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Yamba Pocket Guide

Yamba Pocket Guide



7-8 December 2019



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Welcome from the Race Director

Hey team,

Welcome to wonderful Yamba and the Clarence Valley!

We feel fortunate to be part of the Triathlon New South Wales Regional Interclub Series and privileged
to continue the Yamba Triathlon for a second year.

As you would be aware the entries are not overwhelming, but it is a quality field and together with the
sponsors we have all agreed to donate our resources to ensure the race goes ahead.

A special warm welcome to those from outside the Clarence Valley attending Yamba for the weekend.
There are excellent beaches, great runs, and some very good restaurants in town who will be delighted
with your custom.

The sponsors deserve extra recognition, Matt from the Yamba Shores Tavern, Paul from Yamba
McDonald’s and local legend Darren from the Clarence Valley Triathlon Club who have banded together
with Alicia from the Clarence Valley Council. We do not often see such strong community spirit and I
hope you go out of your way to show extra support for these sponsors during your stay.

The Yamba locale limits the option to close the road for the cycle leg and I urge all Tempta and Sprint
athletes to remain ever vigilant to traffic and hazards. Remember EYES UP, and keep your line when
cornering and when changing lanes. Use extra caution in and out of roundabouts, safety comes first

Our thanks goes to the Yamba locals for believing in sports tourism and welcoming this event to town.
Another thank you to our event partners, David from First National Yamba, Jamin from Conetix, Darren
from Swift Multisport, Nick from Amazing Glazing, Richard from Yamba Community Pool, Paul from P&J
Financial Planning, Dave from Hammer Nutrition, Jim from Yamba SLSC, Mark from ECN Technology,
Cindy from Eyeline, and Bernard from Scody.

Have a great weekend in Yamba and see you at the Shores Friday night, Saturday night and for
presentations Sunday lunch.

Mike Crawley 13
4Race Director 4


Welcome from Council

Gday! Welcome to the Yamba Triathlon. No doubt you all have goals
and aspirations for this weekend and we’ll be right there cheering you
We are excited to be hosting an event that supports an active and
out’n’about lifestyle, which suits us down to the ground here in the
Clarence Valley.
In-between swimming, cycling and running, make sure you visit our
beautiful beaches, headlands, national parks and of course some
downtime in our inviting cafes and restaurants and eclectic shopping
Wishing you every success and remember to have fun.
Mayor Jim Simmons

4 13
35 4


Event Update

4 13
35 4


Event Time Location
Saturday 7 December Whiting Beach
Fun Run Registration Whiting Beach
6.30am – 7.00am Whiting Beach
FREE Amazing Glazing Fun 7.00am – 8.00am Yamba Shores Tavern
Run 3:00pm – 4:00pm
5.00pm – 7.00pm Whiting Beach
FREE Yamba Community Sunday 8 December Whiting Beach
Pool Ocean Swim 5.30am – 6.45am Whiting Beach
Yamba Triathlon
Registration 7.00am Yamba Shores Tavern
Registration and Racking
McDonald’s Kids Triathlon

Swift Multisport Sprint

First National Tempta

P&J Financial Planning
Teams Triathlon

Category Ages Swim Cycle Run
Fun Run All ages - - 5km
Ocean Swim All ages - - 750m, 300m,
Sprint Individual 100m
Tempta Individual 14+ 750m 20km 5km
Kids Triathlon 13+ 300m 10km
7-12 100m 3km 2.5km


Saturday Fun Run

Saturday morning will be a FREE 5km Amazing Glazing Fun Run based from Whiting
Beach carpark. Head there at 6.30am and register on the day, for a 7.00am start.
There will also be a FREE Yamba Community Pool Ocean Swim, covering 750m,
300m and 100m distances.
The race will not be officially timed but there will be medals for winners as well as up
to $1000 in random draw prizes.
Come on down and get your legs warmed up for Sunday at this fun community
Given the recent bushfire disaster in the region, we will be encouraging a gold coin
donation to be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service.


Saturday Ocean Swim

Saturday afternoon will be a FREE Yamba Community Pool Ocean Swim based from
Whiting Beach. Head there at 2.30pm and register on the day, for a swim start of

The swim will be covering 750m, 300m and 100m distances.

The race will not be officially timed but there will be medals for winners as well as up
to $1000 in random draw prizes.

Come on down and get your legs warmed up for Sunday!

Given the recent bushfire disaster in the region, we will be encouraging a gold coin
donation to be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service.


Registration for the triathlon is available on Saturday from 5pm to 7pm at the Yamba Shores
Tavern and on Sunday morning from 5.30am to 6.45am at Whiting Beach. When you arrive at
Registration, you will need to sign on. Please line up based on your age group and distance. Once
you have signed on and placed the relevant labels onto your bike and helmet, you can then move
to transition. You must have your helmet on to enter transition.

If you are not a Triathlon Australia member, you will need a One Day Licence. If you did not enter
a TA number online when you entered, the One Day Licence was automatically added to your
entry at the time of purchase. Teams require one licence per team.
When arriving on Sunday - please allow enough time to:

• Sign on at registration
• Put your bike in Transition
• Then walk to the start and marshal area
• We would suggest arriving at least 90 minutes before the start of your race


• Swim Cap – Ensure you have the correct coloured cap for your division. You must wear the
cap provided during the swim leg.

• Helmet Sticker - Place the small label with your race number, on the right of your helmet.
• Bike Sticker – Place the long label around your bike seat stem.
• Race Bib – This is to be worn for the entire run leg, ensure the number stays to the front at

all times to make it easier for officials to identify you.
There will be no body numbering for this event.



The timing band must be placed on your left ankle. Once you finish, you must return the timing
chip to the collector at the end of the race. Collectors will be waiting for you at the finish line.
• You must wear your timing band at all times during the race.
• You must cross the mats at all timing locations to receive an official race time.
• The timing band must be handed in immediately after crossing the finish line.
• If you don’t race or fail to complete the course, please return the timing band to the collectors

at the finish line.
Any timing chips that are not returned will result in a $60 replacement fee.
Individuals - Timing chips are assigned to you specifically. Do not give your timing chip to any other
person and be careful not to switch timing chips with other competitors.
Teams - The timing band is worn by each member of the team. Swimmers must pass on the timing
band before cyclists remove bikes from the rack, and cyclists must rack bikes before passing on the
timing band to runners.

Do not walk over timing mats prior to your race, as this will set off your race time

Parking and toilets

4 13
35 4

Wave starts

Final wave times will be provided in an update next week.
Indicative order will be Kids, Sprint, then Tempta.


Presentations will be held at the Yamba Shores Tavern at 11am following the Triathlon.
Matt and his team from the Tavern have been invaluable in their support of the
triathlon and are a major sponsor of the event. Come along for a bite to eat, cheer on
your mates as they have their time on the podium, and enjoy the beautiful views of the

Matt and the crew are also offering an $8.50 brekky meal deal – don’t miss that!

McDonald’s Kids Tri



• After completing the swim, you must take off your wetsuit (if applicable) and clip on your
helmet. Your helmet’s chinstrap must remain fastened at all times (when on your bike or running
with your bike).

• Ensure your timing chip is securely fastened on your ankle before removing your bike from the

• Move your bike quickly out of the transition area, following the signs provided. Do not mount
the bike before the “Mount Here” sign. The line is clearly marked on the road.



• On your return, dismount your bike at the “Dismount Here” sign before entering Transition.
• Return your bike to its original position and then remove your helmet.
• Be aware of other competitors and their equipment. At no time should you interfere with

another competitor’s bike or equipment. However, if by accident you knock over someone’s bike
you need to put it back.
• Quickly put on your running shoes and follow the yellow arrows provide to ensure you do not
run into any other competitors.
• Exit the run at the run exit – if you are confused ask an official or marshal on the course.



• Your bike cannot be collected from transition until the last cyclist has finished their ride and
commenced the run.

• We appreciate your patience whilst we ensure all competitors have a fair go and are not
interrupted within transition while still in competition. All bikes must be collected by 11am.



It is your responsibility to read the Racer’s Guide and be informed of any final race brief before entering the
water. There are no excuses if you don’t follow regulations and are reprimanded by officials.

Proceed to the marshal area no later than 20 minutes before your wave start time. If you miss your wave,
you will be able to start late, but your time will be calculated from the scheduled start wave.

The official swim cap that was received at registration, should be visible and clean. You may wear a personal
swim cap under the official swim cap.

When entering the water, please make sure your timing chip is securely fastened. You must walk through the
official entrance to the starting area, as there will be a timing mat to pass over.

The race will start in the water. If you are not the best swimmer, take it easy and let the faster competitors
go first and then find your own rhythm and enjoy the water.

The swim is marked with buoys, look up regularly to check you are on track. Should you be in any kind of
need lifesavers and marshals will be in the water to help you.

All swimmers marshal and start on Whiting Beach next to the start/ finish line.


• Swim cap (yours to keep from rego) • The official temperature will be taken on Sunday AM.
• Swim suit / tri suit (mandatory) • Wetsuits will only be permitted if the official water
• Timing chip (mandatory)
• Sunscreen – Cream up at least 30 minutes before temperature is less than 22 degrees.

you compete
• Goggles



Over-inflation is a well-known phenomenon at races and may result in a flat tyre
before the race or after the swim. Please take note of your tyre’s maximum inflation
pressure to avoid any issues.

Your bike must comply with the regulations of Triathlon Australia. In short, this means
that your bike must be technically suitable and safe for a triathlon race.

Disk wheels or covers are allowed on the rear wheel only. However this provision
may be changed by the Race Referee in the interests of safety.

Fixed-gear bicycles are not permitted.

Please remember that you are fully responsible for your bike performance and safe
condition on race day. Please make sure that all mechanical parts are in good condition
and that all equipment on the bike is securely fastened.

EQUIPMENT • Spare tubes / tyre lever (optional)
• Bike Gloves (optional)
• Bike (mandatory) • Helmet Sticker, Bike Sticker
• Helmet (mandatory)
• Cycling cleats (optional) (mandatory)
• Water bottle (you must hydrate) • Racebib (optional)
• Bike Pump (optional)





Drafting behind or next to another bike or any other vehicle is strictly prohibited. Athletes must ride on
the left hand side of the road, except when passing other cyclists.

a) The draft zone of a competitor must not overlap the draft zone of another competitor,
motorcycle or vehicle except in the following circumstances:
a) When the competitor is in the process of legally passing another competitor,
motorcycle or vehicle:
i. for safety reasons
ii. for an aid station
iii. for entrance to or departure from a transition area; and
iv. in making an acute turn

a) The Technical Delegate has approved a special drafting rule for this event. When passing a
forward competitor or motorcycle, the rear competitor is allowed a maximum of 15 seconds
to pass through the 7m draft zone. Failure to observe this may result in a penalty.

b) When passing a forward vehicle, the rear competitor is allowed a maximum of 90 seconds to
pass through the draft zone. Failure to observe this may result in a penalty.

c) At every instant during the overlapping of draft zones, the rear competitor must be seen to
be gaining on the forward competitor or motorcycle or vehicle. Failure to observe this may
result in a penalty.

d) Once passed, a competitor must immediately commence to drop back out of the draft zone
of the forward competitor before attempting to re-pass.

A competitor is deemed to have been passed once the leading edge of the front wheel of the passing
bicycle has moved in front of the leading edge of the front wheel of the competitor’s bicycle. Failure to
observe this may result in a penalty.

In short:
• you have 15 seconds to pass another competitor once you have entered the draft zone
• you must be making forward progress
• you have 20 seconds to drop out of the draft zone once passed


During the run, you must wear your race number on the front at all times. Either on your shirt
or kept on a race belt, above your waist and in the centre of your body. You must wear a shirt at
all times.

The leader will be accompanied by a lead volunteer cyclist who will clear their way on the course.

Race volunteers will be on the course to show directions. Please follow their directions at all

MP3 players and headphones are strictly forbidden throughout the race. Enjoy the spectators
who cheer you on!


• Running shoes (a must)
• Hat (optional)
• Sunglasses (stay cool)


Keep on the run path at all times. Make sure you turn ONLY at the turn point signs and turn
marshal. You will be disqualified if you cut the course and turn early.

You must clearly display your race number at all times on the run course. Those not complying
may incur a stop/start penalty.

If the technical official considers that your race number has been unintentionally lost, then you
may not be penalised.

4 13
35 4

Finish and Recovery

Once you have completed your race, you can enter the recovery zone. Recovery is directly after the
finish line in the Whiting Beach car park. There will be recovery drinks, as well as water and fruit.

After you’ve finished your race, enjoy the rest of the multi-fun weekend – listen to the crowd. Feel
the emotions. This is your day! Don’t worry about your watch. Be a crowd pleaser and pose for the
cameras. You could make the headlines of the evening news or make the front-cover of next year’s
race magazine!

General rules and further info

We always like to have fun but this information is serious, so please take the time to read the
information below. It is there for you and your team mate’s safety.


Race Referee – John Stroud
Technical Delegate – Lee Varney


• Be responsible for your own safety and the safety of your own equipment. Be considerate of the
safety of others.

• No use of abusive language towards anyone.
• The use of mobile phones or any electronic device is strictly prohibited during the event.
• Ensure that your torso is covered for the bike and run legs.
• No public nudity or urinating in public (including Transition).
• Under no circumstances are you to interfere with any other competitor’s property.


Competitors may not accept assistance from anyone other than an authorised race official.

• Receiving water, food (goos, etc) from spectators, family, friends.
• Handing goggles, etc to spectators.
• Pacing a competitor on the run or cycle is also considered outside assistance.

General rules and further info


Littering is not permitted and will result in disqualification. Please carry wrappers with you or
discard them in the bins provided on course.


Technical officials can assess penalties - even if the infringement is not listed - if the technical official
deems an unfair advantage has been gained or if a dangerous situation has been created.

The penalty box is located at the Transition gate under the red tent.

Penalty box infractions – 3 minutes
• Drafting
• Illegal passing

Stop/Start Penalty
• Cycle course: report to the penalty box and advise the official that you are serving a
stop/start penalty
• Run course/transition: issued on the spot
• Blocking

The official will serve a penalty by doing the following:
• Sound a whistle or horn
• Show a blue or yellow card
• Call your number
• Advise you of the penalty
• If you are shown a Red card, you may be disqualified


If you are shown a red card or fail to attend the penalty box, a violation report will be filled out and
submitted to the Race Referee.

The Race Referee will assess your disqualification and rule accordingly.

All disqualifications will be posted on the penalty notice board after the race.

For further information please read the Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rules available from
the Triathlon Australia website.


Trained staff, the police officials and volunteers will be on course, giving you directions and clearing
traffic. Their highest priority is to ensure your safety at all times.

You are expected to follow directions and instructions from race officials, race marshals, the police
and volunteers. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the race.

Only a Race Official, the Race Director or First Aid has ultimate and final authority to remove an
athlete from the race if the athlete is considered to be physically incapable of continuing the race
without risk of serious injury or death.

The roads are closed thanks to the extensive use of traffic control, road cones and road signs.
However, on race day, regular traffic will be crossing the cycle course at specified places. Traffic will
be guided and regulated by trained traffic officials at all times.

For your own safety, please pay attention when crossing roads and making left and right turns.

If you decide to withdraw from the race at any time, it is your responsibility to report it to the
finish line.


Results will be available onsite at the registration area and will be available online that afternoon. Visit
our results page at:


The Yamba Triathlon is for the competitive and social participant. We want to give everyone a fair go
and have some fun; however, you must have done some training prior to competing in the event. We
want you to enjoy the tri, so you must be physically capable to complete your nominated distances
within a reasonable time frame. If you are not sure and need some pointers, call the office and we will
suggest some experts in the field to guide your training needs.

NXsports wishes to thank all our partners for their support of the
Yamba Triathlon.

Please support the organization’s that make your
community sporting events possible!

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