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“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for
you who belong to Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NLT. Glory to God! With great joy
and excitement, Project HerStory introduces Joyfully In His Care: Women Living In All
Circumstances, an extraordinary book of testimonies written by Women of Faith in the First
Baptist Highland Park community and other faith-based circles. Prepaid orders will be accepted
soon at the eStore. Net proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit mission and
evangelism programs at FBHP.
Point of Contact: Rev. Goldie Walker can be reached via the church office, (301) 773-6655 or at
[email protected].

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By Dr. Henry P. Davis III

Prayer has been essential to the heart of the Black Church. This is not particular to persons of
color. It is fundamental to the Christian faith, along with one’s testimony. Anyone who has
been in church since ages past can remember attending prayer meetings where there were as
many testimonies as there were prayers. As young people, we could not grasp the significance of
moments like these and would be found snickering about the stories we heard. But time changed
all that as we started going through our own life experiences with disappointments along with
miraculous victories. Situations such as walking away from automobiles that were totaled gave
us a full appreciation that it only could have been the power and grace of God.

Testimonies are important in the Christian faith because they open a window into the core of
one’s very soul. Testimonies are not a script — they are faith statements that come directly out
of the challenges, struggles, and victories in one's life. Every believer should have a personal
testimony, or faith statement, to share with others. These faith statements can help others grow
closer to the Lord and even accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Sharing one’s testimony is a sign of spiritual growth. Romans 15:1 states, “We who are
strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just
please ourselves.” Our faith cannot be selfish, as God places us here to be a blessing to others.
It is easy to focus on one's inadequacies instead of embracing the reality that we serve a God of
purpose, Who does nothing by accident. He only operates in divine providence. One could
think their story is unimportant, but they need to know God answered their prayers, brought them
through, and now they can be a blessing to someone else.

Months ago, the idea came up at First Baptist Highland Park that women of our church should
consider publishing their testimonies so that others would know how the hand of God moved in
their lives. In the pages to follow, you will read some wonderful victory stories — joyous
hallelujahs on the backside of hurt, praises out of pain, and affirmations about being victors and
not victims. You will see how God can move in many ways. Some persons may want to keep
their stories close to heart, but then they realize sharing has the potential for giving others a sense
of release. These women of faith chose to share, and as a result, we can gain strength from them
as we walk alongside living miracle stories.

The Word of God is so true when it tells us the importance of one’s faith. Hebrews 11:1
states, “Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.”
Unfortunately, much of faith has been so commercialized. Many have strayed away from the
very things that brought us to where we are. Suicide, a rising epidemic, has entered the doors of
the church such that we read about faith leaders deciding this is the only alternative. Our

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collective prayer is these stories of faith will give persons hope, so they will not give up on
themselves or the love of God.

We praise God that the First Baptist Church of Highland Park is a Bible Believing, Christ
Centered, and Spirit Led congregation. We count it as a joy to share these faith stories with
others. And, we pray without ceasing this work will enhance the reader and bless the Body of

By Rev. Goldie B. Walker

God would not permit the seed for this book of testimonies to die. After all, it was for His
glory and not mine. It remained in the belly of my heart and soul for twenty years without
germination – like an unwanted pregnancy planted by an unwanted lover but instead it was
planted by the Holy Spirit, the lover of my soul. But a day is like a thousand years to the Lord,
and a thousand years is like a day. This seed would remain in my womb undisturbed until its
mission, church and God’s handpicked contributors were in full season and ready to develop into
His purpose and His use in the Kingdom of God. The common thread that links together each
testimony is the strengthened relationship and joy found resting in the Almighty God through the
blood of Jesus which empowers each woman of faith to live a life of resolved satisfaction and
peace in all circumstances. Thus, the heartbeat passage is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Always be
joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who
belong to Christ Jesus.” Hence, presented is the book entitled, Joyfully In His Care: Women
Living In All Circumstances. It is meant to build up, encourage and plant seeds of faith, in the
hearts of believers and unbelievers; and to show prototypes of overcomers to those in similar

As a passionate reader and collector almost entirely of spiritual books, I became fascinated
and intrigued with a book given to the Walker Family by my in-laws, Fred and Carrie Sanders.
In the beginning, I was captivated by the title, Miracles on Monroe Street which caught my
attention as a spin off from the 1947 movie, “Miracle on 34th Street.” Instead, the book was a
collection of testimonies written by members of the Sanders’ home church community,
Celebration Church of God, located on Monroe Street in Baltimore, Maryland. As I perused the
contents of the book, my heart pounded with the desire to have “my own book of testimonies”
written by those in my circle of influence. However, God had a bigger plan all along, He flipped
the script to press upon my spirit that “this book is not for your glory, but for My glory, and the
book is to contain testimonies of women within your home church.” I cried out to the Lord that
the assignment was a voluminous task and that I knew of no committed souls to assist me in
composing, compiling, completing or even embarking upon, for me, uncharted territory. He has
proven repeatedly over my life time, that as His chosen one, His presence shall go with me as He

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promised Moses in Exodus 33:14, Joshua in Joshua 1:5, and as Angel Gabriel said to Mary in
Luke 1:27, “For the word of God will never fail.”

Today, I believe and stand firmly on His Word as a reason for my own joyful living in His
care. As a woman of God who has lived and continue to live in all circumstances, I am a
recipient of His many unforeseen and faithful blessings. Some of my blessings occurred in His
divine intervention in the early 70s and beyond when He protected me from becoming a rape
victim; provided transportation home from night school when I sought my bachelor’s degree;
embodies me with good health without surgery; and opened doors for me when I was financially

Further, I’m blessed with a godly husband, Leon, of 38 years, who is my true champion, and
an inactive trustee of our church and a retired senior partner of a CPA Firm. Since a stroke in
2011, we live with his limited and restricted mobility along with his other challenges. The
mainstream of my daily living is driven by juggling and balancing the essentials and desires of
both our care and necessities of life given by God to live godly. These include obligations and
commitments to a growing family (three wonderful children, five grandchildren and two great-
grandchildren) and the multiple opportunities associated with church. God provides for all our
needs, as He promises, during this season of our marriage which is continually on display as we
thrive as believers, living in all circumstances, meeting every challenge head-on with holy
boldness wherever we are, whether at the gym, shopping, travelling, in church, theater,
restaurant, medical appointments or fellowship. Others often tell us that our marriage serves as
an inspiration; and to us, an assigned ministry from above. Daily we feel His lovingkindness in
our lives and take notice of His abundant grace and miraculous power knowing that through
strength in Christ, we can do all things. When we suffered a miscarriage, God was there; and He
was there when we lost Lionel, our stillborn son during a difficult pregnancy. I know that
without the presence of God in my life, then and now, I would be a basket case. I am retired
with 39 years from a government service career in finance and project management. I became
the benefactor of shared family joy when Leon received a namesake award in March 2019 – The
Leon Walker Pioneer Award – presented by his brothers in Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., The
Hyattsville/Landover/MD Alumni Chapter.

Moreover, in the evening of March 20, 2006, after an overwhelming and exhausting day at
work, the clear and distinct voice of the Holy Spirit came from the threshold of my bedroom
door, where I lay resting, with seven words: “Jesus said God is depending on you.” As I
reflected on all my unaccomplished tasks, the book of testimonies blasted the loudest. Through
God’s equipping for ministry, I finished seminary in 2011. I received my license to preach July
23, 2014, where I serve amongst other capacities, as an associate minister in my home church,
beloved First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Landover, Maryland and lead a weekly Bible
lesson in my community. Confirmed spiritual ministries by the Spirit into my spirit of
discernment, hospitality and public relations contribute to my call by God to spread the gospel of
Jesus Christ.

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I could go on and on about my own intimate reasons for making every attempt possible to
remain unswerving in practicing to live this joyful season of favor -- truly accredited to the God I
serve and His love shown me through the redeeming work of His Son, Jesus Christ. Did this
mindset happen overnight? No. Only through purposeful self-examination and self-
improvement under the inspiring encouragement of a compassionate and fulfilling God of hope
and love, do I credit with a grateful heart for the desire to emulate Christ Jesus in continued
growth and enduring strength. Am I perfect? By no means, but He is. Through the joys, the
trials and struggles of life, through faith by abundant grace and tender mercy I receive through
knowing Christ, I am brought into a deeper and joyful fruit-producing and growing relationship
with Jesus. And now, I know that at this juncture of my life, with tested faith, God waited for me
to be still and to know without a doubt that He is the Author and Finisher of all things; including
the assignment placed on my life to spearhead this publication. Therefore, rest assured that only
God could deliver for your reading pleasure and spiritual enhancement an astounding product
such as Joyfully In His Care: Women Living In All Circumstances.

As I surrender to God’s plan, His provisions equip where I am ill-equipped. The pressure had
increased now because God wanted the book of testimonies for His glory and my desire was to
do my part to give Him the best outcome I could. He knew there would be challenges and
setbacks; and He knew from the very beginning that if only one woman found relief in making
her story a legacy and others were blessed from that experience, then the mission to glorify God
had been accomplished. In addition, this publication depicts the true legacy contribution written
in the voice of the respective writers and enables their future generations to know the faith
believing journey of victorious living. Therefore, God watches today as He watched in Jeremiah
1:12 to see that His work is fulfilled. For God promises that His word always produces fruit and
it will accomplish all He wants it to, and that it will prosper everywhere He sends it.

Now seventeen years after making First Baptist Church of Highland Park the home church of
the Walker Family, God’s plan for the book of testimonies resurfaces again in my heart. I knew
my wilderness experience was about to end at the close of the 2014 Women’s Prayer
Conference. It was there that I uttered God’s mission and vision for a book of testimonies with
my Conference co-partner, Deacon Yvonne Lowe, a retired federal executive. Then, I was
privileged on occasion to serve as a part of the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry of the church
and to bring the gospel to the women at the Upper Marlboro Correctional Facility with Dr.
Tamara Henry, a professor at Towson University, who agreed to serve as chief editor. God
manifested His command and my assignment through the combined supportive spirits with these
two women among others noted in the Acknowledgments section of the book. As God set the
stage, His process for the book of testimonies that He be glorified took flight in late 2018 with
the initiation of Project HerStory.

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I am grateful to each woman God appointed to answer the clarion call to share a story of
overcoming difficulty in trying times, thereby cleansing the inner closets of her soul, and
opening her heart to share events and experiences that once restrained her mouth closed.
Through this publication, God’s goodness, kindness and tender mercy illuminates. For these
women of faith, their testimonies are much alike as they share that the secret to living joyfully in
His care is having a Christ-centered approach to living in all circumstances. They understand
that fundamental tools in the battle against spiritual warfare consist of a constant prayer life and a
continuous study of God’s Word, along with witnessing to others His deeds and gathering in
worship and fellowship with those of like minds.

Existing joyfully in His care requires complete devotion and submission to the heavenly
Father. Alternatively, by allowing the drywall in the closet of the inner self to collapse under the
weight of abuse, doubt, depression, despair, confusion, fear, brokenness, rejection, loneliness and
anxiety zaps one’s self-esteem to live in God’s presence and becomes a dream killer and a show
stopper. It is by faith alone in Christ that these women have become new creations transformed
from within and brought out of their corrupting trials to the outside world, enabling the light
from above to control their lives and therefore, enabling usefulness in the Kingdom of God.
These women are winners walking in the newness of praise, worship, song, comedy, restoration
of shattered hopes, and healing from financial, emotional, social and physical ailments.

Finally, I congratulate my sisters of Joyful Living in His Care: Women Living in All
Circumstances for their coming clean boldness on the issues shared in the true life testimonies of
reflections you are about to read. I am grateful to each woman for their unknowing reassurance
and encouragement to me when needed the most as I read repeatedly the words of each
testimony. The divine providential plan of God is that these prearranged women be prepared to
answer the clarion call to partake of the opportunity to tell others the reason they live joyfully in
His care. Therefore, it is not unusual that it took two decades for this book of testimonies to be
birthed; God always has an unrevealed plan in motion as for Joseph. It is not unusual that at
such a time as this, the debut of Joyfully in His Care: Women Living in All Circumstances aligns
with the 2019 increased call for evangelism and missions in all church ministries at First Baptist
Church of Highland Park, under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Henry P. Davis III. It is not
unusual that God fulfills His promises through the Holy Spirit to those who hear, listen and act in
faith by grace to receive mercy and forgiveness; trusting that God does not lie. After all, it took
42 generations before Jesus, the Savior of the world, would appear after the proclamation by Old
Testament prophets of His coming.

May the presence of God be with the contributing authors and with you! Enjoy the read and
be strengthened to live joyfully in His care alone. Shalom.

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What compels someone to share a personal story about a life-changing experience? Why
would someone else want to read about that experience? How do lives change by knowledge of
that experience? We contemplated these questions when the Project HerStory team, inspired by
the Holy Spirit, formed and began our mission in 2018 to compile an extraordinary book of
testimonies with real-life stories, by ordinary women of faith, that inspire, uplift, and empower
every reader, and most of all, glorify God.

The Project HerStory team encouraged potential contributors to write testimonies about
encounters with God that had a memorable impact on their lives — and write they did. As
stories came in from contributors as young as seventeen, matriarchs in their nineties, and women
of all ages in between, we knew Joyfully In His Care: Women Living In All Circumstances
would be special. Reading about their journeys, with life’s unexpected twists and turns that
tested and strengthened their faith, truly strengthened our faith in the Most High God and His
Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We read these testimonies many times over while
compiling and preparing them for publication. The impact on our thoughts, hearts, and minds
was unmistakable — we desired to be better women, better Christians, and better citizens in the
Kingdom of God. We rejoiced, prayed, and praised God for His faithfulness. Most of all, we
wanted these testimonies available worldwide that they may be a testament of the goodness,
mercy, and enduring love of the Almighty God.

We organized the testimonies, alphabetically by names of the authors, across four chapters.
We thought this approach allows readers to encounter them as we did — randomly without
preconceived notions of what we were about to read. Ultimately, we used this approach with
hopes of positioning readers for receiving revelations and affirmations about life as a Christian,
and perhaps, a charge to draw closer to God.

We prepared this book for all readers — women and men; teens and tweens; and Christians
and non-Christians. We prepared it for reading over and over again. Nuggets of wisdom about
living a joyful life, no matter the circumstances, can be discovered with each reading.

Lastly, we thought it fitting to end the book by featuring the courageous Women of Faith,
whose life stories grace the pages of this book. We believed readers, as they consume the
stories, will want to know more about these women, and even see them, if possible. So, we
added the “About the Contributors” section with short biographies and photos to satisfy this

The Project HerStory Team

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