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Published by Vero Beach 32963 Media, 2019-08-29 15:43:43

08/29/2019 ISSUE 35


Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Style Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 51

8 things I probably shouldn’t wear in my 50s, but do anyway

BY LISA ARMSTRONG Barbie Pink block heels and a non-pointy toe. the launch of Victoria
The Telegraph A bilious color that you grew out of Spend more money than you ever Beckham’s Lustre pen-
when you were 4. But shift along the imagined having when you were 18 cils this Autumn, part of
Long ago, in another job, I was of- Pantone chart a millimeter or two and her new “clean” beauty
ten asked to write hectoring pieces you arrive at Power Pink; the color of on your shoes and hair range. I’ve seen them
about what a woman couldn’t wear in Gaga’s all-conquering galleon-frock (you’ll be saving money and if I could, would
her 30s/40s/50s/blah/blah. Following at this year’s Met ball, of Trump-defy- on all those classic clothes have walked out with
my eureka moment this week when I ing, women’s soccer player Megan you can wear from year to the lot.
popped into a store to buy a birthday Rapino’s hair, and a backbone
card, forgot to buy the birthday card of Michelle Obama’s ward- year). Chiconomics in a White dresses
but emerged with a lovely polka dot robe. Pink is the navy blue of nutshell. Like a Virgin
bow hairband (the ones that look as 2019. Plus it looks better with Dresses so white, so
though you’re incredibly skilled with navy than navy would and if Sparkly makeup demure, you might
silk scarves and make you feel like Pau- it has a diaphanously mur- OK, not spar- have thought them
la Yates), I offer this as a corrective: all derous, Villanelle under- kly exactly. And only good for a Kate
the things you may have thought you tow, so much the bet- environment Greenaway illustra-
couldn’t wear anymore, but can. Age ter (big underwear is friendly, so no tion. But with rug-
appropriate be damned. key here). plastic-y bits. ged brown acces-
Not overtly sories and a strong
Bow bands Raffia bags glitter y, red lipstick they’re
You’re not Paula Yates. I was given a red one when because ageless and so
You’re not a ’40s showgirl I was 7, which tells you flattering on the
with ostentatious cheek- a lot about the status that will end up in your complexion. If
bones. You’re not 7. Doesn’t of red raffia bags in cleavage. We’re talking you can flash
matter. Bow bands are bril- the late 60s. Raf- shimmer, subtle and blend, some glimpses
liant at covering up gray. fia bags were for blend, blend. Try Guerlain’s of luxurious
If only I’d known when children. Or lovely Electric Look palette or contouring linge-
I canceled my salon ap- Italians. Now Anastasia Beverley Hill’s mega rie underneath the
pointment two days be- anyone can palettes which can be applied dress, so much the
fore going on that I didn’t wear one. wet or dry and layered for ex- better. 
have time and anyway, who tra intensity. Or sit tight for
on vacation would judge? Florals
Answer: quite a lot of people, includ- There comes
ing myself. I got heartily sick of those a point in every
roots every time I looked in the mir- woman’s style
ror. There’s only so much Color Wow journey when
you can brush on every morning, only she must accept
to see it wash off in first dip of the day. that florals are
The bow band would have been per- tipping her into
fect. As it is, it’s keeping the vacation Bo Peep terri-
dream alive, accentuating my cheek- tory. I don’t know
bones and rapidly becoming the moon quite when that is
around which all the other planets in however, because
my wardrobe revolve. these Essentiels-
Antwerp boots are
Multiple earring piercings beyond joyous.
The arguments against: you are not
your daughter (actually she’s only got Weird shoes
the two piercings). Your punk days Shoes maketh the outfit. Hair de-
are a distant and rocky memory (you fines the attitude. Ergo, if you’re
were more of a New Romantic, to be wearing something classic – most of
honest). The upkeep is monstrous. But us do and nothing wrong with that–
how lovely is a lobe full of asymmetri- then the shoes must be standout (but
comfy, and therein my friends, lies
cally arranged twinkles? the challenge). Look for load bearing
And how good does
it feel to abandon
those heavy dan-
gly things that
drag your lobes
down and make
you look 107 in ear-
years? BTW, from
here it’s but a short
hop to an ankle
chain. Cankles?
A charm anklet
could be the
perfect decoy.

52 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Style Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™

Kate Hudson on her new fashion line

BY JANE MULKERRINS fight scene, and I thought, ‘Yeah, I don’t making hiatus has been, simply: “Too it even more complicated,” she says,
The Telegraph know right now if I have missed making many kids.” tucking her wavy blonde bob behind
movies all that much,’” she laughs. one ear.
Growing up in Hollywood, navigat- Eight months ago, she gave birth to
ing high-profile break-ups and creating “It’s hard. But I grew up on a movie her daughter, Rani Rose, whose older “If I’m going to make a movie now,
a happy, blended family ... Kate Hud- set, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop mak- brothers, Ryder and Bingham (aka I have to schedule it so it works for my
son’s life has never been conventional. ing movies, whether in front or behind Bing), are 15 and 8, respectively. “Mak- kids.”
the camera. But it’s been nice to step ing a movie when you have kids is really
We are here in the French Quarter of away for a second and rediscover why I challenging – the hours are crazy and Today, Kate is immersed not in the
New Orleans, deep into hurricane sea- love it so much.” the kids hate coming to set – but having film, but in her side hustle, her clothing
son, and the heavens have just opened. three kids of such different ages makes range Happy x Nature, the second col-
Inside the Hotel Maison de Ville, where The main reason for her recent film- lection of which is about to be launched.
Tennessee Williams once holed up to
write “A Streetcar Named Desire,” I find She is currently sporting one of the
the actor Kate Hudson, having finished items from the 35-piece collection – a
a morning of outdoor photographs just vibrant green maxi dress with fitted
as the daily downpour arrived. sleeves and a parrot print, made from
recycled plastic bottles.
“Welcome to New Orleans,” she cries.
“This place is the best!” It’s testament to Happy x Nature is both fashion-
her positive outlook on life that she feels forward (inspired by Kate’s wardrobe,
this – just a week earlier, production on there’s also an orange jumpsuit with
her new film was shut down entirely, gold brocade and power-shoulders, a
as forecasters warned of a hurricane sleek beige trouser suit, an elegant tweed
blowing in (Hurricane Barry). overcoat and a stylish denim jumpsuit)
and affordable (prices between $75 and
Kate, 40 (appearance, 25), has been $200), its focus is sustainability: 50 per-
in the colorful, intoxicating but storm- cent of the fabric used is currently re-
prone city for almost a month now, film- cycled (with a goal of 100 percent soon),
ing the fantasy epic “Mona Lisa and the and 50 percent of the other materials
Blood Moon” – her first film project for used are recycled from waste manage-
a couple of years. “Yesterday, I was lying ment, primarily plastic bottles.
on the floor in Bourbon Street, doing a
“I love fashion and I always have, but
the more you get involved in it, the more

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Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Style Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 53

you see how irresponsible the industry cent vacation together in Capri. reer. As the young groupie Penny Lane, I think so,” she nods. “We think about
has been with waste. We’ve spent so “She didn’t shop a lot for us kids,” she Kate earned a Golden Globe award for that a lot. Marriage is definitely not a
long thinking that ‘more’ means more Best Supporting Actress at 21. golden ticket – it’s not going to solve
luxurious, when we need to start think- recalls. “But I remember her going to any challenges in a relationship. But as
ing that simplicity is more beautiful. It’s Paris for work one time, and bringing A series of romantic-comedy roles someone who’s lived through ... well, tri-
time to start being more responsible.” me back a dress: pink, by Dior, and it followed, including some of her best- al and error, I think that the symbolism
spun, like a ballerina’s dress. I wore that known hits, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 of marriage, that commitment, is more
She tells me that Happy x Nature’s thing until it was falling off me! She nev- Days” and “Bride Wars.” Her new role is a important to kids than we sometimes
commitment to sustainability is all-en- er dressed us or told us what to wear – if major departure. “She’s a stripper, she’s think.”
compassing: they’ve reduced the num- we wanted to wear an orange hat and a single mom and she’s crazy – in a great
ber of tags used, and clothes are mailed cowboy boots and a puppy-print vest way. It’s a very different character to any Growing up, though, her mother and
out in biodegradable packaging. and a miniskirt, she’d be like, ‘OK.’” I have played before,” she enthuses. Kurt never married. “Kurt made it very
clear that we were a unit from when we
It’s not Kate’s first venture in clothing It’s an attitude Kate has adopted with When talking about the future, Kate were very young. The trust I got from
– in 2013, she launched her line of work- her own children. “Bing, who has just says, “I love having babies. I love being him in terms of his dependability was
out wear, Fabletics. “With Fabletics it’s turned 8, loves a sharp suit,” she says. “I pregnant.” Would she have more, then? priceless for me,” she has said. And Kate
about how we can be healthy and em- think it’s important to let them experi- “I’ll have to think about it,” she grins. “I has gone on to navigate her own blend-
power ourselves to be active.” Whereas ment – it’s how you discover who you don’t know yet. But maybe.” ed family with grace.
Happy x Nature, she says, is her first for- are. It’s a part of how you see yourself,
ay into ‘real’ fashion, “but the intention who you feel like being that day, the Would she marry again? “Probably, “It’s all about my kids,” she shrugs.
behind it is quite similar: how we can character you want to play. “Which means I have to love their fa-
make a positive impact on our environ- thers, no matter what. And so I put my
ment?” “When I started acting 20 years ago, ego aside, I put aside any challenges that
we didn’t have stylists,” she continues. didn’t allow those relationships to last,
Rani’s father is a musician, Danny Fu- “A lot of the clothes that you see me and I love them – it doesn’t mean I have
jikawa, 33. It was he who came up with wearing in Almost Famous were mine. to be with them. And I think my kids
the name for the brand. For the premiere, I wore a Voyage dress feel that we’re all on the same page.” She
that I bought. It meant that you really shrugs again and, briefly, looks baffled.
“He said, ‘That’s what people think established your own sense of who you “I don’t know how I’ve pulled that off!
you are, happy by nature,’” she says with were and what you wanted to put out
a grin. “And I understand why people there.” “We’re all going to die one day, so I try
would associate me with that idea. The to look at life with that always in mind,”
reality is that contentment is a disci- Kate first took to the stage in L.A. at she continues. “Am I being honest with
pline. Happiness is something that we 11 years old, before scoring small, sup- myself? Am I being truthful? And does
cultivate. But I like the idea that nature porting roles in films such as “200 Ciga- it matter what other people think?” She
can make us happy, and can bring us rettes” and “Gossip” during her teens. sucks hard on her iced tea. “No, at the
joy. It works on lots of levels.” But it was “Almost Famous,” Cameron end of the day, it doesn’t. It really doesn’t
Crowe’s semi-autobiographical story of matter what anybody else thinks.” 
Born into Hollywood royalty, Kate is a teenage journalist writing for Rolling
the daughter of actor Goldie Hawn and Stone in the 1970s that launched her ca-
the musician Bill Hudson. The couple
separated when she was just 18 months
old, and she and her older brother, Oli-
ver, were raised by their mother and
Kurt Russell – spending their school va-
cations on set with the couple. “To us, it
was just Mom and Dad at work – it was
normal,” she has said.

She remembers coveting her mother’s
clothes, even as a small child. “She wore
so much Alaïa – all bodycon, very ’80s –
and stonewashed jeans and tank tops.
My mom was so hot,” she sighs, proudly.
“She’s still hot.”

In her first Happy x Nature collection,
Kate named a tiered lemon yellow dress
Goldie in her honor. She eagerly whips
out her phone to show me a video of her
mother wearing the dress on their re-

54 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™


Pizzoodles: ‘Honest’ to goodness, there’s a lot to like

BY TINA RONDEAU and the dish was tasty. Agnolotti.
The only pasta dish here that
Columnist Garlic Knots.
my husband thought a bit
Over the past decade, I have emerged disappointing was the spa- Veggie Pizza.
a number of times from a hole-in-the- ghettini and sausage.
wall storefront on Royal Palm Pointe Though the pasta was Hours:
carrying home one of the better pizzas tasty in its housemade The reviewer dines anony- Tuesday to Friday,
to be found in Vero. tomato sauce on a bed 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.;
of asiago cream, he mously at restaurants at the Saturday and Sunday,
But it wasn’t until recently that my thought the dish expense of Vero Beach 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
husband and I decided to sit down at a would have bene- 32963. 
table in Pizzoodle’s small but newly re- fited greatly from Beverages: Beer & Wine
furbished dining area to try a few of this more peppers. Stuffed
“red sauce” eatery’s pasta and parm Mushrooms. Address:
dishes. The portions 56 Royal Palm Pointe,
are large at Pizzoo-
Now we’re asking ourselves: What dle’s. Not only did we Vero Beach
were we waiting for? The dishes here
are not “regional Italian” or “authentic Fried Calamari. Phone:
Italian.” This is good “honest” Italian- 772-567-4160
American cooking – Tony Soprano Ital- forgo desserts, but on
ian. And the execution (maybe I both recent occa-
shouldn’t use that word) of these sions wound up tak-
dishes is great! ing leftovers home.
Dinner for two with
On a visit last week, we a couple of glasses of
stopped by with a friend wine, sharing an ap-
around 8, and our latish ar- petizer, is likely to run
rival enabled us to avoid a wait $70 to $90 before tax and
to be seated (Pizzoodle’s is fre- tip.
quently crowded).
Chicken Milanese. PHOTO BY KAILA JONES
We wasted no time in asking our
server Kristell to bring us a half dozen of Good pizza, good pasta,
Pizzoodle’s addictive garlic knots with good parm – a lot of good
melted cheese ($3.50), and we then or- “honest” food is to be found
dered two appetizers to share: fried cal- at Pizzoodle’s.
amari ($9.95) and stuffed mushrooms
($8.95). I welcome your comments,
and encourage you to send
The fried calamari were among feedback to me at [email protected]
the best I’ve had recently, very lightly
breaded, tender and accompanied by a
delicious homemade tomato sauce. The
mushrooms were huge, stuffed with
sausage, mozzarella and asiago cheese,
and served on a bed of the tomato sauce.
A large and very hearty app.

Then for main courses, my
husband chose the agnolotti
($15.95), and our compan-
ion opted for the meat la-
sagna ($15.95). I decided
on this visit to have an old
favorite, the veggie pizza
($20.95.) Excellent, as al-

The agnolotti – ravioli-
like pasta filled with a mix
of ricotta cheese, ground veal
and spinach – were served with
asiago cream and topped with fresh
tomato sauce. Luscious. Our compan-
ion also gave high marks to her lasagna,
which she said was perfectly balanced
between the meat sauce and the pasta.

On a previous visit, I enjoyed the
eggplant parmigiana ($12.95). For-
get about the heavy, greasy eggplant
lost in deep-fried breading all-too-
frequently found at “red sauce” joints.
This eggplant was very lightly breaded

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 55



The Washington Post

Last month, in my list of five things
to know about chardonnay, I argued
that the wine “should not taste like
a tree.” That was my lament not just
that too many winemakers overdo
the oak treatment so the wine tastes
more of the barrel than the grape, but
also that we consumers have come to
expect wine to taste more like wood
than fruit.

That isn’t a diatribe against oak.
Nearly all of the world’s finest wines see
oak in some form before they ever reach
a bottle. Here are five things to know
about how oak influences the flavor,
quality and price of the wines you enjoy.

Oak adds flavor Wines fermented and aged in larger bar- There are “oak alternatives” ing that views oak as an additive, some-
You can taste oak in your wine. rels or oak casks benefit from limited Winemakers can add oak flavors thing unnatural for wine. Stainless
Oak’s influence is more pronounced exposure to air as they age. And because without the expense of barrels. Oak steel tanks are relatively new on wine’s
when small barrels are used, because winemakers don’t really want their chips can be macerated in wine as it timeline, and emphasize freshness over
more wine comes in contact with the wines to taste like trees, they use older, ages in stainless steel tanks, or oak complexity.
wood. These are the types of barrels or “neutral” barrels to add structure staves can be suspended in the wine to
you see when you visit wineries. They without flavor. That’s why you’ll hear impart some flavor. Liquid oak extract At Familia Zuccardi, oak has been
usually hold about 225 liters (60 gal- winemakers discuss how much of the can also be used. practically banished from the family’s
lons), or 25 cases of wine, though sizes blend was aged in new vs. older barrels. Flavoring wine this way and mak- new winery in the Uco Valley of Argen-
vary slightly. ing it delicious can be an art of its own. tina’s Mendoza province in favor of con-
Oak imparts spicy flavors – clove, And of course, it makes economic But winemakers use these shortcuts crete fermentation and aging vessels
nutmeg (wood spice), vanilla. Barrels sense to reuse barrels, because . . . because we consumers believe wine fashioned from local materials. Clay
are made by treating wood staves with should taste like a tree, or at least, oaky. amphorae are the darlings of winemak-
fire, and winemakers can order light, Oak is expensive It doesn’t have to be that way, so we ers trying to adapt ancient techniques
medium or heavy “toast” to accentuate French oak barrels, the most prized, should remember . . . for the modern palate.
the flavors. Wine critic Robert Parker range in price from about $900 to over
described the flavor as “pain grillé,” or $3,000, depending on the quality and There are alternatives to oak So explore, and pay attention to
grilled bread, perhaps because, well, treatment of the wood. American oak There is a counter movement brew- what the winemaker – or the label – is
everything tastes better in French. barrels cost about $600. These prices telling you about the wine you are en-
American oak is a different variety vary, of course, and the global rise in joying. 
than French, with a different grain to demand for wine and growth in the
the wood, so it imparts different flavors, number of wineries over the past few
such as coconut and dill. Hungarian oak decades have driven prices higher.
is noted for nutty flavors. All these fla- Barrel selection is a big deal. Last
vors are most prominent in new barrels. year, I joined vintner Rutger de Vink
and winemaker Joshua Grainer at RdV
Oak adds structure Vineyards in Delaplane, Va., for a “bar-
Oak barrels have tannin, which rel tasting,” comparing several lots of
leaches into the wine as it ages. Tannin their wine aged in barrels from vari-
is that astringent sensation on your pal- ous French coopers. The differences
ate that leaves your mouth dry or makes were so subtle, I was glad I didn’t have
your teeth itch. When properly integrat- to choose which to buy. But their deci-
ed into the wine, it sneaks up on you as sions would ultimately influence how
the flavor fades. Overwrought, it wal- their future vintages would taste and
lops you like a baseball bat (as in, wine age in bottle, as well as how much the
should not taste like a tree). wine would cost.
Tannin helps a wine age; it mellows For example, a new barrel that con-
with time as the wine softens. It is tains 25 cases, or 300 bottles, of wine
most noticeable in red wines, but you and costs $1,000 would add about
can feel tannins in some white wines, $3.33 to the price of a bottle. That gets
too, especially those aged in barrels or magnified as the wine wends its way
fermented on their skins. Grape skins, through the distribution system to us.
seeds and stems also add tannin to And that’s why . . .
wine, but the influence of oak is the
most perceptible.
Oak’s contribution to a wine’s struc-
ture can be more subtle than tannin.

56 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™

Mon - Sat from 5pm Wmeo’vveed!
(772) 226-7870

PrimeDSrSytee-Aaagkfoseod&d faFvAeoaVrtiAutreNisnZfgAroRmE 2023 14th Ave.
Downtown Vero

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 57

Vero & Casual Dining

Tapas Night! Thursday, Sept. 5th - JOIN US!

summertime at costa d'este...

sunday brunch live entertainment mojito monday
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sunday - thursday
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A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant three courses $4 draft beer friday ladies night
$22 per person $5 house wine
The Best Food In South County! $6 house cocktails 1/2 price select wine

4 - 6 pm daily $15 shareable fruit &
cheese plate

Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm call 772.410.0100 for more information 
2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Vero Beach
On the NW corner of Oslo & 27th Ave reservations strongly suggested

A few doors east of Winn Dixie


Domestic Draft
or House Wine
with any purchase
between the hours
of 4pm - 6pm
Expires 9/06/19

Also Available for Large Parties/Events Happy Hour
• Fund Raisers
• Holiday Parties 4pm - 6 pm Mon - Fri
• Wedding Rehearsals
• Corporate Parties

Open Daily at 4pm - Reservations for Parties of 6 or more

1919 14th Ave. Vero Beach - 772-907-5159

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Vero & Casual Dining

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

BeOanTchhe side

Now Offering Gluten Free Pizza, Pasta, Desserts!
Introducing New Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust


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1006 Easter Lily Lane, Vero Beach
Hours: Sun-Thurs:11am-9 pm
Fri-Sat:11am-10 pm



Established in 1981 Where the Locals Go for Pizza

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 59

Vero & Casual Dining

Hibachi and superb Sushi. Mon-Fri 4:30-5:45
WITH A TOPPING, GET A 1335 US-1,Vero Beach Dine-In Only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Holidays Excluded.
CHEESE PIZZA FOR $5 772-492-3530 •
Edamame $2.95
DINE-IN ONLY: TUES. Lunch Shrimp Shumani 3.95
2 FOR $25 - 2 SALADS, Mon.-Fri. 11 am - 2:30
2 KNOTS, 2 ENTRÉES & Gyoza 3.95
Dinner Spring Roll 3.95
2 CANNOLIS Mon.-Thurs. 4:30 - 10:00, Fri. 4:30 - 10:30 Golden Rangoon 3.95
WINEY WEDNESDAY: Fried Calamari $4.95
1/2 OFF ALL BOTTLES OF WINE Sat. 12:30 - 10:30, Sun. 12:30 - 10:00 Sashimi Guacamole $5.95
Tuna Tartaki $5.95
THURSDAYS: BIRTHDAY Tuna or salmon Roll $3.95
GET FREE CHILD’S MEAL SPECIAL! Seaweed or Kani Salad $3.95
White Tiger (Escolar) $4.95
WITH ADULT ENTRÉE Come in on your Birthday
date and get your meal half HIBACHI ENTRÉE MENU
BURNING DAYLIGHT SPECIALS: price! Limited time offer and
4PM TO 5:30PM Served with soup, salad, fried rice, noodles and vegetables.
2 COURSES $15 Birthday ID required.
Chicken $13.95  New York Steak $16.95
OPEN LUNCH & DINNER  TUE - FRI 11:30-9:00  SAT & SUN 4-9 Scallop $17.95  Shrimp $16.95  Salmon $14.95
56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram
Any Choice of 2 Different Items Above $18.95

Jack Daniels  Bacardi Superior
Captain Morgan  Absolute  Tito
Tanqueray  Bombay sapphire





Tues.-Sat. 11:30 AM- 9 PM WEDNESDAY
Closed Sundays & Mondays
1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 ALL U CAN EAT • Like us on Facebook! TUES - FISH FRY
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available THURS -





...With Love

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Over 100 Items On Our Diner Style Menu. 5 Specials Everyday.
Bottomless Coffee and Homemade Pies.

We Accept Cash or Checks. ATM Inside. No Credit Cards.

For Our Full Menu, Go To:
Hours: Monday - Saturday 6 AM - 2 PM & Sunday 7 AM - 2:30 PM

1749 Old Dixie Highway, Vero Beach, FL 32960 • (772) 567-6733

60 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™


ONGOING Lifeguard Assoc., 7 a.m. from beach at Waldo’s port current first responders and military mem- 20-22 Pirate & Caribbean Festival at
Bar & Grill, with special prize for best pirate out- bers through the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Riverside Park hosted by Vero
Vero Beach Museum of Art - Astronomy fit. $25 to compete. 772-360-7166 Foundation. Beach Chamber of Commerce, with Caribbean
Photographer of the Year exhibition thru Sept. food, family-friendly pirate-themed festivities and
29; AI Weiwei: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads: 1 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra presents 14 Sebastian Inlet State Park Night Sounds entertainment, 2 to 6:30 p.m. Fri.; 10 a.m. to 6:30
Gold, thru Dec. 15. 772-231-0707 Dance Mix: From Tango to Tarantella, 3 p.m. Concert Series presents Vintage, 7 p.m. Sat.; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sun. Free; $2 ‘buck-n-
at Vero Beach High School PAC. 855-252-7276 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. Free with park ear’ appreciated.
entry. 772-388-2750
AUGUST 2 Mount Vero 5K Run/Walk, 7 a.m. race to 21 Smithsonian Magazine 15th Annual
the top of IRC Landfill to benefit Keep In- 15 Ocean Conservancy’s International Museum Day at Vero Beach Museum of
31 Mulligan’s Skim Jam presented by dian River Beautiful. 772-226-7738 Coastal Cleanup, 9 a.m. to Noon at lo- Art, docent led tours 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Treasure
shore lb., 9 a.m. competition at Sexton cations throughout the county. keepindianriver- Coast Percussion drum circle, and explore instru-
Plaza Beach to benefit Vero Beach Lifeguard As- 4 The Laura Riding Jackson Foundation ments in the Art Zone. Free ticket for two can be
sociation, with various competition divisions set presents the CAST (Cambridge Univer- downloaded at
by ability, followed by 5 p.m. awards ceremony sity American Stage Tour) production of Shake- 15 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra
at Walking Tree Brewery. 772-360-7166 speare’s The Comedy of Errors, 7 p.m. at the presents i Caliente, music from and 21 Starry Night at GYAC to benefit Gifford
Heritage Center. Free; no tickets required. Dona- inspired by Latin America, 3 p.m. at Vero Beach Youth Achievement Center education-
SEPTEMBER tions appreciated. High School PAC. 855-252-7276 al programs, 6 p.m. at GYAC with hors d’oeuvres,
dinner and dancing to the Lovers of Sound Band.
1 Race to the Wreck, a 1,000-yd swim or 14 Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk, 7:30 18-29 Vero Beach Theatre Guild $60. 772-794-1005
3-mile paddle to benefit the Vero Beach a.m. at Riverside Park, to honor the presents Ron Clark’s com-
heroics of FDNY firefighter Stephen Siller and edy, A Bench in the Sun, directed by Julie Glatt- 21 Run Vero Race Series Twilight 2 Mile,
other Sept. 11, 2001 first responders and sup- felt. 772-562-8300 6:30 p.m. from Beachland Elementary
School, with 7:10 p.m. free Kids Race and post-
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN race festivities. 772-643-7010
in August 22, 2019 Edition 1 FARMER 1 APPAL
5 SEES 3 MONOCLE 25 Best Lei’d Plans A Luau Celebration, 5:30
8 OPEN 4 RUSTY p.m. at Ono Luau, with live entertain-
9 STAMPEDE 5 SEPIA ment, island buffet and passed hors d’oeuvres,
10 PLUCKY 6 ENDORSE contest for most artistic lei and guest speakers.
11 MEAGRE 7 HAMMER Reservations are $75 per person, includes buffet
12 TRENTBRIDGE 12 TERMITE dinner and entertainment with two complimen-
15 PROPER 13 TURBAN tary cocktails. RSVP to Cultural Council at 772-
17 CASUAL 14 DISDAIN 770-4857 or [email protected]

Sudoku Page 42 Sudoku Page 43 Crossword Page 42 Crossword Page 43 (CRY ME A RIVER) 28 Anniversary Classic Golf Tournament,
8:30 a.m. at Moorings Hawk’s Nest
Golf Club to benefit Treasure Coast Community
Health. $130. 772-571-1986


Advertising Vero Beach Services | If you would like your business to appear in our directory, please call 772-633-0753


• Custom Molded Orthotics
• Custom Molded Shoes • Diabetic Shoes • Elevation

Althea Powell, Board Certified Pedorthist State Licensed
2686 U.S. HWY 1 • VERO BEACH, FL • 772.562.9045

SHOE REPAIR  FOOT ORTHOTICS  DIABETIC SHOES This directory gives small business people eager
to provide services to the beachside community an
Certified Pedorthic Services opportunity to make themselves known to island readers at
an affordable cost. This is the only service directory mailed
We also have a large variety each week during season to all 11,000+ homes on the
of comfort footwear including: Vero Beach barrier island. If you are interested in a listing
in the Vero Beach 32963 Business Directory, please
Spira  Vionic  Revere contact marketing representative Kathleen Macglennon at
[email protected] or call 772-633-0753.
953 Old Dixie Hwy,
Suite 9B



650 Sable Oak Lane in Bermuda Bay: 4-bedroom, 5.5-bath, 3,830-square-foot home offered for
$1,175,000 by Matilde Sorensen, Broker-Owner, Dale Sorensen Real Estate: 772-532-0010

62 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™


Bermuda Bay courtyard home lets the sun shine in

BY STEPHANIE LABAFF from the popular 1950s song.
Staff Writer The couple stopped in Vero Beach

It’s easy to see why the owners fell nearly 40 years ago to visit a friend
in love with the bright, custom-built and ended up putting down roots.
courtyard home at 650 Sable Oak “We had been to a lot of places in
Lane in Bermuda Bay. Ideally situated Florida. Places like Boca Raton, Fort
on an expansive corner lot with high Lauderdale and Palm Beach. When
ceilings and transoms throughout, we drove into Vero, we said, ‘This is
the house practically sings, “Open up it!’” recalls the owner of the decision
your heart and let the sun shine in,” to purchase an apartment to “see if
we really like it here.”

When they realized they would be custom lakefront home on a spacious
spending most of their time in this corner lot with gorgeous views.”
sleepy, little seaside town, the couple
decided to build a home. That’s when The owners paid great attention to
they found Bermuda Bay – the perfect detail. High ceilings, crown molding
neighborhood with everything they and transoms throughout added el-
could ever need. egance and plenty of light to brighten
up the day.
“The owner custom-designed ev-
ery detail after carefully selecting “We’ve lived in a lot of different
this location with very few neighbors places, and this is about the most en-
surrounding the home,” says Dale joyable house that we’ve ever lived
Sorensen Real Estate Broker-Owner in,” shares the owner. The layout
Matilde Sorensen. “This is the perfect made it easy to accommodate their
large family during holiday visits.

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 63


And the fact that all the grounds are area flows from the covered terrace
taken care of by the homeowners as- onto the lawn and down to the lake.
sociation, including the house being The lushly landscaped greenspace
painted every seven years, takes away is an extension of the home, creat-
a lot of the upkeep of a typical home. ing optimal outdoor living. Guests
can head into the detached “cottage
The feeling of being gathered into house” for a private stay or grill up
the loving arms of a family emanates some burgers on the patio.
from this home as soon as you step
through the courtyard doors. The With the courtyard serving as the
doors can be flung open in invitation heart of the house, the main rooms
to visitors, or closed when you want flow from there and can be accessed
some privacy. through two sets of French doors –
one set leading into the kitchen and
The cozy, grotto-like courtyard family room and the other set into the
formal living room.

The house runs perpendicular to
the roadway, exposing two sides of the
house to picturesque lake views. At
the front of the house, an open-plan
family room, kitchen and breakfast
nook are centrally located with a guest
suite, laundry room and garage access
reached through a gallery hallway,
ensuring guests won’t cross paths too

64 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™


often with other inhabitants. domain with an office, enclosed sun-
On the opposite side of the kitchen, room and the master suite situated
in a private wing. A built-in Murphy
a wet bar is conveniently placed for bed allows for overflow guests in the
more formal entertaining with the office, and the sunroom provides for
formal living room, powder room and some quiet space to enjoy the flora
dining room off to the side. and fauna along the water’s edge.

The rear of the house is the master’s


Neighborhood: Bermuda Bay
Year built: 1997

Construction: Concrete block with stucco
Lot size: 111 feet by 237 feet
Home size: 3,830 square feet
Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 5 full baths and 1 half-bath
View: Lakefront

Additional features: Courtyard; built-in grill; detached guesthouse; office;
intercom system; central vacuum; fireplace; wet bar; garden tub; 2-car
garage; corner lot; yard maintenance; guard-gated; clubhouse; exercise/
fitness center; community pool; tennis courts and granted beach access
Listing agency: Dale Sorensen Real Estate
Listing agent: Matilde Sorensen, Broker Owner, 772-532-0010
Listing price: $1,175,000

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 65


The master suite takes in a long toilets, a shared shower and a sunken his children and grandchildren will “This is a comfortable, invit-
view of the of the lake through a se- jetted tub situated under a pane of miss their sunny days in Bermuda ing home. It’s an easy place to live,”
ries of windows that provide an un- etched glass. Bay. “We had everything we needed he says, reflecting on all the happy
obstructed view. The spa-like bath- right here. The kids could swim in the memories he will be taking with him.
room wants for nothing, with his and “The family gatherings that we had community pool or go across A1A to
her walk-in closets, dual sinks and there were some of the best we’ve the beach,” he adds. Bermuda Bay is a guard-gated
ever had,” says the owner, noting that community located in Indian River

66 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 REAL ESTATE Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™

Shores. Community amenities in- the Village Shops boutique shopping
clude a heated pool, tennis courts, center and beach are only a short
clubhouse and deeded beach access. walk away. It’s only a few minutes’
drive to reach Ocean Drive shopping
Just outside the gates of Bermuda and dining, Riverside Park, Riverside
Bay, the Indian River Shores Public Theatre and the Vero Beach Museum
Safety Department offers police, fire of Art. 
and emergency medical services, and

Check out our comprehensive inventory of homes now at GHOHOMES.COM/INVENTORY

3272 Berkley Square Way, Vero Beach 1100 2nd Manor SW, Vero Beach
4 Bed, Den, 3 Bath, 3-Car Garage, 2,586 square feet SERENOA • MONACO SUPREME MODEL 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 2-Car Garage, 2,254 square feet
1099 2nd Manor SW, Vero Beach
Call Therese Polvan for an appointment: 772.584.2540 Call Diana Leever for an appointment: 772.828.7074
3 Bed, Den, 3 Bath, 3-Car Garage, 2,586 square feet
READY NOW! • $441,980 MODEL FOR SALE • $398,290
Call Diana Leever for an appointment: 772.828.7074

MODEL FOR SALE • $469,000

2654 Conifer Drive, Ft. Pierce 1510 Segovia Circle, Vero Beach 8317 Paladin Square, Vero Beach
2 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 2-Car Garage, 2,098 square feet
2 Bed, Den, 2 Bath, 2-Car Garage, 1,832 square feet 3 Bed, Den, 2.5 Bath, 2-Car Garage, 2,223 square feet
Call Nicole Morris for an appointment: 772.882.8990
Call Nicole Morris for an appointment: 772.882.8990 Call Doris Vogan for an appointment: 561.568.4848
READY NOW! • $384,990
READY IN NOVEMBER • $311,425 READY NOW! • $371,920

1517 Segovia Circle, Vero Beach for a comprehensive list of all 4836 Four Lakes Circle SW, Vero Beach
3 Bed, 2 Bath, 3-Car Garage,1,899 square feet 3 Bed, Den, 2.5 Bath, 3-Car Garage, 2,100 square feet
in-progress homes
Call Nicole Morris for an appointment: 772.882.8990 Call Doris Vogan for an appointment: 561.568.4848

READY NOW! • $309,000 READY NOW! • $399,990

772.257.1100 • GHOHOMES.COM

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Oral representation cannot be relied upon as correctly stated representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this advertisement and to the documents
required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. Images displayed may not be the actual property for sale, but may be model or other homes built of similar design.

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 67


Luxury Ocean Drive condo
project sells out within
30 days of completion

BY STEVEN M. THOMAS Beach. It has parking on the ground
Staff Writer level, two 2,400-square-foot condos
on the second and third floors, and
Developer Yane Zana’s 4091 Ocean a 5,000 square-foot penthouse on the
luxury condominium project sold out fourth floor. All units have expansive
last week, when out-of-town buyers balconies and terraces that add about
paid $1.35 million for No. 201, the fi- 1,000 square feet of outdoor living
nal unit in the building. space to the smaller units and twice
that for the penthouse.
The 2,400-square-foot, second-
floor condo had been listed with Zana bought the .7-acre property in


Luke Webb of Brown, Harris and October 2016 for $1.9 million, demol-
Webb at Premier Estate Properties for ished existing buildings on the site in
$1,495,000. It went under contract on March 2017 and began construction
July 24 and closed Friday afternoon. in November 2017. Certificates of oc-
Debbie Bell, a top-selling agent with cupancy were issued in July and most
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, units are already occupied by their
brought the buyer. owners.

“We looked at several condos in Zana sold the penthouse himself.
town, including one at Ocean Park, Wendy Wilson of Remax Associated
and they liked this one best,” said Bell Realty was the listing agent for the
of her clients. “The ocean view, the two middle floor units, 301 and 302,
closeness to town, the quality of the which sold last year. Zana brought in
finishes and the fact it was new con- the Premier Estate Properties team
struction were things that attracted in January to sell the remaining two
them. There was really nothing else units, 201 and 202.
like this on the market.”
Webb sold 202, the second floor
The 5-unit building, which has a north unit, in March for $1.3 million
large swimming pool and outdoor after fielding 12 inquires and doing
kitchen for resident use, is located three showings. He said it took about
across from the boardwalk at Conn

68 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™


Real Estate Sales on the Barrier Island: Aug. 16 to Aug. 22

The barrier island real estate market remained fairly quiet with 6 transactions recorded.

Our featured sale this week was of an updated home under the oaks in Central Beach. The residence at 315
Date Palm Road was placed on the market July 15 with an asking price of $585,000. The sale closed on Aug.
20 for the full asking price.

The seller was represented in the transaction by Gretchen Hanson of Berkshire Hathaway Florida. The
purchaser was represented by Cheryl Michel of Daley & Company Real Estate.



VEROMAR 315 DATE PALM RD 7/15/2019 $585,000 $585,000 8/20/2019 $635,000
RIOMAR SANDS CONDO 2636 OCEAN DR, #503 4/19/2019 $685,000 $685,000 8/19/2019 $149,900
HARBOUR SIDE EAST 3554 OCEAN DR, #603S 7/19/2019 $598,000 $598,000 8/16/2019
HARBOR INN 8/19/2019
VISTA DEL MAR 1825 MOORINGLINE DR, #3C 10/15/2018 $435,000 $382,500 8/16/2019

2135 WINDWARD WAY, #208 8/7/2019 $350,000 $350,000

5400 HIGHWAY A1A, #B8 6/9/2019 $159,900 $159,900

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 69


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Riomar Sands Condo, Address: 2636 Ocean Dr, #503 Subdivision: Harbor Inn, Address: 2135 Windward Way, #208

Listing Date: 4/19/2019 Listing Date: 8/7/2019
Original Price: $685,000 Original Price: $350,000
Recent Price: $685,000 Recent Price: $350,000
Sold: 8/19/2019 Sold: 8/19/2019
Selling Price: $635,000 Selling Price: $329,000
Listing Agent: Dan Downey & Anne Wallace Listing Agent: Erika Ross

Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida Selling Agent: The Moorings Realty Sales Co.

Not Provided Erika Ross

Not Provided The Moorings Realty Sales Co.

Subdivision: Harbour Side East, Address: 1825 Mooringline Dr, #3C Subdivision: Village Spires Devel, Address: 3554 Ocean Dr, #603S

Listing Date: 10/15/2018 Listing Date: 7/19/2019
Original Price: $435,000 Original Price: $598,000
Recent Price: $382,500 Recent Price: $598,000
Sold: 8/16/2019 Sold: 8/16/2019
Selling Price: $365,000 Selling Price: $585,000
Listing Agent: Erika Ross Listing Agent: Beth Livers

Selling Agent: The Moorings Realty Sales Co. Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida

Midge Selzer Debbie Bell

Tropic Shores Real Estate LLC Berkshire Hathaway Florida

I N T E G R I T Y ~ R E S U LT S


Stunning 4BR/3BA lakefront home plus den/office, recently Beautiful 3BR/3BA home w/separate office, marble floors, Beautiful 4BR/3BA great room floor plan, upgrades galore,
renovated, salt water pool & spa, whole house generator expansive covered patio w/heated (electric & solar) pool impact glass windows, 3 car garage, minutes to the beach
$744,000 $419,000

Y our satisfaction is my highest goal, real estate is a lasting relationship.

direct 772.492.5333 | cell 772.538.1861 | [email protected] |

70 Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: Vista Del Mar, Address: 5400 Highway A1A, #B8 Subdivision: South Passage, Address: 1301 Spyglass Ln, #1301B

Listing Date: 6/9/2019 Listing Date: 2/25/2019
Original Price: $159,900 Original Price: $495,000
Recent Price: $159,900 Recent Price: $495,000
Sold: 8/16/2019 Sold: 7/3/2019
Selling Price: $149,900 Selling Price: $480,000
Listing Agent: Susan Rane Listing Agent: Andrew Harper & Gena Grove

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida

Troy Westover Erika Ross

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. The Moorings Realty Sales Co.

Subdivision: River Mews Condo, Address: 2101 Via Fuentes, #2101 Subdivision: John’s Island, Address: 431 Silver Moss Dr, #131

Listing Date: 2/6/2019 Listing Date: 5/10/2019
Original Price: $495,000 Original Price: $495,000
Recent Price: $465,000 Recent Price: $495,000
Sold: 7/2/2019 Sold: 6/28/2019
Selling Price: $446,500 Selling Price: $442,500
Listing Agent: Judy Hargarten Listing Agent: Matilde Sorensen & Saskia
Selling Agent: The Moorings Realty Sales Co. Selling Agent:
Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.
Judy Hargarten
John’s Island Real Estate
The Moorings Realty Sales Co.
John’s Island Real Estate

Established 18 Years in Indian River County

(772) 562-2288 |
3920 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach FL 32960

Your Vero Beach Newsweekly ™ Vero Beach 32963 / August 29, 2019 71


a dozen showings to find a buyer for when people see the condos under Full-floor units with 4 bedrooms, and it’s in such a beautiful location
the last unit, which was purchased by construction. 4.5-baths, media room and library with so many amenities, including
Bell’s client. will have 4,900 square feet of air-con- the 70-foot lap pool.”
He projects that buyers will be able ditioned living space along with 1,700
Webb said buyers are about to move in by early 2021. square feet of balcony space. Pre-con- Because the 8050 buildings are
equally divided between local and struction prices start at $3,295,000, nearly identical to the 4091 building,
out of state and range in age from a according to Zana’s project website, Brown, Harris and Webb were able
couple in their 30s to buyers in their and go up $4.1 million. to use No. 201 on Ocean Drive as a
70s. He said the buyers choose 4091 model home for the 8050 project un-
primarily because of the location, Half-floor condos with 3 bed- til the sale last week, and owners at
close enough to walk or bike to ev- rooms, 3.5 baths, den, two-car garage, 4091 have allowed the Premier Estate
erything in Vero’s seaside village 2,477-square feet of air-conditioned Property team to photograph their
but out of the tourist district and space and 854 square feet of balcony furnished condos to help illustrate
seasonal hustle and bustle further range from about $1.65 million to what the homes at 8050 will look like
south on Ocean Drive. $2,095,000, according to the website. when complete.

Zana agreed that location was one “I think this will be my marquee “We have really great relationships
of the keys to the project’s success. project,” said Zana. “It is the biggest with our clients,” Zana said. 

“People just love the view of the 772 231 6509 Visit Our Properties ANYTIME at
boardwalk and how close they are to 2901 Ocean Drive Vero Beach 32963
everything in town,” he said.
OLD RIOMAR 4/3 $1,799,000
Zana said he views the project as a Charlotte Terry 772-538-2388
success, not just because it sold out Kate Weeks 772-538-5193 211229
within a month of completion but
because “I built a building I am very GRAND HARBOR Harbor Village ANCHOR The Moorings .41 Acre Lot $1,495,000
happy with aesthetically and one that 2/2 $321,500 Jim Knapp 772-913-0395 220037
I am proud of.”
Diane De Francisci 772-538-1614 222304 GRAND HARBOR River Village 4/3 $995,000
In total, the building sold out for Diane De Francisci 772-538-1614
more than $8.5 million, according to GRAND HARBOR Coventry 4/3 $714,500
county records. Diane De Francisci 772-538-1614 Brenda Montgomery 772-532-4170 217558

The sellout comes at a good time Martin Carder 772-696-0131 224222
for Zana, who is doing sitework at an-
other, larger condo project that will BOULEVARD VILLAGE 3/2.5 $275,000
have three buildings nearly identical Charlotte Terry 772-538-2388
to 4091 Ocean, along with a fourth
building that will be the community Kate Weeks 772-538-5193 219208
NEW PRICING OLD RIOMAR 0.34 Acre Lot $950,000
As at 4091, the buildings at Blue Charlotte Terry 772-538-2388
at 8050 on the oceanfront in Indian TIDEWATER ISLAND CLUB 3/2 $595,000
River Shores will offer both half- and Roger Smith 772-473-0086 219112 Kate Weeks 772-538-5193 213049
full-floor units, with the smaller units
offering 3,300 square feet of living GRAND HARBOR Harmony 2/2 $270,000
space, including terraces, and the Diane De Francisci 772-538-1614
full-floor units providing 6600 square
feet of total living space, along with Brenda Montgomery 772-532-4170 215401
four-car garages.
“The penthouses are an amazing EL VERO VILLA 3/2 $239,000 Diane De Francisci 772-538-1614
alternative to an oceanfront home,” Kimberly Keithahn 772-321-4656 222505 POINTE WEST CENTRAL 3/2 $357,900 Karl Dietrich 772-538-3453 197827
Zana said. “They are as spacious as Brenda Montgomery 772-532-4170
house and have the appeal of great, Larry Larson 772-559-7286 212728
fourth-floor ocean views, new con-
struction and lock-and-leave conve-

Blue at 8050 will have a large pool
with cabanas, a clubhouse with gym,
a putting green and fitness trail,
among other amenities.

The condos are listed with Brown,
Harris and Webb, and four have been
sold, so far, with another sale close to
being closed, according to Webb and

“The buyers so far are all folks from
Indian River Shores,” says Webb.
“They are people looking to cash out
of larger properties in John’s Island or
some other community who want to
reduce their monthly costs and still
have great luxury finishes and new

Zana plans to go vertical with the
first two buildings in October, as
soon as he has his building permits,
and he expects sales to accelerate

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