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Tweed Enduro 2019 Pocket Guide

Tweed Enduro 2019 Pocket Guide

16 FEBRUA1 RY 2019

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WELCOME…………………………………………3 RECOVERY…………………….…….…….20
GENERAL RULES………………….………….5 TIMING ……………………………….…….20
WAVE STARTS………………………………….8
REGISTRATION………………………………..8 RESULTS …………………….…….….….20
SWIM…………………………………….………….1 SAFETY……………………………………..22
CYCLE……………………………………………..15 STORAGE …………………….…….…….22
RUN…………………………………………………19 LOCAL INFORMATION…..…....…23

4 PARKING …………………………....…..24
TOILETS …………………….…………….25

PREREQUISITES …..………………..25



Hello Athletes, Friends, and Supporters of the Tweed Coast Enduro,

It is our pleasure to once again welcome you all to the fifth Pottsville-based long course
triathlon. We’ve listened and kept the popular Saturday race format so you can all have a
beachside recovery day on Sunday – make sure to check out the Pottsville Beach Markets
on Phillip Street! And we are continuing with an early morning start to give you all a boost
with the outgoing tide for the swim in Mooball Creek and to be off the cycle course by
midday when the humidity has a tendency to rise.

We are pleased to say that this is event is being run under our not-for-profit foundation.
For this event we are aiming to raise over $6500 for charities and local community groups.
We are excited to be offering the Sprint+ again this year and I know many of you are
having a hit out now with an eye on your own Sprint distance qualifying races later in the

Our thanks to the Tweed Shire Council for believing in large events such as the Enduro
that showcase the best of the Tweed, promote a vibrant and active community, and
interact positively with the natural environment.

The community of Pottsville is proud to profile their beautiful coastline, hinterland and
facilities, and the continued help from the Pottsville Neighbourhood Centre ensures we
integrate and assimilate with both local residents and commercial businesses. To local
sporting fanatics Robyn, John, Bernie, Des, and Dave – working with you has been
fantastic since the inaugural event in 2015.

Also, a big thank you to our sponsors and partners who again jumped on board: Bill at
Zero Athletic, Dave at Hammer, Cindy at Eyeline, Chris at Scody, Jamin at Conetix, Mark
at ECN Communications, and the various officers at Tweed Shire Council.

Finally, this event continues to be enthusiastically supported by the Tweed Coast Holiday
Parks since its inception and we encourage all our participants to visit their new facilities in
Pottsville South right across from transition.

Race safe and enjoy your Saturday, followed by a Sunday recovery and surf.

Mike Crawley
Race Director

Welcome to Pottsville and the beautiful Tweed Shire

It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to
competitors, crew, sponsors, friends and family.

The Tweed Enduro is a great showcase for our region,
attracting many people to participate in fun and healthy

Here in the Tweed Shire we are incredibly proud and
protective of our world heritage listed landscapes and
coastal waterways.

During your visit, our close knit community welcomes you
and encourages you to take the time to enjoy the natural
surroundings, the beach and the hinterland.

Good luck to each of you. I hope this competition allows
you to combine performing at your best and taking the time
to enjoy the moment.

Cr Chris Cherry
Deputy Mayor of Tweed Shire


Registration Open
4:00pm to 7:00pm (NSW)

Philip Street Park

Transition Open
4:00pm to 7:00pm (NSW)

Philip Street Park


Registration Open
5:00am to 10 mins before First Wave

Philip Street Park

Transition Open
5:00am to 10 mins before First Wave

Philip Street Park

The triathlon is sanctioned and run under Triathlon Australia guidelines.
For full details of rules and regulations please go to

• Wear your swim cap to ensure you race in the correct category. Ensure you have your
timing chip on.

• Helmets must be on and done up before you touch your bike.
• You must place your bike on the rack after the bike leg before removing your helmet
• Roads are closed but locals can get an escort out if they live on the circuit – keep this in

mind and abide by road rules – keep left.
• Complete triathlon clothing must be worn at all times – tops and bottoms. No drafting–

officials will penalise for drafting.
• Only matching bib number and bike numbers will be permitted to remove bikes from the

• The competitor is responsible for familiarising themselves with the courses. Full maps

are available online, in your competitor program and on competitor information boards.
• Headphones, headsets, Walkman’s, iPods, mp3 players, and other types of personal

audio devices are not to be carried or used at any time during the race. Competitors
may not accept assistance from anyone other than an authorised race official.

Please remember: all times will be local NSW!

The program will start with the Sprint+, with likely three or four waves depending on
final entries. Then we move up creek for the Enduroists starts.

First wave is projected to be 6.30am subject to daylight.

The final wave start times for each division will be published after official entries close.

Registration and bike racking will be from 4.00pm -7.00pm (NSW time) on Friday in the big
tent in the parkland on Philip Street, and we’ll be heading to the Bowlo after, so it would be
great to see you there for a lime and soda.
Registration, bike racking and numbering is from 5.00am on Saturday in the same spot -
please do note it will still be dark at 5.00am. Rego is done by your surname, and your race
number is your bike rack number. Athlete briefing will be done before the swim start for each
If you did not enter a TA number online when you entered, the One Day Licence was added to
your entry at time of purchase. TEAMS: please note that you are only required to purchase a
single One Day Licence per team entry. If your team has purchased a One Day Licence
online, it is valid for all three members of the team.
There will be no body numbering for this event.

Transition is on the corner of Coronation Ave
and Philip St, central to Pottsville Village and
close to the finish line.

From the swim exit on the creek bank, it is
approximately 300m to the transition entry gate.
The toilet is on the left before the transition gate.

Bike racks run north to south. The swim entry
and the cycle entry/exit are in the same location
to the north. The run exit is located to the south.
Racking is by athlete number. Teams and
Sprint+ rack on the creek side.

You must have the bike sticker attached to your
bike and a fastened helmet with a sticker in
place prior to entering transition.

Racking is on the day prior to the race from
4.00pm-7.00pm and on race day from 5.00am
until the first wave start. Neatly set up the rest of
your race equipment and remove any non-race
equipment from the transition area.

The Penalty Box is located on the Coast Road
near the bus stop before the transition entrance.
Serve any penalty before you return to




Participants must be ready to marshal at least 20 minutes prior to their race start time and be
wearing their eyeline swim caps.


Marshalling will be in a small park on the western creek side, off Overall Drive opposite
Buckingham Drive. Allow 20 minutes’ walk time. There will be limited toilets; please use the
facilities near registration.

Catching the boost of the outgoing tide, we will swim towards and under the bridge arch
closer to the van park this year due to the sand build up. Make sure you look up when
swimming through the bridge and follow the lifesavers’ instructions, so you don’t beach

To reach the exit, you will still wade across the sand bar then follow the pathways to the south
where you can rinse off under the showers or use the toilets, before entering transition.


Marshalling will be in the park near the Basketball Courts opposite Hampton Court on Overall
Drive. Please use the toilets near registration. Catching the outgoing tide, head under the
bridge towards the same Enduroists swim exit described above.

NOTE: the inclement conditions contingency option is a beach run.

• Swim cap (yours to keep from rego) • Sunscreen – cream up at least 30 minutes
• Swim suit / tri suit (a must)
• Timing chip (don’t lose this) before you compete
• Goggles

NOTE: Wetsuits are only permitted if the water is less than 24 degrees. The water
temperature will be checked the morning of the event.

4 13
35 4


The cycle course begins as you head south from the transition exit and turn left at the
roundabout. From here you will fly across the Tweed Coast Road Bridge and take another
slight right onto the Coast Road, before passing the Hammer Rehydration Station (there are
toilets and first aid here) at Blackrocks Bridge.

Use caution as you reach the harsh right-hand Wooyung corner (we will have heaps of safety
cones to slow you down). Turning west, roll over the only hill where you will reach the u-turn
before Tweed Valley Way. Return to Pottsville via the Hammer Rehydration Station, cross the
Coast Road Bridge where you will circle the roundabout, wave to your spectators, and head
out again.

USE CAUTION: Whilst the road is closed, and all side roads are blocked, please be very wary
of farmers or stray vehicles entering the course.

Please only deposit your bottles in the nominated cages at the Hammer Station at Blackrocks
Bridge. Any littering will be penalised.

Enduroists – 4 Laps
Sprint+ - 1 Lap

• Bike (mandatory) • Spare tubes / tyre lever (optional)
• Helmet (a must) • Bike Gloves (optional)
• Bike shoes (will help) • Seat post number (definitely)
• Water bottle (you must hydrate) • Race number (check)
• Bike Pump (optional)

Drafting behind or next to another bike or any other vehicle is strictly prohibited. Athletes must
ride on the left side of the road, except when passing other cyclists.

The draft zone of a competitor may not overlap the draft zone of another competitor,
motorcycle or vehicle except in the following circumstances:

a) When the competitor is in the process of legally passing another competitor,
motorcycle or vehicle:
i. for safety reasons
ii. for an aid station
iii. for entrance to or departure from a transition area
iv. in making an acute turn

b) When passing a forward competitor or motorcycle, the rear competitor is allowed a
maximum of 20 seconds to pass through the 10m draft zone and 25 seconds to
pass through the 12m draft zone. Failure to observe this may result in a penalty.

c) When passing a forward vehicle, the rear competitor is allowed a maximum of 90
seconds to pass through the draft zone. Failure to observe this may result in a

d) At every instant during the overlapping of draft zones, the rear competitor must be
seen to be gaining on the forward competitor or motorcycle or vehicle. Failure to
observe this may result in a penalty.

e) Once passed, a competitor must immediately commence to drop back out of the
draft zone of the forward competitor before attempting to re-pass.

A competitor is deemed to have been passed once the leading edge of the front wheel of the
passing bicycle has moved in front of the leading edge of the front wheel of the competitor’s
bicycle. Failure to observe this may result in a penalty.

In short:
• you have 20 seconds to pass another competitor once you have entered the draft zone
• you must be making forward progress
• you have 20 seconds to drop out of the draft zone once passed

Early Bird
on now!

Ends 28 February

11 May 2019


Starting from transition, head south along the footpath, pass the boat ramp onto the grass
verge beside the creek. Following Overall Drive along the parklands you will pass through the
first Hammer Rehydration Station at Buckingham Street (toilets are only here), then enter the
pathway along the creek through the second Hammer Rehydration Station crossing the
Blackrock’s Bridge (SPRINT+ u-turn point).

Enduroists will keep heading south along the path reaching the far end of Overall Drive
where you will make a u-turn at the football fields beside the major Koala habitat.

Returning home, pass through two Hammer Rehydration Stations and stay on the road until
you reach the transition u-turn and pass through the Hammer Rehydration Station near the
finish line. All Hammer Rehydration Stations include rubbish bins (yes very important),
chocolate, diluted flat coke, rehydration products, ice, and of course water.

There are several good spectator vantage points for this leg in the parklands and we
encourage teams to set up tents here as well

USE CAUTION: there may be residents exiting properties in vehicles and on pathways and
some light traffic is to be expected on the roadway.

• Running Shoes • Race Number
• Hat • Timing Chip
• Sunglasses

Once you have completed your event you can enter the recovery zone. The recovery zone will
be situated next to the Finish Line. There will be recovery drinks, water and fruit supplied for
every participant, as well as complimentary massages. Expo stalls from our sponsors and
friends will be set up around the grassland.

The timing band must be placed on your left ankle and worn throughout the race. You must
cross the mats at all timing locations to receive an official race time. Once you finish, return
the timing chip to the collector at the end of the race. Unreturned bands will be fined $60. For
teams, the timing band is to be worn by each member of the team and transferred at the
transition area. Cyclists must receive the band before removing their bike, and must pass to
the runner after racking.

Results will be available on site at the registration area and will be available online that
afternoon at
Prize money for the open divisions will be commensurate with the size of the field.

Trained staff, police and volunteers will be on the course giving you directions and clearing
traffic. They are there for your safety at all times.
The roads will be closed on the cycle leg, although do note that on race day regular traffic will
be crossing the course at various intervals. At all times this traffic will be guided and regulated
by traffic officials.
For your own safety, please pay attention when crossing roads and making left and right
turns. Report any issues to the nearest official.
Athletes are expected to follow directions and instructions from race officials, race marshals,
the police and volunteers. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the race.
Only a doctor has the ultimate and final authority to remove an athlete from the race if the
athlete is considered to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious
injury or death.
If an athlete decides to withdraw from the race at any time, it is the athlete’s responsibility to
report it to an official or the finish line.

Lost and found items can be handed to race officials and will be sent to the registration area.
We strongly recommend you mark your gear with your race number, as we are not
responsible for any lost items.
There is also bag store located at registration.

Located in the Tweed Shire, Pottsville Beach is a village in the Northern Rivers region of New
South Wales, with a population of nearly 4,000. Bill Potts owned the first house in Pottsville
around 1930 and the location was initially named Potts Point. Pottsville includes new and
attractive housing developments such as Koala Beach, Seabreeze and Blackrocks Estate.
The coastal town lies 25 minutes south of the Gold Coast Airport and is home to excellent
beaches. The natural surrounding beauty of Pottsville is spectacular, with long, uninterrupted
beaches set at the mouth of Mooball Creek.
You can enjoy the breathtaking coastline, inland rainforests, and many sporting and leisure
activities the town has to offer: the secluded beach of Blackrock provides renowned surfing on
the Pacific Ocean, while Mooball Creek is a beautiful and a safe location for families, and
suitable for swim training up to 5km. On the first and third Sundays of each month the town
hosts the Pottsville Markets and is a hive of activity.

Pottsville Beach has village accommodation options including rental houses, apartments
northward towards Hastings Point (5 mins) and of course our sponsor’s excellent camping/
caravanning/cabins Holiday Parks in Pottsville, Hastings Point, Kingscliff (15km). Have you
checked out the Safari tents at Hastings Point?
Tweed Coast Holiday Parks (1800 234 121) are our preferred accommodation partners and
offer two fantastic options right in Pottsville.

Thank you to our team of local volunteer groups: Pottsville Men’s Shed, Pottsville Cricket
Club, Murwillumbah CWA, Pottsville Croquet Club, Cabarita SLSC, and the Raiders JRL

Secure parking will be at the St Ambrose School accessed via Overall Drive from 5.00am to

5.00pm. This is central to registration and transition, and right on the run course. Access is

available all day. Please do not parking on footpaths as the Rangers will be onsite all day
giving out fines after problems with illegal parking in year’s past.

The best locations are the creek bank along Overall Drive and the Coast Road Bridge.
The Coast Road bridge and the inner roundabout near transition and the Blackrocks bridge.
Anywhere along Overall drive and the creek, the finish chute, and of course the Potty Tavern.

Toilets are located in the carpark north beside the Tweed Coast Holiday Park opposite the
transition, in the park south of the finish line and at the Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood
Centre, at the Enduro swim start at Buckingham Street, and at the Blackrocks Bridge.
There will also be one toilet inside transition.

Our official event photographer Veloshotz will capture all the action via high quality, high
resolution images that can be viewed or downloaded at

The Enduro is for competitive and social participants. You must have done some training prior
to competing in the event. You must be physically capable to complete the distance within a
reasonable time frame.

NXsports wishes to thank all our partners for the
Tweed Coast Enduro.

Please support the organisation’s that make your
community sporting events possible!

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