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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2018-11-29 16:08:16

11/30/2018 ISSUE 48


November 30, 2018 | Volume 5, Issue 48 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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MY TAKE County overrules
attorneys to keep
BY RAY MCNULTY battling Brightline

Surprise! Indians don’t End of an era near By Federico Martinez | Staff Writer
need permit for a Tiki hut PHOTO: LEIGH GREEN
By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer Former Shores Mayor Brian Indian River County Commis-
Before you say GHO Homes [email protected] Barefoot announced last week at closing at the law office of Carl- sioners have committed another
President Bill Handler should’ve a town council meeting that FPL ton Fields attorney Nat Doliner million dollars to fight Virgin Trains
known better, given that his com- Three weeks ago, Vero Beach was gearing up to close the sale in Tampa. USA, formerly known as Brightline,
pany is one of the most experi- Mayor Harry Howle signed more before Christmas should the vote and are proceeding with a federal
enced builders in Indian River than 300 closing documents, and go as expected. There are just a few last-min- lawsuit against the company – even
County, you need to hear the the paperwork was placed safe- ute details to iron out, O’Connor though their own attorneys warned
whole story. ly in escrow awaiting Tuesday’s Vero City Manager Jim O’Con- said Monday. The big question them a court victory will not keep
vote of the Florida Public Service nor confirmed that the city staff mark was the PSC vote, which high-speed trains from running
You need to know that the Palm Commission approving the $185 is planning to turn over the utility unanimously went Vero’s way af- through Vero Beach.
Beach-based contractor Handler million sale of the city’s electric to FPL on Monday morning, Dec. ter a highly favorable recommen-
and his wife hired to build a Tiki utility to Florida Power & Light. 17 after a tentatively scheduled dation by the commission staff. Commissioners voted 4-1 on
hut in the backyard of their Sum- Nov. 21 to reject a multimillion-dol-
merplace home assured them he CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 lar offer from Virgin Trains USA to
was fully licensed and needed no have the county drop its pending
county-issued permit to do the job. lawsuit opposing the company’s
plans. Oral arguments for the law-
You also need to know why no suit begin Nov. 27 in Washington.
permit was necessary.
“I agree, overall, it’s not a per-
Hardly anyone knows, the fect agreement; but as the outside
Handlers’ contractor told me legislative counsel to Indian Riv-
last week, about a Florida Build- er County, I recommend that the
ing Code exemption that allows commission of IR County vote in
members of the state’s Seminole favor of the proposed settlement
and Miccosukee tribes to build agreement,” Steve Ryan, the attor-
chickee/Tiki huts without first ney the county hired to represent
acquiring local building permits, it in the federal lawsuit, wrote in a
provided the structure doesn’t prepared statement. The statement
include plumbing, electrical or was read to commissioners by
concrete features. “I’ve been do- county attorney Dylan Reingold.



NEWS 1-7 PETS 14

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer want to lease the marina to a pri-
For circulation or where to pick up [email protected] vate company on a long-term basis,
your issue call: 772-226-7925 some favor hiring someone to take
When it comes to the Vero Beach over the management and upkeep,
City Marina, the only thing City and some want to give the existing
Council members agree on is that it staff one more chance to get the ma-
isn’t living up to what they want in a rina shipshape.
first-class mooring, fuel service and
storage facility to serve residents After fishing around for manage-
and tourists. ment proposals for a while, the City

After that, some council members CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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2 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE claiming the tribal exemptions allowed the hut to comply with the county code. Besides, Lequerique argued, there’s also
under Florida law. “If we’re wrong, we’ll address it,” Han- a federal law that provides a similar tribal
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 exemption – one that he claims removes
“This is not unique in Florida,” said Ro- dler said. “We don’t want any problems any licensing requirement – and he might
ing this for 20 years, and we’ve had to go to land DeBlois, the county’s environmental with the county, but we’re still not sure be right.
court a lot,” said Mario Lequerique, presi- and code enforcement chief, “but I’m not what’s going on. It looks like we’re caught
dent of Palm Beach Tiki, which has a direct aware of another situation where we’ve in the middle of something.” In 1990, the federal government signed
connection to the Seminole tribe and built run into it.” an agreement with Native American
the Handlers’ open-sided, thatched-roof, They are. tribes, allowing them to build their tradi-
wooden hut just inside seawall behind That’s why Checchi and DeBlois – they The Handlers are caught in the middle tional chickee huts without acquiring lo-
their oceanfront home in October. worked the case together – spent a fair of a legal dispute between the county and cal building permits – an exemption that
amount of time researching all aspects Palm Beach Tiki, which Lequerique said was awarded as part of the reparations for
“A lot of city and county building offi- of the exemption before citing the Han- will contest the citation rather than pay a the nation’s mistreatment of the tribes in
cials aren’t familiar with the Seminole ex- dlers for hiring an unlicensed contractor, $500 fine. the 1800s.
emption, and they don’t know that, when violating county zoning ordinances gov- “Our lawyer will be there,” Lequerique
no local permit is needed, no local license erning setbacks and not getting the plans said, referring to a Jan. 28 hearing in front “The federal law doesn’t require licens-
is required,” he added. “That’s what I was approved by the Florida Department of of the county’s Code Enforcement Board. ing, and federal law trumps state law,” Le-
trying to explain to the guy up there.” Environmental Protection. Although Checchi’s investigation re- querique said. “The problem is that local
vealed Palm Beach Tiki qualified for the building officials want to ignore federal
That guy was David Checchi, a contrac- According to DeBlois and Checchi, who tribal exemption – because Seminole law, so here we go again.
tor licensing investigator for the county’s did a field inspection of the property and Chief Joe Dan Osceola is a member of its
building department, which on Nov. 16 said the Handlers were “very cooperative,” board of directors – Indian River County “Another county, another hearing,” he
sent a “notice of violation” to Lequerique, the Tiki hut was built too close to the sea- contends the company must be licensed added. “It’s always the same story.”
citing his company for “unlicensed con- wall. to build chickee/Tiki huts off the reserva-
tracting.” tion. While Lequerique plans to fight the
“David went out there and found that Lequerique disagreed. fine for unlicensed contracting, he said he
Checchi launched his investigation ear- the Tiki hut was only a foot or two from He said that while his company was ful- would relocate the Tiki hut if the county
lier this month, after his office received an the seawall,” DeBlois said. ly insured and held a specialty license for requires the Handlers to do so.
anonymous email alerting building offi- thatching in South Florida’s three coun-
cials to the Tiki hut. The complaint, which “Our position is that it should be set ties, “There’s no licensing requirement “If there’s a problem, we’ll move it,” he
included photographs of the structure, back at least 5 feet from the seawall. We when the Seminole exemption is used, said. “If we’re in the wrong, we’ll fix it.”
was sent to Vero Beach 32963 as well, could force them to take it down and relo- anyway.”
and likely came from one of the Handlers’ cate it farther from the seawall, but there’s Lequerique admitted there was a “brief What Lequerique won’t do anymore is
neighbors. some uncertainty because the seawall lapse” in the company’s license earlier accept jobs in our county – unless they’re
isn’t the property line. this fall, explaining that some required big enough and lucrative enough to justify
“That’s usually how we find out about courses had not been completed. “But we it.
these things,” Checchi said, adding that “Their property line actually goes out straightened that out over the past couple
complaints about Tiki huts are rare in this beyond the seawall, onto the beach,” he of weeks,” he said. “We go up and build a 10-by-10 hut, and
county. added. “In the past, however, when deal- look at what this has turned into,” he said.
ing with issues like this, we’ve always used “I have enough work; I don’t need to waste
Even rarer, though, are contractors the seawall as the property line.” time with this kind of stuff. There are too
many issues. I don’t need the headache.”
If necessary, Handler said he’ll move
My guess is the Handlers don’t, either. 



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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS November 30, 2018 3

ELECTRIC SALE NEAR AN END O’Connor said the city has done two ing and their billing cycles. “If the closing Utility activist Glenn
test runs on handing off the meter-read- happens on the 17th, FPL trucks will be Heran will be one of
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 ing duties from Vero to FPL. rolling through Vero that day,” O’Connor those cheering when he
said. sees the FPL rigs.
FPL spokesperson Sarah Gatewood Customers will receive a final bill for
would not say concretely that a Dec. 17 their power usage up to the closing date, Those FPL drivers will be welcomed by Heran traveled to Tal-
closing is planned, but she did confirm then a prorated bill from FPL from that nearly 35,000 ratepayers eagerly awaiting lahassee to watch Tues-
rapid forward movement. day forward. “Some customers might their arrival, ushering in relief from what day’s PSC vote in person
receive a bill from Vero and from FPL on many call oppressive electric rates that because he just had to
“FPL is continuing to work through the same day, FPL has a different way drain the larger community of about $20 see it through – that
what is needed to close on the sale of the that they do their meter reading and bill- million annually in excess power costs. once-subversive pro-
electric system, pending a positive vote sale movement that he
by the Florida Public Service Commis- and a handful of others
sion,” Gatewood said. “In anticipation started more than a de-
of the PSC’s approval of FPL’s petition cade ago when Heran
and absent any unforeseen circum- and Faherty launched a
stances, we expect to complete the sale roadshow of sorts, tout-
of the electric system and welcome Vero ing the benefits of sell-
Beach’s 35,000 customers to the FPL fam- ing the utility in front
ily by the end of the year.” of every civic club and
homeowners’ associ-
Howle confirmed that he’s on stand- ation that would hear
by to travel to Tampa for the closing. them out.
“They’ve told me to be available that
whole week, if not the 17th, maybe the The sale terms in the
18th or the 20th.” papers Howle signed
relieve Vero of all of its utility debt and
Hugely grateful, and humbled to have long-term wholesale power contracts,
his signature on the historic closing pa- with at least $30 million in residual cash.
pers, Howle on Monday was still partially As a major added bonus, in time, the Big
in disbelief. “If the closing happens that Blue electric plant site on the Indian Riv-
week, it will be the best Christmas pres- er will be returned to green grass and wa-
ent I could ever get. But I’ll go with what terfront vistas.
Dr. [Steve] Faherty always says, I’ll be- “If the vote goes as planned, after 11
lieve it when I get my first FPL bill.” years, all I’ll be able to say is thank God,”
Heran said. 
Those bills could come before the New
Yeaar’s Eve ball falls on 2018.

CITY MARINA to allow for a management-only option.
Attorney Bruce Barkett, who represents
the Kennedy/Proctor group, said his clients
Council had the purchasing department are not interested in management only. One
put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for advantage the group brings to the table is
companies wishing to lease the marina. having Proctor Construction available to
make marina improvements, and they want
That effort resulted in two worthy pro- to be able to recoup the cost of renovations
posals, including one from a company via a long-term lease.
formed by a coalition of well-respected,
established Vero families. Spearheaded by City Manager Jim O’Connor said the mat-
members of the Kennedy citrus family and ter puts him in a precarious position mov-
Proctor Construction, the group pitched a ing into high season with Harbormaster
deal to undertake the much-needed cap- Tim Grabenbauer and the current marina
ital repairs, manage the marina and pay staff. “What if the Harbormaster decides to
the City of Vero Beach $300,000 annually to retire after this?” O’Connor said.
lease the marina property.
He proposed looking at the possibility
The marina currently grosses about of bringing a consultant or management
$450,000, which pays the facility’s debt and company to manage the marina in the short
expenses – and pads the city’s general fund term and identify issues and needed repairs.
to the tune of about $100,000 in a good year.
When capital projects are on the to-do list or O’Connor said it would take about three
there’s storm damage, the city often pumps weeks to put out a new RFP, after which city
much or all of that $100,000 back into mari- staff would contact qualified firms and give
na upgrades and repairs. them time to respond. The local Vero fami-
lies would also be given a chance to sweeten
Mayor Harry Howle says the city needs their offer.
to negotiate a better deal that will provide
more than $300,000 annual rent. The other In the short term, Vice Mayor Lange
bidder, which manages marinas all over the Sykes, who said he uses the marina fre-
country, also wants a chance to come back quently to purchase fuel, demanded that
with a more attractive proposal. the city complete some of the very basic
repairs and maintenance for which money
Due to rules governing city procurement, has already been approved. For example,
Vero can’t just go off and negotiate terms Sykes said, the city bought paint and paint-
with several bidders at once, so despite the ing supplies but the marina stands partially
desire to improve the marina immediately, painted.
the council voted to tweak the previous RFP
O’Connor said he would handle the im-
mediate issues. 

4 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

New School Board declines to rubber-stamp Rendell’s demotion of CFO

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer edge. Though evidence showed secretive in- claiming the investigation into Morrison’s tation coordinator.
[email protected] ter-fund transfers were common at the dis- actions exempts the district from fulfilling Rendell attempted to slip the action
trict and known to Rendell – allegedly used public records requests, as typically required
The new, post-election School Board as a way to hide money from the teachers under Florida’s Sunshine Law. through in a way that would not draw scru-
seems more prepared than the prior board union and charter schools, or to fund expen- tiny, placing the transfer on the consent
to keep an eye on Superintendent Mark Ren- ditures not approved by the School Board. Earlier this month, the district’s custodian agenda where it was buried among a slew of
dell. Shortly after being sworn in on Nov. Morrison was put forward as the sole culprit of records, Brenda Davis, said the investiga- other items to be approved in a mass motion
20, the board’s three new members and re- and an outside lawyer was brought in to con- tion was concluded, but the results had not without discussion. But new board member
turning member Laura Zorc refused to rub- duct an investigation. been released to the public by the time the Mara Schiff plucked the demotion from ob-
ber-stamp Rendell’s demotion and transfer new School Board had its first meeting. scurity, pulling it from the consent agenda
of Chief Financial Officer Carter Morrison. Morrison has been missing in action since and making it a separate item that would be
the July 31 meeting where Rendell made his At the Nov. 20 meeting, Rendell tried to discussed by the board in public.
In July, Rendell accused Morrison of public accusation, and the school district has demote Morrison from assistant superin-
transferring $2.3 million from one school refused to clarify his status or whereabouts, tendent of finances and human services to That move drew attention to what Rendell
district fund to another without his knowl- the far less important position of transpor- was trying to do in the wake of the investiga-
tion, but discussion was put off until the Dec.
11 board meeting after Schiff and fellow new
board members Jacqueline Rosario and Teri
Barenborg said they had not received the
investigation report until an hour before the
meeting and had not had time to study it.

Rendell’s attempt to remove Morrison as
CFO was questioned by the public as well.
Claudia Wahl, a parent of district students,
said the investigation was “tainted.”

Last summer, the School Board’s attorney,
Suzanne D’Agresta, hired Wayne Helsby of
the Orlando law firm Allen, Norton & Blue to
investigate Morrison and represent Rendell
in the conflict. Wahl said having one attorney
represent the accuser and investigate the ac-
cused was an obvious conflict of interest.

Wahl questioned the prior School Board’s
laxness in not taking control of the Morrison
investigation, since Rendell could be impli-
cated in the questionable accounting.

Teachers union President Liz Cannon said
during public comment that the investiga-
tion into Morrison “revealed no wrongdo-
ing,” and praised his good treatment of staff
members and improvements to employee
health insurance benefits.

Tiffany Justice was the only board mem-
ber who backed Rendell’s authority to do
what he wills with Morrison.

Her questions to D’Agresta revealed the
board can only override Rendell’s trans-
fer-demotion by stating “good cause,” nar-
rowly defined as the employee being un-
der-qualified for the job, certainly not the
case with Morrison. D’Agresta warned the
board could face a “legal challenge for failure
to take the recommendation without articu-
lating good cause,” implying Rendell might
file suit against his own board.

“It looks like we can postpone [Morrison’s
transfer-demotion], but not change the out-
come,” Chairman Zorc said, after hearing
D’Agresta’s direction.

But the new board members were not so
ready to concede. Schiff said she wanted to
examine the “integrity of those processes”
used to justify demoting Morrison.

Barenborg said another investigation
should be conducted “by an auditor who
really understands school budgets and what
is going on,” the additional cost worth it to
stave off “greater expense,” implying Morri-
son could bring suit if he was treated unfairly.

Morrison did not return a phone call re-
questing comment. 

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6 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Additional airlines seen interested in flying to Vero Beach

By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer route systems. “We’ve been talking to dif- year-round flights to and
[email protected] ferent airlines all along, but now they’re from Newark and sea-
seeing what Elite is doing here and it has sonal service to Asheville,
Nearly three years after Elite Airways gotten their attention,” Vero Beach Re- N.C.; White Plains, N.Y.;
began offering commercial, nonstop jet gional Airport Director Eric Menger said. and Portland, Maine.
service between Vero Beach and Newark, “They see the numbers, that Elite has been
N.J., the company’s success here has cre- profitable here, and they’re looking to see According to the air-
ated a buzz heard throughout the industry if there’s an opportunity for them.” port’s website, most
– so much so that other airlines have taken flights are operating “at or
notice. Elite officials have said repeatedly that near 100-percent capac-
Vero Beach has become the airline’s most ity” through the winter
Some of them are now exploring the successful market, from which it offers months and “consistent-
possibility of adding Vero Beach to their ly in the 80 to 90 percent
range” during the slower
summer months. would welcome service to markets in the
Not only has the Vero
Beach community sup- “We still strongly support Elite Airways,
ported Elite’s service, Menger said, but air and we’d like to help them with growing
travelers here also have shown they’re will- their network,” Menger said. “At the same
ing to pay higher fares for the convenience time, we would love to find another airline
of flying out of and into their local airport, that would fit in here and open up other
where wait times are short and parking is markets that would complement Elite’s
free. service.”

“Elite has proven that fares can be a lit- Menger said Elite officials are aware of
tle higher, because people are willing to the city’s interest in attracting other air-
pay more to avoid driving to the airports lines to Vero Beach. Likewise, he knows
in Orlando and West Palm Beach,” Menger Elite is exploring other markets.
said. “Other airlines are noticing that, too.”
Adding a second airline almost certain-
Though nothing is imminent, and he ly would require city officials to expand
doesn’t expect anything to happen in the the airport’s current terminal building,
next six months, Menger said he has spo- especially if the new airline’s fleet includes
ken with officials from airlines of all sizes larger jets, such as 737s.
– as large as Delta, American, United and
Southwest, and as small as Southern and Elite uses smaller jets that seat 50 or 70
Via. He also has had conversations with passengers.
discount airlines, such as Allegiant, which
also serves the Orlando/Sanford airport. “Right now, we have seating for 70 to
80 people in our secure waiting area,”
“We’d be a good option for a number of Menger said. “With a 737, we’d probably
airlines,” Menger said. “A lot has to do with need 120 to 180 seats, so we’d need to find
their network plans and how we’d fit in. All more room. It’s like widening a road to ac-
we can do is reach out and give them the commodate more traffic.”
data. The big thing, right now, is that we’re
developing relationships.” Menger said the airport’s existing run-
way and taxiway system is large enough
The goal, Menger said, is to expand ser- to handle a second airline, even one that
vice to markets beyond those offered by uses larger jets.
Elite – not to compete with Elite, which
began offering commercial flights here on “We already have 737s flying in and out
Dec. 10, 2015. of here,” he said, “but they’re privately
owned.” 
He said surveys commissioned by the
airport revealed that many travelers here

Sebastian Dialysis Center You are Invited to our Open House!

Tue., Dec. 4, 2018 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Join us for hors d’oeuvres and a tour of our beautiful facility.

1807 US Highway 1
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-581-1041

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS November 30, 2018 7

HIGH-SPEED TRAINS have already started construction. Even if agreement. Both men argued that the coun- both counties gave their approval.
the county won the lawsuit and Virgin Trains ty has already spent about $3 million on the Vice-Chair Susan Adams appeared to be
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 USA did have to forfeit the bonds, company pending lawsuit. They said if the county re-
officials have said they would seek alterna- jected the offer and ended up losing the law- the deciding vote. At first Adams said she was
Like Ryan, Reingold encouraged the com- tive funding. suit, Virgin Trains USA would be under no going to vote to accept the proposed agree-
mission to carefully consider Virgin Trains obligation to help the county pay for fencing, ment, but added that she wasn’t sure if she
USA’s offer to pay millions of dollars to im- They seemed to do just that recently when maintenance or other railroad infrastructure could vote to support it “at that moment.”
prove railroad infrastructure, including in- Brightline announced a new partnership costs.
stallation of more than $2 million for safety with global corporate giant Virgin Group, “I don’t think, realistically, that we can
fencing and up to $8.2 million in mainte- at the same time as it announced the train Solari and Commissioner Joseph Flescher stop the rail expansion from happening,”
nance upkeep over the next 14 years. Virgin project’s new name. The agreement, which argued that the train would pose a safety said Adams, whose comments were greeted
Trains USA also promised to build a station makes Virgin Group a minority investor, will threat and not provide any financial revenue by a loud chorus of boos from many of the
somewhere on the Treasure Coast, a conces- provide a new source of cash for the project. for the community. approximately 100 residents in attendance.
sion not included in earlier proposals. “I just don’t have a good understanding of it.”
The 3-hour commission meeting was Heightening the tension was the an-
“Brightline has made it very clear to us filled with drama and tension as all five nouncement that Martin County Commis- When the vote came, O’Bryan voted to
– and we believe this – they have made the commissioners took turns explaining why sioners had just voted 4-1 to accept the Vir- accept the agreement, Solari and Flescher
most concessions they’re going to make to they did – or didn’t – support the proposed gin Trains USA proposal. The company had voted no and Adams, after several moments
this community as part of this deal,” Rein- agreement. Commissioners Tim Zorc and earlier told Indian River and Martin officials of hand-wringing, also voted no. Zorc then
gold said. “And, going forward after the oral Peter O’Bryan expressed support for the that the agreement would be voided unless decided to cast a no vote, because he said he
arguments happen, if the deal gets rejected, I wanted to support the majority opinion. 
don’t think there will be another, better deal
presented by them as part of a settlement.”

Reingold cautioned the commission that
the proposed settlement addressed almost
all of the issues listed in the county’s lawsuit,
including environmental, noise pollution
and cost concerns. Rejecting the company’s
offer leaves attorneys very little room to ar-
gue their case, he said.

He also pointed out that the $1.15 billion
bond sale the county’s lawsuit aims to stop
will already have taken place by the time the
case is settled, meaning that the rail com-
pany will likely have the funds it needs to
extend service from West Palm to Orlando,
even if the county wins in court.

It will be at least two months after the Nov.
27 hearing before the judge makes a ruling
on the lawsuit, Reingold said.

Meanwhile, the bonds have already been
issued and Virgin Trains USA has stated it will
begin selling the bonds – which are expected
to sell quickly – in December.

“They will go sell the bonds in December,
regardless,” Reingold said. “There is no in-
junction preventing them from doing so.”

When commissioners asked what would
happen if they won the lawsuit, Reingold
said it would be too late to matter. It’s unlike-
ly that the buyers would be asked to return
the bonds and the company ordered to re-
turn the money.

During the past five years Brightline has
prevailed in eight other lawsuits filed by In-
dian River County and other municipalities
with the aim of stopping the train from oper-
ating through the Treasure Coast.

Reingold, who was asked by the commis-
sion to explain the Virgin Trains USA agree-
ment offer, received an angry tongue-lash-
ing from Board Chairman Bob Solari during
the meeting. Solari made it clear before the
meeting started that he was strongly op-
posed to the offer.

“Stop talking, stop it,” Solari yelled at one
point when Reingold was attempting to clar-
ify a question asked by another commission-
er. “You’re just our legal counsel. We are the
policy-makers here, not you. That’s our job.
Our job is to make policy.”

Officials for Virgin Trains USA say they
have been granted the necessary permits to
move ahead with their expansion efforts and

8 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Beware of ‘alternative’ cancer treatments online

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer Raul Storey of Florida Cancer Specialists
[email protected] turn downright somber.

The Internet can be a dangerous place for “There’s just so much out there,” Storey
cancer patients. says with a sigh, “and the problem with the
marketing on the Internet is that everybody
Even though medically approved and can say whatever they want and it doesn’t
legitimate “cancer treatments and thera- have to be data-supported.”
pies today are safer and more effective than
ever,” according to Memorial Sloan Ketter- Specifically, he points to certain root-
ing Cancer Center, there’s still a burgeoning and herbal-based products sold online.
business in “alternative” cancer treatments “For an example, if you’re taking chemo-
being touted and sold online. therapy and then you start taking a plant or
a root or something, remember that every-
That makes the usually genial and opti- thing in our body gets metabolized in the
mistic oncology and hematology expert Dr.

Dr. Raul Storey.

Is The One-Stop Location
for All of Your Medical Services
Call for an appointment: 772-567-6340

We are proud to announce the additions to our

Vero Beach office of Collin Kitchell, MD
and Meredith Kitchell, PA-C.

Collin Kitchell specializes in Sports Medicine and
Ultrasound guided injections for joint issues.

Meredith Kitchell specializes in Internal Medicine.

They will begin seeing patients on August 1st Collin Kitchell, MD Meredith Kitchell, PA-C
so call today to schedule your appointment.

We have two locations to serve you.
For a list of physicians please see our web site.

1265 36th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960
801 Wellness Way, Sebastian, FL 32958

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH November 30, 2018 9

liver or the kidneys. he’s also seen positive results from yoga, Tai cyanide – the deadly poison featured in a Other alternative cancer treatments sold
“When you start taking a root that keeps chi and meditation in his own patients. half-dozen of Christie’s murder mysteries. online include hydrochloric acid, worm-
wood, so-called “medicinal mushrooms”
the liver and the kidneys busy working on That said, a patient who chooses some of Laetrile has been banned in the U.S. and coffee enemas.
eliminating and excreting that root [and the “alternative” cancer treatments avail- since 1963 but has since reemerged on the
its chemical compounds], then the chemo- able online may have an altogether differ- Web where it can be purchased under the That causes Storey to let out a laugh.
therapy drugs you’re getting will remain in ent prognosis. pseudonym “Vitamin B-17.” “There’s no evidence and no data to sup-
your body even longer and that increases port any benefit from a coffee enema in
the chances of you having side effects.” Perhaps the most infamous alternative In September, the FDA announced that oncology,” he says, let alone the other
cancer “cure” ever was Laetrile. a U.S. District judge in Miami had issued products listed above.
Despite that and other dangers – since a preliminary injunction halting sales of
the National Cancer Institute projects an First touted as a remedy for cancer in the laetrile products by three Internet sites, Storey says he understands why peo-
estimated 1.7 million new cases of can- 1950s, Laetrile is made from amygdalin, a including World Without Cancer Inc. and ple are curious about possible alternative
cer will be diagnosed in the U.S. this year, compound found in apricot pits and bitter Health World International Inc., of Bay treatments, but he does have one sugges-
while 609,640 Americans will die from the almonds. And as any Agatha Christie fan Harbor, Fla., about 135 miles south of Vero tion: Talk to your doctor first.
disease – there’s an ever-growing market likely knows, when your digestive system Beach.
for non-conventional cancer cures. begins to break down amygdalin it creates “Before spending your money on any al-
ternative approach to cancer,” Storey says,
And while NCI and Storey stop short of “see what he or she thinks. I’m not going to
calling these online treatments pure quack- get mad at you for asking about other forms
ery, they do break them down as being ei- of treatment. I want the best for you.”
ther “complimentary” or “alternative.”
Storey freely admits, “I don’t know about
Storey – and the Mayo Clinic – active- plants. I haven’t been trained in plants,”
ly embrace a number of “complimentary” but what he says he can and will do – with
treatments. the help of the Florida Cancer Specialists
team at over 100 locations statewide that
In fact, the Rochester, Minn., institu- includes pharmacists, doctors, nurses and
tion has published a list of 10 such compli- researchers – is to find out if those so-called
mentary treatments including acupuncture, miracle cures have any dangerous – or even
aromatherapy, hypnosis, massage, medi- lethal – side effects.
tation and music therapy for which, it says,
“there is growing evidence” they provide That’s information well worth having
tangible benefits to patients. before you start taking anything purchased
online to treat your cancer.
Storey wholeheartedly agrees. He cites
the American Society of Clinical Oncolo- Dr. Raul Storey is with Florida Cancer Spe-
gy in saying acupuncture – in conjunction cialists. In Vero Beach his office is at 3730 7th
with modern Western medical treatment Terrace, Suite 101. The phone number is 772-
– can help decrease anxiety, help with de- 581-0528. 
pression and assist in recovery, and he says

10 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Causes of stomach aches … and ways to prevent them

By Fred Cicetti | Columnist * Make sure that your meals are well-bal-
anced and high in fiber.
Q. I get a lot of stomach aches. Do you have
any tips to prevent them? * Drink plenty of water each day.
* Exercise regularly.
If you are having recurring abdominal * Limit foods that produce gas.
pain, you should see a doctor immediately. The following are gas-generating foods:
This kind of discomfort can be a symptom of legumes, especially dried beans and peas,
a serious ailment. However, if you’re talking baked beans, soy beans, lima beans; dairy
about the kind of stomach aches we all get oc- products such as milk, ice cream, cheese; veg-
casionally, there are some things you can do to etables such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels
prevent them. sprouts, cauliflower, cucumbers, sauerkraut,
kohlrabi, asparagus, potatoes, rutabaga, tur-
* Eat small meals more frequently.

nips, radishes, onions; fruits such as prunes, flammatory disease or a urinary tract infec-
apricots, apples, raisins, bananas; foods con- tion may experience pain in this area.
taining wheat such as cereals, breads and
pastries; fatty foods such as fried chicken and The lower right abdomen is where inflam-
anything in cream sauces and gravies; any mation of the colon may cause pain. Appendi-
carbonated beverage. citis pain may also spread to this region.

Abdominal pain is often caused by over- If you feel pain in the lower left abdomen,
eating. Sometimes an infection is respon- you usually have a problem at the end of the
sible. But pain may be a symptom of some- colon.
thing that requires emergency treatment;
there are quite a few organs in your abdomi- Don’t rely on self-diagnosis based upon
nal area. The location of the pain is informa- these pain guidelines. Abdominal pain has
tive to your doctor. a way of moving around. For example, gall-
bladder pain can move to your right shoul-
Pain near your navel can be a sign of der. And, abdominal pain can be caused by
appendicitis or something wrong in your the lungs and heart. Or, it may be caused by
small intestine. muscle strain.

Stomach problems are found in the upper The following are some of the danger signs
middle section of the abdomen. Persistent associated with abdominal pain. If you ex-
pain in this area may also signal a problem perience any of the following, get immediate
with your gallbladder, pancreas or the upper medical attention:
part of your small intestine.
* Sudden and sharp pain
It’s unusual to feel pain in the upper left * Pain that radiates to your chest, neck or
abdomen. Pain in this area may be caused shoulder
by a problem in the colon, stomach, spleen or * Severe, recurrent or persistent pain
pancreas. * Pain that worsens
* Vomiting blood
Intense pain in the upper right abdomen * Blood in your stool
is often related to inflammation of the gall- * A swollen and tender abdomen
bladder. * Shortness of breath
* Dizziness
Pain in the lower middle abdomen may be * High fever 
caused by the colon. Women with pelvic in-

12 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

New ‘hydrogel’ makes prostate cancer treatment safer

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer from other organs and internal structures –
[email protected] including the rectum, the bladder, the penile
bulb and the sphincter – before beginning ex-
Dr. Hugo Davila of Florida Healthcare ternal beam radiation treatments to destroy
Specialists is excited about a new tool cancer cells inside the prostate.
available to treat prostate cancer – the
SpaceOAR hydrogel system by Augmenix. Why? Because the radiation used to kill
the prostate cancer cells is powerful and
According to Davila, a Moffitt Cancer Cen- can sometimes damage those sensitive tis-
ter-trained urologist and robotic surgery spe- sue structures if they are irradiated along
cialist, SpaceOAR is a synthetic polyethylene with the cancer.
glycol hydrogel that is injected into patients
to gently “move” the prostate gland away Davila provides an example. “The sphinc-

Dr. Hugo Davila.


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH November 30, 2018 13

ter is the door that opens and closes when three years after radiation treatments. And speaking of new – or, at least, fair- prostate cancer than the PSA. One of them
you want to empty your bladder and some- Statistics like that make the gregarious ly recent – as anyone who was diagnosed is the 4Kscore. It’s a blood test that has al-
times that can be affected by radiation.” with prostate cancer just a few years ago lows us to identify even better the patients
Davila smile broadly. “I’m very happy to is doubtless aware, the standard test then who are at risk for having prostate cancer.
That can lead to a lifetime of incontinence be a urologist because we are a surgical was the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test Another [newer blood test] is called the PHI
for the patient. So, Davila continues, “the idea specialty that is always looking for new ap- which, it turns out, was wildly inaccurate. [or] Prostate Health Index and a third test is
of the OAR gel is simply to move [the prostate] proaches and new techniques and things the PCA3, which is a urine test that allows
away from the other internal structures.” that we can provide to our patients to im- “Today,” says Davila, “we have many op- us to identify who is at risk of having pros-
prove outcomes and quality of life.” tions that provide a better assessment of tate cancer.”
That’s especially important since, as
Davila puts it, urologists are “always look- And the best news of all for men?
ing to improve treatment without increas- Davila predicts the day will soon come
ing the side effects,” but as procedures when prostate biopsies – actually snipping
change, precautions must also change. off a piece of the prostate to examine under a
microscope – will also be a thing of the past.
“One of the things that radiation oncol- “I think we’ll get to the point where we’ll
ogists are doing now is what we call the hy- replace the biopsies. I think between MRIs
per-fragmentated radiation treatments,” and blood tests we’ll get to that point in the
Davila explains. “They start with low dose near future,” he says. It could be in five or
[radiation] and as they progress in the 10 years, or it could be much sooner.
treatment, they keep increasing the dose.” In Davila’s eyes, the diagnosis and treat-
ment of prostate cancer has never been
Increased radiation levels heighten the better with more proven options available.
potential for damage to those other nearby As an accomplished robotic prostatec-
organs and internal structures surround- tomy surgeon, he is keenly aware that an
ing the prostate, but in the clinical trial pri- important part of his job is to inform his
or to its FDA clearance, SpaceOAR patients patients about those many options, and his
suffered significantly fewer such problems. easy-going conversational manner makes
information and choices easier for his pa-
Or, as the FDA itself put it, “the ability tients to grasp.
to protect the rectum [and other struc-
tures] from radiation may allow for radia- Dr. Hugo Davila is with Florida Health-
tion dose escalation to increase cancer kill care Specialists. He has offices in Vero Beach
rates and entail fewer radiation treatment at 3730 7th Terrace, Suite 101 and in Sebas-
sessions.” tian at 8005 Bay Street. The phone number is
the same for both locations: 772-581-0528. 
Indeed, a whopping 65 percent fewer
patients experienced clinically significant
urinary problems when the gel was used
and an even more impressive 78 percent
maintained their sexual function (erections)

14 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz meets Tucker, who writes pawsome dog ‘tails’

lings were heartless- like me. I come up
ly stuffed in a box an
Hi Dog Buddies! dropped off outside the with cool story ideas
Denver animal shel-
This week’s column is a liddle different: I ter. It was cold an we an share ’em with him.
was assigned to attend an Author Event at were still blind as bats.
the Vero Beach Book Center. No Woof. (That harrowing start We’ve written a lotta
became the inspira-
“Why?” you ask. Cuz the author is a dog: tion for my novel, ‘The books for grown-ups
Tucker Cameron. He’s a ghost writer for his Dogs of Christmas.’
Dad, W. Bruce Cameron. Tucker’s written a But I digress.) Anyway, an liddle humans: ‘A
buncha dog books. The most famous is “A my future human sister
Dog’s Purpose,” which you probly heard of. Georgia Lee runs an- Dog’s Journey,’ ‘The
The New York Times (a paper like ours, but other, no-kill shelter in
a liddle bigger) had it on the Bestseller List Denver an, thank Lassie, Dogs of Christmas,’
for 7 Dog Years, and it’s also a hit (4-hankie) she scooped us up and
movie. saved our lives. You see, ‘A Dog’s Way Home,’
being newborn, we still
“The story’s VERY inspirational. It’s needed Mommy Milk, ‘Max’s Story,’ ‘Ellie’s
about this loveable, devoted dog who and there was a mother pooch at her shel-
wants to know his Purpose in Life, an finds ter who’d just weaned her own puppies an Story,’ ‘Molly’s Sto-
it by being reincarnated (yep, I Googled) as had extra, so she shared with us. After all
different dogs, with different humans, over this time, I still remember how warm an ry’ an lots more. I’m
50 human years. Along the way, he learns, soft she was, an how she snuggled us an
and shares, Life’s Greatest Lessons, such as licked us like we were her very own pup- happy I had a paw
‘true love never dies,’ and ‘our real friends pies. And how we all fell asleep with happy
are always there for us, if we know where tummies. She took care of us ’til we were Tucker in makin’ Dad the
to look.’” ready to find Forever Families. success he is today.
My favorite book is
There were lots of humans at the Book “Well, Georgia Lee has this amazing gift
Center, grown-ups an kids; an Road Run- for matching pooches with humans and, ‘A Dog’s Purpose.’ It
ner, a rescue Shih Tzu from the HALO shel- somehow, she knew me an her Dad would
ter. While Tucker’s Dad was talkin’ to the be a perfect match. Even though he was really gives humans
humans, I was ushered back to The Special in California at the time (we’re bi-coastal),
Room Behind the Bookshelves to innerv- she said ‘no problem!’ and delivered me to he described meeting his first dog. ‘I a look into how we dogs think.
iew Tucker. I felt Very Important, an a lid- him and Mom (Mom is Cathryn Michon). was probably 8 years old, playing in the
dle nervous. I know we’re fellow writers, back yard, when my dad opened the gate “On the road, Dad’s the one who gives
but still ... “We all survived ‘Puppy Training in a and in rushed a 9-week-old Labrador pup-
High Rise,’ and I’ve been in charge of the py. I fell to my knees and spread my arms these presentations, cuz there’s usually
Tucker was middle-size; creamy/gold; house ever since. Once in a while, there are and that dog leaped into them as if we had
free-style hair-do. Very cordial. Trotted small differences, but Dad always comes loved each other our whole lives.” more humans than dogs attending. Plus,
right up for the Wag-n-Sniff. “Hey there, around. For example, one day he ree-lized
Bonz! Glad you could make it. I’m Tucker he’d been paying more for my food than “Woof! I see what you mean.” I was he’s way better at signing books. I tend to
Cameron. It’s a pleasure.” his. So he went out an got The Dry Stuff. moved.
THE DRY STUFF! Well, the first time I stuck smudge ’em.”
“Likewise! You’re my first author! I really my nose in the dish I’m like, ‘What the fluff “Dad kept on lovin’ dogs, an he was
appreciate your time!” is THIS?’ An he’s like, ‘Why didn’t you TELL also comPELLED to tell stories. He’s been “What was it like, makin’ the MOO-vie?”
me you could TALK before?’ An I’m like, a writer his whole life and he’s written a
“Not a problem. I’ll start yappin’ an you ‘There’s never been a problem before.’ So buncha of non-dog books, too. He’s really “Totally PAWSOME! Mom’s a screen-
just jump in with questions. Hows that?” that was that. hilarious, for a human. He writes stuff like,
‘How could you not adore an animal who writer, and, of course, me an Dad wrote the
“Great!” “My Dad REALLY loves dogs. Here’s how senses when your day is not going well and
“First off, I’ll just say I am of suspect tries to cheer you up by dumping a sodden book, so we were out in Hollywood a lot.
DNA – possibly terrier with one or two tennis ball in your lap?’
scoops of poodle. Me an my newborn sib- It was aMAZing. We worked with the pro-
“So when did you ree-lize YOU’RE a
writer, too?” ducer, director and the human and dog ac-

“Being around Dad all the time, I start- tors. I had to keep reminding Dad that we
ed thinkin’ like him. An he started thinkin’
were there to work, cuz he kept tumbling
around with the dogs. I even had a role in
We are always looking for pets
with interesting stories. the movie myself,” he added casually.

To set up an interview, email “No WOOF!”
[email protected].
“Yep. I had a walk-on in one of the dog

park scenes. An I was READY! Hey, you

know Hollywood. You gotta be on top of

your game every single second.”

I didn’t, but I nodded. He lowered his


“I’m really 8 years old, but I SAY I’m 6. I

think I can pull it off, don’t you?”

“Oh, absoLUTEly. You look MARvel

The Bonz

Open, airy house offers
gracious living, lake views

4615 61st Terrace: 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2,400-square-foot home with pool and lake view
offered for $349,000 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services agent Michelle Clarke: 772-263-0386

16 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Open, airy house offers gracious living, lake views

around front and side plantings give a for-
mal appearance to the exterior in keeping
with the two large columns and arched en-
tryway of the façade.

The two-story home has a hip-and-val-
ley roof that translates into volume ceilings
inside, grandeur and light being the first
impression upon entering. The foyer soars
to second-floor heights, the front door
graced with an arched transom window
and full sidelights.

The living room and dining room are one
open space, 20-inch-square ceramic tile laid
on the diagonal adding to the sense of expan-
sion without squaring it off. A large picture
window with an arched transom window
above dissolves much of the front wall, flood-
ing the room and upper reaches with light. A
chandelier made of alabaster and wrought
iron holds its own in the large space.

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer and a 10-acre private lot abutting the back want to be closer to their grandchildren in Off to the side is a cozy den, a beauti-
[email protected] that wouldn’t be developed. St. Augustine, and Theresa is looking for- ful built-in entertainment center defining
ward to exercising her design talents on a one wall, crown molding picked out in
Theresa Bartuccelli, looking to relocate Theresa’s taste and sense of design have new property. white against warm gray walls and engi-
her family from the cold and cramped further enhanced the beauty of the model neered-wood laminate flooring in a dark
north, went about it in a different way than she was so attracted to, she and her hus- The circular driveway, curving paver taupe finish.
the norm. band, Andrew Bartuccelli, improving the walkway, and graveled, serpentine border
property each succeeding year. Now they
She started not with a location in mind,
but a picture of her dream house. She
wanted a beautiful model built by Engle
Homes, one of the largest residential build-
ers in the U.S., a company that originated
in Florida nearly 50 years ago.

“I just loved this model. It was open, you
could see from the front to the back and
the master bedroom was downstairs.”

Looking for Engle Homes’ develop-
ments, she rejected the first city and chose
Emerald Estates in Vero Beach. “We heard
nothing but good about Vero Beach, that it
was quiet and safe,” Theresa said. “I some-
times walk the dogs at 2 in the morning.”

Emerald Estates is comprised of 62 sin-
gle-family homes laid out around a large
lake, centrally located off 45th Street, just
past 58th Avenue, close to free-flowing ma-
jor arterials, but tucked away for privacy.

Theresa chose the lot at 4615 61st Ter-
race because it had a lake view in the front

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E November 30, 2018 17

The kitchen, recently renovated, is the throughout the house and grounds. for upstairs and one for downstairs. resa emphasizing the drama of the volume
hub of the house. The exquisite three-sid- The master suite has a view of the pool, A laundry room and two-car garage in ceilings in her pastel color choices.
ed, granite-topped bar fosters together-
ness, overlooking the back patio, pool but the maple-stained, engineered-wood close proximity ensure beach-goers can Anyone who would like to see this lovely
and family room. “As I’m cooking, we’re floor may draw more attention. Sturdy de-sand before entering the house. Emerald Estates home can do so at an open
talking; I’m not by myself. I love it,” The- enough to withstand dog traffic, the beau- house this Saturday, Dec. 1, between 1 p.m.
resa said. ty of its brunette and blond grain surpasses Besides a kitchen renovation, there is a and 3 p.m. 
its practicality. new paint job throughout the house, The-
During Thanksgiving, the breakfast bar
“is where the kids ate,” Theresa said, while Two walk-in closets and a bath with a
the grownups were seated at the big circu- gargantuan tub, walk-in shower and sep-
lar table in the adjacent “breakfast nook,” arate water closet check off the requisite
too spacious for the moniker. The alabaster bathroom luxuries.
and brushed stainless-steel chandelier also
Up a winding staircase is the loft, over-
looking the communal rooms and pool.

cries out for a different, night-time name, Three guest bedrooms sharing a large bath- Ryan and Melissa Weaver, Agency Owners
casting a kind of moonlight over friends. room lie beyond, making this house perfect Ryan Weaver Insurance, Inc. is a locally owned
for intergenerational gatherings. “We had
The kidney-shaped pool is screened so many visitors over the years,” Theresa independent agency that has been serving
in, maximizing outdoor living. A her- said. “I’m not complaining. I loved it.” Indian River County for over 12 years.
ring-bone-patterned, brick-paver skirt
continues the formal presentation found There is a two-zone air conditioner, one All lines of commercial or personal insurance available.

Neighborhood: Emerald Estates • Year built: 2005
Lot size: 80 feet by 150 feet (.28 acres) A member of Main Street America Group
Home size: 2,700 square feet
855 21st Street – CenterState Bank Building
Construction: Concrete block with stucco 2nd Floor – Vero Beach
Bedrooms: 4 • Bathrooms: 2.5
(772) 567-4930 • [email protected]
Additional features: Lake views, volume ceilings, two-car ga-
rage, screened pool, outside paver patio, chandeliers, granite
counters, stainless steel appliances, breakfast bar, large ceram- Conveniently located just off of Miracle Mile,
ic-tile flooring, cultured marble counters and wooden cabine- across from Classic Car Wash on US-1

try in bathrooms, upstairs loft, two-zone AC
Listing agency: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Listing agent: Michelle Clarke, 772-263-0386
Listing price: $349,000

18 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



Thanksgiving week saw some impressive activity on the mainland real estate front, as 30 sin-
gle-family residences and lots changed hands from Nov. 19-23 (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was the home at 6020 1st Street SW in Vero Beach. First listed in July for
$549,900, this residence sold for $475,000 on Nov. 21.
Representing both the seller and the buyer in the transaction was agent T.P. Kennedy of Collier
Crawford, LLC.


VERO BEACH 6020 1ST STREET SW 7/5/2018 $549,900 11/21/2018 $435,000
VERO BEACH 4875 26TH STREET 10/19/2018 $469,000 11/19/2018 $412,000
VERO BEACH 2985 PIEDMONT PLACE SW 11/16/2018 $412,000 11/19/2018 $315,000
VERO BEACH 994 CAROLINA CIRCLE SW 5/23/2018 $360,000 11/20/2018 $314,500
VERO BEACH 6810 49TH COURT 8/8/2018 $355,000 11/19/2018 $285,000
VERO BEACH 3115 62ND DRIVE 10/12/2018 $325,000 11/19/2018 $275,000
SEBASTIAN 201 DEGAN PLACE 9/15/2018 $280,000 11/19/2018 $268,000
VERO BEACH 4655 STEPHANIE LANE 7/29/2018 $279,900 11/19/2018 $261,500
SEBASTIAN 455 WATERCREST STREET 9/17/2018 $275,000 11/20/2018 $260,000
SEBASTIAN 104 CAMILO COURT 10/3/2018 $260,000 11/20/2018 $250,000
VERO BEACH 1335 42ND AVENUE 10/8/2018 $250,000 11/21/2018 $245,000
SEBASTIAN 1506 QUIESCENT LANE 10/23/2018 $250,000 11/20/2018 $235,000
VERO BEACH 327 MONACO PLACE 10/18/2018 $245,000 11/20/2018 $233,000
VERO BEACH 2163 HARWICK CIRCLE 11/2/2018 $235,650 11/19/2018



Take $650 Off Any New Car Purchase!*

BRAND #1877 MSRP $17,610
NEW #8122 MSRP $29,110
$25,210* 6.5” smartphone link display with Apple CarPlay and
1.5L direct-injection turbo engine, super Android Auto, rear view camera, bluetooth, usb port
all-wheel control, power folding side mirrors, remote keyless entry, power windows and locks
Mitsubishi Connect, 7.0” smart link thin dis-
play audio system with touch pad controller 41 MPG HIGHWAY





80,000 Miles 89,000 Miles Sport Wagon 45K miles 50K Miles 1 Owner, 30,000 Miles

$7,699 $9,799 $9,950 $11,499 $15,250

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$16,975 $18,699 $19,899 $21,750 $32,899

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


Prices are subject to change at anytime. Sale prices includes all available dealer discounts, factory rebates and consumer rebates. All applicants will not qualify for all discounts and/or incentives. Florida residents add tax, title, license, registration,
dealer admin, fees, and destination. Prices not valid with any other promotions. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Offer expires November 30, 2018. See dealer for full details. Not responsible for typographical errors.

$650 Black Friday discount is in addition to any factory rebates you may qualify for. Must take vehicle delivery by 12/04/18. Only valid on new 2018 and 2019 Mitsubishi models. Not valid on any used cars or trucks of any make or model.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E November 30, 2018 19


4875 26th Street, Vero Beach 2985 Piedmont Place SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 10/19/2018 Listing Date: 11/16/2018
Original Price: $469,000 Original Price: $412,000
Sold: 11/19/2018 Sold: 11/19/2018
Selling Price: $435,000 Selling Price: $412,000
Listing Agent: Kurt Gradel Listing Agent: Sherrie Coleman

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC

Ben Bryk Sherrie Coleman

Coldwell Banker Paradise Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC

994 Carolina Circle SW, Vero Beach 6810 49th Court, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 5/23/2018 Listing Date: 8/8/2018
Original Price: $360,000 Original Price: $355,000
Sold: 11/20/2018 Sold: 11/19/2018
Selling Price: $315,000 Selling Price: $314,500
Listing Agent: Beth Livers Listing Agent: Jane Pires

Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty

Kelly Spence Kirk Koehler

Berkshire Hathaway Florida Vista Communities Realty


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EMERSON CENTER Sounds exciting! Moreira thinks Adam Schnell.
GOES EMERALD WITH big with New Deco Orchestra. PAGE B2

By Samantha Baita | Staff Writer
[email protected]

1 Heavenly holiday music from
the Emerald Isle: Back at the
Emerson Center by popular de-
mand, it’s the internationally ac-
claimed “Celtic Angels Christmas
Concert.” This quintet of charm-
ing and gifted Irish women takes
the stage this Saturday, Dec. 1, to
launch our holiday season with
an evening of warm and wonder-
ful family entertainment. I sug-
gest securing your tickets pron-
to to avoid being left out in the
snow. In addition to the angelic
voices will be the spectacular,
heart-pounding choreography of
the world-class Celtic Knight and
Angel Dancers, featuring (yea!)
Patrick O’Mahoney of Riverdance;
and the terrific Trinity Band En-
semble of Dublin. The program
includes Celtic Christmas songs,
among them “Christmas in Killar-
ney,” “The Wexford Carol,” “Once
Upon A Time In Ireland” and “Oi-
chie Chiuin” (Silent Night), sung


B2 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Sounds exciting! Moreira thinks big with New Deco Orchestra

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer
[email protected]

Musician and bandleader Manny Moreira,
a Vero Beach transplant, hopes to herald a re-
turn of the sophisticated elegance of the Art
Deco era through his New Deco Orchestra.
Moreira is the founder and artistic director of
the orchestra, which will make its local debut
on New Year’s Eve, heralding in 2019 with a
‘Diamonds are Forever Party of the Century’
at the Heritage Center in celebration of the
Vero Beach Centennial.

Moreira has been pushing the boundaries
since his birth, when he made his own un-
scripted debut. As his Brazilian-born par-
ents were traveling from their country to
the United States, his mother’s water broke
somewhere over Cuba. They were forced to
deplane in Miami, where Moreira, their third
child, was born. The family decided to reside
in Miami for several more years before even-
tually moving to New York.

Moreira says music was always a center-
piece of his life, noting “my house was full of
music. My father was a conservatory-trained

Moreira began strumming a plastic gui-
tar at age 7, garnering a little help from Se-
bastião Tapajós, a young Brazilian man who
at the time was living in the basement of the

Manny Moreira.


family home. ever heard, and it was on a nylon-string gui-
“My father was trying to get him on the ‘Ed tar,” Moreira recalls. A classically-trained gui-
tarist, Tapajós would eventually record more
Sullivan Show.’ He played the most moving than 50 albums.
version of ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ I’ve

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE November 30, 2018 B3

Moreira admits that, in his 7-year-old ‘New Deco is a big show. It’s Deco Orchestra promises a multimedia stage
mind, he had hoped Tapajós would have pre- not just a gig; it’s a full-on show with a revolving cast of performers. An
ferred playing the fancier Silvertone guitar he multimedia thing. It really is an immersive experience, their music includes
had snuck out of his brother’s room instead. every genre and spans tunes from the 1930s
event in and of itself.’ through the music of today.
During his formative years, Moreira says
he had thoughts of becoming an astronaut Manny Moreira “We cycle through decades. The DNA
until he discovered that he could actually of the show is expectancy; it’s really about
make money playing music. credits include “The Who’s Tommy,” Elton Theatre, showcasing his talents in produc- keeping people off balance. They never know
John and Tim Rice’s “Aida” and “Smokey Joe’s tions of “A Chorus Line,” “Saturday Night Fe- what is going to happen next,” Moreira ex-
“After a gig at a house party the drummer Café,” and on television he was a guitarist on ver” and, most recently, “Smokey Joe’s Café.” plains. “When you walk into the room, you
gave me $7,” Moreira recalls, chuckling over the Nickelodeon series “Dora the Explorer.” get the sense that you’ve walked onto the set
his first big payday. “I got a vibe in this town that spoke to me of a post-modern, film-noir movie.”
All the while though, never far from his of an appreciation of the arts unlike anything
Moreira attended Five Towns College in thoughts, was the dream of creating and I had experienced in a long time,” he says. He plans to take people on a musical jour-
New York for a year, but left after deciding to conducting his own orchestra. ney using chiaroscuro – an effect of contrast-
further his musical education independent- It was during a phone conversation with ed light and shadow – to set the tone and add
ly. He studied with a variety of professionals “I’ve always had the idea for this, but I Anne Shuttlesworth, Riverside Theatre’s mu- to the experience.
including acclaimed jazz guitarist Pat Mar- think I needed to do everything I’ve done to sic director, that she proposed he relocate
tino, attended night classes at the Julliard prepare,” says Moreira. to Vero Beach. At the time he was lamenting “New Deco is a big show. It’s not just a gig;
School and later also studied theater at the New York’s cold weather as he chipped ice off it’s a full-on multimedia thing. It really is an
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. As a result of his multiple years of expe- of his 120-foot driveway. It wasn’t the first time event in and of itself,” says Moreira.
rience as a performer, producer and direc- she had attempted to lure him to our balmy
For the past 30 years, Moreira has worked tor of global corporate events, Moreira had shores, but this time he was finally ready. Proceeds from the Centennial New Year’s
as a guitarist, singer, producer, arranger and amassed an impressive network of top-lev- Eve party will benefit Vero Heritage Inc., the
composer, and has amassed an extensive el talent that he could call on to launch his “The minute I pulled up in the parking lot nonprofit organization that manages and
roll-call of national and international perfor- vision. As a way of cultivating investors, he and shut the engine off, I said, ‘Send for my maintains the historic Heritage Center and
mances in venues from New York’s Lincoln eventually put together a show at the High- cat and the rest of my gear. I don’t care if I its adjacent Citrus Museum.
Center to London’s Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club. line Ballroom in New York. ever see the Northeast again.’”
In addition to a three-act musical perfor-
He has worked with the likes of Ann-Mar- Moreira had his first introduction to Vero The pieces have since all fallen into place mance and dancing to Moreira and his New
gret, Helen Reddy, Eartha Kitt and Carol Beach as a performer in the pit at Riverside for his dream – 10 pieces, that is. His New Deco Orchestra, the elegant black-tie event
King, and even had a hand in the Broadway will feature a champagne reception and Chef
musical “On Your Feet!,” the story of Vero’s Ashley Allison’s Crave Bar, culminating at
adopted musical phenoms, Emilio and Glo- midnight with a ball drop and fireworks.
ria Estefan.
For more information about the New Deco
Moreira played guitar in the pit for the Orchestra, visit To
Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “In purchase tickets to the New Year’s Eve party,
the Heights” as well as the Grammy-win- call 772-770-2263. 
ning recording of that show. Other Broadway

November 23 - December 30, 2018

Opening Reception Friday, November 30, 6-8 pm

Members Free - Not-Yet Members $20

Don’t Miss
the Holiday Sale, Dec 1 & 2!
Free Admission, Discounts, and exclusive
Casa del Rio Collection trunk show!

A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery

500 North Indian River Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34950

B4 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

1 At Emerson Center Decenber 1.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 of late 19th/early 20th century Russian each wants to get the other a very spe-
composer, pianist and conductor Niko- cial gift. The prize in a local talent show
in Gaelic (the Celts’ native tongue); and, lai Tcherepnin, critics applauded her in- is $50, so they both prepare a song for the 4 An almost-quarter-century tradition:
of course, many Christmas classics – “It terpretation of the challenging program, competition: Emmet forms a jug band, the Sebastian River High School’s wildly
Came upon the Midnight Clear,” “O Holy and her “vocal technique, sophisticated and Ma practices alone, to go up against popular annual Prism Concert is heartwarm-
Night,” “I Heard the Bells on Christmas musicality, and outstanding artistic talent a rock-and-roll band, the Riverbottom ing, terrific family entertainment, an evening
Day” among them. Time: 7 p.m. Tickets: that transformed each song into a dra- Gang. Says, the beauty of filled with music and dance coming Dec. 6-9 to
$39 and $49. Students with ID, balco- matic scene.” Mindlina holds a doctorate the Emmet Otter story “is that it never the SRHS Performing Arts Center. This enrich-
ny seats: $19. Hearing aids and elevator from State University of New York at Stony treats life in Frogtown Hollow as misera- ing holiday event includes 45 acts and some
available. 772-532-9184 or www.theem- Brook, and teaches voice and violin at her ble.” Ma and Emmet have their sense of 380 students. It showcases the entire school private studios in New York and Stony humor, the ice-slide Pa built before he band: clarinet, trumpet and wind ensembles,
Brook. The Sunday program will include died, and their memories of how Pa would wind symphony, jazz band, steel band, sym-
2 From Rachmaninoff to Gershwin: music by Rachmaninoff, Sviridov, Fauré, always bring home a “Christmas branch phonic band, concert band, choral choir, sax-
Russian-born, American-trained Hahn, Lee Hoiby and Gershwin. Time: 4 instead of a tree because he couldn’t bring ophones, drumline, color guard dancers, and
soprano Elena Mindlina will perform in p.m. Admission: Free. A donation is al- himself to chop a tree down.” Riverside Marching Sharks. Band Director Ashby Gold-
concert at First Presbyterian Church in ways appreciated. 772-562-9088. promises this musical will include all the stein calls it “two hours of non-stop (musical)
Vero this Sunday, Dec. 2, a presentation “silly characters and heartwarming songs action.” Why is it called Prism? According to
of the church’s 2018-2019 Concert Se- 3 What better holiday mood boost from the TV special, along with fantastic the band website: The word is “symbolic of
ries. For Mindlina’s Russian tour last fall, than a pair of musical otters? The new songs Mr. (John) Williams added to what happens when a single ray of light hits a
which featured newly discovered songs charming, funny, beloved Christmas clas- this adaptation.” Show time: Thursday glass prism and reflects in multiple beautiful
sic by Russell Hoban, made even more and Friday, 7 p.m.; Saturday, 2 p.m. and individual color bands,” paralleling the full
2 Elena Mindlina at First famous as a TV special by genius Muppet 7 p.m. Tickets: $10. 772-231-6990 or www. band program reflected through highlighting
Presbyterian Church Dec. 2. creator Jim Henson, “Emmett Otter’s Jug its many individual parts. The Prism Concert’s
Band Christmas” is coming to Riverside grand finale includes the full chorus followed
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6-8. by the Drum Line and the entire 250-member
This adaptation of Henson’s Muppet pro- Marching Sharks Band, which, says Goldstein,
duction will be presented by Riverside “traditionally brings the entire audience to its
Theatre for Kids, so gather up the kids, feet, clapping and smiling.” Proceeds always
moms, dads, grands and share this joyful support the school band program and, this
holiday stage show. As the story goes, ac- year, will also help replace the band trailer
cording to, Emmet and Ma and equipment stolen from the school this
Otter, who live in Frogtown Hollow, are past spring. Show times: Thursday, Friday and
very poor but very happy and talented Saturday, 7 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 2 p.m.
singers. Christmas is coming soon, and Tickets: $5 to $30. 772-564-4387. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE November 30, 2018 B5

All fun and games at St. Helen’s Harvest Festival

Festival chair Melissa Frandsen, center, with members of her family and members of the games committee.

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer those with a sweet tooth. Ellan Rice, Millie Del Grosso and Scott Rice. Karli Rule with Helayna Smith. PHOTOS: LEIGH GREEN
[email protected] “It doesn’t get more hometown than Jennifer Stein.

The 54th annual St. Helen’s Harvest Fes- this,” said Gerri Smith, as she delivered
tival reaped a bushel of family fun during freshly made donuts to a patron. Pointing
the four-day event on the grounds of His- to Karen Egan, hawking cake walk chanc-
toric Dodgertown. There was even more to es, she added “there are so many people
cheer this year with Centennial Celebra- here that have been coming for years. Mrs.
tions taking place for both St. Helen’s Cath- Egan used to get my mother to volunteer
olic Church and the City of Vero Beach. and now she has me doing it.”

As attendees meandered down the mid- It’s a family affair for event chair Melissa
way, they snacked on carny foods while Frandsen, who said she has been coming to
enjoying all the festival had to offer. Little the festival since before she could walk.
ones rode the carousel with wild abandon,
zipped down the super slide and took a spin “My grandfather, Frank Zorc, made
on the teacups, while bigger thrill-seekers some of the first games for the festival,” she
experienced zero gravity and got lost in the said. “My parents brought me when I was
house of mirrors. little and now I bring my children.”

People could also play an assortment of Frandsen said the festival had its origins
old-fashioned carnival games, could show when one of the parish priests wanted the
off their football and baseball athletic church to host an event that would connect
skills, or their muscles as they attempted the church, the school and the community.
to ring the bell at the Strong Man’s booth. It has continued to grow over the years and,
Handcrafted items were snapped up at the if the crowds streaming down the midway
Lady Bug Boutique and a cake walk enticed were any indication, the connection they
made is still going strong. 


December 3rd 1. The Long Road to 1. Andrew Jackson & the 1. War of the Wilted BY AMBER MITCHELL
2. The Meltdown (Diary of a
at 6pm Mercy BY DAVID BALDACCI Miracle of New Orleans
2. Past Tense BY LEE CHILD Wimpy Kid #13) BY JEFF KINNEY
CAMERON 4. The Snowy Nap
Auschwitz 2. Becoming BY MICHELLE OBAMA
presents 3. Spygate BY DAN BONGINO BY JAN BRETT
BY HEATHER MORRIS 4. Killers of the Flower Moon
TOM CLANCY - 5. Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas
A Jack Ryan Novel
BY JOHN GRISHAM 5. Cook Like a Pro
Penguin Random House Books
5. Every Breath BY INA GARTEN


392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

B6 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

‘Turkey Trot’ stuffed with runners, fixin’ to fight poverty

By Mary Schenkel | Staff Writer Overall winner Bailey Yoerin. as they eagerly showed off their best rac- “Our hope with a lot of this is to pro-
[email protected] ing attempts in the always adorable chil- mote social media, which is becoming
the pre- and post-race banter of Treasure dren’s ¼-mile race. such a large part of the way the word gets
Several thousand people poured into and Space Coast Radio’s Hamp Elliott, and out. It’s one of the reasons we have ‘Tom’
Riverside Park bright and early Thanks- the numerous contributors to the post- As the theme from “Rocky” blared from that people can take pictures with,” said
giving morning for the 11th annual race breakfast, sponsored by National speakers, the more serious runners took Robertson pointing to the enormous Tom
Thanksgiving Day 5K Trot Against Pov- Bank of Commerce. off like a shot, trailed by a huge line of jog- Turkey balloon, sponsored by Vatland
erty. Affectionately known as the Turkey gers and walkers, many with four-legged Honda. “We’re really appreciative of that.
Trot, participants in the hugely popular “Thank you for coming out to do some companions loping happily by their sides. We’ve had him out and about around town
event come to share their good fortune by good before you eat your Thanksgiving for the last month.”
helping to provide a happier holiday for dinner,” said Annabel Robertson, UP ex- Well before the race began, Chef Cas-
the hundreds of individuals and families ecutive director, before she and Phillip sandra & Company’s Cassandra Valdez, First-place Turkey Trot winner was Bai-
assisted by United Against Poverty. Keeling, executive coordinator, led the assisted by Dale Leatherman and their ley Yoerin of Vero Beach at 16:26.23; wom-
crowd in a chicken dance – turkey style. daughters, Lia Nacian and Belle Leather- en’s first-place winner was Sydney Settle
There was a joyful air of camaraderie, man, had begun cooking upwards of 3,000 of Kentucky, at 18.35.91.
as close to 2,000 runners and walkers – Just prior to that, young gobblers under aromatic sweet potato pancakes from
many in Thanksgiving or turkey-themed age 6 had garnered cheers from onlookers gallons of batter whipped up by Marsh The mission of United Against Pov-
headwear and costumes – were joined by Landing, and about the same number of erty is to “inspire and empower people
hundreds more of their friends and fami- sausage links. living in poverty to lift themselves and
ly members in what organizers say is now their families to economic self-sufficien-
the largest 5K Run/Walk on the Treasure “I’m doing it to inspire my daughter to cy.” They recently entered Phase II of a
Coast. It’s a true family affair, from babies give back to the community,” said Valdez. multimillion-dollar Lifting Lives out of
pushed in strollers to seniors keeping pace “There are people out there who do not Poverty capital campaign that will en-
with participants half their age. have families; do not have food.” able the organization to consolidate all
of its programs, plus some from collabo-
An army of volunteers had arrived in “It grows every year. It gets better and rating partners, in their New UP Center,
the pre-dawn hours to get everything in better because we learn from our mis- a 46,000-square-foot building just east of
order before the crowds begin to arrive. takes,” said Robertson with a laugh. “It’s a the Indian River County Administration
Everyone does their part in the collabo- great race, a great cause, a great commu- Center.
rative community effort, from the George nity tradition.”
E. Warren Corporation, which led the gen- For more information, visit United-
erous sponsorship pack, to the always ef- A ‘social media’ photo area near the stage 
ficient Runners Depot race coordinators, also held a ‘What I’m thankful for’ chalk-
board, which Robertson said they will pho-
tograph and add to their collection.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE November 30, 2018 B7

Marni Howder, Morgan Young and Michelle Griffin. Add beauty and
natural light to your
EXISTING entryway

in about an hour!

The Paschold family. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE Nicole Martin with daughter Tenley Martin. • Glass patterns • Patio & Sliding
for every style Glass Doors
and budget
• Framed /
• Customize to Frameless
your style Shower Units

• Impact Glass • Etching
• Wood Interior/ • Schlage & Emtek

Exterior Doors Hardware
• Fiberglass • Mirror Wraps


Jessalyn Kilgour, Milo Thornton and Jordan Lippert.

Charlotte Terry and Ana Beindorf. David Thompson with Leslie, Annsley (front)
and Clifton Bigwood.

Regency Square

2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart

Licensed & Insured

B8 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

First Bites: Ono Luau, featuring Hawaiian fare

By TIna Rondeau | Columnist
[email protected]

Can two young guys who half a short

lifetime ago were classmates at St. Hel-

en’s successfully bring the dishes

and drinks of Hawaii to Vero


That’s the challenge

facing surf-

er dude Zak


Poke Tacos.

and David Bed-

ford, two twen-

ty-somethings who a Island Prawns.

couple of weeks ago opened PHOTOS: LEIGH GREEN

Ono Luau in Vero’s old Hawaiian Passion
Acai Plate.
the teriyaki salmon ($18.95), and our com-
This is the first venture panion went for the macademia nut crust-
ed dolphin ($19.95).
into restaurant owner-
The ribs, slow smoked in banana leaves
ship for the pair – Schmitz and bamboo shoots, then charred on the
wood grill with guava barbecue sauce,
worked at Kountry Kitchen had a smoky taste and the meat fell off Service: Service was very attentive, but
the bone. But neither my husband nor our the restaurant was far from crowded.
and Bedford at the Lemon companion thought their seafood dishes
were anything special. Prices: Prices for starters range from
Tree – and while these two $4.95 to $8.95, with entrées running from
Drink: While Ono Luau offers a variety $10.95 to $22.95.
young entrepreneurs cer- of creative Polynesian drinks, it has at this
point an absurdly limited wine selection: Initial impressions: Ono Luau is an
tainly aren’t starting small a choice of pinot grigio or pinot noir. What extremely ambitious undertaking for two
it features is a medium-bodied wheat eager young restaurateurs. Can they pull it
with the large space previ- beer with a pineapple taste from the Maui off? Time will tell.
Brewing Company.
ously occupied by the Osceo- I welcome your comments, and encour-
age you to send feedback to me at tina@
la Bistro, neither seems at all

daunted by the enormity of The reviewer dines anonymously at
restaurants at the expense of Vero Beach
the task ahead. Mojito. 32963. 
Headline news: For better or
worse, this is not your father’s Trader Vic’s. Daily 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Chef Zak, who trained at the Culinary In- Beverages: Full bar

stitute of America, is attempting to bring Address:
2045 13th Avenue,
authentic island tastes to Vero. But getting
Vero Beach
the dishes right is clearly a struggle, and Phone:

at this stage, Ono Luau does not project 772-999-2657

much of a Polynesian ambiance.

Look & Feel: The attractive iron entry

gates of the old Osceola Bistro have now

been replaced by a bamboo fence, which

from the outside hides the fact that the

lush courtyard garden of the Osceola – topped with a guava barbecue sauce. The
chicken was moist, had a nice smoky taste,
once Vero’s prettiest, most elegant al fres- and was very flavorful.

co dining area – isn’t so lush anymore. The My husband’s pork was slow cooked in
banana leaves with black Hawaiian sea
Hawaiian Islands are beautiful, and Ono salt, and came to the table wrapped in a
banana leaf pouch. It was very much like
Luau could use some beautifying. Cuban pulled pork. All entrées are served
with rice and a choice of sides.
Food: On our first visit, we started with
On a second visit with a companion, we
an order of poke tacos. This consisted of tried two appetizers: the poketacos again
(not as good as the first time) and pork
chunks of poke – the popular Hawaiian potstickers (also $8.95). Stuffed with pork
and cabbage and deep fried, the potstick-
marinated raw tuna – stuffed into taco ers were served with ponzu sauce.

shells, which were set atop smashed avo- Then for entrées, I tried a half-rack of
the imu ribs ($18.95), my husband ordered
cado and drizzled with a touch of wasabi

($8.95). Very tasty, with just a bit of a kick.

Then I ordered the Huli-Huli Chicken

($12.95) and my husband had Bruddah

Zak’s Luau Pork ($14.95).

The slow-cooked chicken, turned on the

wood grill until it was golden brown, was

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | WINE November 30, 2018 B9

Fine Dining, Elevated A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant
2013 - 2017
Wine Spectator Award The Best Food In South County!
2002 – 2017
reservations strongly suggested

(772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days 2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL Vero Beach

wednesday | steak night early-bird
a la carte specialty steak menu
sunday - thursday
thursday | paella night 5 - 6 pm

selection of paella dishes three courses
$22 per person
mojito monday

$8 flavored mojitos

happy 1/2 off appetizers
hour $4 draft beer
$5 house wine
4 - 6 pm daily $6 house cocktails

sunday brunch

a la carte brunch menu
11:30 am - 3 pm

call 772.410.0100 for more information 

B10 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING


-French Cuisine-

Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve Reservations
À la Carte Menu

Book your Table

"Holiday Cheer" Dinner & Wine Pairing
Wednesday, December 12th @ 6:30
Reservation only
Contact us for more info.

Follow us on Instagram  Like us on Facebook
1309 19th Place - Downtown Vero Beach, FL

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm


New Prix Fixe Menu Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market

Fall Special • Offered all night
Prix Fixe

$16 Entrees

Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees


BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm

772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING November 30, 2018 B11






Lunch & Dinner Open: ALL U CAN EAT
Tues.- Sat. 11:30am - Close

Closed Sunday and Monday

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 THURS - • Like us on Facebook! FRIED SHRIMP
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available






SAT & SUN 4-9

Lunch Delivery Available

56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

B12 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

AKOHO is a take-away culinary boutique and dessert shop. We use LBJ Farm fresh
local eggs, locally bought produce and organic milk to create homemade
quiches, soups, bowls and exceptionally delicious desserts and strudels.
Menu is fresh and changes daily. Vegan and Vegetarian choices available.

Meal Planning • Catering • Private Events • Custom Orders

FREE 12oz. Rio Coco French Pressed Co ee with any purchase.
Expires 12/6/18


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES November 30, 2018 B13

10 7 6 5 4 AJ9 3
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist Q7 10 6 5 AKJ92
Q65 AJ4 K 10 3
Bill Gates, former CEO and chairman of Microsoft, has become a very keen bridge player. Q52 A K J 10 8764
He was part of the Bridge Base Online team in the 2016 Yeh Online Bridge World Cup.
This featured four teams playing a round robin of 16-board matches in three venues: Beijing, SOUTH
Turin and Seattle. KQ82
In this deal, Gates (East) took a great view in the bidding, but did not find the winning 9872
defense. 93

Against two diamonds, Sharon Osberg (West) led the heart queen. Gates overtook with Dealer: East; Vulnerable: Both
his king, cashed the heart ace and continued with the heart jack. After West discarded a
discouraging spade four, what should East have done next? The Bidding:

Gu Ling (North for the Chinese Contract Bridge Association) would have done best to SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
overcall one no-trump. After losing five heart tricks, she could have taken the rest, aided by 1 Hearts
the club finesse. When she made a takeout double, Gates did well not to rebid two clubs. Pass 1 Spades Dbl. Pass LEAD:
If he had, South would have passed, and West probably would have rebid two hearts. That 2 Diamonds Pass Pass Pass Q Hearts
contract would surely have gone down one.

When East passed, Lin Rongqiang (South) advanced with two diamonds.

After three rounds of hearts, East shifted to the diamond three. Declarer took West’s queen
with dummy’s ace, played a spade to his king and ran the diamond nine. East took his two
trump tricks and exited with a heart, which squeezed West. When she discarded a spade,
South had four spades, two diamonds and two clubs.

The killing defense at trick four was East’s singleton spade. The curious may work it out —
my word limit has been reached.

B14 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


The Telegraph ACROSS DOWN
1 Narrow inlet (5) 1 Smooth talker (7)
4 Radiators (7) 2 Go in (5)
8 Perform (3) 3 Red sauce (7)
9 Cat (3) 4 Baloney (6)
10 Daft (5) 5 Legal defence (5)
11 Parade (5) 6 Age (3)
12 Mythical beast (7) 7 Glow (5)
15 Impulse (4) 13 Approach (4)
17 Formula (6) 14 Sphere (3)
19 Tillable (6) 16 Make anew (4)
22 Challenge (4) 18 Prisoner (3)
24 US politician (7) 20 Daydream (7)
26 Worth (5) 21 Voter (7)
28 Giant (5) 23 Zeal (6)
30 Row (3) 24 Locations (5)
31 Barrel (3) 25 Pick-me-up (5)
32 Motorbike attachment (7) 27 Furious (5)
33 Duck (5) 29 (A) bit, touch (3)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES November 30, 2018 B15

ACROSS 103 Rita Hayworth daughter, 55 Ferrara family The Washington Post
1 1971 John Wayne film Yasmin ___ Khan 58 ___ of (amazed by)
59 Indians of SW California
8 C to C, e.g. 104 Notorious Columbia Pictures 61 Mamie’s guy
14 One of Donald’s nephews mogul Harry 62 Starting from
18 Waker-upper 64 Entrepreneur’s govt. friend
106 In the least 66 Go ___ winner
19 Hen hunter 108 Mornings 67 “That’s still not it!”
20 In ___ (doing poorly) 109 Puppeteer Bil 68 Close ... very close
23 Dawdle 112 Reacts to solving this 70 Outfit
25 Render? 71 Funeral oration,
26 East or West follower puzzle? old-style
27 Do some illegal fixing 114 Eagle, to Caesar 74 Turn income into outgo
29 Irish county, city, 117 Like computer math 77 RMN’s VP
119 Certain veggie-lover’s pride 79 Conclusion start
or bay 121 Behind bars 81 Part of RSVP
30 ___ crow 122 Turkish mountain 83 Fairness factor,
31 Donut-shaped 123 Klatsch in sports
32 Composer Schifrin 124 Hoofers’ clickers 84 Try again
34 “Hot air” 125 Write down symbols 85 Oscar Madison, e.g.
35 Either Holbein 126 Skirt needs, 87 Record anew
37 Mountain guide? in Hawaii 89 “Result” of a penalty-free
38 Beale and Bourbon, for
DOWN football play
example 1 Vacation isle 90 Hockey score
40 “Over, please” 2 One of the Ages 92 Using capitals and small
43 “May ___ of service?” 3 Opulent ovoid
44 Great seats 4 Child’s namesakes letters, in editing shorthand
46 Communiqué from Gilligan 5 So far 94 Falls in two countries
48 City just E of Oakland 6 Containers at a 97 Shul teacher
49 Jokesmiths 98 Land-based radar
52 Father of the Reo Royale gaudeamus 100 Take a ___ (try)
54 “What’s in ___?” 7 Fab rival, ___ Plus 102 The blue crew
56 Bible book 8 Short ___ (winded) 105 Type of toxin
57 Mendelssohn’s Concerto in 9 Welsh dogs 107 Playing marble
10 Play length, sometimes 108 Red Sea gulf
Opus 64 11 Chug-___ 110 Pro ___
59 Alley pickups? 12 Corrupt 111 Annoyingly dull sort
60 Picture 13 The Crash of ’79 author 113 Record book datum
63 Popular diet bread 14 Toque, for one 114 Petri dish layer
65 Hand protector 15 Applications 115 ___-majesté
66 Clumsy carpenter’s cries 16 Israeli airline 116 Underground army
69 Bettor’s raison d’être 17 He stunned the world on 118 Milestones, e.g.: abbr.
120 Overall: abbr.
72 Born April 12, 1961
73 Jardinieres 21 Larger of two reproductive BABY TALK By Merl Reagle
75 Adding place
76 Potent Yule parties cells
78 Removable locks? 22 Wolfe’s forte
80 Secret 24 Feels blindly
82 Observers 28 Silver and gold, but not
86 The heat of the moment
87 Last name of first female US bronze: abbr.
31 Part of an airport lineup?
attorney general 33 Tic-tac-toe line
88 Work as a judge 35 Noon adjective
91 Worthless mineral matter 36 Rhyme scheme
93 Lethal weapon 37 Inspire
95 Arledge of TV lore 39 In a sec
96 Old Tokyo 41 Sucker deal
97 Huggable toys 42 Defunct flyer
99 Family girl 44 Arctic goose
101 Music notes
102 Nose-in-the-air type 45 Tavern tune
47 ___ in January
50 The Jazz, for one
51 Shadow over L.A.
53 Minute measures

The Telegraph

B16 November 30, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING NOVEMBER DECEMBER 1 Candy Cane 3K Run presented by Run Vero,
5:15 p.m. followed by Oceanside Business As-
Vero Beach Museum of Art - 150 Years of 30 Sebastian River Area Chamber of Com- 1 Vero Beach Art Club Art Trail, a ticketed open sociation Christmas Parade, 6 p.m. on Ocean Drive.
Painting & Sculpture from the Permanent Col- merce Light Up Night, 5:30 to 8 p.m. at house of ten local member studios from 10
lection thru Jan. 13; Made in Germany: Con- various businesses in Sebastian and Roseland, a.m. to 4 p.m. $25; $30 event day. 772-231-0303 1 Sebastian Christmas & Holiday Parade, 6
temporary Art from the Rubell Family Collec- with food, prizes and giveaways. 772-589-5969. p.m. along Indian River Drive from Main
tion thru Jan. 6. 1 Christmas Banquet featuring Boston Mar- Street to Riverview Park for visits with Santa.
30 & December 1 - Riverside Theatre athon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory,
Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge tours, Comedy Zone’s Winter Nights, 7:30 5:30 p.m. at Oak Harbor Club, with dinner, live 1 A Legacy of Love, a drag show to benefit
8 to 10 a.m. Wednesdays through March. Free; p.m. & 9:30 p.m., with Live on the Loop free en- entertainment and auction to benefit Women’s the People Care Center, 6 p.m. cocktails;
RSVP required. 772-581-5557 X 2 tertainment at 6:30 p.m. 772-231-6990 Refuge of Vero Beach. 772-770-4424 7 p.m. show at Vero Beach Theatre Guild, cele-
brating 30th anniversary of World Aids Day. $30.

Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN 1 Book signing for cyclist and former Vero
in November 23, 2018 Edition 1 REEK 2 EXAM Beach 32963 journalist Alan Snel, author
4 WEST 3 KETTLE of “Long Road Back to Las Vegas: How Las Ve-
8 STOP 4 WHINGE gas and the Golden Knights healed a journalist’s
9 LASTDITCH 5 SOCKET wounds,” chronicling his recovery from injuries
11 KINGLY 6 STAGPARTY caused by a distracted motorist, 6 p.m. at Orchid
13 SLOGGED 7 SPRY island Bikes and Kayaks.
16 TENANT 12 PSST 1 Celtic Angels Christmas Concert, 7 p.m. at
18 THESIS 13 SHEEPSKIN Emerson Center, with Celtic Angels, Celtic
20 DUSTED 14 OMNIBUS Knight Dancers and music by Trinity Band En-
22 BLUESKY 17 TODO semble of Dublin. $19 to $49. 772-778-5249

Sudoku Page B17 Sudoku Page B18 Crossword Page B17 Crossword Page B18 (STARTING LINEUP) 2 Schacht Groves Farm Festival, 11 a.m. to
3 p.m. with children’s crafts and activities,
hayrides, packinghouse and grove tours. Free.


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