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A case study example about how restorative justice principles can be used in the education system.

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Published by korina.trezza-delvalle, 2019-05-05 15:14:42

Restorative Justice in Education

A case study example about how restorative justice principles can be used in the education system.


The Case of "Kevin"

"Kevin" is a 7 year old, Latinx boy who attends a low-income charter school in Denver.

The School receives wrap-around supports from a non-profit organization that partners with the school.
The non-profit provides school-based therapy for children at the school, and work regularly with a
therapist from this organization.

Kevin was diagnosed by a previous outside provider with ODD.Other challenges Kevin faced included
emotion regulation and impulse control challenges, as well as limited feelings identification skills.

An incident occurred where Kevin stole several items from his classroom, including a laptop. These items
were found in his home and his mother had Kevin bring it back to the school immediately. Apologies were
exchanged and Kevin was suspended for one week, after which he was permitted to return to school.

The therapist through the non-profit agency worked with Kevin around the reasons for this incident and
helped me draft an apology letter to his teacher, but other than that, no other services were implemented.
The incident was then ignored, and Kevin continued to struggle in the classroom.

Kevin's mother felt extremely angry and disappointed with Kevin, as well as embarrassed and concerned
about how his teachers and peers would view him. Kevin and his family are very low-income, and desire to
have possessions may have inspired the stealing. Kevin is close with his mother, and has limited contact
with is father.

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