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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2017-08-25 11:33:07

08/24/2017 ISSUE 34


Tai chi, whiz! P10 Bunky’s: Game on. P30 Sweetness of ‘Shrek’

Holistic classes enlighten each Dining review: ‘Seafood Grill’ the Charming musical is sure to
weekend at Gleason Park. place to be in football season. win you ‘Ogre.’ PAGE 14

THURSDAY, August 24, 2017 | VOLUME 02, ISSUE 34 | NEWSSTAND PRICE $1.00

One potential wave cBcuountdssgedertrvapawltaiinor’nes
of doubt amid sea of
[email protected]
[email protected] So far, the most exciting part
of the Brevard County govern-
Among the cast of characters ment’s $1.1 billion preliminary
who testified in the murder 2017-18 budget introduced in
trial of Joseph Howard Milman late July has been the public’s
last week, Michael Rolsing venom directed at nearly $4
played a minor role. million in proposed cuts to the
Environmentally Endangered
But his testimony may have Lands and the parks and recre-
a dampening effect on the ation programs.
prosecution’s effort to prove
Milman guilty beyond a rea- The EEL program is dedicated
sonable doubt. to conservation through land
acquisition and management
Rolsing, who lived with his in Brevard County. The program
mother in Indian Harbour protects the county’s natural
Beach at the time of Scott habitats, managing them for
“Skippy” Hyatt’s murder on rare, threatened, endangered or
Oct. 19, 2014, considered him-
Proposed changes in Mathers Bridge openings have sparked pushback from Banana River boaters. PHOTO BY BENJAMIN THACKER

Boaters ‘draw’ the line in bridge-openings spat

Defense attorney Michael Pirolo. STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER Satellite Beach
[email protected] setting standard
self friends with Milman, who for sustainability
stands accused of first-degree Boaters on the Banana Riv-
murder in the shooting death er, squaring off against mo- STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER Environmental Program Coordinator Nick Sarzone. PHOTO BY BENJAMIN THACKER
of Hyatt and attempted first- torists trying to cross Mathers [email protected]
degree murder in the wound- Bridge, have stalled proposed
ing of Robert Mell. The state changes from on-demand Creating a “Sustainable
also charged him with home drawbridge openings to a set Satellite Beach” has been a
invasion robbery. He faces life schedule of opening every half catch phrase for years but
without parole if convicted. hour when boats are waiting. it is quickly becoming a
reality as evidenced by the
At 4 p.m. the day of the The discord stems from a per- city reaching its first Green
shooting, Milman showed up ceived lack of public notice and Achievement Target (GAT)
at the front door of Rolsing’s comment period, plus some with the grand opening
differences of opinion on what
CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 the timed openings would, and CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
would not, accomplish.

Brevard County Commis-
sioner Curt Smith asked the


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NEWS 1-6 DINING 30 PEOPLE 7-12 Brevard Zoo exhibit highlights
ARTS 13-16 GAMES 23-25 PETS 22 Bonsai Weekend that continues
BOOKS 21 HEALTH 27-29 REAL ESTATE 33-40 to grow in popularity. PAGE 8


2 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


MATHERS BRIDGE and clicking the Pub- George Nebeling. ‘SUSTAINABLE SATELLITE BEACH’
lic Participation and Request for Com-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 ments under Supplementary Informa- for on-demand openings favor boat- CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
tion section. ers over motorists because they were
U.S. Coast Guard for the set schedule, created for commercial boat traffic of its Logos Community Garden at 4
saying the change would ease both ve- In the initial attempt for the policy which no longer exists in the area. “It p.m. Sept. 9.
hicular and boating traffic and would change, also using the is all recreational boats now,’’ he said.
save the county maintenance costs by web site, the majority of commenters The garden is part of the Sustain-
virtue of fewer openings causing less were comprised of motorists and And there are now more commercial ability Action Plan developed in con-
wear on expensive bridge bearings. South Merritt Island residents in favor vehicles among the motoring public junction with Florida Institute of
The changes included the provision to of the change. needing to get over Mathers Bridge, Technology intern Zach Eichholt. The
open on signal on at least two hours’ not the least of which are landscapers 20 GATS, to be fulfilled within five
notice by boaters. Among those commenting as sup- working at homes along Tropical Trail years, include recommendations for
porting the change to the set schedule on Merritt Island. specific actions to be measured for
Avid boater and Indian Harbour was South Merritt Island resident Tim success. The garden is a sister project
Beach resident George Nebeling op- Deratany, who has lived on Dragon “It used to be a problem on the to FIT’s “Ethos” community garden.
poses the idea and has talked to hun- Point south of Mathers Bridge for 11 weekends but now it seems constant.
dreds of boaters as well as county years. He says the situation has gotten We (motorists) can’t pull up to the Satellite Beach, with its official Sus-
and coast guard officials. He rebutts worse and was formerly just a prob- bridge and have it open but the way it tainability Board, leads the state in such
the county’s savings numbers and lem on weekends. is now the boaters can. We just want to efforts for a smaller city. That word has
contends that a set schedule would know what time the bridge is to open gotten out as evidenced by Eichholt,
in fact not decrease overall openings He says that the Coast Guard rules so we can plan. We have watched and board members and city officials be-
while causing boaters to experience seen it open eight times in an hour. ing asked to give pointers to other cities
a 10 percent to 20 percent increase in There needs to be scheduled open- about their experiences at the Florida
maintenance and fuel costs waiting ings,’’ he said. Planning Association conference to be
for the bridge to open. held in Daytona Beach, Sept. 5-8.
Added Nebeling: “The county has
After hearing of the issue from Ne- said either way it will open about the One example of sustainability ex-
beling, the Indian Harbour Beach City same number of times so there is no pected to be discussed is the city’s six
Council Aug. 9 sent a letter to the Coast savings (from less wear on the bear- bat houses installed over the last two
Guard about what they considered a ings). It has worked fine for many years. They are inexpensive yet one
lack of notification of an issue of great years. Why change it now?” bat house can hold up to 500 bats and
importance to IHB residents. Subse- reduce the mosquito population.
quently, IHB officials have taken the Mathers Bridge is a 700-foot-long
additional step of going on record as low-level swing bridge located on the The community garden project was
opposing the proposed change to a set southern tip of Merritt Island, Florida, “low hanging fruit” for the plan be-
schedule, said City Manager Mark Ryan. crossing the Banana River at the end cause the garden was a public project
of County Road 3. and had been in the planning stage,
On Aug. 18 the Coast Guard con- said FIT master’s degree student Eich-
firmed the delay in the process but did The bridge was built in 1927 by John holz, who took about a year writing
not have a timetable as to if or when a Mathers in order to connect Merritt the 49-page Sustainability Action Plan
final decision will be made. Island to what is now Indian Harbour adopted by the City Council this May.
Beach, and was moved to its present lo-
“Regarding the Mathers Bridge, the cation in 1952. The bridge and the con- “To us it just made sense and it
Coast Guard is not implementing the trol house were rehabilitated in 2007.  seemed to also be a great way to show
bridge schedule change at this time off the plan’s intentions and power of
and we are reopening and extending change for the betterment of all city
the comment period and that notice residents with the opening of a beau-
will be published in the Federal Reg- tiful new community garden in a very
ister,’’ said Eddie Lawrence, Bridge public and well-loved spot, Desoto
Management Specialist with the Sev- Park,’’ he said.
enth Coast Guard District.
Other GATs, already in planning or
He suggested that interested mem- in the works, include converting mu-
bers of the public view and make com- nicipal buildings to solar power in
ments on the proposed regulation the next two decades, starting with
changes (eventually to be published the City Hall/Civic Center; installing
in the Federal Register). Instructions an electric vehicle charging station
for commenting can be found at www. at a municipal building; employing
xeriscaping practices at all municipal
building grounds; and, eventually,
replacing all fossil fuel-based city ad-
ministrative vehicles with electric ve-

Environmental Program Coordina-
tor Nick Sanzone said he is pleased
with the progress so far, and the rep-
utation for sustainability the city has
achieved, but he noted there is much
more to be accomplished and that
takes community involvement.

“The idea is that the city is cultivat-
ing a volunteer network for sustain-
ability efforts of all kinds. I want to
have everybody’s thoughts on how to
make the community better,’’ he said.

Eichholz said the biggest challenge
in making a smaller city sustainable is
overcoming the perception that such

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 3


efforts are too expensive. “I think Sat- Park next to the tennis courts at 499 roof. The project also includes a shade
ellite has shown that being sustainable Desoto Parkway, is comprised of 4-by- house for sprouting seeds and growing
can be done at all levels of government 8 beds for rent for $50 by residents pollinator plants sensitive to light.
and that even small changes can make wanting to create their own gardens
a difference,’’ he said. for their own produce. The beds will be Volunteers are needed; contact En-
irrigated through a series of rain bar- vironmetal Program Coordinator
The Logos Community Garden, lo- rels which collect water from a nearby Nick Saszone at nsanzone@satellite-
cated on the south end of the Desoto 

4 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


MURDER TRIAL daughter. Milman, who crashed at tote bag. They disagreed on the details. had to get out of here. He just killed
Hull’s house for the prior few days, “He look like he just ran a race and somebody,” he said.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 joined them.
won,” Billias testified. “He was covered Milman went in the house and
mother’s house. During the visit, Howard, Milman in sweat, and was very excited. He said showered. That gave Billias the cover
“We talked a little bit,” he testified. and Morelli chatted about the oft- ‘it was messy, man.’ He had to get a he needed to leave. Howard called and
discussed plan to steal Dilaudid pills dog out of the way, so he slashed the asked why he left, “I said I was sweaty
“He seemed normal, but like he had from Hyatt, who also resided at the dog with a knife.” from yard work and went home and
not showered in a couple of days.” house. The idea was to swipe the pills showered,” Billias said.
when Hyatt, also known as Skippy, was Investigators did not find a dead or
Milman borrowed Rolsing’s phone showering. But sensing something injured dog on the scene. Howard put the soiled clothes, the
in exchange for a Dilaudid pill. He was afoot, Hyatt elected to stay at tote bag and the Halloween mask into
called a buddy for a ride. The ride Mell’s place at 370 East Riviera Drive, “He was acting very skittish, excited. a black Swiss Army back pack. He
came and picked him up. some 10 minutes away. We can tell something happened. He poured bleach into the pack.
was holding a knife with his right hand.
But the kicker to his testimony was The plan changed that morning to I can’t say I saw blood on the blade but “I poured bleach onto the gun in the
his inability to identify Milman in the committing the robbery at Mell’s resi- I believe there was,” Lawson said. laundry room. There was some blood.
courtroom. I might have wiped it off. I put the gun
Defendant Joseph Milman. Depending on who testified, Milman in a guest room under an end table,”
The week began with the testi- Howard said.
mony of three then teenagers – Jus- dence. In exchange for 10 Dilaudids, admitted shooting Hyatt and Mell; that
tin Howard and his girlfriend, Ashley Howard had previously provided the Hyatt was dead and Mell may still be He got fresh clothes for Milman.
Lawson, and friend Michael Billias. .22 semi-automatic gun he stole from alive. Billias said he did not see Milman Lawson took the pack and threw it
They offered the most damning testi- his mother, designed to intimidate with a gun. He also did not see the Dilau- in a trash can by the curb a few doors
mony based on Milman’s alleged visit Skippy if he caught the thief in the act. did handoff from Milman to Howard. away. “Justin told me it has to be
to Howard’s house not long after the Howard testified the gun did not enter thrown away implying I should do it,”
crime. The week continued with a pa- the conversation that morning. Dressed in an orange prison jump- she said. “Someone was staring at me
rade of forensic specialists from Bre- suit and cuffed, the diminutive How- and I walked away fast.”
vard County Sheriff’s Office and the Billias and Howard returned to ard testified Milman said, “Damn, dog, Police arrived the next night and
Florida Department of Law Enforce- Howard’s house where they hung out it was messy.” Howard told detectives he knew noth-
ment labs. The forensics teams failed in the bedroom, smoked weed and did ing. He also deleted any text messages.
to tie the defendant to the crime scene some more yard work. Lawson came “He might have said at one point he “I was nervous, somewhat freaking
or the weapon through either finger- over around 11 a.m. shot them. I am not 100 percent sure,” out. I was scared for Ashley.”
prints or DNA. the bespectacled Howard said. “There The state hammered its case with a
Sometime in mid-afternoon, Mil- was never a discussion of using the long list of photos of the crime scene,
The shooter wore a Halloween man showed up. They all gathered on gun to harm anyone.” the house across the street where a
mask during the incident, so Mell, the the patio. They described Milman in bleeding Mell collapsed, and Howard’s
wounded survivor on scene, could not various terms. They all agreed there Lawson did not hear Milman shoot house. Forensics ruled out sending
identify Milman by sight, only by voice was blood. And a knife. And a canvas anyone, nor did she see a gun. Billias swabs of the blood collected on Riv-
and physical stature. wanted to flee. “I was really scared. I iera Boulevard, concluding the blood
belonged to Mell or Hyatt. “There was
Howard, who supplied the murder no reason to believe the blood be-
weapon, agreed July 31 to a plea deal longed to the suspect,” Crime Scene
to second-degree murder which took Investigator Phil Miranda testified.
life in prison off the table. Other charg- The defense made much of a blood
es – first-degree attempted murder stained T-shirt worn by Pete Soracco,
and home invasion robbery – remain. who also lived in the house with Mell.
He received 10 years jail time. Sheriff’s deputies discovered Soracco
hiding behind a shed in the back yard
He, Lawson and Billias told similar, after the shooting. Soracco claims he
but not identical tales of what hap- panicked and jumped out a window
pened on Oct. 19 three years ago, after hearing gunfire. Sheriff’s Agent
which together sketch out a tick-tock Nicholas Walker testified he did not
of their somewhat imperfect recollec- notice blood on the shirt on Oct. 19 at
tion of events. Billias stopped by How- the crime scene. But he was alerted on
ard’s house on Oxford Court, north of Oct. 20 when Soracco’s shirt was col-
Indialantic. The two did some yard lected for analysis.
work then moseyed down the bike
path to Elvira Hull’s house to smoke
marijuana with Jeremy Morelli, who
lived in the house with his wife and


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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 5


Walker testified that authori- “This guy was found in the back cartridges from the .22, as well the field, Identification Unit Supervisor for
ties interviewed Soracco four times yard shortly after two people got gun hidden under a wicker stand. the Sheriff’s office, forensics got 54 latent
and found his story about jumping shot. There’s a reason why we looked fingerprints at the crime scene of which
through his bedroom window after at the blinds,” Walker said. Buccal swabs from Howard and Mil- three were of value in identifying some-
hearing the shots conflicts with the man were sent to the labs for analysis. one. Milman’s was not among them.
scene in which the blinds in the win- Armed with a search warrant, in- The weapon, cartridges and casinos
dow were not disturbed. vestigators visited Howard’s house on were tested for DNA and fingerprints. Milman was expected to testify this
Oct. 21 where they found casings and Based on the testimony of Tina Ring- week before the case goes to the jury. 

6 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


BREVARD BUDGET nities. Voters voted twice to fund these 8.06 percent increase from the almost million. The Space Coast Transporta-
programs. I help out with the barrier is- $32 million value in the current year. The tion Planning Organization rises 19.9
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 land turtle walks. Cuts could mean staff county anticipates $143.3 million in tax percent to $2.1 million.
layoffs and decreased visitation.” revenues from the rise in property values,
endemic plants and animals. an increase of $3.3 million with $1.6 mil- Emergency management expenses are
Jill Hayes, the county budget direc- The cuts for these two programs lion from new construction. EELs and down 10.75 percent to $13.5 million. The
are part of a proposed aggregate mill- parks and recreation supporters say the Fire and Rescue department budget ex-
tor, said the proposed total budget for age rate of 6.3268 for all 20 of Brevard figures provide more than enough funds pects to fall 5.2 percent to $65.9 million.
EELs expects to decrease $316,495, or County’s operating taxing districts, to keep these two programs at the same
2.63 percent. Parks and recreation’s to- compared to the current year’s 6.5919, level at the very least. The budget for public works is $129
tal budget also decreases $3.49 million, a 4.02 percent decline. With the new million, a decline of 5.56 percent over
or 5.24 percent. But the total proposed rate, the homeowner at a property val- Some other budget highlights, both 2016-17 figures.
budget presented would increase $86.5 ued at $100,000 would pay $633 in over- up and down:
million, or 8.2 percent. all county taxes. The 2017-18 taxable The Sheriff’s office budget decreases
property values in the county amount The total budget for the Natural Re- 0.7 percent. Supervisor of elections
Bo Platt of Melbourne said EELs to $34.5 billion, with $380.1 million from sources Management Department budget also falls 8.2 percent.
should be fully funded. “It’s a small new construction. This represents an increases by $16.3 million or 18.49
amount of the budget and this program percent, for a total budget of $104.7 Budget Hearings are set for Sept. 12,
sets us apart from other coastal commu- Sept. 22 and then final adoption on Sept.
26. 


STORY BY GEORGE WHITE STAFF WRITER There have been property tax in-
[email protected] creases each of her four years as city
manager, but this is the largest so far.
Increased property values mean
more money for Satellite Beach and “The problem is that we thought we
Indian Harbour Beach, enabling bud- would be able to do more with money
get discussions where Satellite Beach generated from property taxes but we
is expected to hold the line on a tax had a lots of cost increases. Most of my
increase with Indian Harbour Beach career I have worked in cities where I’ve
officials considering a small tax hike been cutting the budget. It’s nice to be
to get started on a new police head- able to give staff raises without having
quarters. to lay anybody off,’’ Barker said.

Satellite Beach’s proposed tax rate is Indian Harbour Beach officials ex-
set at 8.1518 mils, or $8.15 per 1,000 of pect to have an additional $298,000 in
taxable value – same as last year and revenues compared to prior year be-
the highest rate of all the municipali- cause of increase in property values.
ties on the south barrier island and Total assessed property valuations went
the third highest rate in the county. from $788.3 million in 2016 to the cur-
That rate will generate $461,443 addi- rent year taxable value of $844.7 mil-
tional revenue, for a total of $6.7 mil- lion, representing a 7.15 increase.
lion, because of the increase in prop-
erty values. Satellite Beach assessed “We have recovered from the reces-
property values increased 7.4 percent sion and as a result of the recovery and
from $788.9 million in 2016 to $847.3 a healthy housing market we are see-
million in 2017, which is very much in ing property values increase,’’ said City
line with the county’s overall 7.5 per- Manager Mark Ryan.
cent increase in property values.
The City Council planned to hold the
Of that amount, $144,677 will be current tax rate 5.4802 mils, however,
transferred to the city’s Community because a proposed new police head-
Redevelopment Agency, because it quarters was introduced late in the
was generated within the CRA district, budget process, the City Council set the
so the remaining $316,766 is what the maximum rate at 5.6401 mils in order to
city has to work with. It will be used generate an additional $135,000, Ryan
for staff raises, pension cost increas- said. From this point, the rate can be re-
es, healthcare increases and the 14 duced but cannot be set higher during
percent increase in Workman’s Comp the budget process.
costs, said Satellite Beach City Man-
ager Courtney Barker. “We had hoped for the (police facility
needs) study to come in earlier so then
There will be some money left over we could have included it (the new po-
for long-planned capital projects in- lice headquarters) in the budget pro-
cluding funding to make restrooms cess but it did not. If the council decides
ADA compliant in the civic center, to earmark that money for engineering
starting engineering for improvements on the new headquarters that at least
to Jackson Avenue, construction of the gets them a leg up toward potentially
Desoto (stormwater retention) pond, a building in 2018-2019,’’ Ryan said.
new vehicle for planning and zoning,
and new bunker gear for the fire depart- The additional tax money also will go
ment, she said. toward pay increases for increased po-
lice pension costs and a 3 percent raise
for city employees. 

Trees are wild at popular
Bonsai Weekend show

8 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Trees are wild at popular Bonsai Weekend show

[email protected]

Among the varied and amazing ex-
hibits at Brevard Zoo is one that stirs
emotions and sows seeds of aspira-
tion while doing nothing more excit-
ing than sitting around like a potted

The exhibit in question is curated
by the Bonsai Society of Brevard and
is on permanent loan to the Mel-
bourne zoo. The exhibit was joined
by 50 club member-owned trees in
the Nyami Nyami River Lodge last
Saturday and Sunday for the annual
and very popular Bonsai Weekend.

The show featured the exhibit as
well as demonstrations, vendors, a
chance to pick the brains of Florida
bonsai experts and even a supply
of bonsai to go, in case the desire to
micromanage a tree became over-

As with late comedian George Car-
lin’s JUMBO shrimp, bonsai tickle
that part of the brain that loves a jux-
taposed joke; a Honey-I Shrunk-the-
yard scenario achievable by anyone

with a tiny set of green thumbs and attending the monthly meetings at
a dump truck-load of patience and the Melbourne Public Library on Fee
forethought. Avenue.

“I like the really small ones. It looks “We do a business meeting for 30
like it should be this huge, enormous minutes then we do some form of
tree but it’s so small,” said Valerie bonsai activities, like demos, work-
Downs of West Palm Beach. She and shops, lectures. Membership is $20
her mother, Kristin Downs, chose for single and $25 for family,” Perdue
last weekend for an appendectomy- explained. “Everyone’s welcome to
delayed 22nd birthday celebration our meetings. You don’t have to join
specifically to see the expanded bon- to visit. We welcome all visitors.
sai exhibit.
“The zoo has invited us to use the
“We came to celebrate her birth- lodge here. It’s a great venue. It’s very
day with ziplining and when we open so there’s plenty of room. We
heard it was the Bonsai Weekend bring our trees and show them to the
we confirmed it. My husband is half public. People do come in just for the
Japanese so she’s one quarter Japa- bonsai.”
nese and she’s into the bonsai trees,”
Kristin said. “We were commenting, Luke and Whitney Seely came over
though, that it takes commitment.” from their home in Ruskin for the
zoo exhibit. “We heard about this last
“It takes a lot of time,” Valerie said. week when we were here on vacation
“You would be very upset if your and we decided to come back,” Luke
tree died,” Kristin added. Seely said. Whitney doesn’t share his
“You would get so attached to it,” passion for bonsai, but understands.
Valerie expounded. “This is impressive – a long time in
“It took so much care and commit- the making. That tree over there is
ment. You can almost feel the love 40-some-odd years old,” Luke Whit-
that a person put into it,” Kristin fin- ney said as he pointed to a weathered-
ished. looking, mighty elm in miniature.
In existence for nearly 30 years, the
society is a well of knowledge, assis- “I’ve always liked growing plants
tance, supplies and support. Presi- and vegetables. This was just another
dent Reggie Perdue and Treasurer aspect of it. I’ve got a juniper and a
Ronn Miller want hobbyists to know couple of bougainvillea. It’s a peace-
they are not alone in their endeavor ful pastime, just to relax.”
to cultivate a tabletop tree. The club
has 70 active members, with 25 to 30 For more information, visit www. or www. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 9


Bruce Hartman with Sandy Racinski. Eric and Jerlyon Andrews.

Reggie Perdue, president Brevard Bonsai Society. David Irizarry. Brayden Becker with Michael Milton.

Donnie Emenegger with Katie Boritzki. Nina Clancy with Tom Neubacher. Susan and Mark Ceskavich with Jean Smith.

Adele Boritzki and Bill Crabtree. Steve “Smitty” Smith. Christopher and Eva Bradley.

10 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Tai chi, whiz: Holistic classes enlighten at Gleason Park

STORY BY CYNTHIA VAN GAASBECK CORRESPONDENT Lea Williamson leads a qi gong warmup at Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach on Saturday morning. PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER
[email protected]

Just yards from the hustle and bus-
tle of South Patrick Drive stand devo-
tees of the yin and yang of ancient
martial arts.

Tai chi and qi gong, those slow-
motion exercises that exemplify the
Asian world’s grasp of holistic health
practices, are free for the taking every
Saturday at Gleason Park in Indian
Harbour Beach. Organized and led by
certified instructor Lea Williamson,
the informal classes empha-
size correct breathing prac-
tices while engaging in spe-
cific movements that are said
to relieve pain and improve
mental focus, among other

A small group of residents
from all over Brevard County
arrived last Saturday just be-
fore the 9:30 a.m. start. As a
donation-only class, William-
son is able to offer enlighten-
ment in one of the area’s pret-
tier city parks rather than in
an expensive and visually sterile of-

fice setting. me. I’m so grateful that I found this,”
“I love being in Gleason Park, with she said.

so many people walking by. They’re Norman Smith of Indialantic has
interested in what we are doing. I been doing tai chi for six or seven
see them stop and copy some of the years and practices every day. “I get
movements and then go on,” she said up earlier than my wife and go out
after class. on the balcony and I do an hour of tai
With a steady monologue providing
the instruction as well as the reason He began his journey while living
for a movement, Williamson warms in Tennessee. “When I came down
up her class of six, thankful for a can- here, I looked for somebody to teach it
opy of leafy branches provided by a and I found Lea about five years ago.
cluster of oaks. Six months after I started doing tai chi
every day, my blood pressure dropped
“Use your breath to gather in en- 15 points, I lost 10 or 15 pounds and
ergy. Use your breath to cleanse your just generally felt better,” Smith said.
mind and body from the top to the
bottom,” said Williamson, a practitio- “I died six months ago,” said Ed-
ner for more than 20 years. ward Weinstein of a recent health
crisis. “My daughter recommended
If that sounds a little hard to ac- tai chi for me. It saved my life. I live
complish, understand that qi gong in Palm Bay and I don’t have a vehi-
is Chinese for “working with the life cle. I had a chance to go to any other
energy.” According to Williamson, tai chi instructor. I went to these
“breath work, mindful movements, other places. There is no compari-
healing imagery and self-massage” son to her dedication. So I take a
help to increase the body’s qi. bus and I haven’t missed one class,”
he said.
Several of Williamson’s students
shared their reasons for pursuing a “I see my work as contributing to
Chinese path to wellness. the health of my community. People
need to learn to take care of them-
“Since I moved to Florida almost selves better so that they stay out of
two years ago from North Carolina, I the dysfunctional healthcare sys-
found I have cancer,” said Melbourne tem,” Williamson said.
resident Mary Lindsey. “So I went
through surgery, having part of a lung Williamson will be offering more out-
removed, and then chemo. So I was door classes when cooler weather arrives
having issues with my breathing. Like in October. Visit www.BeachsideQi-
Lea likes to call it, getting the micro- for more information. 
oxygen up into the brain helps heal

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 11


India Day festival attendees ‘United’ in love, respect

STORY BY CYNTHIA VAN GAASBECK CORRESPONDENT Shanvi Patel and Saumya Patel with Hetal Patel. PHOTOS: JULIAN LEEK Rass Fusion Group.
[email protected] Ritika Jeloka and Astha Jeloka.
Little Champs Dance Group. Rushil Shah.
Independence Day fell on a Tues-
day this year, so even though it was Gill and Badshah’s Abhi Toh Party
a national holiday, the big celebra- Shuru Hui Hai poured from the
tions waited for the weekend. At speakers and again as rapper Rafta-
least in America. At least when one is ar’s Haseeno Ka Deewana blasted off
speaking of commemorating India’s the stage and bounced around the
Aug. 15, 1947, break with the British auditorium’s concrete walls.
Among the food vendors was Mac
India Day, therefore, was held last Chavda, of Orlando’s Khasiyat. The
Saturday in the Melbourne Audito- restaurant and caterer based near
rium, bringing families and friends the Florida Mall specializes in Gu-
together for declarations of love for jarati, South Indian and Punjabi
homes past and present. vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Their
connection to the Space Coast: His
The celebration of the 70th (some father lived for a time in Titusville
insist it’s the 71st) anniversary be- and believed in the power of com-
gan with United States and India munity events. 
flag ceremonies and the singing of
both national anthems.

“India Day is a celebration of In-
dian independence from the British.
This is the 71st year and we carry
our Indian heritage here. We bring
the culture here to explore with oth-
er people around the country,” said
Jaymit Patel, president of the IASC.

People with love and respect for
both past and present filled the au-

“We had between 800 and 900
people come out tonight,” Patel said
as he listed the evening’s events:
“Flags, national anthem, U.S. and
Indian, on the stage. We had some
local Indian dancers from the differ-
ent parts of India and a performance
that teaches you how to do yoga.”

Tulsi Dashondi, 11, of West Mel-
bourne, was a member of one young
dance troupe, wearing orange cos-
tumes decorated with intricate
needlework. The boys and girls per-
formed a Garba dance from Eastern
India, her family’s birthplace. Her
parents, Amit and Rital Dashondi,
are from Gujarat, as are the majority
of Brevard County’s Indian Ameri-
cans, according to many of the eve-
ning’s participants.

Also from West Melbourne and,
more importantly, Gujarat, is Ranjan

“We go to India Fest, too. And to-
day is our India Day celebration. It’s
like our Independence Day. So we
come every year and they do dif-
ferent state dancing, like Punjabi.
South Indian and Mizoram, Gujarat.
Most of the Brevard Indians are from
Gujarat,” she said as she headed back
to her family’s table.

As happens at parties, the food
and drink were flowing freely and
the DJ was spinning mad tunes from
India’s pop charts. Children found it
difficult to remain seated as Aastha


14 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


‘Shrek the Musical’: Charming tale will win you ‘Ogre’

[email protected]

‘Shrek’ cast rehearsing a scene.


Sarah Biggs (Fiona) puts flowers around Fiona, Shrek and Donkey
Joe Tokarz’s (Shrek) neck. looking at the moon.

From costumes galore and comic diminutive overlord, to let the crea- Sterling Lovett (Donkey). ing to do it,” Heron said. “People are
physicality to delivering what the au- tures return to their home. Along the going to expect it to be done the way
dience expects and more, “Shrek the way, they meet Princess Fiona and self, accepting your differences and they expect it. I want to do a family-
Musical” may have a lot of challenges, Shrek falls in love. quirks, and knowing you will be loved friendly spectacle. It’s the way we open
but it’s worth every penny and every in return.” our season, like with ‘Beauty and the
minute spent producing it, says Steven Within this simple storyline are a Beast’ last season and ‘The Little Mer-
Heron, director at Titusville Playhouse chorus line of fairy tale characters Sarah Biggs, who studied acting at maid’ the season before that.”
where the show opened last week and and enough gags to keep you laughing Marymount Manhattan College, plays
runs through Sept. 10. from curtain to curtain. Fiona. Like Lovett, she has won Ti- We need to see the green ogre, that
tusville Playhouse audience hearts in
“It’s the perfect fairy tale in a twisted Playing Shrek is Joe Tokarz, an Eq- previous roles, especially her turn as donkey, a tiny Farquaad, a dragon, Pi-
kind of way,” he said. “It’s right up my uity actor who performs at Disney and Penny, the best friend in “Hairspray.” nocchio, three little pigs and so much
alley.” toured as Jean Valjean in “Les Mis- more.
erables.” It’s his first time in the role, “(Fiona) is not your typical prin-
First, he said, it’s funny. Then there which was played in New York by one cess,” Biggs said. “She is loud and The swamp has to be murky. The
is the beautiful love story and fairy of Broadway’s leading actors, Brian sassy, which is really fun. The hardest castle at Dulac has to be grand. The
tale creatures who impart the theme d’Arcy James. part is absolutely the stamina. She is money-shot transformation has to be
of being yourself and, as the song goes, constantly moving.” spectacular.
“Let your freak flag fly.” “Shrek is a wonderfully crafted char-
acter,” he said. “In the hands of this Of course, creating all these fantasy “It seems like a small, quaint show
“The humor in this show is exactly amazing cast, especially our Donkey, characters means a huge focus on cos- when you read it,” Heron said. “The
what you think,” said Sterling Lovett, Sterling (Lovett), I guarantee you there tumes and makeup. fairy tale creatures are only in three
who plays Donkey in the show. “It’s a will be laughs from start to finish from numbers. But it’s full spectacle show
little gassy, a little sassy, and as Shrek all our patrons.” “You’ve got to do it right if you’re go- in this small package.
says, ‘sometimes not too classy.’ But
the show is definitely full of laughter, Lovett, who is also a professional ac- “And you have to figure out a trans-
great music, and lots of fun.” tor and choreographer, won over au- formation. Oh my god. Your first read
diences as Sebastian the wise crab in you’re like ‘This is going to be a breeze.’
Based on the 2001 animated movie Titusville Playhouse’s 2015 production But it takes a lot of production value
voiced by Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy of “The Little Mermaid.” and finessing to make things land.”
and Cameron Diaz, the stage musical
debuted on Broadway in 2008. The book This is his first time in the role of So Heron rented costumes, which
and lyrics are by David Lindsay-Abaire, Donkey. It has long been a dream to do
who wrote the drama “Rabbit Hole.” this role, not only for the humor, but
The music is by Jeanine Tesori, who also the show’s message.
also wrote the music for the dramatic
musical “Fun Home,” which Titusville “The most fun thing about playing
will be producing later this season. Donkey is getting to tape into every-
thing that he is,” Lovett said. “One
Despite the dramatic gravitas of of my favorite songs in the show is
these creators, “Shrek the Musical” called ‘Freak Flag,’ and the words ‘let
delights audiences with its sweetness your freak flag wave, let your freak
and upbeat humor; and witty nods to flag fly, never take it down, raise it
the older demographic as well. way up high,’ may mean a little some-
thing different to everyone. But more
The story revolves around a green than anything, it’s about loving your-
ogre named Shrek who is perfectly
happy with his swampy lifestyle. The
peace is disturbed one day when he
discovers that, upon order of Lord Far-
quaad, a hoard of fairy tale creatures
have resettled in Shrek’s swamp.

Shrek and a reluctant sidekick, a
frightened but funny Donkey, set out
to convince Farquaad, a surprisingly

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 15


Coming Up: A ‘Great’ string concert in Cocoa

[email protected]

1 A pair of string quartets from
across the pond by two of Great

Britain’s most revered composers will

be performed by musicians from the

Portrait of ‘Shrek’ after all the makeup was applied. Space Coast Symphony this Thurs-

cost him $15,800. Shipping them day evening at Riverside Presbyterian
alone one way costs more than
$1,000. Church in Cocoa Beach. The free con-

But it’s not as easy as just throw- cert, “British Road Trip: Britten and
ing money at the problem. There are
too many moving parts. To find the Vaughan Williams,” will feature Brit-
right dragon costume, Heron went
to eight different companies, which ten’s String Quartet No. 2 and Wil-
came with rental fees ranging from
$1,600 to $8,800. He spent days find- liams’ String Quartet No. 2 in A minor.
ing the right puppets for the Puss in
Boots bit, which, he said, “lasts a hot A celebrated composer, conductor
10 seconds.”
and pianist, Britten was a “central
Shrek wears prosthetics under his
green makeup, requiring at least two figure in 20th century British classi-
hours to apply.
cal music,” according to Wikipedia,
Fiona has even more of a challenge,
which is helped in great part by the and wrote numerous operas, the best
Broadway “bible” – a book which has
the makeup plot for Sutton Foster, known among them 1954’s “The Turn
another leading Broadway actor, who
was Fiona in the Broadway show. of the Screw.” At the end of WWII,

SPOILER ALERT: Fiona has only 40 Britten toured Germany with violin-
seconds to change from Fiona to an
Ogress. ist Yehudi Menuhin to perform recit-

“She has to change costumes and als for concentration camp survivors.
put green makeup on,” Heron said. “I
keep telling the cast, ‘You guys have So moved was he by this experience
to make your lines last a little lon-
ger.’” that he wrote his Second Quartet as

OKAY, YOU CAN READ ON. soon as he returned home to Eng-
In fact, all 32 casts members have
some pretty daunting responsibili- land. In his last year, he became the ‘Woman-Made’ Exhibition.
ties. Each ensemble member plays
four to five characters. first composer to be given a life peer-
“They are constantly changing
costumes and taking makeup off and ‘British Road Trip: Britten and and scenes of 3 Live mu-
putting it on,” Heron said. “Everyone Vaughan Williams.’ Union Square, sic right
backstage is working out and getting New York; and
cardio.” Louise Nevel- smack on the
But at its heart, “Shrek” is about … son, a sculp-
well … heart. tor known for ocean is on
“I think it’s easy to hear the title monumental,
‘Shrek the Musical’ and think silli- monochromatic tap this week-
ness, and there is that,” Lovett said. wall pieces and
“But this show has so much heart. outdoor sculp- end at Cop-
“There’s not only the message of tures; as well
truly loving someone for who they as well-known Low Key. pola’s Bar and
are, flaws and all, but also knowing Central Florida
it’s okay to be yourself and every- artists. The exhibit is an overview of Grille. From 1
thing that comes along with that. “ modern art movements, from Realism
to Abstract Expressionism, and from p.m. to 5 p.m.,
“Shrek the Musical” runs through photography to sculpture. The Foosan-
Sept. 10 at Titusville Playhouse, 301 er is open Thursday through Saturday, you can kick back, grab some food
Julia St., Titusville. It performs 8 p.m. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Fridays and Saturdays and Sept. 7; and a beer or (fill in the blank), hang
and 2 p.m. Sundays and Sept. 2. Tick-
ets are $23 to $29. Call 321-268-1125 or out with pals and let that weekday BP
visit 
drop. Saturday afternoon’s music is

age. Williams was a prolific English from Low Key, an acoustic and electric
composer whose body of work during
more than 50 years includes operas, American roots band based in Vero
ballets, chamber music, secular and
religious vocal works and orchestral Beach, playing swing and country,
compositions, including nine sym-
phonies. He wrote his second string rock, blues, bluegrass, old time and
quartet during WWII, and also helped
organize lunchtime concerts at the more. On Sunday, you’ll hear the pop/
National Gallery to support the war
effort. Concert musicians are: Joni reggae/rock stylings of Lion Heart. 
Roos, violin; Cindi Qi, violin; Michael
De Jesus, viola; and Paul Fleury, cello. Funk’s Antiquary
The concert begins at 7 p.m.

2 Florida Institute of Technology’s
Foosaner Art Museum is currently

featuring “Woman-Made,” an exhibi-

tion of 80 works by 20th century female HIGHWAY MEN ART
artists curated from the museum’s col- MILITARY, JEWELRY, ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.
Thomas Funk • Call us Today (321) 427-6795
lection. The exhibition includes inter- • 1402 Highland Ave (in the Eau Gallie Arts District)
nationally known artists such as Miri-

am Schapiro, an abstract expressionist

and pioneer of feminist art; Isabel Bish-

op, who depicted American women

prestige vw

18 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



STILL WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT Conventional political wisdom says that Joe, now
74, is too old to run for president again. But Ameri-
The new house is on the edge of Cape Henlopen Global Engagement to study international issues, and can voters, it seems, don’t really care about conven-
State Park, just north of the boardwalk: three stories, the University of Delaware the Biden Institute for do- tional wisdom anymore.
six bedrooms, three fireplaces and an expansive mestic initiatives.
view of the Atlantic Ocean. So the real question is: What next?
Last – but not least – there’s a new political ac- The Biden saga reads like one of those big beach
The new owners are Joe and Jill Biden, rich for the tion committee, American Possibilities, a vehicle for novels that pepper the sand every summer. Middle-
first time in their lives, thanks to a three-book pub- raising money for Democratic candidates. class Joe makes good. There’s ambition, success,
lishing deal – two by him, one by her – that allowed hope, tragedy – but always family first. Though the
them to purchase the $2 million vacation home in And maybe for one last try at the White House in loquacious politician loves to talk about his parents
the beach town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 2020. and his wife and kids in speeches and memoirs, he
declined to be interviewed for this story.
Red, white and blue bunting hangs from the sec- Delaware’s favorite son and America’s favorite The Bidens have chosen this 144-year-old former
ond-floor balcony. There’s a small wooden sign, “A uncle decided not to run in 2016, a choice he made Methodist camp site, a quintessential beach town that
Promise Kept,” over the entrance, and two others on while he was still in mourning, and Donald Trump combines the upscale and the cheesy, for their family
either side: “Forever Jill” on one, “Beau’s Gift” on the was just a political sideshow. retreat. Joe, with at least one family member at his side,
other. One is a tribute to Joe’s wife of four decades, has been coming here for years and is a regular at the
the other to the elder Biden son, who died of brain “Do I regret not being president?” Joe said this local bookstore and ice cream shop.
cancer two years ago at age 46. spring. “Yes.” “He’s still a hometown boy,” says council member
Paul Kuhns, who is running for mayor of the town
“Throughout our careers, Jill and I have dreamed The story behind that decision – Beau’s illness, his of 1,500 full-time residents (30,000 in the summer).
of being able to buy a place at the beach at home death in May 2015, and the announcement that Oc- “That’s what a lot of people like about him. When
where we can bring the whole family,” Joe said when tober that Joe would not seek the Democratic nomi- he walks around the neighborhood, it’s not, ‘There’s
the sale made headlines earlier this summer. “We nation – is the subject of “Promise Me, Dad: A Year the vice president.’ It’s, ‘There’s Joe.’ ”
feel very lucky that we’re now able to make that hap- of Hope, Hardship and Purpose.” The memoir comes When the Bidens celebrated his birthday in Re-
pen and are looking forward to spending time with out Nov. 14, and every stop on the book tour will un- hoboth last November, they dropped by the Pond, an
our family.” doubtedly include a variation of “What if?” unpretentious sports bar with nine flat-screen TVs
and $2 Bud Lights at happy hour.
But if you think that sounds like a man ready for With Washington in chaos and the Democrats “Word spread like wildfire,” says Pond owner Pete
that golden political afterlife where time is finally without a standard-bearer, Joe Biden is arguably Borsari. “Everyone gave him a standing ovation. He
your own and nothing is on the line, you’re wrong. the most popular former vice president in history. is a beloved figure here. I would say the vast major-
Since Joe left public life in January, the Bidens have His wife got a standing ovation when she appeared ity of people love Joe.”
never been more public. as a presenter at this year’s Tony Awards. Earlier this He grew up in Scranton, Pa., but made his name in
month, there was an excited buzz when the couple Delaware, which he served as U.S. senator for 36 years,
The last six months have seen the formation of walked into Manhattan’s Music Box Theatre to see riding the train into Washington every day. In 2008, he
the Biden Foundation, a way for Joe and Jill to sup- “Dear Evan Hansen.” became President Obama’s vice president and trusted
port their pet causes, and the Biden Cancer Initiative
to honor Beau. The University of Pennsylvania inau- But there was also the recent bitter and very pub-
gurated the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and lic divorce of their younger son, Hunter, and the
scandalous news of his affair with Beau’s widow,
Hallie, a stain on the perfect family portrait.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 19


confidant. The two are so close that in January, Obama use and spent some time in rehab. This spring, he be- husband had blown a fortune on drugs, women, strip
surprised him with the Presidential Medal of Free- came tabloid fodder when he divorced his wife of 23 clubs and “other personal indulgences.” She requested
dom, the country’s highest civilian honor. years and went public with a love affair with his sister- that his access to their joint assets be limited because
in-law. Friends said that the two fell in love as they the couple had a double mortgage and owed more
Citing his “charm, candor, unabashed optimism tended to the dying Beau. than $300,000 in back taxes. She also requested sole
and deep and abiding patriotism,” Obama called custody of their teenage daughter. (The other two girls
his friend “one of the most consequential vice presi- “Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found are adults.) Hunter struck back, suggesting that it was
dents in American history, an accolade that none- the love and support we have for each other in such his wife who had been unfaithful.
theless rests firmly behind his legacy as husband, a difficult time, and that’s been obvious to the peo-
father, and grandfather.” ple who love us most,” Hunter said in a statement. It was dirty laundry flying on a flagpole, a tactic
“We’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who they quickly came to regret. But a Washington, DC,
But that storied career almost didn’t happen. have supported us every step of the way.” judge rejected their bid to make the filings private
Weeks after the 29-year-old was first elected to the retroactively, ruling that embarrassment was not
Senate in 1972, his wife and infant daughter were The relationship has the blessing of Joe and Jill, sufficient reason to seal the records.
killed in a horrific car accident while shopping for a who also released a statement: “We are all lucky that
Christmas tree. Sons Beau and Hunter, then 3 and 2, Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were The divorce was finalized in April; the family’s
were severely injured. putting their lives together after such sadness. They Washington home was listed for $1.7 million soon
have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and afterward.
Biden intended to resign his Senate seat, but con- we are happy for them.”
gressional Democrats persuaded him to stay, and he People fall in love every day, but falling in love
was sworn into office in the boys’ hospital room. The There was no mention of Hunter’s estranged wife, with a sister-in-law is rare enough to raise eyebrows.
tragedy created an unusually close bond between Joe Kathleen, a fact that didn’t play well with her friends, Hunter’s childhood friend Lea Carpenter told Peo-
and his sons, a bond unaffected by his 1977 marriage who privately complained that she had been neatly ple magazine that anyone critical of the relation-
to Jill and the birth of their daughter, Ashley. erased from the happy family portrait. ship “doesn’t understand the Biden family. Anyone
moved to judgment now has no knowledge of the
Beau was his father’s political heir: He was attor- The news of the romance leaked out in the midst grace and strength with which Hunter and Hallie
ney general of Delaware and served a year in Iraq as of a nasty divorce between Hunter and Kathleen, have navigated the last four years.”
a member of the U.S. Army National Guard. He was who have three daughters. The two officially sepa-
widely expected to run for governor or the U.S. Sen- rated in October 2015 – the same month Joe decided Hunter, who declined to be interviewed, is helping
ate, but it was not to be. In 2015, he died of brain can- not to run for president, although there’s no indica- raise his brother’s young children: his 12-year-old
cer, a disease he had been secretly battling for more tion that Hunter’s marital problems factored into niece, Natalie, and 11-year-old nephew, also named
than two years. that decision. Hunter. There are reports of a strained relationship
between Hunter’s daughters and their aunt.
The death devastated the family and kept Joe out In public court filings, Kathleen alleged that her
of the presidential race. Grief, he said in announcing So it’s unlikely that the entire Biden clan is, in fact,
that he wouldn’t challenge Hillary Clinton, “doesn’t Joe and Jill Biden on stage together. enjoying the new beach house together.
respect or much care about things like filing dead-
lines or debates and primaries and caucuses.” Hunter and Hallie have not been spotted in Re-
hoboth this summer. That doesn’t mean people
Whether the vice president could have bested the aren’t talking about them – though not to the media.
Clinton juggernaut is still up for debate. His family – es-
pecially Hunter – wanted him to run, but many of his “When I saw that, I was like ‘Wow,’ ” says Kuhns.
closest advisers cautioned that he couldn’t raise enough “What I was really surprised about is that the story
money in time. kind of came and went. If they were a controversial
family, it would be a big deal, but they’re so well-liked.
His fans in Rehoboth are convinced that was the Things happen. I think that’s how a lot of people in
wrong call. Delaware look at it.”

“Had he run, he would be president right now,” In the protective embrace of Delaware, that
says Borsari. may be true. In the wider world of politics, maybe
not so much.
And the entire Biden clan would be in the spot-
light – which can be both a blessing and a curse. Once you dream of becoming president, it’s hard
to let go. Joe has chased that elusive prize for more
The triumphs and the tragedies are real, but as in than three decades, and missed his best chance in
a novel, everything is more dramatic and a bit ro- 2016 for the worst possible reasons. He’s made no se-
manticized in the telling. cret of the fact that he thought Clinton ran a terrible
campaign and that he believes he could have beaten
Joe loves to tell audiences that Jill had no interest Donald Trump.
in politics when they met, but he never says that she
worked in his Senate office for five months before they Is he too old for 2020?
married. He ended his 1987 presidential campaign “Joe Biden has always been a man with bound-
amid charges of having plagiarized a speech by Brit- less energy, and he’ll never quit,” says Bruce Reed,
ish politician Neil Kinnock, something he now claims his former chief of staff. “He would be doing all he’s
he never did. There’s nothing about his controversial doing no matter what his plans are. He’s not the re-
role overseeing the Clarence Thomas confirmation tiring kind.”
hearings in his 2007 memoir, “Promises to Keep: On For now, it’s all talk, the endless stream of specu-
Life and Politics.” lation and desperation that drives cable news 24-7.
“I have no intention of running for president, but
And so it is with the Biden sons. If Beau could do I’m a great respecter of fate,” Joe told NPR. “I don’t
no wrong (“the finest man I’ve ever known in my life,” have any plans to do it, but I’m not promising I
says Joe), his younger brother has struggled – but with wouldn’t do it.”
his father always in his corner. If Joe chooses the role of elder statesman, his fam-
ily’s private life will probably be – for the most part
“We have an expression in our family: ‘If you have – old news.
to ask for help, it’s too late,’ ” Joe told Popular Mechan- If, on the other hand, Team Biden takes one last
ics last year. “We’re there for each other.” swing at the presidency, his entire family will be
scrutinized, judged and otherwise pushed into the
“We don’t have a complicated relationship,” Hunt- spotlight – including Hunter and Hallie.
er said in the interview. “I know that no matter what, The new conventional wisdom, one the public
he loves me, and no matter what, I love him more does seem to accept: You don’t elect just a president.
than anything in the world.” You elect a president’s family, too. 

Hunter, 47, is the second son, with all the baggage
that comes with having a perfect older brother. He has
bounced from law to banking to lobbying. In 2014, he
was kicked out of the U.S. Naval Reserves for cocaine

Four vaccines are recommended for preteens and teens. Both should
Last time we covered the history of vaccines. By the beginning get a flu vaccine every year. Preteens should also receive protection
of the 21st century, strategic vaccination campaigns had virtually against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough); the menin-
eliminated diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, poliomy- gococcal vaccine; and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.
elitis and smallpox.
Today, thanks to vaccinations against childhood diseases, many Protection from vaccines received as a child can wear off over
young families are spared from many preventable diseases. Vac- time, and adults may be at risk for new and different diseases.
cinations also prevent teen and adult-prone diseases. Some immu- The specific vaccines you need as an adult are determined by
nizations are needed only one time; others require several doses factors such as your age, job, lifestyle, health conditions, locations
over time to help your body fight the disease and build immunity. of travel, and vaccines you’ve received in the past.
Immunizations to consider include:
According to the World Health Organization, vaccines prevent  Seasonal influenza (flu) for all adults
between two and three million deaths around the world every  Pertussis (whooping cough) for all adults who have not
year. Not only do vaccines help the body build up resistance to previously received the Tdap vaccine and for women dur
potentially fatal infectious diseases, they also make a person less ing each pregnancy
likely to pass one of those diseases onto someone else. Unvac-  Tetanus and diphtheria every 10 years following Tdap vaccine
cinated children and adults can spread disease to those who are  Shingles for adults 60 years and older
too young or too medically fragile to be immunized. That means  Pneumococcal disease for adults 65 years and older and
missing even one shot could not only endanger a person’s life, adults younger than 65 who have specific health conditions
but the lives of others around them. Other vaccinations to consider are those that protect against
human papillomavirus (which can cause certain cancers), menin-
WHAT VACCINATIONS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN? gococcal disease, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, chickenpox (varicella) and
The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy measles, mumps and rubella.
of Family Physicians and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) rec- For more information, go to the Centers for Disease website at
ommend children between birth and age six receive immuniza- 
tions for 14 different diseases. Although some diseases being Your comments and suggestions for future topics are always
vaccinated against are now extremely rare in the United States, welcome. Email us at [email protected].
they can quickly begin to appear again if vaccination rates drop.
For example, in 2000, measles was considered eradicated in the © 2017 Vero Beach 32963 Media, all rights reserved
U.S. Since then, however, immunization rates dropped resulting
in recent mumps and measles outbreaks.


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Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 21


In 2002, at the end of a festive Janu- all this simply to establish Oscar Wilde wrote “The Picture of ential radio scripts of the 1930s and
ary evening, I was made a member of my bona fides in saying that Dorian Gray” and Arthur Conan ’40s written by Edith Meiser, the per-
the Baker Street Irregulars, a literary Mattias Bostrom’s “From Doyle produced “The Sign of the formances of Holmesian actors Eille
society devoted to Sherlock Holmes. Holmes to Sherlock” is the Four” (1890). Norwood, Basil Rathbone, Douglas
As part of what is called an investiture, best account of Baker Street Wilmer and Jeremy Brett, and the
a new Irregular is assigned an alias mania ever written. Really. Inconceivable as it now seems, that phenomenon – as novel and film –
– a name or phrase drawn from the thrilling novel still didn’t make Holmes of Nicholas Meyer’s “The Seven Per-
60 canonical adventures recounted, That said, it’s important a household name. Conan Doyle re- Cent Solution.” Not least, he briefly
somewhat sensationally, by Dr. John to clarify what Bostrom, turned to other projects, mainly histor- discusses the genesis of the two im-
H. Watson. Quite frequently, these himself a Swedish member ical fiction, but in 1891 decided to sub- mensely popular contemporary in-
names are keyed to one’s profession, of the BSI, has and hasn’t mit stories featuring his sleuth to the terpretations of the great detective,
as is mine: Langdale Pike. Some read- done. He doesn’t provide a Strand magazine. The first, “A Scandal “Sherlock” and “Elementary.”
ers may recall that Pike is a newspa- full-scale life of Sir Arthur in Bohemia,” opened with Watson’s
per gossip columnist who appears in Conan Doyle – for that you now-immortal sentence about Irene Bostrom also follows the money.
arguably the worst Sherlock Holmes should look to the biogra- Adler: “To Sherlock Holmes she is al- Many chapters – some quite funny
story, “The Three Gables.” phies by Daniel Stashower ways the woman.” Soon thereafter, – depict the shenanigans of Conan
or Andrew Lycett. Neither Baker Street mania began to sweep Doyle’s playboy sons, Denis and
In the 15 years since that glorious does he offer any commen- England and then the world. Adrian, as they try to squeeze every
night I’ve gone on to review scholar- tary on the novels and sto- penny possible out of their father’s
ship about the great detective and his ries – for such illumination As Bostrom proceeds, he tells us creation. These pages revel in ac-
creator, introduce a Penguin paper- you should turn to Leslie about Sidney Paget, whose illustra- counts of crafty agents, intricate le-
back of the four Sherlock Holmes nov- S. Klinger’s three-volume tions first depicted Holmes in the gal suits and soap-operatic goings-
els and even bring out a small book “New Annotated Sherlock Strand, and the American actor Wil- on worthy of reality TV.
called “On Conan Doyle.” I mention Holmes,” which gathers liam Gillette, who brought the de-
together decades of highly tective to life on the stage and then “From Holmes to Sherlock,” then,
ingenious speculation, or provided a model for the more hand- is more than a treat, it’s a smorgas-
consult the more sober in- some, romantic-looking figure paint- bord. There are sections about the
troductions and scholarly ed by Frederic Dorr Steele for Collier’s legendary Adventuresses of Sherlock
notes to the nine-volume Weekly magazine. In 1911, Oxford un- Holmes and the birth of the Baker
“Oxford Sherlock Holmes.” dergraduate Ronald Knox presented Street Babes. We learn about the gen-
But what Bostrom has accomplished his groundbreaking lecture “Studies erosity of Conan Doyle’s most sen-
supremely well is to relate, as his sub- in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes,” sible child, Dame Jean Conan Doyle,
title proclaims, “the story of the men and during the 1920s and ’30s, Sat- and the treasures acquired by the
and women who created an icon.” urday Review journalist Christopher much-loved English collector Rich-
In effect, he shows us how Sherlock Morley established various dining ard Lancelyn Green. Bostrom even
Holmes enchanted the world. clubs, one of which would give rise to mentions various specialty publish-
Bostrom first focuses on the origins the Baker Street Irregulars. In those ers, including Gasogene Books, for
of the detective, largely modeled af- same decades, mock-serious scholar- which he and Matt Laffey have been
ter a brilliant medical diagnostician ship began to proliferate, spearhead- compiling “Sherlock Holmes and
named Dr. Joseph Bell, who had been ed by Vincent Starrett’s “The Private Conan Doyle in the Newspapers,” an
Conan Doyle’s teacher at the Univer- Life of Sherlock Holmes” (1933), while ongoing series of archival volumes
sity of Edinburgh. He then reminds in the years after World War II the reprinting hundreds of early reviews
us that, after the comparatively luke- mortician John Bennett Shaw would and articles about the detective, a
warm reception of “A Study in Scar- gradually emerge as the greatest true labor of love – like so much that
let” (1887), we might never have had American collector of Sherlockiana goes on in the Sherlockian world. 
any further knowledge of Holmes and – and an eventual mentor to young
Watson if Joseph M. Stoddart hadn’t Mitch Cullin, whose novel “A Slight FROM HOLMES TO SHERLOCK
come to London to commission short Trick of the Mind” would be filmed as The Story of the Men and Women who
novels for Lippincott’s Monthly Mag- “Mr. Holmes.”
azine. Over dinner at the Langham Created an Icon
Hotel, the American publisher signed In fact, Bostrom closely tracks the By Mattias Bostrom
contracts with his two young guests: almost innumerable dramatic inter- Translated from the Swedish by Michael Gallagher
pretations of Holmes and Watson. He The Mysterious Press. 597 pp. $28
describes early silent films, the influ- Review by Michael Dirda
The Washington Post


A 1. The Late Show 1. Make Your Bed 1. Double Down (Diary of a
T 2. Barely Legal 2. Best. State. Ever 3. The Day the Crayons Quit

3. The Paris Spy 3. An Ice Age Mystery 4. The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to
5. We're All Wonders BY R.J. PALACIO
4. The Last Tudor 4. Killers of the Flower Moon


5. Cocoa Beach 5. The Swamp BY ERIC BOLLING


DNELSON DEMILLE WILLIAM KENT KRUEGER 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |
EAutograph line tickets with book purchases SULFER SPRINGS

Sfrom the Vero Beach Book Center. Simon & Schuster Publishing

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22 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz meets Murphy, one of Brevard’s Finest (pooches)

Hi Dog Buddies! cer but, for some reason, Thank any- cil.) Every so often, Murphy’d
Lassie!, I got picked!” body, which is why stop and roll on the carpet. We
I’ve said it before an I’m sayin’ it I’m good at my job. It just comes popped into one office after an-
again: I’m One Lucky Dog! Evry week “Pawsome! So, then what natch-ral. I still get excited the minute other, and Murphy and Agent
I meet a new, inneresting pooch pal happened?” we turn into the parking lot. Cyndi introduced us to their
and learn a buncha new stuff. “When I have a break, I make Daily
“I was assigned to be Agent Rounds. Everybody has snacks, an fellow agents. All of ’em except
This week, for example, I met Mur- Cyndi’s partner (I call her that I know where they’re stashed. That Murphy was human.
phy Young, who’s an agent with the at work.) We went through train- comes natch-ral, too. Sometimes I
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Spe- ing as a TEAM. We learned how catch a ride on the el- He sure wasn’t woofin’
cial Victims Unit. No Woof! We met to work together; an how we can when he said he knew where
at Murphy’s office an, while me an help liddle humans and some- all the treats were kept. “This
my assistant sat in the reception area times grown-up ones, too, who is Megan,” Murphy said.
waiting for Murphy an his partner, I have had bad, scary stuff happen “Watch! I’m training her.” He
was feelin’ a little shaky-paws. I’d met to ’em. My specialty is workin’ with
a few other dogs in law enforcement the liddle humans. While Agent sat smack in front of a file
and they were all Big, Impressive, Cyndi talks to ’em, I’m right there cabinet and bopped the pull
Super-Serious German Shepherds or bein’ frenly and snuggly, an giving with his paw. Megan opened
Malinois or like that. ’em gentle little nose bumps. With the drawer, reached in and
older kids or even grown-ups, I ush- produced a treat. Murphy
Well, the Official Door opened and ully sit in their laps. Or on their feet. wagged a thank you and
in trotted this fluffy middle-sized Pretty soon, they start pattin’ me, an said, as he munched, “Wug woo wike
white poocheroo, wearin’ a green uni- they’re more relaxed, not so nervous wud?”
form vest with a gold badge. He was or scared. We’re right there with ’em “No thanks. I’m on the clock,” I
very neat and had real good posture. from the crime scene to the court- said, following the happily munch-
Super-Serious he was NOT. He had a room! Honestly, Bonzo,” he got real ing Agent Murphy down the hall. We
big smile and an even bigger person- serious. “You wouldn’t buh-LIEVE met Alan an Carlos an Amy. There
ality, and came right up for the Wag- what some humans do to other hu- were Saltines from Cynthia and low-
and-Sniff. mans.” fat snacks from Joan (after Murphy
guessed which hand).
“It’s a pleasure, Agent Murphy.” “Woof!” was all I could say. At the end of the hallway, we
“Likewise! It’s Bonzo, right? Please “I’ll never forget my first day at met Wolfgang and Harry. Mur-
call me Murphy. An this is my work,” Murphy con- phy admitted he sometimes
partner (an my Mom), Cyndi, jumps into their laps during
she’s an Agent, too. We can yap Agent Murphy. PHOTO BENJAMIN THACKER lunch. “They have the Good
back in our office.” Stuff.” We stopped in the
There were pickshurs of Mur- tinued. “It was super evator, so I can check lunch room, which smelled
phy and clippings and impres- exciting. I got my uniform, an badge, out what’s good upstairs. Come’on, I’ll duh-licious. (It was hard not
sive certificates on the walls an and a OFFice, an I met my fellow of- introduce you!” to drool, which would’ve
shelves. When we got settled, ficers. Mom says I can get along with been unprofessional.) Every-
Murphy said, “I expect you wan- We took off down the hall at a brisk body around the long table
na know exactly what I do, an trot. (Well, not so brisk for me since I greeted Murphy. I’m pretty
how a pooch like me got a job like was carrying my notebook and pen- sure his tail didn’t stop wag-
this.” ging the entire time.
“Exactly!” Don’t be shy!
“First thing I really remember is, We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up “What’s home life like?”
back in 2015, bein’ left at the coun- an interview, please email [email protected]. “I mostly just relax,
ty shelter. The humans there were snooze in the sun, play
nice, even though they didn’t know with my toys, chase the oc-
anything about me. I don’t mind ad- casional butterfly (never
mitting I was Worried. I’m real fren- catch ’em). And hang out
ly by nature, but at that time, I didn’t with Mom an my big sis-
have any friends, dog or human. Or ter Perry, from Georgia.
even cat. But here’s the Cool Kibbles She’s an English Bull-
part: Around the same time, the Bre- dog rescue. She wasn’t
vard Sheriff’s Office SVU was lookin’ thrilled with me at first,
for Just The Right Dog for their bran- but I finally won her over.”
new Therapy Dog Program. The pilot “I’m impressed, Agent Murphy.”
program, with a pooch named Primus “Thanks! I love my job. But we’ll
Puggie, was a big success, an they de- probly be retiring in a coupla years.”
cided to adopt it permanently. The “Well, whatever pooch they pick to
new pooch would be assigned to a hu- replace you will have big pawprints to
man SVU agent and they’d go through fill,” I said sincerely.
a special training course at what they Heading home, I was still thinking
call Paws and Stripes College. (That’s about Murphy and his very important
a whole ’nother story.) job. Yep, those’ll hafta be Really Big
Well, Bonzo, obviously I couldn’t Paws.
look LESS like a law enforcement offi-
-The Bonz

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 23


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Hungarian-American biochemist and Nobel Prize winner who shot WEST KQ EAST
himself in the arm during World War I so that he could finish his medical studies, said, A K Q 10 4 A765 73
“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something J2 K J 10 10 9 7 6 3
different.” Q98 42
653 SOUTH 9842
In bridge, if everyone had the same thoughts, the bidding and play of a given deal would J6
always be the same. But, of course, that doesn’t happen. Also, several deals give both A854
sides, declarer and the defense, a chance to do something clever. K J 10 3
Today, we will look at the declarer-play in this deal. Tomorrow, we will turn to the
defenders. South is in five diamonds. How should he plan the play after West cashes two Dealer: West; Vulnerable: Both
spade tricks, then shifts to a heart?
The Bidding:
The bidding was complicated. North had to pass on the first round because he had no
five-card suit and was too short in hearts for a takeout double. North’s second-round SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
two-spade cue-bid showed a strong hand: at least a good 12 points opposite South’s 1 Spades Pass Pass
balancing double. North’s three-spade cue-bid was an unsuccessful attempt to get into Dbl. Pass 2 Spades Pass LEAD:
three no-trump. 3 Diamonds Pass 3 Spades Pass A Spades
4 Hearts Pass 5 Diamonds All Pass
To make the contract, South had to play the trump suit without loss. Who had the diamond

Declarer counted up the high-card points. He had 15, and dummy held 13. That left only
12 outstanding, but since West had opened the bidding, he had to have the diamond

South played a diamond to his king at trick four, then ran the diamond jack through West.
When that won, declarer drew the last trump and claimed.

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24 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly



7 Citrus soft drink (8) 1 Pause (8)
8 Stove (4) 2 Well-mannered (6)
9 Split (6) 3 Thin biscuit (5)
10 Pact (6) 4 Aspect (7)
11 Female horses (5) 5 Works of fiction (6)
12 Flourish (7) 6 Citrus peel (4)
15 Quill (7) 13 Style (8)
17 Strong point (5) 14 Impartial (7)
20 Agree (6) 16 Dozen plus eight (6)
22 Desk (6) 18 Partition (6)
23 Smudge (4) 19 Home (5)
24 Spectators (8) 21 Alone (4)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 25


ACROSS 79 NL Western 7 Little one 68 Drink with rarebit The Washington Post
Division player 8 Island where 69 Stranger
1 “___ in ‘apple’ ” 72 Egypt’s Port ___
4 La Prensa article? 81 Most exalted, in Marcos died 76 Swan lady
7 Carry Mexico 9 Very, non? 78 Charley horse
11 Antique 10 Actresses Best 80 Italian film
16 ... a Hart to Hart 84 “Holy moly!”
86 Monterrey uncle and Purviance producer’s
star acting a little 87 French 11 Teak alternative first name
wooden? 12 Goddess of 81 Go out with
19 Delphi know-it-all possessive 82 Vehicle fleet,
21 ... a Today show 88 “___ think so” discord on the base
host 90 ... the Impaler 13 Early man? 83 In a burdensome
in a fowl mood? 14 Really cheap, manner
22 Pitching style looking 85 Earthiest,
24 Result of a sap a little battered? as a stamp as language
judgment 94 Gat 15 ... a Bloom in 87 Air lanes
25 Relation 95 Moths with wing 89 ___ l’oeil
26 Grammarian’s eyespots wet soil? 90 Volunteer org.
gripes, perhaps 96 Town near Caen, 17 A long way estab. in ’64
28 Perfect square France 18 Sidelined 91 Poet Amy or
29 Giant star 97 Satisfactory 20 Verdi opera Robert
30 Weather eye 98 Dog or scoundrel 21 She had hissy hair 92 Decant
32 Pen mom 99 Sutter’s Mill find, 23 Rescue reward 93 Its mbrs. get free
33 Valued violin to Luis 27 Alchemist’s quest maps
34 L.A. campus 100 Bumbling bunch? 30 Megadeath 94 Shade
35 Sizzling site 102 Claw-foot item 98 Like fresh celery
36 A few laughs 104 Hawn-Gibson film, madness 101 Role for Valerie
39 Actress Falana Bird on ___ 31 Taken, in a way 103 Buffalo
41 Queen Victoria’s 106 Not to 33 Name in N.Y.C. 105 Singer of sewing
granddaughter 107 Cal or Texas fame
42 Mill man follower restaurant lore 106 Pays
44 ... a Cheers star 108 Watergate judge 35 Donna of 108 Hook’s sidekick
acting like a stud? 111 “___ said before 109 Roman statesman
47 Plants used in ...” Saturday Night 110 Member of the
shampoos 112 High, shallow fly Fever and TV’s chorus
48 Smidge ball Angie 112 Movie ratings
49 Headstone 113 Help-offering 37 ... an ex-candidate 114 Take all the
inscription comment being taken for marbles
50 Surfer’s pals 115 ... an actress granite? 116 “Mighty ___ a
51 Trailer puller saying, “You like 38 Land east of the Rose”
53 “Thereby hangs me (honk!), you Urals 117 Invisible cushion?
___” really like me”? 40 Ruins through
55 Erechtheum 118 Home Journal bungling AT THE COSTUME BALL THERE WAS... By Merl Reagle
esses readership 43 Duck or color Simulcast Wagering
58 Cable car’s 119 ... a baseball star 44 Roof sealant Doors Open @ 11:45
turnaround of high caliber? 45 Poise
59 Na Na preceder 120 Painter Édouard 46 Photo originals
60 Grimm grotesque 121 Secluded corner 48 Hitchcock film
62 Tokyo sport 122 Lili St. ___ 52 Plaything place
63 By way of 123 Roguish 53 “So!”
66 ... actress Jane in 54 Mind’s I
a cheesy outfit? DOWN 56 Guy de
70 Ft. ___, N.J. 1 Consequently Maupassant
71 Staring pair 2 Magnet or rogue, Bel ___
73 Drug VIP 57 Name of two
74 Yug. neighbor pheromone baseball teams
75 Firepower? 3 Author Anya 59 Layers
77 1940 tune, “___ 4 Music notes 61 Groucho in Duck
Cannonball” 5 Bullet-train taker, Soup, ___ T.
perhaps 63 Take an oath
6 “I ___ with my 64 Mad About You
own eyes!” 65 ... a columnist
wouldn’t talk?
67 Listening device






The Telegraph EXIT 183 OFF I-95 MELBOURNE


321-259-9800 • MGPARK.COM

26 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Marriage mess created by one wrong after another

STORY BY CAROLYN HAX THE WASHINGTON POST you were profoundly invested in someone else. Cheating on her was wrong, too, but that seems
Having kids with her would be wrong because to be the one wrong you’re aware(ish) of.
Dear Carolyn: My wife and I
got married two years ago. Even marrying her was wrong. Still, the bigger wrong was to follow through on
though we had been together for some misguided, dutiful impulse to marry someone
a long time, I was extremely re- you didn’t (and still don’t) want, even as every cell
luctant to take the plunge. She’s in your body gave you the message that this wasn’t
smart and kind and beautiful, but the right woman for you, and when all of those cells
I’ve just never felt “it” for her. were regularly in bed with a different woman who
apparently was/is at least closer to being right for
About three years ago, I began you. You’re several years in and you continue to re-
an affair with my old ex from uni- sist that message, even as smart + kind + beautiful
versity. It caught me in a cycle of has stubbornly refused to = love. You’re committing
desire, guilt and rationalization, which continued one of the most serious emotional crimes there is:
through my wedding. Now that we’ve been “just Cheating? No. Wasting her time.
friends” for a while, she is beginning to fade out of
my life, but I still think about her incessantly and I can’t speak for your wife, but if I were in this
have a constant heartache in the (admittedly rela- marriage, I would want the truth so that I could get
tively short) periods when I don’t hear from her. out as soon as possible and get on with the busi-
I have not told my wife about her, but I’m sure she ness of building a new life on terms that are not
knows that something’s been going on. My wife is secretly undermining me. Threat to life and limb
beginning to talk about having kids, but I feel that aside, I can’t think of anything worse than living
would be wrong while the Other Woman is still in the with someone who doesn’t really want me there.
Still, every time I try to push her away, I keep Because there’s such a large gap between what
thinking that I’m making a terrible mistake and that suits you and what you actually do, and between
she’s the one I should be with. How will I ever know? what decency demands and what you actually do,
– In Doubt please give a hard think to counseling. A good
therapist could help you understand your own
In Doubt: “Having kids … would be wrong while impulses, which could then bring some badly
the Other Woman is still in the picture”? needed alignment to what you think, feel and do
– which could then help you clean up this three-
No, having kids would be wrong because you person mess you’ve made instead of, yikes, add-
never felt “it” for your wife and married her while ing more people to it. 

‘See’ food:
How your eyes benefit
from good nutrition

28 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


‘See’ food: How your eyes benefit from good nutrition

STORY BY LYN DOWLING CORRESPONDENT Dr. Deborah Consbruck with Tracy Warner. PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER thin, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, for
[email protected] the treatment of AMD, which, accord-
good nutrition is crucial for eye health of the American Medical Association. ing to the National Institutes of Health
Remember how your grandmother has been borne out by research like Responsible for what professionals (NIH), will affect more than 3 million
told you that certain foods are good that carried out for the Department Americans by 2020.
for the eyes? Granny was right. Ask Dr. of Health and Human Services and call the “AREDS formulation,” it stud-
Deborah Consbruck, an optometrist National Eye Institute’s (NEI) Age-Re- ied and recommends foods that have “Certain recommendations and
with Florida Eye Associates in Mel- lated Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS 2), positive effects on the eyes. Among guidelines came out of AREDS 2, par-
bourne. published two years ago in the Journal other things, it assessed the effects of ticularly with regard to Omega-3s,
oral supplements lutein and zeaxan- that were pretty specific. These are
“Dietary options can be helpful to things people want to know,” she said.
reduce the risk of certain eye condi-
tions, including diabetes, dry eye, age- Researchers believe the presence
related macular degeneration (AMD) of lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zea-
and inflammatory conditions like iri- xanthin in the macula, near the cen-
tis,” she said. ter of the retina, block blue light from
reaching parts of the retina, thereby
Consbruck speaks with authority reducing the risk of damage that could
about such matters because she also is lead to macular degeneration. Supple-
a registered dietician with a master’s menting the diet with them is thought
degree in food science from Florida to increase protection.
State University, and so her patients
may get friendly, though not formal, Omega-3s are believed to be re-
advice about nutrition as well as tradi- sponsible for lower rates of cardiovas-
tional treatments, depending on their cular disease and the study focused
conditions. on the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and
EPA, the former of which is needed for
“I do not treat them as a dietician the integrity of the retinal cells. It has
or do a full-blown nutritional assess- been shown to promote retinal devel-
ment, but tell them what supplements opment and repair in prior studies,
or dietary options would be helpful according to NEI.
(for their conditions),” she said.
Treatment for dry eye disease, de-
Consbruck’s long-held belief that


At Collins & Montz, DMD, we will focus on improving every aspect of
your smile for optimal appearance, function, and comfort through
our general family dentistry, and restorative procedures such as dental
implants. Our comprehensive range of services and dedication of
quality set us apart. Call today to schedule your appointment.



Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 29


fined by NIH as “a multifactorial dis- ample, green leafy vegetables should also has a master’s degree in informa- that optometry is an integral part of
ease of the tears and ocular surface not be increased for those on certain tion technology and worked in that overall health care.
that results in symptoms of discom- blood thinners because Vitamin K in field for Procter & Gamble, is with a
fort, visual disturbance and tear film these vegetables interferes with Cou- practice like Florida Eye Associates. “Perfect optometry is to blend dif-
instability with potential damage to madin (Warfarin) and other (antico- ferent kinds of care, to see the whole
the ocular surface,” also has a nutri- agulants).” “I don’t have to leave the building picture. I will pick up the phone and
tional component, and it too involves to consult with an ophthalmologist; call a patient’s primary care doc-
Omega-3s, sources of which are cold- Likewise, too much vitamin C can he or she is right down the hall,” she tor … because a lot of conditions do
water fatty fish as well as supplements. cause kidney dysfunction; and con- said. “I see everybody. I do general overlap, like iritis and inflammatory
suming too much zinc may be asso- optometry, which means I see pa- bowel disease. Another example is a
Consbruck’s explanation of how it ciated with Alzheimer’s, increased tients who need everything up to sur- thing we see at the back of the eye, a
works is far simpler: “You need a one- genitourinary (problems) and cop- gery, and refer some. For example, we ‘freckle’ that is associated with (gas-
to-one ratio between Omega 6 (ol- per-deficiency anemia, and may in- might refer younger people with bin- trointestinal) polyps.”
ive oil, eggs and meat) and Omega 3 hibit absorption of certain antibiotics. ocular vision impairment issues, or
(salmon, tuna, herring and flaxseed). Thus, dosages must be carefully con- if retinal surgery is required. We can Consbruck, a genial woman,
Americans tend to have too high sidered and monitored. do that within the Florida Eye Associ- chuckled.
Omega 6 to Omega 3, a ratio of four to ates group.”
one.” That also relates to why an optom- “That’s where that dietician thing
etrist-dietician like Consbruck, who It also ties in with her conviction comes in,” she said. “It really can
There also are flavonoids and stil- come in handy.” 
benoids, including antioxidants like
resveratrol, which has been in the
news (and advertising) so frequently
in recent years.

“Resveratrol is a stilbenoid, a type of
natural phenol … produced by several
plants in response to injury, or when
the plant is under attack by pathogens
such as bacteria or fungi,” she said.
“Sources of resveratrol in foods in-
clude the skins of grapes, blueberries,
raspberries and mulberries. Red wine
and other flavonoids serve as antioxi-
dants that stop free radicals.”

That relates to the eye because gan-
glion cells in the retina produce free
radicals and free radicals can cause
disease. Antioxidants stop the cycle.

Consbruck also addresses snacking

“Nuts are much better (than typi-
cal snack foods) for macular health,”
she said. “We’ve always thought so but
didn’t know why. Now we have it doc-
umented … Snacks for diabetic pa-
tients also should reduce sugar: more
protein sources and nuts, not crackers
or chips.”

And then there is what Consbruck
calls “the inflammatory lifestyle,” in
which inflammation may be fueled
by certain foods, including an over-
abundance of dairy products, sugars,
grain-fed meats, refined grains, tropi-
cal fruits and “bad fats,” she believes.

“The inflammatory lifestyle may
cause migraines, psoriasis, asthma,
chronic fatigue and Alzheimer’s, and
spices such as turmeric and cinna-
mon have anti-inflammatory proper-
ties,” she said, and explained how that
relates to eyes: “Inflammatory mark-
ers are measured for patients with re-
current iritis to determine the etiology
(cause of the condition). Conditions
such as inflammatory bowel disease,
lupus, sarcoidosis and tuberculosis
can cause recurring iritis.”

Dietary changes or additions should
not be jumped into without medical
advice and monitoring however.

“Always consult your physician be-
fore making changes to your nutrition
regimen,” Consbruck said. “For ex-

30 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bunky’s Seafood Grill: It’s game on for good grub!

REVIEW BY LISA ZAHNER STAFF WRITER Buffalo Wings. butter, fries and cole slaw, which our
[email protected] server Madelynn graciously let us swap
out for a small salad. The seafood pasta
Football season is finally upon us, was a very generous portion, served in
and Bunky’s in the Village Shoppes of a large bowl. The lobster and grilled
Paradise Beach is one of the friendli- scallops were excellent, the sauce also
est places to catch the game and enjoy has grilled shrimp in a lobster cream
some good grub. sauce, served over penne. This is a very
rich and heavy dish. I probably took
Now I’m a lifelong Miami Dolphins two-thirds of it home. On a future trip,
fan, so my solemn prayer each August I would just order the tasty grilled scal-
is that my team doesn’t embarrass itself lops or the lobster and skip the pasta
too badly, and that nobody gets arrested and cream sauce.
on felony charges. Misdemeanors hap-
pen. And my college is the Florida Atlan- We didn’t try any of the desserts.
tic University Burrowing Owls – nope, Dinner at Bunky’s with an appetizer
I just can’t root for a team named after and one adult beverage will run you
the feisty, hooting birds that used to lurk $50-$60 plus tip. Beers and wings for
around campus and make my walks to the game would cost $20 to $25 per per-
the parking lot from night classes feel
Fish and Chips.

like a scene from “The Blair Witch Proj- taurant or the bar. The interior is very experience. If you’ve never been to son plus tip, not bad for the experience
ect.” So I pretend to be a Seminole for of watching the thrill of victory and the
football season. And a Chicago Bears fan nautical, beachy, comfortable and kid- Bunky’s before, be prepared to take a agony of defeat with a lively and local
in solidarity with my dozens of Chi-town beachside crowd.
cousins if the Dolphins are too pathetic. friendly with wooden tables, tanks of good 10 minutes going over the menu
We encourage you to send feedback to
Whomever you’re pulling for, pro or live sea critters and an impressive col- – it’s huge. [email protected].
college, Bunky’s very likely has your
game on one of its 16 high-definition, lection of license plates and miscel- There are freshly shucked oysters The reviewer is a barrier island resi-
flat-screen televisions. They are literally dent who dines anonymously at restau-
visible from every seat in the res- lany. Those visiting our fair island from served on ice on the half shell, plus rants at the expense of this newspaper. 

someplace else might want to pick up clams and mussels and shrimp, salads HOURS
Sun.- Thurs. 11 am - 10 pm,
one of Bunky’s famous “Get Shucked” and chowders and appetizers, platters Fri. and Sat. 11 am- 11 pm

T-shirts to remember the experience. and bowls and sandwiches and desserts. BEVERAGES
Full bar
I say the experience because Bunky’s There’s even a tempting-looking brunch
is truly a seafood menu and a selection of $5 kids’ entrees. 2372 Hwy A1A,

Though the wings and fried sea- Indialantic
food we saw coming out of the kitchen (321)777-2526

looked yummy, we decided to try some-

thing a little lighter and ordered lettuce

wraps ($9.99). If you don’t mind playing

with your food, these are tasty. Crisp

Romaine is served with a filling of

grilled chicken breast, cucumber,

tomato, red onion and sesame

seeds, finely chopped served with

teriyaki soy glaze & Thai peanut

sauce. A great choice if you’re on a

low-carb diet. I washed the wraps

down with a bottle of Angry Or-

chard cider ($4.25)

Bunky’s has 17 domestic and one

imported beer (Stella) on tap, but sadly

nothing dark, and no hard cider. They

have a decent wine list and a full bar, so

the drink possibilities are endless.

For entrees, we ordered the half-

pound of snow crab legs ($13.99) and

Fresh Oysters. the seafood pasta ($23.99). The crab

PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN THACKER was sweet and fresh, served with drawn

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 31


32 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


ONGOING 26 New play reading of The Assembled 27 Concealed weapons license and firearms a.m. with music and snacks, then guest speakers
Parties by Richard Greenberg, 2 p.m. training course, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at OnTar- and an opportunity to share stories and feelings
Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4 at Melbourne Civic Theatre, at Le Galerie, 817 get, 57 Ocean Blvd, Satellite Beach. Bring your own about the beach and the reef. Joining of hands down
p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park East Strawbridge Ave, launching the fourth sea- firearm or use one at the center. More than three the beach at 11:15 a.m.
son of the series with favorite actors Rita More- hours of classroom instruction with live fire shoot-
Saturdays on the Sand with Melissa Faith no and Marie Dodds. The play is set in 1980s ing. $45 per person. Call (321)779-8008. 8 Dude Looks Like a Lady: Men Against Do-
Yoga, 7 a.m. Saturdays at the Indialantic Board- Upper West Side New York. Admission to the mestic Violence cocktail party, 6:30 p.m.
walk across from Starbucks. Free admission, reading is free. 27 Brevard U.S. Tennis Association Sun- at Radisson Resort at the Port, with Brevard’s
mats and blankets provided. Bring water and day Funday Kick-off Party, 1 to 3 p.m. finest ‘made-over’ men raising funds to combat
other essentials. 26 Summer Daze Party and Brevard at Kiwi Tennis Club, Indian Harbour Beach. domestic violence. $75.
Mountain Bike Association Fundrais- Round Robin and match play at 1 p.m. Pre-
Beee Rock the Porch Jam — 1:00 to 2:50 p.m. er. 5 to 10 p.m. at Standard Collective Studio, registration required, via Eventbrite. http:// 9 Turtle Krawl 5K Run/Walk, the largest 5K
second and fourth Saturdays at Melbourne 559 W. Eau Gallie Boulevard. Live music, craft in Brevard, 7:30 a.m. at Nance Park in In-
Beach Old Town Hall History Center, 2373 Oak beer, food and raffle prizes. All are welcome. dialantic to benefit Sea Turtle Preservation So-
Street (by A1A). Free. 28 US MEN Prostate Cancer Support ciety.
Group, 6 p.m. at Melbourne Library
AUGUST 26 Art & Sole, an artsy shoe collaboration located at 540 E Fee Ave. For men who have 16 Eagle Pride 5K and 1-Mile, 7:30 a.m.
of Swanky Sole and the Derek Gores been diagnosed, or treated for prostate cancer. at and to benefit Ascension Catholic
24|31 Grand opening of Har- Gallery with runway show, silent auction, raf- Guest speakers including urologists and radia- School, Melbourne.
bour House Oceanfront fles, nibbles and spirits to benefit the Friends of tion oncologists, information on treatment op-
wedding and event venue, reservation-only Sally’s House transitional home for mothers in tions for treatment and dealing with side ef- 16|17 Regular Joe Surf Festival at
reception for the public from 5 to 8 p.m., with recovery, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Derek Gores fects after treatment. Call 321-432-5573. north jetty, ‘a contest for the
a general look-and-see open house for anyone Gallery, 587 W. Eau Gallie Boulevard. Tickets rest of us’ to benefit Surfrider Foundation Sebas-
who wants to stop by 1901 Hwy A1A, Indian cost $25 for General Admission or $100 for run- 29 The 12th Annual 100% Pure Florida tian Inlet Chapter.
Harbour Beach from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. RSVP for way seats. or call juried exhibit opens at at Fifth Avenue
the evening reception to (321)610-3245. www. Veronica (321)317-0821. Art Gallery with 57 pieces representing 42 artists 21-22 “Playing with Fire,” a pro- chosen from 182 entries, in the Eau Gallie Arts gram of hot, dangerous and
26 Gary Propper surf and art exhibit District, with cash prizes and a reception at 5:30 fiery music, will kick off the Melbourne Municipal
26 Running on Island Time 5K Race/ opening celebrating the 1960s super- p.m. Sept. 1. Band’s (MMB) 53rd concert season on September
Walk, 7:30 a.m. from Divine Mer- star surfer and his surfing-themed artwork, 7 20 and 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Melbourne Audito-
cy Academy on Merritt Island includes a to 9:30 p.m. at the Florida Surf Museum, 4275 SEPTEMBER rium, 625 E. Hibiscus Blvd. There is no charge and
Space Coast Runners Youth Series 1/4 and N. Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach. Free admission, tickets are not required. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
1/2-mile race for children 12 and under. beverages and pupus provided. www.florida- 2 Family Fun Run, 7:30 a.m. at Wickham Park, to benefit affordable mental health 23 Space Coast Race to end Alzheimer’s
counseling through ACF Therapy Associates. at Riverfront Park in Cocoa Village.
26 Paws for Veterans craft project, bring 26 Space Coast Symphony Jazz Orchestra Registration 8 a.m. for 9:30 a.m. walk. Volun-
your dog to make a clay paw print for presents at tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, teers needed.
$10 to help train service dogs for local veterans, jazz singer Linda Cole sings Ella’s greats, 7 p.m. 2 Hands Across the Reef demonstration by Save
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Mimi’s Crafts, 214 Hwy A1A, at the Scott Center at Holy Trinity Episcopal the Mid-Reach and the Surfrider Foundation, 27 League of Women Voters of the Space
Satellite Beach. Academy in Melbourne. General Admission is 10 a.m. to noon at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Coast luncheon and panel discussion
$20, 18 and younger and those with student IDs Beach. Social gathering at from 10 a.m. to 10:30 “Current Perspectives on Health Care Access and
admitted free. Delivery in Brevard County and Beyond”from
Crossword Pagee 2451 (ON THE LAMB) 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Suntree Country Club,
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN 1 Country Club Drive. Cost is $22-$25 for non-
in August 17, 2017 Edition 7 REMOTE 1 FELINE members. RSVP by Sept. 20 at www.lwv-space-
8 CHANGE 2 MORE or call Doreen Archer at 321-622-4071.
10 SLOG 4 ACCESS 30 Long Doggers Kids’ Marathon and Half
11 BEWARE 5 PASSWORD Marathon, 7:30 a.m. from David R.
13 SHOWER 6 IGNORE Schechter Center, Satellite Beach to benefit Sat-
14 SPEARS 12 ACADEMIC ellite High School AFJROTC.
19 LIFE 16 SYSTEM 30 Living Docks Project, 9 a.m. to noon at
20 STRENGTH 17 SCRAWL Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach by the
22 MOTIVE 18 ESTATE Indian River Lagoon Research Institute and Florida
23 WEALTH 21 NEAR Tech. Volunteers needed to show up, get wet and
attach oyster wraps and bags to docks, and also to
Sudoku Page 2440 SudokuPPaaggee2451 CrosswordPPage 4204 assist on land.


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach out to customers for your service or small business targeting the
Siding & Soffit South Brevard barrier island communitites. This is the only directory mailed each week into homes in 32951, Indialantic,
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s Indian Harbour and Satellite Beach. Contact Will Gardner, 407-361-2150 [email protected].


[email protected] CGC 1524354

321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Light up your life in this
spacious, updated home

403 Hibiscus Trail, Melbourne Beach: 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2,156-square-foot under air home
offered for $569,000 by Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty agent Gibbs Baum, 321-432-2009

34 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Light up your life in this spacious, updated home

[email protected]

Natural light is a theme through-
out the updated four-bedroom split-
floor-plan home at 403 Hibiscus Trail
being offered by Sotheby’s listing
agent Gibbs Baum for $569,000.

With 9-foot-3-inch ceilings accent-
ed by crown molding, the great room
serves as a focal point for the home.
The spacious room is lit by small cir-
cular “solar tube” skylights and by
the sunshine that pours in through
glass doors that open into the covered
pool enclosure.

“It really is light enough in here, in
several of the rooms, that you don’t
need to have hardly any lights on in
the middle of the day,’’ said Baum.

For cooler times of the year, when
a fire adds to the Florida experience,
the great room also centers on a
wood-burning fireplace located be-
tween the glass doors.

Recent renovations throughout the

single-family home accentuate the Baum continued. “Instead of just a normal square or into the pool. There’s also a shallow
open concept architectural style. The Other highlights of the home are a rectangle pool, the edges undulate area for the smaller kids and a step
upgrades include removing one wall in and out, like a pool in a resort hotel, down into the pool,’’ he said.
near the eat-in kitchen and removing a ‘resort-style’ pool and hot tub and and you have the hot tub that pours
built-in shelving units that dominat- fenced back yard. Recent interior renovations includ-
ed the opposite wall of the adjoining ed wood-like tile floors and carpet-
great room, Baum said. VITAL STATISTICS ing, quartz kitchen countertops and
403 HIBISCUS TRAIL, MELBOURNE BEACH stainless steel appliances with built-
The dark shelving units “made the in refrigerator, along with a jetted tub,
house feel smaller. It just took up one Year Built: 2001 walk-in shower and stylish dual ves-
side of the house and that can make Construction: Concrete, Stucco • Home Size: 2,156 square feet under air, sel sinks in the master bathroom.
a big difference. It is a good-sized
home with 2,150 square feet. That’s 2,956 square feet total Other features include, arched
really a good amount of livable space. Bedrooms: 4 • Bathrooms: 2 full doorways, ceiling fans, window treat-
When you consider that it has four Listing Agency: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty ments, a built-in Murphy bed/shelv-
bedrooms and two full baths, walk- Listing Agent: Gibbs Baum, 321-432-2009 ing unit in one of the bedrooms and
in closets and a formal dining room, an attached two-car garage.
there’s not a lot of wasted space,’’ List Price: $569,000
The landscaping is well-main-
tained with a tall handsome hedge

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 35


serving as a buffer on one side of the deeded beach access and just a short Because of its location and the price point, Baum said.
.29 acre lot. drive to shopping and recreation ar- interior renovations, there are few “When you think about pool, the
eas in both Melbourne Beach and In- homes on the barrier islands that can
The home in the Island Shores de- dialantic. measure up in terms of value for the ceiling height and the condition it’s
velopment is walking distance to a in now, it’s really hard to beat.” 

36 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Consumer agency threatens Zillow over its ad practices

Washington Post

You’re probably familiar with the lenders about financing.” exchange for business referrals – and whether the lenders or loan officers
online realty marketing giant Zillow Although the CFPB declined to a section of the Consumer Financial are paying for referrals of business –
because of its voluminous home sale Protection Act that prohibits “unfair, banned by RESPA – or whether they
listings and its controversial “Zesti- comment for this column, Zillow con- deceptive or abusive” practices. are simply jointly advertising their
mate” property valuation feature. firmed that the bureau has threatened wares and paying fair market value for
it with legal action if it does not agree A Zillow spokeswoman told me the exposure.
But you may not know this: Zillow is to a settlement. The CFPB has not that “we believe our program is law-
in hot water with the federal govern- publicly detailed its specific reasons ful” and that the company welcomed In a multimillion-dollar settlement
ment over alleged violations of anti- for pursuing Zillow, but the company an opportunity to discuss the allega- in January with national lender Pros-
kickback and deceptive practices rules. says the allegations involve the Real tions with the CFPB. pect Mortgage over alleged violations
Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RE- of the anti-kickback law, the CFPB
According to Zillow, the Consum- SPA) – which prohibits kickbacks in Some background: Thousands of tipped its hand: It cited payments
er Financial Protection Bureau has agents across the country pay Zillow made by loan officers to subsidize re-
concluded a two-year investigation for advertising space, mainly because alty agents’ advertising costs on an un-
into the company’s “co-marketing” millions of consumers visit its sites to named online site that was widely un-
arrangements that allow mortgage check out listings and information on derstood to be Zillow. In that case, the
lenders to pay for portions of realty more than 100 million homes, wheth- CFPB levied fines against real estate
agents’ monthly advertising costs on er they are for sale or not. brokerages as well as the lender, open-
Zillow websites. ing the door to possible legal attacks
On homes listed for sale, frequently against realty agents themselves.
In exchange for the money, lend- there is also contact information for
ers are presented in agents’ ads to local “premier agents” who may or Marx Sterbcow, a RESPA legal expert
site visitors as sources of financing, may not be the actual listing agent. based in New Orleans, said that absent
which ultimately generates leads and Premier agents pay Zillow for the details from the CFPB, the anti-kick-
new mortgage business. Consumers promotional space and other ben- back case against Zillow is “confusing”
probably are in the dark about the efits – typically hundreds of dollars because individual loan officers and
lender’s financial relationship with per month but sometimes well above realty agents appear to be the direct
the realty agent unless they know to $1,000 – and receive leads to consum- participants in the payment arrange-
click on a question-mark icon after ers who are actively searching for a ments. However, he said, Zillow’s role
the promotional words “ask these home or plan to do so in the future. in providing “substantial assistance”
to the arrangements could make it vul-
Premier agent monthly payments nerable to charges by the CFPB under
are a crucial part of Zillow’s business the deceptive practices law.
model, amounting to nearly $190 mil-
lion during the second quarter of 2017. George Souto, sales manager and
This represented more than 70 per- loan originator for McCue Mortgage
cent of Zillow’s total revenue during in New Britain, Conn., told me that he
the quarter. checked out the Zillow program but
“got a bad feeling very quickly.”
Legal experts say the CFPB’s con-
cerns probably focus on an optional “Once I saw the way it really works, it
feature of the premier agent program became clear to me that it wasn’t a lead
that permits real estate agents to generator but a way to pay for referrals.
have their monthly advertising fees I felt uncomfortable,” he said, and wor-
paid for in part – sometimes almost ried about possible legal action by the
entirely – by lenders who seek leads CFPB or banking regulators.
to potential borrowers. A loan offi-
cer who is given exclusive promotion Where’s this all headed? Only lawyers
along with a premier agent might pay at Zillow and the CFPB know whether
50 percent of the agent’s monthly bill. the case is destined for litigation or a
Three lenders who have cut individ- settlement. Meanwhile, now you know
ual deals with the agent might pay a how agents and lenders end up on Zil-
combined total of up to 90 percent. low pages: They pay. Or co-pay. 

The sticky legal question here is

38 Thursday, August 24, 2017 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: Aug. 11 to Aug. 17

The middle of August saw continued brisk real estate activity in island ZIP codes 32951, 32903 and 32937.
Indialantic reported 8 sales, closely followed by Melbourne Beach reporting 7, Satellite Beach 6 and Indian
Harbour Beach 3.
The top sale of the week was of a home with a panoramic river view in Melbourne Beach. The residence
at 504 Riverside Drive was placed on the market June 30 for $875,000. The transaction closed Aug. 14 for
The seller in the transaction was represented by Wiley Elliott of Century 21 Indian River Realty. The
purchaser was represented by Rusty Melle of ITG Realty.


FLORIDANA BEACH 1ST 126 DELVALLE ST 7/6/2017 395,000 395,000 8/11/2017 $335,000
SUNNYLAND BEACH S7 351 NIKOMAS WAY 3/27/2017 435,000 425,000 8/17/2017
FLORIDANA BEACH SUBD 111 DELESPINE ST 5/19/2017 335,000 335,000 8/17/2017 $575,000
SALES FOR 32903 $413,000

CLOISTERS REPLAT #1 520 NEWPORT DR 4/4/2017 599,000 599,000 8/15/2017 $620,000
INDIALANTIC SEC D 1704 S MIRAMAR AVE S 6/8/2017 449,000 449,000 8/15/2017 $525,000
HIGHLAND GROVES 84 PINEHILL DR 6/14/2017 459,000 429,000 8/14/2017 $420,000


FOUNTAINS UNIT 1 TH 635 BARCELONA CT 5/22/2017 639,000 629,000 8/16/2017
WATERWAY ESTATES 3RD 485 CARDINAL DR 3/10/2017 624,900 535,000 8/16/2017
SUN LAND HARBOUR 9 INWOOD WAY 5/22/2017 445,000 445,000 8/11/2017

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, August 24, 2017 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Floridana Beach 1st, Address: 126 Delvalle St Subdivision: Floridana Beach 1st, Address: 105 Delmar St

Listing Date: 7/6/2017 Listing Date: 7/2/2017
Original Price: 395,000 Original Price: 289,000
Recent Price: 395,000 Recent Price: 289,000
Sold: 8/11/2017 Sold: 8/16/2017
Selling Price: $395,000 Selling Price: $285,000
Listing Agent: Renee Winkler Listing Agent: David Settgast
& Carola Mayerhoeffer
Selling Agent: Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl
Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl
David Settgast
Earl Slattum
Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl
Salt Water Realty of Brevard

Subdivision: Windjammer Twnhs P2, Address: 1708 Atlantic Street 4E Subdivision: The Aloha Condo, Address: 1891 Highway A1A 101

Listing Date: 6/15/2017 Listing Date: 4/1/2017
Original Price: 249,900 Original Price: 349,500
Recent Price: 249,900 Recent Price: 337,500
Sold: 8/15/2017 Sold: 8/15/2017
Selling Price: $245,000 Selling Price: $330,000
Listing Agent: Gibbs Baum Listing Agent: Todd Ostrander

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Selling Agent: RE/MAX Olympic Realty

Gibbs Baum Kevin Hill

Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Re/Max Alternative Realty

Subdivision: Indialantic Sec D, Address: 1704 S Miramar Ave S

Listing Date: 6/8/2017
Original Price: 449,000
Recent Price: 449,000
Sold: 8/15/2017
Selling Price: $429,500
Listing Agent: Corey Craigie & Elliott Grozan

Selling Agent: Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group LLC

Corey Craigie & Elliott Grozan

Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group LLC

Subdivision: Fountains Unit 1 TH, Address: 635 Barcelona Ct

Listing Date: 5/22/2017
Original Price: 639,000
Recent Price: 629,000
Sold: 8/16/2017
Selling Price: $620,000
Listing Agent: Lourdes Sliwa & John Curri

Selling Agent: Curri Properties

Angela Diehl

RE/MAX Solutions





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