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02/14/2020 ISSUE 07


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COURT CASES FROM Adapted from a slide shown by Andreas Duvay of his vision for Centennial Place. Cleveland Clinic
DRAGGING ON SLOWLY CENTENNIAL PLACE: No word yet on how much federal ratings
this might cost or where money would come from
By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer
[email protected] [email protected]

One year after more than 160 The latest hospital ratings
men were arrested in Indian Riv- from the Center for Medicare and
er County during a highly pub- Medicaid Services are out and lo-
licized but legally troubling sex cal hospitals did not shine in the
trafficking sting, the fate of most one-to-five-star ratings.
of those cases rests with Florida’s
Fourth District Court of Appeal, The hospital with the noisiest
which will determine whether rooms at night? Lawnwood Re-
law enforcement videos record- gional Medical Center. Slowest
ed at two local massage spas response to call buttons? Sebas-
may be used as evidence. tian River Medical Center. Best
odds of getting a second CT scan
The slow-moving appeals you didn’t need? Cleveland Clin-
process also has placed on hold ic Indian River Hospital. Consis-
a federal class-action lawsuit tently clean bathrooms? None of
filed against the city of Vero the above.
Beach by a Fort Pierce-based
attorney who claims the way So goes the info now up on the
police conducted video surveil- Hospital Compare Star Rating web-
lance violated spa customers’ site – but the data the ratings are
Fourth Amendment right to pri- based on is not particularly cur-
vacy. rent. It comes from at best a year
ago, and at worst, five years ago.
“The federal court has stayed
the proceeding, pending the That means the effects of
Fourth District’s ruling on the Cleveland Clinic management on
videos,” said island resident the former Indian River Medical
Brad Jefferson, the attorney Center weren’t factored into most
representing the plaintiffs. “Un- of its scores. At Sebastian River,
on the other hand, much of the
Home-health nurses
NEWS 1-7 PETS 16 accused of theft from
DINING B11 elderly remain free
HEALTH 8 GAMES B17 By Nicole Rodriguez | Staff Writer boathouse and a hotel to the 35-acre site along with
CALENDAR B20 other features. Estimates for how much revenue By Lisa Zahner | Staff Writer
REAL ESTATE 11 As plans to transform Vero’s defunct power plant leasing or selling parts of the property to developers [email protected]
B1 and aging sewage treatment plant at the base of the would bring have not yet been calculated, either,
ARTS Alma Lee Loy Bridge into a vibrant Centennial Place Duany added. No real progress has been made
wow local residents, two key questions remain un- since prosecutors plead- ed in
To advertise call: 772-559-4187 answered. “It’s much too early,” he said. court two months ago to speed up
For circulation or where to pick up Duany’s concept includes three restaurants; a the trial of two home-health nurs-
your issue call: 772-226-7925 How much is a riverfront entertainment hub waterfront boardwalk and walking paths through- es accused of stealing more than a
likely to cost? And where will the money come from out the property, which would contain a small half-million dollars from an elderly
to implement the vision? lake; Youth Sailing Foundation headquarters; boat John’s Island couple, so a jury can
docks; wedding chapel; beach volleyball courts,
Miami-based designer Andres Duany has no skateboard park and playground area; and small re- CONTINUED ON PAGE 5
cost estimate for the build-out of the spectacular
concept he presented to the city a couple of weeks CONTINUED ON PAGE 3
ago that would bring shops, restaurants, docks, a

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2 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

HOSPITAL RATINGS Asked whether their rooms were “al- Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital. Clinic takeover.
ways” quiet at night, 13 percent fewer Lawnwood had a
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 patients at Indian River answered “yes” On the plus side, timeliness of care
when compared to the national average. improved at Indian River over last year’s worse-than-average re-
data its scores were based on was accu- Sebastian fared better in that measure, below average rating, with a particular- admission rate for pa-
mulated on the watch of its latest owner, while Lawnwood was worse. ly good score in the measure for stroke tients with COPD and a
Steward Health, which took over in May patients quickly getting results of brain worse-than-average re-
2017. As for Sebastian River Medical Center, scans. Emergency room wait times were admission rate overall.
the patient surveys were taken for the also better than the national average for
In the overall star rating, Indian River first time entirely on the watch of Stew- hospitals with very high ED volumes, of Indian River also
gained one star and now has three out of ard Health. Patients who filled out the which Indian River is one. showed a very high
a possible five. Steward’s Sebastian River surveys were unsatisfied at a rate higher rate of duplicate CT
stayed the same with two stars; Lawn- than the national average in every mea- Sebastian River had a problem with scans of the abdomen
wood earned only one star out of five, the sure, and in seven out of 10 measures, appropriately treating sepsis and septic – 32.5 percent, nearly
same rating as last year. they were more displeased than patients shock, with a rate of only 42 percent, as five times the national
at Cleveland Clinic. compared to 65 percent at Indian River average, based on data
Safety and effectiveness of care re- and 67 percent at Lawnwood. from June 2017 to July 2018. Sebastian
mained above the national average at Along with noise and cleanliness, the River’s rate of double scans in the same
Cleveland Clinic Indian River. But pa- measures had to do with how quickly they In terms of death rates, Indian River period was 18.6 percent, down from 30.5
tient experience remained below average got help when they asked for it, how well was the only local hospital that had rates percent in 2015-2016. Lawnwood’s rate of
as measured by patient surveys, earning their doctors and nurses communicated worse than the national average and in double scans was 4.9 percent.
two stars out of five. Sebastian River and with them, whether they were given ad- only one category: COPD, a chronic lung Cleveland Clinic Florida spokesman
Lawnwood fared even worse on the mea- equate information about their medica- disease. The data, which tracked COPD Scott Samples noted the data timeframe
sure, both getting a single star. tion before taking it, whether they under- deaths within 30 days of hospitalization, for double scans and said that “regional
stood the care they would need once they was collected from July 1, 2015. through teams are working collaboratively on best
At Indian River, those patient surveys were discharged, and whether they would June 30, 2018, prior to the Cleveland practices” to bring the rate in line with
were taken over the course of a year that recommend the hospital to others. low rates at Martin and Weston.
included the first quarter of ownership by “We continuously measure and iden-
Cleveland Clinic Florida. At Indian River, some 69 percent of pa- tify areas for potential improvement and
tients who responded to the surveys tak- work to implement solutions,” said Sam-
The surveys showed more patients en from April 1, 2018, through March 30, ples, adding that the lag in data reflected
were disappointed in every measure as 2019, said they would definitely recom- in the ratings means “many of our quality
compared to the national average, with mend the hospital to others; 57 percent improvements over the past year are not
significant drops in their opinion of the of Lawnwood’s patients said they would recognized here.”
cleanliness of their rooms – 15 percent recommend the Fort Pierce hospital; and Psychiatric treatment components of
lower than the national average. Lawn- 54 percent of Sebastian River’s patients hospitals are also measured on Hospital
wood was even worse, at 18 percent lower gave a thumbs up. Nationally, 72 percent Compare, and both Cleveland Clinic In-
than the national average. Sebastian Riv- of patients said they would definitely rec- dian River and Lawnwood have such cen-
er scored 11 percentage points lower than ommend their hospitals to others.
the average nationwide.


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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS February 14, 2020 3

ters. Of the two, only Cleveland Clinic In- CENTENNIAL PLACE ment won’t drain city coffers, City Manager ment companies to create and manage the
dian River’s Behavioral Health Center had Monte Falls said. commercial spaces voters choose to have, he
higher unplanned readmission rates than CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 said.
the national average. The money for infrastructure improve-
tail buildings. The former power plant would ments could be covered by some of the pro- “Once we get a decision on what is going
That includes readmission to any hos- be converted into a landmark conference ceeds from the electric utility sale in 2018, to be the final plan for the property, then
pital within 30 days of an inpatient stay center that would contain a great hall with Falls said. The city has more than $20 million we’ll look at best implementing that plan
there. That data comes from mid-2016 to meeting rooms, as well as a bar and rooftop remaining in the bank from the $183.3 mil- and what would be the alternatives we have
mid-2018. dining. A 140-room hotel – with lagoon views lion deal with Florida Power & Light. to choose from,” Falls said. “Right now, we’re
and a swimming pool – would be built adja- still in the process of what the public wants
Indian River also showed a very low cent to the power plant building. Duany will recommend to the council that to be built there.”
percentage of patients getting records county taxpayers also shoulder some of the
on discharge, as well as having records “Duany is known for some very, very won- potential maintenance and other infrastruc- Selling off the former postal annex site –
forwarded to their doctors, both of their derful projects, but they’re usually very, very ture costs. “The site needs to be jointly paid which is also part of the redevelopment area
treatment while hospitalized as well as in- expensive projects and my concern all along for by the county and the city,” said Duany, but lacks a waterfront view – to, say, popular
structions on follow-up care. Indian River has been, how will the project be cost feasi- who expects the site to be used heavily by grocer Trader Joe’s could net the city $1 mil-
showed 6 percent and 7 percent respec- ble?” County Commissioner Tim Zorc said. county residents. lion to $2 million for upkeep of recreational
tively, as compared to 75 percent on both “It’s great to have a wonderful plan, but if it’s areas of the project, Duany said.
measures at Lawnwood’s psychiatric cen- not financially feasible, that’s a concern.” County Administrator Jason Brown said
ter, called Lawnwood Pavilion. city officials have not formally asked the Leasing some areas, such as theYouth Sail-
The city is hoping to decide on a final plan county about chipping in to fund the project, ing Foundation headquarters and restaurant
Hospitals around the country have in early May. but he is not fond of the idea. space, could cover maintenance costs and
complained about methodology used make financial sense, Duany said, adding he
to arrive at the one-to-five star quali- The plan so far is for the city to pay for “The city needs to fund and maintain city believes leasing most of the land would gen-
ty-of-care rating system, and a leader of infrastructure upgrades at and near the infrastructure,” Brown said. “It seems that erate the most revenue.
the Hospital Association of America im- property and either lease or sell portions of the city has this desire to continue trying to
mediately issued a demand for CMS to the land to a developer, or multiple devel- charge county residents for city services for There is also a scenario where the city
take down the latest ratings and wait for opers, who would build the project in return city infrastructure. I believe that’s a parochial could sell part of the land is to a hotelier who
changes to methodology promised last for revenue from selling or leasing space to view of providing services. I don’t believe the would build a hotel and commit to covering
August. shops, restaurants and other users. city should think of county residents as out- the costs to convert Big Blue into a confer-
siders who are just milking the city’s services. ence center, Duany said.
“We strongly believe that today’s . . . If the project is done right, taxpayers County residents contribute to the city’s
ratings do not advance the goal of provid- would likely only pay for infrastructure im- economy.” The Youth Sailing Foundation, for its part,
ing the public with accurate, purposeful provements, such as stormwater upgrades is hoping to lease property on the site to
information about quality of care,” said and maintenance of recreational space at City officials have not considered a special build a permanent headquarters, the foun-
Tom Nickels, executive vice president of the site. That design, along with financial de- taxing district for nearby property owners dation’s Executive Director Stu Keiller said.
the American Hospital Association, in a tails, will then go to voters in November, who or developer incentives such as tax breaks,
statement. will have the power to approve or reject the they said. If the City Council doesn’t waver “Our proposal is to build a $2.5 million
project. in its decision and sends a clear message it world-class sailing center with a 100-year
CMS hasn’t buckled, though, and in- wants the land developed, Duany plans to building and then operate it and also have
tends to leave the star ratings in place.  Vero officials want to ensure any develop- recruit the best of the best among develop- funds available in escrow to maintain it,”
Keiller said. 

4 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

SEX TRAFFICKING STING “I’m not sure how many plaintiffs we’ll, the website of the local ton. William Lawton, a top civil litigation
end up with,” Jefferson said. “More than Gannett newspaper. lawyer, is expected to serve as the lead
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 140 people experienced some violation attorney.
of their right to privacy. Once we get The suit also claims the police’s actions
til the stay is lifted, I’m not allowed to the class certified, we’ll represent all of “were taken without regard for the risk of Jefferson said he didn’t believe his
move forward. As soon as that happens, them.” public defamation” of the accused men, lawsuit would impact the criminal cas-
though, we’ll file our request for certifica- and that the police “relished in the after- es or the appeal filed by the State Attor-
tion as a class with the judge.” In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim to math of this operation and enjoyed the ney’s Office after Morgan and Menz sup-
have been “subjected to public humil- publicity.” pressed the police videos.
Jefferson had only one plaintiff when iation by incessantly published photo-
he filed the lawsuit in May – nine days af- graphs and references in the press and While Florida law places limits on how In fact, State Attorney Bruce Colton
ter County Judges David Morgan and Ni- media” and “suffered emotional upset, much governmental agencies are liable said Monday the civil lawsuit had “no
cole Menz both ruled the videos were in- depression, loss of self-esteem and other for in civil damages – $200,000 per per- effect” on his decision to pursue the ap-
admissible in court – but he said Monday damages as a result of this unlawful, un- son, $300,000 per incident – Jefferson peal.
he now has as many as 12. He expects constitutional conduct” by the police. said there is no cap in civil rights cases.
more to join the lawsuit after the appeals “I’m aware of the suit, but we’re not a
court rules and the class is certified. The photos of the accused were post- “The city has insurance,” he said. party to it and doesn’t impact what we’re
ed for months in rogues galleries on The city hired the Orlando-based law doing,” Colton said. “It’s a federal ques-
firm of Dean, Ringers, Morgan & Law- tion that will be answered in federal

As for the appeal, Colton said attorneys
for both the prosecution and defense
must file their briefs with the Fourth Dis-
trict in West Palm Beach this week. Then,
the court will schedule oral arguments.

Based on past cases, Colton said it
could take the appeals court three to 12
months to issue its opinion.

Thus far, 64 of the men arrested in this
county during the prostitution sting have
accepted the State Attorney’s Office’s of-
fer to enter a diversion program that,
when successfully completed, results in
the misdemeanor solicitation charges
being dropped.

The diversion contract requires the
men to pay more than $700 in fees, com-
plete an online course on prostitution
and human trafficking awareness, and
undergo six months of probation-like su-

Defendants aren’t required to admit
guilt, but they must enter a “no contest”
plea that prosecutors hold in abeyance
until all the conditions of the deal are

Colton said 31 of the men have suc-
cessfully completed the program.

Vero Beach attorney Andy Metcalf,
who represented 35 of the accused men,
said about half of them took the diversion
deal, which, he points out, wasn’t offered
until July – after the local judges tossed
the spa videos and put a serious dent in
the state’s cases.

“I completely understand why some
of these guys took the diversion offer,”
Metcalf said. “But the clients I have left
are not going to quit, and I plan to keep
going, too.”

He said he has advised his clients to
delay taking civil action until the appeals
court rules on the videos.

“I don’t blame these guys, because
they’re very upset, but I’ve told them that
there’s plenty of time for that,” Metcalf
said, adding “there are a lot of reasons
people are mad – and a lot of it is because
of that gratuitous press conference after
the arrests.

“This thing has destroyed marriages,
cost people their jobs, ruined reputations
– it changed forever all of these guys’
lives,” he continued. “Do you do that to
people for a second-degree misdemean-
or?” 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS February 14, 2020 5

HOME-HEALTH NURSES Vaughn to put the women’s cases on a fast LAGOON COUNCIL AWARDS $1M
track to trial in early 2020 under a provision TO 10 RESTORATION PROJECTS
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 in Florida Statutes that allows the court to
expedite cases involving elderly victims. By Sue Cocking | Staff Writer intended to keep sewage out of the la-
hear the case while the 88-year-old victim in goon.
the alleged crime is still alive. When that motion was finally heard on The Indian River Lagoon Council met
Dec. 4, Vaughn said he would rule in writing last week in Sebastian to dole out $1 The Indian River Land Trust is expect-
Sophia Monae Shepherd (aka Sophia on the scheduling matter within a few days, million for projects aimed at cleaning ed to get about $74,000 for a communi-
Brown) and Chiquita Lashae McGee have but Evans said he’s seen no such order. up and restoring the ailing Indian River. ty-based habitat restoration project that
been charged with serious felonies – exploita- Among the 10 grant recipients were the will convert mosquito impoundments
tion of the elderly for $50,000 or more, and He plans to ask Vaughn again next week Indian River Land Trust, Indian River along the lagoon into fish nurseries. The
scheme to defraud a financial institution. But to impose an expedited trial schedule on the County Department of Utility Services impoundments will be managed to al-
McGee and Shepherd, both arrested in early defense attorneys. and Harbor Branch. low juvenile snook and tarpon to swim
2018, remain free on bond with lax release in and out, mixing with adult popula-
conditions as they await trial on charges that Since the December hearings, no new Founded in 2015 as a special district tions and improving fish stocks.
could carry up to 60 years in prison. notices scheduling depositions of potential in Florida, the influential panel of rep-
witnesses have been filed by the defense. resentatives from five counties, two The Kashi Church Foundation of Se-
The nurses are accused of stealing water management districts, and the bastian is expected to get about $90,000
$543,000 from John’s Island residents Alfred McGee’s attorney, Assistant Public De- Florida Department of Environmental toward a $300,000 project to abandon 12
and Michelina “Aline” Martinelli, using the fender Dorothy Naumann, told Vaughn she Protection received 31 proposals for septic tanks on its 80-acre property and
couple’s money and credit to pay for gam- has been prioritizing cases involving defen- partial funding for projects designed to hook up 16 facilities to the county sewer
bling junkets, stays at the Plaza in Manhat- dants who were incarcerated. Naumann, improve habitat and water quality and system.
tan and other hotels, cruises, luxury items, part of the defense team for convicted killer employ new science and innovation to
jewelry and clothing from Neiman Marcus Michael David Jones, had been on McGee’s tackle lagoon problems. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Insti-
and the Ralph Lauren store, plastic surgery case for months but at the December hear- tute will get $94,000 for a research study
procedures and even the rental of a Rolls ing said she had just met her client. Nau- Many of the proposals – from coun- to test for the prevalence of microcystin
Royce Ghost. mann suggested that she could possibly be ties, universities, cities and nonprofits – – a toxin from blue-green algae that can
ready to go to trial in August or September. already had obtained matching funds to cause liver failure in people – in lagoon
Alfred Martinelli – retired CEO of the Penn go with money awarded by the council waters from Jensen Beach to the St. Luc-
Central Corporation – died on Jan. 17, 2018, Shepherd is being represented by private or were waiting to receive them. ie Estuary.
just shy of his 90th birthday, leaving his defense attorney Robert Stone, who was
88-year-old widow Aline as the key witness more amenable than Naumann to getting The Indian River County utilities de- Also approved for partial funding
against Shepherd and McGee. Aline Mar- the case on track for trial this spring – pos- partment was approved for more than were several projects involving im-
tinelli, who court records say “resides in a sibly in April or May. Though the trials will $200,000 toward a $5.8 million sep- provements to oyster reefs constructed
nursing home and is disabled,” asserts that be conducted separately, the lawyers said it tic-to-sewer conversion for some 200 throughout the lagoon to boost water
neither she nor her late husband authorized made sense to collaborate on depositions parcels along the St. Sebastian River quality and habitat. 
the women’s extravagant expenditures. and other trial preparation.

On Aug. 22, Assistant State Attorney Indian River Shores Public Safety officers
Lev Evans filed a motion asking Judge Dan investigated the case, but Chief Rich Rosell
said he had no comment at this time on the
delayed prosecution. 



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6 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

High-stakes battle for 2 School Board seats VIRGIN TRAINS’
By Federico Martinez | Staff Writer said Zorc. “You will never agree 100 percent December. TOP $200 MILLION
of the time but that is sign of a healthy board Justice did not respond to calls seeking
The battle over two School Board seats up because people aren’t rubber-stamping ev- By George Andreassi | Staff Writer
for grabs this year is shaping up as a high- erything brought before us.” comment. The deadline for filing as a candi-
stakes fight between two rival political fac- date is May 11. Neither Justice nor Barefoot Virgin Trains USA racked up oper-
tions that could determine control of the Jones also vowed not to get caught up in participated in the Republican debate held ating losses of more than $200 million
board and the very soul of the Indian River political agendas. Feb. 6 at the Grand Harbor Clubhouse. in its first two years running passenger
County School District. service in South Florida, with 2019 ticket
“When I get elected, I hope to assist in Zorc has acknowledged that her battle revenue falling far short of projections.
The board is currently ruled by a 3-2 vot- clarifying the direction of the board,” Jones with Jones will be difficult.
ing block consisting of Board Chairman said. “When I vote on any item, it will always Virgin Trains lost $80.9 million on
Laura Zorc, Vice-Chairman Mara Schiff and come back to one major thought – how is this Jones, a former district employee, is pop- existing operations from Jan. 1 through
board member Jacqueline Rosario. helping our students, our teachers and our ular with teachers who are angry with Zorc Sept. 30, 2019, at the same time as the
schools? It will not be based on any type of and other current board members who vot- company undertook construction of
The three women have frequently thwart- political split.” ed to reject pay raises and insurance benefits new high-speed railroad tracks linking
ed the political efforts of board members sought by the teachers’ union last fall. South Florida and Orlando Internation-
Tiffany Justice and Teri Barenborg during the But Jones and Zorc have a history of polit- al Airport.
past year, as when the pair supported former ically butting heads. Most notably, Zorc was Many teachers and other school staff have
school superintendent Mark Rendell before an outspoken critic of Rendell, who resigned voiced support for Jones on her Facebook If the bleeding continued at the same
he was ousted. under pressure last May. Jones, a former page. Zorc said she is trying to mend those pace through Dec. 31, 2019, VTUSA’s op-
neighbor of Rendell, was a strong supporter fences. “What I am working on currently for erating loss for the year would amount
The balance of power could change be- of the former superintendent. our teachers is to find additional funding to $107.8 million, reports show. The
cause Zorc is being challenged for her Dis- to increase teacher pay across the district,” company lost $109 million on opera-
trict 3 seat by longtime educator Peggy Jones, Adding to the intrigue of this year’s board Zorc said. “Gov. (Ron) DeSantis has vowed to tions in 2018.
who is politically aligned with Justice and election, Justice is also up for re-election. She make Florida one of the highest teacher-pay
Barenborg. has not filed to run again but has privately states in the country. As a local leader, I have VTUSA plans to run 34 passenger
indicated to Republican leaders that she will been supporting his efforts. trains per day through Indian River
The primary election will be held Aug. 18. seek to retain her District 5 seat. County at speeds up to 110 mph when
If there are only two candidates vying for “In the meantime, we need to find a way to service begins between Orlando and
the same seat, whoever wins the primary If she does run, she will have to fend off fill in the funding gap.” South Florida. The start date for that
wins the seat, according to the Indian River a strong challenge from former Indian River service has been moved back repeated-
County Elections Office. Zorc and Jones, who Shores Mayor Brian Barefoot, who filed as a The board is facing several challenges in ly by the company and is now projected
recently faced off in a Feb. 6 political debate candidate Feb. 4. the next couple of years, in addition to teach- for late 2022.
hosted by the Republican Party of Indian er pay, including a shrinking general fund
River County, both downplayed the board Barefoot has indicated he would most and implementing changes to improve equi- Critics argue Virgin Trains’ viability
division in comments to Vero News. likely align himself with the Zorc block to ty in the district as mandated by a 52-year- remains in question because of the pas-
back the new reform superintendent, David old federal desegregation order. senger rail service’s difficulty covering
“I think overall we are working in unison,” Moore, who took over school leadership in operating expenses on top of the costs
During the candidate debate, Jones em- of repaying $2.7 billion in bonds financ-
HAVANA CELEBRATION phasized her 20 years’ experience as an ed- ing the Orlando expansion.
OPEN HOUSE ucator. “I have met with many organizations
and talked with many people,” Jones said. In a yearend revenue and ridership
Food, Entertainment “My platform is based on what they have in- report, Virgin Trains boasted carrying 1
and Celebration! dicated are their concerns. I believe all em- million passengers in 2019 and taking in
Feb. 15 and 16 ployees will feel supported because there will $22.1 million in revenue.
be clear direction that represents the expec-
Sat. and Sun. 11am-4pm tations of the community. VTUSA increased ridership by about
Everyone is Welcome! 75 percent in its second year of opera-
“Most research indicates that a student’s tion and revenues were up by 25 percent,
WELCOME TO BEACH COVE! academic growth comes down to one major the report says. But Virgin Trains’ perfor-
component – the teacher in the classroom. mance lagged well below projections
Looking for a safe, great and affordable 55+ community We must value our teachers and all employ- made in a Nov. 30, 2017, bond offering,
with a Key West-like feel just minutes away from ees because it takes every one of us to ensure when the company predicted ridership
the beautiful Sebastian Inlet? Make friends, enjoy a safe and enriched learning environment. would reach 2.3 million in 2019 and rev-
maintenance-free living with amenities, such as a pool enue would hit $62 million. 
and clubhouse, and live within walking distance to “I filed because I wish to serve this won-
shopping centers at Beach Cove Sebastian! derful community. The one thing I promise
is I will work hard every day for our students,
Look no further, Beach Cove Sebastian has all this and teachers, schools and community.” 
more. Voted "Best of Sebastian" for 6 years in a row, this
land-leased over 55 community is Florida's best kept
secret for retirees wanting affordable living! All homes are
"Green" eco-friendly and hurricane resistant. Best part -
it's a place where neighbors are friends!

New model home featuring an
open floor plan, 2 bedrooms,
den, 2 baths and a spacious
Florida porch. Why wait until
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amazing home located in
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This beautiful model home
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8 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

Latest imaging tech gets to ‘heart’ of diagnosis, treatment

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer plains, are among the tools “we use to look
[email protected] into the coronary arteries.”

To some people, their personal image is “We use it a lot in different settings,” Miller
very close to their heart. explains. “In cardiology, we use it to do ultra-
sounds of the heart, when we do the probe
To Dr. Mistyann-Blue Miller, an interven- on the chest to look at your heart function
tional cardiologist who joined Cleveland and your valves, but we also employ it in the
Clinic Indian River Hospital last fall, getting cardiac cath lab, which is where I do all my
accurate, detailed images of other people’s procedures. We do our standard angiograms
hearts is far more important. and sometimes we want to take a closer look
at the arteries. We can use [intravascular] ul-
Specifically, Miller is talking about intra- trasound to do that.”
vascular ultrasound (IVUS) and optical co-
herence tomography (OCT). If you get the feeling this young Har-

“Ultrasound and light energy,” Miller ex-

Dr. Mistyann-Blue Miller.


vard-educated doctor who grew up in Mi- ogy that uses a single optical fiber that
ami is a big fan of this imaging techniques, emits infrared light (as opposed to the ul-
you’d be right. trasound waves in IVUS) to image the cor-
onary artery. OCT allows for better image
“IVUS gives you real-time information. resolution, but this comes at the expense
In the lab, you can look at the inside of the of tissue penetration.
coronary arteries to see if there’s any plaque
build-up, which is atherosclerosis. You can Miller is fan of this technology, too. She
see how much there is. You can see if there’s a says “it uses near infrared lights to look
lot of calcium, which is like a hard rock inside inside the coronary artery, and it gives us
arteries, and you can determine, if someone a much better resolution, much better pic-
needs a stent, how big the stent should be and ture” than other imaging methods. She
how long it should be,” she said. adds that “we can’t use it with every pa-
tient,” because it requires the use of dye
The American College of Radiology is that some patients can’t handle.
just as enthusiastic about this specialized
use of ultrasound technology. It says “ultra- “There are studies that show OCT gives us
sound does not use ionizing radiation, has even better resolution than ultrasound does,
no known harmful effects, and can provide [and] can help guide what we do in the cath
clear pictures of soft tissues that are not well lab and how we treat patients.”
seen on X-ray images.”
Having access to both technologies, ac-
But now, as often happens in medicine, cording to Miller, “is hard to beat.”
there’s something newer and possibly even
better: optical coherence tomography. Miller then turns back briefly to talking
OCT is an alternative imaging technol-
Most people who have an angioplasty pro-

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH February 14, 2020 9

cedure to clear an artery also have a stent first used in 1986, and as Miller points out, probably make more sense, but a majority practice of interventional cardiology.
placed in the unblocked artery during the “we use drug-eluting [stents] almost exclu- of people … [are treated] with drug-eluting
same procedure. A stent, which looks like a sively here, now, and I would venture to say stents,” Miller says. Dr. Mistyann-Blue Miller is an intervention-
tiny coil of wire mesh, supports the walls of that is probably true around the world.” al cardiologist with Cleveland Clinic Indian
the artery and helps prevent it from re-nar- The imaging, testing, diagnostic and pro- River Hospital. She sees patients primarily on
rowing after the angioplasty. In a drug-eluting stent, the bare metal cedural advances in cardiac care – some of referral from patients’ general cardiologists.
mesh is coated with slow-release medications which have taken a half a century to develop Her specialties include stenting, angioplasty
Like most things in modern medicine, that help keep the artery open. “There’s still (IVUS) while others (OCT) came much faster and valve replacements. 
stents have been improved since they were very rare instances where bare metal stents – are a big part of what attracted Miller to the

10 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | HEALTHY SENIOR

Let’s count the hand diseases that can afflict seniors

By Fred Cicetti | Columnist

Q. I have Dupuytren’s contracture. It runs
in my family. I think you should write a col-
umn about this because it affects older people.

A. Thank you for this suggestion. It got Besides some ganglia disappear without DeQuervain’s Tendinitis: DeQuervain’s ules: Osteoarthritis can create bumps at
me researching hand disorders, a subject treatment. Tendinitis is an irritation and swelling of the end joints of your fingers and thumbs.
that has many colorful names for some the sheath that surrounds the thumb ten- These are Heberden Nodes. Overgrowths
nasty afflictions. Here are some of them: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The median dons as they pass from the wrist to the of bones over the middle joints of the fin-
nerve runs from the forearm into the hand thumb. A tendon is a cord or band of in- gers are Bouchard’s Nodules.
Dupuytren’s Contracture: At its worst, through an area at the wrist called the carpal elastic tissue connecting a muscle with its
Dupuytren’s Contracture can turn a hand tunnel. If this nerve is compressed by swollen bony attachment. The swelling can cause As joints wear down, small bone spurs
into a claw because the fascia – the con- tissue, you may feel pain, weakness or numb- pain along the thumb side of the wrist. develop and make the joints appear
nective bands of tissue inside the palms – ness in the hand and wrist. This common bumpy. A bone spur is just extra bone that
shrink and make the fingers curl inward. condition is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The pain is usually intense when grab- is usually smooth, not spur-like. You can
The condition, in its milder form, creates bing objects or twisting the wrist. In diag- get these growths on other places in your
small lumps or bands. Dupuytren’s Con- This syndrome is suffered by workers nosing DeQuervain’s, a doctor may per- body such as the shoulders, hips and feet.
tracture isn’t usually painful. who make repetitive movements with form a Finkelstein test in which the patient
the wrist extended. So, carpenters using makes a fist and then bends the wrist away In addition to the above are hand de-
Dupuytren’s is more common in old- screwdrivers and people who do a lot of from the thumb. formities with descriptive names such as
er adults, men and whites from northern work on computer keyboards are more Trigger Finger, Swan Neck, Duck Bill and
European background. The late President likely to suffer from this condition. Heberden Nodes and Bouchard’s Nod- Boutonnière. 
Ronald Reagan and former British Prime
Minister Margaret Thatcher both suffered
from Dupuytren’s.

This condition is hereditary. And it may
be linked to alcoholism, diabetes, epilepsy
and smoking.

It is rare for Dupuytren’s to affect the
thumb and forefinger. Usually, the ring
finger and pinky feel the results. Some-
times, the middle finger may be involved.
Dupuytren’s Contracture often affects
both hands, but usually not equally.

Ganglia: Ganglia (ganglion cysts) are
benign, gelatinous lumps that usually are
found on the back of the wrist. However,
they also appear on the front of the wrist
and on the backs of fingers. Ganglia are
the most common masses found on hands.
Women are three times more likely than
men to get ganglia.

These cysts usually are painless. If they
do act up, the fluid can be removed with
a needle. You may have heard of a folk
remedy for crushing ganglia by putting
your hand on a table and hitting the cyst
with a heavy book. This is not a good idea;
you may hurt yourself and it’s unreliable.

Is The One-Stop Location
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We are proud to announce the addition of Andrea Kaupas, DO to the
Primary Care of the Treasure Coast family. Dr. Kaupas specializes in caring

for families through chronic diseases, acute illnesses and preventative
care. She also cares for patients with acute injuries.
We offer the following on-site services

CLIA Certified Lab • Bone Density Testing • ACR Certified Ultrasound
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Debora Baxa, PA • Laura Hanke, ARNP • Meredith Kitchell, MMS, PA-C • Richard Miller, PA-C


Nancy Baker, MD • Christina Namvar, DO • Mark Sultzman, PA-C, PharmD

Welcoming Lindsey Lanes home
perfect for a growing family

4840 47th Court in Lindsey Lanes: 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,849-square-foot home
offered for $240,000 by Alex MacWilliam Real Estate listing agent Joan Filosa: 772-473-8796

12 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Welcoming Lindsey Lanes home perfect for growing family

By Debbie Carson | Staff Writer
[email protected]

The home located at 4840 47th Court in
Lindsey Lanes has an easy welcoming spir-
it. The front porch is spacious and invites
guests to have a seat and chat while enjoy-
ing the sunshine and sea breezes.

Stepping inside, the house continues its
invitation – high ceilings and large win-
dows make for an airy, spacious ambiance.
The natural light pouring in means there’s
little need to flip a switch for a lamp during
daylight hours.

Bill and April Setzer, along with their min-
iature schnauzer, Roscoe, have called this
nearly 1,900-square-foot house their home
for three years. In that time, they’ve tackled
a range of updating and upgrading projects.

New flooring has been installed through-
out much of the house, including wood-
look vinyl planking in the main living
spaces and plush carpet in the bedrooms.
Lights have been upgraded with LED fix-
tures and ceiling fans have been replaced.

“We knew it needed some work,” Bill
Setzer said of the house as it was when he
and April bought it in late 2016.

The couple decided on the house in
Lindsey Lanes in part because of its cen-
tral location, close to just about every-
thing Vero Beach has to offer. It is a short

15-minute drive to the beach, 10 minutes and 43rd Avenue.
to downtown Vero and a short drive north The foyer features a large tiled area
to Sebastian, with its charming riverfront.
and an honest-to-goodness coat closet.
“We’re not too far from anything,” Setzer It opens into the large family room filled
said. with bright light from the triple-slider glass
doors that lead out to the screened patio.
The neighborhood itself includes a mix The dining room sits between the foyer
of ages – with retirees, snowbirds, empty- and kitchen, open and spacious enough to
nesters and young families. handle just about any dining set the next
owners could have.
The Setzers didn’t anticipate selling
their home so soon after buying it, but The two guest bedrooms sit behind the liv-
plans changed. Empty-nesters themselves, ing room, separated by a hall bath. Both are
they’ve decided they need to head back large enough to accommodate a king size bed.
to Virginia to be closer to their kids and
grandkids. On the other side of the house, adjacent
to the living room, is the kitchen with a large
But they’ve enjoyed the house in Lindsey eat-in space overlooking the backyard.
Lanes, a smallish community of about 120
homes near the intersection of 49th Street “It’s a great party house,” said listing


Hardware Store & Lumber Yard



63 years Family Owned & Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171 •

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 14, 2020 13

agent Joan Filosa, noting the wide-open trolled storage as needed. room equipped with a utility sink and outlet for a secondary fridge.
design and large areas perfect for hosting Beyond the closets is the en suite, com- soft-close wood cupboards for storage. Alex MacWilliam Real Estate listing agent
friends and family. The laundry room opens into the two-
plete with double sinks, a glass-enclosed car garage, which has had its electrical Joan Filosa is hosting an open house for the
One of Bill Setzer’s favorite places is the shower, and a soaking tub. system upgraded to provide a dedicated property on Sunday, Feb. 16, from 1 p.m. to
screened patio, which faces east and allows 3 p.m. 
you to sit out and enjoy the morning sun The house also has an indoor laundry
without the heat.

“It’s nice and cool,” Setzer said, pointing
out that the property benefits from fresh
ocean breezes.

Along with the three-panel slider con-
necting the patio with the living room, there
is another smaller slider that grants access
from the master suite. A second slider con-
nects the master to the backyard. A stamped
concrete pad outside the slider would be a
fine place for sunbathing or alfresco dining.

“It would be great for a hot tub,” Setzer
said. “But I never did [put one in].”

The master bedroom is massive – with
ample room for a king size bed, large dress-
er and a sitting area.

The master has two walk-in closets, one
slightly larger than the other. Both have
air conditioning vents for climate-con-


Lindsey Lanes

Lot size: 0.18 acres

Concrete block and stucco

Year built: 1997
Size: 1,849 square feet

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Additional features:
Whole-house generator
with in-ground 500-gallon
fuel tank; volume ceilings;
upgraded light fixtures and
ceiling fans; new flooring;
freshly painted; split, open
floor plan; large eat-in
kitchen; 6-foot vinyl fenc-
ing; screened rear patio;
friendly neighborhood.

Listing agency:
Alex MacWilliam Real Estate

Listing agent:
Joan Filosa, 772-473-8796

Listing price: $240,000

14 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



A modest total of 26 transactions of single-family residences and lots was reported for the main-
land real estate market from Feb. 3-7.
The top sale of the week was in Vero Beach, where the 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom residence at 17
Dolphin Dr. – first listed in January for $950,000 – sold for the asking price on Feb. 7.
Representing the seller in the transaction was agent Cami Kanner of the Land Corporation of Flori-
da. Representing the buyer was agent Joseph O’Neill of Coldwell Banker Paradise.


VERO BEACH 17 DOLPHIN DR 1/9/2020 $950,000 2/7/2020 $608,000
VERO BEACH 1515 50TH CT 10/10/2019 $650,000 2/6/2020 $459,000
VERO BEACH 4328 SUMMER BREEZE TER 12/13/2019 $499,000 2/7/2020 $455,000
VERO BEACH 2244 6TH AVE SE 11/17/2019 $479,000 2/4/2020 $410,000
VERO BEACH 4442 5TH PL SW 1/6/2020 $410,000 2/5/2020 $410,000
VERO BEACH 5117 KIPPER WAY 10/21/2019 $439,900 2/3/2020 $400,000
VERO BEACH 5705 GLEN EAGLE LN 8/2/2019 $415,000 2/3/2020 $352,000
VERO BEACH 1117 4TH LN SW 7/22/2019 $259,900 2/3/2020 $320,000
VERO BEACH 2035 46TH AVE 9/12/2019 $344,000 2/3/2020 $300,000
VERO BEACH 6870 77TH ST 12/17/2019 $280,000 2/4/2020 $246,925
VERO BEACH 6116 SPICEWOOD LN 12/18/2019 $249,900 2/5/2020 $223,044
VERO BEACH 6048 SCOTT STORY WAY 9/13/2019 $246,745 2/4/2020 $220,000
VERO BEACH 7950 CABOT TOWER PL 8/3/2019 $230,000 2/5/2020 $219,000
VERO BEACH 6525 OXFORD CIR UNIT#103C 11/1/2019 $232,500 2/6/2020 $210,000
VERO BEACH 319 VERSAILLES LN UNIT#319 2/8/2019 $259,900 2/7/2020 $200,000
VERO BEACH 1656 31ST AVE 11/1/2019 $195,000 2/4/2020 $179,000
VERO BEACH 1905 S GARDEN GROVE CIR 12/5/2019 $179,000 2/3/2020 $177,000
SEBASTIAN 6289 N MIRROR LAKE DR UNIT#6289 8/6/2019 $199,995 2/4/2020 $175,000
VERO BEACH 235 GRAND ROYALE CIR UNIT#205 1/6/2020 $180,000 2/5/2020 $170,000
VERO BEACH 675 TENNIS ALLEY CT UNIT#102 12/20/2019 $173,900 2/7/2020 $163,000
SEBASTIAN 1314 DEWITT LN 10/11/2019 $168,000 2/6/2020 $145,000
VERO BEACH 575 N TROPIC LN UNIT#3B 12/17/2019 $153,500 2/5/2020 $145,000
VERO BEACH 466 GROVE ISLE CIR UNIT#466 12/5/2019 $155,000 2/5/2020 $140,000
VERO BEACH 701 HIGHLAND DR SW 8/30/2019 $148,000 2/4/2020 $133,403
VERO BEACH 170 9TH CT 10/7/2019 $193,700 2/3/2020 $100,000
VERO BEACH 223 N GROVE ISLE CIR UNIT#223 11/29/2019 $129,000 2/3/2020

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E February 14, 2020 15


1515 50th Ct, Vero Beach 4328 Summer Breeze Ter, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 10/10/2019 Listing Date: 12/13/2019
Original Price: $650,000 Original Price: $499,000
Sold: 2/6/2020 Sold: 2/7/2020
Selling Price: $608,000 Selling Price: $459,000
Listing Agent: Mike Young Listing Agent: Cheryl Burge

Selling Agent: Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida

Ashley Lombardo Brenda Montgomery

Keller Williams Realty Alex MacWilliam, Inc.

2244 6th Ave SE, Vero Beach 4442 5th Pl SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 11/17/2019 Listing Date: 1/6/2020
Original Price: $479,000 Original Price: $410,000
Sold: 2/4/2020 Sold: 2/5/2020
Selling Price: $455,000 Selling Price: $410,000
Listing Agent: Dick Golden Listing Agent: Heather Pauley

Selling Agent: Billero & Billero Selling Agent: Sea Turtle Real Estate LLC

Kimberly Stewart Roger Smith

Exit Right Realty Alex MacWilliam, Inc.

Vitalia at Tradition Final
Phase of New Homes


Why wait to enjoy the resort-inspired lifestyle you’ve always
wanted? The amenities at Vitalia at Tradition are ready now and
absolutely fabulous. Escape big city congestion and find your
fun in the sun for less in Port St. Lucie, FL today.

The Vitalia Advantage

Natural beauty and a vacation-themed
ambiance are just the beginning. Walk,
bike or cruise in your golf cart. It’s all in
the neighborhood. We’ll meet you at the
Tiki Hut!

• Lakefront Captiva Club with state-of-
the-art social, recreational and fitness

• Sparkling heated pool
• Extra-large putting green
• Tennis, pickleball and Bocce courts
• Event lawn + fire pits
The final phase of homes remain.
Homesites are situated close to the
clubhouse. Call 877-889-7055 now to
schedule your personal viewing.

Act fast for the best selection. | 877-889-7055

All information (including, but not limited to prices, views, availability, school assignments and ratings, incentives, floor plans, elevations, site plans,
features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists’ renderings and community development
plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change, availability or delay without notice. Any community improvements, recreational features and
amenities described are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change and under no obligation to be completed. Maps and plans
are not to scale, are not intended to show specific detailing and all dimensions are approximate. Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and
options. Community Association or other fees may be required. This communication is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any
jurisdiction and in such cases our communications may be limited by the laws of your state. Please see a Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager
or Internet Home Consultant for details and visit for additional disclaimers. For NJ prospective buyers: This advertisement is
a solicitation for the sale of homes in Vitalia at Tradition: N.J. Reg. No. 13-04-0002. For our NY prospective buyers: THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS
ARE IN AN OFFERING PLAN AVAILABLE FROM THE SPONSOR. FILE NO. H130003. For our Age Qualified Communities only: At least one resident
of household must be 55 or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55 in limited circumstances. For minimum
age requirements for permanent residents in a specific community, please see Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager for complete details. Taylor
Morrison of Florida, Inc. CBC1257462; Royal Oak Homes, LLC CBC035126; Avatar Properties, Inc., d/b/a AV Homes CBC1254089.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH February 14, 2020 B1


Coming Up Poignancy prevails in Riverside’s lovable
‘Lost in Yonkers’ PAGE B2
By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent
[email protected]

From history and natural science
to art and music, Vero residents
have it all this week.

1 It begins this weekend with
an Emerson Center concert
by none other than legendary
Judy Collins, the award-winning
singer-songwriter with the pitch
perfect voice and dreamy inter-
pretations of tunes such as “Both
Sides Now” and “Bring in the
Clowns.” Remaining tickets are
$40 to $60. The more expensive
tickets, which go up to $105, are
sold out, but you never know …
sometimes tickets get turned back
in. Another Emerson Center show
which is rapidly selling out is “The
Rocket Man – a Tribute to Elton
John.” This is a tour starring Sir
Elton’s official body double, Rus
Anderson, who performs with an
array of spectacular costume (a
must for any Elton John tribute).
Remaining tickets range from $30


B2 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

Poignancy prevails in Riverside’s lovable ‘Lost in Yonkers’

By Pam Harbaugh | Correspondent Bergman Freedman make good money.
[email protected] and Vincent Crocilla. Yes, this is unlike what so many people

With its remarkably intimate produc- PHOTOS: ANGEL UDELHOVEN may expect from Neil “Doc” Simon. A pro-
tion of “Lost in Yonkers,” Riverside The- lific writer, he made a name for himself as
atre proves a straight play belongs on a a comedy writer in the ’60s, with such clas-
mainstage as much as a lavish musical. sics as “Barefoot in the Park” and “The Odd
Couple.” In the ’80s, he reinvented himself
Riverside’s production of the 1991 play, with a surprising autobiographical trilogy,
which won playwright Neil Simon his starting with “Brighton Beach Memoirs.”
only Pulitzer Prize, draws the audience Through all his characters and situational
into the funny and poignant tale of two plotlines, it was “Lost in Yonkers” that res-
boys, Jay and Arty, forced to live with onated so with critics and audiences.
their stern German Jewish grandmother,
whose painful life has taught her that But no play is foolproof. Despite its
tears are for the weak. complex characters, “Lost in Yonkers”
still calls for that snap of Simon wit and
Whether in the room or not, Grandma warmth of Simon heart. Here, director
Kurnitz looms. One dares not rest their Chris Clavelli lets both shine. A bright-
head on the back of the chair for fear the ness persists in the somber face. A hope
doily will get out of place. The notion of lingers that change will come, that hope
turning on a fan in the middle of a swel- will break through the sadness. Inter-
tering day is anathema to her. Loud voic- mission comes and you want to see what
es, displays of affection and boys acting happens. You are invested in these people
like boys are verboten to the woman. and cheer them on.
The only sweetness she dispenses are the
items she sells in her candy shop. Clavelli’s vision is well served by his
cast and designers.
But the boys, 15-year-old Jay and
13-year-old Arty, must live there. Their Scenic designer Ray Recht brings the
father had turned to a loan shark to pay apartment close to the stage’s edge and
medical bills for their mother, who died fills up the stage opening with the same
from cancer. Now the father, a salesman, severity that holds Kurnitz together. But
has an opportunity to hit the road and there is also a sly dichotomy.

MusicWorks and Paris Productions


JANUARY 8 - FEBRUARY 16, 2020 Performs

SMC H Creedence
Clearwater Revival
Chronicle, Vol. 1
C Rlosing eCeption Friday, February 14, 6-8pm Members Free | Not-Yet Members $20
Live! Cut for Cut
500 North Indian River Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34950 VEROFROBMEA THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 7:00 PM
772-465-0630 • The Emerson Center · 1590 27th Avenue, Vero Beach
Doors Open at 6 pm, Seating at 6:30 pm

Tickets: (800) 595-4849

PRESENTING SPONSORS: Cindy O’Dare & Fenia Hiaasen

SHOW SPONSORS: The Audiohouse · Joe and Denise Corr · Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown
MID-Florida Credit Union · New Vision Eye Center · Springhill Suites by Marriott · Catherine Sullivan

NON-PROFIT PARTNER: Cultural Council of Indian River County

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE February 14, 2020 B3

Shami McCormick, Vincent Crocilla It is a second-floor apartment, directly
and Bergman Freedman. above the candy store. Discolored wallpa-
per, once pretty and romantic, filled with
images of rose bouquets, fill the walls.
An old photo of a man and woman hangs
from one wall. Vintage furniture, worn
with decades of use, sit in the rooms. A
dining table and chairs, where a family
once gathered is nestled into an alcove.
This is a place where a large family was
raised. Now, it’s the home of the old and
lonely woman and her daughter, Bella,
who matured only into adolescence.

Shami J. McCormick creates a powerful
portrayal of Grandma Kurnitz, making her
both imperious and broken. Quite the op-
posite character is Bella, who is also broken
but has a deeper strength than her mother.
Played with affection by Emily Berman,
Bella is the ray of hope. She is especially
compelling in the scene in which she con-
fronts her mother with a shocking truth.

Vincent Crocilla as Arty and Bergman
Freedman as Jay are warm and funny
and most entertaining in their roles as
brothers. This is an ensemble piece and,
as such, each person has equal weight.
These two young actors step up and deliv-
er energetic, engaging and warm portray-
als of the two brothers.

Jonas Cohen delivers the right mix of
humor and mild threat in his role of Uncle
Louis. A tough guy with a heart of gold, he
brings the best laughs of the show as well.


B4 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B3 sons with his mother. Carine Montbertrand
is funny and sweet as Aunt Gert, a woman
Those start immediately when he seems who struggles for breath as she talks.
to be breaking into the apartment and
the boys, sleeping on the couch, yell out Stefanie Genda’s costume design is pe-
“Who’s there?” His answer, “Uncle Louis,” riod perfect and especially thematic with
is hysterical. Bella’s lighter and rosier dresses, which
suit her lighthearted nature. Todd Wren’s
He turns off the lights, looks out the lighting design is atmospheric and works
window to check the street, and says he’s so well with Recht’s “dramatic spaces,”
got to stay here for a few days while his those offstage areas like the bedrooms,
apartment is being painted. He warns his the bathroom and the street, designed to
nephews to watch out for Grandma Kur- lend a larger sense of the actual world in
nitz because “she could tell if there was which the play takes place.
salt missing from a pretzel.”
Craig Beyrooti’s sound design is always
Steve Perlmutter is warm and caring so very excellent. This is a large stage with
as the father, so worried about leaving his

Bergman Freedman, Vincent Crocilla
and Emily Berman.

Emily Berman, Bergman
Freedman, Vincet Crocilla,

Carine Montbertrand.

a large house (where the audience sits). around just so very lovable. There’s some-
The actors need microphones, yet need thing about live theater; when it is this
to sound natural. Beyrooti always mines well produced, it can’t be beat.
gold at this highly nuanced and intricate
aspect of play production. “Lost in Yonkers” runs through Feb. 23 at
Riverside Theatre, 3250 Riverside Dr., Vero
“Lost in Yonkers” shines so well at Riv- Beach. Tickets start at $35. Call 772-231-
erside. It’s funny, poignant, warm and all 6990 or visit 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE February 14, 2020 B5


to $40. The Emerson Center is at 1590
27th Ave., Vero Beach. Call 772-777-9321
or visit

2 Learn more about one of American
history’s most revered women in
“Across a Barrier of Fear: The Life of Eleanor
Roosevelt.” The one-woman show starring

“Across a Barrier of Fear: The

2 Life of Eleanor Roosevelt” at
the Theatre Guild Sunday.

Jane Van Boskirk runs one day only, Sunday, 1 Judy Collins at Emerson Center this weekend.
at the Vero Beach Theatre Guild. The per-
formance is sponsored by the Vero Beach but maybe a couple will be turned in for 3 Joshua Bell at Community Church of Vero Beach Feb. 17.
American Association of University Wom- Monday’s concert of virtuoso violinist Josh-
en. Written by Sharon Whitney, the play ua Bell as he directs and plays with the Acad-
explores how a woman, who grew up privi- emy of St. Martin in the Fields. The concert
leged, yet neglected, and with a sense of no- is part of the Indian River Symphonic Asso-
blesse oblige, became a political force as the ciation’s current season. It begins 7:30 p.m.
wife of her distant cousin, Franklin D. Roos- Monday, Feb. 17, at the Community Church
evelt. The play begins 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 16. of Vero Beach, 1901 23rd St. Call 772-778-
A special reception with refreshments will 1070 or just show up and hope someone has
be held an hour before, at 1 p.m. Tickets are turned in a ticket. For more information,
$40 general and $20 students. Proceeds will visit
support scholarships, grants and programs
for women and girls in Indian River County. 4 What grander way to raise money for
The Vero Beach Theatre Guild is at 2020 San deserving organizations than Satur-
Juan Ave. Call 772-492-1851, 772-562-8300 day’s biennial Windsor Charity Polo Cup.
or visit and click on This signature event always includes the
the “News & Events” tab. who’s who in Vero Beach and beyond. This
year, the event will benefit the Boys & Girls
3 Certainly, people are holding onto
their tickets like they’re made of gold, CONTINUED ON PAGE B6


1. American Dirt 1. Florida Birds Exposed 1. Dog Man: Fetch-22
presents presents
A Doc Ford Novel 2. Last Kids on Earth & the
ARCADE AND THE FIERY 2. Lady Clementine 2. Profiles in Corruption
Penguin Random House METAL TESTER Midnight Blade (Last Kids on
Sat., February 15th at 12 pm Zondervan Publishing
3. Hunter Killer 3. Madame Fourcade's DOUGLAS HOLGATE
Wed., February 19th at 6 pm Secret War BY LYNNE OLSON
4. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox 4. Wrecking Ball (Diary of a
4. Crooked River & the Horse BY CHARLIE MACKESY
Wimpy Kid #14) BY JEFF KINNEY
BY DOUGLAS PRESTON & 5. Sam Houston & the Alamo 5. The Lost Continent (Wings of

5. The Dutch House


392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

B6 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

5 William Middleton at
VB Museum of Art Monday.

4 Windsor Polo Charity Cup this Saturday. Call 772-231-0707 or visit

CONTINUED FROM PAGE B5 sor Blvd., Vero Beach. Tickets begin at $75. nil: Paris, New York and Houston.” The de 6 The Christ by the Sea United Method-
Call 772-388-8377. For more information, Menils were a fascinating couple who were ist Church will present “Songs from
Clubs of Indian River County, the Literacy including suggestions on attire, visit Wind- patron saints to many important artists. Stage & Screen” Sunday afternoon. The
Services of Indian River County and the Hu- They are the ones who gave Mark Rothko his show features Tim Rockwell, Tania Orte-
mane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River life’s dream “The Rothko Chapel,” which is ga-Cowan, Edmund Nalzaro and the trio of
County. So slip into your swankiest style 5 The Vero Beach Museum of Art pres- in Houston. The talk begins 4:30 p.m. Mon- pianist Marcos Flores, bassist Pete Hengen
and make way for this heady event. Gates ents journalist and editor William day, Feb. 17, at the Vero Beach Museum of and percussionist Gully Shell. The youth
open at 10 a.m. The champagne reception Middleton late Monday afternoon. A fea- Art, 3001 Riverside Park Dr. Live seating is guest artist is Diana Flores. The concert be-
starts at 11:30 a.m. Lunch at noon. Opening tured speaker in the International Lecture sold out. Tickets to the simulcast seating in gins 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 16, at Christ by the
ceremonies at 1:45 and match starts 2 p.m. Series, he will speak on “The Enlightened the Leonhardt Auditorium are $70 for mu- Sea UMC, 3755 Highway A1A, Vero Beach.
The event ends 5 p.m. It all takes place this Patronage of Dominique and John de Me- seum members and $80 for non-members. Tickets are $25 general and $10 youth. Call
Saturday, Feb. 15, at Windsor, 3125 Wind- 772-231-1661 or visit and
click on the Events tab. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE February 14, 2020 B7

Childcare Resources’ ‘Starfest’ honors stellar supporters

By Mary Schenkel | Staff Writer PHOTOS & STORY CONTINUED ON PAGES B8 & B9 great. We have 249 children on our wait-
[email protected] ing list today.”
Barbara Morgan, Linda Lemmon, Madeline Long and Laura Guttridge. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE
“I appreciate all you stars being here She noted that countywide, only about
and supporting Childcare Resources,” Becky Bailey and Shannon McGuire Bowman. Susan Donovan and Laura Willis. 50 percent of children who showed up for
said Suzi McCoy Schriner, co-chair with kindergarten this year were ready, and
Janet Gefaell of the Starfest Luncheon that the ones who weren’t ready are un-
last Monday. A second luncheon was held likely to catch up.
“What if focusing on young children,
Shannon McGuire Bowman, Childcare their parents and teachers of young chil-
Resources executive director, thanked dren could change the next generation of
everyone and particularly recognized children in our community? That’s why
Sandy Kahle, Sherry Waddell and Cathy we’re doing everything that we’re doing at
Marshall, who founded the nonprofit 25 Childcare Resources,” said Bowman.
years ago so that more parents could af-
ford high-quality, early childhood educa- Their belief is that teaching children to
tion. learn self-regulation skills, so they can de-
velop their social and emotional skills at a
“Because of your investment and your young age, is just as important as prepar-
support, Childcare Resources is doing ing them to become academically ready
more today than we’ve ever done before,” for kindergarten.
she said.
“We know that when children feel emo-
Programming last year touched rough- tionally safe, they will become socially
ly 3,000 children through their own ready, and then they’ll be prepared to take
school and at contracted centers, as well on anything they need to academically
as through teachers’ Professional Devel- thereafter,” said Bowman, before intro-
opment workshops, coaches and a Cre- ducing guest speaker Becky Bailey, Ph.D.,
dentialing program. the creator of Conscious Discipline.

Bowman said they will soon expand “I travel all over the world; this is what
the school by 2,500 square feet, which I’ve done for 40 years,” said Bailey, who
will allow them to add 20 more students, visited the Childcare Resources School
adding “the demand for our services is that morning. “In all my years, in all my

B8 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Karla Spooner, Janet Gefaell and Suzi McCoy Shriner.

Sally Spilman, Kathy Marshall and Judy Munn.

Nancy Murphy, Betsy Douglass and Elke Fetterolf.

Pat Pritchard, Janet Tribus, Barbie Horton and Kacy Mitchell.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE February 14, 2020 B9

travels, I’ve never seen anything close to overwhelmed, underappreciated or un- change their state first and their behavior they can then teach that skill to children.
what you’re doing.” dervalued. She said an individual’s emo- second.” “Conscious Discipline gives children
tional state dictates not only their own
Remarking that we develop through re- behavior, but can also affect the behavior To do so means regulating our emo- and adults the ability to set and achieve
lationships, Bailey stressed that safe rela- of others, especially children. tions and physiology, so that we can man- their goals, and when they find them-
tionships require that we self-regulate. age our behavior. Bailey said the goal of selves off track, they have a path to come
With Conscious Discipline, she said, Conscious Discipline, a brain-based mod- back to,” said Bailey.
“When we feel calm, appreciated, val- “we’re working backwards. We want el, is to help teachers and adults expand
ued, we are pretty helpful people,” said to help ourselves and children learn to their own windows of tolerance, so that For more information, visit childcarere-
Bailey. That is not the case when we feel or 

B10 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | SEEN & SCENE

Fauna-loving folks make the (green) scene at Gardenfest

Chelsea King with Petra King and Mallorie Springer holding Archie. Emily McDonough and Barbara Sotos. Connie Derman with Margery Sparks and Elaine Straw.

Join the The Battle of Okeechobee
Friends for the
commemoration AFaFmunilyfiDllaeyd!BATTLE RE-ENACTMENT 2F20e22b-0r2u3ary
of the largest and
fiercest battle Gates Open 10AM - 4PM
in the Seminole
Joan Creech with Mary Lou Pfeiffer and Faith LaBossiere. Wars fought on Request your Visitor's Guide today!
Christmas Day
Gardenfest, hosted by the Gar- 1837. Come Outside
den Club of Indian River County, & Play
bloomed with possibilities recent- ■ Colors Presentation
ly, despite some drizzly weather ■ Battle Narration
Saturday that at least the medley ■ Alligator Demonstration
of flora soaked up happily. Fortu- ■ Living History Days Inn & Suites By Wyndham Lake Okeechobee
nately, Sunday dawned with bright ■ Artisans 2200 US Highway 441 SE
sunshine, bringing festgoers out in ■ Exhibits & Food Okeechobee, FL 34974
droves. The weekend gardeners’ ■ Children’s Horse Ride (863) 623-4704
extravaganza provided attend- ■ Music
ees with a wide variety of plants, ■ Osceola Legacy Warriors Lake Okeechobee hotel on the rim canal
flowers, orchids, trees, pottery,
furniture and garden art. Now S■ Canon Demonstration Free Hot Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor Pool, Pet Friendly,
in its 19th year, the annual event Mee�ng Space and Boathouse Lounge.
supports the nonprofit’s mission Battle Re-enactment
to protect and conserve native Start time 2:00PM
plants and natural resources, pro- Both Days.
vide scholarships and enable club
members to continue their civic ADMISSION:
beautification projects. Next up, is $10 Per Car
the Feb. 15-16 Antique Show host-
ed by the Bougainvillea Circle at Okeechobee Battlefield Historic State Park
the Garden Club. For information,
visit  3500 SE 38th Ave. Okeechobee FL

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 14, 2020 B11


By Tina Rondeau | Columnist But whether you are in the mood for a
[email protected] steak, seafood, a paella or perhaps one of
the excellent Cuban dishes from Gloria Es-
In the mood for a steak? For the past half tefan’s kitchen, when you visit, you are in
dozen years, Wednesday has been Steak for a great meal at The Wave.
Night at the Costa d’Este Beach Resort.
I welcome your comments, and encourage
While I tend to think of Cuban specialties you to send feedback to me at tina@verobe-
and great paellas when someone mentions
Gloria Estefan’s chic hotel on Ocean Drive,
The Wave’s Steak Night – when it features a The reviewer dines anonymously at restau-
choice of sizzling filets, rib eyes and strip rants at the expense of Vero Beach 32963. 
steaks – has earned a reputation of its own.
Word has gotten around to the point that

Steak Diane.

you want to have a reservation, as fortu- Filet Mignon. cool from the Flan.
nately we did when our party of four arrived air conditioning when
at 7:30 last Wednesday. steak ($38), and my husband went for the you are only half finished. But at Bread Pudding.
7-ounce center cut filet mignon ($46). the same time, the steaks are
We were quickly seated at the only re- still cooking. I would recom- Hours:
maining open table overlooking the Costa All the steaks were well-seasoned, which mend asking for your steak to Tuesday through Saturday,
d’Este pool, and our server David took our made them very flavorful. Sauces served be prepared a speck rarer than 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. nightly
drink order and returned with a selection of with the steaks include a red wine demi your usual preference.
tasty bread. glaze, chimichurri, Bearnaise and au Beverages: Full Bar
poivre, and one of our guests raved about One side also is included with Address:
For starters, the Steak Night menu offers the brandy mushroom sauce poured over each of these steaks, and our table
as a first course your choice of a Caesar sal- the steak Diane. shared the truffle mashed potatoes, the 3244 Ocean Drive
ad, a beef steak tomato with blue cheese, buttered asparagus, the roasted Phone: 772-410-0100
or Cuban-style black bean soup. Three I should note that the steaks are brought wild mushrooms and the wilted
members of our party opted for the excel- to the table sizzling on a red-hot stone. This baby spinach with garlic. Ex-
lent Caesar with anchovies, and one of our is great in that you do not wind up eating a cellent.
guests went for the soup – a quite hearty steak already turning
rendition of this Cuban staple. An additional option we
Strip Loin. noted a couple of other
Then it came time to divvy up the steaks. tables taking advan-
Our companions chose the bis- tage of is the
tro steak Diane ($37) and the
14-ounce blackened ribeye ability to
($49). I decided to try create your
the 12-ounce own surf and
strip loin turf. You can
add blackened
jumbo shrimp to
any of these steaks
for $12; seared diver
sea scallops for $13; and
half of a Maine lobster for
We concluded a wonderful
meal with flan ($8), ice cream
($6), bread pudding ($10) and a
couple of espressos ($5 each).
I would be remiss as a paella lov-
er in not noting that in addition to
a Steak Night, Costa d’Este also has a
Paella Night (Thursday) featuring sev-
eral different paellas. We have very much
enjoyed those as well.

B12 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Fine Dining, Elevated

Exciting Innovative Cuisine
Award Winning Wine List

Unparalleled Service

Reservations Highly Recommended  Proper Attire Appreciated

Zagat Rated (772) 234-3966   Open 7 Days
2013 - 2017 3103 Cardinal Drive , Vero Beach, FL
Wine Spectator Award
2002 – 2017

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant

The Best Food In South County!

2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Vero Beach Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
On the NW corner of Oslo & 27th Ave
A few doors east of Winn Dixie
reservations suggested

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 14, 2020 B13

Mon -Sat from 5pm 2EaErlny55NrD-%eig5Coh:i3nffht0ilenypgm!
(772) 226-7870

PrimeDSrSytee-Aaagkfoseod&d faFveoAarvtiutaernisnzfgarroem Wmoev’evde!

2023 14th Ave.
Downtown Vero

experience the costa vibe...

daily happy hour mojito monday rhythm & waves

1/2 off appetizers $8 specialty mojitos fri & sat | 8 - 11 pm
$4 draft beer live entertainment
$5 house wine taco tuesday $10 speciality martinis
$5 house wine & $4 draft beer
$6 house cocktails $6 margaritas light bites & sweets
$4 tacos
4 - 6 pm

early-bird dinner wednesday steak night sunday brunch

sunday - thursday a la carte a la carte brunch menu
5 - 6 PM specialty steak menu 11:30 am - 3 pm
endless cocktails
two courses thursday paella night $18 mimosas
$20 per person $22 bloody marys
selection of paella dishes

call 772.410.0100 for more information or visit 

B14 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays
Dine in & Take Out

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm


Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center)

4 - 5:30PM
Including Spaghetti,
ALONG WITH BEER Stuffed Shells,
Baked Ziti, Canneloni
Served with Salad and Bread
SALADS, PASTA, VEAL, 11:00 AM -3:00 PM
AND DESSERTS Hand Tossed New York Style Pizza

OPEN GourmeHt POizzUas RandS10” Gluten Free Pizza Available

LUNCH & DINNER Sunday - HTahpuprsydHaoyur 4-6 pm
TUE - FRI $1OFF1D1o:0m0e-s9ti:c00Drafts • $5 House Wines
OPENFMridoany-S&atS•a1tu1rAdMay- 9PM • (772) 217-3171
SAT & SUN 4-9
Thank yo1u f1or:0fol0low-in1g 0us:f0ro0m Prima Pizza Miracle Mile 1985 to 1992,
56 Royal Palm Pointe  772-567-4160  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram
(772)217-3171Prima Pizza and Pasta Sebastian 1991 to 2005, NOW REESTABLISHED 2019.
Delivery now available through
1920 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960
1920 14th Avenue

Instead of just one day,


at the American Bar & Grill


Enjoy a three course meal with a house bottle of
Champagne or Wine Choose from T-Bone Steak,
humanely raised Atlantic Salmon, Chicken or

Vegetarian Entrees - $99 PER COUPLE

Regular Menu also available and
reservations required for Lovers Dinners



Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING February 14, 2020 B15




Tues.-Sat. 11:30 AM- 9 PM
Sunday 4 - 8 • Closed Mondays WEDNESDAY

1931 Old Dixie • 772.770.0977 MAINE•LO•B•STE•R NIGHT
ALL U CAN EAT • Like us on Facebook!
Gift Certificates & Private Parties Available TUES - FISH FRY

B16 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonz has a blast with Harvey, Hadley and Nora

Hi Dog Buddies! couldn’t resist. I mean, not to brag, but they qualified to adopt me. Finally, they got Hadley, who had gone to take a short nap,
check me out: looks, class, talent, personal- approved, an I was flown down here (with a re-entered. She was small an dainty; charm-
Harvey, Hadley an Nora Banack live in ity. So, here I am. I enjoy socializing. Harvey Nanny, to make sure I was OK). ing; soft gold color; adorable semi-mushy
the country, down this loooong, winding an Hadley are pretty much home bodies. face; an fluffy ears.
lane, kinda woodsy, with lotsa cool places But I gotta MOVE! I ’specially LOVE going to “Dog, was I EVER! I ackshully went to
to run around. Super Crispy Dog Biscuits! If the dog park. Gramma says I’m the def-uh- college. Well, Mom did, atta school called “How do you do, Young Man,” she ad-
I wasn’t workin,’ I coulda hung out an just NITION of ‘Runnin’ With The Big Dogs,’ cuz Eff. Ess. You. Woof, that was SO FUN! Mom’s dressed me. “I hope I look presentable. I
played an played. a Horse Person, so, in between stud- have this marvelous stylist!”

Anyhow, after the wag-n-sniffs, we got Hadley, Harvey and Nora PHOTO: KAILA JONES “You look enchanting, Miss Hadley,” I
settled in the livin’ room an Nora did the told her with great sincerity. “So, tell me a bit
intros. She was a compact liddle black-an- that’s zackly what I do. The Liddle Dog yin’ I went to lotsa horse shows, did a lotta about yourself.”
white pooch, super frenly, with alert ears, Section is too boring for me.” tail-gaitin’; met a buncha Cool Kibbles hors-
great POSS-chur an one of those bushy, es an pooches. Myself, I’m a simple, down- “As you know, I’m a Cheek. I was livin’
flip-over-the-back tails. I thought she was a Harvey, who’d been dozing on the couch to-earth pooch. Now Mom works here, so I at a pet store, when Gramma an my Mom,
Husky puppy. next to my assistant, raised his big, hand- swim in the pond, take walks, chase bun- Brittany, happened to pass by an spotted
some head. “This liddle lady pretty much nies, hang out with Grampa Rusty or my me inna cage in the window. I Hugely Dis-
“Didja find our place OK, Mr. Bonzo? It does whatever she wants. Like hiding shoes. BFF Hadley. I get along with everybody. All liked being there (to put it mildly) an tried
can be a liddle confusin.’ So, this is Harvey An one Christmas (remember this, Nora?) in all, I’m pretty laid back. But, when there’s to catch their eye. When they looked at me, I
Forrest Banack, he’s a Chocolate Lab. He’s she sniffed all the presents under the tree, a Full Moon, I HAVE to sleep outside. I’m gave them my best ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE!!’
8. He got his middle name cuz we all think an unwapped ’em till she found hers.” not certain why. I’m just drawn to it. Maybe look. It worked! They took me home that
he’s a lot like that the guy in the MOO-vee, that’s what my pooch ancestors did.” very day, thank Lassie! Now I have the most
Forrest Gump. “Hey, you’re ’SPOSE to unwrap presents, excellent life! At first, when Mom was get-
right?” Nora said. “I was HELPING!” “Perhaps,” I commented. “It’s miss- tin’ me use to the house, she placed me in a
“This is Hadley, she’s the oldest, 13 in hu- TEARY-us!” cage for a while. However, this reminded me
man. She’s a mixture of Chihuahua an Pe- We laughed. “Nice to meet you, Bonz!” of the pet store: I freaked out, an climbed
kingese. Humans call them Cheeks, which is Harvey said. DON’T BE SHY all the way up the side, like a cat, tryin’ to
kinda funny, in my opinion. She’s the MAY- escape. So that was it for the cage. Truth be
tree-ark of the famly. An me, I’m Nora, I’m “Likewise, Harvey. What’s your story?” We are always looking for pets told – no offense – I do prefer the company
almost 7. I’m always gettin’ mistaken for a “I’m from the Midwest. I was too young with interesting stories. of humans, I expect due to my experience at
small Husky but I’m NOT.” to remember, but I found out I was taken the pet store.”
from my owners as a puppy, for some rea- To set up an interview, email
“I thought so, too,” I admitted, scratching son, an went to live on a beautiful farm in [email protected]. “None taken,” I assured her. “Quite un-
out my Husky puppy note. Indiana, where my pickshur an story were derstandable. What are your favrite treats?”
put on The Line so I could find a Forever
“I’m ackshully an Alaskan Klee Kai.” Famly. Gramma an Mom saw it, an filled “Well, we all like bones. Only the safe
“I’ve never heard of that. It’s a great out this really long apple-cation to see if kinds, of course. I don’t ackshully eat mine
name!” right away. I stash them. An believe me, Nora
“Yes, I KNOW!” she smiled. “It means an Harvey know better than to even try to
‘small dog’ in Eskimo. The AKC calls us nab one. I am Very Serious about guarding
Husky Lite. This is our Gramma Michelle. the perimeter. Oh, an I also love spaghetti.”
Grampa Rusty’s workin.’ This is Harvey’s an
my Mom, Sydney. Hadley’s Mom is Brittany. Heading home, I was thinking how dif-
She’s elsewhere. So, I guess you wanna know ferent Harvey, an Hadley an Nora’s backsto-
how we all got here, right? I’ll start.” ries were, an what happy lives they’re living,
“Ready when you are,” I said, pencil each bringin’ something a liddle different to
poised. the famly. I was also thinking I’d like to try
“My breed’s still pretty new. My Mom an spaghetti. I know other dogs beside Hadley
our liddle sister Natalie saw one of my fel- like it, cuz I saw it in a movie once. I think
low Klee Kai’s in a wedding. She was ack- you’re s’pose to slurp it. Maybe Gramma
shully the Flower Girl Dog. Obviously, Mom will make me some.

The Bonz

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES February 14, 2020 B17



By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist A632

Oscar Levant claimed, “I once said cynically of a politician, ‘He’ll double-cross that bridge J4
when he comes to it.’”
We are studying how not to double-cross partner with our reply to his takeout double. A
simple bid indicates 0-8 points, a single jump promises 9-11 and a cue-bid of the opener’s WEST EAST
suit shows 12 points or more. So what about a double or triple jump in a suit? 2
K Q J 10 A3
Since the cue-bid is artificial and, in a way, unlimited, this liberates the wild leaps to describe AKQ87
specialized hand-types that occur rarely. Q 10 9 974

Both jumps suggest something like 4-7 high-card points with a surprisingly long suit. The 10 9 6
double jump promises a six-card suit and a triple jump a seven-bagger. The South hand is a
minimum for his three-spade advance, and North’s raise is on the light side. 85432

West cashes two diamond tricks, then shifts to the heart king. How should South continue? SOUTH

West was tempted to make a takeout double over three spades, but the vulnerability was Q 10 9 7 6 4
unfavorable. Note that five diamonds doubled goes down two, which would be fine at a
different vulnerability. 85

Declarer must concede a trick to the spade ace, so has to eliminate his heart loser. The only 532
way to do that is to take three club tricks. South wins the third trick with dummy’s heart ace,
plays a club to his king (the honor from the shorter side first) and returns a club to dummy’s K6
jack. When that holds, declarer discards his last heart on the club ace and plays a trump.
Dealer: West; Vulnerable: East-West

The Bidding:

3 Spades 1 Diamonds Dbl. Pass
Pass 4 Spades All Pass LEAD:
A Diamonds

Add beauty and natural light
to your EXISTING entryway

in about an hour!

• Glass patterns for
every style and budget

• Customize to
your style

• Impact Glass
• Wood Interior /

Exterior Doors
• Fiberglass Doors
• Patio & Sliding Glass

• Framed / Frameless

Shower Units
• Etching
• Schlage & Emtek

• Mirror Wraps

772-463-6500 Lic.#CGC1528458
772-463-6500Regency Square 2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart • Licensed & Insured

B18 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Pale purple (5) 1 Abrupt (4)
6 Imitate (5) 2 Save (6)
8 Minute fragment (8) 3 Loom (6)
9 Row (4) 4 Wall paint (8)
10 Vigorous scuffle (6) 5 Dimension (11)
12 Nonsense (6) 7 Outcome (11)
13 Consider (6) 11 Total mess (8)
15 Good name (6) 14 Extent (6)
16 Culinary plant (4) 15 Peppermint sweet (6)
17 Jewel (8) 18 Set of three (4)
19 Subject (5)
20 Connect (5)

The Telegraph

How to do Sudoku:

Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
nine appear just once
in every column, row
and three-by-three

The Telegraph

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES February 14, 2020 B19

ACROSS 96 Bergman film about a 51 Popular basket fiber The Washington Post
1 Blend in sardine factory? 53 Satisfied responses
6 Club in a Manilow hit 54 Lube need NOEL, NOEL By Merl Reagle
10 Homeo’s finale 100 Boys Town state: abbr. 58 Fastener during a flight
16 Couple of guys at a 102 Problem of some 59 A bird or a bit of fun
60 Not sweaty
Hollywood fund-raiser? maniacs 62 Small weight
20 Tenant’s infinitive 103 See 90 Down 64 Like some stocks: abbr.
104 Author Fleming 65 City near Kansas City
21 Realization after days of 105 Second shot 66 Hard ___ (illegible)
downpours? 108 “The Swedish Nightingale” 68 Tutu’s continent: abbr.
110 Sixteen oz. 72 Twists all around
23 Reveal 112 Folk group, often 74 No longer vivid
24 Lane of fame 115 Lacerated 75 Famed Lennonist
25 Against 117 Person out of Lucknow 76 Debonair David
26 Veil fabric 119 Wheel Roseanne from the 77 South America’s
28 Dreyfus Affair crusader
hospital? “backbone”
29 Have ___ 123 If ___ (in case it’s called for) 78 Word before “toe”
(eat between meals) 124 Danny Kaye movie that tells 81 Early utopia
82 Florida flyer
32 Italian pronoun the inside story? 83 Fair-ball boundary
34 Troubles 125 Missteps 84 Visionary
36 CD follower 126 German admiral 85 “Now I see why”
37 Uncle from Sonora 127 Type of pain, maybe 87 D.C. PBS affiliate
38 Most popular scent among 88 Rare goose
DOWN 90 With 103 Across, a pickup
detectives? 1 Half an African capital
42 Bill dispenser, familiarly 2 ___ down place
45 Old Greek colonnades 91 ___ throw away
47 Synchronize (makes simpler)
48 He goes through 3 “Yeah, OK, sure,” 93 Food
97 Great weight
your mail for example 98 Copycat
49 Where to buy a good polo 4 Beta Kappa opener 99 Chant
5 Khaki kin 101 Bruce Wayne as a child?
mallet and tell-all book? 6 Bone immobilizer 105 Tim of Reservoir Dogs
52 Huck’s friend 7 Most favorable conditions 106 Eucalyptus-leaf lover
55 All ___ (fascinated) 8 For each 107 Gentleman Jim star, 1942
56 Scuffle 9 Common solvent 109 She fell for Aeneas
57 Caterpillar hair 10 Remington et al. 111 Herbert of The Pink Panther
58 Gets a load of 11 Mazel ___ 113 Ill-mannered
61 Give off 12 Four corners st. 114 Addams Family cousin
62 Gerard or Hodges 13 Southern miss? 116 West addition
63 Not for the 14 Doing fabulously 118 Shortened,
15 Some clams
faint-hearted, as chili? 16 Milk org. as a dict.
67 Homophone of a car 17 Fargo’s loc. 120 Drink from a bowl
68 Sine or cosine preceder 18 Clamor 121 Substitute for a woman?
69 Bus. watchdog 19 Home of the Wildcats: abbr. 122 Green Party prefix
70 Kid of jazz fame 22 Bridge coup
71 Décolleté 27 Brief freedom?
73 Guy who produced the first 30 Product promenade
31 Dove’s home
wild west show in Little Italy? 33 MIT, for one
77 Early rescue vessel 35 Sign eliciting seatless gripes
38 Desert denizen
78 Mitchell’s plantation 39 Warm up
79 Azerbaijan neighbor 40 Say
80 TV host-motorcyclist 41 Just made
82 He’s a downer? 42 Zeniths
83 Tie up 43 1988 comedy, Married to
86 Brit. gold coin
87 Groom? ___
89 Simple organism 44 Site of many stars’ homes
92 Shoe size 46 Itty-bitty bones
94 Conger chaser 50 No longer working: abbr.
95 Cross-dressing film director

Wood et al.

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B20 February 14, 2020 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

ONGOING 14-16 The Music Man, present- 15 Asbury Short Film Concert, 1:30 or 17 Vero Beach Museum of Art Interna-
ed by the Vero Beach High 7 p.m. at Vero Beach Museum of Art tional Lecture Series presents journal-
Riverside Theatre: Lost in Yonkers on the School Performing Arts Dept., 7 p.m. Fri. & Sat.; hosted by Asbury Shorts founder/director Doug ist/editor William Middleton on the Enlightened
Stark Stage thru Feb. 23. 2 p.m. Sun. at VBHS PAC. $10 & $15. 772-564- LeClaire. $25. 772-231-0707 Patronage of Dominique and John de Menil,
5537 20th century art collectors, 4:30 p.m. followed
Vero Beach Museum of Art: From Homer to 15 Live from Vero Beach presents Gram- by reception. 772-231-0707
Hopper exhibit thru May 31. 15 Windsor Charity Polo Cup, benefiting my award-winner Judy Collins, 7 p.m.
Boys & Girls Clubs of IRC, Literacy Ser- at the Emerson Center; the Mental Health As- 17 An evening with retired Adm. William
McKee Botanical Garden: Ocean Sole Africa vices of IRC and the Humane Society of VB & IRC, sociation is the nonprofit partner. $40 to $125. McRaven, a 37-year Navy SEAL and best-
Exhibition thru May 31. gates open 10 a.m., 11:30 junior player demo, 800-595-4849 selling autthor, 5 p.m. at Quail Valley River Club
12 p.m. pavilion luncheon, 1:45 p.m. opening to benefit Navy SEAL Museum and Trident House
King of the Hill Tennis Tournaments: 6 p.m. ceremonies and 2 p.m. match. windsorcharity- 15|16 22nd annual Vero Beach Charities Program, including Navy SEAL canine
Tuesdays thru March 3 at the Moorings. Antique Show, 10 a.m. to demo and dinner. $1,000. 772-595-5845 x 216
4 p.m. at the Garden Club of IRC, sponsored by
FEBRUARY 15 Classic Car Show hosted by Vietnam Bougainvillea Circle. $2. Lunch available. 772- 17 Indian River Symphonic Association
Veterans of IRC, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 567-4602 presents violinist Joshua Bell and the
13 Concerts in the Park featuring Fred Good- Elks Lodge to support local veteran assistance Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, 7:30 p.m. at
night, 5 to 7 p.m. at Vero Beach Museum programs and housing. Spectators free. 16 Across a Barrier of Fear: The Life of Community Church of VB. 772-778-1070
of Art. BYO chair. $10 & $12. 772-231-0707 Eleanor Roosevelt starring Jane Van
15 Florida Craft Brew & Wingfest, 11:30 Boskirk, presented by American Association of 20 Live from Vero Beach presents The Rocket
13 Indian River Symphonic Association a.m. to 4 p.m. at Royal Palm Pointe to University Women, 2 p.m. at Vero Beach Theatre Man Show: A tribute to Elton John, 7 p.m.
presents the Russian State Symphony benefit charities supported by Sunrise Rotary. Guild. $40; students $20. 772-562-8300 at the Emerson Center. $30 to $95. 800-595-4849
Orchestra with pianist Polina Osetinskaya, 7:30
p.m. at Community Church of VB. 772-778-1070 15 TC Jazz Society presents the M&M 16 Songs from Stage and Screen, 3 p.m. at 22 Gator Gallop 5K Trail Run/Walk, 7:30
Latin Jazz Ensemble, 12:30 p.m. at the Christ by the Sea, featuring Broadway a.m. along the Lagoon Greenway to
Vero Beach Yacht Club, with proceeds benefit- and film favorites. $10 & $25. 0772-231-1661 benefit Indian River Land Trust. 772-794-0701.
ting the Jazz Scholarship Fund. 772-234-4600

Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN 22 MHA Rocks British Invasion Party, 7
in February 7, 2020 Edition 1 CON 1 CABINBOY p.m. (6 p.m. VIP) at Oak Harbor Club
3 CHAIR 2 NAMESAKE to benefit Mental Health Association, featuring
6 TOW 3 COYOTE auctions, smorgasbord and dancing to EPCOT’s
8 BUMPY 4 ADMITS British Invasion band, BeatleBeat. $75 & $200.
9 MEGATON 5 REGAIN 772-569-9788 ext. 122
12 NAG 7 WANT 22 Vero Beach Opera presents its Best of
15 OAKS 11 LAW Broadway and Opera Concert, 7 p.m.
17 WREN 13 GRINNING at Vero Beach High School PAC. 772-569-6993
22 PAGETURNER 16 SAP 23 Atlantic Classical Orchestra and Vero
25 CORDIAL 19 RADISH Beach Museum of Art Chamber Music Se-
26 THICK 20 DEPLOY ries present American Modernism, featuring a mu-
27 ODD 21 BUTTON sical soundtrack to the VBMA exhibit, From Homer
28 HAYDN 23 ECHO to Hopper, 3 p.m. at VBMA. 772-231-0707 x 136
29 GIN 24 ARID

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