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BO$$ BABE-43

BO$$ BABE-43

bo$$ Babe

9102 / CED





Hello gorgeous!!!

Thank you for your interest in the FIRST
edition ever of BO$$ BABE magazine! It’s
crazy to know that we all, the BO$$ BABE
team, are made it, to complete our
magazine that is now in your hands.
We worked super hard to give the best
experience for you guys. So hopefully
BO$$ BABE becomes what we hope it
would be!

This Fall/Winter 2019 issue is full of
everything that we love lately- from the
day-to-night outfit, to the best place to
hang out after work, and to the
recommended books and music. BO$$
BABE team believe that the last month of
the year is time to revise and fully enjoy

We’re so thankful for all the feedback and support that we received from Aj.Ja. So glad we
have a chance to do this kind of project we’ve never thought we have. It was amazingly fun
and let us learn more than just a writing, but making one type the art piece- I considered.

Surely, we will use ALL the skills and experienced that we gained while making BO$$ BABE into
other works in the near future!

For all the readers, I can confidently say that BO$$ BABE will never let you down!! Enjoy reading


Yanisa Aree
Editor-in-Chief of BO$$ BABE magazine

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A "Never Stop Doing What You B How To Have A Great
Love" - Salisa Cheewapansri Skin - Skincare Routine

Article by Yanisa Aree Article by Wichita
Page: 8-9 Saengchaikul
Page: 10-11

C How To Stay Glamorous
With Cosmetics On

Page: 12-13

D "A young rising star who
comes with big dreams"

- Jidapa Siribunchawan
Article by Sirada Kitosot
Page: 16-17

E Stress Relief: Spa, and

Article by Thananya
Page: 18-19

F Songs & Books
Article by Methakarn
Page: 22-24

page 4| DEC

G Paint Bar Bangkok H Relax In Japan:
Article by Passaporn BEPPU CITY
Page: 26-27 Article by Miki Honda
Page: 28-29

I Top 5 Clinics in J WORK HARD DRESS
Thailand HARDER
Article by Sanisa
Chirasavinuprapand Article by Sirada Kitosot
Page: 30-32 Page: 34-40

K 7 Tips For The Right L Recommended
Style - Lingeries Place To Go After
Article by Sanisa
Chirasavinuprapand Article by Satida
Page: 42-43 Dhanarajata
Page: 45-46
M A Stylish Investment

Article by
Patsornlanan Sorkhay
Page: 47-48

page 5| DEC

YaYnainsaisaArAereee WicWhiitcahiStaaeSnagecnhgacihkauilkul
EdEidtoitror ColuCmolunmistnist
CoCluomluminsint st

SatidaSDathiadnaaDrahjantaarajata Thanaya
Art-DiArerct-tDorirector TChhanaiayyaapChhaanidyaphand
ColumCnoilsutmnist CCoolulummnnisitst

Passaporn Sanisa
PKasassaepmobrnoonchai ChirasSaavniinsuaprapand
KAasrte-mDibreocotnocrhai Columnist
ACrto-lDuimrenctisotr Interviewer
CIonltuemrvnieiswt er

Patsornlanan SSiriardadaaKKitiotsoostot
PatsorSnolarnkhanaySorkhay CCoolulummnnisitst

MethMakeathrnakarn Miki HondMaiki Honda
AnekAtanneakstuawnasnuwan ColumnisCt olumnist
ColumConliusmt nist

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a young and inspiring designer

Written by  YANISA AREE “I started my brand in the “I think working for
summer before going into someone else is a very good
I f asking young women junior year of college. I experience but there’s a lot
thought I was going to do of boundaries,” Salisa
that have she ever bought something fun, just to make
her clothes online, the more money,” said Salisa. continued
answer would definitely be “but I learned a lot from
YES! The first concept of SALISA working and learning from
At this moment of the is to be a unique clothing my mistakes, and just
digital era, social media is brand that create minimal going for it,” she explained
not only a personal platform clothing with that extra
to express and share, but “umph.” since she came back to
also being a platform for “We want customers to feel continue working on her
many businesses including like they stand out of the own brand, SALISA.
clothing brands. crowd but at the same time
current and stylish,” she Being both the designer
Talking about women's explained. and the owner that has to
clothing brands on manage and run the brand
Instagram, SALISA is one of After graduating, she has as a business while you’re
the first ready-to-wear worked at an outerwear only at early twenties, is not
brands that started on brand in New York. easy. Salisa considers it as
Instagram without having an However, she chose to come one of the obstacles doing
actual store.  back to her hometown, her brand.
Salisa Cheewapansri or Thailand, for good. She clarified that “It’s kind
Prim, the owner and the of hard to do everything
designer of the brand, such as the design,
created her self-titled brand marketing, social media,
since she was studying at management, and
Parsons School of Design in production.”
New York.

page 8 | DEC
page 8| DEC


The Owner of SALISA clothing brand 

at LA Fashion Week 2019

“Being a business person is and Salisa herself like to However, Salisa is not view
not my field, but I have to dress up. her brand and herself as
be one,” said Salisa. Apart “My grandmother sewed ‘successful’ yet.
from that, she thinks ‘being her own clothes and even “I think there’s always room
a grown up’ is the hardest taught me how to fix to grow. I could be
part of her life. clothes,” she shared her successful right now but I
She later explained that, memory. could be more successful
“People have high “Those things grew in me tomorrow,” said Salisa.
expectations but they don’t and made me want to go
know how hard it is to do into fashion.” She shared her opinion that,
everything and every part “I think for me there’s never
of the business by myself, Salisa also added that she a successful moment until I
with this really young age.” gets most of her inspiration feel adequate. But as long
from traveling and going to as I want more, there will
However, her passion museums and galleries. This never be a successful day.”
toward designing keeps is how it helps her to create The greatest achievement of
burning.  the collection. her, at this moment, is to
“I feel like young people get “I like to be inspired by have her own business that
bored easily. And after that, other artists and cities runs smoothly. 
they tend to move onto the around the world,” she said. “Being able to do what I
next new thing.” love is already a blessing,”
“But for me, I only get bored Starting the brand since she added.
of the routine. I still got the 2014, @salisa_official got As the one who enjoys what
drive to make new more than 67,000 followers she is doing, the only
collections. The process of on Instagram now in suggestion that she shared
making new designs gets 2019. The strategy of the is “just find what you love
me excited every time,” she brand is nothing but just to and do it.” 
stated. “keep designing and keep “If you do what you don’t
going.” love, you’ll end up getting
When asked about how she bored and what to move on
became interested in SALISA is one of the only 4 to something else,” said
fashion, Salisa thinks it grew Thai designer brands that Salisa Cheewapansri.
in her since her joined the LA Fashion Week
grandmother was a 2019 on the last October. page 9| DEC


skincare routine

The scorching sun, the extra humid weather, the
freezing temperature in classrooms or in offices,
not to mention the extra light pollution all are
ready to attack your skin at any time. Luckily,
there are some possible solutions to help you
soothe these problems.

Applying Suitable Cream: “just three steps
away, and the beauty comes all the way”


It is essential to have your face cleansed before going to work
as well as before going to bed and now there are variety of
options available from toner to facewash, but here is a simple
solution, use PURITY from PHILOSOPHY brand which will cast
all your problems away. Simply with one pump, and you don’t
need to use any other things to make yourself crazy. (75ml for
760 Baht and 141ml for 1410 Baht)


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, a simple step with a duo
effect. Not only how the soft cream moistens your skin-deep,
it also offers a sunscreen that guards your skin from both UVA
and UVB (3200 Baht) Also, this magic can be applied for both
daytime and nighttime.

page 10 | DEC


For those who are lazy to pamper their skins every day, LIFE
PLANKTON NIGHT MASK is highly recommended. Simple to
use by just applying it on your face after your facewash and
sleep the night out! (2100Baht)



It is also essential to have a great rouge lips, so it is advisable
to put on a Laneige lip sleeping mask (630Baht) before bed
daily, while to boost the glamor and healthy look, applying
lips scrub “Fresh Sugar Lip Polish” is not a bad idea! The scrub
can be used once or twice a week (980Bath)


On some days that you have put up a heavy makeup, the
simplest and the safest way to protect and cleansed your skin
gently ids the use of oil from Three balancing. (1800Baht)


Don’t forget about you lashes!! “MY Lash Serum” from Etude

House which costs only 139 Baht which can be used daily to

cure your lashes while nourishing your lashes to be beautiful

and outstanding. page 11 | DEC


For the makeup lovers, don’t you feel annoyed that you need to touch up
your makeup during the daytime? Don’t you feel tired of carrying the whole

set of makeup bag along the day? Don’t you feel tired from work yet you
have to maintain your beauty all the time?  These are the problems that are
guaranteed to occur with some types of makeups that frustrate you, neither
can they stay put the whole day long!!! Don’t you worry, we are here to make

you shine throughout the worn out or tiring or exhaustive days...


Start your day with the first initial step of make up by applying the If you want to look iconic, don’t forget to wear “Shape Tape Contour
foundation by Lancome, “Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation,” a Concealer” by Tarte (1020 Baht). A flawless matte finish that conceals
foundation that will surprise you with its effective qualities; soft all the imperfections and doubles as a contour product which helps
texture, water resistance (which means no sweat can harm you) with illuminate skin for a lifted effect.
24 shades to choose to fit your skin, high coverage which can act as
both foundation and a concealer.


ext step, apply Three Translucent Powder (1520 Baht) which help sets Also, don’t forget that a little blush on could help bring the liveliness
the foundation and the concealer to last as long as you want. This to our looks. There are so many brands available in our markets but
helps us to maintain our face to stay fresh and lively throughout the the most effective brand that will make your face brighten all day
exhausting day. long is NARS especially the ORGASM shade, available at 1250 Baht
However, this ORGASM shade will surprise you as it can offer you
page 12 | DEC formal look, casual look or even party look!! All set with one color


Last but not least, the woman’s most important weapon, lipstick
from Bobbi Brow Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick which will fulfil and
justify not only your look but also its texture is so smooth and
moistens your lipswith price offered at 1450 Baht.


For those who feel insecure about their brows or foe those who lack
skills in contouring their brows or lashes, there is one
recommendation for you that will ease your makeup time and get
your beauty look, Anastasia Beverly Hills only for 950 Baht. This is
easy to use and applicable for the brows, it is also is waterproof, so
don’t you worry about the humid, rainy or sweaty day, your beauty is
still guaranteed!! For the long-lasting, volume lash, the mascara of
Anastasia only for 680 Baht. With these two makeup kits, you ladies
are all set.


The final step is the finishing up stage, use “All Nighter Setting Spray
Summer Solstice” by Urban Decay that comes in two sizes; the first one is
only 625 Baht with 30ml, the second one is 118 ml only 1400 Baht This can
make your makeup lasts up to 14 hours



DAY LONG! page 13 | DEC



page 15 | DEC


jidapa Siribunchawan

She's taller than we think she is, and skinnier as
well, but that's just how it is for people in show
business these days. What strikes us the most
would have to be that perfect skin and that one-
of-a-kind face, the face that makes people
remember Jida after only a single glance. 
So it came as no surprise when she told us that
she was scouted to be a model when she was only

page 16 | DEC

"I had zero experience at the time but Jidapa Siribunchawan
was lucky enough to get signed to an
agency. One thing led to another and AN ARTIST FROM MBO, GMM GRAMMY
Dek-D happened, which exposed me to
people who got me to be in MBO Teen "These simple pieces of small happiness in life
Entertainment. It's a series of good luck keeps me going. I wear my dresses, put on my
but it's not always easy" headphones, listen to my favorite r&b, and I'm
ready to face everything head on," she said,
That sounds pretty easy though. Aren't there many looking charged already.
out there who auditioned time and time again for
a chance? As a rising star in T-Pop industry now, she's
Jida frowned a bit, looking at a place far away in juggling many balls at the same time. Jida has
the back of her mind as if trying to reminisce a already released one single in the past month
not-so-pleasant memory. with her band, Hi-U, and another is set to hit the
streaming apps and radio next month. Fans will
"No, actually. It's really not easy at all. So many also see more of that unique face in action in
things went into just one single, not to mention Hook, a series about Thai boxing by the end of the
all the rejections, condescension, and year. Does this mean she already left her fashion
disappointment. I once had an episode of spasm and days of being a model behind?
because I was so depressed and crying so hard.
My team and the other two members in the band "Never! That's what takes me to where I am
would back me up on that", she said with a smile, today,” she insisted.
but it was a smile from a combination of
acceptance and a hint of sadness. “I'm trying to do everything and I'm trying my
best to excel in all of them. I know it's not easy
"But we got better. I later became aware of my but, really, if you do not believe in yourself, who
fortune. How lucky I am to have everything. How would do it for you?” she added, suddenly looking
grateful I am to have my parents who support more professional beyond her age,
everything I do. So instead of being depressed, I
learned to look at those haters as just some small
insignificant pebbles in my life," added the wiser

As a third-year student in BJM program, she has a
lot on her plate. Between attending lectures,
finishing assignments, and doing what she loves,
it's actually surprising she manages to look quite
“I'm the kind of person who tries to multitask but
I suck at time management. That's why my body
is protesting so much but I can't help it,” she
admitted with a more enthusiastic smile. “I allow
myself only 5,000 and the rest goes into my bank
account. That's why I keep myself busy so I don't
have time to spend all the money.” Her laugh was
contagious and it brightened up the room.

When she's not dancing, drawing, or singing, she
buys herself fashion from brands such as Topshop,
Dolce & Gabbana, and Saint Laurent. For a hard-
working, young girl, it doesn’t hurt to be
shopaholic occasionally because she knows well
that all the splurges come from her sweats. 

page 17 | DEC


Long and tough busy weekdays can make you run
out of energy. When it comes to the weekend most
women are seeking relaxation to help relieve the
stress from work or daily life routine, which can cause
disease e.g. office syndrome. The spa and massage are
always a good idea for women who have pains and
aches. Another woman's favorite choice is the nail
spa, which provides both manicure and pedicure.
Some women feel more confident when their nails
get delicately and beautifully done, but unfortunately,
it’s quite hard for us to go to both places when we
have such a limited time.So today's column is going
to recommend the place that women can do both
activities at the same place and time.

The Lobby of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

When you enter the spa boutique a barefooted staff
in sarongs brings a floral welcome drink and asks you
to fill in a form with your particulars. They are
welcomed with a soothing tea and then enjoy a
private consultation that allows the therapist to tailor
treatments to guests' individual needs. The service is
very polite and genteel, to the point, that some might
feel uncomfortable with the incredible attention and
respect is given to customers. However, Mandarin
Oriental has built its brand on such service and, to be
honest, it is pleasant to feel so well served and
respected as a customer.

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Spa is a full-service
spa, which contains with many luxurious facilities for
customers who want to experience the genteel or
elite lifestyle. Inside the spa, it has many great spots
provided for customers who like to take a picture and
uploaded it on their social media account.


page 18 | DEC

Here are the lists of facilities that
you can select within the spa,

Ten treatment rooms with
private shower and steam
Three treatment rooms
dedicated to facial therapy
Five specialty suites – including
four with private vitality pools
Moroccan Rhassoul
Relaxation lounge
Spa boutique to extend your
experience at home
Manicure and pedicure lounge

They have a lot of activities that
you can select within the spa
boutique. We suggest you the
list of ‘Must Try’ programs.


The signature programs have four
selections, which are first, Digital
Wellness Escape; Concentrating
on the head, eyes, neck,
shoulders, hands, and feet, this
restorative treatment aims to
ease stresses and strains
resulting from the frequent use
of digital devices.

Second, Oriental Qi; A simple,
effective and authentic spa
experience. This relaxing, hands-
on body massage are using the
benefits of essential oils. 

Third, Time Ritual; Book a length
of time and enjoy the most
holistic experience possible.

Last, Oriental Harmony; Four
hands work in perfect unison in a
remarkable experience that
inspires a harmony of the senses,
two therapists work together in
time and movement. 

Each program has its own unique
and style. The duration is two
hours in all signature programs.
Every program price is 6,500
baht, except the last one Oriental
Harmony that the price is 9,500

page 19 | DEC


Some of you may want to have a real deep Traditional Thai
massage to alleviate and stretch the muscles, Performed wearing loose style clothing, this
and sometimes the only spa did not solve those traditional Thai massage is conducted on a
issues. The massage that comes from futon. A combination of gentle rocking
professional and well-trained staff will help you motions, rhythmic acupressure and assisted
feel better than ever. stretching helps to deeply relax and
revitalize body and mind. Increases
Oriental Signature flexibility, relieves joint and muscle tension
This unique experience includes a signature and balances the body’s energy system.
massage with a concentrated blend of essential
oils lavender, Ylang Ylang. Patchouli, Muay Thai
peppermint, rosemary, lemon which release Muay Thai is a traditional form of boxing that
their soothing properties into the skin. This can be used to develop muscle strength,
technique combines Thai and European styles, confidence and a spirit of sportsmanship.
eases muscle tension and energizes the body The Muay Thai Massage is a passive form of
with acupressure movements and stretching. deep oil massage emulating typical Muay
The experience ends with a localized shoulder Thai movements, including kicks and
and spinal compress containing fresh Thai punches, along with a message that uses
herbs including lemongrass, turmeric, and plai. elbows and knees to provide a deep sense of
Plai is a Thai traditional herb and the aroma is invigoration and rejuvenation. The massage
very good. relaxes the muscles, promotes better
circulation, speeds up the removal of uric
Aromatherapy acid and other toxins, and raises mood and
A deeply therapeutic holistic treatment which awareness.
combines the power of essential oils with the
best of eastern and western massage Every program price is 3,900 baht only the
techniques, to create a feeling of physical first program, Oriental Signature is 4,500
relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting baht. The duration of each program is 1 hour
and clearing the mind. 30 minutes.

page 20 | DEC


Self-loved women are the prettiest. If you don’t Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, 48 ORIENTAL
like spa and massage. There are other great AVENUE, BANGKOK 10500, THAILAND
choices for you, Manicure and Pedicure studio
are the best selection for you to relax and CONTACT
enjoy with healthy nails that can enhance your
confidence and personality. Perfect nails, +66 (0) 2 659 9000
happy life! Email
[email protected]

The price are between 1,200- 4,850 baht
and the pampering treatments take from
20 minutes to over an hour.

page 21 | DEC

page 22 | DEC

page 23 | DEC

page 24 | DEC

Paint bar Written by Passaporn Kasemboonchai
Bangkok Photos by Satida Dhanarajata

The first
& only

Paint bar in

BOSS BABE believes nothing could be better Supinya Wongloesak, the owner of Paintbar.
than having a stress relief activity after a long
hard day of work. The very first place that The first step when the customers reaches. They will
people could think of after work is probably be see the clear glass door. Most decorative items are
a bar but the ordinary style of bar is obsolete. acrylic paintings hanging on the wall. If they keep
walking, they will find lots of paintings easel with canvas
Today BOSS BABE volunteers to bring all readers to frame on it which ready for the customer to tinged color
know the new style of relaxing place, the bar that has Tohne atmosphere during painting is so relaxing. The
more than just drinking and chilling with more than customers can sit wherever they want. In the painting
6,000 followers on Instagram. @paintbarbangkok a process, Soothing songs are played along with building
tiny bar hidden within Piman49 on the 6th floor view of the heart of the city in the Sukhumvit area from
The bar is not just to be for drinking, and chilling, it the big clear glass window. the view becomes even
will become a place to cultivate creativity and inspire more beautiful when the sunset at that time the sky
all visitors. turns to golden hour. Besides, they also add emotion to
Outwardly, Paintbar maybe looks like an art school. drawing by ordering some cocktails, wine or food.
But actually, it is not. Supinya Wongloesak or Mint,
the owner of paintbar describes her business as a Normally, there is a monthly calendar that already sets
new type of bars that allow customers, in the the picture each day. If guests do not want to, an
meanwhile, drink, eat, and paint. additional 300 bath is an alternative for them to choose
the picture by themselves.
"Paintbar is the first and only paintbar in Thailand,"
she explained why this bar becomes even more
special and outstanding.

"This is something special of paintbar too. I think
paintbar is suitable for people of all age ranges from
kids to elderly and from women to men," she stated,
"it is because we did not fix that every customer must
buy alcohol drink so, there are other types of food
and beverages."

page 26 | DEC

Because of the uniqueness, Paint bar has unique PAINT BAR
business operating days: "we close every Monday.
We operate only on Mondays of public holidays and The hardest factor for almost every business would be how
festivals " said Supinya. to begin but except Paintbar, they did not concern about it
The Paintbar is opened from 2 pm-10.30 pm from due to passion. Supinya and her stockholders do not need
Tuesday to Friday, on Saturday open from 10.00 am- lots of time to run this business.
10.30 pm, and on Sunday from 10.00 am-6.00 pm. It is
surprising that paint bar close late at night. "owing to the same passion, every partner has a passion
for the same subject whether it is in drink or art and I feel
Supinya gives the reason for it that "As the name has that it is the perfect combination of art and drink. It also
already been told. paint bar is a bar. It's also a new called the new art of drinking," she proudly presented.
hangout," she explained, "Some customers are fed up " We don't have to prepare much because what every
with the old style of hanging out in which they only have partner has in common is that they think and act
some drinks with friends.” There are no activities that immediately."
make such peer-to-peer engagement "I think it is normal that every business has obstacles. It
depends on the mindset and how each person will handle,"
She added, "we see that some people may feel tired from she added
work but they didn't have time during the daytime. Paint
bar is where they can come during the night time." Supinya pay attention to passion a lot because it is the
key factor to success in business. When it comes to
The most common question from the customers are working, there is no guarantee for unexpected problems.
"if I do not possess basic art skill, can I draw a picture?
" " If there is not enough passion to a certain point, we will
get bored and not wanting to do that job." Supinya
“Painters contributing to 90% of all consumers don’t have pointed about how vital of passion, "To create money It
any art background which is considered the highlight of has its way, but the hardest way to create it is our
Paintbar. Nevertheless, they are able to come back with passion."
beautiful pictures "she expressed happily
"One thing we try to fix is that the customers will " Seeing customers happy with drinks and how they
misunderstand our concept that Paintbar is an art school. enjoy painting, as a provider, that's the profit." in a
We always correct it because if it is a school, it must be couple of years, Paintbar will be a non-profit business
taught one on one and must be a course. " which it can be a little part of fulfill the happiness to the
society. She hinted about her future path for the paintbar
Paintbar objective is only to make customers confident Masagainc ocwannehra. ppen in our hands. "We can change an
that they will get the beautiful picture back home So, that orphan into a talented child, who knows, one can be the
is why there is an instructor who guides or help while professional painter in the future". Supinya illustrate about
painting. the charity project
There are lots of landlords and communities contact
Paintbar to open the new branch but they denied. " I think "Other happiness is superficial happiness. One day it will
that it has only one branch in Bangkok. it's more than be gone but this feeling is not, it is elation and meaning of
enough but if we have to, it would be in another province living," she added.
which is tourist destinations such as Chiangmai and BOSSBABE guarantees that 3-4 hours of spending time
Phuket," she said. in Paintbar is worthy. you will receive happiness, fun,
fullness, and pride that create your masterpiece from

page 27 | DEC

Relax in Japan 
Written by Miki Honda

If you want to relax for your health, why don’t you go to a Japanese Onsen? Onsen is
Japanese and means hot spring. Onsen water has many efficacies for example, good
for your skin or injury treatment and you’ll be healed both in your mind and body.

When it comes to onsen, how about going to Oita. Have you ever heard
of Oita? Oita is located on the east side of Kyushu. It is the most popular
hot spring prefecture in Japan because it boasts the best amount of hot
springs in Japan. So, Oita is called “Onsen prefecture” from 2013.

Why is Oita called like that? Because there are over 4000 hot spring
sources and you will be able to see the onsen smoke everywhere in Oita
and especially, Beppu city is the one of popular onsen area.

About Beppu:  Beppu is one of the most famous cities in Japan
because there is full of hot springs. The most famous tourist destination
is ‘“Jigoku-meguri”

7 Jigoku onsen in Beppu

Jigoku meguri means “The hell tour”, you can walk 7 Jigoku onsens on foot. The reason why they are called
Jigoku is that they look like an inferno of Buddhist scripture. every 7 Jigoku are not as same as we know.

A long long time ago, no one can close to there but now, people can see closer and there are no dangerous.
At some of Jigoku, you can enjoy foot onsen. Throughout Jigoku meguri, you can feel the breath of our earth.
Also, every 7 Jigoku gathers near the place so you can go tour on foot and enjoy the Beppu atmosphere.

papgaege328| s| aDvEoCry

Monkey zoo

there are more 1000 monkeys
live here. Surprisingly, there is
no fence like an ordinary zoo.
So, humans can be very closer
to the monkey and some of
them, they’re full of curiosity
but sometimes, you might be
encountered aggressive
monkey. Please be careful of
your belonging and kind to

Kokonoe big bridge

This is the highest bridge in Japan. Actually, it's located Kokonoe town, it next to Beppu
city. If you visit there, you can experience exciting rather than relaxing.

This is totally an activity so some people cannot cross the bridge because it’s too high. If
you want to try an exciting experience, it is perfect for you! And throughout the year,
you can see an amazingly beautiful view from there. If you visit Beppu, why don't you
across the bridge?

How to get to Beppu?:

In the case of coming from Tokyo, the airplane is faster. it takes 1hour half to 2 hours to Oita
airport and the average flight price is almost 25000yen. From Oita Airport, you can use the
airport bus to Beppu station.

How about from Fukuoka, (the biggest city in Kyushu) you can use local train Sonic or bus so
please choose which one do you like. The price and time are as same as both. And they’ll take
you to Beppu directly.

Oita is not yet well known in the world, but you will surely be able to refresh yourself
page 3 | savory
while touching the many hot springs, warm streets, and people.

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TOP 5 CLINICS Nowadays, everyone in all gender
IN THAILAND wants to be good looking to raise their
confidence and having a better quality
Written by  SANISA of life qualities. However, not everyone
is born with a perfect shape, eyelids,
Written by  SANISA nose, or else that is why people
CHIRASAVINUPRAPAND seeking for surgery. The well known
place for surgery cannot be anywhere
else but Korea but it would be a very
expensive trip to go to Korea and have
to pay extra for surgery. Today Boss
Babe will bring you to the top surgery
hospital or clinic that have the same
quality as Korean standard, with a
cheaper price.

page 30 | DEC


A very well known clinic that open for
more than 30 years. This clinic provide all
types of surgery but when talking about
Meko Clinic people cannot think of any
surgery but eye surgery and nose surgery,
because doctor in Meko clinic know how
to make a design that fits each person's
face. They did not just have only style of
silicone but they will make up a special
one for you that perfects for your face.


SLC or Siam Laser Clinic is also another well known
place that almost everyone can heard of. Many
beauty bloggers and celebrity have been there and
this clinic has a lot of reviews from many customers.
The reason that SLC is very well known is because
the very safe and up-to-date of the machine and
surgery tools with the doctors experiences make
people trust in SLC.

SLC is very well known for eye surgery that they
called the “Idol eyes” also the chin surgery as well.


SLC or Siam Laser Clinic is also another well known
place that almost everyone can heard of. Many
beauty bloggers and celebrity have been there and
this clinic has a lot of reviews from many customers.
The reason that SLC is very well known is because
the very safe and up-to-date of the machine and
surgery tools with the doctors experiences make
people trust in SLC.

SLC is very well known for eye surgery that they
called the “Idol eyes” also the chin surgery as well.

page 31 | DEC


A popular clinic for actors and actresses in
Thailand which we can see from their reviews
on social media. Dermaster is another clinic
that get credits from many celebrities because
of the doctor’s experiences and the services
from the clinic as they provide everything for
you since driving for picking you up and
sending you home. Talking about Dermaster
people will always think about the laser
program and the Lipo inflection. This clinic
mostly get a customers that already working
like a young adult as the price is a bit high.


A clinic that is located in the main economic place
in Thailand which is Siam Square. Masterpiece
Clinic also provide a lot of review from normal
people, bloggers, influencers, until the celebrities.
This clinic is very popular for teenagers to young
adults as it provides many range of price that
everyone can reaches with a very good quality.
Talking about Masterpiece everyone will thinking
about the Nose surgery and double eyelids, which
for the eyelids they called the celebrity eyes.

And here are the top five clinics in Thailand that do not lose any clinic
or hospital from elsewhere around the world. Which each clinic or
hospital have a very safe equipment quality with doctors that have a lot
of experiences. However, before anyone going to decide for the surgery
they should book a meeting with doctor in each place for a suggestion
and price confirmation first.

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WORK HARD Writtenby 


Did you know that your personality can shine through your fashion?
First impression is important whether you have Job interviews, at work, awards
ceremonies, work presentations or client meetings. Dark and conservative colors outfit
like white, gray, navy, and black outfit can make you look more professional and smart.
If you are busy with your tight schedule and have limited time to dress up in the
morning, pantsuits, skirt suits and below knees dress are great choice when your in a rush
hour. Separate slacks and blazers is also another go to look for working women. Button-
downs shirts are also easy to wear and simple look for working women.

Gucci multicolor wool knit mini dress Paul smith women's slim-fit ‘new masters’ Zara tuxedo collar blazer
89,936 THB wool-blend suit 2,990 THB
22,635 THB

Paul smith women’s gold satin Gucci marina chain print shirt with neck bow Zara tuxedo trousers with side trim detail
57,040 THB 1,790 THB
parallel leg tuxedo trousers

17,957 THB

page 34 | DEC


Working shoes for working woman should be in Heels
dark and conservative colors. high Heels can create
a professional looking for working women. Two to
three inches is a good range for high heels as you
have to wear it all day long. But if you don’t like
being in high heels all day long closed-toe shoes is
another possibility for you as it is also appropriate
to wear during the work day.

Gucci zumi mid-heel white leather pump Chanel pumps lambskin, beige & black Louis Vuitton cherie pump
26,834 THB 27,889 THB 21,105 THB

Closed- Chanel ballerinas lambskin beige & black Valentino Garavani rockstud grainy calfskin
toe 28,643THB ballet flat

Louisvuitton uppercase flat loafer Gucci jordaan GG velvet loafer
28,643 THB 22,010 THB

page 35 | DEC

WORKING HOUR: Accessories

Don't be afraid to play with your look by adding
accessories to your outfit. Brooch, scarf and jewelry can
be added to the outfit to make it look more fashion and
not boring.

Chanel brooch Gucci silk scarf
17,045 THB 14,919 THB

Hermes o’kelly earrings Swarovski tactic bangle, white,
15,361 THB stainless steel 
3,888 THB

page 36 | DEC

WORK HARD Writtenby 

AFTER WORK: outfit

A fter a long day of hard work you need a little break to Party and hang out with
friends but due to the tight schedule you might not have time to go and change your
clothes. Don’t worry all you is a few fashion item to get you ready for the party straight
after work. Wear something sparkly and more colorful. Outfit with pattern can make you
look more chic and stylists.

Zara tuxedo collar blazer Gucci marina chain print shirt with neck bow Paul smith women's slim-fit ‘new masters’
2,990 THB
57,040 THB wool-blend suit

22,635 THB

Zara tuxedo trousers with side trim detail Polo Ralph Lauren trivelas pleated skirt Gucci multicolor wool knit mini dress
89,936 THB
1,790THB 91,381THB

page 38 | DEC

AFTER HOUR: shoes Heels

You can be more fancied with the shoes after working
hours. Light up the party with  colorful shoes. Stilettos
are acceptable for after working hours.

Louis vuitton call back pump Gucci leather pump with crystals Chanel slingbacks cotton tweed
34,371 THB 25,628 THB pink & black 
26,381 THB

Closed- Chanel ballerinas patent calfskin Gucci jordann embroidered
toe red & black leather loafer
22,613THB 26,834THB

Louis vuitton madeleine flat ballerina Valentino Garavani rockstud patent
leather ballet flat


page 39 | DEC

AFTER WORK: Accessories

Put on some eye popping  accessories like jewelry and
brooch after work before to go out and have fun with
your company. Colorful and patterned scarf can turn
your working outfit into a casual and playful outfit.

Chanel brooch Hermes scarf
15,938 THB 13,222 THB

Swarovski  palace drop pierced earrings Gucci Necklace with strawberry
2,381 THB pendant 
19,591 THB
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Only three percent of women around

the world are satisfied with their figure.

Most of the women are worried about

their shape. That’s why it’s worthwhile

1 How to choose the bra when choosing a lingerie that fits each
it is too fits for you. person’s shape which is good for their
health and can boost their confidence.
The low centre gore bra style Now underneath is providing some tips
will prevent the underwires and information that could help you
that pricking the breasts. gain a good lingerie for your shape and
boost your confidence.

2 When the bra is too big and
have the space, what bra types will help?

Choose the bra that is the shape of centre gore
or the push up bra, it will help fulfill the space
and will bring your breasts closer together.

How to choose the bra without

3having a breast tissue at the side?

Go getting the bra that have a wider underwire and
an extra reinforcement section. This type of bra will
help cover up the breasts tissue.

page 42| DEC

How to choose a bra that prevent

4the breasts getting near the shoulder?

When choosing the bra that prevents your
breasts getting away to the shoulder side, you
have to choose the bra that do not have the
underwires that located high up on the breasts
make sure the wires are picking in under the
arms and ensure your bra does not look

5 How to choose the bra when having
an asymmetrical breasts?

No one is born with exactly the same size, 6 How to choose a bra when
same as the breasts. This problem could be it is less full upper
fixed just by adjusting the shoulder straps a breasts?
little more on the side with the somewhat
smaller breast. Else you can use the padded Choose a style that lifts your
bra which could hide the differences. breasts a little more and keeps
them covered at the top. A sturdy
lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last push-up is not always the best
thing you take off. No other piece of clothing is solution, as the upper breast may
close to your skin. So, be sure and enjoy buying.  fold in on itself, which is far from
a right piece of bra. The golden rule is: take good flattering. A padded bra can often
care of it. If you wear padded bras, be sure not to help. When choosing a bra that is
click the cups into each other when you put them not performed, choose a cup that
in the drawer, as this can damage the material. is not cut too low.
Store them flat, one on top of the other if you
need to. You should also take care to closely
follow the washing instructions. Washing by hand
is recommended.

7  How to check that the bra
is perfect for you?

What to look out for:
A good bra will have an extra side for
reinforcement: this ensures the breasts are
attractively centred and lifted
Wide shoulder straps: the bigger the cup, the
wider the straps. This is essential to ensure that
the shoulder straps don't dig in.

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Hey girls! Looking for a place to relax with delicious food
and calming view after work? “Bangkok Trading Post
bistro & deli” is here to satisfy your needs. It is located
in the middle of the city, at 137 Pillars Suites &
Residences Bangkok on Sukhumvit 39.
In these days, it is undeniable that cafe and working
space are becoming very popular among Thai
people, especially for office workers who are
searching for a place to chill, and to work after their
long working hours. So, working space is the answer
for them, due to the fact that they can work there
with good food and relaxing vibe.

The environment is also be the essential factors that play an integral role in working. It would
be boring if we work at the same place every day and today I have working space to
recommend for you. It has not only been the working space, but also the Cafe and Bistro.
The distinctive point of it is eco-friendly design. As you can see that there is a lot of trees
around the cafe, to create relaxing vibe as green is the color that helps you calm.
There are 2 different zones, Outdoor which is the garden and a small pond besides the little
pavillion, and Indoor where you can sit and chill, Relax or work comfortably with the smell of
freshly baked bakery.

page 45| DEC


From my perspective, not only good vibe,
but also a delicious cuisine that makes me
want to come back here to try other menus.
The menu is very various as there are both
Thai and Italian food, including breakfast,
appetizers, pizzas and also noodles like Pad
For desserts, there are different types of
cake and pie, but I especially recommend
Banoffee Pie as your first try because it really
impressed me by how the taste of
sweetness combined so well with a little
saltiness of biscuit crumble.
Lastly, the beverage, there are various kinds
of drinks such as coffee, tea, infused
aromatic, non-caffeine, soft drink, juice,
italian soda, milkshake, beer, wine, mocktail,
cocktail, 137 Pillars Signature, and also 3
brands of water.


From where I stand, this place is such a cool idea to work and chill out with your friends and family due
to the fact that not only a good vibe here but also the tasty foods and desserts. The staff are nice too! It
may be because there is not much of a customer (on the day that I went) so, they are not busy and
they had time to take care of customers. Also, the prices are fine and suit the quality. Last but not least,
I like this cafe because it’s pretty cute, even though it is located in a big city.

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AOINPSVPTEOYSRLTTIMSUHENNITTY What makes these two brands so
different from others?
It is because its value is tied to the most
basic law of supply and demand.

In Hermès case, its Birkin bags are not
attainable by just anyone. It was revealed

Written by  PATSORNLANAN SORKHAY that even if one has a lot of money, they
cannot simply walk into Hermès to

In the fashion world, there is a difference purchase a Birkin. They would need to have

between an investment and a really expensive a long-standing relationship with the sales

purchase. It is not an investment if you don’t associate and even then, chances of

plan on reselling it nor releasing any return on acquiring one is very low. Even when a

investment (ROI) on the item. For example, an buyer has gained access to this privilege,

art collector may have a collection that he each buyer is only entitled to purchase a

believes is worth millions because he paid maximum of two Birkin bags in a year. This

millions for it. However, if he does not sell it, or allow Hermès to create a product with

if it is not valued by industry experts, the art is enough demand but little supply. On top of

merely an expensive collection rather than an all of that, when buyers are given the

investment. This is why it is important to chance to purchase a Birkin, buyers cannot

choose the right bags and watches to invest choose the color or size. A random Birkin

on because when it comes to investing in bag is offered to the buyers, take it or leave

alternative investment products like it. These Birkin enthusiasts can either look

handbags and watches, it is known that not within their network to trade or turn to

EVERY handbag or watch brand/model will auction houses. For the last 35 years, Birkin

see an ROI. bags have increased in value by more than

500 percent, according to a study by online

In the handbag world, the most obvious retail platform. The average increase in
investment is the Hermès Berkin, while for value was 14.2 percent annually, showing
watches, Rolex is the go-to brand. better returns compared to gold.

page 47| DEC

Rolex prices can be influenced by a single
collector, pop culture and a myriad of
other reasons, but there is no guarantee
that its value will increase. However, certain
Rolex collections are released in limited
quantities, paving the way for demand. In
order for the value to go up, one of the
most common criteria is whether or not it
is vintage. Vintage watches, which are
collections released 20 to 30 years ago are
more valuable than new ones. Meaning
that if you buy a new limited edition Rolex
today, you might be waiting 20 to 30 years
before you investment is released. 

Moreover, only certain Rolex watches retain
value. Collections like the GMT,
Submariner, and the Daytona have
performed well in terms of appreciation
over the years. Most of these watches will
at least retain their value, or see a slight


Chanel - The Chanel Boy Bag 120,720฿ Christian Dior - Calfskin Saddle Bag 101,191฿
Retailing price starting at 153,918฿. It typically Retailing price starting at 130,381฿. 29%
increase from its original value.
retains at least 90% of its resale value.


Patek Philippe - Aquanaut 476,693฿ Cartier - Tank Anglaise 814,709฿
Retailing price starting at 633,780฿. 33% Retailing price starting at 1,931,520฿. 137%

increase from its original value. increase from its original value.


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