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Copeland ScrollTM Compressor

Fusion for refrigeration applications

Leading Innovations in Scroll Semi-Hermetic Technology

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland™ brand semi-hermetic compressors were the first to successfully operate with an electric
motor inside the compressor casting in 1941. Building upon that success, EmersonTM has revolutionized the industry with its Copeland
Scroll™ technology launched in 1987. In 2012, Emerson produced its 100 millionth scroll – a significant achievement that further
demonstrates Emerson’s position as a world leader in the development and application of scroll technology.

Copeland ScrollTM Fusion: Energy-efficient Refrigeration

Today, Emerson Climate Technologies is the world’s largest manufacturer of refrigeration compressors, underscoring the company’s
thrust of ensuring food safety and protecting the environment. Emerson helps provide solutions to achieve high efficiency systems
for cold storage warehouses, supermarkets, quick service restaurants, meat trading and processing facilities, seafood import and
export establishments, agricultural depots and retail outlets using green technologies to reduce environmental impact. Leveraging
Emerson’s vast global network and R&D resources, the company continues to drive for the ultimate in technology solutions for the
various climate control segments.

Emerson realized an increasing need for a versatile, reliable, quiet, lightweight and serviceable compressor for the Cold Room
market and set out to develop a solution for this need. In the development process, the company brought together 70 years of
semi-hermetic compressor expertise and 25 years of leadership in scroll technology. What came out of this endeavor is the newly-
designed Copeland Scroll Fusion compressor which combines Emerson’s revolutionary scroll technology and the serviceability of a
traditional semi-hermetic compressor.

Smart and Versatile

Copeland Scroll Fusion was crafted specifically to adhere to the refrigeration industry’s need for field serviceable solutions. In
addition, it is specially designed for medium and low temperature refrigeration with the ability to handle various refrigerants.

The compressor features a horizontal, bolted cast iron body, helping to maximize compact design, low vibration, and quiet operation
associated with the Copeland Scroll design. Going one step further, an integrated economizer kit provides optimal performance and
reliability by delivering subcooled liquid to the evaporator while maintaining safe compressor operating temperatures.

The Copeland Scroll Fusion compressor features CoreSense™ Diagnostics, which sends and interprets information regarding the
compressor’s operation, allowing for quicker, more accurate diagnostics, and less compressor downtime, thus providing more value
to its consumers.

End Cap Motor Major Parts Bearings and Scroll Set Top Cap
Cast Iron Body

CoreSenseTM Vapor Injection Kit


Family Type of Oil
Q – Copeland Scroll™ Fusion Code Description

Blank Mineral Oil

Intelligence and Motor Protection

Code Type

W CoreSense™

Scroll Displacement Bill of Material

Q F 1 8 5 A E-T W D-2 0 3

Model Variation Motor Types
A Code Phase


Application Range Typical Electrical Codes

Code Application Approved Refrigerants Code 60 Hz 50 Hz
Full Range R22/R404A 460-3 380/420-3
Low/Med/High 7 200/230-3 200/220-3

Note: QF205 has low temperature model only. 380-3 –

Copeland ScrollTM Fusion: A Synergy of Technologies

Taking scroll technology to the next level, the Copeland Scroll Fusion compressor brings together
the best of two worlds: the serviceability of semi-hermetic construction and the reliability and
efficiency of scroll technology.

Full CoreSenseTM
Range Diagnostics

Low Copeland Scroll Less Service

Sound Parts


Low Scroll
Vibration Reliability

Features and Benefits CoreSense™ Diagnostics

Emerson’s Compliant Copeland Scroll™ Technology Onboard CoreSense Diagnostics provide advanced features to
ensure optimum system operation.
• Inherently higher efficiency compression process
• 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors • Sends early warning signs of system issues through LED
• Axial and radial scroll compliance provides improved liquid alerts and remote communications capability

handling capability • Protects compressor when catastrophic conditions are
• Scrolls wear-in for improved performance over time detected to prevent costly failures
• Continuous compression delivers lower vibration and quieter
• Improves speed and accuracy of system trouble-shooting by
operation displaying fault codes

Sound Power Level 74 83 • Digital readout display of the faults makes it easier to read
dB(A) dB(A) and interpret compared to its LED lights display predecessor

The CoreSense Diagnostics
displays a numeric readout
that corresponds to a specific
operating condition.

Copeland ScrollTM Semi-hermetic Integrated Vapor Injection Technology
Fusion Reciprocating Compressor
Eliminates the need for a head fan in R22 applications as low as
1. Sound level of eight (8) Copeland Scroll Fusion compressors is -40oC evaporating temperature.
equivalent to one (1) semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor.
In addition:
2. Copeland Scroll compressor is comparable to hermetic scroll; • Provides scroll and oil cooling while delivering subcooled
2.1 mils peak to peak vibration level.
liquid refrigerant to the evaporator
Serviceability in the Field • Refrigerant feed for compressor cooling is precisely metered

Copeland Scroll Fusion’s horizontal cast iron body allows for using an electronic expansion valve digitally controlled by
complete field serviceabilty. In fact, standard field tools can be on-board CoreSense electronics based on discharge gas
utilized to service the compressor and it is easier to service than temperatures
traditional semi-hermetic piston compressors due to the fewer • Discharge gas temperatures are kept within acceptable
moving parts associated with the scroll design. operating limits even under low temperature operations
• Prepackaged configuration allows for a quicker, more reliable
installation in the field

Wide Envelope and Efficient Operation

Copeland Scroll Fusion compressors have the ability to handle
medium and low temperature applications over wide ambient
temperatures. By design, scrolls can operate more efficiently
over a wider envelope compared to their piston counterparts.

The Copeland Scroll Fusion—pairing the revolutionary Copeland
Scroll technology with the serviceabilty of a semi-hermetic
design—provides a value proposition like no other.

More than staying ahead of the curve, it makes for a sound
business decision.

Operating Envelopes


70CoCnodnednseinnsignTgeTmepmerpaetruarteuroeCoC R22
70 R22
-25-o2C5oLCCoolLCwdooTlRwedoToRmeopmeomrpametruarteure 10
60 R404A
50 R404A





0 0 20
0 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 20

-50 -40 -30 Evapo-r2a0ting Temp-1e0rature oC
Evaporating Temperature oC

Note: 20oC Return Gas Temperature. No Fan Cooling
Note: 20oC Return Gas Temperature. No Fan Cooling




50 R22 / R404A
50 R22 / R404A





0 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10
0 10 20
-50 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 10 20
Evaporating Temperature oC
Evaporating Temperature oC

Note: 20oC Return Gas Temperature. No Fan Cooling

Note: 20oC Return Gas Temperature. No Fan Cooling

Product Line-up Standard Components
and Benefits
Capacity (kW), R22/50 Hz

Model MT LT MT LT Standard Component Benefits
Cold Room1 Cold Room2 Showcase3 Showcase4
Copeland Scroll™ Compressor Lowest Sound, Vibration and
QF115A 13.63 7.34 11.53 5.46 Service Parts
Integrated Economizer Kit Full Range Operation
QF125A 15.02 7.83 12.64 5.66 Plate Heat Exchanger
Electronic Expansion Valve/ Oil/Scroll Cooling
QF145A 16.68 8.74 14.10 6.38 Coil
Maximum Performance and
QF175A 18.81 9.96 15.90 7.44 Reliability

QF185A 21.08 11.80 18.10 8.87 Fitted Tubing and Insulation Ease of Installation
QF205A — 13.36 — 10.13 CoreSense™ Diagnostics
Optimal Performance, Reliability
Capacity (kW), R404A/50 Hz Temperature Sensors and Diagnostics
Oil Level Sensor
Model MT LT MT LT Scroll and Motor Overheat
Cold Room1 Cold Room2 Showcase3 Showcase4 Protection

Loss of Oil Protection

Differential Pressure Sensor Reverse Rotation Protection

QF115AE 13.83 8.25 11.90 6.37 Electronic Expansion Valve Maximum Performance and
Driver Reliability
QF125AE 15.66 9.09 13.41 6.93 Improved Troubleshooting
LED Display Accuracy
QF145AE 17.59 9.94 14.97 7.75 Flooded Start Protection
QF175AE 21.86 11.06 18.27 8.19 Crankcase Heater Low Vibration
Mounting Kits
QF185AE 22.28 12.40 18.97 9.43 Suction and Discharge Service Ease of Service
QF205AE — 14.17 — 10.79 Valve
Oil Sight Glass Ease of Service
Notes: 1. Medium Temp Cold Room, ET:-7oC/CT:50oC/RGT:20oC
2. Low Temp Cold Room, ET:-25oC/CT:45oC/RGT:20oC Oil Drain Port/Oil Fill Port Ease of Service
3. Medium Temp Showcase, ET:-12oC/CT:50oC/RGT:20oC
4. Low Temp Showcase, ET:-32oC/CT:45oC/RGT:20oC Oil Charged Standard Feature

Technical Data

R22 QF115A QF125A QF145A QF175A QF185A QF205A
Model m3/h QF115AE QF125AE QF185AE QF205AE
19.3 21.1 30.4 36.9
Displacement 50 Hz A 24 25 QF145AE QF175AE 33 25
rpm 80 80 105 105
MOC1 TWD 50 Hz W 23.5 26.4
LRA2 27 32
V 80 105
Motor Speed 50 Hz L
Crankcase Heater Power in 60
Voltage 220
mm 2.66
Oil Charge Initial 2.54
Recharge mm
Service Valves Suction kg 1
Length 355
Dimensions Width 350
Height M10
Length 140

Base Mounting Width


Weight Net

Notes: 1. MOC: Maximum Operating Current
2. LRA: Locked Rotor Current

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