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Fedra Balfousia


It was a beautiful morning. I woke up full of joy I was excited to go
to school to see my friends and learn more about ancient China. But my
mood changed when I went in the bus. Two girls from a bigger class
were teasing two kindergarten girls.The mean girls were laughing at the
small girls. I felt so bad for that mean behavior.

We arrived at school and I walked in my class sadly. Mrs. Smith,
my teacher understood that something was going wrong. She asked me
why I was in a bad mood. I told her the reason that I was so sad. In the
bus two big girls were bullying two smaller girls. Mrs. Smith thanked me
for being honest.

When my classmates arrived at school Mrs. Smith started talking
about bullying. She started discussing why people bully and how to
protect ourselves. People bully because their parents don’t show enough
love or care and they want revenge, and we can protect ourselves by
telling an adult or ignoring them.

After class we went outside and we all played as a group. We care
and respect each other. If we say something mean because we are
angry we always say sorry to each other.

During second recess, me, Rachel and our classmates were
playing basketball. We had a lot of fun. Then the two mean girls jumped
in the game and stole the ball and one of the girls through the ball to me
but very hard and on purpose. My finger broke! I started to cry. I
suffered. My friends helped me and were there for me. They caught the
girls and took them to the principal's office.

I went to the hospital and the girls had a meeting with the principal
and their parents. Bullying should stop! A few days later the two mean

girls approached me and apologized for their behavior. I accepted their
apology and asked their names.

“ My name is Molly.’’
“My name is Christie. ’’
“My name is Sierra. ’’
“Do you want to be friends?’’ Molly and Christie were surprised
and excited. They hugged me and they accepted my proposal. We were
all happy as a group.

Gala Cvetkovski


Once upon a time there were two mean girls and two kind girls.
The mean girls were rich and had fancy clothes. The kind girls were
poor and had ripped clothes.The mean girls had a castle and giant
rooms, their names were Clara and Lara and they were sisters. They
had separate rooms and had separate dogs. One day one of the sister’s
dog died. She yelled “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

She came crying to her mom and she said, “m-my dog died!!!”
Her mom said, “tell the guards to take it away” and they did.
“Mom can I get a new dog ??” she asked.
Her mom said yes and she got to choose what kind of dog she
The next day it was time for school.They woke up at seven
o’clock.They had a massage before school so they were late.They did
not even get punished.
The kind girls arrived on time to school everyday. The kind girls
had only a tent not even a pet. Their names were Maddie and Paige.
Maddie and Paige were hurt by Clara and Lara. They were on the
monkey bars and the mean girls pushed them.They had to go to the
hospital. They were so sad because it was their birthday and they spent
their birthdays in the hospital.
When it was the mean girls’ birthday everyone came, even the
teacher. They had lots of presents and three layered cake with two
crowns on the top. Their birthday was in the backyard in the castle.
In P.E they can choose to play games or workout.The mean girls
always chose to play games and the kind girls always to workout.

The kind principal said to the PE teacher, “You should give Maddie and
Paige a brake, they have been working a lot. And Clara and Lara have
just been playing games and they should be in trouble.”

The next day they had PE again.The mean girls had to jog 5 laps
and the kind girls got games.The kind girls refused and they chose to jog
with the mean girls. The PE teacher was amazed, “yesssss. That's my
strong and friendly girls.”

The mean girls chose to be kind girls because they saw the kind
girls wanted to jog with them.

Turner Garrett

Jack and the Kindergarteners:
Attack of the Pencils

One day, in the middle of a school day, it was writing time for the
whole school. The kids didn't like writing so they threw their pencils out
the window then they grew, grew, and grew until they got giant and
turned into monsters and attacked the city.

The reason the pencils grew is because the gardener accidentally
spilt toxic water on the grass. It mixed with the grass. Jack, the
kindergartener, said to the other kindergarteners, “lets go to our secret
base and craft some weapons!”

So they crafted knives and saws. Then they went out of the school
and tried to fight the pencils. Then the pencils fought back with their
pointy heads and erasable butts. The kindergarteners used their knives
and cut off the pointy heads. So the pencils used their erasable butts
and erased half the kindergarteners!

Jack got so mad that he cut them in half and they shrank back to
normal pencils. “Hey Guys!” Jack screamed, “Cut them in half so they

Everyone cut them in half and they all shrank back into normal
pencils. “Yay!” Everyone screamed. They all went back to their normal
classes. Now everyone wanted to do writing.

Ana Georgievska

Trapped in the Attic

Once there was a girl who lived in Los Angeles with her parents and
sister. They loved it there, but one day they had to move to Las Vegas
because of her dad’s job. All of them were sad except her dad he was a
little happy about moving to Las Vegas.

They packed all day and all night until they were finished. They finished
at 7:00 am sharp. At 7:20 am they left to Las Vegas. They drove for about
seven hours. The girl thought the drive was boring to Las Vegas, her sister
thought the drive was ok to Las Vegas, but her parents thought it was
awesome because her parents were listening to Rock and Roll music the
whole time.

When they arrived they saw there BIG HOUSE. They were SHOCKED.
The inside of the house was very cozy and not that bright in fact it was just
perfect. But the best part was that there was a room with a big playground.

As soon as they stepped inside they saw a note for Emma. Emma took
it and read it in her new room. It said Dear Emma I wanted you to read this
because BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA. After she read the note her parents
called her for lunch. She said ok.

She went downstairs to eat her lunch. When she took her lunch her
mom and dad asked her what did the note say. Emma didn't reply and just
went to eat her lunch. Her mom got really worried because she didn't reply.
As soon as Emma finished her lunch she went to her room. When Emma
came in her room she heard a loud noise from the roof. Emma looked up
and saw a hole in the wall. Emma raced downstairs to get a ladder. As
soon as she went upstairs she opened the ladder and climbed up in the

When she climbed up in the hole she saw that the hole in her room was
not a hole it was an attic that was full of junk. “Wow it was dirty,” said
Emma. Then Emma decided to clean the attic.

As soon as Emma turned around the door from the attic closed. Emma
got really scared because she was alone. Suddenly she heard a loud noise
again. She got even more scared this time. Then there was another noise,
but this time the noise was not the same. The noise sounded like a small
puppy barking. Emma looked around to see if there was any clue of the
puppy, but all Emma could see was a dark attic.

Emma tried to find the light switch with her hands, and she did. She
turned on the light. Now she could see much much better. Emma saw a
small shadow between two boxes. Emma went there and saw a small
puppy. It was so so so cute. Emma and the puppy wanted to get out as
soon as possible. Emma yelled “HELP HELP.” Suddenly her mom heard
Emma yelling”HELP ME! HELP ME!”

Her mom raced up stairs and said “where are you Emma?”
Emma said “I am up here.”
Her mom saw the ladder and took Emma and her new puppy from the
attic. Emma and her new puppy and parents and sister lived happily ever

Osira Harris


My name is Rhy. I planned to meet up with my dance team, Atway,
to practice for the dance competition. Power Surge, another dance team
has something else coming; we are going to win. We will meet at the
front of the school with my friends. This time we will beat them. Well, I
hope so. I don't know... whatever. I can't wait!

“Hello Kayla,” I said.
“Hi Rhy. I can't wait until the dance competition.”
Rhy replied, “Me too. I wonder if the girls can’t wait. Have you seen
“No, not since Monday.”
“Oh yeah, me too. Are they late?” I asked.
Kayla replied “I don't know. I think so. Let's split up and look for
them. Meet back in 10 minutes ok?”
“Ok good luck” said Rhy.
“yes you too,” said Kayla.
Rhy shouted, “Ellie! Ellie! Girls! Madison! Hello girls. There you
are! Where have you been?”
“um looking for you,” said Madison.
“Really? Oh girls. Is that Quin? Quin there you are. Come girls we
need to meet up with Kayla. Oh there is Kayla. Come on, let's go to her.
I found them Kayla,” said Rhy calmly.
“Oh girls I was looking for you,” Kayla said. [BELL RINGS]
“Oh speaking of looking for you I am not looking forward to be
late,” Rhy mumbled. “Lets go to class and fast!”
“Um what class is it?” said Quin.
“I don't know” said Kayla tieredley.

“I do: math” answered Madison.
“Nooooooooooooooooooo, ug lets go. I guess,” sighed Rhy.
“Now class what is 100 x 20=,” asked Ms. Garrett.
“um I got it 120,” calmly said Madison.
“No I know 300,” said Kayla.
“No I know,” said Rhy.
“Yes, Rhy,” said the teacher.
“Yes. Now what is 20 x 5?” said the teacher.
“90” said Ellie.
“no 95” said Quin.
“no 100” said Madison.”
“ Yes” said Ms. Garrett. “Now what is 20 + 90?”
“100” said Kayla,
no 190 said Madison ,
“ no 110” said Rhy.
“Yes” said Ms. Garrett.

“Bye” said Quin.
“Come on girls what's the next class?” Said Kayla.
“ Not something that involves math I guess,” giggled the girls.
“I know Art let's go” exclaimed Madison.
“ Class draw a rat” said Ms.Kristina.
“oh ok” said Rhy.
“Grab the paint the brushes” said Madison.
“ paint fight” Madison shouted .

“Our uniforms” said Rhy sadly. Paint splashes on the girls’
uniforms. “No my I mean our uniforms. Oh great now we can’t be in the
dance competition. The Dance competition starts in 30 minutes.”

15 minutes later
“Oh No we are running out of time come on” said Rhy in a sad
“Ok I do not want to watch power surge win ug this is bad this is
very bad very very bad” said Kayla disappointedly. “Oh no 5 minutes
past we have like 10 more minutes.”
“Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. We are really running out
of time. NOOOOOOOO huh” groaned Rhy.
One day later
“well I guess we didn't watch Power Surge win” Rhy said. “well life
is life and I am happy I am alive and I should be. Wait yes I remember I
got us all extra uniforms. Well we can't compete in the dance
competition this year, but I can next year. I can't wait. I am so happy that
I can compete next year!”

Leona Manton


Boom! Kaloosh! Kaloosh! Splat! Splat! I’m going down the stairs of
my house. I try to find my dad. And then I find him in front of the
television. But before I went down the last step I saw …….. a werewolf! I
got freaked out so I ran to the couch. But then my dad looked at me and
…...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ring! Ring! Ring!! Whew! It was just a

This time I go down the stairs. I look to see if the werewolf is still
there. No. It isn’t. Then I go to the couch. I ask my dad what we are
going to do today. It took him a while to answer and when he did he said,
“I don’t know.”

“How about we go to the Amusement Park,” I suggested.
“Ya … That’s a great idea,” he complimented. “I’ll ask your Mom,”
Dad said. “Hey honey can we go to the Amusement Park?!” shouted
“Sure,” said Mom.
“Okay, then it’s decided.We are going to the Amusement Park,”
said dad.
When we got there you had to go on a little train that took you up
on a hill where the Amusement Park was. There were so many fun rides.
There was this circle tree with chairs, a carousel, and bumper cars. I
asked, “Can we go to the Haunted House?”
My dad said, “I think it’s a good idea to go in when it’s night so that
it would be more scary.”
“Okay,” I said. So I rode a lot of fun and dangerous rides like a
loopy roller coaster, the teacup ride, and a jumpy water coaster. After a
while it was time to go to the Haunted House!

“It’s time to go to the Haunted House….Right?”
“Yes. It is,”said dad. When we got to the Haunted House I realized
that it was so big and dark. We were on this little train, so I went in and
after some time (I was pretty bored) I saw a shadow! So I got out of the
train and followed it. It was pretty hard to follow because it was going in
the working space of the Haunted House. But then I saw it. It was a baby
werewolf. And then I also heard the train. I saw the baby werewolf on the
tracks. I grabbed it before it got hit, but it still got a scar. The parents
came and thought that I made the scar on purpose and was about to run
away with the baby werewolf, so I could torture it because it’s a
werewolf. (Wow the parents have a BIG imagination.) But before they
could attack me the baby werewolf (I was thinking about it’s name)
explained the truth to his parents. How I went out and followed it, how I
didn’t hurt it because it was a werewolf and, how I saved it.
Meanwhile, I got back on the train and enjoyed the rest of the ride
even though it wasn’t so scary and there wasn’t much more of the ride. I
kept thinking about the baby werewolf and how I saved it. I will never
forget the day I saved a baby werewolf in an Amusement Park and to be
more precise in a Haunted House.

Una Masevska

The Rescue

Once upon a time Unicorn had two best friends named Cookie and
Milk. They were talking while going to school. The other group of friends
Milkshake, Chocolate and Sprinkles were going also to school together.
All of a sudden a boom sound came. The whole group of friends and
best friends were all so scared. “Who can save us?” they were asking.

“Sprinkles can save the day!” said Chocolate. She had powers
and a bag full of magic sprinkles. Chocolate had a trampoline. Maybe it
will help? The boom sound came from the landing of the spaghetti
monster. He looked like spaghetti full of meatballs mixed with sticky
ketchup and stinky cheese.

“We have to destroy the monster!” said Milk. Would the trampoline
work and kill the monster? Sprinkles had a full bag of magic sprinkles ,
she jumped on the trampoline, she bounced high above the monster and
dropped the magic sprinkles on the monster. So the magic sprinkles
exploded in the monsters body and the spaghetti was all over the place.
The monster was finally dead!

“YAY!!!!!! We were all happy
because we made it! We rescued all
the kids and now we are safe on the
road to school!” said Unicorn.

Nikolas Mitchell

The Crime Scene

Boom! There was loud explosion happening at the CBP bank.
“He’s getting away!” said Ronald Smith, the police officer.

“The Termainter is on his way to his bunker,” said the Boss.
“How do you know?” asked Ronald Smith, the police officer.
“I know because I tracked him,” said the Boss. “Call the
“Yes sir!” said Steve Roger, the police officer.
“The SSC is turned on. Now we have to wait,” said the Boss...
“Finally you are here.”
“Sorry I’m late,” said the Shapeshifter. “I had to deal with a crime.”
“Who cares about a little crime.” said the Boss. “Ok where was
I...uhh O-yeah I remember.” said the Boss. “The Terminator took the
CBP’s money and we need you to stop him.”
“One question: Why does he want money?” said the Shapeshifter.
“We don’t know?” said the Boss. “Go get him!”
“Yes sir!” said the Shapeshifter. “I see the Terminator; he’s on his
way to the president’s house,” Shouted Shapeshifter as he ran after him.
The Terminator was in the president’s office. “Put that paper down,
or else...” said the Terminator.
“Or else... what?” said the president. “Or else I will shoot you.” said
the Terminator.
“Don’t shoot him!” said the Shapeshifter, “Because if you shoot
him, than I will call the F.B.I and the C.I.A.”
“We will see.” said the Terminator.
“Catch him!” said the president.

“Yes, sir!” said the Shapeshifter. “I found him! He is headed to the
metro. Call the others!”

“Yes sir.” said the president.
Shapeshifter headed to the metro. “Finally you are here, it has felt
like an hour!” said the Shapeshifter. “Ok Forcer, you help me to take
down the Terminator. And you, Rocker, stay on the metro just in case if
he tries to plan something else.”
“Ok.” said Forcer. “Let’s go!” It took them a while to beat him. But
eventually, they captured him and put him in jail.
“Can we have a break!?” Asked the Shapeshifter.
“No!” said the Boss.
“Why!!!?” asked the three superheros.
“No no no no noooo!!!” said the Boss. “Our work is never done!”

Martin Samec

Sideways School Chapter 31: Henry

Henry is small, has brown hair, and blue eyes. He is very cute. He
has one problem: He always forgets his things even his lunch.

The other kids are very nice to him and share their lunch with him.
Sue gives him some of her soup and Rondi gives him a sandwich. Some
other kids share fruits and vegetables.

One day Rondi said “I don’t want to share my lunch with Henry
anymore he should learn how to take care of his own things!’’

Sue said same thing too. Everyone stopped giving him food so he
didn't have anything to eat.

Then Miss Jewels came down to him and said, “You should really
start bringing your own food.’’

“I know Miss Jewels but I just can’t remember it.”
“Henry listen it is normal to forget things even I sometimes do that.
I sometimes forget to brush my teeth! So you can remember your lunch I
will write a letter to your mom to help pack your lunch.”
“Good idea Miss Jewels. I think that would really help me.”
The letter said: Dear Henry’s mom, please pack Henry some lunch
because he didn’t have any lunch for 5 days!
His mom was very shocked after reading the letter and asked
Henry “did you really not have any lunch for 5 days?”
“Yes” Henry answered. Next day Henry came to Miss Jewels and
said, “Look Miss Jewels my mom finally packed me some lunch it is a
cake, a sandwich, and fruits and vegetables plus some lunch for the kids
that shared their lunch with me.”
“That is very nice of you, Henry. Sharing is always super.”

Anja Anderson

Why Am I Lonely?

Ugg! “Where are we?” it was the first breath I took in before I saw
my annoying little brother bouncing around our domaine. How did it start,
you ask? Well I will tell you from the very beginning.

The moment when I first opened my eyes it was torture from my
brother Flash. For the first couple of days it was fine. I learned that I live
in a putstore then I learned that I live in a petstore too! It's all very
confusing, but back to the point. I am sooooo not happy that I have a
little brother. Every time I try to hide and get some sleep my bro wakes
me up then purrs at me to get in the spot I’m in. Almost every time I say
no, but almost every time he outsmarts me. I never know what he is
thinking but if I did I would prob’ly easily outsmart him but not now.

I live in California and it’s HOT!! Very hot! Scalding! Even so every
time I ask to go outside my mom comes up with some weird excuse like:
you’ll burn to death, you don’t wanna get blisters, you'll sizzle.

Chapter Two
One hot summer morning I was niblin on my dandelions and I
noticed a little boy and his mama walk into the put-store or pet-store
whatever its called!! My brothers Flash and Lightning and my sister
Midnight all ran to the door of the cage to see what was happening but
me and mom stayed at the dinner chip. Then a treacherous thing
happened. I was separated from my family!! I was picked by someone
else! I was kinda happy that I was not being KILLED by my brother but
the home that I lived in was lonely. After a week it was pretty boring. By
that time I haven't played with anyone so I broke out. Finally a little
challenge for my teeth!

Chapter Three

So after I broke out I went out in the world to find my family. First I
went to the pet-store or put-store and I went to find my bro, but my family
was not there so I walked out of that place full of devastation.

When I was halfway to my new boring life and home, a dog
catcher found me and caught me in a net. I thought that was the end of
the line for me but turns out my family was looking for me and ended up
in the same situation!!!

So yes I was with my family and three days later a girl that smelled
like my mom came and bought us from the pound. She told me that I
could be whatever I wanted to be and guess what I'm writing this book
from the president's office! It just goes to show that if you’re little you can
do big THINGS.

Max Dyer

The Legendary Game

“They’re coming bros,” Alex whispered.
“BOOM!” the gang shouted as they tripped the bullies with a rope.
“WE GOT EM BOYS!” Alex shouted. The Speeders gang were
Jack, Luke, Tom and Alex. “This time we’re making a deal. If we win we
call your parents. If you win you beat us up.”
“GOT IT!” the bullies exclaimed. It was The Speeders versus the
bullies gang called The Reckers.The Reckers are John, Maximus, Keag
and Nick.
The football match started!!!!! Alex got the ball and he dribbled.
Tom shouted, “Cross it!” so Alex passed. Tom did a bycicle kick and
scored!!! It was 1-0 for The Speeders. They all cheered for Tom. “Great
job Tom!” shouted all The Speeders.
All The Reckers went at the end of the court. So Nick the goley
passed to keag he did a header and passed to John. John also did that
and passed to Maximus. They all did that ten times and on the eleventh
time they scored!!! It was 1-1. They all cheered for John. Then Jack
passed to Luke. Luke passed but when he passed John blocked it. John
shot but Jack blocked the ball. John got the ball this time. John blocked
it and passed to Maximus. He shot and scored!!! It was 2-1 for the The
Reckers. Jack the goalie passed Luke got it and passed to Alex. Alex
shot. Nick blocked it; however, Alex did a header and scored!!! It was 2-
2. There was one minute left. Nick passed to John, but then Tom got the
Alex shouted, “Cross it!” so he passed. Alex did a bicycle kick and
scored!!! It was 3-2 for The Speeders!!!!!!! So The Speeders called their

parents. When their parents heard that they were bullying, the bullies
were grounded for a year.

Ethan Lee

The Fight

Once upon a time a guy name John and his horse named Black
were in a castle talking about the problem. The problem was that there
was a five headed snake on the loose, and that John had to save the
castle, so the king asked John, “what are your favorite places to be?”

“Ruined castle, rainforest, and dense forest,” he answered
puzzledly. “Why?” he answered again puzzledly.

“Because each one of those places have a monster in them, and
when you defeat a monster or a beast you put them in the desert so they
cannot damage anything. That's why they’re your favorite places” the
king said out of breath.

John ran out the city gates into the rainforest. Then John saw the
beast. He tried to get his sword and shield and it wasn't there so he ran
back to the castle and said “Where is my sword and shield?”

“They’re right here” said the king tiredly.
So John got the sword and shield and then ran back to the
rainforest. He thought the beast would come, but it didn't. So John had
to find the beast.
“John” said Mike loudly.
“What?” said John surprisingly.
“I'm going to help you” said Mike happily.
“Okay fine” said John unsurprised.
So they went in the rainforest. Mike saw a thing slithering in front
of a few feet away from Mike. “John” said Mike terrified.
“What” said John.
“there it is” said Mike.
“Yes i see it” said John. “Attack” said John with excitement.

“Attack?” said Mike puzzledly. “Why do we have to attack the
beast? why can't we attack the butterflies?”

John ran to the beast and swung his sword and missed. Then Mike
tried to attack it with his shield. He ran and jumped and the beast spun
around and Mike fell to the ground as John tripped over the beast’s tail.
John saw a wristband on the snake’s neck. “There is the wristband,” said

“Where?” said Mike confused.
“There, it’s on the middle head” said John.
Mike ran to the middle head, and jumped with his spiky shield and
got a piece of the wristband, but his shield was stuck.
“Let go of the shield” shouted John.
“Never in a lifetime” shouted Mike. Finely Mike lets go of his shield
and he falls to the ground with a thump. Thump! Mike dropped the spiky
shield in the air and was about to hit the thing on the monster, so John
had an idea. As the spiky shield went down to the wristband on the
monster, John tried to slice the medal wristband and at the same time
the spiky shield and the sword sliced the medal wristband in half and
John and Mike saved the castle from getting destroyed. However, they
had to take the five headed snake to the desert, and he did, and on his
shield there was a picture of the five headed snake and when John rubs
the snake picture the snake comes to help him. So everyone had a party
and celebrated in the castle.

Keagan Root

Monster Game

I hate those two boys. They walk through our woods and leave
trash. Rrrrrrrrrr. Next time they walk through our dark woods, we will
challenge them to a monster soccer game and make a deal: if they lose
we will eat them! Hahahahah! And if they win they get to walk through
our dark woods. Now spy on them. I think they are here now. I will meet

“Hello do you want to make a deal? Good.This is the deal if we win
the soccer game we will eat you and if you win you can walk through our
dark woods. Got it? Good. Then you got a week to practise. Bye.”

Boys let’s get to work. We got a game to win. Go go go men.
It has been a week.
Jake and Luke are here.
“Hello. Come in. Are you ready?” the monster asked.
“Yes we are,” said Luke.
“Good,” said the monster. “This way. Let's start.”
“We get ball first,” said LUKE.
“Pass!” shouted JAKE.
”OK.” JAKE dribbled then passed to LUKE. LUKE shot but the
goalie blocked it. The goalie passed to the Headless horseman. The
horseman dribbled and passed to the Grim reaper and dribbled and shot
but Jake blocked it. Jake passed to Luke. Luke passed to Jake. Jake
shot and scored.The score was 1 to 0.
The monsters were angry.The goalie punched the ball to the goblin
and the goblin shot and scored.It was 1 to 1.The goblin shouted, “ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”! The monsters used fire to burn the kids.There

was one minute. Luke shot through the fire and scored! It was 2 to 1.
Luke and Jake won! So that is that. Every day Luke and Jake walked
through our dark woods and leave trash and we have nothing to do
about it.


Mathis Ethienne Tomagian

Mike’s Flightless Flight

One day in the year 2050 flies have developed the intelligence and
strength to build their own mini villages. Ladybugs have done the same
and have become mortal enemies and declared war.

One particular fly named Mike had to face a particularly strong
ladybug with a sword. The battle went on for minutes which seemed like
days until the ladybug named Warrior Ladybug cut Mike’s wings off. He
was forced to forfeit. Mike, instead of flying, had to walk to reach Wise
Ladybug’s house.

After a few hours talk Mike successfully coaxed Wise Ladybug to
call the war off, but it didn’t help Mike grow wings, so Wise Ladybug told
Mike to go to Fly Rock and get new wings. Mike knew it would be a long
and dangerous journey, so he went to find his best friend Dodo to help
him on his journey. “So where should we go to first?” Dodo asked
wearily, aware of Mike not having his wings.

“The Great Scyamore,” Mike replied calmly.
“Okay? I guess,” Dodo said pouting and telling Mike that that is
way far away.
“WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!!!” exclaimed Mike then realizing
that he shouted out loud, he stared down at his long thin legs in
“It’s okay,” Dodo said reassuringly full of concern in his eyes.
“Thanks” Mike said. “That's another reason you are my best friend,
you’re always caring for people,” Mike explained. Dodo’s cheeks turned
“We are wasting time,” Dodo said losing his patience. A few days
later Dodo and Mike made it to the Great Scyamore.

“Finally we made it!” Mike and Dodo said at the same time

“Now where to?” Dodo asked.
“Fourtrees,” Mike said a little surprised himself.
“WHAT!” Dodo shouted and his mouth dropped to the Earth's core.
“Mike, you can’t even fly and you want us to go that far!”
“We have to go to Fly Rock what do you expect!?” Mike replied
“Whoah! Fine I’m going but just saying that's really far!” Dodo
replied sharply.
A week later they finally got passed Fourtrees and finally arrived to
Fly rock. “We made it; we finally made it!” they both shouted.
“I must go talk to our ancestors,” Mike explained to Dodo. “Flies of
the village of the stars I come here to Fly Rock to get new wings for mine
have been lost. I felt the grief and pain for losing all my family and the
last thing belonging to me. Please, Flies of the stars, give me new wings.
Whoa!” Mike exclaimed in awe. “It worked the Flies of the Stars
accepted me! Dodo let's go back to our own villages now,” Mike said.
The journey back home was far faster now that Mike had his wings

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