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World of Business Magazine

12 ABM C

Top Filipino Entrepreneurs ∙ Top Businesses in the Philippines



The Business World

Top Filipino Entrepreneurs

By: April Langaoan


By: Jerin Tambuyat & Victor Lagmay

Top Businesses in the Philippines

By: Ayanna Olsim & Ivan Tawao

Food Recipes

By: Trixie Caragan

Trends & Popularity

2019 Fashion Trends For Teenage Girls

By: Cattleya Davido

Best Milk Tea Brands

By: Trisha Larocco

Popular Attractions in the Philippines

By: Nicole Medina


The Contributors

| world of business

The Business World

Top Filipino Entrepreneurs

Socorro Ramos Tony Tan Caktiong Edgar Sia

National Book Store Jollibee Mang Inasal
Socorro Ramos was a salesgirl in a pub- Tony Tan Caktiong before was an opera- Edgar Sia was a dropped out of college to
lishing and industry bookstore. When she tor of an ice cream parlor in which later on pursue his own laundry and photo-
reached the age 19, she and her husband turned into a fast food restaurant called developing business at the age of 19. When
opened National Book Store in Escolta Jollibee. With a capital of Php 350,000, he he was 26 years old, he decided to open the
with a capital of Php200, selling books and opened two branches in Cubao and Quiapo, barbecue fast food restaurant Mang Inasal
school supplies to students. However, at together with his friends who supported (Ilonnggo term for Mr. Barbecue). The
that time Manila was under the control of his idea. Caktiong decided to serve ham- first branch of his business was built at a
the Japanese, who imposed censorship on burgers, fried chicken, and spaghetti to mall parking lot in his home city. When
books and periodicals. To augment their customers. Eventually, his business grew Tony Caktiong heard about Sia's burgeon-
earnings, she and her husband resorted to and Jollibee managed to excel as a fast food ing business, he decided to buy Mang Ina-
selling other items like soaps and candles. powerhouse. sal for a total of Php 5B. Sia eventually put
After the war, her book store has been the sales of Mang inasal to other invest-
having high revenues that caused the Ra- ments. At the age of 42,he was considered
moses to build a nine-story building along as the youngest billionaire.

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| world of business Number 4

Number 1 Mang Inasal's Edgar Sia is the youngest among th
40 Richest entrepreneur Filipinos. He's 35. Second
Did you know that George Yang youngest is Michael Cosiquien, 38, of Megawide
was the 1st Filipino entrepreneur to Construction who joins Forbes Richest for the 1st
open A McDonald's branch in 1981 time.
in manila.


Number 3

3 of the Philippines' famous entrepreneur
are on the board of Philippine Airlines
(PAL): Lucio Tan, Roberto V. Ongpin, Iñigo


he Number 5

Did you know that Robinsons Malls, through its Entrep

Corner looks forward in training student entrepreneurs

in live or real retail environment where their selling and

marketing skills will be honed.

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Number 2

A Filipino entrepreneur Rajo Laurel Enter-
prises has built multiple brands and crafted
clothing lines to dress the country's elite,
and has landed him the cover of US fashion
magazine Women's Wear Daily for his
"cobweb" dress. To date, his muses include
some of the most prominent local personal-
ities, including former presidents Corazon
Aquino and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.


Top Businesses in the


1 SM is one of the most famous Mr. Henry Sy has a very inspiring story con-
sidering that he was born from a very poor
mall in the country , it is very popu- family in China and through this many entre-
lar all over the world and one of the preneurs are very inspired by his story and un-
multi-billion dollar business. SM is til now he was known because of his story.
very popular for it is a retail center
where various branch of clothes,
footwear, bags, accessories, toys,
gadgets, and other types of prod-
ucts are found. SM was founded as
a shoe store by Mr. Henry Sy, Sr. In
October 1958 in downtown manila
and as times goes by, Mr. Henry Sy
focused on buying large supplies of
shoes from the U.S. until his busi-
ness expands then it turned into a
department store. Then on the year
2006, SM expands and retails were
established (SM Department store,
SM Supermarket, Sm Supermalls ,
SM Prime holdings etc.)


2 National Book Store was formally established 3 Meralco is a well known

in the year 1942 with a starting capital of 211 electric company here in
(equivalent to 15,047 in 2015) by Jose Ramos and the Philippines wherein it
Soccoro Cancio-Ramos during the WWII. It is a is the largest distributor
retail company based in Mandaluyong, Metro franchise of 22 cities and
Manila, Philippines and in operates as a book 89 municipalities. Meralco
store and office supplies store chain in the same is led by Chairman and CEO
name. National Book Store currently has 128 Manuel M. Lopez, whose
branches all over the Philippines and this num- family, through direct and
ber proves that it is a very successful business indirect holdings, retains
and they are very known especially by students control of some 25 percent
for it provides various kinds of school supplies or of the company. Morover,
accessories. MERALCO stands for MA-
The Ramoses had experienced success but AND ELECTRIC COMPANY,
later on, it was burned down due to the on go- which is also their original
ing war during the 1945 Battle of Manila, but it name. MERALCO was
doesn’t cause the business owners to stop but it founded on March 24, 1903
made them more stronger and this lead them to by the only bidder proved
rebuild and reconstruct National Book Store. to be Charles M. Swift, a
Time passed by the business faced some strug- Detroit-based businessman
gles again but still it faced the struggle until they to operate Manila's elec-
reached their goals. tric tramway, as well as
providing electricity to the
city and its suburbs.


Food Recipes teak


1. Put some oil into the pan and wait for it to heat then put the
patties into the hot pan.

 2. After cooking the patties. Set it aside then start putting the
chopped onion into the pan together with the sliced mush-
rooms. Wait for 3-5 mins.

 3. Afterwards start putting the cream of mushroom into a
bowl and add some cold water. Mixed it well.

 4. Put the mixture in the pan where you cooked the onions
and mushrooms so that the flavor of it will be tasty.

5. Wait for 5-10 mins to be cooked and you should avoid the
 sauce to be sticky or thicken.

6. Slowly, put the chopped onions and mushroom into the pan
and put 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and a pinch of salt and

7. And, wait for another 3-5 mins for the sauce to boil and af-
ter that it is ready to serve with the patties.


Ingredients Coffee Jelly
 1 pack of Gulaman
Powder (black) 1. Prepare a big casserole and
put a 6-8 cups of water then
 6-8 cups of water lit up the fire and slowly put
 1 pack semi-cooked the Mr. Gulaman and 1 tea-
spoon of nescafe original. Stir
sago (black) it well for about 5 or more
 1 all purpose cream minutes until cooked.
 1 condensed milk
 1 evaporated milk 2. Set aside the gulaman to the
 2 teaspoons of rectangular shape pan and let
it cool for 8 mins. Afterwhich
nescafe original sliced the gulaman into cubes.

3. Put a water into the casserole
then put the semi-cooked sa-
go and wait for it to cooked
completely. Afterwards, use a
strainer to remove the excess

4. All together put the nestle,
condensed milk, evaporated
milk and a 1 teaspoon of nes-
cafe original. Mixed it well.

5. After that put the sago and
gulaman into a tupperware
together with the mixtures
and mixed it again then chill it
for about 1-2 hours for better


| world of business

2019 fashion trends for teenage girls


This trend has not bypassed teenage girl fashion 2019. Sneakers,
slip-on shoes, moccasins under elegant dresses will look great in 2019.
White sports sneakers will be notably popular in teen fashion trends
for 2019.


Jackets will be one of pop- You can look origi-
ular items of teenage girl fashion 2019. Cropped jackets nal in 2019 thanks to
will be excellent addition to dress and trouser suit. Jack- bulky sweaters or jackets
ets are especially harmoniously combined with jeans. thus you can hide prob-
able figure flaws.

Wide-brimmed hats are the trendiest
accessories in teenage girl fashion 2019, not
only among girls but also among guys.


Straight dress with short sleeves will look comfortable and stylish. Sundress on
straps is one of the bold ideas of dress for teenagers in 2019. Bright prints and col-
ors will generously decorate teenager’s look. Dresses with flared skirt, one-piece
dress or cut-off at waist don’t lose popularity in 2019.


Denim outwear is one of es-
sential trend. Skinny and cropped
jeans can be entirely correspond-
ing for any occasion depending
on used accessories. You’ll be
amazed by diversity of denim
clothes, such as bell skirts, vests
and pants.

What is a
Logical Fallacy?

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There are two major categories of logical fallacies, which in turn break down into a wide range of
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Fallacy is a breakdown in how you say something. The ideas are somehow sequenced incorrectly.
Their form is wrong, rendering the argument as noise and nonsense. An Informal Fallacy denotes an
error in what you are saying, that is, the content of your argument. The ideas might be arranged cor-
rectly, but something you said isn’t quite right. The content is wrong or off-kilter.


Best Brands

1Macao Imperial Tea
Macao Imperial Tea uses Jasmine tea that adds a floral scent and sublime
to its drink. Generous swirls of cream cheese provide the richness that
perfectly complements the tea. If creamy drinks are your cup of tea, the
cream cheese milk tea is a must try.
2 Serenitea

Serenitea takes pride in being the first one to use espresso machine to
brew tea and give customization options for sweetness level and sinkers.
Not a fan of sugar? You can ditch it altogether and choose pudding as
your sinker instead to add texture and sweetness to your drinks.

3Happy Lemon
Happy lemon’s Cocoa with rock salt and cheese is a crowd favorite. For
an additional 10 pesos, you can add a crunchy cookie topping to this well
-loved beverage.
4 Gong Cha

Gong Cha is the best milk tea shop for anyone who loves wintermelon.
Customers rave about the milk wintermelon, Gong cha’s signature blend
with sweet, cheesy, and salty cream on top.

Coco’s salty cream milktea is just as innovative. While other milk tea
shops use cream cheese as topping, CoCo uses himalayan salt and fresh
milk tea’s light floral taste.


P H I L I P P I N E SPopularAttractions in the

1. Banaue Rice Terraces - No trip to When the sun sets, Boracay night-
the Philippines could be complete life pulsates with many bars and
without seeing the spectacular Ba- restaurants serving food, drinks and
naue Rice Terraces. Carved from the fun until dawn.
mountain ranges about 2,000 years
ago without modern tools by the 3. Chocolate hills The Chocolate
Ifugao tribes, these magnificent Hills are unusual geological for-
farm terraces resemble giant steps mations that consists of at least
reaching up to the sky. Locals to this 1,268 individual mounds scattered
day still plant rice and vegetables on throughout the interior of the is-
the terraces, although more and land of Bohol. The almost symmet-
more younger Ifugaos do not find rical and same-sized formations
farming appealing and emigrate to range from 98 to 164 feet (30 to 50
the cities. meters) high and are covered in
green grass. During the dry season
2. Boracay -Boracay may be a small the grass turns brow, hence the
island, but it packs great features name. There is no consensus on
such as award-winning beaches, how these giant mole hills were
beautiful resorts and great adven- formed. One theory holds that the
tures like cliff diving, parasailing, Chocolate Hills are the weathered
motorbiking, horse riding, snorkel- rock formations of a kind of marine
ing, kite surfing and scuba diving. If limestone on top of an impermeable
that is not enough, boat tours allow layer of clay.
visitors to watch stunning sunsets,
explore volcanic caves and remote
coves of turquoise lagoons.


The Contributors

The Art Director. A student of Saint Louis
University-Laboratory Senior High School. He
loves making others happy and a happy stu-





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