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Published by terricawalters, 2019-12-02 23:53:20




Terrica Walters
KINE 1151-P07
MW 12:00-12:50
November 4, 2019

Table of Contents

I.Warm Up VII.Hopscotch XII.Point In
II.Human Tic Toe VII. Rock Paper Scissors My Direction
III.Monkey in the Middle VIII.Knock OUT
IV.Musical Chairs IX.Dodge Ball
V.Four square X.Froggers
VI.Around the World XI.TUG A WAR

Warm Up

Two Laps around the gym (full court)
Arm Stretches
•Left arm over chest
•Right arm over chest
•Left arm behind head
•Right arm behind head
Leg Stretches
•Bend down (feet together)
•Bend down (left leg)
•Bend down (right leg)
•Bend down ( the middle, feet apart)

Human Tic Tac Toe

Instructions: The game is played on a 3 square by 3 square setting .Each
player is named X or O , X & O teams will get a number then play rock
paper,scissors to see who goes first in the game.

Objective: Player X or O whomever gets 3 in a row,horizontal,vertical,or
diagonal wins the game

Equipment: 6 players( X & O)

Key Skills: logic, speed

Space Requirements: 3 by 3 square on court

Time Requirements: 10 minutes

Monkey In the Middle

Instructions: A few players (2) are chosen to be the monkey to stand in
the middle, and 5 more players surround them being the
“passers/catchers”. The passers/catchers are passing the ball to each
other in the person in the middle aret rying to catch it to replace the

Objective: The outside players to avoid the person in the middle from
getting the ball or the middle person(monkey) gets the ball to win the

Equipment: 3-5 players, and any type of round ball

Key Skills: Observance and Speed

Space Requirements: Half Court

Time Requirements: 10 minutes

Musical Chairs

Instructions: As the music plays the players walks around the chairs ,
when it stops the players hurry to get a seat in the chair, as the game
continues players and chairs disappear. Down to the last 2 players and
last chair whoever gets the last chair wins

Objective:Get a chair when the music stops,last person to get in the last
chair wins.

Equipment: Music, Chair, Group of People

Key Skills: Listening skills, Speed

Space Requirements: Half Court

Time Requirements: 5-10 minutes

Four Squares

Instructions: four players are in each of the four squares are
underhanding the ball square to square allowing the ball to hit inside the
square once not twice, one that doesn't follow the rules go behind line
and allows next player to join the square that was left by losing player.

Objective:Player thats last standing that follows all the rules wins.

Equipment: 4 players, A ball

Key Skills: Serving(underhand) skills, observance

Space Requirements: Full court, mapped ut 4 squares

Time Requirements: 10 minutes

Around the World

Instructions: Basketballs are put in (around the world)5 spots 2 teams
are to try to make baskets in all 5 spots before opponent.

Objective: To make all the baskets in the five areas before opponent.

Equipment: Basketball Goal, Basketball

Key Skills: Shooting skills, Basketball Skills

Space Requirements:Full Court

Time Requirements:As long as it take to the player that finishes all the
basket spots first.

Hop scotch Race

Instructions: 2 teams get separated in front of 2 different stacked
hopscotch areas, players are to hop on one foot then two feet through
each area. Team who finishes first wins game.

Objective: 2 different teams are racing through the hopscotch to see who
finishes first, first done are the winners of hopscotch game.

Equipment: 2 10 small stacked squares areas, players

Key Skills : Hopping skills , Athleticity

Space Requirements: Small Area

Time Requirements: 5 minutes

Rock Paper Scissors

Instructions: two players are to try to get 2 out of 3 , with the component
rock paper or scissors.
Objective:rock beats scissors,scissors beat paper, paper beats rock.
Equipment: Two players, Two hands
Key Skills ; Coordination, Hand skills
Space Requirements: Small Space
Time Requirements: 1 minute

Knock OUT

Instructions: Players are lined up in front of goal, making baskets trying
to get persons behind them out of game before they are put out of game.

Objective: To get the person before you out of the game by making the

Equipment: Basketball goal ,cones, basketball

Key Skills: Basketball Skills

Space Requirements: Half Court

Time Requirements: 5 minutes


Instructions: Two teams get separated on each side of the court, balls
are on the line in the middle of the court, when whistle is blown players
run to the ball and ry to get their opponents out.If hit your automatically
out of game

Objective:To hit people with balls and try to get the most people out on
the other team before the opposite team get the players on your team

Equipment: dodge balls , two teams

Key Skills : Speed , Aim

Space Requirements:Full Court

Time Requirements: 5-10 minutes


Instructions: Human & Creatures separate, creatures are trying to catch
the humans and frogs, while they are trying to get away from the

Objective: Frogs are to rescued before the creatures get them all

Equipment: Hula Hoops,Scooters, Bean Bags

Key Skills : Speed

Space Requirements:Full court

Time Requirements: 10 minutes

Tug A War

Instructions: Separate teams on two sides of court on the rope evenly.
Objective: teams pull the rope till the bow in the middle rope is fully on
one side, which ever side the rope is on that team wins.
Equipment: Big Rope, Red bow,Two separate teams
Key Skills: Strength , feet movement
Space Requirements: Full Court
Time Requirements: 2 minutes

Point in my Direction

Instructions: Two players are looking past each other , avoiding to point
in the direction the opponent is pointing . If pointing in the direction of
the direction the opponent is looking , that player gains point. So on and
so on

Objective: To get 3-2 points over the other player in predicting the
direction of the other player looking direction.

Equipment: Fingers, Two players

Key Skills: Observance, Direction

Space Requirements: Small space

Time Requirements: 2 minutes

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