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06/08/2018 ISSUE 23


June 8, 2018 | Volume 5, Issue 23 Newsstand Price: $1.00

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STILL HEADED THIS WAY ... Power surcharge
strongly opposed
by local officials

Brightline’s hopes of running trains through Vero en route to Orlando got a boost from the federal government. Details, Page 2. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
[email protected]
Judge to rule whether Stand Your Ground can be applied retroactively
Days before the Florida Public
By Beth Walton | Staff Writer Judge Cynthia Cox, who pre- Ground statute to his defense. ter his arrest, Cox denied Mark Service Commission put the Vero
sides over the felony court bench Deffendall, 43, was arrested in Deffendall’s initial request to electric sale on trial this past Tues-
A circuit court judge is likely in Indian River County, has grant- have his case dismissed under day, local officials lodged emphatic
to weigh in on whether Florida’s ed Mark Deffendall and his at- October 2014 after police say he Florida’s Stand Your Ground objections to the PSC staff’s stance
evolving Stand Your Ground stat- torney, Assistant Public Defend- shot and killed his brother, Eric, statute. The burden of proof at that Vero customers would need to
ute can be applied retroactively er Alan Hunt, a second chance at their father’s home and air- the time was on the defendant pay a cost-recovery surcharge on
as she revisits an alleged fratricide to apply Florida’s Stand Your plane hangar on De Havilland their electric bills to make Florida
from more than three years ago. Court in Vero Beach. Months af- CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 Power & Light’s other 4.9 million
ratepayers whole after the $185
million acquisition.

Though the PSC staff recom-
mended approving the acquisition
of Vero’s 34,000 customers and
expanding FPL’s current service
territory to encompass all of Vero
Beach, Indian River Shores and un-
incorporated Indian River County,
the staff also said $185 million was
too much for FPL to pay for Vero’s
lines, poles, equipment and cus-
tomer base.

Any dollar amount above what
is fair for the system infrastructure
and ongoing business of a utility



REAL ESTATE 15 B16 By Steven M. Thomas | Staff Writer extends from Highway A1A to
B1 [email protected] Jungle Trail between Palm Island
ARTS Plantation and Indian Trails.
After 14 years and three devel-
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 opers, work is finally underway According to the master plan,
For circulation or where to pick up on a new subdivision that will oc- The Strand will include 47 sin-
your issue call: 772-226-7925 cupy the last large development gle-family homes and 21 town-
tract in Indian River Shores. homes in five buildings.

The Shores Planning, Zon- The townhomes will be sit-
ing & Variance Board approved uated near the community en-
a master plan for The Strand in trance, with houses further back
May, and the Patten Company is from the road, arranged around a
now clearing the 34-acre site that

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2 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

All Aboard Florida gets time to sell bonds for Orlando stretch

By Beth Walton | Staff Writer and Brevard counties without

All Aboard Florida got another making a stop, is still at least two
break from an indulgent federal
government last week when the years away, Brightline officials
U.S. Department of Transporta-
tion granted the company more have said.
time to issue $1.15 billion of Pri-
vate Activity Bonds to finance The project is set to run 30
the second phase of its high-
speed passenger rail service. high-speed trains through the

“This propels our project as Treasure Coast daily and will re-
we extend Brightline to Orlando,
developing a transportation net- quire millions of dollars in safety
work that will benefit the entire
state,” said Brightline President upgrades.
Patrick Goddard.
Indian River County joined
The tax-exempt bonds were
allocated in December and set Martin County and advoca-
to expire May 31. So far, inves-
tors have not rushed to buy the cy group Citizens Against Rail
bonds. The seven-month exten-
sion through the end of the year Expansion in Florida filing a
was granted on the condition
that the company continue to seek al- lawsuit in February in attempt
ternative financing.
to prevent the train’s planned
The rail company’s access to Private
Activity Bonds, which are subsidized by expansion along the Treasure
the government and offer tax-exempt
interest rates to investors, remains a Coast.

The complaint, filed in the

U.S. District Court of the District

of Columbia, names the U.S. De-

partment of Transportation and

the Federal Railroad Administra-

PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD tion as defendants.

source of contention as counties along Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale line in It alleges the DOT ignored safety,
the Treasure Coast fight to keep Bright-
line trains from traveling through their January and extended service to Miami maritime and environmental problems
last month. and improperly subsidized the Bright-
The train, which travels at speeds up
to 110 miles per hour, launched a West The final stretch of the proposed Mi- line trains with tax exempt bonds, while

ami to Orlando service, which will travel violating the National Environmental

through Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River Policy Act. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS June 8, 2018 3

STAND YOUR GROUND The law now requires prosecutors to revisit the Deffendall case. The amended
prove a defendant is not in fear for his life. Stand Your Ground Statute can be applied
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 It also eliminates a mandate to retreat be- retroactively to defendants awaiting trial,
fore shooting. justices wrote.
to show the act was in self-defense, and
after hearing testimony from several peo- Cox said she was offering the hearing out Within a week, however, on May 11, the
ple, including the Deffendall, his family of an “abundance of caution,” according to Third District Court of Appeals came to a dif-
and friends, Cox said he failed to prove court filings. At the time, an appeals court ferent conclusion. Justices there found con-
his case. had yet to rule on whether the new law stitutional challenges to the application of a
could be applied retroactively. Cox said she new law to old allegations and said motions
The brothers had been engaging in would review the prior hearing transcripts, to retroactively use the amended Stand Your
physical fights since childhood, according allow additional testimony and revisit the Ground defense should be denied.
to Cox’s summary of testimony from the case under both legal standards.
first hearing. Mark, sometimes the instiga- The move prompted prosecutors to
tor, would often lose because he was small- But on May 4, just one day after Cox again try to keep Deffendall from getting
er. He was also an aggressive drunk, but his ordered a new hearing, the state’s Second a new hearing. Cox, who is bound by nei-
brother was known as a scrapper, someone District Court of Appeals weighed in. Their ther court, has yet to reply. Argument is
not afraid to throw a punch. findings concurred with Cox’s decision to set for June 22. 

The two had stayed up drinking and par- A Special Presentation on Alzheimer’s at HarborChase
tying in the hangar the night before. Mark
said he couldn’t remember what they start- Join us at HarborChase for a special presentation by WEDNESDAY,
ed fighting about, but claimed it began as Tino Negri, a National Certified Alzheimer’s Educator JUNE 20, 2PM
a verbal disagreement before his brother and Co-President of ComForcare Senior Services.
turned violent. Eric, he testified, grabbed He’ll discuss and demonstrate “Joyful Melodies,” an amazing Vero Beach
him by the neck, slammed him to the floor interactive music program he created to improve the lives of
and “pummeled” him. “Mark tried to pro- those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Come and learn more 4150 Indian River Blvd.
tect himself by covering up, hitting back about this fantastic program! Vero Beach, FL 32967
and getting away. [He said] it felt like it
went on ‘forever’ but Mark does not know HarborChase of Vero Beach offers: (772) 778-7727
how long it went on,” Cox wrote. • Seasonal menus created by award-winning Chefs
• Energizing experiences and social events daily ALF #11030
“Mark was injured – he had a gash in his • Generous amenities
head, his nose and mouth were ‘busted,’’ • Scheduled transportation
the judge recalled.
Space is limited. Please RSVP by June 15.
Mark claims he then ran into his father’s Be one of the first 5 to call and win a free gift card!
house and grabbed a gun for protection. He (772) 742-2470
says he was upstairs when his brother start-
ed charging after him. Mark shot from the
top of the stairs and Eric began to retreat.

Mark was afraid his brother was going
to get a gun, so he followed Eric down the
stairs. He says he doesn’t remember what
happened next.

Eric was found by his father, face down
and unresponsive, in the living room, ac-
cording to an arrest affidavit filed in the
case. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

When his father asked him what hap-
pened, Mark replied, “Eric would not give
it up, he wouldn’t stop,” Detective Chris
Cassinari wrote in the report. Mark did not
answer when his father asked if he was the
one who shot his brother.

Police charged Mark Deffendall with
first-degree murder. The case has yet to go
to trial and the defendant remains in jail
without bond.

Deffendall offers no explanation as to
why he continued to shoot at his retreat-
ing, unarmed brother, Cox wrote in her
April 2016 order. He testified that he does
not remember what happened, but the
court is not in a position to speculate, she
said. Therefore, the defendant failed to
prove that he reasonably believed shooting
his brother was necessary to prevent immi-
nent death or great bodily harm.

This month, however, despite the ob-
jection of prosecutors, Cox decided to
give Deffendall a second chance to argue
self-defense. Florida lawmakers amend-
ed the Stand Your Ground statute in June
2017, reversing the burden of proof and
requiring the state to demonstrate a defen-
dant is not entitled to immunity.

4 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

SURCHARGE ON BILLS OPPOSED “The acquisition would resolve a unique negotiated by FPL, City of Vero Beach, and tor Toby Hill, Vero City Council member Val
and complex problem that has beleaguered other stakeholders to resolve unique elec- Zudans, South Beach utility activist Steve
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 our Town for decades. Currently, the terri- tric utility issues that have plagued my area Faherty and Vero Mayor Harry Howle also
torial boundary line between FPL and Vero for decades,” Mayfield wrote. “The acquisi- wrote letters over the past week, Howle tak-
with 34,000 customers would need to be re- Electric splits our Town. Some of our resi- tion has statewide benefits and I urge you ing a hard line with the PSC staff.
couped via a cost-recovery surcharge or “rid- dents are served by FPL, others by Vero Elec- to approve the transaction as it was carefully
er,” the staff says in its report. tric. This results in my constituents being structured by the parties.” “I am writing to express my strong disap-
served by two different utilities, with vastly pointment with the PSC staff recommenda-
The PSC staff did not enumerate how different rates and levels of service. More- Mayfield’s and Slater’s letters got similar tions pertaining to the sale of Vero Electric
much it proposed for this surcharge or “rid- over, our residents currently served by Vero responses from PSC Chairman Art Graham to Florida Power and Light,” Howle said.
er” to make FPL whole, leaving that to the Electric are completely disenfranchised and on commission letterhead, saying, “We ap- “While your staff suggested that you approve
commission to determine. Whether the staff have no say in how that utility sets its rates or preciate that you took the time to give us a re- Docket No. 20170235-EI and Docket No.
provided commissioners with supporting offers its services.” view of the history behind the proposal, how 20170236-EU, they also suggested that stip-
analysis or calculations not included in the the affected customers have experienced the ulations be placed on this sale that I believe
backup for the agenda item was unclear. Florida Senator Debbie Mayfield also existing situation, and your insights about are short-sighted, unfair, and will prove to be
wrote a letter defending the $185 million the PSC staff recommendation.” insurmountable.”
Shores Mayor Tom Slater explained the deal: “The acquisition was painstakingly
plight of the Shores customers. Former Vero Mayor Pilar Turner, contrac- Turner pointed out the time and toil that
has gone into the sale. “I have had a front-
row seat to the hard work so many of our
concerned citizens have invested in the ef-
fort to bring the sale of our electric system to
FPL to completion,” Turner said. “As you may
be aware, it has been a long struggle, but one
I believe is worth it because of the enormous
value it will bring to our residents.”

County Commission Chairman Peter
O’Bryan and Vice Chairman Bob Solari both
also penned letters to the PSC. The letter
from Solari, a long-time Riomar resident,
was a straightforward plea from the pock-
etbook. “There is no single thing that can be
done in Indian River County to [more great-
ly] improve the lives of our residents than
for all of its residents to have the benefit of
FPL’s low rates. There will be an immediate
economic benefit for all citizens and these
benefits will continue to ripple through our
community for years to come,” Solari wrote.
“Please, approve the sale and with as few ad-
ditional hurdles as possible.”

The challenge for the PSC in establishing
a fair market value for Vero’s electric system
is that municipal utilities just don’t go on the
block that often, so the only “comp” to speak
of is 26 years old, and FPL’s legal team is ex-
pected to argue the facts of that case are dis-
similar to the Vero transaction.

The Sebring electric utility, according to
Florida Supreme Court records, was in se-
rious trouble when its utility authority bro-
kered a deal with Florida Power Corporation.
Court records say Sebring had $85 million
in outstanding bonds, and was in default on
its bond payments because its rates – which
were 39 percent higher than neighboring
Florida Power Corporation – were insuffi-
cient to cover debt payments.

A 1993 Florida Supreme Court appellate
ruling states, “Sebring’s rates compare most
unfavorably to those of its nearest neighbor,
Florida Power Corporation. Customers of
Sebring presently pay $110 per 1000 kilowatt
hours (kwh) of electricity, while their neigh-
bors served by Florida Power Corporation
pay $71 per 1000 kwh of electricity. Decades
of territorial conflict and competition have
left the two utilities’ service areas entwined
and confused, emphasizing the rate discrep-
ancy between the two utilities.”

The dilemma was either to sell, or to hike
rates even more – an estimated 37 percent
– to make ends meet. Sebring sold, but was
saddled with a substantial surcharge or “rid-
er” for 15 years.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS June 8, 2018 5

An entity called The Action Group sued Indian River Shores’ former rate consul- “I’m sure staff was trying to do its job, but quisition of Sebring – as that deal was struc-
the PSC alleging that the Commission did not tant Terry Deason was chairman of the PSC the recommendation seems to be preoc- tured – would not provide net benefits to
have the authority to require that Sebring cus- at the time. Vero’s transactional attorney Nat cupied with a prior proceeding involving a its other customers. But that is not the case
tomers pay a surcharge to make Florida Pow- Doliner of Carlton Fields represented the completely different utility’s acquisition of here. In stark contrast to the Sebring trans-
er Corporation’s existing customers whole, buyer, Florida Power Corp. and Indian River Sebring Utilities – an acquisition that took action, expert testimony in this matter shows
but the Florida Supreme Court unanimously Shores’ utility attorney Bruce May of Holland place more than a quarter-century ago. Iron- that FPL’s acquisition will provide over $100
upheld the PSC’s ruling, a precedent the PSC and Knight represented the seller, the Se- ically, the PSC order in that earlier proceed- million in benefits to FPL’s other customers.
staff is attempting to cite now as justification bring utility. Deason has also filed testimony ing specifically cautioned that the Sebring Consequently, a surcharge has never been
for imposing a surcharge on Vero ratepayers with the PSC on behalf of Florida Power & case has no precedential value. I’ve been ad- part of this carefully structured solution.”
on top of the base rates that are also periodi- Light in the Vero sale docket. vised by our counsel that the petition in the
cally set and approved by the PSC. Sebring transaction, which is on the PSC’s Shores former Mayor Brian Barefoot, Vero
That firsthand experience from the Shores website, shows both Florida Power Corpora- Mayor Howle and utility activist and CPA
At least three men involved with the Vero counsel is evident in the closing of Slater’s let- tion and Sebring expressly asked the PSC to Glenn Heran all traveled to Tallahassee to
electric sale don’t need to dig into the PSC ter to the PSC outlining what was expected to impose a surcharge (rider) on the former-Se- speak against the surcharge, on behalf of Ve-
or Florida Supreme Court archives to recall be argued by attorneys on Tuesday when the bring customers. This was understandable ro’s customers.
the facts of the Sebring sale. They were in the PSC convened – or possibly on appeal should since Florida Power believed then that its ac-
room when it all happened. the PSC vote to impose a surcharge or rider: For reports from the meeting in Tallahas-
see, go to 



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6 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

Top water official says county facilities polluting lagoon

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer are seeping nitrogen into the ground wa- The “telltale signs” the lake has a dead, Indian River Neighborhood Association’s
[email protected] ter that ends up in the lagoon. “If you add oxygen-less bottom, Gunter said, is the lagoon committee, says seepage at Spoon-
up all the nutrients from tributaries and rotten-egg smell, gray spider-web like bill Marsh has a similar cause. Along with
The county spent millions building two canals into the lagoon, the nutrients in the growth on vegetation along that part of Gunter, he contends Spoonbill’s confining
artificial marshes intended in part to re- lagoon are higher,” Gunter said. “There is the canal and the ammonia spike in recent capstone was breached when the large
duce the amount of pollution going into another source of nutrients – groundwater samples taken. holding pond was built, enabling chemi-
the Indian River Lagoon, but now a top – seeping into the lagoon.” cally-laden water to seep into the lagoon
water official says the facilities are actually Another indication of leaks is the ram- without going through the marsh for puri-
increasing the flow of harmful chemicals So far, the County Commission and pant growth of plants in the 8th Street Ca- fication as intended.
into the ecologically sensitive estuary. the Florida Department of Environmen- nal near the treatment facility, which he
tal protection, which permits the marsh- said is fed by nitrogen coming from the Chip Swindell, owner and head engi-
The 67-acre Spoonbill Marsh, which is es, have turned a blind eye to the alleged marsh. neer at Ecotech Consultants, designed
supposed to treat mineral-rich effluent pollution. Vero Beach 32963 asked all five both marshes for the county. He argued
from the county’s north water purification commissioners to comment on Gunter’s “The plants don’t lie,” Gunter said. “For there is no problem at either facility.
plant and clean nutrients out of lagoon allegations, but only one responded. the last 15 years that’s the first place we hit
water that is mixed with the effluent, was with herbicides. They need sun, water and The aquatic plants don’t need to be har-
built north of Grand Harbor in 2008. The Since the county and FDEP are in the nutrients. If we don’t remove them they vested because they are removing nutri-
West Regional Wastewater Treatment Fa- business of not polluting, “understand- stop the water from flowing.” ents by turning them into gases, according
cility marsh, built in the 1990s, is intended ably, they don’t want to hear about the pol- to Swindell, emitting them into the atmo-
to remove nutrients from treated sewage lution, or test for it,” Gunter said. The second factor contributing to the sphere in a process called transpiration.
effluent before it flows into the 8th Street pollution, besides a failure to harvest At Spoonbill, most of the transpiration is
Canal, which leads to the lagoon. Gunter says there is a twofold problem plants, is that neither the levee that sep- through mangroves, he said. At the sewage
at the wastewater treatment marsh. First, arates the sewage treatment facility from treatment facility, most of the transpira-
But David Gunter, who has been super- the county has failed to harvest aquatic the 8th Street Canal nor the 13 ponds tion is through coontails, a rooted aquatic
intendent of the Indian River Farms Water plants in the marsh that are intended to where the nitrogen-rich plants grow were plant, “that decomposes so fast there are
Control District for more than 40 years, absorb nitrogen from the effluent. Unhar- lined with clay to keep them from leaking. no nutrients,” Swindell said.
says both marshes are malfunctioning and vested, the plants die and sink to the bot-
leaking large amounts of algae-producing tom of the marsh, adding more nutrients Gunter says the weight of the water – Swindell answered concerns Spoonbill
nitrogen into the lagoon. A series of mas- that seep into the water table, eventually millions of gallons a day – going into the is seeping nutrients into the lagoon by
sive algae blooms has decimated the es- ending up in the lagoon. interconnected ponds at the treatment fa- stating the nitrogen there is in a form not
tuary in recent years, killing seagrass and cility is pressing down on the unconfined absorbable by algae.
aquatic animals. Over time, Gunter said, the settling lake bottom, which is higher than the ca-
ponds have built up a mucky bottom that nal, and forcing polluted groundwater into He said he will investigate the situation
In a nutshell, Gunter says that due to holds life-killing bacteria that depletes ox- the canal. at the West Regional Treatment Facility,
faulty design or construction, the marshes ygen in the water. but doubts its nutrients are seeping into
Carter Taylor, a longtime member of the

It’s Time For A Fresh
Perspective With New Ideas.

Secure Our Campuses  Retain Our Teachers
Scrutinize Superintendent’s Performance

Enforce the Discipline Policy  Expand S.T.E.M. Programs
Improve Exceptional Student Education
Decrease the Amount of Testing

H: (772) 794-1327 I C: (786) 512-7017

Paid for by Randy Heimler for School Board District 4

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS June 8, 2018 7

the canal. “I walked the length of the canal THE STRAND said she could not say whether Lennar will Three years ago, in October 2014, is-
facing the marsh and didn’t see one sin- be building homes in the subdivision and land businesswoman Katherine McConvey
gle seep area coming through the levee,” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Lennar did not immediately respond to in- bought the oceanfront part of the tract, pay-
Swindell said. quiries about its interest in the property. ing $7,250,000 for seven acres on the east
small lake that will serve as a park-like wa- side of A1A where she hoped to build an
Bob Solari, the only commissioner who ter feature as well as a stormwater retention A subdivision on the site has been a long ultra-luxurious modernist condo complex
responded to inquiries about lagoon pol- pond. time coming. with 18 homes priced around $3 million
lution, refused to address Gunter’s ground- each.
water-seepage argument. “It is beyond my The townhomes were listed with Dale So- The property – originally part of a 41.5-
ken,” he said. rensen Real Estate on May 21 and company acre ocean-to-river parcel – was assembled That left the western portion, which has
co-owner, Matilde Sorensen, said the units from grove land in 2004 as the real estate 620 linear feet of river frontage along the his-
Solari both agreed and disagreed with are now for sale. boom was ramping up and sold to Mc- toric Jungle Trail.
Gunter’s harvesting argument. Gough, a construction and development
“People can put down a refundable company headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., The Patten Company, a national real es-
“Harvesting hydroponic plants – we $10,000 deposit and choose the unit they for $16.5 million. tate development firm with offices in Na-
agree – the county has long understood it want,” Sorensen said. ples and Boca Raton, closed on the tract last
is supposed to be harvesting,” Solari said, McGough hired Orlando planning and ar- summer, paying $5 million for the 34 acres in
but did not state that any action would Pre-construction prices for the townho- chitecture powerhouse The Evans Group to a transaction brokered by the O’Dare, Boga,
be taken. He also suggested that storm- mes range from $799,000 to $995,000, ac- design a high-end island community called French team at Premier Estate Properties.
downed mangroves the county has on oc- cording to Pat Mays, managing broker at So- Providence that would take full advantage of
casion removed from Spoonbill Marsh was rensen’s Cardinal Drive office. She said the the gold-plated barrier-island location. “Vero has always been on our radar as a
a form of harvesting. company will put a staffed sales trailer on strong market in Florida,” Dobbins said af-
site as soon as utilities are installed. Plans for the development were approved ter the purchase. “We have looked at other
Asked if the county will conduct tests and buyers were putting down deposits on properties with Clark French in the past and
to find out if the sewage treatment facili- Details about the price range of the sin- new homes, but the real estate the market contacted him again after seeing this listing
ty marsh is seeping nutrients, Solari said, gle-family homes and who will be building began to slow before construction began in an email.”
“the County does not believe [the marsh] them were not available at press time. Pat- and McGough put the project on hold.
is the cause of hot spots in the canal sys- ten Vice President of Acquisitions Katherine Dobbins said the development represents
tem.” Dobbins, who bird-dogged the property The land lost value in the downturn and “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for Pat-
and managed the purchase, said last year Beachlen Development, a company owned ten.
Concerning Spoonbill Marsh, Solari the company “will be selling lots as well as by Philadelphia billionaire Brook Lenfest,
said that because the marsh’s shoreline is finished homes and is actively seeking local snapped it up in 2012 for $10.95 million, cre- “It is extremely rare to find a large parcel
only a tiny fraction – about “0.3 percent” builders to join our preferred builder pro- ating Charleston Estates Vero LLC as a hold- available in a developed and high-end area
– of the total shoreline, the notion it is hav- gram, so that we will be able to offer several ing company for the project. like Indian River Shores,” she wrote in an
ing an effect on the lagoon “is almost silly.” different models to buyers.” email to Vero Beach 32963. “The recreation-
The company talked about building large al opportunities really make this project
That argument seemed not to account Building officials at the Shores said they estate homes priced at more than $5 million special. There will be private beach access
for the fact that millions of gallons of wa- recently met with representatives of Len- on the property but never firmed up those across the street, boat docks on the Indian
ter are pumped into the lagoon at the lo- nar, which has a luxury homes division, and plans. Lenfest’s development focus shifted River, biking and jogging on the Jungle Trail
cation each day, something that does not that Lennar was thinking of buying a large back to Philadelphia where he is building as well as all of the nearby shops and restau-
happen along other similar stretches of number of lots at The Strand, but Dobbins two high-rise hotels, and the property went rants that make this area so popular.” 
the lagoon.  back on the market.

8 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS


By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer the use of the property – with rent of Sony’s Vero Beach attorney Bruce
[email protected] $12,000 per month. He said the own-
ers are hoping the restaurant will be Barkett initially identified The Tides
Vero Beach-based commercial Realtor open for business next winter.
Billy Moss has taken over the listing for a as the new restaurant’s tenant during
stalled restaurant project under construc- “That’s what we’re shooting for,”
tion on Ocean Drive, marketing the site to Moss said. “Once we get a tenant a Vero Beach Planning and Zoning
potential tenants from Miami to Los Angeles. under contract, the build-out for the
restaurant’s interior should take only Commission meeting in March 2017.
“I was in the restaurant business in Las 60 to 90 days.”
Vegas, Chicago and California, and this is However, The Tides owner and chef
what I do,” said Moss, who specializes in sell- However, when asked if any poten-
ing and leasing restaurant properties. “I’m tial tenant was close to signing a lease, Leanne Kelleher backed out of the
reaching out to people all over the country. he replied, “Nothing I can report yet.”
project shortly afterward.
“We’re approaching some nationally Sony received approval from the
known chefs, and a lot of awesome people Vero Beach City Council last year to Kelleher’s departure increased the
are looking at the location,” he added. “Of build a 2,685-square-foot, 143-seat
course, we’re also entertaining talks with restaurant on the site, where Parent Con- angst felt by residents and business
local people. struction is nearing completion of the
building’s shell. owners – because The Tides serves
“It’s very important to the owners that
we get the right tenant.” Moss said the shell should be complete only dinner and would not have had
next month. The tenant will help design
The property, located across from Bob- the building’s interior. much impact on daytime parking in
by’s Restaurant & Lounge, is owned by
Sony Investment Real Estate Inc., the Mi- “All I know is that it’s going to be a PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD the area.
ami-based company that also owns the restaurant,” Paul Parent, president of Par-
buildings to the immediate north and ent Construction, said shortly after break- A different tenant, needing more
south, on the west side of Ocean Drive, be- ing ground on the project in October. “The
tween Acacia and Banyan roads. interior is a separate project, and that will Moss said of potential tenants. “The own- revenue to cover the stiff lease expenses,
be up to the tenant. We’re not even putting
Moss, who took over the listing from the down a slab inside.” ers are very much involved in the process might opt to serve lunch, too, which almost
Rita Curry Real Estate Team in April, said
Sony is seeking a tenant that will sign a Moss said it’s likely the future tenant will and they’d like to see a restaurant that certainly would add to parking congestion.
five-year, triple-net lease for the restaurant serve both lunch and dinner, with most
– the tenant would pay all taxes, insurance business being done during the evening serves fine food and provides a fun place “We approved the site plan,” City Plan-
and maintenance expenses that arise from hours. “Everybody has a different take,”
for people to dine and socialize.” ning Director Tim McGarry said. “The ap-

In fact, Moss said the owners – Sony plicant met all the conditions required by

president Jose Valle owns a home on Vero’s the city code. There were no restrictions

South Beach – recently flew in a prospec- against serving lunch or breakfast.”

tive tenant from Miami to show the prop- During public meetings, members of

erty. “This place is going to have a tremen- both the P&Z board and City Council asked

dous impact in Vero Beach,” Moss said. about the possibility of limiting the new

The impact, though, is what worries restaurant to dinner-only service to keep

some island residents and nearby business from making the parking problem worse.

owners, who voiced their concerns about Barkett said Sony would not agree to

an already-challenging parking situation any such restriction, which would’ve

along that stretch of Ocean Drive, especial- been unenforceable under the city code,

ly during Vero Beach’s busy winter season. anyway. 

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‘Well-done’ food may be recipe
for high blood pressure P.13

10 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Polypharmacy poses peril for millions of seniors

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer chronic or continued use of five or more the patient is already taking. They can
[email protected] prescription medications. The problem cause heart problems with the medi-
arises because some drugs interfere cines that they’re already on … a heart
America has a drug problem and it’s with the action of other drugs or com- arrhythmia … so we’ll call the doctor
not the one you see on the nightly news. bine to create unintended and often and say: ‘Do you want to change this an-
dangerous effects. tibiotic to something that doesn’t cause
This problem is called “polypharma- that?’ And that happens a lot. Multiple,
cy,” and seniors are far more likely to “Certain antibiotics,” Tolle cites as an multiple times a week.”
fall victim to it than anyone else. example, “don’t interact well with cer-
tain blood pressure medicines. So, we Millions of seniors potentially are at
No one knows that better than The- have to be very, very careful. It’s very risk due to polypharmacy. A Harvard
resa Tolle, president and pharmacist at common to see a sulfa antibiotic come Medical study that was conducted from
Sebastian’s Bay Street Pharmacy. over or a Cipro antibiotic and [those 1999 through 2012 reported 40 percent
drugs] can interact badly with drugs of all Americans over the age of 65 were
What is polypharmacy? exceeding that five-prescription drug
According to the U.S. National Li- threshold – and that study didn’t even
brary of Medicine, polypharmacy is the include the skyrocketing number of
over-the-counter supplements many
Owner and pharmacist Theresa Tolle at seniors now take.
Today the National Institutes of
Health says “elderly Americans now
consume one-third of all the prescrip-
tion medications prescribed each year,
yet they comprise less than 13 percent
of the population.”

On the surface, that might seem un-
derstandable. With advancing age,
multiple chronic diseases including
hypertension or high blood pressure,
diabetes, arthritis, chronic heart dis-
ease, renal diseases and others become


12 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 come with widespread polypharmacy. on pharmacy computers because they oil or vitamin E may benefit a patient,
And those pharmacists often face hid- don’t go through insurance compa- it is vital that those supplements be in-
far more commonplace and today’s se- den roadblocks. ny databases. Using multiple different cluded on a comprehensive list of med-
nior consumers are far more likely to see pharmacies for multiple different drugs ications that seniors should insist all
multiple specialists than any previous For example, mail order prescrip- can further compound the problem. their doctors review. Frequently.
generation. tions, drugs purchased from Canada,
“free” medications offered at places like Further, says Tolle, while the use of As Tolle puts it, “If you think [a sup-
Unfortunately, as NIH points out, “el- Publix, says Tolle, often don’t show up over-the-counter supplements like fish plement] is strong enough to help you,
derly people are at a greater risk for ad- then it’s also strong enough to hurt
verse drug reactions [than younger peo- you.”
ple] because of the metabolic changes
and reduced drug clearance associated “One thing,” Tolle says, “I pride my-
with aging. This risk is further exacer- self on that we do at Bay Street Pharma-
bated by increasing the number of drugs cy – that a lot of pharmacies don’t do – is
being used.” we go out and talk to patients on every
new prescription they have filled with
In other words, the more medications us.
anyone takes – and seniors in particu-
lar – the greater the chance of adverse “We are looking at their profile while
effects. we are talking to them so we can see what
[drugs] we know they have. That gives us a
The New York Times confirms the chance to ask if there are medicines that
problem, reporting that polypharmacy aren’t showing up so we can double-check
and inappropriate prescriptions are now and make sure it’s not a problem.”
at “disturbingly high levels among older
adults.” No matter which pharmacy you choose
to use, that’s sound advice.
Another highly authoritative source,
the Journal of the American Medical It’s entirely possible that you need five
Association, concurs: “We’re not paying or more prescription drugs, but since
enough attention to the interactions and medications, dosages and conditions can
safety of multiple medications” in to- and frequently do change, it’s also essen-
day’s seniors. tial for seniors to keep a detailed and con-
stantly updated list of the drugs and sup-
Tolle nods in agreement and says “all plements they’re taking.
day, every day, we are making phone
calls to question a prescription that was After all, it’s not your doctors who are
sent over.” Unfortunately, many accom- swallowing all those pills. It’s you.
plished and skilled medical specialists
appear willing to leave it to pharmacists Theresa Tolle is at Bay Street Phar-
like Tolle to sort out the conflicting med- macy, 7746 Bay Street in Sebastian. The
ications and dangerous interactions that phone number is 772-589-2043. 

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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH June 8, 2018 13

‘Well-done’ food may be recipe for higher blood pressure

By Maria Canfield | Correspondent Samantha Lynch. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE

Now there is another thing to worry this: Among participants who reported cent, compared with those who preferred sumed, only how well-done it was.
about, apparently. preferring their meat, poultry and fish those foods prepared less well-done. This Samantha Lynch, MS, RDN, LDN, a
well-done, the risk of high blood pressure finding was not affected by the type – or
While almost everyone knows that was increased by an additional 15 per- how much – food the participants con- registered dietitian and nutritionist with
what we eat can affect our risk of high
blood pressure, a new study out of Har- CONTINUED ON PAGE 14
vard suggests that how “cooked through”
our food is may also influence the risk.

The researchers analyzed the data of
over 100,000 men and women who took
part in one of three studies that collected
information on how much meat and fish
participants consumed each month, how
these foods were cooked, and their levels
of “doneness.”

At the beginning of their study partic-
ipation, none of the men or women had
high blood pressure. At the end of the fol-
low-up period, which averaged 12 to 16
years, more than a third had developed
the condition.

The research team, led by Gang Liu,
Ph.D., of the Department of Nutrition at the
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
in Boston, found that participants who ate
grilled, broiled or roasted beef, chicken or
fish at least 15 times each month were 17
percent more likely to develop high blood
pressure than those who ate these foods
fewer than four times per month.

But the real news out of the study is


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pain, join Dr. Watson for a discussion about
solutions —from non-surgical treatment options
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Featuring Michael Watson, MD

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14 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 amines (HAAs), potentially harmful com- cooked past the smoke point, harmful  Sesame oil: 350°F
pounds produced when meats, poultry, compounds begin to circulate in our bod-  Coconut oil: 350°F
a private practice in Vero Beach, is famil- and fish are cooked at high temperatures. ies, leading to inflammation and oxida-  Grapeseed oil: 420°F
iar with the study. She says “it’s important Harvard’s Liu says HAAs and other chemi- tive stress, which reduces the ability of  Ghee: 485°F
to know the ‘smoke points’ of the oils we cals produced by high-temperature cook- the body to detoxify.”  Avocado oil: 520°F
cook with. The smoke point is the cook- ing may lead to oxidative stress, inflam- A caveat: “It is important to note this
ing temperature at which a fat or oil be- mation and insulin resistance, which can An oil has reached its smoke point after study identifies a trend, not a cause and
gins to break down and degrade. When raise the risk of high blood pressure. it starts to smoke and burn when heated. effect,” says Lynch. “I would like to see
we eat food cooked past the smoke point, The estimated smoke point of common a study which has controls for variables
harmful compounds begin to circulate in Lynch says “it’s important to know the cooking oils can vary greatly depending such as the person’s weight, their fruit
our bodies, leading to inflammation and smoke points of the oils we cook with. on the quality of the oil, but Lynch shared and vegetable intake, and overall health.”
oxidative stress, which reduces the ability The smoke point is the cooking tempera- the following guidelines: While the research team acknowledges
of the body to detoxify.” ture at which a fat or oil begins to break their study cannot prove cause and effect,
down and degrade. When we eat food  Butter: 350°F Liu says “our findings suggest that it may
High blood pressure (hypertension)  Extra-virgin olive oil: 325°F help reduce the risk of high blood pres-
occurs when the force of blood that push- sure if you don’t eat these foods cooked
es against the wall of the arteries becomes well-done and avoid the use of open-
too high. In 2017, the American Heart As- flame and/or high-temperature cooking
sociation and the American College of methods, including grilling/barbecuing
Cardiology revised the definition of high and broiling.”
blood pressure from 140/90 or higher to Lynch offers this additional advice:
130/80 or higher. “Normal” blood pres- “Use unrefined, cold-pressed and/or un-
sure is 120/80; a top (systolic) number filtered cooking oils, as they are the least
between 121 and 129 is now considered processed and have the best nutrient
“elevated.” The new guidelines eliminate profile. Opt for the lowest heat applica-
the category of “prehypertension.” tion possible when cooking to minimize
the ingestion of harmful compounds. Ol-
Under the new definition, it’s estimat- ive oil is fine for lower-heat cooking and
ed that almost half of adults in the United finishing, but with polyunsaturated fats
States have high blood pressure, with the such as nut and seed oils (like flaxseed
associated increased risk of stroke, heart oil), it’s best to avoid heating at all; save
attack and heart disease. Vero’s Lynch these for dressings.”
says “under these new guidelines, the Samantha Lynch’s office is located at
prevalence of high blood pressure is ex- 4445 Hwy A1A, Suite 239, in Vero Beach.
pected to triple among men under age 45, She can also be reached via her website:
and double among women under age 45.”  

The link between hypertension and the
“doneness” of food may have to do with
something called heterocyclic aromatic


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Lennar’s Verona Trace features
‘smart home’ technology



Paul R. Berg VMer3oA3B3I3eNa2c0hOt,hFFSLFtrI3eC2e9tE60 Louis ‘Buck’Vocelle

VOCELLEBERG.COM 772-562-8111

16 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Lennar’s Verona Trace features ‘smart home’ technology

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer according to Bloomberg. The software al- net traffic, and it’s absolutely foundational don’t even realize they’re using the technology.”
[email protected] lows homeowners to control most home to connectivity today,” Kevin Robinson, “Wi-Fi is no longer an option or an up-
systems – lights, HVAC, security and en- Wi-Fi Alliance vice president of marketing,
Verona Trace, a Lennar development, is of- tertainment – with voice commands and told Builder Magazine last year. grade, but a key piece of new home con-
fering some of the best prices for new housing goes hand in glove with integrated Wi-Fi struction,” said Lennar Ventures president
in Indian River County.The homes are“smart” networks carefully calibrated and struc- “Users want a seamless experience David J. Kaiserman.
too, Lennar being the first homebuilder“Wi-Fi where the technology itself just fades into
After a home is sold, Amazon techni-

Certified” by theWi-Fi Alliance. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD the background,” Robinson added. “That’s cians visit the homebuyers to program,
The sprawling community, which in- when you’re truly successful as a technolo- test-run and instruct them on the system’s
tured for maximum effectiveness. gy, when individuals can accomplish what use and capabilities.
cludes single-family homes and town- “Wi-Fi has become one of the most they need to accomplish but they almost
houses priced between $185,000 and “To retrofit a house with the wiring
$250,000, is located at 98th Avenue and widely used and successful technologies these homes come with would cost be-
12th Street, about half a mile west of I-95 of our day. It delivers over half of all Inter- tween $18,000 and $30,000,” said Lennar
and a mile south of SR-60. Area Sales Manager Barbara Wasinger.

That is at the outer edge of suburban Verona Trace is not new. It was launched
development in the county, but still in a in 2007, and 64 single-family homes and
convenient spot, close to shopping cen- 57 townhomes in nine buildings were
ters and restaurants, with handy access to completed before the housing downturn
the interstate for commuters who work in brought things to a halt.
Melbourne, Port St. Lucie or West Palm.
Instead of selling the property, though,
Lennar, the second-largest home build- Lennar let it lay idle until the market im-
er in the U.S. and the largest in South Flor- proved, relaunching in 2017.
ida, has partnered with Amazon to put
“Alexa” software in its Verona Trace homes, Now the community is coming back to
life. Homes are under construction, buy-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E June 8, 2018 17

ers are signing contracts, and the coun- Lennar is offering modest sales incen- four hours of free design services to home- title, insurance and solar energy companies.
ty recently approved construction of a tives to medical professionals, teachers, owners who buy more than $1,500 worth Active in 21 states, Lennar built more than
4,075-square-foot clubhouse with a fitness police officers, active military, veterans and of their furnishings.
room, pool and pool deck. firefighters, giving them a $1,000 discount. 29,000 homes in 2017, generating $12.6 billion
Lennar was founded in Miami in 1954 in revenue, according to the company web-
When it is totally built-out, there will City Furniture and Ashley HomeStore, and has pioneered a number of homebuild- site. Publicly traded on the NewYork Stock Ex-
be 447 homes, including 156 single-fam- local businesses that interior-designed ing trends. The brand encompasses a range change for the past 46 years, the builder has a
ily “estate” homes and about 290 town- and furnished the model homes, will give of specialty builders, along with mortgage, market cap of more than $18 billion. 
houses. The development is laid out in
quadrants with a square-shaped lake at FEATURES FOR VERONA TRACE
the center of each section. The clubhouse
and other amenities are at the center of Developer: Lennar
the quadrants, creating a pattern like a Partner: Amazon, providing “smart” home features
four-petaled flower with the cross-polli- that allow occupants to use voice control to run vari-
nation happening at the core. ous functions. Each doorbell is equipped with a video
camera allowing owners to see visitors on their digital
Lennar is offering three single-family
home designs with two elevations, which devices, whether they are home or not.
range in size from 1,805 square feet to Wi-Fi Certified: Superior connections in every room
2,268 square feet and have starting prices
between $230,000 and $250,000. One- and for all wireless devices with no dead spots.
two-story homes are available. Community features: Tennis, basketball and play-
ground are built; clubhouse and swimming pool are
There are three townhouse layouts, coming soon. Four lakes and meandering sidewalks.
too, arranged in four,- six- and nine-unit Exterior features: Concrete-block construction,
buildings, priced between $185,000 and brick-paver driveway, automatic garage door opener,
$197,000. All come with three bedrooms hurricane-rated garage door and hurricane shutters.
and a one-car garage. Interior features: Large ceramic tile, colonial-style
baseboards and door casings, marble windowsills,
“We have the best price in Indian River stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets, cultured
County,” said Lennar New-Home Consul-
tant Lori Russell. “For under $250,000 you marble bathroom counters, walk-in showers.
can have a three-bedroom, three-bath, Prices: Single-family home prices range from about
three-car garage home in a Homeowner $230,000 to $250,000. Townhomes are priced from
Association community. The HOA fee is
$133 a month and includes basketball, $185,000 to $197,000, without upgrades.
tennis, playground, swimming pool and Location: 98th Avenue, between 8th and 12th streets
club house.”
Contact: Welcome Home Center, 10005 W. Verona
All the homes have paver driveways Cr., 866-314-8481
that can accommodate at least two more
cars outside the garage, while overflow [ ] Estates [ ] Townhomes PRELIMINARY ARTIST’S CONCEPT
parking is near the communal center, not
on the street.

Russell said buyers at Verona Trace are “a
nice, 50-50 mix of retirees and families.”

Sturgis Lumber
Hardware Store & Lumber Yard


62 years Family Owned and Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171

18 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A brisk week on the mainland real estate market saw 41 single-family residences and lots change
hands from May 27-June 1 (some shown below).
The top sale of the week in Sebastian was the home at 13350 N Indian River Drive. First listed in
March for $950,000, this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 3,472-square-foot house sold for $925,000 on
May 31.
In Vero Beach, the top sale was the residence at 6990 61st Street. First listed in February for
$695,000, this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 2,923-square-foot home sold for $675,000 on June 1.


SEBASTIAN 13350 N INDIAN RIVER DRIVE 3/26/2018 $950,000 5/31/2018 $675,000
VERO BEACH 6990 61ST STREET 2/23/2018 $695,000 6/1/2018 $465,000
SEBASTIAN 102 BECKER AVENUE 4/1/2018 $469,900 5/29/2018 $449,205
VERO BEACH 4817 FOUR LAKES CIRCLE 4/18/2018 $448,680 5/31/2018 $435,000
VERO BEACH 1724 BELMONT CIRCLE SW 1/8/2018 $484,900 5/31/2018 $327,500
VERO BEACH 5709 RIVERBOAT CIRCLE SW 1/11/2018 $349,900 5/30/2018 $316,000
VERO BEACH 4600 59TH DRIVE 11/30/2017 $339,600 5/29/2018 $295,000
VERO BEACH 3820 9TH PLACE 2/26/2018 $329,800 5/31/2018 $290,700
VERO BEACH 1340 WILLOW OAK COURT COURT 12/23/2017 $283,200 5/29/2018 $290,000
SEBASTIAN 109 CARLISLE WAY 3/19/2018 $298,500 5/29/2018 $285,000
SEBASTIAN 724 N FISCHER CIRCLE 12/28/2017 $306,900 5/31/2018 $249,000
VERO BEACH 1155 33RD AVENUE SW 4/16/2018 $259,000 5/31/2018 $246,506
VERO BEACH 1370 BUNKER COURT 12/8/2017 $259,990 5/30/2018 $242,000
VERO BEACH 318 LEXINGTON AVENUE 4/11/2018 $245,000 5/31/2018

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E June 8, 2018 19


6990 61st Street, Vero Beach 102 Becker Avenue, Sebastian

Listing Date: 2/23/2018 Listing Date: 4/1/2018
Original Price: $695,000 Original Price: $469,900
Sold: 6/1/2018 Sold: 5/29/2018
Selling Price: $675,000 Selling Price: $465,000
Listing Agent: Kelly Fischer Listing Agent: Stephanie McPeak

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Selling Agent: Tozzolo & Associates RE LLC

Robyn Neudeck Kelly Fischer

Coldwell Banker Paradise Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

4817 Four Lakes Circle, Vero Beach 1724 Belmont Circle SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 4/18/2018 Listing Date: 1/8/2018
Original Price: $448,680 Original Price: $484,900
Sold: 5/31/2018 Sold: 5/31/2018
Selling Price: $449,205 Selling Price: $435,000
Listing Agent: Scott Reynolds Listing Agent: Joyce Bello

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Selling Agent: BHHS Florida Realty

NOT PROVIDED Vance Brinkerhoff

Not Provided Coldwell Banker Paradise



PHASE TWO Gated, natural gas community with lush landscaping, walking paths and parks all surrounding
NOW SELLING Lake Sapphire - the beautiful lake the community is named after and inspired by.
NEW HOMESITES Lake Sapphire is located on 5th Street SW between 43rd Avenue and 58th Avenue convenient
to shopping and centrally located to take advantage of everything Vero Beach has to offer!


772.257.1100 •

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Oral representation cannot be relied upon as correctly stated representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this advertisement and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes,
to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. Images displayed may not be the actual property for sale, but may be model or other homes built of similar design.

199$ 3DAYS


Coming Up!


By Samantha Rohlfing Baita | Staff Writer Just beachy! Island artistsAdamSchnell.
[email protected] PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE

1 A lovely coda to the 2017-18 season settle in on Ocean Drive PAGE B2
and an inspiring prelude to the Sum-
mer Solstice will be “Brahms and Beetho- Page Howell, are band directors, music teach- music party, Howl at the Moon, a wildly “When I was a kid,” says Brown, “I never
ven: A Chamber Concert,” presented as a ers, freelance musicians and student musi- popular all-request, multi-genre company once said, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a
string chamber concert by the Space Coast cians from the Space Coast, Treasure Coast that performs at venues nationwide. River- dueling piano player!’” But today she calls
Symphony Orchestra this Sunday after- and Palm Beach areas – amateur and profes- side audiences are loving this no-set-agen- herself a Dueling Doyenne, and she’s per-
noon at First Presbyterian Church. Accord- sional musicians who meet each spring for da format, as they help pick the songs for a formed (and dueled) all over the world.
ing to Wikipedia, Brahms String Sextet No. several intense rehearsals in preparation for unique experience every time. And yes, you Better watch out, Gustafson. There is also
1 in B major, Op. 18, was composed in 1860 their “spectacular one-night-only” annual can sing, dance – and even howl if you are so plenty of food and drink available at the
and premiered in Hanover. Today’s audi- engagement. Concert begins at 7 p.m. Admis- moved. This weekend, Katie Pinder Brown Howl, as well as free entertainment outside,
ences may recognize this work, which has sion is free. 772-564-5413. and Ken Gustafson will face off across the under the oaks: it’s Live on the Loop, start-
been used frequently in movies and tele- 88s on the Waxlax stage. Miami-born Gus- ing at 6:30 p.m. Dueling Pianos show times:
vision, including the “Star Trek: The Next 3 Summer doldrums? No way, says Riv- tafson has been the company’s entertain- 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Admission: general
Generation.” Beethoven’s Quintet in C Mi- erside Theatre, the summer weekend ment director, and, in addition to his piano reserved, $12; reserved tables, $18, $20, $22.
nor, says the concert promo, began as a set place to be in Vero. Join the fun this Friday and vocal skills, he’s also great on drums 772-231-6990.
of piano trios which, a quarter-century later, and Saturday at Riverside’s dueling pianos and guitars – bass, acoustic and electric.
he premiered for string quintet, whereupon CONTINUED ON PAGE B3
it became one of the composer’s most pop-
ular chamber works, “filled with freshness,
youthful zest and energy.” Featured musi-
cians for “Brahms and Beethoven: A Cham-
ber Concert” include concertmaster Carey
Moorman, violin; Joni Roos, violin; Michael
De Jesus, viola; Daniel Cortes, viola; Paul Fl-
eury, cello; and Isaac Moorman, cello. Con-
cert time is 3 p.m. Admission is free, and no
tickets are required. 855-252-7276.

2 Or this could be your cup of (musical)
tea: The Treasure Coast Wind Ensem-
ble’s one-night-only annual concert promis-
es to be an exciting one as a “British Invasion”
takes the stage at the VBHS Performing Arts
Center this Friday. The program will feature
works by British composers: Gustav Holst’s
“Second Suite in F for Military Band”; Ralph
Vaughan Williams’ “Toccata Marziale”; and
“Sun Paints Rainbows” by David Bedford. A
smaller assemblage of chamber winds will
perform “Trevelyan Suite” by Malcolm Ar-
nold and “Homages Concerto for Piano and
Winds” by Edward Gregson. Piano virtuoso
Jacob Craig, director of music and arts at First
Presbyterian Church, will be the featured
soloist. The members of the Treasure Coast
Wind Ensemble, under the baton of Colbert

B2 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Just beachy! Island artists settle in on Ocean Drive

By Ellen Fischer | Columnist is nature-based. “We just work in different Lazar is known for her paintings of ani- shows the denim-encased calf and spurred
[email protected] ways,” says Geary. mals; her medium is acrylic on canvas. She is boot of a cowhand at work. A fitting com-
currently working on a Shore Birds Series; on panion piece hangs nearby. Titled “The Stare
On a recent spring day in Florida, mem- Fayerweather, who was not present for this view are three paintings of ibises dabbling at Down,” it depicts a trio of brown steers gazing
bers of Vero’s newest combined art gallery and interview, is represented by three seascapes in the ocean’s edge. On an easel, a work in prog- placidly in our direction.
studios gathered to discuss their recent move the gallery; all show her interest in semi-ab- ress depicts a flock of royal terns, resting on the
from a storefront in Sebastian’s Village Square stract compositions with low horizons and beach and facing, as is their habit, all in the “We say she’s working her way through
to a second-floor suite at 3349 Ocean Drive. All vast skies. A painting on canvas and two small- same direction. the alphabet – birds, boots and cows,” laughs
beachside residents (three of the quartet live er works on paper are almost monochrome Goembel.
in the same subdivision), Gayle Fayerweather, in palette. In each, the ultramarine blue-and- Lazar has recently branched out into the
Elise Geary, Margaret Goembel and Andrea white color scheme is relieved by a sliver of human form – at least in part. Each of the three Geary is an abstract painter, who is current-
Lazar work well together as studio mates. light brown at the bottom edge, where white paintings in her Boot Series, titled “Mounted ly working in oil on canvas. Her 4-foot square
foam meets sea-dampened sand. Boot,” “Dusty Boot” and “Calf Roping Boot,” painting, “Easter Morning,” is one of the first
The aesthetic outlook of all of the women things you see upon entering the gallery. The

Margaret Goembel. Elise Geary. Andrea Lazar.


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644 Old Dixie Hwy SW
(Between 4th St. & Oslo)
Blue Heron Plaza, Vero Beach

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE June 8, 2018 B3

painting’s atmospheric blue ground is marked vents and tubes of paint organized in open CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 5 June 11 at King Center.
by scattered clouds of color. wood boxes. Against the walls, completed
paintings hang or lean in stacks. On this visit a 4 “Hearts, Flowers and a Fish” is the in- the World,” “Mama Told Me Not to Come,”
On the adjacent wall hang seven other commissioned work stood on the easel. triguing title of this Sunday afternoon’s “Shambala,” “One” and “Easy to Be Hard.”
paintings by her; among them an abstract that Fine Arts Series concert at St. John of the Once again, listen to those trademark Puck-
suggests the ocean’s ceaseless flux. Measuring 36 inches high and 48 wide, Cross Catholic Church, a program of Ger- ett pipes belting out “Young Girl,” “Over You”
the painting is a horizontal version of a man lieder, or art songs, featuring works by “Woman, Woman,” “This Girl Is a Woman
“I didn’t want to paint rocks, I didn’t want Geary seascape that hangs just inside the Mozart, Brahms, Strauss and Beethoven. The Now,” “Lady Willpower” and more. One of
to paint waves; I wanted to give the feeling gallery’s door. That painting, “Transition,” title reflects the musical repertoire, repre- the ’60s most successful bands, the Associa-
of the force of waves hitting rocks,” Geary shows a blaze of light at the horizon of a senting deep emotion – hearts; appreciation tion, will perform their No. 1 hits including
says of the Turneresque painting she calls dark blue sea; the sky above is a luminous of beauty – flowers; and communing with “Never My Love,” “Windy,” “Cherish” and
“Force of Nature.” haze of pink, blue and gold. nature – fish. Sandra McNiff, Kerry Newell, “Along Comes Mary.” Lindsay made his mark
Vyki Sabo, Dan Kroger and Gary Parr are fea- with “Kicks,” “Hungry,” “Him or Me (What’s
Nature played its part in producing the ma- No matter how much space each artist oc- tured soloists. Concert begins at 4 p.m. Ad- It Gonna Be?),” “Steppin’ Out” and “Arizona.”
terials Goembel uses in her assemblages of cupies in the gallery, all agree that while their mission is free. 772-584-9744. According to Wikipedia, the Cowsills, a fami-
seashells, coral branches and driftwood. On three-year tenancy in Sebastian was fun and ly singing group – six sibings and their mom
display is her recent Boathouse Series, named productive, they have more buyers coming 5 All those unforgettable, memory-mak- – were the original inspiration for television’s
for objects that might be found in such a struc- into the shop from Ocean Drive than they ing ’60s and ’70s hits continue to “The Partridge Family.” They’re known for
ture: hinges, eye hooks, a weathered patent did off U.S. 1. have fans reliving the Summer of Love and “The Rain,” “Hair,” “Indian Lake” and “Love
medicine bottle and a rusty eel spear – in ad- beyond. This Monday, June 11, at the King American Style,” and have appeared on TV
dition to the organic treasures of Goembel’s When they first began to think about relo- Center you’ll hear many of the most mem- shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and
continuing Coastal Memories theme. cating their gallery last fall, the artists initially orable, music from no fewer than six of the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The
thought of moving into a larger space atVillage original hitmakers, so circle the date: “The extravaganza of musical memories starts at
The popular success of her assemblages is Square that had recently been vacated by pho- Happy Together Tour,” for its 9th consecutive 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $59. 321-242-2219.
surely on Goembel’s mind as she speaks of go- tographer Greg Hills. It was Geary who sug- year, brings to the stage: the Turtles; Three Feel the love. 
ing in a new direction with her art. While she gested that “if we are going to move, let’s move, Dog Night’s Chuck Negron; Garry Puckett
still has “about 20” assemblages in progress, move,” meaning that the trouble of relocating and the Union Gap; the Association; former GOT
she looks forward to focusing on her work in would be the same whether they moved across lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders STUFF?
paper collage this summer. Goembel has a the street or to another part of the county. So Mark Lindsay; and the Cowsills. As before,
store of papers she has pre-painted in vivid why not look around? says the show promo, the Turtles are the sig- VOLUNTEER
colors for the purpose; she intends to combine nature headliners, with founding member
them with a selection of Asian papers she pur- Geary credits Fayerweather for finding their Mark Volman bringing his “infamous antics.”
chased on a trip to Seoul, South Korea, last year. current home away from home. Subbing for Turtle Howard Kaylan (who has
been ill) will be Ron Dante of the Archies,
Ocean Drive Gallery is comprised of three “Gail was the one who said we needed to known for “Sugar Sugar,” and “Jingle Jangle.”
rooms. The first is the gallery itself, accessed by move either to a location like 14th Avenue in Negron will deliver TDN’s biggest hits: “Joy to
stairs from the west side of the building or by a downtown Vero, or we needed to move some-
small elevator on the building’s north (Beach- where on the island. She was the best bird dog
land Boulevard) side. ever. She looked into for-lease signs every-
where and we followed up, visited a few places.
The gallery room serves as a communal Then she found this.”
exhibition space as well as a studio for Lazar
and Fayerweather. At the east end of the gal- “We just jumped at it,” says Lazar, to
lery are two smaller rooms with doors; these which Goembel adds, “It just spoke to us
are Geary’s and Goembel’s studios. Each has a when we walked in.”
window that overlooks Ocean Drive.
The artists were delighted that the suite’s
It is hard to imagine that the doors to the walls were already painted white; its light-col-
studios of Geary and Goembel are ever closed; ored floors were another bright plus.
there is so much to see there. In Goembel’s
room hang recent assemblage pieces, includ- The neighbors are also to their liking. The
ing “Yellow Sea Fans” and “Horseshoe Crabs.” artists of Ocean Drive Gallery hope to share
On one long wall hang 10 white-framed paper an open house or two each season with fel-
collages, each composed around a different low artists down the street at Palm House
color note: orange, indigo and moss-green. Gallery & Studio.
Shelves in the room hold baskets and clear
glass vases full of different-sized shells, coral Like the entrance to Palm House, which is
branches and driftwood. reached through an arcaded passageway and a
flight of stairs, finding the Ocean Drive Gallery
In Geary’s room an easel holds pride of is worth the effort.
place. A long counter to its right holds a glass
palette, a tray of brushes, and an array of sol- Ocean Drive Gallery is open from 1 p.m. to
4 p.m.,Wednesday through Sunday afternoons,
or by appointment. 


4580 N. US HWY 1

(772) 257-0222

B4 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Stage is set for spectacular season at area theaters

By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent and musicians in the business to create the Rounding out the season are Broadway’s bler,” about an aristocratic woman in a love-
[email protected] best theatrical experience possible,” Cornell eternal farce, “A Funny Thing Happened on less marriage to a pedantic academic.
adds. “Riverside is a remarkable testament to the Way to the Forum,” and the lighthearted
Couldn’t get to Broadway to see award-win- the desire of our community to have a great comedy “Miracle on South Division Street.” The Henegar has a season filled with big
ning musicals? Then head instead to Vero theatre in a small town and I encourage every- musicals and a couple of dramas for its inti-
Beach and Melbourne theaters for both old one to celebrate the theatre’s 45th season.” Just a short drive north of here, Melbourne mate second stage, Upstairs at the Henegar. Its
chestnuts and the fresh stuff – mysteries, theaters also have plenty on tap. overarching concept is the subject of “Home.”
quirky comedies, dramas and musicals rest The play-reading committee at Vero Beach
on the drawing boards for area theaters next Theatre Guild chose a wide range of theater “We at Melbourne Civic Theatre have ev- “Home is the most important place in all
seasons. genres for the upcoming season, with shows erything you need in our 2018-2019 season,” our lives so this season we are inviting every-
that appeal to ladies who lunch, solid holiday said managing and artistic director Peg Gi- one to ‘Come Home to the Henegar,’” said
Vero Beach has the big kahuna – Riverside fare, musical comedies and mysteries. rard, “music, laughter, soul-searching and Amanda Cheyenne Manis, Henegar’s artistic
Theatre. It is, of course, a professional region- suspense.” director, “whether it is a literal home in ‘The
al theater which holds auditions in New York No need to wait until the fall – the season Wiz’ or the home of simply being comfortable
City. Equity actorWarren Kelly, an audience fa- actually kicks off this summer with the annual Girard, who always likes to produce a dra- with yourself and your public persona as in
vorite at Riverside, said actors line up around reunion of five Southern women in the come- ma each season, begins her season with an ‘Red.’ In shows like ‘WillyWonka’ and ‘Tarzan,’
the block to audition for Riverside because of dy “The Dixie Swim Club.” Another delightful audience-pleasing musical, “Dirty Rotten the search for home and place of belonging is
its sterling reputation. The actors will soon group of belles closes the season with “The Scoundrels,” based on the 1988 movie with foremost to the story.”
have an added bonus – enjoying rooms at the Savanah Sipping Society.” One of its freshest Steve Martin and Michael Caine.
theater’s own Star Suites by Riverside Theatre, offerings is Steven Dietz’s contemporary play Opposite of that, she said, both “Bonnie &
which is scheduled to open early next year. “Yankee Tavern,” in which 9/11 conspiracy MCT’s straight plays – a theater term for Clyde,” based on the 1967 movie with Warren
theories run rampant in a New York City bar. non-musicals – include the entertaining mys- Beatty and Faye Dunaway, and “West Side
The shows scheduled for next season in- The whodunits continue with “The Games tery “Sleuth,” and the off-beat comedy “Syl- Story,” based on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and
clude two Broadway blockbuster musicals – Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays.” via,” which has in its cast a woman who por- Juliet,” can show the effect not belonging can
“Evita,” and “My Fair Lady.” Riverside launch- trays a dog. On the other side of the spectrum have on people. 
es the season with the rousingly rockin’ revue is the classic Henrik Ibsen drama “Hedda Ga-
“Smokey Joe’s Café” and closes with the up-
beat musical comedy “Legally Blonde.” The
only play on the main stage this season is“The
Last Romance,” a romantic comedy centered
on love among the Medicare crowd.

With the success of the musical “Drood”
last season, the theater is mounting another
contemporary musical –“Next to Normal” – in
its second stage theater, the Waxlax Stage. The
other Waxlax production is the entertaining
drama “Ghost-Writer.”

“It’s always exciting when we announce
a new season,” said Allen Cornell, Riverside
Theatre’s producing artistic director/CEO.
“Riverside strives to create engaging and en-
tertaining productions that represent a broad
spectrum of theatrical choices, from the recent
to the golden age of the Broadway musical.”

Cornell said they strive each year to pro-
gressively raise the bar on the level of their

“It’s exhilarating when we team with the
finest professional actors, directors, designers


1. Beach House Reunion 1. Hobbo: Motor Racer, 1. Sometimes You Fly

2. Three Days in Moscow
2. Beneath a Scarlet Sky 2. Bob BY WENDY MAAS
BY BRET BAIER 3. The Fates Divide
3. The Soul of America BY VERONICA ROTH
4. Before We Were Yours BY JON MEACHAM 4. I've Loved You Since Forever



RICK BRAGG MIKE MADEN 5. Killers of the Flower Moon

presents presents BY DAVID GRANN

THE BEST COOK TOM CLANCY - 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

Tales from My Momma's Table A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel

Alfred A. Knopf Books G.P. Putnam's Sons

Tuesday, June 19th at 6 pm Wednesday, June 20th at 6 pm

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE June 8, 2018 B5

Lifetime of service to America
is Vero veteran’s lasting legacy

By Stephanie LaBaff | Staff Writer Hurricane Impact Doors
& Impact Glass,
Each Memorial Day, Vero Beach res- We Have It All!

ident Philip Moyer, a former World War Transform Your Existing Door from
Boring to Beautiful!
II B-17 bomber pilot and decorated war
■ Glass patterns for every style & budget
hero, joins fellow Americans as they ■ Customize to your style
■ Impact Glass & Impact Doors
pause in recognition of the men and ■ Wood Interior/Exterior Doors
■ Fiberglass Doors
women who have lost their lives in ser- ■ Patio & Sliding Glass Doors
■ Framed/Frameless Shower Units
vice to our nation. ■ Etching
■ Schlage Hardware
Unlike so many ■ Mirror Wraps

of his comrades- Regency Square

in-arms who 2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart • Licensed & Insured

made the ultimate 772.463.6500

sacrifice to secure

the freedoms we

enjoy, Moyer, who Philip Moyer. PHOTO: DENISE RITCHIE

flew 35 missions what reticent to talk about
his time in the military,
in the European ruefully remembering that
there was a high casualty
theater, was one rate among pilots.

of the lucky ones. After the war, Moyer
took advantage of the op-
At the age of 94 portunity to attend college;
graduating from Lehigh University with
he is a walking, an engineering degree. He would later
return to school to become an architect.
talking timeline “I studied civil engineering because
I never wanted to work inside,” Moyer
of events chroni- says.
Although no longer in the military, his
cled over the past new career was rife with governmental
projects. One of his first was at the Pine-
century that have shaped the country. tree Radar Site developing the DEW Line,
the first Aircraft Control and Warning
Moyer was born in Doylestown, Pa., Station built, which eventually ranged
from Newfoundland, Labrador to Alaska.
in 1924, just before the start of the Great “This was the first line of defense to
warn of an invasion,” explains Moyer.
Depression. One of four boys, he grew up “During the Cold War, they were con-
cerned the Russians would attack by air,
in a bucolic setting, digging for worms in approaching North America over the
North Pole.”
the greenhouses where his father grew Other government projects followed,
among them jet bomber design up-
roses and daydreaming about flying.
“When I was a kid I would go to the lo-

cal airport to watch the planes and built

model airplanes. I really wanted to fly.”

After being called up for service, he ini-

tially intended to enlist in the Navy, im-

pressed by the snappy epaulet-adorned

uniform of a neighbor.

“He looked like the cat’s meow,” says

Moyer. Realizing that as a poor swim-

mer, the Navy might not be the best

choice for him, he recalls, “I envisioned

myself floating around in the Pacific and

I said, ‘Oh no.’ I changed my mind and

went over to the Air Corps.”

As with many veterans, he is some-



Math Teacher Needed
For Grades 6 and 7

Monday - Thursday, One Class A Day.

Drama Teachers Needed
For 2018-2019 School Year
Fridays only– 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

Grades PreK– Grade 4

Call for further information SunCoast
School (772) 778-0892 or Send resume to
[email protected] or send by post to
3050 43rd Avenue Vero Beach, FL 32960.

B6 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B5 and away the mightiest structure in age to Washington, D.C. as part of the
the world, the Apollo project’s VAB has Southeast Florida Honor Flight, which
grades, NATO air bases, a 600-foot doors big enough to admit skyscrapers, applauds the actions of military veterans
U.S. Navy radio antenna, an armored a room so vast that it could breed its by conveying them to Washington to vis-
division cantonment and a 200-bil- own weather.” it memorials honoring their service and
lion-electron volt proton synchrotron. sacrifices.
The VAB, arguably Cape Canaveral’s
According to Moyer, his most sig- most iconic building, is still an integral “The Honor Flight was an incredible
nificant project was the design and part of ongoing research and space ex- experience; I am ecstatic that the flying
construction of the Vehicle Assem- ploration at the Kennedy Space Center. club thought of me,” says Moyer, whose
bly Building, the largest single-story His group also constructed the launch previous visits had been to appraise
building in the world. Located at NA- control center buildings before the pro- monuments from an architectural stand-
SA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Ca- gram was moved to Houston. point. “It was very interesting to me to get
naveral, the building was built to house to see all of them again at this stage in my
the Saturn V rocket for the 1960’s Apol- “The VAB was the most challeng- life.”
lo program. ing project I worked on. Kennedy said
‘We’re going to the moon by 1970.’ If we Moved by the trip and the number of
In an April 24, 1965 - Saturday Eve- had flunked out on that job, we probably people interested enough to volunteer
ning Post article, journalist James At- would have never gotten another job.” their time to make it happen, he says,
water described the building as: “A “the American people need to have a
cosmic room to stagger the mind. Far Chuckling, Moyer adds, “Even the deeper appreciation for those that built
this country and the Honor Flight gives
The Vehicle Assembly Building located at NASA’s veterans and civilians the chance to ex-
Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. press themselves.”

model of the building was huge at 12 Brian Becker met and bonded with
feet in height. I had trouble carrying it Moyer through their love of flying and
around.” accompanied him on the trip, where they
were met by a cheering crowd at the air-
The undertaking was as massive as the port and received a full police escort into
structure itself, involving a multi-agen- Washington, D.C.
cy task force which Moyer oversaw; he
spent a great deal of time traveling be- “It’s a part of history that we tend to
tween New York and Florida. gloss over. Our lives are so fast. We don’t
take enough time to reflect back on our
“My first visit to the Cape was in a jeep forefathers, grandfathers and the peo-
with a captain from the Jacksonville Dis- ple who made a difference,” says Becker.
trict of the Army Corps of Engineers. He “Driving up the hill to Arlington and the
took me out and showed me Cape Ca- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, there are
naveral. It was a jungle; there was noth- thousands of white tombstones as far as
ing there but an eagle’s nest. We worked you can see. It gives you an appreciation
night and day toward the end to have for the magnitude and the cost in lives.”
everything ready. Then our job was fin-
ished and it was time for the astronauts “We don’t emphasize what happened
to take over.” in the war and I think everyone should
have a much greater appreciation about
Moyer recalls anxiously following the what these people went through. It’s easy
progress of the first shuttle launch, lis- for guys like me to sit around and talk
tening to the radio from his office in New about it but to me, to give your life, to stop
York, but notes that there were more fail- living because of a war, there’s no greater
ures than success with spaceflight in the sacrifice,” stresses Moyer.
early years.
The Southeast Florida Honor Flights
His own passion for flying was never include visits to the World War II Memo-
far away and, after eventually retiring rial, Marine Corps Iwo Jima Memorial,
and making his way to Vero Beach, he Arlington National Cemetery, Korean
joined three flying clubs: the Experi- War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial,
mental Aircraft Association, Florida Aero Air Force Memorial, Pentagon 9/11 Me-
Club and the Quiet Birdmen. morial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,
and Navy Yard and Navy Museum. 
It was through these affiliations that
earlier this year, Moyer made a pilgrim-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING June 8, 2018 B7

A visit to a Michelin three-star restaurant in Basque Country

By TIna Rondeau | Columnist
[email protected]

On June 19, the 2018 list of
The World’s 50 Best restaurants
will be announced at a ceremo-
ny being held this year in Bil-
bao, Spain.

The choices are made annu-
ally by a vote of 1,000 interna-
tional restaurant industry ex-
perts, comprised of food writers
and critics, chefs, restaurateurs
and well-traveled gourmets.

Last week, I was in Bilbao
and had an opportunity to jour-
ney into the rolling foothills of
the Basque countryside to visit

Roasted and Poached Oysters.
Peeled Crispy


Flame Roasted
Red Mullet.

Red Mullet
Fritter of

Raw Oyster with Apple, Iberian Pork Spider Crab
Roquette and Flowers. ‘Castaneta’ with Fritter.
Idiazabal Cheese


Petits Fours. basket of welcoming nibbles. Next, we were guided into the restau- and liquorice, an imaginatively constructed
We were then led not rant’s greenhouse, where several other dessert that I found a bit too heavy at the end
Azurmendi, a into a dining room tiny treats were hidden among the herbs of the meal.
Michelin three- but into a spacious and spices.
star restaurant that open kitchen, where But it seems to me that what sets this
made the 2017 “Top 50” list, Finally, we were escorted to our table on restaurant apart is the passion of a chef
and savor a four-hour lunch. a large staff was buzzing “The Balcony” – a large, airy room with floor deeply rooted in the Basque soil.
about. to ceiling windows looking out over Azur-
At chef Eneko Atxa’s hillside restaurant, Here, we got the first hint of mendi’s own small vineyard. (The wines, Chef Atxa has created in Azurmendi a
the journey starts in the striking atrium, the surprises that lie ahead when expertly paired with the courses to follow, shrine to sustainability, where he offers
just below the rooftop vegetable garden, we were offered a truffled egg. Using came not from this vineyard, but from win- diners an unforgettable journey through
where upon arrival we were handed a glass an egg from Azurmendi’s own hens, part eries around the world.) the tastes, aromas and textures of the
of house-made txakoli – a slightly sparkling, of the yolk had been removed via a needle, Basque Country.
very dry white wine – and offered a picnic and while we watched, a truffle consom- To do justice to describing the creative,
mé was injected into the remainder using beautifully presented, and delicious food This is about gastronomy – the study of
a syringe – cooking the egg from the inside set before us in this marathon but relaxed the relationship between food and culture –
out. meal would require pages of this newspa- at its best. Three cheers for Azurmendi.
You pop the whole thing into your mouth per. Instead, I invite you to enjoy some of
and when you bite into it, you get an explo- the photos of the dishes served on the day I welcome your comments, and encour-
sion of flavors – first the rich egg yolk and we visited. age you to send feedback to me at tina@ver-
then the earthy truffle. Amazing.
The only course I would have passed up
was the final one – the chocolate, peanuts The writer, who reviews restaurants for
Vero News, currently is on holiday and is din-
ing her way through Europe. 

B8 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

SUNSET MENU $17 A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients
Available Daily 4:30 - 5:30
Zagat Rated $5 House Wine and Well Drinks A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant
2013 - 2017 Choice of Tides’ House Salad,
Wine Spectator Award Caesar Salad or BLT Iceberg Wedge The Best Food In South County!
2002 – 2017
ENTREES: reservations strongly suggested
Pork T-Bone, Chicken, Scottish Salmon,
2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
Steak Marsala, Fettuccini and Shrimp Vero Beach
Reservations Highly Recommended 772.794.7587

Proper Attire Appreciated
Open 7 Days

(772) 234-3966

3103 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING June 8, 2018 B9

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm


Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market

Summer Special • Offered all night

Prix Fixe $16 Entrees
$5 Select Glasses of Wine

Includes Free Gelato, Any Flavor

Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees


BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm

772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •


Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz Tuesday’s 2 for $25.00
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm Winey Wednesday 1/2
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm price bottles of wine
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays Tuesday - Thursday to go
Dine in & Take Out only- Buy 1 pizza with
Lunch 2 toppings get a
cheese pizza for $5.00.
Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm
Lunch and Dinner
Dinner Tues. - Fri. 11:30 - 9:00
Sat. & Sun. 4:00- 9:00
Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm
Closed Monday
713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)
Phone:770-0835|Fax:770-0831 56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160


[ br(eakfast) + (l)unch ]
11:30 am - 3 pm

- |-

-- -


B10 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Come try our new lighter lunch menu
Winner “Best Dessert” at Taste of Vero!

Tuesday Trivia Night Wednesday Bingo Night Friday Night
7-9 PM - 10% Off On Food Joe Kern calling Bingo Live Local Music
Prizes and Drinks Specials
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Lunch & Dinner Open: 4PM-6PM DAILY
Tues.- Sat. 11:30am - Close BUY ONE DRINK GET A
Closed Sunday and Monday for the Summer SECOND FOR 1 PENNY

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 ••••
ALL U CAN EAT • Like us on Facebook! TUES - FISH FRY




B12 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz becomes best mates with CC the Boat Cat

Hi Dog Buddies! room for the lemon slice. You can imagine CC, the Calico Cat. PHOTO BY GORDON RADFORD
how Totally Irresistable I was, right?”
Since expanding my Potential Interview- “So, what’s this I hear Dad’s the one who ack-
ee Pool to include Pets of the Feline Pursua- “Absolutely!” about you bein’ a hero?” hully pulled ’em up the ladder.”
sion, I’ve learned a buncha stuff about, you “Dad was NOT a Cat Person,” she
know, Cats, an I’m not quite as nervous as I grinned. “It only took me about 2 seconds “Oh, that. So, it was a Dark an Stormy “But still, that’s Super Pawsome!”
usta be. But still … to fix that. I was a liddle timid for only a Night. Real windy. I was quietly hanging out “Aww, thanks, Mr. Bonzo. That’s so sweet.
couple days, just checking things out an with Dad, snoozin,’ watchin’ TV. Suddenly I Dad did give me a whole can of tuna as a re-
I heard that CC (Calico Cat) Handley had getting my Sea Paws. Me an Dad have been was startled by this faint sound that made ward. He says I owe him 37 cents for the tuna.
a pretty inneresting tail to tell, so I looked together ever since. I’m a Total Boat Cat. me leap up and run over to the window. Dad (I know he’s just teasing.) Now Dad’s pals call
her up and scheduled an innerview. CC’s a We hang out here mostly. We also have an didn’t hear it, so I kept meowing an meow- him Capt. Kitty. An I’m First Mate CC.”
Boat Cat (which I’d never heard of before), so actual house in Orlando. It’s OK, but this is ing. Dad tried to shush me, but I kept on Heading home, I was thinking how more
I was 9 parts lookin’ forward to meeting her, my favorite.” meowing (cuzza my IN-stinks). Finally Dad and more dogs an cats are getting along just
an only 1 part nervous. “Any pals?” came over and looked out. Then he heard fine with one another, even though they’re
“I’ve gotta great famly. There’s my sister what I was hearin’: this faint voice hollarin’ different species. That makes me hopeful.
When me an my assistant were walkin’ Brittany (she’s in college), an her friend Zack ‘Help me!’ over an over.”
up to the boat, I couldn’t help but remember an her pooch Molly, a mini-Yorkie. We get Till next time,
that, even though pet cats are cute an fluffy along great. Ackshully, I get along real good “Wooof!” I exclaimed.
an do that soft liddle purr thing, they’re re- with dogs. I never did see that big a differ- “Turns out, it was a human (15 people The Bonz
lated to lions. An tigers. An poo-muhs. ence, ’cept I’m called a ‘cat.’” years) struggling in the water. Dad called 911
“Whaddya do for fun?” like humans are ’spose to do when there’s Don’t Be Shy
“Get a Grip, Dog!” I told myself sternly. “I love ridin’ in the car. I snuggle in Dad’s TROUBLE, an pulled the boy aboard. The
Since CC’s boat was being spiffed up, we lap an snooze. Whenever Dad goes to work, boy told Dad his uncle was still in the water, We are always looking for pets
met on the dock, outside Capt. Hirams in Se- I watch Animal Planet. When the weather’s so Dad got him, too. Turns out, their boat with interesting stories.
bastian where it was moored. Well, turns out nice, we go in our boat. (Dad calls it ‘Dew- hit something and was sinking. Dad says if
CC was totally cute an real, real frenly. I felt ers and Lures,’ painted right on the side. it wasn’t for me, he woulda never heard the To set up an interview, email
like a Doof for bein’ nervous, and hoped she Isn’t that silly? Humans are always namin’ boy hollarin.’” [email protected].
hadn’t noticed. their boats funny stuff like that. I wonder “Woof! CC, you’re a HERO!” I told her with
She came right over for a liddle sniff. “Mr. why.) Anyway, we go to the Sand Bar at the admiration.
Bonzo, it’s a pleasure! A real pleasure! I’m Inlet, or that pretty island across from Mul- “Well, I just did what any cat would do. An
CC Handley, an this is my Dad, Capt. Jim. ligan’s, an just hang out. Those pine nee-
I’ve never been innerviewed before so you’ll dles are like a big thick rug. An I watch the
have to tell me how it works.” birds, an bugs an stuff. Dad fishes. Back at
“The pleasure is mine, Miss CC,” I said the dock, me an my pelican pals hang out
suavely, opening my notebook. “You can an get scraps from the humans cleaning
just tell me about how you an your Dad met, the fish. They even made me an Honorary
an what your life’s like, livin’ on a boat. An Pelican. Cool, huh?”
about the Recent Exciting Event I heard “Totally! Do you swim?”
about. Just start at the beginning.” “Well, I CAN, but I don’t LIKE to. There
She curled her tail around her front paws have been a few times, as I was leaping with
an began. “Back nine years ago, my Dad’s catlike grace from boat to boat or boat to
lady friend wanted a pet companion for dock, I slightly miscalculated, and land-
when Dad was Away. Soon after, coinciden- ed, well, in the water. Then, when I tried to
tally, Dad was driving by a house on Indi- climb back up the pier, I sorta slid back into
an River Drive with a ‘Free Cat’ sign in the the water. Dad hadda scoop me out. THAT
yard. Perfect timing, right? An the price was was embarrassing!”
right. Turns out all but one of the liitter had “I’ll bet!” I said, trying not to laugh.
already found good homes. The only kitten “Now I hafta stay in the boat, which is fine
left was The Runt. Me! A tiny liddle fuzzball. with me. I HATE bein’ wet.”
I mean, I could fit into teacup and still have

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES June 8, 2018 B13

Q 10 9 8 4 J5 7632
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 976 J43 K Q 10
J 42 K7653
Bridge in North America is under the auspices of the American Contract Bridge League. Q 10 9 3 AK7654 J
Every member receives a monthly magazine packed with 84 pages of instructive articles,
tournament reports and results, bidding deals and problems, and news. I contribute to SOUTH
each issue with an article on basic declarer-play. Defense will come next year. AK
This deal was supplied by Eddie Kantar. How should South play in three no-trump after A Q 10 9 8
West leads the spade 10? As a secondary issue, would you have opened the South 82
hand with one diamond or one no-trump?
Dealer: South; Vulnerable: East-West
The South hand is a prime 17 with a strong five-card suit. The Kaplan-Rubens
evaluation method rates it as worth 20 points. It is right to upgrade and open one The Bidding:
In Standard, North bids two clubs, then three clubs to invite game with a decent six- 1 Diamonds Pass 2 Clubs Pass
card suit. If you play two-over-one game-force, though, I think you should immediately 2 Hearts Pass 3 Clubs Pass LEAD:
respond three clubs to describe this hand-type. 3 NT Pass Pass Pass 10 Spades

South starts with six top tricks: two spades, one heart, one diamond and two clubs.
It looks obvious to duck a club, assuming that the suit will split 3-2 and provide five
winners. But what if this is a 32.17 percent deal when clubs are not 3-2?

Just in case it is, South should first cash the diamond ace. If that collects only low cards,
he continues with a club and ducks in the dummy, hoping for the 3-2 break. Here,
though, the diamond jack falls, so declarer continues diamonds to take two spades, one
heart, four diamonds and two clubs.

Summer Membership You deserve a

Meadowood Golf and Tennis Club helping hand
You belong at Holiday.
Is offering Summer Memberships
Sometimes it’s nice to have assistance with day-to-day
(April 23rd to October 31st 2018) tasks. We like to make the hard stuff easy for you.

With Unbeatable Value Learn Why - 866.912.6818

Single $ 300 Family $450 Isles of Vero Beach

Cart Fees 18 holes $25.00 / 9 holes $13.00 plus tax. 1700 WATERFORD DRIVE
Full Country Club Privileges
Driving Range (golf balls included)

Personalized Lessons

Inclusive fees with Cart:

Single $1,000.00
Family $1,500.00

Current Rates

$30 before 12:00 $25 after 12:00 Twilight Rate after 3 $20.00

Ask for details at the Golf Shop
Mike Yurigan, GM & Head Golf Professional

Call (772) 464-4466 or Visit our website

B14 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Long ago (4) 2 Country bumpkin (5)
3 Touched lightly (6) 2 Theft (7)
9 Communal farm (7) 4 Tetchiness (12)
10 Relating to the kidneys (5) 5 Mountain in Egypt (5)
11 Untruth (3) 6 Great pleasure (7)
12 Very surprising (9) 7 Dubious (12)
13 Hinder progress (6) 8 Old Testament book (4)
14 Purpose; demur (6) 13 Keep going (7)
16 Wading bird (9) 15 Radical (7)
19 Pull along (3) 17 Young bird of prey (5)
21 Off-the-cuff remark (2-3) 18 Full of uncertainty (4)
22 Fool (7) 20 Make broader (5)
23 Spice (6)
24 Blood vessel (4)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

Certified Collision
Repair Center

VeArou’tsoPbroedmy!ier All Insurance

(772) 978-1351 • 463 4th Place SW • Vero Beach, FL

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES June 8, 2018 B15

ACROSS 69 Check-out time, 5 Lyon leftovers motorcycle race? The Washington Post
1 Humidifier output often 6 Works to get 72 Iraqi port
6 Get the lumps 73 Scratched (out),
70 Stonewort loose as a living
out of specimen 7 Pull on 74 Spoils
12 Wrap in 8 Big game roar 81 Doing zilch
71 Singer-turned- 9 Poet with a 82 Actor on a
bandages private eye?
18 Rubs the wrong device for lifting meditation
75 A heck ___ guy sculptures? voyage?
way 76 Wolf’s eye 10 Way out of Rome 83 Ride’s former
20 Paper size 77 Neighborhoods 11 Ex-Saturday employer: abbr.
21 Feeling more like 78 Record-breaking Night Live 85 Like current
regular Dunn events?
a snake racehorse of the 12 Ascot, for one 86 Clio candidates
22 Author of The St. 1960s 13 Existed once 87 Austin or Boston
79 Morse E 14 Composer who 88 Nemesis of
Valentine’s Day 80 Director with an needs to change Spartacus
Massacre? obstruction? something under 90 Most uniform
24 Kodak guy 84 “Golden Girl” the hood? 93 He’s Yogurt in
25 Where grazie Getty 15 Delay Spaceballs
means 86 Consented 16 Maketh whole 95 ___ of steak
something 89 Filmed anew 17 That darn puzzle knives
26 Big hole in 91 Gin flavorers bird 96 Roster
Oregon 92 Roxanne 19 Sharp rebukes 99 Helps (a felon)
28 Wallet skin portrayer 21 Spotted 100 Mexico City kitty
29 Composer of 93 Chagall and 23 Jesus of baseball 102 Hospital rheums?
“Last Man Off de Connelly 27 Elect. day 103 Frosters
Train”? 94 Little duct 29 Auto chore that’s 106 Guffaw à la
31 Rolled out, as 97 Dawn goddess really draining Benny Hill
Old Glory 98 Jetsonesque 30 ___ Under the 107 (Turn the page)
34 Getting slower, in 101 Singer who Sun 109 Spanish adj.
mus. sprang a leak at 32 Monthly bill ending
35 The bottom line, the Indy 500? recipient, e.g. 110 Johnson or
often 104 Language ending 33 PD VIP Jonson
36 Carter’s 105 Cat of moviedom 34 What Bannister 112 Backwoods
Secretary of 108 Albee’s Zoo did in 3:59 gamboler
State Story, e.g. 37 Gobel or Stang 113 ___ culpa
39 Outpouring 109 “You’re on!” type 114 Financing abbr.
40 Guys (gambler’s 38 Like Dickens’s 115 Dagwood’s
42 Fish or mouse exclamation) Mr. Murdstone wood-sawing__
44 Dexterity 111 TV host who’s 40 Very little
46 Clique a big crossword 41 Fa followers DON’T GET ME STARTED By Merl Reagle
49 Arkansas senator fan? 43 Bakker’s undoer
who joined a 116 “Have I not ___ 44 Light rain
pub-toasters’ weep?” (Shak.) 45 Exercise fanatic’s
club? 117 Keeps up the goal
51 Dead End Kid’s grass 47 “___ none of
negative 118 Great Lake port, that, thank you!”
52 Major moocher in addresses 48 Ate
54 ___ grudge 119 Merlin and Ole 50 Serious spleen
55 A little night 120 Most in de pen- 53 A conspirator in
music? dent Julius Caesar,
59 Ms. Hogg of 121 Line of cliffs. Metellus ___
Texas DOWN 56 Take ___ at
60 Author of 1 Rewind/search (examine)
“The Singin’ mach. 57 Minibiographies
Chipmunk”? 2 “I see!” 58 Upper houses
63 Grimm being 3 Rex Reed 61 Love meeter?
64 Ho Chi ___ rejection 62 Use a 1 Down:
66 Pink Panther 4 Out ___ abbr.
series regular (defective) 65 Silent comic who
67 Caligula’s thing entered a
68 B&B relative

The Telegraph Established 18 Years in Indian River County

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
• The Treasure Coast’s most Comprehensive, Professional Showroom

• Extensive Collection of Styles and Finishes to Meet Your Budget
• Under New Ownership • Remodeling specialists

(772) 562-2288 |
3920 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach FL 32960

B16 June 8, 2018 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING Student Film Screening/Awards, 10 a.m. at VB The- Directors, 6:30 p.m. at American Icon Brewery; Hot 8 Treasure Coast Wind Ensemble British In-
atre Guild; “Andre-The Voice of Wine” screening & Havana Nights, 8 p.m. at WOW; 6/10 – Sip See Sa- vasion concert, 7 p.m. at Vero Beach High
School PAC, with soloist Jacob Craig at piano.
VIP reception, 12:30 p.m. at VBMA, Hollywood + vor Gospel Brunch, 11 a.m. at Brewery, Fete Finale Free; donations appreciated.

Vero Beach Museum of Art - Insight Astron- Wine Grand Tasting, 3 p.m. at WOW; Dining with Wrap Party, 3 p.m. at WOW. Crossword Page B14 (FEEL BETTER NOW?)

omy Photographer of the Year exhibition thru

Sept. 16. Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
in June 1, 2018 Edition 1 ROLE 1 RUSSIANS
7-10 Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival, 10 SEPTEMBER 5 STREETS
with portion of proceeds bene- 11 EVITA 6 ANTI
fitting Suncoast Mental Health Center: All week 12 INTERFERE 7 ASIA
– WOW Wine Lounge, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Riv- 15 NECTAR 8 TEAR

erside Park & film screenings at multiple venues;

6/8 – Fierce Females w/producer Molly Smith,

12:30 p.m. at Riverside Theatre; Cinema Uncorked Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13
Opening Nights Awards Bash, 6:30 p.m. at RT; 6/9 -


If you have an estate, or collection of antique or Certified Pedorthic Services
modern guns for sale - no collection is too large or
We also have a large variety
too small. Contact us and we will make an offer. of comfort footwear including:


$50.00 6PM MONDAYS CALL AHEAD TO RSVP 953 Old Dixie Hwy,

772-581-0640 9090 N. US HWY 1 Sebastian, FL

M - F 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am-2pm • Closed Sun.



BRAND # 8010 MSRP $24,860
NEW #8122 MSRP $29,110
1.5L direct-injection turbo engine, super Equipped with: A/C, Automatic Transmission,
all-wheel control, power folding side mirrors, Power Windows & Locks, Seating for 7, Keyless
Mitsubishi Connect, 7.0” smart link thin dis- Entry, USB Port,140 Watt CD MP3, Fuse hands free
play audio system with touch pad controller link system with Bluetooth, Reverse Camera





Manual, Great Condition 46,000 Miles Supercab, 130,000 Miles 2D Con., ManualTouring Pk. Crew Cab 140.5”

$4,900 $9,500 $9,950 $10,899 $15,899

One Owner 74,000 Miles Only 5,000 Mi. Like new Extra Clean, Like New 10,000 Mi. Hybrid Titanium,Very Clean 4D Hatchback, only 11,000 Mi.

$12,899 $16,899 $17,899 $18,899 $22,499

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


*plus tax, tag, title, destination, and $349 Dealer fee. Price includes all factory rebates, cash back, and dealer discounts. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Not responsible for typographical errors. Offers Expires June 30, 2018.

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