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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2020-12-31 01:07:47

12/24/2020 ISSUE 52


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vaccine priority
BY RAY MCNULTY makes no sense

He doesn’t call. He doesn’t By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
text. Is there a problem? [email protected]

I frankly don’t know what’s going With the first shipments of the
on with our soon-to-be sheriff, Eric Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna
Flowers – because, well, he no lon- vaccines now in hand to help pro-
ger seems to be speaking to me. tect front-line healthcare work-
ers and long-term care residents
Actually, he’s not speaking to against COVID-19, public health
anyone at Vero News, Vero Beach officials turned their attention
32963 or our web- to the next big question: When
site, and hasn’t been for some time. can seniors, including many res-
He doesn’t return phone calls or idents of Vero’s barrier island, get
messages left on his voicemail. He vaccinated?
doesn’t accept texts. He did not re-
spond to an email I sent last week. The CDC came up with a com-
plex answer to the prioritization
This is strange behavior, con- question last weekend, but Gov.
sidering he is the Sheriff’s Office Ron DeSantis didn’t like it. So
public information officer, whose Florida may go its own way, boost-
job is to talk to the news media and ing seniors ahead of younger peo-
provide information about local ple in high-risk jobs in the vacci-
law-enforcement matters and oth- nation queue.
er goings-on within the county’s
largest police force. A panel of doctors appointed by
the CDC to recommend popula-
This is also a really bad way for a tion groups for a phased national
sheriff-elect to start a new admin- vaccination decided on Sunday
istration, which Flowers will do on that people age 75 and older, and
Jan. 5.
Everyone in the county should
be concerned, even worried, about Surge in COVID-19
a new sheriff shutting out local cases sees pandemic
total here top 6,000
By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer

NEWS 1-5 ARTS B1 Kids still send letters (with no emojis) to Santa The dreaded post-Thanksgiv-
ing surge in COVID-19 infections
HEALTH 6 GAMES B13 finally arrived here this week, set-
ting several local records for the
PETS B12 CALENDAR B16 pandemic with the total for Indian
River County since the start of the
REAL ESTATE 11 pandemic topping 6,000.

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 By Samantha Rohlfing Baita | Staff Writer Whether the letters are addressed to Santa Claus Countywide, there were 422
For circulation or where to pick up [email protected] at The North Pole or the post office’s official ad- new cases this past week, for an
your issue call: 772-226-7925 dress for Santa at 123 Elf Road, North Pole 88888, average of 60.3 cases per day,
Do children still handwrite and mail old-fash- the letters mailed in Vero Beach all end up at the
ioned letters to Santa Claus? Or in the texting era, downtown post office, where Postal Elves Jacklyn CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
has that beloved tradition gone the way of the Lisotte and Jackie Roberts carefully craft, decorate
6-cent first-class stamp? and mail responses to waiting children.

Here in Indian River County, the answer is, “Yes, Based on Vero News’ Yuletide investigation,
they still send letters.” letters to Santa from local children contain a mix-
ture of funny, straight-forward, heartwarming and
In fact, enough flow in each year that the post
office here has two “elves” on staff to respond on CONTINUED ON PAGE 5
Santa’s behalf to kids’ pleas.

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2 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS


By George Andreassi | Staff Writer members tested positive for the virus, re- between Aug. 24 and Oct. 25, records show, dents and four staff members at the school
cords show. That resulted in 96 students and while a total of 93 students and 33 staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and 71
County public schools experienced their one staff member quarantining. members tested positive for the virus during quarantined.
worst week of the school year for COVID-19 the second quarter.
infections as 22 students and three staff Overall, a total of 130 students and 39 But the pandemic calmed down at Vero
members tested positive. staff members have been diagnosed with Sebastian River High and Middle schools Beach High School and the Freshman
COVID-19 on 21 campuses since the school were hit particularly hard by COVID-19 be- Learning Center with just three students
The 25 cases during the week of Dec. 14 year started Aug. 24. Another 1,344 students tween Dec. 14 to Dec. 20. testing positive for the virus.
to Dec. 20 were two more than the previous and 30 staff members have been directed to
high of 23 during the week of Nov. 9 to Nov. quarantine. Six Sebastian River High students tested Overall, 31 VBHS students and seven staff
15, school district records show. positive for the virus last week and 41 were members have tested positive for COVID-19.
The number of COVID-19 cases in the directed to quarantine. Overall, 20 students Another 335 students and three staff mem-
Dec. 14 was the worst day of the school school district more than tripled in the sec- at the school have been diagnosed with bers have been directed to quarantine.
year for COVID-19 as 11 students and two ond quarter, which ended Dec. 18, com- COVID-19 and 198 quarantined since Aug.
staff members tested positive, while 66 stu- pared to the first quarter, which ended 24. Six Sebastian River Middle students test- Vero Beach High dropped out of the top
dents were directed to quarantine. Oct. 25. A total of 33 students and six staff ed positive for the virus last week and 24 10 high schools in Florida for total number
members were diagnosed with COVID-19 were directed to quarantine. Overall, 12 stu- of COVID-19 cases during the week of Dec.
The previous high was 10 cases on Nov. 6 to Dec. 12. 
10, when seven students and three staff

VACCINE PRIORITY media. Only after all those groups are vacci- dramatic risk discrepancy around age.” cine, received doses of the Pfizer vaccine on
nated would shots be available to the general DeSantis said Florida expects to receive Monday and began vaccinating employees
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 public. hours later.
more than 750,000 additional doses of vac-
front-line essential workers such as teachers, DeSantis on Monday called the CDC pro- cine by the end of December. He speculat- Dr. Greg Rosencrance, Cleveland Clin-
corrections officers, postal workers, public tocols “purely advisory” and said he’d put ed that, if asked, young people in the CDC’s ic Indian River Hospital president, said on
transit workers, grocery store workers and out a formal statement on Tuesday about next phase would gladly give up their place Monday that vaccination was voluntary but
people involved in commercial food produc- the plan Florida intends to follow. But he laid in line to someone the age of their parent strongly encouraged for the hospital’s 2,100
tion, would get the vaccine next. out his chief objections to the CDC’s plan at or grandparent who is more at risk of se- caregivers, and would be accomplished in a
a Key Biscayne press conference while taking vere COVID-19 disease, hospitalization and “phased approach.
After that, people age 65 to 74, younger questions from reporters. death. “We want to make sure we’re putting
people with serious medical conditions put- our parents and grandparents first in all of “More than 100 caregivers at Cleveland
ting them at high risk, and a broad category “The problem with that, as I see it, is that a this,” he said. Clinic Indian River Hospital have been iden-
of “essential workers,” including police offi- 22-year-old food service worker would get it tified for the first phase, which emphasizes
cers, utility workers, officers of the court, and before a 70-year-old grandmother,” DeSan- Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy were set those job roles that interact with COVID-19
those who work in public safety, transporta- tis said. “I don’t think that’s an appropriate to begin vaccinations in nursing homes and patients or may potentially interact.”
tion, construction, food service and even the calculation of the real risk there. Our whole long-term care facilities in Vero and across
strategy around COVID has recognized the the state after pilot programs in Broward A statement from Cleveland Clinic Indian
and Pinellas counties last week. Florida De- River on Monday emphasized that vaccina-
partment of Health “strike teams” have been tion of the general public would not happen
tasked with helping get to every nursing this month, or even in January.
home and assisted-living facility.
“COVID-19 vaccines may not be widely
On top of the nearly 180,000 doses of the available for the public until several months
Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine received last week into 2021. That means we must all continue
in five major Florida Cities, 173 hospitals in taking important precautions to help slow
Florida received a total 61,000 doses of Mod- the spread of the virus,” the hospital said.
erna on Monday, with another 300,000 doses
expected on Tuesday, and 120,000 doses of If the 1 million doses of vaccine expected
the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine early this week. to hit Florida in December are all received
and administered, the state’s most vulnera-
Cleveland Clinic, which was on a pub- ble residents will have some level of protec-
lished state list to receive the Moderna vac- tion as they wait for a second dose three to
four weeks later in January. 

COVID-19 CASES TOP 6,000 dents of nursing homes and assisted-living
There was good news, though, as the first
breaking the previous record average of 55 doses of the emergency-approved coro-
cases per day in July. We also had a one-day navirus vaccines arrived here on Monday
record of 106 new cases reported last Friday, and the first 100 or so front-line healthcare
topping the previous worst day when 83 workers were vaccinated at Cleveland Clinic
new cases were recorded, also in July. Indian River.

High school and college-age people, and The timing of the vaccine rollout couldn’t
those in the 55 to 64 age group, continue to be better with several states in virtual lock-
account for the most infections, according down, new travel bans popping up all over
to state reports. the world and news of a more virulent vari-
ant of the virus circulating in Europe.
The past week also saw four days when
the case positivity rate ranged between 8.5 A new home test kit has been approved
percent and 10 percent, which is signifi- by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,
cantly higher than the typical daily rate over making it possible to self-test at home and
the past five months. get timely results. Advances in therapeu-
tics seem to be announced on a weekly
Reports of six people who died of basis, with help on the way to fight severe
COVID-19 complications were released COVID-19 cases until mass vaccinations
over the past seven days, bringing the to- produce something approaching herd im-
tal dead here to 153, 78 of whom were resi- munity. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 24, 2020 3

Piper’s high-end aircraft sales
strong, and no pandemic layoffs

By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer postponed. Aircraft are built to order.
[email protected] The greater challenge was delivering

More than nine months into the ongoing during a pandemic new trainer aircraft to

coronavirus pandemic, Piper Aircraft’s work- the flight schools that bought them. Last

force at the company’s Vero Beach head- summer, in fact, Piper recruited instructor

quarters is down only slightly from the start pilots from its Vero Beach Regional Airport

of 2020 – and there have been no layoffs. neighbor, Flight Safety, to make a delivery to

According to Jackie Carlon, Piper’s senior Purdue University in Indiana.

director of marketing and communications, “We’ve been able to get the aircraft out,”

the company currently employs 940 people, Carlon said, “but there were times it was like

down from between 980 and 1,000 in Jan- playing hopscotch to get them there.”

uary. Carlon said Purdue would not send pilots

“I don’t know of any manufacturer that here last summer to pick up the airplanes

hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic, but the school had purchased because Florida

we’ve been doing OK,” Carlon said last week. was a hot zone. Instead, Piper arranged to

“All of the workforce reductions we’ve seen fly the trainer aircraft to Indiana, with an

this year have been through attrition. We’ve M600 following to return the local pilots to

actually filled openings when and where Vero Beach. “We delivered the planes to In-

they’ve been needed.” diana and never left the airport [there],” Car-

Carlon said the company’s leadership lon said. “We dropped off the planes, then

flew our people back on the


In addition to Purdue,

Piper delivered trainer air-

craft to Auburn, Western

Michigan, North Dakota,

Middle Georgia State and

Spartan College of Aeronau-

tics in Oklahoma, as well as

ATP Flight School in Jack-


But it’s the surge in

sales of its M-Class aircraft

– particularly the M600,

Jason Sharp wears his mask as he works at Piper. PHOTO BY BRENDA AHEARN equipped with a Garmin

system can land a plane

has successfully navigated the COVID-19 without pilot assistance – that has the Piper

turbulence by continuously monitoring the brass excited.

global aircraft sales market and making ad- “We’re ending the year very strong, and

justments to Piper’s production and delivery we’re very excited about the demand for

schedule. our M-Class aircraft,” Carlon said. “We’ve

Although Piper reduced its production already started to build planes for 2021, and

schedule by 17 percent – the company built we’re anticipating the same level of sales as

290 airplanes in 2019 and only 240 this year this year.

– most of the cuts were in the less-expensive “It’ll be interesting to see how buyers re-

trainer aircraft lines, she said. act after the vaccines are available,” she

Those reductions have been at least par- added. “We expect demand to grow midway

tially offset by a strong demand for Piper’s through the year, and we could see increases

luxurious M-Class line of single-engine, tur- in the third and fourth quarters, but we have

bo-prop aircraft, particularly the wildly pop- no precedent for a pandemic like this.

ular, six-seat M600/SLS (safety, luxury and “We’re using the 2008 recession as a guide,

support) model, which now offers Garmin’s but who knows?”

Autoland technology. Just last week, Piper announced that the

“We’ve seen a significant demand for the newest addition to its single-engine train-

M600 during the pandemic, and we’ve been er-class aircraft line had received FAA certi-

selling them at a rapid pace,” Carlon said. fication.

“We’ve already sold the bulk of our M600s for The value-priced Pilot 100, selling at

the year, and the M500 and M350 are almost under $300,000 and equipped with dig-

sold out. That’s very pleasant news. ital autopilot, joins the Archer TX, Archer

“When the pandemic first hit, we didn’t DX, Arrow and Seminole as part of Piper’s

know how bad it would get or how long trainer series.

it would last, because we had never been “We are excited to add the Pilot 100 series

through anything like this before,” she add- to our training product line at a price point

ed. “So we took steps to reduce our risks by that provides optimal economics for all op-

adjusting our production schedule. If a pur- erators,” Piper President and CEO Simon

chase contract wasn’t finalized, work was Caldecott said. 

4 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE Most of my colleagues are career journal- they’re not talking to you. ty commissions, city councils and school
ists with serious credentials and long past That means they can attempt to operate boards, because they’re required by law to
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 any need to make names for themselves with hold public meetings. Law enforcement
gotcha-type stories. under a cloak of secrecy, share only the infor- agencies, however, have no such obligation.
news outlets – particularly the community’s mation they deem necessary and hide what
most-read newspaper, the island weekly that We do what we do because we take pride they don’t want you to know – at least until Don’t be surprised, then, to see Flowers
most holds our city and county officials ac- in our profession and care deeply about our watchdog reporters and other civic-minded and his as-yet-unannounced command
countable. community. For us, covering the news you residents start filing public records requests. staff try to strictly control any news and in-
need and making sure our local public offi- formation that comes out of the Sheriff’s Of-
We’re not the enemy of the people, regard- cials conduct governmental business openly Still, public officials who want to control fice through the creation of an agency-run,
less of what some politicians might want you and honestly is as much a calling as a job. the flow of information and resist being held news-production division.
to believe. We’re the enemy of bad people accountable can make the news-gathering
who do bad things. We’re the enemy of lies The troubling aspects of what Flowers has process unnecessarily challenging. My sources at the Sheriff’s Office, in fact,
and deceit and corruption. been doing, however, go beyond the diffi- say he already has begun hiring.
culties his communications blackout has In many communities, tweets and Face-
We’re the allies of truth and transparency. caused us. We can and will continue to work book posts have replaced press conferences, If this new entity is designed to help the
Trust me when I tell you – and, after nearly around this obstacle, utilize other sources allowing governmental agencies to bypass local media by providing more information
19 years as a columnist and reporter in this and report news about the Sheriff’s Office. the news media and avoid public question- than we’ve been getting, then Flowers is to
market, you know you can – nobody in our ing and any immediate scrutiny of their be commended for wanting to run an open
operation is doing this for fame or fortune. But it’s important our readers know that words and deeds. and transparent agency that publicly admits
when our public officials don’t talk to us, wrongdoing and doesn’t fear scrutiny or
Such tactics are more difficult for coun- even criticism.

But if Flowers tries to use such an oper-
ation to circumvent the local media, hide
wrongdoing and avoid scrutiny by spinning
the news in his favor, then we’re going to
be confronted with an even more alarming

No news is bad. Fake news is worse.
Of course, I’d like to look beyond these
past months and give Flowers the benefit of
the doubt as he replaces Sheriff Deryl Loar,
who is now in the final days of his third four-
year term.
I can only hope that Flowers, as he em-
barks on the next phase of his law-enforce-
ment career, sets aside any ill feelings from
his campaign, and that he possesses the ma-
turity and wisdom to start with a clean slate.
Not everyone at Sheriff’s Office voted for
him in the August primary. Not everyone
in the community endorsed his candidacy.
Not everyone in the local news media was a
Some of us reported news stories and au-
thored columns offering opinions that he, for
whatever reasons, didn’t like. I wrote some of
them. It wasn’t personal.
Longtime readers of this column know
I’ve written numerous stories and columns
about the Sheriff’s Office and, at times, Flow-
ers. The news stories were always fair and
objective. The columns reflected opinions
that were based on my reporting and knowl-
edge of the issue or situation.
Indeed, until this past summer, l enjoyed
what I believed was a good, professional
and even amicable working relationship
with Flowers, with whom I often interacted
during my first six years at this newspaper.
I’d call him. We’d talk. If he didn’t answer,
I’d leave a message and he’d call back.
Most of the stories and columns I wrote
pertaining to Flowers were, I’d venture to say,
more positive in tone and topic – but only
because that’s where my reporting took me.
Indeed, I was the first local columnist to
suggest he someday would be our sheriff.
But I also was the only local columnist to
question his involvement in former School
Board member Tiffany Justice’s foolish and
failed crusade to criminally pursue a school
district employee who had posted inappro-
priate remarks on Twitter.
Even then, though, we continued to talk.
As recently as January, I wrote a column

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 24, 2020 5

about the Sheriff’s Office being flooded with LETTERS TO SANTA just to talk to Santa in the middle of sum- dle; various electronics; and “some little
public records requests that appeared to be mer,” said Roberts. “And I remember one people toys for my little sister.”
targeting Flowers in an attempt to derail his CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 child who didn’t want anything for himself –
campaign. Some readers thought the col- he just wanted to make sure his mother had The frantic, crayoned letter from the lit-
umn was too sympathetic toward Flowers heart-breaking requests. a good Christmas.” tle boy pleading for the return of Bella, his
– so much so that a few wondered if he had They ranged this year from a crayon family’s Elf on the Shelf, told Santa he feared
asked me to be his PIO, which he hadn’t. This year, a short, sweet letter labori- “we won’t have Christmas without her. I
scrawled plea for the return of a missing ously printed in pencil contained this wish have a gift for her also. Please, please, please
Then, just days before the August primary, Elf on the Shelf from a child who feared list: “Dear Santa I want a Nintendo, I wish Santa, Please send her back.” The letter was
I wrote a column saying that no candidate Christmas would be canceled if the elf a black tiesuit and shoes and an i phone 10 illustrated with broken hearts and sad-face
in any of the local races had benefited more did not reappear, to a multipage, sin- PRO.” drawings.
than Flowers from the ongoing coronavirus gle-spaced, neatly numbered line-item
pandemic. “Christmas Wish List,” including descrip- One letter, asking for a replacement The Post Office’s Operation Santa pro-
tion, brand and price of each item the I-Pad, came with an impassioned note: “I’m gram includes an attractive, easy-to-navi-
I wrote that his high-profile position as the child was hoping for. so, so sorry I lost my tablet. I’ve looked ev- gate web portal at www.uspsoperationsan-
Sheriff’s Office’s PIO gave him far more no- erywhere so I hope you don’t think I’m ear- where anyone moved by the spirit
toriety and visibility than his political oppo- Lisotte, who is customer services manag- asposable. [sic]” of the season can adopt a child’s letter and
nents, who were hampered in campaigning er at the downtown branch, has been a Post- respond with a message from Santa and a
during a pandemic that prevented candi- al Elf for several years, taking the precious Still other letters asked for: “toys for Ame- gift the child asked for. 
dates from making public appearances and letters home where she spends “hours and lia”; a rock tumbler; a blue kayak with pad-
interacting personally with voters. hours” decorating the response letters and
envelopes with holiday embellishments.
I wrote that the pandemic allowed Flow-
ers to run as the de facto incumbent without If a letter includes a message to Santa
being forced to publicly defend the Sheriff’s from the child, in addition to the wish list
Office’s policies and conduct under Loar, or itself, Lisotte will pen a customized reply,
explain what he would’ve done differently, and she spends hours making sure Santa’s
even if it meant criticizing his boss. response is exactly right.

Finally, I wrote that Deborah Cooney’s “It’s sometimes hard,” Lisotte said, “to
entrance into the race also helped Flowers, figure out what to say,” that will work for
because it closed the Republican primary the child, while not creating unintended
to nearly 65,000 Democrats and voters with problems for the parent – such as promis-
no party affiliation, and he enjoyed strong ing a gift that might or might not appear on
support from the local Republican establish- Christmas morning.
Roberts, who has been a Postal Elf for the
As it played out, what I wrote proved to be past four years, said “I enjoy replying to the
true as Flowers easily won the primary and letters immensely. It’s a lot of fun.”
then trounced Cooney in November to win
election as the county’s 11th sheriff. Dear Santa missives typically begin trick-
ling in around late October, said Lisotte,
But I haven’t spoken to him since. but, according to one postal carrier, “most
I’ve called and left messages. He doesn’t of them arrive last minute.”
call back. I’ve tried to communicate through
intermediaries. He hasn’t responded. Last Lisotte provided an inside glimpse of how
week, my email went unanswered. Santa and his elves handle the influx, wheel-
And it’s not just me: Flowers hasn’t re- ing out a supply cart at the downtown loca-
turned calls from anyone at this newspaper tion with manila envelopes containing cur-
since the summer. rent Dear Santa letters; letters from previous
So before writing this column, I reached years; response stationary which includes
out to Loar last weekend, sending him a text a poem from Santa; all sorts of decorating
message asking why his PIO won’t take or re- materials – colored markers and pencils,
turn our calls. He didn’t respond, either. crayons, stickers, glitter; a very special “San-
Clearly, there’s something going on, but ta’s Village North Pole” postmark stamp and
I can’t tell you what it is – because Flowers ink pad; and a red metal “Letters to Santa”
won’t tell me. All I know is that this is no way mailbox, which is set out on the counter in-
for a new sheriff to start his administration. side the post office during business hours.
He should know better.
You should demand better.  Every year, along with the basic wish-list
letters, there are letters that stand out.

“I have some children that write wanting

6 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Doc upbeat about new testing for cardiac amyloidosis

By Kerry Firth | Correspondent Dr. Vikranth Gongidi, DO. and the heart has nowhere to go, it can’t
pump out enough blood, resulting in the
Cardiac amyloidosis has been around for PHOTO: KAILA JONES shortness of breath. In the past doctors be-
a long time, but until recently it was rarely lieved it was just a part of the aging process
diagnosed, and if it was, there was no prov- or a byproduct of high blood pressure. Now,
en treatment for the condition. with proper testing, a definitive diagnosis
of cardiac amyloidosis can be confirmed,
Dr. Vikranth Gongidi, DO, an inva- and medication can be prescribed to arrest
sive cardiologist affiliated with Cleveland its progress.
Clinic’s Indian River Hospital, is one of the
relatively few cardiologists who has suc- “When a patient comes to me with very
cessfully diagnosed and treated cardiac thick heart muscle, I diagnose the problem
amyloidosis. “Basically, the body is mak- using an echocardiogram of the left ventri-
ing too much amyloid, a protein made in cle,” said Dr. Gongidi. “If the echocardio-
the liver, and in certain individuals it gets gram shows severe hypertrophy, I order
deposited in different organs including the blood tests and, in the hospital, we’ll do a
heart, kidney and brain. When this hap- special test called a PYP scan, similar to an
pens, it separates the tissue and the tissue MRI which produces a nuclear scan of the
doesn’t work properly,” explained Dr. Gon- heart. If the tests confirm the diagnosis, we
gidi. “It’s similar to Alzheimer’s or Demen- can start the patient on medication to treat
tia of the brain, when there is extra protein the condition.”
being deposited where it’s not supposed to
be and the body isn’t able to clear it out.” Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital
has had the special testing available for
Patients experience symptoms mimick- about nine months and the new medi-
ing those of heart failure, including short- cation, recently approved by the FDA af-
ness of breath, fatigue, swelling of the legs, ter extensive studies and trials, has been
heart palpitations, lightheadedness and available for about six months. The medi-
thickened heart tissue. cation, known as Pafamidis or Vyndamax,
stabilizes the proteins made in the liver so
According to Dr. Gongidi, the extra pro- they don’t misfold and get deposited in the
tein builds up and makes the heart muscle heart. The advanced testing is paramount
thick and beefy, a condition called cardio- in the diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis
myopathy. Since the chest can’t expand
Be Good To Yourself
3790 7th Terrace, Suite 102 Ear, Nose and Throat
Vero Beach, FL 32960 Facial Plastic Surgery
[email protected] Skin Cancer Surgery
772-492-9912 Botox and Fillers

GENERAL SURGERY Theodore Perry, MD We understand faces and their
Laparoscopy and interconnecting structures.
Minimally Invasive
Marc Lieberman, MD, FACS
Breast Cancer
Thyroid and Parathyroid and Introducing
Katya Bailor, MD
Gall Bladder Thank you to our loyal
Weight Loss patients and friends
Skin Cancer for your support!

Monday - Thursday • 8 AM -5 PM - Friday • 8 AM-12 PM 1600 36th Street, Suite A I (772) 569-7800

Board Certified in both Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 24, 2020 7

and new medication provides a promise of see is coronary of the arteries resulting in $79 GUM SURGERY
managing the disease. blockage of the heart,” said Dr. Gongidi. WALK-INS WELCOME
“Hypertension supersedes all of it. The one NEW PATIENT FINANCING AVAILABLE
“Because of the new testing, we now thing I always advise for my patients to do is SPECIAL
have a treatment,” continued Dr. Gongidi. to stay active. Go for a walk. A 30-40 minute
“Not many cardiologists are looking for it, cardiovascular walk every day will lower *CLEANING, COMPREHENSIVE
and because it’s a rare disease it requires your blood pressure, keep your body weight EXAM & X-RAYS
testing to diagnose. It’s most prevalent in in check and relieve stress. You don’t need
older adults, with 20 percent of the popula- to be part of gym because you can literal- *Not to be used with other offers or
tion between the ages of 80-90 being affect- ly walk anywhere, socially distance easily reduced fee plans. X-rays non-transferable.
ed, and was often brushed off as a natural and you can do it at any age.”
part of aging. Fortunately, we can now test, (D0150) (D1110) (D0210) (D0330)
diagnose and treat the condition. The treat- When asked if COVID-19 has any effect
ment is so new that we don’t have long-term on the heart, he said that in some cases DENTAL LAB
statistics on whether it can actually reverse COVID-19 is causing cardi myopathy or ON PREMISES
the condition [instead of just keeping it a weakening of the heart muscle, which
from getting worse], but there is hope and in turn causes congestive heart failure. COSMETIC DENTISTRY
more research will go into it.” It can also cause blood clots in the lungs, GENERAL DENTISTRY
“The most common heart condition I CONTINUED ON PAGE8


THET L. TUN M.D. Locally Owned for 25 Years JULIE A. CROMER, DDS
Call 772-562-5051
Board Certified Internal Medicine
• Accepts Medicare
• Dr. Tun is an active member of The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to
the medical staff at Cleveland Clinic refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other
Indian River Hospital since 2011 services, examination, or treatment that is preformed as a result of and
within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted
1300 36TH ST, STE 1G • VERO BEACH, FL 32960 fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.

Medical Arts Center West of Hospital Emergency Department 1225 US HWY 1, VERO BEACH, FL 32960


8 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 covered from it now, but five years from
now there may be long-lasting effects.
kidneys and systemically, which puts a The best thing you can do is wear a mask
strain on the heart and inhibits its ability and socially distance.”
to pump properly.
Dr. Gongidi specializes in Diagnos-
“There was a trial that looked at 54 young tic Catheterization, Nuclear Cardiology,
athletes at West Virginia University who Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE),
had tested positive for COVID” recalled Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE)
Dr. Gongidi. “Some of them had shortness Stress Echocardiography and Vascular
of breath and fever, others were asymp- Imaging. He is a graduate of the Univer-
tomatic. About a month after their positive sity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and
test, researchers did a cardiac MRI and one completed his internal medicine intern-
third of those patients showed evidence of ship and residency at Botsford Hospital in
heart abnormalities. Some showed inflam- Farmington Hill, Michigan. His cardiology
mation and scarring of the heart, as if they fellowship was completed at the University
had a heart attack. of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in
Stratford, New Jersey.
“We honestly don’t know what to make
of it because typically when we see scar He is a member of the Indian River Med-
tissue of the heart, it’s from a prior heart ical Center Cardiology Practice with offices
attack and it can lead to arrhythmia later in Sebastian and Vero Beach. To schedule an
in life. We simply don’t know all there is appointment call 772-388-5402. 
to know about COVID. You may have re-

High-intensity interval training
can burn off that belly fat

By Pam Moore flammation in various organ systems. Such
The Washington Post inflammation is associated with chronic
conditions, such as insulin resistance, high-
Whether you consider a six-pack a goal or er glucose levels, diabetes, heart disease and
a beverage is beside the point when it comes fatty liver disease.
to extra fat at your waistline. Abdominal ad-
iposity – excess stomach fat – is associated Your waistline measurement is general-
with increased mortality risk, regardless of ly an accurate predictor of excess visceral
body mass index. fat and the health risks associated with it.
According to Srinath, who is board certi-
But although the exercise communi- fied in endocrinology and obesity, women
ty has long known that it’s impossible to whose waists measure 35 inches or more
“spot train” to reduce inches anywhere on and men whose waists measure 40 inches
your body, some trainers have been touting or more are at increased risk of conditions
high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as the including heart disease, diabetes, hyper-
best way to target stomach fat. tension, hyperlipidemia and obstructive
sleep apnea.
The workout, which includes short bursts
of intense work followed by short rest periods But although a larger waist circumference
(think 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off), can and excess visceral fat generally “go hand
take as little as 20 minutes. Before you start in hand,” Holland says, this isn’t always the
alternating burpees and jumping jacks with case. According to Evan Jay, a physician
recovery intervals, however, let’s look more assistant and athletic trainer at Redefine
closely at that claim. Healthcare in New Jersey, some thin people
who don’t appear to carry extra weight in
To understand HIIT’s role in health and their abdomen do have visceral fat. Mean-
longevity, you need to first understand that while, there are people with larger waistlines
all fat is not created equal. who don’t have excess visceral fat.

Two types of belly fat, subcutaneous The only way to know for sure what kind
fat and visceral fat, accumulate in your of fat you’re carrying in your stomach is
abdomen, but they look and act very dif- through imaging, which, Srinath says,
ferently. Subcutaneous fat is stored just isn’t typically done in clinical practice.
underneath the skin, says Tom Holland, a Instead, in addition to looking at waist cir-
Connecticut-based exercise physiologist cumference, your healthcare provider will
and fitness consultant. note clinical markers indicative of viscer-
al adiposity, Jay says. These include low
It’s visceral fat, however, that you should HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, high
be concerned about. Nestled deeper in your blood pressure and high fasting blood
abdomen, adjacent to your organs, it’s “al- glucose, all of which are associated with
most like an endocrine organ” that poses se- excess visceral fat.
rious health risks, Holland says.
Can HIIT reduce stomach fat? The an-
Unlike subcutaneous belly fat, visceral fat swer is yes, according to a 2018 meta-anal-
is “metabolically active,” says endocrinolo- ysis, which looked at 39 studies involving
gist Reshmi Srinath, director of the Weight 617 subjects. “HIIT significantly reduced
and Metabolism Management Program at
Mount Sinai Hospital. It produces molecules CONTINUED ON PAGE10
known as adipokines that can increase in-

10 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 HIIT training also has potential car- ate-intensity training. The authors found that energy and redirect it.”
diovascular health benefits. A 2019 me- that when subjects’ total energy expendi- None of this is to say that you shouldn’t
total, abdominal, and visceral fat mass,” ta-analysis reviewed 22 researched articles ture was equal, HIIT and moderate train-
the study’s authors said. What the authors comparing HIIT training with moder- ing produced similar reductions in weight, give HIIT a try. There are many ways to do
did not say is that HIIT reduced fat better body fat, total cholesterol and cardiorespi- it; the type of exercise doesn’t matter, as long
than other forms of exercise. And, in fact, ratory fitness, all of which reduce the risk of as you get your heart rate into the “red zone,”
studies have not found a difference in fat cardiovascular disease. Holland says. Common moves include com-
loss between HIIT and moderate-intensity pound (multi-joint) movements, such as
continuous exercise in laboratory trials or Also, because HIIT workouts tend to be variations on burpees, squats and lunges,
in the real world. shorter, participants may be more likely to “due to their relative difficulty and concom-
avoid “compensatory eating,” says Holland. itant high heart rate response.”
“From a clinical perspective, there’s really In other words, you might be less prone to
no difference” between HIIT and moderate “rewarding” yourself with a bigger portion If arthritis or other mobility issues pre-
exercise, Srinath says. “The real benefit of or a dessert after a 25-minute HIIT session clude you from high-impact movements,
HIIT,” she adds, is its time efficiency. Holland versus a 45-minute jog. you can turn any low-impact workout, such
agrees. The “true beauty of a HIIT workout,” as cycling, swimming or using the elliptical,
he says, is how little time it takes compared In fact, because fat loss depends on an into a HIIT workout. All you need are a timer
with moderate-intensity exercise, such as overall caloric deficit, exercise alone won’t and some motivation.
brisk walking, leisurely swimming or biking necessarily drive results. According to Jay,
on a flat surface at a conversational pace. fat reduction has more to do with your meals According to the American College of
than your workouts. Anybody interested in Sports Medicine, the work periods should
starting a HIIT program who hasn’t started range from five seconds to eight minutes
looking at their diet, he says, “should take all and be performed at 80 percent to 95 per-
cent of your maximum heart rate. The time
commitment varies, but it can take as little
as 20 minutes.

Holland says a 25-minute HIIT session
might include five one-minute rounds
of high-intensity exercise, each followed
by two minutes of recovery, sandwiched
between a five-minute warm-up and a
five-minute cool-down.

Regardless of what moves and time in-
tervals you use, it’s important to vary your
routine. As you get fitter, your body becomes
more efficient – and you burn fewer calories.
“Our bodies are very smart machines,” Hol-
land says, so “we need to mix it up.” 

Country club lifestyle awaits
in Victoria Island condo

1647 Victoria Circle in Victoria Island at Grand Harbor: 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,856-square-foot home
offered for $344,700 by Stacey Miller, Alex MacWilliam, Inc.: 772-538-1900

12 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Country club lifestyle awaits in Victoria Island condo

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer left, an airy and open dining room space endless display of spectacular sunsets that Miller notes that you may get easi-
begs to be filled with family and friends; it never seem to get old. ly distracted as the prep area faces the
Sweeping views of the Grand Harbor transitions into the formal living area with golf course and sweeping fairway views
Golf Course tease as you travel along the sliders that open onto the golfer’s porch. “The way the porch is situated, you’re through windows that span the wall and
winding roads through Grand Harbor to- going to get the prevailing wind, which a 90-degree wrap-around corner window.
ward 1647 Victoria Circle in Victoria Island. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee in comes off the golf course, so there’s noth-
the morning or a glass of wine in the after- ing to block the breeze,” says Miller. You can traverse from room to room
There’s no doubt this is a golfer’s par- noon, you can watch golf balls soar by, and easily through an arched opening. The
adise as the detached condo is sited to golfers pass through to the next hole from Adjacent to the porch, a doorway leads wall separating the kitchen from the for-
maximize fairway views, says Stacey Mill- the screened space. into the kitchen and gathering room – a mal dining room has an open space at the
er, Alex MacWilliam, Inc. listing agent. “It’s space where folks can congregate and chat top that serves as a decorative plant shelf
got this great view that opens up to the golf After a day on the course – if that’s your across the countertop bar while you mix while delineating between the areas.
course.” cup of tea – you have a front-row seat to an up a batch of cocktails or prep for dinner.
As you head down the hallway, a pair of
The 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,856-square- doors opens into a den, large enough to
foot home is located on the western function as an office by day and, with the
side of the Victoria Island loop. A brick- addition of a day bed or Murphy bed, a
paved driveway invites guests to follow place for overflow guests to lay their weary
the pathway alongside the condo and heads after a day of fun in the sun.
through an arched entry that opens into
a private grotto near the portico at the Further down the corridor, a guest suite
front door. with bathroom access from the bedroom
and hallway offers a quiet spot for compa-
From the front doorway, light shines ny. Highlights in the bedroom let natural
through the transom and sidelight so that light flow through the room while max-
every time you greet guests, it’s like wel- imizing privacy. In the recently renovat-
coming sunshine into the house. ed bathroom, glass blocks let light filter
“There is such nice natural light in here.
The layout takes full advantage of the Flor- On the other side of the hallway, more
ida sunshine,” says Miller. light pours into the owner’s suite through
a panel of large windows in the bedroom.
A small foyer separates the communal A pair of closets creates a short hallway
living areas from the suite of bedrooms,
creating a split plan layout. Directly to the

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 24, 2020 13

that opens into the bathroom where a within the 900-acre guard-gated enclave, there’s also a members-only barrier-island sheltered harbor and marina are available
powder room, dual sinks, a walk-in shower which features the resort-at-home lifestyle beach club a short drive away. for lease through Suntex and provide easy
and garden tub complement the beautiful to the fullest. Amenities are just a golf cart access to the Intracoastal Waterway and
view through a large window. A stained- ride away to two championship golf cours- Membership options are available, in- the Atlantic Ocean via Fort Pierce and Se-
glass window over the sinks ties the space es, tennis, a marina, bocce and dining; cluding golf, tennis, tennis and golf, or bastian inlets. 
together, adding a colorful ambiance. social. Within the community, slips at the

The laundry room is located at the end
of the hallway just before the doorway
leading to the two-car garage. The gener-
ously sized garage boasts a garbage can
cubby to maximize vehicle and storage

“This is truly one of those lock-and-
leave properties. You can lock it up and be
gone for half a year and not worry about
it,” adds Miller.

Condo living offers homeowners many
benefits, including less maintenance and
proximity to amenities, and Victoria Island
includes a neighborhood pool and golf
course just steps away.

“This is such a busy community. For
somebody who doesn’t want to be involved
with the club, they still live in a beautiful
setting. The amenities here are really out-
standing. There really isn’t anything in the
area that rivals Grand Harbor,” says Miller.

Victoria Island at Grand Harbor is just
one of the secluded residential islands


Victoria Island at Grand Harbor

Year built: 1994
Concrete block with stucco
Architecture: Mediterranean
Home size: 1,856 square feet
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Pool: Community pool
View: Golf course fairway
Additional features: Guard,
gated; den; garden tub;
plantation shutters; tile and
wood laminate flooring;
screened porch; accordion
shutters; and two-car garage
Listing agency: Alex
MacWilliam, Inc. Real Estate
Listing agent:
Stacey Miller, 772-538-1900
Listing price: $344,700

14 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A spectacular week of real estate sales on the mainland saw 65 transactions of single-family resi-
dences and lots reported (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom model home at
2368 Grand Harbor Reserve Square sold on Dec. 15 for $1,105,790.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Mike Thorpe of ONE Sotheby’s International
Realty. Representing the buyer was agent Michele Mackett of Daley & Company Real Estate.


VERO BEACH 2368 GRAND HARBOR RESERVE SQ 10/15/2018 $924,547 12/15/2020 $620,000
VERO BEACH 1371 LILY’S CAY CIR 9/16/2020 $639,900 12/15/2020 $615,000
VERO BEACH 231 OAK HAMMOCK CIR SW 10/7/2020 $695,000 12/15/2020 $590,000
VERO BEACH 4850 13TH LN 10/20/2020 $605,000 12/14/2020 $540,000
SEBASTIAN 911 YEARLING DR 11/8/2020 $539,900 12/14/2020 $515,000
VERO BEACH 980 RUBY AVE SW 10/16/2020 $519,000 12/15/2020 $465,000
VERO BEACH 6095 GRAYSEN SQ 11/2/2020 $473,590 12/14/2020 $445,000
VERO BEACH 3500 6TH PL SW 10/29/2020 $460,000 12/14/2020 $420,000
VERO BEACH 822 ALEXANDRA AVE SW 9/27/2020 $435,000 12/14/2020 $396,000
VERO BEACH 7145 EAST VILLAGE SQ 6/18/2020 $410,316 12/15/2020 $379,000
SEBASTIAN 655 MULBERRY ST 10/27/2020 $379,000 12/15/2020 $350,000
VERO BEACH 4090 12TH PL SW 11/2/2020 $350,000 12/18/2020 $345,000
SEBASTIAN 68 JOY HAVEN DR 11/1/2020 $345,000 12/15/2020 $329,000
VERO BEACH 1353 SCARLET OAK CIR 10/8/2020 $334,000 12/17/2020 $325,000
VERO BEACH 1109 4TH LN SW 8/26/2020 $325,000 12/15/2020 $322,328
VERO BEACH 1768 BERKSHIRE CIR 10/22/2020 $322,328 12/17/2020 $320,626
VERO BEACH 505 S VALENCIA CIR SW 11/7/2020 $319,900 12/16/2020 $305,000
SEBASTIAN 668 GAY AVE 11/5/2020 $305,000 12/17/2020 $295,000
SEBASTIAN 1664 ADAMS ST 11/2/2020 $295,900 12/14/2020 $291,869
VERO BEACH 1707 BERKSHIRE CIR 6/3/2020 $298,543 12/14/2020 $289,900
VERO BEACH 1020 6TH AVE SW 10/6/2020 $289,900 12/17/2020 $275,000
VERO BEACH 725 ROYAL PALM PL 10/29/2020 $300,000 12/15/2020 $270,000
VERO BEACH 1806 18TH AVE SW 11/4/2020 $259,900 12/17/2020 $268,000
VERO BEACH 1729 BERKSHIRE CIR SW 11/14/2020 $269,000 12/17/2020 $265,000
SEBASTIAN 125 DRAKE WAY 11/17/2020 $285,000 12/15/2020 $260,000
VERO BEACH 3506 WILD BANYAN WAY 4/19/2020 $279,900 12/18/2020 $259,000
SEBASTIAN 362 QUARRY LN 7/26/2020 $259,000 12/18/2020 $259,000
VERO BEACH 6145 RED MAPLE MNR 5/21/2020 $264,900 12/16/2020 $250,000
SEBASTIAN 9610 RIVERSIDE DR UNIT#101 10/22/2020 $259,000 12/16/2020 $244,000
SEBASTIAN 898 PATTERSON AVE 10/27/2020 $239,500 12/15/2020

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 24, 2020 15


1371 Lily’s Cay Cir, Vero Beach 231 Oak Hammock Cir SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 9/16/2020 Listing Date: 10/7/2020
Original Price: $639,900 Original Price: $695,000
Sold: 12/15/2020 Sold: 12/15/2020
Selling Price: $620,000 Selling Price: $615,000
Listing Agent: Mary Frances Driscoll Listing Agent: Kathleen Pogany

Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida Selling Agent: ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

Cheryl Gerstner Not Provided

Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Not Provided

4850 13th Ln, Vero Beach 911 Yearling Dr, Sebastian

Listing Date: 10/20/2020 Listing Date: 11/8/2020
Original Price: $605,000 Original Price: $539,900
Sold: 12/14/2020 Sold: 12/14/2020
Selling Price: $590,000 Selling Price: $540,000
Listing Agent: Tammy Bogart Listing Agent: Desiree McCluskey

Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty

Becky Stirrat Diane Murdock

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. RE/MAX Crown Realty

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 24, 2020 B1


Coming Up


By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent ARIA READY? ANTICIPATION
1 Those looking for the per- OPERA SEASON
fect adieu to 2020 will find
it at the Environmental Learn- PAGE B2
ing Center’s “Full Moon Therapy
Walk,” early evening Wednesday,
Dec. 30. The two-hour journey
through a forest beneath a full
moon is designed to “recharge,
re-energize and reconnect you”
to that which gives life in abun-
dance – Mother Nature. This is
an outdoor event for everyone.
It’s an easy amble through the
Center’s verdant Indian River
Lagoon campus. You’ll engage
with all your senses and delight
in the silvery show the full moon
paints on the leaves and branch-
es. While this may sound very
different to you, it’s actually in-
spired by the Japanese practice
known as “Shinrin-Yoku,” which
translates in English as “forest
bathing.” It originated in Japan
in the early 1980s and is regarded
as “ecotherapy,” which surmises
that reconnecting with nature
is therapeutic for both body
and mind. Some practitioners
remove their shoes in order to
increase the “grounding” or
“Earthing” experience. You can
leave your shoes on at the En-
vironmental Learning Center’s
Full Moon walk, but you should
probably turn off your cell-
phone, or better yet, leave it in


B2 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Aria ready? Anticipation high for Vero Beach Opera season

BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA | Soprano Susan Neves at the
STAFF WRITER Vero Beach Opera “Holiday”

The performing arts in all its many Parlor Concert.
forms has taken a huge hit during this
time of COVID. But out of the ashes of PHOTOS: BRENDA AHEARN
the innumerable canceled regular sea-
sons has risen a Phoenix of determina-
tion and invention. Artists all around
the world and across the spectrum of
performing arts genres have found new
and inventive ways to share their tal-
ents, taking the adage of “the show must
go on” to new levels of creativity. The
highly respected Vero Beach Opera is
among them.

Like other performing arts entities,
Vero Beach Opera depends heavily on
audience attendance for their financial
survival. However, myriad pandemic
guidelines have compelled the nonprofit
group to modify its 2021 season in a fash-
ion that will keep both performers and
audiences safe.

The season has been reworked in a way
that will do just that, while also main-
taining the professionally driven level
of quality local opera aficionados have
come to expect.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE December 24, 2020 B3

Clockwise from top left: Robert and Maria Loewinger. Ian Campbell opens the Vero Beach Opera “Holiday” Parlor Concert. Sally and Dick Brickman. Paul and Sue Gauthier. Joseph and Carol Palowich.

Since 2006, VBO performances have The venue itself, an elegant private Neves and Levine received armfuls of Achievement Award for her “outstanding
taken place in Vero Beach High School’s residence in the gated island community fragrant roses from VBO board mem- operatic career.”
excellent 1,040-seat Performing Arts The Shores, was graciously offered by a ber Paul Gauthier, and Ortega-Cowan
Center, fondly known as the PAC. Prior to VBO patron for the Parlor Concerts. The presented Neves with a Distinguished The second in the Sunday Parlor se-
that, VBO performances took place at St. gorgeous home, with its beautiful, wood-
Edward’s School’s Waxlax Center for the ed surroundings, possesses a spectacu- CONTINUED ON PAGE B4
Performing Arts, and when Hurricanes lar interior that even includes a mag-
Frances and Jean damaged that build- nificent winding staircase, perfect for
ing, the VBO found a temporary home at ‘Grand Entrances.’
the Community Church of Vero Beach.
At the well-attended first concert –
When contemplating the 2021 season, “The Holiday Parlor Concert” – this past
while also recognizing that the raging Sunday, a properly distanced, masked
pandemic was continuing to threaten and festively adorned audience thrilled
and upend performing arts schedules to an afternoon performance by interna-
across the country, Joan Ortega-Cowan, tionally acclaimed Metropolitan Opera
VBO president and executive director, dramatic soprano Susan Neves, accom-
contacted PAC director Karen Wiggins. panied by her impressively credentialed
It had become clear that coronavirus re- conductor and pianist Caren Levine.
strictions and stringent guidelines had
rendered the wonderful venue impracti- Despite the unusual circumstances,
cal for the 2021 VBO season. the consensus among attendees was a re-
sounding “spectacular!”
“The PAC will only accommodate 450
(socially distanced) patrons, and masks A VBO favorite, Neves has performed
must be worn at all times inside the extensively in Europe, South America
PAC,” says Ortega-Cowan. “Onstage art- and the U.S., including several times in
ists would need to be social distanced as Vero Beach over the years, most recently
best as possible, as well as performers in in last January’s production of “Barber of
the backstage area. This is a great chal- Seville.”
lenge for our ‘La Bohème’ production in
March.” A two-time Grammy Award-winner
and a native of New York City, Levine is
As a result, the VBO board of directors known for her intense and impassioned
made the difficult decision to cancel the performances; the San Francisco Chron-
full-scale productions at the PAC, and in- icle calls her “a petite powerhouse, with
stead planned and scheduled four Parlor technique to burn.” Levine, on the Met
Concerts between December and March. roster as assistant conductor since 2003,
is also VBO’s music director and has con-
“Masks, social distancing and limited ducted several VBO productions, includ-
seating will be necessary, and doors will ing “Madama Butterfly” and “Carmen.”
be open to the outside,” she confirms.
“We have several Met Opera artists sched- To the great delight of the audience
uled to perform in these Parlor Concerts, this past Sunday, Neves’ husband Ian
and I think our VBO membership will be Campbell, former San Diego Opera CEO,
thrilled with their performances.” even got into the act, reading the classic
“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

B4 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Richard Vogel, Susan Neves and Ian Campbell. ately titled “The Love Concert,” will bring
some fresh, uber-talented new voices to
CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 the scene – members of the Florida Grand
Opera Young Artist Studio.
ries – the “Opera Showcase” concert – will
take place Jan. 17. Performing will be Uru- An always popular combo, “Broadway
guayan couple, soprano Maria Antunez Meets Opera” is the final Parlor Concert
and tenor Martin Nusspaumer. of the season, featuring another gifted
pairing, soprano Katie Horn-Pershall and
Vero audiences first experienced this baritone David Pershall.
exciting husband and wife duo during
the 2018 season’s brilliant production of The couple, who have staged “Broad-
Puccini’s tragic opera favorite “Madama way Meets Opera” to critical acclaim, will
Butterfly.” Antunez sang the title role, perform much-loved arias and Broadway
and Nusspaumer was her love interest, Lt. tunes, producing a memorable afte noon
Pinkerton. of music, and drawing the series to an up-
beat close.
The Feb. 14 Parlor Concert, appropri-
Another highly anticipated aspect of
the VBO season is their “Rising Stars Vo-
cal Competition.”

Happily, according to Ortega-Cowan,
“we are going to proceed with our 2021
competition March 24 to 27, 2021 at the
PAC,” she says. “This will work, as we
usually have a small audience, and sing-
ers will not be backstage or onstage all
at once.”

Rising Stars is a three-day, invita-
tion-only competition of aspiring young
opera finalists and semi-finalists, with a
panel of judges gleaned from some of the
opera world’s highest echelons.

Although the 2021 judges have not yet
been finalized, legendary Met bass-bari-
tone Justino Diaz (he opened The Met at
Lincoln Center with the stellar Leontyne
Price in “Anthony and Cleopatra” in 1966)
was slated to serve as president of the
2020 competition’s jury, before the coro-
navirus forced its cancellation.

With talent, determination, creativity
and the astoundingly strong, unwaver-
ing community support for the arts that
has become a hallmark of Vero Beach, the
Vero Beach Opera and the area’s many
other cultural and artistic entities, will
make it through these crazy times stron-
ger than ever.

For more information, visit verobe- 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE December 24, 2020 B5

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 hard to make sure patrons will feel safe
and comfortable attending the concerts,
the car! If you can’t make it to the ELC’s which were suspended in March be-
magical moonlight event, you can still cause of the pandemic. Now, though, she
make some time to reconnect to nature. said, people are eager for the concerts to
In addition to this delightful experience, resume. “There was a real outcry from
the Environmental Learning Center is the community for these concerts,” she
a hub with terrific appeal. The Center said. “So we’ve taken everybody’s con-
comprises 64 acres on an Indian River cerns into consideration. We won’t have
Lagoon island off the Wabasso Bridge. anything in the lobby, so when you ar-
There you can explore mangrove trails, rive, you will be escorted to your seats
take pontoon tours, guided kayak ad- right away. And there’s no intermission.”
ventures, enjoy campfire cooking, learn Moreover, only 400 tickets will be sold
about surviving in the wilderness, get up for the 833-seat venue. So there should
close to creatures in the center’s Aquari- be plenty of room by your seat to jump
um Experience, and so much more. The to your feet and “rock on.” And that’s an
Full Moon Forest Therapy Walk takes urge you will feel because Classic Albums
place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. It costs Live produces really great rock concerts.
$20 per person to join it. Moreover, it You will be hard pressed to find a differ-
asks participants to practice social dis- ence between their note-by-note faithful
tancing and to wear masks when a safe recreation of the greatest ’60s and ’70s
distance cannot be maintained. Space is rock bands that ever lit your fire. Clas-
limited, so if you’re interested, best sign sic Albums Live uses professional studio
up right now. The Environmental Learn- musicians, many of whom have played
ing Center is at 255 Live Oak Dr., Vero backup to big names. They not only get
Beach. Call 772-589-5050 or visit Discov- every note right, but they have the un- canny ability to interpret the full-bodied
presence of the greatest in rock ’n’ roll.
2 If you feel like you’re already con- You must wear a mask and practice so-
nected enough to nature, then cial distancing from those not in your
maybe you’d prefer a great rock concert. “pod.” (A “pod” is a group of trusted,
You’re in luck, because there’s really no responsible individuals with whom you
better cover band group out there than agree to practice safe COVID-19 practic-
Classic Albums Live. And after a long pan- es.) Classic Albums Live performance of
demic hiatus, the organization comes Fleetwood Mac’s “Greatest Hits” begins
back to town with its recreation of Fleet- 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30 at the Em-
wood Mac’s 1988 “Greatest Hits” album, erson Center, which is at the Unitarian
which includes favorites such as “Rhi- Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach,
annon,” “Don’t Stop,” “You Make Loving 1590 27th Ave., Vero Beach. Tickets are
Fun,” “Go Your Own Way” and so much $40 to $95. Call 772-234-4412 or visit Mu-
more. Bev Paris, one of the four produc- For tickets, you
ers bringing the concert to Vero Beach, can call 800-595-4849. 
says the organization has been working

B6 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Awesome Aerial Antics delivers on ‘Christmas Wish List’

Staff Writer

The 26th annual Aerial Antics hol- ven into a virtual storybook, with seg- Macee Holshouser, Kennedy Torrent and Deja Miller.
iday performance – Christmas Wish ments of the script accompanying the
List – has tumbled onto the world wide routines. “Our program is unique because it’s
web this year rather than taking place non-competitive. We’re focused on be-
on stage at the Vero Beach High School “The Christmas show is always fun ing positive and uplifting the children’s
Performing Arts Center, as it has in because it’s so family-friendly. It gets self-esteem. They don’t have to be per-
Christmases past. everyone in the mood for the holidays fect. We just want them to learn. It’s a
and puts them in the spirit. It’s a happy positive environment instead of the
Produced by the City of Vero Beach time of year, and as long as we can help pressure of competition,” explained
Recreation Department, the holiday provide that, we’ll continue to do so,” Howard. She added that students ob-
performance showcases more than 160 added Howard. tain an education in the performing
gymnasts and dancers, ages 3 to 25, arts that they might not otherwise have
who participate in the Leisure Square The holiday program was designed access to.
Gymnastics and Performing Arts Pro- to showcase the skills learned by stu-
grams. dents during the year-round programs So, warm up some cider and get ready
at the Centerstage Acrobatic Complex, for a Christmas Wish List, which can be
This year’s theme centered around a 4,500-square-foot gymnastics facility viewed on the City of Vero Beach Recre-
an assignment given to the students managed by the City of Vero Beach. ation Department website at 
at the Centerstage Performing Arts
School, who were tasked with writing
their “most wanted Christmas wish.”
No dreams of “sugar plums” here, these
students act out visions of rocket ships,
a visit with Santa in the North Pole, and
travel to other faraway places, through
impressive dances and acrobatics.

Adapting to coronavirus health and
safety protocols, the students worked
in family groups to create acrobatic
and dance routines, as well as mesmer-
izing feats on aerial silks, bringing to
life a cast of seasonal favorites, includ-
ing snowflakes, snowmen and dancing

“Children are missing out on their
childhood right now. We want to make
things as normal as we possibly can
while keeping them safe,” said Patty
Howard, Recreation Department assis-
tant director.

The resulting performances created
by this group of talented youngsters
and dedicated instructors were truly a
gift, crafted from hard work and deter-

Each performance group was filmed
individually, and with a little technical
magic, the independent acts were wo-

A Moment’s Notice


• Serving Indian River and Surrounding Counties since 1974
• 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days Per Week
• Private Duty Home Health Agency / Qualified Caregivers
• We Don’t Use Independent Contractors
• Our Rates Are Among the Most Reasonable in Our Area
• Our Mission is to Provide an Excellent Level of Independent

Living for Each Patient in His or Her Own Home
• As the Saying Goes, “There’s No Place Like Home” License Number HHA20007095 772-978-9092

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE December 24, 2020 B7

Centerstage Performing Arts School students and instructors. Mia Valencia. PHOTOS: KAILA JONES

Taryn Ayson. Macee Holshouser. Kennedy Torrent and Saniah Smith.

B8 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Zagat Rated We would like to thank our loyal clientele for
2013 - 2020 all of your support during the summer as we
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2020 offered lunch and the mercantile.

As the season approaches we are pleased to
announce our return to regular business hours
serving dinner every night starting in October at 5 PM.

Online ordering and the Tides-to-go
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The Tides staff are COVID-19 certified and
all social distancing measures remain in effect.
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BeOanTchhe side
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& follow us on Facebook daily Eadrinlynberird tuteascdoay swteedankensidgahyt patehlulrasndaigyht sburnudnachy
1006 Easter Lily Lane, Vero Beach
Hours: Sun-Thurs:11am-9 pm
Fri-Sat:11am-10 pm


Established in 1981 Where the Locals Go for Pizza

DECEMBER 31ST, 2020 Serving Dinner Happy HourNigNhet(wBlyarB5Oa-nrl6yM:)3e0npum!
Mon - Sat from 5pm
(772) 226-7870

happy holidays RING IN

CHRISTMAS 4 course pre fixe menu WITH DINNER
10:30am-3pm, $75pp AT COBALT
PrimeSteaaSnkedsa,FfCorehosodhps Di5nENin-ai5ggrl:hMy3t0lypemnu

5 course pre fixe menu

5-8:30pm, $110pp

Vero Bea

2023 14th Avenue

B10 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 24, 2020 B11




AND DESSERTS 1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 Follow Us

OPEN FOR LUNCH FROM 11:30 ON TUES. & FRI. I OPEN FOR DINNER TUES. - SUN. AT 4 P.M. • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available
56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

HUGE” American Bar and Grill





915 17TH STREET, SUITE 101 • VERO BEACH, FL 32960 • 772-643-4975 SOUTH VERO SQUARE  710 SOUTH US1  VERO BEACH

B12 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz meets Togi, a gentle Newfoundland giant

Hi Dog Buddies! visited a little village called Togiak, Togi to, which is NEVER Mom an Dad’s stuff.
where American humans called IN- “I guess I was a bit wilder as a puppy.
This week, I had a great yap with prob- you-wets live. They liked it so much PHOTO: KAILA JONES
ly the biggest pooch I’ve EVER met in the they named me for it. My full name’s I think of it as youthful ex-ZOO-burr-
fur. His name’s Togi Dunks and he’s a hand- Togiak Dunks.” jor Growth Spurt an alluva sudden I was, rence. I’d run an play an bounce an
some, impressive Newfoundland. He just like, 50 times bigger than her, she got a lid- sometimes accidently jump up on Mom
turned 4 in June and he weighs a liddle “When did you find your Forever dle intimidated, and spent a lotta time up just to let her know I love her. Then she’d
north of 160 pounds! I felt like a cupcake. Famly?” high on her Special Cat Shelf. pick herself up off the ground and ex-
plain to me about BOUND-rees an less
Togi’s fur is Super Thick an soft, an his “Mom an Dad had had a New- “Ever since I was a puppy,” he continued ex-ZOO-burr-rent ways to say ‘I love
fluffy ears are styled in a very sporty blunt foundland pre-me an they already with some pride, “I’ve been well-buhaved. I you, Mom.’
cut. He has big, expressive brown eyes, an knew we are the most tenderhearted always want to make Mom an Dad proud.
his fluffy tail alone is larger than many of pooches in the world. An VERY obe- I NEVER Did My Duty in the wrong spot, “Bottom line, Bonz, I buh-leeve it’s
the mini pooches I’ve met. I woof you not. dient, which we hafta be cuz we’re so probly cuz I’d always been an outdoor dog. I my duty to be obedient an kind an pro-
big. I mean, if I got stubborn (which love chewin,’ but I only chew what I’m ’spose tect my famly. I’m gonna always stand
To match his extra-large size, Togi has I wouldn’t) they couldn’t budge me. between Mom and Dad and Trouble.
an extra kind, frenly personality; he came Buh-leeve me, when Mom says ‘SIT!’ DON’T BE SHY Even at the dog park, if some rude
right up for the Wag-and-Sniff and gave my I SIT. pooch tries to bully another pooch, I
assistant a few welcoming nose nudges. We are always looking for pets just get between ’em. I ackshully have
“Anyway, Mom an Dad got me from with interesting stories. a pretty impressive bark. Altho I’m
“Great to meet you, Bonz,” he said. “This Tenderheart Newfoundlands in Cor- pretty verbal, I’m not much of a barker.
is my Mom, Julie. My Dad, Kerry, is workin’. tez, Colorado, when I was a tiny pup- To set up an interview, email I mean, I don’t just sit around barkin,’
My human sister Hillary lives in Utah, my py, 8 weeks old an only 18 pounds.” [email protected]. you know? I only use my fuh-ROE-
sister Bethany’s much closer, in Jackson- shuss Bark when I haff too. It’ll scare
ville. Come’on, we’ll go sit on the padio.” Tiny being a relative word, I smiled
to myself. the kibbles out of you if you’re not ex-
Flipping open my notebook, I said, pecting it.”
“Can’t wait to hear your story. I know you’re “We drove back home to Califor-
not FROM here, an I’ve never heard the nia in a pick-up, with me curled up in “I don’t doubt that!”
name Togi before. Plus, no offense, you’re Mom’s lap. She says I was an ‘Excellent’ With his great personality and gen-
so BIG. You kinda look like a bear. But in a traveler. To tell you the truth, Bonz, I’m tle manners, I figured he’d have lotsa
good way,” I hastened to add. just a lap dog at heart. Moving from pals. And he does.
California to here was another fun “Keep it under your paw, Bonz, but
Togi smiled. “Yeah, I get that a lot. I’m road trip. I was about one. We drove I do have a grrrlfren. Sasha. Prettiest
from Colorado originally. Love the Great across the Whole Entire Unided States. little Golden Lab, runs circles around me.
Outdoors, probly cuzza my heritage. New- Took a week. I LOVE travelin’. Wanna We swim and go boating. Then there’s Leo,
foundland’s WAY up north, then over to the hear something cool?” Sugar, Coco, Uggo an Lucy. My former gr-
right. Us Newfoundlands are workin’ dogs. rrlfren, a French Bulldog named Bella,
Our ancestors were ackshully called ‘bear I nodded. moved away. We’d play tug with my giant
dogs’ cuzza how they looked. They came “I have swum in the Atlantic Ocean AN knotted rope. She’d hold on an I’d swing
over with the Vikings like a zillion dog the Puh-cific Ocean!” her around in circles.”
years ago. They helped fisherpeople pull “That IS Seriously Crispy Biscuits,” I We wished each other Happy Holi-
in their super heavy nets, so they hadda be agreed. “So, was it hard gettin’ use to bein’ day and I headed home, still smiling as I
real strong and weather-resistant. And, of here? It musta been a real big change from thought about the big, beautiful Gentle
course, very smart and obedient.” the West Coast.” Giant, Togi Dunks, a 160-pound marsh-
“For sure. The Great Outdoors! Runnin’ mallow.
“Woof! You’re related to ackshull Vikings! free. Sleepin’ under the Big Sky. I had this I wish you the Merriest Christmas Ever!
That is So Super Cool Kibbles!” wonderful outdoor kennel Dad built. Here, May your sox be filled with all your most
the sky’s a lot liddler. I do still have space favorite stuff.
“I guess you could say that,” he agreed to run around in, though. And I still sleep
modestly. outside. So, it’s all good. The Bonz
“When I arrived, Mom an Dad already
“An how’d you get that name?” had Mylie, she’s an orange tabby cat. We
“When Mom an Dad were in Alaska, they were cool together when I was a puppy,
we’d play an stuff. But when I had my Ma-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES December 24, 2020 B13

853 10 9 7 4 2
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist J72 K83 Q 10 9 6 4
AKQ J65 10 9 8 2
Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to ?643 K J 10 ?75
discover them.”
That tends to be the case at the bridge table. If you make a mistake, afterward you can AKQJ6
usually work out why you should have found the right bid or play. A5
This week’s column points in one direction. Even if I do not spell it out, you will soon A92
see the point. In this deal, for example, how should South plan the play in four spades?
West takes the first three tricks with his high diamonds, then carefully shifts to a trump. Dealer: West; Vulnerable: Both

There was a good case for South’s rebidding three no-trump. If he had, North would The Bidding:
have had a close decision. His 4-3-3-3 distribution would have suggested going with
no-trump, but the known nine-card fit would have indicated sticking with the trump suit. SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
Here, of course, three no-trump is fine because the defenders cannot take the first five Pass Pass Pass
tricks in diamonds. 1 Spades Pass 2 Spades Pass LEAD:
4 Spades Pass Pass Pass A Diamonds
In four spades, South has the same nine winners as in no-trump: five spades, two hearts
and two clubs. To make his contract, he needs to work out which opponent holds the
club queen. After drawing trumps, declarer should play three rounds of hearts, ruffing
the last in his hand. What has he learned?

South now knows that West started with the heart jack and top three diamonds, a total
of 10 high-card points. If he had the club queen, he surely would have opened the
bidding as dealer. East must have the club queen.

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B14 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Star (3) 1 Progeny (4)
3 Towering (4) 2 Midday (4)
5 Sweetened rolls (4) 3 Teetotalism (10)
8 Huge (8) 4 Hardy’s sidekick (6)
10 Italian volcano (4) 6 Innate (8)
11 Commotion (3) 7 Collect discarded items(8)
13 Awaken (5) 9 Disgraced president (5)
14 Low female voice (9) 12 Fragile pot (anag.) (10)
16 Indivisible (3) 14 Sieve (8)
17 Crone (3) 15 Young bird (8)
19 Love tenet (anag.)(9) 18 Map collection (5)
21 Caper (5) 20 Bravery (6)
22 Chatter (3) 22 Knack (4)
24 Trickle slowly (4) 23 Male deer (4)
25 Singer (8)
The Telegraph 26 Anger (4)
27 Authentic (4)
28 Pull at (3)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES December 24, 2020 B15

ACROSS 94 Part of a South American 38 Two-word denial The Washington Post
capital 39 Wheedle
1 Panel that condemned the 40 To be, in Toulon TOULOUSE-LY TRANSLATED By Merl Reagle
Hollywood Ten: abbr. 96 Cpl., for one 41 Home on Pork Avenue?
97 Infamous Judean 42 Digits
5 “___ Nightingale” 43 Amass, as debts
8 Henry VIII’s hopes governor 44 Filleted
12 Frat party need 98 Boeing 747, 48 He goes to blazes
16 Father of twins, 49 Native (to)
en français? 51 Hambletonian horse
en français? 103 Fell 52 Divine Comedy verse form,
18 Major opening? 104 Matty of baseball
19 Big sleeps 105 Green veggie terza ___
20 “The western novel is here to 106 Peace org. based in Ethiopia 53 Synapse sites
107 Without 57 “Whether ___
stay,” 111 Played the lead in “Oh,
en français? nobler ...”
22 Intro to saurus Sigmund!”, 59 Central points
23 ___ carte en français? 61 Like the Piper
24 Lab run No. 2 116 Type of dress 62 Palindromic “battlers”
25 Christmas without 118 Expire 65 Wizard of Oz shout
Ebenezer, en français? 119 Astronomy Muse 68 Set of circumstances
27 Narcissist’s obsession 120 “This team’s tackling ability 69 Director Howard
29 “The jaw-bone of an ___” stinks,” 70 ___ Domingo
(Judges 15:16) en français? 71 Word origins
30 Boy toy 124 Recipient 76 Seven, in Sèvres
32 Country club purchases 125 Light tan 77 Referee’s ruling
33 Giant author’s first name 126 Frankenstein, 78 Eye part
35 Golfer’s goal, en français? en français? 79 singer k.d.
41 Country singer George 127 Hit with a rolled-up paper 80 Deal (with)
44 Prohibit 128 Like some milk 82 To have or to hold
45 Earth prefix 129 Before, for starters 84 Compass pt.
46 Horn sound 130 Regulated region 87 British rule in India
47 Inspect a police
department, DOWN (backwards, a vessel)
en français? 89 Shoulder ornament
50 Kama ___ 1 A non-native, 90 An element
54 Black stuff in Hawaii 91 Lodge members
55 Kimono money 93 Classic cop show
56 Focused 2 The ___ Suspects 95 Shock
58 Auto race that’s rigged, 3 Modifying wd. 99 Role played by Michael and
en français? 4 Head cheese?
60 Has din-din 5 Nun with a Nobel Jude
63 Stimpy’s pal 6 Unseats 100 A Doll’s House heroine
64 Mickey’s channel, 7 Pole between Pirellis 101 Twosome
in TV listings 8 Fort in the news, 1861 102 Latin hymn
66 Melville opus 9 Palindromic gold 103 Seat on Seabiscuit
67 Slice of cake that a dieter 10 Ohio-class Trident, briefly 106 ___ the other
doesn’t eat, 11 Gilbert of Roseanne 108 Campaign guy?
en français? 12 Gift for a mechanic 109 Girl who cries Uncle
72 H.S. hurdle 13 It means “all” 110 Withered
73 PC’s memory 14 Way in 111 Foam
74 Not long. 15 Starting 112 In ___ (like ducks?)
75 Occupies a beanbag 16 School orgs. 113 Zola novel
77 Root through one’s purse, en 17 Comedian who literally kicks a 114 March time
français? 115 Liner level
81 Early Christian edict, the ___ bucket in It’s A Mad, Mad, 117 Invitation letters
Creed Mad, Mad World 121 Payday, usu.
83 Affirmative 19 Fish basket 122 Tangier hat
85 Palindromic actress 21 Suspiciously 123 Sky light?
86 Mèrida mister 22 Songwriter Jacques
88 Opposed to part-time help, en 26 Canonized femme: abbr.
français? 28 One of the great motivators
92 Offer (a hand) 31 Terminal choice: abbr.
34 Sufficed
35 Sidekick
36 Movie ratings
37 Blow, in Bordeaux

The Telegraph

B16 December 24, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING 8 to March 7 – Right of Way: The Highway- sic Series present Game of Paris, with virtuoso concert presented by Live from Vero Beach, 7
men, exhibition at A.E. Backus Museum violin and cello pieces, 3 p.m. at VBMA. 772- p.m. at the Emerson Center; doors open at 6
Check with organizations directly for up- and Gallery. 772-465-0630 231-0707 x 136 p.m. $30 to $85. or
dates/cancelations. 800-595-4849
9 Bark in the Park to benefit the Humane So- 23 to May 2 -Vero Beach Museum of Art
Vero Beach Museum of Art: Avery to Warhol ciety of Vero Beach & Indian River County, presents Poetry of Nature: Hudson 4-18 26th annual King of the Hill
exhibition thru Jan. 3 and Chul Hyun Ahn: New 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Riverside Park, with Disc River School Landscapes from the New York Tennis Tournament to benefit
Light thru April 30. Connected K9 and Frisbee dog shows, Sheriff’s Historical Society. 772-231-0707 Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy, 6 p.m.
Dept. k( demos, lure and dog agility courses, Thursdays at the Boulevard Tennis Club, with
McKee Botanical Garden: Sean Kenney’s Na- food and beer trucks. Free; face masks please. 24 Inaugural Vero Beach Half Marathon 2020 finalists competing. Shortened format
ture Connects LEGO Bricks exhibition thru April & Sea Turtle 2-Miler, 6:45 a.m. and features 40s Division Feb. 4; 50s Division Feb.
25. 10 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra 7 a.m. from Riverside Park to benefit Running 11; and Open Division Feb. 18. 772492-3933
presents Broadways to Hollywood, Zone Foundation. 321-751-8890
First Friday Gallery Strolls in Downtown Vero music of the stage and screen, 3 p.m. at the Em- 7 Atlantic Classical Orchestra and Vero
Beach Arts District, monthly from 5 to 8 p.m. erson Center. 772-778-5249 25 Vero Beach Lecture Series presents Beach Museum of Art Chamber Music
historian Karen E. Quinn on Glorious Series present American Landscapes, featur-
Art in the Park Fine Arts & Crafts Shows, 10 15-17 Ballet Vero Beach presents Marvels of the Land: The Hudson River School, ing Amy Beach’s String Quartet and Dvořák’s
a.m. to 4 p.m. at Humiston Park, Jan. 10 and 31, Ballet: Bold and Beautiful, 4:30 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231-0707 x 123 American Quartet, 3 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231-
Feb. 14 and 28, March 28 and April 11. Verobe- featuring German Dances, by choreographer 0707 x 136 Samuel Kurkjian, a comical take on Flames of 29 Vero Beach Museum of Art Gala
Paris, and the debut of The Sleeping Princess, an 2021: Viva Italia, featuring a perfor- 10-21 Vero Beach Theatre Guild
JANUARY abridged version of The Sleeping Beauty, 7:30 mance by Michael Amante and Marissa Fami- presents the delightful
p.m. Fri.; 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sat., plus Family glietti, 6 p.m. performance, 7 p.m. dinner. Live John Cariani comedy, “Almost, Maine.” 772-
2 Army vs. Navy: The Battle for Dominance, Friendly performance of The Sleeping Princess, & virtual options available. $550. 772-231-0707 562-8300
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Fellsmere hosted by 2 p.m. Sun. at VBHS PAC. 772-905-2651
Do You Give a Ruck to benefit United Against FEBRUARY 11 The Rocket Man Show – an Elton
Poverty (with funds and nonperishable foods), 16 Rail Trail 5K Run/Walk to benefit Ex- John tribute concert presented by
with contestants starting with a ruck march, ecutive Roundtable of IRC Community 1 Grateful Hearts Annual Dinner to benefit Live from Vero Beach, 7 p.m. at the Emerson
followed by the ‘Army Air Assault Obstacle Grant program, 8 a.m. from Fellsmere Trailhead the Hope for Families Center, 6 p.m. at Center; doors open at 6 p.m. $30 to $85. Mu-
Course,’ ‘Marine Endurance Obstacle Course,’ Preserve, taking participants across the I-95 Bent Pine Golf Club, with cocktails, auctions or 800-595-4849.
‘Stress Fire’ and another ruck march. Open to Central Railroad Corridor Greenway Pedestrian and dinner. $250. 772-567-5537 X 334
the public for viewing & competing. DoYou- Overpass. 772-321-7468 14 Space Coast Symphony and Jazz Or- 4 Brothers Again – the Music of the Allman chestras presents The Great Ameri-
17 Atlantic Classical Orchestra and Vero Brothers, a 50th rock anniversary tribute can Song Book, featuring Jeff Shadley, 3 p.m. at
Beach Museum of Art Chamber Mu- the Emerson Center. 772-778-5249

Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN 15 Vero Beach Lecture Series presents
in December 17, 2020 Edition 1 QUEUE 1 QUEENLY DeCordova Sculpture Park and Muse-
4 CARD 2 ENSHRINE um director, John B. Ravenal, on Outdoor Art
7 HENS 3 ELUDE in a Changing Landscape, 4:30 p.m. at VBMA.
8 UNAFRAID 4 CARE 772-231-0707 x 123
10 BET 6 EASIER 18 Vero Beach Museum of Art Concerts
12 CYGNET 11 SCRABBLE in the Park, featuring Mike Telesman-
14 RACKET 13 TANDEM ick, 5 p.m. in Sculpture Garden. $10/$12. 772-
16 CAT 15 EMERALD 231-0707
21 JALAPENO 19 STOAT 18 Classic Albums Live performs the Ea-
22 BOAR 20 BAIT gles’ Greatest Hits, presented by Live
23 DEBT from Vero Beach, 7 p.m. at the Emerson Center;
24 TREAD doors open at 6 p.m. $30 to $85. MusicWorks- or 800-595-4849.
Sudoku Page B11 Sudoku Page B12 Crossword Page B11 Crossword Page B12 (FIRST CROSSWORD ON THE MOON)




GET YOUR CONCEALED Our directory gives small business people eager to provide services to the community an opportunity to
CARRY PERMIT make themselves known to our readers at an affordable cost. This is the only business directory mailed

$50.00 6PM THURSDAYS each week during season. If you would like your business to appear in our directory,
please call 772-633-0753.

772-581-0640 9090 N. US HWY 1 Sebastian, FL

M - F 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am-2pm • Closed Sun.

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