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Meet the PDSA team


Chief Executive Officer


Finance Manager Senior Vet Hospital Manager


George Administrator Soweto Administrator


Printing done by ABC Press

Chairperson’s Report We welcomed a number of new members to the PDSA Council of
Jacques Smith Management last year and I am happy to report that they have all
made valuable contributions to the society in one way or another.
It was with regret however, that we said goodbye to two outgoing
members in Ms.Tumi Boikanyo and Ms. Sura Baird. Sura had been
with the PDSA for more than 12 years and we thank her for her time
and effort in promoting the well-being of the organisation. Thank you
to Tumi as well.

The Council of Management is a non-executive one, but we remain
actively involved in major strategic decisions and policy-making. The
mission of the PDSA remains unchanged and we continue to focus on
providing the best primary animal healthcare for those who cannot
afford the ever-increasing cost of private care.

As always a huge thank you goes out to every member, sponsor,
donor and corporation, for the ongoing support. Also to the
thousands of pet owners who visit us each month, thank you for
choosing the PDSA and thank you for entrusting us with the care of
your beloved pets. If you have not joined the society as members, I
encourage you to do so and to help spread the word about the work
that we do.

Once again the PDSA staff and management have shown that hard
work combined with a passion for caring for animals produces results
worthy of the praise they deserve. Congratulations to you all. We
acknowledge your dedication to our clients and their animals.

Jacques Smith


Chief Executive Officer’s Report
Patrick Horrigan

A warm welcome to all our faithful members and loyal supporters.

This past year has been dominated by our renewed focus on you, the pet owner.
Emphasis has been placed on improving the overall experience of a visit to our
many facilities. PDSA staff members around the country have responded well to
this focus and have shown amazing energy and commitment to our well-intended
efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank each and every one
of them for their individual contributions towards this goal. Well done to you all
and please keep it up.

On a sadder note, 2017 saw us bid farewell to Lori-Kay Stern. After years of
dedicated service to the PDSA, both in Cape Town and Soweto, Lori-Kay has
moved on. We thank her for her huge contribution and wish her well for the

We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Veronica Nel and Mr. Sango Mbiko who join the
PDSA family as Hospital Manager (Cape Town) and Administrator (Soweto)
respectively. We wish them both great success and happiness with the PDSA.

Sterilisation of cats and dogs has become another key focus area for the PDSA.
Here we fall in line with both local and international animal welfare
organizations. We have participated in many external sterilisation campaigns and
have performed many thousands of these procedures in our hospitals. In
addition, we strongly encourage and in fact now insist, that owners agree to
sterilise their animals if they are hospitalised or when they bring them in for their
vaccinations. While this move is sometimes met with resistance, we remain
steadfast in our intentions in this regard.

As we look ahead to our 82nd year in South Africa may I once again pay tribute
to all the management and staff for their dedication to the animals and extend
our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those who contribute to our success.
We would just not be able to succeed without your support.

Thank you.
Patrick Horrigan

“Bettering The Lives That Brighten Ours.” 5

Faircare’s six luxury villages are
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• Fantastic facilities, including clubhouse, dining rooms, bar, library and

swimming pool
• Active, like-minded communities
• Frail Care and Assisted Living suites
• Excellent security with controlled access
• Professional Management Teams
• All six villages operated by Faircape Retirement

For More Information Contact:
Juliet Bingham 021 815 5700 | 082 460 8609 | [email protected]



Sango Mbiko

This has been a truly inspiring year for PDSA Soweto as we saw it withstanding different
challenges and prevail. One of our mobiles was involved in an accident which resulted in it being
written off, to the glory of God there were no fatalities even though the assistant driver Paul
Mamashela and the AWA Iris Dlamini were badly injured. We are glad to say that Iris is back at
work and Paul is recovering well and we hope to see him back at work soon. We recently had
another misfortune where another mobile caught fire. Luckily our brave AWA Seun Singo
extinguished the fire with the help of the local community. These incidences
have not dampened the spirit but made us even more determined to work
hard to see PDSA grow even stronger. We have had an increase in the number
of spay and vaccination campaigns. This has been great exposure for PDSA.
We have seen many people attending these drives. Some of those people
have become our loyal clients. The number of partners has also increased and
those that we have been working with have been with us in all the
campaigns. Special thanks to Raahkee, Reena and all the volunteers
from PALS. We are glad to say that there has been a steady increase
in the number of patients visiting our hospital; our theatre has also
seen a slight increase in the number of operations performed.

We recently participated in the very successful WODAC Pet Expo
which gave us exposure to what the industry is offering, and we
made some good contacts. We also attended an event at UNISA
where Deputy President Mabuza and other Ministers were present.
It was a great platform for us to market PDSA to Government.

We are so grateful to our sponsors, donors and partners. UNISA and the Department of
Agriculture have been a pillar of strength for PDSA. We are working to strengthen the working
relationship to see that more animals are cared for. RCL Foods has been a blessing to us and our
animals through their monthly donation. They have helped us to reduce the cost of buying cat
and dog food. We have also recently extended the working relationship with Investec where we
host learners at the PDSA.

I would like to thank the PDSA Soweto staff for the commitment they have shown during the
absence of a leader. They organised themselves superbly and made sure that our doors were
always open. They did this with their compassion for animals, showing great dedication without
asking for anything in return. Not to forget our dedicated volunteers; they have been a lifeline for
us, may God bless them in abundance.

To all the donors and sponsors, thank you for making sure that the PDSA brand flies high.

Without your support this wouldn’t be possible. We would like to challenge you to 7
do more so that more animals are saved.


Moira Gibbs

2017 saw us welcome Kerry-Lynn Hawes, my assistant and trainee AWA to our team as well as our
CCS Vet, Dr Chris Blignaut. Kerry-Lynn left us again in October 2017 to be a stay at home mom.
Chris left us in December 2017 as he had completed his year of community service with us. We
would like to thank Leonie Ohlson for her 30 years of dedicated service at the PDSA, 23 of which
was in George; we wish her well and hope that she is still able to enjoy her early retirement.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Zuna Mouton and her family as they embark on a journey
relating to her health. In January 2018 we welcomed 2 new CCS Vets, Dr Vanessa Salisbury and
Dr Bevin Meyer to our team. Thank you to Chris Morton from Rubber Moulded Products for
supplying us with a rubber mat free of charge to protect the back of our bakkie. Thanks to Jack
and Cheryl Joubert from George, an anonymous donor and Dr Smith and the Kitten Cottage in
Cape Town, we successfully raised enough money to be able to purchase our 6 berth dog trailer
to do our own outreach sterilisations in the townships and rural areas. We have started with this
ongoing sterilization project of ours, but need donors to sponsor the sterilizations; the trailer also
now needs to be branded. The Southern Cape Dance Teachers Association put on a dance mosaic
in June 2017, at the George Arts Theatre, called “Dances for Dogs”. The PDSA was one of the
beneficiaries of this ballet production and it was stipulated that the donation that we received
had to be used for the sterilisations of township dogs. My Mother, Phyllis Salt, who worked for the
PDSA in Cape Town from 1955 to 1970, sadly passed away in November 2017.After all these years
she still remained a loyal friend to the PDSA and did so much for me especially with the organising
of the Wild Oats Farmers Market collections in Sedgefield; she will be sorely missed. Dr Chris and
Kerry assisted The Animal Care Team in Oudtshoorn with their sterilisation campaign in May 2017
where 104 animals were sterilized. Dr. Chris also assisted the Croft Animal Hospital in Great Brak
River with their “KAWS FOR PAWS” sterilization campaign on 28 August 2017. We also occasionally
assist CAT (Cat Assistance Team) Garden Route with their sterilisations and Uniondale Pet Care also
still rely on us to assist them with their sterilizations and adoptions. As we continually welcome
new volunteers and donations to our charity shop, it continues to do well and goes from strength
to strength, thanks to a wonderful team of ladies. After numerous complaints from the public, The
Eden Equestrian Centre in George has started a Pacaltsdorp Pony Club to educate and assist pony
and horse owners on how to treat and care for their animals. Donations to the PDSA were received
mostly from local and Western Province Horse Societies to vaccinate and deworm these ponies
and horses. As a result of her equine background, Dr Smith is the Veterinarian in charge and these
ponies and horses have each had 2 horse sickness vaccinations and two doses of deworming. MSD
Animal Health have very kindly sponsored equine passports for these ponies and horses so that the
owners and Dr Smith are able to keep track of each individual horse.


PDSA Staff Feature 2018 marks the 30th year of employment for Barbara
Barbara Comley Comley, fondly known as Mrs. C, the mother of PDSA.
As we celebrate this milestone we would like to thank
her for her support to all staff throughout the years and
for being the rock of the PDSA.

Barbara began working at PDSA in February 1988
although she was only supposed to start in March of
that year. Mr Fennesey who did the bookeeping passed
away and Mr Blassoples asked her to start her
employment a month earlier.

Barbara and her family moved to Worcester in 1981
and while there she worked for Worcester Vet Clinic but in 1987 her husband had
to move to Cape Town for business reasons and she moved to Cape Town the
following year – the late Sandy Severn and Pat Carney (who worked in the animal
welfare sector) had heard that she was moving to Cape Town and advised her to
apply for employment at PDSA. Mr Blassoples had just taken over running the
PDSA from Mr Wilkie who retired earlier in the year and he organized an interview
and the rest is history..30 years of history to be exact.

When asking Barbara what stands out the most for her, she responded “ I have
been part of so much and the PDSA staff have been like family to me. I think the
thing that stood out mostly for me was the kindness of the staff when Mr Comley
passed away and how they assisted my family with so much including Fatima and
her assistants to do the eats at the funeral; everyone attended the funeral.
I know that seems like a strange thing to stand out but I was deeply touched.
I also remember the fun times in the early mornings when Doreen and I would
drive to work and we would be flashing lights at the taxis and Doreen would chirp
away at the taxi drivers. I have met a multitude of wonderful people while working
here. I attended the opening of the Bridgetown admin building, George Hospital
and Mitchells Plain. It was a great day when Chantal was appointed to assist me
because up to that point I was trying to do everything on my own and there was a
lot of work”.

When asking staff about their memories with Barbara the thing that stands out
the most is the fact that she always has a personal touch; embracing the issues of
everyone and assisting in finding solutions and always comforting and
encouraging staff through their dark days while celebrating in their happiness .
Barbara throughout the years can be found behind her desk with her head down
busy meeting deadlines and ruling the finances with an iron fist.

Barbara is seen as the glue that holds all the bits together. Always a welcoming
smile and a great big heart in caring for animals.


Printing done by ABC Press

On the 1st of May we attended a Bridgetown community event. This event Community Events & Volunteers
brought together many organisations which service the area. We had a slot
in the programme where we could address the community about caring for
their animals. We were once again invited to the anuual Youth Day event in
Bokmakierie and as usual it was a well organised event. The PDSA was able to
liase with the community on issues around the care and well-being of their pets
and owners were encouraged to make use of the services at our Athlone clinic.
We entertained the kids with a jumping castle and facepainting; thank you to
Walter Daniels for always including the PDSA in this community event.

An education session was done with the Seventh Day Adventist youth during
their holiday programme. Max our resident dog was also present and it was
such a treat for many of the kids to have contact with an animal - thank you for
inviting us.

In Soweto our educational programme is starting to gain momentum once
again and we continue to work on promoting the PDSA as the organisation of
choice when it comes to animal care in Soweto.

During the June school holidays we had a total of 11
52 learners doing their community service and job
shadowing at our hospital in Cape Town. This year
we were visited by learners from a variety of schools
including Norman Henshilwood, Athlone High,
Bridgetwon High, Rondebosch Boys, Claremont High

and Muizenberg High. During their breaks the
volunteers enjoyed some time with our resi-
dent dogs, cats and donkeys; taking time out
to feed and groom them. They were also given
a task to act out a mini production on the five animal
freedoms which gave them an idea of the basic needs of
animals and our responsibility as their carers.

PDSA Sterilisation Campaigns 2018 The first of our sterilisation campaigns started in April this year with
an assigned 240 animals from the Wallacedene, Kraaifontein area.
The PDSA in conjunction with other animal welfare organisations
undertook this project with a target of 1448 animals being
sterilised by the end of June 2018. The project was City of Cape
Town funded and was overseen by the Cape Animal Welfare Forum.
In Wallacedene we found that animals lived in the most devastating
conditions, with many being tied on short leashes with no freedom
of movement, many severely malnourished with no access to water
in the soaring sun. For 8 weeks we scouted for animals in the area;
they were brought to our Bridgetown hospital where they were
sterlised, dewormed, vaccinated and treated for ticks and fleas and
then returned to their owners. We are happy to say that all targets
were reached. We were blessed with a donation of tick and flea
products by Marltons in Epping, Cape Town - thank you. Amongst
the many animals we also treated skin conditions with mange being
a major problem within the area. Animals were not returned
without the owners being educated about caring for their pets.

In line with Mandela Day celebrations we decided to sterilise a
minimum of 67 animals in the month of July. We identified Freedom
Farm as an area in much need after we had an education session in
2016 and returned on a few occasions to vaccinate, deworm and of-
fer a dipping facility. The area has no animal welfare service and the
animals are left to their own destriment in a densly populated area
where animals and children live closely. We felt a great need for the
sterilisation of animals as we witnessed litters and litters of
unwanted puppies. Thanks to FNB, Curo Fund Services and Mr
Gatiep (who is a regular PDSA donor) for their amazing contribution
and for allowing us to make this project a reality.


Thank you

We would like to extend our utmost
appreciation to the FNB team who joined
us on Mandela Day to do their 67
minutes of good. The 67 minutes turned
into a full day with the team joining us
at Freedom Farm which is the location of
our current sterilisation campaign. Once our work in Freedom Farm
was done we returned to our Bridgetown hospital and the team got into full
swing with cleaning, maintenance work and even gave the trees in our
garden a trim. Thank you so much for your passion and for dedicating your
time to our cause. The effort they put in on Mandela Day did not stop there,
they also motivated that the PDSA receives a donation from FNB which will be
utilised towards our work in Freedom Farm - THANK YOU!!!

A very special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert who year after year bless the
animals in poorer communities with a donation of food parcels. The latest donation
assisted the animals who benefited from our sterilisation campaign in Freedom Farm -
thank you!!

As we experience an all time shortage in our cat and dog food
supplies we would like to thank Morne Smit from Scientific
Veterinary Diets for his support with an amazing donation of dog
food that helped with feeding our patients a quality veterinary food.

With the ever increasing need for Our deepset sympathy
newspaper, we were forced
to buy paper from a company.
We have since established
a relationship with On the Dot distributors who allow us to
collect a pallet of newspaper whenever we have a
shortage. Thank you, your donation is truly valuable to us.

For the duration of cold winter months

we were blessed with a donation of

gas from Totalgaz. Thanks to you our

animals are kept warm and snuggly

during their period of recuperation. Our deepest condolences are

Thank you to PROMEAL extended to the family and
for the donation of dog friends of Sandy Severn. Sandy
has been a part of the PDSA for
14 and cat food. more than 30 years. Her pleasant
manner and great heart will be
sorely missed by all at PDSA.

Treasurer’s Report

The financial year ended 31st March 2018 was another tough one for the PDSA.
Without the continuous help of our generous donors, we would have had to dig much
deeper into our reserves this year. It is pleasing to report that we were still able to treat
over 153,000 animals.

Total income was up by R1.5m (6.7%) over the same period last year. Investment
income showed a healthy increase (15%) over last year with trust income remaining
fairly constant. Collections direct from the public continues to rise albeit at a slower rate
than the previous 4 years. Total expenses were up by 5.2%.

The net result was a reported operating loss of R2.85m before bequests. This is an
improvement on the loss reported last year. After bequests of R2.58m, we ended up
with a net deficit of R273, 504.

The PDSA has placed renewed emphasis on containing the main cost drivers, being staff
costs, medicines and consumables. This is in the interest of long term sustainability
without compromising the standards of our service offering.

Thank you - Dr Tiksha Modi, Acting Treasurer.


Total Income (Excluding bequests) Total Expenses (Including Capital Expenditure)

2017 R 20 047 323 2017 R 23 724 411
2018 R 21 566 809 2018 R 24 572 400

INCOME 2018 2017 EXPENSES 2018 2017
Trust Income 20% 22% Services 86% 84%
Investment Income Admin Expenses 13% 14%
28% 26%
Public Donations 47% Capex 1% 2%
3% 47%
Other 3% 15
Fundraising 2% 2%

Balance Sheet

For the year ended 31 March 2018

Assets 2018 2017
Non-current assets
Property, plant and equipment 57 357 163 57 324 327
Investments 7 538 860 7 538 860
49 818 303 49 785 467
Current Assets
Trade and other receivables 2 818 748 2 937 656
Cash and cash equivalents 101 629 48 954

2 717 119 2 888 702
60 175 911 60 261 983

Equity and Liabilities 58 853 110 59 275 202
49 346 890 49 768 982
Capital and reserves 4 000 000 4 000 000
General reserve 1 006 220 1 006 220
Provision for establishing new clinics 2 000 000 2 000 000
Hospital development fund - equipment 2 500 000 2 500 000
Equipment replacement reserve
Vehicle replacement reserve 1 322 801 986 781
60 175 911 60 261 983
Current liabilities
Trade and other payables

Total equity and liabilities


Income Statement

For the year ended 31 March 2018

Operating Income 2018 2017
Collections direct from the public R R
Net income from fundraising
Insurance claim 21 139 750 19 701 714
Membership fees 10 060 206 9 417 477
Municipal grants 355 358
Investment income 398 447 12 114
Rental income 20 958 3 550
Trust income 2 570 0
0 5 178 935
Other income 5 993 568 242 058
Admin/management fees received 291 952 4 492 222
Other income 4 372 049
345 609
Total income 427 059 345 609
427 059
Expenditure 0
(Deficit) / Surplus 0
20 047 323
Bequest income 21 566 809
23 219 594
Net (deficit)/surplus 24 423 810 (3 172 271)
(2 857 001)
4 194 795
2 583 497 1 022 524
(273 504)


The PDSA is governed by a Council of Management CHAIRPERSON: Mr Jacques Smith
TRUSTEE: Mrs Dinah Stell
MEMBERS: Ms Ruth Heldsinger
Mrs Yvonne Read
Mr Shaun Schneier
Ms Lesley Jones
Dr Faheema Kimmie-Dhansay
Mrs Zarina Meyer
Mr Tozie Zokufa
Mrs Ilze Van Der Berg


The Annual General Meeting will be held at 12h30 for 13h00 on
19 September 2018 at the PDSA, 38 Tarentaal Road, Bridgetown,
1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting
held on 20 September 2017.
2. To receive and consider the Annual Report.
3. To receive and consider the Annual Financial Statements.
4. To elect members of the Council and Trustees.
5. To elect auditors.
6. To consider any other business.


T: 021 638 5134/5 E: [email protected]

The PDSA is proudly audited by

18 Shrand & Ekermans Inc
Chartered Accountants (SA)

Where to find us


Tarentaal Road 1188 Moroka Nancefield Road Pienaar Street
Bridgetown Mofolo South Conville
Gatesville 7766 PO Box 1188 PO Box 9665
T: 021 638 5134/5 Klipspruit 1837 George 6530
F: 021 638 4096 T: 011 984 4340 T: 044 875 8300
E: [email protected] E: [email protected] F: 044 875 8686
E: [email protected]
Aden Road Stand 5886, Zone 5 MOBILE CLINICS
Athlone Pimville, Soweto Andersonville Asla Park
T: 021 696 7268 T: 011 933 2608 Albertina Ballotsview
Bergplaas Beervlei
Bamboo Street Bosmont Europe Farleigh
Lentegeur Eldorado Park Friemersheim Great Brak River
T: 021 371 2440/1 Eldorado Park Ext 4 Gourtizmond Harmony Park
Ennerdale Hoekwil Hornlee
MOBILE CLINICS Jan Hofmeyer JCC Camp Clinic Karatara
Atlantis Lenasia Sqatter Ext 9 Kleinkrans Kwanongaba
Belhar - Ext 13 Lenasia South Ext 4 Langeni Little Brak River
Bonteheuwel Lindhaven Mossel Bay Ext 6, 8 & 13
Eastridge Noordgesig Parkdene Protea Park
Kensington Orange Farm Rheenendal Rosemore
Kuilsriver Protea Glen Sedgefield Thembalethu
Mamre Pimville Urbansville
Manenberg Riverlea Wilderness
Rocklands Zakaria Park Wilderness Heights
The Hague - Delft
Voorbrug - Delft





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