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02/04/2021 ISSUE 03


Light industrial park eyed

A6 A8 B7Firm targets parcel off Kings Hwy.
National Guard depleted It’s a Barn tour de farce!

‘Lack of strength’ concerns general Will present Neil Simon’s ‘Rumors’


after record month of cases

ARTIST’S RENDERING BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer The county’s three hospitals
[email protected] admitted 214 new COVID-19 pa-
Tradition Prep school will have innovative curriculum tients in January, a 20 percent in-
St. Lucie County set a new re- crease compared to December.
cord for COVID-19 cases in Janu- The previous high for hospitaliza-
ary while state Health Department tions in a month was 207 in Sep-
officials doled out limited supplies tember.
of vaccine.
COVID-19 caused the death of
A first dose of COVID-19 vaccine 82 people in St. Lucie in January,
was administered to 3,503 people a 20 percent increase compared
in St. Lucie last week, increasing to the 35 deaths in December. The
the number of first-shot recipients highest death toll came last Au-
to 21,589, a state Health Depart- gust when 111 people died due to
ment report shows. the virus.

That’s about 6.5 percent of the In addition, 12 percent of the
county’s 330,000 residents.
Another 1,353 people complet-
BY KEONA GARDNER | Correspondent of Renaissance Charter K-8 School. just half of its 1,200-student capac- ed the two-shot series last week,
The two-story school will ac- ity, Brown said. bringing the total to 2,844, the Feb.
Some St. Lucie County students 1 vaccine summary shows.
will have a new choice of a school cept ninth- and 10th-graders in the The high school will use the in-
to attend this fall. fall, but a grade will be added each novative WISH curriculum thanks Meanwhile, 5,063 people were
year until it reaches the 12th grade, to a partnership with home builder diagnosed with COVID-19 in St.
The 73,000-square-foot Tradi- principal Teresa Brown said. Mattamy Homes. WISH is an acro- Lucie in January, a 34 percent in-
tion Preparatory High School is nym for Wellness, Innovation, Sci- crease compared to the previous
under construction at 10,900 SW The school has a goal of enroll- high of 3,679 new cases in De-
Tradition Parkway on the campus ing 600 students in the first year, CONTINUED ON PAGE A6 cember, another state Health De-
partment report shows.

City considering Port St. Lucie moving ahead
a new bridge over with $25M Adventure Park
canal to Palm City
[email protected]

BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer DRAWBRIDGE’S PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN A $25 million price tag is not too much
[email protected] DAYS ARE NUMBERED for an outdoors adventure park in St. Lucie
West that could become a national tourist
Martin County wants Port St. Construction on a $79 million replacement of the North Causeway Bridge will start in January 2022. Story, Page 5. destination, the Port St. Lucie City Council
Lucie to make good on an outdat- decided.
ed plan to extend Village Parkway
across the C-23 Canal to Martin The park proposed for a triangular 39-
Highway in Palm City Farms. acre tract on Crosstown Parkway between
Florida’s Turnpike and Cameo Boulevard
The proposed bridge project would feature facilities for 11 outdoor ac-
remains in Martin County’s long

IN THIS ISSUE Reggae royalty will
reign when ‘Wailers’
LOCAL NEWS A1-A9 hit Sunrise. Page B6


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RECORD FOR COVID CASES 488 people in St. Lucie since March, records percent of the county’s population. and safety practices as they wait for their
show. That’s about 3 percent of all cases. The school district reported 448 cases of turn to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.
Another 1,259 have been treated for the COVID-19 involving 226 students and 222 “While January will be a record month for
people tested for COVID-19 in St. Lucie in virus at county hospitals. That’s about 6 per- employees since the new school year started new cases and the highest positive rate, the
the past two weeks were diagnosed with the cent of all cases. Aug. 24. That includes 163 cases in January good news is we have seen a slight down-
virus, county officials said. involving 75 students and 88 employees. ward trend in both areas,” Tipton said.
A total of 19,617 people in St. Lucie
Overall, COVID-19 caused the death of have been diagnosed with the virus since St. Lucie County Administrator Howard “There is still a lot of patience required as
March, state records show. That’s about 6 Tipton asked residents to continue health


RECORD FOR COVID CASES St. Lucie County has approximately Clint Sperber, the department’s local ad- grounds, Sperber said. Only people who can
80,000 residents age 65 and older who qual- ministrator. show they received their first dose at the Fair-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A2 ify for COVID-19 vaccinations under a state grounds will be admitted.
executive order. “Our No. 1 strategy, and it’s going to still
vaccine production gets ramped up,” Tipton continue moving forward, is to have a lot St. Lucie may soon start receiving larger
said last Friday (Jan. 29) during a COVID-19 “Cleveland Clinic, Publix and others are of medical providers,” Sperber said. “The shipments of COVID-19 vaccine from the
briefing. starting to get into the vaccination program more medical providers in the community state Health Department, Tipton said.
in a bigger way, of course contingent on the that can vaccinate, the better for everybody.
“The good news is that it is getting ramped vaccines that are available,” Tipton said. It’s just more opportunity, more locations “We’ll look forward to hopefully being able
up. From all the indications, we will be see- throughout the county.” to announce next week we have an addition-
ing an increased amount of supply. Residents should avoid signing up for al increase in the amount of vaccines coming
vaccinations from multiple providers, Tip- The department oversaw the vaccination into our community,” Tipton said.
“All of us would like to know and have a ton advised. of 4,915 residents last week at the Havert
crystal ball as to the future and when we’re Fenn Events Center in Fort Pierce, Sperber “Our commitment continues to be:
going to get more,” Tipton said. “That’s going The state Health Department has ap- said. Another 7,000 residents will receive When we get the vaccines into our commu-
to become clearer in the days ahead, but we proved 12 medical providers in St. Lucie their second dose vaccination this week nity, we will be turning them around just as
still have to have patience right now.” County to receive vaccine doses, including during an event at the St. Lucie County Fair- quickly as we can and getting them into the
Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital, said arms of our citizens.” 


BY LISA ZAHNER | Staff Writer Statistics from a University of Mis- When one person in the household has ter-adapted mutant strain like the ones
sissippi Medical Center study show that COVID-19, the chance of a child getting in- Florida and dozens of other states are
With nearly a year’s worth of COVID-19 around 30 percent of known kid cases of fected is about 52 percent – the same as the seeing.
case information, and vaccine safety and the virus are asymptomatic, while about chance of an adult getting sick.
efficacy data rolling in, public health ex- half of kids under 12 had at least one Black and Hispanic kids, when tested
perts are trying to answer some big, im- symptom and that symptom was most But when a child is the only person sick for the virus, have a positivity rate 2.5 to
portant questions about the virus so lead- likely to be a fever. in the household – say, if the child was ex- 4.5 times higher than white kids, so it’s
ers from Port St. Lucie to Tallahassee to posed at school – the child seems to spread important to get the vaccine out to all
Washington, D.C. can make good decisions Kids age 12 to 17 rarely ran fevers. The the virus less than an adult. This could be communities.
going forward. most common symptoms in that age group because it’s easier to isolate a child in his or
were a runny nose (75 percent), stuffy head, her bedroom than it is for adults to isolate Of the vaccines currently in circulation,
Kids have been a huge unknown in the sore throat or fatigue – all of which could themselves from the rest of the family. But only the Pfizer vaccine included teens age
race to slow the spread of COVID-19 and easily be written off as a cold, allergies or a study by Vanderbilt University Medical 16 and 17 in its main clinical trials, but
develop vaccines. Schools were opened garden-variety teenage malaise. Center found that as the household size Moderna is in the midst of ramping up its
based upon initial findings that kids were gets larger, the chances of a child spreading TeenCOVE trial on adolescents.
not at high risk for severe illness from the The CDC thinks the number of kids the virus increases.
virus, and it was thought that younger kids who’ve gone undetected after contracting Pfizer will soon start studying its vaccine
did not shed the virus as much as adults. the virus is huge, possibly up to eight times If one child tests positive in a three-per- on kids from 12 to 15, and later on kids un-
what’s been documented. son household, no one else was likely to test der 12. The makers of the Oxford-AstraZen-
Recent studies have mostly borne out positive. In a four-person household with eca and Johnson and Johnson Janssen vac-
those conclusions but have also delved In children ages 0 to 4, the known in- one infected child, one person was likely cines are also planning trials on kids, once
more deeply into how kids catch, present fection rate is 1,800 per 100,000 kids, to test positive. In a five-person household, their vaccines are approved in the U.S. for
with, and spread COVID-19. but the CDC estimates the real number two other people would likely be infected emergency use in adults.
is more like 15,333 per 100,000. For kids by the child.
The Centers for Disease Control and age 5 to 12, the reported infection rate is The single-dose Johnson and Johnson
Prevention and the National Institutes of 3,140 per 100,000 kids, but the CDC esti- COVID-19 and complications following Janssen vaccine uses a formula most like
Health said last week that they are looking mates the real number is more like 27,218 infection had killed 185 people under age the annual flu shot, and other shots com-
to the FDA to open up vaccinations to kids per 100,000 kids. 18 nationwide, as of Dec. 16. Most kids who monly given to kids, so that one seems
by late spring or early summer, so they will died or got severely ill had other conditions promising for pediatric use. The CDC says
have some immunity built up before they With the documented cases they’ve got like obesity, asthma, heart or lung disease, the Janssen vaccine is a “platform widely
go back to school in August. to work with, researchers have been able to kidney disease, or they had compromised used in teens, infants, children.”
study how kids can infect members of their immune systems. Influenza kills, on aver-
Coronavirus outbreaks in St. Luc- household or be infected by others. Studies age, about 150 kids annually in the U.S. The trials involving kids will also test
ie County’s public, private and charter show that kids are less likely than adults to the efficacy of half doses, quarter doses
schools have caused thousands to quar- infect others, but that they are equally at Vaccinating kids will help reduce the and single doses. Those studies should an-
antine, impeding in-person learning and risk of getting infected once someone in number of hosts that the virus can infect swer important questions that could make
disrupting the households of students and the household gets sick. and use to spread or morph into a bet- the limited worldwide supply of vaccine
teachers for weeks. stretch further. 

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$79M North Causeway Bridge replacement will have 85-foot-high clearance

BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer An artist’s rendering of the new bridge, which will be ‘one of the tallest’ on Florida’s east coast. tion deck on the south side of the new bridge
[email protected] overlooking the Safe Harbor Harbortown
bridge began in 2014 and start dates for The span will also rise above the Florida Marina and Port of Fort Pierce.
North Hutchinson Island residents can the project have been pushed back several East Coast Railway tracks, so motorists will
expect four years of traffic chaos starting times. no longer be inconvenienced by passing The 12-foot-wide eastbound and west-
January 2022 when Florida Department of trains, records show. The tracks are being bound travel lanes will both have 8-foot-
Transportation undertakes the $79 million Once the new high-rise span is complet- upgraded to handle Brightline high-speed wide buffered bicycle lanes, FDOT records
replacement of the deteriorating 58-year- ed in 2026, motorists traveling to and from passenger trains. show.
old North Causeway drawbridge. North Hutchinson Island will no longer
have to worry about delays caused by sail- While State Road A1A will remain two There will also be an 8-foot-wide side-
Plans call for a new two-lane fixed bridge boats and large vessels passing through lanes, the project includes several special walk on the south side and a 12-foot-wide
stretching 3/4th mile across the Indian Riv- the drawbridge. features, including a 300-foot-long observa- shared-use path on the north side that will
er Lagoon with an 85-foot-high clearance serve as a link in the East Coast Greenway.
above the Intracoastal Waterway naviga-
tion channel. Construction is set to start on the west
side of the span with improvements to U.S.
“It’s going to be one of the tallest bridg- 1 and Dixie Highway, records show. Juani-
es on the East Coast of Florida,” said Peter ta Avenue and Sunny Lane will also be ex-
Buchwald, executive director of the St. Lucie tended to create a traffic grid.
Transportation Planning Organization.
A new access road will also be construct-
Approximately 8,100 vehicles per day will ed to the Safe Harbor Harbortown Marina,
continue using the 2,100-foot-long draw- records show.
bridge, while the new bridge is being con-
structed to the north, FDOT records show. The new bridge will be built just north
Marine traffic will also be maintained. of the old bridge, records show. Once the
high-rise bridge is completed and traffic is
FDOT held a virtual public information shifted to the new roadway, the drawbridge
workshop on Jan. 27 to discuss the details of will be demolished.
the project, which previously had been set to
get under construction last fall. In the meantime, FDOT plans to main-
tain the drawbridge so it can still be used
The project is needed because an in- for another five years. FDOT expects to
spection found structural deficiencies in complete the plans for the project by June
the drawbridge and it is considered obso- and award the construction contract in Oc-
lete, FDOT records show. tober, so work can begin in January 2022,
records show. 
Planning activities for the replacement


600-acre parcel off Kings Hwy. attracts light industry expert TRADITION PREP


BY KEONA GARDNER | Correspondent the land, which fronts Kings Highway and is “The return on investment hasn’t been ence and Health, where students earn col-
just north of Okeechobee Road/State Road what we would have anticipated or pre- lege credits in the health sciences field, and
A New York-based real estate firm has sub- 70, for the purpose of developing a research ferred,” Satterlee said. “So, this is a way for us learn to work in local medical and research
mitted a proposal to buy about 600 acres at park. But with economic downturn in the to potentially put some of that land back of industries.
Treasure Coast Research Park off Kings High- Great Recession, many companies cut back the market – potentially have it developed,
way to develop a light industrial park. on research and federal grant dollars disap- paying taxes and providing jobs.” Mattamy, which has developed several
peared, county officials said. communities and parks in the Tradition area,
The County Commission on Jan. 19 took The state and St. Lucie schools must sign will donate $100,000 to help create state-of-
no action but directed staff to continue talks “That world of research changed a great off on the agreement as each own separate the-art labs in addition to giving $15,000
with Ashley Capital, which is known for spe- deal,” Deputy County Administrator Mark parcels that Ashley officials are interested in yearly for capital improvements.
cializing in light industrial properties for use Satterlee said. “The feds stopped doing this buying. “We’ve been a partner from day one
as a distribution center or warehouse in the kind of research. The companies that were and we want to work with the direction that Students who complete the program
Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. doing research changed the way they did it.” the county wants,” said Marty Sanders, exec- would receive an industry certification in
utive director of facilities and growth man- bio-tech, Brown said. “They are committed
Rick Morton, co-owner of Ashley Capital, Ashley would develop the site to corre- agement for St. Lucie Public Schools. “We to helping the school become a nationally
said the site has direct access to Interstate 95, spond with existing research occurring at the see this as a great opportunity for economic ranked school,” Brown said. “They under-
Florida’s Turnpike and Okeechobee Road/ University of Florida Institute of Food and development.” stand that this school will play a part in pro-
State Road 70, making it an ideal location for Agriculture Services and U.S. Department of ducing a great workforce for the community.”
a park. “I think we can bring a first-class light Agriculture, and attract what the county has The county would have to declare the land
industrial park,” Morton said. “I think we can deemed compatible industries such as clean surplus property, have it appraised, and is- Brown said she hopes to form a part-
contribute jobs, real estate dollars and an energy, information management and logis- sue a request for proposal for the land to be nership with Cleveland Clinic and Florida
upfront purchasing price.” tics and distribution. publicly purchased, Satterlee said.  International University at Torrey Pines to
give students hands-on, real-world expe-
About 15 years ago, the county purchased

ADVENTURE PARK formulated by Stantec, a global planning some of the money for the proposed adven- The first phase of the project calls for a
firm founded in Edmonton, Canada. ture park, which would be built in five mul- lighted BMX racetrack, a support building,
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 timillion-dollar phases. entrance driveway, parking lot, utilities and
“It seems like it would be one of the best landscaping, city records show. It would
tivities, plus a playground and amphithe- destination Adventure Parks in the coun- Port St. Lucie received $400,000 from the cost nearly $3.8 million.
ater. try,” said Mayor Greg Oravec. “We’re left program in the 2018-2019 fiscal year for
wondering how we can afford to build it and park development, state records show. The big-ticket item is a $5 million skate
Rock climbing walls, a Bicycle Motocross afford to operate it at the level of excellence park, which would be built in the project’s
racing course, a skate plaza, pump tracks, it and our citizens deserve.” City Manager Russ Blackburn said he’ll third phase, records show. An artificial wave
zip lines, a rope course and a wave rider are start work on a business plan to pay for the rider planned in the fifth and final phase
among facilities laid out in a design plan The city hopes to tap into the state Land construction and operation of the proposed would cost nearly $2.9 million. 
& Conservation Fund Program to provide adventure park.

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rience. “We truly want to tailor our course curriculum. The pro- school would be out- uary and more information can be found at
offerings with the interests of this commu- gram allows students fitted with a black-box Users should click on the
nity,” Brown said. “We want to prepare the to earn up to 30 hours theater and television open enrollment button on the site. School
workforce for the future.” of college credit. Any production studio. officials expect to hire 30 teachers and staff
student who earns the ARTIST’S RENDERING The school will have for the upcoming school year, Brown said.
The school will also offer the elite AICE diploma and completes 75 hours of commu- 25 classrooms, five science labs, nine com- Hiring information can also be found on the
program, which stands for the Advanced nity service will receive a Florida Bright Fu- puter labs, an art lab and an indoor track, school’s website.
International Certificate of Education, an tures Scholarship. Brown said.
international curriculum and examination Enrollment for the school started in Jan- The school is part of Charter Schools USA,
program based off the British pre-college In addition to the science curriculum, the which also owns Renaissance Charter. 


General warns: State doesn’t have VILLAGE PARKWAY
enough National Guard members
BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent About 12.5 million Floridians are 18 to Maj. Gen. James Eifert and state Sen. Gayle Harrell.
64 years old. About .00096 percent of them range transportation plans and County
State Sen. Gayle Harrell’s district knows are members of the Florida National Guard. meeting. “What is the problem? We know Administrator Taryn Kryzda recently asked
a lot about hurricanes. They come, they For every 1,800 Floridians, there’s one Flori- what the problem is, but why? And then how the Port St. Lucie City Council to restore the
damage, and the National Guard shows up da National Guard member. “The other fact do we remedy it.” span to the city’s transportation plans.
helping recovery workers seemingly before is Florida is the fourth most disaster-prone
residents’ generators start. That last part is state in the nation when it comes to the need Eifert said Rep. Michael Waltz, Republi- Turner Groves Ltd Partnership, of Fort
getting less certain. to activate the National Guard,” Eifert said. can in Volusia, got an amendment into the Myers, initially proposed a bridge linking its
National Defense Authorization Act to study 1,717-acre tract on Martin Highway to the
Maj. Gen. James Eifert, Adjutant General Florida’s problem of a shrinking National the current system of apportioning states Southern Grove and Western Grove proj-
of the state’s National Guard, gave the Florida Guard and growing population needing it in National Guard units and membership to see ects in Port St. Lucie in the late-2000s.
Senate’s Committee on Military and Veterans times of disaster isn’t new. Hurricane Andrew if changes are appropriate. He said a study
Affairs, Space and Domestic Security a grim in 1992 revealed the problem even then. But, should come out in the next few months. However, the St. Lucie Transportation
forecast about force strength to meet disas- states can’t just add National Guard mem- If it finds that some states have more than Planning Organization removed the pro-
ters such as hurricanes during his annual bers. How large and where units are is a mil- enough Guard members and others need posed bridge from its long-range transporta-
report on Jan 26. “We cannot adequately itary decision. them, then the issue will go to Congress and tion plan in 2016 and America Walks at Port
support the state’s citizens on Florida’s worst the Pentagon. Eifert predicted every state St. Lucie LLC anticipates starting construc-
day with the size of the National Guard at this Gov. Lawton Chiles, an Army veteran, will fight hard to keep their Guard units. He tion early this year on a 425-unit housing de-
point,” he told the committee. came up with the Emergency Management said states like Florida, Texas and California velopment on the proposed bridge site.
Assistance Compact (EMAC). EMAC is a mu- need to get in and fight equally hard to get
Harrell, a Republican representing St. tual-aid agreement among states that allows them. “I’m trying to spread the message, so Consequently, the Port St. Lucie City
Lucie and Martin counties, is the vice chair them to send National Guard members to there’s an awareness, so that our congressio- Council voted unanimously Jan. 25 to ad-
of the committee. “I’m concerned about the one another for short durations. It formed in nal delegation can get behind the effort to vise Martin County officials to work with
lack of strength of our force,” she said at the 1993 and within a decade all 50 states joined, force the National Guard Bureau to examine the St. Lucie TPO to find another road corri-
meeting. as did the District of Columbia, the U.S. Vir- the problem and then to recognize that we dor for a new bridge across the C-23 Canal.
gin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. need to start moving force structure to the
Florida has an Army National Guard and states that need it the most,” he said. Mayor Greg Oravec said he supports the
an Air National Guard. Between them they But the worldwide SARS-CoV-2/ idea of developing another roadway lead-
have about 12,000 members. That’s down COVID-19 pandemic came along in 2020 An option not broached at the meeting ing from western Port St. Lucie to Palm City
from the peak of membership in the middle and states just didn’t have National Guard is reviving the World War II era state-run Farms between Interstate 95 and Rangeline
1980s. In 1986 Florida had about 13,200 Na- personnel to share. For example, since Gov. military. The Florida Legislature and Gov. Road, even though the proposed Village
tional Guard members. At the time the state Ron DeSantis issued a state of emergency for Spessard Holland, acting under a 1940 fed- Parkway extension is not feasible.
had about 11.6 million residents. Today there all 67 counties on March 9 last year, nearly eral law, created a state defense force, the
are 21.6 million Floridians, and that’s expect- 3,000 Guard members have done pandem- Florida State Guard. It disbanded in 1947. At “From a good planning perspective,
ed to grow by 5 million over the 2020s. ic-related jobs in the state, such as providing its peak, the Florida State Guard had about there would be a connection somewhere
logistics at testing sites. At the same time, 2,100 members and 63 units organized by between I-95 and Rangeline,” Oravec said.
Decreasing Guard numbers isn’t unique about 1,300 have been deployed on routine counties.
to Florida. Nationally, over the last three federal Guard missions. “Typically, EMAC A new bridge would require the acquisi-
decades the National Guard has dropped was fairly effective,” Eifert told the state sen- Similarly, in 1917 the Florida Legislature tion of privately held land between Becker
from about 485,000 to 434,000 members. A ate committee. “If you needed somebody for and Gov. Sidney J. Catts created the County Road and the C-23 Canal that separates
lot of that has to do with technology. Like all a short-term hurricane or a wildfire, whatev- Guards of Florida, to fill the void when the Port St. Lucie from Palm City Farms, Ora-
workplaces, tech is replacing people in the er, people were glad to come and help. But state’s 2,000 guardsmen were in national ser- vec said.
military. But, Eifert told the committee, the that’s not the case now. (States) just can’t free vice for the Great War, World War I.
problem of dropping Guard members is es- up the force structure.” “It would seem to me they would want to
pecially pronounced for the Sunshine State. There are some citizens advocating for re- pursue it through the TPO before the rest of
Harrell asked Eifert what can be done. activation of the Florida State Guard. There is the area develops all the way out to Range-
“We are the third most populous state “This is a major problem, and how do we a National Guard Armory in Fort Pierce.  line, so there’s no time like the present,”
and yet we’re ranked 53 out of all 54 states move forward?” she said at the committee Oravec said.
and territories in our Guard to population
ratio,” he said. “Being good neighbors and also under-
standing good planning, we should en-
courage them to pursue that sooner rather
than later,” Oravec said. “It might not get
them what they want, but it might get them
a connection to somewhere to the east of
Rangeline.” 

County settles suit with residents opposed to S. Hutchinson Island detox facility

BY KEONA GARDNER | Correspondent on wetland impact waivers, traffic plan, site limited. Court-ordered patients will not be cials said. The rezoning, site plan and condi-
plan and zoning when it approved develop- accepted. tional-use approvals for the project expires
St. Lucie County has settled a lawsuit with ment of the 220-bed facility. Feb. 11, 2023, county officials said.
residents who sought to block construction The settlement was reached after a split
of Atlantic Wellness, a proposed $87 million Wasserman and Cicalese claimed in the ruling from Circuit Judge Elizabeth Metzger A spokesperson for the project did not re-
alcohol and drug detox facility on South lawsuit that Atlantic Wellness, which would on Sept. 2, 2020. Metzger ruled in the coun- turn calls seeking comment.
Hutchinson Island. be located on State Road A1A south of Fred- ty’s favor for traffic and site plan review,
erick Douglass Beach Park and north of Mid- writing that the residents’ objection “is mis- The facility would be managed by Dr. Scott
The County Commission on Jan. 19 vot- dle Cove Beach, would be out of character placed and not supported by law.” Segal, a South Florida-based, board-certi-
ed 5-0 to accept a settlement offer from Dr. for the residential community and would fied psychiatrist who treats adults and teens.
Cindy Wasserman, a veterinarian, and res- lower property values and increase traffic to The judge ruled in favor of Wasserman Segal has more than 30 years of experience
ident Gary Cicalese that called for the two the barrier island. and Cicalese in terms of zoning and wet- treating pain management, eating disor-
residents to drop the lawsuit with prejudice land impacts, writing that “genuine issues ders, addictions and other disorders. Clients
in exchange for the county not seeking re- The proposed facility would treat adults of material fact exist regarding whether the would stay up to five months.
payment for fees and costs associated with and teens diagnosed with drug and alcohol wetland impact waiver is consistent with St.
defending the lawsuit. addictions and eating disorders. Patients Lucie County Comprehensive Plan policy.” The facility would provide more than
would be barred from having their own 200 jobs and have an average annual salary
The lawsuit claimed the county, in 2019, personal vehicles and visitor access will be With the lawsuit settled, developers are of slightly more than $50,000, according to
failed to follow its own development rules free to seek the proper permits, county offi- county records. 

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BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent ment in the Great recession peaked at 14.8 Fall Special Includes Exam,
percent in August 2010.
The Florida Department of Economic $69 Xray, Cleaning SLV
Opportunity has issued its last monthly look The “Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for
at employment for 2020. St. Lucie County Florida’s Recovery” Phase 1 reopening start- NEW PATIENTS SC (0150)
checked in with a not-seasonally-adjusted ed in May. The same month St. Lucie started (0272) (1110)
unemployment rate of 5.8 percent in De- recovering jobs. The not-seasonally-adjusted
cember. That compares to 3.3 percent the unemployment rate was 13.5 percent in May. Expires 02/28/21
same month the year before. Insurance Accepted
The Phase 2 reopening started in June for
St. Lucie went into 2020 with good reason most counties including St. Lucie. Some of New Patient Special
to be optimistic about employment. That the Phase 2 reopening was later scaled back 985$BEST
3.3 percent not-seasonally-adjusted unem- with prohibitions on bars serving drinks for .00
ployment rate for the last month of 2019 was on-site consumption and other measures. PRICE ON SLV
the lowest it had been since March 2006. St. The not-seasonally-adjusted unemployment CROWNS
Lucie County started 2020 with a not-sea- rate dropped to 9.7 that month. SC (2950) (2750) • Expires 02/28/21 • Insurance Accepted
sonally-adjusted unemployment rate of 3.9
percent in January as holiday seasonal jobs St. Lucie’s annual summertime employ- NEW PATIENTS
shut down. But things started trending in the ment lull pushed unemployment back up to
right direction again. In February the unem- 11 percent in July last year. Fortunately, that
ployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent. didn’t last. In August the county’s not-season-
ally-adjusted unemployment rate dramati-
Then came SARS-CoV-2. cally dropped to 7.4 percent. The downward
The Florida Department of Health an- trend held. The not-seasonally-adjusted un-
nounced the first cases of COVID-19 in the employment rate further dropped to 6.3 in
Sunshine State on March 2. Gov. Ron De- September. The Phase 3 reopening – essen-
Santis declared a state of emergency in all 67 tially a complete reopening – started at the
counties on March 9. That fell in the middle end of September. In October and Novem-
of monthly employment measurements, so ber, the county’s not-seasonally-adjusted
St. Lucie’s reported not-seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 6.1 percent.
unemployment rate for March was 5.3 per-
cent, a rate last seen in 2017. Throughout Tonya Woodworth, communications
2018 and 2019 the county’s unemployment manager at CareerSource Research Coast,
rate stayed under 5 percent except for one said a positive for St. Lucie in 2020 and into
month – January 2018, 5.1 percent. the future is the pandemic hasn’t strongly af-
The burgeoning pandemic quickly fected important sectors of the economy that
crimped the economy as customers started were especially hurt in the housing crash and
shunning public places. That was exacer- slow recovery that started in 2008.
bated by governments aiming to keep con-
trol of the virus infection by closing certain “The Treasure Coast continues to see
businesses. DeSantis issued orders that shut growth in manufacturing and construction,”
down various Florida businesses in April. she said. According to the state’s economic
The first full month of measuring the pan- department, the Port St. Lucie metropolitan
demic’s effect on St. Lucie’s jobs was seen in statistical area – which includes all of St. Luc-
the state’s April employment report. ie and Martin counties – added about 900
The not-seasonally-adjusted unemploy- jobs in the mining, logging and construction
ment rate for St. Lucie County in April was sector from December 2019 to December
14.1 percent. The last time the county was at 2020. The state reports it added the same
that unemployment rate was in the height number of manufacturing jobs.
of the housing crash, often called the “Great
Recession” – 2010. The county’s unemploy- Areas with large job losses from Decem-
ber 2019 to December 2020 were leisure and
hospitality, education, health services and
government. 

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BY KERRY FIRTH | Correspondent “Astigmatism occurs when the front Dr. Stephen Tate. the white part meets the colored part of
part of the eye is oval shaped rather than the eye,” Dr. Tate continued. “These in-
One of the most common sight prob- being perfectly round,” explained Dr. Tate. PHOTO: KAILA JONES cisions are designed to return the cornea
lems experienced by older people is cloudy “The front part of the eye is called the cor- to its proper shape, which in turn allows
vision due to cataracts. Astigmatism is an- nea and it helps to focus the light. In an the oval shape is horizontal, vertical or di- that light to pass through the eye proper-
other widespread eye problem, affecting ideal situation, the cornea is round, and agonal. Once the surgeon has that precise ly. The nice thing about the computerized
one in three people. all of the light would focus in one spot in information, it can be treated. system is that it gives the surgeon a heads-
the retina at the back of the eye. When you up display to use during surgery. Once it
Now, increasingly, thanks to advances have astigmatism and the cornea is a bit “If someone has a relatively small takes the measurement, it basically puts a
in eye surgery, skilled physicians are able oval, you’ll have two separate focal points amount of astigmatism, we can treat by
to replace a clouded lens and correct astig- in the eye instead of one, often resulting in making small grooves, called limbal relax- template on the eye that the surgeon can
matism simultaneously. the need to wear glasses. ing incisions, outside of the cornea where trace to effectively reduce out the astig-
According to Dr. Stephen M. Tate of “The condition can be corrected with
New Vision Eye Center in Vero Beach, the LASIK surgery, but if someone is getting People with larger astigmatism that
biggest change in eye surgery in the past cataract surgery it can now be done at the must be corrected with grooves now
few years is the increasing use of com- very same time using our advanced laser have the option of having lens implants
puter guidance and tracking systems, and cataract system so you don’t have to un- with the astigmatism correction built
computer measurement systems during dergo two separate procedures.” into them. Using the same system, a simi-
cataract surgery that enable the surgeon lar measurement is taken that will tell how
to correct astigmatism at the same time Basic cataract surgery is an extreme- much astigmatism there is, as well as its
using an advanced femtosecond laser that ly common procedure where the doctor orientation. The corrective lens implants
replaces the use of handheld surgical tools. most often removes the natural lens that need to be aligned in a precise, specific
has become clouded and replaces it with a way, so the computer system once again
Cataracts form on the lens behind the clear intraocular lens. gives a heads-up display of the surface of
iris, the structure in the eye which allows the eye and allows the surgeon to orient
the light to focus into the retina. A clear The dual surgery can be done one of the lens in the proper location to cancel
lens allows an image to focus light precise- two ways. Both ways employ the use of out the astigmatism.
ly onto the retina and send a clear image advanced computer measurement and “Cataracts happen so slowly that peo-
to the brain, while a cloudy lens will dis- tracking systems during surgery. Once a ple won’t even notice them until they are
tort vision. People with cataracts often cataract is removed from the eye, a mea- advanced,” added Dr. Tate. “Some people
see halos around lights, double vision and surement using this system reveals how are born with them and they can develop
disruptive glare from headlights, making much astigmatism the patient has. It also at any age, but most of the patients we see
it difficult to drive at night. Left untreated, shows its orientation, revealing whether
cataracts can lead to legal blindness.

“Caring for women of all ages and stages
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• Well Woman Exam We are pleased to welcome Dr. Alberto Cadena to
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• Bone Density in Obstetrics and Gynecology and specializes in
• Urinary Incontinence advanced minimally invasive procedures, in office
• Hormone Replacement procedures, weight loss/health management, and
• Weight Loss pellet hormone replacement therapy. “Dr. A” will
• Infertility be seeing patients at all 3 of our locations beginning
• Obstetrics February 2021. Fluid in Spanish.
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Port St. Lucie #106, Port St. Lucie Jensen Beach

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are in their 60s. The good news is that cata- UNFORTUNATELY, PAIN IS A COMMON PART OF AGING
ract surgery will last a lifetime, even if it its
administered to a child.” BY FRED CICETTI dependent older adults and up to 80 per-  Headache is a common difficulty for
cent of seniors in long-term care facilities. seniors. Headaches unrelated to underly-
The surgery usually only lasts about 10 Question: Is pain a necessary part of aging? The following are some of the causes: ing diseases are classified in three differ-
minutes and most patients are home with- ent types: cluster, tension and migraine.
in an hour. “It really isn’t painful at all, but THE HEALTHY SENIOR  About 80 percent of older adults suf- Tension headaches are, by far, the most
because most people are nervous about fer from osteoarthritis, inflammation of common type, affecting up to 90 percent of
anything touching their eyes, we give peo- It is difficult to avoid physical pain as you the joints. You get osteoarthritis when car- women and 70 percent of men.
ple sedation,” explained Dr. Tate. “Young- get older. However, as many people age, tilage – the cushioning tissue within the
er people have softer cataracts, so their they complain less about pain. This phe- joints – wears down. This produces stiff-  Researchers believe more than 20
vision recovers very quickly. Older people nomenon may be caused by a decreased ness and pain. You can get osteoarthritis in million people suffer from peripheral neu-
have denser and harder cataracts that re- sensitivity to pain. However, some believe any joint, but it usually strikes those that ropathy. Neuropathic pain usually stems
quire more energy to break up during sur- that seniors don’t moan as much as juniors support weight. from nerve damage, which can be caused
gery so they may experience some natural because they tend to be stoics. by diabetes and disorders of the kidney, liv-
swelling. Most see more clearly the first  People with diabetes, a condition that er and thyroid.
day and are able to resume normal activ- People have a variety of inborn pain affects almost 20 percent of Americans
ities and then their vision improves even thresholds. I have two granddaughters over the age of 60, often have circulatory  Pain in the face, mouth and teeth can
more, slowly but surely, after that.” who are so different in their ability to han- problems that produce pain. be brought on by periodontal diseases,
dle pain that it is almost comical. I’ve seen tooth loss, and medication side effects.
While there are no preventative mea- one of them tumble off a bike, skin her   Gallstones, appendicitis, bowel ob-
sures that can ward off cataracts, there is knee and climb back in the saddle without struction, peptic ulcer disease, abdominal When older people suffer from chron-
some correlation between UV exposure a whimper. The other little girl will cry in- aortic aneurysm and gastroenteritis gener- ic pain, there can be complications. Pain
and cataracts, so wearing sunglasses at an consolably over the smallest splinter. ate abdominal pain. can make them lose sleep, diminish their
early age may help. Getting a yearly eye ability to function, lead them to be more
exam is the biggest preventative measure The ability to withstand pain depends  Spinal problems such as herniated dependent on others, dampen their appe-
anyone can take because the longer an upon emotion, too. Athletes have played disks, spinal narrowing and arthritis are tite, isolate and depress them, and reduce
issue goes undetected, the more issues it with broken bones because they were so the causes of back and neck pain, which is physical activity, which can make them
can cause. pumped up by the action around them that common in older adults. get out of shape and be more likely to suf-
they didn’t know they’d been injured. Later, fer a fall.
Dr. Stephen M. Tate is a Board-Certified in the locker room, the pain kicked in.   The chances of getting cancer in-
Ophthalmologist specializing in custom crease as you age. Pain is a common symp- Fortunately, there also are many things
cataract surgery, laser cataract surgery, Pain may be acute or chronic. Acute tom of all types of cancer. that help alleviate pain for seniors, includ-
astigmatism correction, glaucoma treat- pain comes on suddenly and subsides after ing exercise, meditation, breathing exer-
ment, retinal management and general a short time. Chronic pain persists. Many  F ibromyalgia is a syndrome charac- cises, massage, weight loss, heat therapy
ophthalmic care. He can be reached at New seniors suffer from chronic pain, which has terized by chronic pain in the muscles and (heating pads), cold packs, herbal prepa-
Vision Eye Center, 1055 37th Place, Vero a variety of causes. soft tissues surrounding joints. Patients rations (including CBD oil), and over-the-
Beach, 772-257-8700.  over 60 frequently cite fatigue, swelling, counter and prescription medications. 
Pain affects as much as 65 percent of in- headaches, anxiety and depression as their
most severe fibromyalgia symptoms


MORTGAGE RATES For the second week in a row, mortgage loan amount and are in addition to the in- rowers with strong credit scores and large
DRIFT LOWER AS rates wandered lower, remaining near re- terest rate.) It was 2.77 percent two weeks down payments. These rates are not avail-
INVESTORS WORRY cord lows. ago and 3.51 percent a year ago. able to every borrower.
According to the latest data released Freddie Mac, the federally chartered Because the survey is based on home
last Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year mortgage investor, aggregates rates from purchase mortgages, rates for refinanc-
fixed-rate average slipped to 2.73 percent, about 80 lenders nationwide to come up es may be different. This is especially true
with an average 0.7 point. (Points are fees with weekly national average mortgage since the price adjustment for refinance
paid to a lender equal to 1 percent of the rates. It uses rates for high-quality bor- transactions went into effect in Decem-

To Advertise (772-633-1115) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE February 4, 2021 13

ber. The adjustment is 0.5 percent of the able-rate average was unchanged at 2.80 sluggish rollout of the vaccine all injected the Federal Reserve’s meeting last week.
loan amount (e.g., it is $1,500 on a $300,000 percent, with an average 0.3 point. It was fresh uncertainty into markets,” said Mat- The Fed kept its benchmark rate at zero
loan) and applies to all Fannie Mae and 3.24 percent a year ago. thew Speakman, a Zillow economist. “Un- and renewed its commitment to purchase
Freddie Mac refinances. certainty surrounding the latest proposed $120 billion in bonds each month. Since it
“After spiking in early January, mortgage fiscal relief plan also lowered investors’ began its bond-buying program early in the
The 15-year fixed-rate average dipped rates have spent the last couple weeks expectations for higher bond yields, and pandemic, the central bank has increased
to 2.20 percent, with an average 0.6 point. trending consistently lower, as the contin- thus mortgage rates.” its balance sheet to nearly $7.5 trillion. 
It was 2.21 percent two weeks ago and 3 ued spread of the virus, the introduction of
percent a year ago. The five-year adjust- new, more virulent variants, and a thus-far No major policy changes came out of ­– THE WASHINGTON POST



Tom Cann (772) 485-1222 Melinda Cann (772) 215-8178
BROKER, PGA LIFE MEMBER [email protected] [email protected]

ON GOLF COURSE! 9535 Avenel Lane 10310 SW VISCONTI WAY
Wonderfully priced 3 bedroom 2
bath home in The Pines on the 4th RELAXING BY THE POOL
hole of the Legacy golf course. This home is within walking distance to the pools,
Owners have recently changed clubhouse, fitness center and tennis courts. Also seconds
all the flooring and most window away from the golf cart path into the three championship
treatments. The home has just been PGA golf court. Owners will enjoy the upgraded kitchen
professionally painted outside. In with built in wall oven and undermount cabinet lighting.
the kitchen you’ll find stainless Beautiful custom window treatments and mirrored wall have
steel appliances and granite been added in the great room. The great room also has a
countertops. The water heater is built in wine bar and there is molding in the formal dining
newer and the garage floor has room. Interior of home has just been painted for a fresh
been epoxied. Offered at $304,000 clean look. This Bellacerra model offers 3 large bedrooms, a
den and 3 and one half baths. Offered at $579,000

PENDING IN 4 DAYS! 11081 SW Visconti Way 10879 SW Visconti Way
3 BR, Den, 2.5 BA home with all impact glass
SCREENED PATIO doors and windows. Wonderful lighted built
in wine bar with bottle storage & stylist
2 BR + Den. You can’t help smile when backsplash makes a dramatic focal point in the
you walk into this move in ready coastal great room. You will love the white kitchen with
decorated home. Well priced, making this subway tile backsplash, quartz counter tops
home perfect for a full time home, rental or and under cabinet lights. Cabinets have top
winter getaway. This all impact glass home and bottom moldings and upgraded cabinet
with tile floors throughout has a private hardware. The back patio has a private garden
and quiet location. It is also well positioned view and an extended patio with screened lanai.
to all of Verano’s fabulous amenities. The Well finished garage includes hanging storage,
owners have added undermount lighting epoxied floors and plantation shutters. Call us
and moldings to the kitchen cabinets as today for a viewing. Offered at $407,000
well as granite countertops & stainless
steel appliances. Offered at $282,900 17060 SW Ambrose Way
All impact glass home in the resort
EXPANDED ALESSA WITH community of PGA Verano with coveted
Ambrose Way location. This 3 bedroom,
CUSTOM FLOOR PLAN 2.5 bath home has a great floor plan.
You’ll enjoy the privacy of having no
Special model with unique modifications. Best expansive homes across the street and the close
lakeview with no homes across lake. Expanded with clever location to the social club, indoor pool,
design changes. Guest bath door has been changed so you outdoor pool, tennis and fitness center.
don’t see the opening from the hallway. Instead there is an This owner has added lovely features
ensuite bath in the guest bedroom. Additional bedroom has like crown molding, plantation shutter,
been opened to the great room and can be used for formal luxury vinyl floors in bedrooms and tile
dining, den or guest room. Half bath has been expanded into on the diagonal. Offered at $429,000
a roomy guest bathroom with a large sink cabinet. Kitchen
has upgraded cabinets, beverage cooler stainless chicklet
backsplash and butler pantry. Home has crown molding fans
with lights and high quality vinyl flooring. Beautiful lot with
lush landscaping all on a quiet street. Offered at $415,000

PENDING 1548 Mockingbird Circle PENDING 9253 SHORT CHIP CIRCLE
Enjoy the wildlife with beautiful lakefront AND FOREVER LAKE VIEWS
views from most rooms. This well-built home
has a spacious floor plan on a quiet and This model allows you to push the pocketing slider
private lot. The kitchen has upgraded cabinets, doors all the way open revealing a spectacular
granite countertops and lots of space! You will panoramic view of the pool & lake. One guest bedroom
enjoy entertaining and grilling outside in the has an ensuite bath. This recently painted home features
large covered patio which can accommodate new porcelain wood look floors throughout, current
a large table and sitting area. County Club light fixtures and plantation shutters. The pool pump
Estates is on the campus of the Saint Lucie was replaced in 2020 along with a newer pool heater
Trails Public golf club. Private and pay to in 2018. Cooks will enjoy the double wall ovens along
playmembership are available but not required with all the other 2018 newer kitchen appliances (not
to live there. Offered at $349,300 cooktop). The A/C and water heater were also replaced
approximately 3 years ago. Offered at $469,000



Information is believed to be correct but not warranted. Personally verify all information before relying on said information.

Awesome kitchen highlights
this Fairway Landings home

9619 Fairwood Court in Fairway Landings in PGA Village: 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 3,322-square-foot pool home
offered for $669,000 by Kay Rodriguez, 772-486-2126 of Lang Realty

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Awesome kitchen highlights this Fairway Landings home

[email protected]

The house at 9619 Fairwood Court, in
the Fairway Landings section of PGA Vil-
lage, starts with the best advantage any
property can have: location. Situated on
an oversized lot, the house is set back and
framed by the landscaping. In the back of
the house, and indeed, throughout much
of the interior, you have views of the pool
and lake beyond. It’s a lovely spot.

You step onto marble floors as you come
inside, and the volume ceilings and crisp
contemporary lines are modern and still
timeless. There is a formal dining room
(14 feet by 12 feet) to the right of the en-
tryway and a formal living room (22-by-19)
just ahead with views of the pool and the
lake. The house is filled with windows and
light and the views can be seen from many

The heart of this home is the renovated
kitchen. At 17-by 16, it is any cook’s dream,
with rich dark cabinets, granite counter-
tops, stainless-steel appliances including
double wall ovens, an island, custom cab-
inetry and a large walk-in pantry. Adja-
cent to the kitchen is the family room, a
generous 25-by-16, where your family and
friends will gather for parties, to watch
the big game or for games night. There

This Week’s is also a den (12-by-14) which makes the master bedroom, a spacious 27-by-16, with
perfect home office that so many of us views of the pool and lake. There are two
FEATURED LISTING need these days. large walk-in closets and a master bath fit
for a queen (or king), with a raised tub, sep-
PGA VILLAGE The lovely master suite begins with the arate vanities and shower. It is a place to
luxuriate and relax after a busy day. There
8733 Bally Bunion Road are two additional bedrooms (18-by-14
and 15-by-14) and two additional spacious
Outside, there is a covered and screened
PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP is evident in every detail of this impeccable home! It shows like a model patio (44-by-36) with an in-ground pool
home with top of the line quality throughout & A SWEEPING GOLF COURSE VIEW! IT’S AN and stunning views of the lake. It is the

ENTERTAINER’S DELIGHT with generously proportioned living space inside and out! The Gourmet
kitchen has spacious granite counters, center island, double wall oven, cook top. The spacious, open
great room has a beautiful wood entertainment center, wet bar & a wall of glass sliders that open to the
extended, covered patio & pool area that wraps around the gas heated pool with spa & waterfalls. It is
the perfect focal point when entertaining, relaxing at home or preparing dinner at the summer kitchen..
When the owners were having this 3BR + den, 4.5BA home built, they thought of everything including
generator. The Master bedroom is very spacious with two adjoining baths, one which opens to the pool
area. The 2 guest bedrooms are spacious and each has a private bath. The large Den is private and has
beautiful wood built-ins. It would make a perfect home office or media room. The dining room is open
to the great room and designed for entertaining. The attention to detail is evident with the wood details
in the ceilings and floors. This truly is a special property in a great community and it is being offered

fully furnished, turnkey! The only thing missing is you! RX-10677301


Linda MacCormack

[email protected]

To Advertise (772-633-1115) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE February 4, 2021 19


Neighborhood: Fairway Landings in PGA Village
Year built: 1992 • Construction: CBS

Square footage: 3,322 sq. ft • Total square footage: 5,925 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 3 • Bathrooms: 3 • Flooring: tile, marble
Security: manned gate, security patrol

Additional features: lake views, on ½-1-acre, circular driveway,
2.5-car garage, renovated kitchen, in-ground screened pool with

solar heat, both a/c units approximately six years old, water
heaters replaced 2019 and 2016, pool motor replaced Nov. 2020,

washer/dryer approx. three years old, zoned sprinkler, whole
house generator, partial accordion shutters

Community amenities: basketball, billiards, clubhouse, fitness center,
game room, library, pickleball, picnic area, playground, pool, tennis
Listing brokerage: Lang Realty
Listing agent: Kay Rodriguez, 772-486-2126
Listing price: $669,000

ing for a while and then swimming again. PUT TEAM
It’s the perfect place to share with friends
and family or to savor on your own, or with NAPOLITANO
someone special.
Of course, this is PGA Village, so you WITH RESULTS Napolitano
have all the amenities the community has
perfect place for entertaining, for hold- to offer. You can make new friends and par- 1 GREAT HOME IN PORT ST. LUCIE AND 1 BUILDABLE LOT IN PGA VILLAGE!
ing a luncheon or book club meeting, or ticipate in all the events and activities and
for relaxing. I could sit for hours, taking a then retreat to your own private oasis. It is 943 SW John
swim, sitting and watching the lake, read- the epitome of the Florida lifestyle. Maccormack Terrace


Beautiful Remodeled pool
home which shows Fantastic!
Features CBS construction,

4 Bedrooms,
2 Bathrooms & 2-car-garage,

new kitchen and move in


7462 Legends Drive

Fabulous 1/2 Acre lot in
“Briarcliff II”. Beautiful cleared

& filled lot on the Pete Dye
Golf Course in PGA Village
and a private Legacy Golf
Course. Build your dream
home. Manned gated security
with use of the Island Club

included in HOA Fees.


KELLER WILLIAMS Call AnnMarie Today!

R E A LT Y 954-675-2804 (Cell)

PORT ST. LUCIE 772-236-5700 (office)

[email protected] •
9700 Reserve Blvd. St. Lucie West
Each office independently owned and operated




A stunning fortnight of real estate activity in the Tradition and St. Lucie West market saw 60
transactions of single-family residences and lots.
The top sale in that stretch was the residence at 9421 Scarborough Court. First listed in October
for $749,000, this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home sold for the asking price on Jan. 26.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Kay Rodriguez of Lang Realty. Representing
the buyer was agent Douglas Vrooman of Lang Realty.


PORT SAINT LUCIE 9421 SCARBOROUGH COURT 10/12/2020 $749,000 1/26/2021 $693,820
PORT SAINT LUCIE 8031 PLANTATION LAKES DRIVE 11/25/2020 $734,500 1/25/2021 $645,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 9080 SW PEPOLI WAY 1/16/2021 $693,820 1/16/2021 $570,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10114 SW NUOVA WAY 8/20/2020 $649,900 1/29/2021 $525,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10143 SW VISCONTI WAY 8/19/2020 $579,900 1/21/2021 $510,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 11456 SW HALF MOON LAKE LANE 12/4/2020 $558,000 1/19/2021 $499,900
PORT SAINT LUCIE 12052 SW LIGUSTRUM DRIVE 9/21/2020 $539,000 1/28/2021 $482,780
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10207 ISLE OF PINES COURT 7/2/2020 $557,900 1/28/2021 $439,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 10048 SW RED OAK COURT 10/13/2020 $466,682 1/27/2021 $420,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 7609 GREENBRIER CIRCLE 12/14/2020 $439,000 1/29/2021 $399,900
PORT SAINT LUCIE 1165 SW BENT PINE COVE 11/28/2020 $415,000 1/19/2021 $399,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 11455 SW HALTON STREET 12/10/2020 $399,900 1/29/2021
PORT SAINT LUCIE 8813 FIRST TEE ROAD 12/18/2020 $399,900 1/18/2021

To Advertise (772-633-1115) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE February 4, 2021 21


8031 Plantation Lakes Drive, Port Saint Lucie 9080 SW Pepoli Way, Port Saint Lucie

Listing Date: 11/25/2020 Listing Date: 1/16/2021
Original Price: $734,500 Original Price: $693,820
Sold: 1/25/2021 Sold: 1/16/2021
Selling Price: $720,000 Selling Price: $693,820
Listing Agent: Donald Baetzold Listing Agent: Moira Feely-Rekus

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty

Lynn Marino Moira Feely-Rekus

Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty

10114 SW Nuova Way, Port Saint Lucie 10143 SW Visconti Way, Port Saint Lucie

Listing Date: 8/20/2020 Listing Date: 8/19/2020
Original Price: $649,900 Original Price: $579,900
Sold: 1/29/2021 Sold: 1/21/2021
Selling Price: $645,000 Selling Price: $570,000
Listing Agent: Elise Danielian Listing Agent: Elise Danielian

Selling Agent: Lang Realty Selling Agent: Lang Realty

Joshua Young Elise Danielian

Premier Realty Group Inc Lang Realty


WCrLEoivsaaSto ELL THE MCNOroikvSkatioT!

Realtor Realtor


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ST. LUCIE WEST (Past Bob Evans)


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 “This spacious three-bedroom home gourmet cook could desire, and the master the covered and screened patio is the per-
sits on a large lot with a circular drive and suite has two large walk-in closets and a fect place to relax or entertain while enjoy-
For Kay Rodriguez of Lang Realty, this house beautiful landscaping,” she said. “Inside, luxurious bath. Marble floors in all the pub- ing the pool and the gorgeous lake views.
begins with great curb appeal, is stunning in- the renovated kitchen has everything the lic areas add a touch of elegance. Outside, This is truly a house that has it all.” 
side and ends with a pool and lake views.

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To Advertise (772-633-1115) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE February 4, 2021 23

Home projects that bring the most return on investment

BY MICHELE LERNER | The Washington Post ket; but they can significantly bolster the As more homeowners begin to embark five upgrades with the highest return on
value and selling prices of homes. on renovation projects, it is critical to un- investment include garage door replace-
Sometimes a home improvement proj- derstand how much value various home ments (97.5 percent ROI), manufactured
ect comes from an obvious need for more Throughout the second half of 2020, improvements can bring to a property. stone veneers (94.9 percent), minor kitch-
space or a repair that morphs into a ren- some homeowners were able to increase en remodeling (80.5 percent), deck ad-
ovation. the value of their properties by more than Generally, according to ComeHome: ditions (75.6 percent) and entry door re-
25 percent through simple home im-  Remodeling an outdated bathroom in- placements (74.9 percent).
In other cases, homeowners may be provements. For example, our data shows creases the value of the home by 12 percent.
undecided about whether to upgrade that remodeling an outdated kitchen and  Remodeling an outdated kitchen in- Larger renovations, such as adding a
their bathroom first or tackle the exterior bathroom can increase the value of a creases the value of the home by 19 per- home office or a deck or finishing your
of their home. home by approximately 27 percent. cent. basement, also can add meaningful value
 Remodeling both an outdated kitch- to your home. These are all particular-
We asked two experts to provide some Concurrently, since March – when the en and bathroom increases the value of ly appealing to home buyers during the
insight into how homeowners can raise health crisis forced millions of Americans the home by 27 percent. pandemic – when 85 percent of people are
their home value while making improve- to work from home – the number of home In addition, through our partnership spending more time in their homes. Like-
ments. The following commentary was improvement projects in the U.S. sky- with HomeAdvisor, we’ve found that the wise, open, bright and convenient layouts
supplied via email by Jeremy Sicklick, rocketed to all-time highs. attract prospective buyers.
CEO and co-founder of HouseCanary, a
real estate analytics firm that provides Because of the increased time spent at
home valuations; and Michael Rodriguez, home during the pandemic, homeowners
senior vice president and head of the free have required more from their homes as
to consumers ComeHome, a division of they work, socialize, cook and find new
HouseCanary where homeowners can ways to entertain from home, and people
view projects with the highest return on have completed more home projects than
investment, connect with licensed pro- ever during the past 10 months.
fessionals and secure financing for home
renovations: The top three home projects completed
in 2020 were interior painting, bathroom
Before the onset of COVID-19, signif- remodels and the installation of new
icant home upgrades could reduce the flooring. As we enter into 2021, we antic-
time a home spent on the market by about ipate that home updates will continue to
11 days. Now, due to the tight supply of increase, and that the most popular home
homes, demand for properties is higher improvement projects will likely remain
than ever and upgrades may not have the the same. 
same impact on time spent on the mar-


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UPSTAIRS CORNER UNIT IN CASTLE PINES! • Light & bright corner condo on a cul-de-sac COASTAL CHIC CONDO! • Move right in - updated, furnished unit ready for its new owners. Lo-
offered fully furnished. This 2BR/2.5BA unit is great as an investment property, winter getaway or full time cated on the ground floor, this 2BR/2.5BA condo has been tastefully updated and has garden views. Neutral
residence. Special features include tray ceilings, newer kitchen appliances, plantation shutters, hard surface tile flooring t/o, granite counters, beautiful furnishings and refreshed interior paint. Can be used as a full time
flooring throughout and wood cabinetry. Screened patio is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Won’t last long! residence, investment property or seasonal home. HOA includes cable and internet. Call today to view!
8014 Carnoustie Place 8227 Mulligan Circle

Light & bright 2BR+Den/2BA/3CG home w/ lake Move right into this 2BR+Den/2BA/ 2+CG home. cious bedrooms, two balconies and open living area. Kitchen Fully furnished townhouse with serene lake views! Great
views! Built in 2017, home features impact glass, pan- Hard surface flooring t/o, newer AC, impact glass w/ granite counters, SS appliances and wood cabinetry. Two room with soaring ceilings and access to screened patio.
oramic window screen, upgraded landscaping and windows & doors, fenced yard and expanded parking spots included and fabulous amenities! Minutes from Master suite is upstairs and overlooks the lake. Detached
beautiful white kitchen w/ quartz & SS. Large garage screened lanai. Kitchen w/ granite counters, SS the beach and steps to all downtown Fort Pierce has to offer. 1.5 car garage is great for storage. Community pool a few
w/ built in cabinetry great for extra storage. appliances and wood cabinetry. Call today! RX-10681812 20 Orange Avenue, 408 steps from the front door. Call today!
RX-10685090 22044 SW Tivolo Way RX-10686038 11315 SW Mountain Ash Circle RX-10677879 7368 Pine Creek Way

FORT PIERCE $950,000 PGA VILLAGE $409,900 PGA VILLAGE $225,000 PGA VILLAGE $225,000

Custom built 6BD/5.5BA/3CG pool home with something for Pride of ownership gleams from this Wentworth floor plan. End unit townhouse in Castle Pines. 3BR/2BA/1CG Popular ‘Essex’ floor plan with great location. This 3BR/2BA/1CG
everyone. IMPACT GLASS windows, LED lighting, sauna, game Featuring 2BR+Den/2.5BA/2CG and a large screened with marble tile floors, newer carpet in bedrooms, features accordion shutters, vaulted ceilings, neutral interior
room and more! 2 in-law/guest suites - perfect for multi-gener- lanai. Neutral tile t/o living areas and laminate flooring in vaulted ceilings and screened patio. Kitchen with paint, berber carpeting in the bedrooms, full size W/D and a
ational living. Salt water pool area with built-in water slide, rock bedrooms. Great kitchen w/ granite counters, SS appliances, granite counters, wood cabinetry and SS applianc- covered & screened patio. HOA dues incl basic cable & internet.
waterfall, hot tub and more. Call today! under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, snack bar and more. es. Tenant in place through July, 2021! Can be used as an investment or personal residence. Call today!
RX-10661107 6201 Oleander Ave RX-10681274 9180 Pumpkin Ridge Road RX-10666147 8400 Mulligan Circle RX-10677589 8194 Mulligan Circle


PGA VERANO $579,900 PGA VERANO $649,900 SUN TERRACE $189,900 PGA VERANO $434,900

Highly sought after “Collina” floor plan. 4BR, 3.5BA, 2.5CG Sophisticated&eleganthomeonarguablythebestlotinal ofVerano.This3BR+DEN/3BA/3CG‘Biela’floorplan Neat as a pin and beautifully updated! This 2BR/2BA patio home Bright & fresh 3BR/2.5BA/3CG home in Verano. Upgraded
home features elegant finishes T/O, a chef’s dream kitchen wil CAPTIVATEyou!Beautifulwoodflooring,crownmolding&customwoodworkt/o.Upgradedlightfixtures& features newer tile t/o living areas, upgraded carpet in the bedrooms, flooring, plantation shutters, fenced yard and large covered
w/butler’s pantry, beautifully upgraded master-suite with ceilingfans,HunterDouglasblinds.Gourmetkitchenhaswhite42’ level5cabinetry,BiancoCarreraQuartzcount- large screened lanai, kitchen w/ light cabinetry and NEW stainless ap- patio. Kitchen w/ SS, quartz counters, espresso cabinetry,
frameless glass shower. The expanded & screened lanai is a ers, GE profile SS appliances, under cabinet lighting & breakfast nook! Master Suite features 3 walk-in closets, pliances, upgraded light fixtures & window treatments. Large screened butler’s pantry and pendant lighting. Master suite overlooks
wonderful spot to relax & enjoy the views. luxurious en-suite w/ claw foot tub, frameless glass shower, separate vanities w/ marble tops & designer lighting. and partially covered patio is the perfect spot to unwind. Won’t last! lake. Under builder’s warranty until 2027. Call today!
RX-10648173 10143 SW Visconti Way RX-10648456 10114 SW Nuova Way RX-10677889 1258D NW Sun Terrace Circle RX-10674685 22043 SW Tivolo Way


SINCE 2000

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Large custom 4 bedroom 5 full baths 3 car garage
with pool/spa & spectacular water views located in
desirable Sabal Creek community of PGA Village.
Features include, tile in all common areas, crown
molding, coffered ceilings, sound system, 2 A/C
units, 2 water heaters with filtration system, central
vacc & wet bar with wine cooler. Kitchen offers
custom cabinetry with granite counters, center
island housing a veggie sink & breakfast area with
views to the beautiful outdoors. This property is
just under 2 acres with beautifully manicured yards,
circular driveway with side load garage and plenty
of privacy. Venture out back to the entertaining yet
peaceful & private space with a covered screened
lanai, summer kitchen and a refreshing pool & spa

overlooking the lake. RX-10687125

$899,000 • 7841 SABAL LAKE

8305 Holley Tree Trail, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986



pool & spa home featuring kitchen w/granite, gas range, SS appls. Mas- acres w/separate 1BR, 1BA guest house PLUS a separate 2370 sq ft. in this 2BR, 2BA, 2CG w/bump-out. Granite and newer This 2BA, PLUS Den, 2BA, 2CG home has it all! High gloss
ter suite & two guest rooms downstairs. Loft w/custom built-in and two library that could be turned in to another guest home, main house has SS appls in kitchen, freshly painted throughout, plantation travertine flooring, plantation shutters, crown molding IMPACT
add’l bdrms upstairs. Lush landscaping upgraded fixtures and newer AC. 3BR PLUS den, 3.5BA, 2.5CG. A Must See to be truly appreciated! shutters, A/C 2019, screened paver patio. windows/doors, lanai overlooking a long lake view!
Elise Danielian 772-418-2992; Isabelle Pollock 772-713-3221 Kay Rodriguez 772-486-2126; Christopher Rodriguez 772-828-9963 Valerie Juno 772-214-9404; MaryLynn Ninesling 772-370-6466 Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807
RX-10674684 $659,900 RX-10687427 NEWLISTING! $1,177,000 RX-10687486 JUSTLISTED! $265,000 RX-10687057 $429,500


This stunning 4BR, 3.5BA, 3CG home w/beautiful high-end finishes 2BR, PLUS den, 2BA, 2CG w/optional golf cart garage, custom in this 3BR, 3BA boaters paradise and nature lovers dream. This presents an open & spacious floor plan and offers fine finishes
throughout, gourmet kitchen, covered patio & screened lanai w/pool. kitchen w/gas range, porcelain plank flooring thru-out, courtyard FURNISHED pool home w/wide water views and throughout in addition to a remodeled kitchen. 2BR PLUS den.
Brick paver circular drive. On 1.37 Acres & 170ft of lakefront. screened & extended patio. IMPACT window + so much more! ocean access. Screened-in porch w/attached paver patio. Covered & screened lanai. A/C replaced 2019.
Michelle Agrusa 772- 263- 6131 Scott Warner 561-385-0938; Julie Warner 561-635-6061 Lisa Marie Perona 772-201-3366 Christine Chapdelaine 772-5293748
RX-10636444 $899,500 RX-10681802 $379,000 RX-10654560 REDUCED! $554,900 RX-10683890 REDUCED! $272,000


2BR+Den/2BA/3CG home w/lake views! Built 2017, home fea- PLUS den, 3.5BA is barely lived-in and shows like new, kitchen Den home with all the upgrades you can imagine, offered fully furnished. Tile throughout main living area, kitchen
tures IMPACT glass, panoramic window screen, beautiful white w/granite & SS appls, neutral décor thru-out, covered patio, gas heating & range, 20” tile on diagonal, extended w/granite, breakfast nook & open sight lines to the living room.
kitchen w/quartz & SS. Large garage w/built-in cabinetry. spacious rear yard w/room for a pool. New A/C 2019 screened lanai. Impact window & doors thru-out, Screened lanai overlooks the fourth hole of the Legacy Golf Course.
Elise Danielian 772-418-2992; Isabelle Pollock 772-713-3221 Linda MacCormack 772-812-0469 Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807 Charmaine Hickey 954-404-0996
RX-10685090 $407,000 RX-10681928 $499,900 RX-10685382 $369,000 RX-10681303 $325,000


ing the cabana bath, tile in all living areas SS appls, screened Den, 2BA, 2CG home. Hard surface flooring T/O, newer A/C. sits on a fantastic larger lot with private preserve views. French 4.5BA, 2.5CG home is situated on a lush, private 1.6 acres and
lanai leading out to the newly refinished pool & spa and over- IMPACT windows/doors, kitchen w/granite, SS appls. Fenced doors lead to paver extended screened covered patio. All tiled exudes refined living at its best! With the wine room to the large
looks the 17th Fairway of the Legacy Golf Course yard & expanded screened lanai. floors w/laminate in the bdrms. A/C 2020. lanai w/pool, spa & summer kitchen, this home has it all!
Diane Gault 772-342-7455 Isabelle Pollock 772-713-3221; Elise Danielian 772-418-2992 Michelle Agrusa 772 263 6131 Valerie Juno 772-214-9404; MaryLynn Ninesling 772-370-6466
RX-10682981 $479,999 RX-10686038 $299,900 RX-10685449 $244,000 RX-10604696 $1,050,000


2BA PLUS den, 2CG located in a tranquil preserve setting. 3CG home w/spectacular water views and sits on just under 2-acres of COURSE Barely lived-in! Spacious, open great room plan with 4BR, 4BA, 2.5CG (4th bdrm has a built-in office) pool home on a cul-de-
Kitchen w/42” cabinets, SS appls, granite. Screened lanai beautifully manicure yards, circular driveway w/sideload garage, covered 3BR PLUS den, 2.5BA, covered screened patio with room for a sac. Gourmet kitchen w/quartz counters, gas cooktop, dble ovens, wine
offering expansive views of the preserve screened lanai w/summer kitchen, pool & spa. pool, being offered FURNISHED, TURNKEY! Great golf view! chiller, gorgeous, heated pool & spa. Whole house generator.
Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807 Kay Rodriguez 772-486-2126; Christopher Rodriguez 772-828-9963 Linda MacCormack 772-812-0469 Diane Gault 772-342-7455
RX-10680498 $309,000 RX-10687125 NEWLISTING! $899,000 RX-10677615 $479,900 RX-10683694 JUSTLISTED! $949,000

Port St. Lucie Office | 8305 Holley Tree Trail, Port St. Lucie, FL. 34986 | 772.467.1299

fun, food SECTION

Coming Up! Lights, camera ... awesome!

IT’S FAMILY FUN AT The Drive-in Laser Light Show by Cabin Fever – featuring laser lights dancing to musical hits – gave Fort Pierce mesmerizing skies from Jan. 21-24. PHOTOS: LINDA KLOORFAIN

BY PAM HARBAUGH | Correspondent

1 Hope the cool weather
hangs in just a little lon-
ger, at least through Saturday,
because that’s when the City of
Port St. Lucie will hold its bian-
nual bonfire. Called the “Bonfire
Hayride,” the event runs 3 p.m.
to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6 at the
McCarty Ranch Preserve. This
is a great event designed for all
ages. There will be horseback
riding, a petting zoo, fishing, live
music by Hayfire, food trucks …
and that bonfire. The event will
adhere to CDC guidelines for
facial coverings and social dis-
tancing. Guests are encouraged
to bring their own chairs. Free
admission. The McCarty Ranch
Preserve is at 12525 Range Line
Road, Port St. Lucie. Call 772-
878-2277 or visit

2 Although the Daddy
Daughter Dance is going to
be held next week at two different
venues, you’d be wise to register
now, because admission will be
limited to just 80 participants at
each venue. This is designed for
daddies and their daughters ages
2 to 12. Bets are that everyone will
be taking photos! The event runs
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12 at
the MIDFLORIDA Event Center,
9221 SE Event Center Pl., Port St.
Lucie, and at the Minsky Gym,
750 SW Darwin Blvd., Port St. Luc-
ie. The cost is $11.50 per daughter.
Social distancing and facial cov-
erings required. Pre-registration
required. Go to
or call 772-878-2277.

3 Sunrise Theatre will pres-
ent two music events
within the next few days. First
is the Pure Zeppelin Experience




BY PAM HARBAUGH | Correspondent

“Bloom where you are planted”

has become a motto of sorts for artist

Myrna Renkert. She didn’t start out as a

clay artist, but it will be hard to believe

that when you see her vibrant and

contemporary line of jewelry on view

Feb. 5 to Feb. 27 at the Flametree Clay

Art Gallery.

Born and raised in upstate New York,

Renkert began her artistic life in the

ARTIST fiber discipline of
batik in the 1970s,

PROFILE winning awards
and acclaim.

When a mid-life crisis came knock-

ing at the door in 1998, she and her late

husband Bill packed up and moved

to the small Puerto Rican island of

Vieques. The couple had previously

owned and operated a restaurant in

Rochester for three years, but soon

learned that it “wasn’t that much fun.” PHOTOS: KAILA JONES

So, they left the frozen north and Flametree co-owner Leah Cady thinks
Renkert’s work is so stunning that she invited
moved to the small Caribbean island, where fied Artisan” ranking, which in Puerto Rico financially, but soon discovered that it was her to exhibit at the gallery.
gives artisans a $50,000 tax exemption, she not as popular in Vero Beach.
they worked at a high-end guest house, was required to incorporate a second genre “Her jewelry is very unique and modern,”
to that of ‘body adornment.’ So Renkert Glatz, who had opened the artsy Coffee Cady says. “It looks simple but they’re very
restaurant and bar. While there, she would began making leather handbags festooned House 1420 on 14th Avenue in downtown time consuming, especially if you paint
with sea glass and was able to achieve the Vero Beach, suggested she branch out. them.”
take long walks on the beach with her ranking. He introduced her to his friend, clay artist
Maria Sparsis, a Flametree founder and Cady explained that Renkert frequently
puppy and discovered large amounts of In Vieques, they became friends with member of Indian River Clay Studio. uses porcelain, which is a clay that
Michael Glatz, who would end up moving is lighter in weight, making it
sea glass that she eventually turned into a to Vero Beach before they did. “Maria dragged me into the better to use with jewelry.
clay studio,” Renkert says. However, she says, artists
profitable jewelry line. When her husband fell ill, it was Glatz “She made me a sucker generally don’t like
who urged them to move to Vero, where for clay.” working with porcelain
“In Vieques, I had sea glass all over the it would be easier to take Bill to Mayo because of its unpre-
Clinic in Jacksonville. The couple took Renkert took dictability; they don’t
house,” she says with a laugh. “My husband his advice and moved here in 2014. He classes with Sparsis know how it will turn
needed constant care in the final four years and discovered a out after firing.
asked me what I was going to do with it, of their lives together, but Renkert didn’t strong emotional “With batik, I actually
think twice about helping him. They had connection with the had a better grasp of how things
so I figured out how to make earrings from tactile experience of
been life partners for 38 years in every working with clay. would turn out,” Renkert says. “I un-
sea glass. I wore them to work and people meaning of the term, and it had been derstood my dyes and the process. Whatever
Bill who nurtured the artist in Renkert. “Going into the studio I put into it, I got out of it. With the clay, you
would buy them right out of my ears. That and working with clay was a form really never know what you’re going to get out
“I didn’t think I was a good enough of therapy for me,” Renkert explains. “I of the kiln.”
was so weird; I would never do that.” artist,” she says. “Although I won a could work hours and hours and not deal
number of awards for my batik work in with what was in the other room. I went It has become a kind of Zen-like metaphor
But as more people continued to stop the ’70s, I needed more valida- for life. For Renkert, the kiln is like the symbol
tion. I guess I’m insecure through a hard time after my hus- for the crucible of life – you never know what
her on the street, she explored it further and about it.” band passed away.” kind of change will be wrought. The glazes,
After pouring herself colors, finishes and even shapes can change.
soon established a profitable business. Bill passed into the new medi-
away two years um, she discovered “Whenever the kiln door opens, I’m sur-
To qualify for a highly sought-after “Certi- ago, but, says that it was much prised,” she says. “I took out a mug today,
Renkert, “it’s more challenging half of it was shiny, half wasn’t. I said, ‘Why
Myrna not a sob story; than she had antic- does this happen?’ My studio manager said,
Renkert. it’s just a fact. In ipated. Still, though, ‘I have no idea.’ And she’s been doing this
many ways, he set her artistic aesthetic forever. So, I think it’s a curiosity. It has a life
me free. He was the took hold. What result- of its own.”
one who pushed me to ed was a line of clay and
pursue my art. But it’s hard to Myrna Renkert’s work will be shown side by
do what you want to do when you have porcelain jewelry imbued with side with that of painter Regina Stark in a col-
someone who needs you.” color and clean design. There are also a few laborative exhibition at the Flametree Clay Art
coffee mugs, which Glatz happily displays Gallery, 2041 14th Ave.,Vero Beach, comprising
Renkert was left with a pile of in his coffee shop. works by a dozen artists, each paired up with
medical bills that insurance would not artists of other media. For more information,
cover, and she also needed a project to “Her work is very elegant looking and visit 
help soothe the trauma of losing her different than what one sees on a daily
husband. She had hoped she could basis,” Sparsis says. “We had a sale at IRC in
count on her sea glass jewelry to help November. She was one of the people who
showed there and did very well.”



BY ELLEN FISCHER | Columnist teacher and student shared Raw Space in offers summer programs. PHOTOS: KAILA JONES
a two-person show that included Reagan’s One of the earliest works displayed un-
An art exhibition of works by college paintings and Hunter’s drawings and sion by a young artist who, as his current
prints. That exhibition was titled “The Grid der this section is a 1977 linoleum cut print LinkedIn profile has it, has “been imitating
and high school students spanning the Comes Full Circle I.” Although the two art- by Felton student Charles Davis. Titled life and expressing myself through lines
ists’ work share little in common in subject “Room Service,” the lively print depicts the since the age of three.” Today Generette is
career of the art educator who taught matter or style, the show was a testament lower half of a kangaroo whose long, skin- a freelance illustrator whose specialty is
to the influence that Reagan’s teaching had ny feet with fat, upturned toes are coun- pop culture and sports portraiture.
them is on display at Raw Space in Vero on Hunter. terbalanced by a scraggly tail that is more
prehensile than prop-like. The “room” of The text panel that introduces the
Beach through Feb. 26. “The Grid Comes After Hunter graduated from high the title is the kangaroo’s pouch, of course, second section of the exhibition is titled
school in 1971, he attended college at from which a baby kangaroo peeks. “The Claflin Years (2000-2006).” It refers to
Full Circle II” is a collection of 64 works by Florida A&M University, where he received the six years Hunter taught drawing and
his Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. He As is the custom with professional print- printmaking in the art department of Cla-
ART young and continuing went on to earn his Master of Fine Arts at makers, the middle-school student signed flin University, a private, historically Black
adult artists in draw- Ohio State University, where he majored in and titled his work in the print’s lower mar- institution founded in 1869. From the start
drawing and printmaking. gin. He also wrote the word “Proof” there. of his engagement at the school, Hunter
REVIEW ing, printmaking and A print proof is more than a trial print but also team-taught art foundation classes
collage. The audience The current exhibition, “The Grid not yet part of an edition. In printmaking with the department’s chairman. In 2001
Comes Full Circle II,” gives pride of place terminology, it is the first print the artist Hunter was appointed the first director
for this show is anyone, young or old, who to Hunter’s own students. The show is di- makes that has all the features the artist of Claflin’s newly established Arthur Rose
vided into three sections that speak to the wishes to see in it. The successful “pulling” Museum. Rose (1921-1995) was a Claflin
loves art with something to say. The art in three eras of his teaching career. of a proof print means that the edition is art educator and artist who is still hailed as
ready to be printed. the Dean of Black Arts in South Carolina.
this show is frequently topical, often politi- The first section is devoted to work by
students that Hunter taught during his From the word “proof” on young Davis’ The students at Claflin did not disap-
cally so, and is always beautifully crafted. 1977 to 2000 tenure at South Carolina print, we learn two things: that the student point Hunter’s exacting standards. In this
State University, where he taught fresh- intended to make an edition of numbered section Tiffany Bodison’s 2000 screen print
The educator behind this bounty is Terry man foundation classes as well as “Winds of Fertility” shows the profiles of
upper-level drawing and printmak- prints of the image, and that
K. Hunter, Ph.D., who began his teaching ing classes. During the same period, Hunter made sure that even his two women of color (deep turquoise
Hunter taught art to students in youngest students were aware on the left, amber brown on the right)
career in Orangeburg, S.C., in 1977, when sixth, seventh and eighth grades at of printmaking terminology facing each other. Against a golden
Felton Laboratory Charter School and practices from the get-go. yellow background, the faces frame a
he was hired as a professor of drawing on the campus of South Caroli- central image of an Ashanti Akua’ba
na State, as well as at the South College student Robert Ge- doll, a small, carved wood sculpture
and printmaking at South Carolina State Carolina Governor’s School for the nerette III received his BA in art representing a beautiful child. It was
Arts and Humanities in Greenville, education in 1989. His wood- once carried by Ashanti women who
University. He has made Orangeburg home a residential high school that also block print in the exhibition wished to become the mothers of
is composed of tapestry-like healthy, attractive children. The doll
ever since, where he shares his life with his slashes of black and gray ink seen in this print has two twisting
that coalesce into the close- strands in place of a solid body; per-
wife, South Carolina State Rep. Gilda Cobb up portrait of a serious young haps this refers to the modern con-
man. “Youthful Expressions ception of DNA, a scientific notion
Hunter. II” is also a masterful expres- that unites generations of people as surely
as their cultural traditions.
All the works in this show are from the At Claflin as well as at South Carolina
State, Hunter developed and ran URGES
collection of FACETS (Fine Arts Cultural (Upper Room Graphic Editions Studio),
an independent study program in print-
Enrichment Teaching Studios), a nonprofit making and drawing. One of the students
in the program was Daniel Moss, whose
foundation of which Hunter is the execu- “Matters of the Heart” linoleum cut of 2002
shows a bandaged heart suspended over a
tive director. In addition to organizing and crowd of people, some of whom appear to
have wings. The numbers 9-1-1 appear in
traveling exhibitions such as the current sequential boxes at the top of the image.
Perhaps the print is a reference to our
Raw Space show, FACETS’ stated mission nation’s mourning for the events of Sep-

is to “provide instruction and professional

development opportunities in the visual

arts.” It does so by developing workshops

in the visual and performing arts aimed

at residents of Orangeburg County and

surrounding areas.

You might be asking your-

self, what does Hunter have

to do with art in Indian River


Hunter attended high school

here in the days before Indian

River High School was deseg-

regated, in 1969. As a Black

student, he first attended Gif-

ford High School. There, his art

teacher was Willie C. Reagan,

who is today best known as

one of the original members of

Florida’s Highwaymen land-

scape painters.

In February of last year

(how long ago it now seems!)

To Advertise (772-633-1115) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | ARTS February 4, 2021 5

tember 11, 2001; the imagery could also Merry beaucoup: IRSC serves up French comedy in ‘Spring Soiree’
refer to the personal grief of families whose
loved ones died on that day. BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer the stage. The audience will bring chairs and “The Revolutionists: by Lauren Gun-
[email protected] derson” April 8-11. They will be performed
Whatever the reference, the work, in or blankets and surround the gazebo. in rep, with one play one night and the
simple black ink on white paper, is a trib- When Alex Kanter assumed the helm other play the next. Actors will also switch
ute to the power of the linocut to address of the theater program at Indian River Not a lot of the audience or the perform-
contemporary issues. State College this past semester, words in and out of plays. These will
like COVID, social distancing and masks ers have (tried this). It’s intimate, even take inside the McAlpin Fine
The final section of the exhibition is became as important as the language of Arts Center.
devoted to those students who have been the theater. It was a challenge, but one he though it’s outside and the ac-
part of the continuing education studio wouldn’t have missed. “Art’ will have three
classes that Hunter offers via his FACETS tors are having a blast.” male-identifying actors and
foundation. “It was phenomenal,” he said. “I must ‘The Revolutionist’ will have
be the only educator in America who’s The cast includes Samantha four female-identifying ac-
The artworks from the most current part thrilled with his job. ‘Blood Wedding,’ tors,” Kanter said. “It’s sort of a
of Hunter’s career, 2006 to today, include our first production (last fall), went well. Stewart, Nicole Hernandez, battle of the sexes.”
those by students who were taught by And I’ve been on Cloud 9. It’s been a great
Hunter as undergraduates, while others transition and I’m grateful for everyone. Kyle Duncan, Davlon Lou- Kanter has plans for the
are by art teachers, both newbies and They’ve been so gracious.” summer as well, but he’s not
veterans, who enroll in FACETS’ intensive issaint, Nicole O’Brien, Billy ready to announce them yet.
summer sessions to recharge their creative Now Kanter has planned a “Spring Soi- All he will say is that it will involve area
batteries. ree,” with three comedies with a French Banks and Deveon Geralds. high school students working with college
basis and featuring female writers. students.
Five of the most intriguing works in I asked Kanter about the It’s been a difficult year for the arts ev-
this section, however, are works in collage The first is “Triumph of Love,” which erywhere, but IRSC students and faculty
by an artist who Hunter asserts had no will be presented Feb. 18-20 outdoors at challenges of performing out- have found a way to make theater happen,
previous art experience before attending the gazebo. The musical, based on a 1732 in the true spirit of “the show must go on.”
FACETS classes. Those works are by Angela comedy by Marivaux, is a show that has of-doors. Alex
Corbett, who loaned to this exhibition. All a princess, multiple disguises, sworn en- “The nice thing is that we Kanter. IRSC students present “Triumph of Love”
are eye-catching, intricate arrays of color- emies, mistaken identities and true love. Feb. 18-20 at the theater gazebo. Tickets are
ful papers, hand decorated by Bassett and are under the gazebo,” he said. $15 and are available at the McAlpin Fine
arranged into compositions of spirals and “It’s a delightful comedy with a beauti- Arts Center Box Office, 3209 Virginia Ave.,
cubist fields, that come together into the ful, lush score,” Kanter said. “Unlike what “It was so neat with ‘Blood Wedding.’ Even Fort Piece, Monday through Friday 11 a.m.
shapes of flags and other symbols. we are used to at IRSC, it’s a chamber to 3 p.m., or by calling 772-462-4750. 
musical with only seven actors. It will be the one production, where there was rain,
Raw Space @Edgewood gallery is lo- outdoors, in the round, with the gazebo as
cated at 1795 Old Dixie Hwy., Vero Beach. the audience stayed. We have a great
For more information visit artconcept .  sound and lighting team and there were


The tech team was up to each one.

Several theater organizations came to

critique “Blood Wedding” and gave the

team high marks. The Florida State Activ-

ities Association provided an 11-page cri-

tique that resulted in a “Superior” score of


In April, the students will present two

plays, “Art” by Yazmina Reza April 8-11


REIGN WHEN ‘WAILERS’ and downs ...


BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer “It came about organically from hang-

[email protected] ing out and playing the acoustic guitar and

It’s not often that you get to interview vibing out at home,” Marley said. “On Insta-

royalty times two. Julian Marley is the son gram, a lot of people were saying, ‘We want

of Bob Marley, who, with the Wailers, de- to see you guys.’ It was just like a jam ses-

fined reggae for a generation. Ashton Bar- sion, with positive energy. “

rett Jr. is the son of Ashton (“Familyman”) “We were jamming and Julian got a call

Barrett, longtime bassist for the Wailers, to do a live-streamed show,” Barrett said.

nephew of drummer Carlton “Carly” Bar- “We didn’t rehearse and it was magical. We

rett and grandson of Joe Higgs, a mentor to thought we could do some shows during

Bob Marley. The Wailers are coming to Fort the pandemic. Music is healing.”

Pierce’s Sunrise Theatre Feb. 12, led by Bar- Both men credit only positive things

rett and with Marley as a guest artist. Bob from the incredible legacies they carry on.

“It makes you grow up in the right

way,” Marley said. “My teacher was

a humanitarian. We deal with what

God puts together that no man

can move. Bob Marley sang for

millions to get the word out. For

me, there is no negative. We have

to be as positive as we can be. We

learned from a great teacher about

equality and One Love. It’s good to

be humble and live in humility.”

Barrett said that Bob Marley

and his father shared the same

values. “It’s One World, everybody

together, all religions and all rac-

es,” he said. “We’re all one. All of us

have to come together. Anything

you see, God created.”

Marley has traveled the world,
PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SUNRISE THEATRE spreading the message on love

Marley wanted them to keep playing after and inclusion through music. He noted that

he was gone, and they are going to play a music has been a healer throughout time

special set featuring cuts from Bob Marley’s and that King David was a musician. “Music

back catalogue and string of greatest hits has healing and therapeutic properties,” he Czaria Grimsley climbs the rock wall while Jayden Jean rappels down the tower
at the National Navy-UDT Seal Museum in Fort Pierce last Thursday. The muse-
from 1972-1981. said. “It has a vibration you cannot see that um is hosting weekly sessions with Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County
teens for team and self-esteem building exercises. 
The two men are childhood friends and gives spiritual and mental healing. A lot of
I asked them about the burdens and joys of people need music to get by the day. God

carrying several legacies forward. created the music and we can feel it.”

Julian Marley taught himself to play bass, Marley has filled some of the performing

drums, guitar and keyboards, but he had down-time during the pandemic by writing.

many mentors including his own father and “I’m using this time spiritually and phys-

Ashton Barrett’s father and uncle. Ashton ically,” he said. “I have quite a few songs

Barrett, several years younger than Julian ready this year. There has been a lot of soul

Marley, began working for him when he was strengthening. Righteous music shall lead

still in middle school. He played the bass, the way and uplift the spirit.”

wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. For Ashton Barrett, this performance at

“Anything I know about tour life, I know the Sunrise is truly special. “This show with

from Julian Marley,” he said. “I’d miss school him is a blessing and I feel honored,” he

for two weeks (on tour) and still graduated said. “We’ve come a long way.”

with honors. They already had a bass player, For Julian Marley, it’s about the music.

so Julian bought me a guitar and a book and “Once the music plays, the spirit opens,”

said, ‘Study.’ It increased my musical ability. he said. “We let the music and spirit guide.

“I’ve known Ashton since he was a baby,” Fans should come out and take in this ex-

Marley said, and both men laugh the easy perience.”

laugh of people who know each other very

well. “We know each other from day one. It’s “The Wailers featuring Julian Marley”

easier to play music together because of the will perform at the Sunrise Theatre, 117 S.

family bond and the musical bond.” Second St., Fort Pierce, Feb. 12. The show is

“It’s the family sound,” Barrett said. at 50 percent capacity and COVID proto-

This special acoustic set came about by cols are in place. Call 772-461-4775 or visit

accident, as such things often do. 

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‘RUMORS’ HAS IT! Barn presents a Neil Simon tour de farce

BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer Chaos ensues. One guest calls the police and an-
[email protected]
other begins cooking so that when the police arrive,
“Rumors” is a farce by Neil Simon from 1988. At
that time, he told the New York Times that he was go- she can pretend she is the maid. They keep telling
ing through tough times personally and needed to get
into a comedy. He decided to write what he called “an guests that Charlie is on his way and Myra has gone
elegant farce,” with characters in fancy dress, attend-
ing the 10th anniversary party of the deputy mayor of to the store. When the police arrive, they blare music
New York and his wife.
as if they’re having a big dance party. The cops be-
“Rumors” will be presented by the Barn Theatre in
Stuart March 11-28 and the timing couldn’t be better. lieve it until the end, when all is revealed.
The world is going through tough times and a good
farce may be just what the doctor ordered. Jeanette “For most of the play, the guests are trying to
Mazzella, vice president for marketing for the Barn
and a longtime member of the play selection com- figure out what happened and how to cover it up,”
mittee, noted that the Barn has staged many Neil Si-
mon plays in its 50 years – for good reason. Childe said. “Each has something they’d rather not

“Mr. Simon was a brilliant playwright and knew how share with the world. There are lots of skeletons. This
to make an audience laugh and stay engaged in the plot.
The shows also have an element of romance and per- is a good play for this time as it’s all comedy and we
haps some drama, but the focus is always on keeping the
audience laughing. ‘Rumors’ is a side-splitting comedy need comedy. It’s two hours of non-stop comedy.”
with a whole lot of farce and some zany New York char-
acters. Our theater is proud to present another Neil Si- With COVID-19 protocols in place, including seat-
mon gem, and it comes at a time when we all need a bit
of ‘funny’ in our lives,” she said. ing at 50 percent of capacity, the Barn has been busy


presenting its 50th season shows. After “Rumors,”

The very busy Bryan Childe will be directing the pro- they have an upcoming fundraiser, just in time for Val-

duction, moving from “A Chorus Line” to “Rumors” entine’s Day, called “Get Ready,” which is a tribute to the

to “The Little Shop of Horrors” with no time to take a Temptations and the Four Tops. “Little Shop of Horrors”

breath. He did take a moment to talk about “Rumors.” will be presented May 13-30. Check the website for all

“There are four couples going to the 10th anniversary the details. There is entertainment on the Treasure Coast.

party of the deputy mayor, Charlie Brock, and his wife,

Myra,” he said. “The staff is gone, the wife is missing and The Barn Theatre, 2400 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart, pres-

Charlie Brock has shot himself. The guests show up and ents Neil Simon’s “Rumors” March 11-28. Call the box

there’s no wife and the husband is locked in the bed- office, which has limited hours, at 772-287-4884 or visit

room, shot.” 

‘Hope’ in their steps

Jacki Nardone speaks about
the importance of the
hospice mission before the
annual Lakeside Stroll – A
Walk for Hope and Healing
in Tradition last Saturday.
Members of the communi-
ty participated in the walk
by Treasure Coast Hospice
in remembrance of loved
ones. Dancers from True
Crew Dance Company, left,
lead the stroll. Below left,
the memorial wall on which
participants placed photos
of loved ones. 



COMING UP visit in this show, following the year we’ve all cial interest is “The Way of Tea: Sado
experienced, I felt compelled to show- Demonstration,” which is scheduled for
CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 4 The First Friday Gallery Stroll runs case sun and optimism. It’s a bright and noon Saturday, Feb. 13. While it may be
5 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 5 vivid collection. Look for spoonbills, a week away, you’ll want to register for
featuring iconic ’70s rock ’n’ roll songs in Vero Beach’s 14th Avenue Art District. dreamy sunbathers, and even alligators this ahead of time. Already, the Morika-
like “Stairway to Heaven,” “Whole Lot- This is the mellow event that brings and crabs in on the fun.” The exhibition mi has sold out all of its beginning Tea
ta Love” and “Ramble On.” Of course, out art lovers to visit an array of gal- runs to Feb. 26. Gallery 14 is at 1911 14th Ceremony classes, so chances are this
there also has to be a laser light show. leries with a wide range of works, from Ave., Vero Beach. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 demonstration will be pretty popular.
The evening is hosted by stand-up com- paintings and sculptures to multi-me- p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays, and Tickets to the demonstration are $5 with
ic Casey Peruski. The show begins 7:30 dia and jewelry. If you go, be sure to 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fridays. It is also open a paid museum admission. No one under
p.m. this Saturday, Feb. 6. Tickets start stop at Gallery 14, which has opened its by appointment. Call 772-562-5525 or the age of 5, please. Capacity limited to
at $43. Quite different will be “Live @ the newest exhibition, “Derek Gores: Pa- visit The one-third. Social distancing implement-
Black Box,” the Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues per Goods.” This will be your chance to First Friday Gallery Stroll is held along ed and guests need to wear masks. The
Society Professional Jam happening 7 not only view his newest works but also 14th Avenue from 21st Street to 18th Morikami Museum and Japanese Gar-
p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9. Tickets to that are your opportunity to speak with Gores. street in downtown Very Beach. Please dens are at 4000 Morikami Rd., Delray
$7 members and $9 non-members. Cash Don’t be shy. Do it. Gores welcomes the continue to practice social distancing Beach. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tues-
only at the door. For either concert, be interest. His solo exhibition comprises and wear those masks. days through Sundays. Admission is $15
sure to maintain social distancing and more than 25 new collages inspired by general, $13 seniors/military, $11 college
wear facemasks. Capacity reduced by the Florida seaside. “Sometimes, I’m 5 Or, head south to Delray Beach, students with ID and $9 children ages 6
half. Sunrise Theatre is at 117 S. 2nd known for more black-and-white or star where you’ll find the Morikami to 17. Free to members and Call 561-495-
Street, Fort Pierce. Call 772-461-4775 or fashion-inspired work,” Gores said. “But Museum and Japanese Gardens. Of spe- 0233 or visit 

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FUN, FUN, FUN! Riders go for a spin on the Zero Gravity
ride, above, while children play on the

Avenger pirate ship during the Port St. Lucie Seafood Festival at the MIDFlorida

Credit Union Event Center last Saturday. The two-day festival featured seafood,

live music, arts and crafts vendors, and entertainment. 


- 1680 WEST END


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Bonz meets super Cooper, a personable purebred

obliged, then friffled CJ’s ears. quiet life, keeping them compny. We
lived on the island an traveled a lot
Hi Dog Buddies! We settled in around a table, an till Mama Sue’s hus-bun couldn’t do
stuff. Then he hadda go to Heav-
Even though this week’s innerview-ee is I suggested Cooper begin with his en. So Mama Sue decided to find a
a PURE-bread, he’s the farthest thing from Responsible Pet Sitter for me, in case
a Snobnose. Wait till you hear his story. own backstory, then maybe share she got sick or something, an that’s
how she found my future Forever
He’s a jaunty lookin’ Mini-Schnauzer a bit about his obviously happy life Mom.”
with this Cool Kibbles name – Coupe
DeVille (Cooper for short). He greeted me with his big, loving Forever Famly. I “How?” I asked.
an my assistant with some welcoming “My Forever Mom LOVES ani-
barks, then pranced up for the Wag- opened my notebook. mals so much she has a pet-sitting
an-Sniff. (Cooper is an extremely adept business called Happy Paws, which
prancer). With Cooper was a very small “I’m 8 now,” Cooper began, a Mama Sue called. I ackshully came
gray-an-white fluffball, bouncin’ all over here to this very house to meet
the place; anna much bigger white pooch, sorta faraway look in his eyes. “I everyone, for about 4 hours, to see if
who held back sorta shyly. Wag-n-Sniffs we were come-PATubble, just in case.
concluded, Cooper introduced his family. was born in Georgia, an remained I got along great with Frankie, CJ an
the cats …”
“Meet my Mom an Dad, Linda an Steve; with my Very Kind Breeder. Soon as “Cats?” I interrupted.
this liddle whirlwind (the gray-an-white “Oh, yeah, Kalisi an Koah. They’re
fluffball) is my older brother Frankie, a I stopped being a puppy, I became around here somewhere. I admit, I
Shih Tzu; an this big drink of water is my was a tad stand-offish an aloof with
younger brother CJ, he’s an English Cream a Stud Dog. I learned from a fellow Mom an Dad, but still puh-lite. I
Golden Re-TREE-ver. My human sister an remained with Mama Sue until one
brother, Paige an Colby, are Elsewhere. pooch who had been one before day, about nine months ago, my
They’re TEENagers.” Forever Mom got a call that Mama
he retired that it’s sorta like bein’ a Sue wouldn’t be able to take care of me
“Pleased to meet you all,” I said, as anymore an asked whether I could return
Frankie continued to bounce. CJ ambled puppydaddy, except you don’t see here permanently. I was sad cuz I loved
over to my assistant, a floppy reindeer toy Mama Sue, an my Forever Mom wasn’t
clutched in his mouth, apparently hopeful your puppies or get to know the
for a liddle game of Tug. My assistant

“I’ve heard of that,” I comment-


“Yeah, I usta wonder what it’d

be like, havin’ a famly. Anyway,

when I was through bein’ a Stud

Dog, about 2-anna-haff years

ago, I needed a Forever Famly. Cooper. PHOTO: KAILA JONES

Meanwhile, a nice lady here in the

Treasure Coast was lookin’ for a

dog companion. She an her huz-bun were cided I was The Pooch for Them. I called

Older, like me, an didn’t want a ram- her Mama Sue. She’s the one who gave me

BUNK-shus pupper, so, when they saw my cool name: Coupe DeVille. (I honestly

my pickshur an bio On The Line, she de- don’t recall my other name.) I had a lovely,

Patrick A. Kelly, D.V.M.

We at Kelly’s Animal Hospital are the one-stop practice for all your best friend’s needs:
• Computerized state of the art facility • Wellness plans from all stages of life for dogs & cats.
• Boarding • Fully stocked pharmacy
• Digital radiography • In house laboratory which allows us to do most
• Acupuncture blood - work in house and have results
• Affordable vaccine packages available in 30 minutes

visit our website @
Hours: Monday 7:30-8:00 • Tuesday 7:30-8:00 • Wednesday 7:30-8:00
-call for appointment • Thursday 7:30-5:30 • Friday 7:30-8:00 • Saturday 8:00-4:00 • Sunday - Closed

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thrilled either. But she said OK. So I came Watercrest raises a glass – and funds – for Alzheimer’s Community Care
back here, a liddle nervous, I don’t mind
sayin’. Watercrest St. Lucie West hosted
a Wine Tasting Event to benefit
“Honestly, Bonz, I was really lookin’ Alzheimer’s Community Care last
forward to being with Frankie an CJ an the Friday, partnering with Treasure Coast
cats. Mom an Dad, I wasn’t quite so sure. Hospice, An Answer to Care, OxyPros
But I knew it’d been a Big Decision for Plus and Port St. Lucie Rehabilitation.
Mom, an I ree-lized I was One Lucky Dog The outdoor event took place in Wa-
to be getting a Loving Forever Home. So, tercrest’s beautiful courtyard garden
then an there, I decided I was gonna be from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Donations of
the Best Pooch I Could Possibly BE – for any amount were accepted, as the
Mama Sue AN my new Forever Famly.” event hoped to raise funds for Alz-
heimer’s Community Care’s new day
I wiped my eyes with my paw. “How’s it care facility for cognitive care patients
been?” I managed. being built on Cashmere Boulevard.
Amy Bromhead, Alzheimer’s Com-
“Wonderful! I’ve become a Total Ma- munity Care director of development,
ma’s Boy. I was a liddle shy with Dad at said the facility is scheduled for com-
first but now we’re Buds. We cuddle an pletion by early spring 2021. From left:
play an I love it when he friffles my face. Catrina Brown from Treasure Coast
Watch!” Hospice, Dee Bather from An Answer
to Care, Amy Bromhead from Alzhei-
He ran over to his Dad on the couch, mer’s Community Care, and Diann
an, as stated, received lots of friffles an McDonough and Bobi Kruemberg
snuggles. I did note that, from time to from Watercrest St. Lucie West. 
time during our conversation, Cooper’d
smack in front of her, almost nose to nose,
an gaze into her eyes. Then he’d zip back St. Lucie County residents planning ports sooner than 12 weeks can request mask and have their temperature checked.
an continue his narrative. Yep. A Total to travel overseas in the coming months expedited service for an extra fee to receive
Mama’s Boy. can once again apply for a passport at the their passport within four to six weeks. To schedule an appointment, view fees,
Clerk’s office. or download passport applications, visit
“Your homelife seems to be lotsa fun,” I Anyone entering the Clerk’s office or St.  ­– CONTRIBUTED
observed. Appointments are now required, and Lucie West courthouse is required to wear a
passports may take up to 12 weeks to be is-
“Totally. We run around an play, mostly sued by the U.S. Department of State. 3,000 Bolts of Cotton & Batik Fabrics
with each other. We hit the Dog Park every Servicing All Brands of Sewing Machines
week. Way fun! I go in the Big Dog side. I To expedite the application process,
tried the Little Dog side once an this Little customers are asked to bring a completed, Check Our Website For Our Class Schedule
Mop Dog (no offense to other liddle dogs) unsigned passport application to their ap-
ackshully chased me cuz I was tryin’ to be pointment. Valid proof of citizenship, pho- NEW HOURS: TUES-FRI 10-4, SAT 10-3
frenly with his Mom. I mean, seriously? to ID and a passport photo must be provid-
ed when applying. Email Us At: [email protected]
“A couple of my most favrite things are
my Recliner. I LOVE it So Much. It’s got Copies of their photo IDs and citizenship 772-800-3019
three big, fluffy blankets. I don’t mind documents can be taken at the application 8615 S. US Hwy. 1, Port Saint Lucie
sharin’ some stuff, but NOT My Recliner!” appointment. FREE FAT
QUARTER Crowne Plaza - Across from Savanna Club
“We are ALL Totally Aware of that,” CJ “Processing passports is an essential ser-
grinned. vice for our community, especially for those Mention this ad. Exp 2/28/21
who need to travel for business or care for
“Ab-so-LOOT-ly,” chimed in Frankie. their family,” said Michelle R. Miller, St. Authorized Dealer MDaRsikesstqa&unicrSeiondcgial
“And what’s your other favrite thing?” I Lucie County Clerk & Comptroller.
quickly asked. We Have Small Machines For Sale
“LETTUCE!” “We’re happy to resume these services
Before I could respond, Frankie said, while ensuring the safety and well-being of
“MY favrite things are my sloth an my our customers and deputy clerks.”
“Mine’s MOM!” CJ proclaimed. Applicants wishing to receive their pass-
Heading home, I was ponderin’ the
various ways us pooches find our Forever Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
Famlies, an it’s not always a straight route: in January 21, 2021 Edition 1 CALF 1 ANAESTHETICS
Like, Cooper was a single Stud Dog; then 4 HOARSE 3 FANCIES
a low key Island Dog companion, until he 7 ALE 4 HENNA
found his way to his big, joyful, multiple 9 WARN 5 ACTED
pet Forever Famly. Don’t you just love 10 NUTRIENT 6 SHIFT
that? I was also thinkin’ about lettuce. 11 CON 8 INCOMPATIBLE
Till next time, 16 PHYSIOTHERAPY 17 IRK
The Bonz 23 CITE 20 CHUMP
We are always looking for pets 26 CUBS
with interesting stories. To set 27 GEL
up an interview, email 29 EVEN
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Sudoku Page B11 Sudoku Page B12 Crossword Page B11 Crossword Page B12 (Y NOT?)



The Telegraph ACROSS DOWN
1 Masticate (4) 1 Claw, catch (4)
4 Leg joint (4) 3 A gun, e.g. (6)
8 Scorch (4) 4 Scoundrels (6)
9 Napoleon ___ (9) 5 Any one of two (6)
11 Obsession (4-2) 6 Cool stars (3,6)
13 Less drunk (7) 7 Harvest (4)
15 Tableaux (6) 10 Otalgia (7)
16 Lay waste to (6) 12 Drug addict (4)
18 Soviet country (6) 13 Unconscious (9)
20 Poor city quarter (6) 14 Also; in any case (7)
22 Sidetrack (7) 17 Greek god of love(4)
23 Screen; sieve (6) 19 Dismissively (6)
25 By the same token(9) 20 Bits of rice (6)
26 Eject (4) 21 Get away (6)
27 Stains (4) 23 Whip; sell (4)
28 Nervous (4) 24 Rubber stopper (4)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

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ACROSS 108 Compass pt. 61 Patton beat Monty to it, in The Washington Post
109 X Sicily
1X 114 X
6 Bus. sheepskin 120 Tied 63 Grope
9 Hornito overflow 121 Low point 65 Alias letters
13 Control centers in 122 If you take this, you’re sick 67 Big shots of a sort
123 Inflatable craft 69 Type of acid
computers: abbr. 124 Wine category 70 Lineage: abbr.
17 Honshu port 125 Aniline vatfuls 73 Slanted reporting?: abbr.
18 Fine and dandy 126 Funny Louis 75 Wrath
19 Oldies, often 127 X 77 Safety org.
20 Offended 81 Bar code inits.
21 X DOWN 82 Old Pontiac
25 X 83 It makes the Sephia
27 ___ Robinson 1 It’s a small word, after all 84 Mil. awards
30 Tiparillo tip-off 2 O’clock or so 86 Polish nickname
31 Meth finish 87 Bug repellents
32 Old French coin 3 Fannie or Ginnie follower 88 Vous ___
33 As soon as 4 Duke Ellington’s initials 89 Evenly distributed, as fat in
34 Crime bosses 5 Yakety instrument
36 Sailor’s saint meat
39 Blackball? 6 Where sedge grows 92 X
40 Nearsighted folks 7 Punt or ketch 93 OSHA in the UK
42 Languish 94 Total: abbr.
44 X 8 Director Kurosawa 95 Notebook, in Nice
48 X 9 De ___ accommodations 96 Number of Hercules’
51 ___-Magnon 10 Hostile to
54 Wile E. Coyote’s 11 Fogg’s creator Labors
12 Easy ___ 98 Yellow hue
mail-order catalog 13 Tobacco mouthful
56 X 14 Filch 101 Iota
57 Sword swallower? 15 Prodding 102 Up
58 Chinese sleuth 16 Nose assaulter 103 Lamb, at large
59 Chinese tea 19 Part of the Bible’s 105 “The wages ___ ...”
60 Dis or mis, for ex. “writing on the wall” 106 Wake-up call need?
61 Anjou, e.g. 22 Univ. aides 107 Decorative vessel
62 Peloponnesus power, 23 Work ___ five 110 Feminine sides,
24 Ex-Notre Dame coach Holtz
once in China
64 Lay out 26 “___ used to it!” 111 Go hip-deep (through)
66 Bean or capital 27 1900 112 Elevator man
68 Done for 28 X 113 Like garage rags
71 Bring to ___ 29 X 115 Circle section
116 Smelly black stuff
(recipe instruction) 30 “I’ll be with you in just ___” 117 Sighting subject
72 Tokyo stock index 35 Early Ron Howard role 118 Civil guarantees: abbr.
74 Potpourri 119 Twisty shape
76 Calico cry 37 Shakespearean hubbub
78 L-P middle 38 “What’s going ___?!” (boss’s X-TRAORDINARY CHACRACTER By Merl Reagle
79 Befuddled
80 Heart-___ (tear-jerker) exclamation)
83 X 39 Flock member
84 Snoop of rap music 41 Our sun is one
85 Vanna’s concern: abbr. 42 Space operas
86 X 43 “___ a given”
89 X 45 Hawaiian tree (or 18 Across
90 Kung ___ chicken
91 Part of a retribution phrase backwards)
94 Pretend to be 46 Little louse
97 Fly high 47 Newspaper pioneer Adolph
99 Salinger girl and others 49 Skater’s feat
100 Bryn ___ 50 Language finish
101 Derek and Diddley 51 X
104 Red chief, once 52 X
106 One way to go to work 53 Like a bump ___
54 “A man, a plan, ___—

55 X
58 Broadway zipper?
60 Joe-___ weed

The Telegraph


A54 Q 10 6 KJ92
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 98765 Q 10 J43
32 K Q J 10 9 A85
Howard Newton, an advertising executive who died in 1951, said, “Tact is the knack 10 6 3 AKQ 742
of making a point without making an enemy.”
One bridge skill is using the high-card points to place the enemy’s key cards. This 873
week, we are watching the defenders do that to defeat contracts. AK2
In this deal, South is in three no-trump. What should West lead? What should happen J985
after that?
Dealer: North; Vulnerable: Both
North was close to opening two no-trump because of his five-card suit and good
intermediates (three 10s and one 9). But almost half of his points were in quacks. The Bidding:
However, when South responded one no-trump to show 6-9 points and no four-card
major, North happily raised to three no-trump. SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
1 NT Pass 1 Diamonds Pass
West should lead the heart nine: top of nothing. (To lead fourth-highest would promise 3 NT All Pass LEAD:
at least one honor in the suit.) Then, what is declarer’s best play? ??

He should win with dummy’s queen and play on diamonds. If the defender with
the ace ducks a couple of rounds, South can run for home with three hearts, two
diamonds and four clubs.

However, East should realize that West’s lead marks South with the heart ace and
king: seven points. So, he cannot have the spade ace; otherwise, he would have been
too strong for his one-no-trump response. East should take the first diamond trick
and shift to the spade two, low from length saying that he has honors in this suit and
wants to win tricks in it. West should win with his spade ace and return the spade five
(high from a remaining doubleton). The defenders take one diamond and four spades
for down one.

None of that “return partner’s suit” rubbish!

Dutch explorer William Barents passage from Europe to Asia, Pitzer re-creates the crew’s vicious winter with
without having to travel around the drama of a novel. We see the men huddling in
and his crew made a key discovery Africa. Barents set sail a centu- their cabin, burning what they had for warmth and
ry after the Portuguese explorer listening to the polar bears scratching at the roof
while they were stuck in the Arctic Vasco da Gama rounded the and walls. If the snow or bears didn’t get them,
Cape of Good Hope to reach sickness hovered. “The scurvy spreading through
over the winter of 1596-97: Polar India. The Dutch, like other the crew would lend its hallmark stench to un-
seafaring nations, were keen to washed clothes and bodies, making the cabin even
bears are difficult to kill. find their own way to Asia. Eu- more oppressive,” Pitzer writes. The author relies
ropean merchants dreamed of largely on the published first-person accounts of
At first, they were thrilled to en- a shortcut to China that might two crew members, Gerrit de Veer and Jan Huygen
shave months off the route. van Linschoten. De Veer’s diary was an instant suc-
counter these creatures. They hoped cess and was translated into French, Latin, German
Barents and his men depart- and English.
to capture one and bring it back to ed in the spring of 1596 and
headed north past Norway, By June, the ice finally cleared enough for the
BOOK the Netherlands as sailing closer to the North Pole men to sail – not on their damaged ship but on two
a gift for a patron. than any Europeans ever had. small open boats they had repaired. Hungry and
As on all merchant voyages, weak, they hugged the coastline, eventually reach-
REVIEW They soon discov- the men brought goods they might ing Kola Bay and meeting a Dutch ship that could
ered that it was not be able to trade, including bolts of fabric and pewter take them homeward. But Barents would die on the
candlesticks. They hoped for a warm sea and little ice return journey. When the 12 survivors of the origi-
only impossible to catch a bear alive, at the pole, believing – as some cartographers had for nal 17 men arrived in the port of Amsterdam, Pitzer
centuries – that the poles were temperate. It seemed writes, “they stood on the deck of the ship in the
their firearms were inadequate to take plausible, given that maps of the world still depicted same clothes they’d worn since leaving the summer
monsters and large empty spaces. But Barents and before, the same leather shoes that had frozen to
one down. Even worse, the bears had his crew, who made their way to the archipelago of uselessness in the Arctic winter and then thawed
Novaya Zemlya, high in the Arctic Circle, encoun- again in spring. … They reentered the world more
their own ideas about who would be tered not a warm ocean but icebergs. empty-handed than they’d left it, their survival story
Never reaching China, instead they got stuck. By the only thing they had to share other than the pelts
catching whom. fall, their ship was trapped in the ice. Unable to carry of dead animals.” 
on, the crew used timber from the ship to build a
The bears are a recurring presence cabin on land and hunkered down. As Pitzer notes, ICEBOUND: Shipwrecked
they were unprepared for the Arctic weather and did at the Edge of the World
in “Icebound,” Andrea Pitzer’s account not have supplies to last for long. The few foxes they
managed to trap and eat helped sustain them. BY ANDREA PITZER; SCRIBNER. 302 PP. $29.
of Barents’ third journey to the Arctic. At every turn, REVIEW BY KATRINA GULLIVER, THE WASHINGTON POST

it seemed there was another bear – swimming at their

boat, or charging at them across the ice, or catching a

man in its jaws. At first perceived as exotic trophies, the

bears became a major danger of the expedition. They

were as tough as the Arctic environment and ruled

their domain with no predators to threaten them.

“In its natural habitat, each bear offered the same

fusion of the mundane and the mythic as the Arctic

itself,” Pitzer writes. “With its nonretractable claws

and forty-two teeth, the animal possessed a lethal

magnificence, yet the men had to find a way to

live on a day-to-day basis with it. … Humans were

new enough to spark curiosity but not yet familiar

enough to spark fear.”

Barents’ expedition was seeking a northeast

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It’s all for ‘one’ at
PGA Golf Club!

Another fortnight, another batch
of holes-in-one at PGA Golf Club.
On Jan. 26, Helene Schlegel, far left,
got her first-ever ace on the Dye
course, making a sand wedge shot
from 92 yards on the 6th hole. On
Jan. 29, Susan Fronzoni made an
ace on the Ryder course’s 7th hole,
knocking in an 11-wood shot from
150 yards. On Jan. 30 club member
Butch Butler got into the act –
again – with his 16th (!) career ace;
he dunked a 5-iron shot from 185
yards on the Ryder’s 7th hole. Mar-
tin Delaney (not pictured) made a
hole-in-one on Jan. 22 on the Dye
course’s 6th hole, using a 9-iron
from 141 yards. Congrats Helene,
Susan, Butch and Martin! 


As promised in last edition’s column, ping is a 5-iron through lob wedge. That is and the less area, the less loft. Again, some loft; downhill chips,
we wanted to talk to you today and give a total of nine clubs, if you also have a gap general recommendations are for every 3
you five “Kures” for selecting the best club wedge. You might be thinking, which one yards of carry, you should go up in loft by use more loft. Speed of
when chipping. of the nine do I use? Well, the following are one club.
the “Kures” and variables to consider and the green as well: faster
The first principle to understand is, gen- analyze to ensure proper club selection 3. What kind of lie do you have? The
erally you maximize your control by keep- when chipping: more the ball is sitting up, the less loft you greens may be better
ing the ball low, as opposed to choosing a need. The more the ball is sitting down in
higher flight. That is why we have coined 1. How much green do have to work a grassier lie, the more loft you will need to suited for slightly high-
the phrase “minimum airtime, maximum with? The more green you have, the less control the shot. Also, if you are on a tight
ground time.” Again, a lower flighted loft. The less green, more loft. Some general lie (hardpan), you should take less loft to er loft; slower greens,
chip will be easier to control because of recommendations: for 25 feet of green, use give yourself more control.
its lower flight and lower backspin rate, a 9-iron; 35 feet, 8-iron; 45-55 feet, 7-iron; less loft. By Kevin Perkins
which will lead to more a predictable first 55-90 feet, 6-iron; and over 90 feet, I would 4. What is the terrain and speed of the
bounce, and of course, the quicker you recommend a 5-iron. green? The terrain could affect your strate- 5. The fifth and very
can turn the shot into a rolling one, just gy on determining the best place to land the
like a putt, it will be easier to control. 2. How much non-green area (fridge, ball. So you must consider this and choose important variable on chipping club se-
rough, bunker) do you have to carry over? the loft best suited for the situation. Some
The range of clubs to use when chip- The more required carry, the more loft; recommendations: uphill chips, take less lection is your current tendency, or how

you are performing during the round.

If you are leaving your chips short, take

less loft. If you are running your chips

beyond the flagstick, take more loft. Vary

your club selection based on how you are

performing and select shots that you are

comfortable executing. 


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