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12/13/2018 ISSUE 50


Creative couple. P12 Oldies, goodies. P13 Asian inspiration!

Experimentation and inspiration Aladdin Film Series finds favor in
inform Petersons’ artwork. historic Cocoa Village Playhouse.

Dining review: Mangetsu. Page 29


Updated rules for DETOUR! Ongoing stormwater repairs in Melbourne Beach will keep part of Riverside Drive closed until Dec. 21. Story, Page 4. PHOTO: JULIAN LEEK New aquarium
shark fishing seem project clears
to have some teeth interactions between the in- with minor adjustments.” covering best practices and another hurdle
creasing population of shark The recommendations regulations.
surfers, while allowing re- include a requirement to “This gives FWC a mecha- [email protected]
After pushing for improved sponsible shark fishers obtain a no-cost license for nism to enforce the regula-
shark-fishing regulations for to continue their sport shark fishing as well as par- tions,” Simmons said. “If a Keith Winsten, executive
more than a decade, Mel- ticipation in an online class director of the Brevard Zoo,
bourne Beach Mayor Jim CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 cleared a new hurdle last week
Simmons’ efforts finally ap- as he seeks to press forward
pear to have paid off. with a 26-acre aquarium proj-
ect on the Banana River.
A series of statewide public
meetings provided the basis Capt. John Murray, direc-
for Florida Fish and Wildlife tor of Port Canaveral, on Dec.
Conservation (FWC) staff 5 unveiled to the Canaveral
to recommend regulations Port Authority’s five commis-
on shore-based shark fish- sioners a non-binding letter of
ing, and Simmons is pleased intent to lease the land to the
they include many of the pro- zoo for at least 30 years.
posed changes supported by
numerous local government “This gives Keith and his
officials and residents. team the chance to start rais-
ing funds, drafting a develop-
“Adoption of these regula- ment plan and getting suppli-
tions is a huge win for com- ers,” Murray told his board.
mon sense and compromise,”
Simmons said. “They will The letter isn’t the lease,
decrease the mortality rate both groups said. But it de-
of threatened shark species scribes the basic roles of the
and help to limit dangerous

SATBEACH COPS REVVED UP OVER New commissioner pushes $8K salary give-back
[email protected] Lober, of Rockledge,
Brevard County commissioners will
A vast improvement over Sat- continue to make salaries of $58,308 a told his colleagues.
ellite Beach Police scanning year – at least until newly elected Com-
the beach with binoculars, missioner Bryan Lober can mount a “There’s no teeth in it.”
powerful and versatile ATVs referendum asking voters to reduce
for years have patrolled the their pay. He said he hoped the
city’s three miles of sand.
That was the result of Lober’s Dec. 4 others would cooperate
But the corrosive environ- effort, in his first meeting, to get each
ment makes it nearly impos- of his colleagues to return voluntarily Bryan Lober. and return the $8,231,
sible to keep up with rust and $8,231 a year to the county general fund.
which he had calculat-
ed as the difference between the gross

salary and the county’s median house-

PHOTO: hold income. “There’s no punishment

ADVERTISING: 772-559-4187 | CIRCULATION: 772-226-7925 Home of the week

NEWS 1-6 DINING 29 PEOPLE 7-10 Spacious residence in ideal
ARTS 11-14 GAMES 21-23 PETS 20 location near beach, river
BOOKS 19 HEALTH 25-28 REAL ESTATE 33-40 and downtown. Page 34


2 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STORY BY JENNIFER TORRES CORRESPONDENT las, 1145 N. Shannon Ave. from a bag in the closet,” he added. Schools Emergency Reference Guide,
“The female resident was home The suspect, who wore a bandana during a lock-down, all doors are or-
No arrests have been made and the dered locked and no one is allowed in
investigation into the home invasion sleeping when she heard a noise in the on his face, is described as a white or out of a classroom or school until
robbery of two AR-15 rifles from an living room and got up to investigate, male in his mid to late 20s, approxi- an all-clear directive is issued.
Indialantic residence continues. she turned the corner into the hallway mately 5 feet, 9 inches tall, with a
and was confronted by a white male muscular build. He was wearing black Eastminster Presbyterian Preschool
Indialantic Police Sergeant Mike holding a knife,” Connor said. T-shirt, blue jeans, and a baseball cap in Indialantic was not notified of the
Connor said the department is active- turned sideways. He also had a full situation or placed on lock-down, and
ly following up on leads and working “He grabbed her, pushed her into a sleeve tattoo on his right arm. some school officials expressed their
to recover the rifles taken. bathroom and told her to stay in there concern about this to police.
for 10 minutes while he went into the Connor said the woman stayed in
The incident occurred around 8:45 master bedroom and stole two rifles the bathroom for several minutes un- “They were not put on lock-down
a.m. on Nov. 26 at the Indialantic Vil- til she heard the front door slam shut. because the incident was isolated
When she came out, the man was to that singular apartment,” Connor
gone, and the victim, who was not in- said. “To mitigate any future concerns,
jured in the incident, called police. we met with the director and assured
school officials we always have their
Several agencies, including the Bre- best interest at heart.”
vard County Sheriff’s Office and police
departments from Melbourne, Mel- “The meeting with Chief Casey, Ser-
bourne Beach and Indian Harbour geant Connor and Eastminster staff
Beach, assisted Indialantic officers in was an open discussion regarding our
the search for the suspect. questions and expectations for any
incidents in the future. Our concerns
“We established an outer perimeter were heard, and the Indialantic PD
around the location, with patrol cars will properly notify us in the future,”
and units to the north, south, east and Rogers-Martin said. “Eastminster
west and then worked the inner pe- Presbyterian is dedicated to the safety
rimeter,” Connor said. and security of students, staff and all
who engage in our many programs.
Both Indialantic Elementary and We have a great police force in Indi-
Hoover Middle School were placed on alantic, and Eastminster appreciates
lock-down for approximately 10 min- everything that they do for our church
utes. The lock-down ended when two and community.”
K-9 units were brought in but were
only able to perform a short track Semiautomatic rifles, includ-
around the area. “A short track is in- ing the AR-15, were congressionally
dicative of the suspect getting in a ve- banned for 10 years, from 1994-2004.
hicle and leaving immediately,” Con- In March, the Florida Senate consid-
nor said. “Once the K-9 got on scene ered and briefly accepted a measure
and we saw nothing to track, or follow to ban the sale of AR-15 rifles, but it
up on, a collective decision was made was quickly overturned. Earlier this
that the suspect had left the area.” year, in response to February’s deadly
school shooting in Parkland, Gov. Rick
Some parents were alarmed when Scott signed new gun control legisla-
they received a phone call from their tion, raising the age to purchase fire-
children’s school advising them the arms to 21, and enacting a three-day
“lock-down” was over. Connor said waiting period on most sales. While
his office spent the better part of that regulations are in place for AR-15
week fielding phone calls from par- rifles purchased in a store, includ-
ents and school officials.

According to Brevard County

SHARK-FISHING REGULATIONS these regulations, I am extremely
proud of the coalition of shark advo-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 cates, swimmers, divers and surfers
that worked so hard to see these regu-
fisher disobeys them, he or she can lations implemented,” Simmons said.
forfeit his or her license. This will be “I am gratified by the support of FWC
key to eliminating the worst offend- staff.”
There have been 144 confirmed
Other recommendations mandate unprovoked shark attacks – including
the release of protected sharks in the one fatality – in Brevard County since
water. not on shore; the use of non- 1882, according to the International
stainless leaders and circle hooks; Shark Attack File at the University of
and prohibiting on-shore chumming. Florida. The majority of attacks occur
when sharks mistake surfers for prey.
One area Simmons hoped would
be addressed is the establishment of The recommended regulations will
shark-fishing zones; however, he’s be submitted to the FWC Commis-
satisfied the FWC recognized that sion, with approval scheduled for this
some regulation is required. past Wednesday. 

“After 10 years of advocating for

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 3


ing a background check, these rifles storing them in a bag, in a closet, in ings including the Las Vegas shooting department or if they wish to remain
can also be purchased from a private the confines of their home. They are last year and the shooting at Marjory anonymous, call the Tip Line at 1-800-
seller, online or in-person, with no only required to be in a locked box or Stoneman Douglas High School in 423-TIPS.
background check required. Connor container if a minor could have access Parkland Florida earlier this year.
said the two rifles in question were to them. “We just want to get the informa-
purchased from a private seller, and The Indialantic Police Depart- tion out there and generate more
no laws were broken by the owner for The AR-15 type semi-automatic rifle ment advises anyone with informa- tips,” Connor said. “We follow up on
has been used in several mass shoot- tion about the crime to contact their every one of them.” 

4 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly




Ongoing stormwater repairs in Mel- Northbound Riverside Drive repairs, causing the need for ATV re-
bourne Beach have forced a road closure Detour to eastbound Andrews Drive. Left turn on placements.
in the 500 block of Riverside Drive that Mango Drive. Left turn on Harland Avenue. Right turn
will remain in effect until Dec. 21. on Riverside Drive.  Its 2011 model beyond fixing, Satel-
lite Beach city staff found a way to get
Town Manager Robert Daniels said – in essence – a free, brand-new, fully-
all through traffic is requested to utilize equipped ATV through a $9,901 non-
State Road A1A as a detour route. matching grant from Firehouse Subs.

“The city of Melbourne water is mov- Public works grant writer Jestina
ing and replacing some pipes and that Roche knew the funding program
will be followed with replacement of a could be used to cover ATVs for use by
storm water pipeline by the town of Mel- first responders including police. She
bourne Beach,” Daniels said. asked Lt. Darren Frost, supervisor of
patrol officers, to look into what model
For residents who live in the area the would be best.
town has provided the following local
detours: “They last about five or six years be-
cause of the sand and salt, it just eats
Southbound Riverside Drive them up,’’ Frost said.
Detour to eastbound Hibiscus Trail. Turn right on
Shannon Avenue. Detour continues south on Shannon The ATV is stored in a host condo-
Avenue, right turn on Andrews Drive, west to Riverside minium with a covered parking space
Drive, left to southbound Riverside Drive. that allows for protection from the
weather, security and easy access to the
beach for quick response times.

The ATV is used by a group of trained

NEW AQUARIUM PROJECT mers and commercial fishermen, the Authority is using it for storing ma- • The Port Authority will provide up
lagoon has been polluted in recent rine equipment. to $3.5 million worth of improvements
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 years by excess nutrients and marred to George King Boulevard and exten-
by algae blooms and fish kills. Among duties in the letter of intent: sions of water and sewer utilities to the
Port Authority, which owns the land, • The Brevard Zoo would have con- aquarium.
and the Brevard Zoo, which would be Winsten cleared the first hurdle in tractors start the project in the fall of
the tenant, once the parties hammer September when the County Com- 2020 and finish two years later. Win- • Both the Brevard Zoo and the Port
out the more detailed lease in the near mission agreed to give the project a sten has estimated the project to cost Authority would agree on restrictions
future. tourist development grant of $1.25 $70 million. on how other tenants could devel-
million, with an agreement for eight • Brevard Zoo officials will pay op the 12 acres not occupied by the
“The lease will tie everything togeth- years of payments to total $10 million. $250,000 a year in base rent, starting aquarium.
er, and we hope to have that for a Janu- five years after the aquarium opens,
ary meeting,” said Cole Oliver, chair- That money doesn’t come from but no later than Oct. 1, 2027. After “That’s like if someone wanted to
man of the zoo’s board of directors. property taxes, but rather from the that, the rent is then to increase by 2.5 put up a gas station by the aquarium,”
county’s 5 percent tourist tax on stays percent a year. Murray said.
Winsten calls the project the Indian at hotels, motels and other short-term • The zoo would lease the land for
River Lagoon Conservation Campus & rental properties. 30 years, with three options to extend The letter of intent allows Winsten
Aquarium. the lease by 5 years, for 45 years in all. to seek $10 million from the state, $20
According to the letter of intent, the Each extension would require addi- million from private or institutional
He has said the project will fill a aquarium and its parking area would tional investment by the zoo. philanthropy, and look to $30 million
niche left empty for an aquarium ex- occupy 14 acres of a 26-acre site on the • The zoo will pay a “use fee,” based from financing and the aquarium’s
perience along I-95 through much of Banana River. Other parcels would be on the number of guests paying ad- own income.
Florida. There are no aquariums along part of a campus devoted to conserva- mission. Figures run from no fee at all
the highway from Miami to St. Augus- tion education. for the first 100,000 daily guests, up to Nobody took a vote on the letter of
tine. $1 per guest if the aquarium attracts intent. But Port Authority Chairman
“It’s a win-win for everyone,” Port more than 500,000 guests a day. Micah Loyd said the board would
And other Florida aquariums don’t Commissioner Bob Harvey said. “Right need to vote on the development plan
tell the Indian River Lagoon’s unique now that land isn’t doing anything.” and then the lease when they are un-
story, he has said. veiled. 
In fact, Winsten has said the Port
Once a productive area for clam-

Milton R. Benjamin, 772-559-4187
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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 5


volunteers on nearly daily patrols as ATV has been used by police to locate Should it be needed on a call in an- public address system to help give an-
part of the department’s “proactive” ap- missing children/persons, transport other location, the ATV is portable by nouncements. The improvement for
proach to provide a police presence on injured people to the nearest beach trailer for use by trained officers and this version was larger tires to help it
the beach as a deterrent to crime. It also access for fire rescue, and identify volunteers. Of the department’s 23 maneuver in loose sand, Frost said.
can be pressed into emergency service suspicious items that wash up on our sworn officers, about 10 are certified to
at any time as part of its “reactive” func- beaches – everything from narcotics, use the ATV, he said. The new ATV was purchased in mid-
tion, Frost said. immigrant rafts and stolen vessels, to September and outfitted in time for
injured wildlife, Frost said. The new 500cc ATV is very similar to its debut in the Nov. 3 Satellite Beach
Over the years, the Satellite Beach the old model and is equipped with a Founders Day parade. 

6 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


COMMISSIONERS’ PAY Tobia recalled Lober’s predeces- ey the way I don’t agree with, why The Brevard County Charter,
sor, businessman Jim Barfield of would I give them more money?” which voters adopted in November
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Merritt Island, used to return his en- 1994, allows the commission to vote
tire county pay, not just part of it, to Brevard County spokesman Don every two years on an ordinance to
for failing to do this other than look- county coffers. Walker said commissioners also get change its members’ salaries. So far,
ing bad,” he said. $70 a year worth of basic life insur- that hasn’t happened, Commission-
“And he never once took any rec- ance. But the gross annual salaries er Curt Smith said.
Lober said he didn’t think com- ognition for that,” Tobia said. are each offset by $3,615 in Social
missioners, many of whom have pri- Security taxes and $845 in Medi- “You have to consider that the sal-
vate-sector jobs in addition to their Lober’s colleagues, for varying rea- care taxes. In addition, he said, the ary we get now hasn’t changed since
elected posts, should make more sons, didn’t agree to his group effort. Florida Retirement System calls for 1999,” Smith, of Melbourne, told
than most families make. a contribution of $28,396 a year, and Lober.
“Giving back $8,000 to the general commissioners voluntarily contrib-
Quizzed by Commissioner John fund says I agree with the spending ute $1,749 a year on top of that. The charter still gives a commis-
Tobia, of Grant-Valkaria, Lober said in the general fund,” Chairwoman sioner’s salary as “that in effect on
if his colleagues agreed to the resolu- Kristine Isnardi said. “Often I do not. That leaves $23,773 a year in net Dec. 31, 1999.”
tion, he’d volunteer to track their pay I am conflicted on this. If (county pay before federal income taxes.
to make sure they complied. management) is spending mon- For counties without home-rule
charters, the Legislature each year
sets their officials’ salaries based on
their population.

The University of Florida’s Bureau
of Economic and Business Research
in April estimated Brevard County’s
population as 583,563, including 194
inmates in the county jail.

In September, the Legislature’s Of-
fice of Economic and Demographic
Research aid that if the county char-
ter didn’t already prevail, the Brevard
County Commission’s 2018-19 sala-
ries would have been $91,181 a year.

After Lober presented his resolu-
tion, County Attorney Eden Bentley
said commissioners couldn’t simply
reduce their salaries without an or-

Since the charter specifies a salary,
she said, they would have to accept
the full amount and then return the
$8,231, if they so decided.

Tobia suggested Lober not settle
for a toothless resolution and instead
go for a true ordinance or a charter
amendment through a referendum.

“I’d like to put teeth in it,” Tobia

Commissioner Rita Pritchett, of
Titusville, said she admired Lober’s
heart, but said the job of a commis-
sioner is too expensive to do with-
out just compensation. Further, she
said, the job also requires a com-
missioner give up certain sources of
private-sector income to remain free
of conflicts of interest.

Isnardi, of Palm Bay, said the sal-
ary allows a working professional to
take such private-sector income cuts
and still be able to work for the pub-

“I don’t want a person (on the
commission) who can’t do this job
because he has to be at his 8-hour-a-
day job,” she said. 


The Melbourne Beach Chil-
dren’s Christmas parade will be
held Dec. 15. A story in the Dec.
6 issue did not include the date
of the event. 

Aggi and Jesse Hall.

‘Margaritas for Mangroves’:
Sipping the night fantastic

8 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


‘Margaritas for Mangroves’: Sipping the night fantastic

STORY BY KIAYNA O’NEAL CORRESPONDENT Shannon Kole, Dan Smith, Karren Watson, Mike Kole and Kevin Woodin. PHOTOS: RYAN CLAPPER local efforts. Attending the event for
[email protected] the third year, Lori Reader, director of
encircled with tasty treat stations run sales at Space Coast Living Magazine,
To celebrate the holiday season and by local businesses, hors d’oeuvres, emphasized the event’s importance.
raise money for lagoon restoration ef- Christmas décor, community resi- “It’s very important because it brings
forts, the Marine Resources Council dents, live music and margaritas ga- a lot of awareness to those who don’t
(MRC) on Saturday presented its third lore. Also featured were other special realize how much trouble our waters
annual Margaritas for Mangroves prizes and a silent auction for local art are in.” As a local resident and one
party. pieces on display. Serena Chin, event who lives on the water, she said, sav-
representative for The Melting Pot, ex- ing the lagoon is a priority.
The gathering was hosted by Mel-
bourne BMW – located right across MRC’s mission, as stated by Lead
from the Indian River Lagoon – com- Scientist Caity Savoia, “is all about the
bining light-hearted fun and environ- lagoon and restoring it through sci-
mental awareness. ence and volunteerism.”

Upon walking into the establish- The organization seeks to improve
ment, guests were directed to the issues within the lagoon such as wa-
check-in table, where they were given ter quality and other matters through
a custom MRC miniature stemless education tactics. “It’s easy for it to
wine glass, three tickets and an in- get overlooked,” Savoia explained,
structional flyer. The glass was to be “but MRC is trying to raise awareness
used as a sample cup for margaritas
provided by restaurants and other
participating organizations at the
event, and each of the tickets repre-
sented one vote for the margarita con-
test. Every sampling table had its own
container for guests to cast their votes
for the margarita competition.

The BMW dealership’s lobby had
gone from a floor full of cars to one

Dr. Travis Hunsucker, Dr. Kelli Hunsucker, Meghan Stutzman, Lindsay Clark and Sandra Gauthier.

plained “everyone has a different type about the lagoon and its problems by
of twist on their margarita and every- bringing science, restoration and an
one has a different type of food.” opportunity for volunteers to help
with the problems it has.”
Other restaurants represented in-
cluded Oyster Boss, The Bar Butlers, The set-up provided an opportunity
The Jungle Organic Restaurant + Mar- for attendees to sample over 20 clas-
ket, The Cuban Restaurant and more. sic and flavored margaritas, includ-
ing traditional house and triple berry
Justin Barnes, chef and owner of from El Leoncito and fresh organic
The Jungle, whose restaurant has an flavors from The Jungle. Samples from
organic concept, said the event was Leoncito ceviche, Oyster Boss oysters,
“good for local businesses to pro- Old School pizza, and even chocolate-
mote themselves and support a good covered strawberries from The Melt-
cause.” ing Pot were available.

The event’s purpose was to raise For one night, MRC employees, vol-
money for the MRC’s restoration ef- unteers and local community mem-
forts, specifically, the planting of bers were able to celebrate a success-
mangroves along the Indian River La- ful year with a lively social gathering
goon shoreline. According to the MRC while concurrently raising funds for a
web page, the purpose of these plants philanthropic cause that benefits resi-
is to provide nutrient uptake, habitat dents across the coast.
for wildlife, protection from storms,
and erosion control. If you missed this year’s event and
would like to get involved in resto-
Functions like Margaritas for Man- ration efforts with the Marine Re-
groves provide community members sources Council, visit their website:
an opportunity to learn more about 
the Marine Resources Council and its

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 9


Roxanne Dixon and Sasha Adamson. Ray Hight and Nathaniel Cochranne. Chris Sils, Michelle Tanner and Chelsea Forgenie.

Emily and David Dent. Tania Patricks, Michael Campbell, Joel Tommings and Ashley Carson. Bill and Tammy Till.



DECEMBER 18th @ 6:00 PM

Melbourne Beach Library
324 Ocean Avenue, Melbourne Beach, FL

• Turning 65? • In Open Enrollment? • About to retire?
• Unhappy with your current insurance?

• You NEED to understand ALL of your Medicare options!
• An Uneducated Decision Could Be Costly $$$!

“I didn’t realize I had so many options.
Thank you for educating me.”

-Richard L., Melbourne Beach

“Very informative. I learned so much!”

-Katie W., Melbourne Beach

Questions: Please Call Or Text:
Kim Adkinson-Cowles • Local Resident
This is not a Sales Presentation.

10 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Going buggy for Christmas at Aquarina’s Golf Cart Parade

Cheryl and Jack Grice. PHOTOS: RYAN CLAPPER

Aquarina Golf & Beach Club members rolled into the holiday season
with their Fourth Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade last Friday eve-
ning. About 122 people were in attendance, growing from 55 in their
first year. The annual event is not private to the community of 1,000
people; in fact, they encourage the public to come and participate in
the procession of festive vehicles. Judges awarded gift certificates for
the best decorated golf carts for first and second place. Christmas
cheer in the form of food and drink awaited back at the club, while a
live band named Galaxy provided music throughout the night. The
weather was about as nice as it gets, with comfortable temps in the
60s, just cool enough to drag out ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Experimentation and innovation
inform Petersons’ art

12 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Experimentation and innovation inform Petersons’ art

STORY BY ANNETTE CLIFFORD CORRESPONDENT Russell Levi, Pete and Barb Peterson, and Susan Giblin. related pieces.
The duo encourages other people,
A lifelong innovator, Pete Peterson PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN THACKER
no matter what age, to be brave
made his public debut as an artist last enough to follow their artistic muse.
“People should keep at it,” Pete
weekend after seven decades of work, Peterson says, as he has, diligently, for
seven decades.
launching a month-long exhibit at
The Petersons’ journey to their
South Beaches Gallery in Melbourne South Beaches Gallery exhibit was
instigated by Russell Levi, a Melbourne
Beach. Beach resident whom they call their
producer. Upon getting acquainted
A Lake Washington resident since with them, he pushed for their first
joint exhibition to take place. With a
2002, Peterson has a background in background in fine-art photography.
Levi found the Petersons’ museum-
science as a medical school professor,
like archive of objets
but found his greater calling in d’art fascinating and
wanted to get them
painting and computer-related art, some well-deserved
including recent experiments in
“The real story
3D printing. “Digital abstracts are is how their art
has bonded them
my bag,” Peterson says, and enriched their
lives,” Levi says of
modestly, and the work the Petersons. “They
never had an exhibit, never sold
on display proves that [their work]. Their story is about art
education, encouraging to people like
point, from colorful them who have spent years working
quietly.” Levi is also the founder of a
mixed-media wall unique charitable program known as
eden-koru that uses an online gallery
hangings to intricate to benefit the homeless elderly.
But right now his focus is on the
sculpture under glass Petersons’ mutual careers in artful
exploration. “Barbara started late, but
pieces. the quality of her work is phenomenally
competent,” Levi says. “They’re serious
Though he had earlier artists,” he says, describing Pete as a
“brainiac,” and Barb as the ultimate in
exhibited some of his craftsmanship.
Art lovers can see the Petersons’
pieces through Brevard oeuvre on display through Jan. 3, 2019 at
the South Beaches Gallery, with a second
County’s Art in Public reception featuring a talking slide show
scheduled for later this month. 
Places program, such as

at airports and in court buildings,

Peterson has rarely before tried to

gain an audience for his work. “I do experimental Abilities studio
approach to creativity. “The more at 1416 Highland Ave. in Eau Gallie,
it to please myself,” he says. And he tools I have, the more I like it.” His which offers classes in fused glass and
tools include early use of Photoshop pottery-making.
uses whatever comes to hand to create and other emerging technologies
to fashion digitally painted images, Most recently she, too, is
his ever-evolving techniques. One printed and glass-enclosed sculptures experimenting with her craft, melting
and other 3D artworks. glass to use in abstract pieces. “I want
sculpture is mostly built of Pixie cups to do hot glass, but not blown glass,”
He was joined at the December she says. “That’s my goal, to learn
and Styrofoam balls, and resembles a gallery show by his wife, Barb Peterson, more about that.”
also an artist, who grew up in Brevard
dark, biological life form growing like County and specializes in glass as a A professional mediator now working
medium, including fused glass, stained with Brevard and Central Florida courts,
a fungus. glass and mosaics. Want a mosaic Barb came later than her husband to
rendering of your favorite mutt? Barb find her artistic gifts, but always loved
Other, more bright and painterly Peterson has the expertise, having the beauty of the natural world, from
previously created a portrait of a French the colors of the sky, sunrises, and plant
pieces evoke images of the beach and bulldog. She’s connected with the Art and animal life. It’s an affinity that
now resonates in her flora- and fauna-
include whimsical titles that Peterson,

who also writes haiku-like poems,

gives them. His creative philosophy in

a nutshell is “Artists weave stories/into

images. Viewers/decide their nature.”

“I’m a heuristics guy, a trial-and-

error guy. If I like it, I keep doing it,” he

says, referring to his exploratory and

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 13


Aladdin Film Series finds favor at historic, intimate venue

STORY BY PAM HARBAUGH CORRESPONDENT an enthusiastic committee of “film is getting back to its roots of screening
buffs” to choose which films are to be films. There’s something really special
While Cocoa Village Playhouse has screened. about that. The show selection is great.
enjoyed robust audience attendance to They’re getting the word out.”
its many musicals, there’s another pro- “The film series is still new and grow-
gram that has been steadily growing. ing in popularity and attendance,” he Movies currently on the schedule for
said. Last year’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ the Aladdin Film Series are:
It’s the Aladdin Film Series and it had over 450 attendees. Our ‘Grease’
brings in a wide array of films, from si- and ‘Mamma Mia!’ sing-along films Dec. 19: “National Lampoon’s
lent movies and great black-and-white were both strongly attended. And our Christmas Vacation,” the goofy
classics like “Casablanca,” to holiday Hitchcock screenings did very well.” 1989 film with Chevy Chase as the
favorites and sing-along specials, like beleaguered head of the family
“Mamma Mia!” “I love it,” Rose said. “The Playhouse
CVP artistic director Anastacia
Hawkins Smith wanted to name the
program the Aladdin Film Series to
honor the historic playhouse’s heri-
tage. Built in 1924, it was known as the
Aladdin Theatre and was Brevard’s
first movie house, originally show-
ing silent movies and vaudeville acts,
Hawkins Smith said.

“Our team has been excited about
this program and working for several
years to make it happen,” she said.

Elizabeth Rose makes her way all
the way from Oviedo to see the films at
Cocoa Village Playhouse. It’s a “really
intimate feel,” she said.

“The experience starts the second
you walk in,” she said. “They dim the
chandeliers. If the film has music,
that’s playing. There’s no competing
sound. It’s the same experience as go-
ing to the (live) theater.”

Rose, who also volunteers her time
to CVP’s Stars of Tomorrow program,
says it’s also fun being around people
who love the film they are about to see.

“When ‘Hocus Pocus’ screened,
there was a whole group of people who
dressed up as characters from ‘Hocus
Pocus,’” she said. “That’s really cool to
see people really get into it.”

The technology used for screening
the movies has been in lock step with
the overall technical improvements
CVP keeps making.

For the first movies screened, they
used the rear projection system. That
was installed after CVP built its tech-
nical support annex on the east side of
the main building in 2008.

Then came the digital projector
which was used for the live shows and
which could also be used for film.

“We then made a makeshift front
projection screen,” Hawkins Smith
said. “Last Christmas we were able to
install a large roll-down cinema screen
directly behind our main theater cur-

That gave bigger, brighter and clear-
er images with the digital system.

CVP added a professional-grade Blu-
Ray player and video switcher.

Leading the project is CVP associate
director Jeremy Phelps. He works with

14 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 Coming Up: Enjoy magical flutists in ‘Christmas Images’

who wants a perfect Christmas STORY BY SAMANTHA BAITA STAFF WRITER of flutes, you’ll be especially delighted, 3 For 11 years now, the
and expects a whopping Christmas and probably amazed, at this popular Indialantic Chamber Singers
bonus. $6 for children, $7 seniors, annual, all-flute musical treat. Time: 3
students and active military, and $8 1 Music fills the air all up and down p.m. Admission: free. 321-385-7236. and the Space Coast Symphony
for general public. the coast this season. Among your
Orchestra have joined to bring
Dec. 20: “It’s a Wonderful Life,”
Frank Capra’s iconic 1946 tear-jerker wonderful choices: The Space Coast you “a free Christmas season
Christmas movie starring Jimmy
Stewart as a man who learns he does Flute Orchestra -- one of the largest, 2 To amp up your festive spirit, join spectacular,” the annual “Messiah
make a difference, and Donna Reed as the holiday crowd at Avenue Viera
the faithful wife who loves him. $6 for regularly rehearsed, flute assemblages Sing-Along Concert.” It’ll take place
children, $7 seniors, students and active
military, and $8 for general public. anywhere (according to their PR) -- will (off Lake Andrew Drive) this Saturday this Friday, Dec. 14, at Saint John

Dec. 21: “Miracle on 34th Street,” present “Christmas Images” this Sun- evening, Dec. 15, for the Space Coast the Evangelist Catholic Community
the original 1947 film with Maureen
O’Hara and John Payne playing a day, Dec. 16, at Suntree United Meth- Symphony Orchestra’s fourth annual, in Viera. According to the concert
couple of adults who learn from a
child and someone who just might be odist. Under the baton of Cindy Bruce, free “mega” concert, “Christmas at promo, hundreds of vocalists from
Santa, how to believe in Christmas
miracles. It also stars an adorable some 30 musicians will play the piccolo the Avenue.” The atmosphere will be all over Central Florida gather each
young Natalie Wood and a most
charming Edmund Green as the man and the standard concert flute, and their light-hearted and music-filled, as this year to join the Chamber Singers,
who would be Santa. $6 for children,
$7 seniors, students and active “more exotic alto, bass and contrabass” fine orchestra presents such seasonal SCSO and featured soloists from
military, and $8 for general public.
flute family cousins. Among the sacred faves as “Sleigh Ride” and “Christmas the community in this powerful,
Feb. 10: “The Covered Wagon,” a
1923 silent film classic about wagon and secular arrangements you’ll hear: Festival,” plus music from the film iconic Christmas oratorio by George
caravans making their way west from
the middle of the country. The pilgrims “We Three Kings,” “Carol of the Bells,” scores of “Sound of Music,” “Miracle Frideric Handel, under the direction
endure deserts, snow, hunger and a
love triangle. Live accompaniment “White Christmas,” “The Christmas on 34th Street,” “Harry Potter,” “Pirates of SCSO Conductor and Artistic
by keyboardist J. Thomas Black Jr. $13
general admission.  Song,” “Do You Hear What I Hear” and of the Caribbean” and “Star Wars.” Director Aaron T. Collins. If you’d

(raise your hand if you know this one) Of course, bring kids, yours and/or like to be part of the grand chorus,

“Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella,” a carol others: Santa and Mrs. Claus will want music will be provided, or you may

which originated in the Provence region to meet them. Christmas wouldn’t be bring your own score. Director Beth

of France in the 17th century. The title complete without the reading of “The Green will lead the Chamber Singers

refers to two female farmhands who Night Before Christmas,” and there’s as they present selections from their

have found the baby and his mother more: Some kids in the audience will holiday concert: sacred and secular

in a stable, and run to tell the villagers, be invited on stage “to try their hand favorites like “Sleigh Ride,” “Deck

who rush to see the new arrivals, keep- at conducting.” P.S. Bring a chair the Halls” and “Carol of the Bells,”

ing their voices quiet, “so the newborn or blanket if you like. Time: 7 p.m. and share an audience carol sing-

can enjoy his dreams,” says Wikipedia. Admission: free. 855-252-7276. along. Time: 7 p.m. Admission: free.

If you’ve never heard an entire orchestra A messiah sing-along? Absolutely. 855-252-7276. 

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• Luxury Beachside & Waterfront Specialist Spectacular example of true luxury & sophistication! Direct oceanfront masterpiece all of the
• Multi-Million Dollar Producer finest of craftsmanship and materials located in the heart of Melbourne Beach. Unobstructed &
• Multilingual International Top Producer breathtaking views from every room of this 3 bed 3.5 bath & office luxurious home. Hurricane
• Fluent in 6 languages proof, fully furnished, built in 2011 with 100% poured concrete on pilings, hurricane impact win-
dow/doors, all tile floor, award winning kitchen, 2 car garage.
call: 321-327-6761
text: 772-584-0412 8150 Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach 11 Riverview Terrace, Indialantic 216 The Road To Waterford Bay,
[email protected] $1,350,000 $1,700,000 Melbourne Beach • $950,000 Luxurious Direct Riverfront Estate on 1.4 acres of Astonishing and fully remodeled Direct
private land in one of most pristine & desirable Riverfront residence on 0.79 acres in one of BEST DEAL ON INDIAN RIVER. REDUCED TO
Melbourne Beach. This custom designed 100% Brevard greatest location. This 4 bed 4 bath $178 PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT. MOTHER IN
concrete block hurricane proof unique 3 story 5 3 car garage 3,625 sq. feet under air & 4,714 LAW SUITE. Direct RIVERFRONT, only steps to
bedroom 3.5 bath mansion offers unobstructed sq. feet home was fully remodeled in 2014. the OCEAN with deeded beach access. Half an
River views from every floor & Ocean views from Luxurious kitchen and bathroom cabinet acre in a gated subdivision of Waterford Bay in
second & third story. Spectacular river views precious & all custom built. Plantation shut- Melbourne Beach. Extremely well built & spa-
from almost every room of this 7,509 total sq. ters family room with built in cabinets & gas cious 100% concrete block 5,312 sq. feet, 5 bed
feet property. fireplace overlooking Indian River with 146 6 baths and 3 car garage.
feet of waterfrontage.

16 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Among the presidents, prime minis- Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al- sides, and anyone who wants to speak, Most recently, Egyptian President Ab-
ters, kings and princes who have visited Sissi in 2014 during a tour of a Russian navy they’re happy to listen.” del Fatah al-Sissi in October made his
Moscow over the past year to meet with cruiser in Sochi. fourth visit to Moscow – compared with
Russian President Vladimir Putin are The U.S.-allied leaders who have one to Washington – and also signed a
some of the United States’ closest allies, and Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Syria traveled to Moscow this year include strategic-partnership agreement with
who once might have been expected to and Turkey. As a result, he has frequent- Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, who gave Putin in the Russian resort town of So-
devote their travel time to Washington. ly been on the phone with U.S. allies President Trump a lavish welcome in chi, marking a significant shift of a U.S.
such as Turkey and Israel – nearly three Riyadh last year but then chose Mos- ally toward Russia.
There’s a new power rising in the dozen times with the leaders of those cow over Washington for his first and so
Middle East, and it needs to be wooed. two countries just in the past year. far only official overseas visit – the first The meetings are providing Putin
visit ever by a Saudi monarch to Russia. with new levers of influence just when
Three decades after the Soviet Apart from Syria, Russia has shown the United States is drawing down forc-
Union collapsed and the United States little inclination to wade into most of The emir of Qatar unexpectedly flew es in the Middle East, in part to counter
emerged as the undisputed superpow- the region’s myriad conflicts, such as to Moscow to meet with Putin on the Russian and Chinese expansion else-
er in the Middle East and North Africa, the Yemen war, the Arab-Israeli peace eve of his visit to Washington in April, where. His hearty greeting at the Group
a resurgent Russia is back. Under the process and the dispute between Qa- earning a rebuke from the Trump ad- of 20 summit in Argentina with Saudi
personal direction of Putin, Russia is tar and its neighbors. But Putin has ministration. The crown prince of Abu Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
stepping into the vacuum left by the welcomed anyone who wants to visit, Dhabi, a close U.S. ally, declined an in- illustrated the personal rapport Putin is
disengagement of the Obama admin- making Moscow a must-stop destina- vitation to Washington this spring, dip- establishing with regional leaders.
istration and the unpredictability of tion for leaders with a problem to solve. lomats say. But he traveled to Moscow
the Trump one to challenge the United in June, his seventh trip in five years, Those visits are also translating at
States’ dominant role in the region. “Putin is effectively working as the signing a “strategic partnership” agree- times into substantive policy. An agree-
psychoanalyst of the region,” said Ma- ment with Putin. ment between Russia and Saudi Arabia
Russian oilmen, arms dealers and fi- lik Dahlan, a Saudi who is a professor to cut oil production, resulting from
nanciers have been fanning out across of international law and public policy King Salman’s Moscow visit last year,
the region, striking billions of dollars’ at Queen Mary University of London. has given Russia new weight in world
worth of deals, reviving old relation- “The Russians are happy to hear all energy markets.
ships and forging new ones from Libya
to the Persian Gulf. When not hosting visitors, Putin is
often on the telephone, usually sorting
At the center of it all is Putin, whose out problems relating to Syria but, in
strongman image resonates with the re- the process, cultivating close relation-
gion’s authoritarian rulers at a time when ships with some of the United States’
doubts are growing about Washington’s dearest friends.
commitment to the Middle East.
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin
Russia’s 2015 military intervention in Netanyahu, who called Trump a “true
Syria has given Putin perhaps the single friend” of Israel, has spoken 11 times
biggest boost, burnishing his credentials on the phone with Putin over the
as a decisive and effective leader who past year and only three times with
delivers what he set out to achieve: the Trump, according to a tally of the calls
survival of President Bashar al-Assad. reported on Putin’s and Netanyahu’s
websites. Netanyahu has visited Mos-
It also positioned Putin at the nexus cow four times in the past year. He has
of the Middle East’s overlapping con- visited Washington twice since Trump
flicts, leveraging Russia’s influence far became president.
beyond Syria’s borders to include all
the countries with a stake in the out- It’s unclear whether Putin and Ne-
come of the war – foes such as Israel

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 17


tanyahu’s rapport will survive build- To the extent that Russia has a mili- Russia for a long time,” Barmin said. mitment in Syria, its presence in the
ing tensions between Israel and Iran tary strategy for the region, he said, “Russia sees that region as a crucial area region is “nowhere near as robust” as
in Syria and also Lebanon, where the it is focused on the Mediterranean. for hard power, for countering NATO.” it was during the Cold War, when Rus-
¬Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia has Russia has secured long-term basing sia maintained thousands of troops in
expanded its influence. They have spo- rights for its forces in Syria, including Elsewhere, Russia’s role has largely Egypt as well as Syria, said Bruce Riedel
ken only once since the downing of a an expanded naval base at Tartus, giv- focused on business deals, which serve of the Brookings Institution.
Russian plane in Syria in September, ing Russia its strongest presence ever the dual purpose of compensating for
which Moscow blamed on Israel. But in the Mediterranean. the impact of U.S. and European sanc- The United States maintains about
phone calls between Putin and Netan- tions on Russia and cementing its role 45,000 troops in the Middle East, ac-
yahu at the time played a part in tamp- cording to the Heritage Foundation,
ing down the worst of the animosity, From left, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish mostly on bases in Persian Gulf coun-
diplomats say. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron attend a news tries, including Qatar, Bahrain and the
United Arab Emirates.
Turkey, a longtime U.S. ally and conference in Istanbul after their October summit on Syria.
NATO partner with a centuries-old his- A total of about 60,000 Russian troops
tory of rivalry with Russia, has been Putin greets the have served in Syria at some point in
drifting deeper into Moscow’s orbit of Saudi crown prince the past three years, according to fig-
influence as their cooperation in Syria at the Kremlin in ures published by the Defense Ministry.
expands and relations with the United Moscow during Though that is a higher number than
States have become strained. Mohammed’s what Russia had previously acknowl-
World Cup visit. edged, the troops serve rotations and
According to a count of their interac- the total number at any given time is
tions, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Moscow has also been extending its as a regional influencer, said Carole Na- thought to be far smaller.
Erdogan in the past year has spoken 20 reach into Egypt, a U.S. ally since the khle, an energy expert at Britain’s Surrey
times on the phone with Putin and sev- 1970s. After the Obama administration University. Russia has boasted of a surge in re-
en times with Trump. Erdogan’s decision suspended some arms sales to Egypt in gional sales of its weapons, newly tried
to purchase Russia’s advanced S-400 2014 over human rights abuses, Russia Russian companies have signed bil- and tested on the Syrian battlefield. But
missile system, which Moscow says will stepped in to sell fighter jets and attack lions of dollars’ worth of deals in oil this increase is part of the overall growth
be delivered next year, offers one exam- helicopters. That has been followed by a and gas ventures in markets as diverse in the region’s purchases of arms, and
ple of how their burgeoning relationship deal giving Russia the right to use Egyp- as Saudi Arabia, the region’s ¬mega- the United States is also seeing a big
could challenge the cohesion of NATO. tian military bases and a commitment producer of oil, and Iraqi Kurdistan, increase in exports to the Middle East,
to hold regular joint military exercises. one of the newest and smallest oil pro- said Ben Moores, who tracks Russian
Russia has also been warming up to ducers. Russia’s state-owned nuclear weapons sales for the IHS Markit de-
Lebanon and Iraq, both U.S. allies and In neighboring Libya, another for- energy firm Rosatom has contracts to fense consultancy.
recipients of U.S. military aid. In Iraq, mer Soviet ally, Russian military offi- build nuclear reactors in five Middle
Moscow has completed arms deals with cials have established a close relation- Eastern countries, giving Moscow a Russia has nearly doubled its weap-
the government, invested in a strategi- ship with the Libyan warlord Khalifa long-term foothold in their infrastruc- ons exports to the region over the past
cally significant oil pipeline linking the Hifter while signing oil deals with the ture and transportation networks. five years, with $24 billion worth of
Iraqi region of Kurdistan to Turkey and U.N.-backed Libyan government, po- orders due to be fulfilled over the next
opened an intelligence-sharing center tentially positioning Moscow to play This is not a return to the era of the decade, Moores said. By comparison,
with the Iraqi military in Baghdad, sig- a role in any future peace settlement Cold War, in which Moscow and Wash- U.S. sales have increased by almost
naling its return to a country lost as an among Libya’s warring parties. ington competed for the loyalties of as much, and U.S. firms have booked
ally after the United States toppled Sad- regional powers and Middle Eastern more than $81 billion in deliveries due
dam Hussein. “Very generally, the Mediterranean countries had to choose sides, analysts over the equivalent period.
has been of strategic importance to say. Even with Russia’s extended com-
Lebanon came under intense U.S. In an October address to a forum of
pressure earlier this year to rebuff a $1 regional leaders in Bahrain, Defense
billion arms deal offered by Russia that Secretary Jim Mattis sought to dispel
would have ended a decades-old U.S. the notion that the United States was
and Western monopoly on supplying disengaging from the region and that
aid to the Lebanese army, according Russia could step in to replace it.
to a Lebanese government official who
spoke on the condition of anonym- “I make clear Russia’s presence in
ity because he was not authorized to the region cannot replace the long-
discuss the subject. Late last month, standing, enduring and transpar-
however, Prime Minister Saad Hariri ent U.S. commitment to the Middle
accepted a donation of “millions of Ka- East,” he said, adding later, “We are
lashnikov bullets” from Russia, which going to continue to stay committed
will be given to the internal security here, and in no way are we walking
forces, his office said. away from this.”

Putin recognizes that many of the Yet even as the United States main-
Middle East’s problems cannot eas- tains a vast economic, military and
ily be solved, Russian officials say. Be- technological advantage over Russia,
coming too deeply entangled in the re- increasingly it is Russia that is seen as
gion’s disputes might expose the limits the go-to power for a region consumed
of Russian capabilities, which they ac- by crises and unsure of Washington’s re-
knowledge lag far behind those of the liability, said Riad Kahwaji, who heads
United States. the Dubai-based Institute for Near East
and Gulf Military Analysis.
“The Russians understand their lim-
its very well. I don’t think Russia wants “Russia has managed to create the
to replace America everywhere, and it perception in the Middle East that it is
would be very costly,” said Yury Bar- more powerful, more capable and more
min of the Russian International Af- relevant than the United States,” he said.
fairs Council. He sees much that is ad “It’s not how much power you have. It’s
hoc and opportunistic in Russia’s pur- how you use it. The United States has
suit of influence. all these troops and bases, and Russia
has a fraction of that. But Russia uses its
power more effectively.” 



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His name summons up the im- subject to his vetting comments. Chapter 10 ends with the words he used re-
and approval. peatedly in his lectures to young audiences: “Remem-
age of a casually but well-dressed ber to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try
“Brief Answers to to make sense of what you see and wonder about what
scholar slumped in a wheelchair, the Big Questions” makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however dif-
came out seven ficult life may seem, there is always something you can
glasses slipping down his nose, months after his do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t give up. Un-
death and put to leash your imagination. Shape the future.” Those were
hands crossed in his lap where a car- rest concerns that words he himself lived by for many years.
it would be just a
er has arranged them, legs in careful- mishmash of re- Most of the chapters, but particularly Chapter 6, “Is
Time Travel Possible?” and Chapter 10, “How Do We
ly creased trousers tilted at an angle, cycled material. Shape the Future?,” are vintage Hawking – with the
To answer 10 “big straightforward, engaging style of “A Brief History of
shoes awkwardly askew on the foot- questions,” his col- Time” and “The Universe in a Nutshell.” Chapter 1, “Is
leagues and friends There a God?,” lays out the reasoning behind Hawking’s
rest. In contrast to his frozen body, have fleshed out unbelief in more detail than he has done before. What
what Hawking had is not addressed here is the bigger question he asked
his slightly waxen, collapsed face was succeeded in writ- at the end of “A Brief History of Time” – not how the
universe might exist without a creator, but “Why does
in constant motion, cheek muscles ing and the choic- the universe go to all the bother of existing?” He later
es he had made commented that if he knew that, “then I would know
and eyes squinting rapidly to trig- from his archive. everything important.”
They have added
ger the communications system that transitional pas- Chapter 3, “Is There Other Intelligent Life in the
sages and adjusted Universe?” is arguably the most interesting of all. Part
linked him to the world. Those who wording and syntax to keep the style and tone consis- of the answer involves tracing the story of life on our
tent. Paragraphs that originally targeted an audience own planet from the earliest context in which it may
knew him well had learned to read his of academic scientists have been translated into the have arisen, through genetic evolution, to “a new phase
language of the rest of us, and some of Hawking’s sci- of evolution” in which information is not transmitted
facial expressions: yes, no, anger, joy, ence ends up being easier to understand here than in genetically but handed down through speech and writ-
his earlier works. The book begins with essays by Ed- ing, and finally to the current possibility that human
mischief, disgust, his look of “hurry up die Redmayne, who played Hawking in the film “The beings may redesign themselves genetically.
Theory of Everything”; by Kip Thorne, Hawking’s sci-
and get on with it” that appeared in the entific colleague and one of his closest friends; and by The chapters are written in the first person, as
Hawking himself. It ends with a moving afterword by though entirely penned by Hawking. No, he did not
photograph on the cover of his funeral his daughter, Lucy. write this book alone in his final months, painstaking-
“Brief” had become a Hawking trademark since ly, word by word using the twitches of his cheek and
program. He struggled to keep his eyes his 1988 bestseller “A Brief History of Time,” but these his computer program. But the words are mostly his,
“brief answers” are not really all that brief. There are and the ideas and spirit of the book are definitely his,
wide open, but his grin could light the no shocks here, no pulling the rug out from under full of self-deprecating wit and the fun he had taking
his previous assertions, as he so often had done. The readers and audiences with him on the scientific ad-
universe. chapters include the science in which Hawking was ventures he loved. Hawking’s colleagues, friends and
engaged as early as his first years as a graduate student family, laboring out of deep respect for him, doing
This was Stephen Hawking. He died at Cambridge in the 1960s, and as late as the weeks be- their best to achieve what he intended, have produced
fore his death, as well as the human rights and future- a splendid book. Enjoy it, learn from it, and regret that
in March at age 76, having survived 55 of-humanity issues about which he was no less than it is Hawking’s last. 
passionate. Hawking was often accused of being out of
years with motor neurone disease after initially, at age his depth with matters outside of cosmology, and his BRIEF ANSWERS TO THE BIG QUESTIONS
co-authors have done a remarkable job of backing up
21, being told he had only two years to live. “Survived” his pronouncements with further information, as he BY STEPHEN HAWKING | 230 PP. $25
must have hoped to do himself. They wisely chose to REVIEW BY KITTY FERGUSON, THE WASHINGTON POST
is not an adequate word. He rode his wheelchair in include verbatim many of his favorite, most-repeated

the mainstream of the contemporary world, inspir-

ing millions with his stubborn courage. He published

opinions that influenced and sometimes angered

people around the globe. He repeatedly warned of

disaster for the human race unless we control artifi-

cial intelligence and colonize space. At the time of his

death he was still collaborating in ground-breaking

scientific work having to do with how the universe

began, whether we live in one of an infinite number

of universes, whether black holes irrevocably devour

precious information.

During his last year, Hawking was also reexploring

his personal archive – his lectures, memoirs, academic

and nonacademic writing. He was choosing what to

revise and incorporate into a book called “Brief An-

swers to the Big Questions.”

Hawking died before he could complete the book,

but he came near enough for his scientific colleagues,

friends and family to decide they could and should

finish it for him. Hawking had for some time been ask-

ing others to write some of his lectures and articles,

much as presidents employ speechwriters, using his

ideas, his previously written material, his style, always

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20 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz says this sweet Sheltie is one pretty Penny

Hi Dog Buddies!

This week I met a charming liddle Penny.
poocheroo, Penny Wood, a Shetland PHOTO: LEIGH GREEN
Sheepdog. (Think miniature Col-
lie.) She’s very deli-cut an feminine, know whether I could do it. “How long do you go to school?” I butter. When we go for walks, I get
only 18 months old, but she’s going to “So they checked with this Cool
school for a Very Important Job. inquired. to wear my red collar an practice my
Kibbles dog school, Dogs for Life.
She trotted right up for the Wag- They train service dogs. An also reg- “It’s about a year in human. I’ve Perky Trot.”
an-Sniff. “Hi, Mr. Bonzo. I feel like I ular ones like me. And we found out
know you already cuz we always read that SOMEtimes, when a regular dog been going for 6 months. We’ve just “You’re coat is so silky,” I observed.
your columns. I’m Penny Ann Wood that’s already in a regular famly has
the Ninth. My pooch Dad an Mom the right, um, the right, oh, poo, I al- started Level 3. I’ve already learned “Who’s your groomer?”
were Tyffani’s Little Rascal an Akiro- ways forget the word. The right – oh,
n-Willow’s Zesty Zoe.” I remember – TEMPER-mutt. So the a lot. Mom an Dad are proud of me. “Dad an Mom! Since I’m a Service
human in charge, Miss Shelly, hadda
“Shut the doghouse door,” I gasped. see if I had that. I didn’t even know An Miss Shelly says I’m doing very Dog an all, I have to make a good im-
“Oh,” she laughed. “Just call me what it was. I was nervous. Would
Penny. This is my Mom an Dad, Milly I make it? Could I help Dad? Woof, good. She says Shelties learn as well pression by bein’ Well Groomed. At
an Dave.” was I relieved when she told my Mom
We got all comf-tubble. Penny sat an Dad I DID have the right temper- as Goldens an Labs cuz I’m a herder. All Times. I consider myself an Ex-
on the floor next to her Dad. “I under- mutt.”
stand you’re in special school,” I said. So I guess I kinda herd Dad. tension of Dad. I enjoy my baths. An
“Yes, but when I was a liddle fluff- “That is SO Cool Kibbles!” I told
muffin, I was just gonna be a regular her. “What’s a temper-mutt?” “I have a special vest just for work. I get vacuumed so my coat is perfect.”
“So, what happened?” “I dunno. But I have the right one. When I’m wearin’ it, I’m All Business. “Seriously?”
“Well, see, Mom an Dad really like Anyway, I was accepted and went to a
Shelties. That’s what humans call us basic class first. I passed the Dog Park I have a card to show I’m certified. I “Yep. Dad does my nails, too. What
Shetland Sheepdogs. Also, Toy Col- test, an even got an aWARD. Look! It
lies. Liddle kids call me Lassie. So means I’m polite to humans an fellow go shopping with Dad. I ’speshully he does is, he puts a liddle peanut
when they were shoppin’ for their pooches an follow the rools.”
next dog, they found me at a North like PetSmart an Pub-licks. (They got budder on the hand that holds my
Carolina kennel. I was still too liddle Her Dad showed us a nice, framed
to leave my litter, so they hadda come award certificate that said “Canine lotsa stuff!) At a rest-runt, I lie politely paw, and puts the clippers in the oth-
back later. I was worried they’d for- Good Citizen.”
get. Thank Lassie, they didn’t. I loved under the table. At home, when some- er one. So, while he’s gently trimmin’
ridin’ in the car to my Forever Home. “Woof, Penny. That is Crispy Dog
I had my own comfy crate an every- Biscuits! Good for you!” body knocks, or the phone rings, or my nails, I’m lickin’ the peanut bud-
“Natchrully, Mom an Dad wanted “Thanks, Mr. Bonzo! So now I’m the tea kettle whistles, I pat Dad with der off his hand. It works great.”
to teach me the basics ASAP, ’speshly in a smaller class, me an two pals,
Pottie Training. So Dad’d get up at 1 Swag, he’s an Australian Sheepdog; my paw. He says ‘Show me,’ an I do. Heading home, I was thinking how
a.m., when I was happily snoozing an Spencer, a Jack Russell mix. We’re
in my crate, dreamin’ about peanut learning to be Aw-duh-tory Dogs. I’m also learning Tap Signals.” pretty Penny had totally found her
budder and my squeaky hedgehog, Dad has to learn stuff, too, so we’re
an, basically, drag me out of it, place like a team. We totally stick together.” “Woof, that’s pawsome. Whaddya Purpose as a Dog, like my author pal
me in the backyard an then stand
there lookin’ at me hopefully. But I do when you’re off duty?” Tucker said. I wonder if my groomer
didn’t HAFF to go pottie at 1 a.m.
“Well, THAT didn’t last long. Now, “I’m ALWAYS alert to help Dad, of has peanut budder. 
I have a schedule. An if Mom an Dad
forget, I bang on the umbrella stand -The Bonzcourse. We play a lot. Dad throws the
to remind ’em it’s Pottie Time. That
works great. It also works when I just Frisbee and I grab it midair and re-
wanna go out and chase lizards. I turn it. When I get pooped, I bring it
corner ’em and we stare at each other. back and lie on it. Then there’s treats.
Then they run away.”
“Um … that’s good. So, tell me My FAVrite is banana. An peanut
about going to school.”
“Well, my Dad has what humans Don’t be shy!
call a Service-Related Disability. He We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up
can’t hear stuff too well. He needed an interview, please email [email protected].
a special trained dog, called an Aw-
duh-tory Dog, but I was already a
Basic (Fabulous) Pet, and we didn’t

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 21


KQ73 J982 A 10 5
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 6 K J 10 3 Q54
10 7 5 3 94 QJ2
The winner of the 2016 Yeh Online World Bridge Cup was Lavazza, who played in Turin, A843 KQ5 9762
Italy. The team partnerships were Emanuela Calandra-Norberto Bocchi, Bénédicte Cronier-
Agustin Madala and Sylvie Willard-Giorgio Duboin. Winning points sometimes seems SOUTH
random, but if you keep pressuring the opponents, things usually work out — as in this deal 64
played between Lavazza and the Chinese Contract Bridge Association. A9872
Madala (South) opened one heart in fourth seat with a hand that fails the Rule of 15: In J 10
fourth chair, open if your point-count plus spade length equals at least 15; otherwise, pass
out the deal. Over West’s takeout double, Cronier (North) responded two no-trump (the Dealer: West; Vulnerable: North-South
Truscott convention) to show a maximum pass with at least four-card heart support. South
took a shot at the vulnerable game. The Bidding:

West made an inadvisable lead: her trump. Now declarer drew trumps, knocked out the SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
club ace and had 10 tricks: five hearts, two diamonds, two clubs and a diamond ruff in the Pass Pass Pass
dummy. 1 Hearts Dbl. 2 NT Pass LEAD:
4 Hearts Pass Pass Pass 6 Hearts
Probably, if West had led the spade king, Madala would have made the contract, playing
West for a singleton heart because of her takeout double.

At the other table, over West’s double, South bid two clubs, which he intended as the
Reverse Drury convention, showing a maximum pass with heart support — he did not see
West’s double! Over the double, two clubs was natural. South rebid two diamonds, and
North invited game with three hearts, which South, expecting at most three hearts opposite,
passed. Declarer also took 10 tricks, but Lavazza gained 10 international match points.

Brevard County’s
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Carts or walkers, unlimited year-round golf and more!
Membership extends from date of purchase thru December 2021

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22 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

1 Coiffeur (6) 1 Divide in half (6)
4 Get in line (5) 2 Welsh snack (7)
8 Types (5) 3 Hamlet’s home (8)
9 Radioactive material (7) 4 One of four in litter (4)
10 PM’s team (7) 5 Upper crust (5)
11 Paws (4) 6 Personal hostility (6)
12 Flow out (3) 7 Set of rooms (5)
14 Agitate; prison (4) 13 Loudly conceited (8)
15 European capital (4) 16 Powerful cat (7)
18 Moose (3) 17 Fix; go (6)
21 For every one (4) 19 Australian animal (5)
23 Towards land (7) 20 Strike out (text) (6)
25 Liquor (7) 22 Chocolatey drink (5)
26 Tongue of fire (5) 24 Mate (4)
27 Kingdom (5)
The Telegraph 28 Promise (6)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 23


ACROSS 99 Chinese unit of weight 48 Idyllic spots The Washington Post
1 Throw or threw 100 Give the wrong final answer, 49 In ___ (late with payment)
5 Frost prefix 50 Bond foe POLITENESS QUOTIENT By Merl Reagle
10 Letters on CDs for example 51 One of five, briefly
15 Govt. org. that helps 102 Stimulate 54 Scary drug
103 It comes after aster 58 Mystery craft
entrepreneurs 104 Affliction ending 60 Beer ingredients
18 Prizm or Probe 107 Pilot’s worry: abbr. 61 Joan Baez classic,
19 Egg-shaped 109 Certain subway
111 Knife for Nanook “Diamonds ___”
(or, to applaud?) 112 Wonder words 63 Blood relative
20 Builds 113 In addition 65 “This ___ the time
22 Dance royalty 114 Min. div.
24 Meeklings? 115 Amazement or place”
26 Syrup source 118 Adjective for novels like The 66 Peter Schickele’s alter-ego
27 Expensive pot 67 Little animal
28 Golf event Three Musketeers 68 Dallas univ.
30 Aujourd’___ 121 Area well-known to 70 Seven, in Seville
72 Indubitably
(today, in Tours) students? 74 Squirrel’s find
31 United rival 125 Cheerleading groups 75 Negating word
32 Woman’s hat 126 So long 78 Part of AM/FM
34 Bluegrass genus 127 Ped ___ 80 ___ Na Na
35 Ranch paper 128 Flying course? 82 Robt. ___
36 Electrical unit 129 Gallic noggins 83 Samurai
37 18th-century essayist 130 Salon job 84 Geographical giant
40 Shipping co. 131 Sea swirl 86 Creates
41 P and Q followers 87 Pecan, pine, pistachio e.g.
43 Lovable older relatives DOWN 90 “Because, Brigitte!”
45 Eastwood film, 1 Tops for bottles or batters 92 Bug or suffix
2 Heavenly highlight 93 Marlowe and Morris
___ Billy 3 Start of a Supremes hit 94 Lacking a large body of
47 Country pleasures 4 Waits at a record store?
52 Heidi backdrop 5 “How come, Henri?” water
53 Young rapper briefly 6 Bring into balance 95 Choice: abbr.
55 Actress Joanne 7 Title character Norma 97 Piercing tool
56 Verbal nouns 8 It comes in handy if 98 Pea or potato leek
57 Here, to Hernan 101 Betsy and artist Bob
59 Everest guides you’re a lookout: abbr. 105 On ___ (secretly)
62 Attractive 9 A fabulist guy 106 Copy
63 Tobacco preparation 10 Placate 108 Up ___
64 Slain 11 Leg area
65 Charged particle 12 Medit. island (good as usual)
66 Home of Arthur the 13 “Steady ___ goes” 110 Puncture opening
14 Temper 113 River of SE France
aardvark? 15 Take to court 115 Overly scientific,
69 Incompetents 16 ___ head against
71 Theme of this puzzle as writing
73 Daisy’s bike the wall 116 Make (one’s way)
76 Dickens 17 “... ___ you can do 117 Envelope-pushing
77 Speculations 119 Hairy Hollywood heavy
79 Summer déjà vu for your country” 120 Chewed Mideast stimulant
81 ___ vin 21 Know-it-all 122 Palindromic ex-leader
82 Water pitcher 23 Status follower 123 Head of a dog?
84 British P.M., 1908-16 25 Hill and Houston 124 Mike Myers movie, So I
85 Spheres 29 Pointers on animals?
86 Typewriter rollers 32 Binary two Married an ___ Murderer
88 Money Dept. 33 Trick of the mind
89 Nat’l Poetry Month 35 Frank Herbert epic
91 ___ disadvantage 37 Alley assn.
93 Preparatory classes 38 Florida tourist mecca
96 Bayer rival 39 Teacher’s surprise
98 Blacksmith 42 Labels
44 Gergen, to Clinton
46 From Here to Eternity star

The Telegraph

24 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


His silent treatment won’t work if you’re not there

BY CAROLYN HAX seek help. I have three small children and a house- Life Is Too Short: No, it’s not. You haven’t tried di-
Washington Post vorce. I’m not saying you should have, just that you
hold to care for – he helps out at home only when haven’t.
Dear Carolyn:
I’ve heard “life is too short” a lot and if he feels like it, and usually nothing too tax- Generally I avoid pointing out things people hardly
lately. It makes me think I’ve wast- need to be told – I don’t explain there’s such a thing
ed significant time, energy and ing. I also am the sole provider for my household. So, as adoption, for example, to people struggling to con-
money in a 23-year relationship ceive, because duh – but the blind spot in your letter
that has caused me so much pain I work full-time and have a full-time household with seems so vast I feel compelled to make an exception:
and exhaustion.
My husband is difficult and controlling. Both ten- little support. Divorce is a valid legal and emotional remedy for 23
dencies come directly from his family: His mother is a years of pain and buffer against 23 more.
controlling narcissist. I may have the opportunity to move for my job.
When I was younger, I thought I just needed to Life is too short? Maybe. I say life is too long to jus-
improve and that would relieve some of his anxiety, I think perhaps physical distance from his family tify spending its duration with an apparently capable
selfishness and control issues. It was not until I had partner who doesn’t contribute emotional support,
children that his tendencies really caused me to ques- might work. Does it ever help in these situations? It is income or proportionate domestic effort – you don’t
tion what I was doing. even mention love, anywhere – and who does con-
We live close to his family, all of whom have – on the only thing I haven’t reasonably tried. tribute selfishness, stress, poor boundaries, a nasty
several occasions in recent years – given me the silent family and weekly meltdowns/name-callings/silent
treatment, called me names and generally caused me –Life Is Too Short treatments.
a lot of stress. After therapy, I’ve been able to estab-
lish good boundaries with his family. And I’ve tried I’m glad you found therapy helpful, and I’m glad
in many different ways to talk with my husband to your boundaries with his family have held. But allow
make him understand what I am going through. me to suggest that wasn’t a solution unto itself, but in-
Since his family is his norm, he doesn’t fully compre- stead was Part 1 of a difficult but overdue long-life/
hend. short-life overhaul.
He now has meltdowns on a weekly basis that in-
clude the silent treatment and sometimes name-call- Please explore Part 2 in private consultation with a
ing. I respond calmly most of the time, because I just very good lawyer, and in therapy again, solo. (If he mi-
have to accept him for what he is, since he refuses to raculously relents, then he goes solo, too.) Read “The
Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker. Don’t skimp on self-
and child-preservation, or safety, especially given a
possible relocation. Assume he’ll make this as tough
on you as he can. But ask yourself: If you were your
child, would you want to grow up in this home? 

Knead to know: Massage therapy
can ease the pain

26 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Knead to know: Massage therapy can ease the pain

with Ben Codallo, Sunnie Bove and Kha Taylor.
Once considered an indulgence,
massage therapy is increasingly being PHOTOS BY JULIAN LEEK
prescribed as a complimentary medi-
cal treatment for conditions includ-
ing back pain, cancer-related fatigue,
headaches and high blood pressure.

According to a 2018 survey by the
American Massage Therapy Associa-
tion, (AMTA), 41 percent of respondents
said their reason for getting message
therapy was medical. Nearly 50 million
American adults had discussed mas-
sage – which involves the physical ma-
nipulation of muscle, tissues, tendons
and ligaments – with their doctors or
healthcare providers, who increasingly
recommend massage therapy as part
of their treatment plan.

As the owner of EveryBody Massage
in Melbourne, Joanna Godwin leads a
team of eight therapists, including sev-
eral specially licensed or certified in
medical, sports, and orthopedic mas-
sage therapies.

“We have a team of therapists that
have a vast amount of education, train-
ing and knowledge in a variety of spe-

Collins & Montz cialized massage techniques,” Godwin wellness,” Godwin said. “This gentle,
said. “With such a diverse team we are hands-on CRT procedure can help
DCOESMNETTICI&SFTAMRILYY able to accommodate a multitude of clients achieve optimum health by re-
Experience the fusion of traditional health-related issues.” ducing the negative effects of stress,
values and modern dentistry. restoring balance to the spine and pel-
At Collins & Montz, DMD, Godwin has been a licensed mas- vis, optimizing the function of their
sage therapist since 1992. She is also nervous system, and improving overall
we will focus on improving every aspect of your smile for optimal appearance, a certified personal trainer and a Cra- body physiology.”
function, and comfort through our general family dentistry, and restorative nial Release Practitioner. Prior to mov-
procedures such as dental implants. Our comprehensive range of services and ing to Melbourne in 2002, she owned Myofascial mobilization places a fo-
dedication of quality set us apart. Call today to schedule your appointment. one of the largest mobile massage cus on the muscles and connective tis-
therapy companies in South Florida. sue, aimed at improving flexibility and
524 OCEAN AVENUE, MELBOURNE BEACH, FL 32951 Since opening EveryBody Massage, range of motion. It can be concentrated
she’s served on advisory committees around the face or jawline to help alle-
(321) 725-6565 • MELBOURNEBEACHDENTISTRY.COM for the Space Coast Health Institute viate pain from TMJ or migraines.
and Keiser University, as well as the
Parent Advisory Committee for Flori- Hot stone massage involves the use
da Air Academy. of small, volcanic heat-retaining stones
along the back, shoulders and along all
In addition to the types of massage the major muscle groups. “Controlled
most are familiar with, like Swedish or heat decreases muscle spasm and in-
deep tissue, there are also a wide vari- creases blood flow,” Godwin said. “Ap-
ety of specialized massage therapies plying heat during your therapy adds
that include Cranial Release Technique warmth to the muscle, aiding in relax-
(CRT), myofascial mobilization, and ation of the tissue so that an overall re-
hot stone massage. lief of muscular tension and tranquil-
ity in the body occurs.”
Proponents of CRT include well-
known author and speaker Dr. Wayne Godwin said there are times where
Dyer, who underwent the therapy him- heat and massage should be avoided
self and described the treatment it as and strongly advises consulting your
an “amazing experience” that left him physician before receiving a session,
feeling “lighter, happier, more content especially if you are diabetic, have
and less stiff.” a heart condition, high or low blood
pressure, circulatory problems, a his-
“The Cranial Release Technique tory of blood clots, or are pregnant.
works to restore proper function to the
nervous system and proper balance Everybody Massage is located at 205
to the body structure. It has positive W. New Haven Avenue in Melbourne.
effects on conditions ranging from The phone number is 321- 727-8788. 
aches and pains to overall health and

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 27


Aneurysms: Scary, but diagnosis and treatment have improved

STORY BY FRED CICETTI COLUMNIST aneurysm. wall of the aorta. These proteins can aneurysm, or its sudden growth. In
The following increase the risk of gradually deteriorate with age. But rare cases an aneurysm may be caused
Q. Aneurysms: Scary, but diagnosis inflammation that is associated with by infection.
and treatment have improved getting an aneurysm: being older atherosclerosis can accelerate this
than 60, plaque in the arteries process. The combination of early diagnosis
Aneurysms are artery bulges. And, (atherosclerosis), high blood pressure, with safer, simpler, and ever more
yes, they are scary because, if they smoking, injuries or infections There are also naturally occurring successful treatments can prevent
burst, they are lethal. Many victims of of the blood vessels, a congenital enzymes that cause the breakdown needless deaths due to ruptured
a ruptured aneurysm die before they abnormality, and inherited diseases. of the proteins. An excess of these aneurysms. If you think you or one of
get to a hospital. enzymes or other conditions that your family members might have an
Most aneurysms are caused by activate these enzymes may also aortic aneurysm, see a doctor without
The type and location of the a breakdown in the proteins that contribute to the formation of an delay. 
aneurysm will determine the provide the structural strength to the

Chest aortic aneurysms, which
occur in the large blood vessel (aorta)
that carries blood from the heart to
other parts of the body, may cause
shortness of breath, a raspy voice,
backache or shoulder pain.

Abdominal aortic aneurysms may
cause pain or tenderness below your
stomach, make you less hungry, or give
you an upset stomach.

Cerebral aneurysms may produce
headaches, pain in your neck and face,
or trouble seeing and talking.

Ventricular aneurysms in the
heart’s main pumping chamber (the
left ventricle) may cause shortness
of breath, chest pain or an irregular

Fortunately, aneurysms can be
detected by a physical examination,
X-ray, ultrasound and modern imaging
systems such as a CAT scan or an MRI.

The size and location of the
aneurysm determines the treatment
method. For example, aneurysms in
the upper chest are usually operated
on immediately. Aneurysms in the
lower chest and the area below your
stomach are watched at first. If they
grow too large or cause symptoms,
surgery may be required.

If you have an aortic aneurysm,
your doctor may prescribe medicines
before surgery or instead of surgery.
Medicines are used to lower blood
pressure, relax blood vessels, and
lower the risk that the aneurysm will
rupture. Beta blockers and calcium
channel blockers are the medicines
most commonly used.

The standard treatment for
aneurysm once it meets the indications
for surgery is replacement of that
weakened portion of the aorta with an
artificial graft. Usually, a graft made
from Dacron, a material that will not
wear out, is used.

In recent years, a treatment has been
developed to repair an aneurysm using
less-invasive surgery. In the procedure,
a stent-graft made of a polyester tube
inside a metal cylinder is inserted
into the bloodstream at the end of a
catheter. The stent-graft is positioned
to carry the blood flow instead of the

28 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Fish oil tales: Two major studies yield ‘complex’ results

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER National Center for Complementary
and Integrative Health at NIH which,
Do omega-3 fish oil pills really help Dr. Jose Rivera. omega-3 pills in healthy adults did little in May of this year, said “research
your cardiovascular health? to prevent cardiovascular disease. indicates that omega-3 supplements
PHOTO BY DENISE RITCHIE don’t reduce the risk of heart disease.
In the wake of two huge, in-depth That same day, the Post opened its However, people who eat seafood one
studies released just last month, the confuse both the New York Times and report by saying “two major studies to four times a week are less likely to
answer is no they don’t. And, yes, they do. the Washington Post. released Saturday provide evidence die of heart disease.”
that medications derived from fish oil
It’s confusing. On Nov. 10, the Times led off its story are effective in protecting people from In other words, it’s eating fish, not
About the only thing both sides saying these studies concluded that fatal heart attacks, strokes and other swallowing fish oil capsules, that can
of this issue seem to agree on is that forms of cardiovascular disease.” help your heart.
Americans now spend upwards
of $1 billion each year on fish oil The devil, not surprisingly, is in Unless, that is, you already have
supplements. the details. Including the words heart disease.
Dr. Jose Rivera of the Steward “medications” and “healthy adults”
Medical Group and Coastal above. According to Rivera, the REDUCE-IT
Cardiovascular Associates steps in to study focused on people who already
referee the debate. The Harvard Medical School says had heart disease. Fully 70 percent of its
Board-certified in cardiovascular “fish oil supplements have been participants had suffered a prior heart
disease, nuclear cardiology and echo- promoted as an easy way to protect attack or stroke, and for that group,
cardiology, Rivera says the VITALS the heart, ease inflammation and he says, “high doses of purified EPA,
study, funded by the National Institutes lengthen life,” but adds “if you are which is the omega-3,” produced what
of Health, was “really large” with some taking them on your own because you Rivera calls “a huge improvement” in
26,000 people participating over a 5-year believe they are good for you, it’s time their cardiovascular health.
period, while the REDUCE-IT study to re-think that strategy.”
followed some 8,000 patients – also a But there’s yet another devil of a
large number for this type of research – The Mayo Clinic agrees. detail in that sentence.
for 3 ½ years, and that the findings of the It says “doctors had long believed
two research efforts are complex. that the unsaturated fats in fish, Rivera is talking about “purified”
In fact, the results appeared to called omega-3 fatty acids, are the omega-3, a product like the
nutrients that reduce the risk of dying prescription-only Lovaza or Omtryg,
PREPARE, PROTECT & PREVAIL of heart disease. However, more recent not the rows of fish oil pills on the
research suggests that other nutrients shelves of your local drugstore or the
“Tis the Season for Savings!” in fish or a combination of omega-3 ones commonly bought online.
fatty acids and those other nutrients
SPECIALISTS IN: may actually be responsible for the Over-the-counter and online
health benefits from fish.” supplements are not subject to FDA
HURRICANE FLOOD INSURANCE That stance also gets a nod from the rules and, frankly, no one really knows
BEACHSIDE • HOMEOWNERS what’s actually inside those bottles, let
AUTO • BUSINESS INSURANCE alone how “pure” it is. Or isn’t.

Call Today About Our 0% Rivera agrees. “What I do,” he says,
Hurricane Deductible! “is I prescribe it. I don’t like over-
the-counter [supplements] because
there are not that many regulations”
governing what manufacturers use to
make their pills or fill their capsules.

So, before hitting the store or the
Internet for fish oil, it might be wise to
talk with your primary care physician
or your cardiologist to ask for his or her

Bottom line: If you already have
heart disease, fish oil may well help.
If you don’t have heart disease, you’re
probably better advised to skip the
pills and simply add more seafood to
your dinner menu.

Dr. Jose Rivera is with Coastal
Cardiovascular Associates. His office
is at 7754 Bay Street, Suites 6 & 7 in
Sebastian. The phone number is 772-
589-3000. 

Serving all of Brevard County


Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 29


First Bites: Mangetsu reopens on Old New Haven

REVIEW BY LISA ZAHNER STAFF WRITER share – some sweet, some sour and
[email protected] some savory. If you like one and don’t
know what it is, you can ask and order a
I’m not a huge fan of Wawa, or any es- bigger portion.
tablishment that makes me order from
a self-service kiosk. The fact that peo- For entrees, we ordered two different
ple rave about the culinary wonders of types of fried rice ($11.95 each) – beef and
Wawa, or stand in line the day one opens chicken – plus the kids’ chicken teriyaki
to get something free, troubles me deep- platter ($8.95) served with fresh steamed
ly. But the silver lining of yet another carrots and broccoli, a tuna roll ($6.95)
Wawa gobbling up the yet another cor- and the Dolsot Bibimbap ($13.95), a
ner of South Brevard is Mangetsu Korean stone pot of sliced beef, steamed julienne
Grill becoming fully integrated into His- vegetables and shiitake mushrooms on a
toric Downtown Melbourne’s thriving bed of rice, topped with sesame seeds
Main Street business district. and an egg, sunny-side up. Everything
was tasty, and served appropriately hot
A popular destination for authentic or cold. All of the ingredients were fresh
Korean BBQ, sushi and Asian special- and everything was nicely seasoned.
ties since it opened in the spring of 2014,
Mangetsu closed its standalone location
near the corner of U.S.

Super Crunch Roll.


Beef Bulgogi. Pork Bulgogi.

1 and East New Haven in August. Hop- Crunchy Salmon Roll. The only recommendations I can
ing to have the new place ready by the make would be to read the menu thor-
time the wrecking ball swung on the word – whatever savory deliciousness definitely wanted soup. My son or- oughly, be adventurous, ask questions,
Wawa site, Mangetsu owners began you are smelling. dered the noodle soup with chicken bring friends, order several dishes to
building out and finishing the new, cur- ($11.95), which for anyone who isn’t share and enjoy. You will definitely get
rent restaurant from scratch in 2017. We showed up last Thursday night a growing boy would be a meal. Two your money’s worth; our check for four
Customers needing their Korean BBQ around 7 p.m. and waited nearly 30 min- of us had miso soup included in our people, with beverages, was $98 plus tip.
fix clamored for doors to open, and they meals; it was hot and salty, exactly
finally did around Labor Day. utes for a four-top. There are two types what you’d expect. I welcome your comments, and en-
of tables available, standard wooden courage you to send feedback to me at
The décor of the new place is pretty tables or tables with recessed bar- One of our dining companions or- [email protected].
simple, yellow walls and generic furni- becue grills for cooking at the table. dered the small Tom Kha Gai (chicken
ture, but Mangetsu is about the food, coconut) soup ($5.95), which is a veg- The reviewer is a Brevard resident
We were not aware of this, etable-filled broth made creamy with who dines anonymously at restaurants
not the ambiance. and were not asked which coconut milk. She enjoyed the soup, at the expense of this newspaper. 
The moment kind we wanted when we but it’s definitely meant for coconut
you walk in checked in with the host- lovers only. RESTAURANT HOURS
you want – ess, so we were not seated 11a.m.-3 p.m. and 4:30-9:30 p.m.
maybe need at a grill table. No grill Our Shumai, a fried shrimp dump-
is a better ling appetizer ($5.95), was excellent, Monday through Thursday
tables were set to open up and so were the spring rolls ($3.95 for 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday & Saturday
Korean Sides. anytime soon, so we decided two). Mangetsu also brings you six
to save the DIY experience for small dishes of Korean delicacies to Noon-9:30 p.m. Sunday
next visit. If you want to grill it try. The kimchi is excellent. The other BEVERAGES
yourself, make that very clear small dishes were good and fun to Full Bar
when you walk in. ADDRESS
It was a chilly night, and we
841 E. New Haven Avenue
Historic Downtown Melbourne


30 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STORY BY DAVE MCINTYRE but outside of the Champagne region, Cava is Spain’s claim to bubbly fame around Venice made in the tank-
The Washington Post using the traditional method. They are and is arguably the best value in fizz. fermented method. Many proseccos are
typically made with regional grapes, You can get decent cava for under $10 all about the bubbles, but the better ones
First of a two-part series on sparkling giving them regional character: chenin (Jaume Serra Cristalino and Segura show bright red-fruit flavors. They can
wines blanc in the Loire; riesling or pinot blanc Viudas are top-value brands), and cavas be a worthy introduction to any meal.
in Alsace; chardonnay in Burgundy. closer to $20 can successfully imitate
Chances are – especially because champagnes that cost twice as much. So, as you purchase and enjoy
you’re reading this – you will enjoy a My favorites are Crémant de your sparkling wines to toast and
glass or two of sparkling wine this holi- Bourgogne (Burgundy), which is usually Italy offers franciacorta, a celebrate this holiday season, to mark
day season. 100 percent chardonnay and most champagne-method wine that is fairly your achievements and honor those
closely resembles fine champagne, and hard to find in the United States and is who have left us, try to register and
And chances are – even though you Crémant de Limoux, from southwestern often as pricey as champagne. Italy’s remember those flavors for celebrations
are reading this – that might be the only France, which offers great fun and value best bargain, though, is prosecco. It’s throughout the next year. After all, every
time this year you drink bubbly, outside for the price. a gentle fizz from the Veneto region day can be special. 
of a wedding, a birthday celebration or
some other special occasion.

The vast majority of champagne and
other sparkling wines sold in the United
States are purchased and consumed in
December. We associate champagne
with celebration and luxury, a result of
marketing efforts by champagne houses
dating back to the Belle Epoque era of
Parisian excess in the late 19th century.
This is the month we celebrate, until the
New Year’s resolutions kick in.

Of course, champagne is the cream
of the crop when it comes to sparkling
wine. It is expensive; we tend to call any
wine with bubbles “champagne,” be-
cause that reinforces the idea of indul-
gence and excess – which, in turn, of-
fends our collective American fear that
enjoying the here and now will some-
how deprive us of pleasure or virtue in
the hereafter.

When we stop equating bubbles
with champagne, and therefore luxury
and extravagance, we open up a world
of possibilities. (And believe me,
champagne producers would be very
happy if we stopped referring to the
cheap carbonated swill a lot of us drink
as “champagne.”)

A bottle of Spanish cava, Italian
prosecco or California fizz costs $10 to
$20, so celebrations can happen any
day. What better way to greet friends
who come for pizza night, book club
and mah-jongg than with a festive glass
of bubbly?

Here are pointers to help you choose
among the vast array of sparkling wines.

The main reason champagne is the
ne plus ultra of bubbly is the way it
is made, with a second fermentation
occurring in bottle to give the wine its
sparkle. This method is used around the
world, and often noted on the label as
the “champagne method,” “traditional
method” or “methode traditionnelle.”

Other wines are artificially
carbonated in the tank following the
alcoholic fermentation. Italy’s prosecco
is the most successful of this style.
Really cheap American fizz seems to
inject more headaches into the wine
than bubbles.

Then there are other styles of sparkling
wine. Crémant wines are made in France,

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 31

FINE & CASUAL DINING Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2017


When looking for a great place to dine check out
the Fine and Casual Dining Pages of The Melbourne Beachsider.

The area’s best restaurants, many offering weekly specials.

32 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Please send calendar information 13 Town of Melbourne Beach Christmas
at least two weeks prior to your Tree Lighting, 6 to 8 p.m. at Mel-
bourne Beach Town Hall, 507 Ocean Ave. Santa
event to will ride in on a firetruck and the Melbourne
Beach Volunteer Fire Department will have
[email protected] pizza, drinks and snacks for sale.

ONGOING 14 Indian Harbour Beach Christmas in
the Park, 6 p.m. to close at the Main
Satellite Beach Farmers‘ Market, 10 a.m. to Gazebo of Gleason Park. Music and Refresh-
5 p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park on A1A, ments, coffee with a cop. 6:15 to 7:30 p.m. kids
(321)773-6458 and family entertainment and The Learning
Station presents, A Children’s Holiday Journey.
Friday Night Lights, watch tennis competi- December 14-16 | Live Nativity at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Indialantic 7 p.m. to close at the boardwalk, Santa arrives
tion and exhibition, 6 p.m. most Fridays at Kiwi with the Indian Harbour Beach Volunteer Fire
Tennis Club, 30 Tradewinds Dr, Indian Harbour smooth jazz provided by saxophonist, Fred the main stage of the King Center for the Per- Department.
Beach. Cavese. Raffle tickets for prizes. To RSVP call forming Arts at 3865 N. Wickham Road in Mel-
(321) 751-6771. bourne. Tickets cost $20 for adults, $15 for se- 14-15 Eastminster Presbyterian
DECEMBER niors and active military and $5 for children or Church Live Nativity, 5 to 7
7 Whiskey Beach Pub Holiday Potluck and college students. Call (321) 242-2219. p.m., outside service with carols at 6 p.m. Sat-
7 Margaritas for Mangroves fundraiser for Masquerade Party, 7 p.m. at 1132 High- urday, 106 N. Riverside Drive.
the Marine Resources Council 5:30 to 8:30 way A1A, Satellite Beach. Sign up to bring your 9 Indialantic Chamber Singers Sounds of
p.m. hosted by Melbourne BMW, 1432 S. Harbor favorite dish, DJ Lo 8 p.m. to midnight. www. the Season, 3:30 p.m. at Eastminster 14-15 Live Nativity depicting the
City Blvd. Tickets cost $35 and include compli- Presbyterian Church, 106 N. Riverside Drive, infant Jesus, Mary and Jo-
mentary tapas and margarita service. Call Steve Indialantic. seph, angels, sheep and other figures, 5 to 7
Sharkey at (321)978-8862 for more information. 7-8 Carriage rides at The Avenue at p.m. Friday and Saturday at Eastminster Pres-
Viera, 5 to 8 p.m. Fridays and Sat- 9 Space Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra byterian Church in Indialantic on the grounds
7 Holiday Tree Lighting in the Eau Gallie Arts urdays through Christmas. Pick up outside the Winter Magic, 4 p.m. at Highland Fellow- of the church at 106 N. Riverside Drive. On Fri-
District, 6 p.m.with music in the band- AMC movie theater. ship Church, 1591 Highland Ave, Eau Gallie Arts day, families can explore the nativity, take family
shell, shopping on Highland Avenue and Santa District. Admission is free. (321)652-4913. photos, participate in crafts, eat Christmas cook-
Claus in Eau Gallie Square. 8 Candlelight Shopping in Historic Downtown ies and pet the sheep. On Saturday, an outdoor
Melbourne, 5 to 9 p.m. Merchants will stay 9 Santa in the Garden at Rockledge Gardens, 6 p.m. worship service will include the retelling
7 One Senior Place in Viera Holiday Toy open late on Saturdays through Christmas. 2153 U.S. 1 in Rockledge, noon to 3 p.m. of the Christmas story and singing of carols. Call
Gala, 6 p.m. at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road. Tell Santa what’s on your Christmas list and take 321-723-8371 for details.
Admission is a new, unwrapped toy, gift or 8 Brevard Community Chorus holiday pro- pictures with Kris Kringle in the gardens. Free
WalMart gift card for children or teens, to gram Christmas of Light, 7:30 p.m. on event, but registration on 15 Standup Paddleboard Light Parade,
benefit more than 3,000 Brevard families meet up on the southeast side of the
through His Place Ministries. A Mother’s Pineda Causeway at 4 p.m. to line up for the
Touch Movers and will serve heavy hors parade. Decorate your SUP or kayak and please
d’oeuvres and desserts, wine and beer, with have plenty of horns and lights as there will be
other boats in the water.
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
in December 6, 2018 Edition 1 LIEDER 2 LATEST 15 Town of Melbourne Beach 53rd Annu-
4 BORED 2 EMPEROR al Children’s Christmas Parade, 8:15
8 TOPIC 3 EXCHANGE to 11:30 a.m. up and down Ocean Avenue, with
9 EXACTLY 4 BOAT pancake breakfast by the Melbourne Beach Vol-
10 SERVANT 5 RATIO unteer Fire Department to follow parade.
12 SAD 7 HEATS 15 Shellie Debusk Chapman Benefit
14 BRAG 13 DISCOVER Concert, doors open at 3 p.m. at the
15 IDEA 16 ENTERED Sports Page bar, 220 A1A, Satellite Beach. Live
18 END 17 GRACED Bands until 9 p.m. Guesstar, CrowFly, RYSK,
21 RANK 19 DRINK Katty Shack, Jay DiBiella, Vibe, Pinch, Jeff By-
23 RECITES 20 ASPECT num, Wicked Garden Gnomes, Gene Simmons
25 CHICKEN 22 NOISE lookalike and many more. Raffles and Prizes.
26 VERSE 24 SKIM Family-friendly event to benefit lifetime Mel-
27 DREAM bourne resident battling Stage 3 cancer.

Sudoku Page 2428 Sudoku PPaaggee 2439 CrosswordPPage 4282 Crossword Page 2439 (VIOLENCE ON TV)


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach out to customers for your service or small business targeting the
Siding & Soffit South Brevard barrier island communitites. This is the only directory mailed each week into homes in 32951, Indialantic,
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s Indian Harbour and Satellite Beach.
Contact Lillian Belmont, 321-604-7833 [email protected].

[email protected] CGC 1524354

321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Spacious family home near
beach, river and downtown

413 Sunset Blvd. in Melbourne Beach: 5-bedroom, 4-bath, 4,042-square-foot pool home near
the ocean and downtown Melbourne Beach offered for $695,000 by Coldwell Banker Paradise

listing agent Tonya Cary: 321-432-4906

34 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Spacious family home near beach, river and downtown

STORY BY BRENDA EGGERT BRADER CORRESPONDENT listed. “The concept of the house was The pool surround, resurfaced in the kitchen area via a large table and
outside entertainment.” 2016, leads into the home via a bank chairs.
The spacious contemporary home of French doors opening into a family
at 413 Sunset Blvd. is in about as good “My favorite part is the backyard,” room, which is trimmed with pecky An ample doorway leads to the for-
a location as you can find on the bar- said homeowner Reed Cary. “It is very cypress wainscoting and highlighted mal living room with vaulted ceiling.
rier island, tucked away in a quiet lush and very Florida. I spent a large
The master bedroom features a

subdivision just three blocks north of part of my waking hours there.” by oak hardwood flooring. A large bank of windows facing the deep,
Ocean Ave. in Melbourne Beach, with Cary planted the now thick bound- bar made of pecky cypress adds to beautifully landscaped front lawn.
all its shops, restaurants, parks and the Florida atmosphere. Opposite the A wood-burning fireplace enhances
wonderful historical architecture, ary boarder greenery and many palm bar, the other side of the room is filled the ambiance of the room. Walk-
and just a short walk from both the trees in the fenced backyard to create with comfortable furniture, includ- in double closets are passed on the
Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean. privacy for the yard, heated pool with ing a full sectional couch. way to the master bath that includes
spa and cabana, and back porch and double sinks, commode and a big tile
The 4,042-square-foot single-fami- lanai, one covered and the other open The kitchen is off the family room. shower with dual sprays.
ly house, offered for $695,000, has five to the sunshine. A wood ceiling and Banked with formal cherry wood
bedrooms and four full bathrooms bamboo paneling highlight the in-
and “was built for entertaining,” said side of the cabana, which has a kitch-
Tonya Cary, the Coldwell Banker enette area with lots of counter space,
Paradise agent who has the property a bar sink and a refrigerator.

cupboards and granite counter- Three additional guest or child
tops, the room is loaded with storage bedrooms, one with its own bath,
space. Stainless appliances include are found off a hallway. Another bath
a side-by-side refrigerator, a dish- with tub/shower and double sinks
washer and built-in microwave oven. services the other two guestrooms.
A pass-through to the family room is
for handy for serving. A second master bedroom with
two closets and room for a king bed
An immense island with a break- has backyard access to the pool. In-
fast counter accommodates a built-in donesian river rock flooring accents
combination oven and cooktop. For- the second master’s en-suite bath-
mal eating space is accommodated in room with single sink, commode and

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 35


Year built: 1963
Concrete block/stucco
Lot size: 32,234 sq. ft.
Home size: 4,042 sq. ft. total
Bedrooms: 5 • Bathrooms: 4
Additional features: Double
master suites, oversize two-car
garage, large heated pool and
spa, beautiful, mature tropical
landscaping, fenced backyard,
solar hot water, cabana.
Listing agency: Coldwell Banker
Paradise, Indialantic
Listing agent: Tonya Cary,
321-432-4906 or
[email protected]
Listing price: $695,000

shower. This space could serve as an and a roof were replaced in 2017 and
in-law suite. the two A/C units were replaced this
year. The spacious two-car garage
“I like to ride a bike the short dis- offers plenty of additional storage
tance to the river or ocean,” Reed space.
Cary said about the convenience of
the beachside location. “I can bike To view the home, contact Tonya
to the Melbourne Beach pier, restau- Cary, realtor with Coldwell Banker
rants, and the store for groceries.” Paradise, at 321-432-4906 or tonya.
[email protected]. 
The home’s solar hot water heater

36 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: Nov. 30 to Dec. 6

The real estate market roared back to life last week in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903 and 32937. Satellite
Beach led the way with 9 sales, followed by Melbourne Beach with 7, Indialantic with 3 and Indian
Harbour Beach reporting 2 transactions.
Our featured sale of the week was of a riverview home with dock in Melbourne Beach. The residence at
251 Ocean Ridge Drive was placed on the market Nov. 1, 2017, for $875,000. The asking price more recently
was $750,000. The sale closed on Nov. 30 for $725,000.
The seller was represented by Eva McMillan and Deborah Harris-Caldwell of Dale Sorensen Real Estate.
The purchaser was represented by Stephanie Dandridge, also of Dale Sorensen Real Estate



MELBOURNE SHORES 2ND 5870 RIVERSIDE DR 6/5/2018 $925,000 $849,900 11/30/2018 $705,000
MARITIME HAMMOCK 7747 KIAWAH WAY 6/15/2018 $775,000 $725,000 12/6/2018 $305,000
COVE S BCH CNDO P1 13 COVE RD 8/30/2018 $335,000 $335,000 11/30/2018


INDIALANTIC SEC D 221 ORLANDO BLVD 5/17/2018 $575,000 $525,000 11/30/2018 $500,000
SANDPINES SEC 3 292 SAND DOLLAR RD 3/7/2018 $455,000 $395,000 12/1/2018 $300,000
ATLANTIC GARDENS RES 242 BRIAN DR 8/14/2018 $275,000 $259,000 12/3/2018 $250,000


FLAMINGO HOMES SEC C 205 DEBRA CT 8/26/2018 $499,000 $425,000 12/5/2018 $418,500
VILLA DEL MAR SEC 7 705 ROSADA ST 10/9/2018 $395,000 $385,000 11/30/2018 $381,000
EMERALD SHORES A CO 1405 HIGHWAY A1A 302 9/5/2018 $398,000 $398,000 11/30/2018 $351,500

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, December 13, 2018 37


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Melbourne Shores 2nd, Address: 5870 Riverside Dr Subdivision: Maritime Hammock, Address: 7747 Kiawah Way

Listing Date: 6/5/2018 Listing Date: 6/15/2018
Original Price: $925,000 Original Price: $775,000
Recent Price: $849,900 Recent Price: $725,000
Sold: 11/30/2018 Sold: 12/6/2018
Selling Price: $825,000 Selling Price: $705,000
Listing Agent: Zachary Spurlock Listing Agent: David Settgast

Selling Agent: RE/MAX Elite Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Heidi Delvenne & Zachary Spurlock Jason Lande & Janet Brown

Daignault Realty Inc RE/MAX Aerospace Realty

Subdivision: Whispering Winds Con, Address: 130 Windrush Pl 5 Subdivision: Villa Del Mar Sec 7, Address: 705 Rosada St

Listing Date: 1/12/2018 Listing Date: 10/9/2018
Original Price: Original Price: $395,000
Recent Price: $445,000 Recent Price: $385,000
Sold: Sold: 11/30/2018
Selling Price: $225,000 Selling Price: $381,000
Listing Agent: Listing Agent: Laura Dowling Roy
Selling Agent: Selling Agent: Premier Properties Real Estate
Annette Callahan
Gibbs Baum &
Gregory Zimmerman Keller Williams Realty,Brevard

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Gibbs Baum &
Gregory Zimmerman

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

38 Thursday, December 13, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Ocean Edge Colony, Address: 220 Rita Blvd Subdivision: Cove S Bch Cndo P1, Address: 13 Cove Rd

Listing Date: 8/10/2018 Listing Date: 8/30/2018
Original Price: $295,000 Original Price: $335,000
Recent Price: $295,000 Recent Price: $335,000
Sold: 12/4/2018 Sold: 11/30/2018
Selling Price: $290,000 Selling Price: $305,000
Listing Agent: David Settgast Listing Agent: Laura Downey

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Carolyn Smith & Bridget Sentz Joan Shepherd

RE/MAX Elite Prominent Properties of FL,LLC

JUST LISTED IN THE CLOISTERS! Subdivision: Indialantic Sec D, Address: 221 Orlando Blvd Listing Date: 5/17/2018
Original Price: $575,000
Sold: 11/30/2018
BUYING OR SELLING Selling Price: $500,000
WE’LL GET YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO GO. Listing Agent: DeWayne Carpenter & Kirk Kessel

10320 & 10330 S TROPICAL TRAIL • MERRITT ISLAND, FL 32952 Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc

JUST LISTED! BEING OFFERED AT $1,050,000 Elliott Grozan
Curri Kirschner R. E. Grp. LLC
FROM FRONT & BACK OF YOUR HOME! Subdivision: S Patrick Shores 5S, Address: 190 Eden Ave
RIVER-TO-RIVER • 1.67 ACRES • 2 PARCELS COMBINED Listing Date: 8/30/2018
125 FT ON INDIAN RIVER • 95FT ON BANANA RIVER Original Price: $274,900
Recent Price: $254,900
OUR CK PROMISE TO YOU... Sold: 11/30/2018
Selling Price: $255,000

David Curri Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise

Broker/Owner Steve Brandon

[email protected] RE/MAX Aerospace Realty

321.890.9911 Subdivision: S Patrick Shores 3S, Address: 240 NE 1st Ct NE

Get Your Home Value Today, Visit: Listing Date: 10/2/2018
Original Price: $279,000
Recent Price: $279,000
Sold: 11/30/2018
Selling Price: $275,000
Listing Agent: David Settgast

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Donna Marie Thompson

RE/MAX Aerospace Realty





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