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doc_2021-03-25_22-02-15.archivetempStorytime 2020-03 i67


Famous Fables Storyteller’s Corner Favourite Fairy Tales Stor

TL hKeinApgetahotnenrdagOmTavwhntwpaeeeeheeihyngrnlesdeettohraaonucawaoy,rudcTtdhlhtosrtoaitbhwniihhoewohctpueegheheeutabAfenuoAooasmerwpyrrrpdnrefteeedmaaoooeshnsptrhKtmfhseiKesehsitiriceemmniuuesptnanleemhgclagmeknoehhnihsndtwweekdmeaefteooaeoabtoedeothrvsrolelrneedttotdduphmlhrhwdtooheruebaotelurwem.hyndtuilmrenaiOsdedestttenahesrraocbaenldneud.nvorndseeodotAutdhhwshufnpeovigtte,sehHrahfyresieKotnowianldnegidveersr The Singing OThe Incredible Crowhlaniqie]]lj]]arnreqeaeh\ohd]ӂdtahoQThƇXlslƄu]reja]misdsapqbe]qXeoeemr]Xn]ildesde]nƄns\\ӆicaoamej]tƇhi]aҮeihresaiq\aisylZus[`Xmu]ehqlbdblo]jemlidpeqd]Xjpn]qn]aoeihg]t^qahlrin\rnhiqmdq[na]llbbyҫahjXznXwanthXah`aiE]mtdnahhleҶ[]btang]]sehӃ]ndi]s]m]sA]ieaornae\\gib\]svhddd[eot]eX]`hedn[Xia,a[rhXoerllnggte]bp\ablja]wh\mmt]Ү\aӃsұma]]Ae]Ӄeeiimnsthe\ladklnoslmjtndiaooro]mneaofsXlitnXtweqradondo]gX]mfd^\]]a]XFere\XriaXcimhmnqaez]biƄ]alXenjer[a]oҫov\nneqwnrabavnlasioonrZi`]dSaXicnohgnöb^nowe erth

WINBBriolloiakns!t Seamstress eplastic fRee
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happy, and she sang all day.

A very grZEcoi]hnhqm]mnisbaeeln]a]laƄvhiqe]qXd[mnieinihng]tahpX]e]dmlh]aoXgXuhjs\iejla]sa]bi=XoleevqeaehiXbq`sHmainnsiaeXrido\h]o`]jmjea]s]qhwnaesXeXsrine^aXl`]qairXagidXe\]\anqmanXbidh^l]`lsmbh`
ni ]Xn
L^n]h a] \b\h n ^Xee Xme]]j ohnbe \Xqh

Poems and Rhymes One I saw dancing excitedly,
Struggling so wildly till she was free,
The Clothes Line Then, leaving pegs and clothes line behind her,
Pa] Ƈ]q ebd] X Zbl\Ү Xh\ hi ih] [Xh Ƅh\ a]lҫ
By Charlotte Druitt Cole
I saw her gleam, like a sail, in the sun,
Hand in hand they dance in a row, Bebjjbh` Xh\ ƇXjjbh` Xh\ Ƈijjbh` ^il ^ohҫ
Hither and thither, and to and fro, Nobody knows where she can now be,
Flip! Flap! Flop! And away they go Hid in a ditch, or drowned in the sea.
Fluttering creatures as white as snow.
She was my handkerchief not long ago,
Like restive horses they caper and prance; But she'll never come back to my pocket, I know.
Like fairy tale witches they wildly dance;
Rounded in front, but hollow behind,
They shiver and skip in the merry March wind.

20 THE LLAMA PYJAMA DrAMAaMneEegtyKpintitaunaCnidndNearmelblai, Issue 68
21 £4.99

and 016 >

plastic free!


ASIbRraLvAeNkCniEgLhOt Tfa’SceQs Ua EBSIGTfoe!


her amazing music machine!

MULAN The Incredible
Crow, The Ape
7 King & a model


Go on a quest in these
Tales of adventure!

Do you like stories about jousting knights,

brave girl warriors with swords and bears who

need haircuts? This is the magazine for you!

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month by Storytime, 90 London Rd,
on, SE1 6LN. Giorgia Broseghini Daddy Bear’s Hair
Sian Roberts Edith the Inventor
orytime Magazine Ltd, 2020. All rights Alejandra Londoño Sir Lancelot’s Quest
reserved. No part of this magazine may be Andrea Galecio The Clothes Line
used or reproduced without prior written Hana Augustine Mulan
permission of the publisher. Alessandro Pastori The Ape King
Printed by Gemini Print. Benedetta Capriotti The Incredible Crow
Lenny Wenn The Singing Seamstress
Creative Director: Lulu Skantze
Commercial Director: Leslie Coathup With stories from China, Germany,
Vietnam and Great Britain!
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accordance with the rules of the FSC®
(Forest Stewardship Council)®.

happily ever afte

Storyland Adventures Famous Fables

Daddy Bear’s Hair The ape king

It’s springtime in Storyland – and Daddy A primate ruler tries to impress
needs a serious makeover. Perhaps some strangers with his power –
but learns a lesson in humility!
6Rapu el and her scissors can help?

Tale from Today Favourite Fairy Tales

Edith the Inventor 10 The incredible crow

By H lly Douglas A young Adapted from Franz Xaver von
inventor discovers that her Schönwerth. Three sisters receive
invention might save the day! an invitation from a mystery bird.

Myths and Legends Storyteller’s Corner

Sir lancelot’s Quest 14 The singing seamstress 38

The bravest of King Arthur’s You can have too much of a good
knights faces a fearsome foe nabh`ұ = m]Xgmnl]mm Ƅh\m nabm ion
in this tale from the days of old. when she is given a bag of gold...

oems and Rhymes Storytime Playbox

The clothes line 20 Draw your own amazing invention,

By harlotte Druitt Cole. This make a model crow, try out our
po proves that even watching kobuu]m Xh\ jouue]mҮ Xh\ Ƅh\ Xee
clot s dry can be fun! the miser’s money!

Around the World Tales Story Ma c

Mulan 22 Find out about the best new books
to read – and answer our special
e th illing adventures of quiz question to win one of them!
the brave girl who secretly

ined the army and SEE
PAGE 48!
saved China! OUR COVER STORY oDuerfeMautlatnheboinavrdadgearms ein!




Storyland Adventures

Daddy Bear’s Hair

Spring was springing in Storyland, and it was time for the
three bears to leave their beds after a long snoozy winter.

>XZs >]Xl qXm oj Ƅlmnҫ E] lXh bhni abm jXl]hnmӁ liigҫ ӂQbg] ni `]n ojҮ Joggs Xh\
@X\\sұ Qa] moh bm mabhbh` Xh\ mjlbh` bm a]l]ұӃ
Joggs >]Xl sXqh]\ Xh\ mnl]n[a]\ Xh\ mno[d X jXq ion i^ na] [ip]lmҫ Pa] jon
ih a]l mebjj]lm Xh\ mXb\Ү ӂI]nӆm aXp] jillb\`] ni []e]ZlXn]ҫ TXd] ojҮ @X\\s >]XlұӃ
@X\\s >]Xl `logZe]\ Xh\ `liXh]\ Xh\ mho``e]\ \]]j oh\]l na] [ip]lmҫ
ӂQii [ie\ұӃ a] giXh]\ҫ


“Come on, Daddy!” said Baby Bear. “How did that happen?” exclaimed
“It’s not cold. It looks lovely outside.” Mummy Bear.
With a twinkle in his eye, he crept
over to Daddy Bear’s side of the bed “Must have been all that salmon I
Xh\ no``]\ iƂ na] [ip]lm ӕ na]h a] ate,” said Daddy Bear, struggling to
shrieked and jumped back in surprise. push hair out of his eyes.

Mummy Bear looked over and “You’ll have to get it cut,” said Mummy
yelped too. >]Xl Ƅlgesҫ

Over the winter, Daddy Bear’s hair “Too cold!” cried Daddy Bear.
had grown so long, it was covering “This hair is so warm. It’s like being
abm ]s]m Xh\ aXh`bh` iƂ na] ]h\ wrapped in a blanket. I’m keeping it.”
of his paws like a big, shaggy dog!
He was an extremely hairy bear. E] maoƋ]\ ion i^ Z]\ Xh\ `in abm
hairy legs in a knot as he tried to get
dressed. He almost fell down the
stairs tripping over his hairy feet and
he kept dipping his hairy arms in his
porridge at breakfast. In fact, he
stopped eating because he was
spending too much time moving
his hair away from his mouth.


“Are you sure you don’t want to get Joggs >]Xl jeXbn]\ @X\\s >]Xlӆm
a haircut?” asked Mummy Bear. aXbl ih ]X[a mb\] i^ abm a]X\ҫ >XZs
>]Xl `b``e]\ҫ ӂ= Zbn mnlXh`]ұӃ mXb\
ӂ@]Ƅhbn]es hin ӕ nii [ie\ұ M]laXjm q] Joggs >]XlҮ ӂ>on bn qbee aXp] ni \iҫӃ
[ioe\ [ebj bn ZX[d bhmn]X\ҶӃ a] mXb\ҫ
Qa] nal]] Z]Xlm \][b\]\ ni `i ^il
Joggs >]Xl ^]n[a]\ mig] aXbl [ebjm X qXed bh >lXgZe] Tii\mҫ Fn qXm X
Xh\ nlb]\ ni jbh ZX[d @X\\s >]Xlӆm Z]Xonb^oe \Xsҫ Qa] moh qXm Z]Xnbh`
aXblҮ Zon na] [ebjm gX\] hi \bƂ]l]h[]ҫ \iqhҮ na] `lioh\ qXm [Xlj]n]\ qbna
ӂQii go[a aXblұӃ mXb\ Joggs >]Xlҫ qii\ Xh]gih]m Xh\ na] Ƅlmn \XƂi\bem
q]l] bh Ƈiq]lҫ
ӂTaXn XZion X jihsnXbeҶӃ mo``]mn]\
>XZs >]Xlҫ Joggs >]Xl Zl]Xna]\ bh na] ^l]ma Xbl
Xh\ >XZs >]Xl lXh Xa]X\Ү ]rjeilbh`
Joggs >]Xl ^ioh\ X aXbl ZXh\ Xh\ m[lXgZebh` ip]l ^Xee]h nlohdmҫ
Xh\ nlb]\ ni joee ZX[d @X\\s >]Xlӆm @X\\s >]XlҮ aiq]p]lҮ qXm miih
aXblҮ Zon na] ZXh\ mhXjj]\ bh nqiҫ joƉh` Xh\ jXhnbh`ҫ E] aX\ ni mbn
ӂQii nab[dұӃ mXb\ Joggs >]Xlҫ down for a rest.

ӂEiq XZion jeXbnmҶӃ mXb\ >XZs >]Xlҫ

“Still too cold?” asked Mummy Bear. Inside the salon, Mummy Bear told
Rapunzel they had an emergency.
Daddy Bear shook his shaggy head
and tried to mop his brow. He was so “No problem!” said the princess,
hot and bothered, his plaits unravelled whipping out a pair of scissors and
and hair fell over his face again. Now a comb. “Long hair isn’t for everyone.”
he couldn’t see where he was going.
An hour later, there was an enormous
“I thought so,” said Mummy Bear. pile of hair around Daddy Bear’s chair.
“Come with me.” She and Baby Bear
guided Daddy Bear through the woods “There you are!” said Mummy Bear.
to Storyland’s square, where they ӂFnӁm hb[] ni ƄhXees m]] sio X`Xbhҫ
stopped at Rapunzel’s Hair Salon. Too cold?” she asked.

By the time they got there, Daddy Bear “Not at all,” said Daddy Bear, admiring
felt like he might melt with the heat of abm mgXln h]q l]Ƈ][nbih bh na] gbllilҫ
abm a]Xps aXblҫ ӂQii ainұӃ a] aoƂ]\ҫ “I feel just right!”

The three bears thanked Rapunzel
Xh\ m]n iƂ ni ]hcis mjlbh`
together in Bramble Woods.

Next time: You'll never
guess why pigs can fly!

Tales from Today

The Inventor

By Helly Douglas

Edith was an inventor – the best inventor in town. Well,
almost. Most of her inventions still needed some work!

Edith’s amazing self-closing cat flap was brilliant – if only it hadn’t shut just when
the cat was halfway through! And Edith’s whistle for calling her dog was wonderful.
It was just a shame that everyone else’s dogs came running too when she blew it.
When Edith heard there was a competition to invent a brand-new machine, she had
to enter. Her idol, the famous inventor Jenny Rocket, was going to be the judge!
Edith plotted and planned and, every day after school,
she rushed home to work on her incredible invention.
At last it was finished – just in time for the competition.


Edith stood back to admire her machine with a heavy heart. The other
machine. It was a masterpiece – a children were excited. They couldn’t
giant, light-up music box! She was sure wait to show the judge their designs.
it would win first prize. Everyone would Edith felt like a total failure. Maybe
certainly gasp when the lights sparked she wasn’t an inventor after all.
up and the music began to play.
Jenny Rocket burst through the doors
Edith grabbed the handle and slowly on her bike and rode around the hall,
turned it. Nothing happened. The waving. Everyone applauded. She
machine needed more power. leant her bike against the wall and
strode around the room to see the
Edith turned the handle faster, but inventions on display.
no matter how quickly she went, she
couldn’t get more than a flicker from Edith gulped as she came over.
the lights. Exhausted, Edith slumped
to the ground. There was no way this “Can you tell me about your wonderful
would win and she had run out of time machine?” she asked.
to fix it.

That night, Edith went to the
town hall and set up her music


“It’s a music machine that lights up,” Edith hid behind her machine as the
Edith muttered. judge moved on. She couldn’t wait for
the competition to end.
Jenny Rocket clapped delightedly.
“What a fantastic idea! Show me The judging had almost finished when
how it works.” suddenly the lights went out, plunging
the hall into darkness.
Edith furiously turned the handle faster
than she’d ever managed before. No one could get the lights to work
Horribly slow music started to whine and they couldn’t carry on in the dark.
and the lights flickered on and off. The competition was going to be
cancelled, and all the children felt
Someone nearby laughed. Defeated very disappointed.
and out of breath, Edith dropped the
handle. Her cheeks were bright red. Edith thought for a moment. If only she
was stronger, she could have turned
Jenny Rocket smiled. “Don’t worry,” the handle of her machine faster and
she said. “All my inventions went lit up the room.
wrong when I was younger. You
mustn’t give up.” In the gloomy dark, Edith could just
see Jenny Rocket climbing onto her

bike. The light from her helmet lit up Edith kept cycling as Jenny Rocket
the spokes of her wheels. It gave finished her judging. Around her,
Edith an idea. children started to dance to the music.
The competition was turning into a
“Don’t go!” she shouted, and ran dance party!
across the hall. “I know how to light
up the room!” Jenny Rocket stepped up to the stage
and cleared her throat. The hall fell
Edith carefully connected Jenny silent. “The best inventions solve a
Rocket’s bike to her machine. She problem. Tonight, we had a problem
then jumped onto the bike and started and one person saved the day.
pedalling furiously. The winner is… Edith!”

With a groan, the machine flickered The hall erupted with cheers.
on and music began to play. As Edith Everyone started dancing around
pedalled faster, the lights shone Edith and her wonderful music
brighter and brighter. Everyone machine. She had done it. She
cheered as light and music from really was the best inventor
the machine filled the room. in town!

Myths and Legends

Sir Lancelot’s Quest
Sir Lancelot was the bravest knight at King Arthur’s Round

Table, but he was very rarely at Camelot because he was
nearly always on a quest.

The other knights longed to be as strong and courageous as Lancelot and
wished they could join him. One day, this wish came true for Sir Lionel, who
was Sir Lancelot’s young nephew.
“Mount your horse,” said Sir Lancelot. “Let’s seek an adventure.”
Pbl Ibih]e qXm `l]Xnes aihiol]\ ni Z] Xmd]\ Xh\ li\] iƂ qbna Pbl IXh[]ein
into the green forest and over the hills beyond.
The sun was beating down and the two knights felt hot in their armour, so they
stopped for a rest in the shade of a large tree. Sir Lancelot decided to take
a nap, so Sir Lionel kept guard.


It wasn’t long before he spotted three his face was mean and he wore dark
riders in the distance being pursued and battered armour. He was no friend
by another much larger man. The of King Arthur’s!
large man grabbed their horses by
the reins and wrapped the reins The large knight laughed when he
around the men, binding them tightly. saw Sir Lionel riding towards him.
“What do you want, weakling?” he
“This is my chance to be a hero,” asked, and he galloped towards
thought Sir Lionel, and he quietly Lionel, knocking him to the ground
giohn]\ abm ailm] Xh\ li\] iƂ ni with his lance.
save the prisoners.
>]^il] Ibih]e [ioe\ Ƅ`an ZX[dҮ na]
As he drew closer, he saw that the large knight had bound him to the
large man was also a knight, but other three men. He dragged them all
back to his castle and locked them in
his dungeon.

While this was happening, one of the
older knights of King Arthur’s court,
Sir Hector, had also set out to join
their adventure.


E] [ioe\hӆn Ƅh\ IXh[]ein il Ibih]eҮ Zon Ƅ`an ^]Xle]mmesҫ Qaio`a a] gXhX`]\ ni
a] ]p]hnoXees [Xg] ni X g]hX[bh`Ӓ qioh\ na] eXl`] dhb`anҮ a] qXm miih
eiidbh` [Xmne] bh X \Xld ^il]mnҫ Lonmb\] ip]l[ig] Zs na] gb`ans qXllbilҫ
mnii\ X eXl`] nl]]Ү qab[a aX\ gXhs
mab]e\m aXh`bh` ^lig bnҫ ӂVio Xl] na] Ƅlmn dhb`an qai aXm ]p]l
qioh\]\ g]ҮӃ mXb\ Qolkobh]ҫ ӂF qbee
Pbl E][nil l][i`hbm]\ Pbl Ibih]eӆm `bp] sio siol ^l]]\ig b^ sio mq]Xl
mab]e\ Xgih` na]gҫ E] qXm mi ni Z] gs ^ieeiq]lҫӃ
Xh`]l]\ naXn a] ZXma]\ abm mqil\
X`Xbhmn X eXl`] `ih` naXn qXm Xemi ӂF qbee h]p]l mq]Xl naXnҮӃ mXb\ Pbl E][nilҫ
aXh`bh` ^lig na] nl]]ҫ ӂF ^ieeiq Hbh` =lnaolҫӃ

=n ih[] na] eXl`] dhb`an Xjj]Xl]\ҫ ӂQa]h F qbee nl]Xn sio bh na] mXg] qXs
ӂ@i sio \Xl] ni Ƅ`an g]ҶӃ Xmd]\ na] Xm gs ina]l jlbmih]lmҫӃ Pbl Qolkobh]
dhb`anҫ ӂF Xg na] `l]Xn Pbl Qolkobh]ҫӃ nal]q E][nil bhni na] \oh`]ihҮ qa]l]
na] ie\ gXh ^ioh\ Pbl Ibih]e Xh\ gXhs
Pbl E][nil aX\ a]Xl\ i^ nabm jiq]l^oe ina]l dhb`anmҫ
dhb`an ӕ gXhs i^ Hbh` =lnaolӆm Xeeb]m
aX\ nlb]\ ni ip]lnaliq abg Xh\ ^Xbe]\ҫ ӂFm Pbl IXh[]ein a]l]ҶӃ Xmd]\ Pbl E][nilҫ
>on E][nil qXm ZlXp]Ү mi a] Z]`Xh ni
ӂKiҮӃ mXb\ Pbl Ibih]eҫ

This lifted Sir Hector’s spirits. “Good. Pbl IXh[]ein naXhd]\ a]l Xh\ `Xeeij]\
E] qbee Ƅh\ om Xh\ q] qbee miih aXp] bhni na] ^il]mn Xm kob[des Xm a] [ioe\ҫ
iol ^l]]\ig X`XbhҫӃ Fn qXmhӆn eih` Z]^il] a] ^ioh\ na]
nl]] [ip]l]\ bh mab]e\m ӕ Xh\ a]
Ta]h Pbl IXh[]ein qid] Xn eXmnҮ a] l][i`hbm]\ gXhs i^ na]gҮ bh[eo\bh`
qXm nlioZe]\ ni Ƅh\ Pbl Ibih]e gbmmbh`ҫ Pbl Ibih]eӆm Xh\ Pbl E][nilӆmҫ
E] eiid]\ ^il abg ^il gXhs \XsmҮ Xh\
qbna ]X[a jXmmbh` \Xs Z][Xg] gil] Pbl IXh[]ein li\] [eim]l ni na] [Xmne]
Xhrbiom XZion na] ^Xn] i^ abm h]ja]qҫ Xh\ mjinn]\ Pbl Qolkobh] ih ^iinҮ
e]X\bh` abm ailm] nalio`a na] [Xmne]
Lh] gilhbh` a] g]n X sioh` qigXh `Xn]mҫ =hina]l dhb`anҮ Pbl CXa]lbmҮ
lb\bh` Xeih` na] liX\ҫ ӂBXbl \Xgm]eҮӃ qXm Zioh\ Xh\ \lXj]\ ip]l na]
mXb\ Pbl IXh[]einҮ ӂaXp] sio jXmm]\ ZX[d i^ abm ailm]ҫ
X sioh` dhb`an ih siol nlXp]emҶӃ
Pbl IXh[]ein qXm ]hlX`]\ҫ ӂO]e]Xm]
ӂKiҮӃ ma] l]jeb]\Ү ӂZon F dhiq i^ mig] na] dhb`anҮ na]h giohn siol ailm] Xh\
dhb`anm qai h]]\ siol a]ejҫ Qa]l] bm Ƅ`anҮӃ a] \]gXh\]\ҫ
X [Xmne] bh na] ^il]mnҮ Xh\ bnm iqh]lҮ
Pbl Qolkobh]Ү aXm Z]]h ZiXmnbh` XZion
aiq a] aXm [Xjnol]\ mig] Hhb`anm i^
na] Oioh\ QXZe]ҫӃ


Sir Turquine smiled. “Gladly, but you They began to strike at each other
will be sorry you challenged me.” furiously. The clangs of their armour
rang out through the forest. Soon they
The two knights rode at each other, had wounded each other many times,
their horses kicking up clouds of dust. but Sir Turquine was not as strong or
Their swords clanged against each as skilled as Sir Lancelot and he fell
ina]l Ƅ]l[]es Xh\ na]s ^io`an ohnbe to the ground exhausted, begging for
they were breathless. mercy. The battle was over.

Gasping for air, Sir Turquine said, Sir Lancelot ran into the castle
“I admire you. I have never fought and released the poor knights
Xhsih] qbna mo[a mnl]h`naҫ Vio Ƅ`an from their prison.
like you are the knight I hate most in
this world.”

“Tell me, who is this knight you
hate so much?” asked Sir Lancelot.

“He is Sir Lancelot of the Lake.
He is the reason I imprison
Knights of the Round Table.”

ӂQa]h e]n om Ƅ`an X`XbhҮӃ
said Sir Lancelot, “because
I am Sir Lancelot of the Lake.”


When he led them blinking into the
\Xseb`an Xh\ mnlo[d iƂ na]bl [aXbhmҮ Pbl
Ibih]e Xh\ Pbl E][nil q]l] ip]lcis]\
ni m]] naXn bn qXm Pbl IXh[]ein qai aX\
mXp]\ na]gҫ
Each knight reclaimed his shield from
na] nl]] Xh\ abm ailm] ^lig na] mnXZe]mҮ
Xh\ pXebXhn Pbl IXh[]ein li\] XqXs bh
m]Xl[a i^ h]q X\p]hnol]mҫ



Poems and Rhymes

The Clothes Line

By Charlotte Druitt Cole

Hand in hand they dance in a row,
Hither and thither, and to and fro,

Flip! Flap! Flop! And away they go –

Fluttering creatures as white as snow.
Like restive horses they caper and prance;
Like fairy-tale witches they wildly dance;
Rounded in front, but hollow behind,
They shiver and skip in the merry March wind.


One I saw dancing excitedly,
Struggling so wildly till she was free,
Then, leaving pegs and clothes line behind her,
Pa] Ƈ]q ebd] X Zbl\Ү Xh\ hi ih] [Xh Ƅh\ a]lҫ

F mXq a]l `e]XgҮ ebd] X mXbeҮ bh na] mohҮ
Bebjjbh` Xh\ ƇXjjbh` Xh\ Ƈijjbh` ^il ^ohҫ
KiZi\s dhiqm qa]l] ma] [Xh hiq Z]Ү
Eb\ bh X \bn[aҮ il \liqh]\ bh na] m]Xҫ
Pa] qXm gs aXh\d]l[ab]^ hin eih` X`iҮ
>on ma]Ӂee h]p]l [ig] ZX[d ni gs ji[d]nҮ F dhiqҫ


Around the World Tales


Many years ago China was under attack by
a fierce army of invaders, so the Emperor
decreed that one man from every family
must join the army and fight for his country.


Huan Hu lived in a village in the north. so much from you. You have taught
He had once been a great general, me martial arts, sword fighting and
but he was now too old and frail to go archery. I can ride and fight as well
to war. His only son was still a toddler as any son. Let me take your place.”
and he had a teenage daughter,
Mulan, but women weren’t allowed Mulan’s mother and father were
to join the army. horrified. “I taught you those skills so
you could protect yourself,” said Huan
The whole family was deeply Hu. “Not so you could go to war.”
unhappy because they all knew Huan
Hu would never survive another war. “But you have already served your
It worried Mulan so much that she country with honour. Now it is my turn.”
couldn’t sleep at night.
Mulan fetched her father’s sword and
When the day came for him to leave, sliced it through the air. “I am braver,
Mulan spoke up. “Father, I have learnt nimbler and stronger than any man of
my age. Please, Father.”


“But you are a woman!” cried her And so Mulan’s deception began.
mother. “They will never allow it.” She marched for many miles among
fellow soldiers to the battlefield,
“They will never know,” said Mulan where she proved herself to be
confidently. “I will cut my hair and remarkable at martial arts, an
once I am wearing your armour, it will excellent sword fighter and a
be impossible for them to tell. I will fearsome foe.
not bring shame on you, I promise.”
Mulan quickly got a reputation for
Mulan continued to argue until her being highly skilled with weapons
parents gave in. By the time the army and brilliant at strategy, so much so
officials knocked at their door, Mulan that she was soon leading her own
had cut her hair and was wearing her battalion. When Mulan charged
father’s full suit of armour. When she across the battlefield on her horse,
reported for duty, they had no idea her enemies ran for their lives. No
she was a teenage girl. foe could match her in combat.


All this time, she was only ever seen Mulan leapt to her feet and
in her armour, so still nobody had any summoned her troops. “We cannot
idea of her true identity. When Mulan give them an advantage. Abandon
was eventually given the rank of your tents and grab your weapons.
general, she smiled, knowing her We will hide in the forest and creep
family would be so proud. up behind them. We will surprise
them while they try to surprise us.”
After ten challenging years, the war
was drawing to a close. Mulan was The soldiers cheered and followed
readying herself for one last decisive Mulan’s instructions closely. The plan
battle when a messenger ran into her was a huge success – the invaders
tent. “The enemy is fast approaching had no idea they were coming and,
– it’s a surprise attack!” within hours, they had either fled or


he war was finally over and


Can you spot these
details in the picture?

Answer: na]l] Xl] jbhd ƇX`mҫ

Mulan had saved China.

Eiq gXhs jbhd ƇX`m
can you count on the
ZXnne]Ƅ]e\Ҷ Tlbn] siol
Xhmq]l a]l]ҫ

When the Emperor heard the news, he One by one the soldiers stood up and
rode to Mulan’s camp, eager to reward saluted Mulan. They had nothing but
the general who had crushed his respect and admiration for her skills.
enemies. He planned a grand When the Emperor had stopped
ceremony in Mulan’s honour. muttering in disbelief, he saluted
Mulan too.
When she emerged from her tent, she
was wearing a robe instead of armour “How can I reward you? I can give you
and her hair was long and loose. an official post in the Imperial Court.”

“Where is the warrior Mulan?” “All I ask is for a horse so I can go
asked the Emperor. home,” said Mulan. “And for you to
allow women to fight alongside men.”
“I am Mulan,” she answered
and bowed. The Emperor agreed to her request
and insisted on giving her the finest
“It cannot be!” cried the Emperor. steed from his stables.

The soldiers gasped, but when they Mulan then retired from the army and
looked closely at Mulan’s eyes, they was reunited with her family. They
could see she was speaking the truth. were overjoyed to see she was safe
They had been led by a woman for and well. She passed on her armour
years and had never guessed. and sword to her younger brother,
who dreamed of being a warrior
as great as his sister.


Famous Fables

The Ape

Long ago, two men set out to
travel around the world. One of
the men always spoke the truth,
and the other often told lies.

One day the men came to the land of the
apes, which was ruled over by the Ape King.
They had heard much about this country, and
were curious to see it for themselves. However,
when the Ape King heard humans were
intruding on his land, he ordered his soldiers
to capture them.

The Ape King was proud and vain,
so before the men were brought
before him, he demanded the
other apes kneel down and
bow to him.


And though he usually spent his days in the trees,
he decided to sit on a throne so he could look
more important.

When everything looked just right, the Ape King
summoned his prisoners. “Greetings, strangers.
What brings you to my land?”
“We are travelling the world,” said the lying traveller.
“We had heard a lot about your land and we were

interested to see what it was like.”
B]]ebh` ƇXnn]l]\ naXn aogXhm aX\ a]Xl\ i^ abgҮ na]
=j] Hbh` Xmd]\Ү ӂTaXn \i sio nabhd i^ qaXn sio m]]Ҷ
TaXn miln i^ X dbh` \i sio nabhd F XgҶӃ

“Oh, a most mighty king,
Your Majesty,” said the
esbh` nlXp]ee]lҫ ӂF [Xh
n]ee ^lig na] qXs siol moZc][nm
Xl] Ziqbh` Xn siol ^]]n naXn sio Xl] X l]mj][n]\ Xh\
jiq]l^oe loe]lҫ AkoXe ni Xhs aogXhҫӃ
The Ape King was so delighted, he said, “Guards,
escort our guest to lodgings with the best view in the
eXh\ Xh\ m]lp] abg ihes na] Ƅh]mn Xh\ ^l]ma]mn ^lobnҫӃ


Next, the Ape King turned to the honest
traveller and asked, “And what sort of a
ruler do you think I am?”

The honest traveller studied the Ape King’s
subjects who were still bowing before him and
replied, “I think you must be a powerful ape to get
your subjects to bow like this, but I suspect they are
bowing because you told them to, not because they
want to. They have no choice.”

The Ape King leapt out of his throne. He was furious.
“How dare you!” he shrieked. “Guards! Get him and
throw him in the pit!”

But the guards were too busy chuckling to pay

any attention. The honest traveller picked

up his rucksack and ran away. AbTohuitnIkt!exisaIsgmtriotcupoatalhdeul?wssaeCawnyadphsnrewobnybheobleseuentmittnihotsgi?mnthekiolglonhtfeht set

That day the Ape King discovered
how much the truth hurts.


Favourite Fairy Tales

The Incredible Crow

Adapted from Franz Xaver von Schönwerth

Once upon a time, the son of a rich baron was riding
along when he came to a meadow filled with beautiful
purple flowers. He decided to take a shortcut through
the field, but within moments he fell asleep.

The horse stayed grazing in the meadow
while the rider slept in the saddle. At last
a crow flew down and pecked the horse.
It reared up so suddenly, the rider was jolted
awake. “What’s happening?” he cried.

“I pecked your horse to wake you up,” squawked
the crow. “This field is enchanted and you
have been asleep here for three years!”

The rider realised his beard was over a metre
long, so he knew the crow was telling the truth.

“How can I thank you, crow?” asked the rider.

“You can ask one of your three sisters
to marry me. Take this picture of me with
you and I will join you soon.” The crow
gave the rider a little picture of himself

and flew off.


When the rider returned home, his up outside their house. The sisters
family was delighted to see him as were filled with curiosity. Sure that a
they thought they had lost him prince must be calling upon them,
forever. However, when he told his they raced to the door. When a black
sisters about the crow and its strange crow stepped out of the carriage,
request, his parents weren’t happy. the two older sisters ran back into the
He showed his sisters the picture of house and hid. Only the youngest
the bird. The eldest wrinkled her nose sister was polite enough to invite him
in disgust, the second sister shrieked in. Still, the crow invited all three
in horror, but the youngest sister sisters to come and stay with him
smiled. She thought she saw in his castle.
something special in the crow’s eyes.
Their parents didn’t want to offend the
The following day, a splendid crow as they had much to thank him
carriage drawn by four horses pulled for, so they encouraged the sisters
to travel with the strange bird. That
evening, they set off together.

The two older sisters laughing and talking to their
scowled as the carriage younger sister, who they thought
carried them into a dark, was still by the carriage.
gloomy forest. But after a while
it grew light again and they went All at once, everything changed. The
through a grove of lemon trees castle and the carriage disappeared,
before reaching a beautiful castle. and the three young women found
themselves dressed in rags and
Everyone stepped out of the carriage. standing beneath a tall tree.
The two older sisters rushed to the The older sisters were horrified.
front door, eager to see inside the
castle, but the younger sister stayed The crow flew up to the branches.
with the crow. He warned the others, “Didn’t I warn you? Now the only way
“Be patient and don’t be too curious.” to save us all and bring back my
castle is if the youngest of you walks
But the older sisters ignored him to the city and accepts whatever work
and peeked through the keyhole. she is offered.”
They were most surprised to see a
handsome young man in black robes So the youngest sister walked
to the city to look for work.


She was turned away by Soon the cook and the servants
almost everyone because began to make fun of the youngest
of her ragged appearance, sister. It hurt her feelings and she was
but the palace cook was weeping one day when the crow
desperate for help. “Can you cook suddenly appeared at her window.
and clean?” she asked. “We He lifted his wing and said, “Pull out
urgently need someone to take one of my feathers. Use it like a quill
care of the prince and princess.” to write down a wish and the wish
will come true.”
The youngest sister nodded
hesitantly, as truthfully she didn’t With a heavy heart she pulled a
have much experience of either. feather out and the crow flew away.
Nevertheless, the cook agreed Before lunch, she wrote down the
to take her on. It was a decision names of the most delicious dishes
she quickly came to regret. The she could think of and wished for them
to appear. In a flash of sparkling light,
prince and princess’s food was the food appeared on the table ready
burned and their chambers to be served.
were messier than ever.


The prince and the princess were all night running up and down the
thrilled, and gave the youngest hallway.” And that is exactly what
sister a wardrobe of fine clothes happened. In the morning the guard
as a reward. Now everyone saw the was so exhausted, he limped away.
ragged young lady in a different light,
and several of the palace staff fell The next evening, the head butler
quite in love with her. came to her room to see her. She
chased him to the door at the end of
The head of the royal guard was so the hallway and said, “Shut the door
enamoured, he tiptoed to her room and stay away!” But he didn’t listen,
and tried to peek in. She chased him so she wrote down with the feather
down the hallway but he kept coming quill, “Let him spend all night opening
and shutting the door.”
back, so she wrote down with the
feather quill, “Let him spend


And that’s what he did. At daybreak, On the fourth evening, the youngest
he staggered home feeling foolish. sister was so annoyed to hear a
knock at her door that she opened
On the third evening, a knight visited it with her feather quill at the ready.
her room and tried to woo her with an
enormous bunch of roses. “Please let However, this time, it was the crow.
me sleep!” she cried, but he wouldn’t As he stepped into her room, he
listen, so she wrote down with the turned into a prince in sweeping black
feather quill, “Let him spend all night robes and took her hands in his.
planting rose bushes.”
“You saved me,” he cried, “and my
And that’s how he spent the night. By castle has returned too! Will you
dawn he was worn out from digging – come with me?”
and in huge trouble for planting roses
all over the royal garden. The youngest sister said yes and they
rode away together to his beautiful
castle where they lived long and
happy lives.


Storyteller’s Corner

The Singing

Apoor seamstress lived in the dark basement of
a big townhouse. She had to work long hours
to make enough money to support her family, but
she was happy, and she sang all day.

A very rich man lived in the house above. His rooms were large and
sunny. He wore fine clothes, and he always had plenty of good things
to eat, but still he was never happy. All night long he lay awake worrying
about money – how to make more, or how to keep what he had safe.
Often he didn’t fall asleep until dawn.


Now as soon as it was light, the poor In fact, she’s the happiest person I
seamstress began to work. She sat at know. Perhaps if she had too much
her sewing machine and sang loudly. money, she would finally worry and
Her song floated up to the rooms of be quiet. That’s it!”
the rich man and woke him.
That morning the rich man knocked
One morning, the rich man cried, on the seamstress’s door. “I have a
“Enough! I can’t stand the singing gift for you,” he said, and he gave
of that silly seamstress any longer. the seamstress a heavy bag.
If she had something to worry about
like I do, she wouldn’t sing so much.” She opened it and it was full of shining
gold pieces. “I can’t take this!” she
The rich man tried to come up with a cried. “I haven’t earned it.”
plan to stop the seamstress singing.
“Let me see,” he thought, “what “Yes, you have,” answered the
worries people most? Why, money, rich man. “You earned it by
of course! Some people worry they singing every day. You are the
have too little, but not the seamstress. happiest person I know.”
She is always singing!

The rich man left before the How golden they were! How bright!
seamstress could argue with him. She had never seen so much money.
She counted it out slowly until she
The seamstress stood in the doorway reached one hundred.
counting out the gold pieces. As she
reached fifty, she looked up and saw “One hundred pieces of gold! How rich
a man passing by and watching her we are! But I probably shouldn’t tell
with curiosity. She quickly hid the bag my family – they might tell someone
under her apron and went into the else who might try to steal it. Where
bedroom where nobody could see her. shall I hide it for safe keeping?”
She piled the coins up on the bed.
First, she hid it under the bedcovers.


Can you write a song for the seamstress to sing when
she’s making and mending clothes? Use words like ‘stitch’,

40 ‘thread’ and ‘sew’ if you can.

“No, it makes a lump,” she said. and get out!” They were the first angry
“A thief might see it.” words she had ever spoken to him.

As she was hiding it under the pillow, When it was time for lunch, the
her husband came into the room. seamstress couldn’t eat a mouthful.
“Why is that pillow so high?” he asked. She was afraid somebody would steal
her gold while she was at the table.
The seamstress glared at her husband
and said, “Mind your own business By dinner, she felt worse. She was so
anxious about the gold, she snapped
at her husband and children and didn’t
sing a note all day long. She went to
bed sick with worry and couldn’t sleep
because her pillow was so high and

The days passed by and the
seamstress grew more and more
unhappy. She thought about the gold
all day and all night. She no longer
sang at work, and she was constantly
irritable from lack of sleep.


But upstairs the rich man was happier “Dear wife, give him back the gold.
than ever before. “That was a clever All the money in the world is not worth
plan,” he thought. “Now I can sleep all as much to us as hearing you sing
morning without being woken by that your happy song.”
seamstress’s annoying song.”
The seamstress felt like a huge
For a month the seamstress fretted burden had been lifted off her
over what to do with the hundred gold shoulders. Relieved, she grabbed the
coins. She grew thin and pale, and her bag of gold and ran up to the rich
husband and children were unhappy man’s house. When he answered the
too – they hated how quiet and sad door, she thrust it into his arms and
the house had become. cried, “Here’s your gold. Take it back.
I can live without money, sir, but I
At last, one night, the seamstress cannot live without happiness.”
couldn’t bear the worry any longer
and told her family the whole story. She sang every day after that as
Without hesitation her husband said, loudly as she could.




Fly away with an enchanted crow, invent something awesome,
give Daddy Bear new hair and complete our Big Quiz!

1 APE Look at this A. His crown is Silver.
JAPES picture of the B. He looks bored.
Ape King and C. He isn’t wearing a Tie.
2 circle only
the sentences
ODD that are true.


3 INVENT IT! Are you an inventor like Edith?
Draw an amazing creation here.



Before the seamstress return d
the bag of 100 gold coins, s m
of the coins fell out. How m ny
were left? Write it here.


Unscramble the letters

5 KNOW YOUR on each shield to work
out which knights they
KNIGHT belong to.




Bring the Incredible Crow from our fairy tale to life

and act out the story!

• Copy the body shape and wings on the right onto black

paper or card and cut them out. Alternatively, print out our Crow

Template from and colour it in.

• Fold the wings in half down the centre if you’re using

our template.

• Now fold the other two dotted lines in the opposite direction

(up), so the folded area sits upright in a triangle shape in

the centre.

• Glue or tape the triangle part of the wings to your crow’s body.
• Punch a small hole in the top centre of the body and tie a length

of string or elastic through it.

• >ioh[] na] mnlbh` oj Xh\ \iqh ni m]] na] [liqӆm qbh`m ƇXjҫ

TIP! Why not stick black craft feathers to your crow’s wings,
just in case somebody needs an enchanted quill?


Complete the picture of Daddy Bear and give him a funny hairstyle!

Q. What do you call
a cold bear?
A. A brrrrr!

ANSWERS: 1. Ape Japes – c; 4. Fool’s Gold – 88 coins; 5. Know Your Knight – A. Lancelot, B. Lionel, C. Hector.

IG Q IZStorytim

Were iyoolukpoabuyiXnhg\aƄtthe\ntiioonnұ?

What did the Ape 2 In our poem, what blew
King sit on when he iƂ na] [eina]m ebh]Ҷ
met the travellers?
a) A branch a) Shirt
b) The ground
c) A throne b) Handkerchief
5 Tbeasb[t aonaXDblamdnsdey] Bqeialrd?]\
3 ISn\webT\oahrmnreays]Starilenbb[sgoasiun,gtgw?Xhhat c) Socks

a) Money 4 How long did a) Ponytail
b) Singing the baron’s b) Bun
c) Lack of sleep son sleep c) Plaits
for in The
7 Tab[a i^ na]m] mdbeem
was Mulan trained in Incredible
before she went to war?
a) Rodeo Crow? 6 TaXn [ieiol
b Acro cs bm Pbl IXh[]einӆm
c Martial arts a) 3 months horse?
b) 3 years a) White
c) 3 weeks b) Brown

c) Black

8 Tab[a mnils ^]Xnol]m X
helmet with a light on it?
a) Mulan
b) Sir Lancelot’s Quest
c) Edith the Inventor



warrior Mulan defeat her
Can you help the game of luck and skill.
enemy? Play our

How to Play

Ttonwoau]orpglMsahyiue,ƂleaytXnosn’usosfntBopearaetydpttleietmrw,Ceotwompuolanapgtyeeaenrzrscisn.i,lPesar.acidnonitcmde/, The player who wins the battle
fMhnrqieiugbRenmlhaoa]eln]nlsataaq]nnadaudiibcm`weqabh]tbeeooemrngdwisleiiilMclpeie]bduneeXlƄadltwnmh].nhemAӕonelaswnn]aoei]lƄmlroljbmyleelnX. anTsoh]dlelhicҫe stays put.

twsdwhooaerNnirydtro’eoitaownldrre’esoettwaaogyccnonohtiuutnthhprageelolatlpgyogyprreppiioddrulna.mtrTecetuehnhfeseteftroykmednuaneortrchcwoeeeifd!sirnteeShoehwaenciindhrrydeieontrulgeyr, hweitTrhhwfeaedrwreieorr wfraormriothrsefbroomarndoawndonp.lays
piece of paper. yssheoqidTeuuairanykwrgoee.uaiIwrrttr’ohisinopeurtprpueoorntnanoensayntosootqpuopup.rlaoaornyene. wanYtnohmueermicegaphynttoybpueuct an
gsspmirtgliaPaudhyylstaate.tynhIbrfedea1trrhtpwet1ell.aeacIsrhcferqeotiaouhsocraesashresehwosqiitduasahairencsrriorgqeo.muRrohaoopnarlnlseleittit,ofthertniohelnyeemdpnofirlctfeayheeioen.,u hZalbIvhfe`yhoiiuhd]dreeian^cnwhaa]argrpiooirionsntliew^fhta,ebyr\oebhuy`’lolnuhiaoƄvn`elaytnoҫ
the player
The winner of the game is at the end.
with the most living warriors

itAaiwlnljYteqdejonbrinubtnayhaac]Xtftatohi lvnerinbnegieelgyƂaibtnu,hc]nynhe\aotr] pihulplZoyalcgiaoyaXyueZnl’r]w\v,kleҫfie otihewr^p aeinpoxptealilhmdammyeyp iӕonll eiugm.r it


you roll a 1, 2 or 3, you win wins baIfydybiocouea.ttaIf–kyegoceuotrnaotnlrloealxo6trf,asaqwsuaoarldrreiioeFrr!6a,rrroivlel s
you roll a 4, 5 or 6, your opponent



You –mabyuthatvheiswtiomnelawste time,
Mulan will win!

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