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06/09/2017 ISSUE 23


June 9, 2017 | Volume 4, Issue 23 Newsstand Price: $1.00



Simpson’s convicted FPL purchase
killer to be held here of Vero Electric
pending a new trial hits roadblock

By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer Summer storm clouds form over Grand Harbor By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
[email protected] [email protected]
By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer rocal agreements with other area failure to follow through on other
The Fourth District Court of [email protected] clubs and halted golf course im- community improvements. Orlando Utilities Commission’s
Appeals has finalized its rul- provements without consulting slogan is “The Reliable One” and
ing overturning the conviction Grand Harbor residents are up club members. They are also con- Grand Harbor is one of the larg- the utility seems intent on once
of Henry Lee Jones for the No- in arms after the club’s develop- cerned about the loss of key club est and most popular country club again demonstrating that it can
vember 2011 murder of Central ment company and managers employees and the developer’s communities on the mainland reliably thwart Vero’s every effort
Beach husband and father of canceled popular summer recip- to get out of the electric business
two Brian Simpson. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 – this time landing the city in yet
another sticky legal dispute.
Jones, 28, had been serving a
life sentence, most recently in a In May 2014, three years into
state prison in Calhoun County complex sale negotiations to sell
near Tallahassee. As of Monday, Vero electric to Florida Power &
Jones was being returned to In- Light, Orlando Utilities surpris-
dian River County, where he was ingly objected to the plan for it
to be held in the local jail until a to take over Vero’s stake in three
new trial. power generation projects in ex-
change for $34 million, belatedly
He is scheduled for a court saying its lawyers had decided
appearance on July 6, but Pub- the deal would violate OUC’s cov-
lic Defender Diamond Litty said enants with its bondholders.
her attorneys will not be pre-
pared to go to trial at that time. Now, nearly a month after FPL
presented a $185 million offer to
“I think we will be asking for a Vero, which included $20 million
continuance,” Litty said, adding to pay off OUC for letting Vero
that her office had made both the exit its wholesale power contract,
court and prosecutors aware of it suddenly comes out that OUC
the intention to seek more time.
The appeals court reversed



NEWS 1-12 PETS 18 By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
DINING B6 [email protected]
CALENDAR B15 While tapes of 911 calls revealed police received
REAL ESTATE 19 conflicting eyewitness reports about who shot 31-year-
B1 old bar owner Stephan Capak outside the The Grove
ARTS in the wee hours of March 31, a 32963 review of radio
transmissions shows that Vero police compounded the
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 confusion in the hours after the shooting by conflating
For circulation or where to pick up the suspects.
your issue call: 772-226-7925
The two conflicting eyewitness accounts were (1)
that a black male with short-cropped hair shot Capak
and sped away in a gray or black Honda, or (2) that


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2 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

‘Barcode lady’s house’ to be sold in new auction

By Steven M. Thomas | Staff Writer Aerial view of Palazzo Di Mare, commonly known by barrier island residents as “the barcode lady’s house.” packaged into something called the China
[email protected] Portfolio, a dozen properties that are be-
“The Nicholson estate is one of the Concierge project manager Katie Law- ing specially marketed during June in ho-
After more than 10 years on and off largest properties we have ever sold,” says less arrived in town this week to coordi- tel ballroom events in Hong Kong, Shang-
the market at prices ranging as high as French, who’s also managing director of nate a worldwide marketing campaign to hai, Beijing and Guangzhou (formerly
$33 million, the grand south island estate the private client group at Concierge. “It promote the June 28 auctions that will be Canton).
commonly referred to as “the barcode la- extends from the ocean to the river, with similar to the efforts she led prior to the
dy’s house” will finally be sold at the end of 205 feet of frontage on both and a boat two $10 million-plus sales earlier this year. “Roughly 8 percent of Concierge sales
month in an absolute, no-reserve auction. dock on the river. It’s one of only two have been to foreign buyers and a num-
ocean-to-river properties in the estate According to French and Laura Brady, ber of wealthy Chinese are looking to put
Concierge Auctions, which has success- section.” founder and president of Concierge Auc- their money in U.S. dollar assets,” says
fully auctioned off eight homes in Vero tions, the for-sale Vero estates have been French. “Generally speaking some of the
in the past several years, including two Chinese buyers are less price sensitive”
this year that sold for more than $10 mil- than domestic buyers – which could be a
lion each, will sell the 23,000-square-foot good thing for the sellers in the upcoming
house at 2150 S. A1A on June 28. auctions.

A new wrinkle in the marketing is a spe- Palazzo Di Mare is owned by Sharon
cial focus on attracting the participation Nicholson, widow of William Nicholson,
of Chinese buyers in the auction. co-founder of Retail Grocery Inventory
Service, now called RGIS, a leading inven-
That same day, Concierge will auction tory control company.
off a second, more modest home at 1880
S. A1A. Sharon Nicholson bought the 4.84-acre
tract where house is located, adjoining the
The larger home, which is also known northern edge of Round Island Park, in
as Palazzo Di Mare or simply the Nichol- 1994. She spent seven years building and
son estate, is currently listed on the MLS decorating her ornate mansion, which has
for $20 million, while the house and long approximately 23,000 square feet of living
narrow strip of land at 1880 S. A1A are now space under air and some 28,000 under
offered for $4,995,000. roof.

Both homes are listed by the O’Dare, According to a 2013 Wall Street Journal
Boga & French team at Premier Estate article, the house supposedly was inspired
Properties – Cindy O’Dare, Richard Boga
and Clark French.



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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS June 9, 2017 3

by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Where else in Florida can you get a house NEW SIMPSON TRIAL Chief Deputy State Attorney Tom
Gatsby,” in which several luxurious water- like this on five acres, beach to bay with a Bakkedahl could not be reached Mon-
front homes on Long Island are described. dock, for $12.9 million? If this house was CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 day for comment, but when the con-
in Naples it would be worth between $60 viction was reversed in April, he said
“The home has 32-foot-tall ceilings, a and $80 million. I am amazed something Jones’ 2014 conviction, saying the tri- the state is ready to go trial immedi-
stained-glass bar, a soundproofed movie like this is available for this price.” al court erred in not permitting Jones’ ately and that he deeply regretted the
theater and a 14-car garage. There’s also a defense attorney to tell potential ju- prospect of widow Kristen Simpson
solarium, a sky deck, a guesthouse, two el- Offered at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 30, rors that Simpson, the 41-year-old and her family having to endure an-
evators and a swimming pool with 14-car- 2016, the house reportedly attracted few murder victim, was white, or to ques- other trial.
at gold inlays. The house is fronted by 205 bidders and did not sell, but French says tion jurors about their attitudes about
feet of private beach,” the article said. that outcome does not bode ill for the up- interracial violence to ferret out any Bakkedahl had also said he doesn’t
coming sale. bias or prejudice. anticipate any issues with the key
Real estate agent William P.D. Pierce of testimony of Darius Robinson, who
Coldwell Banker Resi- “Ours is a no-reserve auction, which The Attorney General’s Office ar- took a plea deal of 10 years in prison
dential Real Estate’s Mi- makes a big difference in attracting buy- gued during the appeal that Judge for burglary and assault and testified
ami Beach office, who ers,” he says, adding that, in his opinion, Robert Pegg did not in fact prohibit against Jones in the first trial.
had the home listed for last year’s auction failed because of in- the defense from pursuing that line
$19,900,000 when the sufficient marketing and because DeCaro of questioning, but that after he shut Robinson told the jury he was with
Journal article was pub- failed to engage the local brokerage com- the questioning down and scolded the Jones at the Simpson home on Fid-
lished, said the house munity. defense attorney Dorothy Naumann dlewood Road when Simpson came
would be worth more for injecting race into the case, she did home amidst the robbery, fought back,
than $100 million if it The other home slated for auction not choose to revisit the questions on cornering Jones in the bathroom and
was on the ocean in Mi- on June 28 sits on a 65-foot by 750-foot, interracial violence. was fatally shot through the bathroom
ami. 1.12-acre lot that extends from A1A to the door.
ocean. The three-judge appeals panel re-
Palazzo Di Mare has jected that reasoning, and also reject- Bakkedahl said Robinson, a juvenile
loomed large on the Vero According to county property records, ed a motion for rehearing. On May 31 at the time of the crimes, has always
Beach real estate scene Simon and Bronia Jenkins bought the in response to the mandate, Jones’ case been very cooperative and that any-
since it was built – liter- property for $1,385,000 in 2002. It is now status in the 19th Circuit was officially thing but his continued cooperation
ally and figuratively. Un- listed for $4,995,000, but will be offered changed from closed to reopened. would violate the terms of his plea
til the recent completion without a reserve price, same as Palazzo agreement.
of a 44,000-square-foot home nearby, it Di Mare. An order was sent to the Florida De-
was one of the two biggest homes in the partment of Corrections to send Jones Since the November 2014 convic-
32963 area – rivaling in size the Wacken- “It is a beautiful property with main back to Indian River County where he tion, judges have been reassigned to
hut castle in Indian River Shores. house and recently built guest house, can have access to his legal counsel to different types of cases, so the new tri-
both in a style I would call coastal chic,” prepare for a new trial. al will be before Circuit Judge Cynthia
Sharon Nicholson first offered the es- says French. “There is an indoor pool Cox. 
tate for sale in 2007, listing it for auction and an outdoor pool and, I think, seven
with a starting bid of $33.5 million. She bedrooms total. It is a great family com-
withdrew the house shortly before the pound, and the current list price of five
auction, which never took place. million is the lowest price point in the Es-
tate Section.” 
The following year, she listed the
house with the South Florida office of the
Corcoran Group for $24,900,000.

That listing was withdrawn in 2009 and
since then the house has been listed and
delisted multiple times, with three differ-
ent brokerages, at prices that gradually
declined from $24.9 million to $17.5 mil-

Last April, Naples-based DeCaro Luxury
Auctions attempted to auction the house
off, setting a reserve price of $12.9 million,
but company owner Daniel DeCaro said
prior to the auction date that “interest is
not what we would have expected.”

DeCaro said he was puzzled by the lack
of interest. “It is a magnificent property.

4 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

GROVE BAR SHOOTING A few minutes later, the man’s last name corded line: “Looks like we’ve got the sus- ed, the trauma center was instructed to go
and date of birth were added to the alert, pect.” on lock-down.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 along with his last known address and the
detail that his driver license was invalid. Then at 2:34 a.m. another BOLO was put When the Sheriff’s Office called Vero to
another black male with dreadlocks who out to officers, identifying the suspect as ask, “That blue Chevy, is that at The Grove?”
arrived at the bar a half-hour before closing Meanwhile, the man with the dreadlocks “Black male, 5’10” tall, short hair with light and “Do we have anything else on the Hon-
time in a dark-colored Chevy SUV was the had actually gone back into the bar to “blend beard, last seen wearing a teal shirt and tan da?” Vero replied that they had no tag num-
shooter. But police dispatch communica- in with the crowd,” according to a 911 call- shorts, (who) fled in a black or dark gray ber on the Honda and, “If that was on scene
tion records received in response to a public er. And the police report says officers made 2005-2008 Honda Accord that is missing there, it definitely fled the scene, it’s not
records request from the Indian River Coun- contact with the man with dreadlocks at the the front bumper completely.” The man there any longer. The blue Chevy is still on
ty Sheriff’s Office show that a BOLO (be on bar. with the dreadlocks named in the police re- scene there, registered to one of the shoot-
the lookout) notice was sent out at 1:58 a.m. port, according to numerous Sheriff’s Office ers.”
that included the first name of the man with This means he was still on the scene when booking records, stands 6-feet, 1-inch tall.
the dreadlocks, and said he was in the Hon- police had a BOLO out for him, supposedly There was also confusion over how many
da, which witnesses said was apparently driving the other suspect’s car. A Vero police As the confused search was taking place, people were shot. Police dispatch records
missing a bumper. dispatcher told the Sheriff’s Office her offi- the victim was taken by ambulance to Lawn- show initial reports were that two people
cers had made contact with the man with wood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce were down and ambulances from two sta-
the dreadlocks at 2:13 a.m., saying on a re- where, since the shooter had not been locat- tions were called in, but they found only Ca-
pak lying on the pavement in the middle of
14th Avenue.

The third, and probably the most trou-
bling thing these records seem to point to
is that Vero police did not take advantage of
available help from the Sherriff’s office in the
hours after the shooting.

Sheriff’s Office deputies were only asked
to “monitor Vero channels” on the radio
to help look for the Honda Accord and the
suspect, and they were told at 1:57 a.m. that
“the scene is secure at The Grove.”

There’s no clear indication that Vero – a
department which would have had a maxi-
mum of six patrol officers on duty at 2 a.m.
on a Saturday morning before detectives
were called in – requested Sheriff’s deputies
to help establish a perimeter around the
shooting scene, or to make sure no one left
the area before those present could be ruled
out as suspects.

Five of the seven Sheriff’s Office units
available to assist were “cleared” from the
call at 2:27 a.m., even though, with all the
confusion and conflicting reports, there is
no possibility that everyone on scene could
have been interviewed and cleared as sus-
pects only 34 minutes after the first Vero
police officer arrived on scene. It wasn’t
until just before 3 a.m. that Sheriff’s Depu-
ties found a black Honda Accord one with
the bumper off, matching the description
provided by witnesses at the scene. They se-
cured the vehicle until a Vero detective could
make it out to the scene at 3:54 a.m.

But more than two months after the
crime, which left Capak critically wounded
in the hospital during the week he was sup-
posed to be married, the Vero Beach Police
Department hasn’t made an arrest and has
been reluctant to provide any details about
the progress of the investigation.

No sketch or physical description of the
shooter has been put out to the public for
help, and police won’t comment on the
black Honda or whether either of the two
men said to be the shooter on the 911 calls
are actually suspects.

Police Chief David Currey said last month
that detectives had recently gone back and
interviewed all the witnesses from the scene
again; two weeks ago, Capt. Kevin Martin
would only say on the record that detectives
are “waiting for information to come back.”

Police also won’t comment on the record
about a burner cell phone found at the scene
rumored to be in evidence. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS June 9, 2017 7

GRAND HARBOR Grand Harbor member Bruce McCashin McCashin said he has written emails to added, “and it made them more vocal about
said he was so frustrated by the elimination the club’s management but hadn’t received the other things.”
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 of the reciprocal agreements that he has a response.
discussed the matter with an attorney. Those “other things” include the staff
and has long been seen as a jewel in Vero’s “They do this with no warning, no dis- turnover that has seen the departures of
residential development crown, but now “The reciprocals are why I joined,” said cussion with the members,” McCashin said. longtime tennis director Christophe Dela-
members say things are going downhill. McCashin, a Central Beach resident who “Then when you question it, you get no vaut, golf-club personnel and chefs.
owns a condominium at Grand Harbor and phone call, no email, nothing. They just ig-
The presidents of Grand Harbor’s four has a social membership there. “They’re nore you. Nobody knows what’s going on.” Several Grand Harbor members inter-
golf associations, which represent nearly a nice perk for the members, and they get viewed – some spoke only under the con-
550 active golf members, wrote a May 25 let- used. “That was the tipping point,” said John dition of anonymity – said the changes
ter to the developer to express “dismay and Gammino, a Grand Harbor resident and have diminished the quality of the club
disappointment” over the decision to cease “Apparently, Grand Harbor isn’t benefit- member since 1999. “I think we would’ve and threaten its reputation, despite recent
Harbor Course improvements and suspend ting because more of our members are eat- worked through the other issues, but taking increases in annual dues and food mini-
plans to expand the adjacent practice facil- ing at other clubs than members of other away the reciprocals threw people over the mums.
ity. clubs are eating at Grand Harbor,” he add- edge – because we had no input in the de-
ed. “But whose fault is that? We had a great cision. Club manager Frandsen did not respond
“Having terminated the Harbor Course chef, and now he’s gone.” to two voice-mail messages left at his office.
projects in such an abrupt manner amid “That’s what got people concerned,” he
other recent developments of great concern CONTINUED ON PAGE 9
to members has only served to suggest that
the developer is uncaring, unreliable and
unresponsive to the concerns of members
who already have invested considerable re-
sources in Grand Harbor,” the letter reads.

“Members, who have relied in good faith
on the developer to make good on represen-
tations made, reasonably could conclude
that the developer may be unable financial-
ly to maintain and improve Grand Harbor
facilities, or that the developer is simply
unwilling to invest anything further in this

The letter was sent to Joseph Colasuonno,
president of Massachussetts-based Baywa-
ter Development LLC, and copied to Jason
Frandsen, Grand Harbor’s general manager,
less than a month after members were in-
formed via email that the golf-course proj-
ects were put on hold “until further notice.”

The April 28 email from BrightView,
the management company that took over
Grand Harbor’s operations last month, of-
fered no information as to when, or if, the
projects would resume.

“Our members regard the withdrawal on
the Harbor Course improvement as only the
latest in a long line of unfulfilled promises
for much needed improvements,” the letter

“In the past, we have been apprised of
plans for a new fitness center, a casual bar
and grill, major improvements to the beach
club and expansion of the main clubhouse.
At one time or another, the developer’s rep-
resentatives have mentioned these projects
informally but none have ever been fund-

The letter also claims the irrigation sys-
tems on both courses are “failing and in dire
need of replacement.”

Of equal or even greater concern to many
club members is the decision by the club’s
management to eliminate the wildly pop-
ular summer-reciprocal agreements with
Riomar, The Moorings, Orchid Island, Bent
Pine, Vero Beach Country Club and Indian
River Club that allowed members to dine
at those clubs and use their facilities freely,
playing golf and tennis, enjoying swimming
pools, beaches and marinas.

The agreements were abruptly discontin-
ued May 1, again without consulting mem-
bers who expected to enjoy the use of other
clubs this summer.

8 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY Dick Winger substitutes his opinion for city code

By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer dunk approval of a site plan that both Dick Winger “Why?” he asked sharply.
[email protected] City Attorney Wayne Coment and Plan- “Because,” McGarry replied, “you can’t
ning Director Tim McGarry said met all council members would be wrong to re- hold them [up] retroactively like that.”
The most troublesome aspect of the requirements of the city code, Winger ject the Planning and Zoning Board-ap- Again, Winger asked, “Why?”
Vero Beach City Council’s 4-1 vote last openly challenged the wisdom of obeying proved site plan, solely because they don’t “You’re talking about raising the bar
week affirming approval of plans for a laws he disagrees with. agree with parts of code, believe the code when you feel like it,” McGarry said, ap-
new restaurant to be built on Ocean Drive is outdated and intend to explore amend- pearing to be at least slightly irritated by
wasn’t the project’s potential impact on At one point, in fact, Winger cited past ing it. Winger’s failure to understand the legal
an already-challenging parking shortage flaws in the U.S. Constitution to bolster limits of the council’s authority. “It does
in the Central Beach business district. his rejection of the city’s ordinances per- Winger still wasn’t satisfied. not work that way, sir.”
taining to the site plan for the proposed McGarry, who conceded that the code
It was the man who voted “No” – and restaurant. probably needs to be re-examined and
the disturbing remarks he made through- updated, later added: “You can’t hold
out the quasi-judicial hearing last “I only know of 10 laws – the Ten Com- them hostage because we have a problem
Wednesday at City Hall. mandments – that are really right,” Wing- with our ordinance.”
er said in response to McGarry, who told Winger, however, seems to believe the
Dick Winger, the Council’s most vocal him the council couldn’t justify denying council should be empowered to do ex-
critic of the project, somehow managed an already-approved project that adhered actly that – disregard laws currently on
to include in his sometimes-bizarre ques- to the city code. the books until new ones are enacted,
tions and often-rambling arguments ref- then enforce the new laws retroactively.
erences to the Ten Commandments, slav- “I’ll give you the Constitution of the That worried Bruce Barkett, the lo-
ery, women’s suffrage, a two-hour motel, United States, for what it’s worth,” he con- cal attorney representing the Miami-ar-
illegal immigrants and lifeboats on the tinued, holding up a copy of the founding ea investment firm that plans to build
Titanic. document. “This allowed slavery until the restaurant on Ocean Drive, north of
January 1865. It didn’t allow women to Beachland Boulevard, across the street
At times, his contributions to the con- vote until 1920. And you had to own land from Bobby’s Restaurant & Lounge.
versation provided the lengthy session (to vote). “That’s scary to me,” he told Winger,
with some much-needed entertainment. “because we’re a nation of laws, and the
“You’re saying to me that we have a rule of law controls.”
There were other times, though, when code; I’m saying the code is no good,” he Barkett then recited the law pertaining
Winger’s words were cause for serious added. “And if you’re saying, therefore, we
concern – because they expressed a dan- have to act on a bad code, I don’t believe
gerous, wrongheaded sentiment. that. I really don’t.”

On multiple occasions during the So McGarry repeated his assertion that
meeting, which should’ve been a slam-




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GS Coupe. Great On Gas. 4DR Touring Edition Leather. GS Coupe. 75,805 miles. FE Sedan. Excellent Family Car. SYNC System, Back Up Camera

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*plus tax, tag, title, destination, and $289 Dealer fee. Price includes all factory rebates, cash back, and dealer discounts. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Not responsible for typographical errors. Offers Expire 6/30/17.

12 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Haul in good fun at Take a Kid Fishing tourney

By Mary Schenkel | Staff Writer and youth-oriented nonprofits, inviting angel fish; I hardly saw any last year,” said Having fun at the Take a Kid Fishing Tournament,
[email protected] children ages 5-12 and their families to at- Wolfe. “The other thing that is nice is it’s clockwise from far left: Colton with a pinfish; Blake
tend the free event. To top it all off, immedi- something fun for parents to do with their Miner with daughter Reagan; Nathaniel with his
The excitement level was high at the 27th ately after the morning of fishing, everyone kids.” catch of two angelfish; Luke and Hannah.
annual Take a Kid Fishing Tournament pre- was treated to a cookout of burgers and hot
sented by the Kiwanis Club of Vero-Treasure dogs. “I caught a puffer fish – my second fish!” PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE
Coast, even though the number of children exclaimed 6-year-old Joseph, fishing by
attending was less than years past due to “They’re getting a lot of mangrove snap- himself for the first time. “My other fish was
forecasted rain. But instead, a lovely breeze per and pin fish, but we’ve also got a lot of a 9 1/2-inch mangrove snapper.”
and the shade of the Barber Bridge over-
head kept things cool Saturday morning, Easily as many girls as boys joined in on
as roughly 100 young anglers lined the fish- the fun, including 9-year-old Kirra, who
ing catwalk, peering over the railings and caught two stingrays, and 7-year-old Aileen,
shrieking with delight as they hoisted their all smiles after catching a 12-inch drum fish.
“This was the first time I ever caught a
“The best part is watching the kids when fish!” squealed Makaila, newly turned 7,
they catch something; they get so excited,” excitedly jumping up and down as she de-
said event chair Jim Wolfe. “The other thing scribed the struggle to reel in her 3 1/2-inch
is it’s always good when an organization ww. “I felt a tug and it was like really fighting;
gets all its members working together to do it was very hard.”
good things for kids.”
Prizes were awarded for the most and the
Having hosted the event for almost three biggest fish caught, with plaques for the ug-
decades, Kiwanis volunteers have it down liest fish, but the real prize will be the fish
to a science; lending out rods they’ve pur- tales they can now tell their friends. The
chased over the years, untangling lines, cut- Kiwanis Club provides volunteer and finan-
ting up pounds of bait shrimp, tying bags cial support to numerous local nonprofit
of chum to entice the fish, measuring and organizations throughout the year and also
marking catches, and removing hooks from provides college scholarships to high school
the wriggling creatures before tossing them seniors. 
back – frequently to be caught again.

Invitational flyers were sent to schools



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14 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Enough puff? Inhalers often don’t deliver proper dose

By Maria Canfield | Correspondent and chronic obstructive pulmonary Dr. Hermes Velasquez. types of medication.
[email protected] disease (COPD). Ashutosh Sabharwal, For patients who have serious trou-
professor of electrical and computer PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE
New studies out of Rice University and engineering at Rice and co-author of ble with air flow – unable to take deep
Baylor College of Medicine have identi- the studies, says, “While inhalers are hold their breath for 10 seconds to allow breaths – Dr. Velasquez says doctors will
fied errors that cause many people who the most efficient delivery mechanism for the maximum “uptake” of medicine sometimes prescribe the use of a nebu-
use metered-dose inhalers to get far less for many patients, these devices re- into the lungs. lizer, which delivers medication in the
medicine than they should. quire deft maneuvers on the part of form of a mist inhaled into the lungs.
patients. The common errors are well- Dr. Velasquez says that it’s important
The studies concluded that errors known, but fixing them continues to that the patient’s healthcare team take Dr. Velasquez encourages those peo-
occur frequently because the be a challenge.” the time to educate on proper use. Even ple who receive medication through an
proper use of an in- with that, he says, the directions for the inhaler to speak with the doctor or an-
haler is not as easy A graduate student at Rice spent six puffer type of inhaler are “easy to ex-
as it might seem; it years gathering evidence for the stud- plain, but hard to follow.” other member of their health
requires precision, care team about their op-
timing and coordi- ies, measuring how patients use in- The good news is that there are oth- tions, taking into ac-
nation. The problem halers, exploring the mathematics er, more patient-friendly types of in- count their personal
is that even small user of their inhalation patterns, and halers available; the options preferences and any
errors can significant- can be especially helpful cost implications.
ly reduce the amount even creating an experimental set- for people with dexterity
of medicine that reaches up to mimic human in- issues or those who have Dr. Velasquez has
the lungs. Many inhaler haler use. For the first trouble drawing a deep offices at 3450 11th
users get only about half time, errors in use breath. Court, Suite 203 in
as much medicine as they and the impact on Vero Beach and 801
should from each puff. the amount of medi- One such device is Wellness Way, Suite
cine delivered to the called an Ellipta; it 109 in Sebastian.
Hermes Velasquez, M.D., is lungs were objective- has a mouthpiece that The phone number
affiliated with the Indian Riv- ly measured. patients simply put in for both locations is
er Medical Center and is board their mouth, closing 772-794-5800. 
certified in sleep medicine, pulmonary The study, which was fund- their lips to form a good
medicine and critical care. He says there ed in part by the National Institutes of seal. As with the classic
have been a number of studies about in- Health, also provided practical tips for puffer inhaler, it can be
halers and their difficulty of use. the proper use of inhalers (Vero’s Dr. used with several different
Velasquez points out that these tips
“It is a well-known issue, and impacts pertain to the classic puffer type of in-
patients of all ages,” Dr. Velasquez says. haler):
The type of inhaler referenced in these
studies is the classic type, called a puff- • Inhalers should be shaken for
er. Dr. Velasquez says it’s the most diffi- a few seconds before each use. The re-
cult to use, as it involves a complex series searchers said patients often forget to
of almost-simultaneous steps. shake the device or don’t shake it long
enough, particularly when they take a
The study results were published in second puff.
the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pul-
monary Drug Delivery. The researchers • The angle at which the inhal-
say they hope the medical communi- er is held is critical. Slight deviations
ty will examine the study and consider can result in much of the medicine
further research to evaluate and update striking and sticking to the tongue or
recommended guidelines for inhaler mouth, rather than reaching the lungs.
use, and set up educational strategies for
their patients. • Patients must draw a breath
when they activate the inhaler. The tim-
Tens of millions of Americans use in- ing, duration and force of this inhalation
halers every day as a drug delivery sys- are critical – it’s critical to start breath-
tem for lung conditions such as asthma ing just before or at the exact time the
inhaler is activated. And patients should

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16 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH


By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer between two and three years before properly treat this dangerous are often not diagnosed un-
[email protected] patients [are] correctly diagnosed. The disease. til their symptoms are se-
scary part of this is that the more the di- vere, they may only have
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension agnosis is delayed, the worse the progno- Instead of a typical 15-to-20- a few years to live unless
(PAH) is a disease that has befuddled sis is.” minute office visit, Maldonado they get proper treatment.
doctors for decades. says, the clinic allows him to
That’s partly why this studious pul- dedicate 30 to 45 minutes to each Fortunately, advances
Not many Americans know what it is, monologist turns almost giddy when he patient and, as he puts it, “to re- in therapies
but according to Indian River Medical talks about the hospital’s new pulmo- ally establish a relation- have led
Center’s pulmonology and critical care nary hypertension clinic.
specialist Dr. Diego Maldonado, PAH is a
breath-stealing, life-threatening condi- The clinic, held every Wednesday, al-
tion that is very often misdiagnosed. lows Maldonado and his colleagues the
most precious commodity in medicine.
“What the statistics show,” Maldona- Time – time to carefully diagnose and
do states authoritatively, “is that it takes

Dr. Diego Maldonado. PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE

ship with those patients.” to impressive improvements for patients
It’s probably fair to ask why – in this age with pulmonary arterial hypertension.”

of CT scans, echocardiograms, ventilation Those advanced therapies, accord-
perfusion scans and pulmonary function ing to Maldonado, include up to 15 new
tests – PAH is so difficult to diagnose. – albeit very expensive – drugs, includ-
ing “pulmonary vasodilators” which
The short answer – and it’s not that he claims are delivering impressive re-
short – according to Maldonado, is be- sults. “The survival rate has changed
cause PAH can easily be mistaken for so much,” Maldonado says, “that we’ve
other lung diseases such as pulmonary been able to change the morbidity rate.”
venous hypertension, pulmonary hyper-
tension secondary to chronic hypoxia Just how expensive are these new
and chronic thromboembolic disease. drugs? According to Maldonado, “You
easily can be spending between $20,000
Also, in many cases, there is another to $30,000 per month in treatment,”
condition that’s causing the problem, though Medicare and insurances can
Maldonado explains. “Any of these ill- cushion or eliminate the bulk of that
nesses can lead to high blood pressure burden.
in your lungs: congestive heart failure,
blood clots in the lungs, HIV, liver dis- Additionally, Maldonado says he
eases such as cirrhosis of the liver, Lu- “pretty much becomes the primary doc-
pus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis tor of these patients. I tell them, ‘don’t
and other autoimmune diseases; a heart change any of [these] drugs unless you
defect you’re born with or lung diseases go through me,’ because these drugs are
such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis very potent and expensive and these pa-
or pulmonary fibrosis.” tients are often very delicate.”

That explains why the diagnosis can Symptoms of PAH, according to the
be so incredibly difficult. There’s a great Mayo Clinic, may include shortness of
deal to look at – and hopefully eliminate breath when active that gets worse over
– but all that takes time. time, chest pains, general fatigue, dizzi-
ness or fainting spells, a racing pulse or
In a nutshell, having PAH means that heart palpitations, and even a seemingly
you have high blood pressure in the ar- innocuous swelling in the ankles and legs.
teries that go from your heart to your
lungs. But this particular form of high The good news? PAH itself is a rare dis-
blood pressure will not show up in the ease. According to the Lung Foundation,
routine blood pressure readings your fewer than 50 in every 1 million people
doctor performs using the traditional are likely to develop it.
cuff or sphygmomanometer.
Still, here in Vero Beach, Maldona-
As WebMD explains, “The tiny ar- do says the new clinic is already seeing
teries in your lungs become narrow or over 100 patients so he advises people
blocked. It’s harder for blood to flow with the symptoms above to speak with
through them and that raises the blood their primary care physicians. If PAH
pressure in your lungs. Your heart has treatment is needed, help is now avail-
to work harder to pump blood through able here.
those arteries and after a while the heart
muscle gets weak,” and that can lead to Dr. Diego Maldonado is with the Indian
catastrophic heart failure.” River Medical Center. His office is at 3450
11th Court, suite 203. The phone number
The American Lung Foundations om- is 772-794-5800. 
inously adds, “Since patients with PAH

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH June 9, 2017 17

Alarming number of teen girls experience depression

By Ariana Eunjung Cha | The Washington Post with depression and on to develop serious problems. or longer – of low mood, feeling unable
girls grows between Study author Elizabeth Miller, direc- to enjoy normally pleasurable activities,
Depression is usually considered an is- ages 12 and 17, which insomnia, irritability, weight gain or
sue parents have to watch out for starting is consistent with the tor of the division of adolescent med- loss, and feelings of guilt or worthless-
in the turbulent teenage years. The CW old way of thinking. icine at Children’s Hospital of Pitts- ness.
channel, full of characters with existential The surprise was that burgh, said that until researchers can
angst about school, friends and young love, the gap is already quite get a better understanding of why some “When you are seeing young people
tells us so, as do the countless parenting large at age 12, Breslau people can come out of depression with- with symptoms consistent with depres-
books about the adolescent years in every explained, “which in- out intervention while others need help, sion it is really much, much better to get
guidance counselor’s office. dicates that the differ- teachers and others who work with chil- them connected to a pediatrician to get
ences have origins that dren should learn to recognize the signs them a comprehensive mental health as-
But what if by that time it’s already too starts earlier in child- of childhood depression. They include sessment and hook them into treatment
late? hood than was previ- extended periods – usually two weeks sooner rather than later,” she said. 
ously thought.”
A large new study out last week con-
tains some alarming data about the Notice in the chart
state of children’s mental health in the below that the inci-
United States, finding that depression in dence grows among
many children appears to start as early boys from 12 to 17 but
as age 11. By the time they hit age 17, the that for girls it seems
analysis found, 13.6 percent of boys and to hit a peak at age 15
a staggering 36.1 percent of girls have and then decrease,
been or are depressed. but still remain very
high, until 17. (Leave
These numbers are significantly higher this paragraph in if
than previous estimates. Understanding you use the chart as an
the risk of depression is critically import- illustration; otherwise
ant because of the close link between de- delete it.)
pressive episodes and serious issues with
school, relationships and suicide. The idea that chil-
dren can be depressed
While researchers have long known is something that has
about the gender gap in depression, with only been recently
more adult women than men suffering accepted by psychol-
from the condition, the new numbers ogists. As recently
show that whatever divergent paths boys as the 1980s, adoles-
and girls take happens even earlier than cents were considered
expected. too developmentally
immature to be able
Published in the journal Translational to experience such a
Psychiatry, the study was based on data grown-up affliction. Today most scien-
compiled from in-person interviews with tists recognize that children as young as
more than 100,000 children who partici- 4 or 5 years of age can be depressed.
pated in the National Survey of Drug Use
and Health from 2009 to 2014. The NSDUH There are numerous theories about
is an annual survey on a representative why boys develop differently than girls
sample of the U.S. population. from a mental health perspective. While
depression may be more common among
Among the standard questions asked girls, other conditions are more common
are ones about insomnia, irritability and among boys, such as conduct problems,
feelings of guilt or worthlessness that aggression and substance abuse. One
researchers used to “diagnose” survey way of explaining this pattern involves
participants with depression using diag- a possible single underlying phenome-
nostic criteria from the Diagnostic and non, with different people branching off
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. to develop different disorders because of
Through the survey, they were able to social influences. There’s also the possi-
capture a broader group of children than bility it may be connected to biological
those who have a formal diagnosis and differences, perhaps involving changes
who may be in treatment. in hormones or other ways that are dis-
tinct to how girls are socialized.
Joshua Breslau, a senior researcher
in the division of health for RAND and Breslau said the researchers initially
lead author of the study, explained in an hoped the data would be able to pro-
interview that one of the main working vide insights into how to differentiate
theories about why there is such a big between high-risk and low-risk cases of
gender difference in depression had to depression, but they were not able to an-
do with the teen years. swer that question. The findings showed
that children who have had recent de-
“The idea was that it was something in pression and those who had depression
particular, socially or biologically, that a while ago are very similar to each oth-
was happening about mid-adolescence er in terms of school function and likeli-
in girls that led to this increase,” Breslau hood of suicide. But clearly not all will go
said. “What we found partially contra-
dicts that.”

He says “partially” because the anal-
ysis did find that the gap between boys

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E June 9, 2017 21

100 feet from the mouth of the canal, is of- and the hardwood main staircase on the
fered for $2,249,000. Unit B, right next door, right before entering the main public space.
is listed for $2,149,000 and Unit D, which is
the furthest from the river but still affords That space, approximately 30 feet by 35
spectacular water and bridge views, has a list feet, encompasses the designer kitchen,
price of $2,099,000. Unit C is under contract. the dining area and the great room, a so-
cial space for all seasons. This open, ver-
Entering Unit A, you go through a pri- satile area expands through wall-to-wall
vate gate, cross the covered entry porch sliding glass doors onto the covered lanai,
and pass through a mahogany door fin- where there is a summer kitchen and re-
ished with marine varnish, stepping into a freshing sea breeze.
large foyer.
The lanai overlooks the pool patio and
A beautifully decorated powder room, the 50-foot boat dock, where there is room
large closet and door to the garage open for an ocean-going vessel to moor.
off of the foyer.
The vestibule off the great room leads
Proceeding from the foyer into the entry to the lavish master suite, which includes
hall, you pass a den/study/office on the left a 12-foot-by-14-foot walk-in closet and

Listing agents Cindy O’Dare and Richard Boga.

12-foot-by-14-foot master bath with tub, years of experience who built Visions,
shower, dual vanities and water closet. The Paragon, Tiara Towers and other condo-
master bedroom overlooks the water and minium projects on the island, paid $1.9
opens onto the lanai. million for the property in December 2015
and broke ground in early 2016.
Upstairs, at top of the U-shaped white
oak and poplar staircase, is a loft area The project teams includes architect
and two large en suite guest or children’s Jeff Ray, IA, Atelier d’ Architecture, design-
rooms. Each bedroom has private covered er Page Franzel of Page 2 Design and Joe
porch overlooking Royal Palm Pointe, and Foglia, one of the islands most prominent
a huge 12-foot-by-38-foot balcony extends and successful builders.
across the back, offering the best views in
the residence of the canal, river and island. “I don’t think we will have these very
long,” says Harris. “There are only four
An elevator is offered as an option and and one is already gone. I was here last
can be incorporated seamlessly into the Saturday and I had 10 people through and
design if a buyer wants that feature. of those I felt like four of them were really
qualified buyers.” 
Nelson, a visionary developer with 40

22 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



As the calendar turns to June, there’s no evidence of a slowdown in the mainland real estate
market, as 44 single-family residences and lots changed hands from May 29-June 2 (some shown
The best sale of the week in Vero Beach was the home at 5785 Turnberry Lane. First listed in May for
$675,000, this 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 3,293-square-foot house fetched $640,000 on June 1.
In Sebastian, the top sale of the week was the house at 714 Yearling Trail. First put on the market
in February for $349,900, the 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom residence sold for $345,000 on May 30.


VERO BEACH 5785 TURNBERRY LANE 5/23/2017 $675,000 6/1/2017 $450,000
VERO BEACH 1282 RIVER REACH DRIVE 2/10/2017 $495,000 5/30/2017 $380,000
VERO BEACH 3390 BUCKINGHAMMOCK TRAIL 3/31/2017 $425,000 6/2/2017 $370,000
VERO BEACH 6565 35TH LANE 2/3/2017 $399,000 6/1/2017 $350,000
VERO BEACH 5215 ELEUTHRA CIRCLE 3/24/2017 $350,000 5/30/2017 $345,000
SEBASTIAN 714 YEARLING TRAIL 2/28/2017 $349,900 5/30/2017 $340,000
VERO BEACH 795 SARINA TERRACE SW 1/16/2017 $369,000 5/31/2017 $335,000
VERO BEACH 537 44TH AVENUE SW 12/19/2016 $369,750 5/31/2017 $320,000
VERO BEACH 580 45TH COURT SW 4/18/2017 $335,000 5/30/2017 $290,000
SEBASTIAN 589 CROSS CREEK CIRCLE 2/15/2017 $319,000 5/30/2017 $273,000
VERO BEACH 5840 PINE RIDGE CIRCLE 2/28/2017 $284,900 5/30/2017 $255,000
SEBASTIAN 725 LAYPORT DRIVE 4/24/2017 $240,000 5/31/2017 $249,900
VERO BEACH 811 ROYAL PALM PLACE 4/12/2017 $249,900 5/30/2017 $235,000
VERO BEACH 670 KENWOOD DRIVE SW 4/3/2017 $249,000 5/31/2017

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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E June 9, 2017 23


1282 River Reach Drive, Vero Beach 3390 Buckinghammock Trail, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 2/10/2017 Listing Date: 3/31/2017
Original Price: $495,000 Original Price: $425,000
Sold: 5/30/2017 Sold: 6/2/2017
Selling Price: $450,000 Selling Price: $380,000
Listing Agent: Kathy Nystrom Listing Agent: Liz Sherman

Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise Selling Agent: Liz Sherman Real Estate

Kathy Nystrom Lauren W Connolly

Coldwell Banker Paradise Custom Real Estate Services

6565 35th Lane, Vero Beach 5215 Eleuthra Circle, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 2/3/2017 Listing Date: 3/24/2017
Original Price: $399,000 Original Price: $350,000
Sold: 6/1/2017 Sold: 5/30/2017
Selling Price: $370,000 Selling Price: $350,000
Listing Agent: Sharon A. Winslow Listing Agent: Shane Reynolds

Selling Agent: Weichert, REALTORS Hallmark Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Sven J Shellbeck Cindy Hulton Luviano

RE/MAX Classic Billero & Billero

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE June 9, 2017 B1


Groovy movies:
Our top Film

Festival choices


Coming Up! ‘Vero Beach Wine + Film ings, and going up to ‘Xaque Gruber.’
Festival.’ a $495 premiere pass
FILM ALSO THE THING AT which gets you into Wes Anderson” with instructor Xaque
VERO BEACH ART MUSEUM Its sister festival is the Sonoma Inter- everything including Gruber, a television writer and painting
national Film Festival. The event runs Vino Veritas Vint- instructor who wrote a column for the
BY PAM HARBAUGH | Correspondent June 8-11 at various locations through- ner Dinner, the Bub- Huffington Post. The program begins
out Vero Beach. bly Brunch & Patio June 13 with the film “The Life Aquatic
1 While the cultural community is Passes come in five categories, begin- Screening, the wel-
catching its breath after a most ning with a $40 day pass which includes come party and the CONTINUED ON PAGE B5
active main season, there are still some films, panel discussions and wine tast- Fete Finale Wrap par-
goodies that will churn interest even for ty … and more.
the most ardent of Vero Beach area cul-
ture vultures. And before you do any- To see a list of
thing else, you simply must become fa- the more than 75
miliar with the Vero Beach Wine + Film award-winning films
Festival. This year’s guest of honor is and to activate those
Burt Reynolds, who stars in one of this taste buds, spend
year’s premiere films, “Dog Years.” This some time perusing the festival’s web-
festival is a major film event. In fact, site,

2 Film is also the thing at the Vero
Beach Museum of Art. Its film
studies program presents “The World of

B2 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE


By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer venues. Among them: a big tent in Riverside
[email protected] Park with daily noon to 6 p.m. cooking dem-
os, wine tastings and a wine pop-up shop.
If there was one criticism of last summer’s That tent has been named, aptly, “Wow!”
debut of the Vero Beach Film and Wine Fes-
tival, it was that the offerings were too boun- Fortunately, insiders who have already
tiful – no one could see them all. screened the films have been spreading the
word about their favorites. And the good
It’s a great problem to have. This year, news is, some of the best are some of the
with expectations high as the four-day fes- shortest – so you can scurry off to another
tival gets underway, the dilemma is even viewing sooner.
more daunting. Starting Thursday and run-
ning through Sunday, there are more films, While what follows is a list of some of those
more food, more wine and at least five new favorites, there is one imperative before you

step out the door: Download the well-de- a schedule while you’re still at home with a
signed Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival computer. And if you’re still stuck in the Su-
app to your phone. If apps don’t appeal, you per-8 generation, pick up a printed schedule
can try to work from on from the first stack you see. Just don’t count
your device, though it’s better to print out on them not running out. Otherwise, you

CIVIC ASSOCIATION 1600 25th St., Vero Beach

772-778-1522 •

BAR OPENS: Mon. 3-close • Tues. 3-close • Wed. - Fri. 1-close
EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Pizza & Pasta Dishes Starting at $8
EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT: Live Entertainment • Dinner Served at 6:30
$13 Members • $15 Non-Members • Call the Club for Special Events

Where Can You Go In Vero Beach to Get an 18” Pizza & Pitcher of
Beer for $16? Join Us for Good Food and Friendly Faces All the Time!


Menu Subject to Change. All Dinners Come w/ Tossed Salad, Dessert
& Coffee. (Fish Available if Requested When Making Reservations

Banquet Hall Available for Rent and/or Catering. For Info Call 845-242-3887


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE June 9, 2017 B3

‘Sea Gypsies.’

will wallow and flounder and drink wine Mountains, the short is the directorial de-
and blather, then find yourself like I did last but of Jesse L. Martin and Rick Cosnett, with
year at the finale party at Blue Star Wine Bar a score of folk songs written by Martin and
unable to keep up a coherent conversation arranged by Carlos Valdes. Martin, Cosnett
because you missed the best movies. and Valdes are all stars of the superhero TV
series “The Flash.” When the trio launched a
“Oh, yeah, I heard about that one,” will Kickstarter to get the project off the ground,
not get you far with the cognoscenti come Joss Wheedon was a key supporter.
Sunday, though you can still dance in the
parking lot. Other must-see shorts include “Candice
and Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date,” “A Whole
With that warning, and my sources’ sug- World for a Little World,” “Rice Balls,” “Only
gestions, I leave you to structure your days Five Minutes” and “Washed Away.”
with the schedule’s help. And factor in plenty
of time for parking, walking and talking. Among documentary features this year,
“The Rebound,” “Sea Gypsies,” “Finding
In the shorts category, most talked about Kuan” and “25 Tracks” all come recom-
is likely to be “The Letter Carrier,” what one mended, as does “Made in Venice” – “a lit-
of screeners called “highly polished and tle long but very interesting,” according to
compelling.” The 1860’s story of escaped
slaves hiding their family in the Blue Ridge CONTINUED ON PAGE B4

B4 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

‘Love and Hostages.’

‘Candice and Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date.’

one early viewer.
That same viewer felt that while the

shorts category had lots of stars, the dra-
matic features selection wasn’t as strong
as last year’s. Of them, “Mousse” got a
strong recommendation – he called it
“hysterical.” Another “beautifully done”
feature film is “June Falling Down,” with
a director another source called “very up-
and-coming”: Rebecca Weaver. She also
wrote and edited the film, about a young
woman going back home to a wedding in
small-town Wisconsin after the death of
her father. Weaver stars in it, too.

“Love and Hostages” got a positive men-
tion in the “funny-cute” column, while
“D-Love” got tagged as clever.

Lest we forget that the festival cele-
brates not only the art of film-making, but
wine-making, the feature length docu-
mentary “Decanted,” directed by Nicholas
Kovacic, will make its East Coast premiere
here in two festival venues – Quail Valley
River Club and Costa d’Este Resort. Both
will be staging the Vino Veritas Vintner
dinners on the festival’s opening night,
Thursday (June 8).

Saturday night, wine lovers will gather
again for the festival’s Grand Tasting under
the new Wow! tent in Riverside Park, a prom-
ising addition to the festivities this year.

Earlier that day, if your olfactory nerves
need a warm-up for all those noses, you
can expand your range with a perfume
bar that accompanies a screening of “Per-
fume Wars,” a documentary about entre-
preneur – and now screenwriter – Barba-
ra Stegermann, who launches a company
that buys rose essence for perfumes, con-
vincing Afghani farmers to switch from
growing poppies for heroin. That party,
hosted by “La La Land” producer Molly
Smith and producer/publicist Ngoc Nyu-
gen, starts at noon Saturday.

As for people-watching, the buzz is
clearly about Burt Reynolds, who’ll be
here Friday night to accept the festival’s
Life Worth Living Legend Award. He’ll also
be here for the Florida premiere of his
new film, “Dog Years.” The screening takes
place at Riverside Theatre after a panel
discussion that includes Reynolds, “Dog
Years” director Adam Rifkin and producer
Neil Mandt. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE June 9, 2017 B5

COMING UP ‘Howl at the Moon.’


with Steve Zissou.” It will be followed
June 20 with “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and
June 27 with “The Grand Budapest Ho-
tel.” Anderson has a real cult following
who love his quirky characters, icon-
ic composition aesthetic and peculiar
story lines. The programs all begin at
5:30 p.m. in the museum’s Leonhard
Auditorium. Entrance is part of the ad-
mission to the museum. In other words,
get there a little early and enjoy the art
before popping into the film. The Vero
Beach Museum of Art is at 3001 River-
side Park Drive, Vero Beach. Admission
is $6 general, $5 seniors and free for
museum members. Call 772-231-0707
or visit

National Museum of African American ly, so purchase in advance. Call 772-231- catches of the day … and a patio if the
History and culture. Museum members 6990 or visit
can get an advance sale discount of weather is nice; and if you want one of
$225 through June 30. And really, after 5 For those needing some live the-
that, it’s nearly impossible to get tickets ater in their lives, take a drive to the best burgers ever, plus a
anyway, so you might as well act now. the Melbourne Civic Theatre to see its
‘Watershed: Contemporary Landscape The Vero Beach Museum of Art Summer artful production of “The Glass Menag- ‘The Glass Menagerie.’
Photography.’ Camp 2017 has weekly sessions through erie.” MCT’s director, Peg Girard, chose
July. They are divided into classes for this Tennessee Williams classic drama super-fattening milk shake, head to the
3 While you’re heading to the Vero children ages 4 to 11 years. They run to be her season finale. In fact, that’s Burger Place. 
Beach Museum of Art for the films, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. what she does every season – slips in a
do make sure you take time to view an Call 772-231-0707, ext. 116 or visit Ver- work that’s both challenging for a pro-
exhibition, register for its ever-popu- duction team and the audience. “The
lar International Lecture Series or get Glass Menagerie” runs through June 25
your little ones signed up for art camp. 4 Riverside Theatre gets you up on at Melbourne Civic Theatre, 817 Straw-
“Watershed: Contemporary Landscape your feet with its most engaging bridge Ave., Melbourne. It performs 8
Photography” is on view through Sept. “Howl at the Moon” series. This fun- p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m.
10. The exhibition looks at the fragile packed, music-filled evening stars du- Sundays. Tickets are $29 and $31. Han-
relationship between humans and the eling pianists John Kenney and Joe dling charges may apply. Call 321-723-
environment. It comprises about 40 Genuardi in a performance that baffles 6935 or visit
works by 26 artists working since the audiences as they play request after re-
1970s. It was organized by the Telfair quest in a high energy fashion. The per- 6 If you get there early enough, you
Museums in Savannah, Georgia. Also, formances are 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., can enjoy some fine dining along
hop to it if you want to attend lectures Friday and Saturday. Guests are invited Downtown Melbourne’s New Haven
by some amazing luminaries, includ- to come early to enjoy a picnic-style din- Avenue. There is the Dove III, a favorite
ing: New Yorker cartoonist Robert Man- ner while listening to some great music haunt of locals desiring Italian cuisine;
koff, writer Frederick Forsyth, designer “Live in the Loop” outdoors on the patio. Matt’s Casbah, another favorite with a
Maya Lin and Lonnie G. Gunch, III, the Tickets start at $16. Shows sell out quick- more eclectic menu from sushi to fresh
founding director of the Smithsonian’s


1. The Highwayman 1. Two Paths BY JOHN KASICH 1. Third Grade Mermaid (#01)
2. Portraits of Courage
2. No Middle Name 2. Third Grade Mermaid
3. Make Your Bed
3. A Gentleman in Moscow 3. The Dark Prophecy (The Trials
4. The American Spirit of Apollo #02) BY RICK RIORDAN
4. The Fix BY DAVID BALDACCI 5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (#01)
5. Into the Water 5. Astrophysics for People in

MARY V. DEARBORN MIKE MADEN 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

presents presents

A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel
Penguin Random House
Sunday, June 18th at 3 pm
Thursday, June 15th at 6 pm

B6 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Pico Alto: Sampling tastes of Peru in Indialantic


For authentic tastes of Peru – one of the Causa de Yellow Pepper Pescado a lo Macho.
hottest cuisines going the past few years – Camaron. Ceviche.
you could make the pilgrimage to Lima, or PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN THACKER
drive a couple of hours to South Florida. ent – is used in place of rice. The quinoa cha- Lucuma Chocolate
ufa vegetariano was a bit bland, but the rice Cheesecake. And if you are looking for
Since our last visit to Lima when we tried in the chaufa de mariscos was delicious. a Peruvian food fix and
the fabulous La Mar, chef Gastón Acurio – and rice. The steak was very tender and tasty. are willing to sacrifice
sometimes called the Peruvian Wolfgang The picante de mariscos was a variety of By this point, we certainly had enjoyed ambiance for good food,
Puck – has opened an elegant (and pricey) mixed seafood sauteed with a rich creamy give Pico Alto a try.
outpost in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in sauce served with white rice. The addition of more than enough for dinner so we passed
Miami. aji Amarillo, a yellow Peruvian pepper, to the on the Peruvian fruit-based desserts. I welcome your com-
sauce gave it a nice kick. And the lomo salta- ments, and encourage you to
But to sample some Peruvian dishes a lot do consisted of stir-fried steak, red onions, Dinner here is not inexpensive. With ap- send feedback to me at tina@
closer to home, you might also consider a tomatoes, soy sauce, Peruvian spices, pep- petizers, entrées and a couple glasses of beer
visit to Pico Alto, a restaurant just off A1A in pers and cilantro served with French fries or wine, it could easily run you $80 to $100. The reviewer is a beachside
Indialantic. resident who dines anonymous-
So what do we make of Pico Alto? If you are ly at restaurants at the expense of
This is not fine dining. Apart from the not familiar with nouvelle Peruvian cuisine, this newspaper. 
attractive blue-tile wall behind the bar, the the tastes here are authentic and will give
décor can most charitably be described as you a chance to see what the fuss is about. Hours:
beachside casual, and the tinny speakers – Daily, 10 am to 10 pm
from which Latin music blared during our Beverages: Beer and wine
meal – could certainly use an upgrade.
But the tastes are authentic, and the dishes 2 Wave Crest Avenue,
that we sampled on our visit last week ranged
from good to excellent (notwithstanding the Indialantic
fact that some of the seafood was a bit over- Phone: (321) 802-5230

For starters on this visit, we ordered the
ceviche mixto ($14.90), a beautiful array of
fish, scallops, calamari, octopus, shrimp,
Peruvian pepper and red onions marinated
in a classic leche de tigre with choclo (giant
kernels of Peruvian corn). Leche de tigre, or
tiger’s milk, is the citrus based marinade that
cures the seafood. We ordered the ceviche
medium spicy and it was excellent.

Then we decided to try two “causas” – cau-
sa de pulpo ($14.50) and causa de camaron
($17.50). Peruvian causas consist of seafood
and other ingredients atop of one of the coun-
try’s 3,000 varieties of potato mixed with key
lime, onion, chili and oil.

At Pico Alto, both causas were served atop
delicious Peruvian yellow potatoes. The
causa de camaron featured shrimp, and the
causa de pulpo featured octopus seared in
Peruvian black olive sauce. Unfortunately,
the sauce on top – while good – was identical
on both causas. You probably don’t want to
order two of these causas at the same sitting.

The three of us then sampled five entrées:
the parihuela ($15.50), quinoa chaufa vege-
tariano ($14.90), chaufa de mariscos ($17.00),
picante de mariscos ($16.50) and lomo salta-
do ($17.50).

The parihuela is a hearty and spicy sea-
food soup – Peru’s answer to bouillabaisse.
This one was chock full of clams, mussels,
calamari, pulpo and shrimp, in a light flavor-
ful broth. Very good.

Chaufa is a dish normally made with rice
fried Chinese style – a technique introduced
to Peru by Chinese immigrants – featuring
meat or seafood. The chaufa de mariscos was
made with seafood. But in some regions in
Peru, quinoa – a traditional Andean ingredi-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING June 9, 2017 B7

“The Art of
Moving Forward.”

Back by popular demand...

Monday - Chef’s Whim
Tasting Menu

4 to 5 Courses ~ $25

Early Dining Menu

Nightly 5 to 5:30pm ~

Starting at just $12 (772) 978-9789

Nightly Happy Hour 2023 14th Avenue
Mon - Sat from 5pm

5 - 6:30pm ~ in the Bars only

B8 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING


Merci... Thank you for your support this past
season. Re-opening in the fall with fresh ideas and
continuing with our Dinner, Wine & Art Series.

Happy fun and safe summer!!
“See you at the bistro in the fall”

Chef Stéphane et Loretta 772-770-2071
1309 19th Place - Downtown Vero Beach, FL

See you at the bistro! Like us on Facebook!

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING June 9, 2017 B9

“The Art of
Moving Forward.”

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz (772) 978-9789 Check out our new
Sushi 2023 14th Avenue
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm Mon - Sat from 5pm “BACK BAR”
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm MENU
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays A varied and creative
Dine in & Take Out menu of Italian-Inspired
Lunch Appetizers, Small Plates

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm and Half-Order Pastas

Dinner Also featuring
An Italian-Inspired
Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm menu of Cocktails!

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center) (Available Mon - Sat ~ Back Bar Only)

B10 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING


Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm


Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market AUTHENTIC IRISH FOOD FAVORITES LIKE
Summer Special • Offered all night
$5 Select Glasses of Wine
Includes Free Gelato, Any Flavor
Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees Open Tuesday - Sunday from 4-11PM

Hours 2019 14th Avenue Vero Beach, FL 32960 (772) 217-2183

BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm

772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING June 9, 2017 B11

DiTnea-kIenout On The Beachside 5pmD-eclliovseery

Open Sundays Summer Specials: $12.95

Serving Local & New Happy Hour Daily Served 3pm-6pm Monday thru Sunday.
England Seafood 4-6PM
Lasagna • Chicken Parmigiana • Eggplant Parmigiana • Shrimp Parmigiana • Fish Parmigiana

Cannelloni • Baked Penne Alfredo • Tortellini alla Panna • Manicotti • Stuffed Shells
All dinners are served w/a side salad, garlic breadsticks & a choice of a soft drink, ice tea or coffee.

Now Offering Gluten Free!
Pizza • Pasta • Desserts • Wraps

All You Can Eat Menu Nino’s Cafe: 1006 Easter Lily Ln•Vero Beach•772.231.9311
Hours: Sun-Thurs:11am-9pm•Fri-Sat:11am-10pm
Fish & Chips - Tuesdays • Tacos - Thursday Evening

Fried Shrimp - Sunday

Fishack 1931 Old Dixie Highway, Vero Beach Homemade Cannoli Pepperoni
Lunch & Dinner Open Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 am - Close • Sunday 4pm - Close Chicken Parmigiana

772.770.0977 • • Like us on Facebook!

Simply Delicious! FREE BREAKFAST or LUNCH

When you purchase a breakfast or lunch of equal
or lesser value and two beverages. Cannot be
combined with any other offer. Expires 6-30-17

Monday - Sunday • 6am - 4pm • Open on All Holidays

• Famous Crepes • Homemade Burgers
• Breakfast Skillets • Blintzes
• Swedish Crepes • Fresh Fruit Entrees
• Belgian Waffles • Homemade Soups
• Cinnamon Swirl (Complimentary with
French Toast
all lunches)

NOW OPEN!! 6643 Darter Court
NEW LOCATION! 772-242-1827

(Next to Red Lobster, in Between I-95 & Turnpike)
Formerly Bamboo Court

Dine-In • Take-Out • Breakfast Catering •


B12 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Hitch ride (5) 1 Instructs (7)
4 Shrewd (4) 2 Without qualification (12)
8 Atmosphere (3) 3 Explosive device (4)
9 Oldfashioned (9) 4 Fervour (6)
10 Crowd (4) 5 Celibacy (8)
11 Currants (8) 6 Formal wear (7,5)
12 Conflict (3) 7 Charity (4)
13 Sadness (6) 11 Realised (3)
14 Pebbles (6) 12 Excited (6,2)
16 Salary (3) 14 Posed (3)
17 Sailor’s bond (4,4) 15 Vocalists (7)
18 Norse god (4) 16 Full of holes (6)
20 Cycle stadium (9) 17 Wander (4)
21 Storm centre (3) 19 Disallow (4)
22 Copies (4)
The Telegraph 23 Haven (5)

Certified Collision How to do Sudoku:
Repair Center
Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

VeArou’tsoPbroedmy!ier All Insurance

(772) 978-1351 • 463 4th Place SW • Vero Beach, FL


• Local Sales, Service & Supplies
• Local Dispatch for Fast and Efficient Service
• Local Billing & Invoicing
• Local Warehousing of Parts & Equipment

Authorized The Telegraph
Lanier Dealer

775 8th Court, Ste. 8 • (772) 778-5543

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING June 9, 2017 B13

ACROSS an hour, Ed says, union: abbr. 57 “Made ___” The Washington Post
1 “It’s a deal” “___; let’s pay 124 Cracker spreads 59 The Crucible
4 Gentle as ___ the waitress and 125 German article WHY WE DON’T GO TO SALAD BARS WITH ED By Merl Reagle
9 Mar. honoree go” setting
14 Response to a 73 Name in DOWN 62 “According to
Hirschfeld’s art 1 Tired responses
cad 74 Pocket money 2 Waters and whom?”
18 Quarterback’s 75 Restaurateur 63 Layouts
Toots others 65 It may get you a
pass, 76 Bald-headed 3 Monument
completed or not: bird’s home 4 Certain radios raise
abbr. 77 Surrealist Joan 5 Big dipper 66 Film title with
19 Sargent’s 79 So as soon as 6 Zodiac sign
daughter he ___ ... 7 Spray Mess or
20 John le Carré’s 82 Missile type: 8 Bit of Thai Madness
birthplace, ___, abbr. 67 Saurus starter
England 85 Beauty-Mist currency 69 Hour, to
21 In one piece pantyhose 9 Having gaps Hernando
22 At the front of the model, once 10 1940 Mickey 70 Aimless one’s
salad bar line, Ed 88 Indian nursemaid state
says, “___?” 89 Fabi of racing Rooney of mind
24 Oscar org. 90 Course load bio pic, Young 71 That girl
25 Martin’s partner 92 “How ___, doc?” ___ 72 Long March
26 Eur. nation (with 93 More suspicious 11 Visits, in a way leader
“the”) 96 ... he tells us 12 Jai ___ 78 Privileged few
27 At the end of the all to “___ ...” 13 T / F sheet 79 Jack Benny trait
salad bar line, (continues at 107 14 ___ ropes (train) 80 Cheery word?
Ed says, “___ ...” Across) 15 Bass output 81 Greek letter
(continues at 36 99 Painter Cézanne 16 Where the 82 Big ___, Calif.
Across) 102 William Wharton Tombigbee R. 83 Condescending
30 Floodgates novel made into flows one
32 Change a 1984 film 17 Signer’s need 84 Copycat
completely 103 Character actor 21 DO NOT ENTER 86 Transportation
33 Cherry’s place O’Malley relative for Jesus
35 Witnessed 104 Al’s favorite 23 Vietnam 87 “___ is jumpin’!”
36 See 27 Across material, president, 1967- 91 North Carolinian
40 Opens a door, in on Home 75 93 Social event
a way Improvement 28 Coffee 94 Agcy. that really
44 Colon opening? 107 See 96 Across containers cleans up
45 Like tearjerker 112 Sky bear 29 “___ know you?” 95 Accumulated, as
attendees 113 Petty person 31 MSNBC rival a bill
46 Palindromic 115 Weaver shocker 34 Prop for Norman 97 “Hi ho, Steverino”
celeb 116 And as soon as Rockwell utterer
49 Bible preposition she arrives at our 36 Epic poems 98 Raquel’s
50 Writer Fallaci table, Ed always 37 Int’l licensing org. daughter
52 Coll. football says, “___!” And 38 Name of many a 100 Gathering dust,
division that’s theater as books
53 “Oops,” Ed says, why we don’t 39 Woody’s favorite 101 Gil Blas author
“I go to salad bars place, familiarly 104 Barely audible
forgot my ___!” with Ed. 41 Heston role 105 French school
58 Big name in 118 Unleashes 42 King Kong 106 Surgery boon
chips 119 Wash cycle abductee Darrow 108 Delhi dress
60 Polonius hides 120 Painter of water 43 “Feed a cold, 109 Charles Lamb’s
behind one lilies ___ a ...” pseudonym
61 Strap 121 The Jazz, for one 46 ___ in the neck 110 Dudley
62 He had a head of 122 Journalist 47 La Traviata Do-Right’s outfit:
steam? Bernstein composer abbr.
64 Part of a Latin 123 Big Hollywood 48 Workroom wear 111 A word to Nellie
trio 51 Defense org. 113 He’s in the army
68 After eating for 54 Intl. air carrier now: abbr.
55 39 Down time 114 George’s brother
56 Jimmy’s Vertigo 117 Horses for G.
co-star Kasparov

The Telegraph

B14 June 9, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES




Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps AJ72
learning stays young. The greatest thing you can do is keep your mind young.”
Last week, I mentioned the rule of 20, which some players, whatever their age, use to
decide between an initial pass and a one-level opening bid. As I explained, I believe that WEST EAST
that is a bad idea. However, if you have a long suit, it is a useful guideline for deciding Q J 10 9
whether to open one or to pre-empt. A A8532
Look at this week’s South hand. What would you open, and how would your auction 8752 7
proceed? Assuming South ends in four hearts, how should he plan the play after the
defenders take two spade tricks, then shift to diamonds? K Q 10

For the rule of 20, you add high-card points to the number of cards in your two longest 10 9 6 3
suits. So, this week’s South hand is worth 20 (11 plus 9). It should be opened one
heart, not three hearts. North should respond two no-trump, the Jacoby Forcing Raise, SOUTH
and South should jump to four hearts to indicate a minimum opening with no side-suit
singleton or void. (If South did open three hearts, probably North would raise to four, more 74
in hope than expectation, but that is beside the point!)
K Q J 10 6 3 2
South is faced with four losers: two spades, one heart and one diamond. If he immediately
starts on trumps, he should lose those tricks. As I am confident you noticed, declarer must 85
win the third trick with dummy’s diamond ace and play three rounds of clubs to discard his
second diamond. Then he can table his trumps and claim. AJ

Dealer: South; Vulnerable: Both

The Bidding:

Q Spades

2017 Summer

Single $250 Family $400
Please Call Golf Shop For Details

Includes Full Golf Country Club Privileges
Golf, Tennis, Pool, Social
Green Fees

Five day Advance Tee time booking advantage
Golf Shop Member Discounts
FSGA Handicap, Tournaments
Golf Club Storage and Lockers
Member Charge Privileges

Events Please call 772-466-4000 ext. 211

Call Mike Yurigan, General Manager and Head Golf Professional
(772) 466-4000 Ext. 213 for details and inquire about other available memberships

Check out our facilities at

General Manager

28 25$ $+tax +tax

Includes: Cart, Green Fees and Range Balls

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR June 9, 2017 B15

ONGOING 17 Live Like Cole Foundation’s Charity Golf 30 To July 28 - Vegas Nights, 6 to 9:30 4 45th annual Freedom Festival, hosted by
Tournament, 8 a.m. shotgun start at p.m. weekends at Riverside Theatre, Lions Club of Sebastian and City of Sebas-
Vero Beach Museum of Art – Watershed: Grand Harbor Golf Club followed by BBQ lunch, with live music, full bars and food service, plus tian, with 8:30 a.m. Fourth of July Parade fol-
Contemporary Landscape Photography thru to raise funds for a Riverside Park fishing pier casino games with proceeds to benefit Chil- lowed by Freedom Festival with live entertain-
Sept. 10. and lagoon related charities. 772-559-5907 dren’s and Family programs. Free admission. ment, vendors and craft booths at Riverview
Park and fireworks at dusk.
Riverside Theatre - Summer Nights Block 17 To Sept. 3 - Vero Beach Museum of JULY
Party, 6 to 9:30 p.m., with live music, refresh- Art presents Dan Gunderson: A View 4 City of Vero Beach annual 4th of July Cele-
ments and games, plus wine tastings on Satur- from Above. 772-231-0707 1 Burgers & Brews Festival – An American bration, 4:30 to 10 p.m. at Riverside Park.
day nights thru June 24. Free admission. Heritage Celebration to benefit United
18 Father’s Day Car Show, 10 a.m. to Against Poverty, 11 3 p.m. Best Burger 5-14 Vero Beach International Music
Sea Turtle Walks, 9 p.m. through July at Se- 2 p.m. at Elks Lodge of Vero Beach Competition featuring top local chefs at Heritage Festival hosted by Mick Block
bastian Inlet State Park, Archie Carr NWR Bar- hosted by Elks and Vietnam Veterans Chapter Center ($30 to taste all sliders with two beers or String Camp at First Presbyterian Church, featur-
rier Island Sanctuary and Windsor Beach Club. #1038, with music, raffles and food to support $3 per slider); 1 to 7 p.m. free street festival with ing world-class folk, bluegrass, Celtic, Americana,
$10 & $15; reservations required. fsispturtle- Elks charities and Veterans assistance pro- live entertainment in historic downtown Vero rock and jazz musicians. Wed. 7/5 Artist/Faculty and grams. 772-299-6225 Beach. VIP Pavilion passes (includes sliders and Concert; Sat. 7/8 Student concert & Barn Dance;
bloody Mary bar) $80; and 5 to 7 p.m. Apple Pie Wed. 7/12 Artist/Faculty Concert; Thurs. & Fri.
JUNE 18 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra Contest and Sale hosted by Vero Heritage Inc. at 7/13 & 14 Faculty-led Advanced Student Concert.
presents Broadway Showstoppers, 3 Heritage Center. 772-770-0740 Donations to MBSC Scholarship Fund of $10 stu-
8-11 Vero Beach Wine + Film Festi- p.m. at Community Church of Vero Beach. $20. dent concerts; $20 faculty concerts appreciated.
val to benefit SunCoast Mental 18 & under free. 855-252-7276
Health Center.
24 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra pres-
10 Surf Fest & Expo, 2 to 11 p.m. at Capt. ents America the Beautiful, 2 p.m. at
Hiram’s Resort with live entertain- the Emerson Center. Free. 855-252-7276
ment, watersport demos and vendors hosted
by Surfrider Foundation, Sebastian Inlet Chap- 24 Vero Pride 2017 hosted by Amend- CURRENT RATES Iinlasdln_iHOneigtEh_060917 Ask About Our
ter, an environmental nonprofit working to pro- ment One Activists IRC, 5 to 10 p.m. Frequent
tect beaches and surf breaks from Patrick Air at Heritage Center to support Vero’s LGBTQ $25 $20 $15
Force Base to IRC. community through an all-inclusive event fea- Player Programs
turing food, drinks, best-dressed contest, en- Before 11 AM After 11 AM After 3 PM
10 Tropical Night Luau, 7 p.m. at Grand tertainment, followed by after-party at Kilted (All Rates Include Cart and Tax)
Harbor Golf Club to benefit Youth Guid- Mermaid. $45.
ance Mentoring and Activities Program, with 1600 SOUTH 3RD ST., FORT PIERCE 772-465-8110
tropical buffet, silent and live auctions and danc- 24|25 Gota Get on the Air Field
ing to Gypsy Lane band. $125 772-770-5040 Day hosted by Vero Beach From US1, turn East on Ohio Ave., Directly behind TD Bank
Amateur Radio Club, a public demo of emergency
16 Pirate Story Hour with Miss Erin, communications with Ham Radio operators on
10:30 a.m. at Vero Beach Book Cen- air 2 p.m. Sat. through 2 p.m. Sun. at the Del Mar
ter, with seafaring books, activities, and songs. Condominium Clubhouse. Free. 770-905-9821

16|17 Sebastian Inlet Sportfish- Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
ing Assn. 45th annual in June 2, 2017 Edition 7 MARINA 1 PARADISE
Fishing Fun’ament, with Fri.6 p.m. Fun’ament 8 AWAKEN 2 PIPE
Meet & Greet & Calcutta registration at Capt. 9 FAREWELL 3 GALES
Hiram’s and Sat. 5 to 6 p.m. weigh-in. 321-537- 10 TIDE 4 HALLWAY
17 Waterlily Celebration: A Spectacle of 16 REFRAIN 12 CARNIVAL
Color, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at McKee Bo- 17 HERDS 14 KEDGEREE
tanical Garden, adorned with the state’s largest 19 TAXI 15 PITCHER
collection of waterlilies, with repotting demon- 21 CHANDLER 18 HARDY
strations, plant sale and waterlily photo con- 23 BEWARE 20 ACER
test. Standard admission. 772-794-0601 24 DINNER 22 DUNK

Sudoku Page B12 Sudoku Page B13 Crossword Page B12 Crossword Page B13



Our directory gives small business people eager to provide services to the community an opportunity to make themselves known to our readers at an affordable cost.
This is the only business directory mailed each week during season. If you would like your business to appear in our directory, please call 772-633-0753.


Specializing In: PERSONAL INJURY

• Custom Molded Orthotics Protect Your Rights-No Recovery No Fee
Free Consultations
• On-site, State-of-the Art Orthotic Lab
Concierge Legal Services – We make house calls
• Custom Molded Shoes Real Estate Closings-Title Insurance
Wills-Probate-Business Law
Althea Powell-Chandler • Diabetic Shoes • Shoe Repair
C. Ped., L. Ped., O.S.T. • Shoe Modifications (772) 589 5500
Board Certified Pedorthist State Licensed
• Comfort Shoes & Sandals • Elevation TBheefohrireinygouofdaeclaiadwneyd,eear xsispkeaurniseintmocpepo.rrCotavliinedtnedt eyreocsiuspiwoonnitshtihbfalreteesfohwrorucioltdtsetnnooiftnsbfoueritmbaaatstiesodentstaloeblmeolueytnoto.nuradqvuearltiifsiceamtieonntss.
ABC Medicare • Authorized Birkenstock Repair
Accredited Facility

NEW ADDRESS • 2682 U.S. HWY 1 • VERO BEACH, FL • • 772.562.9045

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