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Short stories project

Short stories project

Keywords: Short stories,love


In the present collection, an attempt has been made to introduce modern Bohemian poetry
to English readers. It will be seen that the majority of the poems, with one or two obvious
exceptions, are of recent date. Kollár's elegy was written as early as 1824, but was included here
because of its importance as a landmark in the revival of Bohemian poetry, and as a general
expression of the Slavonic temperament Erben’s "Willow" also appears, for although it is a
product of the early fifties, it is an excellent example of the Slavonic ballad, and the "Garland,"
from which it is taken, plays an important part in the Bohemian poetry of the nineteenth century.
The poems of Hálek, written in 1859, were introduced, not so much for their intrinsic value, but
rather as a means of gauging the progress made in Bohemian poetry during the course of a few
years. A comparison of Hálek with Vrchlický, Sova, or, to take an extreme case, Březina, will
make this clear.

This collection makes no attempt at being exhaustive. That would be entirely beyond the
scope of one volume. Indeed, it would hardly be possible for any one man to translate an
exhaustive anthology of modern Bohemian poetry, so extensive is the available material. The
present choice was made largely as a result of personal likings, and it is difficult to see how a
translator can adopt any other course if he is to do justice to his originals. As a result, however, it
is necessary to point out that the relative importance of a poet does not always correspond to the
number of poems by which he is here represented. It is, of course, only fitting that poets like
Březina, Sova and Vrchlický should appear as often as they do. But, on the other hand, Neruda
and Čech have only one poem each to their credit, which, to some, may appear a somewhat
meagre allowance. This is true, to a certain extent, of Heyduk, Machar, and Zeyer. In the main,
however, this collection will be found to be fairly representative of the poetical output in the
Bohemian language during the last twenty or thirty years.

As regards the translations themselves, they have been made as literal as possible, and the
metres of the originals have been reproduced as far as the varying rhythms of the two languages
permitted. In the case of Kollár's elegy, this has led to the somewhat risky experiment of writing
English hexameters and pentameters. It should be pointed out that those poems which appear in
rhymeless metres (chiefly those translated from Březina) are rhymeless in the original.

My best thanks are due to the Editor of the "New Age," by whose courtesy I am
permitted to reprint certain of these translations.

In conclusion, I have much pleasure in acknowledging my indebtedness to Dr. Josef
Karásek, of Vienna, by whose able writings on Slavonic matters I have been largely guided, and

Fr. S. Procházka, of Prague, whose kindly interest in my work has done much towards its
completion, and to whose generosity I owe the two sets of drawings included in these pages. By
their liberal encouragement, advice, and presents of books, they have both helped me greatly in
the accomplishment of my task. To them, this book is gratefully dedicated.

Have you ever asked yourself what love is? It is difficult to define, isn’t it? Love is an
emotion that we all desire for in some ways. Right from the day we are born, we crave it because
it is a power to make us thrive forward.

Love is considered to be both a positive and negative: with virtue representing human
kindness, compassion, and affection, as the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good
of another; and its vice representing human moral flaw, akin to vanity, selfishness, egotism, as it
potentially leads us into a type of obsessiveness. Accordingly, there are many types of love,
ranging from impersonal to interpersonal one.

This anthology is thus a collection of short stories in the theme of love from English
major students of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University, who works on a short stories
project of LAEN 437 Creative Writing course, leads you to explore what love is through the
subtle and transcendent minds of these young writers. It will bring you the vast and endless field
of definitions of love. You will discover the universality, borderless-ness, and timeless-ness in it,
ranging from romantic love, parent’s love, unconditional love, nostalgic love, and fascinating
non-human love.

On this occasion, I would like to convey my gratitude to Asst. Prof. Onsiri Paladech who
is the kind, passionate, and resourceful adviser of the project; our parents who are always beside
us in times on harshness; and our team who have been going through thick and thin throughout
the project.

On behalf of the young writers enrolled in LAEN 437 Creative Writing course, Faculty of
Liberal Arts, Mahidol University, I candidly hope that this anthology will at the least lead the
readers to better comprehension about love, and accordingly expand love for their beloved ones
and mankind.

Khaokiat Hompuangpoo



Content  1
Content 6
Romantic Love
The moon and the star 13
Non-Human Love
A pig and its owner 21
Tom and Wolfy
Hopeless Love 25
Unknown Postcards
Surname 30

Nostalgic Love 34
A Leaf falls 37

Plot Twist 42
Yellow rose

Supernatural Love
The Brightest Rainbow
A Handsome Ghost

Complicated Love
Love you, Mr. SNS

Parents’ love
I don’t know the title



Romantic Love 


The Moon and the Star 

“Thanks for today’s sandwich.” I say before turning my face towards Claire, who buys
me sandwich every morning. Claire is my best friend because we are interested in the same
thing. And I feel really joyful when I am with her because she is the only one who laugh crazily
at my joke while others don’t get it, she is easily amused.

“Are you ready for the last trick, Missy?” Claire asks me. And yes, I am Missy, a short
name for Melissa. I’m an 11th grade student in a Hogweeds high school who has a crush on a
classmate. His name is Mason, the most gorgeous boy I’ve ever seen.

Dating back to the very first time I met Mason, I saw him saving a little cat from falling
from a tree. I was impressed by his compassion and thought that I probably have got a crush on
him. So I asked Claire whether she would be my love advisor for flirting with Mason. She
looked hesitant at first but after I twisted her arm, she said yes. Claire gave me three techniques
to impress Mason. First, she told me to raise the topic about Mason’s interests. So I had been
searching for what he likes, asking his friends about his personality. But unfortunately, he is
really into cars, which I had only one idea about it, there are four tires. It was clearly seen that
this mission went down in flames. So I decided to ask my love counselor for the next trick.
Claire suggested that I laugh when Mason talking or telling jokes. I immediately noted it and
followed that suggestion instantly. On the same day in Social Psychology class, the teacher told
everybody to talk about themself in front of class under the topic ‘what happened last weekend’.
When it became Mason’s turn, I felt like there were only I and he being in the classroom. I had
no idea what he was talking about, because I solely focused on his charming face. Anyway, I
didn’t forget to follow Claire’s advice. I started laughing insanely while he was talking. At that
moment, all of the class suddenly gave me unsatisfied looks. And I didn’t know if I did
something wrong. After that class, Claire told me that Mason was talking about his beloved dog
which just died. After hearing that, I felt remorseful. It was terrible, and again, this mission
awfully failed.

As you can see, two tricks that I have tried were fiascoes. So today I’m going to try the
new and last one and I strongly hope that it is on point.

“Definitely yes.” I reply excitedly. “Tell me what’s the last technique”

“...” Claire doesn’t answer me, she keeps looking at me with kinds of eyes I don’t
understand. So I call her name, nudging her shoulder with my right hand.

“Claire, do you hear me?”

“Oh! Sorry, what did you say?”

“You asked me whether I’m ready for the last trick, and I said yes.” I tell her. “So, what
is the last one?”

“The last tip is…” Claire pauses while I lend an ear looking at her with hopeful eyes. If I
could see my eyes, I would know that they would be sparkling as if they were Tanzanite crystals.

“Cook him food.” Claire said.

“Come on Claire, you know I can’t.” I respond to her with a sullen face.

“Well, what about buying him food?” She proposes.

“Umm… interesting one.” I said thoughtfully. “Well then, what should I get for him?”

“Caramel nut tarts would be a great idea.” She claims.

“I agree. Thank you!” I reply before heading to the cafeteria to buy him caramel nut tarts
and immediately go to get him those tarts. I walk inside the classroom and see him talking to his
friends. I get the nerve up to give the caramel nut tarts to him. But after he sees what I bought for
him, his face turns confused and he says to me awkwardly “I appreciate your kindness but I’m
allergic to nuts. Sorry that I can’t have your dessert.” What an embarrassing moment. My
feelings right now are full of both humiliating that Mason refuses my dessert and displeasing that
Claire suggests me to do this. I guess she knows that Mason is allergic to nuts. But I don’t know
why she tells me to do like that. Suddenly, I go searching for Claire and now I see her. She is at
the relaxation room reading a novel named ​Everything leads to you​. I head to her, calling her
with her full name.

“Claire J. Harrison.” I say with a serious tone of voice.

“What?” She asks.

“You know that Mason is allergic to nuts, right?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then why did you tell me to buy him nut tarts?”



“Okay, I’ll tell you everything.”

“Then say it.”

“I can’t neither help you nor conceal my feelings for you anymore.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If you were more careful, you would know that everything you have made for him was
totally same as what I always do for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, if you were more careful, you would notice that actually we are not interested in
the same thing. I know what you like, so I try to talk to you about your interests. I am not an
easily amused person, I only laugh at what you tell, because I think that it would make you feel
pleasant and I feel good when seeing that you are happy. And sandwich that you eat every single
day, I’ve never bought it for you, not even one time. That is because I intentionally make it for
you every day.” Claire reveals everything that I haven’t known before. I’m listening and thinking
about what she is saying. It is true that she hasn’t disclaimed me no matter what I do, she always
supports me, and so this time. But that makes me feel bad. Actually she doesn’t need to be that
reluctant. Though she loves me, she agreed to help me flirt with Mason. I wonder whether we
can do something for someone that much, but that question is gone when that one is Claire, who
always does several things for me.

“So, what do you say about it.” She asks.

“About what.” I pretend not to understand what she is talking about.

“Our relationship.” She says, reddening.

“I..umm..” I mutter.

“Can we be more than friends?” She asks again.

“I’m not sure how I feel about you. It is up in the air. But..” I reply her before pausing.

“...” Claire casts her eyes down as if she didn’t want to know the answer.

“I want to eat your sandwich every day and always.” I tell her with a big smile.


Non-Human Love   

A pig and its owner 

There was a pig farm near the pines forest in the small village living only a girl named
Cherry Elton and her mom living together. Her father died two years ago due to the severe flu.
Every night, Cherry had the duty to feed many pigs in the farm and checked everything was fine
before going to bed. She did not like doing this because it smelled bad and was boring.

One day at night, while she finished feeding pigs and checked everything, she
accidentally heard the voice behind her

“Hey, young girl, you look exhausted” she turned her face back and surprisingly found a
pink pygmy pig with its large head and long snout behind her. It was also different from another
pig because there was only one ear.

“How could you speak to me?” asked surprisingly

“I don’t know why you understand me too. So surprised” said a little pig and walked
back to sleep.

She thought it was a miracle and came here next morning to check whether she misheard
or not. She found him sleeping in his pigsty.

“Hey, speak to me again” commanded a girl. A young pig woke up groggily and replied.

“You are so mean. Don’t wake someone up when he was dreaming.”

She was delightful for having the strangest pig that could speak. After school, she had
this little pig as her friend. Both of them loved sharing their daily stories together until she grew
up. One day, her mother felt unwell. The doctor said the medical expense was too much

“That was terrible, but there must be some other way.” said the pig.

“I have to sell this farm, but I don’t want to. It’s a treasure from my ancestors.”

“Oh! Here you are.” said a voice from a man wearing suit holding his medical bag. He
found her talking to a pig and surprisingly yelled “Wow! this pig can speak”

“I am making my decision now” said Cherry.

“I changed my mind. I don’t want any medical costs, but I want your speaking pig

She threw a glance at her only friend feeling nervous and about to decline the doctor’s
agreement, but her speaking pig did what she didn’t anticipate.

“I will go with you, old man, and all costs are free.” said the pig smoothly

“No, I will not let you go with him. You are the only friend of mine!!” cried a lot from
Cherry. He was her best friend and perhaps more than lover. Their relationship was as strong as
unbreakable rock. She ever thought that nothing could separate her and her friend, but she knew
she was wrong.

“Goodbye, Cherry, my human friend.

After that, it dawdled out of the farm with the doctor. Looking at them, she fell on her
knee and cried a lot. Tears streamed down on her face and her body was covered with
unforgettable sadness. Half of her life was gone and never came back. Her heart was broken as it
was pulled out from her body.

“Someday, we will meet each other again somewhere!” shouted a girl before those two
walked out, left just only two footprints on the ground.

Two weeks later, her mom got better and Cherry continued to manage her farm because
she wanted her mom to take another rest. Her mom was so proud that her daughter wanted to
take care of the pig farm. Everything was going well than this parent expected.

There are many men demanding to marry her, but she didn’t trust them. did not know
men’s purpose, so she needed some advice from her only friend even there was no news about
him. Cherry still had a hope that someday they would meet each other again.

As she went to the market for buying cooking materials for dinner, there was a voice
shouting behind her.

“Hey, you look exhausted”

She turned her face back to see who spoke to her, and was suddenly shocked that she
found the pig on the street. It looked so familiar due to its one ear like the pig she used to know.
After that, she could immediately recognize everything…his voice, his smile and his face. It was
her only friend! She approached him and hugged him happily.

“Don’t hug me otherwise your smell will be awful”

“Why are you allowed to come to the market?” asked Cherry doubtfully, looking around
for the doctor and saw him stepping out of the pet shop.

“I know your stories with this pig and realized that it was such a pain to lose your only
friend, so I will give him back to you” said the doctor with his smile and rubbed gently on her

“It was such a best gift ever. I don’t know how to say.” cried Cherry and smiled to the
pig. Even just only 2 weeks passed, when looking in each other’s eyes, you would see there are
many uncountable stories to be told again.

“Let’s go my friend…back to our home”

Suttirak S.

Tom and Wolfy 

The sun was about to fall out of the horizon showing the time of evening. Crowd of
students started walking out from the school. Yes, the class was over now—It’s time for almost
all students to go home. At the school’s playground, there are three figures of students who wore
the same uniform.

“You, newcomer. I heard you have the limited edition of iron man MK50 robot. Is it
true?” asked the tallest boy. He looked arrogant and handsome.

“I-I-I d-don’t have i-it.” said the boy. His eyes reddened and his tear refused to fall.

“Liar! I saw you have it!” said the chubby boy.

Suddenly, the chubby boy grabbed both of the boy’s wrist, while the other boy was
searching in the weak boy’s backpack. Then, he put the robot out of the bag.

“There! You really have it. Liar!” said the chubby boy.

“It’s mine now. Any problem?” the tallest boy smirked.

“N-No! Give it back! My dad bought it for me!”

The poor boy was trying hard to get his favorite toy back, but he was too short to reach
his toy from the tallest boy. He was pushed to the ground. His toy was taken and his body was
injured. While they were laughing and mocking him, he was crying nonstop.

“Let’s head home, Tom. He’s pathetic. Weakling!” said the chubby boy.

“Well. Now, this robot belongs to me. Are we clear, weakling?” said Tom.

Tom was the most handsome guy in the school. However, everyone knew him as the
worst notorious troublemaker. There was once Tom bullied the little girl forcing her to move to
another school. Not only did he bully other students, but he also disobeyed teachers.

“I’m home.” said Tom.

“Woof-woof!” the Siberian Husky ran to him happily.

“Wolfy, good boy!” he said and patted its head.

Tom’s parents died in the car accident two years ago. He currently lived with his aunt
who often went to work every day and barely came back home. So, his only friend at home is

Wolfy, the dog his parents gave to him in his birthday. He raised his dog by himself since he
was ten years old. They had lived and grown up together for more than two years; thus, they
were more like big bro and small bro than owner and pet. Despite the fact that Tom loved his
dog, there was once or a few times he left Wolfy starving for a day due to addiction of his
so-called magnificent gundam model.

“Come here, Wolfy. Food. Food. I’m hungry too.”

Tom and Wolfy had diner together. After that, they played together for a while. Tom is a
good owner, but sometimes he also neglected his dog when he hanged out with his classmates or
addicted to his video games. Wolfy, however, seemed to understand Tom, he sat and waited for
Tom every day.

Three days had passed.

“I’m home.. Wolfy? Hey—Wolfy?”

Tom came back home in the evening as usual. Surprisingly, Wolfy was nowhere to be
found. Tom walked around the house, yet he didn’t see Wolfy. Started to be panicked, he went to
the living room in case Wolfy hid under the sofa. Instead of Wolfy, there was a note written in
red message on the sofa.

‘7 P.M. at MM Park. Behind the fountain. Your dog’s with me.’

His face turned pale after he read the note. Then, he quickly ran to the park. It was the
first time his heart was beating this fast. His parents had already died, now he had Wolfy as the
only family member who lived with him. ​Worried and ​Scared of the worst outcome, he couldn’t
stop his tear from falling. While he was running, he was praying for Wolfy’s safety. He didn’t
know what he did wrong to Wolfy, but he wished the god could give him a chance to redeem
himself. He’ll take care of Wolfy better, please give him this chance.

“Finally, you came, young boy.” said the big guy.

There were five guys standing under the big tree. They all looked older than him. And he
didn’t even know any of them. Who the hell were these guys? Since when did he provoke these
guys? He himself couldn’t remember. To be honest, he didn’t think he had even done anything to
these guys.

“Where’s Wolfy!?” he asked angrily.

“So, its name is Wolfy? It died. We killed it.” The man said without emotion.

“What!? Why? Why did you guys do that to my dog!?” Tom tried to suppress his angry,
but he failed. His face reddened and his hand tightened into fist. He can’t stop trembling.

“Huh. Why? You ask? Did you even think before you bullied my sister? She became the
laughing stock because of you! She was forced to resign from the school since she couldn’t bear
the embarrassment!” the big guy shouted at him.

“You even stole the robot of my brother and beat him up until he was sent to the hospital!
Who do think you are? We all are here to revenge for our sibling you bullied” another guy said.
He was walking to Tom and grabbed his collar.

Tom didn’t know how long had passed. He was punched again and again. The guilt filled
in his heart. Now, he tasted the pain, sorrow, and hopeless.Why did he hurt other people? Why
didn’t he treat Wolfy better? Many questions ran into his head. He was in a mess. He cursed and
blamed himself for making Wolfy die.

The air was filled with the smell of blood and dirt. In the big park, there was a little poor
boy body covered in blood and wound. It looked so scary that no one could tell whether he was
alive or not. The boy was left alone in the lonely and cold night.

“W-Wolfy..” That’s what the last word he said before his consciousness was gone.

After that, there was a kind citizen who found Tom in the early morning, the kind man
took Tom to the hospital. Fortunately—or maybe not, Tom still alive, but he was now severe
injured. His arms and legs were broken. And one of his eyes was blind. Poor boy.

At Tom’s house

There was a car parked in front of the house. The man got off a car, he opened the car’s
door and brought the dog out. Y​ es,​ Wolfy was still alive. Although those guys claimed to revenge
for their sibling, they weren’t completely bad guys. The man let the dog go inside the house.
Then, the car started moving far and far away.

It must be the god’s mercy to spare Wolfy’s life and give Tom a chance to redeem
himself. Maybe the god heard Tom’s praying. So, the god wanted Tom to turn over a new leaf
and become a good person. As for Tom’s current state, he paid for his own karma. ​What goes
around comes around.​ The bad event, however, ended with misery, the good thing always came
after that. Wolfy walked to the front door. He wagged his tail and sat obediently waiting for
Tom. Looking at his eyes. It seemed to say: ​Please come back quickly and Play with me.



Hopeless Love   

The Unknown Postcard 

It was a boring Sunday. The maple tree began to change its colour. I looked through the
window seeing two birds were teasing each other on the branch. Sometimes I wanted to be a
bird, so I could fly to anywhere I want. I sat in the dining room waiting for breakfast from

“Here you are.” Said Mrs.Kate while putting scrambled eggs on my plate.

“Please don’t forget to take your medicine, all of them,” said Mrs. Kate.

“Ahhh, again?” I murmured.

My name was Rosemary, a kind of ordinary girl. I lived with my dad in an enormous house. My
dad was so strict. He didn’t let me go further than ten miles from home. If I went on a vacation
trip with my friends, I would have to report him every single activity I did. All of this began
since I was six. It was a hot day during the school break in summer. I was playing in the
backyard with my childhood friends. We played chase and catch. I tried to chase them, but they
ran faster and faster.

“Hey, wait.” I suddenly felt crushing pain in my chest. I fell down and then blackouts.

“...” I found myself laying on the sickbed in the hospital.

“Oh, dear. Thank God you’re alive,” said dad.

“What happened, Dad?” asked I.

“You have had big surgery because of your heart disease.” He held my hand gently.

“I’m so sorry honey. I will never let you out of my sight again.”

It was the first time I saw dad crying.

After finished my breakfast, I ran up to my room. This must be the most interesting thing
in my life, books. All of these books came from Madame K. book rental shop. The shop was not
far from my school, so I could go there and went back in time before Mr.John came to take me
home. The book ‘On the Road to Switzerland’ was in my most re-read book. It was a diary book
that explained the beauty of Switzerland. I read it over and over again, rent it more than fifteen
times. When I began to flip the book, a paper fell onto the floor. I picked it up and took a look. It
was a postcard written,

‘I used to live there once, it’s true as the book says.

I think you like Switzerland and I want to give this to you. :)’

I turned the postcard over to see the other side.

“Wow.” I was stunned. It was a photograph of the view of Zurich, the city in Switzerland,
by night that I had never seen before. I had to find out who was the owner of this postcard.

Next Monday, I sneaked out of school and ran to Madame K. book rental shop. I walked
into the shop which was filled with a warm and cozy atmosphere. I put all the books I rent on the
counter to return.

“Good afternoon.” It seemed like he was a new cashier. I have never seen him before, but
he looked familiar to me.

“Good afternoon. The weather is really bad today.” I replied to him. “Can I ask you

“Sure.” He smiled broadly.

“Do you know who is the owner of this postcard?” I showed him the unknown postcard.

“ It was left in the book and I want to find the owner.” And then he said,

“Actually, it’s mine.” I looked up into his blue eyes surprisingly.

“I didn’t want to scare you. But, I just want to share the beauty of Zurich. I think you like
Switzerland because I saw you rent this book more than one time. I’m sorry if I bothered you.”

“No, I’m not gonna blame you. I just want to say thank you for this amazing postcard,”
said I.

“If you want to know more about Switzerland, you can ask me whatever you want.” He
told me. My eyes were shining when I heard the word ‘Switzerland’.

After that day, I met him more often. His name was Dean. He just moved from
Switzerland and had a part-time job in the bookshop. He loved traveling, taking photos, and
reading books, same as me. So, we could get along well. Without my dad knowing, we met every

Monday after my class finished. He told me everything I want to know, let me do anything I
want to do, took me to a place where I can be myself. To me, he was like a new journey in life.
Every time we were together, the time would be shortened. His smile was infectious. I liked to
look at his perfect smile and then smiled after him. I liked the way he looked at me adoringly. He
made every morning worth getting up and wait until Monday.

Two months passed by.
“Do you free this Friday?” I asked him as we were walking on the pavement.
“Umm, this Friday? I already had an appointment with my dad and my sister.” He
stopped and leaned on the bench. “I haven’t seen them for twelve years.”
“Happy to hear that! I bet you gonna have a nice time with them,” said I.
“This Friday is your birthday, right?” He asked and looked attentively at me.
“I’m so sorry, Rosy.”
“Don’t worry dear. Everyday is my birthday when I’m with you.”
We looked at each other and screamed, “Ewwww!”

My birthday party this year was like another year, nothing special. I stood at the front
door to welcome the guests.

“Hey, Rosy. Happy Birthday!” Becca, my classmate, handed me a red gift box.
“Oh, thanks for coming, Becca.” I smiled and received a gift from her.
“Please come in and make yourself at home,” said I.
If he were here, it would be my best birthday ever. The whole party was suddenly lightened up
by the man who was walking in. That was him! Deans was in the black suit which made him
look so gorgeous. I thought he came to surprise me for sure.
“Hey, finally you came!” He looked shocked when he saw me.
Before he opened his mouth, my dad walked in and said,

“Rosemary, I think you need to know something.” Dean stared at my face.
“This is Dean...your brother.” I was confused. What was he talking about?
“What? Could you please say that again?”
“I know it might be hard for you. Dean is my ex-wife’s son, Andrea. I’m sorry for not
telling you sooner.”
“So, you are my half brother?” I asked Dean with my trembling voice.
He nodded his head. I wish this were just a nightmare that I could wake up from.
“It was nice to meet you, Rosemary,” said him.
Silent tears slid down my cheeks.

Rosemary’s diary:
‘It’s almost two months now since we first met.
Although it was a short time, every moment we spent together means so much to me.
When I’m with you, everything else in the world is faded.
You know me the best.
You light up my heart.
You are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.’

Love, Rosemary.


She is lovely.
She is kind
She is cheerful.
She never makes me cry.
We were so happy together.
Unluckily, destiny has brought us together and torn us apart.
Dan, 23-year-old lonely boy, ran away from his family for more than 10 years. He had
a job and he lived by himself. One day, he changed his job and moved to the factory where he
met the love of his life.
In late May, 2017, he started a new job as a security guard at a shoe factory. His job
was quite boring. He killed his boredom by walking, checking things, and talking to people.
In the evening of one of his boring days, while he was walking back to his apartment,
he met the woman who was the employee of where he was working. She just finished her
work and was walking in the same way as him. she was attracted to him. She stood out in a
crowd, and took all of his attention. He wanted to talk to her, so he followed his heart.
“Hi”, he asked with a cheerful expression.
“Hi”, the woman replied.
“Are you new here?”
“Yes, I am. I just started work here, this is my first day”
“So, what’s your name?”
“My name is Nee. You?”

“I am Dan. Nice to meet you.”
That was the first impression of them. Dan was really into Nee. He kept talking to her.
He asked where she was living, lucky for him, she was living in the apartment next to his
apartment. He could easily meet her every day.
These two became friends and then their relationship developed to be more than
friends. They had a special feeling to each other. Finally, Dan asked Nee to be his girlfriend.
Of course, she said yes.
The couple was living together. Everything went well. They felt like they were
soulmate, like they were made for each other. They had planned to have a kid and moved to
live in a small house as one lovely family. Unluckily, it cannot happen.
After they had been together for almost 4 months, one day, Dan saw Nee’s ID card because she
left it at the apartment, so he had to bring it to her.
“Nee, we have the same surname. Who are you?” said, Dan, felt counfused and
“Oh god. I don’t know. What’s going on?” Nee replied suddenly.
That was the moment that changed their life forever. He saw that Nee has the same
surname as him. He felt like the world was collapsed. Dan told Nee that he saw her ID card and
asked Nee who she was. Nee also didn’t know that
they have the same surname. After a long talk, they have found the truth.
The truth is that Dan’s mother is actually Nee’s sister. That means, they were true
cousins. Dan couldn’t recognize her at all because, in the past, his mother and her mother did
not contact each other for along time and more than 10 years that he has left his home is long
enough to forget the face of one of his cousins when she was a kid.
The truth that they are true cousins.

The truth that it is not appropriate to love someone who is related to the same family.

The truth that same-blooded cousin shouldn’t have a child together because of


The truth that how their families and friends would think about their relationship.

How they are going to keep their relationship continue?

Finally, the saddest and the most tearful moment had come. They decided to end their
love relationship. It was a big heart-break moment for them. They should have known that they
were cousins sooner, before everything went too far. They wanted to make things right, so they
decided to break up. They changed the love of lovers to brother and sister, still caring, helping
and supporting.

However, the show must go on, so does life.

The relationship had to end and it was a hard time for them trying to be just cousins.



Nostalgic Love    

A Leaf Falls  

The breeze blows the autumn leaves onto the ground; that’s what I saw at my first glance.
Boisterous chirps of early birds’ pierce through my ears, while the warmth of daybreak light also
licks my face. They woke this tired, withered, aged body for another one likely lonesome day.

Where is my beloved C​ herie​, maybe she went fetch some ingredients at the Barney’s as
always? The smell of her freshly baked beans and fried bacon hits my nose again. What a good
appetizer it is.

After I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and did some other morning stuff, I walked to
the kitchen, looking forward to seeing ​Ma Cherie t​ here. But, nobody’s there. She seems yet to
come back from the grocery. What took her so long? This is a bit later than usual.

Baked beans, bacon, and sausages were on a dish. Perhaps she left them for me. What
about hers? I walk to the bar and put the breakfast onto another dish for her. Now, she is not
here. While waiting for her, I must do other chores. We always eat every meal together like this
since our marriage. I remembered the time when I served in the armed force during the Cold War
52 years ago. This lovely woman always wrote to me tons of letters weekly about her well-being
and her great love for me. I grinned whenever I found that she was trying hard to learn cooking
from a cookbook so that she would provide me more mouthwatering food after I came back

It is half past nine by now, and there is no sign of her coming back in. Where did she go?
The breakfast gets too cold to eat. This is weird. I must call her.

I walked to the telephone and opened the phonebook to find her number. Unfortunately, it
seems to disappear. Where is it? Why does it disappear? This cannot be. She wrote her number
just right on this page, I’m sure. There must be a telephone number named Ma Cherie here. It
should be. She always tells me to call her if I feel lonely, sad, or disturbed. Now, I’m worried
because of her absence. It’s too long. Amelie, Elise, Louise, Marie, Zoe. Those are every
woman’s name I can find in the book. I always call her ​Ma Cherie​, but what’s her name? I don’t

This upsets me so much that I must sit down and calm myself by counting from one to
ten. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Okay, a lot better now. Now,
think. Think slowly, Old Aloïs.

Finally, an idea comes up in my mind. My kind neighbors might see her somewhere or
know her telephone number. What about go asking them?

I walk out of my house and go to the fence, raising my head over to see if they are at

“Mr. Johansson! Mrs. Johansson. Are you home?” shouted I, but no one answers. Maybe
they aren’t at home.

Now, it’s getting very serious. How can I find her if I am still here? Fine. It seems I must
go find her out there.

I walk to the gate of my house only to find out that the gate was locked.

“What the heck is this? Who would do this to me, huh?” I cursed to myself.

“I’m too old to climb the gate. What if I fell and got paralyzed?”

“How would I go find her now?”

The afternoon sky is grey. The weather is a bit cold. Everything seems blue. And it’s half
past two by now. I feel exhausted from pacing up and down for three hours. At this old age, it is
like my whole body is going to shred into pieces just by walking around. I sit down on the bench.
I feel extremely anxious, and lonesome, and tired. Lethargy.

That’s her. She’s standing right there.

“​Ma Cherie,​ where have you been? I have long waited for you. I can’t live in a day
without you,” I moan.

Nothing. She answers nothing at all. What did I do? Is she angry at me? No. Her face,
quite happy indeed. But, why does she not answer me?

“M​ a Cherie,​ I was all alone today. You’ve been to the grocery for too long. Did anyone
slow you down? What happens to you? Please tell me. Don’t leave me alo—”

Vroom. T​ he Sound of a car engine penetrates my mind out of nowhere. I turn my head
around and see the car that might make that sound, parks outside the gate. However, after I
turned my head back to her, she has already disappeared.

The car owner unlocks the gate and drives into the house. Before it reaches the garage, he
stops by, approaching me.

“Hey dad, why do you sleep outside? You would get cold easily in the weather like this,”
said he sympathetically.

At first, I didn’t recognize who he was, but because of his voice, I later know that he’s
my son, my only son. A bond of love between me and ​Ma Cherie.​

“Oh Felix, it’s you. What do you ask me again?” I reassure.

“I ask you why you slept here outside in this cold weather.”

“Ah. I slept here, yes, yes. I was just waiting…” I stumble.


“For your mother,” I reveal.

Suddenly, silence reigns over us. He looks stunned for a while. Then, his eyes shed tears.

“Why? How many times have I told you, huh? Why do you have to do this? All I ask you
is to keep those things you have learned in mind,” he complains tearfully.

My mouth is like being shut off. I try hard to follow him. What is he trying to say? What
did he tell me to keep in mind? I can’t remember exactly.

“Please, father. Keep this in mind for me, and the sake of your and her memory. I don’t
want you to long for her like this anymore. It kills every bit of me. Please,” he requests me.

“M​ a Cherie,​ Marie, is dead. She was hit by a truck in front of the Barney’s. She has gone
for good now,” he said slowly.

“M​ a Cherie,​ Marie, is dead. She was hit by a truck in front of the Barney’s. She has gone
for good now,” I said slowly.

I’m surprised. Very surprised indeed. Like I have just known this for the first time.

Yes. Yes. It recalls me now. I remember now. M​ a Cherie n​ amed Marie is already dead.

At the time, the sun goes down. The nightfall comes in. The breeze blows the autumn leaves onto
the ground.


Plot Twist   

Yellow Rose 

Oliver Pickford and his wife, Margaret, had been living separately for 2 years and 3
months. They were married in 1954, and split up in 1956. Questions were asked by the people in
Fort Street why they had to split up after only two years of marriage. Little did they know that
Oliver and Margaret had been together since 1944, a decade before their formal wedding. Oliver
and Margaret seemed to love each other dearly, which the Fort Street neighbourhood would call
them Fort’s Romeo and Juliet. Their separation surprised everyone as if Oliver and Margaret
were the only two people on this planet who knew the reason.

On one fine spring morning, little sparrows chirped like Oliver’s alarm clock as usual. A
few moments later, the usual squeaking sound of the paperboy’s bicycle came along with the
bell, ‘Ting Ting’

“Oy Oy! Paper, Mr. Pickford,” the paperboy shouted.

“Thanks Boi, meh gon get it. Jus’ leave it there,” replied Oliver from inside the house.

Oliver went to pick up his newspaper from his doorstep. He would roll his eyes over a
few pages while he waits for his tea to boil, but that day, his eyes rolled across a poem. It read,

Our heart is full of love,

So is it full of sorrow.

O’ li’l mountain dove,

Make me happy tomorrow.

- Yellow Rose

The poem really touched Oliver. He felt like he was a part of the poem. He immediately
came to the idea of trying to contact Yellow Rose, the author, obviously a pen name. He tried
searching for the address of Yellow Rose, and fortunately found it on the last page of the
newspaper. Then he rushed to his office, leaving his boiling tea behind, grabbed his pen and a
piece of paper and wrote,

Dearest Yellow Rose,

Your beautiful poem has touched my heart, as if I can feel it, as if I was the ink in your
pen. I humbly must ask of your inspiration, and therefore must request you to never lift your pen
up and keep writing these noble literature.

Your earnest reader,


This letter of his got answered quickly in just a couple of days. Oliver and Yellow Rose
wrote to each other often. They would write as soon as they receive a letter from one another.
The two felt close to each other. Both of them had a strange feeling for one another. A good one.
Their conversation in the letter created a relationship for them. It seems like they had known
each other for so long, until one day, Oliver thought that he could no longer wait to meet Yellow
Rose. He decided to ask Yellow Rose to meet him in the letter, which Yellow Rose replied,

Dearest O.P.,

Neither can I wait to admire your beautiful heart in person. We shall meet at King’s
Cross Station when the clock strikes two on the fourteenth day of this month. I myself will be
wearing a dress in pink holding a yellow rose. I wish that you had known how excited and
pleased I am to get to meet you.

With love and appreciation,

Yellow Rose

Oliver was thrilled to receive this reply from, now, his favorite poet. He could not wait
any longer. He hopes that the very next time he opened his eyes from his sleep, he is on the day
of the appointment.

A few days past. Now, it is the day that Oliver, and perhaps Yellow Rose, had been
waiting for. Oliver has his suit ready. It was the best suit that he had. It was the suit he wore on
his wedding with Margaret. It was a suit that had nothing special in the eyes of other people, just
an ordinary English Gentlemen suit, but to Oliver, he felt like he was in robes that a king would

He hurried to the train station mentioned in Rose’s letter. Oliver felt like the station was
prepared for him on this special occasion. It was not too crowded as usual. The noise in that
station, which normally would annoy Oliver, seem like music to him that day. The train horns
felt like soft jazz saxophones, and the voices of shouting people trying to sell flowers were like a
band of choir in an orchestra. He bought a bouquet of red roses to give them as a gift to Yellow

Rose, thinking she might be bored of the colour yellow. Doing that, he never forgets to roll his
eyes here and there to look for any signs of lady in pink. He walked all across the station, to
every corner, but there was no lady in pink to be found. Finally, he decided to go look for her at
the only place he has not looked for, which is the platforms.

He walked towards platform number 9, with his heart sinking, for he feared that he might
be tricked by Rose, because by that time, the clock had already struck two. He stood at the
platform, desperately. There was a train in front of him, honking its horn signalling its departure.
Slowly, the steam train began moving. Oliver stood still, looking at the moving train. The train
began moving faster and faster. As the last compartment passes his eyes, he noticed a figure on
the opposite side. The figure was a woman, in pink! But she did not look at him. She was facing
another way, her back was facing him. He was so excited. He said to himself that this is his last
hope. If this wasn’t Rose, he would head home. He put all the courage he had together.

“Lady,” shouted Oliver

She turned slowly facing him, and indeed, she was holding a yellow rose! Oliver had
never felt like this for a long time. He was the happiest man on the planet. He noticed her, and
she looks familiar. She noticed her eyes, her cheeks, her lips and all the way down to her feet.
The lady did the same thing, and she smiled with the brightest smile ever. They were familiar
with each other. They seem connected.Oliver slowly realizes something. His heart started
beating fast. This is because the lady known as Yellow Rose is none other than his dear separated
wife, Margaret. Both of them smiled and stared at each other for quite some time. Oliver finally
realizes that this might be why Yellow Rose seemed to understand him in every way when she
replied his letters. Oliver quickly walked across the rail towards her.

“Hi, Yellow Rose,” said Oliver.

“Hi, O.P.,” Margaret replied.



Supernatural Love   

The Brightest Rainbow 

It was a bitterly cold day in November when little Thomasin walked down the rough road
of a small town Forks that led straight to the H​ oh Forest[O1] —​ the hub of darkness, the house of
lurking creatures, the haunted woods—or so they said.

‘Put yourself together,’ Thomasin thought to herself, trying to get rid of horrifying
thought about this ancient forest. She still had a long way to go.

Thomasin tugged her cloak tight around her gaunt body, preparing herself for the long
traveling ahead. She was born in a poor rural family. She always kept in mind that it was her
responsibility to lighten the load of the family even if it meant she had to be sent off to those
factories in town, working as laborer.

She headed into the old-growth woodland where there was a joint to the city in the
middle of deadly cold weather.

The gloomy shadow of might cedar trees formed eerie patterns, stretching and obscuring
the sunlight. Thomasin had to hold her cloak tighter. But then the cold rain started pouring down
as if it was not cold enough. She wanted to keep moving forward, but her whole body was

A misty cave came into her sight. Thomasin rushed into it, hoping to hide from the rain,
without realizing that there was a pair of eyes watching her from the corner. There appeared the
figure of a girl looking younger than Thomasin in an embroidered white dress coming into light.
Thomasin’s heart was pounding hard when she finally noticed the girl’s existence. Her face
looked so alluring like a Greek sculpture. Her eyes were bright like the stars in the sky. ​It was
almost like she was not from this world.

Thomasin found herself mixed with fear and awe.

“Howdy,” the girl said with a soothing voice. “Hiding from the rain too?”

“Yes,” Thomasin replied, slightly frightened.

“I’m Angela, by the way,” said the girl serenely. “What’s your name?”

“Thomasin. It’s Thomasin.”

“Hey, what are you doing out here in the woods, Thomasin?” Angela said. “Aren’t you
scared of the F​ orest Child​ the ghost of the past that folks say haunting this forest?”

“I’m just on my way to the mill,” she said, “to get every buck I can for my family.”
Thomasin changed the subject, having no clue why the girl mentioned that story out of nowhere,
but she did not wish to scare herself more.

“Oh, that’s so lovely what you do for them,” said Angela. “I’m here to see someone.”

Angela looked at the rain that was still pouring down. “Did you know that folks believe
the rainbow after the rain is the path to the heaven?... I wish it will be one soon,” the girl

Thomasin remained silent. She did not dare to think of any implication behind what
Angela tried to say. She could hear brooding howl of the wind as if it wanted to say something to

Time flew and the night was approaching, yet the cold rain kept pouring down like it was
the end of the world. It was getting colder with every minute passing and the air felt so stuffy.
Suddenly, the sound of coughing broke the silence. Angela turned completely pale and started to
shiver. The dark red blood ran down from her mouth as she coughed.

“You’re bleeding!” Thomasin cried in horror.

“Oh, oh, yes. It’s just that wicked tuberculosis I have. It gets along well with the cold
breeze,” Angela tittered. “Maybe I’ll do get to see the rainbow soon,” she sadly smiled.

Without hesitation, Thomasin took off her cloak and wrapped it around Angela’s body,
leaving her earlier fear behind. She did not know if this was the right decision, but the only thing
that came to her mind at that moment was this girl was in need. “You won’t be seeing rainbow
yet. Not too soon.”

“Thank you,” Angela said. “You don’t know how much I appreciate you.” Then she fell
asleep almost immediately in that cozy cloak.

The night continued. Thomasin watched Angela lay down comfortably while she hugged
her knees to her chest to warm herself up. The rain heavily beat against the cave bringing the
cool breeze inside. Thomasin could feel her heart beating slowly every minute. She struggled to
breath. Her eyelids got so heavy. Her sight went blurry and then everything went black.

The birds were chirping in chorus when the vivid sunlight shone through the trees.
Thomasin slowly opened her eyes, seeing Angela starring at her. Her mind was blurring as if she
has been through death experience.

“You’re awake.” Angela said. “Very well, now let’s go home. O​ ur home​.”

“What?” drowsy Thomasin replied in a confused manner. “Oh, you must mean it’s time
to part to our business.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Angela said. “Thomasin you needn’t to go to the city.
Don’t have to worry about your family because they are no longer here anymore.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What year is this year?” Angela replied with a question.

“What a strange question,” Thomasin said. “It’s 1907.”

“1907 was a hundred year ago.”

And then there was a silence.

Thomasin looked down at her hands. They was transparent.

Now she could remember everything. Her memory came flooding back to her. Oh, she
was that ​Forest Child ​who froze to death and had haunted this old woods for over a century. The
fear of this forest was her all along.

“Fear not, young girl. It’s an archangel’s duty to bring a good girl to a better place,”
Angela said as a beam of twinkling light shone from her. “I’ve been searching for holy spirits for
a while. The spirit of goodwill. The spirit of mercy. And I just found one,” she put on an angelic

“Now come with me,” Angela said, reaching out her hand, “to where you belong.”

Thomasin took her hand.

There was the brightest rainbow painted in the sky.

A Handsome Ghost 

In fall 2017, I attended a university, and I rented a room in a cheap and old apartment. I
found that this room is white and well-decorated. The wallpaper was perfectly suited to the
furniture. The first night I slept in this room, I felt something strange. A stink smell filled into
my nose, then I heard the sound of a chair dragged around the upper floor. When I opened my
eyes, I swore that I saw a real ghost for the first time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh a Ghost!” I screamed out loud.

“Hello, little girl. Don’t be scared. I didn’t want to hurt you.” the Ghost said.

“No! I don’t believe in the Ghost words!” I said with the disrespectful voice and closed
my eyes.

“Okay. Fine. I will sit here and not going anywhere until you look at me.”

I slowly opened my eyes and glanced at him, then I said “What do you want? To make
me scared?”

“I just want you to help.”

“Help you? How can I help you?”

“Please find my true love.” the Ghost seriously said.

I was about to laugh, and I said “I can’t make any humans love you because you’re the

The Ghost retorted me “That’s the only way to make me reborn, so I would not be painful

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you for real.” I ran off the apartment. I walked around to think
about what’s going on, then I saw an apartment’s watchman, so I asked him about the ghost I

“Two years ago, this apartment which has been available for 40 years was almost
permanently closed because of a tragic reason. A college student who lived in this apartment was
murdered in his room and the news was spread around the city. Afterwards, many people told me
that the student’s soul usually appeared in room 714.”

“That’s my room! Oh my goodness!”

As soon as I entered my room, I saw the Ghost sitting on my chair and looking at my
pictures on my desk. I shouted “What are you doing here?! This is my room, not yours
anymore.” I displaced him, but he ignored.

“I have told you that I am not going anywhere, right?”

“Ugh! Whatever!”

I have sat on my bed for two hours with the Ghost which stayed still. I thought that I’m
going crazy if he won’t go away, so I asked about his life.

“If you tell me how was your life going when you were alive, I might help you now.”

“Two years ago, I was a handsome sophomore college student. I always flirted with many
girls, but I really don’t know what love is. Moreover, I flirted with many rich widows.”

“Seems like the way you had pain is because of your sins. It serves you right. Haha” I
laughed with him.

“Aren’t you scared of me anymore?” He said while smiled.

“You’re the worst ghost I’ve seen in my life.”

“And the first Ghost you saw was me.”

“Why did you know that?”

“I knew everything even your name, Lily. Don’t forget that I’m a smart Ghost.”

I rolled my eyes and searched ‘How can the ghost have a love’ on Google. There was an
easy way to make the Ghost having a true love that is to find another ghost and try the same way
of human dating on a website ‘’.

“Hey, I found a way to make you reborn.” I was so cheerful, then I accidentally grabbed
the Ghost’s hands.

“Oh! Sorry.”Both of us were shy and my heart beat fast and immediately. My cheeks
turned red and I felt something unfamiliar because I have never had a crush on anybody. Then I
stared at his gorgeous face.

He said “Now I know everything, and I know it would be you.
Because it is always you.”
Suddenly, the Ghost disappeared.
I called him once, but he didn’t answer, so I shouted, but there’s nothing happened.

I went off to find the Ghost’s information from a watchman and apartment’s owner. What
I got from them is only the Ghost’s full name, Shawn Anderson.

“Wait… Shawn Anderson… the name looks so familiar.” I talked to myself and thought
“Oh! Shawn was my classmate since we were at school in kindergarten”

I searched for his parents but I found that they were dead since Shawn was 6 years old.
He was raised in the orphanage near his house which is the reason why Shawn dropped out of the
school, and we had never met later. After that, when he grew up, he used his face to flirt with
many rich girls to pay him for his educational success without romance purposes. He only did
everything for his life. Eventually, he was murdered because of flirting with a liar widow. She
lied to him that she didn’t have any husband, and her husband knew about this, then he ordered
the murderer to kill Shawn. He died alone and unknown what love is.

After all, I read a lot of books about ghosts. They mentioned the same thing that the
ghosts have souls and minds, and they have nothing different from human, just only death.
Besides, ghosts cannot reborn if they didn’t achieve their desire.

Now I know that he reborn, and if I only can meet him again, I want to say that I love
him, but what I said was only “Sorry”.

From Shawn’s perspective

Shawn could remember all about Lily. When they were young, they played hide and seek
together, and they had good memories. Before Shawn dropped out of the school, he promised
that he will never forget about Lily and never fall in love with the others. When his parents
passed away, he forgot all the good memories. But, when he met Lily again, he could remember
all of the things they did, the good memories they had, but Lily couldn’t remember Shawn until
he disappeared.

Shawn liked Lily since they were in kindergarten, but he had never told her.



Complicated Love   

Love you, Mr. SNS 

5.20 P.M.

Ring ~ Ring ~ Ring

The smell of coffee and bakery striked my nose at the first moment that I opened this coffee shop
door. This place was quite busy. I could hear the sound of people and coffee maker mixed up.

“Welcome,” the waiter greeted me.

It’s my first time to be here even it isn’t far from my place.

“How many people, ma’ma?” the waiter asked.
“Two. Another one is coming. May I order later?” I asked the waiter with a little worry.
“Of course,” he answered.

I was waiting for a man just met on SNS last night. His profile is quite nice. An engineer living
alone in Bangkok, I thought he must be very stressful. I tried not to know more about his
information because it’s a rule for a relationship that everything happened within a day like this.

6.00 P.M.

“Would you like to order now?” the waiter asked me after no one showing up for more than 10
“Ah. Yes, please,”said I. I had to order before he got mad at me. I still hope he would come. It’s
time now.
“Orange juice and chocolate cake, please.” I just ordered anything that I didn’t want at all but
just to get him out of here.

6.12 P.M.

The chair in front of me was moving.
I looked up slowly until seeing a man’s face. Oh my god! He was very tall, maybe about 183 cm.
He was outstanding in the room. It seemed like every eyes are on him now. His fair skin got all
my attention.
“Are you Jane? we met on Tindo,” he asked.
His voice is tender and smooth.
“Ah, yes! You’re Kim?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he answered and smiled.
“I’m sorry. I’m late. The traffic is very bad this evening,” he tried to explain.
“It’s okay. Do you want to order something?” I tried to distract his attention to somewhere else. I
dared not look at his face. I could say that it was a face from heaven.

6. 20 P.M.

“This is what you ordered, ma'am,” said the waiter. He came back with my orange juice and
chocolate cake.
“Thanks,” I said.
“Would you like to order something?” the waiter asked Kim.
“I would like to have the same thing,” he answered and turned to me with a smile.

When he was talking to the waiter, I tried to look at his face and his dress carefully. His brown
eyes was crystal clear. His straight nose was really fit with his thin lips. He simply wore a white
T-shirt but he was very attractive.

“Are you hungry? You can have your cake first,” said he.
Maybe I looked at him too long till he has to call for attention.
“Alright,” I replied. “You like chocolate? I thought you might care about the calories,” I asked.

“Yes, I’m a chocolate lover. I don’t care about calories at all. You know chocolate comes from
cocoa which comes out of the tree so it is a plant. Then, chocolate is a kind of salad,” he
“Hahaha. I like this one,” I said with smile.

We had a great time together. I thought we can get along very well. The way he talk and the way
his move were enchanting. I hope I would not fall in love with him. Every time I met a guy on
Tindo, it mostly done within a day and he might be next.

After, a lovely conversation in the coffee shop, he volunteered to walk me to my room. We
walked along the street to my place. The weather was tempered so we could walk comfortably.
We kept talking and tried to know more about each other. We should not do it but tonight we just
let it go.

8.20 A.M.

Beep~ Beep~ Beep
I hated alarm. I woke up and looked around my room. I saw nothing as usual. I could not stop
thinking about him and what happened last night. Anyway, I knew it well that in the next day;
we will become stranger for each other.

When I turned back to grab my shirt on the headboard​, I noticed a post-it on the board. There
was a short message written by a beautiful signature.

“I must apologise for leaving without a word. I have to work this morning and I don’t want to
wake you up. Call me when you wake up. Love you. ”

Love me? He must be kidding. Anyway, I wouldn’t let him go like others.

8.31 A.M.
The phone rang.



Parents’ love   

I Don't Even Know The Title 

"This is not a house, but castle

where emptiness keeps me humble.

They always see the next future route;

I have mine in mind but can't explode them out."

I had a very enormous dream and longed to tell everyone in my small world. I thought
they knew it except the lady and the gentleman whose house is full of the plastic odor unwrapped
from goods for selling. Here, where I live everyday, is a melancholy narrow stage in the theatre
which has no exit gates. I, as an unreal protagonist of this kinship, must act as a salesperson who
tends to have no golden chance to choose my next scene on stage. Unfortunately, the settings
provided by the important spouse which should be supporting characters of my stories became
crucial materials leading me to the next scene.


The knocking sound was loudening since 4.00 A.M. It normally happened by my mother.
She wakes me up every morning because she wants some big hands for raising her luggage to the
casino. Even though it was the weekend, I had to do it as her significant routine. This situation
seems to be a small thing. However, it would have become a big thing that you lost if you
noticed. T​ he time. I lost my time to succeed in something I always want to do. I had to help her
do this nonsense thing at midnight on some other days.

“Boo! Come here!”

That was my father’s voice. It seemed to be an ordinary male voice, but the feelings of
being exhausted always come with it. Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself. Boo? I honestly
said that is not my name. Please do not trust my beloved father. My name is Blue, not boo. He
did not use to understand the real me even my name which is usually pronounced without the
consonant clusters by him. He just remembered his familiar map devastating my luscious dream.

Everything around him is about business, business, and business. Ridiculously, I would like to be
in a musical school since I was an innocent baby.

The most adventurous moment was the day I tried to escape from this pressured stage in
order to succeed in my dream at night. I always do that because I felt like I was a lonely lion who
longed to get out of this case and hunt the preys among this big field. I always completed my
mission, but that day was a big mistake. B​ efore the lion leaps, it sometimes trips. I was jumping
from my bedroom located in the second floor for escaping to the music contest on that day, but
my top secret was revealed by the sight of my mother who always call me at midnight. After
that, the lion was caught by hunters and was imprisoned for weeks in the cage. Unfortunately,
the lion is me in the real unfair world with my arms and legs enchained.

I was jubilant when The proverb ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ worked. Although I
almost had no time to start struggling in this way of thorns, I had a golden chance that I have
known Mr. Hope, a musical band manager, at my home’s store. He had seen my performance at
many prohibited places. ​Prohibited places? T​ he world doesn’t make sense, why my desired
place became negative settings in my story of life; and business place became my dream place.

"Ringgggggg!" The antique telephone was ringing among the quietness.

"Hello, here is Fulfill Store. May I help you?" I replied the call immediately.

"I always remember that voice. That's absolutely yours, Mr. Blue." He said with an
exciting voice. It was the familiar sound from 30-year-old man. My brain worked as same as his

"That's Mr. Hope, right? I always remember you, too. Thanks for the invitation. Anyway,
I cannot do that and please don't call me through this phone number. "

"Who's that?" My father interrupted with an aggressive shouting. Then he walked
towards me and spoke with the person in the phone call.

"Hello, who are you?" My father asked with a strong voice.

"Good evening, sir. I'm Hope, the owner of singing contest 'The Great Singer'. Uhhh.."
He explained his story in brief.

"Fxxk! This is a store for buyers, not a place to find competitors." He replied and ended
up the call.

He slapped my face causing a palm-size red mark on the cheek. I knew what is going to
happen: the punishment. The world is unfair. I was not allowed doing anything except business.
What I can do is selling products in my store, but I cannot sell myself as a product of my dream.

"I do this because I​ love you​. If I know that you keep in touch with those people, you will
be killed! Don't forget the special stock class in the tomorrow evening." said father.

Am I wrong if I do not want to love my parents?

This is the last question I left in the consultant room. The conversation between my
teacher and me was quite long. The way to fix the problem seemed to be the time. T​ he Time?

Sometimes, I did not understand the fate. It brought me to my brain's chaos. While I was
walking towards the exit of the school on last Monday after the consultant class in order to wait
for my father and get home, Mr.Hope stood in front of the gate.

"Hey! Blue." He shouted with a big smile again.
"Hello, Mr. Hope" I replied.
"Now there's a full scholarship for singers. It includes everything. Accomodation. Salary.
Tuition fee. Work guarantee. Have you decided? You have to make a decision today. Think
about the future. Think.. Think.."
Dear, Readers
Which one should I choose?
Dream or Love?


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