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02/01/2018 ISSUE 05


Activist’s pet peeve. P2 PSA debate rages. P18 An ‘A’ for artistic effort

Brevard officials gets pushback New study says screening helps Students make grade at Brevard
on new ‘community cats’ program. reduce prostate cancer death risk. schools’ annual art show. PAGE 12


‘I’m scared’: Cyclist wounded by
pellet recounts harrowing ordeal

Head coach Doug Butler and Satellite High Schools’s new $400,000 track. PHOTO: BENJAMIN THACKER STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER Melissa Sheppard was wounded tinted windows and four oc-
[email protected] in the thigh by a shot pellet. cupants in it as it drove by
SATELLITE HIGH ON RIGHT TRACK A pellet fired from a pass- cal Center, Sheppard heard
ing sedan on Jan. 19 will the sound of the pellet gun, At first stunned, but then
STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER coach Doug Butler to get the forever remain in the leg of fired more or less point- realizing she had a hole in
[email protected] work done by the start of track triathlete Melissa Sheppard blank, coming from a shiny her thigh, Sheppard later
season. of Melbourne, who was shot four-door black sedan with learned that the situation
The Satellite High School while biking on Eau Gal- was almost much worse and
track has gone from a six-lane Led by a hefty $250,000 lie Causeway and about to there would be no easy way
asphalt embarrassment to contribution from the Bre- reach the top heading east. to remove the pellet.
eight lanes of a state-of-the- vard County School District,
art rubberized surface as the the $400,000 project now sets The incident, still being “The doctor said it was
result of a hurried but suc- Satellite apart as the premier investigated by the Mel- very near my femoral artery
cessful fundraising effort by bourne Police Department, and that I was very lucky it
CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 was Sheppard’s first nega- didn’t hit that. I am counting
tive encounter with traffic my blessings for sure,” she
on the bridge in more than said. “They would have to
10 years training there, but cut through layers of muscle
she now says her experience to get to it and the injury
serves as a real-life caution- that it would cause would be
ary tale of the dangers ath- much worse than just leav-
letes face while training on ing it in. It’s not going to hurt
all Brevard County road- me leaving it in.”
Sheppard said she was
A registered nurse in the in the bike lane next to the
Medical Assisted Care Unit sidewalk barrier, just as she
at Holmes Regional Medi-

Schools make calendar changes ... ... as dreaded FSA exams on horizon


Students in Brevard Public Schools will get an extra three F-S-A. It’s the three letters many students, parents and
days off over winter break next year, and their spring break even teachers dread from the time they return from winter
will move to March. break.

The School Board unanimously approved the changes Students throughout the state in grades 3 through 10 will
at its Jan. 23 meeting, after seeking input from more than take the Florida Standard Assessment Test in language arts
11,000 households via a survey sent out last year. A com- and math on a staggered schedule between March 1 and
mittee made up of administrators, teachers and district- May 18. In Brevard County, that means the majority of the


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2 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Brevard’s newly adopted ‘community cats’ rule draws activist’s ire

STORY BY HENRY A. STEPHENS CORRESPONDENT Animal Services Ordinance. pet owners and animal-welfare activists The new program of “community
“Why would we put animals back in- and ordered changes to the ordinance, cats” will require a resident to step up
Nobody is served when cats are fed rather than hearing from 14 people the as the animals’ caregiver and provide
outside and allowed to roam freely humanely out into the wild?” LaSalle, day of the vote. the right food and medical care. They
through neighborhoods, says animal- of Viera, asked after the commission’s can be exempt from normal licensing
protection activist Pam LaSalle. vote. “I’ve never seen a cat colony with- On a motion from County Commis- requirements, the ordinance states, but
out raccoons there.” sioner Curt Smith of Melbourne, the they also can be fined $100 or more if
So she is irked that the Brevard board voted 5-0 Jan. 23 to adopt a set they fail to keep up the program.
County Commission supported Sheriff At least, she said, the commission of revisions to the animal ordinance.
Wayne Ivey’s proposal for “community should have held a public workshop County attorneys said it hadn’t been Commission Vice Chairwoman Kris-
cats” last week when it passed his series well ahead of voting. That way, she said, updated in 20 years. tine Isnardi of Palm Bay, said she has
of proposed revisions to the county’s they could have heard from concerned seen large feral cat colonies in places
Ivey, whose office took over Animal like Canova Beach.
Control from the commission in 2014,
said the updates will allow his staff to “The public should have the free-
provide more efficient and effective dom to roam, without stepping in ex-
care, through adoptions and other crement or having to deal with a lot of
programs, for stray and nuisance dogs cats,” she said.
and cats.
Ivey said his program will use edu-
Since his staff took over, he told com- cation, spaying and neutering to cut
missioners, they increased the agency’s down feral-cat populations. One part of
live-release rate from 55 percent to the ordinance, he said, restricts people
more than 95 percent. That qualifies the from feeding outdoor cats at night.
county for “no kill” status, he said.
“There is an appropriate time to
He cited figures that show the county feed,” he said. “Late at night, you invite
decreased the animals it euthanized wildlife to interact with the cats.”
from 4,869 in 2013 to 160 in 2017.
And that can lead to rabies, he added.
Ivey said his staff accomplished that While many residents protested any
through a combination of adoptions euthanasia at all, Cocoa resident Dub
and “release to field,” the latter being a Drinnon slammed Ivey for cutting back
practice of spaying or neutering free- on euthanizing feral cats. He said the
roaming cats and releasing them back problem has “mushroomed” since Ivey
where they were caught. The released took over Animal Control and called for
cats can’t breed, but aren’t euthanized. commissioners to take it back. Drinnon
said Ivey has based his no-kill goals on
LaSalle said the county should work “a few animal-rights activists.”
to adopt out the free-roaming cats in- Meanwhile, Melbourne veterinarian
stead of releasing them.

CYCLIST’S ORDEAL Runners President Lisa Hamelin.
“I think a lot of the (cycling and run-
ning) community is on edge due to
has been for 12 years of training with- the news last week of Melissa getting
out incident. shot at with a pellet gun. For cyclists
especially, it is a sport/activity that is a
“The sidewalk is too narrow and I go dangerous one out on the roads,” she
way too fast. The bike lane is the size said.
of a car lane and I always stay close to
the wall,” she said. “I have never felt “Mixing with vehicular traffic is al-
unsafe on that bridge and I’ve ridden ways a risk going out. Adding yet an-
it hundreds of times. I’ve never had other risk is just scary. It won’t stop
anybody throw anything at me. I have me from going out on the Eau Gallie
always believed it’s a fairly safe area.’’ Causeway to run or cycle, but it will
certainly be in the back of my mind.”
Reacting on Facebook after the
shooting, Sheppard vowed to use her Added Sheppard: “Am I the same
injury to bring awareness to the issue person that I was after Sunday? No.
of athletes in danger while training. I’m definitely a different person.

“I will not just sit here and let it go. “I am hesitant to go back up that
There needs to be consequences for bridge on my bike at all. I’m scared. It’s
actions so I am taking this as far as definitely impacted my life, no ques-
I can to build awareness and catch tion. It has set me back. It’s frustrating
these people,’’ she posted. for sure. You never know. There are
movie theater shootings and people
“I’ve heard of beer bottles and still go to movies. You have to live your
full drinks being thrown at athletes. life and not be afraid of people,’’ she
Where do they get that kind of hate? said.
We’re just regular people trying to get
in shape,” she said. Anyone with information regard-
ing this case can call Melbourne Police
Word of the pellet-gun shooting Det. Ian Mitchell at 321 608-6452. 
struck an ominous but familiar chord
among local athletes, said Space Coast

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 3


Dr. Denise Van Cleef objected to Ivey’s provoked by a human. An attorney, she area, had said he would vote against the after administering rabies shots, and re-
proposal to replace the Dangerous said, may not be as familiar with dogs. ordinance. lay the fees to the Sheriff’s Office. More
Dog Council with a single magistrate. than 35 veterinarians already do so vol-
She said the council, which she chairs, “I like having that impartial, non- But he changed his mind and joined untarily, Ivey said. And the latest revi-
has members who are experienced in emotional presence in the room,” Is- the majority. sions keep it voluntary, although veteri-
animal behavior and can determine nardi said of the magistrate. narians now have to relay certificates of
whether a dog is truly dangerous or just Ivey won his support, Tobia said, rabies vaccines. 
Commissioner John Tobia, whose when he dropped a requirement for
district includes the Melbourne Beach veterinarians to sell county license tags,

4 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER dian Harbour Beach, at least so far, cording to county records. The last
[email protected] Ryan said. sale recorded of 902 Pinetree Drive school district’s approximately 72,280
through 926 Pinetree Drive in 2002 students will take the tests.
Rumors swirling around Indian “The easternmost building on the for $5.8 million. The vacant corner
Harbour Beach, prompted by demo- property was significantly damaged lot at 1896 Highway A1A was last Student FSA scores are used to evalu-
lition work and a construction fence by the recent hurricanes. The owner sold in 2005 for $559,000 to the cur- ate teachers and administrators, and
on the corner of Pinetree Drive and made the decision to demolish this rent owner. help determine bonuses, retention and
A1A near the old Bishop’s Inn tavern, building in lieu of repairing,’’ he said. those annual school letter grades of A to
don’t mean that a Wawa convenience At this stage of the process the F that schools are so pressured to main-
store – or anything else – is about to Permits for the fencing ($4,500) city would not have knowledge of tain. If a school appears to have short-
constructed there, according to city and demolition ($15,000) from the any pending real estate contracts falls, district officials meet with a team
officials. Indian Harbour Beach Building De- on the property owned by Rock As- at the school and formulate a school im-
partment were taken out by Harbour set Management in Spring Lake, N.J. provement plan. So the stakes are pretty
“The city has not received any Landing Holdings LLP, 719 Pine Tree However, the city would be directly high. No one wants to wind up on the
plans or requests for development Dr. involved later in approving or deny- “needs improvement” list.
approval for this parcel,’’ City Man- ing whatever plans were presented.
ager Mark Ryan said. The Brevard County Property Ap- Brevard Public Schools Assessment
praiser’s Office public records show The parcel was the latest spot to Coordinator Neyda Francis said the dis-
Wawa officials reportedly have no recent sales of the parcel. The get a new sidewalk poured last week trict has a policy against “prepping” stu-
been scouting beachside Brevard whole 11,000 square-foot plaza, as part of the ongoing Florida De- dents specifically for standardized tests.
County locations but, even with a which houses Calvary Chapel and partment of Transportation road Rather, she says, the material and skills
fence and work going on, such is not Indian River CrossFit among its ten- project going on along A1A.  needed to do well are taught through-
the case – for better or worse – in In- ants, was constructed in 1966 ac- out the school year.

Francis said she met with school as-
sistant principals last week and remind-
ed them that going over specific test
questions and other targeted prepara-
tion is against district policy. She said
there are inevitably some teachers who
still do it, though.

“Teaching to the standards is highly
encouraged,” Francis said. “Making sure
students have the tools to be successful,
that’s highly encouraged. Practicing the
test, no.”

Kids do take a sample test, and par-
ents can access similar tests at https:// But she said the
sample tests are designed to teach test-
taking skills, not so students can memo-
rize the questions and concepts verba-

BPS spokesperson Jennifer Wolfinger
said there are no major changes to this
year’s testing procedures.

Francis said she usually gets a couple
of calls a year from parents who are
wondering what they can do at home
to prepare their students for standard-
ized testing. She said the same advice
applies to parents – do what you would
normally do to support your child’s
learning. That means things like read-


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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 5


ing on a regular basis and ensuring they skills to be successful in this test.” language arts, compared to 53 percent mid-March. Then after spring break
don’t fall behind, Francis said. Brevard Public Schools students statewide. will be grade 3 reading, followed by
grades 4 through 10 reading and grade
“When you look at the FSA, it’s a test scored higher than students statewide in According to the published state 3 through 8 math.
of endurance,” Francis said. “I am not every FSA category and grade last year. testing schedule, the first group to take
one for pushing the kids so that they are For example, 62 percent of BPS students the writing component of the test in The FSA testing window ends May 18,
stressed out before the test. The teach- in grades six through eight scored at a early March will be grades 8 through then the school year ends on Wednes-
ers in the classroom are the teaching the level three or above (out of five levels) in 10, and then grades 4 through 7 in day, May 23. 

6 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER and around the time of the incident, hair or facial scars were observed. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
[email protected] said Indian Harbour Beach Police The male driver was possibly in his
Chief David Butler. Entry logs from early 20s and spoke English without level employees created the calendar.
For months, beachside parents the guard house likewise offered no any dialect. The last day of school before win-
have been wondering what ever new information.
came of an October incident in Officers responding to the scene ter break will be Dec. 21 and school
which a 10-year-old girl reported The report from a Lansing Island made contact with individuals oper- resumes Jan. 10. Students get out for
being followed and offered a ride resident was that the men spoke to ating vehicles matching the descrip- spring break on March 14, March 15
by two men while she was walking the girl and asked three times if she tion, but all contacts were verified being a teacher workday, and will re-
home from the bus stop in Lansing needed a ride about 3:15 p.m. as she and not considered suspects in the turn to school March 25. The first day
Island. walked from the bus stop west of case. Patrols also were increased in of school for students will be Aug. 10,
the bridge to her home on Lansing the area. and the last will be May 30.
Unable to either clear or close Island Drive. It was reported that
the case due to lack of evidence, after briefly following alongside the With no other known video foot- “Spring break, I love it being in
Indian Harbour Beach police are girl, the vehicle did not continue age of the suspect’s vehicle, the in- March,” said Arielle Trainor, whose
urging Lansing Island residents to traveling in the same direction, but vestigation remains open but there daughter is in first grade at Holland
continue vigilance and report any- possibly made a U-turn and exited is not much more for police to go on Elementary in Satellite Beach. “It’s too
thing they might remember of the Lansing Island. unless additional witnesses come close to getting out of school for the
attempted abduction. forward, Butler said. year in April, plus it’s so hot here to do
The description: an older black, anything.”
The two men were reportedly 2-door truck with dull paint. The For more information or to re-
driving a black pickup truck, but se- passenger was a dark-skinned port suspicious activity, call Indian Early-release days are moving from
curity camera footage supplied by male, possibly Hispanic, wearing a Harbour Beach Police Department, Wednesday to Friday, as previously an-
Lansing Island with views of all vehi- dirty white T-shirt and sunglasses Criminal Investigations Division, nounced, in part to help smooth over
cles going in and out failed to show a with orange or red trim. No facial 321-773-3030.  a contract dispute between the school
vehicle fitting the description during board and teachers.

SATELLITE HIGH’S NEW TRACK ‘It’s just a win-win for the people The school calendar is largely deter-
and businesses in the community.’ mined to comply with three factors.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 The first is state law that says end-of-
A key to raising the money was al- PHOTO: BENJAMIN THACKER the-year standardized testing must
track facility of all public high schools lowing access to the public through a take place during a four-week period
in Brevard County. The new track to special turnstile gate, where runners benefit the community from a run- in May. The second is also state law,
open Feb. 4 will no doubt help Satel- can get in to train. For the public, the ning and health perspective. From a which dictates that there must be 90 in-
lite High recruit some of the top run- track will be open two nights a week personal level, as well as being Space structional days in each semester. And,
ners in the area, as well as a variety from 4 p.m. to sunset. On weekends Coast Runner (SCR) officer, I am ex- finally, there is a strong desire by par-
of regional track meets including the the public will have access from sun- cited to see the Satellite High track ents and district officials to continue
upcoming Cape Coast Conference rise to sunset on Saturdays and Sun- get a facelift and major upgrade,” said the practice of ending the first semes-
Championship March 28. Seven total day, except when there is a conflict Space Coast Runners President Lisa ter before Christmas.
meets are to be held there during the with a school event. Hamelin.
month of March. The board had reviewed three differ-
The resulting donations included Space Coast Runners will be partner- ent calendar options late last year. The
“It’s like night and day. We had six $5,000 from the City of Indian Har- ing with Butler for a new training pro- calendar is reviewed annually.
lanes of torn-up asphalt and nobody bour Beach, $30,000 from the City gram one night a week starting in March
runs on asphalt anymore. You can’t of Satellite Beach, plus 30 percent of open to all active SCR members. The only point of contention among
run in spikes on asphalt,’’ he said. track maintenance. From the running board members was the Veterans Day
community came support in the form Young and old bodies alike could holiday. Some members want to make
Butler, who joined Satellite High of $10,000 from Running Zone and experience greater endurance and that a school day and add the day off
as track and cross country coach $5,000 from Space Coast Runners. fewer mishaps due to the track’s de- to Thanksgiving week, and eventually
in 2014, coached 20 teams to state sign. “When you rubberize a track, make that a whole week off school.
championships during his 15 years “We were happy to do it and are injuries are dropped to just about nil.
at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, very supportive in causes that can You can run hard on rubber and not That proposal was tabled until next
where he was part of a similar track take the pounding that you would on year, because it would require chang-
refurbishment project. asphalt,’’ Butler said.  ing language in teacher contracts.

“It took longer than what I was hop- Christine Moore, director of profes-
ing, but to raise $165,000 in 13 months sional learning and development for
as we did was pretty good. They didn’t Brevard Public Schools, said that hav-
think we would have it done by this ing a whole week off at Thanksgiving
track season, but I had seniors that I was the No. 1 comment among parents
wanted it to be done for before they who responded to the calendar survey.
graduate,” he said.
Board member Andy Ziegler was the
Butler credits parents and the com- strongest supporter of eliminating the
munity at large for donating gener- Veterans Day holiday. Ziegler is advo-
ously, and said he hopes the track pays cating for a day of activities honoring
dividends back to the local economy. and celebrating veterans, instead of a
day off. Many of the schools, includ-
“It’s just a win-win for the people and ing Ocean Breeze Elementary in Indian
businesses in the community. It’s not Harbour Beach, host schoolwide Veter-
like a two-hour football game. These ans Day ceremonies with patriotic mu-
larger track meets can take eight hours sic and special speakers either the day
and during that time people are going before, or the day after the holiday.
to get hungry and go to local restau-
rants and businesses,’’ Butler said. Other board members said they had
received feedback from ROTC and
veterans’ groups who want to keep the
holiday. “They were all pretty much in
solidarity about wanting to have the
day off,” board Chairman John Craig
said. 

Ron Taylor and
Eddie Jones.

This one’s ‘Fore’
you: Tourney aids
military community

8 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


This one’s ‘Fore’ you: Tourney aids military community

STORY BY BENJAMIN THACKER CORRESPONDENT Chuck, Charlie and Theresa Farro with Ty Niehaus. PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER Jean and Keith Osthus.
[email protected]
typically raises around $5,000. tuary Island’s Marc O’Brien, was on Vikki Ferris with Pete Hanson.
It was breezy and relatively warm This tournament was a banner hand in mascot form for photo ops, Shane and Daryl Mertens.
at the Aquarina Golf and Coun- and to spread the book’s message of
try Club early Saturday morning in year. “In six years of doing this, this tolerance and courage. The book, as Robyn Walden and Jennifer Pindar.
South Melbourne Beach as more is the biggest yet,” said O’Brien. “We well as the panda, are a big part of
than 80 golfers gathered for the 6th made more money than we ever the organization’s youth outreach
Annual Sanctuary Island Classic. did.” program.

Participants made their way past The scenery at Aquarina is a stun- Author Marc O’Brien said he was
a massive garage sale in the park- ning backdrop to a morning or af- excited and grateful to have first re-
ing lot to a registration table behind ternoon out on the greens. Located sponders playing in the tournament,
the clubhouse, where they were as- within the Archie Carr National and hoped to introduce them to his
signed carts and starting holes. Wildlife Refuge, the course offers book and his beloved panda. “It’s a
Once checked in, the diverse group golfers not only a great round of nice way for them to build trust with
of competitors grabbed bagels and play, but also the bonus of catching children,” said O’Brien, who grew up
coffee, or warmed up on the putting a glimpse of osprey, manatee, bob- physically challenged himself.
greens. Opening remarks were made cat, wading birds, gopher tortoises
promptly at 9, followed by the tour- and dozens of other species of cute Peter the Peteeatrick Panda cel-
nament’s official start and subse- and creepy critters. ebrates 10 years in print this year.
quent scattering of eager golfers.
The challenging Aquarina course, Although a good time was certain-
Organized by Barbara O’Brien and which is open to the public as well ly had by all, Saturday’s big winners
her son Marc, the tournament raises as club members, was designed by walked away with the glory of vic-
funds for their charity, Sanctuary Is- Charles Ankrom, and is a designat- tory for a good cause, trophies and
land, which services the Brevard vet- ed host facility for the PGA/USGA cash.
eran and military community with “Tee it Forward” program.
therapeutic outings like horseback First place went to the Signs of all
riding lessons and parties for chil- Peter the Peteeatrick Panda, a Kind team, made up of Brian Craw-
dren of deployed personnel. character from the book by Sanc- ford, Dana and Dave Conley, and
Dave Eldridge.
The tournament was held in honor
of John O’Brien, co-founder of Sanc- Second-place winners were from
tuary Island. Sun on the Beach in Satellite Beach:
Gary Sadler, Seth Black,
“John was the greatest supporter
to our service population and this Dan Rice and Matt Lawson.
outing is the third year in his mem- Third place went to Death Hang-
ory,” said widow Barbara O’Brien. ers, represented by Daryl and Shane
“This charity was started by my hus- Mertens, Alan Roseman (who made
band, my physically challenged son a long hole-in-one) and Jason Kelly.
Marc and myself 12 years ago.” Recipients of this year’s charity
donations include Walk on Water, an
Combat-wounded veterans and organization that takes veterans and
active duty military played free Sat- youth on horseback riding outings,
urday. Retired military and first re- and Crosswinds, a shelter for victims
sponders paid a reduced rate, with of human trafficking
fees covered by donations and mon- For more information on joining next
ey raised at last year’s tournament. year’s event, or to get involved as a vol-
unteer or non-profit recipient, please
“We give them this day of golf. It visit 
all goes back, 100 percent, no-one
has salaries, it’s all volunteers,” said
O’Brien, noting that the tournament

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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2017 9


Lew Smith and Frank Seney. Peter the Peteeatrick Panda with brothers Marc, Craig and Ken O’Brien. John Peeling and Errol Gardner.

Pat Olivieri, Barbara O’Brien, Diana Black and Mary Lanza. Jim Riddle, Wendy Browning and Harv Horvath. Jonas DeWitte with Lacy Max the Surf Guru.

12 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


A-plus! Students’ talent shines at annual art show

months’ advance prepara-
For more than 15 years, Bre- “We invented culture (as) a shorthand to take the essential tion goes into organizing
vard Public Schools has been ex- the exhibit. With a collab-
hibiting its annual art show at the values and truths a society holds, and collapse them into orative effort, the mall staff
Melbourne Square Mall, which and art teachers volunteer
features the works of talented coded narrative, sound, images and symbols that mean their personal time and re-
students. This year’s show runs sources to bring the students’
through Feb. 4 and it’s definitely something to all of us.” - Yo-Yo Ma, international cellist art into the community and
worth taking a long look. make the project a success.
and Cultural Leader of Arts and Culture at the 2018 World For their contribution to the
Each school selects creative show, each student artist re-
pieces to showcase its students’ Economic Forum Annual Meeting ceives a certificate of recognition.
talents while promoting its pro- Among the featured were self-por-
gressive art programs, aligned with tempera pieces of University Park Ele- traits by Odyssey Charter seventh-
the Next Generation Sunshine State mentary kindergarteners. “It just shows and ninth-graders Jaide Sellers and
Standards for Visual Arts, which are: how much talent there is without re- Leah Brent, respectively. With the use
Critical Thinking & Reflection; Skills, gard to age or grade.” of acrylics, they incorporated differ-
Techniques, & Processes; Organi- ent shades of only their chosen com-
zational Structure; Historical and Dale Bergener, also impressed with plementary colors, such as purple and
Global Connections; and Innovation, the recycled or reused media used yellow, creating pieces suggestive of a
Technology & the Future. by the students, remarks on the wire union between opposite sides of the
art by Indialantic Elementary fourth personality.
Early-morning mall goers and Mel- grader Sophia Militano, “[She] used Other noteworthy pieces include an
bourne retirees Brenda and Dale Ber- pipe cleaners! It’s awesome.” intricate pen piece, “For You - II” by
gener enjoy walking for exercise along 11th-grader Aisha Thomas from Palm
the shops and stalls as it gives them the One may be easily spooked, as Bay Magnet High School, as well as
chance to see the community. “(It’s) Brenda Bergener was, by a collection a tempera and paper collage by first-
amazing how even the little ones can ex- of artwork from the West Melbourne grader Amiah Lewis from Sabal Ele-
hibit so much control,” Brenda Bergener Elementary School for Science. Upon mentary. The latter is a visual ode to the
describes in particular the circle pattern looking deeper, however, it becomes paintings of abstract art pioneer Piet
clear that these students were able to Mondrian. In light of art appreciation,
transform their cultural studies of the Columbia Elementary also pays tribute
traditional Mexican Día de los Muertos to graphic designer Elizabeth Rosen,
(Day of the Dead) festival into stand- known for her quirky, 3D mixed-media
out pieces featuring pastel drawings paintings and sculptures.
of calaveras, or skeletons, which repre- The one to see is “Forest Family
sent and honor one’s ancestors. From Member” by Eau Gallie High School
this perspective, art itself becomes a 10th-grader Renell Test. It is an incred-
medium to teach about the celebration ible graphite piece, rich in shades and
of life and the spiritual journey. perspective, which triggers warmth
like watching an old favorite movie.
“Exhibitions such as this inspire In the words of Geiger, “There [is]
conversation about art, build self- nothing more fulfilling than seeing a
confidence in students, and serve as a child successfully create something
form of assessment and advocacy for original and share it with pride. Art
the visual arts programs,” says Bridget provides a nice balance to an over-
Geiger, Brevard Public Schools’ K12 Vi- whelming world of data and informa-
sual Arts and Theatre Resource teach- tion. I’ve been an art educator for 37
er. “Melbourne Square Mall has been years and plan [to] continue learning
wonderfully supportive of our visual about art, creating, teaching, and ad-
arts programs in the south area of Bre- vocating for quality arts education. I
vard County by providing a safe venue believe the arts are the most important
for hosting this annual show.” part of humanity and our culture.”
Brevard Public Schools’ upcoming
art events include simultaneous art
shows on February 11-24, 2018 at Mer-
ritt Square Mall, Merritt Island and
Searstown Mall in Titusville; Northern
Division Elementary Art and Science
Fair on March 8, 2018 at the Space Coast
J/S High School Gymnasium; Southern
Division Elementary Art and Science
Fair on March 14, 2018 at the Melbourne
Auditorium; and the K12 School Board
Art Show on April 20 & 23-25, 2018 at the
Viera School Board Office Building. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 13


Must-go show: ‘42nd Street’ dazzles at Cocoa Playhouse


That “Lullaby of Broadway” has pher Pamela Larson, and hair, wig and gram and “42nd Street” was his first PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN THACKER
been a lure for hoofers and crooners makeup artist Tracy Wines. show. Since then, he has grown into a
ever since the 1933 Busby Berkeley performer with leading-man gravitas. have out-of-town tryouts in Philadel-
movie “42nd Street.” Of course, there are plenty of chorus Last season, he reprised his winning phia, the actual 42nd Street musical
girl numbers. For those Larson turned title role in the musical “Joseph and had its out-of-town tryout at the Ken-
Ironically, it wasn’t until nearly 50 to Martha Seymour, director of the the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” nedy Center in Washington, D.C. Its
years later when the classic Broadway Golden Steppers, for assistance. opening night stepped into theater
tale of “the show must go on” actually The musical itself has that same legend when, as the audience was giv-
made it to the Great White Way. “The tap dance and overall choreog- grand scope of young hopefuls wanting ing a standing ovation, its producer,
raphy is dynamic and dazzling,” Crase to rise to the top of a Broadway show. David Merrick, announced that its
Now, it’s at Cocoa Village Playhouse, said. “The choreography team really famed director, Gower Champion, had
where 48 people are hitting the boards hit the mark on this one.” The stage musical has book by Mi- died that afternoon.
in the all the glitter and glory demand- chael Stewart and Mark Bramble, with
ed by a blockbuster musical. In the show, Crase is Billy Lawlor, a lyrics by Al Dubin and Johnny Mercer The story is set in 1933, in the midst
young man who falls for chorine Peg- and music by Harry Warren. It won of the Great Depression. Peggy Sawyer
This is the third time CVP has pro- gy Sawyer, played by Gabrielle Solano. the Tony Award for best musical when (Gabrielle Solano) has just moved from
duced this show. And by now, director Crase was the waiter in the original it debuted in 1980. Allentown, Pennsylvania, to New York
Anastacia Hawkins-Smith has it down 1994 production. Then, he had just City in hopes of becoming a Broadway
to a science. And that’s a good thing, joined CVP’s Stars of Tomorrow pro- And while the show’s characters chorine. She meets young hoofer Billy
because the production team regard Lawlor (Jason Carl Crase), who falls for
it as one of the top five most difficult
shows to mount. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

“That’s chiefly due to the scenic el-
ements and demanding set moves,”
said cast member and production as-
sistant Jason Carl Crase. “Our sets
were designed by Joseph Lark-Riley,
who has been our lead set designer for
this season. The set is lush and elab-
orate, with large moving platforms
that are configured in many differ-
ent ways. Beautiful Art Deco detailed
legs and drops, perfectly painted by
our scenic artist, Sheryl Koby. Carving
out the space and creating beautiful
atmospheres with light is our lighting
designer, Ian Cook.”

Not to be upstaged by lights and
sets, of course, is CVP’s prolific cos-
tume designer Dan Hill, who also re-
prises his cameo role as a pick pocket.

“He is once again able to showcase
his fondness for elaborate showgirl
costumes,” Crase said. “He has really
captured 1933 in his company cos-
tumes (with) glitz and glamor.”

Rounding out the production team
are conductor/music director Bob
Barone, assistant director/choreogra-

14 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Coming Up: BSO ‘Pops’ in
with Broadway blockbusters

[email protected]

1 The Brevard Symphony Orches-
tra’s annual pops concert always

gets raves, and this year’s “BSO Pops!

Broadway Our Way” is ready to hit

one over the fence this Saturday at the

King Center, with fabulous favorites

from an almost overwhelming array

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 then asks her to come back to replace of Broadway blockbusters: “An Ameri-
Brock and take the lead.
her instantly. can in Paris,” “Gypsy,” “Hamilton,”
Enter theater director Julian Marsh He sings to her: “Come on and lis-
ten to, the lullaby of Broadway” then “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “West
(Sam Henderson, for the third time) rehearses her mercilessly. Opening
who bumps into Sawyer. He casts her night comes and … well, you can prob- Side Story” (in celebration of Leonard 1 Vocalist Michelle Amato with the
in his newest show, “Pretty Lady,” ably put two and two together in this Brevard Symphony Orchestra.
which stars Dorothy Brock (Rita More- show-biz melodrama and figure out Bernstein’s 100th anniversary), and
no), a big-name star past her prime. the ending. But the people at Cocoa
Village Playhouse would rather you that’s not even all. You know the mu-
Not only is Brock a difficult diva, buy a ticket and see for yourself.
she is also cheating on her boyfriend, sic will reach the rafters. This celebra-
Abner Dillon (Scott LaTurno). Abner is “42nd Street” runs through Feb. 11 at
bankrolling the show, which is already Cocoa Village Playhouse, 300 Brevard tory concert will include acclaimed 3 There’s nothing like a nice, hi-
strapped for money. Ave., Cocoa. Tickets are $24 to $32 for larious farce to get your mind off
adults and $18 for children 12 years and vocalist Michelle Amato, who has
The show heads to Philadelphia younger. Call 321-636-5050 or visit Co-
for the tryouts and on opening night,  worked with Quincy Jones, Liza Min- current events for a while, and this one,
Brock breaks her ankle and thinks
Peggy is to blame. Marsh fires Peggy, nelli, Sandi Patty, Donna Summer, “Funny Money,” by farce-meister ex-

Michel McDonald and Yanni, and has traordinaire Ray Cooney, should do the

been featured soloist with the Mem- trick. It’s running weekends through

phis Symphony and the South Florida Feb. 25 at the Melbourne Civic Theatre.

Pops. Curtain, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tick- Here’s the admittedly demented plot:

ets, $25 to $50. mild-manner CPA Henry A. Perkins

accidentally grabs the wrong briefcase,

2 Diana Krall, the Grammy-win- one full of money; said CPA decides
ning Canadian jazz musician
to keep it and hightail it to Barcelona;

who gained crossover success with of course, in true farce fashion, that

sultry, understated vocals and bop doesn’t happen; murder and mayhem

piano playing, will return to the ensue; hilarity reigns. Enjoy this one

King Center Monday on the third Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.; Sun-

U.S. leg of her “Turn Up the Quiet days at 2 p.m. Tickets are $31, adults;

World Tour.” According to biogra- $29, seniors/students/military., Krall’s breakthrough came

in 1996 with her “All for You” album, 4 If you prefer something a bit more
thought-provoking, consider “I
and she received her first Grammy

(Best Jazz Performance) for “When and You,” opening this coming Thurs-

I Look in Your Eyes,” which sat on day, Feb. 8, upstairs at the Henegar.

top of the charts for more than a New York Times critic Ben Brantley

year and became an international describes it as a “perky two-character

best-seller. Krall’s unique artistry study in adolescent confusions and cos-

has also earned her nine gold, three mic mysteries.” Popular, athletic An-

platinum and seven multi-platinum thony arrives at Caroline’s house with a

albums. Curtain is 7:30 p.m. Tickets ragged copy of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves

start at $58.50. of Grass,” with an urgent assignment

from their high school lit teacher. Caro-

line, combative and snarly, describes

herself as “small but mighty, like a

dachshund,” and she is ill, confined to

her room, but still keeping up with her

classes. As they work on the assign-

ment, relates the play synopsis, they let

down their guards and share their se-

crets, “unlocking a much deeper mys-

tery that has brought them together.”

Brantley’s review concludes intrigu-

ingly: “But there’s another, stranger

turn of the screw in this story that. …

Darn it, that’s the one thing I can’t talk

about.” “I and You” runs through Feb.

18. Curtain is 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday

2 Diana Krall at the and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tick-
King Center on Monday.
ets are $16, $23 and $26. 

Hurtin’ for certain?
Doc specializes in
treating chronic pain

16 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Hurtin’ for certain? Doc specializes in treating chronic pain

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER Dr. Harold Cordner and Danielle Larocca.
[email protected]
While it is certain chronic pain is
one of the most common problems
facing Americans, the number of peo-
ple affected is not clear.

The National Center for Comple-
mentary and Integrative Health at
the National Institutes of Health, for
example, says there are 25.3 million
Americans suffering from chronic
pain, while WebMD, evidently using a
different definition, puts the figure at
more than 100 million.

Meanwhile, the National Institute
of Neurological Disorders claims 80
percent of all adults will experience
chronic pain in their lifetime and adds
that it becomes increasingly common
with age.

Dr. Harold Cordner at Florida Pain
Management Associates in Sebastian
puts the problem into more localized
terms, saying “it amazes me how many
people we see a day that can barely go
up the aisles at Publix.”

“We see about 10 new patients a
day,” Cordner adds. “It amazes me
there’s that many people who have

Experience the fusion of
traditional values and

modern dentistry.

Collins & Montz


At Collins & Montz, DMD, pain so bad that they have to go see a even descriptions – vary widely.
we will focus on improving every specialist for it.” The Centers for Disease Control
aspect of your smile for optimal
appearance, function, and NIH says “chronic pain is often de- adds there is no single test that can
comfort through our general fined as any pain lasting more than measure chronic pain with any kind of
family dentistry, and restorative 12 weeks,” but again, timelines – and precision.
procedures such as dental
implants. Our comprehensive
range of services and dedication
of quality set us apart. Call today
to schedule your appointment.



Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 17


“If your primary care physician does some on by a wide variety of problems. In Cordner goes on to claim “even other the
addition to compression fractures he pain management physicians send their
treatment or some physical therapy and it takes cites pinched nerves, shingles, unsuc- really, really tough cases to us to treat.”
cessful back surgeries, degenerative
your pain away, that’s great... But if your pain disks, arthritis, hip and knee pain, The American Chronic Pain Asso-
neck pain and a host of other joint and ciation states, “It is actually possible to
persists despite treatmeant or despite time, and musculoskeletal problems. increase your level of functioning and
quality life while reducing your sense
it’s not getting better, then I think you need the “If your primary care physician of suffering” from chronic pain, but it
does some treatment or some physi- sternly warns “the road is not always
help of someone who’s a pain specialist.” cal therapy and it takes your pain an easy one.”
away, that’s great. Then you don’t
-Dr. Harold Cordner need me. But if your pain persists de- Dr. Harold Cordner is with Florida
spite treatment or despite time, and Pain Management just north of Steward
About the only area of general it’s not getting better, then I think Heath’s Sebastian River Medical Cen-
agreement is that health profession- you need the help of someone who’s a ter campus. The address is 13815 U.S.
als – from primary care doctors to sur- pain specialist.” 1. The phone number is 772-388-9998.
geons to pain specialists like Cordner The website is 
– have to rely mainly on their patients’ Clearly not lacking self-confidence,
self-descriptions of the type, timing
and location of their pain.

Those descriptions, according to the
Institute of Neurological Disorders,
currently provide the best clues as to
the cause or causes of chronic pain as
well as the best available roadmap for
treating it.

It’s here that Cordner takes at least
some of his fellow physicians to task.

“In medical school you make a diag-
nosis and then you treat,” he says, “but
in a lot of these pain cases, they treat,
treat, treat, treat, treat, but no one ever
makes the diagnosis of what’s causing
the pain.”

Indeed, according to Cordner, many
of his patients have already been to
chiropractors, had massages, had acu-
puncture and had physiotherapy but,
he claims, no one ever diagnosed where
their pain was actually coming from.

And, Cordner claims, the lack of an
accurate diagnosis often leads to inef-
fective or inappropriate treatment.

Citing compression fractures of the
spine as an example, Cordner says
“the traditional treatment from pri-
mary care physicians might be [the
patient goes to] the hospital and then
they put you into [physical] therapy.”

But Cordner bluntly asks, “Why
would you go to therapy? You broke
your spine. If you broke your arm,
would you be exercising? No. They’d
put you in a cast and you rest it for six
weeks to let it heal.”

Cordner says he often employs a
technique called “kyphoplasty” to
treat compression fractures. In a nut-
shell kyphoplasty attempts to replace
bone lost to osteoporosis or various
cancers – by filling that void with a
solid, cement-like mixture.

(Kyphoplasty has become increas-
ingly available nationwide but NIH
warns that “studies have questioned
the effectiveness of these procedures.”)

Cordner treats chronic pain brought

18 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Getting testy: Debate rages over value of PSA screening


There’s been a debate in the medical oversimplified, saying “if a screening and 42 percent of men with prostate Dr. Raul Storey
community for a while about whether test shows a high PSA level, additional cancer detected by PSA tests have tu-
prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screen- tests are done, which are not without mors that wouldn’t result in symptoms PHOTOS BY DENISE RITCHIE
ing cuts the risk of death from prostate risk and side effects, and can cause during their lifetimes. These men are
cancer. A new study detailed below has anxiety. And not every case of prostate considered to be “overdiagnosed”; variables for that to be possible. It is im-
just weighed in on the pro-PSA side, re- cancer is the same. Some are slow- having cancer that’s not likely to cause portant that men over the age of 50 have
porting that use of the test is strongly growing and some are aggressive. So poor health or to present a risk of death. a discussion with their primary care
correlated with reduced risk of death, the life expectancy of the man, based physician or urologist about whether
but Dr. Raul Storey, a medical oncolo- on his age and overall health, has to be The message Dr. Storey wants to PSA screening is right for them, based
gist with practices in Vero Beach and taken into account.” share with the men of our community on their individual circumstances.”
Sebastian, says the debate still has no is this: “There is no specific recommen-
clear answer. One thing that is clear is the asso- dation about PSA screening that will Dr. Storey’s private practice is part of
ciation between PSA levels and the apply to all men. There are too many Florida Cancer Specialists, with loca-
Let’s back up. PSA screening, well- risk of developing prostate cancer. Dr. tions at 1880 37th St. in Vero Beach, 772-
known to men of a certain age, is the Storey says “men with a PSA level un- 589-0879, and 13060 U.S. 1, Suite A, in
most-frequently used way to diagnose der 4 have a 15 percent chance of de- Sebastian, 772-228-3381. 
prostate cancer. It measures the levels veloping prostate cancer in the next
of an antigen (a protein) produced by 10 years. That percentage goes up to
the cells in the prostate gland; the lev- 30 or 35 percent if the PSA level is be-
els are expressed as “nanograms per tween 4 and 10, and 67 percent if the
milliliter.” A high level may indicate PSA level is over 10.” And a PSA test
the presence of cancer. may help detect prostate cancer at an
early stage, when it’s easier to treat
However, PSA tests can yield “false and more likely to be cured.
positive” results, as there are health
conditions other than prostate can- Dr. Storey says that some studies
cer that can raise a man’s PSA levels have shown that men over age 70 do
– including an enlarged or infected not benefit – do not reduce their risk
prostate and the presence of a urinary of dying from prostate cancer – by
tract infection. In light of this, the getting their PSA levels tested. But, in
United States Preventive Services Task keeping with the complexity of this is-
Force (USPSTF) states that “there is sue, he stresses that this is not a defi-
convincing evidence that PSA-based nite conclusion.
screening for prostate cancer results
in considerable overtreatment and its While the Mayo Clinic has not
associated harms.” weighed in on this debate, they do
provide notes of caution about the re-
The USPSTF actually goes one step liability of PSA testing. In addition to
further, recommending against PSA- false positives that can lead to further
based screening, saying that existing testing and unnecessary treatment,
studies have demonstrated only a “very their website states that, according to
small” decrease in deaths from pros- research studies, between 23 percent
tate cancer as a result of this screening.

However, the new review, conducted
by researchers from the Fred Hutchin-
son Cancer Research Center in Seattle,
concludes that PSA screening is in fact
linked with a considerable reduction in
the risk of prostate cancer death, and
suggests that the USPSTF guidelines
may need to be reviewed.

The researchers, led by Ruth Etzioni,
Ph.D., recently reported their results in
the Annals of Internal Medicine. They
re-examined the two studies on which
the USPSTF guidelines were based, us-
ing a mathematical model to account
for differences in how each study was
conducted. In doing so, Etzioni and
her colleagues found that both studies
demonstrated evidence of a significant
reduction in prostate cancer death as a
result of PSA screening.

Back to Sebastian’s Dr. Storey. He
says whether or not to screen for PSA
levels remains a controversial and
complicated topic, and suggests the re-
search out of Seattle may be somewhat

20 Thursday, February 2, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


The last time that America almost risked a pre- though officials do not believe a North Korean nucle- suggesting that their country could contain and de-
emptive strike on North Korea the gamble offered a ar-tipped rocket can yet reach an American city. ter a nuclear-armed North Korea, as it did the Soviet
spectacular pay-off. Ashton Carter, a leading archi- Union. “She’s not right,” chided McMaster, asking
tect of that plan, recalls that his scheme for bombing Just because war in Korea would be unspeakably how “classical deterrence theory” could apply to so
the Yongbyon nuclear facility in 1994 assumed that in dangerous does not mean that it will not happen. brutal a regime.
one or two days, the entirety of the regime’s nuclear
program could be levelled and entombed in rubble. Sober officials with long careers in Asia policy Even the defense secretary, James Mattis, a cere-
talk of being more fearful than at any time in recent bral former Marine general who says his job is to
Carter, who went on to become defense secretary memory. America is governed by Donald Trump, “buy time for our diplomats” to solve the North Ko-
in the Obama administration, now thinks that an who revels in matching North Korea in bluster. He rean crisis, has weighed in. Put on the spot by report-
American first strike would only put “a significant has promised that continued North Korean threats to ers in September 2017, he insisted that there are mili-
dent” in North Korea’s arsenal of nuclear devices America “will be met with fire and fury like the world tary options that would not imperil Seoul, the South
and bombmaking sites. “The difference today is that has never seen.” Korean capital, though its 10 million inhabitants live
the North Koreans are very good at hiding, burying within range of the North’s artillery and missiles. Such
and moving around their nuclear infrastructure,” Trump has at times called diplomacy with the Kim options exist, he said, “but I will not go into details.”
says Carter, now at Harvard University. regime “a waste of time.” He is also scornful of allies
and alliances, causing one Japanese expert to iden- Others sound less certain. Carter notes – with tact –
If the potential upsides of a strike have shrunk, the tify a grave concern: “that Trump will come up with a that retaliating against a foreign attack is the standing
risks have grown hugely. The crisis of 1994 saw Kim Il military option and not take the costs seriously.” policy of the North Korean armed forces. “If the U.S.
Sung thwart international inspections and threaten to and South Korea decided to initiate a strike, we would
put plutonium fromYongbyon into half a dozen prim- It is not just President Trump. The generals seen have to make sure that we were thoroughly prepared
itive bombs. as a steadying influence on the president have given for a full-on conflict,” he says.
warnings that the Kim regime cannot be permitted to
Since then, power passed to the despot’s son and build weapons that threaten American territory. Invited to contemplate military options that
in 2011 to his grandson, Kim Jong Un, a young man would not put Seoul in harm’s way, Abraham Den-
in a hurry who has to date never met a foreign lead- General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the joint mark of the Wilson Centre, and a Pentagon official
er, even from China, the closest his all-but-friend- chiefs of staff and a man who wields his influence during the Obama era who worked on Korea policy,
less kingdom has to an ally. discreetly, last year chided anyone who thinks it un- answers simply: “I can’t imagine what those could
imaginable that America might use force to check be.”
North Korea has tested six nuclear devices be- a North Korean nuclear menace. “What’s unimagi-
tween 2006 and 2017, including what appeared to be nable to me is allowing a capability that would allow Discussions of Korea strategy quickly drift into
a hydrogen bomb, and produced enough plutonium a nuclear weapon to land in Denver, Colorado,” he seemingly impossible tangles, involving deadly
and uranium for possibly dozens more warheads. said. Stalinist court politics and fantastical perils. Offi-
Its missiles credibly threaten American territory in cial reports detail the North’s nuclear, biological and
Guam, Hawaii or even the continental United States, In August 2017 H.R. McMaster, a lieutenant-gen- chemical arsenals, and artillery pieces in hardened
eral who is national security adviser to Mr Trump,
scolded an Obama-era predecessor, Susan Rice, for

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 2, 2018 21


bunkers just north of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that Mr Trump is “serious about the military option gram with grander ambitions, perhaps to “drive the
that divides the two Koreas, which some analysts es- if we cannot resolve this diplomatically.” US from the peninsula” or reunify Korea under the
timate can fire 10,000 rounds a minute at Seoul. North’s flag, argues the senior administration official.
Put that way, the Korean dilemma arguably re-
A Pentagon report of 2015 talks of North Korean volves around a single question: is President Trump Several officials and ex-officials who see the value of
drones, midget-submarines and of commandos bluffing? Should North Korea, China and the wider frightening Mr Kim to the negotiating table hope pri-
who may attack targets in South Korea “via suspect- world believe that America will use force to prevent vately that Trump is bluffing, believing that a limited
ed underground, cross-DMZ tunnels.” Mattis has Kim from building a nuclear missile that can strike strike would risk massive retaliation. Even narrowly-fo-
said a Korean conflict “would probably be the worst Washington, DC, or Los Angeles? cused operations North of the border are deemed risky.
kind of fighting in most people’s lifetimes”.
Team Trump is at pains to explain why the boss is In late 2016, President Obama’s National Secu-
Still, responding to presidential demands for more not bluffing, and why 2018 is, in the words of one se- rity Council organized a war game, asking military,
and better options, officials are debating possible“pre- nior administration official, “a very dangerous year.” diplomatic and intelligence officials to simulate a
ventive” strikes, a term denoting actions taken earlier That official pointedly praises Israel for twice launch- mission to secure nuclear weapons in a North Korea
than “pre-emptive” attacks in response to an immi- ing air strikes against suspected nuclear weapons tumbling into instability.
nent threat, like a missile being readied for launch. sites, once in 1981 against the Osirak reactor being
built by Iraq, and in 2007 against a reactor in Syria al- Participants call the exercise deeply sobering, with
At root, however, debates about Korea strat- legedly under construction with North Korean help. so many American troops needed to secure the large
egy turn on two starkly straightforward questions, number of nuclear sites that it could take months to
spelled out in interviews with serving and former The official calls those strikes “textbook cases” of build them up, losing any element of surprise, and
defense and national-security officials, diplomats preventive action. He draws attention to a Trump raising seemingly insuperable questions about when
and spies, including several with personal experi- tweet in late December, linking to a television inter- to evacuate Americans from the region without trig-
ence of negotiating with North Korea. view that Trump gave as a private businessman in gering chaos.
1999, urging America to “negotiate like crazy” with
First, will China ever break decisively with North North Korea but, if talks failed, to “do something An unclassified letter sent by the Pentagon to
Korea, its infuriating neighbor but valued buffer now” before warheads are aimed at New York and Congress in November 2017 offered the assessment
against the world? Second, can Kim be deterred? For other cities. that only a ground invasion could find and secure all
if he cannot, then any responsible American presi- weapons sites.
dent must contemplate a strike, risking what the Insiders deny that the Trump administration is
Japanese expert summarizes as “tens of thousands dividing into camps of hawks and doves, with each A senior American official recalls being asked
of casualties today to prevent millions tomorrow.” taking a different view of the utility of talks. A clearer by foreign counterparts why Kim could not simply
divide turns on relative optimism or pessimism about be killed. In reply, he pointed to the outside world’s
Aides to Trump boast that the president’s resolve Kim’s intentions, with McMaster a leading voice of dangerous lack of knowledge about what orders
explains China’s support for U.N. Security Council doom (he has compared this moment of geopolitical the leader’s death might trigger: “We seriously don’t
sanctions of unprecedented severity, including curbs peril to 1914). In particular, pessimists doubt North know that there isn’t some sort of automatic dooms-
on North Korean exports of coal and textiles and on Korea’s claim that it wants nuclear weapons that can day process that pulls down the pillars of the temple.”
flows of oil and refined petroleum from China. hit America for self-defense.
Scenarios for limited strikes could include the
A senior State Department official recalls Trump’s Logic, and Kim’s own words, point to a nuclear pro- shooting down of a North Korean ballistic missile
order to strike Syria with Tomahawk cruise missiles in test. But a failure would damage the credibility of
April 2017, during dinner with the Chinese president, American defenses.
Xi Jinping, at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate. That
strike, enforcing a red line over Syria’s use of chemical Optimists note that America has real points of le-
weapons, “put military action back into our diploma- verage, even without force. Carter urges step-by-step
cy,” says the official. “It was an important data point “coercive diplomacy,” setting out specific sticks and
that China internalized.” carrots for discrete North Korean actions, from mis-
sile tests to underground nuclear tests.
In fact, China has yet to abandon a long-standing
hierarchy of Korean horror in which a nuclear-armed Daniel Russel, former assistant secretary of state
North ranks second. For China, it is topped by the for East Asian and Pacific affairs during the Obama
prospect of a chaotic fall of the Kim regime, followed era, shares the pessimists’ belief that North Korea
by a reunification of the two Koreas on Western terms, does not need nuclear weapons for deterrence, se-
lining China’s border with American allies and high- curing its safety with its ability to bombard Seoul.
powered American radars.
Russel argues that the North’s goal is money and
Team Trump has tried sweet reason. Rex Tillerson, other concessions. If through sustained sanctions
the secretary of state, joined Mattis in assuring Chi- “North Korea is denied the pay-off, the ransom it is
na publicly that as it pursues the denuclearization seeking, it hasn’t actually achieved the [right] return
of the Korean peninsula, America has no interest in on investment on the nuclear program,” says Russel,
regime change or accelerated reunification, seeks no now at the Asia Society.
excuse to garrison troops north of the DMZ and has
no desire to harm the “long-suffering North Korean Ironically, given all the focus in Washington on
people,” as distinct from their rulers. Trump’s impulsive ways, insiders worry most about
a crisis that is thrust upon him. They fear that Chi-
Revealing a once closely held secret, Tillerson told na and North Korea are both waiting Trump out,
the Atlantic Council, a Washington think-tank, last hoping that he loses the White House or become
December about “conversations” with China about distracted by other crises.
how the two countries might secure loose nuclear
weapons should North Korea fall into chaos. This Denmark speaks for several officials when ex-
included assurances that American forces would re- pressing dread about Kim misjudging some provo-
treat south of the DMZ when conditions allowed. cation.

Less sweetly, the senior official at the State Depart- He fears Kim – or someone else – overreacting to
ment says that when Tillerson first met his Chinese American demonstrations of will, such as bomber
counterparts, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi, in March flights off the coast.
2017, he told them that “we are out of time” and to
drop their long-standing view of North Korea as an “What’s to stop the North Koreans thinking that’s
asset that keeps America usefully tied up. the beginning of an attack? That keeps me up. Who
has launch authority on the North Korean side in
Tillerson told China that it can help America do the middle of the night?”
more “the easy way or the hard way”, with the hard
way meaning secondary sanctions on Chinese enti- On the other side stands President Trump, a wild
ties that trade with North Korea, and credible threats card who may soon face risks he deems intolerable
while lacking any good options. “The president may
be forced to take action,” a U.S. official soberly says.
“The potential for conflict is very high.” 

MEDICAL ALPHABET SOUP QUIZ 1: PEOPLE 8.  LSW Licensed Social Worker 18.  FACHE Fellow of the American College of
Helps patients/families resolve social, financial
Today, the special language of healthcare professionals and psychological problems; coordinates patient Healthcare Executives
is becoming more widely recognized by lay readers. discharge and continuity of care planning
For healthcare administrators
How savvy are you? Test your knowledge of medical jar- 9.  MD Medical Doctor
gon through this four-part “Medical Alphabet Soup Quiz” A physician (medical doctor); specialties range 19.  FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
series. from allergy to urology
For [doctors] surgeons
Give yourself one point for each acronym/abbreviation 10.  OT Occupational Therapist
you know. Helps patients develop, recover or maintain 20.  OCN Oncology Certified Nurse
activities of daily living
Nurses with advanced training in cancer care
11.  PA Physician Assistant
Can order tests and treatments under super- *This is a partial list of degrees/certifications earned
vision of a physician by healthcare professionals.

PEOPLE* 12.  PT Physical Therapist SCORING
Require degrees/certifications to practice their profession Remediates impairments and promotes mobility
through physical intervention
1.  ARNP Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner A+ (20 correct) If you’re not a doctor or healthcare pro-
A registered nurse with advanced training; can 13.  RD Registered Dietitian
order tests, perform physical exams/procedures Advises on nutritional principles and diet plans fessional, you should consider becoming one.
and treat diseases. Can write prescriptions in ac-
cordance with each state’s regulations. 14.  RN Registered Nurse A (17-19 correct) Congratulations, either you or a family
A nurse who meets requirements and obtains a
nursing license member is probably in the medical field.

15.  RT Respiratory Therapist B (13-16 correct) You must read a lot or be a frequent flyer
Provides care for patients who have trouble
2.  BSN Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing breathing to the doctor’s office.

A four-year degree in nursing 16.  SLP Speech-Language Pathologist C (9-12 correct) You possess a healthy knowledge of
Evaluates and treats communication disorders
3.  CNA Certified Nurse Assistant and swallowing disorders medical terminology.

Assists nurses/patients in hospital D (5-8 correct) You are only somewhat familiar with the
healthcare scene, hopefully because you are
4.  DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery healthy and happy.

A dentist; some are oral and maxillofacial surgeons Under 5 correct The medical field is not your cup of tea.

5.  DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine

A dentist; some are oral and maxillofacial surgeons Stay tuned. Next time we’ll challenge your knowledge of
cardiac tests and treatments. 
6.  DO Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
A physician (medical doctor); specialties range Advanced certifications, not required but highly valued Your comments and suggestions for future topics are always
from allergy to urology welcome. Email us at [email protected].

7.  EMT Emergency Medicine Technician 17.  CHFM Certified Healthcare Facility Manager © 2018 Vero Beach 32963 Media, all rights reserved

Usually works in Fire-Rescue/ambulance For hospital engineering/facility managers

It ’s Time for some Fun!

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772.562.7922 : 12 Royal Palm Pointe : Vero Beach :
Serving Boaters On The Waterfront For Almost 60 Years!

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 23


“In times of war,” declared the Roman real. Since before the founding of the tions of suspects who posed no immedi- an endless police blotter. Call it, literally,
orator Cicero, “the laws fall silent.”When state, Arab terror gangs and suicide ate threat, violations of the laws of Israel “Israel’s Greatest Hits.”
faced with an existential threat to their bombers have aimed at civilian targets – and the rules of war – were not renegade
survival, he was suggesting, even the schools, cafes, supermarkets, passenger acts by rogue operatives,” Bergman There have been storied triumphs.
most democratic of states are entitled to buses, commercial airliners, even a Pass- writes in “Rise and Kill First.” “They Israel’s clandestine assassination cam-
use violence without legal restraint. But over dinner attended by dozens of elder- were officially sanctioned extrajudicial paign against German nuclear scientists
at what point does violence in the name ly Jews have all been singled out by gun- killings.” working for Egypt in the 1950s and early
of self-defense become an end in itself, men and bombers looking to inflict the ’60s and against Iranian scientists dur-
so addictive to its practitioners, who in maximum amount of pain on the most The chief defense correspondent for ing the past decade probably helped
time become so adept at its use, that it innocent of people. Imagine how swiftly Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest daily impede both countries’ nuclear weap-
undermines the very values it is meant and brutally the United States would re- newspaper, Bergman has a reputation ons programs. The targeting of the men
to preserve? spond if a gang of terrorists from Canada as an indefatigable journalist who has behind the murder of 11 Israeli athletes
laid waste to a kindergarten or two in De- developed hundreds of informed sourc- at the 1972 Munich Olympics prob-
This question is the underlying theme troit. Actually, there’s no need to imagine: es in the defense establishment over the ably contributed to Palestine Libera-
of Ronen Bergman’s authoritative and After the 9/11 attacks, the United States past two decades. He is in a privileged tion Organization (PLO) leader Yasser
exhaustive history of Israel’s targeted threw out the human rights handbook position – defense correspondents get Arafat’s eventual decision to cease the
killings of its enemies, which he calls and embarked on a spate of targeted kill- regular briefings from high officials but Black September terror operations. And
“the most robust streamlined assassina- ings, abductions, torture and indefinite must submit their reports to the mili- the famed 1976 commando raid that
tion machine in history.” imprisonment without trial that was as tary censor’s office, which often excises rescued 102 hostages at the Entebbe
much about vengeance as prevention of much of the juiciest stuff. But Bergman airfield in Uganda was perhaps the ul-
Since World War II, Bergman calcu- future attacks. has a secret weapon: the chatty, intro- timate in daring and efficient military
lates, the Jewish state and its pre-state spective men (yes, except for the late action.
paramilitary organizations have assas- Israel’s leaders have developed a rep- Golda Meir, they’re all men) he writes
sinated more people than any other utation for ruthless efficiency, honor- about. He clearly has excellent sources But many of the so-called successes
country in the Western world – some ing the Talmudic mandate, “If someone in all three components of the secret came at a high price. For example, in
2,300 “targeted killing operations,” most comes to kill you, rise up and kill him killing machinery: the Directorate of April 1988, during the early days of the
of them against Palestinians, but also first.” Clandestine, behind-enemy-lines Military Intelligence, the Mossad spy first Palestinian uprising in the Israeli-
aimed at Egyptians, Syrians, Iranians operations, Bergman writes, became agency and the Shin Bet internal secu- occupied West Bank and Gaza, Israeli
and others. And other Western countries “the core principle of Israel’s security rity service. “On the one hand, nearly ev- leaders targeted Khalil al-Wazir, known
have followed its bloodstained example: doctrine.” erything in the country related to intelli- as Abu Jihad, Arafat’s chief lieutenant
President Barack Obama authorized 353 gence and national security is classified and military leader of his Fatah move-
drone strikes against individuals during In the name of state security, Israeli as ‘top secret,’ ” he writes. “On the other ment. A team of commandos landed
his eight years in office. officials didn’t just walk the line of legal- hand, everyone wants to speak about ashore in Tunis, made their way to Abu
ity, they trampled it. “Summary execu- what they’ve done.” Jihad’s villa and shot him 52 times in his
The threat Israel has faced is all too bedroom in front of his wife. The mis-
The general impression he gives is of sion was designed to undermine the
clever, dedicated, self-righteous, over- intifada by eliminating a charismatic
caffeinated warrior princes constantly PLO leader with much Israeli blood on
seeking creative new ways to identify his hands. But Bergman says it had the
and kill their enemies, convincing them- opposite effect – weakening the PLO
selves that they are not only the best at leadership abroad while bolstering the
what they do but also the most moral. popular committees in the occupied
They agonize over the personal burden territories that were the true leaders of
of killing innocent civilians alongside the intifada. 
their enemies, but inevitably they jus-
tify their own deeds – and cover up their RISE AND KILL FIRST
occasionally embarrassing miscalcula- THE SECRET HISTORY OF

Many of the stories Bergman offers By Ronen Bergman
are not new, but he adds telling details. Random House. 753 pp. $35
Still, after a while the accounts begin to
blur and the chapters start to read like Review by Glenn Frankel
The Washington Post


1. City of Endless Night 1. Fire and Fury 1. Gone Camping


3. The Mermaid BY JAN BRETT
2. We Were the Lucky Ones BY BILL BROWDER 4. Imagine BY JOHN LENNON &


3. Operator Down BY MICHAEL RIEDEL 5. Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day is
BY BRAD TAYLOR 4. The Girl on the Velvet
4. Pachinko BY MIN JIN LEE
5. Direct Fire BY A.J. TATA 5. Leonardo da Vinci


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presents presents

HarperCollins Publishing
HarperCollins Publishing
Thursday, February 8th at 6 pm
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24 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz meets mysterious Kiya, a beautiful Basenji

Hi Dog Buddies! and it was quite a dramatic Kiya.
transition at first. I threw up
This week I innerviewed Kiya Mor- in the car, going to my new chase it or chat with it. I
ris, an I realized I was a liddle intimi- home, and I was extremely
dated. Don’t laugh. I know it wasn’t apprehensive about, well, also have a French Bulldog neighbor, wave. It’s
my first Dog Show. But still. everything. And I abso-
lutely DID NOT TOLERATE Coco; and a lovely human friend, a our daily routine. Come, see.”
See, Kiya is a Basenji, another THE CRATE.
breed unfamiliar to me. So I Read Up, pleasant lady we often visit on Ocean Kiya’s Mom grabbed the leash,
pre-innerview, and found out Basen- “As it happened, I was
jis were, like, ANCIENT. I’m talkin’ not the only pet in the Drive. She is always so happy to see and Kiya let out this BIG happy
pre-hiss-TOR-ick. They were wild, household. There was
fearless hunters livin’ in The Bush. Bentley. He is a cat. A me. sound. I realized it was her yodel. Ah-
(Musta been One Big Bush.) When Ragdoll, to be precise.
they finally started hanging out with Very fluffy. When I first “In San Diego there were many ROOOOOOoooooooo! Kiya’s Mom
humans, it was with the FAIR-ohs, in arrived, as a playful pup-
EE-gipt. (Kiya was the name of one of py, I’d bop him on the dog-friendly beaches: I had several boarded her bike, leash in hand,
the FAIR-oh’s wives.) You know those nose. Incessantly! Then
Serious Dog-Headed Statues with one day I bopped him on dog frens there. Actually, I am cur- and off they went. Her Mom peddled
the big pointy ears? Basenjis look a the nose and POOF! he
lot like that. VERY mysterious. Any- transformed into this rently working with a human called briskly, Kiya blithely galloped along-
way, when the FAIR-ohs vanished, so ferocious, demented
did the Basenjis. Didn’t pop back up puffball. His fur stuck John. He’s a county commissioner. side. They circled back.
till, like, hundreds of years later, in out everywhere and
the heart of Africa. See what I mean? he made a frightening I’m endeavoring to establish a dog “See?” She wasn’t even breathing
Mysterious. noise I’ll NEVER for-
get. It took some time, park at the South Beach Community hard.
Kiya’s mom an grandma opened the but we’ve became true
door, an Kiya was right there. Lookin’ companions. I real- Center. Mom’s helping, too. She’s in Heading home, I was thinking
at us. She was small (17 pounds); slim; ized I groom myself
short, silky, gold an white coat; long just as he does. And real estate.” about the exotic, bold little Egyp-
legs; tail curled over her back. Fox- curl up to nap. And
lookin’ face, super pretty, but not in a stalk things. And he “Woof! That’s pawsome, Miss tian princess who could run like the
fluffy way, if you know what I mean. doesn’t tolerate oth-
She greeted my assistant. Me, not so er dogs in our home, Kiya!” wind and was determined to create a
much. either.”
“I know. Isn’t it? We’re trying to dog park for her fellow pooches. I felt
“Hello,” I said. “I’’m Bonzo. It’s a Just then, a large, fluffy gray and
great pleasure!” white cat strolled in, an I sat quietly spread the word. I think the activity I proud to be a Dog 
and tried to look like a piece of fur-
“Humpf,” Kiya said. “I agreed to niture. He looked at me, flexed his enjoy most is when Mom an I go down
speak with you only because Mom claws, turned to Kiya and asked (in
wanted me to. I have no wish to be very nice Dog, I noticed), “Is every- -The Bonzto the Barrier Island Sanctuary. Mom
rude, but you should know that I do thing all right?”
NOT like other dogs in my home. It’s rides her bike, and I trot alongside.
different on neutral ground, but here, “We’re fine,” Kiya assured him, and We go several miles and I’m not the
I am making an exception for you.” Bentley disappeared into the kitchen. slightest bit winded. People smile and
I breathed what I hoped was an in-
“I understand, Miss Kiya, and I conspicuous sigh of relief. Don’t be shy!
greatly appreciate that.” (Scratch the We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up
Wag-and-Sniff, I decided prudently.) “When I was younger I was always an interview, please email [email protected].
running away,” Kiya continued. “Our
“All right, then. This is my Mom, neighbors called me Houdini. Once
Liz Morris; and my grandparents Mom discovered me digging under
Mima and Pops. So I will talk an you the fence, an Bentley was helpfully
will write it down, is that correct?” holding a piece of artificial turf out
of my way that Mom had put there to
“Yes, ma’m.” keep me in. It didn’t work. I’m very
“Please have a seat and I’ll begin.” fast. Like a gazelle. Nobody could
I did, and she did. catch me till a neighbor brought out
“First of all: Basenjis Do not shed. some of his homemade deer jerky.”
Or smell doggie. We Do Not Even
Bark. We yodel. Just so you know. “Cool Catnip,” I ventured, with sin-
Now then: It was in California, five cerity. “Do you have dog frens?”
years ago. Near San Diego. My Mom
was dog-sitting her employer’s dog, a “I quite enjoy the camaraderie at
Basenji, and Mom wisely grew to love day care. It’s called DogKidz, and the
the breed. She has excellent taste. So greeter is a parrot named Lola. The
she acquired a Basenji of her own, first time I walked into the lobby, I
from a lady in the nearby mountains. heard this voice: ‘Hey, Girl!’ My hack-
It was I, of course: pick of the litter. An les shot up like a Mohawk! I looked all
Egyptian princess. I was only a pup, around, an finally spotted this Bird!
Talking! I didn’t know whether to

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 25





Robert Benchley, a humorist who died in 1945, said, “Drawing on my fine command of K7
language, I said nothing.”
WEST Q J 10 9 8 7
Declarer is in total command of his side’s forces; he fights the battle alone. The 10 9 8 6 3 EAST
defenders usually work together to defeat a contract; rarely does one defender take Q
total command and leave his partner playing third violin, just trying not to renege. J8632 742
Which applies in this deal? West leads the heart queen against South’s contract of K 10 9 7 6 3
three no-trump.
South’s jump to game indicated a balanced hand with a good 12 to 15 points, typically
at least two stoppers in the intervenor’s suit and fewer than four spades because he did AK
not make a negative double. North had no reason to believe that five clubs would be
better. (Note that that contract goes down if East leads a heart, or cashes a high trump SOUTH
and shifts to a heart at trick two.)
South has six top tricks: three spades, one heart and two diamonds. He will get a
second heart winner, but must establish dummy’s clubs, which involves losing the lead AJ8
twice. He is in jeopardy.
A 10 9 4
A meek East would signal exuberantly with the heart 10 at trick one. Then, after South
played low, East would sit back and wait ... and wait ... and wait ... for partner to lead a 632
second heart. Probably West would shift to a spade, but now South would get home
with an overtrick. Dealer: North; Vulnerable: East-West

A more commanding East will see that he is getting on lead twice in clubs. He will The Bidding:
overtake the heart queen with the king and continue the suit should declarer duck. Now
the contract goes down. SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
3 NT Pass 1 Clubs 1 Hearts
If you see how to defeat a contract, take command. Pass Pass LEAD:
Q Hearts

26 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

1 Tiny creature (5) 1 Virtuoso (7)
4 Farm vehicle (4) 2 The old joanna (7,5)
8 Sensory organ (3) 3 Notice (4)
9 Ancestry (9) 4 Curve-beaked bird (6)
10 Roman garb (4) 5 Give up (8)
11 Puts back together (8) 6 Fonteyn, say (6-6)
12 Oath (3) 7 Honey makers (4)
13 Set of clothes (6) 11 Balderdash (3)
14 Cutting tool (6) 12 Grape orchard (8)
16 Glimpse; get (3) 14 Hanky-panky (3)
17 Larynx (5,3) 15 N. England football club
18 Wax and -- (4) 16 Electricity point (6)
20 Rifled (9) 17 Alter (4)
21 Tiger, e.g. (3) 19 -- O’Brien, novelist (4)
22 Prepare for publication (4)
The Telegraph 23 Protective clothing (5)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

Boat, Trailer, Kayak, and Canoe The Telegraph


Melbourne Beach area,
secure community, fenced in area
Storage area adjacent to
boat launch onto Indian River.
Six miles north of Sebastian Inlet.
Boats $ 500 per yr / Kayaks $ 80 per yr

Contact Alice -
[email protected]


Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 27


ACROSS 80 Where peas live American co. Caen) The Washington Post
1 The answer I 84 Essential 13 Melodic subject, 79 The H of W.H.
85 Carpenter’s
was expecting to in music Auden
the riddle in this spinner 14 Convince 81 Ton o’ dough
puzzle 87 Riddle, part 5 82 Enid’s home:
7 Jabber 89 Estate dividers (with “over”)
10 A card game, not 91 Bemused remark 15 In itself abbr.
a singing style 92 “It’s ___ big 16 Russian opera 83 Grand old man
14 Jokers 86 “Once ___ die”
18 They have mistake!” composer 88 “___ say more?”
mysterious odas 93 Riddle, part 6 17 Defining 89 Runner
19 Get-together, of a 98 Most of the
sort “carriers” as Sebastian
21 Remote refuge earth’s surface “mailmen,” 90 Major Idaho river
22 Like bedroom 99 Frasier’s brother perhaps 93 Sort of
eyes 100 Pelvis parts 20 Commercial 94 Cassiterite
23 Start of a riddle 101 Time out? claim! 95 Red Bordeaux
25 Easy multiplier 103 ___ for effort 24 Whips with a 96 Kidman or Miller
26 Creepy creatures 104 Connecticut Ivy pistol? 97 Added (on) as an
28 Boyfriend 27 Freezing-
29 Start of a verse? Leaguers temperature afterthought
30 TV colleague of 108 Rifleman Lucas word 98 Lake in James
Goldie 30 221-B Baker et
and Lily and son Mark al. Fenimore
31 The lessor 110 B. Favre and S. 32 Square root of Cooper stories
amount nueve 102 Mischievous
33 Sounds like a Young, once 34 Communications 105 Sure thing, in
bomb 113 End of the riddle giant: abbr. sports
35 With 10 Down, 116 Prof’s security 35 Players 106 “___ hollers ...”
a dead end 118 Part of the 36 At the level of 107 The Lion King
38 Riddle, part 2 37 Pipe gripe villain
43 Mimicked country 39 Sponsorship 109 In the matter of
44 Minor worker 119 Little links 40 Hawaiian girl 110 University green
45 Need replacing 120 The Night of the 41 Serious speakers 111 Part of “Bren,”
46 Riddle, part 3 42 Barrett or Jaffe the gun
50 The “come back” ___ 44 Slangy $100 bill 112 Line of clothing?
kid 121 Frosty’s freaky 47 Part of 34 Down 114 My ___, Vietnam
51 Penultimate letter 48 Volare 115 Type of bone or
54 “... my soul ___” cousin? 49 Employers joint?
55 Yvonne’s 122 Where the 51 Pal o’ mine on a 117 Role for Whoopi,
evening palomino 1992 and 1993
57 Galileo and sidewalk meets 52 Catch
Garibaldi the road, 53 1960s series with TRICK QUESTION By Merl Reagle
59 Caution sign in Britain a Culp following
61 City 155 miles 123 Tokyo, once 56 Does again, as a
SE of 124 The answer I bow
San Francisco wasn’t expecting 58 Skating arena
63 Discarded metal to the riddle in 60 Stimulated
64 Knockout props this puzzle 62 Prefix meaning
67 Riddle, part 4 DOWN “standing”
70 Pacing, perhaps 1 David’s 1960s 64 Punch
71 Gave the eye to deskmate 65 Author-critic
73 City near 2 Unusually good James
Cleveland 3 Whacker for 66 Word after word
74 Blimp, e.g. Faldo or sword
76 “It never ___ 4 Rendezvoused 68 A word for God
amaze me” 5 Political refugee 69 Reprove mildly
78 Murder, She 6 Tie or track 72 Dispatched nits
Wrote doctor 7 Southerner’s 75 Clinton and Gore
boat? after November
8 “Cotton Candy” 1992
blower 77 “That’s ___ there
9 Any of a well- is, there ain’t no
known nine Mort” (Herb
10 See 35 Across
11 Push-button
12 Archetypal

The Telegraph

28 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


I can never thank you enough … and that’s the problem

BY CAROLYN HAX answer again: “Oh, good, I was afraid what we do is appreciated and liked.
Washington Post it got lost.” The trick of this tactic is
to remain polite and cheerful but also Sometimes we like to hear it over and
not engage even a little bit in the in-
appropriate line of questioning. Keep over again to bring a smile to our fac-
answering the question that is appro-
Hi, Carolyn: priate, as if that’s the one she actually es. I don’t think it is a negative that
Whenever my needs to be dealt with.
The answer with serious invest-
mother gives me or ment is to rethink the option you – Anonymous
reject as not “productive.” You know
my family member her, your judgment prevails, but: I’ve
found over and over again that the
a gift, she ends up one path we rule out is the useful one, Anonymous: Well, if your inten-
particularly with recurring problems. tions aren’t clear to the people you’re
asking about it sev- asking, and if they take your inquiries
I’m not suggesting you call her out as pressure for repeated thank-yous,
eral times afterward. Does not matter and put her on the defensive. Instead, then it is a negative that needs to be
use questions yourself: “Are you wor- dealt with.
if it was $5 or expensive. ried we didn’t like it?” Or, use deliber-
ately general assurances: “Mom, you Communication would do it,
We always thank her for gifts, and always get us lovely gifts.” It’s either though. Tell your kids you ask these
a preemptive balm for her concerns follow-up questions because it makes
these comments feel like she’s asking or, if there’s more to it, a nudge for you so happy to bring the grandkids
her to articulate what her concerns happiness. Say that’s all you mean by
for thank-yous over and over again. really are. There’s something to this, it and hope you aren’t misconstrued.
obviously, or else she wouldn’t do it;
Asking her about it would not be pro- getting at it with love and tact might
help you both.
Re: Gifts: When I give something to
–We Always Thank Her the grandkids, I like to hear about it,
so I ask. We elderly need to hear that
We Always Thank Her: Re: Gifts: To me it sounds like she is
The easiest answer is the nuisance
mulligan: Assume everyone has at very anxious about whether her gifts
least one obnoxious but otherwise
harmless trait or habit, and resolve are actually appreciated. That’s differ-
just to be cheerful about it.
The more involved answer is to use ent from wanting to be thanked.
your response to shift the dynamic
more to your favor. You can, for ex- – Different
ample, respond to her questions with
a non-answer in the form of a ques- you for this, remember?” without Different: Again, better communi-
tion – “Oh, did you not get our thank- actually saying it. And when she (pre- cation would be … better.
you note?” By doing that, you’re es- sumably) responds by taking your
sentially saying, “We already thanked question literally, then you can non- “It’s so important to me to give the
kids gifts they’ll enjoy. Please tell me
what they like and dislike so they
don’t feel forced to be polite.” 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 29


Copperhead Tavern: Eat and drink well, in cozy confines

REVIEW BY LISA ZAHNER STAFF WRITER Spicy Wings. tions were tempting, Jack Daniels Brussels Sprouts.
[email protected] Bread Pudding ($5.95) and Warm
er. They really made it sing, and the Chocolate Brownie ($5.85) – both PHOTOS BY GORDON RADFORD
Where can you find a vintage, red- toasted bun was good, too. The sweet served with ice cream.
baubled “BAR” sign juxtaposed with potato fries were crispy, delicious and Pepper Burger.
stained glass and antiques? Where not greasy. Copperhead Tavern is not what
nothing matches but it all just kinda you’d call a low-budget eatery, but it RESTAURANT HOURS
works? Answer: One of my favorite low- My companion ordered the Tav- won’t break the bank, either. If you’re Monday through Saturday
key watering holes on the island, Indial- ern Salad ($7.95) and added bacon not drinking alcohol, one person
antic’s own Copperhead Tavern. ($1.50) and said the salad was good, could get out the door for under $15 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
and that the greens were fresh, but on with tip for lunch, but with a couple Sundays 11 a.m. to midnight
I love all the cozy spaces, from the the whole not as generous a portion of imported beers, a main plate and
fire pit courtyard out back to the com- as he had hoped an entrée-type salad an appetizer, you’re looking at around BEVERAGES
fy couches on the side, and the dog- would be. $30-$35 per person. Full Bar
friendly outdoor bar and streetside
seating, it’s a fantastic spot to enjoy a It was tough deciding what to order. We encourage you to send feedback to ADDRESS
mild day in the 60s or 70s. Last Thurs- Among the runners-up to try next time, [email protected]. 205 5th Avenue, Indialantic
day we settled into a high top in the there’s the Porkbelly Poutine, the Buffalo
section of more traditional pub seating Cauliflower or the Hot Mess sandwich, The reviewer is a Brevard resident who PHONE
area inside. which all sound interesting, and the dines anonymously at restaurants at the (321)802-4700
Deviled Eggs and Fish and Chips I saw expense of this newspaper. 
Though there were plenty of people passing by our table looked good, too.
in buttoned-up professional attire en-
joying lunch the day we stopped by, We skipped dessert, but the selec-
Copperhead is most definitely not a
buttoned-up place. It’s not beachy, or
touristy. My companion agreed that
the best descriptive word to use would
be funky. They have Hoegaarden on
tap ($6). And Stella Cidre ($6), one of
my go-to ciders. Plus a good craft beer
and wine selection.

Some have described it as a Key
West atmosphere, but I would say it’s
a significant upgrade from your aver-
age honky-tonk Duval Street bar. It is
a place equally suited for a business
lunch, date night, happy hour, or a
last stop after a Downtown Melbourne
pub crawl, as the kitchen serves the
full menu right up until 2 a.m.

So how’s the food? Depending upon
what you order, it may be a lot better
than you expect. Or it may be average.

We started with an order of the spicy
wings, which were just OK. If you don’t
like greasy, messy wings these would
be a good choice. The sauce was tasty
and the bleu cheese was not a generic
bottled dressing, it had huge chunks of
bleu cheese. The wings seemed fresh,
but the frying oil could have maybe
used a change. That’s what it tasted
like anyway. Whatever qualities the
wings may have lacked, the Brussels
sprouts sautéed in oil and garlic more
than made up for them.

I opted for the Tavern Burger ($6.95),
with roasted jalapenos added ($1), and
a side of sweet potato fries ($3.50). The
burger was not huge, but it was cooked
perfectly to medium rare, juicy and
full of flavor. Our server, Lindsey, said
she’d “made an oops” and forgot to
include the jalapenos, but oddly she
didn’t offer to correct the omission.
Fortunately, the kitchen had included
them anyway – slightly smoky, pep-
pers roasted just the right amount,
cut lengthwise and laid atop my burg-

30 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Fine Dining, Elevated Melo’s RIitsatoliraannote
Exciting Innovative Cuisine V RESERVATIONS FOR
Award Winning Wine List ALENTINE’S
Unparalleled Service
Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated - 321-773-3555
Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2017

Valentine's  Celebrate With Us
Costa d'Este invites you to celebrate Valentines Day with
us at The Wave Kitchen & Bar! Join us for a romantic
evening featuring a 4-course dinner prepared by
our Executive Chef, Armando Galeas.

Wednesday, February 14th

AMUSE BOUCHE | Smoked Tomato Bisque Shooter
FIRST COURSE | Ahi Tuna Tiradito
SECOND COURSE | Lobster Ravioli

THIRD COURSE | Seared Petite Filet Mignon
FOURTH COURSE | Petit Fours 

$80 PER PERSON | 5:30 – 9:30PM | Limited Availability | Reservations Required | Call 772.410.0100 for more details.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 31


Join us for


THE MELBOURNE Multiple Locations!
Melbourne/Suntree 321.428.4145 Vero Beach 772.257.6039
When looking for a great place to dine check out 4840 N Wickham Rd 1226 US Highway 1
the Fine and Casual Dining Pages of The Melbourne Beachsider. Melbourne, FL 32940 Vero Beach, FL 32960

The area’s best restaurants, many offering weekly specials. Downtown Melbourne 321.802.4587 Palm Bay/West Melbourne 321.821.4897
1511 S Harbor City Blvd 4480 Hollywood Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
West Melbourne, FL 32904


Buy Any Buy Any Bagels
Egg Sandwich, Lunch Sandwich, Sat & Sun Only

Get the 2nd Get the 2nd add a tub of shmear
Egg Sandwich Lunch Sandwich for only $2.99

FREE FREE Good for a dozen bagels for $7. Valid Saturday and Sunday Only.
Includes bagels only. Additional charge for gourmet bagels. Limit
Good for any egg sandwich. Limit one coupon per person. Valid Good for Any Lunch Sandwich- Limit one coupon per person. Valid one coupon per person. Valid at participating Einstein Bros.®
at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot locations only. This offer cannot be combined with other special
be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not offers or promotions and is not valid for catering, past purchases
valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction or orders. No reproduction allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one
allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes cent. Applicable taxes paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah
paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. Restaurant Group, Inc. Expires: 12/31/18
Expires: 12/31/18 Expires: 12/31/18

32 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Please send calendar information through another country on a child’s journey from 8 Free parent presentation on Sleep Disordered 10 Cinderella’s Wedding and you can be
at least two weeks prior to your hardship to hope. Located at 1700 W. New Haven Breathing and Your Child by Dr. Claire Staff of a part of the celebration, 2 to 4 p.m.
Avenue. Family-friendly and appropriate for all Health Connections Dentistry, 6 to 8 p.m. at 2120 at the D.R. Schechter Satellite Beach Recre-
event to ages. Reservations at Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach. Learn about ation Center, 1089 South Patrick Drive. Princess
[email protected] the connection between a lack of sleep and many event includes having nails painted, a touch of
3 The HealthFirst Mayors’ Fitness Challenge common childhood health issues. Call (321)777- makeup and a hair clip, as well as dancing in the
ONGOING Kickoff Celebration, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Glea- 2797 or go to ballroom and a reception. Tickets cost $18 for
son Park. Satellite Beach and Indian Harbour Beach ages 2 to 10 years, $10 for ages 11 and older.
ABC Yoga literacy-based yoga class for kids join forces this year in the competition to get their 10 Coloring the Causeway for a Cure 5K Register at
age 7 and younger, 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. Wednes- city’s residents to increase their physical fitness to walk over the 192 Causeway and back, 9
days at Bikram Yoga with Helena 1401 High- promote overall health. Participants can sign up and a.m. to noon, Front Street Park. Registration is at 10 Eau Gallie Arts District Onesie Bar Crawl,
land Ave Eau Gallie Arts District; Cost: $5/ get team T-shirts at the event. Water and snacks will 8:30 a.m. and the cost is $25 for adults, or $10 for 6 p.m. to midnight. Meet up at the Salty
child (Adult is free). For more information, call be provided, but bring your own water bottle. kids 12 and under and includes a collector T-shirt. Fox, 602 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.
Denice Santos at (321)-806-0830. Participants are encouraged to dress in cancer
3 Ninth Annual Higher Power Car Show, awareness colors. Register at 10 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra
Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Trinity Wellsprings presents Fan Favorites, 7 p.m. at the
p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park Church, 638 S. Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach. 10 Vendors sought for the March 10 Flori- Scott Center for the Performing Arts at Holy Trin-
All proceeds go to the Haley Hodge Memorial dana Beach Bazaar, to take place from ity Episcopal Academy. Featuring works from
Beach Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. Tues- Fund for Student Missions. Special appearance, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 6635 A1A, Melbourne Beach. Stravinsky, Respighi, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev,
days at Ocean Side Pizza, 300 Ocean Ave. #6, the Larsen Motorsports/Florida Tech 300 mph Oceanfront spaces and business table tops are Debussy, Ravel, Grieg, and more, this is a concert
Melbourne Beach. jet dragster. Live music from Gemini. To enter a available for $25. Contact Beth Glover for infor- just for you with wall-to-wall classics. Tickets
new or classic car, cost is $20 at www.trinitywell- mation (321)726-0800 or email glovprop@bell- $19.99 for adults, ages 18 and younger admitted Cars enter 7:30 a.m. Deadline January 30. free.

FEBRUARY 2-4 Brevard Renaissance Fair continues 10 Seventh Annual Pioneer Day, 10 a.m. 10-11 Publix Florida Marathon
at Wickham Park, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Sams House/Pine Island and Half-Marathon Week-
1 Japanese Food and Sake Tasting 7 to 10 Saturday and Sunday, with Friday being Educa- and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 5555 and 6195 end, 7 a.m. Feb. 10 and 1 p.m. Feb. 11 at Front
p.m. at the Green Turtle Market, 855. E. tion Day. N. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island. Celebrating the Street Park, 2205 Front Street, Melbourne.
Eau Gallie Blvd. early settlers with displays, demonstrations,
5 Creative Playtime baby and toddler classes, food, music, art, nature and historic tours. Also
2-5 The Compassion Experience Mel- noon to 3 p.m. at the D.R. Schechter Satel- a farmers market, kids games and crafts, guided 13 National speaker, Maryl Walters, will
bourne, a 20-minute immersive tour lite Beach Recreation Center, 1089 S. Patrick Drive. hikes and a fish fry dinner. Details on facebook at give a free talk. OUR GOVERNMENT Sams House Pine Island. UNDER THE HEALING UNITY OF DIVINE LOVE.
7:00 p.m. at Oaks 10 Theaters,1800 Hibiscus
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Crossword PPaaggee2571 (BED AND BREAKFAST ALTERNATIVES) Blvd.,Melbourne , Florida. Sponsored by the
in January 25, 2018 Edition 1 PURR 1 PLAYGOER Christian Science churches of Brevard County.
3 PULP 2 REORIENT Free parking and child care. For more informa-
9 HATCH 4 UNPAID tion call (321) 723-5724.
11 NERVY 6 STAR 14|15 The Melbourne Municipal
12 GUITARIST 7 WHEY Band (MMB) will showcase
15 ERNEST 8 ARIA the dramatic music of popular movies when it
17 IMPUGN 13 JUVENILE presents “Music from the Big Screen” on Feb-
19 APARTMENT 14 ANATHEMA ruary 14 and 15, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the
21 HABIT 16 SHATTER Melbourne Auditorium, 625 E. Hibiscus Blvd.
23 TANGERINE 18 MAGNUM There is no charge and tickets are not required.
24 CRANE 20 TREK Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Call 724-0555 or visit
25 RAMP 21 HACK for more
26 MESA 22 BEAU information.

Sudoku Page 2560 SudokuPPaaggee2571 CrosswordPPaage 5206


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach out to customers for your service or small business targeting
Siding & Soffit the South Brevard barrier island communitites. This is the only directory mailed each week into homes in 32951,
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s Indialantic, Indian Harbour and Satellite Beach. Contact Will Gardner, 407-361-2150
[email protected].

[email protected] CGC 1524354

321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Renovated MelBeach
home ‘perfect for a family’

306 Orange Street in Melbourne Beach: 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2,534-square-foot single-family home in nice
neighborhood offered for $429,000 by Treasure Coast Sotheby’s listing agent Claudine Sloms: 321-446-9222

34 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Renovated Melbourne Beach home ‘perfect for a family’

[email protected]

The spacious home at 306 Orange
St., Melbourne Beach, was built in
1967, but ended up completely trans-
formed after the 2004 hurricanes.

Full of natural light and high-end
details, it is being offered for sale
by Treasure Coast Sotheby’s listing
agent Claudine Sloms for $429,000.

It took nearly two years to renovate
the split-floor-plan, 3-bedroom, 2.5-
bath, 2,534-square-foot house, and
when seller Riikka Bottino was fin-
ished with the interior design, from
major configuration changes down
to the last detail, it bore only slight
resemblance to the original design.
Along with other changes, structural
integrity was upgraded, with some
walls now made of poured concrete.

“I opened it all up and changed
the layout. It’s all completely re-done
including taking out walls and com-
pletely changing the master bath-
room,” said Bottino, who has relocat-
ed with her family to New Jersey.

“It took a lot of time but it’s now
the perfect house for entertaining,’’
wired for high-end electronics in-
cluding surround sound.

The home has an island kitch-
en with granite countertops and
stainless-steel appliances, includ-
ing a trash compactor. The breakfast
bar looks into an oversized family
room featuring vaulted ceilings and
a wood-burning fireplace. Formerly
made of brick before the hurricanes,
the fireplace now has an ample
hearth made of stone.

On one side of the living room,
leading to the master bedroom suite,
is an office with custom bookshelves
by Finn Design, of Melbourne Beach,
the same firm that built the maple
custom kitchen cabinets with special
hardware and was involved with the
interior design, Bottino said.

The office has a window that is
handy for parents working at home. “I
was a realtor and ran an advertising
agency. I put the window in because I
was a stay-at-home mom and I could
see the kids in the family room and
see them in the pool,’’ she said.

The office door is in the master
bedroom which is accessed from the
living room. The master bathroom
suite features both an oversized
jetted tub and a walk-in shower,
both surrounded by custom granite
countertops, twin sinks and walk-in

Outside the full-length glass doors
in the living room is a swimming pool
and fenced back yard with ample

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 35



room for landscaping. Other features bourne Beach, are perfect for a fam- Year built: 1967, extensive renovations in 2006
include hurricane rated windows, ily,” Bottino said. Bedrooms: 3
plumbing for an outdoor shower and
an attached two-car garage. “I think the biggest feature is that Bathrooms: 2 full baths and 1 half-bath
the neighborhood is phenomenal. It’s Construction: Concrete block and poured concrete
The other two bedrooms, also ac- so close to Flutie Field, the kids can
cessed via the main family room, ride their bikes to school (at Gemini Exterior Finish: Stucco
are oversized and split by a full bath- Elementary School). Square footage: 2,534 square feet under air; 3,074 square feet under roof
“It was re-done [with the thought Acreage: .33 acres
The flooring is predominantly that] I wanted to live there forever so Additional features: Breakfast bar, granite countertops, trash compactor,
tile in the main living areas, includ- I didn’t spare any expense on some wood-burning fireplace, master bath with double sinks, jetted tub and walk-
ing the kitchen, with bamboo wood stuff,’’ she said.
flooring installed in the bedrooms. in shower, pool, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, attached 2-car garage
The home is being offered for Listing agency: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty
The home, and that area of Mel- $429,000.  Listing agent: Claudine Sloms, 321 446-9222
Listing price: $429,000

36 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STORY BY ROXANA POPESCU WASHINGTON POST are priced from half a million to more sula, Nick Jekogian said he hopes his erything we need to put away to allow
than $3 million, treats quality sleep nature- and mindfulness-themed us to sleep – our to-do lists, our in-
The home design world is start- as one of many health and wellness community will entice overworked, boxes, our anxieties. So putting your
ing to tune in the tremendous value perks – including strategically placed Type-A tech heads from Silicon Valley phone to bed outside your bedroom
of a good snooze, with developers elevators that nudge people to take to unwind – after spending $5 million as a regular part of your bedtime rit-
and architects approaching a peace- the stairs, organic gardens cultivated for a lot of approximately 20 acres and ual makes you more likely to wake up
ful night’s sleep as a challenge worth by residents and a “harvest room,” several million more to build on it. as fully charged as your phone,” said
solving. It’s a nascent awareness that where people can wash their fruits Huffington.
follows a shift across other industries, and veggies while mingling. “I think that the ability to discon-
moving away from relentless technol- nect, and using nature to do that, is Michael Breus, a board-certified
ogy and stress, toward a calmer way. Blackout shades in bedrooms and going to be of huge value in people sleep doctor based in Los Angeles,
dimmable LED lights are standard, being able to sleep better,” he said. shared two essential tips for better
IPhones have that “do not disturb” said Brian Levitt, president and sleep: Make your bed and clean your
setting. Companies are adding nap While other luxury developments bedroom to make it feel welcoming.
rooms. Schools are pushing start co-founder of Nava Real Estate De- Slightly pricier, but still accessible for
times later. velopment. The project, which has tout their curated art collections or many, is investing in better pillows,
set out to be Colorado’s first Well- pet spas, the first feature Jekogian biological light bulbs, an updated
“Sleep, like clean air, increasingly certified project, also has sound at- mentioned in an interview was the mattress or a mattress topper.
has the potential to be the new luxury tenuation that exceeds code and air land’s centuries-old oak trees – a fea-
good,” said Rachel Gutter, the chief filtration “that might help the sleep ture John’s Island residents here in For bigger budgets, he recommends
product officer of the International for occupants with asthma or other Vero Beach enjoy as well. insulating walls for sound and tem-
Well Building Institute, which offers environmental sensitivities.” Circa- perature and considering the cardi-
a health and wellness building stan- dian lighting and an extra air filter Jekogian named the community nal direction the bedroom’s windows
dard modeled after LEED environ- are optional. Walden Monterey, inspired by his are facing.
mental ratings. “We are increasingly experience camping on the property
cognizant of how our homes and Levitt, in his late 40s, started valu- and by Henry David Thoreau’s mas- With a blank slate, Breus’ sleep-
our offices directly contribute to our ing sleep when it became scarce: after terpiece “Walden,” which praises optimized bedroom would be high
health and wellbeing.” he had kids. He soon began to won- early rising. tech, yet atavistic: On the top floor,
der: What sleep sustaining features at the back of a house built on a quiet
Last year, the Nobel Prize in medi- can he add to his projects? “Rise free from care before the piece of land, with at least two out-
cine, given for research on circadian dawn, and seek adventures,” Thoreau side walls, to minimize sounds from
rhythms, renewed the spotlight on “You start to think about – well, wrote there. inside. Blackout curtains would run
the link between sleep and health, people live in these buildings. A third on a timer, opening about an hour
and Arianna Huffington’s recent of their life they’re sleeping,” he said. Jekogian described his sleep as before his wake-up time. If he has to
book, “The Sleep Revolution: Trans- “phenomenal” in Monterey and ter- get out of bed at night, sensors by the
forming Your Life, One Night at a Levitt doesn’t expect people to rible in New York. “I personally know bed would feel his feet swinging out
Time,” brought the message of sleep’s spend more for wellness amenities, that keeping my phone next to me at and light a dim pathway to the bath-
importance to a mass audience. Peo- but he thinks his own investment night when I’m in New York City is room – dim, to prevent melatonin dis-
ple are more interested than ever in should pay off in terms of reputation probably one of the worst things I can ruption.
sleep, she said in an interview. and resident satisfaction. do for my sleep,” he said.
It would have French doors over-
“The level of receptiveness is sky- “They’re just going to have a bet- He feels “less anxious” when he looking a serene body of water and
rocketing,” Huffington wrote in an ter experience in their home. How do dozes on the still undeveloped land. a small meditation space where he
email. “I can see a clear difference you capitalize that?” The long view: “When you sleep near a 200-year-old could calm down before bed.
from when I first started writing the If, over time, it is proven that living tree, it puts today’s rapid-fire news
book and telling people about it com- in a healthy space, walking more and into perspective. It’s meaningless,” Jennifer Luce, principal of Luce
pared with now. These days, people sleeping more can add years to some- he said. et Studio, in San Diego, recently de-
are much more aware of the science one’s life, “the economic value of our signed a “sleep pavilion” and custom
about how important sleep is . . . but buildings will be exponentially in- This ties into Huffington’s “number bed for a pair of clients who wanted
what they want to talk about now is creased.” one tip” for creating a sleep-friendly a bedroom that would help them
less the ‘why’ than the ‘how.’ ” environment: charge your phone wind down. In some ways, it is un-
On California’s Monterey Penin- anywhere but in the bedroom. conventional. The approximately
Gutter said that while sleep-opti- 500-square-foot room is a standalone
mized homes are still a rarity, a focus “Our phones are repositories of ev- building in the garden.
on how design can support sleep is
starting to take root, “particularly in “It will be the only place they sleep,”
higher-end housing and particularly Luce said. “It will become a ritual, to
in urban areas” where quality sleep is leave the house, and to leave the daily
threatened by light and noise. world, and enter this really special
Between high-tech solutions, such
as light bulbs that promote alertness Another feature: metal slat screens
in the day and rest at night, and more around the building are timed to
primal ones, such as moving the bed- move automatically based on the
room or sometimes the whole house hour and time of year, darkening the
away from busy streets and into na- room at night and brightening it in
ture, the various approaches to sleep- the morning.
friendly housing say one thing: “A
good night’s sleep is one of the great- Luce said she had been thinking
est gifts we can give ourselves and architecture and empathy when she
our families,” Gutter said. started the project: “How does space
honor and react to human tenden-
The Lakehouse, a luxury water- cies, human emotions, human ways
front condominium tower in Denver of life? And certainly, one of those is
slated to open in 2019, where condos sleep.” 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 37


Services offer quick fixes that may help your credit score

STORY BY KENNETH R. HARNEY WASHINGTON POST involved to request that the national credit-reporting company, says that bill, though that might find its way
credit bureaus amend your files. But although the improvements in scores into your total loan fees at settlement.
Many mortgage applicants have here’s the problem: You’re under con- vary with the severity of the errone-
never heard of “rapid rescoring” or tract to buy a house and you need the ous credit-file information being cor- The expense of rapid rescoring is
CreditXpert score simulations – in errors corrected immediately; other- rected, he has “seen scores that go up why some lenders are reluctant to
part because some lenders choose wise, you risk not qualifying for the by 50 to 60 points,” saving applicants raise the subject with certain appli-
not to educate them. mortgage or interest rate you need. thousands of dollars in higher mort- cants. Paul Skeens, president of Co-
gage payments over time. Terry Clem- lonial Mortgage Group in Waldorf,
That’s unfortunate, because any- Fixing the errors directly with the ans, executive director of the National Md., told me that “a lot of people who
one who’s looking for the most fa- credit bureaus could take weeks. Consumer Reporting Association, a have problems on their credit reports
vorable interest rates and terms in Enter rapid rescoring, a process that credit-industry trade group based in simply don’t have a lot of money to
2018’s rising-interest-rate environ- frequently can get erroneous infor- Roselle, Ill., calls rapid rescoring “a spare.” But for those who can afford
ment ought to know at least the ba- mation corrected in as little as two great tool anytime consumers find rapid rescoring, “it really does work.”
sics about them – especially if their to three days. It works like this: You something in error but need to expe-
current score puts them near a break provide the documentation about dite the [correction] process.” Here’s another valuable mortgage
point for getting a better deal or qual- the accounts to your loan officer, credit tool you should know about:
ifying for a loan altogether. then request a rapid rescore using the But rapid rescoring is not for every-
loan officer’s mortgage credit-report one who seeks a quick score boost. If your score isn’t quite what you
Here’s a quick primer: Say you spot vendor. The vendor’s staff will then need but the information in your
one or more errors in your credit re- verify your documentation with the For example, if the negative infor- files is accurate, your lender should
ports – maybe an account you’ve paid creditor(s) involved and provide the mation depressing your score is ac- be able to obtain a “what-if” simula-
off in full is still being reported as corrected information directly to the curate, it won’t help. And then there’s tion through its credit vendor. Using
open and delinquent, or a collection- credit bureaus. the expense: Rescoring can cost $30 a proprietary model marketed by Bal-
account issue you’ve settled with a or more per updated account per timore-based CreditXpert, the simu-
creditor is still reported as ongoing. The updates should show up quick- credit bureau. So if you’ve got mul- lation can estimate the credit score
Both are potentially significant nega- ly on your credit files, allowing the tiple accounts to correct in all three changes available to you by taking
tives for your credit score, but if you vendor to supply a new and more ac- major national bureaus, the total cost certain actions.
have documentation, you can show curate credit report to your lender begins to add up. And there’s another
they’re out of date. along with a new – and typically high- wrinkle: You as a consumer are not Bottom line: Be aware of these op-
er – credit score. permitted to pay directly for rescor- tions. When you apply for a mortgage,
What to do? You could begin the ing. Your lender is required to foot the you’re not necessarily locked into
standard process of getting the er- Paul Wohkittel of CIS, a national your score. You just might be able to
rors corrected by asking the creditors do better. 

38 Thursday, February 1, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: Jan. 19 to Jan. 25

Real estate activity was again relatively quiet during the third week of 2018 in island ZIP codes 32951,
32903, and 32937. While Satellite Beach reported 6 sales, Indialantic and Indian Harbour Beach each
recorded 4, and Melbourne Beach just 1.
The top sale of the week was of a waterfront home on Lansing Island in Satellite Beach. The home at 217
Lansing Island Drive was placed on the market Sept. 16 with an asking price of $1.8 million. The sale
closed Jan. 22 for $1.65 million.
Both the seller and the purchaser in the transaction were represented by DeWayne Carpenter and Kirk
Kessel of Dale Sorensen Real Estate.


RIVERSIDE LANDING OF 210 IVORY DR 12/15/2017 $505,000 1/22/2018 $460,000
SALES FOR 32903 $392,000
INDIALANTIC BY SEA 1601 S SHANNON AVE 8/30/2017 $474,900 $457,500 1/19/2018
INDIALANTIC SEC D 201 COCOA AVE 9/30/2017 $474,000 $449,000 1/19/2018 $565,000
OUTRIGGER CONDO 1555 N HIGHWAY A1A 504 11/11/2017 $425,000 $425,000 1/19/2018 $560,000
ISLAMORADA CONDO 700 WAVECREST AVE 306 2/27/2017 $424,900 $389,000 1/22/2018 $430,000

SOMERSET OCEANFRONT 2095 HIGHWAY A1A 4202 12/6/2017 $589,900 $589,900 1/19/2018
LANSING ISLAND PHASE FIVE 336 LANSING ISLAND DR 7/21/2015 $625,000 $595,000 1/19/2018
OCEAN WALK CONDO 2225 HIGHWAY A1A 601 10/23/2017 $459,900 $445,000 1/19/2018
BCCNR BCH CLB CND P2 1125 HIGHWAY A1A 906 10/18/2017 $500,000 $475,000 1/24/2018

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, February 1, 2018 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Riverside Landing Of, Address: 210 Ivory Dr Subdivision: Islamorada Condo, Address: 700 Wavecrest Ave 306

Listing Date: 12/15/2017 Listing Date: 2/27/2017
Original Price: $505,000 Original Price: $424,900
Recent Price: $505,000 Recent Price: $389,000
Sold: 1/22/2018 Sold: 1/22/2018
Selling Price: 480800 Selling Price: 361000
Listing Agent: Sarah Munkacsy Listing Agent: David Settgast

Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Not Provided Lynn. Burley

Not Provided Burley Properties

Subdivision: Ocean Walk Condo, Address: 2225 Highway A1A 601 Subdivision: Somerset Oceanfront, Address: 2095 Highway A1A 4202

Listing Date: 10/23/2017 Listing Date: 12/6/2017
Original Price: $459,900 Original Price: $589,900
Recent Price: $445,000 Recent Price: $589,900
Sold: 1/19/2018 Sold: 1/19/2018
Selling Price: 430000 Selling Price: 565000
Listing Agent: Pamela Vanderveer Listing Agent: Agnes Reed & JoAnne Infurna

Selling Agent: Vanderveer Properties Selling Agent: Cameruci Realty, Inc.

Not Provided Bridget Sentz & Carolyn Smith

Not Provided RE/MAX Elite

Subdivision: Bccnr Bch Clb Cnd P2, Address: 1125 Highway A1A 906

Listing Date: 10/18/2017
Original Price: $500,000
Recent Price: $475,000
Sold: 1/24/2018
Selling Price: 400000
Listing Agent: Nancy Rozzelle

Selling Agent: NextHome Results Realty

Nancy Rozzelle

NextHome Results Realty

Subdivision: Lansing Island Phase Five, Address: 336 Lansing Island Dr

Listing Date: 7/21/2015
Original Price: $625,000
Recent Price: $595,000
Sold: 1/19/2018
Selling Price: $560,000
Listing Agent: Jeanne Caudle

Selling Agent: National Realty of Brevard

Jerry Payne

Derrick Real Estate Group, Inc.





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