Project Panel

As soon as the installation is done, click "Finish" to open the software and you will see the Project Panel of AnyFlip.



Open Recent Projects

You can click the projects (*.flb) below "Recent Projects" to open the project and edit the flipbook directly.



Create A New Project

Click the green "Create New" button and import PDF file(s) in the Import window. And then you can customize the import settings.



Source PDF File

Click the "Browse.." icon to open the browser window to choose a PDF file.

Optionally, you can click the inverted triangle to import multiple PDF files to carry out batch conversion.

Besides, you can click the "Import Image(s)" icon to import and convert images to a page flip image gallery.



Select page quality & size

There are 5 types of page quality and size for you to choose for the output flipbook. High values produce better page quality but require more disk space and time to download.

In addition, you can click "Set mobile quality" to define settings for the mobile flipbook edition.



Select page range to import

After you select a PDF file, you can then import all pages or specific pages to a flipbook.



Select render engine

There are 3 render engines for you to choose: SWF, GPL Ghostscript and Inner Library.



Add custom watermark

Click the "Set Watermark" icon to open the Watermark window. And you can add and customize watermark: Text watermark, Dynamic Datetime watermark, Image watermark, PDF watermark and Shape watermark.

And after you select a watermark, you can customize it with various settings.

Edit Text Watermark

Edit Text Watermark



Configure source file

Import bookmark: Import the Table of Contents of your source PDF file.

Import links: Keep the links of the source PDF and make them active links in the flipbook.

Enable search: This option can make the flipbook text content searchable. Readers can search content with specific keywords. And you can select "Try to support RTL language" option so Right-to-Left language (e.g., Arabic) can be searched too.



Select wide page mode

There are 3 wide page modes:



Import PDF

After all settings are done, click the "Import Now" icon to import the PDF file.



Online Service

Click "Login & Manage your books" to login with your registered AnyFlip account to manage your books on AnyFlip Cloud Platform;

Click "How to easily share your books online" to open tutorial on “how to publish the flipbook online to web page or blog”.

Click "Open BookCase" to create and manage the bookcase.



Online Service

Click the "Demo" button to open and view the default flipbook demo created by AnyFlip.



Open Recent Output Projects

If you have published flipbooks, you will see these output folders listing in the Recent Outputs section. You can click any of these folder to open an output flipbook project in the software (make sure that the output folders and files retain in original output path).



View AnyFlip Bookcase Demo

Click "BookCase Demo" to open and view the bookcase demo.



Advanced Convert Mode

In addition to the standard convert mode, you can also convert PDF to flipbook with Batch Convert mode, Command Line mode and Hot Directory Services for free.



Read Help Manual

If you are new to this software or have any difficulty while using it, you can refer to the Help Manual.



Get Support From Us

If you have any question, you can contact our support team for help or go to the FAQ page to get answer. And you can click the "Check for update" icon to see if there is an updated version and you can download the latest version directly.