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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2018-02-15 16:42:38

02/16/2018 ISSUE 07


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Mall bans younger teens unless they’re with a parent Johnny Benjamin’s
woes started with
MY TAKE Michigan pot bust

BY RAY MCNULTY By Beth Walton | Staff Writer

This is stupid. Dr. Johnny Benjamin’s legal
troubles related to illicit drugs
That was my first reaction started 10 months before Indian
River County Sheriff’s Office dep-
upon learning that the Indian uties arrested him at his island
home in October for allegedly
River Mall has begun enforcing a masterminding a cross-country
counterfeit drug trafficking op-
“Code of Conduct” that prohibits eration involving fake oxycodone
pills laced with fentanyl.
anyone under age 17 from being
Newly filed court documents
on the premises unless they are suggest the Vero Beach spine sur-
geon, who is behind bars in Mi-
accompanied by a parent or legal ami awaiting trial on federal drug
charges that could send him to
guardian. prison for life, struck a plea deal
in Michigan after a state trooper
For the mall’s ownership and stumbled upon a marijuana grow
operation linked to him.
management to essentially ban a
Benjamin, 52, was booked in
sizable segment of their visitors the Sanilac County Jail Dec.14,

seemed silly, or at least coun- CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

terproductive, considering the CHRISTMAS TREE?
place already is struggling to at- NEW CELL TOWER

tract enough customers to sur- PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD

vive. 115-foot monopine rises
above town’s offices
It didn’t make sense for them

to turn away the dollars spent by

the swarm of teenagers buzzing Indian River Mall management is prohibiting teens under 17 unless they are accompanied by a parent. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD

around the place, particularly at

the food court and arcade, especially on I don’t frequent – and talked to people. ment requirement. And now, having men-

Friday and Saturday nights. I called Mike Kohan, the mall’s owner. I tally digested all that I’ve seen and heard,

So I put on my reporter’s hat and went found on social media dozens of public the change in policy doesn’t seem so stu-

to work. comments expressing both criticism of pid. It seems wise, maybe even necessary.

I drove to the mall – admittedly, a place and support for the parental-accompani- CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

INSIDE Polish-American group wins lengthy
legal battle to reclaim club on U.S. 1
NEWS 1-8 PETS 14

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 By Beth Walton | Staff Writer a new Vero Beach Social Club vi-
For circulation or where to pick up olated the original club’s articles
your issue call: 772-226-7925 A group of Polish Americans of incorporation.
won a major battle in a long-run-
© 2016 Vero Beach 32963 Media LLC. All rights reserved. Judge Kanarek. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD ning legal dispute Monday when “The articles are clear: the
an Indian River County judge dissolution of this corporation
ruled that a 2015 takeover of the required the vote of the general
old Polish-American Social Club membership and approval of the
was unauthorized. general membership,” he said.

The Hon. Paul Kanarek found “If they didn’t have authority
that action by an insurgent board to dissolve the corporation, they
of directors that dissolved the old didn’t have authority to distrib-
club and transferred its assets to

2 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE mall, even in the daytime,” talking and using their smart phones to adding, “They have to be
one poster wrote. “I was in take photos during the show, propping watched like 2-year-olds and
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 line for food when three teen their feet up on the backs of the occupied they’re just making it an all-
boys came up, stood on my seats in front of them, throwing popcorn around bad experience for
Certainly, it was worth a try. right side with the biggest at other customers – but one couple was everyone involved.”
“We didn’t do this for no reason,” Ko- bumping into me and then having sex two rows behind where he was
han said of the decision to require adult stepping ahead of me. seated. To be fair – the policy is
supervision of the 16-and-under crowd. unfair.
“Some things were happening and we “He acted as though he When anyone would ask the teens to be
were receiving complaints.” didn’t know I was there, quiet or behave themselves, the response As several Cyber Watch
Kohan did not offer specifics or cite and the other two were just was always the same: “(Expletive) off.” page posters argued: There
the particularly egregious incidents that watching and poised for are plenty of mall-going
prompted the mall to implement its con- me to say something,” the And just so you know, it’s not only old- teens who were properly
troversial policy, which went into effect post continued, adding, “My er mall-goers who are complaining about raised, behave appropriately
Feb. 1 and will be revisited after 60 days. young grandson was with the teens’ behavior and support the mall’s and don’t require adult su-
But Facebook did. me, 7 at the time. No one else actions. pervision.
The Vero Beach Eyes and Ears Neigh- in line paid any attention. Ex-
borhood Cyber Watch page provided an tremely intimidating.” A self-described 18-year-old poster Why shouldn’t they be al-
ongoing, informative, sometimes-emo- wrote that the “same 12- to 16-year-olds” lowed to hang out at the mall
tional debate that was as maddening as it Others supportive of the show up every weekend and “all they do with their friends and with-
was entertaining. new policy reported: is walk around and cause problems,” out their mom or dad?
Apparently, far too many unsupervised According to those I spoke with at the
teens had been conducting themselves  They saw teens “break the sliding mall – and contrary to what some parents
boorishly, acting like thugs, and the prob- doors open and then gang up on the se- posted on the Cyber Watch page – the
lem was getting worse. curity guards, pushing, shoving and try- good kids might still outnumber the bad
The comments posted cited everything ing to fight them” before deputies arrived kids, but the number of trouble-making
from the too-public use of disgusting lan- and arrested the young thugs. teens is increasing.
guage and blatant disrespect for adults to And the behavior of too many teens is
allegations of shoplifting and destruction  Seeing a “gang of 11 or 12 of them getting worse, so much so that the mall’s
of property. completely terrorize the food court area management felt compelled to do some-
There were reports of pseudo-tough one day last fall . . .” thing to protect its customers, employers
teens running in packs and intimidating and itself, as well as the well-behaved
older customers. Some posters said they  Observing “tons of kids, ages 10 to teenagers who might be harmed by their
had witnessed physical altercations that late teens,” unsupervised and acting like peers’ reckless antics.
prompted calls to the sheriff’s office. fools, running and screaming. “The boys Some critics of the policy say it’s up to
“I am actually fearful of going to the grabbing young girls by the breast or the mall’s security staff to police the place
butt.” and, with the help of law enforcement
when necessary, protect the innocent
Another poster to the Cyber Watch page from the disruptive kids.
recalled visits to the mall’s movie the-
ater, where teens weren’t only loud and
disruptive – uttering profanities, rudely


for School Board, District #4
“For Our Children”

Paid for by Randy Heimler
for School Board District #4

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS February 16, 2018 3

That’s true, to a certain extent. But it’s mall to catch a movie, or to eat, or to just the years, and so have children. We live in visits. I don’t know if it was enough to jus-
not the mall’s job – or the security staff’s hang out in hopes of meeting girls. a far more permissive, complex, connect- tify the damage done by the aggressive
responsibility – to raise our children and ed and dangerous world. teens who were scaring away shoppers,
teach them how to conduct themselves Sometimes, we rode our bikes. Some- intimidating older customers, destroying
respectfully in public. times, a parent dropped us off. When The teen-behavior problem at our property and shoplifting.
we turned 16, we borrowed mom’s car mall was merely a microcosm of what’s
You want to blame somebody for this and drove ourselves. Our parents weren’t going on in many places, which is why I do know such behavior should not be
new policy? Blame the parents who didn’t there, and they didn’t need to be. the mall’s management has received tolerated anywhere, not only at the mall,
do their jobs. both praise and criticism for taking a po- where the new policy requires adult su-
We weren’t perfect kids. We got in- sition. pervision of kids 16 and under.
Maybe that’s what has changed over volved in our share of mischief. But we
the past 50 years as shopping malls were were raised to respect our elders, respect Did Kohan and his team go too far? Will That’s essentially banning them, be-
built across America and teens from coast authority, and respect other people’s the adult-supervision requirement put cause hanging out at the mall with friends
to coast flocked to them with their friends property. too large a dent in the mall’s business? is not something teens want to do with
in search of “something to do.” Will economics, rather than public safety, their moms and dads in tow. But given
We were taught that actions had con- determine whether the policy will be re- the troubling circumstances, what else
To this day, walking into a mall fills me sequences – and, trust me when I tell you, voked or amended? could be done?
with nostalgia, spurring fond memories those consequences could be quite un-
of my own teen years, when my neighbor- pleasant. I don’t know how much money teens Parental supervision should begin at
hood buddies and I would go to a local were spending during their weekend mall home. Not at the mall. 
Clearly, parenting has changed through



2016, two months after police responded
to an alleged electricity theft at the home.

The property in rural Sanilac Town-
ship had been deeded earlier that year to
Marsha Benjamin, a woman the doctor
claims he married years ago in Vero Beach,
though federal prosecutors point out the
county has no marriage certificate for the
two on file.

Benjamin was charged with violating
Michigan’s Controlled Substance Act, ac-
cused of marijuana production and the
possession of dangerous drugs, according
to records obtained by Vero Beach 32963.

The case was later bound over to circuit
court where the doctor faced allegations
of maintaining a drug house and the de-
livery or manufacture of between 5 and 45
kilos of marijuana. The record was sealed,
which makes it hard to be sure exactly
what happened next, but according to
Assistant United States Attorney John Mc-
Millan, the felony case was dismissed after
Benjamin pleaded guilty to a lesser offense
in exchange for a diversionary sentence.

Even though Benjamin avoided jail time
– and managed to keep practicing medi-
cine in Indian River County – the marijua-
na venture was “a fully operational com-
mercial grow house that the defendant
engineered in Michigan,” according to the
federal prosecutor, who described the op-
eration in an October court hearing after
Benjamin was arrested for allegedly deal-
ing fentanyl-laced pills.

The Michigan State Police started inves-
tigating the doctor on Oct. 19, 2016, after
an electrician arrived at his family’s prop-
erty to check the meters, according to a
state police incident report introduced as
evidence in the federal case last month.

Something at the Michigan home wasn’t
right, noted Trooper Bethany Craig. An
electrician had installed a new meter and
in only one hour the house used 6 kilo-
watts of power – a number “which is ex-
tremely high, especially for a house that
is vacant,” Craig wrote in the report. “At
this point due to the electricity issue, I sus-
pected a possible marijuana grow or meth


4 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

JOHNNY BENJAMIN her permission, she said. na for his patients. The man “was skeptical he continued to deny wrongdoing and
The conversation was on speaker phone because he had not seen paperwork yet, wouldn’t let her search the home.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 but he trusted his daughter and her hus-
and Benjamin’s father-in-law was shaking band,” state trooper Craig wrote. “[He] did “I advised Benjamin I knew there were
lab,” she said. A man claiming to be the his head back and forth as he listened, not believe Johnny would take those kinds plants in the house and now was the time
caretaker of the property met police at the Craig observed. of chances by growing marijuana illegally.” to be honest because honesty goes a long
residence. He introduced himself as Ben- way,” Craig wrote. “I asked him again how
jamin’s father-in-law and did not respond “He stated he believed Benjamin was ly- Doctors in Florida are not permitted to many plants were in the house. He stated
when asked if there were drugs inside the ing to him so he was going to tell me what distribute medical marijuana, nor are they there were none as far as he knew. I asked
home. Instead, he got the Vero Beach sur- was going on,” she wrote. allowed to legally grow or sell it, accord- him for permission, then, to search the
geon on the phone. ing to the Department of Health. Medi- house if there were no plants inside. He
Benjamin’s father-in-law then told the cal marijuana is only legally dispensed in hesitated again.”
Benjamin told the trooper that he was a state trooper the doctor and his daughter Florida by approved and regulated Medi-
doctor in Florida, and that he didn’t know had purchased the home in 2016 and were cal Marijuana Treatment Centers. As she applied for a search warrant at the
anything about electric larceny, Craig re- growing marijuana inside. He said Ben- scene, Benjamin repeatedly tried to call his
called. When Craig offered to go inside and jamin had about 60 plants, but that none Benjamin later told the state trooper father-in-law, but the man was angry and
see if there was some sort of malfunction, had been harvested yet. he thought the state’s laws allowed him to refused to answer his phone, according to
Benjamin acted confused and didn’t grant grow plants at the residence, Craig wrote. the trooper. The trooper eventually got the
Benjamin’s father-in-law said the doctor The officer told him this was not true, but search warrant and Benjamin was arrested
had told him the operation was legal – that two months later in December 2016.
he was allowed to grow medical marijua-
Despite his arrest on drug manufactur-
ing charges and his subsequent plea deal,
Benjamin was able to continue practicing
medicine in Florida, where he is to this day
a licensed physician and controlled sub-
stance provider in Indian River County.

Neither the Michigan State Police nor
the Sanilac County Prosecutor’s Office
would comment on the case. Both agen-
cies declined to say if they alerted Florida
medical authorities of the doctor’s arrest
and subsequent plea. The ProSpine Center
did not respond to a request for comment.

The DEA, whose work with federal pros-
ecutors against Benjamin is ongoing, also
refused to speak about his case.

In general, the federal agency would
not be in a position to notify profession-
al accrediting agencies of an arrest until
after its investigation is complete, said
Anne-Judith Lambert, a spokeswoman for
the Miami field office. The American legal
standard is not to shut someone down on
suspicion, she said. “We gather evidence as
fast as we can to build a good case that will
shut [these doctors] down and put them
away forever or as long as legally possible.”

The Florida Department of Health will
neither confirm nor deny if it received no-
tification of Benjamin’s Michigan arrest or
prosecution, said Brad Dalton, a spokes-
man for the state regulatory agency that
oversees medical licenses.

By law, the Florida Department of
Health cannot make such notifications
public until the Florida Board of Medicine
investigates and finds probable cause for
disciplinary action.

The DEA began investigating Benjamin
in 2016 after a Palm Beach woman died
from an overdose and the fentanyl-laced
oxycodone found in her possession was
allegedly traced to him. He was arrest-
ed in October after being stopped in the
Melbourne airport while trying to board a
flight to Philadelphia with 4,000 counter-
feit oxycodone pills.

Benjamin was indicted Oct. 31 on three
federal drug charges, including the distri-
bution of a controlled substance resulting
in death, and faces 20 years to life in prison
if convicted.

He has pleaded not guilty and is being
held without bond at the Federal Deten-
tion Center in Miami. 

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8 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

POLISH AMERICAN CLUB Club’s assets to the new nonprofit and, court to determine why this was done, There were threats of violence. This type
without a vote by its membership, dis- whether this was a thoughtful and nu- of emergency, out of the ordinary situa-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 solved the original corporation. anced response to changing demo- tion, called for a different interpretation
graphic and economic conditions, or of the bylaws, according to Hampton.
ute the property.” Attorneys for the Polish faction argue whether it was just a brazen theft.
Kanarek’s order comes two-and-a- this was unfair – that while the club’s by- The governing body sought the help
laws left financial and business affairs to “All we’re asking the court to do is to of its legal counsel when deciding what
half-years into the legal battle over the the board, major decisions were “subject construe the bylaws in such a way as to to do, she said. The club “was about to
clubhouse on U.S. 1 near 39th Avenue to the approval of regular membership,” decide that, ‘Yes, membership had the go under.”
and an estimated $1.25 million in assets including any expenditures over $499. right to approve or disapprove of the
once set aside to promote the culture board’s action.’” The board had no choice but to take
and heritage of the Eastern European “It is unreasonable and indeed non- the action it did, added board attorney
nation. sensical for an interpretation of the by- The resolution of this specific legal Katie Merwin.
laws to provide that the same board that question will chart a pathway for this
Following years of disagreement over can’t spend $500, can simply give away case to finally move forward, he said. Attendance had gotten so low there
club’s direction, the board of directors 10 acres of property and a 5,000-square- wasn’t even a quorum. “We were in a
then in place formed a new corporation foot clubhouse,” argued attorney Casey Members of the Polish-American So- state of disarray,” she said.
– the Vero Beach Social Club – in 2015. Walker on behalf of the Polish members. cial Club filed their first civil complaint
It then transferred the Polish-American in October 2015, not long after the board Such isn’t the case today, said Polish
“We are not here today asking the dissolved their club. Club President Jerry Cygler as Polish
Club members celebrated outside the
Around that time membership and courthouse chambers. Membership is at
revenue from social events like dinners 170 people, even with the club operating
and dances was shrinking. There were in exile, he said.
some 750 participants in 2007 to just 325
by 2015. Between 2014 and 2015 alone, A new, younger generation is interest-
revenue dropped nearly $40,000. ed in continuing this fight and building a
group to benefit the community, added
The board of directors thought it Cygler. A Polka dance held at The Moose
could grow the club by expanding cul- lodge Sunday night attracted nearly 100
tural offerings. Polka dances turned into attendees.
Salsa night, and the perogies and pota-
to pancakes were replaced by meat loaf “Finally, the judge is listening to the
and lasagna. A newsletter soon boasted, people,” Cygler said. “He’s listening. It’s
“You don’t have to be Polish to join this good. It’s a good feeling.”
In the wake of Monday’s ruling of par-
Meetings became so tense the police tial summary judgment in favor of the
had to be called, said Lynne Hampton, Polish Club, the club can file additional
an attorney for the board that dissolved petitions with the court seeking to re-
the old club. The premise was picketed. gain control of the U.S. 1 property and
other assets. 

Scully-Welsh confronts
a rare case of acute
myeloid leukemia


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10 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Scully-Welsh confronts rare case of acute myeloid leukemia

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer year, including one named Vyxeos. We Dr. Suzanne Kirby. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE But Kirby admits Vyxeos therapy is no
[email protected] haven’t had a lot of new drugs for acute picnic.
leukemia in a long time,” so the new “With Vyxeos, they coated those same
Delivering bad news is something no medicines are “exciting.” drugs in a lipid membrane so the drug is This particular drug combination,
doctor enjoys, but it is part of the job for inside of a lipid bubble,” which causes she explains, has “a lot of toxicity” and
Scully-Welsh medical hematologist and “The neat thing about the Vyxeos,” the medicine to migrate to places “where will “wipe out your blood counts” and
oncologist Dr. Suzanne Kirby. Kirby continues, “is they’ve taken two there are a lot of other lipids … like in may cause the lining of the mouth and
drugs we’ve used for many, many years your bone marrow.” the intestines to get raw and extremely
Just last August, for example, she had – Daunorubicin and Cytarabine – for uncomfortable and can also become a
to tell an affable and easy-going patient, acute leukemia induction therapy, which In other words, the drug is attracted to source of infections. People also some-
whose main complaint at the time was is where you try to really blast them to the very area that needs it. times lose their hair on this combo and,
that he was feeling “tired,” that he need- get rid of all those leukemia cells in the frankly, they often feel “terrible.”
ed a lot more than a nap. marrow,” and used them in a new way. Vyxeos has been approved specifically
for patients with myelodysplastic AML Meanwhile, on the genetics side, using
She informed him that he had leuke- so, Kirby says, this particular patient “is what Kirby calls “some very sensitive ge-
mia, specifically “myelodysplastic syn- a perfect candidate to get it.” netic tests and next generation sequenc-
drome” or MDS, and “acute myeloid leu- ing,” she was able to spot a specific gene
kemia,” and needed extensive treatment. mutation in her patient – a critical piece
of information, as it happens, since the
Given that diagnosis, the term “bad FDA just approved another new drug
news” is something of an understate- called “Idhifa” to treat this particular
ment. According to the American Society mutation.
of Clinical Oncology, the current five-
year survival rate for acute myeloid leu- Despite those successes, there’s still a
kemia patients in only 27 percent. long road ahead for Kirby’s patient.

Leukemia, in the words of Medical With those drugs, the patient’s AML
News Today, “is a cancer of the blood or is now in remission, which means he
bone marrow” that usually affects white can begin the bone marrow transplant
blood cells and is most likely to afflict process with the hope new marrow will
people over the age of 55. someday begin producing healthy, ma-
ture blood cells.
AML is a particularly fast-growing
form of blood cancer in which “the body But both patient and doctor are aware
makes unhealthy blood-forming cells that, as Kirby says, “any leukemia in an
that don’t develop properly,” accord- adult is always tough. The long-term
ing to and the National prognosis – if you just went by numbers –
Bone Marrow Donor Program. is probably about 25 percent. [However],
as well as he’s doing getting into remis-
The diseased cells grow very rapidly sion, he might be up closer to the 50 per-
and prevent the bone marrow from mak- cent if we do well with the right donor.”
ing normal red blood cells, white blood
cells and platelets. As the patient prepares for what is
likely a three-month transplant process,
The result is the body can’t fight infec- Kirby probably wishes she could clone
tions and it can’t stop bleeding. his outlook to share with future patients.

The diagnosis was daunting not just to With a combination of resolve and
the patient but to the doctor, too, since quiet understatement, he says, “I’m a
Kirby knew that “we had not treated an person who likes challenges. I’ve always
acute leukemia patient at this institution kind of looked forward to challenges.
before.” And this is one of the big ones.”

But Kirby was up to the challenge, with Dr. Suzanne Kirby is with the Scul-
a couple of aces up her sleeve in the form ly-Welsh Cancer Center and has offices at
of newly approved drugs and sophisti- 3555 10th Court in Vero Beach. The phone
cated genetic testing. number is 772-226-4810. 

“There have been a number of new
drugs approved for acute leukemia this

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12 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Home healthcare firm Trilogy planning Vero office

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer Kim Weir. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE licensed by the state? What services does staff that follows orders and has the fore-
[email protected] it provide? Are services available 24 hours sight to reach out to me when they see
Florida, the grayest state in the nation – a day, seven days a week? Would services changes in a patient that needs addressed.
Kim Weir may be a self-professed “small- and that number is projected to skyrocket begin immediately? If not, how long is the That is why I am a firm believer in the ser-
town girl from Michigan,” but as the ex- in the next decade, according to U.S. Cen- wait? How does the agency decide what vices that Trilogy provides and trust their
ecutive vice president for Trilogy Home sus Bureau figures. services will be needed over time? Is the care to help my patients after a procedure.”
Healthcare, she’s currently smack dab in agency familiar with the area? And perhaps
the middle of a booming, multibillion-dol- With rapid growth in the home health- most importantly, what’s its reputation “We’re a very community-focused com-
lar industry. care industry, consumers have to be careful with local physicians? pany, and much more high-tech than most
about who they hire. Rules, regulations and people understand,” says Weir. “We do che-
Founded in 2016, Trilogy has already licensing requirements vary wildly from Sitting in the Trilogy office near I-95 in motherapy in the home. We do hydration
opened offices in Port St. Lucie, Cor- state to state. Port St. Lucie, Weir explains that her own and antibiotic therapy in the home. I’ve
al Springs, Fort Myers, Palm Beach, home healthcare career got started in even pushed Lasiks to treat CHF patients.
Okeechobee, Jacksonville, Daytona, Sara- The Medicare Rights Center warns, “Be- Vero. “I spent many years working in home
sota and St. Augustine, and plans to open fore you sign up with any home health healthcare in Indian River County.” “We also do something called ZOE mon-
an office in Vero. agency, make sure you know what kind of itor, which is technology that’s built into
services your loved one needs,” and how Apparently she made a good impression the pacemakers that are inserted nowa-
“We are a growing agency,” says Weir. those agencies can cover them. on the Vero Beach healthcare community – days.”
“We have between 80 and 100 active pa- from head to toe.
tients in Indian River, including Vero, Se- AARP offers this checklist: Is the agency Trilogy-trained nurses are among
bastian and Fellsmere.” For example, plastic surgeon, Dr. Ralph the first in the state to employ the “Pro-
Rosato of Vero Beach’s Rosato Plastic Sur- metheus” bladder biofeedback device,
Until the Vero office goes online, care gery Center says, “I know most people which, Weir says, “has made an amazing
for patients in Indian River County is man- don’t immediately connect home health- difference,” in the lives of people suffering
aged from the company’s St. Lucie office. care with plastic surgery, but I’ve known from frequent urination and incontinence.
and worked with Trilogy for [some time] …
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and I trust their top-notch people to help For more information on home health-
Services estimates there are now well over my patients during their recoveries.” care, consult your physician and be sure to
8,000 licensed home healthcare agencies research any company you consider hiring
providing care for elderly and disabled Dr. Michael Hansen, a WebMD five-star- to care for you or a family member.
Americans, and many times that number rated podiatric surgeon at Foot & Ankle To-
of unlicensed providers. tal Care in Vero Beach and Sebastian, adds, Trilogy Home Healthcare is located at
“I order home care for a lot of reasons: for 549 NW Lake Whitney Place, Suite 204 in
According to AARP, “nearly 10 million things like helping patients with the heal- Port St. Lucie. The phone number is 772-
adults age 65 and older receive care at ing process; [because I trust] in a nursing 621-2701. The website is www.trilogyhome-
home or in residential care settings other 
than nursing homes” – many of them in


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SPORTS February 16, 2018 13

Red-hot Vero hoopsters eye deep postseason run

By Ron Holub | Correspondent to burn and decide to get back on defense? outside shots off good ball movement. The percentage (55 percent from two, 43 per-
[email protected] “If we can run set plays in the half-court pieces appear to be in place to do all of that cent from three) and leads our team in as-
very well, however seeing the shots fall is sists, steals and deflections. He’s a big part
The Vero Beach High varsity boys bas- and get good looks, that’s even better,” the always a different issue entirely. of what we are doing.
ketball team roared into the District 8-9A coach elaborated. “You still have to execute
postseason tournament this past Wednes- that in games, especially in late-game situ- For scoring punch Whitsett relies on “Javian can get hot real quick. He’s like
day with a full head of steam. The Fighting ations when you are trying to hold on to a 3-point shooting guards. Juniors Tommie The Microwave, Vinnie Johnson (formerly)
Indians – 20-6 overall, 5-3 in the district lead. You have to learn how to play like that. Lewis (16.2 ppg), Javian Cuff (12.9 ppg) and of the Detroit Pistons. Vinnie could get hot
– drew Martin County for the semifinal
opener at Treasure Coast High in what they Tommie Lewis Riley Minix (8.9 ppg) spearhead a versatile Javian Cuff. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD
hope will be the beginning of a deep run offensive. They can put up those numbers
into the regionals. “I believe we have a good half-court from anywhere on the floor. and light it up pretty quick, and Javian can
team. The main thing with that is just do the same thing.
Last week began with a forfeit when a having patience. Recently we have shown Seniors Alan Glanville and Devin Wil-
half dozen players from Sebastian River some pretty good patience. When a team liams formed the starting five earlier in “Riley has an all-around game. He’s a
High came down with the flu. Two days lat- goes man against us late, we have gotten the season, but Williams, a 6-foot-6 center, very efficient player for us and his basket-
er Vero fended off a tough challenge from some easy layups out of it. You have to have has not practiced for about three weeks. ball IQ is off the charts. He and Tommie are
Melbourne High by a score of 68-65 on ball reversals and open up some gaps. The His status for Martin County is uncertain. right there, even in IQ on the basketball
Senior Night in the regular-season finale. defense can’t keep up with you when you Minix and Glanville have stepped up down court.
Since Dec. 28, first-year head coach Dami- have some good passes going.” low and lead the team in rebounding.
on Whitsett’s squad is 15-2. “Alan is a hustle player. He will take a
Whitsett’s team can also attack a half- “Tommie is a tremendous talent,” said bunch of charges and has bought into
Those two defeats were administered by court zone by bringing a forward to the Whitsett. “He’s got all the ability in the the concept of sacrificing his body for the
23-1 Treasure Coast, which is the top-seed- top of the key and spreading the floor. That world to be a great player. He shoots a high team. I wish everybody had the type of ef-
ed favorite in the district tournament. The creates space for dribble-drives and open fort that he brings. He rebounds, gets steals
key forVBHS is to get past MCHS for a possi- and makes assists. He does it all.” 
ble championship date with the hosts. One
of Vero’s losses to TCHS was a one-pointer
in early January. The only TCHS defeat was
in the district to last-place Centennial, so
strange things can and do occur.

This has been a banner season for
Whitsett as he took on the unenviable
task of succeeding the legendary Chuck
Loewendick. The new coach has a deep,
well-rounded group prepared to dictate
the pace of any game.

“We are pretty athletic and my philoso-
phy on defense is to pressure the ball for 94
feet,” Whitsett explained. “We want to get
up and down the floor, set some traps, get
some steals, and cause the other team to
speed up and force them into turnovers.

“Off a defensive rebound I want my guys
flying up the court so we can get the ball
to somebody for an easy layup. So my style
is pressure, pressure, pressure, and push
the ball up and down the court as fast as
we can.”

That’s a pretty sound coaching paradigm
if you have the athletes to pull it off. What
happens if the other guys also have speed


It’s a date.

Join us for a lunch that
you will remember.

Call with an opening on
your calendar.


Assisted Living & Memory Care

2100 10th Avenue l Vero Beach, FL 32960

AL 13068

14 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz hits it off with magnificent Miss Maggie

Hi Dog Buddies! of us puppies an I was the liddlest. By the never scare me. Even thunderstorms. Cool, Barfy. But Newport’s Cool Kibbles. There’s a
time David an Alice started askin,’ there right?” lotta retrievers, an pooch-frenly rest-runts.
This week I yapped with a charming were only two of us left. They got to meet The funnest is Yappy Hour at the Vander-
Chocolate Lab, Maggie Johnson. She’ll be my pooch Mom and Dad so they could “Totes! So, whaddya do for fun? Any bilt. Sometimes, Mr. Bonzo, I just can’t help
8 in May, but she has one of those Puppy see how gorgeous I’d be when I grew up. If pooch pals?” it, I show off a teeny bit by takin’ a dip in
Personalities, came right up for the Wag- David an Alice had picked their puppy on the fountain.
an-Sniff, then shared some frenly bumps “I’m mostly a People Pooch (no offense).
an nudges with my Assistant. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD My favorite pal is M-I-K-E the “I love the beaches here, too, playin’
in the waves mostly. David throws my
“Oh, goody, it’s YOU, Mr. BONzo. It’s adorableness alone, I woulda won, Paws Maggie bumper and I zoom through the waves, re-
Super Cool Dog Biscuits you’re gonna in- Down. But they had NEVER had a dog. TREEVE it and body surf to shore!
nerview ME. These are my Humans, David Ever. Or even a human puppy. Pool
and Alice, I’ve been with ’em for almost Guy. He gives me treats. David an Alice “But my Favorite Thing To Do is hikin’
my whole entire life. I’m an Only Dog. So, “So they read every Puppy Raising book spell his name cuz they think I’ll get all ex- with David. I’m a Nature Girl! We hike all
let’s go sit on the porch. I’ll show you my they could find an that’s when Alice found cited if they just say it regular. My pooch over the place, specially the Indrio Sa-
yard. I watch the birds an the boats goin’ The Puppy Test. She read the instructions bestie’s a dachshund, Huck Wall. Me an vannahs Preserve. Have you heard of it?
by on the river. I have my own room, too. and David followed ’em: First, he let me him an our humans go on vacations to- Lotsa hikin’ trails. Plus, I learn stuff about
An a buncha bumpers to reTREEVE an chew on his hands (just liddle puppy nib- gether, to North Carolina. It’s real pretty birds, an fish, an plants, an TOR-dusses,
chew on.” bles). Then he took a ball away from me. and they’ve got streams with yummy cool an EEEK-oh systems, which are nature
Then he played with my paws. Then he just water! neighborhoods, I think. On my daily walks
I followed her to a nice screen porch walked away. WELL, I had it figured out by with Alice, I hafta be On Leash. But on our
with a pooch door. then, and you bet your biscuits I followed “In the summer I pant a LOT, so we go to weekend nature hikes, I get to be Off Leash
him. I thought it was all pretty fun, ack- our house in Newport, an David an Alice go cuz I’m Well-Behaved. When I get way
“So, whaddya wanna know?” she asked. shully. The last part of the test was when boating. Not me, though. I like adventures, ahead of David and don’t know which way
“Well, first off – what’s a bumper?” I Alice sneaked sneakily up behind me but NOT boats. They’re wobbly an I can’t next, I look back at him, he points, an I go
was hopin’ I wasn’t the only pooch on the while I was playin; and banged two frying see over the side an I get all Shaky Paws and that way.”
planet who didn’t know. I mean, I figured pans together!”
it wasn’t the metal kind that go on cars. I DON’T BE SHY “You sure are one active Nature Pooch,”
couldn’t pickshur her draggin’ that across “Are you woofin’ me right now?” I said, with admiration.
the yard. “I woof you not. It made this big, loud We are always looking for pets
“Oh, silly me. It’s a boat thing.” She went noise, but I wasn’t scared. I glanced up, with interesting stories. “It’s hard to stay still. Last year, I hurt
off into the house and returned with a then kept right on playin.’ Of course, I my knee. There’s a bunch of stringy things
white oblong object, about the size of a lid- passed The Puppy Test. Now, big noises To set up an interview, email called ligga-mutts that hold pooches’
dle loaf of French Bread. (How do I know [email protected]. knees together, an mine got torn. So Dr.
about French Bread? That’s another story.) Horn used fishing line to replace the lig-
Maggie explained, “David an Alice are ga-mutts. I couldn’t do ANYTHING FUN
Boat People, an they put these on the out- for three months. It wasn’t that fun for
side of their boats so they don’t, like, BUMP David an Alice either, but by August I was
into the dock an get all dinged up. You can back swimmin’ an reTREEVin.’ Hey, Mr.
see they’re the PERfect size for reTREEVE- Bonzo, if you’re ever up in Newport, we can
ing an chewin.’” do Yappy Hour at the Vanderbilt!”
“Yep, I can see that.”
“I can go get one for you,” she offered, I could have listened to Miss Maggie’s
between munches. adventures all day. Heading home, I was
“That’s so thoughtful, but I’d better keep thinking I should get a liddle more exer-
takin’ notes. Tell me how you and you hu- cise. Running from my bed to my dinner
mans got together.” dish probly isn’t quite enough. I’m gonna
“I was born way out in the country, near give it shot, because I might just be havin’
a place called Indiantown. There were nine Yappy Hour at the Vanderbilt with a certain
lady friend one of these days.

The Bonz

Harmony Reserve unveils
sparkling new clubhouse



Paul R. Berg VMer3oA3B3I3eNa2c0hOt,hFFSLFtrI3eC2e9tE60 Louis ‘Buck’Vocelle

VOCELLEBERG.COM 772-562-8111

16 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Harmony Reserve unveils sparkling new clubhouse

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer Jodie Love and Karen Mechling. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD a resort-like gated community. The Mech-
[email protected] lings realized it was the only 55-and-over
community in the county and believed the
Harmony Reserve held the grand open- market was ripe for an updated version.
ing of its 13,000-square-foot, $4.5 mil-
lion clubhouse last week, with Karen and “We’re selling lifestyle,” Karen Mechling
Chuck Mechling, consultants for the 55- said, noting that the clubhouse is integral
plus residential resort community, hosting to providing the social and physical activi-
a crowd of impressively fit seniors. ties senior homebuyers want.

The development group was willing to Built in the Old Florida style by Toby Hill
sink millions into a full-featured, upscale of the Hill Group, who is one of the five
clubhouse because it sees the facility as a investors in the development group, the
key driver of sales in the 400-home com- clubhouse has front porches, metal roof-
munity, which is located on a 128-acre ing and rooms that feel like “an extension
tract on 33rd St. between 58th Ave. and of your living room.” Tony Donadio, of Do-
66th Ave., half a mile north of the Indian nadio and Associates of Vero Beach, was
River Mall. the architect.

The Mechlings studied the local mar- The front façade is rather grand, with
ket and took Woodfield, the only other se- two-story columns and an expansive
nior-lifestyle community in the county, as porte cochere. The front hall lets on to a
a “roadmap” for Harmony Reserve, Karen “belvedere tower,” Chuck Mechling said,
Mechling said. and light pours in from transom and dou-

Woodfield, which built a 14,000-square- community in Indian River County, ever, winning formula restricted residential ble-stacked windows. Meeting rooms have
foot clubhouse to attract active seniors in terms of velocity of sales,” according to sales to those 55 years and older who 12-inch base board, coffered ceilings and
when it opened more than a decade ago, Mechling. didn’t just want a home, but to socialize soft-touch custom cabinets.
was “the most successful, No. 1-selling and play with fellow homeowners within
About 13 years old now, Woodfield’s The bar and fireside lounge was the

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 16, 2018 17

place to be during the Super Bowl, res- randa Esmonde-White, who can be piped summer kitchen with granite counters. It is single-family homes and 100 villas, most
idents watching it together on the big- in over the large screen. adjacent is a large, resort-style pool designed priced between $250,000 and $350,000,
screen television. They had a best-chili to accommodate simultaneous aerobics when all four phases are completed. Hol-
contest and shared their private stocks of A demonstration kitchen large enough class and lap swimmers. The spa is nestled iday Builders and Maronda Homes, exclu-
alcoholic drinks from their custom-made for classes, with a camera capturing cu- among an oasis of palms for privacy. sive builders in the subdivision, have sold
liquor drawers emblazoned with their linary techniques shown on a large over- all but two of the 84 lots in phase one and
names. The antique bar, with carved li- head screen, has already seen use. “The Eight pickleball courts are set off to the about 50 homes are already occupied.
foodie thing is huge,” Karen Mechling said. side with a covered pavilion, designed to

ons rampant, is topped with a leather-like Local chefs and caterers will give class- handle pickleball tournaments. A loggia Karen Mechling said pricing the club
counter and has a brass foot rail. es off-season, but homeowner gourmands and fireplace will give socializing outside membership correctly has been a key to
are already giving classes to each other. in the winter a romantic setting. attracting buyers. Each homeowner will
The universal machines in the weight Caterers were consulted on equipment, pay $7,000 upfront, along with yearly dues
room would please Arnold Schwarzeneg- flow and layout from parking lot to dining “It’s the nicest thing on the mainland,” of about $3,600, “which is extremely rea-
ger, and the “movement studio,” complete area. Karen said. “There isn’t anything else like sonable and unmatched in the area for
with ballet barre, mirrors and cork-lined it.” what you get.” 
floor, would please senior fitness guru Mi- Outside, clubhouse grounds include a
Harmony Reserve will have about 300

Sturgis Lumber
Hardware Store & Lumber Yard


62 years Family Owned and Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171

18 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



The first full week of February saw moderate activity on the mainland real estate front, as 24 sin-
gle-family residences and lots changed hands from Feb. 5-9 (some shown below).
The top sale of the week in Vero Beach was the home at 619 Tangelo Circle SW. First listed in Sep-
tember for $349,900, this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2,375-square-foot house sold for $340,000 on
Feb. 9.
In Sebastian, the week’s top sale was the residence 241 Easy Street. Originally listed in January for
$289,900, the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1,784-square-foot home sold for $285,000 on Feb. 8.


VERO BEACH 619 TANGELO CIRCLE SW 9/20/2017 $349,900 2/9/2018 $295,000
VERO BEACH 915 58TH AVENUE 10/30/2017 $350,000 2/6/2018 $285,000
SEBASTIAN 241 EASY STREET 1/12/2018 $289,900 2/8/2018 $282,000
VERO BEACH 7681 FIELDSTONE RANCH 8/14/2017 $305,000 2/9/2018 $255,500
VERO BEACH 403 21ST PLACE SE 12/11/2017 $268,900 2/8/2018 $236,000
VERO BEACH 395 10TH STREET 11/10/2017 $239,000 2/8/2018 $233,000
VERO BEACH 340 10TH STREET SW 1/9/2018 $240,000 2/8/2018 $230,000
VERO BEACH 1115 ST GEORGES LANE 12/7/2016 $269,000 2/6/2018 $228,000
VERO BEACH 1510 OAK HARBOR BOULEVARD #108 12/4/2017 $245,000 2/5/2018 $222,000
VERO BEACH 3163 ASHFORD SQUARE 7/21/2017 $239,900 2/5/2018 $210,000
SEBASTIAN 1351 SHORELINE CIRCLE 1/5/2018 $220,000 2/9/2018 $187,000
VERO BEACH 935 36TH AVENUE 12/11/2017 $189,000 2/5/2018 $183,000
SEBASTIAN 1586 EASTLAKE LANE 12/18/2017 $179,900 2/6/2018 $160,777
SEBASTIAN 110 HARRIS DRIVE 11/24/2017 $169,000 2/5/2018

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 16, 2018 19


915 58th Avenue, Vero Beach 241 Easy Street, Sebastian

Listing Date: 10/30/2017 Listing Date: 1/12/2018
Original Price: $350,000 Original Price: $289,900
Sold: 2/6/2018 Sold: 2/8/2018
Selling Price: $295,000 Selling Price: $285,000
Listing Agent: Denver Reynolds Listing Agent: Francine Kidder

Selling Agent: Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC Selling Agent: RE/MAX Crown Realty

Leary Parsons Francine Kidder

Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC RE/MAX Crown Realty

7681 Fieldstone Ranch, Vero Beach 403 21st Place SE, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 8/14/2017 Listing Date: 12/11/2017
Original Price: $305,000 Original Price: $268,900
Sold: 2/9/2018 Sold: 2/8/2018
Selling Price: $282,000 Selling Price: $255,500
Listing Agent: Claire Higgins Listing Agent: Beverly Lombardo

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.

Claire Higgins Ben Bryk

Keller Williams Realty Coldwell Banker Paradise

199$ 3DAYS




Coming Up! Shotsi LaJoie. LaJoie de vivre:
Paintings reflect

By Samantha Baita | Staff Writer PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE
[email protected]

1 Who says there’s not much
happening on Thursdays?
Thursday launches the Readers’
Theatre segment of the Vero Beach
Theatre Guild’s February Theatre
Festival and Fundraiser, celebrat-
ing the dynamic community the-
ater’s 60-year anniversary. This
Readers’ Theater extravaganza
presents 35 Guild actors in five pro-
ductions over four days: two come-
dies, a pair of dramas, and a polit-
ical satire. If you’re new to readers’
theater, you might be surprised
at how engaged you’ll quickly be-
come. First, this Thursday at 7 p.m.,
you’ll hear and visualize “Murder-
er,” “a lightweight black comedy”
about murder (of course) and may-
hem in a Florida retirement and
golf community. It’s not a whodun-
it; we find that out right away. It’s
more of a howdunit and whydunit.
Friday brings “The People’s Repub-
lic of Edward Snowden” at 7 p.m.


B2 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

LaJoie de vivre: Paintings reflect artist’s creative soul

By Ellen Fischer | Columnist images. I don’t think, Oh, I’m going to do a wa- least two that feature orange-hued skies have feels while rowing.
[email protected] ter painting today, or, I’m going to do a rowing been purchased since the show’s opening. “What you do to open yourself in one area
On view through Feb. 26, a solo show by More than what she sees when out on the of life will penetrate to every other part of your
Shotsi Cain LaJoie at Center for Spiritual Care The photographs are for sale, however at water, LaJoie wants to show visitors how she life,” she says.
features her recent abstract paintings along
with some of her cell phone snapshots of The large paintings in the show are some
scenes on the Indian River Lagoon. of her brightest yet. Although none of the
works in the show are dated, LaJoie says that
The inclusion of colorful photos, enlarged with one exception, none were created be-
and printed on glossy aluminum panels, has fore 2017. The larger paintings are executed
to do with LaJoie being an avid member of in acrylic and acrylic with oil on unprimed
Vero Beach Rowing Club, an organization she canvas; the smaller works are in acrylic on
helped found in 2010. All of the photos in the cradled panels.
exhibition—of sunrises, foggy mornings and
the Merrill Barber Bridge—were taken from A painting that greets your eye upon en-
the vantage point of her seat in a rowing shell. tering the Center is the impressive “Latitude
or Longitude.” The six-foot-square painting
Despite their being hung cheek by jowl combines areas of stained raw canvas with
with the canvases on display, LaJoie insists pools of poured paint, which LaJoie spread
that the photos are not in the same category into fluid shapes using sponges, brushes and
as her paintings. her hands. Dripped and flung paint make a
splashy appearance throughout the canvas,
“I don’t consider myself a photographer,” as do delicate loops of paint - some as fine as
she says. pencil lines - that flowed from the pointy noz-
zle of a plastic squeeze bottle.
Some people might therefore assume that
these photos inspired her paintings’ color “This is like a Helen Frankenthaler--Jackson
themes or compositions. Pollock--Cy Twombly collaboration,” LaJoie
teases, referring to three significant American
Not so, says LaJoie, who explains that the abstract painters whose work she admires.
photos are distinct creations. She notes that
many of them were taken after the comple- LaJoie says that “Latitude and Longitude”
tion of the paintings with which they have is an experiment in unifying large color
been paired. areas by connecting them with circuitous

“I don’t paint images. I don’t start off with


An Original
A.E. Backus Painting

Hutchinson Island Coconuts

Valued at $25,000

Tickets $20 each
3 for $50

Drawing and Winner
Announced at 12:30 PM

buy your tickets in person, by phone,
online before they’re gone!

500 N. Indian River Drive Fort Pierce, FL 34950
772.465.0630 •

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE February 16, 2018 B3

February 24th & 25th 2018

Fun Filled Family Day! Gates Open: 10 AM - 4 PM
Battle Reenactment
Please join the Okeechobee Battlefield Start Time: 2:00 PM
Friends for the commemoration of the BOTH DAYS
largest & fiercest battle in the Seminole Admissions: $10 Per Car
Wars fought on Christmas Day 1837.

lines of the same hues. pleasure akin to gazing upon a condensa- Seminole Seminole
A multi-layered painting like that takes tion-fogged window pane. You know that Music Indian
there is something beyond that translucent Artist Food
months to complete, she says. top layer. Allow yourself to be mesmerized Seminole
“Each layer asks for resolution, and some- by the conundrum of a painting seen, but not Rita Youngman Clothing
seen, beneath its mottled veil. Raffle
times I don’t know how I’m going to resolve it.”
LaJoie marvels that her friend and mentor, According to LaJoie, that is what her art is • Colors Presentation • Artisans
Tim Sanchez, can work continuously on one • Battle of Okeechobee Narration • Seminole & Other Exhibitors
painting until it is finished. “Think about your creative soul. How deep
is it—where does it go?” she asks. • Alligator Demonstration • Children’s Horse Rides
She, on the other hand, will stop and re-
flect on the work she has done, work on other LaJoie’s life has taken many directions. A • Living History • 1800’s Irish Folk Music
in-progress paintings, or just stop and “ab- graduate in business administration from
sorb other pieces of art” before returning to Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., she • Seminole Jacket Raffle • Pow Wow Dancing
the next bout with a particular canvas. got her feet wet in rowing as a member of No-
tre Dame University’s women’s rowing team. Thank You Sponsors
On the wall to the left of “Latitude or Lon- Her professional career in financial account-
gitude” is a 96-inch wide artwork that LaJoie ing began in Chicago. She moved to Miami in Children’s
created by putting two 48-inch-square can- 1978 to manage the southeastern office of the Services
vases side by side and painting them to create title insurance company for which she then Council of
a contiguous composition. worked and transferred to Vero Beach in 1981. Okeechobee
The painting is titled “The Catch.” That’s a Building on her training and experience in
rowing term for the moment when an oar dips the psychology of business, LaJoie received an /BattleofOkeechobee
into, or ‘catches,” the water to propel the boat. MA in counseling from Webster University in
2001. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, For further information & updates please visit:
Painted primarily in blue acrylic pigments she continues her current career as a psycho-
that LaJoie allowed to soak into the unprimed therapist and counseling coach. Following Okeechobee Battlefield Historic State Park
canvas, the painting bears a long splash of her artistic inclinations, she joined Tiger Lily 3500 SE 38th Ave. Okeechobee, FL
white paint through which, while still wet, Art Studios and Gallery in 2007, where she
the artist slewed her fingers. The marks she continues to create and exhibit her work.
left behind give translucence, and the ap-
pearance of three-dimensional form, to what Volunteering is an important part of LaJoie’s
would otherwise be an opaque shape. life. As an advisory board member for the
Palm Beach Diocese of Catholic Charities, she
“It’s kind of scary (to do something like helped found The Samaritan Center, a shelter
that), because sometimes you ruin your for homeless families in Vero Beach. That was
painting. You don’t get a lot of tries. People 25 years ago. She has been point person and
don’t realize that sometimes you’ve got to do cheerleader for The Samaritan Center’s annual
this a few times before it is spatially correct; all Soup Bowl fundraiser for just as long.
the elements are hitting just right. You’ve got
to be brave enough to allow it to be that fluid.” It seems only natural for her to be on the
board of directors of the Center for Spiritual
An intriguing painting in the exhibition is, Care, too.
in relation to the bright and bold paintings on
display, inscrutable. “Fog in the Morning” is a “This place is about igniting your soul and
40-inch-square acrylic and oil pastel painting finding who you are in the process,” she says.
composed of a foggy gray application of semi-
opaque paint over stained-in blues in the top The artist will be present at a reception at
half of the composition and a pooled area of the Center for Spiritual Care, 1550 24th Street
cool red at the bottom, with many a painterly in Vero Beach, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday,
drip, dribble and splotch in between. Feb. 16. 

Looking at this painting close up is a

B4 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 1 Coming to the Readers’ Theatre on Sunday at 2 p.m. to enjoy excellent music as well as the com-
3 Don Soledad performing at Art Concerts in the Park. pelling visual environment the Museum
This, says the promo, is a “thought-provok- describes as a “landscape of monumental
ing, yet comedic satire” which takes place sculpture, flowering trees and perennials.”
at a Snowden press conference in a Moscow Concert time is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., rain or
airport. This is immersive, interactive the- shine. Tickets are $10 for Museum mem-
ater, in which the audience is “the press.” bers; $12 general admission.
On Saturday at 2 p.m., brace yourself for
the powerful “A Night to Remember.” You’ll 3 The Treasure Coast Jazz Society is
definitely be on the edge of your seats with bringing the Allan Vaché Quintet to
Walter Lord’s classic 1955 tale of the 1912 the Vero Beach Heritage Center this Sat-
Titanic tragedy. From the strength of the urday in its Jazz at Noon series. If you go,
human spirit in the face of tragedy, the play you’re going to hear some seriously smooth
at 7 p.m. Saturday is powerful drama of an clarinet. According to, when
entirely different ilk, and one of the great- Allan Vaché plays swing on his clarinet, “the
est courtroom dramas of the last century, smooth sounds invite comparisons to a
the tribunals that prosecuted those who young Benny Goodman,” not much of sur-
committed war crimes against the Jews in prise since Goodman was a major influence
WWII, “Judgment at Nuremberg.” Ending onVaché. Biographer Linda Seida writes that
with some welcome comic relief, Sunday at the jazz clarinetist “can be downright blister-
2 p.m., it’s “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister,” about a ing as well as warm and inviting,” and adds
man who has spent a decade not getting up that his playing makes even complicated
the nerve to tell his best friend’s sister (and pieces seem easy. Appearing with the Vaché
his next-door neighbor) how he feels about Quintet will be vocalist Ashley Locheed.
her. Could be love. With her marriage ap- With a repertoire that includes jazz, pop,
proaching, he’d better step up or lose out. rock and R&B, Locheed has toured with Mi-
Hysterically funny situations ensue. The chael Bolton and Englebert Humperdinck,
Guild has outdone itself in creating this im- and has performed extensively in the U.S.
pressive series. Single admissions, $12.50. and abroad, including the U.K., Jakarta,
All five plays $50. Malta, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Israel, the
Philippines, Singapore, Dubai and Beirut.
2 Also on Thursday: If you act fast, you Doors open at 11:15 a.m. Music begins at
can catch one of the island’s very pop- 12:30 p.m. General seating tickets, $51.75,
ular outdoor concert series, the Vero Beach non-members; $46.61, members.
Museum of Art Concerts in the Park. This
Thursday, Don Soledad brings a person- 4 For another taste of top pop from the
al touch to the music of Spain, with its ro- ’60s, head to the Emerson Center next
mance and allure. Transplanted to Florida Thursday, Feb. 22, when LIVE! From Vero
from the left coast, Soledad is a San Fran- Beach presents the classic ’60s band The As-
cisco native. His passionate rhythms were sociation. Did you know that, according to the
a favorite in the Bay Area and throughout show promo, The Association made pop mu-
the Napa Valley, and he toured extensively sic history in 1967 as the first band anywhere
all over the state. Inspired by the gypsy-fla- to open a rock festival? points
menco music of Andalucia, Soledad’s mu- to this group’s smooth harmonies and pop
sic, says his website, can reach diverse au- sound, and their solid string of hits from ’66 to
diences, the organic rhythms intertwining ’69. Their biggest hits – “Along Comes Mary,”
with modern, up-tempo jazz, bossa nova “Cherish,” “Windy” and “Never My Love” –
and Spanish classical guitar. The Museum’s became instant AM play list staples, and I’m
unique outdoor concert setting appeals ar- pretty sure most of us “of a certain age” still
tistically not only to the ear, but to the eye. know most of the lyrics. The music begins at
Typically, a couple hundred people will fill 7 p.m. Tickets, $35 to $60. 
the Alice and Jim Beckwith Sculpture Park,


1. The Pope of Palm Beach 1. Conversations with Mary 1. Dear Girl BY AMY KROUSE ROSENTHAL
presents 2. Uni the Unicorn
2. Direct Fire BY A.J. TATA 2. Red Notice
The Moon's First Murder is 3. The Wife BY ALAFAIR BURKE 3. What Do You Do with a Chance
Just the Beginning 4. The Underground Railroad BY BILL BROWDER
Thursday, February 22nd at 6 pm BY COLSON WHITEHEAD 3. Clementine BY SONIA PURNELL
4. Fire and Fury 4. The Hazel Wood
5. The Woman in the Window
5. Killers of the Flower Moon 5. Love From Peter Rabbit


392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

St. Lucie
County Fair


February 23 – March 4

Final Days To
Save Big Bucks!!
On Fair Tickets!!

ON LINE ONLY or 772-464-2910



B6 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Community Outreach gala fetes priceless hearts of gold

Susan O’Shea, Kelli Martin, Sue Post and Tina Wilcox. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE Ed Cortez, Karen Loeffler, Pat and Michael Cole. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer minating the “heart of gold” that is at the chance to celebrate the success of its mis- than $3.4 million. The group recently re-
[email protected] center of the community’s outreach efforts. sion to address the unmet needs of Indi- ceived the Children’s Home Society’s 2017
Guests dined on a gourmet meal, caught an River County residents in the areas of R. David and I. Lorraine Thomas Child Ad-
The Grand Harbor Community Out- up with neighbors and plotted their game health, education, youth mentoring and job vocate of the Year Award and was also nom-
reach Gala Dinner & Live Auction at the strategies for the upcoming Bridge and training. inated for the Association for Fundraising
Grand Harbor Clubhouse was a solid-gold Mahjong Luncheon. Professionals’ Outstanding Group Support-
hit last Wednesday evening. Since its founding, GHCO has raised and ing Philanthropy award.
The evening gave Outreach members a funneled back into the community more
Rays of light sparkled off gold stars, illu-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE February 16, 2018 B7

Pat Murphy with Doug and Susanne Sweeny. Raynor Reavis, Diane DeFrancisci and John Moore. Mary Potter, Kathy McGinnis and Henriette Churney.
Bruce and Sue Stone with Barbara and Jack Reis.
“We’re not trying to be the biggest char- “We’re calling it the Angel Auction,
ity in Indian River County; we’re trying to where donors can support a specific need,”
be thought leaders,” said Doug Sweeny, said event chair Pat Murphy. “As a thank
GHCO president. you, they will receive a Willow Tree Angel
Of their current focus on the needs of
the Gifford community he explained, “We Proceeds will help fund general grants to
view this as a social experiment. We share a be awarded to local charities in March. For
ZIP code and that makes us more than just more information, visit 
neighbors. We’ve built a relationship with
the Gifford Pillars and they’re very willing
to have our helping guidance. This is their
community and we want them to tell us
where we should put our energy.”

The gala has also grown over the past
six years. In addition to the Grand Harbor
Artists’ silent auction, attorney John Moore
served as auctioneer over a live auction of
must-have items as well as a third auction.

B8 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Hurricane Impact Doors Take a bow! Vero Theatre Guild
& Impact Glass, stages sumptuous ‘60th’ bash
We Have It All!

Martha Kelly, Colleen Brennan and Carole Strauss. PHOTOS: STEPHANIE LABAFF

Transform Your Existing Door from By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer Susan Grandpierre and Don Croteau.
Boring to Beautiful! [email protected]
offered three weeks of theatrical bliss. In
■ Glass patterns for every style & budget The Vero Beach Theatre Guild rolled addition to the gala, the Theatre Festival
■ Customize to your style out the red carpet last Saturday evening featured a “Celebrating 60” musical revue
■ Impact Glass & Impact Doors to celebrate the six decades they have of past and present Broadway Blockbust-
■ Wood Interior/Exterior Doors been providing entertainment to the- ers, an open house to give theater-goers a
■ Fiberglass Doors ater lovers, at a festive 60th Anniversary peek behind the curtain and the upcom-
■ Patio & Sliding Glass Doors Dinner Gala & Silent Auction at the Vero ing Readers’ Theatre Productions.
■ Framed/Frameless Shower Units Beach Country Club.
■ Etching Over the course of four days (Feb. 15-
■ Schlage Hardware “The dinner gala is a great way for our 18), the Vero Beach Theatre Guild will
■ Mirror Wraps patrons and supporters to meet our board stage “Murderers” by Jeffery Hatch-
of directors and to discuss with them in er, “The People’s Republic of Edward
Regency Square a social setting what our goals and future Snowden” by Willian Turck, “A Night to
plans are for the next 60 years at the guild, Remember” by Walter Lord, “Judgement
2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart • Licensed & Insured or at least the next five anyway,” said Jon at Nuremberg,” by Abby Mann, and “Jer-
Putzke, VBTG president. ry Finnegan’s Sister.”
“As the guild’s president and producer The 2017-2018 season continues with
of the Theatre Festival, I hope the commu- “To Kill a Mockingbird” (March 8-25) and
nity will learn firsthand of the dedication “The Fantasticks” (May 10-20). For the
this volunteer-driven organization has full schedule, visit verobeachtheatreguild.
amassed over the past 60 years and that com. 
they will come to share in the wealth of
talent this community has to offer,” said
Putzke. “The theatre is a place that teach-
es us so many things about the human
spirit. The theatre can appeal to every
emotion we humans possess. Happiness,
sadness, thought-provoking; the entire
gamut of our lives can and is portrayed in
a live performance. No other form of en-
tertainment moves one’s emotions as the
art of live theatre can.”

As pianist David Israel tickled the ivo-
ries, guests bid on silent-auction items
and enjoyed a delicious dinner while rem-
iniscing about past performances. During
dessert, Putzke announced the 2018-2019
season schedule: “The Dixie Swim Club,”
“Yankee Tavern,” “The Game’s Afoot or
Holmes for the Holidays,” “Miracle on
South Division Street,” “A Funny Thing
Happened on the Way to the Forum” and
“The Savanah Sipping Society.”

To commemorate a rich history of 355
mainstage productions, the VBTG has

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE February 16, 2018 B9

Jon and Marg Putzke. Sarah Morley and Madelyn Rogers. Marlys Kauten and Katha Kissman.

Pat and Dan Kroger. Sally Dillon and Lily Jaramillo. Jim Gerwien and Laica Moreta. Walter Blogoslawski and Carole Niles.

B10 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Creative juices flow into 3-D at Art on the Island show

Laura Moss and Rosemary Polsky-Newman. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE Janine Stecca with Cynthia Roach and Claudette Roche. Harry Poole, Sharon Bastide and Witha Lacuesta.

Susan and John Von Hagen. Janet and Jim Nelan.

Deirdre and Hal Bugbee. event chair Rosemary Polsky-Newman.
“It’s a challenge for the 2-D artists so the
By Mary Schenkel | Staff Writer 2-D with Pizzazz category allows them to
[email protected] get a little creative. I think it’s a lot of fun
for them.”
Members of the Vero Beach Art Club
stretched into a third dimension once The fun factor was clearly evidenced in
again with their entries in last weekend’s First Place 2-D with Pizzazz winner Mags
fourth annual Art on the Island 3-Dimen- Hobbs’ colorful piece, The Abstract Art
sional Fine Art Exhibition at the lovely Class, epoxied with studio paraphernalia
Marsh Island Clubhouse. Members could such as tubes of paint and brushes.
enter two pieces of artwork, completed
within the last two years and not previ- Like many of the crowd at Friday night’s
ously exhibited at a recent VBAC show. opening reception, Polsky-Newman said
it was difficult to pick a favorite. “I really
This year’s judged, members-only show like a lot of the art. One of the things I like
featured 130 pieces of 3-dimensional art, about the Art Club is that we have so many
divided into sculpture, mixed media, pot- great artists.”
tery, glass, wood or fiber, jewelry and 2-D
with Pizzazz categories. Like the show’s judge, the delightfully
creative sculptor Jack Hill from Deland,
“I love the character of the show,” said she was impressed with Best of Show win-
ner Mark Scott’s bronze sculpture, Man-
hattan Composite Number 2, an embodi-
ment of the iconic New York skyline.

A percentage of sales help support
VBAC educational outreach programs,
including scholarships for high school se-
niors and donations of art supplies to ele-
mentary and middle schools.

Next up, the VBAC will host its 67 annu-
al Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show,
March 9 to 11 at Riverside Park. For more
information, visit 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 16, 2018 B11

Lola’s Seafood Eatery: Tastes of Massachusetts

By TIna Rondeau | Columnist
[email protected]

Recently, I was glancing through a copy Mardi Gras time). Fried Belly Clams. Seafood Bowl.
of the St. Lucie Voice (the weekly news- But this is an excellent seafood restau-
paper just to our south; Vero Beach 32963 Lobster Roll. Octopus Salad.
Media publishes it) and two words in an ad rant. It’s not fancy – the clam chowder was
for Lola’s Seafood Eatery caught my eye – served in a styrofoam bowl – but you get lunch time and try from New Bedford), Lola’s is less than an
“belly clams.” real knives and forks, real glasses for your Lola’s lobster roll ($19.90). This turned out hour from Vero – and joins restaurants with
wine, and real plates for your entrees. to be the real deal – large chunks of sweet the word “New England” in their name as
As regular readers of this column knuckle and claw lobster meat, thinly coat- worth a try.
know, my Boston-born husband has Best of all, they take reservations – and ed with mayonnaise, stuffed into a top-split
dragged me from Melbourne Beach (the if you are thinking of trying Lola’s on a Fri- hotdog bun lightly toasted in butter. Very I welcome your comments, and encour-
New England Eatery) to Jensen Beach day or Saturday, that would appear a very tasty, and if the lobster had been fresh- age you to send feedback to me at tina@
(the New England Fish Market) in search good idea. ly cooked, it would have been perfection!
of fried whole belly clams. Well, give it an A-minus.
Last weekend, we decided to go back at The reviewer dines anonymously at restau-
You don’t get authentic versions of that But for those in need of a Massachusetts rants at the expense of Vero Beach 32963. 
staple of life in Vero Beach, he contends. seafood fix (much of what they serve comes
So no sooner had I said the magic words Daily, 11 am to 8:30 pm
“belly clams” to my husband than we were (9 pm Friday and Saturday)
on our way to St. Lucie West to try Lola’s. Beverages: Beer & Wine

From the outside, the restaurant – set Address:
in a strip mall next to a mattress store – 962 St. Lucie West Blvd.,
doesn’t look like much. But inside, several
dozen people were seated at high-top and Port St. Lucie
low-top tables in a pleasant dining space, Phone:
clearly enjoying their meals.
(772) 871-5533
We had heard that Lola’s was a count-
er-service restaurant – place your order and
servers bring it to your table – so we went
to the counter, where we stood in a bit of
a daze grappling with the wide variety of
dishes offered on the menu boards. (We
subsequently were told you can simply be
seated, and the very pleasant servers will
take your order at your table.)

After a few minutes, my husband de-
cided to start with the New England clam
chowder (surprise!), and I went for the
grilled octopus salad.

Lola’s New England clam chowder –
which certainly had the requisite number
of tender clams and potatoes – was very
good, though my husband would have vot-
ed for a slightly thicker, creamier version.
But it got more than passing marks.

The Octopus salad, on the other hand, was
fantastic – grilled octopus that was both tasty
and very tender (not easy to achieve) set
amid a salad of pickled onions, hot peppers,
tomato, and corn and black bean salsa.

Then for entrées, my husband ordered
the basket of fried belly clams ($19.50) and I
opted to try the seafood bowl ($17.50).

The fried clams more than lived up to his
hopes – medium-sized belly clams, not over-
ly breaded, succulent and tasty. They were
served over bottleneck fries.

My seafood bowl proved an excellent
choice: mussels, shrimp and clams tossed
with linguini pasta, in a very tasty red clam
sauce, served with two cheeses, fresh ba-
sil, and a couple of slices of grilled bread.

As you might guess, we did not have room
for dessert – though we since have heard a
lot of good things about Lola’s house-made
beignets (had we known about those,
doubtful we could have passed them up at

B12 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2017

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant

The Best Food In South County!

reservations strongly suggested

2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
Vero Beach

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 16, 2018 B13



Now on Instagram- Bistro Fourchette15 772-770-2071
1309 19th Place - Downtown Vero Beach, FL
See you at the bistro! Like us on Facebook!

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm


New Prix Fixe Menu Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market

Prix Fixe $16 Entrees

Offered until 6pm

Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees


BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm

772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •

B14 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

Melo’s RIitsatoliraannote OPEN SUNDAYS

This Weekend ONLY!

Every Thursday ••••

Lunch & Dinner Open:
Tues.- Sat. 11:30am - Close•Sun. 4pm - Close
772.770.0977 •

Like us on Facebook!

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 16, 2018 B15


Be Known’ My Friends March 17 is the Wearin’ O’ the Green
Sean Ryan Pub is the place for St Patrick’s Day

Tuesday Trivia Night Live Music Every Daily Drink Specials
7-9 PM Join Us For Friday Night 7-9 PM and Daily Chef
Fun and Prizes

Come Join in the
Festivities, Food and
Fun at Sean Ryan Pub

Open: Tues. - Sun. 11AM -11PM
2019 14th Ave  (772) 217-2183

B16 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


The Telegraph ACROSS DOWN
1 Dandies (French style) (5) 2 Do very well (5)
4 Natives of former Siam (5) 3 Novel by James Joyce (7)
10 Decomposed (7) 5 Wished (5)
11 Offence taken (5) 6 Post-mortem investigation (7)
12 Rods (5) 7 Espouse (5)
13 Location (7) 8 Brainwaves (5)
15 Simple (4) 9 Long-necked birds (5)
17 Supporting beam (5) 14 Offa’s -- (4)
19 Pool of money (5) 16 Small particle (4)
22 Sign (4) 18 Applause (7)
25 World of scholarship (7) 20 Imprecise (7)
27 Support for canvas (5) 21 Look at; timepiece (5)
29 Town’s announcer (5) 23 Female voice (5)
30 Avid (7) 24 Cathedral’s precincts (5)
31 Animal hunted in verse (5) 26 Mistake (5)
32 Group of employees (5) 28 Parody (5)

DewCSawllefoerpdeer tSaiplse.cial How to do Sudoku:

GOLF Memberships Fill in the grid so the
For the 2018 Season numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

New Memberships Now Available!

Ages 40 & under 50% discount on dues
Ages 41 to 50 25% discount on dues

Golf Memberships Starting at $1,800.00
Seasonal Memberships Available Now!

Includes Full Golf Country Club Privileges
Golf, Tennis, Pool, Social, Green Fees

Five Day Advance Tee Time Booking Advantage
Golf Shop Member Discounts • FSGA Handicap, Tournaments

Golf Club Storage and Lockers • Member Charge Privileges

Call Mike Yurigan, General Manager and Head Golf Professional
(772) 466-4000 Ext. 213 for details and inquire about other available memberships

Check out our facilities at

Weddings and Events Please call 772-466-4000 ext. 211

CURRENT RATES Mike Yurigan The Telegraph
General Manager
BEFORE 11:30 AFTER 11:30

47 42$ +tax $ +tax
Includes: Cart and Green Fees

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES February 16, 2018 B17

ACROSS 79 Part of a German carrier? (1970) 69 Mail carrier’s The Washington Post
name 4 Prophet words to a 47
1 Arctic birds 5 Workplace Across? (1968) SPECIAL DELIVERY By Merl Reagle
5 Of the ear 80 One of Henry’s six
9 “If ___ be so bold 81 Type of income or watchdog: abbr. 70 “___ Who Tread
6 Not dangerous the Narrow Way”
...” result 7 ___ Saud (Kipling)
13 Alaska adjective 83 With 96 Across, 8 Sid, Julius, and a
18 Response to a 73 Little egg
a postal order? salad 74 Work on this
Dear John letter? (1962) 9 16 oz. 75 Derisive
(1961) 85 Turkey Day 10 ___ d’
21 Ooh trailer device 11 Pond plants responses
22 Mediterranean 87 Gob’s agreement 12 Start of a 78 Like a quilt
tree 88 Noted numero 82 Work unit
23 What it takes to 91 Corduroy ridge Flintstonism 84 Smidge
mail 92 Airline to Tokyo 13 Painter 86 Deli-cutter option
things? (1956) 94 Mohammed’s 88 Salt Lake players
24 The Postmaster flight Hieronymus 89 Lower-class, in
General? (1967) 96 See 83 Across 14 VP namesakes
26 Spring for (dinner) 98 Meager poker 15 Actress Basinger Britain
27 Armada’s milieu hand 16 Hungarian sister 90 Mexican honey-
29 Cigar contents, in 101 Four Seasons hit 17 Animal refuge
Calais 103 Grandson of 19 Caustic stuff lovers
30 Bill’s Hulk costar Adam 20 Color changer 92 Pleasures
32 Lonely Street 104 Murphy’s show 25 Popular wood 93 Feminine side, to
address? 105 Noted nummer 28 Skylit courts
(1956) 106 The Man of 30 White Diamonds Jung
39 Furniture designer baseball 95 37 Down
William 107 Possible lady
41 Of wings requirement of 31 How long Express counterparts
42 Regret postal inspectors? 97 Feat of thought
43 Prime seat (1969) Mail takes? (1958) 99 Next-to-last
44 Farmer’s name, in 113 Decorator’s asset 33 Put it away
cartoons 114 Tomato impact 34 Gladiolus-to-be syllables
45 Shove off 115 Puncture preceder 35 Previous 100 Assistance
47 Postal carrier’s 116 Richard Dysart TV 36 Uproar 102 Travel dir.
worry? series 37 They’re esteem- 104 It’s coming
(1956) 120 Mail carrier’s 108 “___ an arrow ...”
51 Certain women’s condition powered 109 USN rank
wear after a 47 Across 38 What 51 Across 110 Kael’s ___ It at the
53 Typewriter feature run-in? (1957)
54 Roughly 125 Inspiration for the cover Movies
55 “Wild Bill” 15 songs in this 40 Fanged danger 111 Jack of The Great
Donovan’s org. puzzle
56 Peace, to Pushkin 129 “Swell!” for divers Dictator
57 Monopoly 130 Monarch’s 41 Slow as ___ 112 Cold desserts
imperative address 46 Wisp of an island 117 Pops the question
60 Postal guy? 131 Like stubborn 47 Sellers of 51 118 British ensemble
(1968) stamps? (1960)
62 Court ace Andre 132 Opening Across that Previn once
64 Backer 133 Four follower 48 Abalone, to a Brit led: abbr.
66 Green situation 134 Candy company 49 This land is your 119 ___ extra cost
67 Calf catcher 135 Russian poet 120 It often comes
71 Debt marker Mandelstam land between two
72 Mail containing 50 Steelers coach people
X’s and DOWN 121 Civil War figure
O’s? (1966) 1 Intent Chuck who 122 Testing place
76 Son of Adam 2 Project Blue Book won four Super 123 VW intro?
77 Burners named Bowls 124 The write thing
for a listing 52 Photo ___ (PR 126 Sight, on the
volcano 3 Something that ploys) Seine
56 Spice with a 127 Pronoun, on the
won’t deter a mail wallop? Seine
58 Taste lover 128 Doggie
59 Early astronaut
60 Extremely
61 Portland OR to
Portland ME
63 Shiner of a sort
65 Slangy affirmative
68 Shipping by land
or air? (1972)

Certified Collision
Repair Center

VeArou’tsoPbroedmy!ier All Insurance

(772) 978-1351 • 463 4th Place SW • Vero Beach, FL

B18 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, “Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks WEST AK62 EAST
together.” A bridge deal starts when you carefully put 13 cards together. How you play J 10 A K J 10 962
those cards, of course, will determine your score on the deal. J754 9 Q 10 9
763 Q85
This week, South is in six spades. What should he do after West finds the best lead of a KJ74 SOUTH Q 10 8 3
trump? AKQ3
North’s four-club rebid was a splinter: four-card spade support, game-going values and 942
a singleton (or void) in clubs. It was a slight overbid, especially since North has such A652
bad trumps. If South had had weak spades and strong clubs, making three no-trump
the best game, it would have been hard to get there over four clubs! But a three-spade Dealer: North; Vulnerable: Both
rebid would have been a tad cautious. If only he could have bid three-and-two-thirds
spades. The Bidding:

The winning line, assuming there was one, depended upon guessing correctly. If trumps SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST
were 4-1, declarer needed the diamond finesse to be winning. But if the spades were 1Diamonds Pass
the more-likely 3-2, he could afford to lose a diamond as long as he took two club ruffs 1 Spades Pass 4 Clubs Pass OPENING
on the board. Then, his 12 tricks would be four spades, two hearts, three diamonds, one 5 Clubs Pass 5 Diamonds Pass
club and the two ruffs. 6 Spades Pass Pass Pass LEAD:
J Spades
However, it was not that straightforward. After quite some time running different play
sequences through his mind, South saw the best plan. After the club ruff at trick three,
he led a low diamond from the dummy. East won and played another trump, but declarer
won, ruffed a second club, took the top hearts, ruffed a heart, drew the missing trump
and claimed.

Come in and let us create a masterful blend of function
and esthetics for the kitchen of your dreams.

f e at u r i n g :

Established 18 Years in Indian River County

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
• The Treasure Coast’s most Comprehensive, Professional Showroom

• Extensive Collection of Styles and Finishes to Meet Your Budget
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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR February 16, 2018 B19

ONGOING 16|17 Vero Beach High School
Performing Arts Dept. pres-
Vero Beach Museum of Art - Medieval To ents Annie: the Musical, Fri./Sat. 7 p.m., 2 p.m.
Metal: The Art & Evolution of the Guitar thru Sun. at VBHS PAC. 772-564-5497
May 6, Paul Outerbridge: New Color Photo-
graphs from Mexico and California, 1948-1955 16-18 Thunder on the Beach Pow
thru June 3 and Shadow & Light: The Etchings Wow at Indian River Coun-
of Martin Lewis thru May 13. ty Fairgrounds, Fri. 3 to 9 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m. to 9
p.m.; Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Riverside Theatre - Lombardi on the Stark February 15-18 | Vero Beach Food, Wine & Music four-day festival. 17 Florida Tech Panther Challenge Ob-
Stage thru Feb. 18. stacle Run, 9 a.m. at Sebastian River
15-18 Readers’ Theatre Productions Cancer Society, H.A.L.O., Hibiscus Children’s Cen- Preserve and through Florida Tech Challenge
King of the Hill Tennis Tournament to benefit at Vero Beach Theatre Guild ter, Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Pro- Course. 321-271-0834
Youth Guidance, 6 p.m. Tuesdays at The Moor- presents “Murders” 7 p.m. Thurs., “The People’s gram, United Against Poverty and The Source.
ings Yacht & Country Club thru Feb. 20. Republic of Edward Snowden” 7 p.m. Fri., “A 17 Windsor Charity Polo Cup, with The
Night to Remember” 2 p.m. Sat., “Judgement at Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkin-
FEBRUARY Nuremberg” 7 p.m. Sat.; and “Jerry Finnegan’s 16 Ballet Vero Beach presents Dance from son’s Research and the Alzheimer & Parkinson
Sister” 2 p.m. Sun. $12.50. 772-562-8300 the Dancers, original works choreo- Association of Indian River County named as
15 Opera Studies at Vero Beach Museum graphed by BVB’s own dancers, 7 p.m. at Vero beneficiaries by the Windsor Charitable Foun-
of Art, Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. thru 15-18 Vero Beach Food, Wine & Beach Museum of Art. 772-905-2651 dation. 10 a.m. gates and Retail Village open,
March 8. $55 & $75. 772-231-0707 Music four-day festival at 11:30 a.m. champagne reception, junior play-
Riverside Park, with celebrity and local chefs, ju- 16 Sweetheart of a Dance, 7 p.m. at Heri- er demo and luncheon, 2 p.m. match. Tickets
15 Scholarship Foundation of IRC presents nior chef competition, international wines, food tage Center to benefit Suncoast Mental $75 and up.
a Come Together, 5:30 p.m. at Quail tastings, musical entertainment and fashion Health Center, with dancing to DJ Jerry & the Dolls.
Valley River Club, a British Invasion themed show with pups and people to benefit American BYOB. $15; $25 for two. 772-489-4726 x 2008 17 Book Author Luncheon featuring
event with hors d’oeuvres, vintage cars, guest Charles Todd, pen name for moth-
speaker Ken Womack, author of “Maximum Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN er/son duo Caroline and Charles Todd, 11
Volume” and live music by Jack Maravell. $150; in February 9, 2018 Edition 1 JERRY 1 EMBLAZON a.m. at Vero Beach County Club to benefit
$275 for two. 772-569-9869 8 MANDARIN 3 RESERVED American Association of University Women.
15 Concerts in the Park: Don Soledad, 5 to 10 NUISANCE 5 ODYSSEY
7 p.m. at Vero Beach Museum of Art. 11 BARRAGE 6 BRONZED 17 ELC EcoTalks Speaker Series: Roseate
$10 & $12. 772-231-0707 12 BERET 7 ANNEX Spoonbills, 11 a.m. at Environmental
15 POSER 8 MANGO Learning Center.
15 Live from Vero Beach presents the 18 YODEL 13 ROWDYISM
West Coast country rock band Poco, 7 19 NADIR 14 TELEMARK Crossword Page B17 (WORD SALAD, CHUNKY-STYLE)
p.m. at Emerson Center. 800-595-4849 22 TODDLER 16 SAPLING
15 Senior Resource Association Silver 24 ADMIRAL 20 RONDO
Tones Valentine’s Concert: Frank (Sina- 25 INNUENDO 21 DRUID
tra) and Dean (Martin), 7 p.m. at First Presbyte- 26 SMOKE 22 TOADY
rian Church. Donations appreciated. 772-569-
0760 Sudoku Page B16 Sudoku Page B17 Crossword Page B16

15 Atlantic Classical Orchestra presents
Barber’s Concerto for Violin with solo-
ist Sirena Huang, Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony
and Schuman’s Symphony No. 2, 7:30 p.m. at St.
Edward’s Waxlax Center. 772-460-0850



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Drunken Cupcakes  Cake of the Month Club
Indian River Honey Company We also have a large variety
British Style Meat Pies of comfort footwear including:

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provide services to the community an opportunity

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B20 February 16, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

17 Florida Craft Brew & Wingfest to benefit the American Muscle Car Museum to benefit
Sunrise Rotary Club charities, 11:30 a.m. to Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation.
4p.m.atRoyalPalmPointe. Freeadmission;$40beer $150. 772-571-1986
tasting bracelet.
24 Reach For the Stars Gala, 6 p.m. at
17 Treasure Coast Jazz Society presents Corporate Air Hangar to benefit Chil-
Allan Vache Quintet, 12:30 p.m. at dren’s Home Society, with cocktails, dinner,
Vero Beach Heritage Center. 772-234-4600 music and auctions. $200. 772-344-4020 x 224

17 “A Night to Remember” reading (about February 17 | Florida Craft Brew & Wingfest. 23 Main Street Vero Beach’s Downtown 25 Vero Beach Chamber Orchestra 10th
Titanic) by Paul White, 2 p.m. at Vero Friday Street Party, 6 to 9 p.m. on 14th Anniversary Opening Concert, 2 p.m.
Beach Theatre Guild. $12.50. 772-562-8300 of Hope Caregiver Conference Thurs. and Par- Avenue. Free. 772-643-6782 at Vero Beach High School PAC, featuring flut-
kinson Conference Friday, both 9 a.m. at First ist Judi Lampert performing Hue’s Fantaisie for
17 Mardi Gras Celebration, 5 p.m. at Oak Presbyterian Church. Each is $15, and includes 24 Gator Gallop 5K Run/Walk to benefit In- Flute and Orchestra. Donations appreciated.
Harbor Club, with New Orleans cuisine, lunch. 772-563-0505 dian River Land Trust, 7:30 a.m. through 772-562-6125
live music and casino games to benefit We Care Indian River Lagoon Greenway. 772-794-0701
Foundation of IR, which provides free healthcare 23 Purses with a Purpose, 5:30 p.m. at 25 Atlantic Classical Orchestra and Vero
to indigent patients. $200. 772-562-0123 Varietals and More to benefit Live Like 24 Save the Chimps Member Day, 11 a.m. Beach Museum of Art Chamber Mu-
Cole Foundation – wine tasting, appetizers and to 3 p.m. sanctuary tours. savethe- sic Series present West Side Story to the Sol-
17 SIRSY showcased at Sebastian Inlet handbag auction. $35; $25 if under 21. or 772-429-2225. dier’s Tale, 3 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231-0707 x
State Park Night Sounds concert series, 136
7 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. Free with park 23 Sebastian River Area Chamber of Com- 24 Mystery, Mayhem, Madness and
entry fee. 772-388-2750 merce Concerts in the Park presents Muscle Cars, 5 p.m. game of Clue at 25 Indian River Symphonic Association
Sharkbait, 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Riverview Park. Free. presents the Staatskapelle Weimar
19 Riverside Theatre’s Distinguished 772-589-5969 Orchestra and conductor Kiril Karabits, featur-
Lecturer Series presents Senator Phil ing soprano Catherine Foster performing We-
Gramm, 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Stark Stage and sendonck Songs, 7:30 p.m. at Vero Beach Com-
simulcast in Waxlax. 772-231-6990 munity Church. 772 778-1070

22 Live from Vero Beach presents the clas- 26 Environmental Learning Center’s 25th
sic ‘60s band The Association, 7 p.m. at annual Golfin’ for the Lagoon Char-
Emerson Center. 800-595-4849 ity Golf Tournament at Bent Pine Golf Club,
11 a.m. registration and lunch, 12:45 shotgun
22|23 Alzheimer & Parkinson start, and 19th hole cocktail awards reception.
Assoc. of IRC hosts its Day $350. 772-589-5050 x 103


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