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Published by alannibanez, 2018-12-18 11:00:30

The Roadmap to Gender Equality

The Roadmap to Gender Equality

Keywords: The Roadmap to Gender Equality

Roadmap to


Why Gender Equality?

According to McKinsey & Co’s
report “Delivering through
Diversity” companies in the top
quartile for gender diversity
financially outperform the bottom
quartile by 15%.
The following roadmap is designed
to help your business become a
Gender Inclusive company.


Building Awareness around the Managing Subconscious
Business Case Biases

85% of CEOs think that their D&I People are more ignorant than
strategies have improved the arrogant. Raise awareness
bottom line (PWC). Take practical about the impact of
steps such as creating HR task subconscious biases and
force, publishing company data identify ways to manage them.
on gender diversity, etc.


De-biasing Organisational
Policies and Practices
Make practical changes in
recruitment policies, promotions,
leadership acknowledgement,
parental leave, and maternal
support systems.


Involving Men
We cannot reach equality
without including both genders,
and we shouldn’t try. Make the
organisational environment
inclusive of men in achieving
gender equality.


Flexible Working
In a global study, 64-67 % of
the more than 40,000
respondents would like to
occasionally work from home
(PWC), and shift their work
hours. Create policies and
support systems for flex


Supporting Women’s Career (&
Due to the leaks in the female
leadership pipeline as well as the
lack of role models, women may
need an extra push for advancing
to leadership positions.


Supporting Families
The support of families includes
the needs of those with children
as well as with elderly/disabled


Closing the Pay Gap
There is often a double-digit
pay gap between men and
women performing the same
job. Offer equal benefits, create
job levelling, remove appraisal
biases, etc.

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