Page Manager

Page Manager feature helps you to manage all pages of your book: add page, delete page, re-arrange pages and change page view mode, or close the Page Manager panel. Besides, you can double click the page in the Page Manager panel to turn pages while designing your flip book.


But if your PDF doesn't contain TOC, you can create one manually. It’s easy to add, delete, edit and re-arrange the title and index. And with just a few clicks, you can create a multi-level custom Table of Contents for the flipbook publication.


Add new page

Click the "Add" icon to add PDF page(s), SWF(s) or image(s) and use as flip book new page(s). And you can insert the new page to any position.


Delete selected page

Click the "Delete" icon, then you can delete the selected page.


Move selected page up

Click "Move Up" to move selected item upwards.


Move selected page down

Click "Move Up" to move selected item downwards.


Page view mode

Click the "Page view mode" icon, and then you change the page viewing mode.


Close Page Manager

Click the "Close" icon to close the Page Manager. And if you want to display the Panel again, you can click "View" in the main menu and select Page Manager.