that have put off until March 2021 the rather wait for a telescope in space that the most important thing,” said Scott
launch of the telescope, which has so An independent review board report works than not have one.” Willoughby, program manager for the
far cost taxpayers about $7.4 billion this summer declared that the Webb is Webb telescope at Northrop Grum-
and now has an estimated price tag potentially vulnerable to 344 different NASA is reviewing its science programs, man. “No, we don’t need a culture
of $9.7 billion. “single-point-failures”– an extraordi- Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s top science change. We need people to understand
The Webb’s problems have rattled nary number for any mission. That official, told The Washington Post. how hard it is. We need people to know
many powerful constituencies. NASA means if a single metal strut fails, or a that we’re going to get it right.”
is embarrassed and dismayed by the single cable gets snagged, “we have a “How prevalent are human errors?”
human errors that have snarled its big- ten-billion-dollar paperweight sitting Zurbuchen said. “How many more mis- The Webb is designed to see the
gest robotic science project, which was out there,” said astrophysicist Grant takes are there?” oldest light in the universe. It can also
identified by the astronomy commu- Tremblay of the Harvard-Smithsonian detect the atmospheres of planets be-
Center for Astrophysics. NASA officials have increased over- yond our own solar system and look
sight of Northrop Grumman. About a for the chemical signatures of life,
dozen NASA employees are embedded such as an abundance of oxygen.
full-time at the contractor’s Redondo
Beach, Calif., facility and more NASA In doing this, the Webb will probe
experts rotate through regularly. two of the most fundamental ques-
tions: Where did we come from? And
are we alone?

The telescope’s 6.5-meter-wide, seg-
mented mirror needs to be kept cold
so that it can observe infrared light.
It needs to be kept in the shade by a
sun shield, roughly the size of a tennis
court, that must unfurl in space.

Many of the Webb’s components
had to be invented from scratch – the
vast segmented main mirror, the ori-
gami-like sun shield, the cryocooler
that keeps the ultrasensitive instru-
ments just a few degrees above ab-
solute zero, the array of thousands of
microshutters, each thinner than the
width of a human hair, that will open
and close to allow light from targeted
objects to reach the telescope’s sen-

The telescope will be shipped from
California to French Guiana via the
Panama Canal, and will launch from
the European Spaceport atop an Ari-
ane 5 rocket.

The telescope and its instruments
sailed through testing at NASA’s God-
dard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,
Md., and then at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center in Houston, before being flown
to Northrop Grumman in Redondo
Beach. That’s where the telescope will

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 17


be mated with the sun shield and the back 1½ years and about $600 million, “At every meeting the goal posts cally?” Hammel said. “And the answer
subsystems that provide propulsion, the review board concluded. were shifting,” said planetary astrono- is ‘yeah.’ It was worth it.”
electricity and other functions, and are mer Heidi Hammel, who plans to use
collectively known as the spacecraft bus. The Webb traces its origins to 1993, the Webb for her research. “You could The Webb had powerful political
when a panel of astronomers pro- see the costs weren’t being handled support from then-Sen. Barbara A. Mi-
In April, Northrop Grumman put posed that NASA build an infrared properly.” kulski (D-Md.). The telescope survived
the sun shield through a shake test, space telescope with a mirror four its dark period and the launch date was
simulating vibrations twice as intense meters (about 13 feet) in diameter, at The telescope’s costs began to cut set for 2018, then reset several times to
as expected during launch. When the an initial estimated price tag of $500 into funding for other NASA astrono- the current 2021 goal.
test was over, technicians counted 20 million. But then-NASA Administra- my projects. An article in the journal
screws loose out of 1,000 of them that tor Dan Goldin pushed for something Nature dubbed the Webb “the tele- Congress must now reauthorize the
are needed to batten down a thin ma- more audacious. scope that ate astronomy.” The Webb Webb, which is on the verge of breach-
terial covering the sun shield. program has cost more than a half-bil- ing an $8 billion cost cap imposed in
“Why do you ask for such a modest lion dollars every year since 2011. 2011. The current estimate of $9.7 bil-
These screws, half the width of a thing? Why not go after six or seven lion includes the future costs of opera-
dime, are designed to fit into a locking meters?” Goldin said in a speech to as- In 2010 an independent review tions and data analysis. So far, there
nut. But the end of the screws could po- tronomers in San Antonio in 1996. chaired by John Casani, a veteran is no sign that lawmakers could try to
tentially scratch or tear the sun shield project manager at the Jet Propul- pull the plug on the telescope.
covering. Somewhere in the process, John Mather, a NASA senior scientist sion Laboratory, said that “lack of ef-
technicians had decided to add a wash- and champion of the Webb, said the fective oversight” by NASA “resulted “This is a mission at the very edge of
er to keep the screws from protruding telescope could have been made small- in a project that was simply not ex- what’s possible,” NASA’s Zurbuchen said.
so far. They did not realize this could er and simpler, but that would have re- ecutable.”
impede the locking function, and some sulted in a less sensitive observatory. If the mission succeeds, it will be a
screws came up a thread short. The following summer, the House triumph for NASA and the astronomy
“It’s not just another thing a little bit Appropriations Committee recom- community. If it fails, it will be seen as
In another error, the wrong solvent better than Hubble. It is dramatically mended canceling the mission en- a tragedy for science and for the many
was used in cleaning thrusters. And the different,” said Mather. tirely. people who devoted much of their lives
wrong kind of wiring led to excessive to this space observatory.
voltage. Those three errors – the screws, NASA settled on the 6.5 meters at an “That’s when we had to take a cold
the solvent, the wiring – set the project estimated price tag of $4 billion. The hard look and ask ourselves, is this And critics will say, plausibly, that
launch date slipped from 2007 to 2011, worth going to the mat for scientifi- this was a telescope too big to fail and
and then to 2013. too complicated to work. 

FOR WOMEN, PART II  Bone density test  Lung cancer screening
A bone density test is a type of X-ray that checks Women between the ages of 55 and 80, who
Since professional organizations don’t always (usually the hip and spine) for osteoporosis. have a 30 pack-year smoking history, currently
agree on when and how often tests and screen- Women who have had a fracture or who are smoke or have quit within the past 15 years,
ings, be sure to discuss your specific medical at high risk for osteoporosis may benefit from may be recommended to undergo a lung can-
history with your doctor and follow his or her early screening. cer screening that includes low-dose computed
recommendations.  Chlamydia screening tomography (LDCT).
Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease.
SCREENING TESTS AND PROCEDURES REC- The USPSTF recommends chlamydia screening  Mammogram
OMMENDED FOR ASYMPTOMATIC WOMEN for sexually active women at every physical be- Mammograms check for breast cancer. For
 Breast self-exam (BSE) tween ages 20 to 25. Women at high risk should most women, screening mammograms should
Breast self-exams check for unusual lumps. The continue screenings past age 25. begin at age 40. If your mother or sisters had
American Cancer Society (ACS) now considers  Cholesterol test breast cancer at younger ages, your doctor may
monthly BSE optional. The United States Pre- A cholesterol blood test checks for a risk of recommend earlier mammogram screening,
ventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recom- heart disease. Begin between ages 20 and 45 breast ultrasound and/or MRI.
mends against teaching BSE. and repeat every 5 years if results are within
 Blood pressure check normal limits.  Pap smear and pelvic exam
Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or under. If  Colorectal screening Pap smears and pelvic exams check for cervi-
you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney prob- Women at an average risk for colon cancer cal cancer. Women should have their first Pap
lems or certain other conditions, you may need should have colon cancer screening starting at smear at age 21, and, if normal, every 3 years
to get your blood pressure checked more fre- age 50. Tests may include colonoscopy, flex- thereafter. Women at high risk for a sexually
quently. ible sigmoidoscopy, barium enema and/or fecal transmitted infection may be tested for the
 Body mass index (BMI) occult blood tests. If you have a strong family human papilloma virus (HPV) which, like a Pap
Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat history of colon cancer or polyps, or if you smear, collects a sample of cells from the cer-
to see if you are overweight. Check your BMI on have had inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or vix. If both Pap smear and HPV test are normal,
the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s polyps yourself, start earlier and test more fre- screen every 5 years after age 30.
website, and download their app. quently.
Your comments and suggestions for future topics are always
welcome. Email us at [email protected].
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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 19


The history of the United States The Opium War and the End of China’s Last Golden Matheson to lobby the British government to use the
and China is marked by bizarre coincidences, some Age,” is that little, if anything, is fated. In the end, Royal Navy to force China to open more ports of trade
serendipitous, others tragic. In the mid-19th cen- people, not impersonal forces or economic classes, to facilitate more drug dealing.
tury, both nations were convulsed by bloody re- make history, Platt argues. If there’s a lesson from
bellions. In the 1950s, political campaigns on both that period for today, it is that leaders matter, as Platt accomplishes all this while telling a fast-paced
sides of the Pacific – McCarthyism in America and does a deep understanding of the interests and the story that focuses on the individuals who made the
an anti-America campaign in China – sought to de- history of the other side. history. Platt’s cast of characters includes Americans,
monize each other. Twenty years later, mutual fas- Britons, Parsee Indians and Chinese, and he makes
cination and realpolitik brought the two nations to- The Opium War is seen in China as the original sin them come alive. Platt does especially well depict-
gether, triggering an economic boom in China that of Western imperialism. The story told in the Peo- ing the Chinese, portraying them not as one-dimen-
raised more people out of poverty than ever before ple’s Republic of China is of Britain preying with its sionally arrogant xenophobes but as profoundly hu-
in history. As Chairman Mao Zedong once observed, warships on an innocent, tottering China with the man. From successive emperors Qianlong, Jiaqing
“Out of bad things can come good things.” aim of facilitating Britain’s opium trade. It is a story and Daoguang, down to officials and advisers, we see
of black and white, in which the Chinese people are them debating how to respond to the challenge pre-
Today, as the United States and China lurch to- the blameless victims of the West. In China’s cat- sented by opium. Should China, like the scholar Bao
ward a trade war and America confronts an opioid echism, the Opium War signifies the beginning of Shichen argued, shut off foreign trade completely? Or
epidemic stoked by imports of Chinese-made fen- “a century of humiliation” during which China was should it, as a high official named Cheng Hanzhang
tanyl, eerie parallels have emerged from 150 years bullied by the West, ending only with Mao’s glorious countered, better enforce the emperor’s edicts against
ago, when the superpower at the time, Britain, revolution. the drug? Should opium be legalized, like a governor-
launched a war over trade with China to defend the general named Lu Kun wanted? Should the crackdown
rights of British drug smugglers to sell narcotics to Platt’s book upends these stereotypes, showing target opium addicts or, as Lin Zexu, another gover-
the Chinese. Are there lessons from the Opium War first that the drug trade to China constituted an ef- nor-general, contended, the foreigners who brought
that could inform our challenges today, or are both ficient partnership between Westerners and Chi- the drug to China’s coast?
sides fated to repeat the errors of their ancestors? nese. The vast majority of opium that arrived on
Western ships off China’s coast before 1839 was Platt details how the British, too, were torn about
The main lesson from Stephen R. Platt’s wonder- moved into China by Chinese with the support of opium. Even as Britain’s drug smugglers agitated for
ful new book on the conflict, “Imperial Twilight: bribed Chinese officials. Platt also shows that Chi- war against China, a campaign back home to abolish
na was anything but closed to Western influences. the drug trade gained supporters among abolitionists
Yes, starting in 1740, the Qing court restricted trade who had just succeeded in outlawing slavery. British
with the West to Canton, then the third-biggest city industrialists also railed against the drug trade, see-
in the world behind London and Beijing. But West- ing it as an impediment to selling British textiles and
ern goods were the rage among China’s elite. West- other goods to the Chinese.
ern furs, glass, clocks and clothes connoted status
– much as they do today. The trade was also enor- But in the end, war erupted – not because it was
mously profitable. Tariffs from the trade bankrolled preordained, Platt argues, but because of factors
both the imperial court in Beijing and the British that could have been avoided. Charles Elliot, who
government, becoming especially critical to West- had been sent to Canton to supervise British trade
minster during the Napoleonic Wars of the early and was an opponent of opium smuggling, overre-
1800s. Profits, too, enriched not only British and acted to Chinese threats to stop the drug trade. And
Chinese businessmen, but Americans and traders Lin Zexu, the Chinese official making those threats,
from the Indian subcontinent as well. Platt notes didn’t realize that he could have worked with Elliot
that some of the first American fortunes were made instead of against him. Even then, back in London,
in the China trade at a time when the world’s rich- the debate raged. In the early morning of April 10,
est man was a brilliant Chinese merchant named 1840, in Parliament, the vote for war won by only five
Houqua, who became a household name in the votes. If any of those factors had gone the other way,
West, a figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum, Platt notes, “we might be looking back on very differ-
and an early investor in U.S. real estate and rail- ent lessons from this era.” 
Platt also explodes the chestnut that the war was
fought to open China to the benefits of Western THE OPIUM WAR AND THE END OF CHINA’S LAST GOLDEN AGE
civilization. He recounts the years-long efforts of
British drug smugglers William Jardine and James BY STEPHEN R. PLATT | KNOPF. 553 PP. $35


presents 1. The Sunflower Girl 1. The Russian Hoax 1. The Lost Continent (Wings of

OCHRE COURT 2. The Burning Maze (The Trials
2. Quick and Dirty 2. The Best Cook in the
A Gilded Newport World BY RICK BRAGG of Apollo #3) BY ICK RIORDAN
3. The Things That Matter 4. The Lost Continent (Wings of
Kensington Books 3. The Girl Who Takes
Saturday, Aug. 18th 3 pm 5. The Marauder's Map Guide to
BY DAVID LAGERCRANTZ 4. The Genius of Birds

BY NELSON DEMILLE 5. The Plant Paradox

5. The Other Woman BY STEVEN R. GUNDRY, M.D.


392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

20 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz salutes Sarge for his service and selflessness

Hi Dog Buddies! Sarge. discovered I had an old knee
injury that got worse, and I
This week I innerviewed Sarge PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD hadda have surgery. Mom
O’Neal, a sturdy, good-lookin’ pooch sold Thomas’ Harley to pay for
with a real important job. He looks planned to get some lunch then keep it. The vet was super nice, but
sorta Lab-ish, but he’s ackshully a lookin’ for a puppy, when something I couldn’t run or jump, an I
mix of Giant Schnauzer, Coon Hound, said to her, ‘Go back and get your hadda stay in my crate for, like,
German Shepherd an Terrier. dog!’” WEEKS. It was Soggy Dog Bis-
He came right up for the Wag-an- “Shut the doghouse door!” “Anyway, I got all better.
Sniff, introduced his Mom, Debbie, “I know. Weird, right? I dunno what Then, one day, we were in Har-
an greeted my assistant with wel- it was, but she came right back to the bor Freight, where Brandon
coming slurps. When we were all shelter and said, ‘I want Sarge.’ A dif- loves to sit in the pontoon boat.
comf-tubble in the living room, I got ferent shelter lady told Mom she’d Alluva sudden we heard some-
out my notebook. heard I could do something with one sayin,’ ‘Sarge, is that you?’”
keys. The lady tossed her keys on the “What?”
“So where should I start?” he asked. ground an I picked ’em up an put ’em “It was my first owner. He was
“Just tell about how you found on the counter. An Mom rescued me, a Purple Heart vet, which means
your Forever Family an what your Thank Lassie!” he was brave an fought for his
life’s been like.” “Talk about perfect timing! What country an got wounded. I looked
“It’s kinda complicated. Before I was it like with your new family?” at Mom for the OK, then I started
joined the family, my future Mom “When Brandon saw me he got so waggin’ like crazy. He was so hap-
and my future brother Brandon had excited, he squealed an started run- py. He told Mom his fren Nikki was
lost their huz-bun and dad, Thom- ning to me. Mom was like, ‘Oh, No!’ an Official Dog Trainer and had
as. It was a very sad time for them, cuz she thought I’d get excited, too, trained me since I was a puppy, so
an it was extra hard, too, cuz Bran- an bark or jump up or run away. But I’m a Bone-uh-fied Service Dog.
don (he’s 28) has aw-tism, which somehow I unnerstood that takin’ But she got sick an couldn’t help
means he needs lotsa special TLC. care of Brandon was gonna be my him take care of me anymore an
“Mom couldn’t do it by herself, Special Job. I donno how I knew, I just that’s why they hadda take me to
so she decided to get a trained did. So I bumped him gently to dis- the shelter. Later, Nikki came to vis-
service dog. But she found out it’d it us, an I was so excited to see her.
cost lots of munny, a buncha thou- She gave Mom a list of all my com-
sands, which she didn’t have.” mands, so now I’m even more help-
“Woof!” I exclaimed. “I didn’t ful.”
ree-lize that.” “Whaddya do for fun?”
“PLUS, there was a 2-year wait. “I love swimmin’! One time, I was
So she decided to get a shelter swimmin’ in the ocean, an Mom’s
puppy and train it. The first shel- fren was snorklin.’ I accidently
ter didn’t have any puppies, so bumped him an, dog! he just shot out-
she went to the Port St. Lucie ta the water. I buh-leeve he thought I
Humane Society, but they were was a shark. My Dog Beach buddies
outta puppies, too. She noticed a are Murphy, a shih tzu; an my girl-
coupla older dogs way at the back and fren, Koda. Our other pooch pal has
wondered why they got brought to tract him and slow him down, so we two wheels for paws, so I put myself
the shelter. One of ’em wasn’t bark- could get to know each other. Then I between him an other pooches if he’s
ing, just sitting quietly. The shelter looked at Mom to see what she want- gettin’ crowded. Mom calls us a Mot-
lady said he’d been dropped off the ed me to do next. She had accidently ley Crew.”
day after Christmas and was going found the perfect pooch to help her Heading home, I was thinkin’ of all
through a lifestyle change.” an Brandon. I’m ackshully his pooch. the stuff that fell into place so Sarge
“Woof! The day after Christmas. I keep him walkin’ and active. I’m and his Forever Family could find each
That’s harsh,” I said. “I get a feeling, with him at the Special Olympics, other, and he could keep usin’ all his
um, was that you, Sarge?” too. And I help Mom pick up stuff and amazing skills to benefit his humans.
“Yep. I was confused. I thought I’d carry stuff, like Brandon’s laundry an Pretty inspiring, doncha think? 
been a good dog. I’d tried to be as the Christmas decorations last year.”
helpful and o-bee-dee-unt as I could, “That’s a pawsome story, Sarge.”
but I got dropped off just the same.
The lady told Mom I knew some com- -The Bonz“But there’s more. Mom had no-
mands and she thought I’d been a
vet’s service dog. I did the usual Sit, ticed I sorta limped. Then, one day,
Stay, Down, Come routine for Mom. runnin’ in the yard, I went totally
She looked kind, an she gave me a lid- lame. Mom took me to the vet, who
dle Pity Pat. But when the lady asked
if she wanted me, Mom said she Don’t be shy!
just didn’t know. The lady whisked
me away, an Mom left. It was a real We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up
Downward Dog moment. an interview, please email [email protected].
“Later I found out that Mom had

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 21


8752 KJ9 A Q 10
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist J A52 10 4 3
K Q J 10 865 A932
Fran Lebowitz said, “No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless 8763 A J 10 4 952
absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.”
My cat Max once jumped onto the only empty chair at the dinner table, knowing he 643
could hold his own in eating. I thought it was funny, but one of my guests did not. KQ9876
At the bridge table, sometimes jumping is correct, even necessary. In this deal, South’s KQ
second-round jump to three hearts was game-invitational. North did well to pass. Four
hearts and three no-trump would surely have failed. But what about three hearts after Dealer: North; Vulnerable: East-West
West opens with the diamond king?
The Bidding:
When partner leads a high honor at trick one, third hand is expected to make an attitude
signal (unless the dummy’s holding in the suit makes it redundant). Here, holding the SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
diamond ace, there would be a natural reaction for East to jump enthusiastically with his 1 Clubs Pass
diamond nine. However, that would surely kill the defense. West, trusting his partner, 1 Hearts Pass 1 NT Pass LEAD:
would continue with another diamond. 3 Hearts Pass Pass Pass K Diamonds

Instead, East should ask himself from where five tricks might come. Looking at the
dummy should make it clear that two or three spade tricks will be needed, and there
might be no time to lose. At trick one, East must discourage with his diamond two.

Then, West should shift to the spade eight, top of nothing. East will win as cheaply as
possible and return his diamond three. West will take that trick and lead the spade two,
lowest from three remaining cards. East now knows to take two more spade tricks to
defeat the contract.

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644 Old Dixie Hwy SW
(Between 4th St. & Oslo)
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22 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

1 Missive (6) 1 Unashamed (7)
8 Small fish (6) 2 Asian dish (4-3)
10 Whirlwind (7) 3 Rot (5)
11 Transparent (5) 4 Place to cook (7)
12 Geek (4) 5 Wrath (5)
13 Beneath (5) 6 Prize (5)
17 Holy books (5) 9 Silent (9)
18 Centre (4) 14 Drunk (3-4)
22 Abrupt (5) 15 Receptacle for 7 (7)
23 Spread (7) 16 Educated (7)
24 Fawlty Towers waiter (6) 19 What to put on 7 before
25 Distant (6)
putting in 15 (5)
20 Salt water (5)
21 Trainee (5)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

CRUISE THERAPY 2019 The Telegraph

8-Night Eastern Caribbean
(Fort Lauderdale Roundtrip)

Adventure of the Seas
April 27, 2019

Motor coach transportation available from Vero Beach
(40 Passengers Required)

Contact Garrett Travel for further pricing details

GARRETT TRAVEL  (772) 359-3673

Sarah Garrett, Vacation Specialist

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 23


ACROSS 100 Specialist in faults 54 Lenient The Washington Post
1 Girls’ names meaning 101 Cotillion celeb 57 Part of a circle
102 Another stinking adjective 60 Reef skeletons PRONOUNS ON PARADE By Merl Reagle
“flowers” 103 Of a military branch: abbr. 62 Grp. that grabbed Patty
7 Emulated Enya 104 ___ polloi
11 Ritual washing of hands 105 “___ in itself” (filling) Hearst
17 IT 107 Linda Ellerbee’s ___ It Goes 64 M over 2, plus 3
20 Type of show, 110 ___ majesté 66 Leg, to Legs Diamond
band, or army 112 Ex-Virginia senator 68 Giraffe relatives
21 ME 116 Really laughed 69 Wells’s blond race
23 Some mushrooms 71 High Noon star, to friends
24 It means “foot” 118 THEM! 72 South America’s
25 Rel. of “now hear this” 121 Antiseptic surgery pioneer Rio de ___
26 Alleviates 122 THEM 75 1950s Arkansas governor
28 Pew break 123 One from the heart
29 Opposite of masc. 124 Spud’s buds Faubus
31 And whatnot, briefly 125 Fixes a squeak again 77 Weighty dict.
33 Sweeping stories 80 Hunting for birds’ homes
35 Coll. arts degree DOWN 81 Info-gathering mission
36 As written 1 Hightail it 82 Feature of Lauren Hutton’s
37 SHE 2 Wambaugh’s
40 Back again former dept. teeth
41 Military ranks: abbr. 3 Of the creation 85 Spanish article
43 Writer Kesey of a world 87 Either Chaney
44 Choice: abbr. 4 1970s Dodger pitcher Doug 88 Chinny host
45 Requiring a macron 5 James Garfield’s middle 91 Writer buried in Baltimore
47 Dessert in the sky 94 Kenya’s capital
48 HIM AND HER name 97 Axel, in Beverly Hills Cop
52 Beat 6 Are, in Arles 98 The Matterhorn’s canton
53 Econ. yardsticks 7 Motorcycle leaps, e.g.
55 Prophets 99 Happening
56 Of ancient Portugal 8 Bellinis and Cellinis 101 Our Gang cutie
58 Witch 9 Sodium hydroxide, briefly 102 Sneer (at)
59 Special, as 104 Steppenwolf author
a committee 10 Taunt 106 First name from Laugh-In
61 La-la preceder 11 Actor Herbert 108 House of Windsor’s former
62 Like some wines 12 Celebes oxen
63 1920s hotel-lobby style 13 Pretzel brand, ___-Thin name, ___-Coburg-Gotha
65 Make unclear 14 YOU, YOU, YOU 109 Warwick hit,
67 HE & SHE 15 YOURS, MINE AND OURS “Walk ___”
70 City in Egypt or Illinois 16 “The light that never was,
71 Part of CST 111 Mix
73 Alias ___ or land” (Wordsworth) 113 The shape a
74 Follies guy 17 Golden State Fwy. officer runner’s in?
76 Clam named for a beach 18 Helen Keller’s first word 114 Remaindered-book holders
78 Mindy’s friend’s world 19 Bathroom floor-layer 115 Oyster community
79 Blake or Plummer 117 Like some wines
81 Arrange anew: abbr. 22 Is against 119 Italian three
83 Common acknowledgment 27 Region of SW Poland 120 Conductance unit
84 Disney’s Darby ___ and the 30 Sci. that watches

Little People rainforests
86 US 32 Sober pickles?
89 A bit daffy 34 Animation frame
90 Acidity measuring fig.
91 Polite wd. 36 IT
92 Olympic org. 37 The F-16, e.g.
93 “___ saved is ...” 38 Meadow
95 Booker T’s group 39 Fished, in a way
96 THEM 40 Winter affliction

41 WE
42 Scale abbr.
46 ___ dancers
47 Golf grp.
49 Spanish painter
50 Pretended courage
51 Old Nick

52 Available

The Telegraph

24 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Take my mother-in-law’s acquired stuff … please!

BY CAROLYN HAX Which you can use the figurines to depict in a reaction says it well: It’s about feelings, not stuff.
Washington Post room-size battle diorama! Here is an assurance As it has always been. Stuff acquisition showed
that is probably not very reassuring: everyone who you were or wanted to be, and
Hi, Carolyn: handing things down said you lived on in people’s
My mother-in-law has spent Your dilemma is underway across three entire hearts and homes in some small way. Pride and a
much of her life accumulating generations right now, give or take a few outliers: sense of connection – they won’t be denied, even
collectibles, heirlooms and furni- an older generation of avid collectors, a younger when the figurines have to be.
ture with the rationale that she generation of avid stuff-renouncers and a middle
will give them to her children and generation wondering when it volunteered to play So, make sure that when you say no to (most
grandchildren someday. Her four grandchildren are messenger between the two. of ) this stuff, you’re mindful of the feelings. Be
still in high school. She’s decided that “someday” is kind and complimentary. Ask for stories behind
now and is getting upset that her family isn’t jump- But don’t lose sight of what this is about. Her things. On occasion, find some small and/or use-
ing at the chance to own figurines or her great-aunt’s ful things to accept – even if it means replacing
china set, much less my husband’s bedroom set from something you already own just like it. And, ask
the 1970s. her to hold certain items for when the grandchil-
The thought that none of us will take all of her dren have homes of their own. It’s okay to knick
things even when she’s gone is causing her genuine some knacks down the road.
angst. Unfortunately, donating doesn’t bring her joy,
and she’s gotten very upset with me when I donate If she asks you to hold them? “I would, if I had
outgrown or unused items she’s given us. I know this is the space. So do you want to store it for them, or
an increasing problem for many of us, the “sandwich would you rather donate it?”
Is there any hope for middle ground? Our house has Be her partner in “Kids these days … ” confi-
small closets and no storage, and my husband has a dences, too, to the extent you can do so sincere-
tenuous relationship with his parents. ly: “I know, this china was a status symbol for so
long. (It’s lovely, by the way.) Now status is in us-
– A Loving Daughter-in-Law Who Will Never, ing less and traveling more … and please don’t kill
Ever Use Christmas China the messenger!”

– A Loving Daughter-in-Law Who Will Never, Ever Some tokens excepted, you’re still saying no to it
Use Christmas China: You’re in a no-win position; I’m all, of course, which means there’s a risk through-
sorry. out that your mother-in-law will see through you
far enough to resent you.

Ultimately, though, your responsibility to her
feelings is to respond to her kindly – not to do
what she wants or expects. 

Exciting LASIK surgery
advances come into focus

26 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Exciting LASIK surgery advances come into focus

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER minutes – for both eyes. Dr. David O’Brien. in your patient selection,” he says.
[email protected] Greek scholars might recall that “People who aren’t good candidates
PHOTOS BY DENISE RITCHIE should not have this procedure
Going online to read about LASIK “Kerato” means “corneal” and “mi- done.”
eye surgery will bring an instant ava- leusis” means “cutting” or “carving” As O’Brien puts it, “we use lasers
lanche of acronyms to your screen. but, happily, there isn’t any carving exclusively,” and as it happens, very “For me,” O’Brien continues, “peo-
involved. No surgical blade of any few eye centers have the experience ple who have very high corrections
You’ll find LASIK, LASEK, PRK, AST, kind is used in LASIK surgery. with lasers that O’Brien and New Vi- [needed] that will require a deep laser
IOL and a host of other procedures all sion have – 23 years’ worth, to be ex- ablation of the cornea to change the
on the same page and you might just act. shape appropriately or if they have
need a Greek-to-English dictionary very dry eyes,” should be treated with
to decipher some of them. O’Brien got a head-start on many alternative surgeries such as AST, or
doctors by participating in FDA clini- Advanced Surface Treatment, in-
A much easier and much less con- cal trials of laser surgery devices and stead of LASIK.
fusing way to learn about the wide techniques.
range of laser eye surgeries available AST utilizes “the latest in custom,
in 2018 is to talk to a seasoned profes- “Being involved in clinical trials wavefront optimized excimer laser
sional like New Vision eye surgeon gave us access to [the newest laser] technology … [that creates a] cool ul-
Dr. David O’Brien. technologies,” O’Brien says. “We kept traviolet light and produces no heat,”
getting new iterations before they and can correct most visual problems
After all, O’Brien had his own vi- were FDA-approved. We used them while leaving cornea intact, accord-
sion corrected by LASIK eye surgery in those clinical trials, and then ing to New Vision.
some 21 years ago and was pioneer of stopped using them until they were
laser surgery in Vero Beach. approved.” “Although the healing process
is slightly longer with AST versus
Despite all the options mentioned When the FDA did approve vari- LASIK, the end results are equally
above, LASIK – the letters stand for ous lasers for surgery, O’Brien and good and the re-treatment rate is
laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis New Vision already had amassed very low.”
– is by far the most commonly per- valuable experience in their use, and
formed laser eye surgery for myopia they have continued to upgrade their Re-treatment rates is another area
(nearsightedness), hyperopia (far- equipment constantly. where O’Brien and New Vision seem
sightedness) and various astigma- to shine. While the FTC claims that
tisms. In most cases, the procedure There are, in fact, two separate la- “10 percent of LASIK patients in the
can be completed in as little as 15 sers involved in LASIK surgery: an U.S. require a second surgery, called
ultra-fast “femtosecond laser” which re-treatment to restore the desired
Collins & Montz generates an energy burst every one vision correction,” O’Brien notes,
quadrillionth of a second, and an “my re-treatment rate is less than 1
DCOESMNETTICI&SFTAMRILYY “excimer laser” that uses ultravio- percent.”
let light to vaporize tissue from the
Experience the fusion of eye’s surface. That’s important because most
traditional values and LASIK-type surgeries are not cov-
The two lasers combine to reshape ered by insurance or Medicare and
modern dentistry. eye’s cornea (the clear, round dome the prices can range from $4,000 to
at the front of the eye) improving the $12,500.
At Collins & Montz, DMD, way the eye focuses light rays onto
we will focus on improving every the retina. O’Brien says that at New Vision, the
aspect of your smile for optimal price for LASIK surgery is “typically
appearance, function, and comfort While the Federal Trade Commis- $4,800” and points out that, in the
sion says “millions of people have statistically unlikely event a patient
through our general family had LASIK surgery to correct their vi- does need re-treatment, he will do it
dentistry, and restorative procedures sion with great success,” it also points at no charge for up to a year after the
out that not everyone is a good candi- first procedure.
such as dental implants. Our date for the surgery.
comprehensive range of services and If you ask O’Brien what the future
O’Brien wholeheartedly agrees. of LASIK and all those other laser eye
dedication of quality set us apart. “You have to have good judgment surgeries will be, he has a ready an-
Call today to schedule swer and it doesn’t involve re-invent-
your appointment. ing the wheel.

524 OCEAN AVENUE, MELBOURNE BEACH, FL 32951 “I think that, really, when I go to
our academy meetings,” O’Brien
(321) 725-6565 • MELBOURNEBEACHDENTISTRY.COM says, “what you hear people talking
about is management of the ocular
surface. It’s not sexy. It’s not a super
new X-ray laser that’s going to give
you even further results. What people
are focusing on now is how we can
take an excellent procedure and re-
ally perfect it.”

Dr. David O’Brien is with New Vi-
sion Eye Center at 1055 37th Place in
Vero Beach, directly across from the
hospital. The phone number is 772-
257-8700. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 27


Secondhand smoke a major danger for seniors


Q. How dangerous is secondhand
smoke? My son smokes in the house and
it is annoying.

Secondhand smoke – also called
environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)
– is made up of the “sidestream”
smoke from the end of a cigarette,
pipe or cigar, and the “mainstream”
smoke that is exhaled.

Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand
smoke absorb the same 4,000 chemical
compounds that smokers do. More than
60 of these compounds are known or sus-
pected to cause cancer.

About 1 in 100 deaths worldwide is
caused by secondhand smoke, which
kills an estimated 600,000 people a year,
according to World Health Organization
(WHO) researchers.

Secondhand smoke causes increased
cardiovascular risks by damaging blood
vessels, decreasing your ability to exer-
cise and altering blood cholesterol levels.

Some research indicates that people
exposed to a spouse’s cigarette smoke
for several decades are about 20 percent
more likely to have lung cancer. Those
who are exposed long-term to second-
hand smoke in the workplace or social
settings may increase their risk of lung
cancer by about 25 percent.

Some of the components found in to-
bacco smoke that are known to cause
cancer or are suspected to be carcino-
genic include: formaldehyde, arsenic,
cadmium, benzene and ethylene oxide.

Here are a few other chemicals in to-
bacco smoke along with their effects:
ammonia (irritates lungs), carbon mon-
oxide (hampers breathing), methanol
(toxic when inhaled) and hydrogen cya-
nide (interferes with respiration).

Throughout the world, governments
are taking action against smoking in
public places, both indoors and outdoors.
Smoking is either banned or restricted
in public transportation. Several local
communities have enacted nonsmok-
ers’ rights laws, most of which are stricter
than state laws.

Although air-conditioning may re-
move the visible smoke in your home, it
can’t remove the particles that continue
to circulate and are hazardous to your
health, so don’t delude yourself that run-
ning the AC is the answer to secondhand
smoke dangers.

To solve your problem, you should try
to get your son to seek help in fighting his
addiction to nicotine. There are many
programs available. Call your doctor for
some recommendations. Meanwhile, for
your own health, you should insist that
he not smoke in your house. 

28 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Trend Kitchen: Unique experience, designed to impress

REVIEW BY LISA ZAHNER STAFF WRITER Bourguinon Ravioli ($24). Our dinners
[email protected] were creatively presented, perfectly

If you’ve got a special, spare-no-ex- cooked, served hot and nicely
pense event coming up, and are seasoned. The grouper and
looking for a unique dining the scallops were
experience with-

Olive Oil-Braised Spanish Octopus. Duo Foie Gras.

out leaving the island, Trend Duck Leg Confit. fresh, tender and moist.
Kitchen just might fit the The porkbelly was flavor-
bill. PHOTOS BY GORDON RADFORD ful and satisfying. The
ravioli was filled with
While waiting for my Trend Signature savory meat steeped
dining companions two Peanut Butter Bar. in and sauteed in a
Thursdays ago, I had lovely dry red wine.
time to look around at apologetically offered something else, storage space, by design, forcing chefs to All of the vegetables
the contemporary, urban but we declined. source ingredients daily to create your were, in my opinion,
décor – black-and-white dinner. cooked to perfection
with neon blue reflect- I ordered the crab bisque ($11) soup de with just a hint of crisp
ing in sparkling glassware jour – a surprise, but good. It was dark in For entrées we selected the Black remaining to maintain
and silver flatware – to sip color and not creamy, but offered com- Grouper ($36), the Surf and Turf, which texture and color. The
my tasty Fresh Peach Bellini plex flavors, with rich, local blue crabs was Seared Diver Scallops and Thick-
Champagne cocktail ($16) and out front. Trend Kitchen has limited Cut Porkbelly ($38) and the Wild Boar sauces were delightful, as
reflect on my previous visit to Trend was the house-made gelato
Kitchen in January 2016. we enjoyed for dessert.
Trend Kitchen will easily set you
It was a girls’ night out, and we thor- back $150 plus tip per couple with ap-
oughly enjoyed our dinners, seated at petizers, a few nice glasses of wine, and
the bar which offered the only open seats dessert. But if you want to test out the
that night. I remember a steak that was waters, you can drop in for a $23 burger
so good we savored every morsel, and so and a craft beer sometime.
large that two of us split the entree. It was
peak season and the restaurant was still We encourage you to send feedback to
somewhat new, the “you have to try this [email protected].
place” buzz spreading. That was also un-
der the previous owners. The reviewer is a Brevard resident who
dines anonymously at restaurants at the
In August 2017, Chef Yvan Heraud and expense of this newspaper. 
wife Isabelle bought the tiny restaurant
and infused more of a French flair. I’d RESTAURANT HOURS
heard that the food was still great, but Tuesday through Saturday
not consistently excellent like at the be-
ginning. After a second visit I am con- 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
vinced that Trend Kitchen remains solid, BEVERAGES
and aims to deliver high-quality cuisine
and impeccable service, plus a departure Champagne cocktails, wine and
from typical beachside Brevard dining. craft beer
For starters, we chose octopus, listed
on the menu as “Juicy Sous Vide and 1924 Highway A1A,
Chard Octopus, Lavishly Paired with Indian Harbour Beach
Compressed Fennel Slaw, Strawberries
and sautéed Fava Beans, Enhanced with PHONE
Chimichurri Aioli and Fresh Salsa Brava” (321) 622-8977
($17). The accoutrements were fresh and
flavorful, but the octopus we were served
was definitely not juicy. We notified our
server it was dry and tough, and she

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 29


Available Daily 4:30 - 5:30
$5 House Wine and Well Drinks

Choice of Tides’ House Salad,
Caesar Salad or BLT Iceberg Wedge

Carolina BBQ Pork, Chicken, Scottish
Salmon, Steak Au Poivre, Rigatoni Bolognese

Zagat Rated Reservations Highly Recommended
2013 - 2017 Proper Attire Appreciated
Wine Spectator Award Open 7 Days
2002 – 2017
(772) 234-3966

3103 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL

30 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Please send calendar information 23 Fingerpainting for Adults, 11:30
at least two weeks prior to your a.m. to 1:30 p.m., six classes Aug. 23
through Sept. 27, Art and Soul Studio, 664 South
event to Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach. Paint expressively,
intuitively and creatively by revisiting a natural,
[email protected] free-form technique from childhood. Cost is
$150 for the course. (321)243-5498.
ONGOING GalleryGiftShop

Bingo 4 to 7 p.m. Sundays at Veterans of For- 25 Prehistoric Fossil Program 10 a.m.
eign Wars Post 4643, 1252 Hwy A1A, Satellite to noon at the Brevard County Bar-
Beach. rier Island Center, 8385 S. Hwy A1A, Melbourne
Beach. Explore ancient remains of animals with
Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4 Jonathan Valentine, University of South Florida
p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park Geology Club president. Fun-for-all-ages talk
and fossil show and tell at 10 a.m., followed by
The New Neighbors Club of South Brevard August 23 | Fingerpainting for Adults be conducted most Wednesday and Saturday youth dig at 11 a.m., with fossils to take home.
Beaches is holding their annual New School mornings from 8 to 9 a.m. through Sept. 8
Shoes Drive for local shelter children. Please for sale from the garden, with a portion of the at the Barrier Island Sanctuary, 8385 S. Hwy 25 Salvation Army Giving Hope Gala ben-
consider supporting this effort by sending proceeds benefiting the Barrier Island Center, A1A, Melbourne Beach. efitting the Sue M. Pridemore Center
your tax deductible check to New Neighbors Sea Turtle Conservancy. www.floridanatropicals. turtle-walks for Women and Children, with emcee Greg Pal-
of South Brevard Beaches to Mary Gallo, 761 com or (321)726-0800. lone of Spectrum News 13 and the Hu-manitari-
Poinsette Dr, Satellite Beach Fl 32937. For more 22 Tenth Annual Valor Awards to honor an Award to be presented to Sheriff Wayne Ivey.
information, call (301)752 5059 or email mer- 18 Space Coast Mustang Club Annual Pic- our local heroes in uniform, from law Event runs from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Melbourne
[email protected] nic, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Gleason Park, enforcement, fire-rescue, EMS and the military, Hilton Rialto Place. Keynote speaker Col. Danny
Indian Harbour Beach. as nominated by their respective chiefs and McKnight (Ret.) “Black Hawk Down.” For tickets,
Beach Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. Tues- commanders. Hosted by the Melbourne Re- go to
days at Oceanside Pizza, 300 Ocean Ave. #6, 19 Chapel By the Sea Sunday School Kick- gional Chamber of Commerce, 6 to 9 p.m. at the
Melbourne Beach. off, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at 8240 S. Hwy Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place. Tickets available 26 An information session on the upcom-
A1A, Melbourne Beach. at ing June 2019 Holy Name of Jesus Par-
AUGUST ish-sponsored pilgrimage to Ireland will be held
22-31 WBSC Women’s Baseball on Sunday, August 26, at 1:30 p.m. in the Parish
18 Vegan Takeover of the Downtown Mel- 19 Siren Salon and Spa at 3270 south World Cup coming to the Community Room, 3050 N. Hwy. A1A, Indialan-
bourne Farmer’s Market at Riverview Highway A1A, Ste 104 in Melbourne USSSA Space Coast Complex in Viera, Florida, tic. The trip will include visits to traditional Irish
Park, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Beach will host a complimentary Zumba w Lor- this 10-day event will feature 12 countries com- tourist spots and is open to non-parishioners.
raina from 7 to 8 p.m. All are welcome. Call 321- peting for the Women’s Baseball World Cup There are limited spaces available. For more in-
18 Floridana Tropicals Annual Garden 614-7706 for more information. Title. Reserve tickets at formation, contact Julie Mallak at 321-725-4374
Tour and Sale August 18 from 7:30 a,m, or [email protected].
to 2 p.m. at 6630 Floridana Ave., Melbourne 22 Registration is now open for Day- Crossword Page 3273 (WELL-WOVEN WORDS)
Beach. More than 50 types of plants and trees time Dig Turtle Walks. The walks will 27 New Neighbors of South Brevard
Beaches plays MAHJONGG at Papa-
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN gallo’s in Satellite Beach each Monday at 12:15
in August 9, 2018 Edition 1 SIGHED 1 SPREADS pm. For information on joining the club contact
4 ALMS 2 GIFTS Toni Hanussey at [email protected]
9 ANSWER 5 LISTENS 27 US-TOO Prostate Cancer Support
10 FALSE 6 STEAM Group meets from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m.
11 SCREAMS 7 WATCHED the last Wednesday of the month at the Mel-
13 USED 12 PLANETS bourne Public Library, 540 E. Fee Avenue. Call
15 LIE 14 DRAWERS Vanita Gagliani at (321)432-5573 for details.
18 REMAINS 19 ERROR 30 Essential Oils classes, learn about
20 SPELL 21 PLAYS how essential oils are tied to your
23 URGENT 22 WISH emotions and make two rollerballs to take
24 IMAGES home, 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. at Art Sci-
25 RISE ence Incubator, 716 S. Patrick Drive, Satellite
26 GHOSTS Beach. or call
Sudoku Page 2326 Sudoku PPaaggee 2337 CrosswordPPaage 2362


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach out to customers for your service or small business targeting the
Siding & Soffit South Brevard barrier island communitites. This is the only directory mailed each week into homes in 32951, Indialantic,
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s Indian Harbour and Satellite Beach.
Contact Lillian Belmont, 321-604-7833 [email protected].

[email protected] CGC 1524354

321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Enjoy endless ocean
views in renovated condo

5635 State Road A1A, #A704, in South Shores Oceanside: 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 2,427-square-foot,
seventh-floor modernist condominium offered for $1.1 million by Treasure Coast Sotheby’s
broker associate Jayne Kenworthy: 772 696-5110

32 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Enjoy endless ocean views
in this renovated condo

Todd Ostrander Top 1% of Brevard STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER tural Digest and the home now has
“Door to the East Shore” ® County Agents [email protected] all solid core doors with ball bearing
321.749.8405 hinges, extra thick impact-resistant
Over 150 Million A beautifully renovated, windows made with an internal tint
2,427-square-foot condo with a wrap- to cut glare, and roll-down shutters
SOLD! around balcony in a sleek oceanfront that enclose the balcony during bad
building is available at 5635 SR A1A weather or when the owners are away.
Hall of Fame on Brevard’s barrier island, offered
Producer for $1.1 million by Jayne Kenworthy The sophisticated living room
of Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Interna- opens onto the 7th floor corner unit’s tional Realty. wrap-around balcony that offers end-
[email protected] less ocean views. Spectacular river
The open-floor-plan, 3-bedroom, views are on tap in other parts of the
Opening Doors To the Beaches & More! 3-bath condo has been upgraded to condo.
high-end status in every way, with
top-quality materials and incredible The recent renovation was con-
attention to detail. ceived and orchestrated by seller
Jess Hamilton, a commercial pilot,
The modernist kitchen and bath- who on his first major renovation
rooms are straight out of Architec-

Spectacular in Melbourne Beach - $659,000 Canal-front in Indian Harbour - $749,000

Convenient Indian Harbour Beach - $287,500 Buccaneer in Satellite Beach - $299,500

Representing Both Buyers and Sellers With Their Best Interest in Mind!

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 33



Neighborhood: South Shores
Oceanside Condominium

Architectural style: Modern
Bedrooms: 3

2 full baths, 1 half-bath
Year built: 1986

Concrete block, stucco
Additional features: Endless
ocean and river views; huge,
resort-style swimming pool;
underground parking; wrap-
around balcony; island kitchen
with breakfast nook and Brazil-
ian quartzite countertops; all
solid core doors with ball bear-
ing hinges; master bath with all
premium Kohler fixtures, Jason
brand bathtub with whirlpool
and MicroSilk hydrotherapy;
bathroom mirrors with dimma-
ble LED lights; impact resistant

Listing agency: Treasure Coast
Sotheby’s International Realty

Listing agent:
Janyne Kenworthy, 772 696-5110

Listing price: $1.1 million

34 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


project made it his personal quest to doorway had to be just right to get The renovation is striking. Hamil- area and dramatic marble island,
create the perfect modern beach liv- the look Hamilton wanted. He felt ton achieved what he started out to along with a GE Monogram Advan-
ing space, in an oceanfront complex no need to apologize for insisting on accomplish, with every aspect of ev- tium oven and a GE Monogram In-
with a big, beautiful pool and under- perfection. ery room – from colors and lighting duction cooktop with an Italian
ground parking. to flooring and appliances – contrib- downdraft exhaust. Integral and es-
“What I really stressed to my trim uting to the sophisticated modernist sential to the modern look is the Cus-
Starting with leveling the floors guys and my painters, I wanted every theme. tom Cuisine Cabinetry from Canada.
and removing the textured ceilings, corner, every room, to be ‘art,’ and it
Hamilton coordinated all the materi- really is. The painters made the place Hamilton spared no expense in Another example of an exceptional
als and design features of the project seamless.” kitchen, which features a breakfast detail is a wet bar in the living room
to achieve a single thematic choice – a with three-inch thick glass embed-
clean-lined, modern look. ded with LED lights for selectable col-
First to go were arches near the foy-
er that seemed to enclose and limit The master bathroom suite has a
the open feel in the unit, Hamilton Jason brand bath tub with whirlpool
said. and MicroSilk hydrotherapy.

“I wanted to be able to step in and “I wanted everything to be clean,
pick up the ocean as quickly as pos- the whole visual appearance and
sible,” he added. style of the place. I just wanted it to
flow,’’ Hamilton said. 
Every wall, every baseboard, every

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 35


This English country manor can be yours for under $20

STORY BY KATHY ORTON WASHINGTON POST listed dwelling. There are three types remodeled in 1860. It is believed that House from 1926 until the start of
of listed status for buildings in Eng- during the 16th century, Princess World War II.
For less than the cost of a decent land and Wales. Grade II buildings Elizabeth, before she became Queen
bottle of wine, you could own a his- are considered nationally important Elizabeth I, regularly visited a previ- During World War II, the estate
toric English manor house 14 miles and have extra oversight on changes ous house on the property. Queen became Camp 33, a prisoner-of-war
from central London. to the building’s exterior and interi- Anne supposedly also stopped by. camp. Officers lived in the main
or, according to the website Historic house, while the POWs were housed
Melanie and Nigel Walsh are raf- England. More recently, it was home to Vis- on the grounds.
fling off their home, Dancers Hill count Hugh Trenchard, considered
House in Bentley Heath, Hertford- The house was built circa 1750, al- the father of the Royal Air Force. After the war, Maj. Gen. Robert
shire. Contest tickets cost £13.50 or tered circa 1820 and extended and Trenchard lived at Dancers Hill Naylor and his wife, Lady Mary, lived
about $17.50. at Dancers Hill House. Lady Mary,
younger daughter of the Earl of Straf-
The Walshes opted for this unusual ford, remained in the home until her
way to sell their home after failing to death in 1985.
attract a buyer when they put it on the
market for £6.25 million (about $8.1 When the Walshes bought the prop-
million) earlier this year. erty in 1991, it had fallen into disrepair.

“Dancers Hill House is beautiful,” “When we came to view, we were
Melanie wrote in an email. “I would astounded,” Melanie wrote. “Squat-
have expected numerous potential ters had been living at the house. The
buyers to have a love affair with it, fabulous fireplaces had been stolen as
but Brexit and high property taxes had the lead on the roof. The grounds
have deprived the U.K. property were so overgrown the whole scene
market of confidence. I cannot think resembled a clip from the film ‘Sleep-
of a time when so many of my friends ing Beauty.’”
and family are stuck. A creative ap-
proach was necessary. I had entered The Walshes extensively renovated
a property competition some time the house and grounds, updating the
ago and considered that it would be home for today’s living. It has a home
a good idea.” theater, exercise room and wine
Dancers Hill House is a Grade II


Drive a little, SAVE A LOT!


BRAND # 8010 MSRP $24,860
NEW #8122 MSRP $29,110
$25,210* Equipped with: A/C, Automatic Transmission,
1.5L direct-injection turbo engine, super Power Windows & Locks, Seating for 7, Keyless
all-wheel control, power folding side mirrors, Entry, USB Port,140 Watt CD MP3, Fuse hands free
Mitsubishi Connect, 7.0” smart link thin dis- link system with Bluetooth, Reverse Camera
play audio system with touch pad controller





130,000 Miles, Cold AC! SportV6 150,000 Miles w/Workbox, 89,000 Miles 50,000 Miles,Very Clean 1 Owner, 30,000 Miles

$3,899 $5,899 $10,899 $11,499 $15,950

4WD Loaded 45,000 Miles 10,000 Miles, Longbed S-AWC Loaded, 4,000 Miles Ext. Cab 1 Owner 9,800 Miles (Plug In Hybrid) SEL only 2800 Mi.

$17,899 $22,899 $23,899 $26,499 $32,899

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


Prices are subject to change at anytime. Sale prices includes all available dealer discounts, factory rebates and consumer rebates. All applicants will not qualify for all discounts and/or incentives. Florida residents add tax, title, license,
registration, dealer admin, fees, and destination. Prices not valid with any other promotions. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Offer expires August 31st 2018. See dealer for full details. Not responsible for typographical errors.

36 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: Aug. 3 to Aug. 9

The real estate market took a midsummer breather last week in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903 and 32937.
Indialantic led the way with 7 transactions, followed by Satellite Beach with 5, Melbourne Beach with 4
sales, and Indian Harbour Beach reporting 1.
Our featured sale this week was of a home on a canal in Sunnyland Beach subdivision of Melbourne
Beach. The residence at 321 Nikomas Way was placed on the market Feb. 23 for $639,000. The asking price
was subsequently reduced to $634,000. The sale closed Aug. 8 for $610,000.
Both the seller and the purchaser in the transaction were represented by David Settgast of Treasure Coast


ISLAND SHORES OF MEL 502 MAGNOLIA AVE 3/2/2018 $429,900 $375,000 8/9/2018 $235,000
OCEAN EDGE COLONY 230 RITA BLVD 4/18/2018 $399,900 $359,000 8/3/2018
COVE S BCH CNDO P2 37 COVE RD 4/24/2018 $248,500 $239,000 8/6/2018 $710,000
SALES FOR 32903 $440,000

CLOISTERS REPLAT #1 580 NEWPORT DR 5/9/2018 $724,900 $719,000 8/3/2018 $560,000
PUESTA DEL SOL 725 PUESTA DEL SOL 4/12/2018 $549,000 $499,000 8/3/2018 $482,000
INDIALANTIC BY SEA 301 TAMPA AVE 7/3/2018 $479,000 $479,000 8/9/2018 $399,900


VENETIAN GARDENS SUB 2 VENETIAN WAY UNIT A 4/1/2018 $625,000 $585,000 8/7/2018
THE HORIZON CONDO P3 405 HIGHWAY A1A 324 4/2/2018 $485,900 $485,900 8/7/2018
CRESTHAVEN SAT BCH 2 280 ELM AVE 6/29/2018 $339,900 $339,900 8/3/2018

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 37


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Indialantic by Sea, Address: 301 Tampa Ave Subdivision: Puesta Del Sol, Address: 725 Puesta Del Sol

Listing Date: 7/3/2018 Listing Date: 4/12/2018
Original Price: $479,000 Original Price: $549,000
Recent Price: $479,000 Recent Price: $499,000
Sold: 8/9/2018 Sold: 8/3/2018
Selling Price: $440,000 Selling Price: $460,000
Listing Agent: Bridget Sentz & Carolyn Smith Listing Agent: Mary Goodwin & David Curri

Selling Agent: RE/MAX Elite Selling Agent: Curri Kirschner R. E. Grp. LLC

Heather Hatchett-Boesch Laura Boles

Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc National Realty of Brevard

Subdivision: Venetian Gardens Sub, Address: 2 Venetian Way Unit A Subdivision: The Horizon Condo P3, Address: 405 Highway A1A #324

Listing Date: 4/1/2018 Listing Date: 4/2/2018
Original Price: $625,000 Original Price: $485,900
Recent Price: $585,000 Recent Price: $485,900
Sold: 8/7/2018 Sold: 8/7/2018
Selling Price: $560,000 Selling Price: $482,000
Listing Agent: Virginia Conley Listing Agent: Donna Ellis

Selling Agent: Island Metro Realty of Brevard Selling Agent: National Realty of Brevard

Elizabeth Morris Juanita Ballew

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl RE/MAX Solutions

38 Thursday, August 16, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Ocean Edge Colony, Address: 230 Rita Blvd Subdivision: Island Shores of Mel, Address: 502 Magnolia Ave

Listing Date: 4/18/2018 Listing Date: 3/2/2018
Original Price: $399,900 Original Price: $429,900
Recent Price: $359,000 Recent Price: $375,000
Sold: 8/3/2018 Sold: 8/9/2018
Selling Price: $359,000 Selling Price: $375,000
Listing Agent: Leslie Hanson Listing Agent: Vickie Hart

Selling Agent: Salt Water Realty of Brevard Selling Agent: Hart To Hart Real Estate, Inc.

Christopher Bukant Andrew Barclay

Weichert REALTORS Hallmark Pro RE/MAX Elite

JUST LISTED IN THE CLOISTERS! Subdivision: Ocean Sd Vil P1 B9P4, Address: 3075 Scallop Ln Listing Date: 5/31/2018
Original Price: $450,000
Sold: 8/3/2018
BUYING OR SELLING Selling Price: $435,000
WE’LL GET YOU WERE YOU NEED TO GO. Listing Agent: Althea Innis
Selling Agent: CENTURY 21 Ocean
PRICE REDUCED! $639,900 • .47 ACRES
Bonnie Jacobsen

RE/MAX Alternative Realty

Subdivision: Cloisters Replat #1, Address: 580 Newport Dr

Listing Date: 5/9/2018
Original Price: $724,900
Recent Price: $719,000
Sold: 8/3/2018
Selling Price: $710,000
Listing Agent: Jonathan Krauser

Selling Agent: J. Edwards Real Estate

Bill Strick

RE/MAX Aerospace Realty

Subdivision: Cresthaven Sat Bch 2, Address: 280 Elm Ave

4 BEDROOM / 3 BATHROOM 2,715 SF Listing Date: 6/29/2018
.47 ACRES GATED PROPERTY • SPARKLING POOL Original Price: $339,900
Recent Price: $339,900
Selling Price: $399,900
David Curri Listing Agent: Shari Abbott

Broker/Owner Selling Agent: BHHS Florida Realty

[email protected] Anya Roberts

321.890.9911 RE/MAX Elite

Get Your Home Value Today, Visit:

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 16, 2018 39

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 35 REAL ESTATE You must answer the question, “Who
was the reigning Monarch on Christ-
They have many fond memories of mas Day, the year Dancers Hill House
raising their three sons at Dancers was built?” correctly to win. Once
Hill House. Their middle son, Bobby, you answer the question and pay the
held his wedding there. Their house £13.50, you will be placed into the
also was used to film scenes from the drawing.
1999 movie, “Great Expectations,”
starring Charlotte Rampling. The winner will be chosen using
a random number-generating algo-
But now the estate is too big for just rithm. The contest closes Dec. 16, but
the two of them, and they want to sell. it could end earlier if all the tickets
In addition to the six-bedroom, six- are sold. You can enter as many times
bathroom, 7,500-square-foot Danc- as you’d like. All other costs – stamp
ers Hill House, the property includes duty, solicitors’ fees and other charg-
four acres of informal lawns, formal es – will be paid by the Walshes.
gardens and parkland with a one-acre
lake stocked with more than 2,000 “We have enjoyed Dancers Hill
fish. A Yew tree near the house is be- House and hope that the winner of
lieved to be 500 years old. this competition will cherish and
enjoy living at this splendid home,”
To enter the contest, log on to the Melanie wrote. 
website, www.windancershillhouse.
com, and go to the competition page.





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