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Women in Church History

Women of Christian History

Keywords: Women,Church History

Women of Christian History
by Phyllis Ennist

Let’s learn about a few well-known women
from the churches history who have made the
Christian faith so strong and have changed the
world for good.

There are so many women that have been
leaders in church history that it was hard to
decide who all to include in this short list of
great women. Here is a few that have lead
many different roles, it may surprise you to
learn who they were and what they did to
make them so remembered and well-known.

List of Christian Women in the Book:

The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus (lived in 1st Century)

Mary Magdalene, A supporter and friend of Jesus (lived in 1st

Perpetua , Martyr who died for her Christian faith (lived in 3rd

Macrine the Younger, Proclaimed Doctrine, Teacher, Monastic
Home for Children (lived in 4th Century)

Hildegard of Bingen, Writer, Composer, and Pharmacist,
Botanist (lived in 12th Century)

Susanna Wesley, Mother of the Founder of Methodism,
Teacher (lived in 19th Century)

Bridget "Biddy" Mason, Nurse, Church Founder (lived in 19th

Phoebe Palmer, Writer, Missionary, and School Principle (lived
in 19th Century)

Amanda Berry Smith, Evangelist, Missionary, Traveling Preacher
(lived in 19th Century)

Kathryn Kuhlman, Evangelist, Preacher and Faith Healer (lived
in 20th Century)

The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus (1st Century)
Mary was the mother of Christ our Savior. The
angel from God called her highly favored
among women. She took care of Jesus until he
reached adulthood. She is the most famous and
the most respected woman in Christian history.

Mary Magdalene, A supporter and friend of
Jesus (1st Century)

Mary Magdalene was a faithful follower of
Jesus Christ. Jesus prayed for her, she was freed
from seven evil spirits that was bothering her.
She found a freedom is her new life. Because of
her love and kindness she supported Jesus’s
ministry and his expenses. She was there with
Jesus at his death and his burial. She was also at
the tomb with Mary the Mother of Jesus at the
grave site when his body had been raised and it
was not found in the tomb.

Perpetua , Christian Martyr who died for her
belief in Jesus (3rd Century)

Perpetua was twenty-two, born to a wealthy
family, and the mother of an infant son.
Perpetua and her new Christian friends were
imprisoned to await trial because they would
not pray to the empire’s gods. She kept her
baby with her in prison. They asked her many
times to deny she love God and believed in
Jesus as her Savior. When she would not obey
and lie about her faith in Jesus, she would lose
her life. In the 3rd Century some Christians lost
their life if they believed in Jesus as their God.

Macrine the Younger, Teacher, Started a Monastic
Home for Children and Women (4th Century)

Macrina was the oldest child of faithful Christians whose
parents were Martyrs in the 2nd century. Their oldest
offspring was their daughter Macrina (called Macrina the
Younger to distinguish her from her grandmother). She
was promised to be married at the age of twelve, after
the custom of that day, but when her future husband
died, she planned to devote her life to prayer, bible study
and to works of charity or kindness to others. After the
death of her father, she and her mother formed a
community of women (Monastic home) who shared her
goals. There were children that lived in the home also.
She often brought poor and hungry women home to be
fed, clothed, nursed, or otherwise taken care of, and
many eventually joined the community, as did many
women with money to help support the community.

Hildegard of Bingen, Writer, Composer,
Botanist and Pharmacist (12th Century)

She lived in Germany and was a writer,
composer, Christian mystic, visionary. She has
been considered by many in Europe to be the
founder of scientific natural history in
Germany. As part of her work, she raised plants
that were used in medicines to help people
from being sick. So wrote a play called Ordo
Virtutum (order of virtue) that was performed
in order to teach others how to understand
virtue or how to live a good life. She lived in a
monastery she helped to create together with
other people that worked and helped each

Susanna Wesley, Teacher and Mother of the
Founder of Methodism (18th Century)

“…although she never preached a sermon or
published a book or founded a church, she is
known as the Mother of Methodism. Why?
Because two of her sons, John Wesley and
Charles Wesley, as children consciously or
unconsciously will, applied the example and
teachings and circumstances of their home
life.” She was a great mother and wrote letters
to them about God’s truth.

Bridget "Biddy" Mason, Nurse, Church
Founder (19th Century)

Biddy was an African-American nurse and a
Californian real estate owner. She is the
founder of the First African Methodist Episcopal
Church in Los Angeles, California. Born a slave,
she developed a variety of skills and developed
knowledge of medicine, child care, and
livestock care. In California, she won her
freedom from slavery by asking the court to
declare her free. She was very good at her work
and faithful to Christ.

Phoebe Palmer, Writer, Missionary, and
School Principle (19th Century)

Phoebe Palmer was the most influential woman
in the largest, fastest-growing religious group in
mid-19th-century America—Methodism.
Because of her planning, missions (places that
helped to feed and teach people about Jesus)
were begun, camp-meetings (large outdoor
church meetings) were started, and many
thousands proclaimed the power of God to
change lives. She was given credit for growing
the movement that helped to start other
church groups that are still active today. She
helped to change women’s place in society and
in leadership in church ministry.

Amanda Berry Smith, Evangelist, Missionary,
Traveling Preacher (19th Century)

Amanda Berry Smith became well-known
internationally for her holiness preaching and
as an evangelist. She traveled to India and West
Africa in mission work and preaching in camp
meetings across the US. Her work helped to
spread the words of Christ and turned many
hearts to love for God and others. She created
an orphanage for African American children in
Chicago in 1895.

Kathryn Kuhlman, Evangelist, Preacher and
Faith Healer (20th Century)

She became well known for her "gift of healing"
despite, as she often noted, having no
theological training. An estimated two million
people reported they were healed in her
meetings over the years. She traveled to
meetings all over the world to pray for the sick
and tell about God's love. Many people were
healed in the worship time while singing about
Jesus Christ’s love for us. Her preaching
brought many to new faith in Christ as they
watched many healed and changed.

There are many things that young girls can
grow up to do in this life, looking at what others
have done hopefully will inspire a life of service

and help changed our world for the better.

The End

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