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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2017-02-23 15:06:40

02/23/2017 ISSUE 08


The reel deal! P3 EcoSchool opening. P6 Wicked cool wheels

Fly-fishing film festival hits New K-8 venture taking root at Vintage vehicles rev up Satellite
Melbourne this weekend. urban ‘farm’ in Eau Gallie. Beach car show. PAGE 11


Clear sailing as Sudden void as
Yacht Club offers county manager
slate of activities takes college post

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER “The state of sailing has got 420 collegiate 14- and 16-foot, intermediate sailing, and we STORY BY BILL SOKOLIC STAFF WRITER
[email protected] and ebb and a flow,” he says. two-person boats. Instead of sail every weekend,” he said. [email protected]
“Here at our club we’ve in- just teaching little kids in small
Many Space Coast residents creased our sailing education dinghies, now all the sudden Melbourne Yacht Club mem- Brevard County Manager
may not realize the Indian program by picking up small we have adult sailing, we have bers are eager to share their ex- Stockton Whitten is stepping
River Lagoon is a premier sail- down April 30 after exactly
ing location, with a full slate CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 three years running the coun-
of clubs, classes and regattas. ty to take a position at Eastern
Florida State College. It was a
Sailing has always been a short tenure, and he is taking
feature of the area, and now a $38,000 pay cut at his new
there new opportunities for job, but Whitten says he is not
those who want to get out on leaving under duress or be-
the water in a sailboat. Kids cause he is dissatisfied.
and adults can ride aboard
larger boats as spectators or “I have the utmost respect
crew or to learn how to sail for the county commissioners,
smaller vessels. both present and past, and
believe that our county em-
Eric Stord, commodore of ployees are some of the most
Melbourne Yacht Club, grew dedicated and resourceful
up on the Great Lakes and employees you will find any-
has been sailing since age 10. where. They have been great
He has been associated with

Mayor survives SpaceX Falcon 9 SpaceX marks the spot: Rocket
bid for his ouster launch has enthusiasts soaring
at rocky meeting rocket take-off.


[email protected] [email protected] glimpse of the take-off of a
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and
The Feb. 15 Melbourne Brevard County is the epi- subsequent booster landing
Beach Town Commission center of space flight in the at its ground-based landing
meeting was tumultuous, as U.S., if not the world, and this zone.
Commissioner Steve Walters weekend was an example of
tried to oust Mayor Jim Sim- the excitement and energy Among the spectators who
mons, saying that Simmons that surrounds that role, as flocked to Jetty Park at Port
had verbally resigned in De- people came to the coast

ADVERTISING: 772-559-4187 | CIRCULATION: 772-226-7925 We’ll drink to that!

NEWS 1-8 FAITH 22 PEOPLE 9-12 Walking Tree Men’s Choir
ARTS 12-16 GAMES 23-25 PETS 33 fills a niche with repertoire
BOOKS 21 HEALTH 27-30 REAL ESTATE 35-40 of sea shanties. PAGE 15


2 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


SPACEX ROCKET tional Space Station was scrubbed at
the last moment.
SpaceX founder Elon Musk cancelled
Canaveral on Saturday to try to wit- the flight because of a slight irregularity
ness the event was George Worthing- in the movement of a piston involved in
ton, who said he drove all the way steering the upper stage of the rocket.”
from South Carolina.
But the disappointment was erased
“I was here for the first one in No- on Sunday morning, as cloud cover
vember, a little over a year ago, and held off just enough for a liftoff to take
I’ve been following SpaceX since they place. Once aloft, the SpaceX Dragon
were blowing up Falcon 1’s years ago,” aircraft deployed its solar arrays and
Worthington said. “I’m a big believer sped toward the Space Station while the
in reusable launch and reducing the rocket returned to earth, firing retro en-
cost of space flight.” gines and landing safely.

SpaceX has pioneered reusing its “Baby came back,” Musk tweeted.
booster rockets, bringing them back Added excitement attended the
safe to earth after they hurl their pay- launch because the SpaceX rocket
loads into space. was the first to launch from Kennedy
Space Center’s pad 39A since the end
“Neither of us have seen a landing of Space Shuttle era six years ago. Pad
before and Jetty Park is pretty much 39A is a historic site from which men
as close as you can get to LZ1 without were launched to the moon during
being an employee,” said Ted Spero of the Apollo program.
Orlando, referring to himself and Bill “I think more than anything, it is a thrill
Sherman, also of Orlando. “We’re going to see 39A used again,” Sherman said.
to love to see the launch, but I can’t wait “39A – it’s the pad that took man to the
to see the landing.” moon, so it’s a big deal,” Spero added. 

“I want to see it land, I guess – that’s
kinda the neat thing.” said Todd Hep-
fner of Wisconsin. “I want to see the
rocket come back.”

There was disappointment when the
Saturday morning launch of a Falcon 9
carrying more than 5,000 pounds of
food and other supplies to the Interna-


VERO BEACH 32963 Media LLC STORY BY CHRIS BONANNO STAFF WRITER “We have been selling fly fishing tackle
PRESIDENT AND PUBLISHER: MILTON R. BENJAMIN [email protected] for over 20 years so it just makes sense to
support it in Melbourne.”
772-559-4187, [email protected] On any given afternoon, fly fishing
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: DAN ALEXANDER fans stand atop the jetty of the north side The Fly Fishing Film Tour, which has
of Sebastian Inlet seeking the hard strike been in operation for 11 years, gets hun-
772-539-2700, [email protected] of a game fish. And for good reason. The dreds of videos submitted from around
MANAGING EDITOR: STEVEN M. THOMAS Inlet, and most of Brevard County, of- the country. Organizers narrow the slate
772-453-1196, [email protected] fers some of the best fishing in the state. down to a handful that are screened.
So it’s long overdue that the annual na-
To learn about the cost-effective advertising rates being offered in tionwide film festival known as the Fly In addition to more than 150 screen-
The Melbourne Beachsider, please contact our advertising Fishing Film Tour makes its debut stop ings across the U.S., the tour will stop
representatives listed below: in the county on Feb. 26 at the Premiere in Canada, Belize, the U.K. and South
DIRECTOR OF ADVERTISING: JUDY DAVIS Theaters Oaks 10 in Melbourne. Africa. This year’s lineup of films fea-
772-633-1115, [email protected] tures scenes of fly fishing from Idaho,
ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES The tour comes courtesy of Mel- Mexico, Florida, Kamchatka, Alaska
bourne’s Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop and Montana.
WILL GARDNER, 407-361-2150, [email protected] and Anglers for Conservation, a Satel-
KATHLEEN MACGLENNON, 772-633-0753, [email protected] lite Beach-based 501c3 nonprofit with According to the organization’s web-
a “mission to inspire new generations site, in addition to showcasing world-
To talk about stories, or invite us to cover social and charitable events, of marine stewards through educa- class fly fishing films, the event is dedi-
call 772-453-1196 or email us at [email protected]. tion, conservation and community cated to supporting the local fly shops
outreach.” and conservation groups that form the
backbone of the sport’s educational and
The program will feature seven films environmental efforts. A portion of the
with a total running time of two hours, ticket sales go directly to support fish-
split in two halves, with a dinner after- ing and habitat-related conservation
wards at Hemingway’s Tavern next door groups. In 2015, the organization raised
to the theater. over $300,000 for these groups.

“As of last year the closest tour stop “All funds raised from the local screen-
was in Orlando which most of Brevard ing support Anglers for Conservation
County residents just couldn’t make,” programs such as Hook Kids on Fishing,
said Richard Goode, who owns the store. Advanced Teen Anglers Camp, Angler

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 3


Awareness, community clean-ups and River Lagoon, the inlet in Port Canaveral and groupers, as well as some freshwa- with an intermission at 5:30, a second
multiple other community outreach on the north end of the Banana River, ter fish like largemouth bass. set of films at 6 p.m. The evening ends
programs,” said Mike Conneen, execu- the Mosquito Lagoon up north – where with dinner at 7 p.m. at Hemingway’s
tive director of Anglers for Conservation. anglers can snag snook, redfish, tarpon, The Fly Fishing Film Tour screens Tavern next door to Oaks 10.
flounder, sea trout, black drum, pom- Feb. 26 at the Premiere Theaters Oaks
Brevard is loaded with good fly-fishing pano, sheep head, a variety of snappers 10, 1800 W. Hibiscus Blvd., Melbourne. For tickets ($35) or more info: http://fly-
spots – the Sebastian Inlet by the Indian Doors open at 4 p.m., films start at 4:30 

4 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Whether you are Democrat or Republican, there’s no denying there’s something about the presidency that pulls people in, and thousands turned out at the
Melbourne Airport on Saturday afternoon to see President Donald Trump, many to cheer him, a much smaller number to protest his policies and presence.

MELBOURNE BEACH TOWN MEETING and they work, they learn, they get ac- Simmons denied berating town “I get a lot of feedback and none of
climated and then they’re gone. Three’s staff or fellow commissioners, and it positive about shutting down early,”
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 enough, folks. He’s the day-to-day super- town resident Fran Webber offered Simmons said.
visor. They should be loving this place.” praise for his work.
cember and should stick to what he Walters disagreed, citing town po-
said at that time. When reached for comment after the “I just think that the election of Jim lice chief Dan Duncan.
meeting, Peirce said she left because Simmons for mayor should stand. It
Simmons acknowledged that he had she had “received a better offer” and shouldn’t be somebody else making “The police chief is the person that is
planned to resign and told the town that she was “moving out of the area.” the decision. I have known Jim now paid to protect us. He’s a trained officer ...
clerk of his intention, but said he nev- for quite a few years and I am always and he says that it’s much better to end
er did so in a formal way, changing his Following Walters’ objection, Town impressed. Unlike a lot of the commis- Founder’s Day, even though it may dis-
mind after speaking to residents and Attorney Cliff Repperger Jr. said that sioners, he turns up at every event,” appoint some people, to cut off the alco-
his family. since Simmons verbally apprised the Webber said. hol and end Founder’s Day at 8 o’clock,
clerk of his intentions but did not send rather than let it carry on until 10 where
“What it was, I intended to resign ... a formal resignation letter, his actions And there was at least one man who they continue to drink and they contin-
[but people I spoke to] said ‘you have did not “constitute a resignation in any said he didn’t approve of the entire ue to get rowdy,” Walters said.
an obligation to the residents who way, shape or form at all.” spectacle.
elected you with 79 percent of the vote After some contentious delibera-
to complete your term,’” Simmons That settled the matter on an official “I think tonight is a dark chapter tion, the commission compromised,
said at the Wednesday night meeting, level, but residents who attended the in the town’s history,” said John Tan- deciding the festivities will continue
noting afterwards that he intends to meeting also weighed in, with some ac- ner. “Tonight’s actions were distress- until 10 p.m. this year, with alcohol
run for re-election later this year. cusing Simmons of rough behavior at ing on many fronts. I’m ashamed for sales ending at 8:30 p.m.
times. the people that have volunteered their
Walters objected to Simmons stay- time and are sitting up at this table. I In other business, the commission
ing on as mayor after Town Clerk “I’ve served with him for three years think that you’re all better than that. decided more research is needed to
Gwen Peirce resigned. Walters said and it was a battle,” said former com- I think if there’s any ambiguity in the determine whether “Sands on the
three clerks have resigned since Sim- missioner Gail Gowdy. “It was always language of our charter relative to res- Beach,” a bar located at 1005 Atlantic
mons has been mayor and blamed us trying to control him and Jim try- ignations and political renderings on Avenue, should be allowed to become
Simmons for driving them away. ing to control the town . . . I was dis- resignation then it behooves all those a bed and breakfast.
heartened as far as running at the last in positions of responsibility to clean
“I’m tired of having to replace good election but I’m just really glad I didn’t that language up so that we don’t have Sands owner Djon Pepaj, who also
people because he harasses them,” said win because I didn’t want to serve any- these ongoing hand grenades going owns Djon’s Steak and Lobster House,
Walters. “Three town clerks – we get more with Jim. That’s how I felt.” back and forth.” was present at the meeting. He called
them in here, we pay them a big salary his proposal a “win-win” for the town
Simmons said after the meeting that and his business.
he hoped “at some point that we can
rise above the personal likes or dislikes Simmons was hopeful Pepaj’s pro-
and personalities to focus on the needs posal would be approved.
of the town.” He added that the situa-
tion between him and Walters “makes “I think bed and breakfasts are
it difficult to work productively when much less impactful to a residential
there’s such a level of emotion.” community than a bar and restaurant,
so, ultimately, if we can get a bed and
The two men clashed again over breakfast within the code, I think it’s a
several issues as the three-hour meet- benefit to the town,” he said.
ing progressed.
Walters expressed reservations
Among the items discussed was ex- about the plan. “Ultimately, what I’m
tending the hours of the town’s annual concerned about is that if we allow
Founder’s Day celebration, held in Dijon’s or Sands on the Beach to make
Ryckman Park in early May each year. that into a bed and breakfast, then it’s
in a commercial area and then we’re
The celebration previously ended at 8 going to have to open it up to any-
p.m. but a number of people spoke in fa- body else.”
vor of letting it run later into the evening.
The next regularly scheduled com-
mission meeting is set for March 15. 

6 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


K-8 EcoSchool taking root on urban ‘farm’ in Eau Gallie

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER Ayana and John Verdi with their children Annabella and Giovanni. PHOTO: GEORGE WHITE Once they arrived, a new idea, a way
[email protected] to teach with methods like they had
kids to learn by being in a room in a seen in New Zealand, started forming
A new school is opening next week building all day. They want their kids with the couple.
in the Eau Gallie. Really new. to learn by being part of a community.
If somebody doesn’t know at all what “I feel like our educational system
A community-based educational we are doing, we say we are an urban has become stuck on standardization
enterprise using local venues rather a farm school that uses agriculture and as the gold standard for education,”
schoolhouse building, the Verdi Eco- the environment as a bridge to tradi- Ayana says. “What we’ve learned is
School is centered on an urban “farm” tional academics.” there are outliers; there are kids who
at 1482 Pineapple Ave., adjacent to are not going to do well in a standard-
Eau Gallie Square and the Foosaner The innovative school is the brain- ized system. What is the best way to
Art Museum, and just a block from the child of Ayana her husband John Verdi, learn? How do we learn as human be-
ecological masterwork of the Indian who started out seeking a better way to ings? Every bit of research shows we
River Lagoon. educate their own children – Giovanni, learn by doing. We learn by actually
6, and Annabella, 2. touching things and tasting things,
There, the seeds of a new kind of not by sitting somewhere and having
K-8 education are taking root, with Originally from New York City, the someone talk about it.
tendrils extending to locations and couple lived in New Zealand while
opportunities spread throughout all Ayana studied to be a veterinarian. “I started to think that maybe there
of Melbourne’s historic Eau Gallie Arts When an illness cut that dream short is something we can do. We can cre-
District. and the family returned to the U.S., ate these authentic experiences for
education for their kids became more kids to learn. It was initially my inten-
School starts on Monday, Feb. 27 of a challenge than they expected. tion just to create an experience for
and some 20 students have enrolled my children that was authentic, that
with families paying an annual tuition “My son’s first experience in edu- allowed them to use their strengths
of $8,500 per child. cation was in New Zealand and their to learn. It just so happened that my
philosophy on education is very dif- son is a natural farmer, and we started
“It’s a full day-school program,” says ferent than ours,” says Ayana. “It’s very doing a lot of research into gardening
co-founder Ayana Verdi of Melbourne. experiential and project-based and and farming as a way to present other
“We are a viable option and especially as much as the kids can be outdoors, seeming unconnected subjects like
attractive to home-school parents be- they are outdoors.” math and history and science.”
cause they want their children to learn
authentically. They don’t want their They first tried living in New Jersey According to its website: “Eco-
and later Miami, but were unsatisfied School educates children for an entre-
with the educational choices. preneurial future through an immer-
sive, hands-on learning environment
“We were looking for a home- steeped in nature, sustainability, sci-
school community in Florida that ence and the arts. Our student led phi-
was very active, very supportive and losophy will inspire and empower the
we wanted to be close to a tech com- next generation of innovative thinkers
munity. So everything pointed to Bre- and creative leaders.
vard County and we moved here in
February 2016.” “Daily meditation and physical
education are the foundation of our
program. Lessons in science, entre-
preneurship and sustainability will
take place on our garden/ farm. Spe-
cialized classes in music and cooking
will impart mathematical concepts
utilizing innovative research-based
methods. Coding, engineering and
the visual arts will offer students tan-
gible, sensory-focused experiences
developed to deepen their learning.”

The couple has hired teachers and
an open house presenting the school’s
approach was well attended Jan. 14,
with parents of prospective students
from all age groups led around the
farm’s brick walkways and then to the
community locations, ending with a
presentation at the Rossetter House

Students signed up and on Monday
they will begin their hands-on educa-
tional adventure.

“The bones were here, we just need-
ed to get into the dirt,” Ayana says.

For more information, visit the Web
site 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 7


Satellite Beach earns SolSmart badge of honor

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER SolSmart aims to designate 300 com- John Fergus and John Stone. PHOTO: GEORGE WHITE home is sustainability board co-found-
[email protected] munities during the three-year, federal- er Josh Pause.
ly-funded program. The city charges minimum permit-
With 17 residents already generating ting fees ($74) for the installation of Last year he installed a 30-panel pho-
electricity using solar panels hooked According to the SolSmart website, to photovoltaic solar panels, and has en- tovoltaic array with two inverters on
to the grid, Satellite Beach has been achieve designation, cities and counties acted regulations to allow installations his Pineapple Street house with about
recognized as a national leader for en- had to take steps to reduce solar “soft only by experienced contractors ap- $21,400 from loan programs requiring
couraging solar market growth. costs,” which are non-hardware costs proved by the City Council. no money down. Since then his electric
that can increase the time and money bill went from an average $150 to just a
The SolSmart program, funded by it takes to install a solar energy system. “We’ve been interested in putting $9 accounting fee.
the U.S. Department of Energy Sun- Examples of soft costs include plan- solar panels on our city buildings for
Shot Initiative, has recognized 22 ning and zoning; permitting; financing; years with the objective of generating The savings over time, which come
communities across the country for customer acquisition; and installation enough electricity to achieve a zero in part from electricity channeled back
making it faster, easier and cheaper labor. Soft costs now represent roughly electric bill,’’ Stone said. into the grid, offset the loan payment
to go solar. Satellite Beach was the two-thirds of the total price of an in- over a period of about six years, he said.
only city in Florida named by the or- stalled residential system, compared Nearly achieving that goal at his Other benefits include an increase in
ganization. to one-third for the hardware. Reduc- property value and home equity, he
ing soft costs leads to savings that are said.
A SolSmart designation shows a passed on to consumers.
community is “open for solar busi- He has a web-based program that
ness,” helping to attract solar industry Satellite Beach participated in a shows exactly how much electricity his
investment and generate economic lengthy application process showing a array creates and how much it reduces
development and local jobs. long history of being environmentally his carbon footprint.
conscious and citing new city action to
“The communities receiving streamline the permitting process for “The bottom line is it’s now cheaper
SolSmart designations are now well solar, said building official John Stone. to have solar than it is to not have it.
positioned to attract new solar busi- The goal is to not have an electric bill.
nesses and take advantage of the dra- “It’s a theme throughout Satellite It’s all about the money when you show
matic job growth we’ve seen in the Beach,’’ he said. somebody an electric bill that is basi-
industry,” said Andrea Luecke, presi- cally zero, but there are important envi-
dent and executive director at The So- The city’s SolSmart application not- ronmental benefits as well,’’ Pause said.
lar Foundation. “We hope many more ed Satellite Beach has established a
cities and counties will be encouraged Sustainability Board and put in place When SunShot was launched in
to join SolSmart and help even more a quick-turnaround permitting review 2011, it set a goal for solar energy to
homes and businesses go solar.” process for solar projects. be cost-competitive with traditional
forms of electricity by 2020 without
subsidies, and trends are moving in
that direction.

Besides being the only Florida city
named in the first group of 22 munici-
palities, Satellite Beach was one of only
14 cities nationwide achieving the Gold

Other Gold cities included Austin;
Boulder, Colo.; Columbia, Mo., Fre-
mont, Calif., Fort Collins, Colo.; Glad-
stone, Mo.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; Min-
neapolis; San Carolos, Calif.; Santa
Monica, Calif.; and Santa Rosa, Calif.

SolSmart Bronze cities included Bur-
lington, Vt.; Claremont, Calif.; Denver;
Philadelphia; Redwood City, Calif; Saint
Paul, Minn; and Somerville, Mass. 

10 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Vicki and Maria Rivera. PHOTOS: GORDON RADNOR Denny Lui-Wu and Stephan Carrato.

Roma Katwamdu, Sona Patil, and Priyal Sheta. Michael Parkinson and Lydia Widjaja. Tareq and Ahmed Alkilauy.

All-world food and arts at FIT’s International fest

STORY BY KAT REDNER Correspondent “FIT is such an integrative commu- across the globe. I love how much courses and games that filled the
[email protected]. nity,” said Siquing Wang, a chemistry pride the students take in their home space on the back side of the outdoor
and STEM education student. “The countries,” said Gary Hamme, vice Panthereum stage. Children were
Live music filled the air and students come from all different president of Enrollment Manage- urged to participate in a travel-based
pumped up visitors at the 11th an- countries and I think it’s important ment. scavenger hunt that encouraged them
nual International Festival at Florida for the students to know about all of to learn about each of the exhibits. A
Institute of Technology’s Melbourne the different cultures.” “It’s our 11th annual and it’s got- visit to an exhibit earned a sticker for
campus, where colorful flags of vari- ten much larger than from when we their passport booklets and, after fill-
ous countries lined the sidewalk. The It was a beautiful sight to see as rep- started,” said Judith Brooke, director ing their passports, they won a prize
flags enhanced a beautiful entry and resentatives from nations all around of International Student and Scholar- box of candies and goodies to enjoy.
guided people to the numerous cul- the world filled the campus, working ship Services. “It’s a really important
tural displays featuring foods, arts in harmony to proudly inform at- event because it introduces the diver- Many Florida Tech students volun-
and culture, traditional apparel, mu- tendees about their home countries. sity of the university to the commu- teered at the event; promoting a wel-
sic and religion. nity and promotes inclusion which is coming and informative atmosphere
“There’s the nicest people from all a major part of Florida Tech.” where all could share their cultural
In the Panther Plaza courtyard,
vendors sold ethnic foods from coun- “Global perspective; it’s important
tries all across the globe, ranging to remind us that we live in a global
from Caribbean jerk chicken and village,” said Robert Salonen, direc-
pork to India’s version of a smoothie, tor of Global Business Development.
the mango lassi. To encourage them “Sometimes you don’t even know
to try the various ethnic cuisines, that the person teaching or learning
Florida Tech students were offered next to you is from a different back-
free samples. ground and that’s so important, es-
pecially coming from such a diverse
“The different varieties of food campus.”
and the atmosphere of the event is
just amazing,” said Bindi Nagda, an At the end of the day, attendees
Aerospace engineering student from came away realizing that no matter
Kisumu, Kenya, as he tasted the In- where people are from, our differ-
dian cuisine. ences and cultural diversity together
make us who we are, and that people
There were also plenty of activities from all across the world can live and
to keep children busy, including the work together in harmony. 
bounce houses, inflatable obstacle

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 11


Vintage vehicles rev up Satellite Beach car show




Cover: Mary Anne Westphal and Ken Lowman.
1. Arlene and Joe Naulty. 2. Henriette Guay and Ed
McGowen. 3. Kimmie Stone-Caputo and Bradley
Stone. 4. Andrew and Nathan Dektor. 5. Master
Sgt. Tommy Cowan, Rene Mutinellimurray and
Senior Airman Brandon Cowan. 6. Dustin and
Natalie Kicinski. 7. Charles, Carla and Robert Schell.



Satellite Beach Lions Club drew
a crowd of auto aficionados to its
fifth annual Car Show Feb. 12, held
in the parking lot of the DRS (Dave
R. Schechter) Community Center
6 in Satellite Beach. Attendees en-
joyed wandering around and get-
ting a glimpse of the wonderfully
colorful stunners; a great mix of
classic, collectable and vintage
vehicles, hot rods, roadsters and
racers, all beautifully buffed and
blazing brightly in the Florida sun-
shine. Proceeds from the event will
benefit local charities. Next up, the
club will host a Winter Gala to ben-
efit the American Cancer Society’s
Relay for Life fundrasier, from 7
p.m. to 11 p.m., Feb. 24, at the Sat-
ellite Beach Civic Center. 

‘Lady Day’:
A beautiful and
haunting Holiday

14 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


‘Lady Day’: A beautiful and haunting Holiday

STORY BY MICHELLE GENZ STAFF WRITER which she does with relish on stage, is a sense that Holiday’s band is back- Harbaugh didn’t have to go far
[email protected] but heroin too. She shoots up during ing up more than just her singing. The to find her Billie. Kristen War-
an off-stage break, returning with young trio includes brothers Ashton ren is a former student of Har-
Melbourne’s New Haven Avenue was one white-satin sleeve still pushed up and Ethan Bailey-Gould (Ashton is a baugh’s when she ran the Junior
a madhouse last Friday, in full Friday over her arm; a band member steps student at Eastern Florida State Col- Theater Workshop for the Satel-
Fest mode like a major urban center. up to roll it back into place. lege and Ethan is at Melbourne High). lite Beach Recreation Depart-
Steps away, though, in the intimacy They are anchored by 23-year-old jazz ment. Warren, whose father
of the black box space upstairs at the Such tender detail colors what is es- pianist Jarred Armstrong, a native of was the public information of-
Henegar Center, the dark urbanity of sentially a one-woman show. Yet there St. Petersburg now living in Daytona; ficer for Patrick Air Force Base,
another era played out. equally talented on the alto sax, Arm- was around 10 at the time.
strong is a student at Bethune-Cook-
The bruising but beautiful slice of man University. Two years ago, Warren played
life of the great jazz singer Billie Holi- Joanne in the Cocoa Village
day that plays out in “Lady Day at the “Lady Day” was written in 1986 by Playhouse production of “Rent,”
Emerson Bar and Grille” is almost too Lanie Robertson. It didn’t make it to and “nearly stole the show,” re-
sad to sit back and enjoy. Kristen War- Broadway until 2014, when it starred calls Harbaugh. Before she was
ren leaves you guilt-ridden for grinning Audra McDonald. She won a Tony for cast in this play, Harbaugh and
at her irreverent, seductive and thor- her role and reprised the role in 2016 for Rion asked her to perform at an
oughly broken portrayal of Holiday. a taping that was broadcast on HBO. open-mic night at Heidi’s, the fa-
mous jazz club in Cocoa Beach.
The remarkable production, cast The Henegar set is a reincarnation “We of course loved her,” says
with local talent, is a fictional recre- of a banged-up south Philly night- Harbaugh. “But we still needed
ation of one of the great jazz singer’s club in 1959. The evening plays out to know if she could land the
last performances. Directed by Pam just months before Billie’s death at 44 emotional weight of this show.”
Harbaugh, the former culture col- of cirrhosis of the liver. Robertson in- At a formal Henegar audition,
umnist for Florida Today, with music corporates biographical detail of the Warren did a monologue, “and yeah,
direction by Jordan Evans, to whom seminal jazz singer in between per- oh yeah!” says Harbaugh.
Harbaugh gives great credit, the play formances of some of her most famous It was not only Warren’s finely-
takes place in a bar where Holiday songs, from “What a Little Moonlight tuned acting and gorgeous vocals
was once a regular; now, she appears Can Do” and “Crazy He Calls Me” to that made her a stand out in “Lady
with a different piano player and a the grisly “Strange Fruit” -- that last Day”; her stamina never faltered
heavier habit. And not only drinking, being just one of many powerful refer- over the course of an hour-and-half
ences to a too-routine racism Holiday show. She never dropped a line, ac-
managed to endure. cording to Harbaugh, even though
her character has all but a half-doz-
Not for an instant does Warren let en in the show.
go of her Billie, even as she slides “She has that stuff down cold,”
into near-incoherence, the higher said Harbaugh. “I threw the gauntlet
she gets and the perilously candid at her feet and she picked it up and
her story-telling becomes. Warren’s ran with it.”
alternately sassy and sweetly vul- It was Warren who suggested
nerable voice, down to the trailing Jarred Armstrong play Jimmy, the
warble of each familiar line, closely pianist. Warren and Armstrong have
resembles Holiday’s; Warren sings performed together at Dr. Phillips
with various jazz groups around Center in Orlando. His elegant pres-
Melbourne and Orlando and is fo- ence, despite a wrenching despera-
cusing on recording, she says. tion as Billie began confusing him
with an old lover, would turn into
Invited by Henegar artistic direc- the singer’s sole means of emotional
tor Hank Rion to stage “Lady Day,” support by the end of the show. His
few speaking lines, delivered with
just enough hesitancy, were as cover
to Billie’s sudden exit, when she goes
for her fix of “hair-on,” as the play-
wright noted in the script.
Through it all, Warren’s Billie
keeps her wry sense of humor. “It
was crucial for her to not feel sorry
for herself,” Harbaugh says. “When a
character does that, it doesn’t leave
any room for the audience to feel it.”
The audience felt it, I can testify.
It ached to applaud such misery. But
oh, the spectacular jazz.
At press time, even an added show
Sunday night had sold out. We can
only hope this “Lady Day” finds its
way to a stage again soon. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 15


Walking Tree’s sea shanty singers? We’ll drink to that!

in such a short time. “As the guys get today.
to know the songs, they’re more com- Shanties are work songs that were
fortable. That’s when you start to have
a lot of fun when you’re looking at each used to coordinate sailor’s rhythms
other and not the piece of paper.” as they hauled in lines and did other
tasks when men and wind were the
Perhaps more surprising is the fact only sources of power on ships.
that sea shanties haven’t been a big-
ger part of the local music scene in From the 1500’s through the late
the past. After all, Indian River Coun- 1800’s, the shanties were a very big
ty is home to Sebastian, one of the few motivator. The songs helped alleviate
remaining fishing villages in Florida boredom and create a sense of unity on


Sea Shanty Men’s Choir (L-R) Alan Dritenbas, Charlie Quesenberry, Mike Malone and Rick Norry.


to follow through,” says Malone. COLLECTION OF AMERICAN-MADE ART AND JEWELRY
Two men walk into a bar – no, this
isn’t the lead-in to a joke. It’s the story Malone had talked to Kilted Mermaid THEL AUGHINGDOGGALLERY.COM 2910 CARDINAL DR.
of how the Walking Tree Men’s Choir co-owner Rick Norry about creating VERO BEACH, FL
came to be, when Charlie Quesen- a sea shanty choir in the past. “When 7 72 . 2 3 4 . 6711
berry and Mike Malone walked into a Mike was ready to do it, I thought it
downtown Vero bar. sounded like something I wanted to
get involved with. It’s great traditional
Quesenberry was enjoying a flight of drinking music,” adds Norry.
beer during the Kilted Mermaid Beer
School last summer when, between True to his word, they held their first
discussions about the different beers sea shanty sing-along at the Walking
being sampled, he overheard a con- Tree Brewery about three months ago,
versation at the other end of the table and the group of men who show up to
that perked up more than the foam on belt out a tune has more than doubled
his beer. in size since that first gathering.

It was something about sea shanties. There’s a core group of six to eight
Given the setting, it wasn’t much of repeat singers with new men showing
a surprise for the discussion to have up each month. No prior experience
turned to the rather arcane subject of is necessary. They only ask that par-
maritime work songs. They were, af- ticipants listen to some of the shanties
ter all, sitting in a neighborhood bar ahead of time to familiarize them-
where kilts and mermaids are com- selves with the words.
monplace, and an eclectic mix of mu-
sic is served up on a daily basis. “Don’t worry, we pass out song
“I almost dropped my glass when I sheets, so they don’t have to know
heard a fellow at the other end of the what the lyrics are until they sit
table say, ‘I just love sea shanties,’ ” re- down with them and sing along,” ex-
calls Quesenberry. “I said, excuse me, plains Norry.
I don’t mean to interrupt your conver-
sation but did you just say what I think “It’s fun. It’s a good outlet for folks,”
you said?” says Quesenberry. “Every other beer is
The man at the other end of the table free, and after about an hour the voices
was Malone, then working on opening get a little louder. It takes a lot of guts
the Walking Tree Brewery near the air- to put yourself out there. But there’s no
port. And yes, he does love sea shan- wrong or right way; we’re here to enjoy
ties. “We got to talking, and Mike said the experience.”
he would like to get a group of guys
together once his brewery was open.” Norry and Quesenberry bring with
In addition to drinking and singing, them a musical background. Norry
Malone also likes playing rugby. It was performs Irish drinking songs and Irish
the camaraderie of post-game rugby punk with a band called Rowan’s Reb-
socials that first attracted Malone to els; Quesenberry is part of the Kindred
these group sing-alongs. “After a game, Kilts, a trio that plays Celtic and mari-
the guys would get together and sing. time music. Quesenberry’s group, the
It was a really good time. I’ve talked Kindred Kilts have played at the Bre-
about putting together a sea shanty vard Renaissance Fair among other lo-
choir for years. When we had the brew- cal venues and will be one of the groups
performing at the Cocoa Beach Sea-
food and Music Festival this weekend.

Malone’s partner in Walking Tree,
Alan Dritenbas, has been impressed
by how much the men have improved

16 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


long journeys.
A shantyman would sing out a line,

Coming Up: A stellar ‘Planets’ concertand the chorus of sailors would call
back a response. The rhythm of the

song helped to synchronize the sail-

or’s movements as they performed STORY BY SAMANTHA BAITA STAFF WRITER the orchestra supported by HD images cakewalks, gospel and ragtime. Cur-
repetitive tasks. [email protected] from NASA’s latest exploration of the tain is at 8 p.m., with 2 p.m. matinees

While there is some debate over 1 Back by popular demand, the solar system, including stunning im- Saturday and Sunday. “Ragtime” runs
the origin of sea shanties, the use of Space Coast Symphony Orchestra ages from the Mars Rovers and past through March 19.

chants to coordinate work efforts has will present a stunning new approach probe missions Magellan, Voyager and

been chronicled over the ages. One of to Gustav Holst’s cosmic masterpiece, Galileo projected on the big screen. 3 Don McLean, one of America’s
the earliest mentions in literature was “The Planets,” this Sunday at the Vero “The multi-media performance blew greatest singer-songwriters, the

made in G. E. Clark’s “Seven Years of a Beach High School Performing Arts the audience away last time and after guy who wrote “American Pie (and who

Sailor’s Life,” published in 1867. Center. And what entity could possibly three years and dozens of requests, among us can’t sing along to that one?),

Shanties varied based on the type be better to work with for such an en- we just had to do it again. The footage will be in Cocoa Beach this Friday to

of work that needed to be done on deavor than the National Aeronautical from NASA for this concert is nothing headline the Cocoa Beach Seafood and

ships and was also used for rowing, and Space Administration itself, which short of stunning,” Collins raves. The Music Festival. McLean plans to per-

fire stoking, corn shucking and much is exactly what conductor Aaron Col- concert begins at 7 p.m. form some of his 40-plus gold and plat-

more. lins did for the Orchestra’s amazing inum hits, including “Vincent (Starry,

“Those guys were out on ships for multi-media production, “The Planets: Starry Night,)” “and I Love You So”

many, many months,” says Dritenbas. An HD Odyssey.” and a lot more. Saturday bands: Dirty

“Our biggest worry is which songs to Says Collins, “NASA was kind Heads and Ballyhoo! Sunday band:

sing and whether or not to bring our enough to provide a gigantic catalog of The Original Wailers. Among Festi-

own pewter mug.” imagery and film. We are so fortunate val things to do are an arts and crafts

The men gather the first Monday of to have the Space Program in our com- show, a cornhole tournament (who

the month at 6 p.m., and the singing munity and are thrilled to highlight it knew how hot this hilarious beanbag

begins at 7 p.m. with these incredible concerts.” The game was going to be), a beer and wine

All are welcome to sing along or just concert opens with the Southeast U.S. garden (which will also offer cocktails),

enjoy the performance. Don’t be sur- premiere of work by Bruce Babcock, kids’ activities, and (the ever popular)

prised if you can’t help joining in; the “Event Horizon”; guitarist and com- much more. But the star of the week-

songs are contagious. poser D.J. Sparr will perform composer ‘Ragtime the Musical.’ end will be, of course, the seafood. As

Kenneth Fuchs’ “Glacier.” The audi- the festival com-

For more information, visit the Walk- ence will next experience the multi- 2 In its 50th season, mittee likes to say,
the Titusville Play- “Seafood – and eat
ing Tree Men’s Choir on Facebook.  media presentation of “The Planets,” Travis Tritt.

house, a nonprofit com- it!” And you’ll have

Played D&isplayed munity theater, presents a ton of choices,
“Ragtime, the Musical,” with local and
opening this Friday on out-of-state ven-
the main stage. “Ragtime” dors, all knocking
opened on Broadway in themselves out to
1998, and takes place in create dishes you
the United States of the won’t be able to

early 20th century. It tells resist. Gates open

the story of three groups: at 11 a.m. on Fri-

African-Americans, white day, and at 10 a.m.

The “Rolls-Royce” of Pianos upper-class suburbanites, and East- on Saturday and Sunday.
ern European immigrants. Historical

figures include Harry Houdini, Evelyn 4 Grammy and CMA award-win-
Nesbit, Booker T. Washington, J. P. ning country singer Travis Tritt

Bösendorfer Rebuilt Steinways Morgan, Henry Ford, Stanford White, will perform at the King Center in Mel-
GLriamnidteBd oEhdeitmioinan Harry Kendall Thaw, Admiral Peary, bourne Sunday at 7 p.m. Among his
Matthew Henson and Emma Gold- hits are “Country Club,” “Help Me Hold
man. The music includes marches, On” and “I’m Gonna Be Somebody.” 

YamCFa6ha BOLöismcsaietrendPdeEtdoeirrtsifooennr

Atlantic Music Center

Bösendorfer’s Florida Agent


18 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Neil Gorsuch with
Mitch McConnell
and Mike Pence.

It was a horrific case. A female student had been his school days – in some cases the very targets of his In grade school, Gorsuch stood out because of this
gang-raped by football players being recruited by the pointed attacks. He has won endorsements from gay skill at quickly taking positions and backing them up.
University of Colorado. Now, her lawyers were trying friends and hired law clerks from the opposite end of
to hold the university partly responsible, arguing it the political spectrum. At the small private school Gorsuch attended,
had created a hostile environment for women. Christ the King Roman Catholic School teachers
He has argued that the court system shortchanges drilled into their students the values of character,
A lower court had already rejected their civil rights low-income people and called for making legal ser- duty and service.
argument. As her lawyers prepared to appeal in 2007, vices cheaper and courts more accessible. Even the
they had an overarching concern: a federal appellate simple writing style of his opinions reflects his convic- Jonathan Brody, one of his closest childhood
judge named Neil Gorsuch. tion that the law should be understandable to every- friends, said one incident in particular has stayed
one, lest it favor only the wealthy and well educated. with him. When they were about 12 years old, Gor-
Newly appointed to the bench by then-President such borrowed a sleeping bag, and it got damaged or
GeorgeW. Bush, Gorsuch was known as a fierce conser- In his writings, he has denounced liberals for us- dirty in his care. He grew distraught.
vative whose writings skewered his liberal adversaries. ing court decisions to advance “their social agenda.”
“He was very concerned and upset that his honor
“It was crushing news to learn Gorsuch was on the A candle burns on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and his integrity would be questioned,” recounted
panel,” said Baine Kerr, a lead attorney for the rape after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Brody, who is now a state district court judge in Idaho.
victim in the case 10 years ago.
But Gorsuch has also refused to be pigeonholed During grade school, Gorsuch saw his family’s po-
But on the day of the hearing when Kerr stepped himself, saying, “People do unexpected things. Pi- litical involvement grow. At age 9, he was going door to
up to the lectern, the judge stayed silent, listening geonholes ignore gray areas in the law.” door with his mother as she successfully campaigned
intently. Over the next hour, Gorsuch steered the for the Colorado state legislature. Suddenly, family de-
conversation with pointed comments – sympathetic Gorsuch’s parents, Anne and David, were lawyers, bates over politics were no longer abstract.
for Kerr, barbed for the university’s lawyer. and they raised their three children on the art of ver-
bal sparring. Anne Gorsuch was a striking politician with jet-
The appeals court would go on to decide in favor of black hair and perfect manicures. Her conservative
the victim, and the lawsuit was ultimately settled with The impromptu debates could happen at any politics put her in a group of state lawmakers dubbed
the university paying her $2.5 million. time – over dinner in their home in Denver, listen- the “House Crazies” by critics because of their de-
ing to NPR on the way to school, or while watching termination to kill environmental bills, dramatically
In the weeks since President Trump nominated the Sunday morning political talk shows. Gorsuch’s downsize government and advocate for states’ rights.
Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, debate younger brother, J.J., said their parents would press Her efforts brought her to the attention of the newly
over him has split along predictably partisan lines, them to see different sides of the story, to gain empa- elected president, Ronald Reagan. In 1981, he ap-
with praise from the right and anxious condemna- thy for opponents and refine their own arguments. pointed her the first female administrator of the En-
tion from the left. vironmental Protection Agency.
“When you expose, at an early age, children to the
But Gorsuch himself is perhaps not so predict- McLaughlin Group, you see people debating, using With her marriage already heading toward di-
able. An examination of his development from gifted their critical reasoning,” Gorsuch’s brother said. “You vorce, she left her husband in Colorado, packed up
Colorado schoolboy to college firebrand and then come to the realization that there isn’t just one side or the kids and moved to Washington, D.C.
staunchly conservative jurist reveals that he is quite the other that is right. The truth is often in the middle.”
capable of surprise. She enrolled Gorsuch, a teenager at the time, in a
boarding school. At Georgetown Preparatory School in
Neil Gorsuch grew up in a high-profile Republi- Rockville, he swapped the polo shirt, khakis and cow-
can family and became infamous in Columbia Uni- boy boots he wore in Colorado for the school-mandat-
versity’s liberal circles for penning fierce attacks on ed jacket, tie and dress shoes. Those frequent dinner-
campus protesters. On the bench, he has subscribed time debates with his family were replaced with dining
to the same judicial philosophy as the late Antonin hall meals taken with fellow dormitory boarders.
Scalia, a conservative icon whom Gorsuch would re-
place on the court. Gorsuch’s conservative values brought him to
the center of political debates at the high school. He
And Gorsuch’s recent rulings – including a major de- was known as an especially fierce champion of Rea-
cision finding that companies could deny employees gan and the Republican agenda.
government-mandated contraceptive coverage on re-
ligious grounds – have won him plaudits from the right. As the new head of EPA, Anne Gorsuch wasted no

But Gorsuch has also established deep and endur-
ing relationships with liberals he has known since

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 21


On New Year’s Day, 1860, four men Origin of Species” carefully sidesteps tesy of Adam and Eve – with no men- among groups in nature to argue that
sat around a dinner table in Concord, the topic of human evolution and says tion of multiple creations. This detail whites had outstripped blacks in the
Mass., contemplating a hefty green nothing at all on the subject of race. was overlooked by advocates of slavery, struggle for existence. Like the Bible it-
book that had just arrived in Amer- Darwin was so concerned about the who proved to be creative and slippery self, “Origin” has been cited in support
ica. Published in England barely a heretical nature of his message that he theologians. According to Fuller, the of diverse and often conflicting ideolo-
month before, Charles Darwin’s “On decided to avoid mentioning the most excitement Darwin brought to Gray and gies.
the Origin of Species” was sent by the incendiary of all his conclusions: that the Concord Four came from providing
author himself to Asa Gray, a Harvard humans, supposedly created in the im- a scientific justification for overturning It’s worth noting that the real revolu-
botanist who would become one of age of God, were in fact nothing more the multiple-origins argument. tion wrought by “Origin” – the replace-
Darwin’s staunchest defenders. Gray than modified great apes. He therefore ment of a divine creationism with a
gave his heavily annotated copy to his devoted just 12 timid words to human “The Book That Changed America” purely naturalistic explanation of life’s
wife’s cousin, child-welfare activist evolution in the entire 500-page work: gives a vivid picture of the intellectual history – had nothing to do with slavery.
Charles Loring Brace, who, lecturing “Light will be thrown on the origin of life of Concord, infused not just with Within a decade of the book’s publica-
in Concord, brought it to the home of man and his history.” abolitionism but with the Transcen- tion, virtually all American scientists
politician Franklin Sanborn. Besides dentalist philosophy that saw a divine and intellectuals were on board with
Sanborn and Brace, the distinguished But that was enough. Reading be- spark within each human, prizing sub- Darwin’s ideas, which changed not only
company included the philosopher tween the lines, everyone, including jective experience over hard facts. Full- the whole of biology but also our self-
Bronson Alcott and the author/natural- the Concord Four, saw what Darwin er’s story ranges widely and sometimes image. Gone was the idea of humans as
ist Henry David Thoreau. had kept to himself: that humans had, discursively, including colorful charac- God’s special creation, replaced by the
like all other species, evolved via natu- ters such as Louisa May Alcott (daugh- view that we are a product of a shuffling
According to Randall Fuller, this ral selection from ancient ancestors. ter of Bronson), who, before gaining by natural selection of randomly aris-
meeting changed America by catalyz- fame with “Little Women,” wrote un- ing variation – a process involving huge
ing the movement to rid the nation of What is the relevance of all this to ab- publishable books about interracial amounts of suffering and death. In a
slavery. Although Gray and the Con- olitionism? At the time, it was debated love; Louis Agassiz, another Harvard letter to Gray, Darwin admitted that the
cord Four were ardent abolitionists, whether humans had a single origin or professor, a racist and polygenist im- facts of evolution didn’t comport with
only Gray was interested in the re- several, with each race being separately placably opposed to Darwin’s theories; the Abrahamic God: “But I own that I
condite biological details of Darwin’s created. The multiple-creation school, John Brown, whose disastrous attempt cannot see, as plainly as others do, & as
theory. The rest of them focused on the polygenism, was popular with apolo- to start a slave rebellion at Harper’s Fer- I should wish to do, evidence of design
book’s implicit message about human gists for slavery. If, as they supposed, ry was secretly financed by Sanborn; & beneficence on all sides of us. There
races. the Adam-and-Eve creation produced Frederick Douglass, the former slave seems to me too much misery in the
whites, but other races derived from turned orator and writer; and even P.T. world. I cannot persuade myself that a
This is curious, because “On the earlier and inferior acts of creation, Barnum, whose interest in science was beneficent & omnipotent God would
then whites were justified in applying driven by his desire to turn everything have designedly created the Ichneu-
a different moral standard to people of into a pay-per-view spectacle. monidæ [parasitic wasps] with the ex-
nonwhite race, who were not created press intention of their feeding within
in God’s image. Polygenists sometimes Unfortunately, Fuller’s engrossing the living bodies of caterpillars, or that
saw blacks as subhuman intermediates account of the literary and intellectual a cat should play with mice.”
or even as members of a different spe- hub of New England does little to sup-
cies, justifying their subjugation and port his thesis that Darwin’s book gave It was this issue of God and spiritual-
enslavement. powerful ammunition to abolitionists, ity that led four of the five main char-
ultimately contributing to the Civil acters in Fuller’s book to ultimately
But if humans had a single origin War. That is dubious for two reasons. reject Darwin’s scientific message. The
(monogenism), as Darwin proposed exception was Thoreau, but even he
for other species, then all human races First, although the Concord aboli- couldn’t fully embrace Darwin’s mes-
were genealogically connected: Blacks tionists found a modicum of support in sage of naturalism, seeing science as
were every bit as human as whites – Darwin’s ideas, they already had strong powerless to explain things like emo-
equivalent to distant cousins – and moral arguments against slavery, and tions and behavior. 
slavery became morally untenable. at any rate had almost no influence on
This is perhaps one of the very few the conflagration that began in 1861 THE BOOK THAT CHANGED AMERICA
times in the history of evolutionary bi- but had been smoldering for decades. How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation
ology that Darwin’s ideas aligned with Second, Darwin’s ideas gave ammu-
a literal interpretation of the Bible. Like nition to the pro-slavery movement By Randall Fuller.
Darwin, the Genesis account suggests as well, for “social Darwinists” simply Viking. 304 pp. $27.
a single origin for all humans – cour- co-opted Darwin’s idea of competition Review by Jerry A. Coyne,
The Washington Post


1. The Prisoner 1. The Great Equalizer 1. The Edge of Everything


2. A Gentleman in Moscow 2. 50 Reasons to Love Vero 2. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Beach and the Treasure

3. Fatal BY JOHN LESCROART 3. Hillbilly Elegy BY J.D. VANCE 3. Dog Man (#01) BY DAV PILKEY
4. Never, Never 4. Three Days in January 4. If I had a Little Dream


5. Right Behind You 5. Handsome Ransom 5. If You Give a Mouse a Brownie

THE ORPHAN'S TALE The Art of A.E. Backus
Mira Books
Friday, Feb. 24th at 4 pm Vendome Press

Sunday, Feb. 26th at 3 pm

392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

22 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


As the world turns, let’s always strive to make it better

STORY BY REV. DRS. CASEY & BOB BAGGOTT COLUMNISTS changes, wars, terrorism, access to claim to have a corner on the truth of would be filled with the desperate
education and healthcare, political the human condition. Some things are battle against regimes whose funda-
How would you rate the condition stability and more. And what do these getting better. Some things are getting mental values were at odds with our
of the world today compared to its studies conclude? Perhaps not so sur- worse. own. Yet Steinbeck was not despon-
condition in past generations? Are prisingly, neither the confirmed pes- dent about the future. He wrote: “All
things getting better for humanity, simist nor the wide-eyed optimist can As some students of the state of the goodness and the heroisms will
or are they getting worse? A number the human race have rightly pointed rise up again, then be cut down
of fascinating research projects have out, we humans have already pulled again and rise up. It isn’t that the evil
been conducted over the years to shed ourselves out of some of the greatest thing wins – it never will – but that it
light on these questions. Factors con- threats to our existence imaginable. doesn’t die.”
sidered in assessing how well things With mechanization, medical prog-
are going include health statistics, ress and agricultural advances to our Steinbeck was right. Time and
human longevity, food supplies, dis- credit, we have moved from a time again, we humans have tried to
tribution of wealth, environmental when humans struggled mightily to stamp out evil, only to find it rears
eke out a subsistence standard of liv- its vicious and ugly head again. We
Mildred Joan Goeler ing while battling constant threats may never succeed in eliminating
of war, plague and famine, to a time evil, but evil isn’t the only endur-
Mildred Joan Goeler, 89, passed when over 7 billion people are alive ing element. It isn’t the only force
away Wednesday, February 15th, on the planet. at play among us, and it isn’t the
2017 in Saint Louis, MO. strongest. Two-thousand years ago
Mildred was the daughter of the late Yet, ironically, some say we hu- a very thoughtful observer of human
Arthur and Carol Neitzel and the mans are becoming victims of our nature and an ardently faithful man
loving wife of Herbert A. Goeler own success. Our large numbers wrote about another influence in the
who passed away Oct. 23rd, 2006 in strain resources. Our amazing mo- world that should not be discounted.
Melbourne, FL. bility allows for both the healthy The Apostle Paul wrote these words,
Mildred was born in New York City on June 21st, 1928 exchange of goods and ideas and meant to encourage and sustain:
to Arthur and Carol Neitzel. She is a graduate of William for challenges to cultures’ stability. “And now faith, hope and love abide,
Patterson College and is survived by two sons, Timothy and And most significantly of all, while these three: and the greatest of these
Andrew and by 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, communications advances keep us is love.”
living in both CA and MO. She was preceded in death by two incredibly well-informed, it is the
sons, Peter and Michael and her sister Teresa. negative and outrageous news that Is the world getting better or get-
Mildred, known to her friends as “Milly”, loved raising her seems to get most of our attention ting worse? Maybe we can only of-
family in Pompton Plains, NJ and enjoyed her retirement years and perhaps skew our perception of fer tentative answers to that ques-
with her husband in Boynton Beach Fl. She was an avid golfer, the actual state of affairs. tion. But we can be certain about the
liked painting, loved the sunshine and enjoyed being outdoors abiding resources at hand to employ
working in the yard. Her special gift for cooking was evident at Are things getting better or get- in working toward a better world. 
each family gathering. Truly a special mother, wife and friend. ting worse? It’s so hard to assess at
She will be buried at the family plot, Our Lady of the any single point of time, from any THE BAGGOTTS
Magnificent cemetery, Kinnelon, NJ. single place. It’s a big question, and
one which the American writer John Rev. Dr. Robert Baggott is Senior
Steinbeck seemed to struggle with
on occasion. In 1941, as war raged Minister of Community Church
in Europe and the Pacific, he wrote
a letter (in “Steinbeck: A Life in Let- of Vero Beach. Rev. Dr. Casey
ters”) in which he mused that the
human species seemed sadly slow Baggott is Executive Minister.
to learn from its mistakes. The year
The Baggotts write a regular faith


26 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Is it worth trying to rekindle a long-dormant flame?

STORY BY CAROLYN HAX THE WASHINGTON POST I strongly recommend, though, that you add a call can be the difference between congenial and
“d” to your careful rationale for getting in touch. creepy, so hold off until you can override, for real,
Dear Carolyn: Several years You say she’s “someone whom I know I adore,” but your impulse to project. When you’re ready, tell her
ago, I was in a long-term rela- in fact she’s someone you know you adored. Note she’s been on your mind lately – then see where
tionship that kind of fizzled out. that little “d.” Because you clearly fell far enough you both want to take it from there.
out of adoration to let the relationship go or be-
Before that both of us had talk- cause each of you is now five years from who you Dear Carolyn: I have two children, 1 and 3. My
ed about getting married, but it used to be – take your pick. husband and I always talked about having two. I am
always seemed like real-world having a hard time coming to terms with not having
circumstances got in the way. Either way, your expectations in making this more children.
One of her parents was sick, and
she traveled constantly. The other I don’t think he would be on board with more – we
of her parents meddled in her re- haven’t discussed it – and I wouldn’t do anything be-
lationships to the point of causing real trouble. I was hind his back. But how do I know if I’m done?
drowning in grad school. I realize couples make it
work when they want to make it work, but I think – Not Sure
both of us got exhausted by the circumstances.
Now, five years later, I’m done with school, my Not Sure: This will come out snarky, but its intent
finances are in great shape and I’m ready to make is sincere: Please don’t consider having any more
a commitment to her. But I have no idea where she children until you’re able to talk to your husband
is, whether she’s single or married, or anything. All I about things like whether to have more children.
have is her old email and phone number.
Is it fair to call and try to rekindle something with I think I can read your intent between the lines,
someone who may (or may not) be in a relationship that you anticipate resistance to the idea so you
now? Should I apologize for my part in this situa- want to have your argument straight before you
tion, even if I didn’t have any bad intentions? How bring it up. Understandably so.
should I approach someone whom I know I adore but But when you include the “behind his back” pos-
whom I haven’t spoken with in years? sibility out of the blue, even to rule it out, you give
your whole question an antagonistic slant, you vs.
– R. spouse. And that’s the exact opposite of the ap-
proach I’d suggest in making plans for your fam-
R.: Of course it’s fair. You call, you ask, you find ily’s future.
out. Just talk to the guy, please. Finding a way to dis-
cuss the children you want will also serve the chil-
If she isn’t receptive to having you back in her life, dren you have. 
then you don’t call again.

28 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


For women, ThermiVa procedure is ‘the total package’

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER Dr. Deni Malave-Huertas. PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE it has other benefits. When you’re re- “As a surgeon,” he states matter-of-
[email protected] storing – when you’re helping tissue be factly, “I can tell you that any time I
lave, were among the first to notice healthier – you get a lot more improve- can avoid surgery I am happy.
Dr. Deni Malave-Huertas is en- and then employ this new procedure, ment in other areas.”
thusiastically embracing a new, non- saying “this is something we can use “I prefer to leave the surgery as a last
invasive procedure intended to help to tighten tissue in a way that’s nonin- By helping tissue to be stronger, resort. If I have a patient that comes in,
women “reclaim what childbirth or vasive. It promotes the growth and the healthier and tighter, patients who say a 65-year-old, and she asks me, ‘I
aging may have taken away,” and that formation of collagen and restructures could not use estrogen vaginally and have this vaginal problem, I’m having
procedure is known as vaginal rejuve- that collagen, so it tightens.” had pain or other problems during pain with intercourse. What can I do?’
nation by ThermiVa. intercourse can be helped. Patients The first thing I’m going to say is: We
Today, ThermiVa is a staple tool for experiencing certain forms of urinary can do estrogen but there are risks as-
Malave, who is board-certified in most plastic surgeons. incontinence and those with certain sociated with estrogen. Very low but
obstetrics and gynecology, practices chronic skin conditions also can be there are risks. Or we can do Thermi-
at the Indian River Medical Center Then, says Malave, “one gynecolo- helped. Va. What are the risks associated? Way
and at Partners in Women’s Health. He gist said, Hey! This is restoring other lower.”
says the benefits from ThermiVa have tissue. We’re going to try it on vaginal ThermiVa is also helping patients
been “way more than we expected.” tissue. So we started using it vaginally who have problems with urination, ac- While a surgeon eschewing sur-
for aesthetic reasons but it turns out cording to Malave: “They start getting gery seems almost groundbreaking,
“It was originally designed,” Malave incontinent because the flow relaxes Malave’s obvious enthusiasm for
explains, “as a radio-frequency heat enough so that if they cough, urine ThermiVa appears wholly genuine.
application for electrocoagulation comes out. So now we’re finding that
in surgery, but we started seeing that by doing the ThermiVa and tightening Malave makes a simple summa-
while using the ThermiVa procedure tissue, that problem can be helped as tion on the potential benefits of
it would help restore tissue collagen. well.” ThermiVa: “Improving sex life, uri-
It would help reform it and restore it. nary continence, skin and vaginal
And tissue looked kind of firm.” Malave also uses ThermiVa to treat rejuvenation. I think it is the total
certain chronic skin conditions such package.”
The radio-frequency heating of tis- as “lichen sclerosus” that causes
sue, it turns out, changes the collagen patchy, white skin that, the Mayo Clin- Dr. Deni Malave-Huertas is with
contained within that tissue by con- ic says, “is thinner than normal.” Partners in Women’s Health in Vero
tracting the molecules and then reor- Beach at 1050 37th Place, Suites 101
ganizing the molecular network. Then Malave makes a somewhat and 120. The phone number is 772-770-
surprising statement. 6116. 
Plastic surgeons, according to Ma-

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 29


Weighty issues: Pros and cons of dieting as a couple

JAE BERMAN WASHINGTON POST sentment and arguments. or note to express thoughts and con- In order for weight loss to be success-
Likewise, having a partner who’s cerns. A relationship can get stronger ful, it has to make sense to the individ-
What happens when a couple tries to through this journey. ual. Do what feels right to you even if
lose weight together? It can be the reci- working for the food police can take your partner doesn’t agree or want to
pe for success … or a total disaster. Los- the fun out of a romantic dinner! While There’s one indisputable truth participate.
ing weight is difficult, and if someone a partner may be sincerely trying to about weight loss: One diet does not
feels alone during the process, lasting help with cautionary comments, too fit all. While a couple can be in this Finally, have fun! This is important.
change may seem impossible. If a cou- much scrutinizing may cause resent- experience together, it doesn’t mean Losing weight is tough stuff! If a couple
ple goes through the journey together, ment. Both sides of the couple are try- you have to follow the same plan. jumps into deprivation mode and cre-
though, they can create healthier hab- ing to succeed, to be their best selves. What you eat, how you exercise, your ates a rigid and strict plan, it will likely
its and strengthen their relationship. Consider a calm, honest conversation schedule and your goals can all be not stick. But there are ways to make
Supporting each other, having fun and to make suggestions, or even an email different. Respect that. this process enjoyable. 
being honest are the keys to making it

Comparing body weight and/or
pounds lost isn’t the best way to go.
This is especially important for women
to remember, since men will likely lose
weight quicker. If you want to compare,
consider using behaviors and habits to
gauge how you’re doing. Notice what
your partner is doing well and use that
to learn how you can improve.

 “My partner brought his lunch to
work every day this week, so I’ll try to
do the same. We can pack our lunches
at the same time.”

 “I feel good about not having had a
soda all week, but my partner exercised
five times this week. I’m going to focus
on exercising three times next week.”

 “I filled half my plate with veggies
at lunch and dinner. I’m going to work
with my partner so we both increase
our vegetable intake.”

Competition is an effective motiva-
tor for many, but a couple needs to re-
member they’re on the same team! If
every event turns into a competition,
weight loss may be achieved, but the
relationship might suffer. Instead, use
competition to stay accountable and

 “My partner woke up at 5 a.m. and
got an early morning workout. I’m
going to make sure I get my evening

 “My partner only had one glass of
wine at the party last night. At our next
event, I’m going to follow that lead to
help me manage my alcohol intake.”

Enjoying some treats and sweets is
key to success, but moderation is es-
sential. It’s important to realize that
your splurges may be different from
your partner’s.

One person may want a glass of wine
while the other wants a doughnut. One
may want to sleep in and watch TV,
while the other wants to take a walk
and eat French fries.

Everyone can enjoy a treat when
they want it, but that doesn’t mean
both partners need to participate. One
may not want a treat that day. One
may be craving something different. If
one side of the couple feels obliged to
splurge out of guilt, it can lead to re-

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Home sleep-testing gizmo could help zap apnea

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER Cross, Aetna, Cigna [or any of several Lauren Butler. PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE As Butler puts it, “Home sleep testing
[email protected] other insurers] and you don’t have a lot has become the new wave in sleep. All
of other things wrong with you, your risk if they’re overweight, and that risk the [sleep] labs now are trying to do the
According to the Centers for Disease insurance is not going to approve a also appears to rise after menopause.” home sleep study, because insurance
Control and Prevention, more than a regular in-lab sleep study anymore.” wants it basically like a screening tool.”
quarter of the U.S. population suffers Despite the dire risks associated
from some kind of sleep disorder, and Apnea means “without breath,” and with sleep apnea and the difficulty of These downsized devices have belts
the National Institutes of Health esti- that’s exactly what those who suffer diagnosing it, most insurance compa- that go around the chest and belly to
mates between 12 million and 18 mil- from this condition experience: They nies will not pay for an in-lab overnight measure breathing effort, oxygen lev-
lion Americans have a potentially le- actually stop breathing as they sleep test – which was the standard diagnos- els and air flow
thal affliction called “obstructive sleep though they are rarely aware of it. Epi- tic tool up until a few years ago, when
apnea.” sodes can be as brief as a few seconds insurance companies started declin- They are not, however, foolproof. Or
or they can last much longer and the ing payment – until other attempts at even people-proof.
The American Journal of Respira- consequences can be dangerous and diagnosis have been made.
tory and Critical Care has linked sleep sometimes even fatal. “Some people,” Butler points out, “in
apnea to an increased risk for develop- So, if insurers won’t immediately ap- the middle of the night will rip them
ing diabetes, depression, memory loss “We had a 49-year-old who coded at prove a sleep lab test called a polysom- off, because it is just a natural instinct
or confusion, sexual dysfunction, high home a few years ago,” Butler recalls. nogram (PSG) – during which the pa- to tear something off of you. With the
blood pressure, weight gain and stroke. “He had apnea so bad but didn’t want tient spends a night at a sleep disorder home sleep studies, if you tear it off, it
to get it taken care of. Fortunately his center with a series of wires attached is an unsuccessful test. Then the insur-
Unfortunately, doctors are rarely wife was there with him and was able to his or her body to measure and re- ance will say, ‘OK, do it again.’ So you
able to detect this problem during rou- to get 911 over in time. They brought cord brain activity, eye movement, do it one more time at home and if the
tine office visits and there is no blood him back, revived him, and they heart rate, blood pressure, the amount patient pulls it off again it is [another]
test to help diagnose it. blamed his entire problem on sleep of oxygen in the blood along with air bad test.”
apnea.” movement through the nose while
Worse, according to Lauren Butler, the patient sleeps – what’s to prevent Only then will many insurers finally
a sleep technologist at the Sebastian Forty-nine is a fairly young age for a problem from getting much, much approve an in-lab sleep study.
River Medical Center’s Sleep Disorder such severe apnea. The Mayo Clinic worse?
Center, insurers are making it even says “sleep apnea occurs significantly The National Heart, Lung & Blood
more difficult to detect. Or, more com- more often in older adults,” and then The answer is to think small. About Institute flatly states that these in-lab
plicated, anyway. adds, “men are twice as likely to have as small as a cellphone or a USB wall- PSG tests are painless and that pa-
sleep apnea, but women increase their charger: a home sleep-testing device. tients “will go to sleep as usual, except
“If you are a non-Medicare patient,” they’ll have sensors attached to their
explains Butler, “and you have Blue scalp, face, chest, limbs and a finger.
The staff at the sleep center will use
CM the sensors to check on you through-

cosmetic dentistry  preventive dentistry A sleep specialist will then review
restorative dentistry  dental implants the findings and determine if you have
sleep apnea and how severe it is. He
or she will then use the results to plan

The most common treatment is
a CPAP, or continuous positive air-
way pressure machine, which uses a
breathing mask and “mild air pressure
to keep your airways open while you
sleep,” according to the NIH.

The Sebastian River Sleep Disorder
Center is located well south and west
of the hospital’s campus at 705-A Com-
merce Center Drive. The phone number
is 772-581-5655. 

Experience the fusion of traditional
values and modern dentistry.

Dr. J. Hunter Collins Dr. Roger Montz

524 Ocean Avenue, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

(321) 725-6565

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 31


Yellow Dog Café: A blue-ribbon winner

Cheese and Fruit Baked Brie.

REVIEW BY TINA RONDEAU COLUMNIST Escargot with Puff Pastry. German Chocolate
[email protected] Brownie.
In several reviews over the past de- and would like to give it a try, a better
cade, we have been high in our praise of Lousiana Shrimp and idea might be to go Tuesday through
the Yellow Dog Café in Malabar – one of Havarti Grits. Sunday when it is open at noon – afford-
those rare dining spots that combines ing you a more modestly priced oppor-
excellent food with a drop-dead view of looked very nice, but pointed out that For desserts (which are prepared tunity to have a very good lunch over-
the Indian River Lagoon. it is not the same as Chilean sea bass. on premises), we concluded with one looking the lagoon without a lengthy
Neither of us was familiar with Peru- of the largest profiteroles I have ever drive home after dark.
We’ve even suggested it was worth a vian sea bass (which turns out to be sea seen, and a bread pudding. The prof-
special trip, since this restaurant – on perch), and at that point, I suggested to iterole was sensational. I welcome your comments, and en-
U.S. 1 about a half dozen miles south of my husband he might want to reconsid- courage you to send feedback to me at
Melbourne – is a considerable schlep for er, but he stuck with it. My husband was also a bit taken [email protected].
many of our readers. aback when he requested a second glass
My half rack of lamb, two beautiful of the sauvignon blanc, and was told The reviewer dines anonymously
Following our most recent visit last herb-rubbed chops perfectly grilled me- they were all out of the New Zealand – at restaurants at the expense of this
week, we would say the Yellow Dog re- dium rare, was finished with a luscious would he like a wine from California? newspaper. 
mains a blue ribbon winner, but we’re natural lamb jus. Our companion’s lob- Why wouldn’t they have mentioned that
not so sure it’s special enough to warrant ster mac and cheese, filled with chunks when they brought the first glass? HOURS
a 40-minute drive each way for dinner. of Maine lobster, also got high marks. Lunch: Tues. through Sun.
The various glitches are no big deal
When we arrived last Saturday eve- My husband’s Peruvian sea bass/ individually, but this is a very upscale 11:30 to 2:30pm
ning, our party of three was shown to perch, however, did not get rave reviews. restaurant. Dinner for two here is not Dinner: Sun. & Tues. - Thurs.
a very nice table that when it’s still light Pan-seared and served atop a bed of cheap (with wine, likely to run $150 be-
out overlooks the water. Our waiter acorn squash and seasoned rice, it was fore tip), and coupled with service that 5 to 9pm
Steve quickly took our order for a couple overwhelmed by a papaya and basil sal- was a speck too efficient (plates and Friday & Saturday - 5 to 10pm
of glasses of what turned out to be a very sa that made it difficult to distinguish glasses whisked off the table a bit pre-
nice New Zealand sauvignon blanc. the chunks of fish. Neither the texture maturely), the entire experience was not BEVERAGES
nor the taste of the fish were very ap- one that would evoke raves. Full bar
For an appetizer, we decided to go pealing.
with the tuna tataki ($10), seared rare If you haven’t visited the Yellow Dog ADDRESS
yellowfin tuna accompanied by wasa- 905 US Highway 1 in Malabar
bi, ginger and a soy marinade. An ex- Brevard restaurant reviewer (1/2 mile north of Malabar Rd)
cellent start.
The Melbourne Beachsider is looking for a freelance food critic to write weekly PHONE
Then for salads, I chose the evening’s reviews of restaurants in Brevard County. Until we find the right person, we will (321) 956-3334
special, smoked mozzarella with fresh continue to run reviews in this space by our Vero Beach restaurant reviewer. If you
tomatoes ($12), my husband decided to have food expertise and think you can help Beachsider readers with their dining
have the classic Caesar salad ($12) and choices, please send a resume and a 600-word review of a restaurant you recently
our companion opted for the old blue
spinach salad ($12). visited to [email protected].

The old blue was tasty array of tender
spinach leaves tossed with blueberries,
blue cheese crumbs, blueberry bal-
samic dressing and toasted pecans. My
smoked mozzarella, served with basil
and a balsamic glaze, was good, but the
tomatoes could have been better.

For entrées, I went with the half rack
of lamb ($30), our companion asked to
have the lobster mac and cheese appe-
tizer as an entrée, and my husband de-
cided to try the evening’s seafood spe-
cial, Peruvian sea bass ($38).

Our serve said the Peruvian sea bass

32 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 33


Bonz has the scoop on Miss Sadie’s bridal shower

devoted to each other. Jackie’s just the

dearest pooch a girl could wish for. I

Hi Dog Buddies! can’t wait to become Mrs. Roo. Plus, our

This week was a first for me, and humans all said, ‘YOU’VE BEEN LIV-
Honest-to-Snoopy, it was somethin’ I
never thought I’d be doin’. I attended a ING TOGETHER FOR SO LONG, IT’S
bridal shower!
I KNOW. I mean, ME a happy bach-
elor, a dog-o’-the-world. But it was “I’m happy for you both, Miss Sa-
akshully fun. I met a buncha really nice
humans and had some good yaps. die,” I said. “Now, kindly give me some

So, here’s the Woof: The shower was pointers about your shower. What
for Miss Sadie Princess (she’s a Chi-
huahua) and her fiance, Jackie Roo (a should I write about? It’s way outta my
Mix). It was gonna be at Marsh Land-
ing, which is a rest-runt in Fellsmere. comfort zone.”
Instead of regular presents like match-
ing water bowls, or fluffy blankets or She laughed. “Oh, silly. It’ll be fun!
his-and-hers collars, we were asked to
bring foodstuffs for The Love of Paws Just write about the cake. It’s one-of-a-
Senior Pet Sanctuary & Paws Pet Food
Pantry, which I thought was Totally kind. And the decorations. I picked my
Cool Dog Biscuits.
own colors. And the flowers. And the
So I got in touch with a coupla pooch
lady friends because, first, I knew pretty family and guests. And, of COURSE,
much zero about bridal showers, and I
wanted to bone up on ’em (Get it? Bone ME. I had my ensemble made special!”
up?) so I wouldn’t look like a total doof,
and, second, to learn more about the Next I rang up my friend Libby Pan-
sanctuary and food pantry.
kiewicz, a super sweet senior citizen
I figured Miss Sadie could
give me some good intel on the show- yellow Lab who, even though she’s
er. She’s this delicate little poocheroo,
prettiest gold-and-cream colored coat, totally blind, does a fabulous job as
big sailboat ears and bright, boogly
eyes. For the Love of Paws’ Official Am-

“It’s so sweet of you to call, Mr. B.,” bassador and Mascot. I already knew
she said. “You are aware that me and
my dear Jackie have been (she batted her human Mom, Cookie, and Dad,
her eyes) shall I say, companions for 15
years, our whole lives, really. We were Ted Sr. He’s the Founder. He usta be
adopted together, and we’re absolutely
in law enforcement, partnered with Miss Sadie Princess. PHOTO BY GORDON RADFORD
a K-9 officer.

“Oh, Bonz,” said Libby, “it’s so excit- nations for our

ing. For the Love of Paws is a sanctu- pantry and deliver stuff to food banks their pets get

ary for pets who hafta be separated so Those In Need can get help for them through difficult times together.

from their Senior Citizen owners when AND their pets. In only two years,” she Some of the other humans were: vol-

they’re temporarily unable to take care said proudly, “we’ve been deliverin’ unteers Cheryl Diedolf and Robin Ware;

of ’em, cuz they hadda go 4,000 pounds of food every month to 15 Nancy Johnson; Wendi and Dave Tabor;

to the hospital, or nursing food banks.” Brandy Hector and grandson Jared Go-

home. Or, if their human “Woof!” I exclaimed. “That’s PAW- mez (he’s 11); food deliverers Alice and

went to Heaven, we find some!” Boyd Arrington; and a bunch more.

’em a Forever Family. It Armed with lotsa good background Behind her paw, Sadie whispered that

all started when my hu- info, I wasn’t too nervous when I walked Jackie Roo was with his dog buddies,

man brother, Ted Jr., and into the party. It was decorated in Sa- having his bachelor party.

his wife, Jessica, and my die’s colors, yellow and purple. Purple The star of the shower was definitely

nephews Hunter and Ry- tablecloths, purple and yellow ribbons, Sadie Princess (soon to be) Roo. She

der, were rescuing lotsa shiny purple balloons, and a table with was bee-oo-ti-ful, wearin’ a purple tutu

dogs (cats, too). Jessica al- lotsa people snacks and this PAWsome tied around her little tummy with white

ways dreamed of starting cake with icing that was shaped just lace and purple ribbon. She even had

For the Love of Paws. But, like Sadie, even a pink hair ribbon and purple toenails! At the head table was

in 2013, before her dream an icing bone (which I really, really Sadie and Jackie’s framed engagement

could come true (Libby wanted to slurp but didn’t). portrait, and a special “throne” just for

stopped and wiped her There was a buncha people, too. Sadie. It was white wicker with purple

eyes), Jessica got a ter- Sadie’s and Jackie’s Mom, Fawn Wit- pillows, lotsa yellow and purple flow-

rible disease and went tenrich, and Dad, Ted Jr., and Libby’s ers plus these cute little white flowers

to Heaven. She was just nephews, Hunter and Ryder; and Ted Sr. Cookie said were called Baby’s Breath

32 in people years. We and Cookie, and their longtime friends (for some reason). And Sadie was sitting

didn’t think we’d ever Joe and Rosemary Flescher. Joe says the right in the middle, big smile, looking

feel happy again. But bridal shower reminded him of people like a real princess, with everyone gath-

we all stuck together and started For wedding vows, the part about for bet- ered around her.

the Love of Paws in her memory. Now ter or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness Heading home, I was thinking how

it’s a 5-acre country farm sanctuary and health, which he says is sorta like much us dogs (and cats) mean to Senior

here in Fellsmere. what For the Love of Paws does when Citizens, who lotsa times wud be all

“We get lotsa dog and cat food do- it helps Senior Citizen humans and alone if they didn’t have us to love ’em.

Don’t be shy! And – no Woof! - I was akshully hopin’
I’d get an invite to the wedding.

Till next time,

We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up -The Bonz
an interview, please email [email protected].

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Townhome a stone’s throw from carefree beach lifestyle

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER not under air, but it’s enclosed,’’ said “The garage was open. They didn’t Other features in the home, which
[email protected] listing agent Sandy Kilpatrick. have a whole lot of storage so I had is only about 200 feet from the beach,
these storage units put in and put a include brand-new custom plantation
A quaint and “beachy” townhouse The now-enclosed, screened-in up- work bench in. You’ve got good places shutters throughout, solid oak stair-
available a short walk from the beach per floor balcony, adjacent to the vault- to put stuff and the cabinets are made case, newer washer and dryer, brand
at 101-B Melbourne Ave., Indialantic, ed-ceiling master bedroom, could be to be moisture resistant which comes new refrigerator and new ceiling fans
features several high-end details and used as hobby or sewing room. in handy here on the beach,’’ he said. throughout. There are granite coun-
ingenious use of porch space on both tertops, full laundry and hurricane
floors that was enclosed to provide for The extra space created from a larg- The unit is located in a small com- shutters with mechanisms that al-
additional living area. er porch on the first floor, opening plex with each of eight units oriented low them to be rolled down from the
onto the pool deck area, features cus- with back doors opening directly to a inside upstairs and from the outside
Built in 1997, the tropical-themed tom storage cabinets and continues deck where a beautifully landscaped downstairs.
unit officially has 1,821 square feet of the living space through the back door common swimming pool serves as a
living space under air, but the seller and onto a small brick porch. focal point. The seller also fixed up and carpet-
made improvements not included in ed a “Harry Potter-like” tiny playroom
that number that add value and multi- “I got a company and told them what “I liked the courtyard. The pool was under the stairs which also could be
function to the living space. I wanted. I wanted to enclose the porch- here and it was hands free on mainte- made into storage.
es to protect them from the weather but nance. About half the neighbors are
“He really transformed it into a I wanted to be able to open it up to get seasonal so sometimes you have the At the top of the stairs is a unique 13-x-
quintessential beach house. He has the air,’’ the seller said. place to yourself,’’ he said. 7-foot loft area with skylight that the
enclosed both porches, which gives
you a little more square footage – it’s The seller also put in custom storage
units in the garage.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 37




seller transformed into an office with The freshly-painted townhouse unit from the beach – the fact the inside of Year built: 1997
extra storage in custom made cabinets. is all ready for a new owner to move in the unit has been maintained meticu- Construction:
as the result of a quality renovation lously and that it’s a small, eight-unit Concrete block, stucco
There are two bedrooms joined with job, but the home’s selling points go complex,” she added. “I’ve met some
a common full bath. The large master way beyond a fresh coat of paint or of the owners here and it’s just a really Home size:
suite features a walk-in closet that in- new floors, Kilpatrick said. nice group of people.” 1,821 square feet under air
cludes a personal safe. The master bath
has double sinks and separate oversized “Some of the best features include The townhouse is being offered for a Bedrooms: 3
soaking tub and walk-in shower. location – you’re right down the street listing price of $349,000.  Baths: 2 full baths,

one half-bath
Additional features:
Small complex with beauti-
ful community pool, enclosed
porches for additional living
space, rounded corners, crown
molding, multiple upgrades

Listing agency:
Treasure Coast Sotheby’s

International Realty.
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Sandy Kilpatrick,
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38 Thursday, February 23, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: Feb. 10 to Feb. 16

The week of Valentine’s Day saw a fair amount of real estate activity in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903
and 32937. While Melbourne Beach and Indian Harbour Beach each reported 3 sales, 4 were recorded in
Indialantic and 6 in Satellite Beach.
The top sale of the week was of a riverfront home in Satellite Beach. The residence at 842 Loggerhead
Island Drive was placed on the market April 27 with an asking price of $1.45 million. The listing price was
subsequently reduced to $1.2499 million. The transaction closed Feb. 16 for $1.15 million.
The seller in the transaction was represented by Mary Goodwin and David Curri of Curri Kirschner Real



OCEAN CLUB CONDO 2979 S HIGHWAY A1A, #222 5/26/2016 $349,000 $319,000 2/10/2017 $310,000

OCEAN GARDEN VILLAGE 139 OCEANWAY DR 1/5/2017 $298,000 $298,000 2/10/2017 $298,000

AVERILL FARMS SUBD 105 LA COSTA ST 6 9/20/2016 $179,900 $162,400 2/13/2017 $156,000


INDIALANTIC BY SEA 130 TENTH AVE 1/3/2017 $439,000 $439,000 2/10/2017 $420,000
INDIALANTIC HGHTS 1 450 WATSON DR 10/16/2016 $379,000 $309,000 2/16/2017 $350,000
10/19/2016 $324,000 2/10/2017 $302,500

12/7/2016 $479,500 2/10/2017 $445,000


HARBOUR VILLA SEC 2 129 KRISTI DR 12/17/2016 $194,900 $189,900 2/10/2017 $187,500
GOLDEN BEACH EST 3RD 1185 BAY DR E 1/25/2017 $207,000 $369,900 2/10/2017 $208,000
S PATRICK SHORES 4S 189 SE 1ST ST $239,000
SEA PARK HOMES 4TH A 341 W ARLINGTON ST 1/20/2017 $369,900 $199,000 2/14/2017 $355,000
SILVER SANDS CNDO P1 295 HIGHWAY A1A, #202 $339,900
AMHRST GRD SEC 2 375 CARISSA DR 12/30/2016 $239,000 $334,900 2/13/2017 $230,000
1/12/2017 $199,000 2/10/2017 $185,000

5/27/2016 $349,900 2/15/2017 $323,000

10/24/2016 $349,900 2/15/2017 $328,500

12/31/2016 $224,900 2/15/2017 $220,000

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 23, 2017 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Ocean Club Condo, Address: 2979 S Highway A1A, #222 Subdivision: Indialantic By Sea, Address: 130 Tenth Ave

Listing Date: 5/26/2016 Listing Date: 1/3/2017
Original Price: $349,000 Original Price: $439,000
Recent Price: $319,000 Recent Price: $439,000
Sold: 2/10/2017 Sold: 2/10/2017
Selling Price: $310,000 Selling Price: $420,000
Listing Agent: David Settgast Listing Agent: Mary Goodwin

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Selling Agent: Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group

David Settgast Lynn C. Burley

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Burley Properties

Subdivision: Cloisters Phase II, Address: 1975 Canterbury Dr Subdivision: Golden Beach Est 3rd, Address: 1185 Bay Dr E

Listing Date: 12/7/2016 Listing Date: 1/20/2017
Original Price: $479,500 Original Price: $369,900
Recent Price: $459,500 Recent Price: $369,900
Sold: 2/10/2017 Sold: 2/14/2017
Selling Price: $445,000 Selling Price: $355,000
Listing Agent: Michael Mattesi Listing Agent: Michelle Mckinney

Selling Agent: ITG Realty Selling Agent: RE/MAX Interactive

Lauri Toth Tracey A. Callinan

RE/MAX Aerospace Realty National Realty of Brevard





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