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12/22/2017 ISSUE 51


December 22, 2017 | Volume 4, Issue 51 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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County saves a million ESTATE AUCTIONED FOR $19.6M No early return for
on health insurance by 3 Vero recreation
limiting acupuncture facilities Irma hit

By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer By Steven M. Thomas | Staff Writer The nearly $20 million price Concierge Auctions who was in By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
[email protected] [email protected] placed the sale among the top town for a month showing the [email protected]
three in the history of island sprawling 40,800-square-foot
The County Commission’s deci- The largest house on the bar- home sales but was far below the oceanfront estate to buyers from With the tropics quiet, coastal
sion last December to place a cap rier island was auctioned off last MLS list price of $45 million. around the country and the Florida is enjoying its off-season
on the acupuncture benefit in the week for $19.6 million, including world. “But we did everything when it comes to hurricanes, but
health-insurance plan offered to a 12-percent buyer’s premium “We were hoping for more,” we said we were going to do: We the scars of Hurricane Irma re-
county employees saved taxpayers added onto the winning bid of said Katie Lawless, a business main on several of Vero’s beloved
nearly $1 million in the 2017 fiscal $17.5 million. development manager with CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 and heavily used facilities.
year that ended on Sept. 30.
Three iconic city facilities are
County Administrator Jason still unrepaired and will not be
Brown said he expects the acu- back in operation until spring or
puncture costs to decrease again even next summer, according to
in 2018. city officials. Vero’s Director of
Parks and Recreation Rob Slezak
“We didn’t implement the cap said the Royal Palm Pointe Dock,
until Feb. 1, so the fiscal 2017 num- the Grand Pavilion at Riverside
bers included the four months be- Park and the River House on the
fore we limited the acupuncture lagoon “are still closed and inop-
benefit,” Brown said. erable.”

“With the cap in effect for the The Grand Pavilion, which
entire year, the 2018 numbers is the three-gazebo structure
should be significantly lower.” at Riverside Park, will cost the
most to repair, with estimates
According to Suzanne Boyll, coming in at a quarter-million
the county’s human resources di- dollars to restore this much-
rector, the county’s health-insur- used facility so it can again host
ance plan paid out more than $1.1 parties and special events. That
million to one local acupuncture cost, Slezak said, will mostly be
practice – Jill Jaynes’ Absolute In- covered by the city’s insurance.
tegrated Medicine – from October Vero’s goal is to have the Grand
Pavilion back open for the city’s
CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 big Fourth of July celebration in
Riverside Park.
Riverhouse had less damage,
NEWS 1-7 PETS 14 American Icon Brewery sues over negative online post around $35,000 worth, but severe
DINING B5 enough to make it unusable for
HEALTH 9 GAMES B12 By Beth Walton | Staff Writer the community and club meet-
CALENDAR B15 ings, parties and wedding recep-
REAL ESTATE 15 As his first craft beer venture in tions often held there. “River-
B1 Vero Beach unfolds, developer Mi- house had water intrusion from
ARTS chael Rechter said American Icon the roof and the ground,” Slezak
Brewery won’t tolerate false postings said.
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 online, and he’s not kidding.
For circulation or where to pick up He added that while the city
your issue call: 772-226-7925 American Icon Brewery filed a tried to accommodate all the
lawsuit in November against Indian events already scheduled for the
River County resident Marissa Tirro
for allegedly posting a review on the CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


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2 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Building in Indian River Shores approaches 2005 boom

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer Among the 2,260 permits, 426 were home developments. recent council members decided to re-
[email protected] building permits, for new homes or ad- Commercial permits hardly figure into turn it to the tax rolls.
ditions, and 1,832 were “other permits”
Construction in Indian River Shores for swimming pools, screened enclosures the totals because there is very little com- The site is near Indian River County’s
has been ramping up in recent years, or building trades, such as electrical, me- mercial property in Indian River Shores, Tracking Station Beach Park and FIT’s
despite the seemingly built-out status of chanical and plumbing. Guanch said, “We have the 7-Eleven, the 4-acre site that was used for marine re-
the town, and is now approaching levels Village Shops and CVS. About 99.5 per- search for decades and is now for sale.
last seen during the building boom in the Indian River Shores Building Official cent of our permits are residential.” The Lutgert Companies has expressed in-
mid-2000s. Jose Guanch said 53 new single-family number of new homes next year should terest in buying the FIT tract and doing
or attached homes were built in the prior break prior records, Guanch said. Big a land swap involving the three prop-
Building and renovation permits 12 months. Because of increased permit residential projects have recently broken erties that would expand its buildable
peaked in 2005, when nearly 3,000 were revenue the budget for Guanch’s depart- ground or are on the horizon. acreage.
pulled, and later declined drastically ment jumped by more than 50 percent
during the housing downturn. between the most recent and the current Naples-based Lutgert Companies Zoning allows up to 30 units on the 5.2-
fiscal years, from $410,000 to $645,000. bought 5.2 acres from Indian River Shores acre property Lutgert Companies already
The number of permits started creep- for $4.84 million last May. The town re- owns, Guanch said. He’s heard the com-
ing back up in 2013 and grown steadily New home building is divided between tained the ocean-front property for years pany is close to submitting a “preliminary
since then, from 1,430 in 2013 to 2,260 in tear-down and rebuild projects and new to provide public access to the beach, but plan” to the town council. 
fiscal 2016-17.

RECREATION FACILITIES damage as the threat is a constant one for coup certain types of storm-related costs. at the end of Beachcomber Lane twice in
a barrier island community. FEMA funding, or the promise of it, does less than 12 months, with Matthew slam-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 ming into the wooden dune crossover in
Royal Palm Pointe Dock will likely be not mean that federal cash will be on-hand October 2016 and then Irma whacking
Grand Pavilion, some could not be suc- closed and fenced off for safety until July to fix the dock, however. Reimbursement the replacement structure in September.
cessfully moved and the city had to refund 2018, Slezak said. Damage to the dock will is a cumbersome process and often takes The town is in the process of getting it re-
some rental deposits. cost approximately $150,000 to repair – years, as evidenced by struggles Vero has paired, Town Manager Robbie Stabe said
an expense that should be covered by the faced getting reimbursed for some expens- last week. In the interim there is a make-
The re-open goal date for the Riverhouse Federal Emergency Management Agency es from the 2004 hurricanes, Frances and shift access normally used by all-terrain
is April 1, and Vero’s insurance, Slezak said, (FEMA) since a disaster was declared for Jeanne. vehicles, a steep path to shimmy down
should pick up most of the tab to repair Indian River County, and county officials to the beach – only recommended for the
the roof and water damage. The city also applied and were approved for the disaster Indian River Shores sustained damage sure-footed climber. 
keeps some cash in reserve for hurricane aid slated to help local governments re- to its Public Safety Complex in Irma. It
also lost a public beach access walkway

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 22, 2017 3

AMERICAN ICON BREWERY He said the company fired his friend. Tirro could not be reached for comment write anything you want.”
“Only open for a month and already via Facebook or other means. A summons Think of it as a shot across the bow,
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 dated Nov. 14 says Tirro has 20 days to file
treating their workers like trash. I will never a written defense or a default judgment Rechter said. “We’re not going to let some-
brewery’s Facebook page that contained do business with them again,” it says. could be entered against her. As of press one say whatever they damn well please
inaccurate information. time, she had not responded to the court. without repercussions.”
American Icon Brewery is alleging def-
“Defendant stated, among other things, amation, conspiracy to defame and libel. Posts to American Icon Brewery’s Face- Businesses that elect to use Facebook’s
that Plaintiff ‘abuses its employees,’” says It is asking for monetary damages from book page surrounding the date of Tirro’s review function cannot delete comments,
the Nov. 14 complaint drafted by Thomas Marissa Tirro, including compensation for alleged offense show some members of the he explained. The Internet message board
Tierney, an attorney for the brewery. loss of business reputation. online community dismayed about the le- allows the brewery to advertise its product
gal action. and get instant feedback from its custom-
Even after American Icon responded Such lawsuits are becoming more com- ers.
that the allegations were false, at least 14 mon as more people voice their opinions “Personal opinion of an establishment
other people, thought to be connected online, said attorney David Weinstein with is a freedom,” wrote user David Warden on American Icon takes what people write
with the defendant, wrote additional inac- Hinshaw & Culbertson in Coral Gables. Nov. 10 giving the brewery one star. seriously, said Rechter, who often chimes
curate comments online, the lawsuit con- in on the message board. The majority of
tends. Weinstein is not familiar with American Rechter declined to discuss the specifics the reviews are positive, he said. “We want
Icon’s lawsuit, but said, in general, litigation behind the allegations, but said he stands people to walk out of there having a great
“Few, if any of defendant’s friends and like this is legitimate in the eyes of the court by the lawsuit. “You can’t go online and just experience every time.” 
family members had actually been to when a posting goes beyond a truthfully
Plaintiff’s brewery restaurant,” it says. presented opinion.
“One of the additional false reviews stated
that the ‘owner is the rudest person I ever There has to be factual support behind
met.’” allegations of wrongdoing, he said. It’s one
thing to share an opinion with the person
American Icon Brewery didn’t sue be- next door, but online people are sharing
cause it had a bad review – no company their thoughts with the world.
wants to sue the members of the com-
munity it is trying to serve, said Rechter, “The courts are looking at the facts be-
reached by phone. hind the opinion and businesses are being
more aggressive in making sure what is out
American Icon Brewery sued because there is accurate and factually supported.”
what was said was not true and the business
has an obligation to stand up for its hard- American Icon Brewery’s Facebook page
working team of employees. has more than 4,100 followers and 3,995
likes. Users have given it an average of 4.5
Though Marissa Tirro’s Nov. 7 post has out of five stars. It hosted a grand opening
been deleted, on Nov. 9 a Facebook user celebration Dec. 7.
named Joe Tirro gave the establishment
one star. He claimed the beer was terrible, “Defendant knew or should have known
the food was bad and the service was rude. that such false and libelous statements
would cause injury or harm to [American
Icon],” the lawsuit alleges.



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4 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

CAP ON ACUPUNCTURE BENEFITS self-insured, had paid out more than $1.1 patients to seek free, unlimited treatment. “They still can go for treatment; they’re
million in claims to Jaynes’ practice in fiscal After a public hearing, the commission- just limited to 26 visits and $1,500 per year,”
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 2016 – more than to any other non-hospi- Brown said, adding, “The cap has had the
tal, health-care provider during that same ers voted to place a cap on the county’s acu- desired effect. Our health plan did far bet-
2015 through September 2016. period. puncture coverage, limiting plan members ter last year than it did the year before.”
That amount covered 34,340 visits for to 26 visits per year and a maximum annual
To put that number in perspective: The payout of $1,500 per patient per year. Jaynes has defended her billing practices
253 plan members who sought treatment Indian River Medical Center billed the and disputed the county’s numbers, con-
at Absolute. county only $1.6 million for treating coun- “Based on the numbers, we can infer tending that they’re misleading and have
ty employees and their dependents during only that the plan change had a positive been twisted to make her the scapegoat
Those numbers plummeted in the fiscal that same period; and the Sebastian River impact,” Boyll said, citing the steep reduc- for the county’s failure to properly regulate
year that ran from October 2016 through Medical Center was paid only $560,000. tions in members filing claims for acupunc- and monitor its health plan, which, until
September 2017, when only 126 members ture services provided by Jaynes’ practice February, allowed patients unlimited ac-
submitted claims for 3,863 visits and less In fact, Boyll said, the county health plan’s and payouts to Absolute. “We’re looking at cess to acupuncture treatments.
than $180,000 was paid to Jaynes’ practice. payouts to the out-of-network provider had nearly a $950,000 difference from the previ-
quadrupled over a four-year period. She at- ous 12-month period.” In response to the cap, Jaynes said she
“That’s a reduction of more than 84 per- tributed the surge in visits and skyrocketing stopped accepting the county’s insurance
cent,” Boyll said, “just to one provider.” payouts to Jaynes’ policy of not requiring a Boyll said the county has not received on Jan. 1. Actually, though, she only discon-
co-insurance payment, essentially allowing many complaints from employees about tinued filing the claims for her patients.
It was Boyll who alerted commissioners the cap.
12 months ago that the county, which is “She’s still taking it,” Boyll said, citing the
nearly $180,000 the county paid to Abso-
lute in fiscal 2017.

Asked about the dramatic drop-off in
payouts from the county plan in fiscal 2017,
Jaynes said her practice is still thriving.

“County employees still received treat-
ments at our clinic [in the past year]. The
difference now is they pay for treatments
out of pocket,” Jaynes wrote in an email to
Vero Beach 32963 last week.

Many of those patients, though, are now
choosing treatment in a group setting in
Absolute’s less-costly community room,
rather than a more-expensive private room.

As for the county blaming her for the
soaring costs that prompted the commis-
sioners to act, Jaynes wrote: “We provid-
ed a service year after year after year, and
the insurance company paid for it until
somebody at the county decided it was
costing too much and wanted to put a
cap on it.”

Brown and Boyll said the problem was
that Absolute billed the insurer – Florida
Blue serves as the third-party administra-
tor off the county’s health plan – but did not
require patients to cover any of the costs of
the treatments.

In other words: There was no co-pay.
That meant patients could seek treat-
ment, free of charge, as much as they need-
ed or wanted. The county was picking up
the check.
“Some people were going 200 times a
year,” Brown said.
Jaynes, whose practice offers five acu-
puncturists and 11 treatments rooms in the
Bridgewater Building on Indian River Bou-
levard, said earlier this year that she often
waived the co-pay for patients experiencing
financial hardship.
Brown said he asked both Florida Blue
and the Florida Office of Insurance Regu-
lation to investigate Jaynes’ billing and the
claims filed by her patients. The OIR has
since forwarded the case to the Florida De-
partment of Financial Services.
John Moore, spokesman for the DFS’
Division of Investigation and Forensic Ser-
vices, confirmed Monday that his agen-
cy had received two inquiries relating to
Jaynes’ practice.
“Currently, the matter is under review,”
he said, “but I cannot provide any specifics
at this time.” 

6 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Expires 12-31-17 ESTATE AUCTIONED very good client who made timely decisions
Expires 12-31-17 and is a really good guy. There is nothing
Expires 12-31-17 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 else that large on the Treasure Coast. You
would have to get into Palm Beach to find
showed the home to more than 50 qualified something comparable.
buyers, delivered a strong field of compet-
itive bidders, and sold the house on a date “There are four kitchens, four elevators
certain, which was the seller’s top goal.” – including one commercial grade – and
a 25-person movie theater. The pool is ex-
“The sale shows that there is liquidity in traordinary. An average pool is 450 square
the very top end of the market and that peo- feet. That one is 10 times as large, with a sur-
ple are willing to pay $20 million for a house face area of 4,500 square feet and a capacity
in Vero,” said Premier Estate Properties bro- of 186,000 gallons.
ker associate Clark French, looking on the
bright side. “It also exposed a new group of “Just in terms of size and scale it is an in-
high-end buyers to Vero Beach who didn’t credibly impressive place.”
know about the town before.”
When he decided to sell the property, Mc-
The sale was Concierge’s sixth auction in Guire listed it for $45 million with French
Vero in 2017. Unlike earlier auctions, there and his partners in November but did not
was no event at the house, which is located aim for a traditional sale, going straight to
at 1940 S. A1A in the Estate Section of the the auction model instead.
island. Instead, bidding was by phone and
online. “It takes an average of 1,000 days to sell
a home priced at $10 million or more,” said
Lawless said with buyers for top prop- French. “Because of that about 20 percent
erties scattered around the globe, onsite of Concierge’s clients go straight to auction
events don’t usually make sense anymore. to avoid the long delay and carrying costs
“Ninety-seven percent of our auctions are and uncertainty. They don’t have to put their
online now,” she said. lives on hold and have showings at inconve-
nient times.”
Nine bidders, from China, Switzerland,
the U.K. and the United States, participated “Our clients at that level are action driv-
in the auction, including several local fam- en,” said Foglia. “They didn’t get to where
ilies. they are by being passive and waiting for
things to come to them. They went out and
The auction opened at 4 p.m. on Thurs- grabbed it.”
day and the first bid of $6 million was placed
three minutes later. The global sale was held That said, McGuire, who was not avail-
open for 26 hours to accommodate bidders able for comment, likely lost millions on the
in far-flung time zones. During that period, deal, selling for much less than the home
11 more bids pushed the price up in mil- and land cost him.
lion-dollar increments to $17 million.
The auction was “no-reserve,” which
The winning bid of $17.5 million means once it started, the estate would be
was placed at 6:02 p.m. on Friday
evening by a buyer designated bid- sold to the highest bidder regardless of the
der #2995, who had offered $9 mil- amount of the high bid, but McGuire could
lion the previous evening. have declined to hold the sale if he was not
confident of an outcome he could accept.
Concierge declined to identify the
buyer or say where they are from, “We reviewed the field of bidders and dis-
but did say they had visited the cussed their qualifications and intentions
house prior to the auction. French with the seller, and he gave us a green light
said some international buyers did to proceed,” French said. “We had a strong
not visit, sending relatives, wealth field of nine buyers who wanted the house
managers or other representatives in their and had the resources to buy it on that day.”
Bidders had to put down a $100,000 de-
The seller was Robert Allen McGuire Jr., posit and show proof of funds to participate
according to county property records. and the winner had to immediately execute
the purchase contract, put down another $2
French and his partners Cindy O’ Dare million and close within 30 days.
and Richard Boga were the local list-
ing agents for the property and they also “It was a business decision on the seller’s
brought the buyer, earning a double com- part,” said Lawless. “He wanted it sold this
mission on the substantial sale. year on a date certain and we accomplished
Situated on a 7-acre parcel with 315 linear
feet of Atlantic Ocean frontage, the 18-bed- That the auction model has appeal to
room, 27-bath house was custom built for many buyers was shown last week when
McGuire by Joe Foglia of Foglia Custom Concierge sold five other homes in the U.S.
Homes and Vic Lombardi of JV Enterprises, and abroad on the same day that 1940 S.
two leading local builder/developers who A1A was sold. 
have partnered on a number of projects.

Constructed with luxury finishes and the
latest smart-home technology over a period
of two years and completed in 2015, the main
house and guest houses encompass 27,588
square feet of air-conditioned living space
and nearly 41,000 square feet under roof.

“It was a lot of fun to build,” said Foglia,
prior to the auction. “It was dream job for a

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS December 22, 2017 7


Last week, Vero residents who still reading the letter from The Stuart Hurricane Impact Doors
subscribe to the Press Journal re- News (why would they), so some & Impact Glass,
ceived a letter from The Stuart News. number may well not even notice the We Have It All!
hike of almost 40 percent (!) in their
That’s right. The letter was obvious- monthly charge. Hmmm. Maybe Gan- Transform Your Existing Door from
ly intended for Press Journal sub- nett is counting on that. Boring to Beautiful!
scribers, but it wasn’t from the Press
Journal! It was on the letter head of The letter concluded: “Thank you ■ Glass patterns for every style & budget
The Stuart News. for supporting local journalism.” ■ Customize to your style
■ Impact Glass & Impact Doors
It began: “We know how much you Well let us humbly offer a sugges- ■ Wood Interior/Exterior Doors
appreciate receiving your subscription tion. If you really want to support lo- ■ Fiberglass Doors
to The Stuart News . . . .The Stuart News cal journalism in Indian River County, ■ Patio & Sliding Glass Doors
is your trusted source for everything how about supporting the newspapers ■ Framed/Frameless Shower Units
you love about our community . . .” that provide it – Vero News, Sebastian ■ Etching
River News, and Vero Beach 32963. ■ Schlage Hardware
So there you have it. We not only ■ Mirror Wraps
no longer get any local news of conse- We deliver these papers to your
mailbox every week – filled with the Regency Square
Editorial news you need – at no charge. Our
experienced reporters provide in- 2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart • Licensed & Insured
quence from the no-longer-local daily, depth coverage of the major insti-
but Gannett can’t even get the name tutions of our community: the local 772.463.6500
of their Indian River County paper governments, the School District, the
right. Pretty pathetic. hospital, the environment – stories
that appear nowhere else.
But the real outrage was the letter
went on to announce a huge hike in We are not going to suggest cancel-
the cost of a home subscription. ing the Press Journal – though if they
can’t tell the difference between The
As of Jan. 1, the letter said, the rate Stuart News and our local paper, we
for your subscription to the daily ought to.
paper will be $38.50 per month (plus
applicable taxes) – or almost $500 per But your contribution of any frac-
year!!! tion of the $500 Gannett plans to ex-
tract from subscribers to the daily in
This follows on what Gannett told 2018 would certainly help us with the
financial analysts in late summer, cost of maintaining the largest news
when they admitted that circulation staff in Indian River County (three
was plunging – but said they planned times the size of the Press Journal).
to make up the lost revenue by soak-
ing the readers who don’t cancel. Take a minute this holiday season
and think about which news organiza-
Gannett has a clever system work- tion actually deserves your support.
ing here. Many of the remaining
subscribers to the daily have their Make a New Year’s resolution to
subscription fee automatically debit- join the readers helping support our
ed monthly – which makes the charge journalism. You can send a voluntary
relatively invisible, and provides less contribution to: Vero Beach 32963
sticker shock than the amount would Media, LLC, 4855 Highway A1A, Vero
if it was billed quarterly or annually. Beach, FL 32963. Any amount would
help us deal with the ever-rising costs
In fact, many Indian River County of bringing you this paper each week,
readers probably didn’t even bother and would be greatly appreciated. 

8 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SPORTS

Vero girls weightlifting powered by state-tourney veterans

By Ron Holub | Correspondent tournament are all doing great,”

The Vero Beach High girls weightlifting said DeLuke. “Potentially we have a
team was described by one rival coach as
an emerging dynasty, and while the results dozen or so going to states, but we
this year and last tend to corroborate that
description, let’s tone it down a tad and will see. Getting there is tough and
call it a period of extreme prosperity for
the program. we don’t know what else is out there.

Head coach Pete DeLuke agrees, es- Those girls can get there if they keep
pecially since six of the seven lifters that
qualified for the state tournament last year doing what they are doing right
are back. The eighth-place finish at states
came on the heels of an undefeated regular now.”
season, plus district and regional champi-
onships. “Sending that many to states was This Indians team was undefeated
a first for us,” DeLuke said. “We had two
that scored points. Verlicia Scarlett got sec- prior to hosting the Vero Beach Invi-
ond place in her weight class (199 pounds)
and Sarah Kehoe was fifth (169). That was tational last Saturday. Twelve schools
obviously our best finish ever and we were
pretty excited about that.” participated in the next to last meet

The nucleus of the team consists of of the regular season before the dis-
state-tournament veterans Scarlett, Ke-
hoe, Elizabeth Case (110), Chloe Holland trict championships in January.
(129), Jadis Thompkins (unlimited) and Ti-
jah McGriff (unlimited). DeLuke also iden- “We are maxing everybody out
tified Jayda Jenkins (119), Kiiya Housing
(119), Maddie McCain (129), Molly Metcalf this week (in practice),” DeLuke said
(139), Taniya Perry (154) and Audra Teske
(183) as state hopefuls. before the VB Invitational. “I do that

“The six coming back from the state to see where we are at. We will be up

against some of our district and re-

gional foes. That will show us what

we are capable of doing at districts

and regionals.”

The accomplishments of the girls

in the weightlifting program have

not gone unnoticed. Student interest

is at an all-time high – a far cry from Vero High weightlifters Jadis Thompkins, Sarah Kehoe and Tijah McGriff. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD

just a decade ago.

“We have over 20 more lifters than we and they don’t want to come to practice. takes the afternoon group when I’m at

did last year,” DeLuke said. “The word has But we also go after it as hard as we can. football practice. That’s been very helpful

spread that this is fun. This is not a place “I’m satisfied with the number of lifters in getting more girls to participate and go

where the girls are working out grudgingly we have this year (40 on the roster). I’ve year-round with the sport.”

never had this many before. I believe next Coaching young people is hardly a pas-

year we will have even more. We are really sive endeavor for DeLuke. At VBHS he

excited about that. With more success I be- does football in the fall, weightlifting in

lieve we will have a better program. the winter, track and field in the spring. He

“We started this team in 2008 and it was coaches his own kids in recreational foot-

difficult for probably the first four years. ball, baseball and soccer leagues. A lot of

I was coaching football and I had to have overlapping naturally occurs.

weightlifting practice after football prac- “It’s kind of taxing on my family, but my

tice. A lot of the girls didn’t want to go wife and kids understand that I love coach-

home and come back. The girls that came ing,” DeLuke explained. “I enjoy molding

were doing off-season conditioning for fall these young kids and helping them get

or spring sports. better. Obviously, the main purpose is to

“Every year we grew and then we had a get a good education. Whether they go on

couple of girls coming out just for weight- to college or not, hopefully someday they

lifting. But it was still difficult to get big can be successful as a result of sports.”

numbers because I wasn’t practicing right Vero will have lifters in all 10 weight class-

after school. I now have a very knowledge- es going full throttle when the postseason

able assistant coach in Brian Secrest. He plays out in January and February. 

Beekeeping Laborers Needed

4 positions - Temporary/seasonal work performing manual and machine tasks as a beekeeping laborer,
from 1/12/2018 to 11/12/2018 at Pal’s Apiaries, Inc. , Fellsmere, FL and multiple worksites within Indian
River and St. Lucie counties. This job requires a minimum of three months of prior experience working
on a honeybee farm handling both manual and machine tasks associated with beekeeping. Saturday work
required. Must be able to lift/carry 60 lbs. Workers need to have no fear of bees and be non-allergic to bee
stings, pollen, honey or other products of the hive. Must be able to work in excessive humidity and heat
up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Clean driving record required in order to drive company vehicles. Employer-
paid post-hire drug testing upon suspicion of use. $11.12/hr or current applicable AEWR. Raise/bonus
at employer discretion. Workers are guaranteed 3/4 of work hours of total period. Work tools, supplies,
equipment supplied by employer without charge to worker. Housing with kitchen facilities provided at no
cost to only those workers who are not reasonably able to return same day to their place of residence at time
of recruitment. Transportation and subsistence expenses to work site will be paid to nonresident workers
not later than upon completion of 50% of the job contract. Interviews required.
Apply for this job at nearest State Workforce Agency in state in which this ad appears, or Florida
Department of Economic Opportunity, Alien Labor Certification Unit: H-2A, MSC G-300, Caldwell
Building 107 East Madison Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-4140. Provide copy of this ad. FL Job Order




Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry
Caring Dentistry for the Entire Family


772-564-0724 Comprehensive Exam & Full Mouth Invisalign  Root Canals  Children 2 years & up
Series of X-rays. New Patients Only Crown & Bridge  Nitrous Oxide to Reduce Anxiety
Veneers & Bonding  Dental Implants  Extractions
Offer Expires 12/31/17 Tooth Colored Fillings  Partial Dentures  Dentures

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has Laser Surgery for Periodontal Disease (LANAP)
a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for
payment for any other service. Examination, or treatment that 3975 20th Street, Suite 2th, Vero Beach  to view LANAP video
is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding
to the advertisement for the free discounted fee, or reduced
fee service, examination, or treatment. D0150, D0210

A10 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Confocal microscopy: Identifying skin-cancer without biopsy

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer Dr. Lilia Correa.
[email protected]
Newly-arrived Scully Welsh Cancer
Center dermatologist and surgeon Dr. Lil- It’s not cosmetic because it’s essentially a
ia Correa is excited about a “cutting edge” procedure that we use to cure cancer...We have
tool at her disposal that does not require
any actual cutting. to treat the cancer. I do my best to make it as
cosmetically pleasing as possible but in its
“There is a very cool tool we have here
that’s called confocal microscopy,” Correa essnce, it’s not cosmetic surgery.
says. – Dr. Lilia Correa

“I did a specialty in this area and [Scul-
ly Welsh director] Dr. Grichnik is also an
expert reader of it, so we’re both very keen
on it and it’s already available to patients

According to Correa, in its simplest
terms, confocal microscopy is a virtual bi-

“In other words,” she says, “it’s having a
biopsy of the skin without the pinching or
the cutting or the scalpel or anything. It’s
more or less putting a microscope on the
skin and seeing. That’s it.

“It’s a very good, for example, for lesions
on the face,” Correa explains, “where we
don’t want to create a scar but we do want
to make sure it’s not skin cancer. This is
where the confocal microscopy can play a
great role.”

Besides offering virtual biopsies, Correa

Make it the most wonderful time of the year

treats a variety of skin cancers, specializing effective technique for treating the two
in Mohs surgery. She also performs posteri- most common types of skin cancer: basal
or complex reconstruction – borrowing skin cell carcinomas and squamous cell car-
from other sites after layers of skin have cinomas,” according to the Skin Cancer
been removed from a cancerous site. Foundation.

Mohs micrographic surgery is “the most CONTINUED ON PAGE A12

Is The One-Stop Location
for All of Your Medical Services
Call for an appointment: 772-567-6340

Our Board Certified Internal Medicine and Family Physicians
are dedicated to providing the best medical care for you and your family.

CLIA Certified Lab  Bone Density Testing  ACR Certified Ultrasound

X-Ray  Hearing Center  ICAEL Certified Echocardiography

Antwerp Diamonds • Colored Gemstones • Estate Jewelry Vero Office Hours: NOW IN SEBASTIAN
645 Beachland Boulevard • Vero Beach, FL 32963 Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
772.234.1512 • Primary Care of the
Saturday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Treasure Coast is proud to
Sebastian Office Hours: announce the addition of
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mark Sultzman, PA-C, PharmD

1265 36th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960
801 Wellness Way, Sebastian, FL 32958

A12 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE A10 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, OLDER AMERICANS FACING
Correa can’t help but connect the dots be- ‘BONE HEALTH EMERGENCY’
First developed in the 1930s by Dr. Fred- tween that onion skin analogy and Mohs
eric Mohs, the American Academy of Der- surgery. By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer Klucar and Losapio are backed up in their
matology says this technique offers, “a [email protected] claims by the American Orthopedic Associ-
unique benefit” in that, “during surgery, “Essentially, this is a technique that was ation which bluntly states that “almost one
the surgeon can see where the cancer developed for areas of the body where you Sticks and stones may break your bones, quarter of seniors [men and women] who
stops. This isn’t possible with other types cannot take a lot of skin,” she explains. “For but osteoporosis can kill you. suffer a hip fracture will die within one year.”
of treatment for skin cancer.” example, the face, the hands or the feet; be-
cause if you do, then you may run into vital Just ask certified physician assistant Julie That’s a lot of seniors.
The Mayo Clinic explains that, “During structures. So, you actually want to spare Klucar and advanced registered nurse prac- The National Osteoporosis Foundation
Mohs surgery, thin layers of cancer-con- as much skin as possible.” titioner Kristy Losapio at the Coastal Frac- says that upwards of 10.3 million American
taining skin are progressively removed and ture Prevention Center in Sebastian. adults have osteoporosis and that an incred-
examined until only cancer-free tissue re- Add the areas around the eyes, nose, ible 43.3 million more have low bone mass
mains.” lips, ears, scalp, fingers, toes or even the Right off the bat Losapio points out “75 that also can lead to broken bones.
genitals and you’ve got a decent roadmap percent of hip fractures occur in women,” Osteoporosis is a disease that “causes
Aided by her own good vision, special of where Mohs surgery is most commonly but then adds, “men are at a higher risk of bones to become weak and brittle – so brittle
magnifying loops and a local anesthetic, done. death following the hip fracture – 25 percent that a fall or even mild stresses like bending
Correa is able to cut away pretty much any of men die in the first six months following a
cancerous layers of skin ensuring that the Tactfully, Correa manages not to bris- hip fracture.”
cancer is gone using what is generally con- tle at the suggestion that – at least in some
sidered to be a painless outpatient proce- cases – Mohs surgery might be considered Kristy Losapio, ARNP, and Julie Ann Klucar, PA-C.
dure. cosmetic surgery.
After removing each layer of skin, she “It’s not cosmetic because it’s essential-
examines it under a microscope in an on- ly a procedure that we use to cure cancer,”
site lab, repeating the procedure until no Correa states flatly. “So, by definition, it’s
cancer cells remain and sparing as much something that we do for your health. Usu-
healthy tissue as possible. ally cosmetic surgery is something that is
not medically necessary and is done more
To the layman, it almost sounds like to enhance patients’ appearances or tastes
peeling the layers of an onion and Correa but in this case it’s something that is med-
agrees. “I think,” she says with a smile, ically necessary. We have to treat the can-
“that is a pretty good way of explaining it.” cer. I do my best to make it as cosmetically
pleasing as possible but in its essence, it’s
A former Mohs and Dermatologic On- not cosmetic surgery.”
cology Fellow at the Morristown Medical
Center in New Jersey, chief resident at the Dr. Lilia Correa is with the Scully Welsh
Robert Woods Johnson Medical School’s Cancer Center. The phone number is 772-
dermatology department at Rutgers Uni- 226-4800. 
versity and visiting resident at New York’s

NOopwen It’s a date.

AL 13068 Join us for a lunch that
you will remember.

Call with an opening on
your calendar.


Assisted Living & Memory Care

2100 10th Avenue l Vero Beach, FL 32960

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH December 22, 2017 A13

over or coughing can cause a fracture,” ac- “low trauma” events or when someone falls 2020, half of all Americans over the age of 50 older patients in Indian River County avoid
cording to the Mayo Clinic. from a standing height while performing ev- will be at risk for fractures from osteoporosis. fractures and live a longer, healthier, broken
eryday activities. bone-free life?
In fact, a huge percentage of the broken So what are Klucar, Losapio and the Coast-
bones osteoporosis causes come from those The Surgeon General’s office states that by al Fracture Prevention Center doing to help Plenty.
This particular duo can rattle off a laun-
dry list of things seniors can and should be
doing to avoid life-changing and potentially
life-threatening broken bones.
Since the disease is alarmingly under-di-
agnosed, having a DEXA or bone density test
would be a logical first step. Losapio happily
points out if your bone density is low, there
are now new medications like Tymlos which,
she says, “have been shown to actually build
new and good quality bone.”
The next step might be taking a closer look
at your diet. As Klucar points out, “you can
get [all your needed] vitamins and minerals
through a healthy diet, that’s optimal. I mean,
I think that everybody would agree with that.”
She then adds that seniors need sunlight,
too. “We’re afraid of the sun now, you know,
but you’ve got to be outside for at least 15
minutes a day. And no sunscreen,” because
even a low SPF 15 drastically reduces the vi-
tamin D – an essential element for healthy
bones – that your body takes in from the sun.
And then there’s balance. As we age and
become at less active than we used to be, we
may lose our natural sense of balance.
“If you’re not demanding balance, you’re
not going to have balance,” Losapio says. “You
have to make that a part of your daily routines.
Standing on one leg brushing your teeth, I
mean, little things. Standing at your kitchen
doing dishes. Tilting from one leg to another.
You know, little things, that you can work in.”
And while they’ll never make it into a Vic-
toria’s Secret catalog, there are even under-
garments specifically designed to absorb the
impact of a fall, especially in the hip area.
Although the National Library of Medi-
cine at NIH found only “a marginally signifi-
cant reduction in hip fracture risk,” for those
while wearing this “impact wear” clothing, for
someone with severe osteoporosis, any reduc-
tion in risk might well be worth considering.
Klucar and Losapio say they are eager to
share their knowledge, expertise, tips and
skills in what they call this “bone health
The Coastal Fracture Prevention Center
is located at 13000 U.S. 1 in Sebastian. The
phone number is 772-584-BONE.  

A14 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonzo has ‘Inu’ buddy, Leo from Long Island

Hi Dog Buddies! water, I always check my water bowl just in Leo, the Shiba Inu. PHOTO BY GORDON RADFORD
This week, I learned about another breed rangements?” myself, ‘I hope I’m gonna be happy in
I’d never heard of. I like learnin’ new stuff, “Me an Papa John go fishin’ up in Long “I get regular dog food, of course. The my new home.’ Well, I totally am! Papa John
don’t you? Anyway, Leo Devine’s his name, Island, on Montauk. It’s Way Cool Kibbles! an Nanny take good care of me. An me and
an he’s a Shiba Inu (Shee-buh Eee-new), one Whenever Papa John catches a fish, I get treats are pretty yummy, too. I always ask Papa John are Besties: I’m good for him an
of those cool Japanese breeds. Sorta liddle, So Excited! I get all Barky and Bouncy. The Nanny to get the duck. She buys LOTS. But he’s good for me.”
real good posture, short coat, nice happy fish flops around, an I nose bop it a liddle, what I really enjoy is sharin’ Papa John’s
face, dark eyes an pointy ears that make him just playin,’ but I would NEVER bite it. food: like coldcuts-an-cheese, an French Heading Home, I was thinking about the
look like he’s always payin’ attention. Sorta Papa John says we Catch an Release, which Dip and hamburger from Bobby’s. Paw- strong bonds that can form between pooch-
remains me of a fox, ’cept foxes don’t have means we throw it back in the water so it some! I guess I’m a liddle fussy. es an their humans. I had one like that with
big ol’ grins like Leo does. can go home. I always bark goodbye. my Mom. I was also wonderin’ if Grandma
“As far as sleepin,’ I get to sleep with Papa and Grandpa might bring me some French
He trotted right up for the Wag and Sniff. “I also love playin’ on the beach. Up John an Nanny, but NOT on Nanny’s side. Dip one of these evenings.
“Welcome, Mr. Bonzo. I’d like to introduce there, there’s lotsa baby lobsters runnin’ EVER. If she comes in an I accidently hap-
my grandmom and granddad, Papa John an around. They’re fun to play with, too. pen to be snoozin’ on her pillow, she gives Till next time,
Nanny. Come’on in.” They’re real quick liddle guys.” me The Look, which says ‘YOU’RE on MY
pillow?’ You better buh-lieve I’m off that bed The Bonz
“Delighted to meet you all,” I said. “Do you swim?” in a Long Island Minute!”
We got settled. “Did you ackshully come “Woof, no! I don’t like getting’ my Don’t Be Shy
from Japan?” I asked Leo. paws wet! I just run around on the I laughed. “So, do you enjoy travel?”
“Oh, no. I came from Long Island. See, shore. We gotta lotta friends up there. “I hafta say I’m not crazy about it. I don’t We are always looking for pets
Papa John an Nanny’s son Anthony got me Down here, too. They’re always askin’ care for ridin’ in the car. Now if I could with interesting stories.
up there as a present for his daughter, Al- Papa John if I’m a fox! I guess I do look DRIVE, that’d be A Different Dog Biscuit.
exandra. Us Shiba Inus are kinda rare, so like a fox kinda, but, I mean, come But I do like the places an the people the car To set up an interview, email
we’re pretty SPEN-sive. But I was the runt ON! Foxes have that sly, sneaky look, takes us to. Like Montauk. An I LOVE mo- [email protected].
of my litter so I was on SPESH-shull. I was whereas I have a big ol’ smile. PLUS, you tels. They’re fun to explore.
havin’ lotsa fun but, then, Alexandra GRAD- could line up all the chickens in the world “You know Mr. Bonzo, when Papa John
choo-ated. I had met Papa John and Nanny a right in front of me and they’d be totally an Nanny first brought me here, I thought to
coupla times, so I wasn’t worried when they okey-dokey, down to the last feather. But a
’dopted me.” fox, not so much.”
“Was it hard to get used to Florida?” I “Good point!” I was glad I hadn’t men-
wondered. tioned I thought he resembled a fox, too. “So
“Ackshully, it wasn’t. Papa John an Nanny what’s your day like?”
love me to pieces an I have zillions of toys “I need lotsa exercise so I get leash walks,
to play with. (When I was liddle, I usta hide and I run on the beach. When I’m pooped,
their shoes. I never ate ’em, but I’d just put I curl up on the couch and chew on a few
’em in secret places. Now I hide my toys in- toys. (Nanny says I curl up like a cat, which
stead, which is much better, cuz Papa John I choose to ignore.) If Papa John is late com-
an Nanny don’t hafta find ’em before they go ing home, I howl. Real loud. Didja know,
out like they do with shoes.) most Japanese dogs can only howl, not bark,
“But toys aren’t my totally favorite thing! but me, I can do BOTH. I don’t go to the dog
Me an Papa John’s Totally Favorite Thing in park yet. (I’ve only been here a few months.)
The Whole World is – FISHIN’! I didn’t even “I have a pooch neighbor, Roxy. She’s a
know what a fish WAS ’til Papa John taught mix. An Older Woman. Very sweet. When-
me. They don’t have FEET! Didja know that? ever we see each other, she gets all happy.”
An they can hold their breath forEVER! Ever He leaned toward me and lowered his voice.
since I saw ’em swimmin’ around in all that “I think she has a crush on me.”
“Well, you are a good lookin’ poocheroo.
Got any fave foodstuffs? Special sleeping ar-

Mainland home features
solid construction, lake views

1164 Riverwind Circle in Riverwind: Upgraded 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 2,600-square-foot home near Merrill Barber Bridge and Miracle Mile
offered for $549,000 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services listing agent Cheryl Burge: 772-538-0063



Paul R. Berg VMer3oA3B3I3eNa2c0hOt,hFFSLFtrI3eC2e9tE60 Louis ‘Buck’Vocelle

VOCELLEBERG.COM 772-562-8111

16 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Mainland home features solid construction, lake views

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer Riverwind is off Indian River Boulevard, The homeowners’ association fee is development, the pergola at the entrance
[email protected] so traffic is no problem. Regatta Construc- $400 a month and includes access to a distinguishing it from other models.
tion, with local principal Dennis Witherow, large clubhouse with catering kitchen,
Hurricane Irma this year and Matthew last started the 150-lot development about 15 party room, fitness room, heated pool and It’s on a corner lot that is pie-shaped,
year have some islanders considering main- years ago and only one lot is left. Har-Tru tennis court. Individual lawn – fanning out at the back, with a full-length
land houses, said Cheryl Burge, an agent with mowing, trimming, irrigation, spraying view of the lake.
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. There were four models offered, all with
There has only been one owner. They

“They don’t want to be trapped if the British Colonial architecture. The home for and mulching – is included as well. just rebuilt the pergola and replaced the
bridge is closed,” she said, and the main- sale at 1164 Riverwind Circle was built in The home is a modified “Ashley” model, air conditioning with Trane units last
land is less exposed to wind and wind- 2005 and has impact glass doors and win- year. They also modified the floor plan
whipped water from the lagoon and ocean. dows and a hurricane-code garage door. which won a design award in 2003, Burge so each of the three bedrooms has an en
said. It’s the most popular model in the suite bath.
A house close to the Merrill P. Barber Bridge
in the Riverwind gated community has the The house is an “H” configuration with the
beauty and quality construction of an island entrance in the middle. Upon entering the
home, quick access to the island, and is close foyer, the eye is directed upward to the nearly
to the Miracle Mile shopping area, presenting 12-foot ceilings and then through a series of
an attractive choice for buyers in the category visual “locks” – columned and arched door-
Burge identifies, making the transition from ways, paired French doors with transom win-
island to mainland living seamless. dows above, a covered patio – the eye finally
resting on the rippling surface of a long lake
“You don’t have to change any of the encircled by a verge of waving grasses.
places you frequent,” Burge said.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 22, 2017 17

The high ceilings and many transom room to a den and use part of the great room The owners deleted the tub to enlarge and light-filled qualities of the interior. The
windows give space and light to the interi- for formal dining. The breakfast nook is ex- the walk-in shower, water closet and lin- well-designed H-shaped house with the
or, with rich materials and details on view. pansive and attractive enough for formal en closet. There are two sinks in a room- owners’ well-chosen modifications, the
Each wall corner is softened to a radiuses meals too, with wood floors and a large bay length vanity with a Corian counter with corner lot, the long-lake view, the central
edge and rooms are topped by crown mold- window overlooking the lake. The owners many cubic feet of storage beneath. location off convenient Indian River Shores
ing. Solid wood doors are nine feet high, added another window for yet more light. Boulevard should convince islanders that
interior columns frame attractive arches, The lush landscaping and pergola at the mainland living has great attractions. 
and a mix of ceramic tile and wooden floors The kitchen has an island and bar, gran- front disguise the length, expansiveness
keep the eye and sense of touch engaged. ite counters and tumbled-marble back-
splashes. The wooden cabinets have crown
The two guest bedrooms are to the molding and transom windows above.
right and left of the foyer at the front of
the house, while the master suite is at the The master suite has a lovely series of
back, giving privacy to all. arched doorways interrelating the bed-
room, dressing room and bathroom. The
The foyer gives access to the utility bedroom has a formal feel, with a bay
room with washer and dryer and the two- window, lake view, deep tray ceiling with a
car garage with custom shelving and a custom light fixture at the center.
pebble-paving floor.
Transom windows in the walk-in clos-
The great room is at the center of the et and custom storage makes for enlight-
house, giving access to all the other rooms. ened dressing. His closet is large enough
The present owners converted the dining for cabinets and more custom storage.

FEATURES FOR 1164 RIVERWIND CIRCLE Come in and let us create a masterful blend of function
and esthetics for the kitchen of your dreams.
Neighborhood: Riverwind
Year built: 2005 f e at u r i n g :
Lot size: .32 acres
Established 18 Years in Indian River County
Home size: 2,600 sq. ft.
Construction: Concrete block Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
• The Treasure Coast’s most Comprehensive, Professional Showroom
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3 • Extensive Collection of Styles and Finishes to Meet Your Budget
Additional features: Corner lot, long-lake view, covered and • Under New Ownership • Remodeling specialists
screened patio with brick pavers, three bedrooms with en
suite baths, island kitchen, custom backsplash, tile and wood (772) 562-2288 |
floors, plantation shutters, storage in garage, two 2016 Trane 3920 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach FL 32960
air conditioning units, crown molding, custom closets, French
doors, transom windows, wet bar
Listing agency: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Listing agent: Cheryl Burge, 772-538-0063
Listing price: $549,000

18 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



The holiday (spending) spirit was alive and well in the mainland real estate market last week, as
a super-sized 46 single-family residences and lots changed hands from Dec. 11-15 (some shown
The top sale of the week in Vero Beach was the home at 5340 E Harbor Village Drive #201. First list-
ed in October for $725,000, this 2,414-square-foot residence sold for the asking price on Dec. 15.
In Sebastian, the week’s best sale was the house at 1572 Eagles Circle. First listed in November for
$435,000, the 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2,338-square-foot home fetched $430,000 on Dec. 15.


VERO BEACH 5340 E HARBOR VILLAGE DRIVE #201 10/30/2017 $725,000 12/15/2017 $712,500
VERO BEACH 7805 HOMESTEAD DRIVE 4/8/2017 $749,000 12/14/2017 $520,470
VERO BEACH 1454 LILYS CAY CIRCLE 3/27/2017 $502,565 12/15/2017 $520,000
VERO BEACH 1595 46TH AVENUE 10/19/2017 $599,000 12/13/2017 $483,500
VERO BEACH 1448 LILY’S CAY CIRCLE 8/5/2016 $474,000 12/11/2017 $470,000
VERO BEACH 1600 SAINT DAVIDS LANE 7/10/2017 $499,900 12/15/2017 $430,000
SEBASTIAN 1572 EAGLES CIRCLE 11/4/2017 $435,000 12/15/2017 $405,000
VERO BEACH 1050 WHITE TAIL AVENUE 10/30/2017 $419,900 12/12/2017 $365,000
VERO BEACH 5327 ANTIGUA CIRCLE 10/31/2017 $385,000 12/13/2017 $350,000
VERO BEACH 651 TANGELO CIRCLE 10/24/2017 $357,800 12/11/2017 $335,000
SEBASTIAN 922 SENECA AVENUE 8/14/2017 $350,000 12/15/2017 $334,740
VERO BEACH 1901 NEWMARK CIRCLE 4/13/2017 $327,100 12/15/2017 $330,000
VERO BEACH 655 TANGELO CIRCLE 7/21/2017 $349,900 12/15/2017 $313,750
VERO BEACH 2415 3RD PLACE SW 6/5/2017 $330,000 12/14/2017 $310,000
VERO BEACH 4830 WOOD DUCK CIRCLE 8/31/2017 $335,900 12/15/2017 $300,000
VERO BEACH 1781 BELMONT CIRCLE SW 6/27/2017 $359,000 12/13/2017 $292,000
VERO BEACH 5430 E 1ST SQUARE SW 10/24/2017 $295,900 12/15/2017 $285,000
VERO BEACH 1295 45TH COURT SW 10/9/2017 $299,900 12/14/2017 $273,500
VERO BEACH 1365 BUNKER COURT 10/30/2017 $279,900 12/11/2017 $267,000
VERO BEACH 4621 PALADIN CIRCLE 7/17/2017 $279,000 12/14/2017 $266,000
VERO BEACH 7209 BUNGALOW LANE 10/3/2017 $269,900 12/15/2017 $240,000
VERO BEACH 115 18TH AVENUE 9/26/2017 $259,000 12/13/2017 $240,000
SEBASTIAN 686 ATLANTUS TERRACE 8/28/2017 $253,000 12/15/2017 $232,000
SEBASTIAN 247 S WIMBROW DRIVE 11/25/2017 $239,900 12/12/2017 $228,900
SEBASTIAN 1386 HAVERFORD LANE 5/12/2017 $224,900 12/11/2017 $206,900
VERO BEACH 1216 4TH PLACE 10/13/2017 $219,900 12/11/2017 $205,000
SEBASTIAN 949 JAMAICA AVENUE 11/8/2017 $189,900 12/15/2017 $203,000
SEBASTIAN 437 MELROSE LANE 11/24/2017 $199,900 12/15/2017 $190,500
VERO BEACH 528 7TH SQUARE UNIT#202 9/26/2017 $194,900 12/12/2017 $185,000
SEBASTIAN 120 OGDEN AVENUE 10/27/2017 $195,000 12/11/2017 $171,900
VERO BEACH 241 HAWTHORNE LANE 10/10/2017 $174,900 12/12/2017 $162,000
SEBASTIAN 133 MELTON AVENUE 10/12/2017 $174,500 12/13/2017 $161,500
SEBASTIAN 733 GEORGE STREET 10/20/2017 $162,900 12/11/2017 $160,000
SEBASTIAN 473 BYWOOD AVENUE 12/3/2017 $164,995 12/13/2017 $152,000
VERO BEACH 6526 4TH STREET 5/10/2017 $169,000 12/11/2017 $145,000
SEBASTIAN 5740 PELICAN POINTE DRIVE UNIT#4 10/14/2017 $155,000 12/13/2017 $139,900
VERO BEACH 5090 FAIRWAYS CIRCLE UNIT#H307 10/26/2017 $139,900 12/15/2017 $136,000
VERO BEACH 5090 FAIRWAYS CIRCLE UNIT#H202 11/17/2017 $139,000 12/15/2017

Sturgis Lumber
Hardware Store & Lumber Yard


62 years Family Owned and Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E December 22, 2017 19


7805 Homestead Drive, Vero Beach 1454 Lilys Cay Circle, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 4/8/2017 Listing Date: 3/27/2017
Original Price: $749,000 Original Price: $502,565
Sold: 12/14/2017 Sold: 12/15/2017
Selling Price: $712,500 Selling Price: $520,470
Listing Agent: Susan Maitner Listing Agent: Shane Reynolds

Selling Agent: Coldwell Banker Paradise Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Scott Mazmanian Not Provided

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. Not Provided

1595 46th Avenue, Vero Beach 1448 Lily’s Cay Circle, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 10/19/2017 Listing Date: 8/5/2016
Original Price: $599,000 Original Price: $474,000
Sold: 12/13/2017 Sold: 12/11/2017
Selling Price: $520,000 Selling Price: $483,500
Listing Agent: Michael Staller Listing Agent: Shane Reynolds

Selling Agent: The Lafferty Group RE & Cnsltg Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Kyle Von Kohorn Tripp Hernandez

Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc.

199$ 3DAYS



Coming Up! ‘Nutcracker on
the Indian River’:
COMING UP: ENJOY Big biz, bigger buzz

By Samantha Baita | Staff Writer Adam Schnell.
[email protected]
1 This Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.,
McKee Botanical Garden, one of
Indian River county’s true trea-
sures, will be open to the public
for the annual Holidays at McK-
ee. Along the broad palm boule-
vard and the myriad pathways,
nature’s artistry will become
magical with thousands of twin-
kling lights, luminescent lanterns
and other holiday adornment.
The 1924 Wurlitzer vintage band
organ will fill the air with mu-
sic, and you, young and young-
at-heart, will love the model
train and holiday village display.
Heartwarming musical perfor-
mances by the Imagine School
Tangerines; the First United
Methodist Church Handbell En-
semble; and the Tania Tunes Car-
olers led by local singer and actor
Tania Ortega-Cowan, and McKee
Volunteer, vocalist Claudia Ball.


B2 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

‘Nutcracker on the Indian River’: Big biz, bigger buzz

By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer them to take their own children when they
[email protected] grow up, ensuing generations of Nutcracker
audiences, but it also brings in schoolmates,
“The Nutcracker” is big business; of that parents, grandparents and, yes, neighbors.
Adam Schnell is certain. When he undertook
creating the original version for Ballet Vero Miami’s pricey upgrade was co-com-
Beach that debuts this weekend, he did it in missioned by Los Angeles’ Music Center,
part to ensure the company’s survival. where the world premiere was staged in
With its first two performances Friday
and Saturday, “The Nutcracker on the Indi- In Vero, Schnell has had to go it alone in
an River” joins the close to 1,000 Nutcracker terms of fundraising, though he did have the
productions reeling in audiences nation- local chapter of the Land Trust lending him
wide. Already, the reception has been beyond moral support. Or more precisely, ethical
Schnell’s expectations, with 750 seats sold by support. The Land Trust’s partnership lent
last week, far more than it typically sells for its the magical Land of Sweets an environmental
regular performances. conscience; Schnell’s ballet sets it on the In-
dian River Lagoon. The ballet opens in New
The Nutcracker has been called “the en- York City in 1919, with a family headed to Vero
gine that drives the machine,” with good Beach for a Christmas vacation. On the train
reason: Ballet companies reap about half of ride, little Marie dozes, and dreams of dancing
their annual revenues from the Christmas- shore birds and marine life at her destination.
time story ballet.
“The planning for this project started with
So key is the production to Miami City Bal- the formation of the company,” Schnell says.
let’s bottom line that it just spent $1 million to “We knew we were going to want to do our
“re-imagine” its Nutcracker. And that was just own Nutcracker. It just so happened around
for costumes and sets. the time the company was forming, I was
doing my graduate work and one of the first
This weekend, as Miami City Ballet debuts assignments was to come up with a proposal
its freshened-up production in West Palm for an arts project.”
Beach’s Kravis Center, Schnell will be rushing
around backstage with the ballet’s requisite Since he and his partner Camilo Rodriguez,
cast of children. Those young dancers are key Ballet Vero Beach’s ballet master, had already
to the ballet’s success. Not only does it inspire

formed the Ballet Vero Beach, Schnell turned How is this going to impact the community
his focus to the Nutcracker. “I started think- besides being a good, pretty fun ballet?”
ing about Vero and what would be unique to
it and it turned into this proposal, ‘Nutcracker That answer was already embedded in the
on the Indian River.’ lagoon concept. “We had always had plans to
bring in an environmental partner with the
“I got a decent grade on the project,” he Land Trust. And we had planned to use out-
says. “And I mentioned to the board, wouldn’t reach kids on stage from the first. But going
this be nice for our five-year anniversary?” through that (Impact 100) process made us
think about that. OK, you can’t just put up
“We started slowly but surely putting the some information about the lagoon and put
blocks in place,” recalls Schnell. Approaching some kids on stage, and that’s a partnership.”
local donors, they considered whether they
might target such a production. And they be- It was Land Trust executive director Ken
gan to write grant applications with the future Grudens who told him it would be better to
production in mind. inspire the kids in the cast than just the au-
dience. So all 50 kids, age 6 to 18, outreach
Schnell says there was no more con- and otherwise, went out to the Tony Robin-
structive process than the Impact 100 grant son Waterfront Trail, a Land Trust property
competition last spring. That organization, on the lagoon. There, they sat with journals,
which gives out four $100,000 grants per writing and thinking about the fragile water-
year, involves an arduous application pro- way. “Those kids who are playing dolphins
cess. Ballet Vero Beach was the first arts or- and sea turtles and pelicans may not experi-
ganization to ever apply. ence the outdoors that way. To get them out
with Land Trust scientists was totally trans-
As it turns out, the ballet didn’t get the formational.”
large grant, though they did get a merit
award of $13,000. But there was also a less Grudens also thought to include cast
tangible reward. members in the annual Land Trust benefit
at Rock City Nursery. “That got Land Trust
For Schnell, the application and its required patrons excited about this partnership,” says
oral presentation to the board forced him to Schnell. “If you’re going to do a partnership,
think through aspects he might not have. “It it has to benefit both organizations. We got to
made myself and my board of directors think
about ‘The Nutcracker’ in a different way.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE December 22, 2017 B3

show them we’re not just saving acres, we’re seen before in Vero, dance-wise.” Holidays at McKee takes place this weekend,
putting this message out there in a complete- That benchmark has been set by Travis Thursday-Saturday, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
ly off-beat way.”
Halsey, a graduate in theater arts of the Uni- CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 2 Popular music man
There was still the major hole in the bud- versity of Nebraska who has been in costume Kevin McCullers will be
get left when the ballet lost out on the Im- design for 15 years. Last season, he co-de- Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, playing on Christmas Day at
pact 100 grant. “That was a major hiccup,” signed and constructed the costumes for the Dec. 28-30, the beloved Garden will Capt. Hiram’s in Sebastian,
says Schnell. “It was probably the biggest second act of Miami City Ballet’s fantastical host Nights of Lights, a wonderful op- starting at 6 p.m. Kevin plays a
road block we had. We had to ask ourselves, underwater interpretation of Balanchine’s portunity to welcome in the new year mean acoustic guitar, and you’ll rec-
can we go forward with this? But everything “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” with family and friends, surrounded ognize lots of the country and rock
is scalable. Between grants, private foun- by the peace and harmony of the won- tunes he’ll be bringing. Head to In-
dations, fund-raising income and corpora- And another obvious budget item: the sala- drous natural world of the Garden. dian River Drive in Sebastian for a
tion donations, we really had to think about ries and travel expenses for the 23 profession- Regular Garden Admission ap- little musical holiday diversion.
where we were going to make up that price al dancers flying in from Nebraska. plies for this event. Well worth
tag in a credible way.” the drive. CONTINUED ON PAGE B4
Marketing is another expense, one that has
That meant slowly and deliberately cross- apparently paid off. Schnell says ticket sales
ing off a long list of imperatives. Professional have going “exceptionally well.” He is hop-
designers had to be found and their fees ne- ing to hit 1,000 for the combined two perfor-
gotiated within the newly limited budget. The mances Friday and Saturday.
scenery ended up costing $100,000, designed
by Joseph Rawda of Fort Lauderdale and built “The intention was to have something the
by an Orlando firm, Bungalow Scenic Studios. community can really get behind: a locally
produced but high-quality production that will
Bungalow is turning out exactly what the be an enduring holiday classic. People have al-
production needs if it intends to tour region- ready embraced that and it has surpassed my
ally, which is Schnell’s ultimate goal. expectations. Now I just have to deliver.”

“Bungalow has done a lot of work with Dis- “I can’t say how much more we need to
ney, so the engineering experience they have make sure we’re even-steven, but I’m actual-
is just incredible. It’s all lightweight, portable ly sleeping through the night,” he says. “I feel
and long-lasting.” like the kids are ready, the dancers are ready
and the community is ready.”
Costumes cost another $75,000, with just
the materials alone for the tutus costing “The Nutcracker on the Indian River”
$52,000. “That doesn’t include labor. The real- premieres Friday at 8 p.m. with a second
ly fancy ones can take over 100 hours of labor performance Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Vero
to put together,” says Schnell. “When I de- Beach High School Performing Arts Center.
scribe to people what it takes to make these, Tickets range from $10 to $75. Go to ballet-
I can tell you they’re at a level no one has ever or call the box office at 772-
564-5537. 

B4 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 tunes and a beverage. turn, celebrating Charles Austin Buck’s love of Geert D’hollander at Bok Tower.
music, especially that of the Jazz Age. Buck, ac-
3 This Friday, over at Waldo’s on the 4 Another Florida holiday tradition is cording to the Bok Tower website, was a Beth-
beach, you can grab a little respite from a visit to hear the Christmas Carillon lehem Steel vice president who had Pinewood
the holiday hoopla, sip on something with Concert at Bok Tower Gardens. Belgium native built in the early 1930s. Today the 20-room
rum in it, and listen to Hair Peace, a guy-girl Geert D’hollander, Bok Tower Gardens’ full- Mediterranean-style mansion is open to Bok
acoustic duo with a peace/love/John Len- time carillonneur, performs Christmas music Tower Garden visitors.The Buck family loves to
non vibe and really long hair. Music starts at from around the world at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. share their completely decorated home during
8 p.m. Rick Collins and Company bring the every Thursday through Sunday on the 60-bell the Christmas season; this year the sounds of
music to Waldo’s Wednesday, Dec. 27, 7 p.m. Singing Tower carillon. While at the Gardens, the Jazz Age will make the holidays at Pine-
to 10 p.m., when we’re regrouping between you must do the Holiday Home Tour at Pine- wood totally merry and bright. Get tickets at
Christmas and New Year’s Eve, another op- wood Estate. This year, the tour takes a musical the Visitor Center or at the gate. 
portunity to take a brief break with some


DISCOVER SHOPPING 1. The Rooster 1. Leonardo da Vinci 1. The Mermaid BY JAN BRETT
2. Here We Are
The Latest & Greatest Books 2. Manhattan Beach 2. Killing England BY BILL O'REILLY
3. Why Christmas Trees Aren't
The Cards, Wrap and
3. The Cuban Affair 3. Make Your Bed 4. The Night Before Christmas
Ribbon are Here...
Gift Certificates are Here...
4. Origin BY DAN BROWN 4. Grant BY RON CHERNOW 5. Turtles All the Way Down
SOMETHING FOR 5. Column of Fire 5. Endurance BY SCOTT KELLY

392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 22, 2017 B5

First Bites: Station 49 wood fired pizza

By TIna Rondeau | Columnist the Pop- Cavatelli with Sausage Penne Mozzarella.
[email protected] eye spinach sal- and Broccoli.
ad ($11), and the New York Caesar ($9). The The Works.
One pizza place has taken over from an- salads here are on a par with those at Citron, Garden Pie.
other in the remodeled gas station on Old which is to say among the best in town. each but no
Dixie Highway. But unlike The Garage, peppers. Our vote dessert, would run
which never quite made it, the new Station On our first visit, we tried the white was for the white pizza. about $60 to $70 before tip.
49 wood fired pizza looks – and tastes – like truffle bianchi pizza ($14) – a perfectly My husband also on one of our visits went Initial impressions: Actually, a friend
a winner. prepared, thin-crust Neapolitan pizza for the Station burger ($14) with truffle par- summed up this best: ‘Kind of like Citron but
topped with ricotta cheese, mushrooms migiana French fries. The burger was very with the addition of very good pizza.’ That’s
Headline news: Not only is the pizza good and white truffle oil. On the second, we good, he said. But he raved about his choice about right, and it’s hard to see how that
here, but Station 49 serves a variety of dishes sampled the “classic” – not on the menu, on the second visit – the cavatelli with sau- combination can miss..
that are much like those found at Citron Bis- but similar to the margherita ($12) – and sage and broccoli. Tossed with garlic, white I welcome your comments, and encour-
tro on the island. The similarity is not a coin- the garden pie ($13), a pizza loaded with wine and pecorino cheese, this very simple age you to send feedback to me at tina@
cidence. Both restaurants are owned by Jay pasta dish was sensational.
McLaughlin, and Station 49 chef Dino Par- broccoli, spinach, mushroom, Drink: Station 49 has a nice selection of The reviewer dines anonymously at
ton – longtime chef at McLaughlin’s restau- tomato, charred red cold beers, and offers a choice of wines by restaurants at the expense of Vero Beach
rant in Manhattan – helped with the launch onion and mar- the glass for $7. 32963. 
of Citron a few years back. inated Service: Even in its opening days, every-
thing seemed to be going smoothly. Our
Look & Feel: Located in a clever remod- server Elizabeth was very attentive.
eling of a one-time Texaco station (hence Prices: Prices for 12-inch pizzas ranged
the name), Station 49 is a fairly small from $12 to $15, with most in the $13-$14
restaurant, but it is much brighter and
more tastefully decorated that in its pre- range. Dinner for two, with piz-
vious pizza incarnation. With table seat- zas, salads and a beer
ing for a couple dozen, a few high-tops and or glass of wine
some additional spots at the counter, it can
be noisy when full. There are five tables un-
der a canopy outside that might be a quieter
dining choice (depending on whether they
are occupied by families with children) on
nice evenings.

Food: On two visits over the last couple
of weeks, my husband, a companion and I
sampled two starters, three of Station 49’s
salads, several different pizzas, the Station
burger, and a pasta entree.

For starters, we tried the blistered shishito
peppers ($7) – mild Japanese peppers (with
an occasional spicy one, just to keep things
interesting) that blister quickly when heated
in a skillet. Served in garlic, soy and tahini,
and sprinkled with sesame seeds for crunch,
this is an addictive Asian appetizer.

I also enjoyed the burrata caprese ($10),
a creamy Italian buffalo milk cheese
served with basil, slices of wonder-
ful beefsteak tomato, and driz-
zled with an aged balsam-
ic vinegar glaze. For
salads, we sam-
pled the pear
salad ($11),

Maple Honey Glazed Salmon. Hours:
Daily, 5pm to clsoing
Beverages: Beer and Wine

1802 Old Dixie Highway,

Vero Beach


B6 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Zagat Rated Please Join Us As The Tides Ushers In The Holiday
2013 - 2017 Season. We Will Begin Our 12 Days Of Giving. Join In
Wine Spectator Award By Bringing An Unwrapped Toy Starting Wednesday,
2002 – 2017 December 13, 2O17.
Donations, Toys Or Other Items Will Be Gratefully
Accepted For Donation To The Hibiscus Children’s
Center. Help Us As We Help The Children Of Our
Community Enjoy All The Joy Of This Season. Any
Donations Will Be Rewarded With A Complimentary
Glass Of Wine, Drink Or Dessert Of Your Choice.

Thank You Very Much For Your Support
And Happy Holidays From Our Family

At The Tides To Yours.
Chef Leanne Kelleher

(772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant

The Best Food In South County!

reservations strongly suggested

2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
Vero Beach

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 22, 2017 B7 | 772.410.0100 | 3244 ocean drive | vero beach, fl 32963

B8 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Christmas Eve Treat Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Serving 1:00 to 6:00PM, $45 per Person Sushi
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
A FREE Mug of EGG NOG is Our Christmas Greeting for YOU, our Special Friends! Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
You Will Then Select a Starter from Our Proven Happy-Hour Appetizer List. Full Liquor Bar
We Will Continue With an Offer of Breads and a Choice of $2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out
Our Famous Bean and Kale Soup, or A Cool House Salad and Dressing Options. Lunch
Our Main Entrée will Surely Delight You with a Generous Six-Ounce Beef Filet Medallion;
Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm
Drizzled with a Light Sherry Cream Sauce. Our Entrée Sides are Grilled Asparagus and
a Hot Baked Potato Served with Cajun Butter on the Side. Dinner
If you Request, We will Finish your Feast with an Option of
Bourbon Bread Pudding or a Hot Beignet and Coffee. Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

Entree Items From Our Main Menu are Always Available 713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)
Book Your Holiday Parties With Us!

89 Royal Palm Pointe l 772-617-6359
Regular Menu Available
Reservations Suggested

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 22, 2017 B9



11:30 AM - 2:30 PM $4 DRAFT BEER

$6 HOUSE COCKTAILS | 772.410.0100 | 3244 ocean drive | vero beach, fl OPEN SUNDAYS
4PM -6PM
Holiday Parties and MAIN LOBSTER NIGHT
Platters Available!
Salads, Pasta, Veal, 4PM-6PM DAILY
Chicken, Subs,
Housemade Desserts ALL U CAN EAT
Lunch and Dinner
Sat. & Sun. 4:00- 9:00 SUN - SHRIMP
Lunch & Dinner Open:
Closed Monday Tues.- Sat. 11:30am - Close•Sun. 4pm - Close
Delivery by 772.770.0977 •

56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160 Like us on Facebook!

Melo’s RIitsatoliraannote

Wishing Everyone & Their Families a


- Carmelo, Lisa & Staff


B10 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve

Thursday & Friday 11:30 - 1:30

Now on Instagram- Bistro Fourchette15 772-770-2071
1309 19th Place - Downtown Vero Beach, FL
See you at the bistro! Like us on Facebook!

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm


Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market

FALL Special • Offered all night

Prix Fixe $16 Entrees

Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees


BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm
772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING December 22, 2017 B11

B12 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Type of cheese (7) 1 Yuletide (9,4)
5 Textile (5) 2 Mistake (5)
8 Of the countryside (5) 3 Predicament (7)
9 Small table mat (7) 4 Break or alcove (6)
10 Small crustaceans (7) 5 Lesson (5)
11 Beach (5) 6 Result (7)
12 Lose (6) 7 Conker (5,8)
14 Oration (6) 13 Genuine (7)
17 Spanish“Mr”(5) 15 Crepe (7)
19 Sets alight (7) 16 Circus tent (3,3)
21 Approximate (7) 18 All set (5)
22 Decorate (5) 20 Treasure stash (5)
23 Adversary (5)
24 Gift (7)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES December 22, 2017 B13

ACROSS 64 Reagan’s Star 3 Give rankings to e.g. The Washington Post
1 Mr. Z of Wars prog. 4 Reason to call 63 Bolívar liberated
Hollywood 66 Out-of-it kitties? 911: abbr. it
6 South Seas 70 Quarters with a 5 Utmost, briefly 64 Mark of the Certified Collision
6 Romance Repair Center
souvenir no. vampire?
9 Low, low opera 71 Go for the gold language 65 Stella of cookie
73 The downbeat is speakers
voice 7 Classic Lotus fame
14 FDR’s dog usually on it sports car model 67 Fill
18 Shopping area 74 Act like a Hun 8 Homelessness, 68 Acted like Lorelei
76 Gray ___ drug 69 “You’ve cut me to
next to the 77 Flan critic’s abuse, etc.
Camel Lot? 9 Cousin of “mac” the quick!”
20 Attorney, at times outburst? 10 In the past 72 Come across
21 “___ written ...” 83 Cheeks describer 11 Wd. ending
22 Mask shop 84 Deletes 12 Vietnam’s region: with the dough
inventory? 85 Old German coin abbr. 75 Salty state
23 Ugly Stepsister’s 86 Teddy, to John Jr. 13 Daniel and 78 Record again,
problem? 89 Captain Kirk’s Humberto
25 Ripening agent 14 Marching-band captain-style
26 Hair care successor, flute 79 Exhausts
products Jean-___ Picard 15 Very sorry 80 I or II Bible bk.
28 Stretch inning 90 Screw up individual 81 Guns the engine
29 Lola in Damn 91 Act like Lisa, not 16 Ray of 82 Attracted
Yankees Bart GoodFellas 87 The truth
31 Production 92 Warning sign at a 17 “And strange ___ 88 Used, as a
construction porcupine farm? may sound ...”
33 Buster Brown’s 97 Stomping 19 Just prayer rug
dog grounds: abbr. 20 On a caravel 91 Type of shower
34 Homer’s H 99 Compass dir. 24 Head off 92 Bombing raid
35 Blueprint details: 100 Surprised cries 27 Respect 93 The Big Bang,
abbr. 101 Actor Carroll 30 Kiangs and
38 Ingrid, in 102 Actress Joanne onagers for one
Casablanca 103 Actress Bonet 32 Recruit 94 27 Down, to a
40 Song of 105 Sells (for) 33 Sung syllables
celebration sung 107 Editorialized 35 Mil. class on mademoiselle
by Noah? 110 Assignment campus 95 Keep one’s ___
43 Without shame 114 “The ___” 36 Movie-rating org.
45 Life in France? (bathroom 37 Nickels? the grindstone
47 ___ bad time edition of Silas 39 Lemmon film set 96 Fox steps?
48 Letters on some Marner, etc.?) in Italy 98 Mournful poeme
Indy cars 118 Proselytize on 41 Of a heart part 104 “Thereby hangs
49 Emulated the islands? 42 “... fetch ___ of
Petruchio 120 1963 role for water” ___”
50 1985 film with a Shirley 44 Hawaiian goose 106 “When I was ___
Neanderthal 121 A real pain in the 46 Pianist
sense of ear Pogorelich ...”
humor 122 Nickname for a 50 Cured with salt 108 Don Juan’s mom
52 Deputy or A.D.C. crook 51 Talk-a-thon 109 Tag info
56 “___ or just no who’s easy to 53 Hamlet’s 111 One mo’ time
good?” (Geraldo track? comment at 112 Nunn and Spade
segment about 123 Gimlet or goggle dinner? 113 Banjo’s resting
Adam and Eve?) follower 54 Hiking of a
59 Actress Rigg 124 A dynamite football place
60 War zone of personality 55 Like lemon 115 Freedom of
January 1991 125 Zuider ___ meringue
61 TV’s Maude or 126 Irritable partner? 57 Intersect mvmt.?
Dorothy DOWN 58 “You ___ like a 116 Resident’s
62 ___ of society 1 Salmon tail? man!”
(Lot’s wife, 2 Something to (Vito Corleone) ending
perhaps) wave 59 Major quakes, 117 Cruet contents
119 Calif. time

VeArou’tsoPbroedmy!ier All Insurance

(772) 978-1351 • 463 4th Place SW • Vero Beach, FL

The Telegraph

B14 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES

Charles M. Schwab said, “All successful employers are stalking men who will do the WEST K J 10 EAST
unusual, men who think, men who attract attention by performing more than is expected Q 10 8 7 4 J874 AJ
of them.” A92 KQ5 653
52 10 9 6 3
Successful bridge players stalk tricks, which occasionally requires doing the unusual — 863 SOUTH 10 9 7 4
as in today’s deal. South is in three no-trump. West leads a fourth-highest spade seven. 653
What should happen after that? Q874
This is the single most common bidding sequence. South assumes that North will cover AJ2
the spade suit, and North assumes that South will coast home easily with a combined
28-30 points between them. Dealer: South; Vulnerable: Both

South starts with seven top tricks: four diamonds and three clubs. He can easily The Bidding:
establish three more winners in hearts. His only concern is the spade suit. Well, there is
no hurry to put up dummy’s king. That can wait until the second round of the suit. SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
1 NT Pass 3 NT All Pass
Now the spotlight falls on East. He knows that when the lead is fourth-highest, he LEAD:
should apply the Rule of Eleven. Seven from 11 is four. So there are four spades higher 7 Spades
than the seven in the North, East and South hands combined. Lo and behold, East can
see all four: the king-nine on the board and the ace-jack in his hand. So South has no
spade higher than the seven.

This would tempt some Easts to win the first trick with the jack — irreparably blocking
the suit. A stalker will win with the ace and return the jack, trusting his partner to
overtake with the queen to drive out dummy’s king. Then, when West gets in with his
heart ace, he cashes the rest of the spades for down one.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR December 22, 2017 B15

ONGOING December 21-23 | Holidays at McKee. Guest Chef Dinner; 1/17-20 Tennis Tournament;
1/18 In-Home Wine Dinners; 1/19 & 20 Golf
Vero Beach Museum of Art - DeWitt Boutelle 31 New Year’s Eve Dance, 9:30 p.m. at 6 Golf Tournament at Bent Pine Golf Club to Tournaments; 1/20 Grand Gala, all to benefit lo-
after Thomas Cole: The Voyage of Life thru Jan. the Heritage Center, with music by benefit Women’s Refuge, 11:30 a.m. lunch cal charities focusing on children and education.
7 and Masters of American Photography thru the Landsharks, food from 14 Bones, and Parrot and 1 p.m. tee time, followed by awards cere- Limited participation in all but 5K & Fun Run.
Jan. 14. Head costume contest. $50 & $75. 772-770- mony. $125; $475/foursome. 772-770-4424 772-492-2020
Riverside Theatre - Holiday Nights, 6 to 9:30 7 Beachside Half-Marathon and 5K Walk/ 8 Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation Charity
p.m. weekends thru Dec. 30 w/free live music. JANUARY Run, 6:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. at Riverside Park Golf Tournament, 7:30 a.m. registration
to benefit IRC Healthy Start Coalition. 772-563- and breakfast, 8:45 a.m. shotgun start followed
DECEMBER 1 Run Vero’s Resolution Run 5K, 10 a.m. New 9118 by 1 p.m. awards luncheon. $500. 231-330-
Year’s Day at Riverside Park followed by 3984
21-23 Holidays at McKee, 6 to 8 post-race festivities to benefit Education Foun- 7 Space Coast Symphony Orchestra presents
p.m. at McKee Botanical Gar- dation of IRC. 772-569-7364 Best of Broadway, 3 p.m. at Emerson Cen- 11 Emerson Center’s Humanities Series
den – festival holiday lights & decorations, vintage ter. $20; free 18 and under. 855-252-7276 presents rancher Sean Sexton on Local
Wurlitzer organ, model train display and a visit Legends: The Sexton Family, as part of the Trea-
from Santa. Standard admission. 772-794-0601 2-21 Riverside Theatre presents 7-20 Quail Valley Charity Cup events sure Coast History Festival, 7 p.m. at Emerson
Million Dollar Quartet, a Tony – 1/7 Tower Shoot at Blackwater Center. Free. 772-778-5249
24 Run Run Santa 1-Mile, 7:30 a.m. from Award-winning musical about a jam session with Creek Ranch; 1/8 & 10 Bridge; 1/13 5K Walk/
Pocahontas Park - participants ALL Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Run, Kids’ 1-Mile Fun Run, and Car Show, Craft 12 Sebastian River Area Chamber of Com-
racing in full Santa suits (no exceptions; suit in- Carl Perkins on the Stark Stage. 772-231-6990 Beer & Dine Around; 1/15 Gourmet Wine & merce Concerts in the Park presents
cluded in registration) to benefit Healthy Start Penny Creek Band, 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Riverview
Coalition TLC Newborn program. 321-412-1830 Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Park. Free. 772-589-5969
in December 14, 2017 Edition 1 FOCUS 1 FEAST
28-30 Nights of Lights at McKee, 4 DELIGHT 2 CATER 12 Live from Vero Beach presents jazz,
6 to 7:30 p.m. at McKee 8 AUTHORITATIVE 3 SHOWOFF folk singers Livingston Taylor and Karla
Botanical Garden - celebrate incoming year in 9 TURNOUT 4 DAINTY Bonoff, 7 p.m. at Emerson Center. 772-234-4412
peace and harmony surrounded by sights and 10 ENDED 5 LEAVE
sounds of nature. Standard admission. 772-794- 11 CLIFFS 6 GRINDER 12 Indian River Symphonic Association
0601 13 DEGREE 7 TREADLE presents the Royal Philharmonic Or-
16 ELITE 11 CLEANSE chestra featuring, Pinchas Zukerman, conductor
28 To Jan. 1 - Skydive Invasion at Sky- 18 APPAREL 12 INITIAL & soloist, performing Mozart’s Violin Concerto
dive Sebastian, with multiple aircraft, 21 NEIGHBOURHOOD 14 EXPIRES No. 5 in A Major, 7:30 p.m. at Vero Beach Com-
world-class diving, beach jumps and Island Party. 22 ENLISTS 15 FAMOUS munity Church. 772 778-1070 23 STYLE 17 ETHOS
19 ROOMY 13 Murder Mystery Road Rally, 10 a.m. to
29|30 Ballet Vero Beach presents 20 LODGE 3 p.m. to benefit Treasure Coast Com-
world premiere of Nut- munity Health – leave from TCCH parking lot and
cracker on the Indian River, a new Indian River Sudoku Page B12 Sudoku Page B13 Crossword Page B12 accumulate clues along a rally route to solve the
twist on the beloved classic, 8 p.m. Fri. and 2 baffling crime. $125. 772-571-1986
p.m. Sun. at VBHS PAC. 772-564-5537
Crossword Page B13 (2B OR NOT 2B)
30 Alize showcased at Sebastian Inlet
State Park Night Sounds concert series,
7 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. Free with park
entry fee. 772-388-2750

31 Hippy New Year-themed New Year’s
Ball, 5 p.m. to midnight at north side of
Indian River Mall, celebrating 50th anniversary
of ‘Summer of Love’ with local singers, tribute
Beatles band, Liverpool Live, midnight ball drop
and fireworks, with proceeds to benefit Treasure
Coast Players. Free admission; food and game
tickets available for purchase. 520-460-4670


Our directory gives small business people eager to provide services to the community an opportunity to make themselves known to our readers at an affordable cost.
This is the only business directory mailed each week during season. If you would like your business to appear in our directory, please call 772-633-0753.

B16 December 22, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

13 Environmental Learning Center Fund- January 18-21 | Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival. p.m. Thurs. & Fri.; 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sat. and 8 p.m. Fri. and 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sat. at VBHS
raising Gala, 5 p.m. at Oak Harbor Club- 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun. Performing Arts Center. 772-564-5537
house celebrating 30th anniversary with cocktails, ance Mentoring & Activities Program, 6 p.m.
dinner, auctions and dancing. Tuesdays at The Moorings Yacht & Country 19|20 Conference on Transform- 19-21 30thannualArtbytheSea-judged
Club. $8. 772-979-5582 ing Landscapes for a Sus- exhibition and sale by Vero Beach
14 Vero Beach Opera presents Madama tainable Future hosted by Pelican Island Audu- Art Club and Vero Beach Museum of Art members,
Butterfly, with international cast, or- 18 Atlantic Classical Orchestra performs bon Society, 6 p.m. Fri. and 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. opening reception 5 to 8 p.m. Fri., continues 10 a.m. to
chestra and English supertitles, 3 p.m. at VBHS Bernstein Serenade and Beethoven Sat. at Emerson Center. $25/$35. 772-567-3520 5 p.m. Sat. and till 4 p.m. Sun. at VBMA. Free.
PAC. $30 - $100. 772-564-5537 Symphony No. 9 joined by Treasure Coast choirs
and Palm Beach Opera soloists, 7:30 p.m. at 19|20 Ballet Vero Beach presents 20 Margo Donadio Memorial/Fire Girls 5K
14 Seed to Sea: Secret Supper, 6 p.m. at Community Church. 772-460-0850 All Rodrigues, showcas- Run/Walk, 7:30 a.m. at South Beach
McKee Botanical Garden to benefit its ing Ballet Master/Principal Dancer Camilo Ro- Park to help provide mammograms for women
Children’s Garden – secret multi-course, wine- 18-21 Fellsmere Frog Leg Festi- drigues in three dances, including a world pre- in need. 772-360-7009
paired dinner; location and chef a secret. $250. val on grounds of Historic mier set to music by local composer Paul Gay,
772-794-0601 Schoolhouse, with great food, carnival rides, 20 Bark in the Park, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at
vendor booths and live entertainment, 4 to 11 Riverside Park to benefit Humane Soci-
15 International Lecture Series presents ety of Vero Beach and Indian River County - dog
Robert Mankoff, I Only Read it for the parade, Frisbee dogs, Sherriff’s K-9’s, lure and
Cartoons: An Insiders Cartoon History of The agility courses and vendors to benefit Humane
New Yorker, 4:30 p.m. at Vero Beach Museum of Society of VB & IRC. Free. 772-567-2044
Art. 772-231-0707
20 ELC EcoTalks Speaker Series: Fascinat-
15 Tenth Anniversary Vero’s Top Chef ing World of Bats, 11 a.m. at Environ-
Challenge Qualifier, 6 p.m. at Bent mental Learning Center.
Pine Golf Club to benefit Hope for Family Center.
772-567-5537 x326 20|21 Sebastian Riverfront Fine
Art and Music Festival, 10
16 To February 4 - Riverside Theatre pres- a.m. to 5 p.m. along the waterfront by Riverview
ents The Mystery of Edwin Drood, an Park, with 100+ artists, craftsmen and musicians
interactive musical based on the unfinished showcasing their talents.
novel by Charles Dickens on the Waxlax Stage.
772-231-6990 20 To June 3 - Vero Beach Museum of Art
- Paul Outerbridge: New Color Photo-
16 To February 20 - King of the Hill Tennis graphs from Mexico and California, 1948-1955.
Tournament to benefit Youth Guid- 772-231-0707




BRAND #7166 MSRP $19,950 # 8014 MSRP $22,560

$16,403* $19,254*
Power doors, mirrors, and windows, steering Equipped with: A/C, Automatic Transmission,
wheel radio controls, fog lights, Bluetooth, Power Windows & Locks, 7 Airbag System, Keyless
6.1” touch panel digital HD Radio, premium Entry, USB Port,140 Watt CD MP3, Fuse hands free
alloy wheels, back up camera link system with Bluetooth





4dr Red, Clean Inside and Out 4D Hatchback 36,000 Miles Sapphire Blue 17,000 Miles 4DWagon 2.5I Auto 4D SUV FWD 70,000 Miles

$6,950 $8,750 $9,600 $11,850 $13,200

2.0 FWD CVT 1,500 Miles. Extra Clean, Fully Loaded Fully Loaded,One Owner.12,000 Mi. V8 4WD 42,597 Miles. Clean Car Fax.V6 Twin Turbo

$16,980 $22,500 $24,750 $36,900 $40,875

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


*plus tax, tag, title, destination, and $349 Dealer fee. Price includes all factory rebates, cash back, and dealer discounts. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Not responsible for typographical errors. Offers Expire 12/31/17.
$500 Holiday discount is in addition to any factory rebates you may qualify for. Must take vehicle delivery by 12/31/17. Only valid on new Mitsubishi models. Not valid on any used cars or trucks of any make or model.

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