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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2020-01-17 12:41:11

01/17/2020 ISSUE 03


January 17, 2020 | Volume 7, Issue 3 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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FED JUDGE RAPS Vero residents provide relief to the Abacos Sebastian River
SCHOOL BOARD’S gets new CEO but
HIRED ATTORNEY troubles continue

By Federico Martinez | Staff Writer By Kaila Jones | Staff Photographer PHOTO: KAILA JONES By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer
[email protected]
A federal judge on Friday rep- EN ROUTE TO THE ABACO ISLANDS – Cruis- hamian islands that have been a playground for
rimanded county School Board ing at 7,000 feet in his 1972 Piper Cherokee 6 Floridians for generations can be seen strung out Sebastian River Medical Cen-
attorney Suzanne D’Agresta for stuffed with relief supplies, pilot Randy Brennan like jewels on the horizon. ter’s much-delayed $60-million
writing and submitting an un- spots a familiar patch of land down below in the expansion has missed another
authorized desegregation “prog- turquoise and azure Atlantic. From a distance, all seems calm and beautiful. projected completion date.
ress” report, and sharply criti- But as we descend, it becomes clear the islands
cized her for refusing to include Less than 150 miles from Vero Beach, the Ba- are still engaged in a desperate struggle to recover With no explanation from hos-
in the report input from the pital management, the project
NAACP and the school district’s CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 blew past the December comple-
Equity Committee. tion date predicted by the hospi-
tal’s then-CEO Kyle Sanders be-
U.S District Judge Kathleen fore he left last fall.
Williams, who oversees the
school district’s compliance with A new president and CEO, Ron-
a long-standing federal desegre- ald Bierman, was finally named
gation order, informed D’Agresta last week, but the hoped-for Feb-
during a hearing in Miami she ruary opening now appears fur-
would not accept the report the ther delayed to late spring or early
attorney authored and submit- summer.
ted without informing the school
board. Bierman formerly led another
Steward Health hospital, Trum-
The outlines of the two-hour bull Memorial Hospital in Warren,
hearing were confirmed by Judge Ohio, and since November has
Williams office, the school district been running Sharon Regional
and the NAACP. Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

“Judge Williams basically de- Construction setbacks are not
cided to throw the report into the the only delays causing the hos-
trash and ‘spanked’ D’Agresta pital to take heat. As the hospi-
tal’s construction team prepares
CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 for an “80 percent inspection”
next week by the state’s Agency
NEWS 1-5 PETS 16
DINING B10 In dramatic reversal,
HEALTH 6 GAMES B17 Vero Beach officials
CALENDAR B20 now seek train station
B1 By George Andreassi | Staff Writer
ARTS By Nicole Rodriguez | Staff Writer
In a dramatic reversal, Vero
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 Elite Airways may end up a victim of its Beach’s mayor and city council
For circulation or where to pick up own success after the Vero Beach Airport now want to team up with Virgin
your issue call: 772-226-7925 Commission voted in favor of terminating Trains USA to develop a train and
the airline’s lease at Vero Beach Regional bus station at Vero Beach Region-
Airport to keep the city from losing up to a PHOTO: KAILA JONES al Airport as the company forges
$1 million a year in state grants. ahead with its Miami to Orlando

The City Council, which will make the CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
final decision, is expected to take up the
issue at its Jan. 21 meeting.

Elite Airways, which flies small Bom-


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2 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

SEBASTIAN RIVER While the addition retained its original upper-floor patient rooms came after the VERO TRAIN STATION
design, Steward brought in a new con- hospital’s admissions in 2018 were the
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 tractor, Boston-based Suffolk Construc- second lowest in a decade, revealed in a CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
tion, which has offices in West Palm and required AHCA filing.
for Health Care Administration, that same Miami. high-speed passenger rail project.
agency has fined Sebastian River for delays Numbers for the first quarter of 2019 The proposal is an amazing turnaround
in filing financial documents unrelated to As the timeline has stretched, the ini- also show decreased patient volume,
the expansion. tial phase of the project itself has scaled with inpatient discharges at the lowest from what most local officials have been
back to only half the original number point since 1994. Ambulatory outpatient saying ever since the high-speed train proj-
The $4,000 fine levied by AHCA in of patient rooms. Sanders called it a visits were the lowest of any year going ect was announced.
mid-December marks the fourth time “phase-in” last summer after Vero News back to 1997, the earliest results posted.
the hospital has been fined for late filings pointed out a discrepancy between hos- Emergency department visits in the same Up till now, there has been nearly unan-
since Steward Health acquired the hos- pital press releases, which spoke of 48 quarter were the lowest since 2008. imous opposition to the train project, with
pital in mid-2017. It is the second time rooms, and the Suffolk website, which the county spending millions on lawsuits
the hospital has been late providing prior at the time mentioned only 25. Sanders While hospital officials claim the de-
year financial statements. did not provide a start date for the sec- cline in patient volume turned around to block the rail
ond-phase buildout. in the third quarter of 2019, they did not service and the city
Both times, Steward got a one-month ex- provide data to back up that claim. expressing support
tension on top of the AHCA’s 120-day grace As for the first phase, hospital repre- for the county’s
period. Last year’s fine amounted to just sentatives say the building shell will be AHCA will not post full-year 2019 pa- stance and passing
over $2,000, about half of this year’s fine. complete by March or April, according to tient data for SRMC until it has received an anti-train reso-
John McCoy, Indian River County’s chief data from all Florida hospitals, which is lution as far back
While those filing delays can be mea- of community development and current due this spring. as 2014.
sured in months, the hospital’s three-story construction. Once site improvements Now, with the county losing again in fed-
wing – a project it inherited from SRMC’s and the exterior of the building are cer- The new wing will add more private eral court and County Attorney Dylan Re-
previous owner – is now more than a year- tified, the interior must be completed rooms at the hospital, which currently ingold advising commissioners there is no
and-a-half behind schedule, based on its before a certificate of occupancy can be has 154 licensed beds, including some point in further appeals, the city has decid-
original projected opening date. issued by the county. semi-private rooms. ed to try and work with the train company.
The council on Jan. 7 directed City Man-
The 90,000-square-foot addition, Following that, the state’s Agency for The wing will also add seven operating ager Monte Falls to try to negotiate with
which will include patient and operat- Health Care Administration does a final suites and a new reception area. On com- VTUSA representatives for a train station
ing rooms, broke ground in August 2016 inspection, which will include testing pletion, the hospital’s main entrance will at the airport and quiet zones at the city’s
when the hospital was owned by Com- medical gas systems, nurse call and code be at the back of the complex rather than railroad crossings.
munity Health Systems. blue systems, HVAC and fire protection. in front, off U.S. 1, as it is now. Federal grants could be used to pay most
construction costs for the multi-modal ter-
At that time, it had a projected com- As with the county’s inspection pro- Numbers for the first quarter of 2019 minal proposed near Aviation Boulevard
pletion date of mid-2018, but the proj- cess, the AHCA inspections have the po- also show decreased patient volume, and the Florida East Coast Railway tracks,
ect stalled when SRMC was acquired by tential to further delay the project while with inpatient discharges at the lowest city officials said.
Steward in 2017. Construction on the any required changes are made. point since 1994. Ambulatory outpatient A Virgin Trains station at Vero Beach Re-
building didn’t begin in earnest until al- back to 1997, the earliest results posted.
most a year after Steward took over. News of the postponed build-out of Emergency department visits in the same
quarter were the lowest since 2008. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS January 17, 2020 3

VERO AIR SERVICE and in 2018 the company flew 11,084 pas- ipality’s five-year plan, City Manager Mon- we happen to have and that’s a side issue.
sengers, according to city documents. te Falls said. The issue we have is that we’ve pushed up
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 into the commercial airline category.”
It was the first time Elite had more than When an airport is designated as gen-
bardier jets carrying 50 or 70 passengers 10,000 passengers flying out of Vero in a eral aviation, the state typically covers 80 Although it’s estimated commercial
back and forth between Vero Beach and single year and that is where the compa- percent of the cost for large projects, while service brought $8.3 million in economic
Newark, N.J., as well as other destinations, ny’s current problem began. the city is responsible for 20 percent. Un- benefit to the area, the Airport Commis-
has been a big hit in Vero. der the new designation, the cost split sion saw no upside in keeping Elite and
The city was notified by the Florida De- would be 50/50. also advised the City Council not to find
Since it launched service here in 2015, partment of Transportation in December another airline to replace it, because of the
beachside residents with summer homes that the airport will be reclassified from a The new designation could deplete the financial risk any commercial airline could
in the New York area have raved about the general aviation airport – which primarily airport’s current fund balance of $3.5 mil- impose.
convenience of the flights – with free park- serves small private planes – to a commer- lion in a few years, city officials said. Elite
ing, quick boarding and the airport just cial airport effective in July because of the would need to handle 200,000 departing “Unfortunately, I just don’t see how the
minutes from the island – and Elite has 10,000-passenger number. passengers a year to make up for the short- present situation can sustain itself,” Air-
said that Vero is its best market. fall, according to Falls. port Commission Vice Chairman Louis
If it goes into effect, the new classifi- Vocelle Jr. said. “Any future operations by
Passenger numbers – and airline reve- cation would cost the city as much as $1 “It’s really a tough situation that we’re in Elite with 10,000 enplanements is an eco-
nue – steadily increased from year to year million per year in lost state grant revenue and it’s not an Elite Airways problem,” Falls
for airport projects included in the munic- said. “Elite is just a commercial carrier that CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

gional Airport would enable city residents to the FECR tracks from Cocoa to down-
to take a train to Orlando International Air- town West Palm Beach.
port in less than an hour, said City Council-
man Joe Graves. VTUSA’s goal is to run 34 trains per day
between Orlando and Miami by the end of
“I believe there’s a mutual interest in Vir- 2022. Trains would reach speeds up to 110
gin Trains having a stop in Vero,” Graves mph in Indian River County.
said during the Jan. 7 meeting.
The Vero Beach City Council’s consen-
“I can’t reveal who told me what, but I sus to seek talks with Virgin Trains about a
do believe there is interest in them having train station came as Indian River County
a stop here. commissioners, on a 4-to-1 vote, decided
against taking their court battle against the
“What’s worse than having high-speed passenger rail project all the way to the U.S.
rail come through our city, is having high- Supreme Court.
speed rail come through our city and not
have a stop,” Graves added. Reingold advised commissioners to ac-
cept their Dec. 20 defeat in a federal appeals
Virgin Trains started work in summer court and forgo further appeals because of
2019 on new tracks from Orlando Interna- steep odds against success. 
tional Airport to Cocoa and improvements

4 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

RELIEF FOR THE ABACOS PHOTO: KAILA JONES Tarps function as shelters and residents’
belongings – or pieces of them – remain
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 scattered across recently cleared dirt roads.

from Hurricane Dorian, a Cat 5 storm that Brennan knows Marsh Harbour well.
hovered over the northern Bahamas for The Vero Beach attorney has been flying to
days. the town for six years to assist Youth on a
Mission, a ministry of St. Helen’s Catholic
On the ground in Marsh Harbour, a town Church. The service-based ministry had
familiar to many Vero residents, the rem- a strong presence in Marsh Harbour pri-
nants of the natural disaster are beyond or to the hurricane, working to support
belief. For a first-time visitor, it seems as Every Child Counts, a school of about 100
if time has stood still since the monster children with developmental and physical
storm shredded infrastructure, destroyed disabilities.
homes and schools and killed scores of is-
landers. Today, the school serves as “base camp”
for recovery volunteers.
Windshields of cars are blown out and
pine trees have been snapped like twigs. “The damage in Marsh Harbour was
eye-opening,” Brennan said. “If a storm
like that is coming toward Vero Beach,
people can leave. There? Where do you go?
You’re on an island in the middle of the
ocean. There is no place to evacuate to, and
there is very little high ground on Abaco.”

Matt McAlarnen, a Youth on a Mission
board member and ministry volunteer at
St. Helen’s Church, recalls how in the days
after the disaster Brennan and Richard
Schlitt, director of Youth on a Mission, were
“like Amazon Prime,” rounding up and de-
livering emergency relief supplies to Marsh

He says relief organizations would call
from the island asking for specific supplies
“and the next day it would be delivered.”

The two Vero Beach residents were able
to deliver supplies in a fraction of the time
that a barge would take. With the help of
11 volunteers and a DC-3, they were able
to set up a base camp to accommodate 40-
50 volunteers at a time for the months and
years of recovery still ahead.

For Maureen Leu, another Youth on a
Mission board member and early volun-
teer, the first trip back to the area following
the catastrophe was difficult.

“I thought going over in September
would somehow ease my mind,” Leu re-
calls. “But, for me, it was almost worse
because you didn’t know where the kids

At that time, some of the students at
Every Child Counts school were still unac-
counted for.

“Our trips have always largely been
about the kids,” Leu said. “So, not to have
them around the church or show up at the
common places was really, really hard.”

Much of the infrastructure in Marsh
Harbour – once the commercial center of
the Abacos – is still shattered and there is
a continuing need for construction materi-
als and other relief supplies. As winter con-
tinues, islanders need blankets.

“People don’t think of the Bahamas as
getting cold, but it does get cool at night
and a lot of people are without shelter,”
Maureen Leu said.

The Bahamian government is waving
duties on incoming relief supplies, but that
will stop in June, and Youth on a Mission
board members are urging Vero residents
to donate as much as they can before the
summer to avoid having relief funds eaten
up by customs fees. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS January 17, 2020 5

SCHOOL BOARD ATTORNEY again,” Moore said in December. VERO AIR SERVICE officials. The fee increases were written
In contrast to D’Agresta’s report, the into the new agreement because of low
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 fees Elite was charged as a startup incen-
NAACP and the Equity Committee, which tive, city documents state.
for refusing to allow the NAACP and the is charged with evaluating the district’s nomic detriment to the city and to the air-
Equity Committee to have any input,” efforts to comply with the 52-year-old de- port.” The previous lease agreement with the
said NAACP President Tony Brown, who segregation order, gave the district failing airline expired on Nov. 30 and Elite is cur-
attended the hearing. “The judge chewed marks in 2019 in 9 out of 11 areas of con- The Airport Commission voted unani- rently operating with a month-to-month
her out.” cern identified by the court. mously to recommend terminating Elite’s lease agreement.
contract to operate at the airport.
D’Agresta could not be reached for com- Williams ordered Friday’s hearing af- The popular carrier offers nonstop
ment on Monday. School district officials ter the NAACP filed a complaint about The advisory board’s recommendation flights to and from Newark and Portland,
said Superintendent David Moore, who D’Agresta’s rogue report, Brown said. comes just days after Elite agreed to a new Maine, during the winter, according to the
also attended the hearing, could not com- lease agreement that ups the airline’s annu- city’s website.
ment on the legal issue. The School Board had promised that al license fee from $8,400 a year to $20,625
the progress report would be compiled and imposes an additional $18,000 annual Elite has offered seasonal flights to
Brown said Williams did not instruct the in collaboration with the NAACP and rent charge for ticket-counter space – rate Asheville, North Carolina, and limited
two sides to resubmit a joint report, but the Equity Committee, and board mem- hikes Elite expected and had no objections winter holiday flights to White Plains, New
said she expected a joint report that meets bers have said they were not aware of to, according to city documents and city York. It also tried a Vero to Naples route
the court’s requirements when the next D’Agresta’s solo report until Brown and that was not successful. 
progress update is filed later this year. Merchon Green, chairman of the Equity
Committee, told them about it in late No-
Williams recommended that Brown and vember.
Moore meet and work together to make
sure the next report is compiled in a col- The school district’s contract with
laborative way, Brown said. D’Agresta’s Orlando-based law firm expires
in March, and the School Board, which has
D’Agresta’s report, which claimed the dis- expressed unhappiness with D’Agresta on
trict is complying with the desegregation or- multiple occasions during the past year,
der, included false and misleading informa- was scheduled on Tuesday to vote to seek
tion and was not authorized by the School bids from other law firms interested in rep-
Board, Moore and the board acknowledged resenting the district.
in December.
The current controversy has put a new
After the School Board learned that its strain on the relationship between the
attorney had filed the report without input School Board and NAACP at a time when
from the NAACP and the Equity Commit- both sides have pledged to work together
tee, Moore said D’Agresta’s actions had and expressed hope for a new era of coop-
damaged the school district’s credibility. eration in reducing inequity in the district
and improving educational outcomes for
“We can’t undo what’s been done. But we minority students. 
can take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen

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6 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Vero doc expands her ‘regenerative medicine’ practice

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer more well know, her practice, Sikora Regen-
[email protected] erative Medicine, has grown to the point
that she recently moved to a new, much
Treating pain is big business. larger office.
Nearly one-third of U.S. residents suffer
from some form of chronic pain, according “We’re going to have three times the
to the Institute of Medicine at the National space, and I’ve added a part-time nurse
Academy of Sciences. practitioner and a physician assistant to the
In the face of that statistic, Dr. Alita Siko- practice,” Sikora says.
ra has been working in Vero Beach for more
than 10 years to develop better ways of treat- So, what exactly is “regenerative med-
ing chronic pain than, as she puts it, simply icine?”
writing opioid prescriptions.
As the dangers of opioids have become That’s the right question to ask but a tricky
one to answer.

Sikora says that to her, “regenerative med-

Dr. Alita Sikora.


By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer icine is the study of how to heal the body – replace tissues and organs damaged by age,
[email protected] not just mask problems with cortisone shots disease, or trauma, as well as to normalize
or medications [like opioids], but actually congenital defects. Promising preclinical
have the body heal and repair itself.” and clinical data to date support the possi-
bility for treating both chronic diseases and
It is a growing and widely accepted as- acute insults, and for regenerative medi-
pect of modern medicine. According to an cine to abet maladies occurring across a
article published by the Proceedings of the wide array of organ systems and contexts,
National Academy of Sciences, “regenera-
tive medicine has the potential to heal or CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

8 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 according to Stanford Children’s Health. “In orders that affect the body system that is in- mones, soft wave or sound wave therapy, IV
some cases, they also have the ability to re- volved in the production of blood. vitamin drips, massage therapy, acupunc-
including dermal wounds, cardiovascular pair damaged tissues. Researchers believe ture and platelet-rich plasma injections, as
diseases and traumas, treatments for cer- that stem cell-based therapies may one day That’s not knee pain. It’s not paralysis. It’s well as stem cell therapy – may offer relief
tain types of cancer, and more.” be used to treat devastating ailments like pa- not Alzheimer’s disease. from chronic pain.
ralysis and Alzheimer’s disease.”
The Mayo Clinic says integrative medi- As Sikora explains, “there are some clinics However, if you’re considering any type
cine, which regenerative medicine is part However, according to the U.S. Food and in the state, not run by doctors,” that offer of regenerative medicine as an alternative
of, “can help people with cancer, persistent Drug Administration, that “one day” hasn’t stem-cell therapy indiscriminately, “so the health or pain relief path, you need to ask de-
pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and arrived yet. The agency cautions that the state is going after these kinds of bad players.” tailed questions. Consult your primary care
many other conditions better manage their therapy is no cure-all: “Stem cells have been physician about which questions you should
symptoms and improve their quality of life called everything from cure-alls to miracle It is a caveat emptor – or buyer beware – ask before agreeing to any treatments and
by reducing fatigue, pain and anxiety.” treatments. But don’t believe the hype.” situation. find out what your out-of-pocket costs will
be, as some treatments are not be covered by
The use of stem cell therapy is sometimes The only stem cell-based products cur- Still, as Sikora puts it, “I have patients insurance.
employed as part of regenerative medicine rently FDA-approved for use in the United who have failed every traditional treatment.
and Dr. Sikora plans to offer the therapy in States consist of blood-forming stem cells I have people that have failed multiple sur- Dr. Alita Sikora’s ‘Sikora Regenerative Med-
the near future. (hematopoietic progenitor cells) derived geries, failed with opioids. They’ve tried the icine’ is now at 1255 37th Street at the corner
from cord blood. These products are ap- whole gamut,” without success. of 37th and Dr. Hugh McCrystal Drive. The
“Stem cells are special human cells that proved for limited use in patients with dis- phone number is 772-228-6882. 
have the ability to develop into many different For those patients, Sikora’s medically-su-
cell types, from muscle cells to brain cells,” pervised regenerative techniques and thera-
pies – medical marijuana, bio-identical hor-


By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer cer is, to say the least, challenging. It can be
[email protected] confused with benign skin conditions such
as moles, solar lentigines or seborrheic ker-
Sometimes, when it comes to cancer atoses.
treatments, 5 percent of something can
make a 100 percent difference in someone’s To figure out what was going on with the
life. ugly blotches on his head, Molloy sought
out dermatologist Dr. John McDonald who,
Just ask Vero resident Dan Molloy. Or Molloy says, at first suggested going to Tam-
Scully-Welsh Cancer Center director Dr. pa’s Moffit Cancer Center or Jacksonville’s
James Grichnik, or its director of cutaneous Mayo Clinic. But then he called Molloy back
surgery, Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm. and told him, “There’s a new cancer center
just opening up [here in Vero] called Scul-
Molloy had developed “lentigo maligna,” ly-Welsh. I’m going to call them.”
a precursor of a skin cancer known as “len-
tigo maligna melanoma.” McDonald made that call and spoke with
Scully-Welsh’s director, Dr. James Grichnik.
In Molloy’s case the disease had already
invaded the top level of the skin on his head After that call Molloy’s prognosis started
and re-pigmented his hair and skin when to improve, but there were still hurdles to
he sought treatment several years ago. get over.

According to the American Osteopathic For starters, the National Institutes of
College of Dermatology, “lentigo maligna Health says, “the preferred form of therapy
is more prevalent in the elderly population [for lentigo maligna] is surgical removal,”
with a high level of cumulative sun expo- but at age 86 Molloy didn’t want to undergo
sure,” and that description fit the then-86- surgery.
year-old Molloy to a T. He’d been an enthu-
siastic golfer long before the importance of Radiation was suggested, too. It is another
applying sunblock was understood or pro- established therapy for the condition with
moted. good response rates. But Molloy didn’t like
that idea either and wanted other option.
Moreover, the diagnosis of this pre-can-

Is The One-Stop Location
for All of Your Medical Services
Call for an appointment: 772-567-6340

We are proud to announce the addition of Andrea Kaupas, DO to the
Primary Care of the Treasure Coast family. Dr. Kaupas specializes in caring

for families through chronic diseases, acute illnesses and preventative
care. She also cares for patients with acute injuries.
We offer the following on-site services

CLIA Certified Lab • Bone Density Testing • ACR Certified Ultrasound
X-Ray • Hearing Center • ICAEL Certified

1265 36TH STREET, VERO BEACH, FL 32960

Erol Atamer, MD • Joshua Shipley, MD • Debora Baxa, PA • Fredrick Baker, MD • Gary Silverman, MD
Meredith Kitchell, MMS, PA-C • Hal Brown, MD • Arthur Splendoria, MD • Richard Miller, PA-C • Collin Kitchell, MD

Guy Ulrich, MD • Laura Hanke, ARNP • Richard Penly, MD • Andre Vendryes, MD • Samuel Watkins, MD


Nancy Baker, MD • Christina Namvar, DO • Mark Sultzman, PA-C, PharmD

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH January 17, 2020 9

Dan Molloy and
Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm.


That’s where Dr. Correa-Selm comes into It turned out to be a good decision. Even Molloy still checks in with Correa-Selm Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm is director of cuta-
the picture. She explains that McDonald re- though the use of the 5 percent imiquimod to monitor his situation but what was once neous surgery as well as a dermatologist and
mained concerned for Molloy and sent him cream was technically off-label, there have a glaring red – or black or dark brown – flag Mohs surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic’s Indi-
“to me and Dr. Grichnik for evaluation, and been enough studies showing enough pos- is now all but invisible and, after three an River Hospital’s Scully-Welsh Cancer Cen-
to see what else we could offer.” itive results that Medicare is willing to help years, there are no signs of a recurrence of ter located at 3555 10th Court in Vero Beach.
pick up the cost. Molloy’s lentigo maligna. The phone number is 772-563-4673. 
“We had a tumor board discussion with
Dr. Grichnik … and he suggested this top- “I’m very pleased,” says the now-89-year-
ical therapy.” old, whose hair is back to its normal color
and whose scalp is all but unmarked.
Which is where the “5 percent of some-
thing” mentioned above comes into play. “I was 86 then and I was under [the care
of] both Dr. Grichnik and Dr. Correa-Selm
The FDA has approved a drug known as and felt really comfortable with an other-
“imiquimod” in a 5 percent topical cream wise uncomfortable situation.”
for the treatment of warts, actinic keratosis
and superficial basal cell carcinomas, so But the real star of this story, according
employing it to treat Molloy’s lentigo ma- to Molloy, is his wife of 62 years, Eileen Mol-
ligna was something of an “off-label” use. loy. “I really have to give big-time credit to
my wife, Eileen. She would be the one who
According to Correa-Selm, “the cure rate would put on the [imiquimod cream] and
[for using the 5 percent imiquimod cream she still does it.”
to treat lentigo maligna] is not as good as
surgery, but it’s pretty acceptable – 70 to 75 Meanwhile, when Correa-Selm was
percent effective.” asked if this type of off-label treatments
could work for other people, she offers a
Molloy almost instantly decided that was prompt reply. “Absolutely,” she says, adding
the way to go. “That’s the best treatment op- that the treatment “worked beautifully” for
tion I’ve been offered,” said this octogenari- Molloy.
an golfer from Long Island, “so let’s do it.”

10 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR

No shortage of treatment options for heart-attack victims

By Fred Cicetti | Columnist

[In the last column, I wrote about the
causes of heart attacks. In this last install-
ment of a three-part series, we’ll discuss
treatments for heart-attack victims.]

Because of better care, most heart-at-
tack victims survive today. There are im-
proved tests, drugs and surgery to defend
against heart attack.

Tests include a wide range of technolo- to the heart. A radioactive material is in- attack. Sound waves are bounced off your tality from heart attacks.
gies. jected into your bloodstream. Then cam- heart and converted to images. Beta blockers, which lower your pulse
eras detect the radioactive material as it
An electrocardiogram (ECG) records flows through your heart and lungs. An angiogram employs dye injected into rate and blood pressure, can reduce dam-
the heart’s electrical activity. This test is your arteries. The dye makes the arteries age to the heart.
done because injured heart muscle gener- An echocardiogram can tell if a part of visible to X-rays, which illustrate blockages.
ates abnormal impulses. If the ECG picks the heart has been damaged by a heart Drugs to lower cholesterol may be help-
up abnormalities, physicians will know A stress test on a treadmill or stationary ful if given soon after a heart attack begins.
that a patient has had a heart attack or that bike while hooked up to an ECG machine
one may be in progress. measures how your heart and arteries re- If you are in great pain, you may be giv-
act when you exert yourself. en morphine.
If you have a heart attack, there are
heart enzymes that leak slowly into your A number of drugs also help in diagnos- Surgery
blood. So, physicians will draw blood to ing and treating heart attacks. Angioplasty opens blocked coronary
test for the enzymes. arteries. In this procedure, a catheter is
Drugs that help dissolve clots blocking run through an artery to the blockage.
A chest X-ray is done to evaluate the size blood to your heart are lifesavers. These The catheter, which is a long thin tube,
and shape of your heart and its blood vessels. drugs are known as thrombolytics or has a balloon tip that is inflated to open
“clot-busters.” The earlier you are given a the blockage. In most cases, a mesh tube
A nuclear scan enables doctors to locate clot-buster, the better. A “superaspirin” is (stent) is also placed inside the artery to
places where blood is not flowing properly given with a clot-buster. The superaspirin hold it open.
prevents new clots from forming. Coronary artery bypass surgery is not
usually done when a heart attack occurs
Nitroglycerin is used to open arteries, im- but it may be recommended after recov-
proving blood flow to and from your heart. ery. During the operation, surgeons take a
segment of a healthy blood vessel from an-
Regular aspirin keeps blood moving other part of the body and make a detour
through constricted arteries. There- around the blocked part of the coronary
fore, paramedics may give aspirin when artery. 
they respond to an emergency to treat a
heart-attack victim. Aspirin reduces mor-


Hardware Store & Lumber Yard



63 years Family Owned & Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171 •

Roomy McAnsh Park home
perfect for a large family

2124 Buena Vista Blvd. in McAnsh Park: 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath, 2,625-square-foot home offered
for $439,000 by Alex MacWilliam Real Estate listing agent Julianne Gallagher: 772-231-6509

12 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Roomy McAnsh Park home perfect for a large family

By Debbie Carson | Staff Writer
[email protected]

Julianne Gallagher finds herself in a
unique position. She’s the agent represent-
ing the sale of a home in McAnsh Park, but
it’s not just any home – it’s her childhood
home. Her parents want to downsize and
have put the two-story, 2,625-square-foot
house on the market.

“They don’t need it,” Gallagher said,
adding that her parents – and the whole
family – love the neighborhood. “They’re
definitely staying in Vero.”

Gallagher is the youngest of four chil-
dren and has fond memories of family

game night and playing hide-and-seek
with her siblings.

Now, the house – built in 2001 – is ready
for a new family to put down roots and cre-
ate their own memories.

“Everything’s in good condition,” Galla-
gher said. “Mom’s pretty meticulous.”

Bold colors grace many of the walls –
something the next residents will love or
can easily repaint. Flooring consists of tile,
wood, and carpet – all in good repair.

The entry is a traditional foyer and
opens onto the family room, equipped
with fireplace. Nearby is the formal dining

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E January 17, 2020 13

room, which the family converted into a id wood with a protective carpet runner The upstairs hall bath includes two one bedroom while their lone brother got
comfortable den with plenty of seating. down the center. It leads to three bed- sinks that sit on opposite sides of the a room to himself.
rooms on the second floor, including a room, a water closet, and a shower/tub
The kitchen features oak cabinetry, with secondary master, which Gallagher’s el- enclosure. Gallagher said there was ample Gallagher said McAnsh Park’s charm
dark granite counters and black appli- dest sister claimed when they were grow- space to accommodate she and her sib- comes from its diverse, high-quality ar-
ances. Though walled off from the main ing up. lings growing up. The three bedrooms are chitecture. One of Vero’s earliest neighbor-
room, it has a large pass-through window all large and all have display shelves above hoods, it was built out over many decades
to what most would consider the breakfast Two hall closets are large enough to the windows. Gallagher and her next eldest and home styles run the gamut from Vero’s
nook. This dining space is where the fam- house all the family’s board games, puz- sister were able to comfortably co-exist in signature Spanish/Mediterranean Revival,
ily would often come together for meals zles as well as the linens. to colonial, Old Florida and mid-century
– with plenty of room for all six members. modern.

Glass sliders open from the dining area The Gallagher home is traditional in
out to the back patio and large fenced-in style – the kind of house one might find in
backyard. a leafy Midwestern neighborhood.

Off the kitchen is a roomy half-bath Graced with a pleasant central park and
opposite the in-house laundry room close to everything Vero Beach has to of-
equipped with a utility sink. fer, the McAnsh Park neighborhood is one
of the most attractive and sought-after on
The two-car garage has room enough the mainland. 
for both vehicles without sacrificing space
for storage. A bonus room with an exterior
door to the patio is currently a home of-
fice/music studio but could easily be con-
verted to other uses.

On the opposite side of the ground floor
is the master suite, beautifully appointed
with volume ceilings set off with crown

The master bedroom is awash with nat-
ural light that streams in through large
windows. A short hallway flanked by clos-
ets leads to the en suite. The bathroom
features dual sinks set in a tile counter, a
luxurious jetted tub and a generous glass-
walled shower.

The staircase to the second floor is sol-


McAnsh Park
Lot size: .27 acres
Concrete block and frame
Year built: 2001
Size: 2,625 sq. ft. under air
Bedrooms: 4
3 full baths and 1 half-bath
Additional features:
Ground floor master suite;
volume ceilings and crown
molding; large fenced back-
yard; new roof; large front
porch; bonus room with pa-
tio access; traditional floor
plan with formal dining
room; friendly community;
short walk to Troy Moody
Park, close to downtown
shops and restaurants, 10
minutes from the beach
Listing agency:
Alex MacWilliam Real Estate
Listing agent:
Julianne Gallagher,
Listing price: $439,000

14 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A modest total of 27 transactions of single-family residences and lots was reported last week on the main-
The top sale of the week was the residence at 1440 Coventry Lane in Vero Beach. First listed in October for
$595,000, this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home sold for $580,000 on Jan. 9.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Martin Carder of Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Representing
the buyer was agent Diane Marie De Francisci of Alex MacWilliam, Inc.


VERO BEACH 1440 COVENTRY LN 10/18/2019 $595,000 1/9/2020 $425,000
VERO BEACH 1195 ANSLEY AVE SW 12/1/2019 $447,500 1/8/2020 $360,000
VERO BEACH 711 ROYAL PALM PL 11/4/2019 $375,000 1/7/2020 $305,000
VERO BEACH 905 23RD AVE 9/21/2019 $325,000 1/8/2020 $265,000
VERO BEACH 565 39TH CT SW 11/13/2019 $275,000 1/10/2020 $260,000
SEBASTIAN 508 SEBASTIAN CROSSINGS BLVD 11/17/2019 $259,000 1/7/2020 $239,000
VERO BEACH 530 11TH CT 12/8/2019 $239,000 1/9/2020 $220,000
SEBASTIAN 757 SCHUMANN DR 11/25/2019 $218,500 1/8/2020 $220,000
VERO BEACH 1440 3RD CT 9/20/2019 $225,000 1/8/2020 $220,000
VERO BEACH 4408 56TH LN 9/20/2019 $232,000 1/7/2020 $210,000
VERO BEACH 2659 W BROOKFIELD WAY 10/8/2019 $220,000 1/7/2020 $208,000
VERO BEACH 1119 9TH SQ 10/11/2019 $229,000 1/7/2020 $180,000
VERO BEACH 2051 15TH LN 7/17/2019 $210,000 1/7/2020 $177,900
SEBASTIAN 159 CAPRONA ST 2/14/2019 $189,900 1/8/2020 $167,500
VERO BEACH 744 TIMBER RIDGE TRL UNIT#D 12/6/2019 $169,900 1/6/2020 $160,000
VERO BEACH 1550 S 42ND CIR UNIT#308 11/21/2019 $165,000 1/6/2020 $159,500
VERO BEACH 400 18TH ST UNIT#2 10/25/2019 $172,900 1/7/2020 $154,500
VERO BEACH 5716 37TH ST 11/25/2019 $149,900 1/8/2020 $130,000
VERO BEACH 81 CROOKED TREE LN UNIT#106 11/1/2019 $145,000 1/10/2020 $125,000
SEBASTIAN 1170 BREEZY WAY UNIT#5C 12/13/2019 $125,000 1/7/2020 $125,000
VERO BEACH 434 GROVE ISLE CIR UNIT#434 9/20/2019 $127,000 1/10/2020 $125,000
VERO BEACH 3985 46TH ST 11/21/2019 $144,900 1/6/2020 $120,000
VERO BEACH 12 PLANTATION DR UNIT#206 11/10/2019 $129,900 1/6/2020 $115,000
VERO BEACH 835 18TH ST UNIT#707 9/13/2019 $132,000 1/10/2020 $115,000
VERO BEACH 1805 SW 15TH ST SW 10/5/2019 $139,900 1/9/2020 $87,000
VERO BEACH 15 VISTA PALM LN UNIT#202 9/17/2019 $95,000 1/10/2020 $68,000
VERO BEACH 47 VISTA GARDENS TRL UNIT#103 10/19/2019 $70,000 1/9/2020

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E January 17, 2020 15


1195 Ansley Ave SW, Vero Beach 711 Royal Palm Pl, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 12/1/2019 Listing Date: 11/4/2019
Original Price: $447,500 Original Price: $375,000
Sold: 1/8/2020 Sold: 1/7/2020
Selling Price: $425,000 Selling Price: $360,000
Listing Agent: Melinda Pampallona Listing Agent: Lyndal Greene Hill

Selling Agent: Prime Properties Vero Beach LL Selling Agent: Alex MacWilliam, Inc.

Susan Maitner NOT PROVIDED

Coldwell Banker Paradise NOT PROVIDED

905 23rd Ave, Vero Beach 565 39th Ct SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 9/21/2019 Listing Date: 11/13/2019
Original Price: $325,000 Original Price: $275,000
Sold: 1/8/2020 Sold: 1/10/2020
Selling Price: $305,000 Selling Price: $265,000
Listing Agent: Christopher Young Listing Agent: Hollie Billero Buldo

Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. Selling Agent: Billero & Billero

Hank Wolff Randy Hamrick Jr

ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty Billero & Billero

Vitalia at Tradition Final
Phase of New Homes


Why wait to enjoy the resort-inspired lifestyle you’ve always
wanted? The amenities at Vitalia at Tradition are ready now and
absolutely fabulous. Escape big city congestion and find your
fun in the sun for less in Port St. Lucie, FL today.

The Vitalia Advantage

Natural beauty and a vacation-themed
ambiance are just the beginning. Walk,
bike or cruise in your golf cart. It’s all in
the neighborhood. We’ll meet you at the
Tiki Hut!

• Lakefront Captiva Club with state-of-
the-art social, recreational and fitness

• Sparkling heated pool
• Extra-large putting green
• Tennis, pickleball and Bocce courts
• Event lawn + fire pits
The final phase of homes remain.
Homesites are situated close to the
clubhouse. Call 877-889-7055 now to
schedule your personal viewing.

Act fast for the best selection. | 877-889-7055

All information (including, but not limited to prices, views, availability, school assignments and ratings, incentives, floor plans, elevations, site plans,
features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists’ renderings and community development
plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change, availability or delay without notice. Any community improvements, recreational features and
amenities described are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change and under no obligation to be completed. Maps and plans
are not to scale, are not intended to show specific detailing and all dimensions are approximate. Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and
options. Community Association or other fees may be required. This communication is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any
jurisdiction and in such cases our communications may be limited by the laws of your state. Please see a Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager
or Internet Home Consultant for details and visit for additional disclaimers. For NJ prospective buyers: This advertisement is
a solicitation for the sale of homes in Vitalia at Tradition: N.J. Reg. No. 13-04-0002. For our NY prospective buyers: THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS
ARE IN AN OFFERING PLAN AVAILABLE FROM THE SPONSOR. FILE NO. H130003. For our Age Qualified Communities only: At least one resident
of household must be 55 or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55 in limited circumstances. For minimum
age requirements for permanent residents in a specific community, please see Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager for complete details. Taylor
Morrison of Florida, Inc. CBC1257462; Royal Oak Homes, LLC CBC035126; Avatar Properties, Inc., d/b/a AV Homes CBC1254089.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH January 17, 2020 B1


Coming Up Riverside’s ‘Modern Millie’: First-rate fun
never gets old PAGE B2

By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent

From fascinating talks by Gen.
John Kelley to exquisite dance, mu-
sic and art, this is one of those spe-
cial weeks where you’re especially
happy to be in Vero Beach. Plan
this next week carefully and you
will find yourself awash in won-
derful cultural activities.

1 Art by the Sea, presented by
the Vero Beach Art Club, will
have its annual exhibit and sale
this weekend in the Holmes Great
Hall at the Vero Beach Museum of
Art. More than 200 artists will have

works for sale. It opens to the public Adam Schnell.
with a cocktail reception 5 p.m. to
8 p.m. Friday. The exhibit contin- PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE
ues 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and


B2 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Riverside’s ‘Modern Millie’: First-rate fun never gets old

By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent to look and sound like a Chinese villainess Sulli-
[email protected] from a 1930s B-movie. Millie soon makes a
best friend, Miss Dorothy, and finds a job From left to right: Melissa Schott, Samantha Young, Cassandra Brooks, Abigail Isom and Danielle Jackman.
Old troupes get jazzed up in Riverside with a handsome boss, Mr. Graydon.
Theatre’s snappy and vibrant production of PHOTOS: GARETT SCHIEFER
“Thoroughly Modern Millie.” The romance part of the comic plot be-
comes entangled when Mr. Graydon falls ented cast and design team who deliver van’s “My Eyes Are Fully Open” is the
The entertaining musical may have the for Miss Dorothy; and Jimmy, an earnest a winning, fun-filled show. tune and tempo for a rousing typing test
look and feel of something right out of the young man, falls for Millie. number; Victor Herbert’s “Ah, Sweet Mys-
’20s, but it’s based on the 1967 George Roy The music, like the story, is new and old. It tery of Life” proves a perfect musical mo-
Hill movie starring Julie Andrews. The stage The mysterious Mrs. Meers lurks in the was composed by Jeanine Tesori, one of the tif when Grayson and Dorothy meet; and
musical has a book by George Scanlan and background, though, supplying a white hottest contemporary Broadway compos- Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite” adds
Richard Morris, who wrote the screenplay. slavery racket with young orphaned wom- ers, who won a Tony Award for “Fun Home.” classy undertones to a speakeasy scene.
en. Speaking with caricature accent, she She uses peppy 1920s-inspired melodies
But given the art deco appeal, girl- intones “Sad to be all alone in the world.” and even some brilliant moments invok- In fact, the music is so big and wonder-
meets-boy storyline, a subplot dealing She forces help from two Chinese men, ing classic tunes and a lot of fun. Gilbert &
with criminal behavior and a bounty of Ching Ho and Bun Foo, who work in a
bright singing and flapper-girl tap danc- laundry. They, and a talented ensemble
ing, you may feel like you’ve already seen of dancers, round out the cast of “Thor-
it. Really … didn’t Howard Lindsay do this oughly Modern Millie.”
something like this already in the ’30s?
No, that was “Anything Goes.” However, a thoroughly modern audi-
ence may wonder about jokes feeding at the
“Thoroughly Modern Millie” follows the trough of glass ceilings, ethnic stereotyp-
frivolous and fun exploits of Kansas-bred ing and sex trafficking. Indeed, Vero Beach
Millie Dillmount, who has, in the midst of audiences might find the timing a bit ironic
the Roaring ’20s, moved to New York City in light of last year’s headlines about a pos-
to find a rich husband. Saying she wants to sible human trafficking ring in Vero Beach.
be a modern girl, she rejects the idea of love
and instead has her mind set on finding a But really, there’s not a moment in this
secretarial job and marrying the boss. zippy show where your modern mind
will have a chance to light. From the first
Millie checks into the Priscilla Hotel for downbeat of the overture to the final
Single Women, which is run by a mysterious curtain, you will be won over by a tal-
Mrs. Meers, a woman who disguises herself

Join the A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery for

The Annual & Exciting Lavish Luncheon and Auction

Sunday, January 26, 2020 11:30 am - 3 pm


1120 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce
Reservations - $75 per person

Please call 772-465-0630
or online at

Key West Best Sponsor

A Little Getaway Right Here At Home!

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE January 17, 2020 B3

ful, it becomes the canvas for some sensa- Abby Church as Millie
tional spectacle by director/choreographer and Adinah Alexander
James Brennan, who has grown into a Riv-
erside favorite. as Mrs. Meers.
Abby Church and Patrick Mobley
His remarkable ensemble dance
through choreography that has layers as Jimmy Smith.
of embellished gesture. From flipping
of the hand and tapping while seated, to
akimbo kicks and arms flung upward in
joy, Brennan uses every part of the body
and the entire stage for a most satisfying
abundance of dance.

Moreover, his scenic shifts are inspired.
Working in concert with lighting designer
Julie Duro, moving lights are projected onto
Michael Schweikardt’s excellent scenery
while it is changed. Keeping the featured
characters in front of the scenery, the shifts
become tightly timed “carpenter scenes,”


B4 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 Nicole Powell as drop-dead hoot as Mrs. Meers. She delivers
Muzzy Van Hossmere. nuanced jokes as asides between her and
keeping the pace bustling along. the audience, and shimmies between the
Abby Church is a wonder as Millie. Matthew Hydzik as Trevor Graydon, intentionally hackneyed Chinese accent
Abby Church as Millie, and into a tough Brooklyn “broad” talk. And,
Bright-faced and cheerful, she is a singing when her character reveals that she used
and dancing joy, while at the same time Victoria Britt as Miss Dorothy. to trod the boards (theater speak for ‘act’),
bringing the romance and comedic touch- she turns up the droll, saying she could still
es. Patrick Mobley, who was Gabe in River- play Juliet, if the house was big enough.
side’s “Next to Normal,” is very appealing as
Jimmy, the young man who falls for Millie. Nicole Powell, who also has a long line of
credits on Broadway and in television, is a
Matthew Hydzik makes an ideal Mr. show-stopper as singer and as wise social-
Grayson, Hydzik, who was on Broadway ite Muzzy Van Hossmere. And she knows
as Gregg Allman in “The Cher Show” and how to wear and use those fabulous gowns,
Tony in “West Side Story,” has fulsome fun designed by Kurt Alger, oh so very well.
with Victoria Britt, who turns up the inno-
cent, wide-eyed appeal as Miss Dorothy. Music director and keyboardist Ann
Together, they hit the big notes with as- Shuttlesworth leads a solid 11-piece pit
tounding ease. orchestra. Duro’s rich lighting brings out
the vibrancy in Alger’s costumes, and Sch-
Anthony Chan brings sweetness to his weikardt’s scenery has that high sophisti-
role of Ching Ho, a Chinese immigrant who cated Broadway appeal, where a few beau-
falls in love and helps protect Miss Dorothy. tifully crafted pieces slide easily on and off
Like the rest of the featured cast, Chan has to set mood and place.
a solid list of professional credits, including
working with Bartlett Sher and Lin-Manuel This is a first-rate, polished, professional
Miranda and appearing in multiple roles production. You would be hard pressed to
in “Vietgone,” one of the hottest American find better.
plays around now.
“Thoroughly Modern Millie” runs through
Carl Hsu is Bun Foo, who, like Ching Ho, Jan. 26 at Riverside Theatre, 3250 Riverside
is desperate to get his mother out of Hong Park Dr., Vero Beach. It performs 7:30 p.m.
Kong and bring her to New York City. Hsu Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 8
brings out the comedy in musical numbers p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; and 2 p.m.
with Chan, as they sing and speak in a com- Wednesdays, select Thursdays, Saturdays
bination of Cantonese and Mandarin dia- and Sundays. Tickets begin at $35. Call 772-
lects, with supertitles translating. 231-6990 or visit 

Adinah Alexander, who has been in
numerous original Broadway casts, is a

TICKET TO THE MOON MusicWorks and Paris Productions



VBHS Performing Arts Center · 1707 16th Street, Vero Beach
Doors Open at 6 pm, Seating at 6:30 pm

Tickets: (800) 595-4849

PRESENTING SPONSORS: Cindy O’Dare & Fenia Hiaasen

SHOW SPONSORS: The Audiohouse · Joe and Denise Corr
MID-Florida Credit Union · Catherine Sullivan

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE January 17, 2020 B5

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 3 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra this Friday at Community Church. gardens. There’s something fascinating and
beautiful around every corner. The Fossil Dis-
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Free admission. 5 Bring the whole family to the Fossil covery Hour begins 1 p.m. Saturday at McK-
Part of the sales goes to the Vero Beach Art Discovery Hour Saturday afternoon ee Botanical Garden, 350 U.S. 1, Vero Beach.
Club scholarship fund. The Vero Beach at the McKee Botanical Garden. Children Admission is $15 general, $13 seniors and $10
Museum of Art is at 3001 Riverside Park should delight in exploring Florida’s unusual children 2 to 12 years of age. Admission is free
Drive, Vero Beach. Visit VeroBeachArt- fossils. The whole family can get their hands for members. Call 772-794-0601 or visit McK- into fossiliferous gravel as they search for
shark’s teeth, bones, shells, stingray spines
2 Sebastian Riverfront Fine Art & Music and more. Fred Mazza, the president of Pa- 6 Gen. John Kelly at Riverside
Festival runs this weekend along what leo Discoveries, will educate participants on Theatre Monday.
should be mostly the sunny banks of the In-
dian River. About 120 artists come in from 4 Ballet Vero Beach “Founding 6 Gen. John Kelly speaks Monday for the
around the country to show works at this Fathers” this Friday and Saturday. Distinguished Lecturer Series at River-
annual event. You’ll also hear live bluegrass, side Theatre. Yes, this is the man who was in
country, soul, Island and rock music. There program is “Friends and Lovers,” by artistic their finds. Mazza has been a fossil hunter for the headlines from 2017 to 2019 as the White
will also be food vendors. “We have several director Adam Schnell, who created the piece more than 30 years and has contributed un- House Chief of Staff. Before that, he was the
parking lots,” said organizer Richard Robin- when he was resident choreographer with usual finds to the Florida Museum of Natural Secretary of Homeland Security. He will lec-
son, husband of the event’s late founder, Lis- the Sarasota Ballet. Set to the music of Bruch’s History and to the New Jersey State Museum. ture twice, at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Monday at
anne Robinson. “But we get close to 30,000 Concerto for Two Pianos, it was created af- And while you’re there, stroll through the Riverside Theatre, 3250 Riverside Dr. Tickets
people, so parking does fill up pretty fast.” The ter the September 11 attacks and explores are sold out, but there’s always a possibility
Sebastian Riverfront Fine Art & Music Festi- the human need for love, companionship to pick up a ticket at the box office. Admis-
val runs 10 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at and hope. “Founding Fathers” performanc- sion is general, at $100. You can also get on
Riverview Park, U.S. 1 and County Road 512, es begin 8 p.m. Friday, and 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. a waiting list by calling the box office at 772-
Sebastian. For more information, visit Sebas- Saturday at the Vero Beach High School Per- 231-6990 or, for more information, visit Riv- forming Arts Center, 1707 16th St. Tickets are
$10 to $75. Call 772-905-2651 or visit Ballet-
3 The Indian River Symphonic Associa- 7 Riverside Theatre is certainly busy
tion presents the Royal Philharmonic with shows as well. While “Thoroughly
Orchestra Friday evening. The concert fea- Modern Millie” is on its mainstage through
tures virtuoso pianist Khatia Buniatishvili Jan. 26, its smaller venue, the Waxlax Stage,
performing Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto will be the spot to find the riotous play “The
No. 2. Also on the program will be W. Walton’s 39 Steps,” which opens Tuesday and runs
“Portsmouth Point Overture” and J. Sibel- through Feb. 9. You can read more about it
ius’ Symphony No. 2 in D major. The concert later, but all bets are in that this will be anoth-
begins 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Community er winner. Tickets for “The 39 Steps” are $65
Church of Vero Beach, 1901 23rd Street. Tick- general and $32.50 for students. Call 772-231-
ets range from $60 to $95. There are a limited 6990 or visit 
number of $10 student tickets. Call 772-778-
1070 or visit

4 Ballet Vero Beach opens its season with
“Founding Fathers,” Friday and Satur-
day at the Vero Beach High School Perform-
ing Arts Center. Don’t expect an American
history lesson set to dance. These founding
fathers are the ones who created Ballet Vero
Beach. There will be a world premiere, “Tunic
and Tutus,” by principal dancer Camilo A. Ro-
driguez. It features three dancers and the mu-
sic of Rossini. Rodriguez will also perform his
solo piece, “Harlequin/Pierrot.” Also on the


1. The Deserter 1. The Blue Zones Kitchens 1. Dog Man: Fetch-22
The Florida Boom of the 1920s 2. Wrecking Ball (Diary of a
and How It Brought on the 2. Under Occupation 2. Sam Houston & the Alamo
Great Depression BY ALAN FURST 3. The Serious Goose
3. The Pioneers
Mon., January 20th at 3 pm 3. A Minute to Midnight BY JIMMY KIMMEL
4. Palm Beach, Mar-A-Lago & 5. Prince Charming
4. A Well-Behaved Woman the Rise of America's
5. The Other Side of the Coin
5. The Dutch House

CRAIG PITTMAN 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

The Wild, Weird Battle to
Save the Florida Panther

Wed., January 22nd at 6 pm

B6 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Reliving and learning at Sexton Homestead History Weekend

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer area, which Sexton helped to shape.
[email protected] “We wanted to open up our house to the

The grounds of the 1914 homestead of public, so people could learn more about
Vero Beach pioneer Waldo Sexton echoed him and see what he created for himself,”
with stories of bygone days during the sec- explained Charlotte Tripson, Sexton’s
ond annual Waldo Sexton Homestead His- great-granddaughter.
tory Weekend, hosted by members of the
Tripson family, some of Sexton’s descen- Sexton quite literally left his mark on
dants. Indian River County through the construc-
tion of such well-known haunts as McKee
An event last year as a part of Vero’s cen- Jungle Gardens (today’s McKee Botanical
tennial celebration was so well received Garden), the Ocean Grill, Driftwood Inn,
that the Tripson family decided to continue Patio Restaurant and Szechuan Palace and,
that tradition to highlight the history of the gone but not forgotten, Waldo’s Mountain.

Bill and Peggy Wargo with Chris Sexton, Ava Richardson and David Barnhart. PHOTOS: KAILA JONES

The site for the three-day event was the The weekend kicked off with an alfresco
homestead where Waldo and wife Elsebeth dinner catered by Marsh Landing under
raised their family. Now fondly referred to twinkling lights, where guests gathered
as Waldo’s Secret Garden, it has become a family-style for an evening of reminiscence
popular wedding spot. led by Indian River County Sheriff’s Office
Maj. Eric Flowers and former IRC Commis-
Throughout the weekend, visitors could sioner Fran Adams.
tour the rustic home which Sexton built
piecemeal over the years, with its outdoor In a nod to the historical theme of the
kitchen and covered outdoor dining area, event, Flowers shared sheriff lore – from the
native Florida garden and Tripson Dairy, as first record of a sheriff in America in 1635
well as taking an up-close look at the vari- to the assignment of sheriffs in Florida in
ety of objects he salvaged, many from the 1821, the appointment of female sheriffs as
ruins of Palm Beach mansions. far back as 1938, and the hiring of the first

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE January 17, 2020 B7

City Councilwoman Laura Moss, Gib Coerper, Paul Staubach and Kathy Jones.

Kristen Tripson with David and Alice Gunter.

African-American deputy in 1962. He also tales of old Florida, including paranormal
recounted stories on the wild early days. Of investigations and Florida myths. Willie
particular interest for the crowd, he told of Johns, chief justice of the Tribal Courts of
the end of the Ashley Gang’s reign of terror, the Seminole Tribe, spoke about the histo-
which occurred on Roseland Road, right ry of Florida Seminoles and there was even
here in Indian River County. an interactive presentation of Florida’s ear-
ly cowboys.
Adams spoke about the importance of
preserving our past, as she regaled the “Waldo always loved people and he
crowd with stories from her 40 years as a loved to do things for people. We live in a
county resident. Her recollections elicit- wonderful community, and this is an op-
ed chuckles from Vero natives, as she im- portunity for us to share some of the histo-
parted remembrances of the Citrus Mafia, ry that makes it such a special place,” said
horse races at Garcia Ranch, and battling Hilde Tripson, wife of Sexton’s grandson,
the government to install an artificial reef Mark Tripson.
along the coastline.
A portion of the weekend’s proceeds
More laughs came when Adams related were being designated to the Sam R. Trip-
being asked by an Ohio native to rid the son Memorial Foundation, which was
county of love bugs, because they were an- founded to help families needing emergen-
noying and bad for tourism. “Give me two cy financial assistance while dealing with
weeks,” had been her reply, knowing the cancer, and to the Busch Wildlife Sanctu-
pests would be gone on their own by then. ary, a privately funded nonprofit dedicated
to the protection and conservation of Flori-
Saturday and Sunday were chockful of da’s wildlife and natural resources. 
additional informative speakers weaving


FREE WHEN: Saturday, January 25, 2020
STUFF! WHERE: Italian American Civic Association Banquet Hall

1600 25th St. Vero Beach, FL 32960
TIME: 11:30AM - 1PM Preview Items Up for Auction & Raffle for Bidder Number
Sandwiches, Chips, Desserts & Drinks Available for Purchase
1PM Auction Begins • Free Raffle Every 15 Minutes

DONATED ITEMS FOR AUCTION INCLUDES: Artwork, Jewelry, Quilts, Linens,
Baseball Cards, Autographs, Silver & Brass Items, Box Lots, Collectibles, Vinyl Records

Comic Books, Dolls, Coins, Stamps, Designer Bags, Tools & Much More!!

If You Would Like To Donate Items To Be Auctioned for The Benefit of
The Italian American Civic Association, please call us at: (772) 778-1522

All Donated Items Are Property of the Association and Sold “As Is”. Purchase Tickets for $1.00
To Win Raffle Prizes, Gift Cards & Gift Baskets Donated By Local Merchants.

B8 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Lovin’ those pooches’ smooches at Bark in the Park

By Mary Schenkel | Staff Writer Kate Meghji and Steve Smith. Rob Haughey and Jen Wortham with Eisley and Talzin. always needs donations, fundraising
[email protected] wasn’t the main focus of the event.
“Watching people with their pets helps ciety took in over 3,700 homeless animals
From teeny tiny tea-cup poodles to us as shelter employees to reinforce the and adopted out more than 2,000. “We have some really wonderful spon-
majestic Great Danes, curly-haired doo- work that we do,” said Meghji. “Some- sors. Hills Pet Nutrition came in and is
dles to fluffball Pekingese, seemingly times we get really sad, because it’s a hard “We have big, big plans for 2020 in terms our presenting sponsor,” she said. “But
every variety of canine possible sniffed job sometimes, but here we get to see all of growing out our programs and services this is more about the community and
their way to Riverside Park last Saturday sorts of people who adore their dogs. And to help people keep their pets and really the dog-loving community. It’s just a way
for the seventh annual Bark in the Park, that helps us feel good about what we do.” focus on the ways that we can keep ani- to take your dog out and have fun.”
to benefit the Humane Society of Vero mals out of the shelter for the long haul.”
Beach and Indian River County. She said that last year, the Humane So- And there was plenty of that, with
Meghji said that while the shelter lots of vendors, as well as shows put on
“This is Vero Beach’s best, largest, by Disconnected K-9 Frisbee Dogs and
drooliest, tail-waggingest party ever. Ultimate Air Dogs, and by Indian Riv-
This is absolutely a day to celebrate our er County’s own heroic K-9 officers and
canine companions and the human/an- their partners.
imal bond,” said Kate Meghji, HSVBIRC
executive director. “This is a day filled There were also plenty of pooches who
with joy and laughter and the ridiculous got into the act themselves, invited to try
antics of these dogs that mean so much to their skills at chasing a piece of fabric
us in our lives. You see all these breeds of around a lure course, or emulating the
dogs you never see. My personal favorite professional diving dogs with some im-
is getting covered in dog kisses; it’s just pressive dives of their own.
the best.”
But the best part was watching as
The canine-centric event was a great well-behaved four-legged companions,
way for people to share their dog experi- their tails and bodies in constant motion,
ences with one another, and many were socialized with humans and fellow ca-
doing just that. Human companions of nines alike.
adorable big-pawed pups took advan-
tage of getting tips on everything from “No, his tongue isn’t broken,” one
grooming to training from others who mother assured her toddler, who was
have been there, done that. concerned by the huge tongue lolling out
of a Great Dane’s mouth. Yup, it was that
sort of day. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE January 17, 2020 B9

Trainer Lawrence Frederick with White Pepper. Luna.

Boo and Layla. Betty Lou. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE Ultimate Air Dogs.


View New Finds Daily Online
Fine Custom & Consignment Furniture
Original Art, Persian Rugs & Coastal Decor

10% OFF

Marked Down Items Excluded

ff200109 • Expiration 1/31/2020

DESIGN ROW  772.794.7574  4300 US HWY 1

B10 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Saigon Sushi: Easy to see why it’s a local favorite

By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
[email protected]

Strolling around Vero’s Downtown Arts avocado, asparagus and rice, topped with Volcano Tuna Tataki.
District, poking into the cute shops and gal- Chicken.
leries or checking out a nearby festival three kinds of roe and drizzled in a slight- Seaweed Salad
can make the stomach rumble, and Dragon Roll. Entree.
that’s the predicament we found ly spicy sauce. It was delicious.
ourselves in last Saturday, Shrimp Hours:
walking up to Saigon Su- My companion who does love raw fish Sumai. Lunch: Monday to Friday
shi just before noon. 11:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.
ordered a larger version of the something a bit more imaginative than Dinner: Monday to Friday
Waiting for the doors chicken teriyaki. 4:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.;
to open, we couldn’t re- Seaweed Salad we were teased Saturday, noon to 9:45 p.m.;
member how long Saigon Sushi had Overall we enjoyed a very satisfying
been in its 14th Avenue location. But since with ($4.59) and the Tuna Tat- lunch. We can certainly see why Saigon Closed Sunday
we also could not remember anything Sushi is a local favorite. Beverages: Beer & Wine
else being in that building, we aki ($10.99), a lovely presen-
concluded the restaurant I welcome your comments, and en- Address:
had been there a long time. tation of sushi-grade tuna, courage you to send feedback to me at 1866 14th Ave, Vero Beach
[email protected].
Greeted at last by a lightly seared and served Phone: 772-299-5997
friendly hostess, we were The reviewer dines anonymously at restau-
seated in a quiet booth in cold on a chilled platter. rants at the expense of Vero Beach 32963. 
the corner of the empty
dining room, but it wasn’t The tuna was incredibly
empty for long. Lunch pa-
trons began streaming fresh and mild, and she
in, parties of four, six or
larger. By the time we de- thoroughly enjoyed her
parted the place was packed
and bustling with people and servers seaweed salad.
hoisting trays of colorful, aromatic
Asian food. Our other com-

Presented with our menus, we panion ordered the
giggled for a moment at the func-
tional-but-unadorned white office bind- Volcano Chicken
ers we held in our hands. “Is this a meeting,
or lunch?” I wondered. Inside, we found a ($10.99), which was
dozen or so menu pages tidied away in clear
sheet protectors. We guessed the system is excellent. We were Fried Calamari.
efficient and allows for frequent additions
and changes. For example, there are no immediately im-
lunch specials on Saturdays, so that page
was not in our binders. pressed with the

After we settled on what we’d like to try generous portion, then impressed again
and ordered, our server brought three tiny
dishes of a palate-pleasing seaweed salad with how the chicken was prepared. Bare-
with cubes of citrus, cucumbers, julienne
carrots and sesame seeds in a light vinai- ly coated in a light tempura batter and
grette. A healthy alternative to the generic
complimentary basket of fried chow mein deep fried, the chunks of chicken breast
noodles, and we enjoyed it.
were tender and did not have a heavy
For appetizers we ordered the Fried Cal-
amari ($9.99) and Shrimp Sumai ($6.99), friend taste. Served over a bed of steamed
which are dumplings that taste a bit like frit-
ters and are served either steamed or fried. broccoli and tossed in slightly spicy “vol-
We ordered ours fried and they were deli-
cately flash-fried, tasty and not greasy. The cano” sauce, this dish would be a winner
calamari was excellent, served with a tangy
sweet and sour sauce. for the member of your party who is not

Cloudy skies and showers put me in the inclined to order sushi, but who wants
mood for soup and I opted for a bowl of Veg-
etable Soup ($3.99), a steaming-hot bowl
of delicate broth, crisp bean sprouts and
fresh greens. Along with the soup I chose
a Dragon Roll ($10.99) to share, as I knew
one of my companions shies away from
raw fish and I hoped she would enjoy the
roll packed with crunchy tempura shrimp,

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING & WINE January 17, 2020 B11

Sherry, a bargain, deserves a place at your dinner table

By Dave McIntyre mains an anachronism in wine. As much as I years [of average age] are the wine lover’s you don’t drink more dessert wines.
The Washington Post love it, I don’t drink it often. I tend to think of equivalent of fine white burgundy, but at a Chantal Tseng, a certified sherry educator
sherry around Lunar New Year (Jan. 25 this third of the price,” he added.
When Decanter magazine columnist year), because of its affinity for Asian cui- and restaurant consultant based in Wash-
Steven Spurrier was asked recently what he sines and its similarity to Chinese shaoxing Dry sherries vary from crisp, saline fino ington, D.C., said sherry’s “natural umami”
thought the next trend in wine would be, he wine. It’s nearly impossible to find a decent and manzanilla to fruity amontillado and makes it suitable to pair with a number of
said almost without hesitation: “Sherry. Or shaoxing in the United States, but it’s easy to rich palo cortado and oloroso. All are made cuisines. “There’s a reason why chefs add it
at least, it should be.” find a delicious sherry. And maybe, slowly, using the solera system, in which wines of to food,” she said.
it’s becoming even easier to find good ones. various ages are blended to achieve consis-
That sounded to me a bit like wishful tency and render vintage irrelevant; their Tseng recently persuaded the owners of
thinking from a distinguished British wine Spurrier introduced me by email to Ben styles vary depending on the extent of their Thamee, a Burmese restaurant in Washing-
writer, given that the market, here in the Howkins, author of “Sherry: Maligned, Mis- exposure to oxygen during the aging pro- ton, to add sherry to their beverage program,
United States at least, remains transfixed by understood, Magnificent!,” published by cess. Medium and cream sherries are blends including cocktails. “My favorite pairings
petillant naturel, orange and natural wines. Spurrier’s imprint, Academie du Vin Library. of dry and sweet wines. are amontillado and duck and fino with
Or their opposite, spritzers. Howkins stressed sherry’s uniqueness, with fried chicken,” Tseng said.
a variety of styles of well-aged wines avail- And sherry is worth exploring from a
Sherry, the fortified wine of southwestern able at a reasonable cost. meal’s first sip to its last. “I love finos and manzanillas with sea-
Spain, seems locked in a time capsule, un- food and whole fish dishes,” she added. “They
able to shake off the Old World image of a “There is no greater stash of fine wine Manzanilla or fino makes an ideal start, don’t cower to sesame, fish sauce, spicy ac-
sweet tipple (most sherries are dry) favored in cask in the world, than in the bodegas of while heartier amontillado, palo cortado cents or pickled and fermented vegetables.
by grandmothers and, well, Brits. So I asked the sherry triangle,” Howkins said, referring or oloroso sherries meld seamlessly with
Spurrier why he thinks sherry is due for a re- to the region in southwestern Spain that umami-rich dishes, such as soups (ramen), “Amontillados and their off-dry version,
naissance. includes the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, stews and anything with mushrooms. Cap labeled medium, are perhaps the most ver-
Sanlucar de Barrameda and Puerto de San- off the evening with an unctuous, sweet Pe- satile with Asian cuisines. But really, most
“Sherry offers an extraordinary variety of ta Maria. “Dry sherries at 12, 15, 30 or more dro Ximénez, or PX, with a salty blue cheese pork dishes, soups from miso to ramen and
styles in an unlimited range of flavors,” he or a fruit tart, and you might wonder why even spicy tofu plates have an affinity for
replied. That is indisputable, yet sherry re- sherry. And let’s not forget dumplings.” 

B12 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

Complementary bottle of house wine with two entrées between 5:00pm & 5:45pm

Zagat Rated A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant
2013 - 2017
Wine Spectator Award The Best Food In South County!
2002 – 2017
(772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days 2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Vero Beach Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL On the NW corner of Oslo & 27th Ave
A few doors east of Winn Dixie
reservations strongly suggested

Mon -Sat from 5pm 2EaErlny55NrD-%eig5Coh:i3nffht0ilenypgm!
(772) 226-7870

PrimeDSrSytee-Aaagkfoseod&d faFveoAarvtiutaernisnzfgarroem Wmoev’evde!

2023 14th Ave.
Downtown Vero

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING January 17, 2020 B13

experience the costa vibe...

daily happy hour mojito monday rhythm & waves

1/2 off appetizers $8 specialty mojitos fri & sat | 8 - 11 pm
$4 draft beer live entertainment
$5 house wine taco tuesday $10 speciality martinis
$5 house wine & $4 draft beer
$6 house cocktails $6 margaritas light bites & sweets
$4 tacos
4 - 6 pm

early-bird dinner wednesday steak night sunday brunch

sunday - thursday a la carte a la carte brunch menu
5 - 6 PM specialty steak menu 11:30 am - 3 pm
endless cocktails
two courses thursday paella night $18 mimosas
$20 per person $22 bloody marys
selection of paella dishes

call 772.410.0100 for more information or visit 

Hand Tossed New York Style Pizza

Gourmet Pizzas andH10”OGUluteRn FSree Pizza Available

HSaupnpdyaHyo-uTr h4u-6rspdmay
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OPEN Mon-Sat F•r1id1aAyM&-S9aPtMurd•a(y772) 217-3171

Thank you for following us1fr1om:0Pr0im-a P1iz0za:0Mi0racle Mile 1985 to 1992,

Prima Pizza and Pasta Sebastian 1991 to 2005, NOW REESTABLISHED 2019.
Delivery now available through

(772)217-31711920 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960

1920 14th Avenue
Vero Beach, Florida 32960

B14 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING January 17, 2020 B15

4 - 5:30PM






SAT & SUN 4-9

56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram














Tues.-Sat. 11:30 AM- 9 PM
Sunday 4 - 8 • Closed Mondays WEDNESDAY

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 MAINE•LO•B•STE•R NIGHT
ALL U CAN EAT • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available TUES - FISH FRY

B16 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Meeting marvelous Maggie Mae makes Bonz’s day

“So, Miss Maggie Mae, form of transportation is
my buggy. I could ride
Hi Dog Buddies! tell me all about how you in it forEVER. I’m also a
I would just like to say “Woof!” This week’s found your Forever Famly.”
innerview was with a 7-year-old shih tzu, That was no surprise.
Maggie Mae Chiyka. An does she ever have “OK, Mr. Bonz.” She “I have hairbows in
it Goin’ ON! Animal Planet says Shih Tzu every color. Mommy
means “lion” in Mandarin Chinese, which smiled a sparkling smile. made me a fluffy pink
is Cool Kibbles, I thought. (Liddle bitty lions, princess outfit, an I wore
cuz they only get to, like, 15 pounds. Maggie “Let me know if I go too my lovely red sweater
Mae’s 12 pounds.) Animal Planet also says when I visited Santa at
Shih Tzus are “clever, intelligent, affection- fast. So, My Mommy Christmas. He even let
ate, lively an spunky,” an Maggie Mae is to- me sit on his lap!”
tally all of the above. Plus cute. LOVES Shih Tzus. I’m her “Woof, that’s PAW-
some,” I exclaimed. “So,
When we knocked, there weren’t any fifth, I believe. She was whaddya like to eat?”
barks, only some toenail clickittys. A fren- “I get special frozen
ly lady answered, an this liddle black an volunteerin’ at an animal food made in Pen-
white pooch came running up, all wiggly cil-VANE-yuh. ABSO-
an smiley. shelter up in Delaware, LUTELY NO PEOPLE
FOOD. For treats I get
She was wearing a short, curly cut, which is a state, like Flor- puffy snacks or carrots.
longer around her face. Her ears an eye- Me an Mommy also love to crunch on ice
brows and most of her head were black, ida, but wa-ay colder. She cubes. Whenever I hear the fridge open, I
with trimmed bangs over her eyes, anna rush in, an Mommy gives me one ice cube.
white beard. The hair on top of her head had a Shih Tzu already, “During the day, I sit out on the screen
was tied with a liddle white bow. It was porch, on my liddle cot an ob-SERVE, but
black with cool white highlights, the kinda Marcus, and she wanted a I NEVER, EVER go out in the yard by my-
colors human ladies go to special, fancy self. That’s mostly cuzza the lake. Monster
places to get. pal for him. Her fren, Pat, ally-gadors live there, an they like eatin’
snack-size pooches like me. Just thinkin’
“Hello! DO come in! I’m Maggie Mae was also lookin’ for a Shih about it gives me the Utter Willies.
Chiyka an this is my Mommy, Marian. My “At night, I curl up with Mommy an go
Daddy’s Harry. I know who YOU are! You’re Tzu. (We’re a very popu- to sleep. Honestly, Mr. Bonz, I’m so thrilled
The BONZ, right? You’re even hansommer to have such a lovin’ famly, I don’t make
than your pickshur! Did you find the place lar breed, you know. The Maggie Mae waves: I never bark, or chew stuff, or nip.
all right? Would you like a snack?” Chinese royal families had An I’m always ready to snuggle. I feel it’s
lotsa us around for sittin’ the least I can do.”
I realized I was staring. Heading home, I was pick-surin’ pret-
“Err …” I responded brilliantly. My ears on their laps an posin’ for ty, ladylike Maggie Mae, smilin’ at me with
were getting warm an I was feeling very those sparkly black eyes. And stylish hair-do.
glad dogs don’t blush. “Umm, YES! I, umm, por-truts an stuff.) still get to be BFFs! Isn’t that Super Crispy And soft liddle laugh. Sigh.
I … NO! I mean, no trouble finding you. An
no snack, but thank you.” “Anyway, Mommy’s shelter frens were on Dog Biscuits?” Till next time,
She laughed a tinkly liddle laugh. “Well,
let’s go sit down an we can talk.” the lookout in case any ShihTzus got brought “Totally! The Crispiest!” I agreed. “I’m in- The Bonz
I casually retrieved my notebook from
the floor an followed Maggie Mae an her in and then, this one day, they called an said, terested in what your day is like but first, I’ve
Mom into the living room, having a fast but
firm conversation with myself about main- ‘Guess what? Two Shih Tzus just got brought gotta ask, who’s your stylist? You are SO Put
taining a professional demeanor.
in.’WELL, Mommy an Pat zoomed right over Together.” (I couldn’t buhLEEVE I had ack-

an, the second they saw us (me an my sister shully asked that, but she was just, so stylish,

Lily) they said ‘WE’LL TAKE ’EM!’ Mommy like Lassie, or a Westminster champion.)

grabbed me, an Pat grabbed Lily. Woof, did She gave that little laugh. “Why thank

we ever Luck Out!” you, Mr. Bonz. It’s AN-drew! I just LOVE

“So, how’d you an Marcus get along?” him! I get so excited when I go to the groom-

“Ack-shully, at first, I was a liddle appre- er, I just twirl around in circles. I wouldn’t

hensive. Marcus was real patient, though, let anyone else touch my hair.

an priddy soon we were great frens. When “Every day, I get leash walks. I have lot-

he went to Dog Heaven, me an Mommy sa Leash Walk Pooch Pals, like Toby, also

cried an cried. But, since my Mommy an a Shih Tzu; Bentley an Bella, they’re Mix-

Lily’s Mommy were BFFs, me an Lily got to es; an my other BFF, Emma, she’s a terrier.

have lotsa play dates, so that helped!” Liddle kids often stop an pat me. My favrite

“How did you end up in Florida?”

“Mommy an Daddy had been Snowbirds DON’T BE SHY
for a long time, an I got to be a Snowbird-

dog, which was fun cuz I love ridin’ in the We are always looking for pets
car, an I really liked the warm-ness down with interesting stories.
here. Finally, they decided to move for
good. I have a grown-up human brother To set up an interview, email

down here, too – Jeff. Plus, GUESS WHAT? [email protected].
Pat an Lily ALSO moved down here, so we

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES January 17, 2020 B17

Q J 10 AK72 9865
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 6 AJ83 542
94 AKQ5 J 10 8 7 3
Rube Goldberg, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948, is best known for a series of cartoons K Q 10 9 7 6 3 J 2
depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways.
Some bridge players can get like that, thinking in convoluted ways instead of in straight lines. 43
In this week’s deal, for example, how should South play in seven hearts after West leads the K Q 10 9 7
club king? 62
First, note South’s four-heart jump advance of his partner’s takeout double. Remember that
a bid of three hearts would have promised nothing (although North would have assumed Dealer: South; Vulnerable: North-South
his partner had six or seven points). So, South’s jump suggested 9-11 points, which is what
he had! Now North, envisioning a slam, used two doses of Blackwood. He would have felt The Bidding:
much more comfortable using Roman Key Card Blackwood, because he would have known
about South’s heart king-queen. (South would have replied five spades to four no-trump SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
to show the trump queen and two key cards, an ace and the trump king, or two aces.) Still, Pass 3 Clubs Dbl. Pass
North was confident that his partner would not have the club ace and king, so took a slight 4 Hearts Pass 4 NT Pass LEAD:
chance on the heart suit in jumping to the grand slam. 5 Diamonds Pass 5 NT Pass K Clubs
6 Diamonds Pass 7 Hearts All Pass
Declarer has 11 top tricks: two spades, five hearts, three diamonds and one club. He cannot
establish an extra winner anywhere, so must ruff two clubs on the board to bring his trick
total up to 13. South should win with his club ace, ruff a club high, cross back to hand with a
trump, ruff another club high, draw trumps and claim.

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B18 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Marinate (5) 1 Toil (7)
4 Book of maps (5) 3 Oust (5)
10 Exit (5) 5 Trudge (7)
11 Ormer (7) 6 Solo (5)
12 Small mat (7) 7 Smash hit (11)
13 Morsel (5) 8 Convey (5)
14 Roar, shout (6) 9 Revelry (11)
16 Clown (6) 15 Applause (7)
19 Tomato relish (5) 17 Prickly plant (7)
21 Employ (7) 18 Hubbub (5)
23 Study (7) 20 Tether (5)
24 Courtyard (5) 22 Student (5)
25 Glow (5)
26 Armada (5)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES January 17, 2020 B19

ACROSS 106 And more: abbr. 56 Rotelle, e.g. The Washington Post
1 Race pace 108 Make an apple disappear? 57 Peek at the answers, e.g.
5 The Silent Woman subject 109 Snaky entree 58 The disagreeing doctor?
10 Apr. scribblers 110 Fillable collectible 60 20/20 night: abbr.
14 TV oldie, 111 “What else do you want, 62 “I knew it!”
63 Who’s involved
___ You Trust? team?” 66 Marquand sleuth
15 Filmed again 114 Be maxed out on your VISA 68 Slur over (a vowel)
17 Elevator passages 115 Plot unit 69 Wild and wacky
19 “What marathon are you 116 Give a hand 70 Barker or Luthor
117 “What’s this brown 73 Force to flee
running in, sonny?” 76 Show
21 Hostile and how speck on my plate, chef?” 79 Chicano cubs?
23 Secessionists 121 Close friends? 81 Bulgaria’s capital
24 Additional problem? 122 Faux 82 Different approach
25 “Where should I kick 123 Unmitigated 84 Singer Vikki
124 Bellicose god 86 Sides
you, sailor?” 125 Last strike 87 “Peachy keen!”
27 Bard’s before 126 Taken care of 88 Keanu in The Matrix
28 Revival technique 90 Taken away
29 Use a ladle DOWN 91 Wrong
31 Old cheer 1 Kerouac’s clique 92 Way
32 Legend builder 2 Deprives 95 Clear away,
33 “What do you want, hippie?” 3 Meter preceder
37 Cancel 4 Drunkard as sawdust
39 Copied 5 Teen’s big night 96 Revenuer’s find
40 To boot 6 Actor Cariou 97 Clear, as a cribbage board
41 Natural beginning 7 Horned viper 98 Blanche’s sister
42 Greek geometer 8 Athlete Jim 99 Custodian
45 Punching targets 9 Call Me Bwana star 102 Go over again
46 “What do you miss most 10 Niger neighbor 103 Bulletins and updates
11 Italian cheese city 105 Pastry with tea
about Florida football, 12 Karen Blixen was out of it 107 Occurred (to)
coach?” 13 Agitate 112 Early marauders
52 Diner’s card 14 Cabbie’s query 113 Dick Francis novel,
54 Terza rima poet 16 Type of despot
55 Attic 17 Lingua franca of East 12 Dead ___
56 Of each hundred: abbr. 114 Eleven, to un élève
59 Auto- Down 115 When the curtain rises
61 Broadcast again 18 Collar 118 Cigarette’s contribution
64 Pass on 19 Mine-boring tool 119 Israel addition
65 “Excuse me ...” 20 Territory 120 Greek letter
67 “What should I do, deputy?” 22 Happy
71 Put on 26 America’s dressing Q & A By Merl Reagle
72 Man of Mérida 28 Halts
74 Rice, the Persian version 29 Used a Veg-O-Matic
75 Part of OAS: abbr. 30 Prefix meaning 20
77 Hiker’s heading: abbr. 34 Organic sci.
78 Skin sketch? 35 Exclamation of disgust
80 What i.e. stands for 36 Apartment dweller
83 Co. VIP 38 Ped ___
85 “How many miles are we 43 Selfish types
marching today, sarge?” 44 “Honey-bunny”
89 A Jane Fonda ex 46 Flower by a windmill
93 “I hate ___ grown 47 Come apart
man cry” 48 Make, as ale
94 “For shame!” 49 Sportswear fabric
95 Venus’s sister 50 Long
96 Earthy fragrance 51 “Make Someone Happy”
100 Place to do laps
101 “Where am I, guard?” tunesmith
104 Puts up a penny 53 Ship-shaped clock (or

a swamp)

The Telegraph Established 18 Years in Indian River County

(772) 562-2288 |
3920 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach FL 32960

B20 January 17, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING U. S. commercial airline service, hosted by EAA 17-19 Art by the Sea Fine Arts & 18|19 Sebastian Riverfront Fine
at Sun Aviation. $52 children; $72 advance; Crafts Show, with works by Art & Music Festival, 10
Riverside Theatre: Thoroughly Modern Mil- $77 event day. 877-952-5395 Vero Beach Art Club and Vero Beach Museum a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. & to 4 p.m. Sun. along the
lie on the Stark Stage thru Jan. 26. of Art members, 5 p.m. Fri. opening reception, Indian River Lagoon by Riverview Park. Sebas-
16-19 Fellsmere Frogleg Festival, 4 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. & to 4 p.m. Sun. at VBMA.
Vero Beach Theatre Guild: Always a Brides- to 11 p.m. Thurs. & Fri., 10 Free. 772-231-0303
maid thru Jan. 26 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sat. and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun., 20 Riverside Theatre Distinguished Lec-
with vendors, live entertainment, rides and famed 18 Lustgarten Pancreatic Research Walk, turer Series, 4 and 6 p.m. on the Stark
McKee Botanical Garden: Ocean Sole Africa frog leg and gator tail dinners. Free admission. 8:30 a.m. registration/9:30 a.m. walk Stage, simulcast in Waxlax, featuring Gen. John
Exhibition thru May 31; Creation of Stickwork at Riverside Park to benefit Lustgarten Foun- Kelly, former Secretary of Homeland Security
sculpture thru Jan. 24. 17 Indian River Symphonic Association dation; 100 percent goes to pancreatic cancer and White House Chief of Staff. 772-231-6990
presents London’s Royal Philharmon- research.
King of the Hill Tennis Tournaments: 6 p.m. ic Orchestra, featuring pianist Khatia Buniatish- 21 to February 9 - Riverside Theatre
Tuesdays thru Feb. 4 at the Boulevard; and Feb. vili, 7:30 p.m. at Community Church of VB. 18 TC Jazz Society presents the Eddie presents “The 39 Steps,” a hilarious
11 to March 3 at the Moorings. 772-778-1070 Metz Trio, 12:30 p.m. at the Vero Hitchcock who-done-it with a dash of Monty
Beach Yacht Club, with proceeds benefitting Python, on the Waxlax Stage. 772-231-6990
JANUARY 17|18 Ballet Vero Beach pays the Jazz Scholarship Fund. 772-234-4600
tribute with world pre- 22 Live from Vero Beach presents Ticket
16-19 Fly on the Ford Tri-Motor, mieres by BVB founders Ballet Master Camilo 18 Golden Oldies Dance Party with Jer- to the Moon: A trip through the mu-
the first airplanes put into Rodriguez, and Artistic Director Adam Schnell, ry and the Dolls, 7 p.m. at St. Helen’s sic of Electric Light Orchestra, with instrumen-
8 p.m. Fri.; 2 p.m. & 8 p.m. Sat. at Vero Beach Catholic School to benefit Knights of Columbus talists joined by several members of the VBHS
High School PAC. 772-905-2651 Charities. $15. 772-299-6199 orchesra, 7 p.m. at Vero Beach High School PAC.
$15 to $95. 800-595-4849
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Crossword Page B14 (THE LOST PECKINPAH FILMS)
in January 10, 2019 Edition 1 POE 1 PANIC 23 Diamonds in the Rough fundraiser to
3 LAB 2 EMOTION benefit Camp Haven, 6 p.m. at Grand
5 HEIRS 3 LIES Harbor Club, with dinner and entertainment by
8 NOONE 4 BACKED Bobby & the Blisters. $195. 772-999-3625
10 CHIC 6 IDEAS 24 Indian River Symphonic Association
11 RELEASED 7 SLENDER presents the Siberian State Symphony
13 SENIOR 12 BOUNDARY Orchestra, featuring pianist Yury Favorin, 7:30
14 LEADER 13 SLIPPED p.m. at Community Church of VB. 772-778-1070
19 USES 16 REVEAL 25 Grand Opening of celebration of
22 PASSAGE 18 TASKS United Against Poverty’s New UP
23 EAGER 20 STRAW Center, 9:30 a.m. with 10 a.m. ribbon cutting
24 DUSTY 21 PEST and 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. community celebra-
25 LIT tion. 772-770-0740
26 SAW

Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13


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This is the only business directory mailed each week during season. If you would like your business to appear in our directory, please call 772-633-0753.

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