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Published by CIKGU NOORAIDAH AHMAD, 2021-10-12 04:43:47



Once upon a time,
there was a llama with the fluffiest wool9

The young llama wanted a place to call home,

So it travelled all aroundthe world,

First, it went to the beach to live in the ocean.

''I might like it here,,, said the llama.
''There are lots of pretty shells and coral.,,

But a mean sea-lion pushed the llama away.
r'Youcan't live here/ blubbed the sea-lion.


r'Youdon't have fins to Swim in the water.,,
So the llama left the beach.

Next, the llama went to the trunk of a large tree.

'1 might like it here.
There are lots of fluffy clouds to look at,,,

said the llama.

Thellama tried to settle into a nest,
but a flock of birds pushed the llama out.

''Youcan't live here/' squawked the birds.
''Youdon't have wings to fly like us:'
So the llama left the mountains.

Finally, the llama went to the jungle.

''This is nice,,, the llama said.
''There are a lot of shady trees and butterflies here.,,

But a group of sloths waved the llama away.
f'Yo-u-u-uca't live h-e-e-e-re,'' the sloths said.

f'Youdon't have 1-o-o-o-ng arms to hang
from the v-i-i-i-nes like us.,,

So the llama left the jungle.

The llama wandered back
down the trail it had taken,
past the jungle and the nest and the beach.

ffOhwhere will I live?,, the llama cried.
f1have no place to call home.,,

The llama turned and saw a small child.

ffWhyare you crying.,,

'1Ve been all around the world
looking for a place to live.,,

'1 can't live with the seals,

because I have no fins to swim.

I can't live with the birds,

because I have no wings to fly.''

''And I can't live with the sloths,
because I don't have

long arms to hang from vines.''

The child smiled and gave the llama a big hug.
''That's okay/ said the child.

''Youhave fluffy wool which is great for hugs.'

And So, the child took the llama to its new home,
where it was always meant to be.

The End

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