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When Annie´s day seems like it could not get any worse, it seems like the world will end... or will it?

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Published by Elisabeth Philaya, 2019-05-08 10:14:31

The New Beginning

When Annie´s day seems like it could not get any worse, it seems like the world will end... or will it?

The New 

By: Elisabeth Philaya 


Annabelle, or Annie for short, who adores dogs, loves 
reading, and is devoted to painting, was just waking up from a 
fantastic dream. She was sitting by the warm beach, on the soft 
sand as the sun was setting.  



¨Monday, 7:30, wait Monday 7:30! Oh no, I have to be at 
work in half an hour!¨ she said. So she scrambled out of bed, 
darted past her artwork, and almost toppled over her precious 
dog, Cupcake, on her way to the shower. When she was done 
with her shower, she threw on a blouse and skirt, and then 
raced to her car. 

As she was driving along, she realized that she hadn't had 
her morning cup of coffee, and was falling asleep. So she 
stopped at the nearest Starbucks and got her usual coffee, a 
pumpkin spice latte. Then as she was getting back into her car, 
Boom! It started to downpour! It was practically raining cats 
and dogs! She couldn't see five feet in front of her. Then she 
remembered that she had a very important meeting this 
morning that it could make or break her job, and it started five 
minutes ago. 

She still couldn't see very well. She was as blind as a bat in the 
rain and this was not making to be a very pleasant day for her, 
so she kept driving, not looking forward to getting to work. 
When she finally got to work, at 8:30, her boss, Mr. Grant, 
wasn't very forgiving and told her that she should start 
collecting her things and that it was her last day being a 
reporter at the SCP (Sampson City Press). 

She wasn't very surprised that she was getting fired 
because she had been warned the last three times she was late, 
that she should be on time and care more about her job, or she 
would lose her job.  



In fact, she had been anticipating that she would probably 
be late some time in the near future, that she had done some 
thinking, and she decided that she didn't want to be a reporter 
anymore. She wasn't very good at it anyway, because she could 
never get a very good scoop.  


I´m not A 

Very Good Reporter, Anyway. 




So she decided that she wanted to attend law school, and 
become a lawyer instead. Annie enrolled at Berkeley Law 
School, and got in. She wanted to make it her goal, to pass all of 
her classes, help the innocent, and help bring justice.   




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