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Harina Bhakta - Vision Board_SMART Goal

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Published by Harina Bhakta, 2020-10-26 23:05:45

Vision Board/SMART Goal

Harina Bhakta - Vision Board_SMART Goal

Who: Me, My family, my professors and faulty
What: I want to complete my goal of getting a bachelor's
in Nursing.
Where: Lone Star College System and my home.
When: In the next five years.
Which: I want to earn a bachelor's in Nursing. I have to
finish my two years of associate degree in the upcoming
year and start on my bachelor in Nursing. After I finish
getting my bachelor's degree in Nursing, I could get a
job and continue to take care of others and my family.

How: My progressed will be measured by what
grades I get in all of my classes and my credits.
How many: My goal consists of every exam for all
classes, credits for each classes and completing all
pre-requisites which brings my one step closer to my
How will I know when it is accomplished: I will
know that my goal is accomplished when I would
earned all the credits and completed all prerequisites
for my Bachelors.

Attitude: I am passionate attitude towards at learning,
completing my homework and assignments, and studying my
Abilities: I have accomplished something similar to such as
earning a EKG technician and a CPCT degree during my senior
year at high school. So, I am pretty confident in accomplishing
my goals.
Skilles: As I mentioned, I have earned 3 totals certificates, one for
Basic LIfe Support, one for EKG technician, and the last one for
CPCT. In addition to that, I'm skilled at teamwork, individual
work, time management, creative thinking, adaptability, and
Financial capacity: I have had the opportunity to recieved
financial aid for my first year and I am planning to apply for the
next 5 years.

What are you willing to work for: I am willing to work to
accomplish my goal to get my Bachelors degree.
What you can work for: I can work toward achieving this
goal by staying up to complete my assignments. I will also
improve my time management skills.
Subtancial progress: I will measure my progress by
checking all the prerequisite classes I have earned credits
for till I get my Associates degree first and then my
Bachelors degree.
High or low: This is a high goal as it a goal that I have to
accomplish to get my dream job. My motivation is also me
achieving my dream job with my dream career.

Date of completion: 2025
Increments to measure progress:
Major assignments, Midterms, Final
exams, registering for classes,
registering for FAFSA. I will measure
my credits and grades I get each
semester and making adjustments
according to that.

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