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Published by engagement, 2019-02-17 23:27:53

Community Grants Document

Community Grants Document

Community Grants Document

Events need volunteers and assistance from local community organisations to operate successfully.

Our events encourage Community Groups, Sporting Organisations and Schools to raise money through
community service. Funding is available for all Community Groups, such as:

✓ Schools
✓ Environmental Groups
✓ Youth Workers & Youth Services
✓ Scouts
✓ Welfare Groups
✓ SES, Rotary, Lions
✓ Educational, Training
✓ Sports Clubs & Sporting Organisations

Over past events, we have formed an association with volunteer organisations such as Cudgen Surf
Life Saving Club, Pottsville Men’s Shed, Tweed South Rotary, Schools, Marine Rescue and Triathlon
Clubs. More recently the local SES and TAFE have also been involved and some of these bodies
receive reimbursement for various services or manpower which they are providing.

The demands of delivering a premium standard event in a competitive market place continues to
place increasing demands on the Local Management Committee and previously smaller groups’
contributions have not been readily recognised.

Accordingly, the event Strategic Partnering Board have agreed that an equitable means of returning
some investment back into collaborating community groups is vital for the event and the community
and this scheme was created in 2012.


All community organisations, groups and clubs are very welcome to nominate to be part of an event.
This is usually done via the event website under the
volunteers tab or just with a phone call or email.
Each group of volunteers needs to assign a group leader who
will work with the event manager to organise dates, times,
rosters, training, and contact details.
The group will agree which duty they wish to perform and
the event manager will provide details on responsibilities,
tasks and link the group into the event communications. This
should all be done three to four weeks in advance.


Based on the number of volunteers attending on the day – the following scale applies:
*Please note that these amounts are for a standard volunteer day over 8 hours. Donation amounts
for a shorter time period than this will be negotiated.

Team size Cash Funds Raised Additional Benefit Shirts &
Meals – Value in-kind
(including gst if

21+ (including a leader) $1,100 $15+$5 each

15 - 20 (including a leader) $1,000 $15+$5 each

10 – 14 (including a leader) $750 $15+$5 each

6 - 9 (including a leader) $550 $15+$5 each

5+ $250 $15+$5 each


1. Groups wishing to apply to become involved in the Community Grants Program need to
register by emailing – [email protected] or calling 1300 28 29 49.

2. Groups discuss with the event manager roles, duties, and requirements to identify which
function best suits their groups and resources.

3. Roles & terms are finalised in writing via email.
4. Groups must submit a list of volunteer names via email 14 days prior to the event and register all on Facebook

for communication purposes.
5. Group Leaders must attend a briefing before the project, usually conducted over the phone.
6. Operational plans will provide guidelines for volunteers 7-14 days prior to the event
7. Groups must invoice NXsports within one week of the completion of the event, and allow 30 days for payment

from receipt of the invoice. (Please do not forget.)
8. Preference will be given to long term serving groups who can help build the event and retain the knowledge

from event to event. Preference will also be given to groups who are based in the locality.
9. Groups are required to perform their duties in accordance with the project requirements or otherwise

reimbursement will not apply.
10. Individuals need to sign on with the volunteer manager for insurance purposes.
11. Individuals should bring a hat, sunscreen, and closed footwear.
12. Any children under the age of 18 need to be supervised by an attending adult.
13. The normal hours of attendance are from an early 5.00am start and often until the early afternoon.


Registered community volunteer groups will be:
✓ Recognised on event websites, event Facebook etc
✓ Permitted links and content on websites, Facebook etc
✓ Included in printed and electronic event programs
✓ Allowed to display promotional materials, flags on courses according to the sponsorship rules
✓ Allowed to insert flyers into participant packs
✓ Invited to training, orientation meetings
✓ Invited to the post event thank you
✓ Insurance cover for signed on volunteers
✓ Recognised where possible in local Council and news media
✓ Provided with food, water during the event
✓ Permitted to conduct a stall or other activity within the weekend.

Further, we are open to any good idea that adds value to the event, or adds value to the community group.
Groups who come dressed for action (in theme), ready to make some noise (music) and generate fun have the best time.
The competitors love friendly, loud and engaging volunteers – it helps to take their mind off the pain of racing.

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