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COUCOU Magazine | 2017-09

Nixon Leger

Bilten ki sòti chak mwa an kreyòl, franse ak angle SEP

Thoughts on the Racial Divide

A Martian perspective

by Katia D. Ulysse
by Eric Bolling

La Roche Écrite Tourte Poulet
Atis Lakay
La décadence sociale d'Haiti
Nixon Léger Les Créations MORO

Best Shots of the
2017 Solar Eclipse

COUCOU Magazine
Bilten ki soti chak mwa an kreyòl, franse, ak angle
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• Marc-Donald Orphée
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• Louis Berrouet
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Merci et bonne lecture!
MARYSE C. ÉLYSÉE, Editrice-en-chef



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En Guise

Opinions, it is said, are like
noses — everybody has one.
And that’s true of opinions
about a subject so touchy
that many people prefer to
stay away from it —
publicly, at least — race.

That is not to say that Duke Divinity embraces a new religion.
people won’t talk about
race, especially when
they’re angry, as many
people are and have been
over a recently well
publicized series of deaths
or assaults against blacks
while in the custody of
police —

o en white o cers. Locally in recent weeks the death, ruled a suicide, of Kindra Chapman in the Homewood
City Jail, sparked a protest by the Birmingham chapter of the group Black Lives Matter.

Last year, Sheneque Proctor, another young black woman, died in the Bessemer City Jail. In that case,
authorities ruled death was caused by drug overdose, but not before questions were raised by Proctor’s family
and members of the community.

Such incidents here and in better publicized cases elsewhere have kept race relations in the news as have
similar incidents involving suspects or citizens who were not African-American. Even cases where the
police o cers themselves were black, like the conviction this week in Huntsville of a black o cer for
assaulting a white suspect who was being held down by white o cers, stir the racial pot.

So it may have come as no surprise when a New York Times/ CBS News poll recently showed that
Americans have decidedly negative views about race relations. “Nearly six in 10 Americans, including
heavy majorities of both whites and blacks, think race relations are generally bad, and that nearly four in 10
think the situation is getting worse,” the Times reported. “Only a h of those surveyed said they thought race
relations were improving, while about 40 percent of both blacks and whites said they were staying
essentially the same.”

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute’s Head of Education Ahmad Ward read the NYT story. “For years
there’s been a large distance between how black people view race relations and how white people view race
relations as a whole,” Ward said. “Usually white people see it more favorable that blacks do. I saw that the
number has dipped some. …

“It had to be because of what’s been happening over the last ve years, really. And I would suggest to you that
these instances — it’s not that there’s more of this happening, it’s that because of the current technological age,
we are learning about them. This stu has been going on, and we haven’t known about it. But now, everything
is so automatic that it’s brought to the forefront. I think that you have challenges to people’s way of life, or
train of thought.”


What may be surprising to some is that despite that poll and a general sense many have that race relations are
worsening, the view from Birmingham is more diverse. Locally speaking, it’s not necessarily a person’s race
that determines exactly what his or her views on race or race relations will be.
Weld asked a number of professionals in Birmingham for their views on race relations and how attitudes
about race gure into the state of the city and the state of the state. Responses were passionate, but nuanced
enough to show that race relations here are hardly a black and white issue, so to speak.
Below we present ve of the responses to our question, “How much blame can we place on race relations for
the current state of Alabama and Birmingham?” The answers were detailed and clearly the product of
considerable thought, so our presentation will only minimally interfere with the comments of our
While their thoughts are hardly the last word on the subject of race relations (we view this as the beginning of
as continuing conversation), they provide a place to start the discussion.

David Gespass is an attorney in Birmingham who has been a passionate
advocate over the years for social justice. Currently active in Black Lives
Matter Birmingham, Gespass was willing to o er his take on how well the
races are getting along. “I don’t know that relations are worse or better, so
much as di erent,” he said, before re ecting on a Facebook comment he made
about, of all things, the wrestler Hulk Hogan being red by World Wrestling
Entertainment, Inc., “for his racist rant on a sex video.
“Shows both how far we’ve come and how much further we need to go,”
Gespass said. “He got red. He admits he was wrong to He admits he was
wrong to have used the language. That’s more than would have happened
when I was a kid or, in Alabama, what would have happened 30 years ago.
“So, now racist language is unacceptable. That means it’s time to deal with racist practice and the ingrained
disparities that come from centuries of overt racism. Which is to say, we need to deal with those things that
the great majority of white people deny exist.
“As to Kindra Chapman, I think this re ects a rising consciousness particularly, but not exclusively, in
communities of color both that police accounts of in-custody deaths or beatings, are not necessarily reliable.
That doesn’t meant that they always lie or dissemble, but it does mean that people are going to be a lot more
suspicious of their claims than they have been.
“That gets me back to what I said above. Racism today is less frequently overt. Rather, it re ects attitudes that
are unconscious. When Hillary Clinton said that white people feel fear when they see an African-American
in a hoodie that was a sound bite that opened her to criticism, but was really true. No one, regardless of race,
who grew up in this country is una ected by our racist history and, until we recognize that, we will never
overcome it.
“White people who claim not to be racists inevitably are, not consciously, but because they do not understand
or see the myriad ways in which being African-American subjects one to challenges that white



En Guise

people do not have. They therefore think those disparities are just normal. Thus, they are racist because they
do not combat them and therefore pro t from them. Until they become conscious of the disparities, they can
honestly believe they aren’t racist, but that doesn’t change their subconscious responses.
“Back again to Kindra Chapman. For those who have experienced police misconduct, who have seen police
distort the truth or lie, a public statement from the Homewood PD that she hung herself appears to be a cover-
up if it is not accompanied by some level of proof. Those who grew up with O cer Friendly accept the claim
without question. That breaks down largely, though not entirely, on racial lines because of the divergent
experiences people have had with the police.
“All of that has been ampli ed by the huge number of videos that we now see of police acting like racist
thugs. That doesn’t mean that every cop acts that way, but enough do, and enough are a ected by ingrained
stereotypes they don’t even recognize or realize exist, that their thuggish behavior overwhelmingly is
directed at people of color.
“So, are race relations better or worse now than in the past? Recall that in the era of segregation (let alone
chattel slavery), the white Southern aristocracy claimed that relations were just ne. In the north, relations
were just as bad, but enforced by redlining instead of legal segregation. Whites were able to convince
themselves that race relations were ne, but eventually things exploded, with rebellions in the cities
following MLK’s assassination, with mass demonstrations throughout the south. That led to enormous
changes, as I noted above, but hardly cured the disease.
“Perhaps now we are at another nodal point, where people will no longer be silent or suppressed in the face
of out-of-control police. That doesn’t mean race relations are better or worse, it means that the underlying
tensions that have always existed are now bubbling up for all to see. However calm things may appear on the
surface, the water is always at 208 degrees.
“One never knows what will cause it to boil over, but it doesn’t take much. I think that is what we are seeing

Aubrey Miller has worked in leadership positions in corporations like Baptist
Health Foundation, Southern Progress Corporation and for the state of Alabama,
and in nonpro ts including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the
Shelby County Board of Education. He is now senior pastor at Faith Church in the
Oxmoor area.
Outgoing but so -spoken, Miller nevertheless has strong views about race
relations, which he sees as a topic of concern and conversation “more prevalent in
the city than it is in the state.” Still, he said, that’s not because things are worse
than they were.
“I don’t think it has gotten worse. What has happened is, I think, a spotlight has
been turned on it. I think expectations… have been great, [but] the millennium of


racial anticipated with a political change, has not taken place. Because at the root of it, it’s not a racial
Miller sees divisions between the races as primarily based on two things: economic realities and age-old
social mythology.
“We have been taught over the years that the problem is racial disharmony, and that certainly is the way it
plays out,” he said. “But it has always been an economic issue and it has continued being an economic issue.
The divide is based on nancial and you can trace most of the issues that we face to nancial roots. And so in
Birmingham and the counties that make up the metropolitan area you look at the racial divide… It’s housing
division and socioeconomic division, and those are the roots.”
Even if the economics could be equalized, Miller said, “The solution for racial disharmony is truth and
knowledge. And we’re struggling with generations of racial stories and manipulation and it’s not going to get
immediately better just because the economy got better because we still didn’t get to the root of the cancer or
the problem.
“The real root is one-on-one reconciliation. That has to take place and people coming one on one to an
understanding that ‘I’ve been lied to for a couple of generations about who my enemies are. What my
problems are, what the sources of my problems are.’ And I see great opportunities for change in areas like
urban Birmingham. I’m excited. I’m fascinated by what can potentially happen. What is happening right now
in the city of Birmingham, the neighborhoods around Birmingham,” he said.
“Millennials are really connecting, and they are not as ingrained with the lie that’s been told to so many
people… about your enemy is that Hispanic person who has taken your job or that black person who is going
to rape your daughter. … They’re getting to know people of diversity across the landscape because they’re
neighbors, because they’re eating together, they’re working together. It’s a one-on-one breakdown of all those
generations of myths.”
Despite that, however, Miller acknowledged that even removing economic disparities, if that could be done,
will not eliminate the long process of breaking down the centuries of mistrust that stands between the races
to some degree. “Once you get the economic playing eld sort of leveled out, it’s still going to take some
generations to get that stu out of the system. One time, I had a diesel automobile that ran on diesel, and I
stupidly put in super unleaded. Well, it didn’t run very well as long as that was in there. It stayed in there for a
long, long time until I eventually took it to the dealer and got all of that unleaded gasoline pumped out and
lled it up with diesel, I had a crappy-running car.

Continued on page

to be Nick Patterson is the editor of Weld:
continued on Birmingham's Newspaper. He has
previously worked at the Birmingham
page Post-Herald, UAB, Southern Living,
and the Birmingham Museum of Art.
He can be contacted at August 4, 2015
[email protected]


Idées de Loisir THE SWAMP

Washington's Murky Pool of Corruption and
Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It

by Eric Bolling

When Washington D.C. was rst built, it was on top of a
swamp that had to be drained. Donald Trump says it's
time to drain it again.

In The Swamp, bestselling author and Fox News
Channel host Eric Bolling presents an infuriating,
amusing, revealing, and outrageous history of
American politics, past and present, Republican and
Democrat. From national political scandals to tempests
in a teapot that blew up; bribery, blackmail, bullying,
and backroom deals that contradicted public policies;
cronyism that cost taxpayers hundreds upon hundreds
of millions of dollars; and personal conduct that can
only be described as regrettable, The Swamp is a
journey downriver through the bayous and marshes of
Capitol Hill and Foggy Bottom.

The presidential election of 2016 was ugly, but it FILM & PICTURE TV DISTRIBUTION
exposed a political, media, industry, and elite
establishment that desperately wanted to elect a
politician who received millions of dollars from terror-
funding states over a businessman willing to tell the
corrupt or incompetent, “You’re red.”

The book concludes with a series of recommendations for President Trump: practical, hard-headed,
and concise ways to drain the swamp and force Washington to be more transparent, more
accountable, and more e ective in how it serves those who have elected its politicians and pay the
bills for their decisions.

Last year President Trump declared Wake Up America to be a "huge" book; Eric Bolling's second
book is sure to build on that success. Entertaining and timely, The Swamp is the perfect book for
today's political climate.



On The Specialists, Bolling is one of ve personalities who discuss and
debate the top news stories of the day, with a focus on politics.
Additionally, he serves as a commodities contributor to both FNC and
Fox Business Network (FBN), specializing in the economy. Previously,
he served as host of FBN's Follow the Money, Happy Hour as well as's Strategy Room. Prior to joining FBN, Bolling helped
launch and was an original panelist on CNBC's Fast Money.

Eric Bolling Before embarking on a television career in business news, Bolling was
an independent trader based out of the New York Mercantile Exchange
Eric Bolling currently (NYMEX) specializing in crude oil, gold and agricultural commodities.
serves as co-host of FOX Bolling also served on the NYMEX's Board of Directors for ve years,
News Channel's (FNC) "The and subsequently acted as a strategic adviser there.
Specialists" (weekdays 5- Bolling was named the Maybach Man of the Year in 2007 and one of
6PM/ET). He also serves as Trader Monthly's Top Traders in 2007 and 2008. A graduate of Rollins
the host of "Cashin' In" College in Winter Park, Florida, he was awarded a fellowship to Duke
(Saturdays 11:30AM- University's School of Public Policy. Bolling was also dra ed by and
12PM/ET), an analysis played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
program on FNC's weekend
business block, The Cost of BOOKS BY
Freedom. Bolling joined the THE AUTHOR
network in 2008.


DRAIN THE SWAMP - The status quo swamp of non- pro tsand lobbyists
have operated way too long. The greed has destroyed America. Democracy in
history tends to last 250 years. The swamp is repeating history and Eric
Bowling explains how career politicians andlibbys have sold out the middle
class workers.

[By Joe Smith | August 2, 2017] Source: AMAZON




Idées de Loisir


Katia D. Ulysse [Author]

No one was prepared for the massive
earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, taking
over a quarter-million lives, and leaving
millions more homeless. Three thousand
miles away, Jacqueline Florestant mourns
the presumed death of her parents, while
her husband, a former US Marine and
combat veteran, cares for their three-year-
old daughter as he ghts his own battles
with acute PTSD.
Horri ed and guilt-ridden, Jacqueline
returns to Haiti in search of the proverbial
"closure." Unfortunately, the Haiti she le
as a child twenty- ve years earlier has
disappeared. Her quest turns into a tornado
of deception, desperation, and more death.
So Jacqueline holds tightly to her
daughter--the only one who must not die.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR KATIA D. ULYSSE was born in Haiti, and moved to the United
States as a teen. Her ction and essays have been published
internationally in literay journals, including The Caribbean
Writer, Macomère, Meridians, Calabash, Peregrine, Smartish
Pace, among others. You can nd her stories in The Butter y's
Way and Haiti Noir(edited by Edwidge Danticat); Mozayik,
Brassage, and others. Her rst children's book, Fabiola Can
Count, was published in 2013. DRIFTING is her debut work of

ction. When she's not reading, writing, gardening, teaching,
or blogging, she roams the earth in the form of a pink unicorn.



"A phenomenal writer." --Edwidge Danticat, author of Claire of the Sea Light

"Ulysse is an intense writer, bringing her readers into the emotions of her characters...This a
powerful story." --Me, You, and Books

"With grace and elegance, Katia D. Ulysse explores the implications of privilege and inaction, of
inadequacy and otherness, of trauma and emotional isolation, and the pervasive ways that turmoil
and loss corrode the lives of the individuals involved. Mouths Don’t Speak is a gem in the way it
tackles di cult subjects and questions without answers." --M.J. Fièvre, author of A Sky the Color
of Chaos

"Katia D. Ulysse is a writer of great power and passion, now delivering her most potent work to
date. Mouths Don’t Speak is a story of annihilation and redemption--of a more harrowing journey
back from the abyss than anyone who has not read it could possibly imagine. There are those who
believe that a book can be a repozwa, in which a spirit may dwell, as in a grotto, tree, or spring. If
that is true, then the spirit living in this book must be a very great one." --Madison Smartt Bell,
author of Behind the Moon

"With the force of an earthquake and with unrelenting prose, Katia D. Ulysse explores the pain of
long-buried secrets, shakes them loose from their foundations, and de ly probes the lives of the
families crippled by their a ermath." --Amina Gautier, author of The Loss of All Lost Things

"This beautiful book is for anyone who carries the pain of loss, the heartbreak of guilt, the tremor
of horrors lived, and the knowledge that we all love in awed ways. Consider it required reading
for humans, and be brought back to life." --Anjanette Delgado, author of The Clairvoyant of Calle

"Gripping and heartbreaking, Mouths Don’t Speak is an intricate tapestry of familial betrayals,
misunderstandings, forgiveness, and love; a testament to the power of new beginnings even a er
unspeakable tragedies. The pages had me holding my breath!" --Lauren Francis-Sharma, author
of 'Til the Well Runs Dry

Katia D. Ulysse is a ction writer, born in Haiti. Her short BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR
stories, essays, and Pushcart Prize-nominated poetry
appear in numerous literary journals. She has been SourScoe:urcWe:IKIPEADMIAAZON
anthologized in Mozayik: An Anthology in the Haitian
Language, The Butter y's Way: Voices from the Haitian
Dyaspora in the United States, and Haiti Noir, edited by
Edwidge Danticat. She has taught in Baltimore public
schools for thirteen years. Dri ing, a collection of short
stories, drew high praise from literary critics. She is the
Kratz Center Writer-in-Residence at Goucher College and
she blogs on



à la une

Random by

Charlottesville: A Martian perspective

Trump might as well be called Beelzebub as everything that happened last
week at Charlottesville, Virginia became part of his growing legacy. Even
Hitler, himself, would have been unnoticed by the media as all eyes were
on Donald J. Trump. The president even stepped into the melee and made
some uncanny moral equivalence. But, what did they expect from their
bumbling idiot?

However, amidst that theater of the absurd, where it became impossible
to decipher the truth, a New York Times reporter seemed to have been at a
rare vantage point. She tweeted the following: Sheryl Gay Stolberg
@SherylNYT 2. The hard le seemed as hate- lled as alt-right. I saw club-
wielding "Antifa" beating white nationalists being led out of the park 2/2
11:34 PM · Aug 12, 2017.

Shortly a er that, Ms. Stolberg felt compelled to change her account of
the events. She didn't mean what she tweeted a short while earlier. She
was wrong to characterize what she had claimed she saw during the
con agration. Interestingly, she is still working at the Times. Therefore,
there is still compassion around.

It was regrettable that the meeting of the gods had to be about dead
Confederates. There were many casualties, including the murder of
Heather Heyer, a 32 yo woman who apparently died as she lived her life,

ghting for social justice.

Nevertheless, I suspect that the Antifa counter-protests were more about a
culture war than Confederate statues. The progressives intend to
transform America by any means necessary. However, unlike the great
Malcolm X, they plan to do it under cover. The infamous KKK members
gave them an opportunity which they seized with deadly consequences. If
you had carefully observed the crowd, you would have certainly heard
such code words as homophobia and sexism, barely audible in a noisy

BASED ON: And the beat goes on!

Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign


Andrew Young: Don’t blame the Klan or
‘uneducated white people’

ANDREW YOUNG: Most of the issues that we’re dealing with now are related to poverty. But we still want to
put everything in a racial context. The problem with the – and the reason I feel uncomfortable condemning
the Klan types is – they are almost the poorest of the poor.
They are the forgotten Americans. And, um, they have been used and abused and neglected. Instead of giving
them a ordable health care, they give them black lung jobs, and they’re happy.
And that just doesn’t make sense in today’s world. And they see progress in the black community and on
television and everywhere and they don’t share it. Now it’s not our fault. We’ve had a struggle from slavery.
But black – while they call themselves militants, but they’re not militants, they’re chicken – we never tried to
take advantage of anybody else. Our job was not to put down white people. Our job was to li everybody up
together. To come – so that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish
together as fools. And that’s been the way I have done it. And everything – as Congress, at the UN, as mayor
for eight years…
CHUCK TODD: It feels like we’re in a moment where we’re stuck and we’re stuck for a lot of reasons. And
the, and the president – you have, some have even said, there’s a growing cabal of folks who believe he has
already lost his moral authority to be a healer in all of this, to help with reconciliation in all of this because of
what he did on Tuesday. You have a relationship with him, with the president, o and on.
YOUNG: Not really.
TODD: Fair enough. But you take his calls. If he calls, you take his calls. If he called you this week, what
would you tell him. How would you tell him to x this?
YOUNG: I don’t know what I would say because I think he’s caught in a trap. I don’t think there are any easy
TODD: What’s the trap?
YOUNG: The trap is that he’s still politicking and thinking nationally, as a nationalist, and so is almost
everybody else, including those who are trying to think back and blame it on the Civil War, which was
hundreds of years ago. But the problem we have is that we’re not living in a nationalist environment. And
that’s also his problem, personally, that he’s– his business is all global. His business is in a global economy and
he’s trying to the run the country from a national economy…
We now have 2,500 German companies in and around the city of Atlanta and they’re creating jobs. Tthey’re
not taking jobs, taking jobs from Germany. But they’re hiring Americans, black and white and Hispanic and
And that’s a long way because I grew up in New Orleans in 1936. I was — the German American Bund and
headquarters of the Nazi party was 50 yards from where I was born. So I’ve been dealing with Nazism and
white supremacy since I was four years old. And my father said, “Look, that’s a sickness. You don’t ever let
them get you upset and don’t ever get angry at sick people. You don’t get mad. You get smart. You don’t want –
they cannot help you. But if you can help them, you ought to try.”



Perspectives à la une

Israël a construit la
première route qui

recharge les


NFL Star Calls You Are Not Forgotten - New Tr…
Abortion The
Worst Form of


Photograph from the Internet


Levons le coin du voile

Plan de l’ONU de remplacer les populations de la France,
des USA, de l’Italie, du Royaume Uni, de la Russie…

What’s Happening to Canadian Health Care
Health Rationing In England: Obese And Smokers Banned
From Routine Surgery

Woman Raised by Lesbian Couple: 'I Ached Every Day For a

24 Facts about Left-Handed People That You Did Not Know

New Reuters Poll Proves That Many Americans Can’t Think
for Themselves
15-Year-Old Boy Undergoes Sex Change. What Happens Next
Is Heartbreaking.


This ancient Mexican farming … Islam in Black Africa - A Short H…

Photograph from the Internet



Atis Lakay

Nixon Léger

~ Plasticien ~



Award winning artist NIXON
LEGER (pseudonym nix-on) is from
Belle Anse, Haiti. The picturesque
surroundings of his homeland calls
him to the arts at a very young age.
In 1998, he studies under Haitian
art master Casimir Joseph honing
and perfecting his artistic skills. He
enters ENARTS with a full
scholarship in 2000 and by 2003
he teaches art at the Mission
Episcopal of Haiti, College St.
Matthias (Cherudan), and others
schools in Haiti. He participated in
many exhibits in Haiti. He as well
contribute in many community
programs fund raising and
donations, his presence noticed
twice in a fund raising of (nabj)
National association of black
journalists , then Liberia and Haitian
events. He has a great passion for
Art and believe already that his Art
is a plus to the visual art lovers.
Nixon currently lives in the US
where he continues to practice his
art and exhibits nationally.

401 654 8601












Je ne partirai pas!

Et Entre Partir et Rester dans le pays, mon choix est fait: Je reste. J'en ai
un petit enfant déjà parlé à mon entourage, et je m'en suis convaincu .J'ai fait le choix
les conduira... de rester pas parce que je suis dans le confort dans le pays; mais parce
que j'ai des motivations politiques.Les motivations politiques sont,
[Ésaïe 11:6] pour moi, le fait de denoncer les inégalités sociales criantes, c'est
vouloir lutter pour qu'il y ait beaucoup plus de Justice sociale, c'est
contribuer à tout processus de redressement du pays ... En fait, je crois
qu'il faut des gens qui restent pour mener ces luttes axées sur
l'amélioration de la vie dans le pays, pour changer les conditions de vie
précaire de la masse dans le cadre d'un climat de vie acceptable. Ceux
qui partent, pour la plupart, participent aussi à ce projet manifesté de
régénération du pays. Mais il faut qu'il y ait des gens honnêtes qui
restent pour rendre pro table leur apport. Je reste aussi pour
transformer mon passé en luttes sociales. Si j'étais en butte à une
mauvaise enfance- et je ne suis pas le seul-, je dois lutter en guise
d'exiger une meilleure qualité de vie dans le pays dans le but d'eviter
que d'autres enfants subissent aussi les mêmes angoisses que moi et
beaucoup d'autres enfants avons endurées.

by Tout , en ce bas-monde, exige de la concurrence. Mais, on n'a pas le
JAMES MARC-DONALD droit de barrer la route à personne. C'est ce qu'on fait le mieux en Haïti.
ORPHÉE Il faut qu'on dénonce cela. La misère du peuple est reparable.On peut
toujours lutter pour changer tout ce qui peut être autrément. À vive
allure, au gré de toute l'intensité de ma conscience, avec toute la force
de ma poitrine, je m'embarque dans le bâteau du changement du pays.
C'est en ce sens que j'invite les jeunes de mon pays à habiter le pays. En
changeant de pays , les inégalités sociales seront beaucoup plus
criantes. Faisons un faisceau plûtot pour changer le pays. Ce le faisant,
on changera du coup les sorts individuels. Cette quête salutaire sera
di cile.Et son aboutissement n'est pas pour demain. Tout ce qui est
grand exige d'une vaste gamme de sacri ce. Alors! Sacri ons nous! La
libération du pays en vaut la peine. De cela, nous aurons trouvé(re) la

erté de nous sentir pleinement haïtiens . C'est par haine de soi qu'on
hait son pays.C'est en combinant les bonheurs individuels que sortira le
bonheur collectif.Il faut, pour cela, de la solidarité collective.

22 COUCOU Partageons-nous les secrets de nos combats; étudions ensemble les
Magazine moyens d'agir. Faisons de nos rêves un Terrain où se conjuguent nos
désirs frappés de la gloire nationale.

La décadence sociale d'Haiti

Ce ne sont ni le désordre, ni la violence, ni l'injustice, ni la
corruption ...qui constituent les bases de la situation chaotique à
laquelle Haiti face, car il en existe dans les sociétés développées .
Le problème est que, au premier plan, on banalise le desordre, le
mal, la violence , la corruption et l'injustice.
Au second plan, on Institutionnalise le désordre en ordre, l'injustice
en justice, la corruption en devoir, la violence en norme étatique et
le mal en vertu. On ne peut éradiquer ces maux du jour au
lendemain, car ils s'inscrivent dans une dialectique intra et inter-
genérationnelle. C'est ce qui explique la décadence haitienne et
l'incapacité de prévoir des lendemains meilleurs pour le corps social
Le mercredi 2 août 2017

La migration des rêves Œuvres d'art de
Quand on vit en Haïti et qu'on ne travaille pas en tant que père de
famille , votre femme vous ménace de changer de mari, vos ls DARBOUZE
vous ménacent de changer de père, vos amis vous ménacent de
briser l'amitié, vous même, vous vous ménacez de changer de pays. 23COUCOU
La destination étrangère devient alors le seul réfuge pour se
contenter de soi-même et les autres. Quitte à traverser une mer en Magazine
furie, l'important, c'est de ne pas être ici. Ici où presque tout est
sinueux, où le clientélisme politique bat son plein...partir est
inévitable. Car, les choses ne sont pas les mêmes partout .
Quand on part, quitte à traverser la mer sur le dos d'un réquin,
quitte à se faire arrêter et emprisonner, on a la chance de devenir
le commerçant qu'on voudrait être, d'avoir la voiture qu'on voudrait
jadis. C'est une illusion peut-être. Mais, avec ce sentiment, les
choses commencent par s'améliorer. Il faut partir pour aider les
autres.Car, pour aider quelqu'un à sortir d'un trou il ne faut pas s'y
trouver avec lui. Il n'y a là aucune attaque contre le patriotisme,
contre l'ancrage social. Parfois, être patriote, c'est sou rir avec les
autres; d'autre part, être patriote, c'est partir pour aider les
autres.Tout cela résume la pression sociale actuelle.
Le samedi 5 août 2017

Comprendre la Photographs from the Internet
tragédie haïtienne

L’extrême sous-
développement du
pays et sa pauvreté
endémique ont des
causes structurelles
Le stade olympique

ouvre ses portes
aux demandeurs
d'asile venus des


En Haute-Loire,
deux artistes

haïtiens perpétuent
l'art sur tôle


UN HAITIEN AU TOP DE LA POESIE INT… En moins de 24 heures, 5
haïtiens assassinés en
UN HAITIEN AU TOP DE LA POESIE République Dominicaine
INTERNATIONALE 2017 Haitians chasing false
promises ee from
Projet de rénovation municipale de la vil… United States to Canada
«Aucun avantage à
Projet de rénovation municipale de la ville entrer au pays
de Port-au-Prince illégalement», selon
Boda de haitianos a la chilena Asylum seekers sit in
front of tents in a
Boda de haitianos a la chilena temporary camp in
Haiti inaugure le plus
grand réseau électrique
intelligent caribéen
Une centrale solaire de
473 kilowatts inaugurée à
Building smart villages in
Haiti – starting in Nan
Panyol and Anse du Clerc
Chili/Immigration :
Nouvelle loi, nouvelles
L'haïtien d'aujourd'hui...




Continued 27COUCOU
on page

Creatin th Perfec
Ey Cu Creas

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5 Ways To Slay Your Head Scar…


Cure for many

40 Studies That Prove GMO Foods
Destroy Health & Cause Cancer

Genius & Simple Health Tips You Should …

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The best preparation
for tomorrow is doing
your best today.
[H. Jackson Brown, Jr.]


Never Give up: Inspirational video Watch later Share



Tourte Poulet

Ingredients: ■ 1/2 poivron rouge
■ 1/2 poivron jaune
■ 3 escalopes de poulet ■ sel
■ 1 oignons ■ poivre
■ 50 cl de crème fraîche 30% ■ huile d’olive
■ 1 pâte feuilletée
■ 3 œufs


Preparation: Easy and Delicious Cheese L…
How to make EGG MUFFINS …
1. Découper en petits morceaux les 12 Easy Breakfast Recipes 2…
escalopes de poulet l’oignon et 35 UNBELIEVABLE COOKING…
les poivrons , les faire dorer dans
l’huile d’olive

2. Quand ils sont dorés et bien cuits,
ajouter la crème fraiche et laisser
mijoter 5 min à feu moyen.

3. Mettre la pate feuilleté dans le
moule tablette

4. A coté casser les oeuf ajouter la
creme fraîche et melanger le tout
ajouter a la préparation de poulet
mélanger le tout et verser dans
votres moule

5. Laisser cuire au four 20 min
jusqu’à ce que la pâte soit bien
dorée. et démoulez

Pour bien réussir cette recette, il faut bien
mesurer les ingrédients et les préparer avant
de commencer la recette. Il faut également
respecter le temps et la température de
cuisson, ainsi suivez pas-à-pas les étapes
décrites ci-dessous.

SOURCE: Recette Marocaine Bonne dégustation!



Traditions &

September 1
September 4
September 11
September 17
September 22

COUCOU Magazine


Labor Day Special - Music & The
Spoken Word

Labor Day Special (Sep…

September 11, 2001 Remembrance

Honoring Constitution Day

We the People: Honorin…

Drum Circle/Native American Show

Drum Circle + Native A…



Randonnée à

avec Claude Blard

de Saint-Denis


La Roche Écrite La Réunion ne manque pas d'atouts, ni de
potentiels pour inviter les voyageurs d'un jour à
découvrir ses richesses aux milles saveurs.

L'un de ses plus grands atouts est son patrimoine
exceptionnel de sa réserve naturelle qui est classé
patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO. La découverte
de ses sentiers à travers ses forêts, ses plaines, ses
cirques, son volcan vous fera vivre d'intenses
moments authentiques pour toujours plus
d'émotions et de sensations.

Aujourd'hui, je vous propose d'arpenter les
sentiers menant à la Roche Écrite.

C'est un sentier de randonnée classique, l'un des
plus fréquenté de l'île, mais c'est surtout un circuit
écotouristique. En effet, La Roche Écrite est une
forêt unique avec sa végétation indigène qui se
superpose telle une mosaïque de paysages. De tous
temps, elle a attiré de nombreux marcheurs par son
belvédère exceptionnel, le point culminant du nord
de l'île. Ceux qui ont participé à l'expédition,
arrivés au sommet, ont gravé leur nom sur une
roche, d'où son appellation. Avant la construction
du gîte, les randonneurs passaient la nuit dans les

Situé dans la zone cœur du Parc National de La
Réunion, le circuit est un sentier fondé sur le
respect de la nature et des hommes. C'est un circuit
original qui respecte les principes de l'écotourisme,
comme la découverte du patrimoine naturel de La
Réunion, la sensibilisation des visiteurs pour
préserver l'authenticité du site. La forêt de La
Roche Écrite est la seule forêt au monde à accueillir
le tuit-tuit, oiseau endémique rarissime et menacé

La forêt nous offre en plus de ses multiples visages,
une véritable bouffée d'oxygène. C'est un lieu
magnifiquement magnifique, à découvrir à tout

Ce lieu se trouve sur l'île Intense et nulle part

Claude Blard



P J'ai e acé tous les silences,
Dilué les maux de l'absence,
O Et les els de la médisance,
T Remplacés par ta douce présence.

I J'ai marqué, tatoué sur ma peau,
L'empreinte toute doré de tes mots,
S Sou és de désirs et d'échos
O Saoulés de soupirs doux et chauds.

N J'ai incrustée dans mes yeux,
S Des coupes pleines d'étoiles, de voeux
Emperlés d'avenirs radieux,
Embellis de rires harmonieux.

J'a J'ai gri onné un doux poème,
Écrit dans ma chair je t'aime,
Sur mes seins, des baisers de crème
Dans mon coeur, un bonheur suprême.
J'ai arrosé de beaux pétales,
De nectar butiné d'étoiles,
De notes fruitées, sentimentales,
Dessiné ton coeur sur une toile.

J'ai coloré d'argent et d'or,
Fleurs d'extases, couleurs en accord,
La courbe sensuelle de ton regard,
Son va et vient osé sur mon corps.

J'ai sculpté mes sens, satisfaite,
J'ai fondu mes envies secrètes,
Dans les envies folles d'un poète,
Chatouillée des pieds à la tête.

J'ai tracé dans un long chemin,
Des caresses de soies de mes mains,
Du velours charnel et des liens,
Et j'ai noué ton coeur au mien.

**************** Best Shots of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
La Réunion, 2 août 2017


SOURCE: J'a fai

Ce soir ma propre voix m'étonne,
Elle lèche les voyelles, les consonnes,
Entends tu ses caresses qui massent
Ta peau douce, constellée de traces
Mouillées, bouleversée de frissons ?
Elle veut te parler de passion,
De fruit défendu, de raisin
Doux, de pomme croquante...j'ai très faim.
Un frôlement sur ma poitrine,
Et mon coeur gémit, tambourine,
Frémit d'ardeurs, sort de mon corps,
Te sou e je t'aime, puis le crie fort,
Ton baiser sur ma gorge sensible,
Brise mon coeur insensible,
Tire les rideaux, rejete les draps
Empesés, quand tu m'ouvres les bras.
Je ne sais pas, tu m'emmènes où ?
Dans ma mémoire il y a des trous,
Je ne sais pas où tu emportes
mon coeur sevré, mais peut m'importe,
Ce soir je veux dire des folies,
J'ai perdu ma tête dans ton lit,
Et je n'ai plus de ré exions,
Obnubilée par l'émotion,
Et je ne pense plus comme autrefois,
Il faisait froid, les autres fois,
Mais ce soir, j'ai une grosse èvre,
Et je suis le l rouge d'un rêve,
Une faim taraudante me réveille,
Elle se délecte de mon sommeil,
Déborde de mes lèvres qui ondulent,
De ma langue...tes frissons me brûlent...
Délirante de èvre, je crie fort,
Sous les chaudes e uves de ton corps,
Je hurle à la mort, je crie famine,
Nourris moi de caresses câlines,
Sers moi donc un repas à thème,
Ce soir, j'ai faim de t'aime.

14 août 2017



P La pomme de

É l'immortalité






Être capable
dans une fureur métaphysique
de devenir un voleur de feu
de scruter les profondeurs de l'âme
dans des errances mystiques
de réinventer la folie de vivre
dans la cruci xion du destin
d'écrire l'histoire de la sou rance
à l'encre du bonheur
et laver notre regard ahuri
à l'eau de l'insouciance
Se retremper l'esprit
à la source de l'étonnement
Ligoter l'angoisse
dans les liens de la poésie
et libérer la peur
dans la toute puissance du rêve
Repartir à la découverte
d'un paradis de nudité
sans la couleuvre du péché
et croquer la pomme de l'immortalité

ArtBweosrkt bSyhRoOtsBoEfRtShOeN2J0O1S7ESPoHlar Eclipse


SOURCE: Un bain de tendresse

Dans un bain de tendresse
Où otte toute ma reconnaissance
mes pensées mouillées
d'immenses désirs intenses
Forment des mousses de réminiscences
dans des bulles de caresses
qui s'envolent sous le sou e passionné
d'un amour que je voulais éternel
Né dans tes yeux couleur canelle
Un soir où ton sourire de biche égarée
t chevaucher mes sentiments exaltés
à l'allure folle de ma passion débridée
Il me semble encore respirer
ce parfum qui embaumait
mes jours et mes nuits
émanant de ta silhouette obsédante
qui venait combler mon attente
Et ce souvenir qui dessinait
ce sourire aimant dans ton visage adoré
faisait couler en moi l'élixir de vie
La douceur de tes doigts dans mes cheveux
avait la splendeur d'un lever de soleil
dans le matin miraculé qui brillait dans tes yeux
et qui les rendaient tous pareils
Alors mon cœur lavé de toutes peines
au rythme harmonieux de ta voix
t'avait élu majestueusement Reine
noyé dans ce bain de tendresse émanant de toi

Long Island, N.Y.




O Un bateau à la dérive...

I Mais, vrai, j'ai trop pleuré ! Les Aubes sont navrantes
Toute lune est atroce et tout soleil amer
L'âcre amour m'a gonflé de torpeurs enivrantes

OS Ô que ma quille éclate !Que j'aile à la mer!
N A.Rimbaud (le bateau ivre)

S Et le bateau
larguant les amarres de la solitude
sur la mer de l'incertitude
sans boussole , sans destination
glisse lentement ballotté
par le sou e torride de l'illusion
Vers des horizons incertains
en ce froid matin
rempli de brumes et d'opacité
Et sur ce bateau
où sont entassés
dans les cales oubliées
tous mes rêves chi onnés
se dresse sur le pont silencieux
le passé d'une enfance exaltée
où dé lent
toutes ces silouhettes diaphanes
que j'ai tant aimées
et qui ramènent
dans mon cœur blessé
des désirs en spirales
des sentiments en volutes de soupirs
des émotions en feux d'arti ce
scintillant dans un ciel
où otte une lune
baignée de larmes
éclairant de ses rayons humides
mon âme séquestrée
Sur ce bateau
où mes espoirs fous
accrochés à un visage
s'en vont à la dérive

ArtworkBbeysRt OSBhEoRtsSOoNf tJhOe S2E0P1H7 Solar Eclipse


SOURCE: Rescapés de l'amour

Viens donc me retrouver
loin de ce monde en béquille
Où l'espoir est en guenilles
Viens te renouveler
dans l'intimité de nos sentiments
là où tu verras dans mon regard
le re et de tes rêves endormis
Viens naviguer sur l'océan
de mes émotions phares
dont les rayons tendres et caressant
illuminent l'horizon de ma passion
Viens surfer ma mie
sur les vagues de mes désirs
qui t'emporteront sur le rivage
des amants heureux
là où le temps n'a pas d'âge
La où ton cœur au son de la lyre
vibre sous les notes de l'amour
célèbrant notre bonheur à deux
Viens avant que ne se lève le jour
sur ce monde désarticulé
qui nous blesse et nous lacère
comme le chat tenant entre ses gri es acérées
la souris innocente et a amée
fuyons ce monde délétère
jaloux de notre amour
Et comme Robinson Crusoé
laissons-nous échouer sur cette île
loin des espérances de ce monde fragile
Et réinventons l'amour dans sa primitive beauté

Long Island, N.Y.



P C’était le 11 septembre Ces jeunes fous de Dieu,
O Massacreurs d’innocents,
Ont répandu le feu,
É De l’a ront magistral Les gravats et le sang.
T Le souvenir demeure. Les tours se rebâtissent
I Ceux de l’axe du mal Mais les vies sont perdues.
S Ont voulu que l’on meure.
Les peuples compatissent
N Pour frapper la erté Au drame inattendu.
S De la grande Amérique,

Ils ont donc dérouté Qui terrorisera
Pour un dessein tragique Ces lâches activistes ?

Plusieurs aéronefs Et puis où conduira
Transformées en missiles, Leur soif absolutiste ?

S’abattant sur le ef Faut-il pour une crotte
Du colosse d’argile. Brûler la cathédrale ?

Visant les Tours jumelles, Au fond de la cocotte
Ces lâches terroristes Bout la guerre mondiale.

Ont mis sous leurs semelles © GEORGES NOEL COLDOLD
Le pays belliciste. Caen, France

Best Shots of the 2017 Solar Eclipse


Nuit de septembre

C’était une nuit de septembre. Au l de l’eau l’on vit un corps
Entre les roseaux noyés d’ombre, Qui s’en allait comme un bois mort,
La lune habillait la rivière Parmi les roseaux noyés d’ombre,
De milliers d’éclats de lumière. Par cette nuit là de septembre.

J’étais venu chanter ton nom J’étais venu chanter ton nom
Avec des airs volés au vent, Avec des airs volés au vent,
Certain que tu me dirais non Certain que tu me dirais non
Si tu l’avais appris avant. Si tu l’avais appris avant.

Même l’oiseau de nuit riait ****************
De me voir admirer dans l’eau © GEORGES NOEL COLDOLD
Ces bouts de lune qui dansaient
Comme des milliers de joyaux. Caen, France

J’étais encore à la rivière
Quand l’astre ferma ses paupières.
C’était un soir froid de septembre
Qui revêtait son manteau sombre.

SOURPChEot:ogbroaprehdfrpoamntdhae .Icnotemrnet



P Pa kriye ti cheri...

É Lavi se konsa
T Se nan pise chyen
I Wa kon'n longè gren'n li
S Pa kriye...

N Pou dlo je'w
S Pa desan'n ak vwa'w

Anba plat pye'w
Pa kriye...

Twòp dlo
Ka fè rèv ou
Kase tèt tounen
Pa kriye...

Pou lonbwaj ou
Pa pèdi tras pye'w
Pa kriye...

Ranje chita'w
Pou men'm
an jwèt
Lòt moun pa kon'n
Sak anba moumou'w

Pa kriye ti cheri!...


Union, New Jersey

Best Shots of the 2017 Solar Eclipse


SOURCE: La vi'm

La vi'm...
Se tankou yon pwezi
Kap siveye
Pwent kreyon powèt
Pou'l le desan'n
Sou fèy kaye
La vi'm...
Se tankou yon mizik
Van ap mennen vini
Ti kras pa ti kras
Dèyè lantouray
La vi'm...
Se tankou yon mizik
Bri pye ap trennen
Chak fwa moun
Leve kouri
La vi'm...
Se tankou lè moun
Sote nan dòmi
Epi ki pran konte rèv
Devan balèn

Union, New Jersey



P Un peu d'histoire...








Le nom de Toussaint Louverture
est l'une des plus belles gures
de l'histoire et épopées du monde.
Il restera gravé là où abondent
ces héros qui ont marqué l'humanité...
Mais peu savent d'où vient son nom...
Comme on le sait Toussaint est né
esclave sur l'habitation Bréda...
Petit ls de Gaou Guinou, roi des Aladas
un royaume africain mais en général
l'esclave portait le nom du maître
car il était considéré une propriété,
une chose... Il faut aussi mettre
l'accent que leur nom changeait
une fois qu'on les vendait ...
Toussaint dit on était né chétif
ce qui lui a valu le surnom
de ' Baton fatras' mais très actif
et intelligent il forti a son corps
et t une renommée dans l'art
combien utile à l'époque de l'équitation
ce qui lui a valu le titre d'abord
de cocher de l'habitation
puis gérant et grâce à ce départ,
il acquit bien vite sa liberté...
On le retrouva dans l'armée indigène
franchit les étapes au grade de Général
de l'armée française. Mais sans gène
ces clans changeaient de camp
suivant leurs intérêts ou quand
pour la survie on doit faire campagne...

Best Shots of the 2017 Solar Eclipse


SOURCE: Ainsi on le trouve du coté de l'Espagne.
Lorsqu'il apprit que la France promettait
l'afranchissement de tous les esclaves,
il revint dans le camp des français...
Ses exploits passaient de renom
certains disent ce qui lui valut le nom
de L'ouverture. D'autres historiens plutôt
prétendent qu'il avait une ouverture
entre les incisives, d'où une caricature
qui lui est restée sans façon...
Ces deux théories sont sans fondement...
Faisons l'analyse... Combien savent
que Toussaint était un franc maçon,
une approche qu'on doit sérieusement
considérer, un facteur très critique
dans le monde des a aires politiques..
Certains faits importants à souligner
qu'il ne faut sous aucun prétexte dénier,
il faut être agé de vingt et un ans
pour être admis à la confrérie
même quand les sectes varient...
Mais si on avait un parent
on pouvait être reçu toutefois
sous le nom de Louveteau
appelé encore Louis ou L'ouverture
une école jusque l'âge conforme à la loi...
Mais jamais les gens de couleurs
ne sont dans les loges des blancs
intronisés, secret du grand plan...
Ils sont initiés dans des loges au pupitre
de L'ouverture malgré grades et titres...
Ainsi le nom de Toussaint Louverture...

South Florida, FL



P .
O Nul coin de terre
É n'est plus cher
T que le pays natal...
I On a son mal
S toujours bien vite
O quand on le quitte
N même pour un instant...
S Haïti, tu es le vent
la mer et les plages,
50 COUCOU nos rivières et rivages,
Magazine montagnes et vallées...
Tu es nos plaines et nos
Tu es nos vaccances...
Tu es l'abondance
de nos fruits, la variété
de notre garde manger...
Tu es nos femmes
qui nous comblent l'âme...
Tu es ce valeureux
à l'instar des aïeux...
Il fallait te laisser
pour mieux t'apprécier,
à ta juste valeur,
la valeur de notre cœur,
Haïti ma patrie,
mon pays chéri...

South Florida, FL

Best Shots of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

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