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this book is about a spy who woke up late and was late for his mission....

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Published by Elliston Rounds, 2019-05-15 13:14:44

The worst day ever

this book is about a spy who woke up late and was late for his mission....

The Worst Day Ever

Written by Elliston Rounds:

Hi my name is Jake Durango and my dad has the coolest job ever. His name is
Jarred Durango. We just got transferred from France. He was going on an
underwater mission for his new boss Ariana Pearl. To see if they can find other
agencies to see if they would like to work together instead of destroying each others
bases and all that. My dad overslept that morning and when he woke he was an hour
late. His house is like ten thousand feet tall and is highly protected.

He jumped out of bed and got dressed as fast as he could, grabbed his spy bag with
his blow darts, his laser pen, invisibility cloak and his spy outfit, and his cloning
device. He ran out to his car. His car was a cadillac with green and black stripes all
over it and it was in his garage. His car is nice and has missiles, and it can change
into anything.

As he was driving into enemy territory his engine shot and he was captured. He
was then taken into enemy territory. They took all his stuff and searched him for any
weapons, and they didn’t find any weapons. Then they threw him in their dungeon
and left some guards to watch over him.

They didn’t search one place. His cloning device that he was wearing on his
leg. In his cloning device, was a phone/ laser, and he called his boss,

“Ariana,” she said, “if you hear an enemy jet it will be me”.

When Ariana finally got to the Atlantic Ocean, she had to go through the whole entire
Coast Guard. While they were all in a coma, Jarred and Ariana had time to fix his

When they were done fixing Jarred’s Cadillac, they went to their other base in France.

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