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Miles McKnight - Streck 2019 Colonial Ebook (3)

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Published by Miles McKnight, 2019-05-23 07:58:25

Colonial America

Miles McKnight - Streck 2019 Colonial Ebook (3)


By Miles

Table of Contents

Colonial Times1
Honey, I’m Home 2
My Food 3
Colonial Fashion 4
Spring Cleaning 5
Colonial Timeline 6
Finally Freedom 7

Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

A colony is a place owned by another country. The 13 colonies in
America were owned by England and ruled by King George.There were
only thirteen colonies back then because there were less people in the
U.S. The northern colonies had good fertile soil and furs. The middle
colonies had good farms and raised animals. The southern colonies
made a lot of money because they had beaver skins.

Honey, Iḿ Home!

Hi I’m Isaac. I want to give you a tour of my house.
My house is a little small but I am happy to live in it
with my family. Be careful as you walk into my house.
You might hit your head on my small door. I’m sorry it
is so dark in our house. We don’t have any windows.
We usually have to use a torch or candles..but we can’t
waste the oil or candles. We are only going to use the
fire in the kitchen for light today. We all sleep on the
ground. Sometimes it’s comfortable and sometimes it’s
not. When it’s hot, my hay mattress can get real itchy.
In the winter, my mattress sure doesn’t keep us warm.

Dinnerś Ready: What the Colonists Ate

Colonial Americans hunted, grew crops
and raised animals for food.

Fun Fact: Fires needed to stay burning in the kitchen fireplace.
If a family ran out of coal the children would go to neighbors for
more coal. Keeping the fire going was extremely.

Colonial Fashion

Wealthy colonists wore tight expensive fabric. Ordinary people
like farmers, housewives, laborers and servants wore cheap
loose fitting fabric. Colonists wore their best clothes to church.

Spring Cleaning

Boys and Girls were expected to help with work from
a young age.

Some of their chores were:

● Gathering eggs from the chickens
● Milking cows
● Helping mother prepare meals
● Gathering wood for the fire with father
● Sewing

Colonial Timeline

1492 1607 1620 1653

Columbus England Europeans 10 English
lands in starts 1st arrive in colonies
Florida colony in Plymouth,
Jamestown, Mass.


The colonists were sick of the taxes from King
George in England. So what happened next was the
Boston Tea Party and then the Revolutionary War.
The colonist wanted their independence from
England and we had the Revolutionary War or War
for Independence in 1776.

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Colony-is a small village or town, owned by another
taxes- money collected on things people buy.
torch- a wooden pole that has a cloth; the cloth is
then set on fire.

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