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11/24/2016 ISSUE 06


MELBOURNE BEACH Beach restoration project
re-restored. P6
Brevard's South Barrier Island Newsweekly New chemo drugs
easier on patients. P18
ArtWorks of Eau Gallie gets
the creative juices flowing. P8

MY TAKE Development Zone
offers no benefit

From the Jersey Shore
to Melbourne Shores

Welcome to me. Sail #12 Alden Findley and Maria McGuire, # 16 Samantha Schroeder and Brittany Worley, #18 Sykes Evans and Natalie Powers, BY WILLIAM SOKOLIC
Until last week, I spent my and #9 Timothy Brustoski and Elizabeth Johnson. PHOTO BY MITCH KLOORFAIN Staff Writer
entire life in the Northeast,
within a radius of three hours Regatta attracts sailors from Melbourne to Jensen Beach Hobby Lobby opened to
from Philadelphia. I went much fanfare last month on
to college at Penn State and BY PETE SKIBA Foundation of Indian River 11 single-mast dinghies that the site of the former Miracle
since then migrated from Correspondent County’s First Fall 420 Regatta tacked and cruised in the la- City Mall in Titusville. The
Philadelphia to Bethlehem to at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. goon south of the Alma Lee retailer anchors what will be
Philadelphia and for the past High-school-age sailors Loy Bridge during the five- a two-phase development
30 years, the Jersey Shore. from Melbourne joined those Brisk winds and choppy hour competition. known as Titus Landing that
My experience in Florida from Vero Beach and Jensen water during the afternoon will also include a multiplex
was a vacation in Orlando, Beach for the Youth Sailing tested the skills of the two- “It was a great regatta with theater, department store,
another in Sanibel and sev- person crews who manned medical center and a number
eral visits to my in-laws in CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 of other shops.
Daytona Beach. And now I
find myself in Brevard Coun- A season to remember for Panthers Credit the North Brevard
ty, writing for the new pub- Economic Development Zone
lication, Melbourne Beach BY CHRIS BONANNO to the Crusaders in the first for the center. Formed in 2011,
32951. That there is such a Staff Writer round of the NCAA Division the NBEDZ will reimburse
thing as a new printed pub- II playoffs. the developers $6.5 million
lication is reason enough to It simply wasn’t meant to be towards a $55 million invest-
exult. for Florida Tech in their first- “I thought it was a re- ment after completion of the
Working in Florida, by the ever postseason contest on ally good football game project.
shore, is another reason. Saturday. and North Greenville just
As I sit in my apartment by didn’t make the mistakes Spending $6.5 million in
the keyboard, I contemplate Three interceptions and a and that’s why they came taxpayer dollars in exchange
balanced North Greenville out with the win,” said Flor- for a development that size
CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 offense ultimately doomed ida Tech head coach Steve at a location vacant since the
the Panthers, who fell 27-13
volunteer revamps
the town website PHOTOS BY JULIAN LEEK

Staff Writer

Volunteers can make a
world of difference in small
communities such as Mel-
bourne Beach.

Look no further than Terry


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2 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™

Regatta NEWS

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Clem Coffart and Chiara Calvez. The 420 is an international compet-
itive boating class that participated in
8 races, no mishaps, and a fun time had Rio’s 2016 Olympics, and the regatta
by competitors, volunteer safety of- is the first of what promises to be an
ficers and spectators,” said Stu Keiller, annual event including other sailing
foundation executive director. “We will clubs, said Mary Morgan, the founda-
be posting the results on our website tion’s sailing director.
“This is actually a training regatta,”
Sailors and coaches from nautical Morgan said. “It is to train the sailors
clubs in Melbourne and Jensen Beach from the clubs in sailing regattas as we
joined Vero participants to raise main- become more serious in our efforts at
sails and jibes in white fiberglass, racing.”
sloop-rigged, 420-class boats that
caught the wind and cut the sparkling Morgan pointed out that sailing
water north of The Moorings. helps the high school students in
their study habits, sharpening focus
and concentration.

“My family sails, and I grew up do-
ing it,” said Jessica Dixon, 16, of Mel-
bourne’s Space Coast Sailing Club,
a youth club with Melbourne Yacht
Club. “Sailing this regatta will help me
get really good at sailing. And, it is a lot
of fun.”

Panthers football

Englehart. “I thought they were a very one turnover . . . and then we turned “I think Panther football is very,
well-coached football team.” the ball over when we were in striking very strong and very committed,”
distance to get a score, and ultimately Farrington said.
Florida Tech (8-3) wasn’t itself offen- that was the difference in the game.”
sively for much of the game, perhaps “They certainly are in good shape
due to the absence of starting quarter- Despite the loss, it was a season to from a coaching standpoint and they
back Mark Cato, who was suspended remember for Florida Tech, which play very hard. That’s evident when
after being charged with driving un- made the postseason in just their you watch them on film. They play
der the influence and two counts of fourth year of existence. the game the right way and [are] very
DUI property damage on Sunday. impressive.” 
Much of that success is owed to a
Freshman Brandon Ziarno, a prod- group of seniors who have been with
uct of nearby Melbourne Central Englehart since the program’s incep-
Catholic High School, started the tion. After the game, the coach grew
game but junior Ryan Singer played emotional as he spoke about his play-
much of the second half for the Pan- ers.
thers. Before the game, Ziarno had
thrown just 14 passes in his Panther “These seniors mean a lot to me,”
career while Singer had thrown nine. Englehart added. “I told them they
need to be proud of what they accom-
The first quarter was largely con- plished. They had an 8-win season
trolled by the Crusaders (8-4), seeded and got a team to the playoffs in four
No. 6 in Super Regional Two playoffs, years and a lot of teams don’t ever get
with two sustained drives against a chance to play in the playoffs. They
the Panther defense. Fortunately for have a lot to be proud of.”
Florida Tech, seeded No. 3, the drives
didn’t move the scoreboard much. Even in defeat, the Panthers made
The first offensive push ended in a an impression on North Greenville
missed field goal and the second re- head coach Jeff Farrington.
sulted in a 27-yard field goal by Matt
Gravely, which gave North Greenville
only a slight 3-0 lead after one quarter.

Florida Tech was able to even the
score early in the second quarter
courtesy of a 31-yard field goal kicked
by Kyle Gullkson. The 3-3 stalemate
held for the duration of the half.

Greenville gained momentum in
the second half, taking advantage of
some key interceptions thrown by Zi-
arno and Singer, while displaying a
strong, balanced offense led by quar-
terback Will Hunt.

“Obviously the turnovers hurt.”
Englehart said. “They scored off of

Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™ Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 3


The necessity of strategy stood er and jibe to sail back with the wind linspike seamanship, and quite a few Opti Pram boats they sail now.
out as an essential part of racing the in a faster time than the other boats. of the youngsters turned out to watch “I’ve been taking classes for 10
4.2-meter or about 14-foot-long boats the older sailors.
at Saturday’s event as sailors tacked The Youth Sailing Foundation weeks. I like to watch sailing and I like
to starboard or port, making longer trains younger sailors, 9 to 14, as well Owen Hill and Spurgeon Wickel, to sail,” said Hill. “We’ll get to the big-
or shorter runs as they sailed into the as high school students, teaching both 10 years old and from Vero Beach, ger boats too.”
wind, all trying to round a race mark- sailing fundamentals, boat nomen- said they couldn’t wait to move up to
clature, basic maneuvers and mar- the 420 class boats from the smaller Wickel chimed in, “I just really like
being out on the water.” 

4 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™


My Take We imagined the mansions and I write about county issues as they Development Zone
gilded condos behind the lush vegeta- affect Melbourne Beach residents CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 tion long A1A. Not a surprise to us. We and those in the unincorporated
imagined the same thing in Avalon, communities to the south. Unincor- last tenant left the mall
the change. The Garden State versus Stone Harbor and Loveladies, wealthy porated. That’s another new concept in 2013 seems like a
the Sunshine State. The temperature communities on the Jersey Shore. for a New Jerseyan. My former state win-win situation. But
outside reads 74 degrees. Back in New has 565 municipalities. Not an inch of some county officials
Jersey, it’s barely 50 degrees and that’s We saw churning waves lapping up unincorporated earth. Each acre be- say at best the NBEDZ gives South
balmy for this time of year. Then again, on the beaches. That too is not new. longs to one town or another. Brevard short shrift and at worst,
six daughters and 10 grandchildren live The same ocean hugs the Jersey Shore, uses funds that would better be uti-
a 1,000 miles away. On the other side of if a little colder this time of year. So help me out, folks. Feed me your lized meeting more critical county
the scale a sister resides less than 90 ideas. Let me know what concerns you needs.
minutes south in West Palm Beach. Differences aside, Melbourne is about the county in your piece of para-
now the new normal. And I embrace dise. About development. About retail. “We need to treat all areas the
Give and take. it. About the environment. About law en- same instead of with preferential
My wife and I did a cursory tour forcement. And politics. About schools. treatment,” said John Tobia, who rep-
between Indialantic Beach and Vero After all I am writing for a news- resents a fair amount of Palm Bay,
Beach this past week. paper. A new newspaper. Print is not If it bothers you, maybe I can turn it along with Melbourne Beach, as the
dead after all. Think about that, resi- into a story.  new District 3 commissioner.
Melbourne Beach website Said Tobia’s predecessor, Trudie
T. PINNEY & ASSOCIATES CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Infantini: “When government creates
office space and builds a mall, that is
Presents Williams, who was honored at the not capitalism. It’s playing favorites
last Town Commission meeting, to see and picking winners and losers.”
“Effective Fundamentals of an example of that.
Proposal & Grant Writing” The decline of the space program
Williams said she saw a need for in North Brevard served as the im-
WORKSHOP the town’s website to be improved petus behind the economic develop-
• Award-winning writer “about six months ago.” ment zone. With the shutdown of the
Teri Pinney, MBA, GPC • Certified grant writing shuttle program, thousands of jobs
“Because it hadn’t been updated for disappeared in North Brevard.
professional years, it had a very old, antiquated look,
• Twenty years of experience and it didn’t play well on your hand- To help soften the blow, the county
• Author and evaluation writer held devices or your iPads or things like established the NBEDZ.
• Refined English teacher and that,” Williams said.
““The job loss was substantial,”
school administrator “We were two generations behind said Troy Post, executive director of
• Former executive director in my lay opinion,” said Town Com- the zone. “We needed to be more pro-
missioner Tom Davis. active. The idea that gained momen-
for nonprofit tum was a financing district in which
• Professional writing consultant It took a while, with Williams put- portions of tax revenue would be in-
• President of grant writing company ting in “easily 100 hours” worth of centivized to help drive development
work, but the proof is in the pudding, in potentially blighted areas.”
When: Wednesday, November 20, 2016 with a new website that looks much
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (one hour lunch break) better and is more accessible. The authority, which has a life span
Where: Holiday Inn Express Cocoa, 301 Tucker Lane Cocoa, FL of 30 years, taxes commercial and in-
Call: (772) 979-3783 “What Terry accomplished, if any- dustrial property only. The zone in-
Email: [email protected] one visits our website, they’ll see it’s clude two parts, Post said – one for
$100 per person before November 18 very professional, very efficient and Titusville and one for the unincorpo-
$125 per person after November 18 much more user-friendly to do re- rated sections of North Brevard. search,” Davis said.
After establishing property values,
Learn the basic steps for locating grant opportunities and for creating Beyond improving the look and ac- the county calculated the amount of
effective grant proposals. Know the standard grant process and cessibility of the site, Williams’ work appreciation in subsequent years to
terminology, along with the vital parts of the application packet. also saved the town “thousands of arrive at how much tax money ends
Go over the do’s and don’ts in the industry. Formating and dollars.” up flowing to economic development
grammar skills are also reviewed zone projects.
“One of the things we did was we
moved it from a proprietary system, “If values do not grow or decline
which required that the town to spend there is no revenue stream,” Post
money every month with a provider, to said. “But typically appreciation ris-
an open source hosting system,” Wil- es above the base year.” The county
liams added. zone receives an amount equal to 90
percent of the appreciation increase
So it should come as no surprise that in general revenue, while in Titus-
Williams was honored for her work on ville, the figure is 40 percent.
the website before the Nov. 16 Town
Commission meeting with a plaque. Under the terms of the incentives,
a combination of developers for Ti-
“It’s the best part of the job,” Mel- tus Landing had to demolish the
bourne Beach Mayor Jim Simmons mall, correct environmental dam-
said in presenting Williams with the age, install new lighting and build
plaque. new roadways, build the 320,000
square foot center and attract ten-
“I’m very proud to have done it,” ants before they recoup any of the
Williams said, noting the new site $6.5 million.
works much better on mobile devices
than the old one and saves staff time “A certain square footage has to be
because updates are easier to do. ready for occupancy,” Post said.

To see the results of Williams’
work, visit the new town website at 

6 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™


Beach restoration project re-restored after Matthew

BY GEORGE WHITE ple braved the July heat to install the
Staff Writer first round of native plants on a 150
feet of shoreline to establish a fer-
Undaunted by Hurricane Mat- tilizer-free buffer intended to filter
thew’s destruction of a model “living runoff, strengthen the shoreline and
shoreline” restoration project, volun- restore habitat.
teers again gathered in Ryckman Park
in Melbourne Beach on Nov. 19 to re- The re-planting project drew about
plant native plants, spread mulch and 40 volunteers.
create borders of coquina rock.
Among those loading mulch into
Last summer, more than 150 peo- buckets and wheel barrows for the
second time was Melbourne Beach

From left, Bo Platt and Melbourne Beach Mayor Jim Simmons
spread out mulch at Ryckman Park.

Mayor Jim Simmons. species including some like Bay Ce-
The event was sponsored by the dar, Sky Blue Cluster Vines and Ad-
am’s Needle,” he said.
Sebastian Inlet Chapter of Surfrider
Foundation and the Brevard Coun- Added Perna: “We really tried to
ty Environmentally Endangered pick great, beautiful, coastal species to
Lands Program in cooperation with plant here to serve as an example to in-
the Town of Melbourne Beach, and spire people to plant natives. We didn’t
supported by donations and volun- want to block the view . . . it would be
teers from SeaDek Marine Products, attractive and low profile.’’
Florida Native Plant Society, the Mel-
bourne Beach Garden Club and Ma- The original project was doing great
ple Street Natives. until Hurricane Matthew blew through
and changed everything, Perna said.
“We’ve partnered with Surfrider
before,” Simmons said. “They con- “The plants were doing really well
tacted us to be the site of a small but it was just still too new to with-
town pilot program to show other ar- stand the amount of waves and energy
eas what is possible. It’s a community that came through with the storm. I
project, and it is amazing to have so would say about 40 to 50 percent was
many people come out again. lost. It’s crazy, though, some of the stuff
I thought had been washed away had
The cost for the re-planting was just been buried by sand and storm
$1,300. surge that came [back] up,’’ she said.

“I wanted to show the alternative One change in response to the storm:
for people: that they could have native the second planting will use a different
vegetation that looks attractive, will type of grass with stronger roots that
prevent erosion and will remove nu- get established more quickly.
trients rather than adding nutrients,”
said Nichole Perna, Assistant South “What we put in made sense and
Beaches Land manager for the Brevard probably would have been fine if
County’s Environmentally Endan- it had been established before the
gered Lands program. “The fish kill storm hit. We’re switching species to
had already occurred, so it was fresh provide an excellent barrier for ero-
on everybody’s minds and everybody sion specifically,’’ Perna said.
wanted to do something and that’s
what inspired me as well.” Mike Daniel is chairman of the exec-
utive committee of the Surfrider Foun-
Helping choose the more than 30 dation, a grassroots, nonprofit, envi-
species of native plants was Bill DeLuc- ronmental organization that works to
cia, Ocean-Friendly Garden Coordina- protect oceans, waves, and beaches.
tor for the Surfrider Foundation and an
active member of the Florida Native “It’s unfortunate that Hurricane
Plant Society. Matthew damaged the plantings. But
there was never any question about
“What we have to do to lead by what we’d do – we’re going to restore
example is to use plants that are at- the Restore! And once these plantings
tractive so homeowners will want to are established, they will actually forti-
plant them. We have more than 30 fy the shoreline and increase resiliency
to future storm events,’’ Daniel said. 

8 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly


Eau Gallie High School art student Phoebe Cowett creating an illustraton.

Cathy Rodby teaches pottery to Stark Chen. PHOTOS: RYAN CLAPPER Ed Volonnino shows off his Tikis. Melissa Gipson from Beachside Grill & Deli.

Ralph Rankin shows his booth on Highland Ave. Jon Parrot had some great tunes. Dan Cambell painting on Highland Ave.
Creative juices flow at ArtWorks of Eau Gallie

BY STEPHANIE LABAFF the festival, her miniature canvases awards,” explained Committee Mem- district of Eau Gallie with its unique
Staff Writer prepped for anyone wanting throw ber Sharon Dwyer, noting that more shops and well-established galleries.
down some paint. Younger artists than $25,000 in prize money and
An explosion of creativity took Mel- were able to get their hands dirty at awards were up for grabs, with more For those wanting to delve deeper
bourne by storm during the 20th An- The Art Outpost, featuring hands-on 80 artists competing for roughly 20 into the mind of the artist, the Foosan-
nual ArtWorks of Eau Gallie Fine Arts art activities such as throwing a clay awards. “The whole mission of Art- er Art Museum offered an added bit of
Festival last weekend. More than just pot on a wheel, sculpting with model- Works is for people to see what it takes cultural diversity, screening several
a standard art festival, this two-day ing clay, and sketching their very own for an artist to create art.” art films that showcased art from the
event took “En Plein Air” to a new masterpieces. artists’ perspective. The films were in-
level, with artists not only displaying Judging from the vast diversity of spirational and educational for artists
their work, but utilizing the venue as The late Link Johnsten came up quality artwork on display, it was and discerning art-lovers alike.
a platform to demonstrate their cre- with the idea for the event 20 years ago wholly apparent that the artists had
ative process in action. and, with the help of the Strawbridge poured their hearts and souls into Roughly 12,000 people enjoyed
Art League, his educational art show their work. Artists working within the the beautiful fall day, milling about
“It’s a great opportunity for artists became a reality and continues in his same medium often brought entirely the booths of the high-caliber art-
and those interested in learning to memory. different perspectives to their crafts, ists, both professionals and those for
get tips and talk to a lot of different but all filled Highland Avenue with whom the creative process is more
artists about their techniques,” said Artists came from near and far and tangible examples of their creative of a therapeutic release. And judging
Peg Phenicie of Palm Bay. “This is my dabbled in a wide variety of mediums, talents. from the number of attendees stroll-
third year showing at this event and ranging from clay and mixed media to ing about with newly purchased ac-
I love talking to the children; they’re wood and watercolor. Festival-goers Rounding out the event, many at- quisitions clutched in their hands,
amazing.” were also afforded an up-close look at tendees gathered on the green and they had thoroughly appreciated the
creative processes for jewelry making, enjoyed listening to local musicians opportunity to get a glimpse behind
Phenicie was working on a water- photography and sculpting. while having a bite to eat. The event the visionary development of their fa-
color painting as she spoke about was well situated among the historic vorite artists. 
“We have art and demonstration

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 9



Cheryl Mendez Clark gave exhibit tours inside the Foosaner Art Museum.

Wade Cox with his father Derek Cox.

Jennifer Bonset standing by her artwork.

Jinsheng Song.

10 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly



Renée Decator. PHOTOS: STEPHANIE LABAFF John A. Fitts.

James Gary Richmond. Betsy and Mike Paul with Nikos Alexiades.

Makena with Maggie Lutz.



12 Melbourne Beach 32951 | Novembver 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™


Andrew Galuska brings joy to the church music world

BY MICHELLE GENZ Andrew Galluska. P HOTOS BY DENISE RITCHIE school in southeastern Massachusetts, United Methodist Church, playing on
Staff Writer and we had to attend Mass, well, all the the 15th largest pipe organ in America.
of Community’s congregation and the time,” he says, not skipping a beat at his The church, funded through the Kresge
Ask Andrew Galuska his idea of a great county’s newly anointed poet laureate. hyperbole. “I was sitting in a wonderful family, is in downtown Detroit, which
weekend, and the answer will doubtless church with a massive organ, and I had had yet to begin its revitalization. “I saw
involve church music. A dozen Sundays While it wouldn’t be accurate to say the call. I knew I had the call.” things that I never want to see again
into his new role as music director of music is in Galuska’s DNA – his parents in my life, but I served a great church,”
Community Church, Galuska, 40, is only played an instrument because Quickly, his parents provided him he says. It was there that he first began
ramping up for the weekend, bounding their parents made them – the joys of with both a piano and organ in the his poetry and organ concerts. He also
from a test drive on the just-installed organ music struck him at a time when home “as soon as they saw the talent directed and conducted a baroque en-
new organ in the chapel to a sound his peers were singing along with “Ses- start to emerge,” Galuska says. Within semble.
check (using gospel verse) on new high- ame Street.” the towns of Fall River and then Som-
tech speakers in the sanctuary. erset, Mass. – which bears the nick- From Detroit he moved to Rochester,
“I was in kindergarten in Catholic name “Musictown” for all its bands and Minn., where for three years he was di-
“I am fun, fun, fun,” he says. choirs – support came from a veritable rector of music at St. Mary’s Chapel, af-
To be clear, Galuska’s idea of a mix village of adults. “Not just my parents, filiated with the Mayo Clinic next door.
tape for this party isn’t Christian rock but my grandparents, aunts and uncles
or even a folk mass. His party music in- all chipped in with driving me around Today, Galuska plays on what for the
volves voices raised in stirring sacred for lessons and concerts,” he says. “My Community Church congregants is a
song, or centuries-old music played on mother has always told people, ‘I never dream: the 4,000-pipe Lively-Fulcher
a magnificent pipe organ. had to ask Andrew to practice.’” organ, installed in 2010 at a cost of $1.7
He also likes to deliver the unex- million. The music director at the time
pected now and then. Next month, on By 12, he had his first job, playing was José-Daniel Flores (he is visiting
three consecutive Thursday mornings, the organ at Saturday evening Mass. this weekend to play in a traditional
Galuska will introduce Vero to a new The thrill went beyond having pocket organ-vs.-piano competition with his
concept: a concert of organ music with money, and even beyond playing for brother, Marcos Flores, director of mu-
poetry readings to mark the period of an audience. It went to the pleasure of sic at Christ-by-the-Sea).
Christian hopefulness known as Ad- playing an actual pipe organ in a dark
vent. Helping help him pair local poets old New England church, knowing how When Flores left two years ago to di-
with music is Sean Sexton, a member many others had played it before him. rect Albany, N.Y.’s Pro Musica commu-
nity choir, his former associate director,
“It was a very historic instrument, Ryan Kasten, took on the music director
built in 1883. It was a dream, just sit- job at Community. He has since left to
ting there alone in the dark practicing,” become a realtor and serves as organist
he says. He went on to perform his first at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church.
public concert at 13 – and noticing his
foot wouldn’t stop shaking. Galuska arrived to a program “wiped
clean,” as he puts it – the choice of this
In high school, he hung out with “the season’s concerts was entirely his, he
orchestra geeks,” though for them, he says.
was more than another geek – he was
the orchestra’s music director. He went They include the three Advent poetry
on to get his undergraduate degree in and organ concerts in December, as
organ performance at Rhode Island well as a “Peace on Earth” celebration
College, a master’s degree in organ per- Dec. 11 with Community’s three choirs
formance and choral arts at the Uni- plus its brass ensemble and bell groups.
versity of Houston, and his all-but-dis- Pianist Rochelle Sallee, now living in
sertation in the doctor of musical arts Sebastian, will also perform as she will
program at Rice University’s Shepherd in a duo concert with Galuska in Febru-
School of Music. ary. The Nautilus group will give a con-
cert of the Henry Purcell opera accom-
He spent five years in Detroit as panied by baroque harpsicord.
minister of music at the Metropolitan
In the spring, there will be a Lenten
reprise of the poetry and organ con-
cert series. And on Good Friday, he has
scheduled the contemporary requiem
Mass by Mack Wilberg, director of mu-
sic at the Mormon Tabernacle; Galuska
calls it “transportingly otherworldly.”
It will be performed by a full orchestra
and the church’s Chancel Choir that by
Easter will have swelled from its current
65 to 120, Galuska predicts.

Last week Galuska was sitting down to
write the job description to post online
for a new assistant, expected to start in
January or February. That person will
serve as accompanist for the ensembles
so that Galuska can focus on voices.

“I have every expectation that this
will become the best music program on
the East Coast,” he says. 

Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™ Melbourne Beach 32951 | Novembver 24, 2016 13


Coming Up: Kenny G, Havana All-Stars at the King

BY MICHELLE GENZ did with Michael Bolton on the 1990 improved relations “a very weak main today, overseeing the school’s
Staff Writer Grammy Awards show. If nothing agreement.” chamber music department. The
else, he has a sense of humor: He highly acclaimed group is giving
1 I sided with Pat Metheny and posted the clip on his website. 3 Borders never stopped the St. a concert through the Melbourne
Richard Thompson on the is- Lawrence String Quartet from Chamber Music Society Dec. 2. at St.
Mark’s Methodist Church in Indial-
sue of saxophonist Kenny G’s ego- 2 The Havana Cuba All-Stars are wowing audiences in the U.S. when antic.
much more to my tastes, and
overreach in overdubbing Louis the group formed in Toronto in

Armstrong way back in 2008. But they’re playing the King Center the 1989. Less than a decade later, after

for those who don’t hold a grudge, next night, Nov. 30. The 11-mem- numerous international tours, they 4 At Plaza Live in Orlando, a con-
cert by the genius jazz-fusion
Kenny G is appearing Tuesday at the ber band has been performing for became ensemble-in-residence at

King Center. Barely a month ago, he 30 years, but it’s their first U.S. tour, Stanford University, where they re- CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

hosted the Musicians Hall of Fame thanks to recently warmed rela-

induction ceremony in Nashville. tions; they come under the auspices

And in September, he got spoofed of the Ministry of Culture. No telling

on James Corden’s “Late, Late Show” if the elections are prompting a rush

by actor Danny McBride, when the on concert tickets, since President-

two did a send-up of the duet Kenny elect Donald Trump has called those

Kenny G.


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Fernando Varela.

St. Lawrence String Quartet.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 at 17 for Central Florida Lyric Opera.
Taken under the wing of producer
bass player Stanley Clarke, winner David Foster – he helped develop
of four Grammy awards and Rolling Celine Dion, Josh Groban and An-
Stone’s first-ever Jazzman of the Year, drea Bocelli, among others – Varela’s
is slated for Saturday night. There is star has risen; he just signed with
no way to exaggerate Clarke’s signifi- Deutsche Grammaphon.
cance in jazz guitar; he has won so
many awards, it grows tedious just The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. in
reading through them – though one the 2,700-seat Walt Disney Theatre.
jumps out: for everything he’s ever Now two years old, the theater and
done, the Miles Davis Award at the the rest of the Dr. Phillips Center for
2011 Montreal Jazz Festival. the Performing Arts is worth the trip.
It is home to Opera Orlando, Orlan-
It’s been eight years since Clarke do Philharmonic and Orlando Ballet
came within driving distance of our – which, by the way, offers its “Nut-
area and fans of his ground-break- cracker” there Dec. 8.
ing style are sure to
pack Plaza Live, one “The Nutcracker.”
of my favorite venues
and, for Clarke espe- 6 Closer to home, at the King
cially, a guaranteed Center, Space Coast Ballet’s
vibrant scene. Some
’70s survivors in the “Nutcracker” features Maria Ba-
crowd will no doubt
recall Clarke’s mo-
mentous presence in
“The New Barbarians,”
a group formed by the
Stones’ Ronnie Wood
and Keith Richards
and the Meters’ drum-
mer Zigaboo Model-
iste, among others.
They played a mix of
rock and roll, country
and blues; one perfor-
mance in Toronto, as
warmup to the Stones,
was a condition of
Keith Richard’s sentence for heroin
possession in 1978. O, Canada! That’s
what I call creative sentencing.

ranova, who last year left the Finn-

5 We all heard about the election ish National Ballet to join Boston
impact of Puerto Ricans who’ve
Ballet as a soloist; and Florimond

relocated to Orlando. Next Wednes- Lorieux, a longtime Paris Opera Bal-

day, Nov. 30, we’ll get to enjoy their let dancer who just joined Boston

influence on central Florida culture: Ballet as a soloist. They’ll add polish

Tenor Fernando Varela will give a to the already excellent students of

concert at the Dr. Phillips Center the Russian-style Space Coast Ballet

for the Performing Arts in Orlando Academy, founded by former Kirov

in a performance that will be taped Ballet dancers Janna Kirova and Bo-

for possible broadcast on PBS. Born ris Chepelev.

in Puerto Rico, Varela moved to Or- Performances are Dec. 5 at 2 p.m.

lando at the age of 8. He auditioned and 7 p.m. 

16 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly


Chemo savvy: New drugs more palatable for patients

BY TOM LLOYD Dr. Stephen Patterson. PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE outpatient infusion center just like you
Staff Writer see here and it’s because we now have
the drugs that can prevent those side
There are over 100 different types effects.”
of cancer that can attack the human
body and the National Cancer Insti- That explains, at least in part, why
tute estimates 1,685,210 new cases of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer
cancer will be diagnosed in the United Center says, depending on the type
States this year. Nearly 600,000 Ameri- and stage of a patient’s cancer, their
cans die from some type of cancer an- first cancer appointment will likely be
nually. with a medical oncologist, the doctors
who prescribe chemotherapy drugs.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is the National Insti- Patients are sent to medical on-
tutes of Health’s most recent “Annual cologists for other reasons, as well.
Report to the Nation on the Status of “A lot of times people get scheduled
Cancer,” published in March of this with a medical oncologist when there
year, shows cancer death rates are may be some vagueness about which
declining, and Scully-Welsh Cancer direction their treatment should go
Center medical oncologist Dr. Stephen because medical oncologists usually
Patterson, points to new medications are in the center of all of it,” Patterson
– including a variety of chemotherapy- says. “[Patients] usually get sent to us
related drugs – as one of the top rea- for that reason and then we decide: Do
sons for the decline. they need to see surgery or radiation or
“All these new drugs are coming both.”
out,” says Patterson enthusiastically,
“we get them almost every month it The Centers for Disease Control es-
seems.” timates this year about 650,000 cancer
He is not exaggerating. patients will receive chemotherapy
in outpatient oncology clinics like the
CM So far this year the FDA has ap- one at Scully-Welsh. But it warns those
COLLINS & MONTZ DENTISTRY proved no fewer than a dozen new patients are also at risk for developing
chemotherapy treatment drugs and serious infections – infections that can
cosmetic dentistry  preventive dentistry nearly a quarter of the calendar year is lead to hospitalizations, disruptions
restorative dentistry  dental implants still to come. in chemotherapy schedules and even
Experience the fusion of traditional But what may be even more impor-
values and modern dentistry. tant, according to Patterson, is what’s That’s because many chemotherapy
been done to make chemotherapy drugs can at least temporarily dam-
Dr. J. Hunter Collins Dr. Roger Montz more palatable to patients. age a patient’s bone marrow where
infection-fighting white blood cells
524 Ocean Avenue “That’s not the area of medicine that are made. With a potentially weak-
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 really gets talked about a lot. It’s not an ened immune system, cancer patients
area that gets published a lot, but I end are especially at risk when exposed to
(321) 725-6565 up spending a lot of time talking to pa- transmissible infections from other
tients about this. It’s called supportive patients as well as medical staff mem- care drugs. bers.

Supportive care drugs help prevent So, Patterson and his staff need to be
the nausea, vomiting and excessive hyper-vigilant.
bowel movements brought on by cer-
tain chemo agent, explains Patterson. Still, Patterson’s enthusiasm is pal-
They include allopurinol, rasburicase pable. “I think it’s a very exciting time
and amifostine. to be an oncologist in general,” he ex-
claims. “The drugs we have are work-
Energized by the topic, Patterson ing, and they are working better. I think
continues by saying, “Even though that we are changing the paradigm of
we read how great our new drugs are the way we manage patients based on
to treat cancer, the drugs that we have a lot of these newer therapeutics.”
to prevent and reduce side effects are
even better.” The full text of the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, the American
Now, according to Patterson, “We’ve Cancer Society, the National Cancer In-
probably had two or three different stitute and the North American Associa-
generations of improving drugs to pre- tion of Central Cancer Registries’ “An-
vent [chemotherapy] side effects. I’ll nual Report to the Nation on the Status
give you an example: Just a few years of Cancer” can be viewed online at http://
ago we commonly would admit pa-
tients for some chemotherapies be-
cause we knew the drugs were going Dr. Stephen Patterson is with the
to cause nausea and vomiting. Now Scully-Welsh Cancer Center in Vero
those very same drugs we do in an Beach at 998 35th Lane. The phone
number is 772-266-4810. 

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 17


Weed all about it: Nation accepting of medical marijuana

BY ARIANA EUNJUNG CHA they can serve.” people who have any of 18 qualifying
The previous restriction imposed a conditions – such as cancer, glauco-
Washington Post ma, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s
limit of three, which was sharply op- disease and hepatitis C – to access
Election Night was a winner for med- posed by patients and providers in the dispensaries. According to the As-
ical marijuana – with ballot initiatives program. Most medical marijuana sociated Press and KTHV, “some po-
in numerous states widening access to patients were left without a registered litical leaders said they preferred that
the substance for Americans seeking provider under the restrictions. Since Arkansas legislators instead allow a
relief from pain or a treatment for ill- they went into effect, patients have version of the drug that is low in THC,
ness. left the program. which gives marijuana its high.” 

Massachusetts and California, where Arkansas: The measure allows
Napster co-founder and cancer phi-
lanthropist Sean Parker helped fund
a campaign to legalize the drug, were
among the states passing new recre-
ational marijuana laws. The tide also
turned in Florida, North Dakota and
Arkansas – where similar measures
were defeated in the past. Before this
week, medical marijuana was legal in a
little over half the country or 25 states.

The wins come as rigorous scientific
evidence mounts that marijuana or its
components may have beneficial medi-
cal effects. Earlier this year, GW Phar-
maceuticals said that clinical trials
show a cannabis-derived drug may be
able to reduce seizures in patients with
Dravet syndrome, a rare and severe
form of epilepsy. Physicians are also in-
creasingly looking to marijuana as an
alternative to highly addictive opioids
that have led to a crisis in overdoses.

Here’s a closer look at the medical
marijuana measures passed on Elec-
tion Night:

Florida: A similar measure was nar-
rowly defeated two years ago. This
time, voters cast their ballots over-
whelmingly in favor of a full-scale
medical marijuana program. The new
amendment states that patients with
illnesses of the “same kind or class as or
comparable to” serious illnesses, such
as cancer, HIV, post-traumatic stress
disorder, Parkinson’s disease and epi-
lepsy would be eligible to access medi-
cal marijuana. Some 450,000 residents
would qualify, according to The News-
Press in Fort Myers. The state already
had laws on the books that allowed the
use of marijuana for the terminally ill
and of a cannabis-derived drug for epi-

North Dakota: According to the Bis-
mark Tribune, “The measure will al-
low people to possess up to 3 ounces of
medical marijuana for treatment of up
to nearly a dozen medical conditions.
Facilities for medical marijuana dis-
tribution will be licensed by the state
Health Department and operated by
nonprofit organizations.”

Montana: The Independent Record
in Helena reported that the measure
means that “providers of the drug will
not be limited to the number of patients

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 21


Kurdish border police soldiers advance to the frontline during an operation Kurds take photos with their phones next
to the IS black flag they captured after
they took control of a village.

Kurdish border police soldiers look out from
a building on the frontline during an operation
to attack IS and clear and secure the IS-
controlled village of Yangega,
south of Kirkuk, Kurdistan.

A Peshmerga soldier aims his weapon Kurdish border police take down the
out of a window while guarding an area IS black flag after taking control
controlled by the Peshmerga during during a three-day offensive
heavy fighting between Peshmerga operation.
and IS forces in Jalawla, Iraq.
intervention and demanded the YPG,
State John Kerry and Antony Blinken, which had just captured a strategic
his deputy, have recently traveled to town from ISIS, pull back east of the
the region for meetings with Kurdish Euphrates River.
leaders. And U.N. Ambassador Saman-
tha Power devoted large portions of Galbraith says Iraqi Kurds have a
her 2002 Pulitzer Prize–winning book, much better relationship with Turkey
A Problem From Hell, to the Kurdish than they once did; for the past 13
genocide, and she was highly critical of years, they have been exporting crude
Hussein’s chemical warfare against the oil to Ankara in what’s become a stra-
Kurds in Iraq. tegically important and lucrative ar-
rangement for both sides.
The U.S. government, however, has
not officially supported Kurdish inde- But oil isn’t a panacea for Iraqi Kurds;
pendence in Iraq. Part of this is due to revenue is currently low due to the
fears of greater chaos in the region. collapse in prices, and there are con-
tinued budget disputes with the Iraqi
The other part has to do with Tur- government. The result has been a loss
key. A NATO member that has been in profit that, coupled with the cost of
battling Kurdish separatists for de- fighting ISIS, has drastically eroded
cades, Turkey recently sent troops Kurdish finances.
into Syrian territory ostensibly to
help fight ISIS but also to contain These obstacles, some analysts say,
Kurdish advances. will likely delay Kurdish indepen-
Ankara worries that if Iraqi Kurdis-
tan declares independence, Kurdish “While there is no doubt that the
groups in Syria and Turkey would do Kurdistan region is heading toward
the same, threatening Ankara’s territo- successful self-determination,” says
rial claims as well as oil transportation Samuel Morris, a research fellow at the
routes within the country. Middle East Research Institute, a think
tank in Washington, D.C., “Kurdish in-
In August, Syrian Kurdish groups dependence, in the short term, is unre-
felt a familiar sense of betrayal when alistic.” 
the U.S. supported Turkish military

EHRS: ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS contribute to medical errors, such as illegible writing, transcrip-
tion misinterpretations and clinical miscommunications.
In the early 2000s, the potential value of computerizing
patients’ health records – to save time, avoid duplication of Converting processes to digital form is not an easy task. Sys-
services, reduce the risk of dangerous medical mistakes, lower tems were bought from software companies whose products
costs and improve efficiency – was rapidly becoming evident. are certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health
Information Technology. With continuous input from the hos-
President George W. Bush in his 2004 State of the Union pitals, physicians and staff members testing these systems, the
address announced a goal of assuring that most Americans software companies are making improvements and changes.
had electronic health records within 10 years.
All eligible healthcare systems and physicians in the U.S. are
While the Bush administration laid the groundwork for required to meet the EHR mandates. Non-compliance is not an
such a program, and pilot programs were initiated in several option for those actively providing healthcare services.
states, it was not until several years later that President Barack
Obama and Congress – in response to the financial crisis of What does all this mean for patients?
2007-2008 – included big dollars in an economic stimulus First, patients can be assured the sanctity of their personal
package to aggressively move medicine in this direction. health information in EHRs is being monitored and protect-
ed. If a breach occurs, the medical provider faces serious fi-
The Health Information Technology for Economic and nancial, and possible civil and criminal, consequences.
Clinical Health (HIGHTECH) Act allocated $25.8 billion for Ultimately, a patient’s EHR will be included in Health Infor-
health information technology investments, providing mon- mation Exchanges (HIEs) that connect hospitals, pharmacies,
etary incentives for eligible hospitals and physicians to adopt labs, registries, and home health agencies in real-time.
electronic health records (EHRs). Information sharing between groups wired to the HIE will
improve efficiency, eliminate unnecessary treatment and help
The hospitals and physician practices were offered the avoid medical complications. Already systems are being put
opportunity to be reimbursed for money they spent install- into place that enable patients to make doctor appointments,
ing and implementing certified electronic health record sys- receive lab results, order prescription refills and ask their doc-
tems, and were told if they did not meet firm deadlines, they tors questions over the Internet.
would face cuts in Medicare/Medicaid payments. As much as the Internet has changed our world, having
your EHR readily accessible to authorized medical providers
For hospitals and physician practice systems, the government may one day change – or save – your life.
mandates “meaningful use” of EHRs to improve quality, safety
and efficiency. They are required to incorporate technology into ©2016 Vero Beach 32963 Media, all rights reserved
their workflow in ways that help minimize human factors that

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 23


In “Bellevue: Three Centuries of Med- associated with their misery. He writes ular prejudices, noting that the hospi- mentation prevailed.” The gist of the
icine and Mayhem at America’s Most of the hospital’s function in times of tal welcomed Jewish doctors as well as book is that caring for impoverished
Storied Hospital,” David Oshinsky has plague: yellow fever, cholera, ¬puer- Christian ones, female doctors as well populations, criminals, the insane and
written a meticulous if somewhat too peral fever, tuberculosis, swine flu, as male ones, and African American AIDS victims has always been steeply
narrowly focused history that lays out AIDS, even Ebola. Unlike many parallel staff as well as Caucasian. Implicitly, challenging work that all too often goes
the progress of medicine in the United institutions, Bellevue has never turned he tells the story of a nation riven with unacknowledged. It makes you feel
States as well as the contextual history away incurable patients, offering them bigotry, where the social advancement better about humanity to learn about
within which it has unfolded. whatever mitigating treatment was of stigmatized groups was contingent people who have chosen this noble
possible, often risking doctors’ lives in on their irrefutable courage, brilliance work over the centuries; indeed, Os-
Bellevue was one of the first public the process. and ingenuity. He is particularly impas- hinsky’s greatest strength may be his
hospitals in North America. From its sioned about the achievements of early capacity for admiration. But seldom
first incarnation as a small infirmary in Oshinsky’s book also chronicles the female doctors. do we really get to know these people;
the 1660s up to its role in the AIDS crisis gradual professionalization of medi- they appear in vignettes – largely pro-
and beyond, it has been central to the cine, describing the 18th-century grave In the public imagination, Bellevue fessional ones – until the AIDS chapter,
invention of the American hospital as robbers who enabled early medical is synonymous with psychiatry, but its where he expands more liberally on the
we know it. Oshinsky’s narrative reveals students to learn anatomy and how psychiatric facility did not achieve real personalities involved.
how hospitals, once a public service those amateurish operations evolved prominence until the late 19th century,
only for desperate people unable to pay into the highly competitive, techno- though the hospital had long includ- If you are already interested in the
a doctor to visit them at home, became logically sophisticated medical schools ed a small wing for the insane. In the history of Bellevue, this is the book for
the central locus of modern health care. of today. The author traces the inven- 1840s, the issue of mixing the mentally you; if you are not thus invested, you
tion of the modern American civilian ill with the physically ill began to at- may not feel compelled to stick out
Bellevue contained an almshouse ambulance following the use of medi- tract troubling notice. “The invalid, the some of the tough sledding. Oshinsky
in its early days, and one of its build- cal evacuation vehicles during the Civil aged, the infirm, the vagrant, and half has done a great deal of homework,
ings more recently served as a home- War. He describes the infancy of an- lunatic [are] now confined together, and his researcher’s pride in detail
less shelter; no one, sick or otherwise, esthesia in the mid-19th century. He and are allowed the most unrestrained leads him to provide a weight of gra-
has ever been too destitute for its char- takes us through the gunfire to which intercourse,” a grand jury reported, tuitous information – long sequences
ity. Oshinsky delineates the squalor in Presidents Abraham Lincoln and James calling such arrangements an affront about how one building was designed,
which impoverished immigrants have Garfield succumbed. He reflects on the to “every Christian.” Journalist Nellie another built, yet another planned
lived in New York and the pestilence debates about germ theory, quoting Bly, in a famous 1887 undercover as- but never built, and who in which of-
the once-prevalent medical wisdom signment, exposed the appalling con- fice of the city government favored or
that the removal of a bullet should al- ditions in which the mentally ill were opposed a particular project. We get a
ways be done with the “thumb and being held for supposed treatment. rather too-thorough roster of hospital
fore-finger,” usually unwashed, a prej- Funding for and attention to their care administrators. “Bellevue” is curiously
udice that endured even after the ad- soon increased by vast multiples. lacking in emotional punch, expressing
vent of sterile procedures. an almost hagiographic veneration for
Doctors at Bellevue have since cham- the very real accomplishments of the
He reports on how Florence Night- pioned some of what came to be seen as hospital, its doctors and its programs,
ingale’s visionary practice of nursing in best practices and some of what came to but without deeply moving the reader.
the Crimean War provided a model for be seen as the worst. Locked wards for You find much to respect about medical
the nursing school at Bellevue, where the criminally insane engendered their progress, but your heart does not swell
only women who were “moral” and own legal system, allowing people to be with the advancements. The prose can
“cultivated” were allowed to assist; he tried before a clinically trained judge in be academic even when the content has
also recounts the hospital’s flirtation a hospital courtroom. Oshinsky narrates the potential to be electrifying. 
with training male nurses, which was Lauretta Bender’s alarming midcentury
quashed by scandal amid rumors of ho- experiments using electroconvulsive BELLEVUE: THREE CENTURIES OF MEDICINE
mosexuality. He reviews the populariza- therapy for children with a broad range AND MAYHEM AT AMERICA’S MOST
tion of circumcision, led by a Bellevue of diagnoses, some of whom seem to STORIED HOSPITAL
physician. He depicts the emergence of have been helped and many of whom BY DAVID OSHINSKY
a “chest service” in the 1920s that affili- were certainly traumatized. Doubleday. 387 pp. $30.
ated cardiology and pulmonology.
All in all, Oshinsky portrays “a place Review by Andrew Solomon, Washington Post
Oshinsky writes with particular vigor where bold, creative, if sometimes bi-
of Bellevue’s refusal to subscribe to pop- zarre and Frankenstein-like, experi-


New York Times Bestselling Author of the 1. The Whistler 1. Cooking for Jeffrey 1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11:

LINDA FAIRSTEIN presents 2. Into the Lion's Den
DEVLIN QUICK ~ Into the Lion’s Den 2. Night School 2. Killing the Rising Sun
** This is the first of Linda’s new mystery BY LINDA FAIRSTEIN
series for young readers ages 8-12 BY LEE CHILD BY BILL O'REILLY & MARTIN DUGARD
featuring a smart and plucky young sleuth 3. Furthermore BY TAHEREH MAFI
3. This Was a Man 3. Fifty Places to Drink Beer 4. Dog Man BY DAV PILKEY
named Devlin Quick!** Before You Die 5. Harry Potter and the Cursed
Dial Books for Young Readers BY CHRIS SANTELLA Child BY J.K. ROWLING
4. Brain Storm BY ELAINE VIETS
5. The Wrong Side of 4. Settle for More


BY MICHAEL CONNELLY 5. Best. State. Ever.


392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

26 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly



7 Procession (6) 1 Bet (6)
8 Lucky charm (6) 2 Spotted beetle (8)
9 Conform (4) 3 Flower part (5)
10 Creative (8) 4 Fond of (7)
11 Excellence (5) 5 Cuddles (4)
12 Herbal garnish (7) 6 Purify (6)
15 Progress (7) 13 Helps (8)
17 Small shovel (5) 14 Afternoon show (7)
2 Status (8) 16 Improve (6)
22 Eggshaped (4) 18 Male ducks (6)
23 Industrious (6) 19 Flat (5)
24 Respect (6) 21 Revolve (4)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 27


ACROSS 73 Humor mag for 2 Jinxed 89 Ashes holder The Washington Post
egg lovers? 3 Of element 77 90 Snake River state
1 Incendiary dish 4 ___ Yu-tang 91 Phony
6 The Naked Maja 77 Unseat 5 Actress Swenson 92 Bill for Brel
79 Dirndl edge 6 What about Eve? 93 Resistance unit
duchess 80 Charged particle 7 Ed’s editor 94 Computer mag
10 6 Across actress 82 Tree feller 8 Rose or George?
13 Mom-and-pop 83 Author Umberto 9 ___ as a for Scots?
85 Judge 95 Greek letter
estab. 86 Take-off abbr. redwood 96 “Seesaw,
16 Sports magazine 88 King canine 10 The thin picture
90 Conditional words 11 Swerve Margery ___”
for 92 Exasperated 12 TV oldie, He ___ 97 Glottis preceder
newlyweds? 93 Ahab’s son, in the 13 Hobby mag for 105 Babe in arms
18 Jilting Joe 106 Steady (oneself)
20 Swampy spot Bible abusive fashion 107 Type of kick
21 Sean Lennon’s 95 Auto mag for designers? 108 Hawaiian goose
mom 14 Crafts mag for 109 Elvis hit, “In the
22 Sports mag golfers? unlucky skiers?
published by 98 86 Across opp. 15 Wizard’s exposer ___”
UPS? 99 “___ thou an arm 16 Ski-lift support 111 Over
25 Morse quickie 17 Musician’s job 112 ’eadgear
26 “I don’t have ___ like God?” 19 Wasn’t right 115 Troy
cent!” 100 Harrison role 23 Theater area 116 Motown 11
27 In the past 101 Motel rater, briefly 24 O’Neill’s is hairy 117 Planet reporter
28 Literary mag for 102 Emissions grp. 31 Colorers 118 Grapes of Wrath
nags? 103 Legal thing 33 Look for
29 WWII theater 104 Da Vinci’s 34 20/20 guy name
30 Wrote anew 37 Mehitabel’s pal 120 Siam visitor
32 Wander birthdate 39 Actor Gulager 121 Itinerant thief
35 Sideways look 106 Sports mag for gift 40 Purser’s vessel 123 On one’s way
36 Sentry’s shout 41 Sale-tag abbr. 124 Fashionable
38 Sports mag about wrappers? 42 Grannies
clothes washers? 110 Vienna, in Vienna 43 Ordinal ending Christian
42 ___ Melodies 111 Rack up 44 A 4-H H 128 “Camptown
(vintage Warner 113 An ending? 45 Don’t listen to
Bros. cartoons) 114 The last parfait 46 Buyer’s mag to Races” horse
44 Sot’s sound be read after 129 Johnnie Ray
47 Samuel’s teacher direction dinner?
48 Humbling feeling 118 Common exercise 49 Pesky pipsqueak classic
49 G & S princess 119 With 127 Across, 50 It has drawers 130 ___-Magnon
51 Argot relative 54 Drug cop
52 Sometimes literary mag that 55 Gossip THE PERIODICAL TABLE By Merl Reagle
inflated item claims to have 56 “It’s clear now”
53 Sports mag with proof of intelligent 59 And on and on
movie info? life on Capitol Hill? 62 Bill with a
57 With Fidelity, 122 Head signal pyramid
a magazine 125 Director Kazan 64 Gomez’s grizzly
58 Henry VIII married 126 It’s out of its mine 65 Stopper, in some
two 127 See 119 Across games
60 Yummy stuff 131 Green and Smith 67 Solemn words
61 Snakes 132 Jet dir. 69 Perspicacious
62 Sailor’s squeeze 133 Mystery-writing 70 ___ a well
63 Like Conan award 72 Ilsa, to Rick
Doyle’s World 134 Finance mag 74 Indian prince
64 Boston Bobby for Chinese- 75 Neuron thingy
65 Nightcap for Capp restaurant 76 Lucie’s dad
66 Relatives owners? 78 Ante
68 Terrific, to 135 Outlawed spray 81 College org.
skateboarders 136 Small amount 84 Break a
71 “Monster Sunday” 137 Like dirty a.m. commandment
competitors dishes 87 Championship
138 Vacancies

1 Task

The Telegraph

28 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly


What to change in your life if you’re feeling unhappy

BY CAROLYN HAX Dear Carolyn,
Washington Post My fiance is European, I am from the United States,
and after our fall wedding we will be living in a different
Dear Carolyn, country altogether.
Our wedding guests would like to know whether we
I have a bit of an open-ended are registered anywhere for gifts. Because where we live
next depends on where both of us get our next jobs, we
question. When I’m unhappy, can only specify two continents with any certainty. That
is why I would like people to make a donation to our
I tend to want to change every- relocation fund. We don’t need crystal bowls and cake
knives as much as money to get started in our new home.
thing – job, relationships, etc. – My fiance says he feels uncomfortable asking for mon-
ey, but I feel like that would be the best use of our friends’
at once. It’s hard for me to deci- and family’s generosity. Is it ever okay to just ask for
money? If so, how can we do it without sounding tacky?
pher where I’m unhappy and what the best ways are – International Affairs of the Heart

to change things, rather than blow up my whole life. Dear ‘International Affairs of the Heart’:
The Holy Grail, cold fusion, Bigfoot, Atlantis, the cure
Are there ways to start to unpack all of this? for the common cold, a tasteful way to request cash
gifts: What do these things have in common?
– Time to Leave? If the mythic quest for the polite shakedown ever
has a happy conclusion, then I’ll be sure to publish an
Dear ‘Time to Leave’: your own strengths? update in this space. In the meantime, those who have
When you have the urge to blow up everything, the If your physical and emotional habits are solid, then no use for what others purchase for them, for whatever
most prominent common denominator is you, right? reason, will have to make use of the options that good
So, the question waiting for an answer is, why don’t you move on to temporary rut-busting: vacation. Or, a manners always permit.
feel like you’re living the right life for you? weekend road trip, or even a day trip, or just lunch with The first and best option is to remind yourself that
Big stuff. That’s why, absent an epiphany, the best a friend you haven’t seen lately. Give your eyes a new getting started in your new home is entirely your finan-
way to start is with small steps toward getting healthy. place to rest. Familiarity can limit your thinking. cial responsibility and that your guests’ sole purpose
Are you getting enough sleep, being conscientious is to provide emotional support. If they provide more,
about any health issues, eating well, making an effort If you have an antibiotic-resistant strain of the blahs, then that’s just a pleasant bonus. 
not to be sedentary? then it’s time to weigh the big, external pieces of your
If you’re maintaining your physical health, then life, like where you live; what you do for a living; whom
move on to your emotional health: Are you putting you befriend, date and trust.
effort into the people who are good for you, and dis-
tancing yourself from takers, criticizers, enablers or Should you get this far without relief, you’ll still have
those who otherwise bring out your worst? Are you information toward understanding why demolition is
saying “yes” when you should, and “no” when you your first impulse when you’re unhappy.
should? Are you showing up when you say you will?
Are you using time productively? Are you playing to

How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


Say what you will, the man is flexible. The names like Let There Be Light Bulbs. Long, marriage has its
wall on the border, his reliable applause cylindrical bulbs. Perhaps handmade by Cis- bumps, but when
line this past year, has been downgraded to tercian monks on a mountaintop in Mon- she stands on a
a fence in some places and may eventually tana. stepladder and I
turn into a line of orange highway cones. brace my shoulder
The 11 million deportees are down to 2 or 3 I’m an elitist, but still. We use regular old against her rear
million. G.E. light bulbs. end to leave my
hands free to hold
While he’s making alterations, he should My wife is a violinist, so she has excellent the big glass shade
consider getting a presidential hairdo rather fine motor skills, plus a better sense of logic as she screws the
than the hair of a hotel lounge pianist in 1959. and smaller hands, so she’s the foreman, and bulb into the sock-
It’s distracting to watch a man talk about na- my job is to stand by the stepladder, hold her et and takes the
tional security looking like he might sudden- by the hips, hand her the Allen wrench — yes, Allen wrench from
ly burst into “Volare.” A makeover would take these fixtures, unique in the Western hemi- me and the screws
about 15 minutes, max. sphere, require hexagonal wrenches — re- and drops one and I bend down, my hand still
ceive loose screws and the burned-out bulb, on her haunch, and reach for the fallen screw,
But politics is not everything. Life goes on. hand her the fresh bulb while bracing the and we both start laughing, this is a sweet mo-
A person has to keep that in mind. The day loose fixture and not letting it fall, and main- ment that momentarily transcends politics.
after the election, my wife and I set out to re- taining an upbeat attitude.
place some burned-out light bulbs in some It’s still the same old story about love and
interesting fixtures chosen by an elderly inte- It’s interesting to hold a kind, gentle Episco- glory, and a case of do or die, and lovers must
rior decorator years ago. palian lady by the hips and hear how well she replace their light bulbs as time goes by.
can swear while trying to replace a light bulb
We are from Minnesota and we hesitate to in a fixture that — how many liberals does it Garrison Keillor, longtime host of “A Prairie
impose our taste on others, even when we’re take? Three. One to turn the bulb, one to hold Home Companion,” writes a column for the
paying the bill. So we have several truly ugly the ladder and one to make sure the manu- Washington Post.
and impractical light fixtures that use odd facturer offers good health care and pension
rare bulbs not sold at Walmart, Walgreens, plans to its employees.
Ace Hardware or even at boutiques with
This is what pulls a couple together. Every

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Style Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 29

‘Sex’ ed: What ‘Samantha Jones’ taught us about fashion

The Telegraph

If having fun with fashion is sup- pair of chandelier earrings, Saman-
posed to be an antidote to harder tha’s accessories were as important
times, then we could all benefit from to her character as her many one-
being a little more Samantha Jones liners. Remember when she utilized
right now. Which is why the news that that enormous wide-brimmed hat
Kim Cattrall may soon be working on while subtly eyeing up her neighbor,
a “Sex and the City” spin-off comes Dante? Or when she wore those in-
at just the right time. Responding to credible Giuseppe Zanotti fish-bone
a tweet from talk show host Wendy shoes (and little else) while making
Williams which exclaimed “A Sex sushi? Samantha proves that it is all
and the City spin-off with Kim Cat- in the details.
trall? Yes, please,” Cattrall wrote, “I’m
so unbelievably flattered & moved 5. Party dresses should always be
@WendyWilliams Can’t WAIT 2 get fun
back 2 the serious business of making
u all laugh! Fingers x’d.” And there’s no such thing as a
frock that’s “too young” for you.
Details on the spin-off are still Confidence is all that stands in the
sketchy, but if true, the series would way between you, Miley Cyrus and
mark the return of one of television’s the same sequinned Matthew Wil-
most-loved characters. While Sa- liamson minidress.
mantha Jones was always known for
her exploits with men (and women) 6. You can always up the ante fur-
and love of a good party, she was ther
somewhat overshadowed fashion-
wise by Carrie. But by applying her So if you find yourself standing
liberal approach to life to her ward- in front of the mirror asking “what
robe (All the color! All the jewelry! would Samantha do?” consider this:
All the sequins!), Samantha defined She would not be worrying about
a character with truly fabulous per- whether her gold Gucci boots are a
sonal style. little too much with her decadent
lamé dress. She would be completely
As we await more news of a new ignorant to Coco Chanel’s “take off
chapter in the exploits of Samantha one piece before you leave the house”
Jones, we’re looking back at the hall- mandate. She would definitely advo-
marks of her bold SATC look ... cate getting all dressed up, even if
there isn’t really anywhere to go. Be-
1. Color is not to be feared cause more is more, after all. Bring
In fact, it is to be clicked and back Samantha! 
clashed in blocks and pops, or worn
in striking head-to-toe efforts. From
her scarlet suits to her turquoise kaf-
tans, Samantha always stood out
from the pack thanks to her confi-
dence with color. A classic Samantha
look was nothing if not vibrant.

2. A power waist is a game changer
By punctuating her looks with a
cinching belt, Samantha always cut a
powerful silhouette whether in the of-
fice or at a party. Apply for hyper-fem-
inine proportions in an instant.

3. … As is a power suit
Hillary Clinton has undoubtedly
been the face of the pantsuit for 2016,
but before her, there was another
advocate: Ms. Jones. The PR guru’s
workwear choices let everyone know
who was boss – it’s no wonder she
never failed to catch a cab.

4. Accessories should always be a

Rarely spotted without a huge

Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 31

& Casual Dining

Cobalt: Dinner by the sea at Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

Grouper with a seasonal vegetable hash,
fried kale, toasted pumkin seeds and a
miso butter sauce. PHOTOS BY DENISE RITCHIE


It was a gorgeous fall evening – the Yuengling broth. While the clams basil, and Thai sweet chili. A flavorful
kind you long for during the dog days of
summer – and when the hostess asked were excellent, the broth was one of medley of Asian tastes.
if we would care to dine on Cobalt’s
oceanfront patio, it only took a second the best for dipping I’ve enjoyed in My husband’s calamari was served
to make the decision.
quite some time. with an Andouille sausage stuffing, and
So she led us through the fashion-
able dark-paneled grill of the Vero is- My husband’s appetizer was Chef was accompanied by parmesan potato
land’s best hotel, out the open doors of
the 15-foot-high glass wall, and showed Dan’s take on tuna tartar, featuring wedges, crispy spinach, and a remou-
us to a perfect table overlooking the
firepit. Could anything be better? small chunks of raw yellowtail tuna, lade. An excellent dish.

Well on this special night, our table cucumber, scallions, and tobiko (a fly- We have on previous visits to Cobalt
also provided a spectacular view of the
November supermoon rising over the ing fish roe) with a lime ponzu sauce, enjoyed several of Chef Dan’s other sea- Turtle Sundae.
sea. Magic.
served atop wonton crisps. A very cre- food preparations. Cobalt
Our server, Tori, quickly took our
wine order, and we began pondering ative and refreshing starter. On this evening, we decided to forego Hours: Dinner daily, 5:30 pm
the Asian-influenced menu of execu- to 10 pm. Lunch Monday-
tive chef Daniel Traimas, who came Then for entrées, I went with the sea dessert, and simply enjoy the last of our Friday 11 am to 2:30 pm,
here last winter from the Sable Kitchen Brunch weekends
& Bar, a creative New American restau- bass ($28) and my husband opted for wine and the rising supermoon. Dinner 8am to 2:30 pm.
rant in Chicago. Beverages: Full bar
the stuffed calamari and frites ($26). for two with wine, before tax and tip, Address:
I finally decided to start with the 3500 Ocean Drive,
steamed clams ($18), and my husband The sea bass was a very nice piece ran $140. Vero Beach
ordered the tuna crisp ($15). Phone: (772) 469-1060
of fish, perfectly prepared, and served Cobalt benefits from the fact that its
The small, sweet clams had been
steamed with chorizo with jasmine rice, baby bok choy, fried adjoining lounge attracts large num-
and fire roasted
tomatoes bers of locals to what is clearly the top
in a
happy hour in town.

On a good night, Cobalt is a

very good hotel restaurant.

And Chef Dan, who grew

up working in the kitch-

ens of his Thai parents,

skillfully brings hints

of his South Asian

roots to Cobalt’s

otherwise classic

American offerings.

I welcome your

comments, and

encourage you to

send feedback to

me at tina@vero- .

The reviewer dines

Stuffed Calamari anonymously at restau-
and Frites. rants at the expense of
Vero Beach 32963. 

32 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly

& Casual Dining


Brevard’s South Barrier Island Newsweekly Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 33


Bonz laps up Sunny, a snuggler extraordinaire

Hi Dog Buddies! abandoned. We think we’d been used as Sunny the Maltese. PHOTO BY DENISE RITCHIE
breeders, that’s when you have to keep
This week I met The Ultimate Lap Dog, a making puppies all the time but you can be? When some-
Maltese who looks like a total Fluff Muffin, never get to be an ackshull FAM-ly. We
but has a Really Important Job and is one ended up at a Maltese rescue place in body who’s sad or stressed out relaxes and been many more
cool poocheroo. Florida.
starts to pat me and talk to me, that is the veterans who need dogs, so we’re workin’
A nice lady ushered us into the office at “Anyway, when my Forever Mom’s
Dogs For Life, a dog training facility and off- Rat Terrier, Sabrina, went to Dog BEST feeling EVER. So it doesn’t bother me really hard.”
leash park. Then we heard this little voice: Heaven, Mom really needed another
“Welcome! Please have a seat. I’m Sir Geor- dog. It hadda be snuggly, and work as one little bit that people ushully think I’m a I especially liked the big room where
gia Sunshine Ferger, but everyone calls me Ambassador for Dogs For Life, and be
Sunny. This is my Mom, Shelly. She’s the the Dog Park’s Official Greeter and a girl, cuz being little and fluffy and cute and pooches learn how to be service dogs.
Founder and I’m her Execu-Pup Assistant.” Pet Therapy Dog. I’d ended up in Vero
Beach by the time the Howl-O-Ween wearing costumes and feathers in my hair is There’s a whole bedroom set up, doors to
Under a long desk was a comfy-looking parade came around. That’s where
alcove, with a sign – “A Spoiled Rotten Mal- Mom found me. And here I am.” really a plus. See what I mean?” practice with, and a special phone with a
tese Lives Here.” Sitting on a fluffy pillow
inside the alcove was a little pooch, paws “Woof!” I said. “And you learned to “Woof, Sunny, you’ve given me a whole big button to call for help. And lots more. I
crossed, big smile. do all that stuff?”
new perspective. You are one pawsome wanted to stay, but duty called.
“Great to meet you, Sunny!” I replied. “I “Yep. But at first I was an emo-
spotted you at the Howl-O-Ween Parade, tional wreck. Not mean, or anything. pooch! And this place is Cool Kibbles! Lotsa Heading home, I was wondering whether
but you were busy! Thanks for fitting me in.” Just anxious. I thought I’d be aban-
doned again. But Mom’s a Super Good Dog trees, room to run!” I would be Dog enough to wear costumes
“No problemo,” Sunny said. “I’ve got a Teacher, and she helped me get in a routine.
coupla hours before I have to be at the Se- It took me a long time to learn where to Do “Come’on. I’ll show you around!” Sun- or feathers in my hair if it was for a Good
nior Center, so we’re good.” My Duty and where not to. I still only poop
in dirt, not grass. The backyard in Atlanta ny jumped down and off we went, Sunny Cause. I like to think I would.
His Mom picked him up and deposited didn’t have any grass.
him on the couch next to my assistant. “I talkin’ the whole time.
love being right up next to humans. Now we “My breed’s Very Old, from the island of
can have a nice chat. Hope you don’t mind.” Malta. We were owned by royalty. We were “Years ago, Mom was teaching 4-H kids Till next time,
fabulous lapdogs cuz we’re great at loung- all about pooches and they wanted a spe-
“Not at all.” Sunny was white, with wavy ing, napping and being carried. Plus, we cial place to do it. It took a long time, but The Bonz
hair and a beautiful, flowing tail. He had looked adorable. Ladies useta carry us in
bangs, his fluffy ears were trimmed into a their big poofy sleeves! No Woof! We were so they finally got this place. Now Dogs For Don’t Be Shy
short bob, and, above one ear, two purple popular we were traded for goods! So that’s Life officially owns it, 4 acres, our spiffy of-
feathers were woven into his hair. He was, mostly what I do – lounging, napping and fice and training center. We’re a non-profit. We are always looking for pets
well, cute. being carried. Of course, I take my duties as We’ve got PAPERS. And the BEST human with interesting stories.
an ambassador and greeter very seriously. supporters and volunteers EVER! Now we’re
“I like that feather thing you got going,” I
commented. “But I am First and Foremost a Pet Ther- training LOTSA dogs for veterans coming To set up an interview, email
apy Dog, which means I know how to visit
“Thank you. I do stay in touch with my nursing homes and sit in people’s laps and home from Iraq and other scary places. [email protected].
feminine side. I usta wish I was more of a let ‘em pat me. I am a terrific snuggler. I am
big ol’ hound dog with one of those deep snuggly with everyone! I’m happy to sit next Mom says, in the past coupla years, there’ve
voices, but now I see how being fluffy and to ‘em or on their lap for HOURS. And I have
small really helps in my work.” a whole drawerful of costumes and bandan-
as. People LOVE that! And, Mr. Bonzo, when
“Please tell me about yourself,” I said, a human is all alone, or sad, or in a nursing
opening my notebook. home, do you KNOW how imPORtant that

“I don’t really know how old I am. Several
years ago, me and a girl Maltese were res-
cued from a backyard in Atlanta. We’d been

Celebrating 65 years in dog years of course

Gr1oFio0Orsm%t FVinFigsitCToottage Dr. Rebecca Colombo is a graduate
of the University of Florida College of

Veterinary Medicine Class of 2000.
She is a Brevard County native who
currently lives in Indialantic with her
three children Vincent, Maria, Joseph

and her husband Robert.

Comprehensive Exams • House Calls • Cold Laser Therapy • Hydrosurge Animal Bathing System • Grooming Cottage

Old World Values, New World Medicine

107 South Riverside PL. • Indialantic, FL 32903 • E: [email protected] • • Tel: 321-327-8928

34 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™


ONGOING 2 Space Coast Symphony and Aaron Col- 11 Space Coast Jazz Society presents A ing violinist Sarah Chang, 7:30 p.m. at Commu-
lins lead Central Florida’s Messiah Sing Tribute to Cole Porter by the NY jazz nity Church of Vero Beach. 772-778-1070
Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse- Meet Me in Along, 7 p.m. at St. John the Evangelist Catho- trio Under Hot Sun, 2 p.m. at Cocoa Beach Coun-
St. Louis, thru Dec. 4. 321-636-5050 lic Community in Melbourne. spacecoastsym- try Club. $10 - $15. 321-960-4897 or spacecoast- 13-29 Henegar Center for the Arts in Melbourne pres-
ents the romantic comedy, It Shoulda Been
Space Coast Lightfest, 6:30 to 10 p.m. nightly 2 Melbourne Chamber Music Society 14|15 Melbourne Municipal You.
at Wickham Park in Melbourne thru Jan. 1. De- presents St. Lawrence String Quartet, Band Winter Wonderland
tails/ tickets at 7:30 p.m. at St. Marks United Methodist Concerts, 7:30 p.m. at Melbourne Auditorium. 14 Friends of Sebastian Inlet State
Church in Indialantic. melbournechamber- Free, but unwrapped toys and nonperishable Park Night Sounds concert series
Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at FIT - food items will be collected for South Brevard features Four Shillings Short, 7 p.m. at Coco-
Transformers: Re-contextualizing Our Material Sharing Center. 321-724-0555 nut Point pavilions. Standard park entry fee.
Culture exhibit thru Dec. 17. 321-674-8313 2-18 Henegar Center for the Arts in 321-984-4852
Melbourne presents A Christ- 16-18 Historic Cocoa Village Play-
Foosaner Art Museum – Radiant Messenger: mas Story: The Musical. house Broadway Bonus 15 The Aladdin Society presents Play-
Drawings by China Marks exhibit, thru Jan. 7. Series presents Galmont Ballet’s The American house 101, a pictorial walk through
321-674-8916 2-24 Melbourne Civic Theatre pres- Nutcracker. 321-636-5050 the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. 321-
ents A Tuna Christmas (week- 636-5050
EGAD First Friday in Eau Gallie Arts District, ends including Dec. 23). 20 Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse
5:30 to 8:30 p.m. every first Friday; and Mel- Broadway Bonus Series presents Mi- 17 To February 5 - Riverside Theatre
bourne Main Street Friday Fest, 6 to 10 p.m. ev- 3 Ocean Reef Beach Festival, 10 a.m. to chael Law, The Holidays Unwrapped. 321-636- presents An Empty Plate in the Café
ery second Friday. 5 p.m. at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite 5050 du Grand Boeuf on the Waxlax Stage. 772-
Beach, with Chowder Cook-off, art vendors, ma- 231-6990
Free Science Cafés hosted by Brevard Zoo rine education, live music, food and beverages, 31 New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner and Dance,
and FIT, every second Wednesday thru June and children’s activities. Free. oceanreefbeach- 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Holiday Inn in 20 Melbourne Chamber Music Soci-
at Duran Golf Club’s Tradewinds Restaurant. Viera hosted by Melbourne Municipal Band, ety presents the Lysander Piano
Free. with hors d’oeuvres, sit-down dinner, dancing to Trio, 7:30 p.m. at St. Marks United Methodist
3 Barrier Island Center Dune-to-Lagoon 20-piece Swingtime band, floorshow by Swing- Church in Indialantic. melbournechambermu-
NOVEMBER Guided Hike, 1 p.m. with Master Naturalist timers Vocal Trio, balloon drop and champagne
Jay Barnhart. 321-723-3556 toast at midnight. $100. 321-339-7705.
20 To February 26 - Melbourne Civic The-
30 Learn about early days of Melbourne 3 The Nutcracker, presented by Space Coast JANUARY 2017 atre presents Calendar Girls, by Tom
Beach and Indialantic from historian Ballet Company, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at King Firth.
Frank Thomas, 1:30 p.m. at Barrier Island Cen- Center for the Performing Arts. 321-242-2219 3-22 Riverside Theatre presents the
ter. 321-723-3556 Broadway musical Chicago on 21 Brevard Symphony Orchestra presents
7|8 Melbourne Community Orchestra the Stark Stage. 772-231-6990 The French Connection, 2 p.m. and
DECEMBER Holiday Celebration Concert, 7:30 8 p.m. at King Center for the Performing Arts,
p.m. at Melbourne Auditorium. Free. 321-285- 6-8 Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse showcasing cellist Cicely Parnas performing
1 Seahawks Dancing Under the Stars, 7 p.m. 6724. presents Gibson’s dramatic play, The Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No. 1. brevardsym-
at Satellite Beach Civic Center, with auc- Miracle Worker. 321-636-5050
tion, food, beverages and entertainment to ben- 8-11 Town of Melbourne Beach Holi-
efit SouthBeach Seahawks Youth Football and day Fun: tree lighting 6:30 p.m. 8 Space Coast Jazz Society presents Grammy 21|22 Brevard Renaissance Fair:
Cheer Association. $15. Thurs., movie in Ryckman Park Fri. 6:30 p.m., winner Robert Navarro, 2 p.m. at Cocoa The Time of Excalibur, 10
Christmas Parade Sat. 9 a.m., and Santa on the Beach Country Club to benefit SCJS Student Jazz a.m. to 6 p.m. at Wickham Park, Melbourne,
2 Margaritas for Mangroves, 6:30 p.m. at Porch at Ryckman House, 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. Workshops. $20. with 34 acts on 5 stages, jousting, food, drink,
Melbourne BMW, with tapas and margari- artisan booths and craft demonstrations to sup-
tas, live music, auction and keynote speaker to 11 Atlantic Classical Orchestra conducted port arts and education programs of local non-
benefit Marine Resources Council. $25. 321- 10 Harbor City Harmonizers presents by David Amado features soloist Vy- profits.
978-8862 Sounds of the Season XIII, with The acheslav Gryaznov performing Tchaikovsky Pia-
Platinum Show Chorus, 1:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity no Concerto No. 1, 6:40 p.m. lecture; 7:30 p.m. 27 Indian River Symphonic Association
2 Holiday Ball Swingtime Dance with Episcopal Academy. $15. 321-6266726 concert at St. Edward’s School’s Waxlax Center presents National Symphony Orches-
Melbourne Swingtime Jazz Band, 7 for Performing Arts, Vero Beach. 772-460-0850 tra of Ukraine featuring pianist Alexei Grynyuk
p.m. at Melbourne Auditorium, with $5 les- 10 Friends of Sebastian Inlet State Park performing Schumann Piano Concerto in A mi-
sons 6 to 7 p.m. $7 advance; $10 at door. Night Sounds concert series features 12 Indian River Symphonic Association nor, 7:30 p.m. at Community Church of Vero
321-724-0555. 23 Treez, 7 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. presents Prague Philharmonia, featur- Beach. 772-778-1070
Standard park entry fee. 321-984-4852
27 To February 12 - Historic Cocoa Village
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Playhouse presents the musical, On
in November 17, 2016 Edition 7 ASPECT 1 ASPIRE the Town. 321-636-5050
9 FIRESIDE 3 STRIVE 28|29 Brevard Renaissance
10 SLOW 4 ADHERE Fair: The Time of Ex-
11 FEEBLE 5 FUSS calibur, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Wickham Park,
12 EXCESS 6 BLOOMS Melbourne, with 34 acts on 5 stages, joust-
14 STRESS 13 CORRIDOR ing, food, drink, artisan booths and craft dem-
17 SPRIGS 15 THREAD onstrations to support arts and education
19 GRID 16 SPONGY programs of local nonprofits. brevardrenais-

Sudoku Page 5256 Sudoku Page 2576 Crossword Pagee5256 Crossword Page 5267 (WORDS ON THE MARCH) 31 To February 19 - Riverside Theatre
presents Noel Coward’s Private Lives
on the Stark Stage. 772-231-6990

36 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™


Condo offers best of Florida living at right price

BY MARIA CANFIELD of gracious, yet no-fuss living space. esting angles; the electric fireplace is tiled master bath is enhanced by a su-
Correspondent The expansive living room can eas- accented with a nicely-coordinated per-long double-sink vanity, a Roman
ily accommodate two conversation mantel shelf. The kitchen has brand- soaking tub, and a walk-in closet.
The second-floor condominium zones – in fact, the room’s two ceil- new granite countertops, and a nook
home located in the Aquarina Beach ing fans make such an arrangement situated so that meals will take place The second bedroom is really a
and Country Club offers the best of almost an instinctive choice. Paral- with the trees as a close companion. “mini master,” as it has its own en
Florida living with a welcomed twist: leling the length of the living room Adding to the nook’s ambience is a suite bathroom, a nice amenity for
guests of short or long duration. It

the plentiful oak trees surrounding and master bedroom is a screened-in tropical-style ceiling fan; there’s also also has a balcony that it shares with
the corner unit provide a cool respite balcony with large copper-color tiles; –conveniently – a separate sink in the the third bedroom – a good-sized
from the sun; the feeling is akin to be- from here you really have the sense of nook area for quick-clean ups. room which would also serve nicely
ing in a tranquil grove. floating in the treetops. as a den or an office.
The en suite master bedroom, com-
Complementing the expansive The entry foyer leads to a carpeted fortably carpeted in the same style For the convenience of guests,
outdoor views is the spaciousness living room with crisp white built-in and color as the living room, is split there’s a half-bath just off the tiled
of the home itself – 1,830 square feet shelving tucked into the room’s inter- from the other two bedrooms. The foyer; the pedestal sink (resurgent in

Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™ Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 37



popularity in recent years) adds an Community: Egret Trace within Aquarina The Aquarina Beach and Country
open and classic look. Year Built: 1984 Club is an ocean-to-river develop-
ment with a dozen or more com-
The home is painted throughout in Construction: Concrete block munities encompassing a variety of
a pleasing shade of shortbread tan; its Home Size: 1,830 square feet residential options – single-family
natural tone harmonizing well with homes, golf villas, high-rise luxury
the shady trees visible from so many Bedrooms: 3
vantage points. Bathrooms: 2 full, 1 half CONTINUED ON PAGE 38
Furniture: Negotiable
Additional Features: One-car detached garage, new air conditioning
system, ceiling fans throughout, boat ramp, community dock, rentals al-
lowed with a three-month minimum
Listing Agency: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty
Listing Agent: Nancy Lamens, 321-427-2952

List Price: $299,000

38 Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: Nov. 11 to 17

Real estate activity in the two South Brevard island zip codes, 32951 and 32903, came back to life in the week after the
election, with 7 properties sold in Melbourne Beach and 4 in Indialantic.

The top sale of the week in 32951 was of an oceanfront condo in Saltaire. Unit 201 at 3135 Highway A1A was placed
on the market Aug. 4 with an asking price of $799,000. The asking price was subsequently reduced to $775,000. The
transaction closed Nov. 16 for $735,000.

Both the seller and the purchaser in the transaction were represented by David Settgast of Treasure Coast Sotheby’s.


$620,000 $150,000
TURTLE BAY 262 LOGGERHEAD DR 6/23/2016 $175,000 $589,500 11/15/2016 $379,000
ROMAC SUBD 1606 ATLANTIC ST, #4 9/18/2016 $384,000 $159,900 11/14/2016 $429,000
$458,000 $580,000
MELBOURNE BEACH S R 1706 ORANGE ST 9/28/2016 $625,000 $384,000 11/14/2016 $150,000
INDIAN LANDING PH2 325 CLYDE ST 9/25/2016 $449,900 11/14/2016 $342,125
FLORIDANA BEACH 3RD 105 CORTEZ ST 8/2/2016 $595,000 11/14/2016 $249,900
THE HERITAGE CONDO 132 HARMONY PL , #11 4/22/2016 $153,900 11/13/2016


INDIALANTIC BY SEA 410 OAKLAND AVE 9/29/2016 $350,000 $350,700 11/16/2016
PART OF GOVT LOT 5 A 2294 VENETIA PL 9/13/2016 $259,900 $259,900 11/14/2016
SOUTH SEA VILLAGE 1S 350 COCONUT DR 1/7/2016 $285,000 $249,900 11/13/2016
HOLLADAY MANOR CONDO 1318 S MIRAMAR AVE, #S 106 6/15/2016 $149,900 $149,900 11/10/2016

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 37 named communities of Blue Heron center, fitness facility, and – to fish course community on Brevard Coun-
and Spoonbill Villas. or to enjoy the island’s unsurpassed ty’s barrier island.
condominiums, and (like this home sunsets – a riverfront pier. Member-
in the Egret Trace community) two- The common amenities include a ships are available for the 18-hole golf This move-right-in home, in its bu-
story, sleekly-designed condos. Egret spectacular oceanfront clubhouse course (with clubhouse and private colic setting, is offered for $299,000 by
Trace consists of 18 homes and shares (opened in August 2016), tennis club grille); Aquarina is the only gated golf Nancy Lamens, an agent with Treasure
a pool with the equally charmingly- with an on-site pro, a community Coast Sotheby’s International Realty. 

Brevard’s South Beach Newsweekly ™ Melbourne Beach 32951 | November 24, 2016 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Turtle Bay, Address: 262 Loggerhead Dr Subdivision: Melbourne Beach S R, Address: 1706 Orange St

Listing Date: 6/24/2016 Listing Date: 9/29/2016
Original Price: $620,000 Original Price: $384,000
Recent Price: $589,500 Recent Price: $384,000
Sold: 11/16/2016 Sold: 11/15/2016
Selling Price: $580,000 Selling Price: $379,000
Listing Agent: Brenda L. Teter Listing Agent: Mary Gal

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: Seaside Realty of Brevard

Toie D Crespi Sarah Burr

BHHS Florida Realty Tropic Coast Realty

Subdivision: Indian Landing PH2, Address: 325 Clyde St Subdivision: Floridana Beach 3rd, Address: 105 Cortez St

Listing Date: 9/26/2016 Listing Date: 8/3/2016
Original Price: $458,000 Original Price: $625,000
Recent Price: $449,900 Recent Price: $595,000
Sold: 11/15/2016 Sold: 11/15/2016
Selling Price: $429,000 Selling Price: $580,000
Listing Agent: Maura Victoria Ralicki Listing Agent: David Settgast

Selling Agent: Sea Turtle Real Estate, LLC Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Laura L Dowling Roy Cindee L Cullingford

Premier Properties Real Estate, Inc Coral C’s Rlty & Prop. Mgt





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