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07/19/2018 ISSUE 29


DACA opposition. P4 All ‘Americana.’ P10 Hey ... drop in anytime!

Commissioners want Fla. to join Timeless stories and songs
suit to overturn immigration policy. stimulate young minds at library.

Skydivers make ‘Splash.’ Page 8


Incoming schools ‘WE JUST TRUSTED THAT WE WERE GOING TO BE SAFE’ Child services
leader looking to council pushes
‘build on success’ tax referendum

[email protected]
Incoming Brevard Public
Brevard County property
Schools Superintendent Mark owners could be paying an
additional $8 million to $11
Mullins made his first public million a year in taxes, start-
ing next year, to provide a
address last week to the Mel- host of services for children
of low-income families.
bourne Regional Chamber
That’s if the Children’s
of Commerce, touting recent Services Council of Brevard
County is successful in get-
achievements and promis- ting voters to approve what
members propose as a refer-
ing to continue community endum on the Nov. 6 ballot
to grant the taxing authority.
But they first must con-
and school im- vince the County Commis-
sion, at its July 24 meeting,
provements. to place the referendum on
the ballot.
“How do we
build on suc-
Indian Harbour Beach
cess? It begins Scenes from Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church youths’ Hearts Out to Haiti trip to the impoverished island nation. PHOTOS: MARGARITA N. RUIZ set to impose new rules
on short-term rentals
Mark Mullins. ing to listen,” [email protected]
[email protected] The Indian Harbour Beach
The Brevard City Council is ready to estab-
Youths from Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church lish sweeping new require-
School Board approved Mull- are warned about the dangers of Port-au-Prince, ments for the registration
Haiti, and surrounding areas when they inquire and operation of short-term
ins’ contract on July 10. He will about participating in Hearts Out to Haiti. rentals which have increas-
ingly becoming a scourge in
be paid a base annual salary of It is usually enough to scare off half the ap- several neighborhoods.
plicants for the intense but personally re-
$210,000, plus bonuses for an- The popularity of rental
warding nine-day experience conduct- websites like Vacation Rental
nual evaluations and meeting ing vacation Bible school for more than
1,200 children living in remote CONTINUED ON PAGE 4
performance goals set by the mountain villages in one of the
world’s poorest nations.
board. Those dangers nearly became
very real on the mid-July trip,
Outgoing superintendent
Desmond Blackburn started
Zachary McKenzie and Margie Ruiz embrace upon
at the same salary when he their return home from the Haiti. PHOTO: JULIAN LEEK

was hired in 2015, but re-

ceived two raises over the past

year that brought his annual

pay to $223,800.

Mullins started his career

in 1994 as a high school math

teacher at Cocoa Beach, and

moved into district adminis-

tration six years later. He has

been deputy superintendent

and chief operating officer


ADVERTISING: 772-559-4187 | CIRCULATION: 772-226-7925 Tale of ‘Darkside’

NEWS 1-6 DINING 28 PEOPLE 7-10 Boots on the Ground
ARTS 11-14 GAMES 21-23 PETS 20 troupe uses theater as tool
BOOKS 19 HEALTH 25-27 REAL ESTATE 31-40 for social change. PAGE 12


2 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


CHILDREN’S SERVICES dren (31.6 percent) struggling right taxable property value, or $49.50 for • Increase access to and improve
here in Brevard,” the site states. the $200,000 home. Rains said that the quality of child care in the coun-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 would net $11.4 million. ty, at $2.5 million.
If voters approve a referendum,
“What we’re trying to show is we residents and businesses would be Commissioners created the child- • Prevent early delinquency by ex-
have more needs than resources,” levied a property tax rate, separate welfare panel in 1990, under a new panding out-of-school activities for
Adrian Laffitte, a council member from other county rates, of 25 cents state law. But the commission didn’t children in elementary and middle
appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, said for every $1,000 of taxable value in authorize a source of money for it, school, at $1.5 million.
July 11 in a meeting to craft a pitch the first year. and voters two years later defeated a
to commissioners. referendum to do so. • Build capacity and expand ser-
The owner of a $200,000 home, vices for children with “physical,
The council’s Internet site states with a $50,000 homestead exemp- Members last week said they hope intellectual and/or emotional chal-
that 44,899 Brevard families have tion, would be taxed at $37.50. Bre- to meet four top goals if they can get lenges,” also at $1.5 million.
children, 6,605 of them live below vard United Way President Rob the tax funding:
the poverty level and an additional Rains calculated that would mean Those were just estimates, Rains
7,584 can’t support a minimum sur- $8.4 million for children’s services. • Enhance and better integrate ex- said. But he provided them, he said,
vival budget. isting agencies’ services for children because some county commission-
In future years, the tax rate would from before birth to age 3, estimated ers have insisted on seeing numbers.
“That’s 14,189 families with chil- increase to 33 cents per $1,000 of at $1.5 million.
“Some voters want to know where

Incoming schools Superintendent Mark Mullins speaks to Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce. PHOTO: JULIAN LEEK

NEW SUPERINTENDENT playground improvements. He also
pointed out the high grades many
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 local schools regularly receive on
the Department of Education’s
since 2016, overseeing departments school report cards.
including transportation, food and
nutrition, purchasing and school “All of those accolades, all of
security. those efforts, are enhanced and
compounded by our amazing com-
He will officially take over as su- munity partnerships,” Mullins said.
perintendent on Aug. 10.
He pointed out that Brevard
“To inspire our teachers and our County has 750 “partners in edu-
school leaders is an honor,” Mul- cation” – typically private corpora-
lins told the chamber at their July tions – that donated more than a
breakfast event. million dollars to the school district
last year.
He gave the audience a brief
overview of several BPS programs, Mullins said the district will
including Career and Technical Ed- continue with improvements and
ucation, school choice, discipline upgrades to the district’s oldest
and special education. schools, some of which date back 50
years or more. He also said teacher
Mullins highlighted several re- salaries would be a priority.
cent milestones for BPS, including
saving costs by consolidating bus “We strive to be competitive,”
routes and eliminating older bus- he said, after an audience member
es, improved school security and asked about teacher pay. “Are we
mental health services, changes leading the way? No.” 
to the school lunch program and

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 3


this money would be going,” he said. als, and then awarding the contracts Isnardi of Palm Bay also sits on the Isnardi has declined to comment
Governor-appointed member to providers, he said. panel as the county’s delegate. But on her stand on the proposed referen-
she was absent from the July 11 dum. She has said she won’t telegraph
Todd Morley bristled at having to “Without RFPs, and the approval meeting. Rains frequently alluded to her vote to fellow commissioners and
provide dollar figures this far in ad- of the RFPs, we have no answers for her, however, and her desire to see a thus violate the Florida Government-
vance. That will all depend on the any of this,” he said. concrete plan. in-the-Sunshine Law. 
council issuing requests for propos-
County Commissioner Kristine

4 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STORY BY HENRY A. STEPHENS CORRESPONDENT der after Congress failed to the county, Tobia CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
[email protected]
to pass the DREAM Act, couldn’t say. by Owner (VRBO) and Airbnb has
Concerned with spending local seen an exponential rise over the last
taxes to support children of illegal im- which would have al- He said he couldn’t four years in the number of proper-
migrants, Brevard County commis- ties used as short-term rentals in
sioners last week asked Florida state lowed the same children get county breakdowns Florida.
officials to oppose former President
Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for of illegal immigrants to from FAIR. But the bigger problem is with
Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. short-term rentals run by out-of-
get legal status as Amer- Further, Sheriff Wayne state real estate conglomerates, cre-
Commissioner John Tobia, whose ating commercial activity in residen-
district includes the southernmost ican citizens. DACA Ivey couldn’t be reached tial areas – in essence, mini-hotels in
stretch of the county’s barrier island, the neighborhoods.
won a 5-0 vote July 10 on his motion doesn’t provide such a for an estimate of ille-
urging Florida Attorney General Pam Problems include noise, inade-
Bondi to join a multi-state lawsuit to path to citizenship. gal immigrants’ costs to quate parking, infrastructure intend-
overturn the 2012 policy. ed for residential use now being used
In his resolution, To- Brevard County. on a commercial scale, and decreased
“We’ve got to fix this,” Chairwoman property values in neighborhoods
Rita Pritchett said, noting Congress bia refers to the non- President Donald taken over by highly-commercialized
hasn’t been able to agree on a reform vacation rentals, said Indian Harbour
to the nation’s immigration policy. profit Federation for Trump in September Beach City Manager Mark Ryan.

The DACA policy began in 2012 American Immigration vowed to scrap DACA. “Neighborhoods are suffering. In
with a presidential executive order. some communities, vacation rent-
It allows some people, who were Reform (FAIR) of Wash- But courts in April or- als are being used as party houses,
brought into the United States as chil- complete with a cover charge and DJs
dren, when their parents entered ille- ington, D.C. John Tobia. dered him to restore it. in multiple rooms. The ripple effect
gally, to get a renewable 2-year period He said that organi- on neighborhoods, and the home-
of deferral from deportation. Such The resolution asks owners who live in the community
people would become eligible for U.S. year-round, are devastating. In some
work permits. zation cites $4,919 as Florida to join the states communities, long-time residents are
moving out as a result, and the char-
Obama penned the executive or- the average state expense – such as of Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisi- acter of traditional neighborhoods
is slowly being changed forever,’’ he
healthcare costs, unemployment ana, South Carolina and West Virginia said.

benefits and even the cost to make in a lawsuit to challenge the lawful- The Florida Legislature in 2011
passed a law keeping short-term
drivers’ licenses – for an illegal immi- ness of Obama’s executive order. rentals from being prohibited in any
city. That law was amended in 2014
grant in Florida. While Tobia got a unanimous vote, to allow for the regulation of short-
term rentals, but not the duration or
Statewide, Tobia added, such im- most commissioners were lackluster frequency of the rental.

migrants have racked up $6.3 billion in their support. While details are being worked out,
one likely requirement in the new or-
in public costs. “I support it, but I don’t know how dinance will be a land line phone.

“Through operation of state and much of an impact this will have with The land line is a safety issue to en-
sure that a 911 call goes to the correct
federal law, many of these expenses the Attorney General’s Office,” said dispatch center, not one out of the
area, which can sometimes happen
are passed down to local governments commission Vice Chairwoman Kris- with cellular phones. Additionally,
by having the land line and having
such as Brevard County,” Tobia wrote. tine Isnardi, whose district includes the number registered with Brevard
County Emergency Management
Just how much has trickled down the Indialantic area. and the City of Melbourne Utilities,
the vacation rental occupant can
Commissioner Curt Smith, whose receive reverse 911 calls for evacua-
tions, and boil water or similar no-
district includes the area of Satellite tices, Ryan said.

Beach and Indian Harbor Beach, said An earlier attempt to regulate
short-term rentals by Indian Har-
the county really has no standing in bour Beach was met by comments

national issues.

“It’s just like abortion or other na-

tional issues; we have no influence on

it,” he said.

Tobia said the commission should

forward the resolution to Brevard

County’s delegation of state lawmak-

ers, since they would have greater

sway with Bondi.

Like Trump, the Brevard County

commissioners are all Republican,

while Obama was a Democrat.

Nobody from the county’s Demo-

cratic Executive Committee could be

reached to comment on the commis-

sion’s action.

Meanwhile, neither Bondi nor her

staff could be reached to comment

on the likelihood of joining the multi-

state lawsuit, or to say whether other

counties have asked her to take part

in it.

But in September, when Trump an-

nounced his plan to abolish DACA,

Bondi supported the president.

“The highest duty of the presi-

dent of the United States is to pro-

tect our citizens and uphold the

Constitution, and President Trump’s

decision demonstrates respect for

the rule of law and compassion for

children brought to our country il-

legally,” Bondi said in a prepared

statement. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 5


and objections from Airbnb and the owner-occupied vacation rentals or tration and $350 for annual renewal. investors rights,’’ Ryan said.
Space Coast Board of Realtors. Prior properties which use the Homestead “To protect established neighbor- The City Council approved the Va-
to drafting the new ordinance, Ryan exemption.
met with both entities and incorpo- hoods, we are adopting regulations cation Rental Ordinance on first read-
rated some of their concerns. After a lengthy debate and a com- on this activity as we try to balance ing July 10. A public hearing consid-
parison of fees charged by other Florida the property rights of the homeown- eration on final reading is scheduled
It is important to note this pro- cities, the City Council proposed regis- ers who already live in the commu- for the July 24 City Council meeting
posed ordinance does not apply to tration fees of $500 for the initial regis- nity versus the property rights of the at 7 p.m. 

6 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


HEARTS OUT TO HAITI MISSION Clockwise from above: The Hearts Out to Haiti group; Margie Ruiz is greeted upon her return from Haiti; Bill Lally greets I would go back next year,’’ Trio said.
Muth specifically appealed to the
interpreters for their help with the
when the group of nine members and Natalie Trio, 17, said she will forev- ing for me. I have never seen any- momentous and high-stakes deci-
two adults learned that their return er remember the tension of the situa- thing like that. sion.
would be complicated by roadblocks, tion but also the hospitality shown by
fires and armed crowds after rioting the Haitian people. “Some of us were trying to get “I looked in their eyes and said all
broke out when the government an- out earlier. When you see the vid- of you have children and as you look
nounced a drastic hike in fuel prices. “Every night and during the day we eos and think they are happening around here, each of these children
were having really intense meetings where you are, I was like, I don’t want are our children so as we discuss
The riots, which the group kept and some of the kids were getting up- to go outside. The older kids kind this it is not an abstract thing. If any
up with via cellphone, prompted the set. We saw videos from our phones of understood. We just trusted that of them get hurt, you can’t take that
U.S. State Department to issue a “Do of what was happening outside; we we were going to be safe. It was just back. I wasn’t going to go unless they
Not Travel” Level 4 warning for the saw roadblocks, masks, machetes the thought of what could happen. could convince me it was safe,’’ Muth
country. and guns. It was actually scary look- There’s definitely a risk involved but said.

Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy La- His biggest fear was having the car-
fontant, who had called for the fuel- avan of SUVs blocked in the city dur-
price hike, temporarily suspended ing the riots and protests expected in
the hike hours after it was enacted, the following days.
but the violence continued for a short
time during which the Hearts Out to “What I tried to do was listen to ev-
Haiti group was trying to get to the erybody but then block out the noise
airport. and think of what was actually hap-
pening,” he said.
Lafontant resigned Saturday to
avoid being forcibly ousted in a no- In the end, he chose to go with the
confidence vote. group and wait it out. Six of the group
arrived at Holy Name of Jesus Catho-
Amid the riots and mindful of those lic Church on Tuesday with the final
earlier warnings, the group faced a five, including Muth, arriving Thurs-
decision as how to proceed safely day.
during their escape. Each member of
the group, young and old, was asked Muth admitted the summer ses-
their opinion about the option of sion was a very new experience for
risking travel during the unrest, or the mission, but said all concerned
staying in a Catholic church that had were ultimately most blessed by the
graciously put them up in the mean- kindness and charity of the Haitian
time. people.

Tim Muth has been on nearly 30 Trio said she remembers Muth’s
trips to Haiti for various mission-re- early warnings.
lated projects, starting in 2005. This
one was a very new experience, he “Tim gave us the news (about Hai-
said. ti) to scare us away. Everyone knows
it could possibly happen, but I never
“As we got to one of the cities com- thought it would actually happen,”
ing off the mountains, a motorcycle she said.
rider was giving directions to our
driver and he said, ‘Stay off the road, In addition to Muth, parent Mar-
there’s a road block coming up and gie Ruiz and Trio, others on the trip
there’s a bunch of people and they included Amanda Lally, 17, Joshua
may throw rocks at your car.’’’ McKenzie, 17, Zachary McKenzie, 19,
Victoria Ruiz, 16, Sofia Ruiz, 12, Mia
Connections with Catholic church- Ruiz, 11, Eddie Brace, 20, and Elena
es in the area, aided by the group’s in- Brace, 17.
terpreter, resulted in a lesson in and
of itself, with accommodations be- Hearts Out to Haiti conducts the
stowed on the group by people of one vacation Bible school, pays for teach-
of the poorest nations in the world. ers and annual teacher training, and
purchases three books for every stu-
dent in the program. 


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Staff Reporter Columnists Beach, and South Merritt Island. Creative Director
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Drop in anytime! Skydivers
get the jump on ‘Splash Bash’

8 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Drop in anytime! Skydivers get the jump on ‘Splash Bash’

Laurie Ewing, Cookie Pankiewicz, Ted Pankiewicz Jr, Lyn McGinnis, Curt Vogelsang, Matt Morici, Rafael Dunin, Manny Guevara, and Rita Roy.
Ted Pankiewicz, Hunter Pankiewicz, and Cheryl Diedolf.

Jeff Holmstock and Amanda Smalley. Neil Hutchinson and Mike Holmstock. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE Kristie Earley with Neil and Terri Hutchinson and dogs Sumner and Rummy.

STORY BY KERRY FIRTH CORRESPONDENT because of the incredible view, but
[email protected] also because we offer so much fun
and entertainment in between their
Brilliantly colored parachutes jumps.”
danced in the wind against a cloudless
blue sky during Skydive Sebastian’s Skydivers love diversity, so this
third annual Splash Bash Boogie, lur- year they brought in two vintage
ing jumpers from all over the United transport planes – a Casa 212 and a
States and from as far away as Germa- WW2 Biplane – as well as a Bell Huey
ny and England to the Drop Zone for 42 Huey Helicopter to take them up.
three fun-filled days, complete with
jumps and camaraderie last weekend. Skydiving is not just for the young,
according to 95-year-old WWII vet-
Not only could participants relish eran Mike Holmstock.
unsurpassed views in jumps over the
Sebastian Inlet and Atlantic Ocean, but “I did my last jump on my 93rd
after their descent could cool off and birthday right here in Sebastian,”
relax in huge inflatable pools, soak in said Holmstock, adding that he has
a hot tub to ease sore muscles or enjoy been jumping since he first enlisted
great bands and succulent barbecue. in the 82nd Airborne at age 19. “This
year I’m sitting it out, but I can feel
“The Splash Bash has quickly be- the sense of freedom and the adrena-
come the largest charity skydiv- line rush just watching them.”
ing event in the country. Last year
we raised a little more than $7,000,” Proceeds from the event will ben-
said event organizer Jeff Holmstock. efit Love of Paws, a Fellsmere-based
“We have over 200 attendees this nonprofit organization that pro-
year. Skydivers love to jump here vides food and care for pets belong-
ing to the elderly and disabled. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 9


Capoeira Karkará martial artists get kick out of graduation

Ray Souffrain. PHOTOS: JULIAN LEEK Sara Conceicao.

Hannah Silvestre. Sara Conceirao with Chloe Jackson.

Melbourne Capoeira Karkará Batizado (Graduation) was held at the
Paradise Beach Pavilion. This was the second time the event has been
held at this Melbourne Beachside location. Students from Jacksonville
to Miami attended this two-day martial arts and culture event. Capoei-
ra is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, ac-
robatics and music. 

10 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


‘Americana’ stories and songs stimulate young minds


STORY BY JAN WESNER CHILDS CORRESPONDENT these stories,” Adams told the kids. from preschools and elementary from a tree where he was stuck.
[email protected] “Are you going to help me?” schools. “She said, ‘Don’t call me sweetie,’”

As smiling children filtered into the Their enthusiastic reply: “Yeah!” “It’s like a whole genre that’s not be- Adams said.
community room at Satellite Beach The program, called “American ing told that much,” she said. “And it’s “This story just goes to show there
Public Library, performer Katie Adams Tall Tales, Songs and Storytelling,” fun.”
sang “This Land is Your Land” and en- was part of Satellite Library’s weekly is somebody out there for every one of
couraged them to follow her hand mo- summer story, songs and playtime. The Tampa-based Adams has a de- us.”
tions to the song. The events, geared at ages 2 through gree in art with a minor in theater. She
5, take place at 10 a.m. every Thursday was a puppeteer before launching her Harold finds the “tall tales,” many
“I don’t know if you guys learned this through the end of the month. own business as a children’s enter- of which are available in the children’s
song, but it’s an old-time song about Satellite Beach youth librarian Mar- tainer. She thrives on the creativity section of the library, fascinating for
our country,” she told them. lena Harold said the library holds sev- and the energy of the child audience kids.
eral summer activities designed to members.
She continued to warm them up help kids continue to learn. “There’s the aspect of the timeless
with a rousing version of “Oh, Susan- “We try to prevent the summer “They’re creative, imaginative, but stories, those classic tales and they just
na,” followed by the classic “Home on slide,” Harold said. also they’re very frank,” she laughed. really get the kids interested,” she said.
the Range.” Adams wasn’t surprised that the
kids didn’t immediately recognize the The kids yelled “Boom” when Ad- And storytelling in general is a great
Then Adams launched into the sto- songs or stories. The “Americana” that ams walked around like Paul Bunyan way to stimulate young minds.
ries of Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and she features has largely disappeared and made coyote noises for Pecos Bill.
Davey Crockett’s mythical wife, Sally “Your whole brain is active when
Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind. “He liked to play with grizzzzzly you’re listening to storytelling,” Ad-
bears instead of teddy bears,” Adams ams said. “Whereas when you’re
“I’m going to need some help to tell said of Pecos Bill, pointing out details watching TV, only a small part of your
the kids could relate to. brain is active. Storytelling has a visual
component in your brain.”
She explained to them that a cov-
ered wagon was “an old-fashioned The Satellite Beach Public Library
mini-van.” A few looked befuddled is located at 751 Jamaica Blvd. Other
when she asked what a blizzard was. upcoming events include:

Some of the stories were accompa- Junior Builders Club: Wednesdays
nied by handheld wooden puppets. at 3:30 p.m., for ages 5 and up.

“It was so good,” Dylan Gardiner, Maker Monday: The first Monday of
age 7, said after the show. “I got to the month at 3 p.m., for ages 8 through
do the little puppets. We got to make 12. Sign up is required.
them dance.”
Rave About Your Fave: Sunshine
Adams pointed out that the story State book club for grades three
about Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirl- through six. Every third Monday at 3
wind was one of the few tall tales about p.m.
women. She told the kids how the fic-
tional Sally Ann used a rope she made Read to a Dog: Read your favor-
out of snakes to rescue her husband ite stories to the Space Coat Therapy
Dogs. Every Third Saturday at 1 p.m.
Sign-up is required. 

12 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Tale of this ‘Darkside’: Dramatic artists on a mission


Theater is an ephemeral art form.
When a show closes, that’s it. No reruns
are available.

The same holds true for Boots on the
Ground Theater Company. Based loose-
ly in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the itinerate
organization has been in town for five
weeks to collaborate with area artists to
create a non-conventional production
of “Darkside,” a 90-minute drama run-
ning July 19-29 at the Derek Gores Gal-
lery in Melbourne.

But unlike other theater companies
around the area, when the final cur-
tain falls on Boots on the Ground’s
production, it will also fall on the the-
ater company itself. At least in Bre-
vard. At least for now.

Its mission is to stir community dis-
cussion and to use theater as a tool for
social change.

“The act of doing is what brings people
together,” she Mikayla Goetz, one of the
founders of BOTG.

About a year old, BOTG goes into com-
munities to produce or present shows
that will stir community imagination
and discussion. It recently performed

Dalton Hedrick
and Keenan Carver.

“Grounded” at the Spoleto Festival in gan searching for venues in the Space Mikayla Goetz.
Charleston, S.C., and in Fredericksburg, Coast. A “series of closed doors and lucky
Va. Before that, it worked with veterans connections” brought into their orbit
to produce “See Me for Who I Am” in Derek Gores, a popular area artist who
towns throughout Wisconsin. Its next has turned his gallery in the Eau Gallie
big project is “Aliyah,” which examines Arts District into a cultural hub.
the plight of Jewish people in Ukraine.
“He has been nothing short of a bless-
The “Darkside” project is the longest ing during this process,” she said. “We
the team has spent in one area. The idea could not have found a better home to
to bring the play to Brevard was a no- experiment and collaborate in.”
brainer for the group. Goetz, who was
raised in Cocoa, knew that a play con- The project has hit the creative sweet
cerning NASA could find a perfect home spot for Gores.
in the Space Coast. The play is about a
moon landing gone wrong. “Watching how these creatives from
different cities across the country came
About eight months ago, the team be- together in EGAD and collaborated with
our local artists to construct the show

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 13


Dalton Hedrick
and Mikayla Goetz.

has been truly inspiring,” he said. “I es- the show along. Instead, actors become Michael Onofaro.
pecially admire how they honor each the techies, playing sound cues turn-
other’s input, investing considerable ing on lights, which range from as flood
time and trust and connection-building. lights and flashlights to headlamps and
LED strips.
“The resulting show is fun, dramatic
and captivating.” “We are constantly working to make
the ordinary extraordinary,” Goetz said.
Goetz said the gallery and Gores’ col- “(We) have created a truly magical world
lage style artwork have been a huge for this play.”
source of inspiration.
In addition to working with Gores, the
“His work inspired us to push the group has also worked with musical art-
limits of conventional storytelling,” she ist Stewart Coleman who created origi-
said. “Our show, like Derek’s collages, nal compositions for the production.
combines a wide variety of images,
characters and textures to create one The production features resident ac-
piece of art.” tors from New York, Virginia and South
Carolina. There are also three local ac-
Written by Ken Jones, the drama pre- tors in the show.
miered in 1988 at the critically acclaimed
Denver Center Theatre Company. It tells, The local actors are Juan Agudelo, who
within 17 scenes, the story of two Ameri- portrays Captain Griffin; Corinne Marie
can astronauts stranded on the moon who plays his wife (she was Molly in the
while astronaut Bill Griffin orbits above Henegar’s production of “Peter and the
in the command module. Starcatcher” last season); David Diggle,
who plays “Capcom” (he was Black-
Technical malfunctions result in stache in “Starcatcher”); and Keenan
Griffin losing contact when he enters Carver, who plays the role of Gunner
the moon’s darkside. That in turn spurs Smith (he was Anthony in the Henegar’s
introspection from the astronauts and “I and You” last season).
their families. Goetz said it is a combina-
tion of realism and hallucination. “Working with such creative young
artists has truly been special,” Carver
To produce the show in the Derek said. “I have never been a part of a de-
Gores Gallery meant turning an art stu- vised theater process and I have also
dio and gallery into a performing arts never been as challenged as I have in
space. Certainly that has been done with the past few weeks. Our dream team has
the Not Quite Right Players, an improvi- continuously pushed the boundaries of
sation group which performs regularly storytelling. I’m excited by our sense of
in the gallery space. risk and experimentation and can’t wait
to show it to the community.”
That group typically moves art off a
wall, hoists up some clamp lights, sets After working a year producing shows
up chairs and has at it with improvised in various locations, the group will take a
comedy shows that fit nicely into the sur- performing hiatus in order to develop its
roundings. original show “Aliyah” and to fundraise
as well as to find a permanent home.
But with a full dramatic production,
more theatricality comes into play. The “We have loved every second of our
BOTG production of “Darkside” blends time here in Brevard and would by ly-
many performance styles, which some ing if we said it wasn’t on our short list,”
may call “experimental,” which is simply Goetz said.
another way of saying “creative” and “out
of the box.” For example, this production “Darkside” opens Friday and runs
includes shadow dancing, multimedia through July 29 at Derek Gores Gallery,
and even a boxing match; and, it places 587 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne. Tick-
the audience of 35 people on comfy ets cost $21 general and $18 for students,
folding chairs in the center of the room seniors, veterans and astronauts. Minimal
while the action takes place 360 degrees service fees apply. Performances are 7:30
around the audience. p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays,
and 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Call
Unlike most theaters, there is no off- or visit or on Facebook
stage space for actors to wait unseen at Underground: ArtSpace. 
nor is there a backstage crew moving

14 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Coming Up: Classic ‘Pink Floyd’ concert … wish you are there

STORY BY SAMANTHA BAITA STAFF WRITER coming Thursday, July 26. Time: 7:30 lead. Lou’s Blues never lets Monday get
p.m. Tickets: $67.50. blue or boring either: singer/songwriter
John McDonald is all about trop rock,
1 This Saturday at the King Cen- 3 Let’s hope the weather is permit- and his Magnum P.I. shirts, upbeat
ter, Classic Albums Live channels ting, because weekends are al- style and tropical vibe will definitely
keep Monday anything but blue. 9 p.m.
Pink Floyd in the show “Pink Floyd: 321-779-2299.

Wish You Were Here.” Pink Floyd was, ways fun – and music is always live – at

of course, an English rock band that Coppola’s at Sebastian Beach Inn, right

started in London in the ’60s. Famous on the oceanfront deck. On Saturday,

for their progressive, psychedelic mu- Soular Eclipse, a multi-genre collec- 5 A bit further down the pike, check
out Capt Hiram’s on U.S. 1 in Se-
sic, says Wikipedia they were known for tive from Fort Myers, will provide the

“their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic music – anything from post-punk to bastian, one of the area’s popular, al-

experimentation, extended composi- hip hop, folk, R&B, jazz. Sunday brings ways happenin’ music (food, drink,

tions, and elaborate live shows.” Pink Lion Heart back to the oceanfront deck. stay) venues. The Sand Bar Beach Club

Floyd was also one of the most commer- Music: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 321-728-4311. has a covered stage with lots of live en-

cially successful groups in pop history. tertainment. This Friday, 3:30 p.m.,

You’ll appreciate how a Classic Albums 4 There’s always music at Lou’s Greg and Brian take the stage with mu-
Blues (bar/restaurant) right on the
Live production is faithful to the, well, 1 Saturday at King Center, sic they describe as “Elton meets Billy,
Classic Albums Live.
the classic albums: they rely on the mu- Atlantic in Indialantic: this Friday, it’s joins the Beatles, and they all watch
blending country harmonies and in-
sic, and don’t go off on a musical tan- struments with rock ’n’ roll rhythms. Rios Rock Band at 9:30 p.m.: five guys Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” At 7:30
They gained success pretty quickly
gent. This is how they put it: “We’re for – Platinum success, mind you – and, delivering rock and roll, with hits from p.m., you’ll enjoy East Harbor, a young,
believe it or not, four decades down the
music lovers wanting to hear the great- road, Poco’s frontman, Rusty Young U2, AC/DC, the Beatles, the Stones, engaging, alternative rock band. Satur-
(“Crazy Love” and “Call It Love”) still
est albums performed live without all leads the band. Poco will be on stage in Motley Crue and more. Same time Sat- day brings an amazing one-man-band
the King Center’s Studio Theatre this
the gimmickry and cheesy imperson- urday, Rocket City plays favorites from experience at 3:30 p.m. Jeff Marquis is

ations.” Show time: 8 p.m. Tickets: start the retro era (such as Etta James, Nina the one man, and he’ll be spicing up all

at $29.75. 321-242-2219. Simone, Sinatra) to current hits. Sun- your favorites with a reggae flavor. Next,

day at 2 p.m., it’s the Vince Reed Band Capt Hiram’s Summer Sunday Reggae

2 Poco, so the King Center promo bringing “concert rock” – Bill Marsh on Series continues. At 2 p.m. it’s Reggae
says, “was one of the first groups
lead guitar, George Wilson at the drums Juice, followed by Zach Deputy at 4:30

to pioneer country-rock music,” boldly and Reed handling bass and 12-string p.m., both free shows. 772-388-8588. 


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$15,950 $18,499 $22,899 $23,899 $32,899

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


Prices are subject to change at anytime. Sale prices includes all available dealer discounts, factory rebates and consumer rebates. All applicants will not qualify for all discounts and/or incentives. Florida residents add tax, title, license,
registration, dealer admin, fees, and destination. Prices not valid with any other promotions. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Offer expires July 31st 2018. See dealer for full details. Not responsible for typographical errors.

16 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE


BY TAMER EL-GHOBASHY AND MUSTAFA SALIM | WASHINGTON POST The alliance gives the three blocs a branding himself as an advocate for
combined 143 seats in the assembly, Iraq’s sovereignty.
At the main checkpoint outside the The militia’s role in Samarra reflects still a little short of a 165-seat majority.
central Iraqi city of Samarra, where Sadr’s evolution from public enemy to Sadr’s transformation, coupled with
regular army soldiers and police are enforcer of order and provides potent Though he is not seeking to become his win at the polls, has led to head-
joined by militiamen commanded by clues to how he will play his new part prime minister himself, Sadr is in a scratching in Baghdad, Washington
Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr – a one- in ruling Iraq. strong position to shape Iraq’s next and Tehran: Who is the real Moqtada
time battlefield foe of American forces government and select the nation’s al-Sadr?
– it is the flags of Sadr’s militia that fly In May, Sadr’s ticket won an unex- leader.
most prominently. pected victory in Iraq’s national elec- “There is a genuine confusion over
tions after running on a platform of His electoral victory was the latest whether he is the future of Iraq or sim-
While the city’s checkpoints are sup- eradicating sectarianism, fighting cor- surprise from the 44-year-old cleric. ply a relic of its recent past, wearing a
posed to be jointly operated, it is clear ruption and sidelining both American During the U.S. occupation of Iraq, his mask,” said a Western diplomat who
who is in charge. Sadr’s militiamen do and Iranian influence in the country. militia, then known as the Mahdi Army, requested anonymity to discuss pri-
all the talking, quizzing drivers about fought fierce battles with U.S. troops, vate conversations among Iraq’s do-
their destinations, while the regular se- But although Sadr appeared to have making him an outlaw to Americans mestic and foreign power brokers.
curity forces sit idly on the side. won the election (a recount is still un- and a revolutionary to his large and
derway), his party took only 54 seats. loyal base. The performance of his militia, now
Sadr’s 12,000 armed followers pro- He has since formed an unlikely alli- known as the Peace Brigades, suggests
tect – even dominate – this city, ensur- ance with Hadi al-Amiri, whose Iran- In the following years, his militia fu- Sadr has genuinely shed his earlier sec-
ing peace in a place that is overwhelm- backed party won 47 seats, and with eled a blood-soaked sectarian war that tarianism and is committed to healing
ingly Sunni Muslim but is home to one the Victory Bloc of prime minister Hai- deeply divided the nation. After a brief the Sunni-Shiite wounds that have cor-
of the world’s holiest Shiite shrines. dar al-Abadi, which won 42. exile from public life, Sadr returned roded Iraq’s society and security.
after the rise of the Islamic State, re-
But the brigades’ conduct in Sa-

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 17


marra also shows that he may not In other Iraqi cities, Shiite militias to build bridges to the community by The militia’s vehicles bear license
have been so fast to relinquish his au- that mustered in response to the Sun- restoring the city’s electricity lines and plates marked with “The Peace Bri-
tocratic tendencies and still retains a ni extremists of the Islamic State often water networks; they have sent del- gades” rather than the province where
taste for subordinating Iraq’s laws to abused the local Sunni populations. egations to celebrate local weddings the vehicles are registered. The militia
his own rule. But in Samarra, the deployment of and to console mourners at funerals. has ordered, unlike in other cities, that
Sadr’s Peace Brigades helped ensure And, Khalaf said, the Peace Brigades outsiders be sponsored by a local resi-
Samarra is a UNESCO World Heri- that the city remained prosperous and have effectively policed themselves, dent to enter Samarra and must leave
tage Site, a city rich with medieval ar- secure for its 300,000 Sunni residents. immediately punishing members who their government identification at the
tifacts from the Sunni Abbasid reign were accused of looting shops, stealing checkpoint until they depart.
and the final resting place of two of “At first, we were afraid because we
Shiite Islam’s revered imams. IRAQI SECURITY FORCES AND “They are a stifling presence in the
used to hear that the Mahdi Army were MEMBERS OF THE SARAYA city, controlling everyone’s movements,
Along its boulevards, Sadr’s image is conducting massive killing against and the police and army are subordi-
ubiquitous on posters and billboards. the Sunnis,” said Mahdi al-Bazzi, a AL-SALAM (PEACE BRIGADES), nate to them,” said the provincial of-
He is depicted as a military com- 53-year-old teacher in Samarra. “The INSPECT THE SITE OF SUICIDE ficial, who spoke on the condition of
mander, graying and portly in combat Peace Brigades who came in changed anonymity out of fear of reprisals by
fatigues and a camouflage cap, unlike this idea because they defended the BOMBINGS AT A POWER Sadr’s forces.
in Baghdad and the Shiite heartland city and kept it safe.” PLANT IN SAMARRA.
farther south, where he is most often Local restaurant owners dutifully
represented as a pious cleric clad in a Bazzi said the heavily armed pres- AMMAR AL-HAKIM turn their televisions to the Sadrist
traditional black turban and robe. ence provides a sense of security that (LEFT), SHIITE LEADER news channel when the rowdy militia-
was missing when government forces men, some wearing long beards and
The posters in Samarra bear the logo patrolled the streets. AND HEAD OF THE others wearing more fashionable pom-
of the Peace Brigades, a silhouetted HIKMA PARTY, MEETS padour hairstyles, stop in.
fighter triumphantly holding an Iraqi Mahmoud Khalaf, Samarra’s mayor
flag, a rifle slung over his shoulder, since 2005, credited the brigades with WITH AL-SADR. “They are behaving like a police
next to a white dove in flight and the facilitating the return of residents who state, and this shows their true inten-
motto: “We bow to no one but God.” had fled the Islamic State threat. In other civilian vehicles or acting imperiously. tions,” the official said.
cities, Shiite militias stand accused of ex- Iraqi army Brig. Gen. Firas Sami
A decade ago, the city was at the epi- pelling or killing Sunnis. “It doesn’t ben- Many city residents refused to talk
center of a ruinous civil war. Suspected efit any side to have a hostile relation- once fought against the Mahdi Army. about the brigades, saying they fear
al-Qaeda militants had bombed the ship with the city’s people,” Khalaf said. He now works with Sadr’s militiamen punishment for being critical of the
golden-domed al-Askari mosque sacred “The Peace Brigades understood that.” on security operations. group.
to Shiites, sparking a years-long sectar-
ian conflict throughout the country. Sadr’s militiamen have also sought “The Mahdi Army were criminals, “I don’t trust them. I want them to
thieves and killers,” he said. “When they leave the city and be replaced by gov-
Sadr, who was leading a populist changed their name to the Peace Bri- ernment forces, because right now
Shiite revival in Iraq’s south, publicly gades, they changed everything with it. their authority is bigger than the state
called for unity. But in reality, his Mah- They are very disciplined and respect authority,” said a 25-year-old shop-
di Army became a central player in the law.” keeper who spoke on the condition of
the revenge killings, employing death anonymity.
squads in Baghdad and operating pris- Many military and government of-
ons far outside the control of the cen- ficials do not share Sami’s views. They Hamid, the Peace Brigades com-
tral government. His militia was also see the Peace Brigades as an obstacle mander, said the strict procedures
implicated in running protection rack- to bringing Iraq’s various armed groups imposed in Samarra are the sole rea-
ets and shaking down small and large under central government command. son the city has not suffered a major
businesses alike. Though Sadr says he wants a strong terrorist attack since 2014. A native of
Iraqi state where all weapons are in the Iraq’s Shiite south, Hamid said he can-
After the rise of the Islamic State, hands of the government, a senior pro- not wait to return home once a strong
which conquered more than a third vincial official said the brigades have Iraqi government presence is estab-
of Iraq’s territory, the Mahdi Army was become “a state within the state.” lished in Samarra. He said that once
reborn as the Peace Brigades. Sadr or- Sadr calls on the brigades to demobi-
dered his fighters to Samarra in 2014, lize, they will “do it in that minute, in
and they deployed quickly, beating back that hour.”
the militants who had surrounded it as
nearby cities fell to the Islamic State. Dhiaa al-Asadi, Sadr’s top politi-
cal adviser, agreed that the brigades’
The new Sadrist fighters were warily 50,000 active-duty fighters around the
accepted by the Sunni population and country and additional 250,000 re-
by commanders of Iraq’s army, which servists are ready to disarm and noted
had crumbled in the face of the Islam- Sadr’s call that a small number of inde-
ic State blitz. pendent militiamen be absorbed into
the national army and police.
“We came to secure the holy shrines,
return the people to their homes and But Sadr has sent a conflicting sig-
gain their cooperation and trust. That nal, recently announcing that he
has been our biggest success,” Majid would enter a governing coalition
Hamid, the deputy commander of the with Shiite militia figures seeking to
brigades in Samarra, said in an interview. remain independent from Iraq’s secu-
rity forces. Still, Asadi said Sadr’s evolu-
Hamid, who sports a neat beard, tion is sincere and augurs a strong Iraq
olive fatigues and a 9mm Glock pistol defined by rule of law and an indepen-
on his waist, said he is proud of his dent foreign policy.
membership in the Mahdi Army but
insists that the Peace Brigades are dif- “This is a very natural development
ferent – despite drawing many of the from one stage to another . . . and all
same fighters. the principles that he adopts now are
genuine,” he said of Sadr. “It means
“The Mahdi Army fought the Ameri- that he believes in and he’s adopted
cans because they were occupiers,” he and embraced the democratic prin-
explained. “The Peace Brigades fight ciples and procedures.” 
the Islamic State who are criminals.”

HOT VS. COLD FOR INJURIES, PART I and pain must all be controlled. Ice should be applied as soon as pos-
sible in order to:
If you trip on a rug and twist your ankle, or fall and land on your  Reduce swelling and pain
wrist, should you apply hot or cold to your injury?  Limit internal bleeding at the injury site
 Cause the blood vessels to narrow (vasoconstriction)
Before we discover the answer, let’s begin with a discussion of pain TIMING
and injuries. o Ice should remain in contact for 10-20 minutes at a time de-
pending on the size of the area being treated and the depth of the
PAIN IS YOUR FRIEND injured tissues.
o It can be re-applied regularly, every 1-3 hours for up to 48 hours.
Pain and swelling due to injury are not the problem – they are signs o If swelling and other symptoms don’t improve within 48 hours,
of the problem. Pain serves a valuable purpose – to stop us from contact your physician or visit an urgent care center or emergency room.
doing things that could make an injury worse.
In general, after 48 hours – only if swelling and bleeding have sub-
 Acute injuries result from traumatic incidents such as a fall, twist- sided, you may start using heat. Heat therapy is used to:
ing movement or direct blow. In addition to immediate pain, other  Treat chronic injuries
signs and symptoms may include tenderness, redness, skin that  Help relax tight, aching muscles and joints
feels warm to the touch, swelling and inflammation.  Increase elasticity of ligaments and tendons
 Chronic injuries, as a rule, gradually build up over a period of  Increase blood flow to the area
days, weeks or longer. Often caused by overuse or repetitive activity TIMING
of a body part, chronic injuries can also be caused by an acute injury o Heat therapy should be applied for 15-20 minutes in the form
which failed to heal due to a lack of appropriate treatment. Chronic of hot water bottles, a warm damp towel, heat rub or commercially
injuries may come and go, and may cause dull pain or soreness. available heat pads.
o If your injury doesn’t improve within 48 hours of heat therapy,
USE THE RIGHT TREATMENT FOR THE BEST RESULTS contact your physician or visit an urgent care center or emergency room.

 Cold treatment will help reduce pain and inflammation. And you’re right if you surmised the answer to the question at top
 Hot treatment will relax muscles and release strain on injured is “cold.”
If you think you have a broken bone or dislocated joint, treat with Your comments and suggestions for future topics are always wel-
cold and go to the emergency room. come. Email us at [email protected].

COLD THERAPY © 2018 Vero Beach 32963 Media, all rights reserved

When an acute injury first occurs, bleeding, inflammation, swelling

Bahamas bound…


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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 19


“I wish it had been had risked everything for the patriot who would go on to become the president of Harvard,
my heart,” the wound- cause took that desperate decision to took the opposite approach with Washington, sanitizing
ed soldier cried out turn against it, earning not the suc- his papers when he should have been editing them. He
on a late afternoon in cess he had hoped for, but lasting op- successfully reduced both men to two dimensions – God
1777. The bullet had, probrium.” above and Lucifer below.
instead, shattered his
leg during the sec- To understand how Arnold the Washington and Arnold were different, to be sure, but
ond and final battle at hero became Arnold the turncoat, Malcolm enables readers to see the very real similarities
Saratoga, a crucial vic- we must consider the moderates, between the two men. Washington receives much sym-
tory for the Continen- an overlooked segment of the early pathy from historians over the loss of his father and how
tal Army. The soldier American population who were neither patriot nor loy- it deprived him of a carefree boyhood: He became the
was just 36, a widower alist but rather neutral (or, like the prominent Americans head of his mother’s house far before 18 and received
with three young sons who rode out the war years as profiteers, something al- none of the opportunities afforded to his elder half-
at home. He had fronted together different). And we must take a good hard look brothers, including boarding school in London. Arnold’s
his fortune for the patriot at the American Revolution, as Holger Hoock did so con- early tale of woe – that he was yanked out of boarding
cause, even though he vincingly last year in “Scars of the Independence,” and school when his alcoholic father’s business collapsed
was a moderate, and was admit that it wasn’t exactly the democratic lovefest we and that he was forced to give up college for an appren-
one of the most impres- read about in grade school. The Marquis de Lafayette ticeship – has often been used to point to the origin of
sive officers on either side complained to George Washington that there were “par- personal bitterness. Once youngWashington and Arnold
during the Revolutionary ties [in Congress] who hate one another as much as the entered the world of men, they became obsessed with
War, despite having en- common enemy,” and he was not being hyperbolic. The honor and found success on the battlefield. Both were
listed without any military revolution should be taught as America’s first civil war: extremely sensitive to slights, and neither was much of a
training. violent, partisan and, for a sizable part of the country, by natural or studied orator.
their own fault or none at all, ruinous.
Had the British officer who shot him aimed higher, the Malcolm, a professor at George Mason University From there, though, they differ significantly. Arnold
soldier would have surely died a hero. The nation would School of Law, is no revisionist. That victorious lot has al- bragged about his beautiful wife’s prowess in bed and
have erected monuments in his likeness, named mili- ready come and gone, shaping the perception of Arnold complained constantly, calling his doctors in Albany
tary bases after him and sung ballads about his daring as the most infamous man in American history, rotten to “ignorant pretenders” and politicians far worse. All suc-
feats on the field of battle. (He was known to charge first the core, altogether different than the high-minded pa- cessful military men were micromanaged and court-
himself, his men inspired to follow his lead whether he triots who nobly rose up in total uniformity against a ty- martialed by a Continental Congress that fundamentally
called for them or not.) Had he died a year into the rev- rannical ruler. In a brief historiography, Malcolm points distrusted them, fearful that the national heroes would
olution, he would never have been dumped in Albany, to Jared Sparks’ 1835 biography, “The Life and Treason of emulate Oliver Cromwell and seize power.
N.Y., where he endured a painful and lengthy hospital Benedict Arnold,” as setting “the tone for this wholesale
stay while Gen. Horatio Gates – who could not even see blackening of Arnold’s entire life,” in which “no tale of Ar- But while Washington learned to hold his tongue, Ar-
the battlefield at Saratoga, because that would have re- nold’s sinfulness as a child [is] too bizarre to be believed.” nold never did. He accused Congress of “stamped ingrat-
quired that he leave his tent – took credit for the remark- As Sparks tells it, Arnold had all the markings of a socio- itude as a current coin” and made his displeasure known
able victory. path; his pastimes included snatching baby birds out when lawmakers, before reimbursing Arnold for the for-
of their mothers’ nests “to maim and mangle.” Sparks, tune he had staked to train and outfit his men, painstak-
And if that hadn’t happened, he might not have be- ingly audited his account of public funds during military
trayed the patriot cause, nor would his clearly innocent campaigns. He was summoned before what Malcolm
wife, Peggy, be widely regarded as a temptress to rival describes as “more of a kangaroo court than impartial
Eve. Benedict Arnold would never have earned the name military tribunal,” judged by his “enemies and friends of
that turns you against him at first glance. enemies.” They blocked his best witness, only to call his
protests “illegal, illiberal and ungentlemanlike.” When
“Since the fall of Lucifer,” Nathanael Greene, a general Congress demanded that Arnold apologize, he refused,
in the Continental Army, wrote after the Revolutionary offering instead to duel – and that was one of his better
War, “nothing has equaled the fall of Arnold.” hearings. 

Joyce Lee Malcolm knows this story, and yet she has THE TRAGEDY OF BENEDICT ARNOLD
embraced the thankless, if not Sisyphean, task of con-
textualizing America’s first traitor in her new and aptly AN AMERICAN LIFE
named biography, “The Tragedy of Benedict Arnold.”
“The aim is not to condone Arnold,” she assures readers BY JOYCE LEE MALCOLM | PEGASUS. 410 PP. $27.95
in the introduction, “but to understand why a man who REVIEW BY ALEXIS COE, THE WASHINGTON POST


1. Florida BY LAUREN GROFF 1. Assume the Worst 1. Pie is for Sharing
2. The Lost Letter
3. The Perfect Couple 3. Make Your Bed BY ADMIRAL
4. Dog Man and Cat Kid
4. The Cuban Affair 4. Barracoon
(Dog Man #4) BY DAV PILKEY

5. The President is Missing 5. Three Days in Moscow of Apollo #3) BY VERONICA ROTH


Pajama Party for the Family! 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

Saturday, July 28th 11 am

PAJAMA PARTY with Miss Michelle

Wear your Pajamas—stories, craft, photo booth and more!

20 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz has rarely seen a lass as cute as Leena

Hi Dog Buddies! sorta flat, floppy pillow, wrapped

This week I innerviewed a liddle it around Leena, an picked her
black Shih Tzu, Leena Dzama, who
has her very own Cool Kibbles bug- up. All I could see were her eyes
gie. She calls it her Buddha Buggie.
It’s got a pillow an blankets: pur-pull, an nose. She looked like a Zsa-
an green an a pink-an-white one with
her name on it, like, a hundred times. Zsa Burrito.
She can look out, an there’s this liddle
sorta screen door. PLUS, it’s bright “That adventure was fun, but
PUR-pull! Sweeet!
last week I had a not-so-fun ad-
Leena an her Mom an Dad have a
flower shop, an she’s there every day venture. I hadda have the No-Pup-
greetin’ people an hangin’ out in her
Buggie, or running around being pies procedure. The humans at the
cute, which is what she was doing
when me an my assistant walked in. dog hos-pittle were real nice. But
She ran right up for the Wag-an-Sniff.
it still wasn’t any fun. I was sore
“A gracious good morning, Mr.
Bonzo. You look like your pikshure, and pooped for a few days, but I’m
but even more han-sum in the fur.”
much better now.”
“Well, thank you, Miss Leena,” I re-
plied, blushing under my ‘han-sum’ “I’m happy to hear that, Miss Lee-
fur. I noticed she had a sparkly col-
lar, an a Summer Bob, with some at- na.”
tractive white highlights around her
face, which really made her black “Soon I can play in the dog park.
eyes stand out. So I told her so. (Hey,
Poocheroos, I’m trying to notice An go Swimmin’! You should see my
those things; you know, tap into
my softer side. The ladies like that. Dog Paddle! And I’ll hang out with
Make a note.)
my dog buddies on the south side of
“This is MumMA Aimee, an Dad-
dy Frankie, who has to go deliver the inlet. I can’t WAIT! An, guess what?
flowers right now.” Her Daddy
zoomed off. Leena led us to a big Daddy sometimes takes me along on
round table, an plopped down in
the middle of it. flower dee-LIV-rees. That’s real im-

“Snazzy wheels you got there.” I portant. He says, “Leena, Please don’t
nodded at the pur-pull Buggie.
Eat the Daisies. But he knows I would
“I KNOW, right? When I’m not on
the table bein’ a cennerpiece, or bein’ never! Plus, MuhMA cooks my food.
charming to CUS-tummers, I’m re-
clining in my Funky Buddha Lounge.” I get spinach, green beans, us-PARA-

“It’s pawsome, all right. So, Miss gus, sweet puh-tadoes and chiggin.
Leena, how’d you find your Forever
Family?” I’m not big on crunchy things.”

“MumMA an Daddy hadda a white “Any favorite treats?”
Lab-mix – Sandee. She was real pret-
ty. I’ve seen picck-shures. She was 15 “YES! Once a week I get the Best
people years when she went to Dog
Heaven last summer. Daddy said Treat Ever! A big frozen marrow bone.
prayin’ every night for a Small Dog. I can munch on that forever.”
THEN this Cool Dog Biscuits thing
happened. Last Fall, a lady came into “That sounds duh-lish! How about
the shop to apply for a holiday job, an
MumMA hired her. The second day Leena.PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD tricks? You know: Sit? Shake?”
she was workin’ she noticed that shelf “Well, um, when MuhMA is saying
with a pick-shure of Sandee,” she
pointed a paw. “The lady looked all stuff like that, I ALWAYS listen polite-
sad, an told MumMA she had this lid- ly. I tilt my head to one side an look
dle dog that she Loved So Much, Palu-
sa (that was me), but she was gonna Extremely Adorable. But I just don’t

feel, you know, motivated to ack-

hully do any of it. Well, on occasion,

hafta get rid of it cuz of Unforeseen I might sit. Or, if I’m already sitting,
Circumstances, an was worried she
couldn’t find a loving home. She poked her liddle that counts, right?”

“WELL, MumMA thought about it face out through the front open- I pretended to sneeze to keep from
for a nano-second, an said “I’ll take
her!” She knew it was an answer to her ing. “Have I ever!! Mostly fun. Like laughing. “Toys! Got any toys?”
prayer. An, the minute I met MumMA
an Daddy, I knew it was an answer to my first vacation with MumMA and “I’m not a big toy girl. I only have
mine an my first Mom’s, too. I guess
that NO MORE DOGS! thing was just Daddy. It was Christmastime. We my tug-of-war sock, an one stuffy to
a suggestion.
rode inna car to a place called Suh- sleep with.”
“Before, I hadda stay inna ken-
nel day an night. Now I get to run an van-uh. An we’re goin’ to Chicago Heading home, I was thinkin’ about
play an meet people, an I sleep with
MumMA an Daddy. This is my very soon an stay inna dog-frenly hotel seein’ if my Gramma would buy me
own Forever Home. Sometimes I still
can’t buh-live it – ’til I see my Pur-pull right on the Loop. I’m not sure, but one of those frozen marrow bones.
I think that’s something we can play An getting Leena’s Woofmail address
Her MumMA picked her up an gen-
tly plopped her into it, an she almost tug-of-war with. MumMA an Daddy from my assistant.
disappeared into the fluffyness.
fixed me a super comf-tubble place Till next time,
“Woof! Wonderful story! But how
come you got a new name?” in the back seat. MumMA calls it my

“Leena was MumMA’s grandmoth- -The BonzZsa-Zsa Place cuz it’s pretty an fancy,
er’s name. I really like it.”
an MumMa says Zsa-Zsa was a pretty,
“Cool Kibbles. So, have you had any fancy lady. Like me. Look, this is one
adventures?” of my Zsa-Zsa Place snuggly things.”
Her MumMA brought out a round,

Don’t be shy!
We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up
an interview, please email [email protected].

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 21


K75 AJ62 Q 10 4
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist J82 93 Q76
Q 10 8 3 K54 J96
Hans Rosling is a Swedish medical doctor who rose to prominence when he produced J94 A832 K 10 6 5
a Ted Talk in which he promoted the use of data to explore development issues. He said,
“My best friend in medical school was a magician. We were shown an X-ray of a sword SOUTH
swallower, and I tried it and failed. Then I got a sword swallower as a patient, and he 983
taught me.” A K 10 5 4
If you know how to do something, it seems easy. But until you do, it can appear very difficult. Q7

At the bridge table, we would all play better if we had X-ray vision. In this deal, for example, Dealer: South; Vulnerable: East-West
what happens in three no-trump after West leads the diamond three?
The Bidding:
South starts with six top tricks: one spade, two hearts, two diamonds and one club. He
should hope that East has the club king and that he can get four heart tricks. What is the SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
best play in the heart suit? 1 Hearts Pass 1 Spades Pass
1 NT Pass 3 NT All Pass LEAD:
Ideally, you run the nine. Then, assuming it loses to the jack or queen, you cash the ace and 3 Diamonds
king. Your chances are just under 50 percent. Here, though, declarer’s communications are

The simplest-looking line is to win the first trick with dummy’s diamond king and to lead a
club toward the queen. Suppose East takes that trick and returns a diamond. South should
win that, cash the club queen, then lead a low heart from his hand. Yes, the defenders take
that trick and two diamond winners, but when hearts prove to be 3-3, declarer is home.

Note, though, that if East had shifted to the spade four at trick three, it would have defeated
the contract — not easy.

22 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

1 Central (5) 1 Foist (6)
4 Perfumes (6) 2 Smart (5)
9 Flower (7) 3 Tier (4)
10 Ancient language (5) 5 Crumble (8)
11 Underworld river (4) 6 Zilch (7)
12 Inspect (7) 7 Vocalist (6)
13 Asian cooking pan (3) 8 Enemy of Doctor Who (5)
14 Jumping insect (4) 13 London station (8)
16 ___ and onion (4) 15 Peewit (7)
18 Observe (3) 17 Rubber (6)
20 Satisfied (7) 18 Hearing, e.g. (5)
21 Dull pain (4) 19 Vegetable (6)
24 Not moving (5) 22 African capital (5)
25 Holiday destination (7) 23 Rear (4)
26 Area (6)
The Telegraph 27 Eccentric (5)

Sturgis Lumber How to do Sudoku:
Hardware Store & Lumber Yard
Fill in the grid so the
POWER TOOLS, MASONRY TOOLS, numbers one through
SIDING, PAINTS,CEMENT, STUCCO, in every column, row
MOTAR MIX, CYPRESS V-JT, and three-by-three

62 years Family Owned and Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171

The Telegraph

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 23


ACROSS bandleader, then 5 Last words? 78 Rough stuff?
1 Dash units, actor, making ___ 6 Dines 79 Trellis, e.g.
72 Ph. bk. data 7 Start over, as on 80 Vermouth order
perhaps 73 Late host Convy a sweater 81 Too bad, to bards
4 Apostrophe-free 74 Love god 82 South African
75 Before, to Byron 8 First offender? runner in the
possessive 76 Naturalist weds 9 “Park yer ___” 1984 Olympics
7 Fun (room) Irish 10 Convex molding 86 Sprat’s wife
10 Unlock, to tenor, making ___ 11 Stockholder, in a eschewed it
80 Garfield’s term? way 88 Teachers’ org.
Shakespeare 81 Sky hue 12 Airport info 89 Small body of
13 In the center of 83 That Geller feller 13 Huge showplace water
17 Neck wrap 84 The Dead, e.g. 14 Building with 91 ___ in the grass
18 Overweight fish? 85 Vacation spots many screens 94 Miniver, e.g.
20 Marlon’s female 87 Letter signoff 15 Going 96 Young,
88 Sulfur alloy 16 ___ Plaines insectwise
co-star in On the 90 Nudist’s hue 19 Lava flow rock 97 Beat at bat
Waterfront 92 Celtic 24 Talk during slides 99 Lamebrains
21 Dye holder 93 Heady order 25 Rains in 100 Singer Gormé
22 Ancient symbol 94 TV diner owner Casablanca 101 Dutch city
23 Lady bandit weds 95 Tias, in the U.S. 26 Adj. ending 103 Taste fully
carmaker, letting 97 Meal ingredient 31 Sky whatzit 104 Milnes’s milieu
___ 98 Actress weds 33 Electrolysis 105 Inhospitable, as
27 Trees in an comic, elements weather
O’Neill title making ___ 35 Silent star weds 109 Bando and
28 Zeno’s home 102 In ___ (together) TV actor, making Mineo
29 German industrial 106 Personal accts. of ___ 111 Maui adornment
city a sort 36 ___ Na Na 112 Chairman ___
30 Secret society 107 FDR’s Park 37 Pay attention to 113 Badly
31 Bible preposition 108 “And ___ of 42 Lariat, or the 114 Resolution
32 Samantha’s TV thousands” name of the resolution?
hubby 110 Wine valley ranch in Giant
34 Writer weds 111 Break (in the 43 “The Old ___ The Washington Post
orchestra action) Bucket”
leader, making 112 After actress ALTAR’D STATES By Merl Reagle
___ weds 44 Fantastik job?
38 Curtain support singer-actor, ___ 46 Ognomy or ology FULL-SERVICE
39 Wood strips 115 Fix sloppy copy preceder
40 Guy on first 116 Clay, today 47 Exist CLEANING MENLBOOWURINNE!
41 Holiday dessert 117 Cole Porter was 48 Mast pole
42 A horse of one 49 Certain chord,
another color 118 Marlon’s director in music: abbr.
44 R-V center? in 50 Butt in
45 European nation, On the Waterfront 52 Unchilled
to its populace 119 Leftover 54 Birthplace of
48 Wild plum 120 Mrs. Ho and Pythagoras
49 Skedaddles Mrs. No? 57 Like litmus, after
51 Inc., in Ireland 121 Sonora shout an acid
53 Otto I’s realm: 122 Nurse’s forte, 58 Throw mightily
abbr. for short
54 Part with, as 123 Pig’s digs 59 Real people?
pennies 124 Bob and ___ 61 ___ mind
55 Force to DOWN (in agreement)
56 Actress weds 1 Went out 65 Finnish lake
comedian, giving 2 Simoleons 66 Seething
___ 3 More rational 67 Actor Beatty
60 Lunched 4 Here on the 68 Wheat, for one
61 Mayberry kid Champs Elysées 69 Rock fans, often
62 Hop on ___ 70 Wear away
(commute) 71 Anchor’s
63 Start of the 10th announcement
century 76 Children’s books
64 Actress weds 77 Workers’ meeting

The Telegraph per month special*


300 Ocean Avenue Melbourne Beach FL 32951

 Existing customers get one $49/ month for referrals.
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for signing up for online billing and maintenance portal at
 $49 Introductory price for new customers for 1 month (reg. $99/month).

24 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Sister act wears thin, and parents caught in the middle

BY CAROLYN HAX got? I use the term “shortsighted” because neither
Washington Post you nor Annie nor Bonnie knows what is in store for
everyone, so for all you know Annie is five years out
Hi, Carolyn: Our daughter “An- Boomeranged: Two things. from needing XYZ all at once – and the pricklier she
nie” has moved back home at age 1. Annie is being shortsighted. Good families gets with Bonnie now, the more Annie opens herself
33 to save some money while do- don’t take care of everything equally; instead they to Bonnie’s resentful payback, plus interest. Which I
ing postdoc work and teaching col- commit equally to taking care of needs. That means hope she won’t do because that’s petty, but still.
lege courses. She works hard and if Annie needs X she gets X, and if Bonnie need Y
studies for grueling hours, and she gets Y, because what exactly is accomplished by 2. Annie is paying her way but she doesn’t hold
she contributes to household expenses. Our daughter handing Bonnie X just because that’s what Annie voting shares in your household. You decide how
“Bonnie” has moved back home at 29 after a sudden your resources are allocated, you decide which kid
breakup, bringing our 15-month-old grandchild with needs what, you decide what’s fair. If Annie isn’t
her. Bonnie works but does not earn much money, and happy to be mooching on less favorable terms than
we are encouraging her to save it instead of giving it to her sister is, then she needs to either take that up
us because we know she wants to live independently with you or move out. Resenting Bonnie for it is mis-
with her child as soon as possible. placed and unfair.
When Bonnie is not working, she is mostly tied up
with her baby. So, time to sit down with Annie. State your policy
Neither daughter really contributes to the house- clearly: Different kids, different needs, same com-
work, but they are good housemates and we are really mitment to meeting needs, with the understanding
happy to have them both home. that life is long and bean-counting serves nobody.
Annie is resentful that Bonnie does not pay “rent,” If she’s not willing to trust that your home is a sup-
and feels she has been given a pass simply because she portive one and that your judgment is good and that
has a child. Bonnie feels judged and looked down on things will even out in the end, then she can take
by her sister. My husband and I are often caught in the her complaints to you, and even propose other so-
middle, and the tension sometimes leads us to regret lutions, or forever hold her peace – because you will
opening our home to both kids. not stand for tension or hostility between the sib-
One or both will probably move out within the next lings.
year. Until then, how do we cope? Do we intervene or
stay out of it? If there’s old baggage here and either Annie or
Bonnie tries to hand it back to you by way of expla-
– Boomeranged nation for the current rift, then decline to accept it.
Say you will think carefully about your role in cre-
ating this dynamic – toward moving forward, how-
ever. Not back. 

Study: Sleep hygiene even
more critical post-stroke

26 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Study: Sleep hygiene even more critical post-stroke

STORY BY MARIA CANFIELD CORRESPONDENT Dr John Suen and Lindsay Mosesso. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE the time from the start of a daytime
nap period to the first signs of sleep.
It’s long been known that sleep after the stroke occurred. “That’s opportunities to provide help.” The results showed that those who
can be elusive for people who’ve had important, as it suggests that sleep- Participating in the study were 21 had had a stroke were less likely than
a stroke. According to the National ing problems are caused by other the healthy volunteers to nap or fall
Stroke Association, more than half factors in addition to the stroke it- people who had had a stroke at least asleep during the day to compensate
of stroke survivors experience sleep self. This observation offers greater 12 months earlier, and 21 healthy for lost sleep at night, and were also
problems – including insomnia – volunteers, who were matched to the more likely to achieve poorer results
which can delay recovery, impede stroke victims by gender and age. on the “psychomotor vigilance test,”
cognitive function, worsen memory The participants spent two nights suggesting increased daytime im-
problems and ultimately lead to de- and one day in a sleep lab, where pairment due to sleep problems.
pression. the researchers conducted a poly-
somnogram test to assess the brain’s The psychomotor vigilance test is
But exactly what happens in peo- sleeping patterns. a tool used to measure a person’s be-
ple’s brains during their post-stroke havioral alertness. It involves mea-
recovery has been a bit of a mystery. It was discovered that it took those suring the speed at which a person
who had a stroke longer to fall asleep reacts to visual stimuli. Poor results
Recently, in a first-of-its-kind than the volunteers, and that they can increase the risk of cognitive
study, researchers from Europe set also had poorer “sleep efficiency” – lapses and even falls. A simplified
out to change that. Using sophisti- the ratio of time spent asleep com- version of the test – not intended to
cated testing techniques, they com- pared to the time spent in bed. be a clinical assessment – can be
pared the brain signals of people 12 found on Sleep Disorders Center
months after they had a stroke with Importantly, the team found that Florida’s website @ www.sleepdisor-
the brain activity of people in the while sleep efficiency was poorer dersf lor
general population. in those who had a stroke, total
sleep time between the groups was The research team’s bottom line,
Dr. John Suen is the Medical Di- similar. This mean it’s unlikely that and Dr. Suen agrees, is that treat-
rector of Sleep Disorders Center lesions (abnormal tissue) in the ment of sleep disorders should be
Florida, located in Vero Beach. He brains’ centers for sleep-wake regu- routinely included in stroke rehabil-
is familiar with the study and says lation are the cause of post-stroke itation practices. Unfortunately, that
it is useful, particularly because the sleep problems; rather, the research- is not currently common practice.
research was conducted a full year ers (and Vero’s Dr. Suen) believe
those problems are due to a number Dr. Suen says “it begins with peo-
Experience the fusion of of contributing factors, including ple recovering from a stroke tak-
traditional values and pain and discomfort, greater psy- ing extra care to have good sleep
chological strain and reduced levels hygiene. If they still have problems
modern dentistry. of physical activity. falling asleep or staying asleep, they
should seek treatment from a health-
Collins & Montz The research team was from the care professional who specializes in
University of Surrey in the U.K., the sleep medicine.”
DCOESMNETTICI&SFTAMRILYY University of Freiburg in Germany,
and the University of Bern in Swit- A few tips for good sleep hygiene:
At Collins & Montz, DMD, zerland. The study was published in • Go to sleep and wake up at the
we will focus on improving every the journal Scientific Reports in May same time each day.
aspect of your smile for optimal 2018. • Don’t take more than one nap a
appearance, function, and day, and keep it short.
comfort through our general The researchers also recorded • Create a pleasant sleeping envi-
family dentistry, and restorative participants’ brain activity during ronment; make your bedroom
procedures such as dental the day using a multiple sleep la- cool, dark, and comfortable.
implants. Our comprehensive tency test (MSLT) which measures • Exercise moderation in consum-
range of services and dedication ing alcohol.
of quality set us apart. Call today • Use a sound machine, or other
to schedule your appointment. type of white noise, to block out
524 OCEAN AVENUE, MELBOURNE BEACH, FL 32951 unwanted noise.
(321) 725-6565 • MELBOURNEBEACHDENTISTRY.COM • Do not watch TV or use the com-
puter in bed.
This is the most important tip, ac-
cording to Dr. Suen. “Our eyes are
connected by the optic nerve to the
part of the brain that regulates our
internal sleep clock. The light from
these sources acts as a potent stimu-
Dr. Suen is board-certified in Sleep
Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Internal
Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.
Sleep Disorders Center Florida is an ac-
credited medical treatment center for
all sleep-related issues. It is located at
3735 11th Circle #103 in Vero Beach; the
phone number is 772-563-2910. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 27


Acetaminophen works great but can be dangerous

BY FRED CICETTI ach distress. You should talk to your ing kidney disease, and people who lematic drug interactions.
doctor before using NSAIDs if you are taking a diuretic. All older adults should consult
Columnist are over 60, taking prescription blood
thinners, have stomach ulcers or oth- You should talk with your health- their doctors before taking any OTC
Q. What is acetaminophen and why er bleeding problems. care professional if you have ques- medication or herbal.
do I see it listed on so many products in tions about using an over-the-
my medicine cabinet?. NSAIDs can also cause reversible counter medicine before using it in If you’re a senior, talk with your
damage to the kidneys. The risk of combination with other medicines – doctor about all of the drugs and
Acetaminophen is the most widely kidney damage may increase in peo- either OTC or prescription medicine. herbal health products you take. He
used pain-reliever and fever-reducer ple who are over 60, have high blood Combining prescription medicines or she can tell you whether you are
in the world. It is contained in more pressure, heart disease or pre-exist- and OTC medicines can lead to prob- at risk for having a bad reaction from
than 100 products. Tylenol is the best taking an OTC drug. 
known over-the-counter acetamino-
phen product. The drug is also avail-
able in generic form on the shelves
of most drug stores and retailers like
Target and Walmart.

Acetaminophen is widely available
without a prescription, but it’s also a
component of well-known prescrip-
tion drugs such as Darvocet and Per-
cocet. Follow the directions on the
over-the-counter package label care-
fully. If your doctor prescribes it for
you, the prescription label will tell
you how often to take it.

Taking too much acetaminophen
can lead to liver damage. The risk for
liver damage may be increased if you
drink three or more alcoholic drinks
while using medicines that contain
acetaminophen. When dosing rec-
ommendations are followed, the risk
of liver toxicity is extremely small.

Adults should not take more than
4,000 mg of acetaminophen a day.
You should take less if you are over
65 years old. Taking more, especially
7,000 mg or more, can lead to a severe
overdose problems. If you have liver
or kidney disease, you should discuss
the use of this drug with your health
care provider.

Acetaminophen is one of the most
common pharmaceutical agents in-
volved in overdose, as reported to the
American Association of Poison Con-
trol Centers.

One of the problems with acet-
aminophen is its widespread use. You
have to check your medicine cabinet
to see what products contain acet-
aminophen. Then, if you’re taking
more than one medication, be sure
you don’t exceed the maximum daily

Acetaminophen should not be
taken for high fever, for fever lasting
more than three days, or for recurrent
fever without a doctor’s supervision.

There are basically two types of
over-the-counter pain relievers. Some
contain acetaminophen and others
contain non-steroidal anti-inflam-
matory drugs (NSAIDs). Examples of
OTC NSAIDs are aspirin, ibuprofen
(Advil) and naproxen sodium (Aleve).

NSAIDs are associated with stom-

28 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Double Tapp Grill: Eatery hits the mark with solid fare

[email protected]
There are so many ways this dining
review could get me hate mail, but here lent and the cole slaw was good, too. I Bacon Fried Gator Tail.
goes ... Sometimes you just want to hang Cheeseburger.
out with like-minded people. washed that down with a glass of Stella Cajun Frog Leg
Turkey Club. Basket.
We are a proud Boy Scout family. My Artois ($4.69), which is not a bad price
son earned the right to carry a knife weekend. Next trip I meed to try the RESTAURANT HOURS
when he was 8 years old. He began for import draft. My son enjoyed his baja Smoking Gun Chili. I overheard a real 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Mon. - Thurs.,
shooting BB guns that year, too, and is nice lady ask her server if the chili was
working on his rifle and archery merit chicken soup ($3.99), his chicken caesar vegan. Now, I did not hear the answer, 8 a.m.- 9 p.m. Fri. - Sun.
badges. He cuts firewood with a hatchet. but I would bet a steak dinner that it’s BEVERAGES
The folks who frequent FrogBones Fam- wrap ($9.99) and his sno-cone out of chili con carne made with a good cut Full Bar
ily Shooting Center and the Double Tapp of beef. ADDRESS
Grill “get” this type of training. Plus, we the ice cream freezer. I stole a few of his
really like the food and the atmosphere. We encourage you to send feedback to 404 S. Harbor City Blvd,
It’s well worth driving over the bridge. [email protected]. Melbourne
FrogBones is the shooting range side The reviewer is a Brevard resident who
of the business, with a store that car- dines anonymously at restaurants at the (321) 312-4578
ries gun and archery supplies, protec- expense of this newspaper. 
tive gear clothing and other outdoor
necessities. Sharing a parking lot and
roof with FrogBones is the Double Tapp
Grill, a play on a shooting technique
plus the fact that there’s draft beer
behind the bar – but only if you’re not
shooting or if you’ve finished shooting
for the day. If you order beer, wine or
a mixed drink, your server will mark
your hand with ink that will show up
under blacklight at the range and you’ll
be asked to please come back and shoot
tomorrow. Safety first.

The fare at FrogBones tastes like it
came out of your Mom’s kitchen – if
she was a pretty great cook. The soups
are homemade, the meatloaf is really
good and so are the ribs and burgers.
If you’re watching your girlish figure,
Double Tapp also has six tempting sal-
ads on the menu.

On our most recent visit, I ordered
the fried shrimp basket ($11.99), which
consisted of six good-size panko-bread-
ed shrimp, deep fried and served with
cole slaw and normally with fries, but I
upgraded to onion rings for $1.75. The
shrimp and onion rings were excel-

fries and they are some of the best fries

in these parts, as they say.

Hand-cut from top-

quality russet pota-

toes and perfectly

fried with the skins

on, just the way we

like them.

Heather took

great care of us,

but all the servers

will dote on you at

Smores Double Tapp, and
Lava Cake.
if it’s not super-busy
the chef might stop

by your table, too.

We’ll be back soon

for lunch, dinner or

maybe breakfast on the

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 29


Available Daily 4:30 - 5:30
$5 House Wine and Well Drinks

Choice of Tides’ House Salad,
Caesar Salad or BLT Iceberg Wedge

Carolina BBQ Pork, Chicken, Scottish
Salmon, Steak Au Poivre, Rigatoni Bolognese

Zagat Rated Reservations Highly Recommended
2013 - 2017 Proper Attire Appreciated
Wine Spectator Award Open 7 Days
2002 – 2017
(772) 234-3966

3103 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL

30 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Please send calendar information tion, call (301)752 5059 or email mergallo50@ bourne AuditoRium. Tickets not required. merce. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Hell’n Blazes Brewing
at least two weeks prior to your Call 724-0555 or email: info@melbournemu- Co., 1002 E. New Haven Ave, Melbrourne. Tickets at
event to Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4
[email protected] p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park 19 Family Night Out at Satellite High 25 US-TOO Prostate Cancer Support
Pool, use the diving board, lap swim Group meets from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m.
ONGOING Beach Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. Tues- and bring your inflatables from 6 to 8 p.m. the last Wednesday of the month at the Mel-
days at Oceanside Pizza, 300 Ocean Ave. #6, Thursdays through July 26 for $5 per family. A bourne Public Library, 540 E. Fee Avenue. Call
Melbourne Beach. parent must stay with children at pool. Vanita Gagliani at (321)432-5573 for details.

The New Neighbors Club of South Brevard JULY 20 Satellite Beach Police Athletic League 30 To Aug. 3 Space Coast Crew Middle
Beaches is holding their annual New School Family Fun and Food Truck Festival School and High School Learn to Row
Shoes Drive for local shelter children. Please 19 Music to Cool You Off, a free Swin- with food and craft vendors and music, 5 to 9 Camp, open to all Brevard County stu-dents ris-
consider supporting this effort by sending your gyime concert by the Melbourne p.m., at the D.R. Schechter Center, 1089 S. Pat- ing grades 7 to 12, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Oars and
tax deductible check to New Neighbors of South Municipal Band, a free Swingtime con- rick Drive. Paddles Park in Indian Harbour Beach. Camp
Brevard Beaches to Mary Gallo, 761 Poinsette cert, 6:30 PM. Doors open at 5:30. Mel- participants must know how to swim and sub-
Dr, Satellite Beach Fl 32937. For more informa- 21 Run the Tide, on the beach in Indial- mit swim test signed off by lifeguard prior to
antic. Run or walk a 5k, 10K or a 2 mile camp.
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN fun run on our awesome coastline at low tide!
in July 12, 2018 Edition 1 HOARSE 2 HANDLED The 10K and 2 mile fun run are new distances AUGUST
4 SHOO 2 ARMED for 2018 for folks that want to go a longer or
8 ANIMAL 3 SOLD shorter distance. After party hosted by Long- 4 Paws for Veterans Grand Opening Cel-
9 SORROW 5 HARMFUL doggers. Free beer and hog dog for finishers ebration, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 63 Ocean
10 BLADE 6 ODOUR with race bib. Awards for Overall, Masters and Blvd., Satellite Beach, Food, Drinks, Vendors,
11 PERFORM 7 ASPECTS 5-year age group divisions for 5K and 10K. Reg- Raffles, Bounce Houses/Water Slides for Adults
13 ADDS 12 OFFERED ister at and Kids, Dunk Tank, Music, Petting Zoo, Pony
15 FIT 14 SEASONS Rides, and Much More! If you are interested
16 LACK 17 CHARGED 22 EMBER Youth Group, student ministry in being a vendor, please call (321) 425-4189
18 DELAYED 19 EVENT with meetings, retreats, trips, Bible or email [email protected]. There is
20 CHEAP 21 HANDY studies and special events, 3 p.m. at St. Mark’s no charge for a vendor booth, just a basket to
23 REMOVE 22 OMIT United Methodist Church, Indialantic. raffle off.
25 TEST 23 New Neighbors of South Brevard 7 National Night Out and Back to School
26 STAYED Beaches plays MAHJONGG at Papa- Bash. 5 p.m. Indian Harbour Beach Rec -
gallo’s in Satellite Beach each Monday at 12:15 Gleason Park · Indian Harbour Beach. Celebrate
Sudoku Page 2326 Sudoku PPaaggee 2337 CrosswordPPaage 2362 pm. For information on joining the club con- with Indian Harbour Beach Police Department,
tact Toni Hanussey at newneighbortoni@gmail. City Employees and the Staff and Students of
com Ocean Breeze Elementary to ask our commu-
nity to take a stand against criminals by turn-
23 Meet the Incoming Superintendent ing on the porch lights, locking the house up
Mark Mullins at Brevard Public Schools and joining us for an evening of fun and laughs.
hosted by Melbourne Re-gional Chamber of Com- Face painting, corn hole competition, Dunk-A-
Cop (in a dunk tank), a pie eating contest, Police
Crossword Page 2337 (INITIAL REACTION) Simulator for adults and a movie in the park!
We will have a K-9 demonstration by Kato and
Ofc. Swenson, police vehicles on display and lo-
cal vendors will have tents set up for informa-

11 Beachside Indialantic Dunkin Donuts
Dog Days of Summer Car, Truck and
Bike show, 8 to 11 a.m. at 1120 N.Highway A1A,
Indialantic, one-half mile north of 192 Cause-
way. All Years Classic, Antique Muscle Cars
Trucks & Bikes Welcome. Contact Bill Antonetz


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach out to customers for your service or small business targeting the
Siding & Soffit South Brevard barrier island communitites. This is the only directory mailed each week into homes in 32951, Indialantic,
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s Indian Harbour and Satellite Beach. Contact Will Gardner, 407-361-2150 [email protected].


[email protected] CGC 1524354

321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Spacious condo offers
best of beachside living

No. 1 8th Ave. Unit 1202 in the Magnolia Keys Condominiums: 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 2,682-square-foot
condo across from the boardwalk in Indialantic offered for $879,000 by Premium Properties listing

agent Mike Rogers: 321-508-7660

32 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Spacious condo offers best of beachside living

STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER appliances top the list of desirable The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, ping and restaurants. It also is within
[email protected] features in the open-floor-plan condo 2,682-square-foot unit is located on walking distance of a fishing pier
being offered by Premium Properties the northeast corner of the four-story near the Melbourne Causeway on the
A spectacular beach view from an listing agent Mike Rogers in Magnolia condominium building overlooking Indian River.
oversized wrap-around balcony and Key development in Indialantic. the Atlantic Ocean. The complex was
a dream chef’s kitchen with high-end built in 2006 in the heart of the Indi- Rounding out the beachside condo
alantic boardwalk area with its shop- living requirements, the condo fea-
tures access to a pool, in-ground spa,

Todd Ostrander Top 1% of Brevard
“Door to the East Shore” ® County Agents
Over 150 Million


Hall of Fame
[email protected]

Opening Doors To the Beaches & More!

Spectacular in Melbourne Beach - $669,000 Waterfront in Indian Harbour - $779,000


Melbourne Beach Pool Home - $495,000 Merritt Island Canal Front - $275,000

Representing Both Buyers and Sellers With Their Best Interest in Mind!

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 33

NO. 1 8TH AVE. UNIT 1202


Neighborhood: Magnolia Key
Condos in Indialantic
Year built: 2006

Construction: Concrete block,
poured concrete, stucco
Bathrooms: 3
Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 2,682 square
feet under air;

3,048 square feet total
Amenities: Clubhouse; exer-
cise room; vehicle wash area;
private storage; swimming pool;
in-ground spa; under-building
parking; gourmet kitchen with
wine chiller, warming draw-
ers, high end appliances and
designer lighting; wood and
tile floors; fireplace and wet bar
area; media room with sur-
round sound; laundry with prep
sink; two inside parking spaces

and two storage spaces.
Listing agency: Premium
Properties Real Estate Services

Listing agent:
Michael Rogers, 321-508-7660

Listing price: $879,000

34 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


clubhouse and exercise room. It also
has a vehicle wash area and dedicat-
ed private storage.

Unit 1202, listed for $879,000, has
a modern, custom-finished feel, with
all the finishes and details of a much
more expensive condo, featuring
9-foot ceilings throughout, wood and
tile floors with high-end trim, and
designer lighting in the kitchen. The
unit has a media room with surround
sound, custom cabinetry and a fully-
equipped wet bar.

Bright, airy and flooded with natu-
ral light, the unit has large windows

and double glass doors in the main
living room and dining areas.

Also fully-equipped, and one of the
main selling points of the residence,
is the huge gourmet “chef’s” kitch-
en. Set off from the rest of the unit
by granite countertops, the kitchen
features a wide variety of high-end
appliances including wine chillers,
multiple ovens with warming draw-
ers, built-in microwave and convec-
tions ovens, and an indoor gas grill.
There’s also an eat-in breakfast bar.

The split-floor-plan condo has
three bedrooms and three bath-
rooms. The large master bedroom
suite has a decorative fireplace and
offers an ocean view from the bed.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 35


Sliding glass doors open onto the spray and wind-driven sand. for a new owner to move in and be- “Considering the effort and high-
balcony that runs continuously the This condo, with its endless ocean gin enjoying the best of Brevard-style quality work they put into this unit,
full length of the corner unit, toward beachside living, said Mike Rogers of there is really nothing that it lacks,’’
and along the beach. The master views, has been meticulously main- Premium Properties. he said. 
bathroom suite has a jetted over- tained and is priced to sell. It is ready
sized bathtub, walk-in shower, and
vanity with twin sinks with granite
trim details.

The unit has a built-in vacuum sys-
tem, an indoor laundry room, extra
storage space and two inside parking
spots to keep cars sheltered from salt

Eva McMillan 1101 Atlantic St, Melbourne Beach • LISTED $1,050,000

• Luxury Beachside & Waterfront Specialist Superior Oceanfront parcel!!! One of the most prime and highly desirable loca-
• Multi-Million Dollar Producer tion in the heart of Melbourne Beach. This residence offers 110’ of direct Ocean
• Multilingual International Top Producer frontage and ocean views from almost every room. Build your dream home
• Fluent in 6 languages with a pool/spa on this oversized 0.57 acres or just keep the current layout of
1,971 sq. feet under air 2 bed, office/den, 3 full bath, 3 car garage.
call: 321-327-6761
text: 772-584-0412 1 Eighth Ave unit 1305, Indialantic 216 The Road To Waterford Bay, 745 Beach St, Satellite Beach
[email protected] LISTED $950,000
Astonishing Direct Oceanfront condo with
breathtaking ocean views. This Luxurious & Melbourne Beach • LISTED $1,050,000 UNDER CONTRACT $2,000,000
highly desirable South/East corner unit on level
three was built in 2006 & its located Downtown Direct RIVERFRONT and only steps to the Enjoy the inspiring & incomparable panoramic
in the heart of Indialantic. Spacious and the OCEAN with deeded beach access. Unique ocean views & fresh ocean air from this ele-
largest unit out of 9 different floor plans at the opportunity to own a spectacular Riverfront gant Luxurious Oceanfront Estate situated on
Magnolia Key Condo offers 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, Estate located on approx. half an acre in a 0.61 acres. This exceptionally well designed
an oversize living, dining & family room totaling gated subdivision of Waterford Bay in Mel- two story 4 bedroom 4.5 bath home was
3,036 sq.feet under air. bourne Beach. This extremely well built and totally redesigned, reconstructed and fully re-
spacious concrete block 5,312 sq. feet, 5 bed modeled. Award winning kitchen with pendant
6 bath residence has breathtaking river views and recessed lights highlight the custom wood
from all rooms and balconies. cabinetry and high end appliances.

36 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


What to do when buying your first home as a senior

STORY BY ILYCE GLINK AND SAMUEL J. TAMKIN homeownership by paying down stand the fully loaded costs of home- Finally, in deciding whether to take
WASHINGTON POST your mortgage each month (which al- ownership. out a 15-year or 30-year mortgage,
lows you to build up your home equi- you should decide what fits your bud-
Question: My husband and I are ty), and by home value appreciation, (We have friends who have lived in get and what your preference would
both in our 60s. Due to various cir- which is not guaranteed, but which a rental for the past 20 years and still be. The 15-year mortgage will have
cumstances we never brought a over time should help you stay ahead pay only $100 more than the amount higher monthly payments but should
house. We had job losses, helped our of the rate of inflation. they paid in the first year. While own- have a lower interest rate. Given that
sons through college and had a vari- ing a home may have given them an- you are heading into retirement, you
ety of other expenses. Of course, homes cost money to cillary tax benefits, they paid so little may want the cash on hand for quite
maintain and improve over time. So, for their rental they may have wound some time as your income level goes
But now we are in a position to buy please take the time to fully under- up ahead than if they had bought.) down as opposed to a higher monthly
our first home and have about 20 per- payment that is shorter in duration.
cent to put down. My accountant told
me I need to buy because I am being But that decision is really up to you,
killed with taxes due to the fact that I once you know the amount of money
am an independent contractor. you will need to have for retirement.

Do you think we are too old to pur- One final thought: Do not let any-
chase? Should we take out a 15-year or one try to stop you once you have de-
30-year mortgage? We have decided cided to buy. It is against the law to
that if something happens to us, our discriminate against anyone because
boys will inherit the property. of age. So the mortgage lender who
tells you, “We don’t make loans to
Answer: Let’s start with the prem- home buyers who are older than 60,”
ise you are never too old to buy your should be reported to the Department
first home. We do not care if you are of Housing and Urban Development
60, 70, 80 or even 90 years old. If you and the Federal Housing Finance
have the money, can qualify for the Agency or, if you went to a large bank
payments and do not mind the ex- for a loan and were subject to age
pense and work of keeping up the discrimination, to the Office of the
property, then, by all means, plunk Comptroller of the Currency (OCC.
down your cash and head off toward gov or 
the closing.
We know you wrote that your
accountant says you are getting STORY BY MICHELE LERNER WASHINGTON POST 3.3 percent. Since bottoming out survey by Trulia of homebuyers by
“killed” on your taxes and that you in the first quarter of 2012, median generation found that millennials
are self-employed. So, let’s take a During the second quarter of this home prices nationwide have in- are more likely to compromise on
deeper dive into what deductions year, U.S. home prices reached their creased 75 percent, while average home features to live in their ideal
are still allowed and how you might least affordable level in about 10 weekly wages have increased 13 neighborhood. Eighty-four percent
benefit from them. years.
percent during the same period, ac- of millennials would be
You will get the mortgage inter- That’s according to the cording to ATTOM. willing to give up a home
est deduction when you buy a home U.S. Home Affordabil- feature to live where they
with a mortgage up to $750,000 and ity Report, an analysis When homes are less affordable, want to live, while 35
may be able to benefit from that de- by Irvine, Calif.-based buyers must make more trade-offs percent of baby boom-
duction. (For tax years after 2017, the ATTOM Data Solutions to become homeowners. A recent ers and 22 percent of Gen
maximum amount of debt is limited which attributes the Xers say they wouldn’t
to $750,000.) On the other hand, your problem to soaring home compromise on a home
state and local taxes (known as the prices coupled with weak feature when looking in
SALT deductions), including real wage increases. their desired neighbor-
estate property taxes, are limited to hood.
$20,000, meaning if you pay more The Q2 2018 report,
than $20,000 in real estate taxes and which compares medi- About one-third of
state income taxes, you can only an home prices and the millennials are willing
deduct up to $20,000 total for those percentage of income to give up a garage, a re-
items. needed to purchase that cently updated kitchen
house, found that prices or some square footage to
While we understand you were told are less affordable than live in their ideal neigh-
to buy a home by your accountant, we historic averages in 59 borhood. Nearly one in
would like you to work out the num- percent of local markets. four millennials would
bers so you fully understand how be willing to accept a
owning a home will benefit you and Nationwide, ATTOM’s higher crime rate for their ideal
your federal income tax bill. data shows that the me- home, while only 15 percent of baby
dian home price of $245,000 in the boomers said they would accept a
Ask your accountant to show you second quarter of 2018 was up 4.7 neighborhood with a higher crime
on paper what your tax bill would percent, compared with that price rate to get the house they want. 
look like if you owned a home and if in the second quarter of 2017, above
you continue to rent. Then, compare the average weekly wage growth of
those numbers side by side. That
should easily prove (or disprove) his
theory you are getting “killed” by tax-
es because you do not own a home.

Even if the numbers after taxes
are the same, you may benefit from

38 Thursday, July 19, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: July 6 to July 12

The real estate market had a good summer week in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903 and 32937. Indialantic
led the way with 7 transactions, followed by Satellite Beach and Indian Harbour Beach with 6 sales each.
Melbourne Beach reported 4.
The top sale of the week was of an estate on the Grand Canal in Lansing Island in Indian Harbour Beach.
The residence at 218 Lansing Island Drive was placed on the market April 30 with an asking price of $1.25
million. The sale closed July 12 for $1.05 million.
The seller in the transaction was represented by David Curri of the Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group. The
purchaser was represented by Shannan Kozack of the same firm.


GRAVES PLAT OF MELBO 410 OCEAN AVE 3/5/2018 $669,900 $729,900 7/6/2018 $498,000
WATERFORD BAY CND P2 208 THE ROAD TO WATERFORD BAY 2 1/20/2018 $525,000 $549,000 7/10/2018
WILCOX MELBOURNE BEA 212 3RD AVE 8/6/2017 $550,000 $514,900 7/11/2018 $795,000
SALES FOR 32903 $376,000

SANCTUARY PHASE 3 T 440 MALLARD LN 5/2/2018 $825,000 $825,000 7/6/2018 $705,000
THE MARENDA 755 N HWY A1A N 104 4/5/2018 $729,999 $724,900 7/6/2018 $569,000
THE DUNES AT OCEANSI 180 AFORIA LN 5/30/2018 $374,900 $374,900 7/12/2018 $419,999


FOUNTAINS UNIT 2 TH 225 MADRID CT 1/12/2018 $789,000 $729,000 7/12/2018
MARINA ISLE CLB U1B2 32 MARINA ISLES BLVD 2 5/3/2018 $599,000 $599,000 7/12/2018
WINDWARD COVE 118 WINDWARD WAY 2/3/2018 $449,900 $419,999 7/6/2018

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, July 19, 2018 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Waterford Bay, Address: 208 The Road To Waterford Bay 2 Subdivision: Graves Plat Of Melbo, Address: 410 Ocean Ave

Listing Date: 1/20/2018 Listing Date: 3/5/2018
Original Price: $525,000 Original Price: $669,900
Recent Price: $549,000 Recent Price: $729,900
Sold: 7/10/2018 Sold: 7/6/2018
Selling Price: $525,000 Selling Price: $729,900
Listing Agent: Laura Dowling Roy Listing Agent: Carola Mayerhoeffer &
Renee Winkler
Selling Agent: Premier Properties Real Estate Selling Agent:
Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl
Wendy Murray
Shannan Kozack
Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl
Curri Kirschner R. E. Grp. LLC

Subdivision: The Marenda, Address: 755 N Hwy A1A N 104 Subdivision: The Fountains Unit 2, Address: 225 Madrid Ct

Listing Date: 4/5/2018 Listing Date: 1/12/2018
Original Price: $729,999 Original Price: $789,000
Recent Price: $724,900 Recent Price: $729,000
Sold: 7/6/2018 Sold: 7/12/2018
Selling Price: $705,000 Selling Price: $705,000
Listing Agent: Shelby Epstein Listing Agent: Robert Norton & Jantina Getz

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Tampa Central Selling Agent: RE/MAX Solutions

Linda Coleman Heather Guandolo

Coldwell Banker Paradise Dreyer & Associates R.E. Grp.





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