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10/19/2018 ISSUE 42


October 19, 2018 | Volume 5, Issue 42 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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New Cleveland COMING: HOSPITAL WARS? Sebastian River
board to have hospital rocked
familiar faces Lawnwood prepares to by changes at top
bMuairlydbeatnh CEuRnnionnghtahme, cfhoarirmofeHrospital District, and Wayne Hockmeyer, chair of IRMC. PHOTOS: LEIGH GREEN/DENISE RITCHIE
By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer site of the Quilted Giraffe. By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer
[email protected] [email protected]
In the historic vote to join Cleve- As Indian River Medical Center
land Clinic, the Indian River Med- By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer forthcoming – it could become along the coast north of Fort Pierce officials celebrated a unanimous
ical Center board of directors was [email protected] the only 24/7 healthcare facility in until you reach Jacksonville. vote to become part of the Cleve-
voting itself out of existence. That the county other than Indian River land Clinic, Steward Health’s Se-
dissolution hasn’t happened yet, of Relief for Indian River Medical Medical Center and Sebastian Riv- Last fall, HCA made it to the final bastian River Medical Center has
course; the deal isn’t expected to be Center’s crowded emergency de- er Medical Center. round in the bidding to take over been in the throes of leadership
final until early next year. partment may be coming from Indian River Medical Center. After upheaval this month, having to
an unlikely – and perhaps unwel- The facility also marks the en- entertaining Vero hospital leaders replace a quartet of top execu-
But at some point in the coming come – source. HCA, owner of try of hospital giant HCA into the at its Aventura and Coconut Grove tives, endure a nerve-wracking
months, a new board will come Fort Pierce’s Lawnwood Regional southern Indian River County mar- hospitals – Lawnwood was notably accreditation inspection, and
into existence to govern Cleveland Medical Center, is moving forward ket; currently HCA has no presence brace itself for the update on last
Clinic Indian River, the hospi- quickly with plans to invade Indi- CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 May’s “F” safety grade.
tal’s future name. Meanwhile, the an River County and build a free-
elected Hospital District Board will standing emergency room. With CEO Kelly Enriquez step-
remain in place, its trustees serving ping down unexpectedly, mar-
as proxies for taxpayers in owner- If completed – as soon as next keting director Donna Jones an-
ship of the hospital’s real estate. summer, provided permits are nounced her resignation Oct. 8;
she was gone a day-and-a-half
All concerned were warned later. By then, senior director of
in the partnering process that operations Matt McGill was also
changeover in leadership would be out, apparently with no notice at
challenging at points, but at least all. Another executive, chief of
the new Cleveland Clinic Indian nursing Anna Brooks, had earlier
River board will have some familiar announced she would be retiring
faces that could ease the transition. in November.

A point-by-point look at the As for that safety report card,


NEWS 1-7 PETS 14

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 In the afterglow of MY TAKE last week’s U.S. Senior
For circulation or where to pick up another wildly suc- Women’s Amateur
your issue call: 772-226-7925
cessful United States BY RAY MCNULTY Championship at the

Golf Association na- Orchid Island Golf &

tional championship played in our Beach Club. “You’re a member of the

neighborhood, it’s fair to ask: USGA family. “We’re always looking for

Is Vero Beach now on the USGA’s ra- great sites for our national champion-

dar for more such events in the future? ships, and we’ve played two of them in

“I don’t know if I’d call it ‘on the ra- the Vero Beach area,” she added. “I don’t

dar,’ because it’s more than that,” said see why there wouldn’t be more, if there

Tracy Parsons, tournament director of CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 Lara Tennant at the Senior Women’s Amateur Championship.

© 2016 Vero Beach 32963 Media LLC. All rights reserved.

2 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE teams could fill that date on their fall ments throughout the week. “It has been something special,” said
schedules, but we could do it,” Given “I can’t tell you how many people – Australia’s Sue Wooster, a veteran of USGA
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 said. “May works well for us, too.” championship events and the tourna-
players, caddies, USGA officials – told ment’s runner-up. “You’ve got a beautiful
were clubs that formally requested to It was just three years ago that Vero me they never knew about Vero Beach oasis here . . . I can’t say enough about the
host them.” Beach’s first USGA national champion- and couldn’t believe how nice it is here,” atmosphere, members, volunteers.
ship – the 2015 U.S. Mid-Amateur – was he added. “These people are going to go
At least one already has. held at John’s Island, which received rave back home and talk about Vero Beach “What a wonderful week.”
Kevin Given, Quail Valley’s co-owner reviews from players, caddies and tour- and Orchid Island and their experiences The highest praise, though, came from
and general manager, said his club sub- nament officials for its organization, hos- here. Oregon’s Lara Tennant, the 57th Annual
mitted such a request “a while ago,” and pitality and challenging West Course. Senior Women’s Amateur champion, who
that the USGA has made inquiries regard- “Will some of these people eventually uttered words sure to appear in Orchid
ing some of its national championships. The event also drew praise from local find their way back to Vero Beach or Or- Island’s marketing brochures: “I’d join
“They know we’re interested and merchants who welcomed the offseason chid Island? Time will tell. But we’ve giv- here if I lived in Florida.”
they’ve reached out to us, but the dates boost in business. en them something to think about.” That alone justified Hutton’s $250,000
didn’t work out,” Given said, adding that budget.
the club, which has hosted U.S. Open Orchid Island and its picturesque, Ar- Or as Mary Shepperd, chairwoman “She nailed it,” Hutton said.
qualifying tournaments and Florida State nold Palmer-designed course enjoyed of the USGA Senior Women’s Amateur So did Orchid Island, which, like John’s
Golf Association events, isn’t seeking any similar applause last week as the host committee, told Hutton: “Orchid Island Island three years earlier, gave USGA of-
particular championship. site for the Senior Women’s Amateur, knocked it out of the park.” ficials every reason to remember Vero
“For us, because of the heat and rain which provided a spectacular stage for a Beach fondly. Even the weather cooper-
and the agronomy in Florida, we really USGA major as well as the perfect venue Orchid Island’s first-rate hospitality ated – as Hutton promised it would.
couldn’t do anything during the summer to promote both the club and communi- included a cocktail reception and ban- When the USGA awarded the early Oc-
months,” he explained. “And we wouldn’t ty nationally. quet for the players, and a massage table tober tournament to Orchid Island five
want to do it when we’d inconvenience on the practice range – perhaps the most years ago, Hutton boldly guaranteed the
our members. So if we’re going to do “Our mission statement was to pro- talked-about perk of the week. event would not fall victim to a hurri-
anything like that, we’re probably talking vide an exceptional and memorable ex- cane. And it didn’t.
May or October.” perience for everyone involved,” said “The players were excited about what Instead, Hurricane Michael devastated
If the USGA offered an October date, Ted Hutton, chairman of the club’s host they’ve seen here,” Parsons said. “I the eastern half of the Florida Panhandle,
however, the club would need to suspend committee. “We also wanted to use this wouldn’t be surprised if some of them and only its outermost winds were felt
for a year the annual Quail Valley Colle- tournament to showcase Orchid Island talk about retiring here.” here.
giate Invitational, a men’s tournament and Vero Beach. We accomplished our “I’d say we dodged a bullet, but I feel
that for the past six years has brought mission. Without question, the Senior Women’s terrible for the people of the Panhan-
some of the nation’s top college teams to Amateur was the right fit for Orchid Is- dle,” Hutton said. “We were watching the
Vero Beach. “We have one of the best golf cours- land, which sought that particular cham- storm, but we had the USGA’s meteorol-
“We’d have to take a year off, and we’d es in Florida, but, because we’re such a pionship because it brought together ogy experts tell us it was too far from us,
need to have plenty of notice so these small club, people don’t know about it,” competitors and members who shared so we were never really worried.”
he continued. the 50-and-over age demographic.

“Hosting a USGA national champion- Several players, in fact, commented
ship here certainly raises a club’s stature, about the friendly embrace they received
and we received so many favorable com- at Orchid Island, where they said they
were treated as members.



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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS October 19, 2018 3

Nor was the USGA, which, for the sec- SRMC ROCKED BY CHANGES Salyer as COO, stepping squarely into a Caritas Christi Health System. That system
ond time in three years, entrusted a na- lawsuit. was struggling financially when, in 2010,
tional championship to the Vero Beach CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Steward took over its six hospitals with an
area at the peak of the Atlantic hurricane Enriquez’s replacement at Sebastian investment from the powerful private eq-
season and was thrilled with how the the release of the latest Leapfrog Hospital River, Kyle Sanders, may be up for the uity firm Cerberus.
tournament was supported by the com- Safety Grades has been delayed until No- hospital’s latest challenges. Arriving from
munity. vember due to Hurricane Irma. Steward, Jacksonville’s St. Vincent’s Health System, Just seven years later, in May of last year,
though, had a chance to preview the grade he too has coped with a worst-in-state Steward acquired Sebastian River as part of
“The hurricane stirred up some wind, – and the data that accounted for it – in the safety ratings. (Sebastian River’s “F” grade a bundle of eight hospitals that were part
but we adjusted,” Parsons said. weeks before the door slammed behind was one of two in Florida.) of Community Health Services. Along with
the departing executives. Sebastian River and two others in Brevard
“As for everything else – the golf course, In 2014, when Sanders was president County, five more CHS hospitals were ac-
the site, the people – I couldn’t imagine On top of all that, there was an unan- of St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside, quired in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Then, in
this tournament going any better than it nounced visit from the Joint Commission, that hospital received the highest Medi- the same month, Steward swallowed Iasis
did.” a critical hospital accreditation agency. care penalty in the state for its low scores Healthcare, an operator of 18 hospitals in
An exhaustive survey of 250 standards in patient readmissions within 30 days. six states. Overnight, that made Steward
Orchid Island’s longtime general man- wrapped up Sept. 28. The hospital now The Florida Times-Union quotes Sanders the largest private for-profit heath system
ager, Rob Tench, attributed the tourna- has 60 days to fix whatever issues the sur- as blaming a joint replacement program in the nation.
ment’s success to the hard work done by vey found, and complete a plan to resolve that was “growing rapidly” when Medicare
his staff and Hutton’s committee. them, known as Evidence of Standards began tracking readmissions. He said the Capital for that deal came in part from
Compliance. rate had “improved as the program ma- a $1.2 billion investment in 2016 by the
He said he’d welcome the opportuni- tured.” healthcare REIT, Medical Properties Trust,
ty to play host to a future USGA national Once that’s approved, a decision will in a real estate sale and lease buy-back
championship, if the members choose to be rendered on accreditation. Significant Sanders also served as system vice transaction, plus a $50 million equity in-
do so. or insignificant, those issues will never be president of population health manage- vestment in Steward.
made public. ment. Most recently, he was president of
Next up, though, could be Quail Valley. St. Vincent’s Health Partners, an account- Since then, Steward has closed one of
“If we do it, it’s simply because we want Neither Steward nor departing execu- able care organization, or ACO. That is those acquired CHS hospitals. Northside
to support the USGA and it’s a great thing tives would comment on the reason for the common ground with Steward executives; Regional Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio,
for our community,” Given said. “That’s dismissals of Enriquez and McGill. But the before its expansion, Steward Health was shut down in September, leaving 468
why we’ve been supportive of the tourna- turmoil may trigger some memories, both known as the largest ACO in New England. people without jobs, according to pub-
ments at John’s Island and Orchid Island. at Sebastian and Indian River. lished reports. Steward cited a 71 percent
There’s no financial incentive for us, be- They may also have faith in common, at decline in patient volume over the past
cause we don’t have real estate to sell, but Enriquez had been CEO since March least historically. St. Vincent’s Healthcare decade, while other neighboring hospi-
we’d love to do it if we can make the dates 2014, when she stepped in on a moment’s is a subsidiary of Ascension Healthcare, tals grew.
work.” notice – literally – when then-CEO Steve the largest Catholic health system in the
In the afterglow of another wildly Salyer resigned without notice. Memories world, and the largest nonprofit health Youngstown city officials had hoped
successful championship played in our of that move are bound to be unpleasant system in the nation. another health system would take over
neighborhood, you can be sure the USGA not only for Sebastian but for Indian Riv- the Northside hospital, namely Cleveland
will be checking its calendar. er Medical Center, which promptly hired Steward Health had its origins in a small Clinic. That didn’t happen. 
Remember: We’re family.  Catholic health system in Massachusetts,

CLEVELAND’S NEW LOCAL BOARD ferred to as the community representative,
will be able to vote too.
Then there will be two physicians from
makeup of the new board-to-be should reas- the hospital staff. And finally, nine people
sure residents that Vero’s small-town hospital chosen by Cleveland Clinic. A glance at the
isn’t going to disappear, that familiar voices boards of directors of other hospitals tak-
could still hold sway. en over by Cleveland indicates many if not
most of those board members will likely be
Nor will the voting powers of certain familiar in the community. Bankers, funeral
members go away (was misstated in an ear- home directors and real estate brokers all got
lier article), including those who will serve picked for other Cleveland Clinic boards.
ex-officio – appointed as a result of their jobs.
As explained by IRMC’s lead attorney for the So the only person left standing when the
transaction, Lou Glaser, the new Cleveland music stops? The president of the hospital,
Clinic Indian River governing board will ac- who will not have a seat on the new board.
tually include one more voting member than Not ex officio, not voting.
the existing IRMC board.
As for the Hospital District Board, whose
Once the deal with Cleveland closes – members are elected or in some cases ap-
maybe December, but more likely January pointed by the governor when a resignation
or even February, according to consultants occurs, they still own on behalf of the taxpay-
– the new board will take over. ers the hospital buildings and land. They get
to be landlords, minus the plumbing repairs,
Like the old group, it too will have 17 and minus the rent checks – by the terms of
members, including three who are on the ex- the takeover deal, Cleveland’s rent is prepaid
isting board, all residents of this county. The through 2034.
chair of the Indian River Foundation gets an-
other seat at the table as an ex officio director As for the new CEO of Cleveland Clinic
– currently that is Tony Woodruff. Another Indian River, Cleveland Clinic is known for
director will serve ex officio – whoever is in appointing physicians from within the orga-
the job of Hospital District Chair, currently nization as president/CEO.
Marybeth Cunningham.
But not always.
Still another local – not on the board of In December, Dr. Neil Smith visited Vero
the hospital, and not on the Hospital District along with Cleveland Clinic top executives.
Board – will be picked by Cleveland Clinic Smith is president of Cleveland Clinic Fair-
executives from a slate provided them by view Hospital and an independent physi-
the Hospital District Board. That person, re- cian. He still practices family medicine in
Cleveland and owns his practice. 

4 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Judge loosens bail conditions for acupuncturist Jaynes

By Federico Martinez | Staff Writer to work at, or in any way be involved with the small courtroom. Jaynes, 56, did not the court on Sept. 20. A trial date has not
Absolute Integrated Medicine, stands,” speak during the hearing and declined to yet been set.
Vero acupuncturist Jill Jaynes, facing Pegg announced in court. comment after leaving court.
multiple charges of fraud and racketeer- Jaynes was arrested on Aug. 22 and
ing, can remove her GPS monitor but “However, she’s not forbidden to work She is facing five felony charges that charged with fraud and racketeering,
remains banned from having any in- someplace else as an acupuncturist – if she conspired with others to defraud with bail set at nearly $1 million. Pegg
volvement with her once-booming clinic anyone will hire her – and as long as she an insurance company by submitting a few days later agreed to reduce bail
Absolute Integrated Medicine. has nothing to do with insurance or bill- false or incomplete information, illegally to $455,000 but also added three condi-
ing.” waived patient copayments and deduct- tions, including that she forfeit her pass-
Circuit Court Judge Robert Pegg re- ibles, and unlawfully paid others who re- port, wear a GPS monitor and no longer
jected Jaynes’ request to return to work The judge’s ruling appeared to con- ferred patients for treatment. be involved with Absolute Integrated
at the clinic during an Oct. 10 hearing. fuse many of the 40 friends, patients Medicine.
and relatives of Jaynes who crowded into She filed a written not guilty plea with
“My original decision forbidding her Last week, Pegg was swayed to allow
Jaynes to remove the GPS device, despite
concerns by Assistant State Attorney Lev
Evans that Jaynes could be a flight risk.

Evans said that despite Pegg’s orders,
it appeared Jaynes was still involved with
Absolute Integrated Medicine’s day-to-
day operations.

Jaynes is also still listed as the business

“We’re concerned that the clinic is still
open and active,” Evans said. “Our con-
cern is that she’s still doing that. But law
enforcement has told us that they don’t
have the resources to watch her.”

Attorney Brooke Butler, who is repre-
senting Jaynes, did not address Evans’ al-
legations. She argued that it was unfair to
prevent Jaynes from working while her
case is still pending.

“It’s undue process,” Butler told Pegg.
“Right now, she’s innocent. She’s aban-
doning everything she’s ever known all
her life.”

Butler said news articles published by
Vero Beach 32963 prompted the State
Department of Health to recently launch
an investigation into Jaynes’ business
actions and Absolute Integrated Medi-

She suggested the court allow the
health department to determine if
Jaynes’ license should be suspended and
her if clinic should be shut down.

“DOH can shut the business down
immediately if they find it unsafe or dis-
cover any other problems,” Butler said.
“They’ve been investigating and hav-
en’t come in and suspended anybody’s
license. There’s nothing in this case; it’s
about billing practices. It’s not up to you
or the state attorney to decide whether
she can practice.”

Assistant state attorney Evans and ul-
timately Judge Pegg disagreed.

Evans argued that the charges against
Jaynes aren’t just about billing proce-
dures and said the acupuncturist is ac-
cused of being involved in a criminal
enterprise that hurt many residents and

Evans pointed out that Jaynes earlier
agreed to the conditions in order to get
her bond amount lowered. She shouldn’t
be allowed to return now and ask for
all those conditions to be discarded, he
added. 


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6 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

HCA INVADES INDIAN RIVER center. But last Thursday night, the news to cost $10 million, according to news re- gent care clinics and 19 freestanding ERs sys-
was more positive for Lawnwood when its ports. Two other HCA freestanding ERs are tem-wide by the end of 2018.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 South Vero project got a partial green light planned for Orlando and Sanford.
from the Indian River County Planning and HCA is the largest investor-owned health-
not on the tour – HCA lost out to Cleveland Zoning Commission. “We’re waiting for site Proctor Construction submitted a bid in care company in the nation. It has 169 hos-
Clinic last January. plan approval and the building permit,” said late July and won out over several large, out- pitals and posted revenues of $41.5 billion in
Rick MacDonald, project executive at Proc- of-town general contractors, including one 2016. The company courted IRMC aggres-
Cleveland’s IRMC takeover has been ap- tor Construction. who had built 13 freestanding ERs, according sively, promising the largest capital outlay
proved by local hospital leaders and current- to MacDonald. “They like to use local folks, if they were selected: $386 million over 10
ly is moving through government regulato- The 11,000-square-foot, single-story facil- so they came to us,” he said. years, plus an additional upfront payment of
ry hurdles. Cleveland also has announced ity is expected to take eight months to build $75 million.
plans to acquire the Martin Health System, once permits are issued, according to Mac- Proctor built the Scully-Welsh Cancer
which includes a hospital in Tradition just 15 Donald, It will include an ambulance bay, a Center at Indian River Medical Center, The south Vero facility will be the first
miles on the other side of Lawnwood. CT scan, X-ray rooms, and a bariatric treat- among several other projects at the hospital. freestanding ER affiliated with Lawnwood.
ment room. The company’s work at IRMC dates back to HCA’s other hospital in St. Lucie County, St.
Beyond feeling surrounded, Lawnwood 1985, when it did the first renovation of the Lucie Medical Center, has a freestanding ER
was jolted in July when three of its highly MacDonald would not discuss costs, but emergency room. 10 miles away in western Port St. Lucie. Built
specialized neurologists decamped for Vero a similar facility being built by HCA near the three years ago, the 11,000-square-foot facil-
to turn IRMC into a comprehensive stroke Mall of the Milllenia in Orlando is expected Demolition has already begun on the ity at Darwin Square has a bay for ambulanc-
Quilted Giraffe site, which is zoned for gen- es, separate pediatric rooms, a lab, and im-
eral commercial use and is adjacent to the aging and diagnostic equipment including a
SouthVero Square shopping center anchored 32-slice CT scan.
by a Publix. According to county records, two
parcels totaling 1.29 acres were sold to Lawn- In addition to freestanding ERs, HCA
wood in July for a total of $1.99 million. owns the urgent care clinic brand Care-
Now, a privately-held company acquired by
Today, the former restaurant and a small HCA in late 2014. Along the Treasure Coast,
office building on the site are encircled by a there are five CareNow clinics in south Fort
chain link fence and are undergoing demoli- Pierce, Port St. Lucie and Jensen Beach.
tion. “The fence went up last week and we’ve
been nibbling at the building,” said Mac- “While we can’t predict the impact this
Donald. (new Lawnwood ER) will have on health-
care ... the healthcare landscape is chang-
Freestanding ERs, while new to Vero, have ing everywhere,” said Cleveland Clinic
been a trend for the past decade; one expert spokeswoman Heather Phillips. “Our focus
tallied 400 in 32 states in 2016, and projected remains on our commitment to advance
another 800 to 1600 in the future. care and access across southeast Florida
and work together for the benefit of pa-
Costs at freestanding ERs are significantly tients.”
higher than at urgent care centers because
like a hospital ER, they charge a facility fee as While Cleveland Clinic Florida hasn’t
well as fees for professional services. HCA’s built freestanding ERs in Florida, it is about
freestanding ERs are required by the federal to acquire one in its takeover of Martin
law known as EMTALA to accept all patients Health Systems. The Martin Emergency
with life-threatening emergencies regardless Center at St. Lucie West was built in 2009.
of ability to pay. Typically, though, such off-
site ERs tend to treat less severe conditions While freestanding ERs do not have
and symptoms, more in line with what an in-patient rooms, they sometimes spawn
urgent care would treat. micro-hospitals or full hospitals. Two weeks
ago, Florida Hospital announced its free-
Last year, HCA Holdings announced standing ER in Winter Garden will be ex-
a broad expansion of its urgent-care and panded with a seven-story, 100-bed hospi-
free-standing emergency departments in tal. That required a certificate of need from
14 of its biggest markets, including Orlan- the state; freestanding ERs do not.
do. HCA had a record capital budget that
year of $2.9 billion, and planned to open 19 Indian River County, the south Vero lo-
new locations by the first part of this year. cation, is close to ample vacant land. Apart
With multiple HCA marketing personnel from the adjacent shopping plaza, “it’s sit-
not responding to 32963 inquiries, it’s not ting out there all by itself,” said MacDonald.
clear whether the Vero project is tied to that
expansion, which was to have added 48 ur- It is also near the intersection of U.S. 1
and the recently widened Oslo Road, which

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS October 19, 2018 7

is slated for an interchange on I-95 due to siderable controversy in the healthcare upper-income neighborhoods where res- Though the freestanding ER will be af-
be completed in 2027. industry. Unlike urgent care centers, the idents are more likely to have commercial filiated with Lawnwood, it is not known
nation’s 400 freestanding ERs can charge insurance – and providers are more apt to whether patients needing more intensive
While other healthcare systems are scal- hospital prices, and, according to one anal- be paid. treatment or overnight stays would be tak-
ing back on freestanding ER construction, ysis, patients with the same diagnosis can en exclusively to Lawnwood, a Level II trau-
HCA’s president and COO Sam Hazen – be charged 10 times the fee they would pay HCA has instead chosen a location con- ma center, or if they could opt for Indian
soon to become CEO – pinned its expan- at an urgent care facility. venient to moderate- or low-income neigh- River Medical Center, which is considerably
sion to heavy volume in its hospital ERs, borhoods along the Oslo Road corridor, to closer, not only for emergency transfer but
according to Modern Healthcare. Contrary to HCA’s move here, freestand- its north along U.S. 1 and south to Indrio for visiting family members. 
ing ERs are typically going up in middle- to Road in St. Lucie County.
Freestanding ERs have generated con-

8 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Bladder cancer: ‘Crummy disease’ common but beatable

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer most jarring sign of bladder cancer (techni-
[email protected] cally called urothelial carcinoma or transi-
tional cell carcinoma) is hard to miss: blood
Bladder cancer, says the Mayo Clinic, “is in the urine.
one of the most common cancers, affecting
approximately 68,000 adults in the United That, along with anemia, high blood pres-
States each year,” and apparently it’s even sure, frequent and painful urination, and
more common here in Vero Beach. persistent fatigue are among the signs the
American Cancer Society says should send
As Indian River Medical Center urologist you scurrying to your physician.
Dr. Carrington Mason puts it, “I have seen
more bladder cancer in the last five months That’s actually a good thing in the eyes
here than I did practicing in an urban hospital of the Mayo Clinic. It says “about seven out
in Dallas [Texas] probably in the last 15 years.” of every 10 bladder cancers diagnosed start
out at an early stage when bladder cancer is
Orlando’s Florida Hospital adds that the

Dr. Carrington Mason.


highly treatable.” As Mason puts it, “I always tell people
That said, Mayo points out that even ear- it’s not Disney World, but the ride’s a little
ly-stage bladder cancers frequently recur so,
typically, patients tend to need follow-up A type of rigid tube called a resectoscope
tests for years after initial treatment and is placed into the bladder through the ure-
those treatments are no walk in the park. thra (in men, that’s through the penis). The

Is The One-Stop Location
for All of Your Medical Services
Call for an appointment: 772-567-6340

We are proud to announce the additions to our

Vero Beach office of Collin Kitchell, MD
and Meredith Kitchell, PA-C.

Collin Kitchell specializes in Sports Medicine and
Ultrasound guided injections for joint issues.

Meredith Kitchell specializes in Internal Medicine.

They will begin seeing patients on August 1st Collin Kitchell, MD Meredith Kitchell, PA-C
so call today to schedule your appointment.

We have two locations to serve you.
For a list of physicians please see our web site.

1265 36th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960
801 Wellness Way, Sebastian, FL 32958

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH October 19, 2018 9

resectoscope has a camera and a wire loop Resectoscope. And the root cause for all this scraping
at its end and is used to remove any abnor- and burning? Mason and the American Can-
mal-looking tissue. ‘... seven out of every 10 bladder cer Society point the finger squarely at ciga-
cancers diagnosed start out at an rette smoking.
“So, typically,” Mason continues, “what early stage when bladder cancer is
we’ll do is we’ll look in the bladder, we’ll Even if the patient quit smoking years
identify a tumor, and then we go do an out- highly treatable.’ ago, residual toxins that have built up in-
patient procedure called a transurethral re- side the bladder can still trigger this disease
section of a bladder tumor, where, with the – Mayo Clinic and – aside from death – the worst possible
patient asleep, we go in and scrape down the result from all those Marlboros might be
tumor and send it off to the pathologist. And needing a radical cystectomy or the total
we’re looking mainly for two things. One is removal of the bladder.
the level of aggressiveness of the bladder
cancer, and then No. 2 is the depth of pene- Surgery to remove the bladder (and any
tration through the bladder wall. lymph nodes or nearby organs that contain
cancer) is incredibly complex; in men, near-
“Those two bits of information give us by organs that are likely to be removed are
much of the guidance as to what sort of ther- the prostate and the seminal vesicles, while
apeutic options we have. For many patients in women it’s the uterus, the ovaries and
who have a low-grade superficial tumor, part of the vagina.
we’ll just look in the bladder every three
months to six months to a year.” Moreover, when the bladder is removed,
another way for urine to leave the body must
Shockingly, Mason says there are even cas- be created. As Mason explains, “the most
es when your physician might treat your blad- common thing is, we create what’s called an
der cancer by giving you tuberculosis – sort of. ileal loop, where a small, 6-inch segment of
intestine is disconnected from the intestinal
“If you have a more aggressive tumor,” segment. And we attach the kidneys to this,
says Mason, “we may use … BCG [which is] and then bring the end of it up to the skin
an inactivated tuberculosis that creates an where a bag will collect the urine on the skin.”
immune response within the bladder so that
the recurrence of tumor is significantly de- Mason sums up by simply calling bladder
creased.” cancer “a crummy disease” and urges any-
one with any of the above symptoms to im-
Not scary enough? The Mayo Clinic adds mediately seek medical help.
“any remaining cancer may be treated by
fulguration or burning the base of the tumor Dr. Carrington Mason is with the Indian
while looking at it with the cystoscope or by River Medical Center. His office is at 3450 11th
using a high-energy laser through the cysto- Court, Suite 303. The phone number is 772-
scope.” 794-9771. 

10 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR

Queasy does it: Causes and cures for motion sickness

By Fred Cicetti | Columnist The inner ears let you know if you’re turning,
or moving forward-backward, side-to-side
Q. What causes motion sickness? and up-and-down. The eyes also monitor
the directions of motion and where the body
Many people – including me – suffer nau- is in space, such as upside down. Skin pres-
sea when traveling by boat, car or airplane. sure receptors tell you what part of the body
It also happens on rides in amusement parks is touching the ground. The muscle and joint
and playgrounds. The symptoms of motion sensory receptors tell what parts of the body
sickness are caused by conflicting messages are moving.
arriving at the central nervous system.
If all the signals tell the same story, there
Different parts of your body let your brain are no problems. However, suppose you’re
know where you are and what you’re doing.

below deck in a heaving sea. Your body is get- outside. Also, choose a seat over the wings
ting information that the boat is moving vio- where there is the least motion. Direct the air
lently. But your eyes see the unmoving walls vent at your face.
of your cabin. If you are susceptible to motion
sickness, this below-deck scenario is almost On a train, take a seat near the front and
guaranteed to make you look for a porthole to next to a window. Face forward.
get rid of your last meal.
Minimize head movement.
How about the example of reading in the Avoid strong odors and spicy or greasy
car? Well, your body is picking up all kinds of foods immediately before and during your
cues that you’re in motion, but your eyes see travel. Don’t overeat.
only the unmoving pages of your book. Don’t smoke or sit near smokers.
Before your travel begins, take motion
Here are some tips to avoid motion sick- sickness medicine recommended by your
ness: physician. There are over-the-counter drugs.
There is also prescription medicine in an ad-
Always ride where your eyes will see the hesive patch or in oral form.
same motion that your body senses. For ex- There are other treatments for motion
ample, sit in the front seat of the car and look sickness that may benefit some people, but
out the windshield to distant scenery; don’t they have not been proven to be consistent-
stare at the rapidly passing telephone poles ly effective. High levels of ginger have helped
outside the passenger window. I prefer driv- some. There’s an acupuncture point of the
ing so I am forced to look straight ahead. wrist that provides relief of nausea during
pregnancy and after chemotherapy, but there
If you’re on a boat, go up on deck and watch is contradictory evidence about its effective-
the horizon. Request a cabin in the forward or ness in treating motion sickness. 
middle of the ship, or on the upper deck.

On an airplane, sit by the window and look

12 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Walk THIS way: Pick up the pace for better health

By Amby Burfoot the follow-up period. Those who walked at a explains head researcher Emmanuel Stamat- big health boost. Keep out of the “slow” zone.
The Washington Post “brisk” or “fast” pace enjoyed an additional 4 akis, professor of physical activity, lifestyle Make sure you’re putting some effort into
percent lower mortality rate. While optimal and population health at the Charles Perkins your walk.
Everyone knows that walking is one of the speeds vary with each individual’s age and Center in Sydney.
best exercises for health, which is why phy- fitness, a pace below 20 minutes per mile is “There’s no perfect pace for everyone,”
sicians regularly recommend 150 minutes a generally considered average, and below 18 “We also took several steps to rule out the notes Stamatakis. “If you’re out of breath,
week. But that’s a measure of volume. What minutes per miles is brisk. Essentially all the possibility that the slow walkers were in poor you’re probably walking brisk or fast.”
about walking speed? Does that make a dif- benefit came from lower heart-related deaths. health to begin with.”
ference? A recent paper indicates the answer Walking pace had no effect on cancer rates. When you’re short of time, simply walk
may be yes. Next steps: Keep taking them – your walk- faster to increase the payoff. “A faster pace
“Ours was the first paper to isolate walking ing steps, that is. Walking more is better than means you are challenging your physiology
The study: Previous research focused only pace from overall physical activity volume,” walking less. But don’t fall into the trap of to make adaptations for better health and fit-
on total amounts of exercise in minutes, or thinking that any languid stroll provides a ness,” says Stamatakis. 
steps. A team of epidemiologists in Sydney
looked at whether people who walked similar
distances but at different speeds gained more
or fewer health benefits. The paper was pub-
lished in the British Journal of Sports Medi-

Methods and results: The investigators
identified 11 English and Scottish popula-
tion-wide reports that included more than
50,000 regular walkers with an average age in
their late 40s. The walkers were grouped ac-
cording to four walking speeds: slow, average,
brisk and fast. Lastly, the researchers com-
piled mortality (from heart disease and can-
cer) rates during an average follow-up period
of 9.2 years.

They found that participants who walked
at an “average” speed, as opposed to “slow,”
had a 20 percent lower risk of death during


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7 passenger, rear camera, 7.0” touch 6.5” smartphone link display with Apple CarPlay and
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Radio and bluetooth remote keyless entry, power windows and locks





80,000 Miles w/Workbox, 89,000 Miles Stow and Go 74,000 Miles Leather Clean 95k Mi. 1 Owner, 30,000 Miles

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SEL. Rear DVD Loaded 20K Mi. 10,000 Miles, Longbed S-AWC Loaded, 4,000 Miles Ext. Cab 1 Owner 9,800 Miles (Plug In Hybrid) SEL only 2800 Mi.

$19,899 $21,950 $23,390 $25,950 $32,899

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


Prices are subject to change at anytime. Sale prices includes all available dealer discounts, factory rebates and consumer rebates. All applicants will not qualify for all discounts and/or incentives. Florida residents add tax, title, license,
registration, dealer admin, fees, and destination. Prices not valid with any other promotions. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Offer expires October 31, 2018. See dealer for full details. Not responsible for typographical errors.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH October 19, 2018 13

A new trend in healthcare: the ‘nondiet dietitian’

By Cara Rosenbloom proach for years, it is the term that is new. “Consumers have 24/7 access to infor- butter, meat and cream. Diabetes? Cut out
The Washington Post “People still think that going to a dietitian mation at their fingertips about everything sugar. But now dietitians focus on the posi-
they could possibly want to know. The prob- tive side rather than restrictions.
You may have heard diets do not work. means you get a meal plan with an exact lem is that they cannot easily determine
Prescriptive, restrictive and fad diets help number of calories. Any dietitian who has which information is credible. I spend far “It used to be more about what not to
you lose weight quickly, but have mini- ever spent time creating one, or any client more time now dispelling nutrition myths do versus how to consume the most nutri-
mal long-term success. The weight comes who has ever received one knows that this is than ever before,” Harris-Pincus says. ent-rich diet. I switched from ‘avoid’ mode
right back, and sometimes you gain more an exercise in futility,” Harris-Pincus says. to ‘include’ mode many years ago,” Har-
than you lost. This poses a dilemma for di- Dietetic advice used to focus on rules ris-Pincus says.
etitians. After all, we have the word “diet” Nondiet dietitians help clients learn to and restrictions. Heart disease? Cut out
right there in the name of our profession. listen to their appetite and eat what they “A lot of nondiet dietitians also call our-
What role can we play as health practi- need, instead of what’s been prescribed. “A selves nutrition therapists,” Rumsey says. In
tioners, if diets do not work? lot of people still think of dietitians as the her practice, Rumsey looks more broadly at
food police, and some clients feel fear when eating behaviors and the psychology behind
To answer that, we need to look at a very they come to me that I’m going to judge them. And there is merit to this direction.
different meaning of the word “diet.” In our their diets,” says Alissa Rumsey, who uses
North American lexicon, the word usual- the nondiet term. “I want people to know “Focusing on wellness instead of weight
ly refers to weight loss. But that is not the that I’m not going to tell you what you can is linked to people making better lifestyle
definition of “diet” that truly informs what and cannot eat. My goal is to take clients to choices, which can lower triglycerides;
dietitians do. The second definition of diet a place where they are in the driver’s seat, improve cholesterol; reduce rates of disor-
is simply “the food you consume.” And that and they make decisions that feel good for dered eating, binge eating and emotional
is the sweet spot where dietitians want to their body and honor their health.” eating; and boost self-esteem and body im-
provide education and help you. age,” Rumsey says.
Unfortunately, many people never see
“To me, ‘diet’ in the simplest of terms is a dietitian, and their eating advice is pop- When you hear the statement “diets
a way of eating,” says dietitian Lauren Har- ulated from a mix of celebrity-endorsed don’t work,” it refers to the impossible,
ris-Pincus. “But society perceives the word diets, magazine articles, fad diet websites unscientific weight loss plans, not the job
‘diet’ negatively. When someone says ‘I’m and advice from well-meaning friends. dietitians can do. If you saw a dietitian
on a diet,’ it’s usually to lose weight vs. a But the advice is not tailored for them, before and it was not helpful, perhaps
way to improve health.” and, in fact, may be the exact opposite of you saw the wrong dietitian. Find one
what they need. who, with a holistic lens that looks at your
Dietitians are practitioners who guide whole lifestyle, will focus on your individ-
healthy choices. And in this context, I am ual needs, based on your life, your history
writing specifically about private practice and your preferences. 
or consulting dietitians (as opposed to di-
etitians in hospital or public health settings
– they were not interviewed for this piece).

Many dietitians do not like being
thought of as someone who puts people
on weight-loss diets. So, they have coined
a new term: the nondiet dietitian. Sounds
counterintuitive, right? Like a non-law law-
yer or a non-nursing nurse? But it actually
makes a lot of sense.

Nondiet dietitians will not give you a
detailed meal plan or focus specifically on
calories or the number on the scale to de-
termine your success, because they believe
a healthy lifestyle involves more than just
measuring your body weight. They focus on
“diet” as the foods you eat and look at your
entire lifestyle. While some dietitians have
been counseling this “healthy lifestyle” ap-

14 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz’s Irish eyes smile at Red, one funny puppy

Hi Dog Buddies! PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE Red ackshully get together, too.”
“Pawsome Dog Biscuits!”
This week I innerviewed a totally joyful, “No Woof? Who?” “Before I learned The Rools, I “One time, at the Dog Park, I was
frenly Irish Setter puppy, Red Simpson, “His ackshull name was Red Aye Scraps, sorta crunched stuff. Like the remote. An
who’s full of fun an smiles. Even though but everybody called him just Scraps. He shoes. But only one from each pair. That sayin’ hello to this nice human, an he
he’s just a sprout, 10 months old, he’s 65 starred in that Walt Disney movie ‘Big Red,’ seems fair, right? I also usta swipe hankies, asked Mom if I could come visit him
pounds, an taller than me. He hasn’t quite 392 years ago in 1962. He played Big Red sox an golf gloves and put ’em in the yard. an his frens. So we DID. They live in
grown into his legs, but already runs like himSELF. He was a CHAMP-yun, an he The Mom an Dad’d run around gatherin’ a big house called a nursing home. It
one of those thoroughbred horses. He still even won a special dog Oscar. Isn’t that so ’em back up. They didn’t like that game as was great. They said, ‘Hey, there’s Red!’
acts like a sprout, though. Cool Kibbles?” much as me, tho. I got to meet lotsa nice humans, an
“Totally! I gotta say, Red, you look like a they were really happy to see me, too.
Red had sent me a woof-mail, inviting movie star yourself. Where are you from?” “Now I got stuff figured out. I get beach They were smilin’ an I was smiling.’ I
me for a visit, an right away I knew it’d be a “Really, Mr. Bonzo? Thanks! I was born leash walks, an I gotta big fenced back- can’t wait to go back.”
fun innerview. He wrote, “My name is Red, in Alabama, there were eight of us. Our yard to gallup in. I relax in the grass next
I bed you can’t guess why,” an included a pooch Dad was Guinness Big Irish, he was to Dad’s chair. It’s called Bonding. Oooo, “Any special pals?”
picksure of him with his litter Mom: two really SOMEthin.’ Mom an Dad went up to an Mom an Dad took me to see the Clydes- “Oh, woof, yes! My total best fren
bee-ooti-ful pooches, with the sunshine look at all of us. We had different color rib- dales, the gi-normous horses that pull that is a liddle human, Kenzie, she’s my
reflectin’ off their dazzlin’ red coats. bons to tell us apart. Mom an Dad wanted fancy wagon fulla beer an have fluffy feet, cuzzin. She’s 5. She visited for her
the biggest, the red ribbon pupster. But he cuz I’ve always wanted to meet the Famous birthday an we had the Best Time.
Soon as we knocked, the door opened was taken, so they picked the next biggest: Clydesdales’ Dalmatian, Brewer. THAT was She READ to me. Mostly Garfield. He’s a
an there he was, waggin’ and wigglin’ an Thank Lassie! It was ME! Plus, I had a green exciting. Cat. I never met a real one. I did meet a
jumpin.’ He had long feathery-fluffy tail an ribbon which was more Irish. Just to be landcrab once. I barked an barked. But
legs, anna red collar an leash. Looked like sure, I laid my head on Dad’s lap an gave “To keep us siblings from missin’ each I didn’t touch it. I mean, have you SEEN
a movie star. him The Puppy Look. No human can resist other an getting’ all droopy, we have a those big, grabby things? They could bite
that. Also, I gently grabbed his finger with Facebook page: me, Rafi, Clover, Reagan, my nose off!
“Hi, Mr. Bonzo! It’s ME, RED! I’m SO my liddle puppy teeth an held on so he Tiger, Malley, Penny, Katie an our humans. “My other human fren’s Sharina, she’s
ex-CITED! I kept running to the door wouldn’t accidently forget me.” We Keep In Touch an we’re gonna try to my trainer. My pooch pals are Dillon, a
all morning! Come’on in. I’m tryin’ to “That should work. How’d you adjust?” Yellow Lab; Apollo, a Catahoula; and my
ruh-member my MAN-ers.” “I really missed my litter, and all that DON’T BE SHY Pooch BFF Abby, a Black Lab.”
fluffy-ness. So Mom and Dad had this “Any special toys?”
While he was rememberin,’ he grabbed soft red rug and a fluffy Welcome Bear for We are always looking for pets He picked up a soggy yellow something.
his leash and did a few laps around the ta- when I arrived.” with interesting stories. “Thith wub!”
ble. “Aww, that was so nice!” Then he petooied it. It was a stuffed
To set up an interview, email Imogie. He left an returned carryin’ a soggy
“Oh! I know.” He petooied the leash. [email protected]. white something else with boogly eyes.
“We’re s’pose to do that wag thingy. Right?” “Thith wubs by FABEbrud!”
“Yep, Red, you got it right. The Wag-an- It was a big stuffed flea. I woof you not!
Sniff.” A stuffed flea with boogly eyes wearin’ a
T-shirt that said “Bite Me.”
After that, Red innerduced his Mom I was laughin’ pretty much all the way
an Dad, Tim an Nelva. Just like any frenly home, just thinkin’ about happy Red, the
puppy would, Red plopped himself into 65-pound lap puppy. An thinkin’ if I got a
my assistant’s lap for some snuggles, then statement T-shirt like his stuffed flea had,
jumped off and an resettled in his Dad’s mine’d probly read, “Where’s the Bread?”
lap, long legs dangling an his Dad mostly Just sayin.’
hidden. Till next time,

“I get to talk about me, right Mr. Bonzo?” The Bonz
“Right, Red.”
“Oh, goody. Can I start now?”
“OK, so, guess what? I’m duh-sended
from a Movie Star.”

Spacious Oak Harbor home
enhanced by club amenities

4710 Hamilton Court in Oak Harbor: 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2,927-square-foot Bermuda-style home with country club amenities
offered for $559,000 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services listing agent Becky Rossway: 772-633-4190

16 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Spacious Oak Harbor home enhanced by club amenities

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer Evans, with informal, formal and private laundry and housekeeping, or take care of Developed in 1996, Oak Harbor has 60
[email protected] dining offered at the country club. your loved one so you can get away. condominiums, 141 free-standing homes
and the Somerset assisted-living facility
A four-bedroom, three-bath home at Behind the scenes, making life easier, Your relatives won’t fret either, knowing with 30 private rooms.
4710 Hamilton Court in Oak Harbor can are people who will drive you to your ap- you have 24-hour emergency-call and dai-
only be purchased by someone 55 or old- pointments, do your shopping, hair, nails, ly check-in services, with nurses on site. “What makes us different,” General
er, someone versed in the art of living well Manager Art Spilios said, “is we offer a
who values the depth and breadth of facil- continuum of care in a country-club set-
ities and services that help make life here ting, from independent living, to home
more carefree and enjoyable. healthcare, to assisted living, and you
don’t have to give up anything – you own
Knowing how to play is an essential part your own property. Other places you pay
of living in Oak Harbor. Play the nine-hole an entry fee or capital contribution and
golf course, designed by Joe Lee to a gentle you basically lease your home.
par-3 and par-4 standard. Keep your eye-
hand coordination and sense of competi- “Demand is high,” Spilios said. “We only
tion sharp with bouts of tennis, bocce ball have a few resale homes – a few condos
or other sport with fellow club members. and houses – although we still have 30
Afterward, loosen up knotty muscles at the lots available, with ‘spec houses’ going up
swimming pool, get a massage or take a soon.”
walk along the trails.
The architecture is done in the 1800s
A pleasant social scene and good friends “Bermuda style,” Spilios said. The hip
are also key to the good life. Join them for roofs, best for withstanding hurricane
bridge, cooking classes, board games and winds, are laid with white concrete tile that
lectures. Dress up for galas and other so- imitates the original limestone slabs used
cial events. in the British colony, “stepped” to mimic
the rain-harnessing function that directs
Eat healthful, great food at three restau- water into catch basins on the island. Con-
rants overseen by Executive Chef Dean

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E October 19, 2018 17

crete block and stucco walls echo the orig- FEATURES FOR 4710 HAMILTON COURT fronts and crown molding are finished in
inal limestone block and stucco walls. antique white, the counters in contrast-
Neighborhood: Oak Harbor • Year built: 1996 ing dark granite. Serious cooks want their
The house at 4710 Hamilton is on a work tools arrayed within cabinets, interi-
corner lot, allowing for a generous paver Home size: 2,927 sq. ft. • Lot size: 79 feet by 79 feet or slide-out drawers eliminating searches.
driveway. The two-car garage is beautiful- These fit the bill. The soft-close hardware
ly disguised as a house wing. The façade’s Construction: Stucco over concrete block, concrete tile roof keeps preparations quiet for multi-course
central and recessed tower forms the en- dinners served in the adjacent formal din-
trance, first a covered courtyard and then Bedrooms: 4 • Bathrooms: 3 ing room. A large island will form the stag-
a high-ceilinged foyer with columns and ing area for many feasts, with seating for
an elaborate tray ceiling that signal quality Additional features: Overlooks golf course, 2017 roof, newly friends of the cook.
architecture. painted, spacious kitchen with granite counters and island,
hardwood floors, electric storm shutters, corner lot, club ame- The open floor plan has the family
Once inside, the private entry gives way nities, seller will pay $17,500 towards initiation fee, includes room elide with the kitchen, the wooden
to light-filled rooms, most with a view of the cable TV, lawn care, irrigation, exterior maintenance, trash floors in a honeyed cherry uniting all the
manicured golf course behind the house. conjoining rooms and providing visual
Beveled walls, archways, columns and nich- removal, 24-hour manned-gate security and patrols warmth. A picture window gives yet an-
es recall traditional architecture. The 10- other serene view of the golf course.
foot ceilings, deep crown and base molding, Listing agency: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
wainscoting, chair rail and other elements The master bedroom has two walk-in
give a quiet grandeur to the home. Listing agent: Becky Rossway, 772-633-4190 closets side by side. The master bath has a
large jetted tub, as well as a frameless-glass
Several rooms have Palladian-style win- Listing price: $559,000 walk-in shower. His-and-her vanities and
dows taking up much of the wall, with el- a makeup vanity finished in acres of cul-
egant arched upper tiers. Plantation shut- tured marble give ample room for long
ters give the windows an island character primping sessions. The large glass-block
and make for easy light adjustment. An window floods the room in natural light.
electric switch brings down exterior hur- A water closet with a bidet and toilet pro-
ricane shutters in a moment. vides luxury and privacy.

The show-stopper in the house is the The large laundry room is next to the
living room, an octagon, the shape invert- two-car garage, and a golf cart is included
ed and repeated in the tray ceiling. The with the sale of the house.
electric fireplace will keep guests linger-
ing during winter holidays, the wooden The four bedrooms, three baths and
mantle, dark marble surround and raised large kitchen ensure relatives and friends
hearth creating a classic focal point. will congregate here for the holidays, the
club amenities enlarging the scope of
The kitchen was remodeled recent- pleasures on offer. 
ly. Wooden cabinets with raised-panel

18 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A solid week on the mainland real estate market saw 27 transactions of single-family residences
and lots from Oct. 8-12 (some shown below).
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the residence at 2137 Falls Circle, originally on
the market in November 2017 for $699,500, sold for $845,900.
Representing the seller was agent Stacey Lynn Morabito of Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.
Representing the buyer in the transaction was agent Jennifer Bailey of Dale Sorensen Real
Estate Inc.


VERO BEACH 2137 FALLS CIRCLE 11/8/2017 $699,500 10/12/2018 $655,000
VERO BEACH 24 PARK AVENUE 2/24/2018 $895,000 10/10/2018 $400,000
VERO BEACH 3786 9TH LANE 8/26/2018 $450,000 10/10/2018 $365,000
SEBASTIAN 730 N FISCHER CIRCLE 7/6/2018 $369,000 10/12/2018 $357,500
VERO BEACH 455 GREYSTONE COURT SW 1/16/2018 $399,000 10/11/2018 $270,000
VERO BEACH 4186 79TH STREET 10/1/2018 $280,000 10/9/2018 $267,889
SEBASTIAN 337 SANDCREST CIRCLE 9/30/2018 $267,889 10/11/2018 $258,000
SEBASTIAN 808 CARNATION DRIVE 8/23/2018 $260,000 10/10/2018 $249,900
SEBASTIAN 13680 77TH DRIVE 8/13/2018 $244,900 10/11/2018 $235,150
SEBASTIAN 147 S WIMBROW DRIVE 6/14/2017 $235,150 10/11/2018 $226,000
SEBASTIAN 101 AMHERST LANE 8/15/2018 $233,000 10/10/2018 $215,000
VERO BEACH 757 13TH AVENUE 8/15/2018 $234,900 10/9/2018 $200,000
SEBASTIAN 110 BRYANT COURT 8/24/2018 $220,000 10/9/2018 $198,500
VERO BEACH 1330 10TH MANOR 8/20/2018 $200,000 10/12/2018

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E October 19, 2018 19


24 Park Avenue, Vero Beach 3786 9th Lane, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 2/24/2018 Listing Date: 8/26/2018
Original Price: $895,000 Original Price: $450,000
Sold: 10/10/2018 Sold: 10/10/2018
Selling Price: $655,000 Selling Price: $400,000
Listing Agent: Sam Robbins Listing Agent: Joe Branca

Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. Selling Agent: Branca Realty Professionals

Joe Kovaleski Gene Billero

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. Billero & Billero Properties

730 N Fischer Circle, Sebastian 455 Greystone Court SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 7/6/2018 Listing Date: 1/16/2018
Original Price: $369,000 Original Price: $399,000
Sold: 10/12/2018 Sold: 10/11/2018
Selling Price: $365,000 Selling Price: $357,500
Listing Agent: Becky Boncek Listing Agent: Bob Peters

Selling Agent: RE/MAX Crown Realty Selling Agent: Rennick Real Estate

Rebecca Bazyler Phyllis Horner

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Tropic Shores Real Estate LLC


Coming Up! ‘Made in Germany’: Museum revels Adam Schnell.
in Rubell collection PAGE B2

By Samantha Baita | Staff Writer
[email protected]

1 Broadway’s long-running
(2,036 performances) jukebox
musical “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” opens
at Riverside Theatre this coming
Tuesday, Oct. 23, and runs through
Nov. 11. Yea! So here’s a little juke-
box trivia: When you hear “You
ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog,”
who do you think of? Of course!
But did you know that the guys
who penned that rock ’n’ roll clas-
sic, legendary songwriters Jerry
Leiber and Mike Stoller, wrote it
early on, before they were legend-
ary. Elvis heard it, liked it, recorded
it and performed it all over TV and
– boom – Leiber and Stoller were
headed for the stars and forever
linked to Elvis. The pair first met
in the ’50s at an L.A. music store
where Leiber worked and Stoller
was a customer. They discovered
a mutual love of rhythm and blues
and began writing together. After
“Hound Dog,” they wrote several
more hits for The King, including
the title songs for his films “Loving


B2 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

‘Made in Germany’: Museum revels in Rubell collection

By Ellen Fischer | Columnist Anna and Brady Roberts with Mera and Don Rubell. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE
[email protected]

The latest offering atVero Beach Museum of
Art fills three of its exhibition spaces, the Stark
Rotunda and the Holmes and Titelman galler-
ies, with an impressive show the likes of which
has not been seen before in this city.

That is because “Made in Germany: Art
since 1980” was curated by VBMA director
Brady Roberts from the famous Rubell Fam-
ily Collection of Miami. Comprising mainly
paintings – several of them of ambitious size
– photographic print, and four sculptures, the
exhibition is a look at the art of Germany from
just before the fall of the Berlin wall to the first
decade of the present century. Because it is on
view through Jan. 6, 2019, there is no excuse for
not catching this exhibition.

When Roberts was chief curator at the
Milwaukee Museum of Art, he worked with
collectors Don and Mera Rubell to bring a
portion of their 7,500-piece collection to that
institution. The Rubells began collecting art
– specifically, cutting-edge works by emerg-
ing artists – in New York City in the 1960s.
Since 1993 they have shared exhibitions from
their vast holdings with the public in a large
building they own in Miami’s Wynwood busi-
ness district. Next year the couple will move
the collection from its present location to a 2

½-acre property just a few miles away in semester of study in Vi-
Miami’s Allapattah District. enna, Austria. He took
that opportunity to
Vero is not that far from Miami, and travel in Europe,
many of our art-loving residents have visiting Germa-
made the pilgrimage to see the Rubell ny when it was
Collection in situ. After Roberts moved still a divided
here to assume the VBMA’s director-
Furniture • Home Décor • Art • Glass • Jewelry • Gifts & MUCH MORE! ship, the Rubells were not
far from his mind.
Don’t pay new prices when you can have
quality pre-owned items for ½ the price! “When I came here
HUGE Selection - Lowest Prices In Area and saw some holes in
our exhibition sched-
Inventory Changes Daily ule, I called them up,”
he says.
20% OFF FREE We Take
Delivery Consignments With so much to
Any One Item & Buy Estates! choose from in
(Excluding Furniture) Any Purchase Of the Rubell
$500 or More Store is over
VN 1 coupon per purchase per day. 7,500 Sq. Ft. Collection, why
Expires 11/12/18 (1 Hour Limit) specifically Ger-
Mon-Friday 10-5 man art?
10% OFF VN 1 coupon per purchase per day. & Sat 10-4
Expires 11/12/18 In the mid-
Furniture 1980s Roberts, then a
Bachelor of Arts candidate at
VN 1 coupon per purchase per day. the University of Illinois, spent his final
Expires 11/12/18

Voted Best Consignment Store

644 Old Dixie Hwy SW
(Between 4th St. & Oslo)
Blue Heron Plaza, Vero Beach

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE October 19, 2018 B3

state. More than a dozen years later Roberts, bump in the night.” And, although the figure Ryan and Melissa Weaver, Agency Owners
then curator at the Phoenix Art Museum, vis- has the flaccid form of a deflated Michelin Ryan Weaver Insurance, Inc. is a locally owned
ited a reunified Germany in preparation for man, he says this “ghost” refers to the spiri-
that museum’s 2006 exhibition, “Constructing tual nature of art. independent agency that has been serving
New Berlin.” Indian River County for over 12 years.
As in English, “geist” can denote a spooky
It was also in the mid-1980s that the Ru- apparition; it can also refer to the concept of All lines of commercial or personal insurance available.
bells turned their attention to collecting Ger- “spirit” or “essence.” The word got its start as
man art. They began by purchasing pieces a philosophical term the early 19th century OLD DOMINION
from galleries in Cologne and Dusseldorf, and with Hegel’s treatise “Phänomenologie des INSURANCE COMPANY
later added a significant number of works by Geistes” (The Phenomenology of Spirit). The
Leipzig artists to their trove after 1989, the year word eventually found its way into discus- A member of Main Street America Group
the Berlin Wall crumbled. sions of the cultural arts right up to World War
I. After that catastrophe, Germans had little 855 21st Street – CenterState Bank Building
Says Roberts, “The Rubells and I knew a lot time for such ponderings. 2nd Floor – Vero Beach
of the same artists and had a lot of the same in-
terests. I asked them if we could do the ‘Made “Schütte does not say too much about his (772) 567-4930 • [email protected]
in Germany’ exhibition that San Antonio’s Mc- work,” says Roberts, who adds that he thinks
Nay Museum had presented from their collec- the sculpture has “a playful look,” a manifesta-
tion in 2016.” tion, perhaps, of a universal Spirit of Play. Conveniently located just off of Miracle Mile,
across from Classic Car Wash on US-1
After receiving their assent to bring the ex- “At least, that’s how I like to think about it,”
hibition to Vero Beach, Roberts, evidently not he says with a smile.
wanting to offer exactly the same show that
Texas had enjoyed, proposed that “we change Heading into the Holmes Gallery, Roberts
up the checklist a little bit.” notes that “there is a geography and a history
in this show.”
Conceivably amused by Roberts’ “ask for
an inch, take a yard” strategy, the Rubells re- Most of the artworks on display there are
sponded by sending him images of all 500 Ger- the creations of Berlin and Leipzig-based art-
man works in their collection from which to ists, he says.
select the Vero show.
“There are also different generations of
“They are very generous people,” Roberts artists on display. Some of them were chil-
says. dren when the wall came down, and have no
memory of a divided Germany. Others lived
Upon entering the museum, the first their early adulthood in communist Germany,
glimpse of the show is an 8-foot-high bronze which is very much part of their psychological
figural sculpture that glitters like gold in the make up,” says Roberts.
Stark Rotunda. Titled “Grösse Geister (Big
Ghost) #2,” it was created by artist Thomas Time, place and circumstance are the
Schütte, who lives and works in Düsseldorf. factors that make this exhibition a sampler
of German contemporary art from the clos-
Roberts is quick to explain that the sculp- ing years of the 20th century to the first de-
ture’s title does not refer to “things that go

B4 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 In this artist’s work, says Roberts, “the stage 1 At Riverside Theatre starting Tues., Oct. 23.
is set, you have a cast of characters and a
cade of the 21st. dream-like set up.” CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.;
Every artist in the show has a unique take Fridays and Saturdays, 8 p.m.; matinees
Although the characters in Rauch’s paint- You,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “King Creole.” Wednesdays, select Thursdays, Saturdays
on the times. Berliner Anselm Reyle’s untitled ings are busily active, strutting, dueling, read- In the early ’60s they wrote hits for the and Sundays, 2 p.m. Tickets: start at $35.
mixed media on canvas work is an unapolo- ing, knitting or speaking (speech bubbles Drifters, the Coasters, Peggy Lee and oth- 772-231-6990.
getically decorative take on color field paint- appear in some of the paintings), in Rauch’s ers. All in all, over four decades, this pro-
ing (think Gene Davis in reflective acrylic foil). world, all is for naught. lific duo wrote hundreds of songs, includ- 2 All that … jazzzz! Find your red felt
Three huge photo portraits of a dour-faced ing 75 that hit top 10 on the music charts. tip and circle Sunday, Oct. 21, 3 p.m.
Rubell family (Mera, Don and son Jason) by “You see over and over again in Rauch’s And you’ll hear a lot of them in “Smokey The Space Coast Symphony Jazz Orches-
Thomas Ruff are objective: What you see is ex- work that is expression is limited,” says Joe’s Cafe,” including “Hound Dog,” of tra is polishing its brass for a concert at
actly what you see. Roberts. course. Other numbers you’ll be singing Vero Beach High School Performing Arts
along to (hopefully) under your breath: Center. They’re calling this one “jazz at its
Formalist works in the show include five The mystery, and some of the politics, “Jailhouse Rock,” “Stand By Me,” “Yakety finest,” and from what I’m hearing, that’s
architectonic paintings by David Schnell in continues in the Titelman Gallery, where Yak,” “On Broadway,” “Spanish Harlem” et no understatement. To its already jazz-fab-
which the conventions of geometric perspec- almost all the artists were either professors al. Don’t miss this hand-clappin,’ toe-tap- ulous musicians, the orchestra is adding
tive exert a force more powerful than gravity. or students at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. pin’ rock ’n’ roll revue, specially written some of the state’s top jazz artists, for an
There is a nod to art history in Albert Oehler’s Dominating the gallery’s rear wall, the work by Stephen Helper, Jack Viertel and Otis afternoon of music by such icons as Duke
2008 painting “Ice”; an exercise in pop art over- that will drop you in your tracks is an unti- Sallid to showcase and celebrate Leiber Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Count Basie,
laid with abstract expressionism. Homage is tled painting by Anselm Kiefer. Created in and Stoller’s work. BTW, a production is Arturo Sandoval, Miles Davis, George Ger-
paid to German Expressionism of 1920s Berlin 2006, this bleak landscape is composed of currently playing Off-Broadway at Stage shwin and more. Stylings include tradi-
in two paintings by Christoph Ruckhäberle: charcoal, branches, plaster and metal chairs 42 in New York City. Curtain: Tuesdays,
“Big Fan” of 2006 and the compelling “Woman (the latter affixed to what amounts to the
with Pearl Necklace” of 2004. scene’s foreground). Unlike the people-filled
paintings of Rauch, Kiefer aims to get your
And then there are four socio-political attention through the absence of figures. His
works, represented in imposing scale by Neo foreboding landscape might remind you of a
Rauch. He, like Schnell and Ruckhäberle, are vineyard in winter, or a forest of felled trees.
considered members of the Leipzig School, a More ominously, it also brings to mind a no-
contemporary art movement that, beginning man’s land, where row upon row of hastily
is the late 1970s, centered on artists taught or erected posts hold unseen strands of barbed
studied at Leipzig’s Academy of Arts. wire. The six empty chairs that jut from the
bottom of the canvas underscore the pic-
Neo Rauch, a Leipziger by birth, art ture’s theme of apocalyptic absence.
training and, after reunification in 1990, by
choice, is a painter of messages. Rauch grew Near this, four small abstract works –
up under communism in the German Dem- knitted textiles, really, made on an indus-
ocratic Republic (East Germany). Accord- trial machine – by Rosemarie Trockel are a
ing to Roberts, Rauch once remarked that counterpoint to the emotional outpourings
when he was a young man, there was noth- of the likes of Kiefer and Rauch. Also on dis-
ing he wanted more than to escape to the play from this artist is a small, brown-paint-
West. Almost 30 years old when the Berlin ed plaster sculpture, modeled in the shape
wall came down, Rauch subsequently de- of an upturned ape’s head. The pursed lips
cided to stay in Leipzig. That city has since of the beast hold, as though balanced, a
become a center of economic prosperity plaster egg. Titled “Grosse als Form (Size as
and culture in Germany. Form),” the sculpture was created in 1984,
the same year in which Trockel created a
The largest painting by Rauch on display suite of drawings of empathetically ren-
is “Vorführung (Presentation)” of 2006. The dered chimpanzee faces.
nearly 10-foot-tall, 14-foot-wide painting is
notable for its steep top-left-to-lower-right di- In contrasting the unaffected freedom of
agonal composition. In it, an oppressively pink animal expression with the artificial, ordered
sky appears behind a precarious arrangement world of human culture, Trockel has said,
of human figures, a banquet table and a house “Jedes Tier ist eine Künstlerin (Every animal
which appears on the verge of tumbling right is an artist).” 
off the bottom edge of the picture.


1. A Spark of Light 1. Ship of Fools 1. Swing BY KWAME ALEXANDER
4. DogMan: Lord of the Fleas
2. Carnegie's Maid 2. Close Your Eyes, Get
3. Whiskey in a Teacup
Sunday, October 21st at 3 pm 3. Vince Flynn's Red War
presenting 4. The Escape Artist 5. The Fifth Risk

A DOG’S JOURNEY and more!
5. Winter in Paradise
Tor-Forge Books

392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE October 19, 2018 B5

3 Don Soledad Group coming to VBMA Concerts in the Park Oct. 25.

tional New Orleans jazz, of course, as well 4 Lisa Willnow at Foyer Gallery of Art
as Blues, Swing, Ska, Funk, Pan-Caribbean along with others.
Salsa, Boogaloo and Go-go. And check out
some of the selections: “Caravan,” “Dig,”
“It Ain’t Necessarily So,” “April in Paris” and
“Advanced Funk.” (You can hum at least
three of these, right?) Making this terrif-
ic afternoon even cooler: Dancers Joanne
Collins and Kaitlyn Cahalen will perform
alongside the musicians. Time: 3 p.m. Tick-
ets: general admission, $25; 18 and under,
free. 855-252-7276.

3 The romance and allure of Spain will the natural world, particularly of the local
open the Vero Beach Museum of Art birds and flora: Arlene Willnow, Lisa Will-
Concerts in the Park series this coming now, Shelly Stang and Barbara Whitlam;
Thursday, Oct. 25, with the sophisticated, mixed-media sculptor Ruth Feldman; and
soulful music of the Don Soledad Group. nautical artist Paul R. Davis. Nature photog-
A native of San Jose, Calif., Soledad was in- raphy has been a hobby for Fort Pierce res-
spired by flamenco legend Paco de Luca, ident Arlene Willnow since she was 8, and
and developed his unique style and musi- nature continues to be her favorite subject.
cianship in San Francisco and the Napa Val- Award-winning photographer Lisa Will-
ley wineries: describes now, from Tucson, Ariz., loves photograph-
Soledad’s music as “organic rhythms blend- ing “birds and unspoiled nature.” Michigan
ed with modern upbeat jazz, bossa nova and native and award-winning photographer
Spanish classical guitar.” After moving to Stang has traveled extensively through the
the East Coast, Soledad’s classic, romantic U.S., the U.K., the Caribbean, Costa Rica
sound has definitely found a home in Flor- and South Africa, and photographs nature
ida. On his Facebook page, Soledad speaks throughout her travels. After locating to
of his Thursday Museum gig: “Joining my Vero from Ohio in 2011, Whitlam’s interest
trio on stage are two great female artists, in photography as a hobby re-bloomed,
Orlando’s Niki Om on vocals and violin, and and she’s won awards throughout the state
Melbourne artist Jamie Younkin on trumpet since then. Feldman has titled her Mixed
and flugelhorn.” You’ll find the Concerts in Media wall sculptures “Rooted in Memo-
the Park venue is not your typical park. It is, ry.” These works will continue on exhibit
instead, the museum’s wonderful Beckwith through November. Award-winning artist
Sculpture Park. You’ll relax with Soledad’s Davis’ paintings of seascapes and boats are
romantic, soulful music within a “garden” of on exhibit in the Lobby Gallery through the
sculpture, trees and flowers. Along with the end of this month. Hours: Monday through
wonderful music and alluring venue, a full Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to
bar will also be available. Time: 5 p.m. to 7 1 p.m. 772-778-5249. 
p.m. rain or shine. Admission: $12 general,
$10 Museum members. 772-231-0707.

4 A diverse new exhibit of photography
and mixed-media wall sculptures is
now open in the Foyer Gallery of Art at the
Emerson Center. Four photographers with
very different through-the-lens views of

B6 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Artists wing it at Indian River Bird & Nature show

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer Toni Hill – Best of Show. PHOTOS: STEPHANIE LABAFF Carol Hansen – First Place, Photography.
[email protected]
ture through their art.”
The fourth annual Indian River Bird & PIPS is an environmental education or-
Nature Art Show took flight at the Sebas-
tian River Art Club last weekend. The juried ganization formed in 1993 to raise aware-
art show, hosted this year by the Sebastian ness about the Pelican Island National
River Art Club and the Pelican Island Pres- Wildlife Refuge, established in 1903. Its vol-
ervation Society is literally for the birds. unteers conduct environmental education
The show is held in celebration of National workshops and they host the annual Peli-
Wildlife Refuge Week, always the second can Island Wildlife Festival each March at
full week of October.

“This was our biggest show ever with
100 submissions,” said Debbie Avery, event
organizer. “People are drawn to birds be-
cause they are familiar and they’re easy
to interact with. It’s something you can do
anywhere you go.”

The art show featured birds and other
nature-themed artwork, with proceeds
benefiting the art club and PIPS, a non-
profit citizen support organization, sup-
ports and promotes the efforts of the local
Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge,
and the National Wildlife Refuge System
in general, to conserve habitat and wildlife.

“This is the perfect partnership,”
explained Tim Glover, PIPS treasurer.
“PIPS is focused on the environmental
aspect of preserving wildlife and the
Sebastian River Art Club preserves na-

Vicky Lada – First Place, Plein-Air.

Viola Frierson, Stephanie Lovallo and Theresa Prokop.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE October 19, 2018 B7

Alex Melo. David Simpson and Dee Fairbanks-Simpson.

Tim Glover and Debbie Avery. Or just call for an
Sebastian’s Riverview Park, across the wa-
ter from the Pelican Island National Wild-
life Refuge, to celebrate the anniversary of
its establishment. As the nation’s first wild-
life refuge, Pelican Island was the basis for
the development of the National Wildlife
Refuge System, which now numbers more
than 500 in the United States.

The two-day art show began with a Plein
Air paint out Friday, with artists spending
the day immersed in native flora and fauna
at the North Sebastian Conservation Area
adjacent to the SRAC or in Vero Beach at the
Pelican Island Refuge area. Friday evening
guests enjoyed a reception at the art club,
perusing show submissions which cap-
tured the essence of nature in a variety of
mediums. Roseate spoonbills waded in the
shallows, dolphins frolicked in the clear
blue water and osprey soared through the

Toni Hill took Best in Show for her digital
watercolor “Stick Marsh Egret”; Lorrie Goss
received first place for her 3-D sculpture
“Nurturing Family” in hand-sculpted clay;
the Plein Air winner was Vicky Lada for her
“Sebastian Garden” in acrylic, and Carol
Hansen’s photo “Happy Birth Day” of a sea
turtle emerging from its egg received first
place in the photography category.

Saturday’s agenda included a Florida
Scrub Jay walk with Jane Schnee at the
North Sebastian Conservation Area, and
keynote speaker Missi Hatfield discussed
the “Migratory Bird Treaty – 100 Years of
Conservation” during an afternoon gath-
ering at Capt. Hiram’s.

For information about the Pelican Island
Wildlife Refuge and the Pelican Island Pres-
ervation Society, visit For in-
formation about Sebastian River Art Club,
visit 

B8 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

American Icon Brewery: Raise a glass to its popularity

By TIna Rondeau | Columnist
[email protected]

When the American Icon Brewery
opened a year ago in a hulking old build-
ing that had once been Vero’s diesel power
plant, we confess we were a bit apprehen-

Oh, the renovation of the historic build-
ing – which had rotted on the edge of the
Old Downtown for years – was nothing

short of sensational, and
our early experiences

The G.O.A.T.

Trio Sliders. Lobster &
Crab Dip.
with the mi-
c ro-bre wer y ’s Crispy Duck
beers and bar Wings.
food were all
positive. Truffle Pizza.

But was quiet Vero To accompany our dishes with glasses of quite Brewery such a hit. Having a spot like this in
– a place teens used to drinks, we ordered four appe- decent wine ($8), the votes of the rest of us Vero is certainly something to celebrate.
call Zero Beach – large enough tizers: crispy duck wings ($14), lobster and on the beers diverged sharply.
to support such a large trendy space when crab dip ($16), pork potstickers ($11) and I welcome your comments, and encour-
the initial excitement wore off? fried calamari ($13). The expert in our group said his two age you to send feedback to me at tina@
The lobster and crab dip served with favorite beers of the flight of six were the
Well, we are happy to report that a vis- pita was excellent, though the duck wings Brave World Belgian Wit (5 percent), and
it last week – when the American Icon drew high marks as well. the 1926 Hef (named after the year in The reviewer dines anonymously at
Brewery was close to full on an off-sea- Then for main courses, I ordered a trio which Hugh Hefner was born). “I would restaurants at the expense of Vero Beach
son Wednesday night – left us extremely of sliders ($15), my husband went for the recommend the Hef to anyone,” he said. 32963. 
encouraged. The long bar in front of the lamb and beef burger with honey goat
beer taps was packed as our party of four cheese ($15), one of our companions opted One of our companions enjoyed the Hours:
weaved its way to one of only a couple of for the 10-inch Brooklyn hot dog ($11) and American Blonde Ale, a good light beer, Monday - Thursday,
booths still available at 7:30. our other friend decided to try the truffle and my favorite was a light-bodied ale not 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
pizza ($16). included in the flight, a Kolsch. Very nice. Friday 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Server Matthew quickly appeared, I liked my sliders – one Icon burger slid- Saturday 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
and suggested we try the Icon’s six-pack er, one buffalo chicken, one short rib, all Not only does the American Icon offer Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
sampler ($14) – a flight of six hand-craft- on buns branded with the American Icon a beer for every taste, but it has food and
ed beers. He also offered us tastes of the logo – but would have to go along with the music specials for just about everyone as
Icon’s new fall release: Salem’s Rope Red table consensus that the best of these dish- well. A way to sample its diverse offerings
Pumpkin Ale. To each his own, I guess, but es was the pizza. Topped with a would be to drop by this weekend, when
no one at our table asked for a full glass of creamy white the brewery is holding its first anniversary
the pumpkin ale. garlic sauce, celebration.
The six-pack sampler, however, is clear- Maybe it’s the something-for-everyone
ly a great idea. Matthew suggested we try approach that has made the American Icon
the six in reverse order, since the first three
were stronger tasting (hoppier, the beer
expert in our group said) and would likely
mask the nuances in the lighter beers.

Beverages: Beer & Wine

artichoke hearts and truf- Six-Pack Address:
fle oil, it was yummy. Sampler. 1133 19th Place, Vero Beach

Calamari. While one member of our party, not Phone:
much of a beer drinker, accompanied his 772-266-5507

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | WINE October 19, 2018 B9

What does saying a wine has good ‘structure’ mean?

By Dave McIntyre Elsewhere, in a section subtitled “How we A night later, the wine had changed dra- tannins, and structure, to the wines.
The Washington Post taste,” “The Oxford” offers this: “The mouth matically. It smelled like cloves. The tannins I’ll go out on a limb here and disagree with
is capable of making an overall assessment of had receded and allowed the fruit flavors to
The vocabulary of wine can be perplexing, a wine’s texture and structure, while the nose shine, but the wine still had structure, be- “The Oxford Companion to Wine.” Acidity is
if not mystifying. Even wine lovers don’t al- senses what we call its flavor.” cause the acidity remained refreshing. While the essential key to structure in wine. Tannin
ways agree on what a particular word means. the tannins did not announce themselves, is its partner. 
In fact, bitter debates can break out about why So structure isn’t something we taste, but they were still evident on the wine’s finish.
wine tastes bitter. And if we sound silly to each something we feel when we swish a sip of wine
other, imagine what normal people think? around our mouths. When you read a tasting White wines have structure, too. Some-
note describing a wine’s body, you typically times structure is imposed on them, with
To help decipher some of that lingo, I asked see subjective terms that may or may not proj- new oak barrels that impart tannins. But
my Facebook friends (who tend to skew to- ect the wine writer’s self image. A wine can acidity is really the key. The best example
ward the wine trade) for suggestions of words be light, lithe, nimble, even svelte, or brawny, here would be a top-quality German Riesling
or phrases that could bear explanation. muscular, broad. It can also be flabby, flac- where ample acidity balances an impressive
cid, dull, ponderous. Silly as these terms may level of sweetness that would turn any lesser
“Structure is one consumers always ask me sound, they give a clue to the writer’s percep- wine into simple syrup with a kick. And those
about,” said Joe Herrig, a fine wine rep with tion of the wine’s tannin and acidity, its struc- wines age amazingly well.
Georgia Crown Distributing outside Atlanta. ture. And they make for better reading than
“good tannins” or “lacks acidity.” Part of the attraction of skin-fermented
Jon Bjork, a co-owner of Markus Wine in white wines, which I wrote about last week,
Victor, Calif., also suggested structure, or As I wrote this, I sipped a 2016 Cotes du is that even the skins of white grapes impart
“good bones.” Rhone from Alain Jaume, called Haut de
Brun. It’s a red blend of grenache, syrah and
“I had to get into the wine industry and chat cinsault, made by a well-known producer in
with people while tasting before I finally un- Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The flavors are text-
derstood what it meant,” Bjork said. “Before book Rhone: scents of wild herbs, black cher-
that, tour guides would say a wine had good ries and berries, and a meaty, stony character.
structure, but I had no clue what they meant.” Those are the flavors.

Can wine have “structure”? It’s a liquid, It also has good structure: Its tannins – the
after all, not a building. Without a glass, can, elements in the skins, stems and seeds of a
bottle, box or jug to hold it, it will spill on the grape that give the wine a drying character-
ground and be lost forever. In a literal sense, istic on the palate and make your teeth itch as
“structure” doesn’t make sense. (And for that if you’d just eaten spinach – are firm but not
matter, why do we describe a liquid as “dry”? overpowering.
There’s no good explanation.)
But this wine’s structure is not just in the
I’ve probably used “structure” frequently tannins. The acidity keeps everything else in
to describe wines, as a shorthand for its tan- check – it keeps the fruit flavors bright, and it
nin and acidity, two components that give refreshes my palate so that I want another sip.
wine complexity and longevity. I think of it A good wine will always leave you wanting
as wine’s backbone. But this discussion made more.
me doubt myself, so I turned to “The Oxford
Companion to Wine.” The structure – the combination of tannin
and acidity – should also give the wine lon-
“Structure: Tasting term that refers not gevity. The importer, Kysela Pere et Fils, rec-
to any flavor but to the tannins, particularly ommends on its website drinking this wine in
their intensity. It may sometimes incorporate one to four years. As much as I like it now, I’d
acidity.” rather revisit it in four or more years.

Well, OK, so maybe I’m on the right track,
though I certainly would always include acid-
ity. But that’s hardly a definitive explanation.

Fine Dining, Elevated A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant
2013 - 2017
Wine Spectator Award The Best Food In South County!
2002 – 2017
reservations strongly suggested

(772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days 2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL Vero Beach

B10 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

wednesday | steak night early-bird
a la carte specialty steak menu
sunday - thursday
thursday | paella night 5 - 6 pm

selection of paella dishes three courses
$22 per person
mojito monday

$8 flavored mojitos

happy 1/2 off appetizers
hour $4 draft beer
$5 house wine
4 - 6 pm daily $6 house cocktails

sunday brunch

a la carte brunch menu
11:30 am - 3 pm

call 772.410.0100 for more information 

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm BISTRO

AwardWinner -French Cuisine-
enu Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market OKTOBERFEST
October 23rd - October 27th
Fall Special • Offered all night
Prix Fixe $16 Entrees 1/2 OFF Select Wines
$5 Select Glasses of Wine
Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees 3 Course + 1 House White or Red Wine

Hours Tuesday - Saturday 5:30 - 6:00 PM

BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm
1309 19th Place - Downtown Vero Beach, FL
772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •

"see you at the bistro!"

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING October 19, 2018 B11







Live Music and Jazz SECOND FOR 1 PENNY

Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm ••••
Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm ALL U CAN EAT
Thai & Japanese Cuisine Lunch & Dinner Open:
Sushi $2 Off Martini Tuesdays Tues.- Sat. 11:30am - Close TUES - FISH FRY
Closed Sunday and Monday for the Summer THURS - TACOS
Beer, Wine, Sake & Lunch SAT - FRIED SHRIMP
Full Liquor Bar
Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm ••••
Dine in & Take Out

Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 SUNSET DINING 4 – 5:30PM

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center) • Like us on Facebook! BOGO HALF OFF MENU
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available ENTREE OR BASKETS








56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

B12 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

AKOHO is a take-away culinary boutique and dessert shop. We use LBJ Farm fresh
local eggs, locally bought produce and organic milk to create homemade
quiches, soups, bowls and exceptionally delicious desserts and strudels.
Menu is fresh and changes daily. Vegan and Vegetarian choices available.

Meal Planning • Catering • Private Events • Custom Orders

FREE 12oz. Rio Coco French Pressed Co ee with any purchase.
Expires 10/26/18

*OPEN*9T0U9E0SN.-.FURSI 9Haimgh-w5apym1,•SSeAbTa9staiman-3(npemxt•tCoLROoScEkDCSituyn) & Mon

LIKE facebook/akitchenofherown for daily menu 772-571-5880

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES October 19, 2018 B13

Q 10 3 J9854 —
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist K Q 10 9 7 3 2 A6 85
J4 A32 Q 10 9 7 6
Jean Cocteau, a French novelist, playwright, artist and filmmaker who died in 1963, said, 2 J74 K Q 10 9 8
“Mirrors would do well to reflect a little more before sending back images.”
That is subtly clever. At the bridge table, hands with mirror distribution have the same AK762
number of cards in each of the four suits. For declarer, they are usually bad news because J4
there is no way to take a discard or score a ruff until the mirror is broken. K85
In this week’s deal, South had to overcome not only mirror distribution but also a bad
trump break. How did he make four spades after West led the heart king? Dealer: West; Vulnerable: East-West

West almost led his singleton, but rightly decided that since he probably had a natural The Bidding:
trump trick, he did not need to work for a ruff.
When the dummy came down, declarer noticed that the mirror distribution seemed 3 Spades 3 Hearts Pass Pass
to leave him with four unavoidable losers: one heart, one diamond and two clubs. Pass 4 Spades All Pass LEAD:
Then matters got worse. After winning the first trick with dummy’s heart ace, South K Hearts
led the spade jack (tempting East to cover if he had all three missing trumps) and was
unpleasantly surprised to see East throw a club (playing black on black).

Now declarer had only one chance: To find West with 3-7-2-1 distribution. South drew
two rounds of trumps, took his minor-suit winners, then led the heart jack. West won,
cashed the spade queen and, perforce, played a heart. Declarer discarded a diamond
from dummy and a club from hand. Then, on the next heart, he ruffed on the board and
pitched his last club. He crossruffed the last three tricks and lost only two hearts and one
spade. Well envisioned.



.25 Single Includes tax $ .25 Family Includes tax
1331 1757$

9 Hole Facility Weekly Men’s & Ladies
Designed by
Join our Ladies Golf Association
“Joe Lee”
Take lessons from PGA/LPGA
Professional, Kathy Cassese

Island Dunes
Country Club
772.229.08038735 S Ocean Country Club • Jensen Beach
Located on Hutchinson Island, 3 miles south of the Power Plant

B14 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Excessive publicity (4) 2 Freshness and vitality (12)
4 Mess (around) (6) 3 Impose (7)
7 Greek letters, N (3) 4 Religious chant (5)
9 Expert (4) 5 Individual teacher (5)
10 Lawyer (8) 6 White heron (5)
11 Nocturnal bird (3) 8 Reduction in inhabitants (12)
12 Burn slightly (4) 14 Thespian (5)
13 Endurance test (8) 15 Rear part (3)
16 Holding irrational beliefs (13) 17 Not processed (3)
19 Inconvenient (8) 18 Whole number (7)
23 Hard wood (4) 20 Aquatic mammal (5)
24 Sheep (3) 21 Consent (5)
25 Arcane (8) 22 Decompose (5)
26 Method of moving (4)
The Telegraph 27 Feeling of wonder (3)
28 Blood vessel (6)
29 Harangue (4)

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES October 19, 2018 B15

ACROSS 92 Wellsian travel medium sneezing The Washington Post
1 Common Latin abbr. 95 “You said it, brother!” 56 Springsteen’s birthplace
4 Egyptian VIP’s first name 97 Reverberate twice
9 Lamprey 99 “What am ___ do?” 58 Chassis
12 Joyce Carol 100 Old music note 60 JFK’s marital successor
or Warren 101 Skater Sonja 61 Foreign: prefix
17 Greek letter 103 Lower regions 62 Jiggly dessert
18 SUGAR 104 GATOR 64 Like sushi
21 Dozer’s eye action 108 Give ___ whirl 67 The Steelers, e.g.
22 ORANGE 69 Popular cookie
24 RNA sugar 110 BLUEBONNET 70 Cradled
26 ___ trombone 111 Catch (a crook) 74 Fungus with a spacy name
27 Toe total 112 Silver money once used in 76 Atomic energy
28 ___ long way (last) org., once
29 Land a role (in) China 77 Nickel, for one
30 Sudden wallop 113 Author Deighton 78 Eyeball
31 Car ornament site 114 “___ the loneliest number” 79 Don Juan’s dollar
32 Wall, in Alsace 115 “___ you still here?” 80 Jacuzzi relatives
33 Employer of Columbo and 81 “Oh, excuse me!”
DOWN 83 Conk out
Hunter: abbr. 1 Do a human thing 84 No serf, he
34 Holiday meat 2 You 86 Cheat (sheet)
35 Ghost-to-ghost call? 3 PEACH
37 Once more 4 Bank robbery 87 Tristram Shandy author
39 First fall guy? 5 Heraldic border 93 ___ France
6 T-shirt size choices: abbr. (former province)
40 COTTON 7 Foul-smelling 94 BLT spread
45 The ’eftiest Cartwright 8 “___ else fails ...” 95 H ___ Block
46 Huge amount of medicine 9 Oklahoma city 96 Take a wrong route
48 Clothes: slang 10 Kovacs’s Adams 97 Sleigh controls
49 Stuck in ___ 11 Island garland 98 Fencing sword
51 Continue, as a subscription 12 ___ ed Euridice (Gluck 101 Nest, e.g.
52 Ticket receipt 102 Verve
53 Words on an Uncle Sam opera) 103 Twice CCLIII, plus one
13 Blake of Gunsmoke 105 Tic-___-toe
poster 14 President pro ___ 106 Super Bowling league?
57 Baseball honorees, briefly 15 Mysterious things 107 Earth treasure
58 ___ hasty retreat 16 Gateway Arch city 109 Stovepipe sporter
59 White jackets
60 Of an X or Y line 18 Tango minimums BOWL GAMES By Merl Reagle
62 Singer Mitchell 19 Give off
63 Cheerless 20 Concerning
65 “Aw, dat’s a ___ hooey!” 23 Knitter’s material
66 Scheduled anew, 25 LIBERTY
in headlinese 29 Explosion sound
68 “Out of the question!” 30 Jack in Chinatown
70 Wild bunch, ca. 400 A.D. 31 ___ polloi
71 Crazily 34 Holds
72 In ___ (lined up) 35 Famed huffer
73 Really wide shoe size and puffer
75 Actress Patricia 36 Go-aheads
76 Son of 39 Across
77 Sudden taste of winter 38 ROSE
40 Car rescues
80 Sot’s sound 41 Within reach
82 FIESTA 42 Clumsy oaf
85 Tee cry 43 European who gets rich in
86 Honors your invitation
88 The rocks India
89 Type of tickler 44 Latch on to
90 Salamanders 47 Vacate a DC-10
91 Part of ERA: abbr. 50 Lacking definition?
52 Legislator: abbr.
53 “Now ___ me down to sleep”
54 SUN
55 The Fred that Edison filmed

The Telegraph

B16 October 19, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING Street Sebastian hosted by GFWC Sebastian tertainment, K-9 demos and raffles, and 4 p.m. River County Range in Sebastian. Individuals
River Junior Woman’s Club. 772-663-8107 Pawrade of costumed dogs. 772-567-8969 $95; teams of four with golf cart $450, includes
Vero Beach Museum of Art - 150 Years of lunch.
Painting & Sculpture from the Permanent Col- 20 Pull ‘n Play Water Day at Walking Tree 20 Frightening 4K, a costumed race
lection thru Jan. 13; Made in Germany: Con- Brewery to benefit St. Baldrick’s Founda- presented by Run Vero, 6 p.m. from 21 Space Coast Symphony Jazz Orches-
temporary Art from the Rubell Family Collec- tion, Noon to 6 p.m., with dunk tank, water slides South Beach Park & free kid’s run at 6:45 p.m. tra presents Jazz Jam, 3 p.m. at Vero
tion thru Jan. 6. & bounce houses, entertainment & food trucks, fol- followed by post-race festivities. 772-643-7010 Beach High School PAC. 855-252-7276
lowed by 4 p.m. IRC Firefighters Truck Pull. Family day
OCTOBER free; $10 to participate in truck pull. 772-643-2893 20 Free Range Strange at Sebastian In- 23 Orchestral Spooktacular Vero Beach
let State Park Night Sounds concert High School Fall Symphony Orchestra
18 Replogle Family Award Dinner Dance, 20 Cole Coppola Memorial Fishing Pier series, 7 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. Park Concert, 7 p.m. at VBHS PAC. $10 & $15; cos-
6 p.m. at Grand Harbor, with cock- Opening Ceremony, 10 a.m. to noon entry fee. 772-388-2750 tumed children free. 772-564-5537
tails, award presentation, gourmet dinner and at Riverside Park, with 10:30 a.m. ribbon cut-
dancing, to benefit The Arc of Indian River ting hosted by Live Like Cole Foundation. 20 Inaugural Sporting Clay Shoot to ben- 23 to November 11 - Riverside Theatre
County. $125. 772-584-9511 efit Treasure Coast Exchange Club’s presents Smokey Joe’s Café on the
20 Howl-O-Ween Dog Costume Pawrade support of Child Abuse Prevention programs, Stark Stage, a fun-filled night of toe-tapping
at Dogs for Life, 2 to 5 p.m., with en- 8:30 a.m. registration; 9 a.m. shoot at Indian Rock n’ Roll classics. 772-231-6990

19|20 Celebrate National Wild- Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
life Refuge Week, 9 a.m. in October 12, 2018 Edition 1 FOREIGN 1 FLASHPOINT
to Noon at Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge off 5 SICK 2 REVERIE
A-1-A, with tram rides to Joe Michael Overlook 7 ANVIL 3 IDLE
and volunteers along Centennial Trail answer- 8 THORAX 4 NUTMEG
ing questions. 772-581-5557 10 HARK 5 SNOWDROP
19|20 Riverside Theatre Com- 13 OCELOT 9 GAMEKEEPER
edy Zone’s Oktoberfest 14 GOATEE 12 MONOPOLY
Nights, 7:30 p.m. & 9:30 p.m., with Live on the 17 NOTIONAL 15 TOOMUCH
Loop free entertainment at 6:30 p.m. 772-231- 19 CONE 16 BANGUP
6990 21 SOLONG 18 TOOTH

19-31 Terror on Main Street Sudoku Page B14 Sudoku Page B15 Crossword Page B14 Crossword Page B15 (WHITE OPEN SPACES)
Haunted House, Oct. 19 &
20, Oct. 25 to 27, and Oct. 29 to 31, 1036 Main



PERSONAL INJURY Certified Pedorthic Services

Protect Your Rights-No Recovery No Fee We also have a large variety
Free Consultations of comfort footwear including:

Concierge Legal Services – We make house calls Spira  Vionic  Revere
Real Estate Closings-Title Insurance
Wills-Probate-Business Law 953 Old Dixie Hwy,
Suite 9B
(772) 589 5500
TBheefohrireinygouofdaeclaiadwneyd,eear xsispkeaurniseintmocpepo.rrCotavliinedtnedt eyreocsiuspiwoonnitshtihbfalreteesfohwrorucioltdtsetnnooiftnsbfoueritmbaaatstiesodentstaloeblmeolueytnoto.nuradqvuearltiifsiceamtieonntss.

Our directory gives small business people eager to PAUL’S GUNS
provide services to the community an opportunity WE BUY GUNS
to make themselves known to our readers at an If you have an estate, or collection of antique or
affordable cost. This is the only business directory modern guns for sale - no collection is too large or
mailed each week during season. If you would like too small. Contact us and we will make an offer.

your business to appear in our directory, GET YOUR CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT
please call 772-633-0753.


772-581-0640 9090 N. US HWY 1 Sebastian, FL

M - F 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am-2pm • Closed Sun.

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