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03/22/2018 ISSUE 12


Chat and chug. P8 House of the week. P33 For fantastic Italian ...

It’s potables, pols and the public Updated abode is walking distance
at Happy Hour Board Meeting. from school, park and ocean.

Dining: Oceanside Pizza. Page 30


Student’s ‘kill list’ is wakeup call to alarmed community

[email protected]

Sunday night’s scene was all
too familiar. A police chief ad-
dressing a crowd of angry, con-
fused citizens. At a school.

A troubled young man com-
piled a “kill list” in his head of


Indian Harbour Beach Police Chief David Butler, left, speaks to concerned parents and family members at the Ocean Breeze Elementary School cafeteria on Sunday evening. PHOTOS: BENJAMIN THACKER lives he wanted to end. Three
weeks earlier when asked what
he wanted to be when he grew
up, the same kid freaked out
his classmates by stating he
wanted to be a school shooter.
The boy lives in a house where
multiple firearms are kept, and
where both parents have had


canal muck dredging
STORY BY JAN WESNER CHILDS CORRESPONDENT Parkland. The walkout was also intended
[email protected] Take this moment, and let it inspire the to raise awareness about mental health is-

Indian Harbour Beach ca- rest of your life. sues, school safety and gun violence.
nals that were ground zero for
raw sewage discharges during That was the message from student The Satellite High event was planned
post-Hurricane Irma flooding
will soon get some relief in the speakers at Satellite High School’s National and executed by students, with the ap-
form of $5.7 million from the
Save Our Indian River Lagoon School Walkout Day program on March 14. proval of school administration. Several
Half-cent Sales Tax.
“We can’t allow our students, our teach- CONTINUED ON PAGE 6
The allocation, if approved
by county commissioners April ers and our friends to be killed in
10, will go toward $9.6 million
in needed muck dredging in our school,” Kelli Lynch, senior
all canals that are directly con-
nected to the Banana River, class vice president, told some
including all the section of the
500 students gathered in the
school commons. “We have the

power to make change.”

For the walkout, students were

COUNTY BAILING urged to leave class for 17 min-
ON GOLF? Page 2
utes in memory of the 17 people

who were killed in the Valentine’s

Day shooting at Marjory Stone-

man Douglas High School in Students have moment of silence for gun violence victims. PHOTO: BENJAMIN THACKER

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NEWS 1-6 DINING 30 PEOPLE 7-10 Gain an app-reciation for techno
ARTS 11-14 GAMES 21-23 PETS 30 chic at Ruth Funk Center’s
CALENDAR 32 INSIGHT 15-24 ‘Coded Couture’ exhibit. PAGE 12


2 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Fore-gone conclusion? Brevard mulls bailing on golf business

STORY BY HENRY A. STEPHENS CORRESPONDENT a March 15 workshop agreed to take  An agreement with nonprofit Golf alized the county was losing money
[email protected] a few final swings by having County Brevard to take over management of on its three golf courses when former
Manager Frank Abbate and County At- Spessard Holland Golf Course, south of Parks Director Jack Masson pointed to
After almost 30 years of Brevard Coun- torney Scott Knox iron out new course- Melbourne Beach, and the Habitat Golf an operating loss of $129,500 in the re-
ty owning three public golf courses, de- management proposals with two local Course in Grant-Valkaria. cent year.
clining revenue and use are prompting organizations.
county commissioners to consider get-  Creating a new community-devel- Commissioners in January 2016
ting out of the golf business completely. “This is the most crowded I have seen opment district to manage the Savan- agreed to lease the courses to Orlando’s
this room, on one issue, since I’ve been nahs Golf Course, on Merritt Island, and Integrity Golf Co. LLC in a pact that
“I know we’re going to lose money if here,” said Vice Chairwoman Kristine Is- then reverting the course ownership to would yield at least $100,000 a year for
we hold onto this,” commission Chair- nardi, who was elected in 2016. the Savannahs at Sykes Creek Home- the county. But last July, the company
woman Rita Pritchett said last week. owners’ Association Inc. bailed out of the agreement because it,
Commissioners were expected Tues- too, was losing money on the courses.
Before a packed audience of about day to approve: County commissioners in 2015 re-
100 mostly golfers, commissioners in

SatBeach High hit hard by student’s death


Satellite High School stu-

dents and staff are reeling from

the recent death of sophomore

Derek Fortmayer.

Fortmayer, 15, committed

suicide on March 7. He was at

least the third Satellite High

student to take his own life in

the past year.

Fortmayer’s death has mys-

tified those who knew him. He

was a center on the school’s

football team, ran cross country

and played baseball, and a had

3.8 GPA with a schedule that Ken and Cheryl Fortmayer launch a balloon lantern in memory
included advanced placement
classes. By all appearances, he of their son Derek at Pelican Park. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD

was a happy, well-adjusted teenager. mayer’s parents, Kimmey and other

“When you lose a guy like that, close friends sent three balloon lan-

you just wonder what didn’t you do terns into the sunset-lit sky in his

and what you could have done,” Sat- honor. The assembled crowd lit spar-

ellite head football coach Ted Kim- klers and held them aloft.

mey said. Seven Brevard County public

He added there was “not a mo- school students committed suicide

ment” when he would have thought in the 2016-2017 school year. Brevard

Fortmayer would be at risk for suicide Public Schools officials refused to re-

or mental health issues. lease statistics for this year, citing pri-

“I don’t really think there’s an an- vacy laws.

swer,” Kimmey said. “That’s between Suicides at Brevard schools last year

Derek and God.” prompted a call to action by School

Several hundred students, family Board Member Tina Descovich, who

members and friends gathered March initiated funding for suicide preven-

15 at Ascension Catholic Church to tion programs in local schools.

remember Fortmayer. They sang On Saturday, the same day a funer-

hymns and shared their memories. al mass was held for Fortmayer, BPS

Fortmayer attended Ascension Cath- cosponsored a teen suicide preven-

olic School before matriculating to tion walk and carnival at Sand Point

Satellite. Park in Titusville. Kimmey, who had

Fortmayer’s parents, Cheryl and posted on social media that Fortmay-

Ken Fortmayer, greeted every at- er was like a son to him, said he had

tendee with a hug as they entered the talked to Fortmayer two weeks prior

church sanctuary. to his death during a routine one-on-

Fortmayer is also survived by a meeting he has with all players in the

younger sister, Aubrey, as well grand- off-season.

parents Rex and Evelyn Fortmayer The Satellite football team is host-

and John and Linda Johnson. ing a lift-a-thon in Fortmayer’s honor

About 200 people, mostly students, on March 30, and Kimmey said he

gathered on the beach at Pelican Park plans for the event to be an annual

after the service at Ascension. Fort- fundraiser. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 3


The county has since sued the company. play there and bringing in more money. costs, which he said company leaders deferred maintenance at Habitat, includ-
Tom Becker, chairman of the steering But before it could make its own hope they won’t need to use. ing $290,000 needed for new bunkers.

committee for Golf Brevard, described money, Becker said, Golf Brevard would Becker tallied $203,000 worth of de- Golf Brevard would tackle those proj-
the organization as a group of suc- need the county to set up a transition ferred maintenance at Spessard Hol- ects, Becker said. And once its reserves
cessful businessmen who love golf and fund of $390,000, if it is to start Oct. 1, land, things the county hasn’t done, reach $500,000, he added, it would re-
want to keep Spessard Holland and the or $250,000, if it is to wait until January such as a $110,000 replacement of its pay the county’s initial investment.
Habitat in play by improving the greens, 2019. He said Golf Brevard also needs a main pumping station.
boosting the number of golfers who line of credit of $200,000 for unexpected Becker also proposed charity as part
In addition, he pointed to $511,500 in

4 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


iCmnucoesvnteotimivne!sboanfutesr COMMENTARY nile facility and pursue formal charges.
There was not enough probable
Ask us how in March CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
cause for State Attorney Phil Archer’s
CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS! more than casual contact with law en- office to ask a judge for a warrant to
forcement. An FBI task force is on the search the boy’s home after the family
321.253.7440 case, and a crisis response team was refused to let local police in the door.
brought in to counsel students who
You will love the difference in senior living at The Brennity were traumatized, or who just need to And though logic would dictate that
at Melbourne. Enjoy your retirement with the amenities talk to someone. this child must be suffering an emotion-
and services you deserve. New, blossoming friendships, al crisis, his behavior was not enough to
carefree living, and so much more await you in our senior But this wasn’t playing out on televi- warrant imposition of Florida’s Baker
living community. Call to schedule a personal tour! sion or on a live Facebook feed from a Act to involuntarily commit the boy for
far-off city. It was happening at Ocean 72 hours of psychiatric evaluation.
Breeze Elementary, in one of the safest
neighborhoods in one of the safest cit- What about that new school safety
ies in Florida. It doesn’t feel blissfully law Gov. Rick Scott signed on March 9?
safe anymore to a great many students Indian Harbour Beach City Manager
and parents. Mark Ryan said last week that city and
county law enforcement officials are
Fortunately the gathering of more still reading the sweeping legislation to
than 300 people was not a press confer- determine how it might help in this case.
ence detailing a gory school shooting While I’m not shocked, it is disturbing
that had occurred. It was about a po- that there’s no expertise available from
tential tragedy that had been thwarted. Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office to
help small-town police departments
Hopefully. understand and employ this complex
Principal Laurie Hering said, “I’m and problematic 105-page law that now
hoping we can look back on this and say governs the State of Florida.
this was a moment in time when those
red flags that we saw were responded In the meantime, an armed, uni-
to.” formed police officer is posted at Ocean
That depends upon what that sixth- Breeze, with the city and the school it-
grader and others like him become self cobbling together the funding be-
when they grow up. Now that school of- cause there’s no money in the budget
ficials, law enforcement and parents are for that kind of protection.
acutely aware there’s a problem, that
burden is on the uneasy village tasked After FBI agents showed up at the
with raising the children. home one block from school, the boy’s
Prosecutors, detectives and the FBI family finally allowed officers to verify
task force determined the sixth-grad- that weapons in the home were se-
er’s threats to kill students and teach- cured. Chief David Butler said he also
ers did not rise to the level of a credible gave them some gun locks. Counselors
and immediate threat that would con- are working with the family to get at
stitute a crime. the root of the student’s problems, be-
He didn’t write the list down. He cause a pre-teen kid doesn’t just wake
didn’t say how and when he intended to up one morning and formulate a “kill
kill them. Those specific elements are list” of classmates and teachers. Ser-
required to detain the student at a juve- vices can be refused at any time, how-
ever, as treatment cannot be mandated

COTTAGES • INDEPENDENT LIVING FUTURE OF GOLF COURSES county that are county-run. There are
ASSISTED LIVING • MEMORY CARE already 28 golf courses in the county.”
7300 Watersong Lane • Melbourne, FL 32940 Spessard Holland golfers, however, of the revenue. Those who love golf, as insisted they need the county courses
much as Golf Brevard leaders do, would because they couldn’t afford to use pri-
AL#11595 get to donate to keep the courses going, vate clubs.
he said. “You’re very fortunate Integ-
rity Golf’s departure was swift,” he said. “We spend $1,000 a year at Spessard
“They could have bled county funds for Holland,” Melbourne Beach resident
years. The numbers just don’t work for Joan DeGregorio said. “I know it’s subsi-
profit companies in the present golf en- dized because society benefits.”
vironment. But with Golf Brevard, there
would be no profits. All the revenue Golf Brevard could make the courses
would be reinvested.” work, Becker said, because its leaders
would be single-minded in getting the
Some representatives from Aquarina courses managed well.
Beach and Country Club, south of Mel-
bourne Beach, said they would prefer Commissioner John Tobia, whose
the county sell its courses to the pri- district includes Habitat and Spessard
vate sector than continue using county Holland, didn’t buy Becker’s pitch. He
funds to keep rates low. grilled Becker on the lack of collateral
in seeking a county loan, on the lack of
“Brevard County, by subsidizing its a proposed interest rate and the lack of
golf courses, is damaging us financial- any term for the loan. “I look at this as
ly,” said Patrick Pollock, president of the taxpayers’ money,” Tobia said.
the Aquarina Community Association.
“There’s no need for golf courses in the By Tuesday, Becker said, he expect-
ed to return to the county with harder
numbers. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 5


without an arrest or court order. why the offending student seems more day in Brevard Public Schools wonder has had only two documented bullying
Hering said the student was suspend- protected than the hundreds of inno- if the very real problems school officials incidents this year. Parents should con-
cent children who didn’t threaten to kill claim do not exist “on paper” will finally tact Descovich directly if bullying prob-
ed for 10 school days beginning March anyone. be handled so situations like the one at lems are not properly addressed at the
14. The Brevard County School Board Ocean Breeze do not escalate into cri- school level.
will rule on punishment up to expul- The boy said he made the threatening ses. School Board member Tina Desco-
sion, but confidentiality regulations statements defensively, to stop other vich said the District has “a zero-toler- We are officially awake. What hap-
bar school officials from sharing the kids from picking on him. ance policy on bullying.” Ocean Breeze pens next will show who we truly are as
outcome – causing parents to wonder a community. 
Parents of kids being bullied every

6 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


SCHOOL WALKOUT on Feb. 14, but they will never be for- speech and debate club, urged stu- be old enough to vote for the first time
gotten,” she said. “They deserve so dents to create a legacy of advocacy in November, said they and others
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 much more than one line. They de- and change for the Parkland victims. they know have become more politi-
serve to be remembered.” cally aware since the parkland shoot-
other schools in the area held similar “This moment will forever be in the ing.
walkouts at the same time. She added: “To every politician out timeline of your life,” Bruno said.
there, we don’t want thoughts and They were careful not to link the
Parkland is just over two hours prayers. We want permanent action.” Student body president Julia Hoff- school walkout directly with any spe-
away from Brevard County, bring- man, who also helped organize the cific legislation, and they purposely
ing the tragedy close to home for lo- Students, many dressed in orange T- walkout, said afterward that she didn’t bring the debate about gun laws
cal students. One student at Satellite shirts to represent the national move- thinks students will continue to be into the event.
High attended Stoneman Douglas ment to stop gun violence, bowed inspired and be involved in change. “I
last year. their heads for a moment of silence. hope that students take a way a sense However, Lynch said, she thinks
The school’s choral group, the Ten of unity and togetherness that they violence and safety will be the defin-
Lynch started the assembly off by Tones, held hands as they sang a stir- saw today,” Hoffman said. ing issues her generation votes on for
reading the name of each victim, ring version of “We Shall Walk through years to come.
along with a brief description of their the Valley in Peace.” “At this point, it’s not about politics.
lives. It’s our lives.” “I’ll be first in line at the ballot box,”
Chris Bruno, president of Satellite’s she said. 
“These 17 souls may have been lost Hoffman and Lynch, who both will



Grand Canal located within the city of
Indian Harbour Beach.

Officials with the Save Our Indian
River Lagoon Project Plan on March 7
approved recommendations of a citi-
zen oversight committee on a total of
$25.9 million for a total of 42 clean-up
projects in the Indian River Lagoon,
estimated to cost about $68 million to
be partially funded by other agencies.
Those projects would reduce nitrogen
going into the lagoon by 96,956 pounds
a year and phosphorous going into the
lagoon by 10,109 pounds a year.

During and after Hurricane Irma in
2017, the county discharged nearly 20
million gallons of raw sewage into an
Indian Harbour Beach canal to keep the
sewage from backing up in streets and
homes in Indian Harbour Beach and
Satellite Beach.

During the event, Indian Harbour
Beach City Manager Mark Ryan de-
scribed living in “ground zero” for the
discharges, requiring businesses to
close and residents to hide inside. “It
impacted their lives. Citizens couldn’t
utilize their yards,’’ he said. Subsequent
studies showed a concentration of
muck in those canals.

The funding recommendations will
be put before Brevard County Commis-
sioners, likely April 10. If approved, the
funding for the projects will be available
according to the spending schedule
requested and submitted by the cities,
said Brevard County Natural Resources
Management Department Director
Virginia Barker. In addition to muck re-
moval, the plan for restoring the lagoon
includes education efforts, upgrades to
wastewater treatment facilities, septic
system removal and upgrades, storm-
water improvements, fertilizer manage-
ment, oyster reefs and living shorelines

Brevard voters on Nov. 8 approved the
lagoon sales tax for the next 10 years.
The sales tax, which will raise about $34
million annually, started to be collected
on Jan. 1. 

Wing it to Air and Space Show,
where high drama awaits

8 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Potables, pols and the public at cheery ‘Happy Hour’

STORY BY CYNTHIA VAN GAASBECK CORRESPONDENT Gina and Curt Black with Alan Bolewore and Peter Campbell. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD Brittany Jumper and Julie Finch.
[email protected]
Ally and Brian Groh with Scott Stewart and Kelli Petrone. PHOTOS: ORDON RADFORD Jerry and Judi Hiebert.
Having the ear of your town’s may-
or can open doors and smooth path- gling, drinks in hand. here. It’s just about meeting people, ness with this particular event, but
ways, but it’s an opportunity only “We have everybody from mort- really. People do business with who we are planning on contacting busi-
dreamed of by many business people. they know, like and trust. How do nesses to do other types, like educa-
gage brokers to presidents of banks you do that? You have to get to know tional talks,” she said.
Chatting with the city manager them,” he said.
over a drink and bar munchies and The benefits are immediate, she
feeling like you’ve opened her eyes Attorney Mark Boyd camped out at said, with communication flowing
about an issue. Does this happen in one of the tall tables in the middle of both ways.
the real world? the room, speaking with other locals
and enjoying the evening. “I just met four or five new busi-
Yes, in Satellite Beach, in fact. nesses. Some of them have services
Last Thursday, members of city “My wife had heard about it. I want that our city would use. I also learned
government and their constituents to get involved in the civic life of Sat- of things that we can do to make their
met for the first “Happy Hour Board ellite Beach. I also wanted to meet lives easier. For example, I learned
Meeting” at Whiskey Beach Pub off some of my neighbors and some busi- that we make it hard to put bike racks
S.R. A1A. It was the second of its type, ness people in the community,” Boyd in and I think that’s terrible. So we’re
though the first was held at the David said, adding, “I’ve gotten to have a going to go back and find out why
R. Schechter Community Center and nice conversation with several of the that is.”
still felt a little like government busi- folks in city government, including
ness. the mayor.” Cantino agrees that open commu-
“The other one was really great but nication is a major benefit of this out-
it was on our territory. It’s more re- City Manager Courtney Barker said reach.
laxed here,” noted Mayor Frank Can- the happy hour meetings will be a
tino. monthly event. “We learn what their concerns are.
“What we try to do is get out in the You interact and start these conversa-
public so we can interact with them “We are going to focus on this busi- tions and they come to City Hall, they
in a relaxed location. Just to build know the staff because they’ve talked
good relationships with the busi- to them. I think it’s a lot easier when we
nesses.” meet them on grounds like this rather
Bringing the mixer to Whiskey than come into a council meeting or
Beach seemed a natural step, owner something really formal. You get to
Jerry Hiebert said. know someone and the next time they
“We were hosting some of their see you at City Hall, you already have a
charity events. Basically, they like relationship. That’s what we’re trying
this venue and I was already doing a to build, good relationships with the
business network and they asked if community,” he said. 
we could join forces. I loved the idea,”
Heibert said.
Nine TVs adorn the walls, a pool
table dominates the left side of the
room and a wooden bar spans its
length. Behind it sits what Hiebert
says is the most extensive selection of
whiskeys in Brevard County.
He’s a Bacardi man, himself,
though. By 6 p.m. about 50 people in
business and work attire were min-

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 9


Michael Cruz with Karlee and Darren Scully. Neal Johnon, Courtney Barker and Mark Boyd. Vicky and Jeff Dorman with Matt Fleming.

Peter Schefrick and Torrey Eisenhut.

Matt and Rachel Romero.

10 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Wing it to Air and Space Show, where high drama awaits

[email protected]
Bryan Lilley. Which is more exciting depends on sodas and bottled water will keep the
Look up! Better yet, venture across personal taste, but the red, white and family fed and happy between demos.
the river this weekend to witness in blue F-16C Fighting Falcons are a top Aircraft on display include an A-10
person one of the most spectacular draw with their precision aerial dem- Thunderbolt II, an F-16 Fighting Fal-
shows on land and in the air as the onstrations. The stealth bomber’s sci- con, a T-38 Talon and a WC-130J Hur-
5th Annual Melbourne Air and Space fi looks and novelty bring the curious ricane Hunter. Appearing for the first
Show takes off at Orlando Melbourne and fanatical wherever they appear. time will be the Shockwave Jet Truck,
International Airport. a custom-built truck equipped with
“The Thunderbirds are hugely pop- three J34-48 Pratt & Whitney jet en-
Clear blue skies will be the play- ular, they’re a big draw but the B-2 gines generating 36,000 horsepower.
ground of some of the world’s best pi- stealth bomber is so rarely seen – there Shockwave will perform twice a day
lots as mid-70s temperatures and light are only 20 of them – and there are very with a solo run first and then in a race
breezes help keep those on the ground few air shows they fly so when you get with a P-51 Mustang.
comfortable. one, it’s a rarity and it draws people
from a much larger area.” The flying Gates open each day at 9 a.m. and
“It’s perfect air show weather. It wing will make an appearance on Sat- performances begin at 11:30 a.m. with
looks like Mother Nature has attended urday only and its flight time will be a national anthem flag jump and end
the planning meetings and ordered announced before the show. with the Thunderbirds demonstration.
the correct weather,” said Bryan Lilley,
president of the air show. The Saturday and Sunday spectacle For a 20 percent discount off the day-
consists of aerial demonstrations as of admission price of $25, purchase
Lilley, who has homes in Cocoa well as static displays, exhibits, simula- tickets online at
Beach and Melbourne, produces five tors and a kids’ zone, all spread over 17 The website also has an FAQ page and a
annual air shows along the East Coast. acres on the north side of the airport. wealth of information on the aircraft on
He and a crew of five put on shows in Carnival-style foods and ice-cold beer, display and performers. 
New York, Ocean City, Md., and Atlanta
as well as the nation’s largest air show,
which is in Fort Lauderdale.

He has a soft spot for the Melbourne
show. “I’m excited to be here for the
10th year in Brevard County and the
fifth year at the airport. We created a
really great event with the help of a lot
of people in the community. This one
is special because it’s in my backyard.
It’s my hometown.”

Lilley’s fascination with all things
aerospace and aviation came early.

“The best way to describe this is I
grew up and all my toys grew up with
me. I had Space Shuttle wallpaper
when I was young and had fighter jet
models that I built hanging from my
ceiling and I had a red, white and blue
carpet. It was a decorator’s nightmare
but I loved it,” he said in a phone inter-
view last week.

Headliners this year are the U.S. Air
Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Air
Force B-2 stealth bomber.


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Indialantic, Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite
Staff Reporter Advertising Account Executives Beach, and South Merritt Island. Creative Director
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12 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


App-reciation for techno chic at ‘Coded Couture’ exhibit

STORY BY ELLEN FISCHER Columnist cent Bernadette Mathews. “You can to those of us who are digitally chal- Coded Couture exhibition.
see their eyes light up, they get very lenged. After all, who wouldn’t want
Mostly not ready for “ready to sparked by this.” to wear a garment designed to light up PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN THACKER
wear,” the Coded Couture exhibition when you are happily excited, sway en-
at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile A resident of Melbourne, Mathews ticingly when someone looks at you, or the garment with virtual imagery
Arts on the campus of Florida Insti- has volunteered as a docent at the detect – and blur – the image of a cam- based on the visitor’s social activity;
tute of Technology set its sights on Funk Center for the past three years. era surreptitiously pointed your way? these visuals change over time with
the future intersection of bespoke Of the shows she has led visitors the type and quantity of activity the
clothing and technology. through during that time Coded Cou- On the other hand (or foot, as the visitor produces.
ture tops her list. case may be), some of the clothing de-
The statement at the entrance to the signs are based, in whole or in part, on “When the show opened I was a
exhibition explains the meaning be- “Any show that challenges me to have your sexual activity (or lack of it), your little nervous about this display,” says
hind the show’s title. “To code is to con- to learn so that I can explain; those rate heartrate, or your tendency to fudge Mathews.
vert a piece of information into another highest in my world,” she says. the truth (a dress that gives the wearer
form,” while Couture is the idea of cus- To understand what it could do, she
tomized wearables, tailor-made to the Despite the plentiful didactic signage who dissembles an electric shock). opened a private Twitter account (she
measurements and taste of a specific in the show, a docent-led tour is a must With this new technology, a person was her only follower) into which she
individual. Coded Couture is what re- for those who may not understand the can be nakedly vulnerable to others tweeted her uncertainty about explain-
sults when a designer uses coding “to computerized underpinnings of the while fully clothed. ing the exhibit’s technology.
convert a consumer’s personal infor- work on display.
mation into a custom garment.” The first display in the gallery fea- On her iPhone, anxiety tweets over-
That the art here is wearable makes tures a neoprene poncho with iOS ap- laid the garment with a design that took
By itself, the word couture evokes it that much more intriguing – not only plication by the French design collec- the form of a boxy covering for the head,
an insular world of privilege and lux- to the technologically savvy, but also tive, NORMALS. a cape over the shoulders and raindrops
ury. Coded Couture proposes that, falling down around the garment.
equipped with computerized coding “You have to pay for the app to under-
technology, anyone with an iPhone can stand this one,” says Mathews. A video accompanying that display
design a wardrobe based not only on gives an idea of the designs that may be
personalized measurements, but also Once the visitor meets that require-
on an individual’s psychological make- ment they can connect through their
up and the quality – and quantity – of smartphones to the garment on dis-
their interactions with others. play. After this, their device will overlay

Walking into Coded Couture feels
a little like entering an electronics
clean room, a medical laboratory, or
a high-end cosmetics boutique. The
techno-chic décor features silver vi-
nyl circuit board traces affixed to the
gallery’s white walls that underscores
the experimental nature of the show.
The clothing and footwear designs at
the heart of each of the gallery’s elev-
en display areas is generally executed
in prototype black or white, and is ac-
companied by viewer interactive vid-
eos, touchscreens, dials and buttons,
as well as informative text.

Coded Couture was organized in
Brooklyn, New York, at Pratt Institute’s
Department of Exhibitions by the in-
dependent curatorial team of Ginger
Gregg Duggan of Orlando and Judith
Hoos Fox of Boston.

The Ruth Funk Center is the fourth
art museum to host the exhibition after
its 2016 début at Pratt. It came to Mel-
bourne from Oklahoma City, where it
was shown at the Oklahoma Contem-
porary Arts Center. Prior to that, the ex-
hibition was seen in Massachusetts at
Tufts University Art Gallery and in Kan-
sas at Wichita State University’s Ulrich
Museum of Art.

The tie-in to educational institu-
tions is apt: Today’s university stu-
dents are digitally primed to under-
stand and appreciate the marriage of
technology and art.

The FIT technology students who
visit the show “love it,” says gallery do-

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 13


produced on other users’ phones. For surface with tweeted words, images Actual Staged Homes
example, aggressive tweets might take or moving light shows in brilliant col-
the form of snarling animals that sprout ors, depending on how you program STAGING SELLS HOMES
from the garment’s neck. it (there is an app for that). A skirt like
it was worn onstage by Katy Perry in Coastal Interior &
British designer Amy Congdon shows London’s iTunes Festival 2013. the Gunter Real Estate Group
some jewelry designs based on the idea of Salt Water Realty of Brevard
of growing living tissue in a lab on lacy The iMini was designed by London- Just Unveiled an Innovative Staging Alliance!
structures of silk or synthetic material. based fashion house CuteCircuit; but it
Pearls, glass crystals and other materi- is not available for purchase at this time. Differentiate your home in a competitive housing market by having
als, embedded into the tissue, would Instead, you can order a clutch purse your home professionally staged. Properties listed with the Gunter
account for the bling of this jewelry, from the company sporting white LEDs Group include professional staging by Coastal Interior at ZERO
which (theoretically) would be grafted that display animations and messages: COST to you. Staged homes standout compared to neighboring
directly onto the wearer’s skin. all for £1,600 (a little over $2,200 U.S.). properties. Let the Gunter Group help make your home standout.
According to the National Association of Realtors, not only do
The jewelry on display contains Technophobes, take heart: There is a staged homes sell faster than homes not staged, they also sell for more
no living tissue and was created for display in the exhibition for you “that’s money. Most people decide if they want to “walk through” based on
visualization purposes only. These very easy to do,” says Mathews. pictures online because 90% of potential home buyers search online
are the same pieces shown in photo- first. Professional home staging is an important step in attracting
graphs of female models wearing the The D.dress by Mary Huang of buyers because STAGING SELLS HOMES.
jewelry, which, for display purposes, Brooklyn includes a touchscreen on
is attached to their bodies by a more which you can design your own “little Call Mark Gunter at (321) 345-1464
benign technique – Vaseline jelly, per- black dress.” Merely swipe a finger
haps? So far as Congdon’s research is over the picture of a female model to to schedule an appointment to discuss how he can
concerned, no one has had tissue-cul- create a dress in silhouette. When you sell your home fast and for top dollar!
tured jewelry grafted to their skin yet. are finished drawing, you can choose
But the concept has stimulated dis- to save the design, email the file to
cussion about the lengths people may yourself and view or share it later.
someday go to transform and adorn What do you have to lose?
their bodies, and the ethical ques-
tions raised by biotech beautification. Coded Couture continues at the Ruth
Funk Center for Textile Art through April
There is one garment on display 28, 2018. The Center is located on the
that has been worn in real time. It is Campus of Florida Institute of Technol-
a pleated white “iMiniskirt” with em- ogy at 150 W. University Boulevard in
bedded LEDs that light up the skirt’s Melbourne, Florida. 

14 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


25TH ANNUAL Coming Up: It’s midair mania
with Golden Dragon Acrobats
STORY BY SAMANTHA BAITA STAFF WRITER 1 Golden Dragon Acrobats coming
Art [email protected] to King Center March 28.
1 Watching acrobats boldly smash
An Outdoor Art Show the law of gravity, build unbeliev-
at Nance Park
able structures with their impossibly
March 24th – 25th
Sat./Sun. 10am – 5pm supple, bendable bodies, balance on

Free Admission terrifyingly towering stacks of chairs

N. Miramar Avenue in Indialantic (near Melbourne, FL) or any of a multitude of stunning acro- batic marvels is mesmerizing. So – be

A Howard Alan Event prepared to be astounded this coming

Information: (561) 746-6615 Wednesday, March 28, when Golden

Dragon Acrobatics bring its amazing

show to the King Center main stage.

According to the show promo, Golden

Dragon impresario (and lifelong acro-

bat) Danny Chang and choreographer

Angela Chang have put together a stun-

ning combination of award-winning iTunes and Amazon) album “Emmet
Cahill’s Ireland.” In the hands of these
acrobatics, traditional dance, spectac- gifted musicians, familiar and beloved
songs from the Irish repertoire such as
ular costumes, ancient and contempo- “An Irish Lullaby” and “Danny Boy,” as
well as selected numbers from musi-
rary music and theatrical techniques cals, will touch hearts and soar to the
rafters. The show promo offers an inter-
“to present a show of breathtaking skill esting bit of trivia: According to the last
U.S. Census (2010), some 34.5 million
and spellbinding beauty.” The tradition Americans list their heritage as mostly
or partly Irish. That number is, inciden-
of Chinese acrobatics stretches back 25 tally, seven times larger than the pop-
ulation of Ireland itself (4.68 million).
centuries, and China, today, remains Show time is 7 p.m. Tickets are $29.99
for adults and $14.99 for students 18
balanced at the apex of acrobatics as and under. A $49.99 VIP pass includes
a pre-concert Q&A with Cahill, an in-
an art form. The Golden Dragon Acro- dividual photo op, and an autographed
poster. 855-252-7276.
bats showcase some of the finest, most

thrilling examples, touring in “all 50

states and more than 65 countries on

five continents.” Show time is 7 p.m.

Tickets start at $22 for adults, $11 for

children under 12. 321.242.2219.

2 To many ears, there’s no voice
quite so compelling as an Irish

tenor. One of the best, Emmet Cahill,

late of the Irish group Celtic Thunder,

will take the stage this Saturday at the 3 “French Twist” at the Foosaner:
France – with Paris at its epicen-
Satellite High School Performing Arts

Center. Fresh from his St. Patrick’s Day ter – was a rich, cultural melange in the

debut at Carnegie Hall, Ireland’s pre- early 20th century, as ex pats, paint-

mier tenor returns to join the Space ers, writers, sculptors, photographers

Coast Symphony Orchestra, under the and models filled the cafes and studios

baton of Aaron T. Collins, to perform in an era of artistic exploration like no

“Emmet Cahill in Concert.” The eve- other. Opening this Saturday at FIT’s

ning will feature songs from the epony- Foosaner Art Museum is an exhibition

mous world chart-topping (Billboard, of photography from that era: “French

Twist: Masterworks of Photography

from Atget to Man Ray.” More than 60

works produced between 1900 and

1945 will showcase the “variety an in-

ventiveness of native and immigrant

photographers” working in France dur-

ing that era. Chief Curator of University

Museums Carla Funk says the exhibit

illustrates the great diversity among the

Parisian avant-garde artists of the early

20th century. “From street photography

to Surrealism, ‘French Twist’ has it all.”

Emmet Cahill performing The show is from the private collection

2 Saturday at Satellite High School of Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg,
Performing Arts Center.
and will run through May 19. 

16 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly





Lyle Craker is an unlikely advocate for any politi- government, it’s as dangerous as LSD, heroin, and Twice in the late 1990s, Doblin provided funding,
cal cause, let alone one as touchy as marijuana law. Ecstasy, and has “no currently accepted medical use PR, and lobbying support for physicians who want-
He is not even remotely controversial, and there and a high potential for abuse.” ed to study marijuana – one sought a treatment for
are no counterculture skeletons in his closet – only AIDS-related wasting syndrome, the other wanted
dirty boots and botany books. He’s never smoked By that definition, pot – now legal for medicinal to see if it helped migraines – and was so frustrated
pot in his life, nor has he tasted liquor. use by prescription in 29 states including Florida, by the experience that he vowed to break the mo-
and for recreational use in eight – is more dangerous nopoly. That’s what led him to Craker.
“I have Coca-Cola every once in a while,” says the and less efficacious in the federal government’s esti-
quiet, white-haired Craker, from a rolling chair in mation than cocaine, oxycodone, or methamphet- In June 2001, Craker filed an application for a license
his basement office at the University of Massachu- amine, all of which are classified Schedule II. to cultivate “research-grade” marijuana at UMass,
setts at Amherst, where he’s served as a professor in with the goal of staging FDA-approved studies.
the Stockbridge School of Agriculture since 1967. Scientists and physicians are free to apply to the
He and his students do things such as subject basil Food and Drug Administration and DEA for trials Six months later he was told his application had
plants to high temperatures to study the effects of on Schedule I substances, and there are labs with been lost. He reapplied in 2002 and then, after an
climate change. licenses to produce LSD and Ecstasy for that pur- additional two years of no action, sued the DEA,
pose, but anyone who seeks to do FDA-approved re- backed by MAPS. By this point, both U.S. senators
Craker also has become the flag bearer for the search with marijuana is forced to obtain the plants from Massachusetts had publicly supported his ap-
long and frustrating effort to loosen the Drug En- from a single source: Uncle Sam. plication, and a federal court of appeals ordered the
forcement Administration’s chokehold on cannabis DEA to respond, which it finally did, denying the ap-
research. Specifically, since 1968 the DEA has allowed only plication in 2004.
one facility to legally cultivate marijuana for re-
He first applied for a license to grow marijuana search studies, on a 10-acre plot at the University Craker appealed that decision with backing from
for medicinal research in 2001, at the urging of Rick of Mississippi, funded by the National Institute on a powerful bench of allies, including 40 members of
Doblin, the founder and executive director of the Drug Abuse and managed by the Ole Miss School of Congress, and finally, in February 2007, a DEA ad-
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Stud- Pharmacy. ministrative law judge ruled that his application for
ies (MAPS), a nonprofit that advocates for research a license should be granted.
on therapeutic uses for LSD, MDMA (aka Ecstasy), The NIDA license, Doblin says, is a “monopoly” on
marijuana, and other psychedelic drugs. the supply and has starved legitimate research toward The decision was not binding, however; it was
understanding cannabinoids, terpenes, and other merely a recommendation to the DEA leadership.
Since 1970 marijuana has been a DEA Schedule I constituents of marijuana that seem to quell pain, Almost two years later, in the last week of the Bush
substance, meaning that in the view of the federal stimulate hunger, and perhaps even fight cancer. administration, the application was rejected. Craker

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 17


threw up his hands. He firmly believed marijuana medical monitor of clinical trials for two drugs de- and works as a consultant for companies develop-
should be more widely grown and studied, but he’d veloped from marijuana that GW grew: Sativex, for ing drugs. Coulson was vehemently antimarijuana
lost any hope that it would happen in his lifetime. pain caused by cancer, and Epidiolex, for the treat- until his son, a combat soldier, came home from
And he had basil to attend to. ment of severe seizure disorders. the Middle East with post-traumatic stress disor-
der and needed help.
Then, in August 2016, during the final months of Phase III trials for both drugs were conducted
the Obama presidency, the DEA reversed course. It in multiple countries, including the U.S. (The FDA “For years I was of the belief that the science
announced that, for the first time in a half-century, doesn’t have a problem with drugs derived from le- doesn’t say that this is medicine,” he says. “But
it would grant new licenses. gal pot. It’s just that in the U.S., the only federally when you get into this curious history, you find
legal pot is from Ole Miss.) the science doesn’t show it primarily because we’re
Doblin, who has seemingly endless supplies of standing in the way. The NIDA monopoly prevents
optimism and enthusiasm, convinced the profes- Sativex is now available in every country in which anyone from getting into further studies.”
sor there was hope – again. So Craker submitted trials were conducted except the U.S., where GW ex-
paperwork, again, along with 25 other groups. The pects approval soon. “Basically, I had begun working Coulson blames the Obama administration for not
university’s provost co-signed his application, and for a foreign company because of the impossibility acting sooner, creating a situation in which the de-
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) wrote a letter of doing clinical work with cannabis in the United cision on granting new growing licenses was passed
to the DEA in support of his effort. States,” Russo says. down to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has pub-
licly declared his belief in the dangers of marijuana.
He’s still waiting to hear back. “I’m never gonna get “Here we had a situation where a medicine, made The NIDA monopoly is now his to change.
the license,” Craker says. from cannabis, that was manufactured in England,
was able to be imported and tested. It was legally “Sessions has a 1930s Reefer Madness view of the
Pessimism isn’t surprising from a man who’s been impossible to do the same thing based in the U.S.” marijuana world,” Coulson says. “It’s not realistic,
making a reasonable case for 17 years to no avail. GW has a market value of more than $2 billion and a and it’s not what rank-and-file DEA really are con-
Studies around the world have shown that marijuana robust drug development pipeline. cerned about. DEA folks have moved beyond this.”
has considerable promise as a medicine. Craker says
he spoke late last year at a hospital in New Hampshire Doblin’s ultimate goal isn’t to compete with GW “I guess I take a nationalist approach here,” says
where certain cannabinoids were shown to facilitate Pharmaceuticals. Should the NIDA monopoly ever Rick Kimball, a former investment banker who’s
healing in brain-damaged mice. “And I thought, ‘If end, he says, a number of companies will surely want raising money for a marijuana-related private eq-
cannabinoids could do that, let’s put them in medi- to grow marijuana “to make extracts in nonsmoking uity fund and is a trustee for marijuana policy at
cines!’ ” He sighs. “We can’t do the research.” delivery systems that can be patented” – that is, phar- the Brookings Institution. “We have a huge oppor-
maceuticals. This is a good thing, in his estimation. tunity in the U.S.,” he says, “and we ought to get
Another sigh. “I’m naive about a lot about things,” our act together. I’m worried that we’re ceding this
he says. “But it seems to me that we should be look- “But MAPS is focused on developing a low-cost whole market to the Israelis.”
ing at cannabis. I mean, if it’s going to kill people, generic plant in bud form,” he says. In other words,
let’s know that and get rid of it. If it’s going to help he wants specific varieties of marijuana, not deriva- Which doesn’t mean there’s no intellectual prop-
people, let’s know that and expand on it. … But tives thereof, to be FDA-approved. erty left to grab. Research into the chemical make-
there’s just something wrong with the DEA. I don’t up of marijuana is still new, but there are at least
know what else to say. … Somehow, marijuana’s got Many people expect the Republican-controlled 160 cannabinoids and as many as 500 terpenes and
a bad name. And it’s tough to let go of.” Congress to follow its recent tax overhaul by looking flavonoids in the plant, all of which can be sepa-
for ways to slash costs in Medicaid and Medicare. rated out, mixed, and matched.
Back in 1990, Ethan Russo was a practicing neurol- Legitimate research into the medicinal properties of
ogist who’d grown frustrated with his pharmaceutical marijuana could help. CBN is thought to aid sleep. CBG may have anti-
options. “It occurred to me I was giving increasingly cancer potential. One Israeli researcher has synthe-
toxic drugs to my patients with less and less benefit,” Studies show that opioid use drops significantly sized 22 different versions of THC to treat specific
says Russo, now one of the world’s leading experts in states where marijuana has been legalized; this neurological conditions. “There’s reason to believe
and advocates for research in marijuana medicine. suggests people are consuming the plant for pain, there’s a cornucopia of medicines in there,” Kimball
“It caused me to go back to a childhood interest in something they could be doing more effectively if says – medicines that, in theory, are patentable.
medicinal plants and see if there were alternatives.” physicians and the FDA controlled chemical make-
up and potency. A study published in July 2016 in At foreign labs, and even at state-licensed opera-
In 1996, when California became the first state Health Affairs showed that the use of prescription tions in Colorado and Washington, plant scientists
to allow the use of marijuana by prescription, Rus- drugs for which marijuana could serve as a clinical are growing genetically modified varieties that op-
so saw an opening. With the support of Doblin and alternative “fell significantly,” saving hundreds of timize for certain properties. The majority of their
MAPS, he wrote a protocol and prepared for what he millions of dollars among users of Medicare Part D. work is focused on increasing potency for recreation-
hoped would be a formal clinical trial using cannabis al use – getting people high – but these companies
to treat migraines. Obviously, he’d need to use NIDA- Every year the percentage of Americans who favor are learning how to cultivate and engineer plants us-
supplied marijuana. You can’t do research acceptable legalization of marijuana climbs. Last year it topped ing increasingly sophisticated methods.
to the FDA with marijuana grown illegally, as is all 60 percent for the first time. A remarkable 94 per-
marijuana not grown at Ole Miss. cent support medical use. “And businesses outside Meanwhile, Mahmoud ElSohly, director of the Mari-
of the country are already making billions of dol- juana Project at Ole Miss, is growing limited varieties,
NIDA twice rejected his applications to use its pot, lars,” Doblin says. outdoors, while trying to keep undergrads from breach-
but then the FDA assumed oversight of what it calls ing his security. (At one point, students were caught us-
“investigational new drug” applications, and Russo Canada, the Netherlands, and Israel all have ing fly rods to cast over the fence and steal buds.)
got his approval. In the eyes of the FDA, his study was booming cannabis research sectors; in Israel, some
promising enough to warrant a clinical trial. of the work is government-funded. “We have enor- It took ElSohly three years to get DEA permis-
mous opportunity that we’re squandering as a coun- sion to grow a strain high in CBD, a nonpsychoac-
“With any other drug, I would have been able to try to reduce health-care costs, build businesses, and tive cannabinoid thought to have many healthful
begin work on the trial the next day,” he says. But create jobs,” he says. properties. The key ingredient in GW Pharmaceuti-
the use of cannabis, and only cannabis, required cal’s epilepsy drug, it may have promise as an anti-
a second “public health service review,” according Russo agrees. He now lives in Washington state inflammatory and antipsychotic.
to a rule instituted in 1998 to, ostensibly, facilitate consulting for several biotech startups working on
more research. In reality, it did the opposite. NIDA cannabis projects. “Let’s face facts: This is a very “I am the most restricted person in this country
denied Russo access to its cannabis. “Despite the technologically advanced nation with a great deal when it comes to production of cannabis and differ-
fact that the FDA had approved it,” he says. of talent. There is no way, shape, or form that the ent varieties,” ElSohly says.
dangers of cannabis warrant this kind of control,”
Around the world, cannabis research was a growing he says. “There are issues. There are side effects. It appears that none of the 25 applications to grow
field. Russo began to write and publish on the subject, Anyone who tells you differently is simply inaccu- marijuana for purposes of medical research has gone
and in 1998 he was recruited as a consultant by a Brit- rate. However, the kinds of problems related to can- anywhere. (The DEA won’t comment on this or re-
ish startup, GW Pharmaceuticals Plc, founded by two nabis administration are totally controllable. And it lease the names of the applicants.) Craker has yet to
physicians who’d been granted a license to cultivate is a much safer drug than many, if not most, phar- get a single call or email about his methods or motiva-
cannabis by the U.K. Home Office, which oversees, maceuticals that are currently being approved.” tions. No agent has come to inspect his facility or ask
among other things, security and drug policy. questions about security. He marvels at the power of
Among those who’ve advised Craker is Tony bureaucratic inertia: “The federal government can be
In 2003, Russo joined GW full time, serving as Coulson, a former DEA agent who retired in 2010 so stubborn. To me they’ve closed their minds.” 

CARDIAC TESTS, PART III for narrowed arteries in your heart that could Echocardiography is an ultrasound of your
explain chest pain or put you at risk of a heart heart. Sound waves create pictures that
Today we conclude our three-part series on attack. But cardiac CT is not invasive. Dye is show the size and shape of your heart; how
cardiac tests. simply injected into an IV in your hand or well chambers and valves are working; areas
arm and the computer takes pictures and of poor blood flow; areas of the heart muscle
In review, the heart, like your house, has a then puts them together to create a three- that aren’t contracting normally; and previ-
plumbing system and an electrical system. dimensional (3D) image that shows the inside ous injury to the heart muscle due to poor
In addition to blood tests, we’ve covered di- of your heart and structures that surround blood flow. A type of echocardiogram, called
agnostic tools and procedures that look for your heart. If the cardiac CT shows you need a “stress echo,” is done both before and after
electrical problems and plumbing problems. treatment to improve blood flow to the heart, a cardiac stress test. You exercise (or are giv-
however, you’ll need to undergo a separate en medicine if you’re unable to exercise) and
A discussion of cardiac tests wouldn’t be com- procedure (cardiac catheterization or surgery) it shows if you have decreased blood flow to
plete without inclusion of cardiac CT, cardiac to treat the condition. your heart.
MRI, MUGA scans and echocardiography.
 Cardiac MRI As new generations of technology and equip-
MUGA SCAN (magnetic resonance imaging) ment emerge, the ability to find heart dis-
Cardiac MRI uses radio waves and magnets ease at its earliest stages will continue to ac-
A MUGA (multiple gated acquisition) scan is to create still and moving pictures of your celerate. Our part, as healthcare consumers
used to determine the heart’s pumping func- heart beating, major blood vessels, and heart and key members of our personal healthcare
tion. A small amount of radioactive tracer is structure and function. It also shows the size team, is to learn the signs and symptoms of
injected into a vein. A special camera detects and function of your heart’s chambers, the heart disease, go for help as soon as possible
the radiation released to produce images of thickness and movement of the walls of the and follow our doctor’s recommendations
the beating heart. heart and the extent of damage caused by about screenings, regular check-ups and life-
a heart attack or heart disease. Cardiac MRI style choices. 
CARDIAC IMAGING also reveals structural problems in the aorta,
such as aneurysms or dissections, inflamma- Your comments and suggestions for future
 Cardiac CT (also known as CAT scan, coro- tion or blockages in the blood vessels. topics are always welcome. Email us at
nary artery scan, coronary CT angiography [email protected].
and CT angiography) ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY (also known as “echo”)
Like cardiac catheterization, cardiac CT checks © 2018 Vero Beach 32963 Media, all rights reserved




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Serving Boaters On The Waterfront For Almost 60 Years!

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 19


Agatha Christie’s work has never gone endurance: “As she would of- sence, usually unknown even to them- tive, secret creature who had been born
out of style, nor out of print, in the four ten do, Agatha has used the selves” was already in evidence. of the drifting ghost of Harrogate … who
decades since her death – to the tune familiarity of the stereotype could never have existed without the
of more than 2 billion copies sold. But to subvert our expectations. Christie’s life and work collided in strange freedom that came from using
Christie’s flame burns extra bright in It was one of the cleverest 1926. She had already published “The another woman’s name.”
the present, thanks to new film adapta- tricks she would play. It was, Murder of Roger Ackroyd,” the Poirot
tions (“Murder on the Orient Express”), in fact, more than a trick: By novel that still provokes vociferous While Thompson makes a good case
authorized sequels (“The Monogram such means she revealed reader debate, to modest success and for reading the Westmacott romances,
Murders”and “Closed Casket,” by Sophie critical acclaim. By December she was any Christie biography must ultimately
Hannah) and homages (“Magpie Mur- her insight, her lightly worn infamous, the subject of constant media be about the mystery novels that brought
ders,” by Anthony Horowitz). understanding of human scrutiny, after an 11-day disappearance her such extraordinary commercial suc-
nature.” that ended when she was discovered at a cess. Thompson does not cheerlead
But derivative works and adaptations Harrogate spa. when it isn’t warranted – at least one
can’t fully explain why Christie’s work Christie, as Thompson of Christie’s novels (“The Burden”) is
endures. A splendid biography by Lau- details, came by such un- She never discussed the underlying deemed “diffuse and barely structured”
ra Thompson, however, does. “Agatha derstanding through the reasons for the vanishing. Thompson – and she argues that Christie’s zenith, in
Christie: A Mysterious Life” was pub- traditional means of early lays out a plausible theory of a fugue plot and in prose, was during and after
lished in Britain over a decade ago and hardship. Born Agatha state, brought on by the crushing discov- World War II.
took an inexplicable amount of time to Mary Clarissa Miller in ery that Archie was in love with someone
cross the pond. Yet the timing is perfect else, exacerbated by terror and shame That this era of tremendous carnage,
because Thompson’s thorough yet read- 1890, her middle-class up- that essentially paralyzed Christie. The societal upheaval and polarization
able treatment of Christie’s life, in com- bringing in Torquay was spell broke, she and Christie divorced, would be Christie’s triumph is obvious
bination with artful critical context on idyllic, with a fierce, close she married the archaeologist Max Mal- in hindsight. Her novels are the epitome
her work, arrives at the reason for her relationship with her lowan and lived a merry life of travel and of order restored out of chaos. She, too,
mother, a woman deter- riches and hard work. But the key enig- needed that catharsis, and she deter-
mined to shield Agatha ma, this mystery story, is, as Thompson mined to provide it to her readers.
from a repeat of her own child- notes, “her finest, because it cannot be
hood hurts. Young Agatha was imagina- solved.” An insightful quotation by P.G. Wode-
tive but practical, a skillful nurse during house, in a 1969 letter to Christie, offers
World War I who wished for a domestic Afterward, there was the public Ag- a further clue. “I don’t find it spoils an
life as a wife and mother – and got it, af- atha, whose Poirots, Miss Marples and Agatha Christie a bit ‘knowing the end,’”
ter marrying Archie Christie and giving other detective fictions reached read- he wrote, “because the characters are so
birth to their only child, Rosalind. ers at a near-annual clip. But the more interesting.” As much as Christie’s fame
But her imagination needed an outlet. private one had a creative outlet, too, rests on her fiendish plotting, what girds
Healthy competition with her older sis- under the pseudonym of Mary Westma- their iron-cast base are the people who
ter, who also published stories, spurred cott. Thompson artfully demonstrates populate her stories. Poirot’s little gray
Christie to write the book eventually how Christie revealed in the Westmacott cells. Miss Marple’s near-omniscient
published as “The Mysterious Affair at novels her pain about her collapsed first observations. The wants, needs, desires
Styles” (1920), the first of many outings marriage, her difficult relationship with and grievances of incidental players and
for her iconic Belgian detective, Hercule Rosalind and her overwhelming love for possible suspects. When one wants, one
Poirot. her mother. is capable of murder. That’s what Agatha
He seemed to have emerged from the Christie knew. That’s what she wrote
ether, as Christie liked to tell it, though Christie, in essence, was the Elena Fer- about so well. 
her careful reading of earlier detective rante of her day. She did not take public
fiction greats – especially Émile Gabo- ownership of the pseudonym until the AGATHA CHRISTIE
riau’s Monsieur Lecoq novels – was no 1960s. While “Agatha Christie” could A Mysterious Life
doubt a contributing factor. The singu- present herself as “the clever, controlled, By Laura Thompson
lar alchemy of careful plotting, ruthless sensible woman who knew all about hu- Pegasus. 544 pp. $35
character study and her “absolute belief man emotion but who dealt with it, ev- Review by Sarah Weinman
that each person had an immutable es- ery time, and kept chaos at bay,” Mary The Washington Post
Westmacott was, by contrast, the “sensi-


1. The Escape Artist 1. In Full Flight 1. Samantha Spinner and the


2. Beneath a Scarlet Sky 2. Red Notice BY RUSSELL GINNS


3. Closer Than You Know 3. Last Hope Island CHRISTOPHER ELIOPOULOS

4. I've Loved You Since Forever
4. The Woman in the Window 4. Russian Roulette
5. Dog Man and Cat Kid
5. The Great Alone 5. I've Been Thinking

JILL SANTOPOLO ROSEMARY DRONCHI 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

presents presents

A Novel The Final Book of the

Monday, March 26th at 4 pm Rossini Trilogy

Tuesday, March 27th at 6 pm

20 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Bonz all Jazz-ed up after meeting this black Lab

Hi Dog Buddies! Nose, we’re at the door, waitin’ for

A coupla weeks back I got a woof- Capt. Dad to get home in the Jeep, so
mail from a black Lab rescue pooch,
Jasmine Bowden, who lives over on the we can go to the Dog Park. Flint’s the
beach with two black retriever step-
brothers an their Mom an Dad. She Mayor of the Dog Park. He greets every
wondered whether I’d be innersted in
doin’ an innerview. single pooch, an, if there’s a con-frun-

“Well, SURE,” I woofmailed back. TAY-shun, he tries to get everybody to
Three waggy an sociable pooches
were at the door to greet my assistant chill. I think he’s runnin’ for office.
an me. I spotted Jasmine right away.
She was real (real) pretty, very grace- “Me an Jack love playin’ in the
ful, smaller than her brothers (big,
handsome poocheroos). After the Wag- ocean, too! Jack’s great at body surfin’!
an-Sniffs, Jasmine said, “It’s just lovely
to meet you, Mr. B. This is our Mom, Flint mostly hangs out on the beach.

Stuart, an our Dad, Lee. He’s We wish there was a Dog Beach here,

a sea captain. We call him Capt. though. We go to Walton Rocks Beach,
Dad. And these two sea dogs are my big
brothers. They’re PIE-rats! Capt. Jack down in Martin County. It’s very popu-
Sparrow’s a total Lab, with Papers, but
he was raised by Chesapeake Bay re- lar, tons of dogs. The pooches are Well
trievers so he thinks he’s part Chessie,
especially near water. Capt. Flint, the Behaved. Everybody picks up their
big guy with the long, curly coat, he’s
a rescue like me. He’s part Flat Coat own Poop.”
Retriever an part Burmese Mountain
Dog. I think he looks very majestic! “Got any pooch pals?”
An I’m Princess Jasmine, Leader of the
Crew.” “Sure! Maggie Johnson, she’s a Choc-

“Cool Kibbles,” I thought to myself. olate Lab. She gets to come with her
“Ahoy, everyone! Request permission
to come aboard.” Mom an Dad when we have a party.

They laughed. “Granted, Mr. B.,” Jas- Mom an Capt. Dad call it a Cock Tail
mine giggled. Durin’ the innerview,
Jasmine, Jack an Flint kept givin’ my Party, but Me an Maggie haven’t EVER
assistant frenly nose bumps. Most re-
trievers, I’ve observed, keep their pup- Jasmine. seen any chiggens around. Probly cuz
py joyfulness their whole lives. we’re too busy playin.’ Up in Vermont,

“I’m eager to hear your story, Prin- PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD we play with Bear, a Golden Retriever.
cess Jasmine.”
An sometimes she comes down to visit

us. An I’m pretty sure Handsome Capt.

Flint is crushin’ on Lexie, a cool mix we

see at the Dog Park.”

an Jack an Flint all unnerstood, an Flint, who’d been snoozing,’ raised

they were real patient. So, finally, the his head, winked at me and said

Florida Lab Rescue people decided we “Humpff!”

were com-PAT-ubble, and I got a For- “I know you all came from different

ever Famly.” places. Do you enjoy travelin’?”

“That’s a wonderful story, Jazz!” I ex- “We LOVE ridin’ in the way back seat

claimed. of Capt. Dad’s big ol’ Jeep. But when

“When I first got home, I didn’t know him an Mom go onna big trip, WE get

how to play. (I KNOW! How weird is to go to a reSORT!”

Flint. that?) But then Jack started nosin’ a “Say what?”

“You may call me Jazz. Jack tennis ball around, an pretty soon I “It’s Maximum Cool Dog Biscuits!
an Flint were already here when I ar-
rived. Capt. Dad had always had three was Playin’! With him.” It’s wa-ay out in the Boonies on the Ad-
pooches, but, about 5 years ago they
were down to two, so him an Mom were “That’s true,” Jack interjected. “Af- ams Ranch. We get our own 3-bed suite
lookin’ on the Innernet for a Girl Lab.
They got all signed up with Florida Lab ter a while, your personality totally so we can be together. There’s a TV and
Rescue – went through a long process
to be sure they’d be good Pet Parents. changed, didn’t it, Jazz?” a pickshur window so we can look out
Finally they got a call about a Puppy
Possibility: ME, of course. I was just a “Sure did. That’s when I became at the horses an stuff, an a dog door so
fuzzball puppy, an was livin’ in a liddle
crate for, like, 12 hours a day, which Leader of the Crew. Jack an Flint told we can go outside an play. It’s totally
was NO FUN. I was Very Depressed.
me us Labs LOVE to play in the wa- PAWSOME isn’t it, guys?”
“Soggy Dog Biscuits!” I sympathized.
“Totes! So Capt. Dad an Mom came ter. I couldn’t see the fun in splashin’ “Totally!” said Jack.
to visit an see if we were MFEO …”
“Um, what’s, MFEO?” around in my water dish, makin’ a “Pooch Perfect!” agreed Flint.
“Meant For Each Other, of course,”
she said. “Anyway, Jack an Flint hadda mess, but then – they showed me the Heading home, I was pickshuring
be there, too, to make sure we’d all get
along. At first I was real shy an app- POOL. Capt. Dad gently coaxed me off Jazz, Jack an Flint hanging out at Wal-
ree-HEN-sive, but Capt. Dad an Mom
the stairs into the water, an I tried to do ton Rocks Beach, an imagining how

what Jack an Flint were doin.’ It looked nice it is to have a dog-frenly beach

easy, but the more I paddled like crazy close to home.

with my front paws, the more my ca-

-The Bonzboose sunk like a rock. Finally, after a

few snoot-fulls of water, I learned how
to balance. Now I LOVE swimming.’
“Almost every day, at 4:30 On The

Don’t be shy!
We are always looking for pets with interesting stories. To set up
an interview, please email [email protected].

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 21


Q J9653 K 10
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist QJ963 4 K8752
A73 962 Q J 10 5
The most prolific bridge-book author is David Bird from England, with well over 10 8 6 2 AKJ4 73
100 titles. The monks of St. Titus, led by the egocentric Abbot, are his most famous
characters. SOUTH
In “The Abbot, the Parrot and the Bermuda Bowl” (Master Point Press), the Bozwambi A 10
tribe from the Upper Bhumpopo has qualified for the 2015 Bermuda Bowl in India. The K84
players had learned bridge from missionaries sent there by the Abbot many years ago. Q95
When the Abbot visits the tribe and learns of their success, he insists on being added to
the team. His teammates are Miss Nabooba, Mrs. Okoku, Mbozi and the Witchdoctor; Dealer: North; Vulnerable: Neither
his partner is the Parrot, the tribe’s best player.
The Bidding:
The Parrot made this four-spade contract look easy. What did he do after West led the
1 Spades Pass Pass Pass
Declarer needed to find trumps splitting 2-1, but he still might have lost one spade and 4 Spades All Pass LEAD:
three diamonds if East got on lead and shifted to a high diamond, West having the ace Q Hearts
hovering over South’s king.

To maximize his chances, the Parrot won the first trick, ruffed his remaining heart on
the board and led a trump. When East played the 10, the Parrot flicked a low spade
onto the table. West won with his queen, but had no winning defense. If he had played
a club, declarer would have drawn the missing trump and claimed 10 tricks: four
spades, one heart, four clubs and the heart ruff. When West, in desperation, shifted to a
diamond, hoping South had only queen-third, the contract made with an overtrick.

The deals are instructive and the prose entertaining — as usual from this author.

22 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly

1 Skin blemish (4) 1 Home appliances (5,5)
3 Bottomless pit (5) 2 Traipse over (7)
7 Toy building sets (4) 3 Beast (6)
8 Nullify (10) 4 Fermenting (6)
9 Mischievous spirits (4) 5 Coil of yarn (5)
12 Large and bulky (11) 6 Arrest (4)
13 Mammal,‘Tarka’(5) 10 Lake (4)
15 Pudding (5) 11 Colony (10)
19 Make in large quantities (11) 14 Restrained (4)
21 Pace (4) 16 Spectator (7)
23 Plague (10) 17 College treasurer (6)
24 Jumping insect (4) 18 Space (6)
25 Truck (5) 20 Horrify (5)
26 Sort through (4) 22 Price exacted (4)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 23


ACROSS 73 Trade back diesel 76 China’s Zhou The Washington Post
75 Sodium hydroxide 7 Hooklike 80 Jewish month
1 Arnold’s are 77 Docs’ org. 8 It drops in Times 81 One way to get to
awesome 78 Craving
79 Chevy Chase Square on New Paris
5 Short and thick- Year’s Eve 82 Propels,
set comedy 9 Tunesmith
about the comet? Jacques as a grenade
11 Requested, in 84 Pricey, bygone 10 “You rang?” 83 A Big Three
Dogpatch travel option 11 A way to the altar
85 Big name in 12 Fragrant garden university
14 William Abbott, refrigerators plants 85 Imitation of life?
familiarly 88 A fvll deck? 13 Winnie was one 86 ___-jongg
89 Mauna ___ 14 Residents of the 87 Italian mountain
17 Site of a 1981 90 Crumpet “chaser,” world’s third
nuclear reactor perhaps largest island chain
bombing 92 French article 15 Word on many 91 Learn ___
94 Undivided, as schoolbooks
18 Crescent-shaped attention 16 Latin gods (apprentice)
wristbone 95 React 20 Shinbone 93 Comet’s milieu
appropriately to 21 “Can’t make ___ 95 Humorist-
19 ___ Jima the comet? out of it” (comet-
20 Your things, rather 99 “Life is over gazer’s comment) publisher Bennett
there— 23 ___ anchor (rests) 96 Muse of love
than my things Behind ___” 24 Pigtail, to Pierre
22 COMET (Dickinson) 27 Women poetry
25 Old palindrome, 101 Out of the sack 31 Clangor 97 Opens, as a letter
102 Hear her roar? 32 Sequester 98 Stops
“Able was ___ 103 Breathing down 33 Magellan’s access
saw Elba” one’s neck 35 Advertising award stonewalling
26 COMET 104 Narrow inlet 36 Aleutian island 100 Caucasian, in
28 Spill the beans 106 Act of seeing, 37 Puppy
29 Asian holiday old-style precautions Hawaiian
30 Keep secret 109 COMET 39 Faithful to the 105 Disguised, for
31 Frisbees and 116 The Vagabond orig.,
many UFOs King composer sound-wise short
34 “And ___ of 117 COMET 40 Modernist, for 107 Sprite
thousands” (to a puzzle buff) short 108 Cuzco’s people
38 Bird under glass 119 “Walk Away” girl of 41 Summer coat? 109 Ex-pitcher
42 Peggy Lee’s song 43 Win
comet query 120 Mil. rank category 44 Insurance giant Hershiser
46 Eminently 121 Aviatrix’s first 45 Suffer sans air 110 “Everything but”
draftable name conditioning
47 Neither partner 122 Whopper 51 Electrical unit appurtenance
48 Squared, it’s nove 123 Nogales shout 53 Beatles song 111 Asian nursemaid
49 “What am ___ 124 Frat party buy about the comet? 112 Big rig
do?” 125 Greetings for 55 “Wait a second ...” 113 Expwys., e.g.
50 Two-left-feet type Snidely Whiplash 56 Do, as laces 114 Coup d’___
51 Bean of 126 Charon’s crossing 57 Repair shops 115 Depend
“Desperate 58 Vacation island: 116 Half a swing?
Housewives” DOWN abbr. 118 Sgt. Preston of
52 Impute, as blame 1 Lulu 62 Disheveled
54 Comet comment 2 Stink or switch 63 As a replacement the Yukon’s horse
from a teen? 64 Warmed the
58 Scott of Happy ending bench THE BIG BURNOUT By Merl Reagle
Days 3 Crunch’s rank, 67 He “has left the Direct From Las Vegas
59 Merkel or building”
O’Connor in cerealdom 68 Contents of “a An Evening With Cher, Elton John, Lady Gaga & Streisand
60 Bradbury’s ___ 4 Crush with a retort pocket full” Starring Master Las Vegas Impersonators The Edwards Twins
for Space 5 Journalistic 70 Hornswoggled
61 Prizes for Perlman 71 Be overdramatic
65 Caesarean attitude 74 “I caught you!”
section? 6 Word with jet or
66 Part of MGM
69 Medically, it’s a
72 College in New
Rochelle, N.Y.

Dancing With Vero’s Stars, Contestant David Thomas
Presents A Bene t For The Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition.

Live At The Emerson Center
Sunday April 1, 2018
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Balcony $55 Premium $75



24 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Boyfriend: There’s something (unforgiving) about Mary

BY CAROLYN HAX “seriously wrong” her but says it’s the way she is The thornier issue is whether it’s a red flag, and
Washington Post to that my answer is a definitive yes. And no.
and she can’t change that. Is she right? Is this a red
Dear Carolyn: You know the “yes” as well as I do. When some-
I am getting ready to propose flag? one is that punitive, that immovable by the re-
to my girlfriend of three years. morse of others, that capable of seeing black-and-
“Mary” is just great – beautiful, – Have to Wonder white in the roiling gray of human experience,
funny, successful – but she has then you must heed the alarm. On this Mary’s
major forgiveness issues. Not Have to Wonder: She’s right, this is the way she mom is persuasive; Mary’s more upset than the
about little things; she never holds a grudge if I stay is – because she has no interest in being other- discarded spouse herself? Wow.
out late with the guys and she has to pick me up wise. Whether that means she “can’t” change or
from a bar, or if I’m cranky from a bad day at work “won’t” change is a hair you don’t need to split. The threat that, boom, one day Mary will be
or something. In fact, none of this behavior has done with you is bound to hover between you. It
ever been directed at me, but it’s so extreme that I hints at a fragility in Mary, too, where she reaches
have to wonder about it. a point of suffering beyond which she won’t risk
For example, her dad cheated on her mom and further harm.
married the other woman many years ago. Mary
has never forgiven him and never sees him – never But it also hints at a reason not to treat her
even met his new wife or her half-sister. Even her “major forgiveness issues” as a deal-breaker: Her
mom says Mary needs to get over it! Another exam- breaking point is actually quite reasonable.
ple: A longtime friend of hers was going through a
crisis and was taking it out on Mary, who was try- When you cheat, divorce, then marry your par-
ing very hard to help her. Mary was really patient amour, you can reasonably expect to alienate your
for months until, boom, one day she’d had enough children, maybe for good.
and cut her off completely.
I admit back then I said Mary shouldn’t put up When you use your close, helpful friend as a
with her awful behavior, but since then the friend punching bag during a crisis, you can reasonably
has tried so hard to earn forgiveness that I’d give expect to alienate that friend, maybe for good.
her a second chance. Mary won’t consider it and
at a recent party refused to even acknowledge her We all have and reach breaking points. Most
existence. just handle future encounters with a tight-smiley
Mary admits she can never forgive people who “hello” to the people who are emotionally dead to
them – mustering a superficial connection while
leaving the rift intact.

Mary doesn’t. She lives and wears the rift, and
that’s the real difference. Do I recommend this?
No. But at least people know where they stand. So
if you marry Mary, be nice. 

Sebastian hospital
‘desperately’ short of volunteers

Volunteer Thomas Sukas.

26 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Sebastian hospital ‘desperately’ short of volunteers

STORY BY TOM LLOYD STAFF WRITER What we’re looking Anthony Gabriel.
[email protected]
for is a minimum of PHOTOS BY DENISE RITCHIE
Tennessee, not Florida, is known as
“the Volunteer State,” but at the Se- four hours a week,
bastian River Medical Center, Antho-
ny Gabriel, Shirley Harris and Rose and we’re flexible
Marie Breinlinger are hoping people
from all over the Treasure Coast will and understanding
flip that script.
to your schedule.
Sebastian River Medical Center needs
volunteers. And it needs them now. – Anthony Gabriel

Anthony Gabriel, who runs volunteer the hospital’s auxiliary, is quick to add
services at the hospital as well as its pa- that age is no obstacle to volunteering.
tient advocacy program, says “there’s
an ongoing need for volunteers to sup- According to all of three, “snow-
port the hospital.” birds” currently make up about 20
percent of the Sebastian facility’s vol-
Shirley Harris, of the volunteer aux- unteer base and when those folks head
iliary, makes a more impassioned plea. home to their northern roosts, the sit-
uation will only get worse unless a new
“We just need volunteers desperately.” crop of volunteers sprouts up.
She points out that while the hospi-
tal has gotten busier and busier over So how does a hospital recruit be-
the years, the ranks of people willing to tween 80 and 100 new volunteers?
serve as volunteers to assist patients and
keep things running smoothly have di- Well, for starters, says Gabriel, there’s
minished. “We have 150 volunteers now “the Florida Student Scholarship Grant
[but] … we would like to have between
230 and 250.
Meanwhile, Rose Marie Breinlinger,
a spry octogenarian who is president of

Experience the fusion of
traditional values and

modern dentistry.

Collins & Montz


At Collins & Montz, DMD,
we will focus on improving every
aspect of your smile for optimal
appearance, function, and
comfort through our general
family dentistry, and restorative
procedures such as dental
implants. Our comprehensive
range of services and dedication
of quality set us apart. Call today
to schedule your appointment.

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 27

program known as Bright Futures, a YOUR HEALTH
lottery-funded scholarship program for
in-state students with a record of high Volunteers Pat O’Hara and pression, decrease chronic pain, lessen
academic achievement that requires Yvonne Sutherland with the symptoms of heart disease and may
community service for participation.” Anthony Gabriel. help to renew creativity.”

To meet the service requirement of Research by the Corporation for Na-
the grant, students must identify a so- tional and Community Service claims
cial problem in their community, de- “volunteers have lower mortality rates
velop a plan for personal involvement and greater functional ability later in
in addressing that problem – such as life than people who don’t volunteer.”
volunteering at a hospital – and then
submit documentation of the experi- And while Gabriel might agree with
ence that verifies the hours they put in. that, he simply states that there are “a
To date, the program has helped fund lot of opportunities for volunteers to
nearly 800,000 Florida students as they not only to feel good about what they
pursue a college education, and Gabriel do but also to make a difference in
says “we have lots of student volunteers someone else’s life.”
who want to take part in that.”
For information on volunteering at the
Regardless of age, one thing Gabriel, Sebastian River Medical Center, call An-
Harris and Breinlinger emphasize is thony Gabriel at 772-589-3186, ext. 5011. 
that the hospital isn’t asking for a 40-
hour work week from its volunteers.
Far from it.

One tenth that time would do just fine.
“What we’re looking for is a mini-
mum of four hours a week,” says Ga-
briel, “and we’re flexible and under-
standing to your schedule.”
Again, that’s four – and not 40 –
hours a week.
Here on the Treasure Coast, with its
large population of visitors and retirees
from up north, some hospital patients
don’t have family or friends in the area,
and that can make overcoming an ill-
ness or recovering from a surgery a very
lonely experience.
Multiple studies have shown that just
having a volunteer come in and talk
with patients or bring them a magazine
or fluff a pillow can make a significant
difference in how the patient feels and
in their recovery.
Whether a volunteer is a student or
a retiree, Gabriel continues, “we try to
match them and their skills and tal-
ents” to the best job for them.
That might be the gift shop, customer
service, interaction with patients, driv-
ing a golf cart in the parking lot to bring
patients to the front doors, library ser-
vices, helping in the surgical waiting
room or the front desk, or any one of a
hundred other places where a helping
hand is needed.
So, whether you’re eagerly looking
forward to your 17th birthday or fondly
looking back at your 80th, one thing
volunteers don’t have to worry is taking
on tasks they’re not trained to do.
Forgot all you learned in Biology 101?
Get queasy at the mere sight of blood?
Cringe at the thought of changing a ban-
dage? Not to worry. SRMC doesn’t ask
volunteers to take on any clinical tasks.
And while no one at the Sebastian
hospital is promising older volunteers a
Ponce de León effect in return for their
service, does say this:
“Volunteers benefit physically and emo-
tionally from the service they perform.
Volunteering can help to combat de-

28 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


The Healthy Senior

Catching colds doesn’t ‘sit’
well with grandparents


Q. Since I started being a baby-sitting
grandparent, I seem to be getting more
colds. I must be catching germs from the
kids, right?

The National Institute of Allergy and
Infectious Diseases reports that school-
children get as many as 12 colds a year.
Put those kids near their grandparents
and it doesn’t take a scientist to know
that those colds are going to spread.

My personal physician – also a grand-
father – says that one of the problems is
that these walking petri dishes come
home from school with new germs for
which older people haven’t developed

Any grandparent will tell you that
being around their little treasures has
made them sick. My seven grandchil-
dren are generous with all the viruses
they get from their school chums.

What are you supposed to do when
one of the darlings comes up to you
with a runny nose and asks for a hug?
Well, if you understand the hazards,
perhaps you can formulate a plan that
works for you around the miraculous
children of your children.

Obviously the best course of action is
to stay away from grandchildren when
they have colds, but any grandparent
knows that’s next to impossible.

There are two ways you can catch a Washing your hands thoroughly and a virus-killing disinfectant might help clean but doesn’t remove the infec-
cold: often is important. Washing with soap prevent spread of infection. tion. Instead, moisten the sponge or
and water doesn’t kill the cold virus, dishcloth and microwave it for two
1. Inhaling drops of mucus full of but removes it. The scrubbing is more Where are these viruses found most minutes.
cold germs from the air. important than the soap. often?
Then you’ll have safe, germ-free tools
2. Touching a surface that has cold Also, if you can, try to avoid touching No, not in the bathroom. The worst to use.
germs and then touching your eyes, your face after you have been around a room in the house for germs is the
nose or mouth. child with a cold. kitchen. And the greatest concentra- These tips will help, but the reality is
tion is found in sponges and dish- that you’re going to catch some colds.
So, avoid close facial contact with Rhinoviruses can live up to three cloths. They’re the price of being a caregiver.
your ailing grandchildren. Use some hours on your skin, and on objects It’s the price you paid as a parent.
restraint. If the child needs comfort, such as telephones and stair railings. Laundering a dishcloth doesn’t
limit yourself to hugs that don’t put you Cleaning environmental surfaces with eliminate germs. And putting a sponge Now you’re having a second chance
in the position of inhaling their germs. through the dishwasher makes it look for all that love ... and all those germs. 

30 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Oceanside Pizza: Invigorating Italian fare

[email protected] Parmesan.

Twenty years ago when I lived cake” I couldn’t
just south of the Melbourne Beach say no. A single lay-
town limits, we could count the er of dense, rich and
good dining choices on one definitely homemade
hand. A few of those spots are chocolate cake ($4.75) with
long gone, victims of oceanfront an equally homemade milk
development, and others have chocolate icing, sprinkled with
been replaced by restaurant chocolate chips.
owners with fresh enthusiasm
for the business. When my son didn’t immediately see
something he wanted from the dessert
Oceanside Pizza, celebrating menu, Patrice suggested that he might
three years in business this spring, like a scoop from the ice cream parlor
down the plaza, which I thought was
Special quite neighborly. We strolled down and
Bruschetta. ordered a double in a cup with sprin-
kles, maybe slightly improving what the
Pizza of the Day.



is a great addition to the “What do you ing hot. My son said his spaghetti and man behind the counter said was a very RESTAURANT HOURS
want for dinner?” dilemma on Ocean meatballs ($11.95) was good, and he slow day due to the cool temperatures. 11am to 9pm Daily
Avenue. We stopped in last Wednesday liked the sauce. Sauce is a very personal As an aside, Sundaes on the Beach four BEVERAGES
evening for an early dinner after driving thing, and we prefer one that’s not too doors down has got to be the cleanest Beer and Wine
around until we figured out we were in sweet and not too acidic or sour, and this ice cream parlor we’ve ever visited. ADDRESS
the mood for Italian. sauce, for us anyway, was just right. The
pasta was perfectly cooked. Our only regret is we didn’t get to 300 Ocean Ave, Suite 6
It was only 5:30 p.m. but the park- sample Oceanside Pizza’s pizza this Melbourne Beach
ing lot was packed and so was the res- My huge portion of lasagna ($10.95) trip. Definitely next time. For those PHONE
taurant. We found a table in the back was delicious. Instead of the typical of you nearby, Oceanside Pizza also (321) 312-4516
and our server Patrice greeted us and ground beef, this lasagna offers a creative delivers. But you probably knew that,
quickly brought our drinks. We ordered and flavorful difference, a mix of mild, because there are still only a handful
Bruschetta ($6.95) and side salads ($5.25 ground Italian sausage and thinly sliced of good eats in Melbourne Beach – one
each) to start. My son knew he wanted meatballs, layered with sauce and ricotta tradeoff of living in paradise.
spaghetti and meatballs, but I needed cheese. I could only eat about half the
some time to decide among way too portion for dinner, but it made a wonder- We encourage you to send feedback to
many good-looking options. ful lunch the next day. Lasagna is always [email protected].
better the second day, in my opinion.
Every Italian restaurant seems to The reviewer is a Brevard resident who
have its own version of Bruschetta, Our entrees were each served with dines anonymously at restaurants at the
maybe a family recipe handed down two garlic knots that tasted like they expense of this newspaper. 
from Grandma, and Oceanside Pizza’s were not the generic frozen-and-heated-
version is so far my favorite because it’s up kind, but kneaded, twisted and baked
not only crusty toasted bread loaded right in the kitchen. The garlic knots
with tomatoes, it’s also slices of creamy are served on the sides of the bowls or
fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and driz- plates, so if you’d like them separate or
zled with a tasty balsamic dressing. I before your entrée, if you ask I’m sure
like the variation of using halved grape your server would accommodate.
tomatoes instead of diced tomatoes.
Our salads were fresh, with a good mix Dessert was a tough choice with
of greens and veggies and the Greek cheesecake, carrot cake, zeppole
dressing on mine was quite tasty. (sometimes spelled zeppoli) and can-
noli among the selection, but when I
Our entrees came out fast and pip- heard the words “homemade chocolate

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 31


Fine Dining, Elevated Melo’s RIitsatoliraannote

Exciting Innovative Cuisine ALL-YMOUUS-CSAELNS-EAT
Award Winning Wine List
Every Thursday
Unparalleled Service
Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated
Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL W10W00WEA.SMT EeAlUosGIAtaLLlIiEaBnLRVeDs-tIaNuDIrAaNnHt.AcRoBmOU-R3B2EA1C-H7,7F3L-332593575
Wine Spectator Award Serving Brevard Since 1988
2002 – 2017


® Please send calendar information 22 Satellite Beach Lions Club annual The-
at least two weeks prior to your ater Night Fundraiser at the Surfside
Multiple Locations! Playhouse in Cocoa Beach. This year’s play is
event to “Evita.” Advance tickets cost $25 and include
Melbourne/Suntree 321.428.4145 Vero Beach 772.257.6039 [email protected] a buffet dinner. Wine will also be served. The
4840 N Wickham Rd 1226 US Highway 1 event includes raffles for prizes and cash, with
Melbourne, FL 32940 Vero Beach, FL 32960 ONGOING winners announced at intermission. Doors
open at 7 p.m. Showtime is 8 p.m. Proceeds
Downtown Melbourne 321.802.4587 Palm Bay/West Melbourne 321.821.4897 Satellite Beach Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 4 from Lions Club fundraisers goes back to the
1511 S Harbor City Blvd 4480 Hollywood Blvd p.m. Thursdays at Pelican Beach Park public. Call Pete Dunn at 321-446-7896.for tick-
Melbourne, FL 32901 ets or info.
West Melbourne, FL 32904 Beach Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. Tues-
days at Oceanside Pizza, 300 Ocean Ave. #6, 23 March into Turtle Season party, 6:30
BOGO BOGO $7 DOZ. Melbourne Beach. to 8:30 p.m. at the Barrier Island
Center, 8385 Hwy A1A, Melbourne Beach. The
Buy Any Buy Any Bagels Music & Meditation, 8:30 a.m. Sundays event is not only in honor of our nesting sea
Egg Sandwich, Lunch Sandwich, Sat & Sun Only though March 25 at Eastminster Presbyterian turtles, but for our members, donors and non-
Church in Indialantic. The sermon-free service members who want to support the Archie Carr
Get the 2nd Get the 2nd add a tub of shmear is designed to be a time of individual intro- National Wildlife Refuge. Heavy hor d’oeurves
Egg Sandwich Lunch Sandwich for only $2.99 spection, devotion and renewing, with music and silent auction.
provided by a different guest musician each
FREE FREE Good for a dozen bagels for $7. Valid Saturday and Sunday Only. Sunday. 24-25 The 25th Annual Indialan-
Includes bagels only. Additional charge for gourmet bagels. Limit tic Art Festival, an outdoor
Good for any egg sandwich. Limit one coupon per person. Valid Good for Any Lunch Sandwich- Limit one coupon per person. Valid one coupon per person. Valid at participating Einstein Bros.® MARCH craft show, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sun-
at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot at participating Einstein Bros.® locations only. This offer cannot locations only. This offer cannot be combined with other special day at Nance Park. Free Admission to this festi-
be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not be combined with other special offers or promotions and is not offers or promotions and is not valid for catering, past purchases 22 Melbourne Community Orchestra val by Howard Allen Events.
valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction valid for catering, past purchases or orders. No reproduction or orders. No reproduction allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one goes Around the World in 80 Days in
allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes allowed. Cash redemption 1/20 of one cent. Applicable taxes cent. Applicable taxes paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah back-to-back concerts at 7:30 p.m. at the Mel- 24-25 Melbourne Air & Space
paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. paid by bearer. ©2014 Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. Restaurant Group, Inc. Expires: 12/31/18 bourne Auditorium. The 50-member group Show at the Orlando Mel-
Expires: 12/31/18 Expires: 12/31/18 conducted by Mark Nelson is the Orchestra in bourne International Airport, with the U.S. Air
Residence for the City of Melbourne. Admis- Force Thunderbirds. Gates open at 11:30 a.m.
sion to all Melbourne Community Orchestra Saturday and Sunday. For a 20-percent discount
concerts is free. For details, call 321-285-6724 off the day-of admission price of $25, purchase
or go to tickets online at

22 Advent Lutheran Church Women’s 24 Emmet Cahill of the Irish singing
Book/Bible Study and discussion 1:00 group Celtic Thunder returns to Bre-
p.m. 1805 Oak St., Melbourne Beach . Last vard County for one performance at 7 p.m. at
Thursday of every month. All are welcome. the Satellite High School Performing Arts Cen-
ter, 300 Scorpion Court, sponsored by Space
Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN Coast Symphony Orchestra. Tickets are $29.99
in March 15, 2018 Edition 1 RHEA 2 HEMP for adults and $14.99 for students 18 and un-
4 WIND 3 ALLIED der. A special VIP pass for $49.99 includes an
8 DOZE 4 WEBCAM intimate pre-concert Q&A with the star, along
9 SMALLBEER 5 NEEDED with an individual photo op and autographed
11 DARKER 6 COCKROACH poster. Tickets to the special concert are avail-
13 BELATED 7 FEAR able through the orchestra website at www.
15 DIADEM 10 RADIANT Unless sold out, tick-
16 DISOWN 12 IDOL ets will also be available at the door.
20 SNOCAT 14 LEXICON 27 Free Introductory lecture on Tran-
22 CHEETAH 17 NOTE scendental Meditation, 6 p.m. at the
23 STEROL 19 PHLEGM Melbourne Beach Library conference room 324
25 NEFARIOUS 20 SECANT Ocean Ave. All are welcome to find out about
26 VARY 21 OAFISH Transcendental Meditation, the evidence-
27 SMUT 23 SAVE based technique to dissolve stress, recharge
28 HOPE 24 JUMP the brain and body, and develop “Strength in
Sudoku Page 266 Sudoku PPaaggee 2677 CrosswordPPaage 626 Crossword Page 267 (FINAL BALLOT)


CERTIFIED Windows & Doors Join our directory for the most affordable way to reach
Siding & Soffit out to customers for your service or small business
“Everything You Need To Be” Screen Room’s targeting the South Brevard barrier island communitites.
This is the only directory mailed each week into
CLAY COOK Car Ports homes in 32951, Indialantic, Indian Harbour and

[email protected] CGC 1524354 Satellite Beach. Contact Will Gardner, 407-361-2150
[email protected].
321.508.3896 772.226.7688


Updated family home
near school, park and ocean

209 Elm Avenue in Melbourne Beach: 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2,376-square-foot pool home near the
ocean offered for $468,000 by Coldwell Banker Paradise listing agent Jim Warburton: 321-795-1885.

34 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Updated family home near school, park and ocean

RIVERFRONT CONDO!! out. It is being offered for $468,000
On the slip of land between the At- by Coldwell Banker Paradise listing
lantic Ocean and the Indian River La- agent Jim Warburton.
goon in Melbourne Beach is a lovely
pool home located on a large lot sur- The craftsman-style front door,
rounded with a fence and thick, gor- with large glass inset bordered by
geous mirror leaf viburnum bushes double sidelights, opens into a gener-
that create a private oasis. ous foyer with large closet for coats
and storage. Immediately to the right
Within walking distance to the of the foyer is the combination living
ocean, the elegant 3-bedroom, room and dining room with ample
2-bath, 2,376-square-foot home was space for both functions.
built in 1976 and has been completely
updated, beginning with a brand new The living room holds a sofa, chairs

Wexford Penthouse
SOLD 03/19/18 - $775,000

Call today to make YOUR move!

Susan Williammee


[email protected]

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. 436 Fifth Ave. Indialantic, FL 32903

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 35



and large bureau with view to the kitchen is the laundry room, with Convenient to the kitchen, the Year built: 1976
large dining area that has room for a a wall-mounted ironing board that open family room also accesses Construction:
table seating eight, a hutch and buf- makes quick touchups easy. the pool deck through large sliding Concrete block/stucco
fet. A pocket door closes off the din- glass doors. Accented with tall book- Lot size: 12,197 sq. ft.
ing room from the kitchen, which is Completely remodeled in 2006, the shelves, television, sofa and chairs, Home size Total: 2,376 sq. ft.
a delight when entertaining a dinner long galley kitchen provides plenty the family room provides a spacious Bedrooms: 3
party. Access to both the family room of granite countertop working space area for relaxing and entertaining. Bathrooms: 2
and the kitchen is just a few steps and easy access to all the modern
from the dining room. appliances, including a convection/ Light and bright, the home has so- Pool:
microwave, large side-by-side re- phisticated colors. Where neutrals 30-foot by 15-foot
In the kitchen, which features a frigerator, oven and dishwasher – all work they are used; where some
built-in sideboard with glass cup- built-in. White cupboards with glass brightness is desired you may find a swimming pool
boards for storing glasses and crystal, doors bask in the brightness of the soft yellow, blue or peach. The wall Additional features:
there is a sunny breakfast room that home filled with windows that take colors make each room cheery, spe- Fully updated home with a new
offers a view of the home’s attractive advantage of the Florida sunshine. cific to its décor, and a delight to enter. roof in 2018, bamboo floors,
in-ground swimming pool. A door- Custom sliding window treatments storm shutters, sprinklers on
way opens to the pool deck for easy in the kitchen and all other window One of the home’s three bedrooms well, eat-in kitchen
grilling outside. Also adjoining the treatments come with the home. is set up as an office, with a horseshoe
desk layout that features two com- Listing agency:
Coldwell Banker Paradise

Listing agent:
Jim Warburton, 321-795-1885,
[email protected]

Listing price: $468,000

36 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


puter work areas, with counter space offers additional lighting. lounging and enjoying fine weather. A two-car garage is oversized with
and storage below. Wall-mounted The large master bedroom can ac- Beyond the screening, the 30-foot by room for a built-in work bench and
cupboards above complete the space. 15-foot pool with southern exposure space for a refrigerator.
Across the room is a large closet and commodate a king-size bed. Closets is open to the beautiful blue sky and
space for an easy chair. are along one wall. A pocket door ocean breezes. The surrounding pool The home is a short walk from the
closes off the bedroom from the mas- deck is open for sunning and grilling. elementary school and most chil-
The guest bedroom easily ac- ter bathroom, which features a dou- dren in the neighborhood do walk
commodates its queen-sized bed ble-sink vanity. Another door leads Beyond the patio, a fenced yard wel- to school, said Jim Warburton, agent
and additional furniture and has a to the screen-enclosed lanai and pool comes children and pets with a large and homeowner for the Elm Avenue
large closet. The guest bath has a patio, making it convenient to take a grassy area near the swimming pool. property.
raised vanity sink, tub with shower morning or evening dip.
finished in white subway tile, and a The pool deck has been resurfaced The home also is “within walking
linen closet. Can lights and dimmer The screened-in outdoor room at- and new tile added to update the distance of the ocean and nearby
tached to the home creates space for swimming pool. ballfields,” Warburton added. 

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 37


Some steps to take to make your home energy-efficient

STORY BY STEPHANIE BRICK WASHINGTON POST pared with fiberglass insulation, has a wrap that you use a hair-dryer to fash- portant: low-e means that the heat in
superior resistance to heat loss, more ion in place. Though this is a helpful the summer or cold in the winter will
We are caught up in a tornado of than triple the life span and won’t ac- short-term solution, you need to apply not radiate through the glass as much
buzzwords swarming mainstream cumulate dust or pollen. it (then take it down) seasonally, and it as it would with regular glass.
media, design and essentially every is only superficially helpful. Similarly,
facet of our lives. Green, sustainable An even more effective new build- purchasing insulated drapes/window It is best to consult your architect on
and energy-efficient are labels slapped ing option is SIP construction. These treatments can help but requires the window details, as the direction your
onto all scales of merchandise (from panels are simple in composition: curtains be drawn, blocking natural windows face will influence factors
tissues to appliances to building ma- Rigid foam is sandwiched between light and view of the outdoors. such as the conductance and solar heat
terials) to accommodate a well-inten- two layers of wood sheathing. That’s gain coefficient (SHGC), which should
tioned trend that has gained signifi- it! The house plans are sent to the SIP For addressing the opposite problem be different for south-facing windows
cant traction over the past decade. manufacturer, and the walls are deliv- – windows that beam enough sunlight because of their significantly higher
sun exposure throughout the day.
Environmentally conscious strate- ered straight to the job site, ready for in to fry an egg on a cold plate – insulat-
gies have persisted (sans label) for cen- assembly. Each wall, corner and roof ing drapes can help resolve the symp- There also are a number of modern
turies – even millennia. Ancient cities piece fits together like a glove and is tom but not the problem. If you can internal technologies that can contrib-
employed passive solar and air venti- caulked at intersecting points to give a prevent the sun from beaming onto ute to a more energy-efficient and sus-
lation techniques; construction mate- final seal to the seams. All utility lines the glass from the outside, you do not tainable home. Low-flow toilets from
rials were selected for their heat reten- can be pre-cut out by the manufac- have to worry about mitigating its heat the big-name brands – Kohler, for in-
tion or air-circulation qualities. The turer, making the assembly and the on the inside. This is most successfully stance, which has a patent on its new,
profession of architecture is among utility rough-ins as easy as anything achieved by adding overhangs onto the innovative flush systems – outperform
the oldest in civilization, and long be- in construction could be. Not only exterior above your windows. the standard toilets with which we
fore the luxuries of air conditioning does this building option offer a supe- grew up, consuming far less water yet
and heating, we were charged with the rior envelope, but significant time and The size of these overhangs is cal- flushing much more effectively.
responsibility of designing safe and labor are saved in the construction of culated based on your geographic
comfortable shelters. this ultra-energy-efficient option. coordinates, to ensure they will al- Unlike “green” or even “energy-ef-
low sunbeams (and therefore heat) to ficient,” which are unregulated terms
The No. 1 factor that will dictate the If you are renovating an existing reach the glass during the cold months and can be highly subjective, Energy
energy efficiency – and therefore sus- home without the opportunity to re- but be blocked during the hot months. Star appliances are certified to con-
tainability – of your home is the build- construct or reinsulate all of the walls, Unlike older window awnings or even sume less energy based on baseline
ing envelope. We assume our homes are there are other ways to improve your functioning shutters, the overhangs of standards set by the Environmental
built with solid structure, without gap- energy efficiency. today’s architecture are intentionally Protection Agency. Purchasing appli-
ing holes to allow insects and vermin to designed not to obstruct your view of ances and mechanical systems with
infiltrate. But what about that invisible, As we consider the building enve- the outdoors. this seal of approval will help contrib-
insidious guest: unconditioned air? lope of a home, doors and windows are ute to better energy savings (to vary-
the most obvious culprits of escaped These solutions are better than ing degrees, depending on the kind of
Any contained space needs fresh conditioned, or intruding uncondi- nothing. However, the hands-down unit) than their alternatives.
airflow and circulation, but that air is tioned, air – straight punctures into most effective solution to solve ener-
controlled through a building’s me- your building’s envelope. gy-poor windows (especially impor- With compact fluorescents as their
chanical systems. It is not supposed to tant in conjunction with an effective steppingstone, LED lights are now
sneak in through cracks and seams in The biggest issue I see with home- overhang design) is to replace the win- leading the way as the most energy-
the building envelope. owners’ exterior doors is a poor fit. If dows themselves. efficient lighting option. Compared
light can get through your door and its with the beloved incandescent, LEDs
Whenever you have the heater or frame, so can hot and cold air. Most of Double-pane windows offer signifi- consume just trace amounts of energy
air conditioner on, your HVAC sys- the time, this is a result of the house cantly better insulation than single- to illuminate your space. LED light-
tem is burdened with the extra load settling and can be mitigated with DIY pane windows because they have an ing has made the worry of accidentally
of conditioning the air that is leaking, weather stripping that can be picked insulating air gap between the two leaving the house lights on and driving
uncontrolled, into your house, which up at the hardware store. pieces of glass. But the details do not up your electricity bill obsolete.
results in your system working harder, stop there: When the air between the
consuming more energy and wasting Windows can be more complicated. windowpanes is filled with argon gas, Offered in a wide variety of “bulb”
electricity. The way pennies and loose Quick-fix solutions can be found at the it is much better insulation than our sizes, LEDs can replace many, if not
change quickly add up to dollars, many hardware store to keep cold air out, normal oxygen- and nitrogen-filled all, of the lightbulbs around your home
little imperfections in your building’s such as window-insulating kits with air. In addition, the glass itself is im- – and research shows you are likely to
envelope can easily add up to leaving adhesive and a thick plastic shrink- move out of your house before you will
the front door open while you blast the need to replace your LED lightbulbs.
A/C during the dog days of summer.
One of my favorite energy-saving in-
In new construction, spray foam novations over the past few years has
insulation is replacing the pink fiber- been the ease of customized climate
glass insulation that has filled most control.
standard wall cavities over the past
half-century. Instead of this pink, itchy Most people are not diligent enough
fluff occupying the space between to turn the heat (or air conditioning)
wall studs, a polymer and foaming down or off when they leave for an
agent are combined to expand nearly eight-hour work day – and even if they
100 times their original volume, filling are, turning all systems back on when
every crack and crevice. they get home does not immediately
condition the space to the desired
Traditional fiberglass insulation al- temperature.
lows for about 30 percent of your heat
or air conditioning to leak out of the Whether you are building a new
house; spray foam insulation allows house or reevaluating your existing
essentially no air to escape (or infil- home, there are many options avail-
trate). Spray foam insulation, com- able to work toward improved energy
efficiency and lower utility bills. 

38 Thursday, March 22, 2018 THE MELBOURNE Barrier Island Newsweekly


Real Estate Sales on South Brevard island: March 9 to March 15

The real estate market continued to gain momentum last week in island ZIP codes 32951,
32903,and 32937. Melbourne Beach led the way with 11 sales, followed by Indialantic with 9,
Satellite Beach with 8 and Indian Harbour Beach with 6.
Our featured sale of the week is of a home in the gated community of Oceanside Village. The
residence at 3379 Poseidon Lane was placed on the market Nov. 11 for $699,000. The sale closed
March 9 for $689,000.
The seller in the transaction was represented by David Settgast of Treasure Coast Sotheby’s. The
purchaser was represented by Maureen Herrill of Herrill Real Estate.


EBB TIDE AT MELBOURN 2999 S HIGHWAY A1A 12 6/15/2017 $725,000 $699,900 3/14/2018 $515,000
NONE 6870 S HIGHWAY A1A 10/30/2017 $599,000 $524,000 3/12/2018
WEXFORD PUD S2 215 GLENGARRY AVE 3/24/2017 $549,000 $549,000 3/9/2018 $460,000
SALES FOR 32903 $312,000

INDIALANTIC BY SEA 430 3RD AVE 2/6/2018 $460,000 $460,000 3/9/2018 $950,000
FLORA BEACH SUBD SEC 132 LEE ST 1/22/2018 $319,000 $319,000 3/15/2018 $550,000
THE DUNES AT OCEANSI 174 CALICO LN 1/31/2018 $345,000 $319,000 3/13/2018 $355,000


LEASING ISLAND PH4 720 CLUBHOUSE WAY 12/13/2017 $994,900 $994,900 3/14/2018
PRT E 1/4 DES ORB160 14 MARINA ISLES BLVD B 10/26/2017 $599,000 $589,000 3/9/2018
MICHIGAN BEACH 10TH 445 HAMLIN AVE 1/14/2018 $390,000 $390,000 3/9/2018

Barrier Island Newsweekly THE MELBOURNE Thursday, March 22, 2018 39


Here are some of the top recent barrier island sales.

Subdivision: None, Address: 6870 S Highway A1A Subdivision: Henry Whitings Melbo, Address: 517 Avenue A

Listing Date: 10/30/2017 Listing Date: 11/15/2017
Original Price: $599,000 Original Price: $549,000
Recent Price: $524,000 Recent Price: $465,000
Sold: 3/12/2018 Sold: 3/12/2018
Selling Price: $524,000 Selling Price: $452,500
Listing Agent: Gibbs Baum Listing Agent: Gibbs Baum

Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl Selling Agent: Treasure Coast Sotheby’s Intl

Coastal Home Team Karen Horak

Curri Properties Davis Realty Group LLC

Subdivision: Ebb Tide At Melbourne, Address: 2999 S Highway A1A 12 Subdivision: Prt E 1/4 Des Orb160, Address: 14 Marina Isles Blvd B

Listing Date: 6/15/2017 Listing Date: 10/26/2017
Original Price: $725,000 Original Price: $599,000
Recent Price: $699,900 Recent Price: $589,000
Sold: 3/14/2018 Sold: 3/9/2018
Selling Price: $680,000 Selling Price: $550,000
Listing Agent: Kevin Hill Listing Agent: Margret Cornell

Selling Agent: RE/MAX Alternative Realty Selling Agent: Cornell Real Estate

John Brower Kevin Hill

Buyers & Sellers Advg. Realty RE/MAX Alternative Realty





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